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The Wheeling daily intelligencer. [volume] (Wheeling, W. Va.) 1865-1903, February 21, 1888, Image 3

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ro it ?alk.
r urtnd Piano. .'mi and almost new. Ap
ilr to <i. u CHASMS. Jf corner Chapllneand
-riOR H.iLK-A. <?<>OD, QU1EC FAMr
! Y Horae; aJac a ion buggy la rood order,
will *11 rtrj low. Allaire cf ALEX DAKAS,
vyl mrwt, a few doon b?.\ow 1 weniy-;ourth.
iriuK HALE.
A **ry deilrable 25 aero fruit farm X mile cut of j
. ? acrrs m oerrlta for thin seanon't
Mi tliis- All j mandard fruita aud grape*. Good
tw fiirj 'lx room hou?? *ad outbuiidlnin ou
beautiful and health/ altu.
ielJ rxhi1* Itxal Eatato Agent. HarmavlUe, O.
about 11 miles from Wheeling and 'J
n!.,,. ?utu?a*t of *e*; Idbortjr.coDtalulug 160 aerw
nor,. .ir t~.< on which Im n kiitw Miitlal Frauic
jl? i- H id other outbuilding* This In one of the
a,,. wiluablo furiiiH In tbecouuty aud will be Mid
c0,4i- t'i'l rf'vjmibiu term a. For further luformt'.lou
" 1 on or aduna* Jo?orh Harvey, on the
prti-i?-?. or if if. A SI YOUNG,
U.. wir IVa! >>t*te Agent. tVhwdlui;. W. V*.
rpjlt S.4LK-0K:COUNTY FA KM.
o mo proiwrt/kuoAU < tho Cranford Farm
iri-iLf i? i* i " ??"d hbort creek, in
: ur mllea from 'AheelimV
' i ii:? tutoueDwelling, with
Lrii corn ii? i all in good repair.
Tr, mil I- >:X' t itouf) veil watorcd
;?u : ii* .Id with coal. Teraa,
aUi . > . ewitb3acrefloIlaud,
ii'V.'ii .K ?h* 1*' s A ?od homo lo' ? Huuli
Uivr. Apply lo
,. C. J. K A'A'LI NO.
paK a ALE
At *. k'ffiilii!
That valuable: ru-wrty rornor FourU*onth and
Eoffal'tf'A With iW-'i IU ? ium>e No. 60 Fourteenth
lUit'i, la ofltficd* al. w* ..UHK for ouo week.
W. V. HOOK ife BBO ,
]WH 1300 Market Mrott.
pijK SALE.
A good twoBtory fix room Frame Dwelling
Horn with laige collar, two lota MilOO feet, on
Hajj street, Kirk wood, Ohio.
Un behad at a birgaln. Inqnlro of
Iiifurenc. ?ud Ileal taut-i Ageui, Bridgeport, 0.,
OradJrcu Mri a A. lUUB. bewickley, l'a.
a t*o*toiy Kr*mo Hotueand half acre lot, ono
mUe ?v m of Bridgeport, Ohio, on National Head.
Home conuina levcn rooma aud aumtner kitchen,
t good ?ii mo mid all niweaaary outbuildings
p.'tM!. oJ tnolco fiuit ou proinlaei; cheap and on
cut; terms.
Al??.? *oo<J two-aiory Brick Dwelling ilouae oa
hoti.h H.non I'.rmt, Wheeling Ialan-1.
Abo, t.urai Muu Farina tcr mlo
Insurance and lieal ft,'ato Agent.
I !! Bridgeport, Ohio.
(21) Tw,.;j-Iour Luu in Caldwell'g Art.
iliiloa to tiie Cllj nl Wheeling.
Aid lot* axe Denuded ou tnu norm by Twenty
ninth htn>nt, on ffi? east by Vtllmorti utreet. oa thr
mum iiy iin. Haudlan Homcatead. and on the west
by the U 4 0. H. it.
Their prftxtinlty to the aboTe uamed railroad
readers then excellent aitc* or manufacturing ?
u not MMa li! luuij via/K nil! iragviu m* ruxw
For 'xtan in J further Information apply to
W. V. HOOK J, ilKO.i
1?? Mirke; tiirnet
v.' - I'omur ( haulltiw At Slxtfonth Ht<
roa jckvt.
C (vi uininR fix roomp, situated ou Ziho trwt.
blind a?:nt reasonable to good tenant, Inquire
of j ?I?\ M nr i-wtoUlec. Jala
1 I!o!;n\ 923 Mnlu strcot, at present oocupJe-1
bv Vrv Henry Horiihelroer. lYtwussion kItou
April 1- A[>p y 'o l).\l.ZKf<L ?U?16
vi.i it K i . N T?DWELLING HOU8E
\ J: *o 1113 'ibapiinc street, formerly occupied bj
hi. uielejr. I'owtaalon given at onco If desired.
\\U L. UcPHAlb,
^ 1M Market Htroet
& Dwi'llliiR House, 1116 Ohaitlioo street, at present
'V . ! 'I'ml by Joint h. MoLhIu; natural ros, hot
in! colli wster throughout; *11 modern eonvo
nti.ic-i KuqUlra of IV. Jt'. HVCH.U AN, No.
Kifvi '.ili s'ri.i t J*12
jjiOIi KENT,
For Kent, For Kent.
TWO Urge Dwellings, modem improvement!,
u -i; f rc foxim. with dwolllug attached.
a i.utnterof Ollkui ard Lorlgtmc Kooma.
T <? Kivo nnd two Six*Koomed Houses..
OU.YIY.Y J-LAUK at Elm (irovo.
I IS H. rOUHK**, 114* LDHpunCBl.
A Two^tory Jlrick House,
lih 7 rwng, oa South Front street, a flno lawn.
oa boib river aud street frontA.to,
7 Kooin iiriiik IIoiuo oa Cbapllno Blrott,
1034 BENT.
Wo havo several very GOOD PIAN03 that wo
will rent at a vei y low flgnro.
fi-:> r. W. BAPMKR A CO.
The.store-room, No. A3 Twelfth street, in Wash
Insi i:i Hall building, now occupied by Wo. II.
Shelb. i'o<ttc<filoa given April 1, 1888.
ucreury Wasblpgton H*ll Association,
J?l 1209 Malu Htrect.
A New Thrco story Business non?e, 100 feet docp,
to be erected at 1067 Alain street II lwaod now
tfce renter1* views could bo consulted regarding
pltnot building toboerectod.
Jx: J A *i tn L. IIAWLKY.
Tho store rcom no* ncoupled by M. A B. Brubaker
as a uiloon. No. 1W7 Market street.
I he storu room now occupied by tho Underwriters'
lusuraoce Company, Wo. JlTwellth strcut.
rtiurr room, with Jwolllng attacbed, No. 24KleTcolli
Mi vet.
I nr. *-?tory warehouse, No. 1318 Main street.
'2 roim? on tnird U^or, corner o! Market and
Twelfth street*.
; rum* o H8rt ThupMao street, first floor.
Irounn No. 1140 Chapllno street, first tloor.
J rii if.'m Vn <'hHti1<n.> u*ri.<>l iwrinrl llonr.
A !>;>!>* to Z\.NL A STALNAKKK,
< 1 S6 TwolUh Ktrrrt.
' US .7( ' ?
Bt virtue ol a deed of trmt mado b? f?aao
Hulett to me hp trmt?o. dated June 8,1885, re*
oiintrd fa tho eftlco of the Clerk at tbo <ouaiT
('out' I tho county. We*t YlruiuJa. in Deed of
Tru-i Book No. v.'. mge 341,1 wtil st'U at tho uortU
?l?r ol tho Court lloimv of Mid county, on
SATURDAY, tlic 33ill DAY Of FEBRUARY, 1^8,
cfirnvj u< ir.i; ?t 10 o'clock a. m., tho following do*
rit.i A property, thct In to *ay: The ?outh half o!
*<n mtmirr ouu huuilro>i find thirty four (13?).
frootlugon t'<e?'ii*t sl.H?of Murkuttquar?, In tho
Ml ti w.r.? la ih it'.y of Whi-cliog, Oftlo OOUUtv,
Wiit MiKinU, with tiio ltnprovem?nl? therrnu,
<? v l - (il brick dwelling homo aud ottlc*
bnlUlu.' p<lont'iiiMln?.
ibcii !?''m bcllevod to bn gool, but *ollIu{t as
tr uu- I will conuy only the title veated iu me by
lihlrtoo.1 ol t'Uit.
I ruks i r a t.K - One- thlr-1 cwb, or as much more
m the purchuer innv elect, ou day of nac, the
ba!mrvtn twoMjual InMalioeuu At on* and two
ywini, iim purehaur to givo note* for deferral payiuviIi
benrtng ?Lx prrwsut; tUo tlile will bo 10MU.ed
until payment U mado in full.
U. O. tJMHH, Trustee.
w 1L Hai.tek. Auction'c.r. j*'8
By virtue of a dve.1 o! trust madebv Thomas W.
flc|*,)UMiil !s\bellA5i i-i*on, hWwifo, mo a*
tru?u<?, dated inne v4. 1IV5. rrcordel fn tho office
<>l tti?*I'lerkof thoCoumv t'ottrt ot Ohio county, ]
Virginia, iu Deed ci rruit Book No. 33, pago
i wll. k U ni tin) nortn irout dour of thu Court
11 line ol Mtld totiuty, ou
SATURDAY, tho ad DAY of MARCII, 1SS8, 1
corar c Kim at 10 o'clock a. the following do
" - ii vm |iru|>rr\y, w*l l> ujimy; j\u mm |mu ui iu?
im.!ii.i-r Hiotiohondml aud forty-ihroo, sitnAtcd
on the cnAUide ol Cbspllno street in tho cilf of
?>hi> ling, oh'.o county, \\?t Vlrglnls, which is
docrlbed?. follow*: HefiliMilng at tho northwest
corner r.f Mid lot r>o. 113nod runningsonthwardly
tiilrty th:oo feet tlnui? tho CMt lino of Chnpliuo
?tr o;; thnnextending bAckctstwardly bearing ?n
I'v n wiiltu ol thirty tnreufcet to tno lino of Junes
?s tlrl.* to tho sboro property U bMIoved to bo
PTfr>1 but mj'Uur iw truileo I will convoy only
tho till* rested lu mo by mul de?d of trust
or rUL? -ui o-ihlrd nud H much more u
the \ mchA'-cr olwti to put. In ca?h on tho d?y of
ml- too b?i*uoo la two equal 1' sullmenti In one
Aud two y sis. note* btmrlig lntvn+t to bo tlrou
lor lit.! deferred psyments ?od K-curod by do. d of
ttn?toa h- orcperiy, stid tho building* tobo kept
insured fcr tho bcu fit of snch trust.
W. j. ;v. GO A D?N\ Truiiec.
If. Hmr.n. AnMloinw. J*V8
.V;,v' : Advertising hu? always proven
: Hiicccwfui. IJcforo placing any
Newspaper Advertising consult
vs&y A
For The Nervous
The Debilitated
The Aged.
I URB3 Nervous Prostration. Nervosa Head
ft ache.Neuraigia. NervouaWeaknef.?
^^^^Stomach and Liver Diseases, and al
affections of the Kidneys.
Qtonax W. Bottto*. HTAMrosn, Orjn?Ms?ttt
"For two rests I wa* a mittenrfnrni nerroos dft
bility. and I thank (tod and tbe dincovfrer of 11m
valuable remedy that I'ainc'm Orxcar OuurocNr
cumi mi-. It it a valuable remedy. Long may ii
live. Lut any ouowrlb* tome fur advloa."
Aloszo AimoTr, Who-. At. Vt.,nus :
"I bf-liovo Paxsc** Orlcrt Coufocxs saved my
life. My tronblu **mul to bean internal humor,
lh'forol uwxl itl wan coven<1 with an (Tuition from
"head to heel" The eruption 1* rapidly beaiiiu.
and 1 am live hundred i?r cent, better enry way."
A. CL Bea*. Wiimt lUvrn Jctcctiow. Vr.. say*:
For two year* ra*t I have ??*ti a in*>at snfferet
from kidney and liver trouble*. attended with djrw.
tw|?ia aud constipation lufur.. I Ixvan to taJc
C'km'jiy CoMror.xn it necm<ttax tboimh mrydttn i
ailed me. Now I can nay nothing aila ma
Gkoiiqk Abbott. Kionc Crnr. Iowa. *ajrs:
"I have Iwn uninir 1'aivv'a Cetrn* Covrotitfn
axid.lt baa done me more p?h1 for kidney* and huuu
back than any other medicine I havo ever taken.
Hundn-d* of UwtimoniaU liavo |?rn received from
ranotui who have u?d tbln remedy with remarkable
beneflt. Send for circular.
Price 31.00. Sold by brtifsht*
b 29BGB)
Do you fool dull. languid, low-spirited. life,
less, and ludescrilmbly miserable, Doth phjtirnily
and mentally; otporicnoo u sense of
ftillneas or blunting after outing, or of "goneness,"
or cmpUneM uf HtomaoU in tho iiiornlog,
toujruo eoatod, bitter ??r tad taste in
mouth, irregular appetite, dizziness, frequent
headaches, blurred oyc&ght, "floating spccksV
before the eyes. nervous prostration or exhaustion,
Irritability of temper, hot flushes,
alternating with chilly sensations, sharp,
biting. transient polos here and tlicre, cold
feet, drowsiness after meals, wakefulness, or
distur!M>d and unrofroshlng Bleep, constant,
indeserilMiblo fooling of da-ad, or of impending
If you have nil, or any considerable number
of tneso symptoms, you aro siilTcrlnj' from
that most common of American maladies?
IliliouM Dyspeiwiu, or Torpid Liver, associated
with I)ys|>ep8la, or Indigestion. Tho more
complicated your disease 1ms become, tho
greater tho number and diversity of symptoms.
No mutter what stajrn it has reached,
Dr. Pierce's (iolden JTlcdlcnl Dlscovcry
will suImIuo It, If taken .according to dlreetlons
for a reasonable length of time. If not
cured, complications multiply aud Consumption
of the I.umrs. Skin Diseases, Heart Disease,
Ilheumatism, Kidney Disease, or other grave
maladies are quite liable to set in and, sooner
or later, induce a fatal termination.
Dr. KMcrcc'w Golden Medical Oil*
covcry nets powerfully upon the Liver, and
through thrtfc great blood-purifying organ,
clcantu-s the system of ail blood-taintsand Impurities,
from whatever cause arising. It is
equally cdlcacious In acting upon the Kidneys,
and other excretory organs, cleansing,
strengthening, and healing their diseases. An
an nppotl/ing, restorative tonic, it promotes
digestion and nutrition, thereby building up
both llcs?ii and strength. In malarial districts,
this wonderful n?*ilcIno lias gained great
oclobrlty iu curing Lever and Ague, Chills and
Fever, Dumb Ague, and kindred diseases.
Dr. I*Iercc'? Golden Pled leal Discovery
from a common Blotch, or Krtij?(ion. to tho
worst Scrofula. Salt-rheum, Fever-sores,"
Scaly or Itoiiirh Sl:lu, In short, nil diseases
causcd by bad blood arc conqucrcd by tlii3
powerful, purifying, and Invigorating medlcino.
Great Hating Ulcere rapidly heal under
Its benign Influence: Espocially boa It manifested
its potency In curing Tetter, Kczeigo,
Erysipelas, Bolls, Carbuncles, Soro Eyes. Scrofulous
Sores and Swellings, Hip-Joint Disease,
" White Swclllnjrs," Goltr.-, or Thick Neck,
and Enlarged Glands. Send ten cents in
stamps for ? largo Treat!*-, with colored
plates, on Skin Diseases, or tho ?uno amount
lor u Treatise on Scrofulous Atfeotloiw.
Thoroughly eleanso it bv using Dr.FIcrcc'H
( olden jledlonl DiMCOVerjr* and good
digestion, a fair sk!:-,, buoyant spirits.'Vital
strength and bodily health will be established.
which Is Scrofula of ilie Lung*, Is arrested
and cured by this remedy, if taken In tho
earlier stages of tho disease. From its marvelous
power over this terribly fatal disease,
when llrst offering this now world-famed remedy
to the public, Dr. Picrco thought seriously
of calling it his "Conscmvtuin Cuuk," but
abandoned that name as too restrictive for
n medielno which, from Its wonderful combination
of tonic, or strengthening, alterative,
or blood-cleansing, anti-bilious, pectoral, and
nutritive properties. Is unequalcd, not only
?s a reined}* for Consumption, but for nil
Ciirouic DlftcnxcM of the
Liver, Blood, and Lungs.
For Weak I.unirs, Fplttlng of Blood, Rhorti
ness of Breath, Chronic Nasal Catarrh. Ilron
I ehltis. Asthma, Severe unuirhs, tuiu Kuiarcu
alToctionK, It fa an efficient remedy.
Sold by DruffRlBlx, at 81.00, or Six Dottles
for <15.00.
, fS7~Send ton conts in stamps for Dr. Pierce's
| book on Consumption. Address,
World's Dispensary Medical Association,
G63 Main St., llUl'i'AI.O, N. Y.
KLV' Catarrh
ClfnmMtlio Nii*alf4i v/Jv, cusreMMi
ra?M(tf8, AI In jr ^ AC
I'll In nml Iii f ?V?fj'ffl ?C
raatlou, llcals tlie?? $$'fi5
Sores, Restores IIii'kS / tC^Ss
Senses ol Taste B?ilM^Tl.rt^jvS|
a rii'tlckj Is npollod into carrh noftill unit i
agreeable Price60 oents ai by ma!
roplktcrcd. fO cerifi ELY BROTHER*. ?!5 Oiwi
wi b Hreet York. la1? ywraw
Thi? v,-->?i.!<?rf*il dlxoovrri !?*? Nt-n ti?o?l for Ed
jyniH |iv I!. r.'i>H:ri:iiM 1.1" I'm*. l^iRilmiutiil Now
York.\\'tUf,*?wtnu?Ti-.?. ;i.hn(:,i|vf<ule*nroaui>o.
rlor to all irnicdlon l or tlio | n niKeum of n!lcaite?,
r nrnf lonvf?t-iii'lliu*. Tlii-y nn? tlu? rhrapnot
In tbonmrtcl.coalliur but 75 ivnu i-??r UMtlonf bl
Caj'-u!''*. CI.1.N iV C'1L'.| l'urli.
S..M. r-y?i< m
, i ?i jo v. i^\ n k*n
XoNntifT. l.l?juUI or Nnlvr.
VpffrlPiffiryVH Warranted to euro Catarrh. Nou
aWprrrr/Wro'K''1- lh'ndacho. IVM?. Arthmn
II Vn'^MY r/JlHMitiiOS*. KJllllnjr Kjr??iitjht, Ac. J
nvs l-Mvurf win-nut*-*-*) ?r uonny re
ViDnrTl/cAi?f u nded. Nm? |>"<tpald forSl.OO
/IflUKTB t/fil A genu Wilnled. Addret*
hi?' .fi- \!j l,*il Jlonrnn St., I'ltlriign.
fel raw
SnrroriiiRfrom thoeffeota of youthful error*, early
tlivay,wahtinttU'OAUurns.luatmAulHMitl.etc .1 will
Mndatslnabls {mtlH (a?Ued) containing foil
particular* f?r homo euro. FREE ehnrgo. A
*plcmlSil medical work; nhouM ?k> reacTT>jr every
nun who la Bcrroua Mid debilitated. Addroaa,
i>oft r. C. FO^'lil.11, ^luotluH, Conn.
19 W V-\ iHCitli.
EH H H v% tnsir.o periont K-utorfd
I B4fDr.KI.nfE 8 GREAT
BL? II m w Nervs Restorer
BH/? .. ' '?? aim A- Shhvh DurtAnitt. Pn.ysttr,
I . i?'l ft* Srrtt AjfKt\?+l> Fill, FtUfxj. *tC.
HB IH?At: int.it If t>Wrn ? ?l:rf tr\l. A< / .// s/irr
ij'i mt. TrratlM an.I f j trial hxtle (tee tj
f'li ratteati.tlirr paving ear mi charjet imliot ?he?
wi'f HHMaHLr O iMcsprutaddf?s?i
mult of ortr-Woxk. InJUcretlon, ?tu. a4drvw abort
- iiht MMtgtmXr
Otirei No*. iffi Hi.d 87 Fourteenth Street.
A liard*Hlttlng Letter from the Congreaa*
man Over the iUver,
Hon, J. if. Da tiU, Caidwdl, Ohio.
Diah Bib:?Your letters are at band
and I will only b* too glad to aid you, and
all the others ol whom 70a liave written,
la it not too bad that pensions are doled
ont in flccL insignificant euros to men
whcue courage and wboee blood saved tba
Hie o( the Republic? I concur in and
kevo been advocating all the while since
I umio to Washington, in bvmv way that
' I could, that we brv? ro fnrplus in the
; Twwnry, or that we won't! hare nont If we
paid onr henot debts, and no debt is bo
deserving, una the payment of no debt
would do half (0 irncb good an money
paid to soldiers,
i_ a - 0 ? 1 _i il :? :..~l it
in 'I'.v uiti ji:bw: -i* id iifcuv, ? . in juei, n
i ia equity, i?. in only what wo promised
i t u01 wh<n (hey went to the front, and it
would enkicdiu in ten thousand tboosand
hearts c 11 airo el gratitude and joy that
wenld drive c<*uy much of the darkness
?nd sorrow of this world, and would besides
?ire thrift and proeperity to tho
conrtry, cspeci&lly the rural districts, that
' no other legislation, Bute or National, can
ever do. Pension money and bounty
money and holdior money generally is the
only money that comities and districta like
; onrs ever get fioin the general
government. This would equalize
money and wealth?something this
world needs just new, and something I
hope may yet in the near future be attained.
An lo pausion legislation I am in doubt.
Some say the Grand Army bill will pas?,
and I think It will, but I am isat certain.
In regard to special acts the committee has
grown mere rigid on account of Grover's
vetoes. I introduced a servico pension
b-l?, not that I expected it to pass Congrew,
but to show that I was not "too
- weak-kneed" to introduce it.
I also introduced a bill equalizing bounties,repealing
the limitation of arrears and
some other measurers, aud all the way we
will ever get these things is to fight tor
tham to the death. I am sorry that so
rnaay of our Ripublicaus are not fully
awake on the Bubject, but I can assure you
that Gen. H.iwiey is all right.
The vote of tho Grand Army against
service p&csions ii quoted by everyone
nearly against this claim. But it will ,
come, not now, bnt when a Republican {
CJongreta comes, and I do not care how
strong the country goes Republican this
fall, no powor ojn earth can keep it in tne
control oi tills uovernmpnt morotnan one
term unless tho soldiers and wool-growers
get their righte?tho? can anil will control
tho conntry. But I must close?tell the
boys to be patient.
Yoare very truly,
J. D. Taylob.
A Spcclmoti of Wetl Virginia Ealhualiitm
for tho Plowed Kulgbt*
To tlx Editor of the InUUtotnecr.
bin:?If tho delegates to the Chicago
convention do not want Jamos G. Blaine
nominated for President just toll them
not to allow bia name to be spoken by
any one above a whisper. Toll thein not
to mention his name at all; fori! hie name
fiver floats on tho air tho jig ia up and Mr.
Blaino will receive the nomination by acclamation,
hie loiter of declination to the
contrary notwithstanding.
Tbo Republican parly ucca not doubt for
a moment tho sincerity o! Mr. Blaine'n
declinations. He m*?nna that aa far as he
is concerned bo ia out of tho canvass.
He means that he does not deeire to
stand in the way of any man. He deairca
tho succces of the Republican party above
bia personal success. Ho waives ah claimo
to tho Presidency for unison of tho party.
He ia willing to ho a follower of some
othor good man and do nil he can to elec*
liim. Mr. Rlaiuo In willinc to helo ficht i
tho battle ol 1888, aa a private in the ranks.
Now, whiia I eay all of tho above is true
to Mr. Blaine, I feci euro that Mr. Blaine
will tind a vftry fitrons; following,and will
receive the nomination in spito of all opposition.
His letter to a manly production and
moano jasi what it sayo.
r.nt is does not eay tbat if nominated he
will decline the nomination, it only means
that not he nor his friends are to push his
claim farther then the Kopublicans should
wioh. I am eatiafied that Mr. Blaine is
the meet available candidate that conld
pewibly be nominated. Ilia name is a
household word all over Weot Virginia
ftrnonctft the Kepubiicans. The Blaine
Republicans are as it wero in every hoi*
low. on every hill top and in every valley
in Weot Virginia.
Now York, New Jersey and Connecticut
can bo carried this year if Mr. Blaine is
tho standard bearer, if Mr. Blaine holds
tho flag and banner in his own hands.
You vsili see euch a rally aa has not been
scon since the days of Xerxes of Grecce.
When his foee saw the brave leader with
Ill's bout they said tbat such a man could
not b? conquered. Now I desire to say to
our Republican friends everywhere, don't
bo the leait alarmed at the nitnation; wo
aro on solid ground; our banners aro unfurled.
We are bound to win.
New York, New Jersey and Connecticut
are after all the pivotal Statue, and Jainea
G. Blnlno ia h man that can get more
votea by the thoneand than any other livingiuan
in America; he can go outside
- of the Republican party and capture more
votes than any other man.
Now Brother Republicans, don't bi a
bit uneasy; let it be carried on every
tongue, let it so Hooting over the air in a
low voice and in a hi?h voice, let it be no
secret that James G, JJlaine is our choice;
lot it reeound from Maino to Georgia,
from the Atlantic to the Kio Gracdo and
away over the Rockies down to Oregon.
Now let this bo our watchword,
For President,
James G. Blaine;
For Vice Prosidont, N. GotF or any good
J 1 r?fey hurrah, and rally round the fl?g,
f boys! Re^pectfuifr, W. 8. Jones,
* Central Station, jr. Fa., Feb. 18.
la ,,,
? Accident* hi:<1 luctitmiia lu West Virginia
and Vicinity.
The Washington (Pa.) Kiflo Club won
its recent match with the Topeka (Kan.)
Club by a ccore of 1,002 to 1,670.
Two applications for license to eoll
liquor have been made at Waynesburg.
The county has been dry for years.
The Grand Jury of Washington county
severely censure* thoee officers who have
himn in the habit of committing tramps to
" jail.
i Jamea Miller, aged 13 years, had the top
' of his head blown off near WellBville, 0.,
on .Saturday by the premature discharge
; ol a gun.
i Bliss Laura Wickllne, of near Wells.
vilie, 0., was attacked by a savage dog on
Friday night ana now Ilea in a precarious
' condition from her injuries.
The Grand Jury of Waehington county
recommends that instead of leasing the
County Home Farm to a gas company, the
Poor Directors put down a well.
At Fire Creek, Fayette county, Samuel
Robinson was shot and instantly killed by
Wiilliam Lucke, tho ball passing through
the victim's heart. The killing grew out
a drunken carousa1,
A board ot pension examining surgeons
_ is now organized at Blatera ville, Tyler
county, and is ready lor business. Dr.
JnmeB L. Gillespie is President and Dr.
George B. West tfecrotary and Treasurer.
A littlo schoolboy of Mr. Henry Smart
met with a s6vero accident at the Valley
Grove public school on Friday last, by ac*
cldcntally falling ?nil breaking bla arm.
lie. WooiSs, ol Wiit Almoder, was callod
In and Bbt and bhnditR<jd it.
- Nov. Woolery, President ol Bothany
! College, who tills the pocltlon formerly
beld by Presidents Alex. Campbell and
W. K. Pendleton, waa In tbe city yeater1
day and filled the pulpit ol the Ray. WU
Him 7. Cowden, of the Flnt ObrlatUi
Church, Allegheny. Rev. Mr; Cowden li
bunt from the city holding * anim ol
meeting at Oolnmbne, Ind., for Rev. Z. T,
Sweeney.?Pittsburgh Commercial-QattUt,
Sketch of Alfred timlth tinnier, lltcently
The head of the great publishing bouse
of A. 6. Barnpr & Co., who died in Brooklyn
on the 17th inut., was born in New
Haven, Conn, January 28, 1817. His
fathor, Eli Bamee, was a farmer at Southington,
Conn. Mr. Barnoe, who waa the
second son, when eleven yearn old was
placed in tbo care of an uncle residing at
Hartford. During the winter months bo
attended school, and worked on n farm in
the cumtnor. At the age of sixteen he
ontered a storo at Iiartford, the leading
publishing houso in the country at that i
Mr. Barnes went to New York in 1835,
when his employers started a Now York!
branch. In 1838, when about twenty-ono j
years old, he became interested In business
in Hartford with Professor Charles
Davie*. \ Their first publication was Professor
Davics's mathematical works. Daring
tho flrat two years Mr. Barnes canvapsed
the schools and academies throughout
the country, introducing his partner's
works. In 1840 the firm opened a book
!? Bklla?l?lr.V\io. rn/1 In 1 RJ'J mmnvml
their manufactory to that city. Tho tirot
utorola New York was comparatively
umall iu size. In 1803 it wan found necessary
to ercct tbo building which the Arm
cow occupies. It conaidto of five floors
and the basement of a tine bnilding with
a frontage of 15 and a depth of 8 feet. In
the neighboring city of Brooklyn is the
factory, bnilt in 18S0, in which from ono
hundred and fifty to two hundred peraona
are employed. Six members of tho firm
survive its founder and late head.
Mr. Barnes was interested iu tho buccbs3
uf.the Central Branch ol tho Union Pacific
Railroad in Kansas. He wan olso
one of tho earliest promoters of an elevated
railroad in Now York, Uisactivo
Ufa wflH ennobled by philanthropic labor
and direction, and hia'loso is severely felt
by leading educational as woll as businees
enterprises, Mr. Barnes weo a Goncrepationaliat
and a steady friend of the late
Henry Ward Heecher. Ho was married
twice. His first; marriage was in 1841,
with Miffl Harriet E. Burr, daughter of
General Timothy Burr, of ltochester, New
York. Mrs. Barnes died on October 27,
1881. Deceased was married tbo second
time to Mrs. Mary M. Smith, formerly a
Brooklyn school teacher.
Pile*! 1'IIORI Files I
A Bare cure found at last. No one need
Butfer. A sure cure for the blind, bleedin;',
itching and ulcerated pileo has been
discovered by Dr. William (an Indian
remedy,) calied Dr. William's Indian Pile
Ointment. A single box has cured tho
worst old chronic casus of twenty-five and
thirty years' standing. Nd ono need suffer
five minuteo after applying this wonderful
ooothing medicine. Lotions, In*
Btramenta and electuaries do more harm
than good. William's Indian Pile Ointment
absoroa the tumors, allays the intense
itching, acta as poultice, gives instant and
painless relief and is prepared for Piles
and nothing else. t Thousands of cured
r>Aiinnt? ftttpot itn virtnea. nnd nhvsiciana
of all schools pronouncu it the greatest
contribution to medicine of the age. It
matters not how Jong or severely yon have
been anfl'orhg, you can be cured.
Juuro Goons, Msvsville, Ky., saya:
"I)r. William's PiloOintmentkCnred me
after yean of Buffering."
Judge CJolIinbury, Cleveland, 0., says:
"I hnvo found by experience that Br.
William's Indian Tile Ointment p.ivea immediate
and permanent relief."
We have hundreds of such testimonials.
Do not suffer an instant longer. Hold by
druggists. daw
The que&tion beforo tho meeting ie: If
a blushing bride were not led to the altar,
would ehe go herself?
Old and reliable mcdicines are the beat
to depend upon. Acker's Blood Elixir
han been prescribed for yoaro for all impurities
of the Blood. In overy form of
Scrofulous, Syphilitic or Mercurial diseases,
it is in valuablo. For Rheumatism
lias no equal. Logan & Co., 0. Ii. tioetse, I
0. Menieuiiier, K. B. Burt and Bowfe |
Bros. 10 I
Though appreciating the leap year privilege,
the averege girl won't seriously object
to being wooed in tho old, old way.
How Men Die.
If we know all the methods of approach
Qilnnlo/} tvw na nnamr we era the batter
enabled to ward off the danger and post*
pone the moment when surrender becomes
inevitable. In many instances the
inherent strength of the body suffices to
enable it to oppose the tendency towatd
death. Many however have lost thcao
forces to such an extent that there is little
or no help. In other cases a little aid to
the weakened Lungs will mnke all the
difference between sndden death and
many years of useful life. Upon the first
symptoms of a Cougb, Gold or any trouble
ol the Throat or Lungs. give that old and
well known remedy?Boscbee's Gorman
Syrup, a careful trial. It will prove what
thousands say of it to be, the "benefactor
of any home."
A man incurs no light rick in taking unmarried
ladies out sleighing tbis year. He
may be included among the slain.
Can't Sleep Nights is the complaint of
thousands suffering from Asthma, Consumption,
Coughs, etc. Did you ever try
Acker's English Remedy ? It is the boat,
preparation kuown for all Lung Troubles,
eold on a positive guarantoo at 10c., 15c. |
Logan & Go., 0. R. Goetze, Chafl. Menkemiller,
R. I>. Burt and Bowie Bros. 1
llucklen'a Arnica 8nlv?.
The beat salvo in tlio world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skfn eruptions, and positively
cures piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give porfect satisfaction,
or money refunded. Price 25 centaipcr
box. For aale by Logan A Go.
The more faithfully a girl keeps a diary
the moro religiously she wants to keep it
out of tbo way of overybody else in the
Helping; thctKlght Side.
To help the right tldo la not only commendable
In a general point ol view, but li Judicium and
pratent whoa th*t help 1* collated In behalf of tho
right alio of the boJy, Just over the lower rlbaln
the region of tho Uvor. The mott efficient help la
afforded by Hoatetter'a 9tora*oh Bitten, an antlbllloua
m'dlclnoof tncorapirablo efllcacy. Inaction
of thcllTertf ac*)mp?nled by conattpitloa.
ilck-headicb". furr? d n?u*ue. n%UH*. o-jcii'nnul
vtrtlfO.au unpiwaut brea h, yallownrw of the
nkiu and bill o! th? qto. Th-j an'hor of tbmc
t.yujpt ?m?. Itrar eoo.plAJnt. routed by the Bft'ora.
U accompanied bytbtm In it< Hutu. fever and
ague, which alwaya involve* ihe liver. dyapepMa.
rheumatltm, (tebfllty and klduov trouble-tare all
maladlra to th-> early rolief and fbal cure of which
this ?undard mcdlclno la adapted, lwn't uao If
by flta aodnaru, butayau?maucally, that lua full
fleet* may mull la a a perfect restoration of
| Td? TMtUM of tha Monty ud Bl
[ lUrkiU.
' New Yobk. Feb. 2Q.-Moncy on oall tuj ?t'
per cent, doted offered at 2K JTimeneroa
paper 6a6 per oent. Sterling exchange dull
tcady at II M*a4 85. Balea of itocki to-day i
111,490 aharca.
The ?tock market to-day went back to the a
condition It wa* lu during the early put of
week, and dullneM and ttagnatlon were the j
featurea. Alter a bear* to weak opening, In w
moat Rlor-ka ibowed Might decilnea from daturd
closing flgurva the market sagged ol! slowly i
only a single InsJgulflcant reaction, and cl<
ver/ dull and beary. at the lowest prioea ol
day. Everything on the actlTe Hit la Iractlou
Baliroad bonda dull and hoary: ?alea |688.0p(
Government and btat1) bonda dull but steadj
0.8. 4s rcg 125k Jl. K. A T. gea.6a.~.
U. 8 4i coupon.._..12fik Northern k%c. flntaJ
U. P. 4k? reg_ ICOk North. Pac.seconda.1
U-6.4ks ooupon......l07k Northwest. consols.-1
Pacific 6's of 'KL 120 S.W. debenturo,6aj
Louisl ma stamp, 90k St. L. A d. F. Gen.M.l
Missouri 6? .. 101 St. Paul consols J
Tuna. to settlements,101 St. P.. C. A P. flnu~.l
do fc....... ?. ?3 Tex. A Pac.laud gr's.
do Is C9K Tex. A110. K. 0. exCentral
Pacific firsts 118 tra coupons.
I). A II G. flnrto. 120 Uuloa Pao. flrtu !
D. ? U. o. WeatflnU 77k Wert Shore. J
Erie fcccond*
Adams Express 140 Northern Pacific
American Kxpress...l06k do preferred
Canada Houthern-... Kfc* Chicago AN. W.....-1I
Central Pacific 3uy? do prelerred.....~..l
Chesapeake A Ohio.- 8 New York Central....!
do lirst preferred-. 6 Ohio A Mississippi... :
do seconds 4 do preferred. I
C., 0., 0. ?b 1 62X Paclllo Mall .. I
Dourer A B. ti 21 Pittsburgh I
Erie 2G% Heading........ i
do preferred .... GO St. L. A ti. F ;
Fort rtayne ?...163 do preferred ....
Kansas A Texas 16 do first preferred...!
Late Krle A West 16k C. M. A hl Paul.
do preferred 45s do preferred ...,i:
LakeShore 91k Texas A Pacliio.
Louisville A Nash.... 6'J^ Union Pacific- I
L . N. A. A . 80 United HtAU* Kx. :
Mem. A Chas 63 W., cL L- A P...MM. 1
Michigan Central...- 81% do preferred........'
Missouri Pacific?.. S4}? Wells-Kareo Kx ..J'.
Nash. A Chat.......... 78 Western union. 1
New Jeroov Central M 80k
Uroadstaffa unt' i'rartstot.a.
Chicago. Feb. 20 ? The grain and pravftfon a
kets on 'Change to day started fairly active i
generally firm. Before noon there was a react:
which causod grains to stul lower than at the cl
on Saturday. Flour quiet and unchanged. Wh<
cash No. 2 spring 7oka78c; No. 8 spring 67
6So; No. 2 rod 80*4*81 o; May ftj&all^c, cloa
at bOkc; Juno 81>^a81^o. Closlug at hike; J
do. turn, cash No. 2. 4Wo; May blKa6lftc. c.
lug at 51%c; June bl%rti%c, closing at 61^0; J
ftl^s5Jj<e. closing at bljiu Oats, cash No. 2, 'J
aJ^ke: May and luuo alike, closing at 81kc; j
suit 28c. Rye. cvsh No. 2. fclc. Barley. Na 2,77aS
Flaxseed 1141. Prime timothy seed 12 47. W
park, caah. 91397k: 3fatch 114 CO; May f!<12
14 80, closing at fl4 20; June 114 25. Lard, a
and March 7.83c; May 7 87ka7.Sttkc, closing
792kc; June 7.MKt800c, closing at 7.9Tkc; Ji
8.00c. Bacon, sliort rlba 7.35c; shoulders 6.0
short clear 8.0i>o. Whisky 51 is. Sugars, cut.'i
7%*8kc; granulated 7k<N standard A 6^0. Butt
market tamo: creamery mic; dairy lT&ai
Eggs tauter at 20a21o.
Nbw To*jc, Feb. 20.?Flour, receipt* 17,612 pai
agts; exporU 1,635 barrels aud '?2 672sacks: in>ri
steady; sales 'if,ICO barrel*. Wboat, receipt* 2,
busheli; exoorw 167,74b bushels; sale* 3:214,
bushel* of futures and 216, to J bushels of spot; <
Hons closed tirm at the highest prices; uugnd
red SOJiafcHic; No, 2 red February nominal; Mai
?%c; April 90TnC; May 91%a91fcc, closing at ttlfc
Juue Ol^avl 13-lGc. dosing at 91 We; July 91o; I
cemberOmc, Coru, receipts 10,450 bushels: (
ports 59,831 bushels: sales 86U.OCO bushels of futu
and to,ao bushels spot; options tlrm; ungrad
69aG0J*e; Na 2 February 61c: March &9ks694
closing at 69Ko; April t'JJiJaWkc, closing at 6'J*i
May b9a59Wc. closing at June 69a59>
closing at 69?{c; August 60c; September 60>
o., Feb. 20.?Flour barely itcsd
family S3 3Ja3 80: fancy {< 70a3 w. Wheat quii
No. 2 red 86c: receipts 2.100 bushels; shlpxnei
none. Com In fa'.r demand and firmer; No. 2 mix
62a Oats firm at 92c: mixed ::JKc. Kye stead
No. 2, UtfCc. Fork firm at 814 5u. Lard easter
767%c. Bulk meats steady: short rlbi 7.62}
Bacon easier: short closr 8 75c. Whisky firm
81 C'J. Butter tlrm: fancy northwest dreamery :
:Wo: extra Ohio 28c; prime dairy 20c Sugar stead
hard tegucd 7^a8 \ fgts ossler at 18al9c. choc
steady; prime to choice Hat regular Ual2o.
PKn.iDMJ?)*, Fa., Feb. 90.--FJonr dt
Wheat firm but quiet; No 2 red February 90
91c: March IM'jaltWc: April 91i4a92Xc; Msy 92
Vttio. (torn, steady; steamer No. 3 yellow 57$.
No. 2 mixed Februsrv67Ka68c: March 67a57V
April 5'k*!>Sc: May 67&*fi8>Sc. Oats, spot weak
No. 2 wblto 4la4l',ic: futures dull but steady: 1
2 whlto February 40^?40#o: March 43)<*<o;;
April 4Wiallc. Butter firm *nd in fair demar
I creamery extra 2Sc: western factory 20a24n. Ei
uulot at.d easier; llrats 22o. Cheese quiet 1
steady; Ohio lists U!4al2c.
Toi too, O., Feb 20-Wheat active: cash (A
185c; May 86JV.O: Juno 87%c: July 85c; August 84JH
September 84%c. Corn dull; cash GoXc. O
qnlet: May Ss^c. Clover*tod ectire aud easl
cwh, 83 95; February 8397>J.
Iit??? btook.
Chioaoo. Feb. 20.?Tho Vrover't Journal repor
Oattlo?Bocalpu 6.0^) bead: shipment* 3,000 hei
market strong; choice 10a5'JO; good steers 83 f
5 00: stockem nnd feeders 83 85a3 6'J: cows, bt
aud mixed 81 80aX 10; Texas cattle 8J4UU
Hogs?Rcceipt* 19/00 head; shipment* 7,000 he<
market strong snd unchanged; mixed 15 OfiaA
heavy 85 *0*6 70; lh?ht 84 9J*53?: skltw 83 25a4
sheep? Receipts 2.000 bead: shipment* 400 he
market strong aud lOalfc higher; natives 83 I
f? 60; western 8i8-js5 30; Texans 83 00a4 75; lam
85 CCuG 25.
K*rr UnxBiT, Feb. 20.-ttUilo?BsceJpt* 2,
head: shipment*.'".) head: market dull aud ICo
20u off from last week's prices. Hogs?lioccl
1.400 head: shipment* 3,800 brad: market sic
Philadelphia* 8> 75s5 80- mixed 85 6Ca565: York
go 45a5 60; common to fair 8) 20a5 10; pigs 8(1
.' 00. * Sheep?Bcoelpts 3.0U) head; shipment* 2.1
head: market actiro aud 25u higher than 1
week's dosing prices.
Cincinnati. O. reb. 23?Hog* 6 to 10chigh
common and light 84 00a5 20; packing and but<
era 80 25a6 70, receipts 1,700; shipments 660 hci
Kkw York. Feb. 20?Petroleum ODCned weak
j c; dot-Used to 88c: raUled and cloned steady
8b>po; tale* 953,(XX) barrels.
FrrraaoBGH, Pa., Feb. 23.?Petroleum fairly
tire; optrocd atclosed at 8S)ic; highcaUUrJ
Bradford, Pa., Fob. 20.-Opened at 885fio: cloi
nthUJ^o; highest 8?%<y, lowest Mc; clearances 1!
600 barrel*.
Trrcsuujr.PA.. Feb. 20.-0pened at 88*<o{ hi,
eatSSjfo; lowest Mcicloecd at SS^o.
Nrw York, Feb. 20.?Cotton quiet and stca<
uplands 100-lGo; Orleans 101 l-lflc; futures qui
February 10.47c; March 10 &3c: April 10.f>8c; &
lO.fce; June 10.70c; July 10 72c: Augunt 10 7
September 10.28c: Octobcr 9.02c: November y &0<
Cincinnati, O., Feb. 20.?Cotton quiet aud stcai
middling lufic.
Dry G.)0(tf.
Kuw Yohk, Feb. 20.?A heavy rain storm gret
restricted business; Jobbers were bu*y.
The mcro pets tho old maid has, t
more pettish tho old maid is apt to bo.
Dbugqists report Rood sales and wondi
ful results from Skin-Saccesa Soep ai
Ointment. At. drag Ptore of McLain Br
Plain & Ornamonti
If AND-Il I LL3?
Done Promptly and at Prices
suit the times.
Bpcclal Attention Given to #
Flnt-lMi Work and Batli faction Guarantee
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it- ???????????????????????
% Grape Vines tor Spring of 1888,
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'3 > ?o concord, Ives, Hartford, Catawba or Perkins,
for fi 00.
la Martha, Champion, Alva, Ag%wam, Seneca,
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ar. Aim. Raipberrin, Blackberries Btrawberrlea,
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" Turkeys. Kgga and OARI* in season KNOINK0,
Mil is II. P'rfi, Ac.. bu>t and cheapest; run pay is
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HI! HQ 00 "nt 1)0011 tnr 25 00:1(11 1,11(1 1>Rtnef
OiLUu and address of twenty wide awake fanners.
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What to Plantl Vi:
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Solo obntrol in thto city of (
"leorlws" Patent. I
"Faultless'' Family, - "Our
Favorite" Family,
Finest In tho markMSolo
Agent for DoPout'a Sporting. Mining and
BlvtUiig Powder.
WHcad quarters for Eokemann A Will's celotratrd
(Bintcli Cttndlca. all style*. ray 19
A Few Prices on Groceries.
New Turk Ish Prunes 6c.
Finest French Prune* ...... ?..MKcGood
Mixed Tea ....3JC.
Fresh Boastod CoDce ~..23c.
10 Bars Soap 25C.
Best Patent Flour - 70c.
These are no letdors, but low prices ou good
goods. A full lino ol I entcu catab!es In stock.
Try our Gold Du?.t Flour.
Conner & Snedelier,
fe20 Cor. Market and Fourteenth St'oeti.
0 Pounds Turkish Prunes.
3 Pounds BonoIcM Codllih.
:i "at Mackerel.
1 Dczen Fine Herring.
l Dozen Smoked Bloaters.
G Hamburger Biokllngs, at
F. H AN A ITER'S. 18TA Market 8t,
My stock of Grocorlessuluble for Lenten Season
Is complete. fel7 iTb**
Potatooi, dry and free from frost, at
The Standard Flonr as good a< ovnr. Jal
(SUtora ol the Visitation,)
4 school of more than national reputation, offers
lYfwidonii adTantiCTM lor thorough education ol
young ladles In all department*. Library of six )
thousand volumes. Flno philosophical, ohcmloal *
left astronomical apparatus.
Musical Department specially no tod, Corps ol
planotcacucrs tramod by a loading professor from
rJcnsurTatory ol Stuttgart. Vocal culture aooord- .
!ng to tho method of the old Italian matters.
Location nnsurparsed for beauty and health, _
feu acres ol pleasure grounds. Board excellent. 1
For catalogues, and referonoes to patrons In all
the prluolpal cities, address
Washington School of Elocotion
Bias. M. 8TEVKNB 1IABT, Principal,
004 ?M" Street, N. W? Washinotoh, D. 0,
Sixth Annftal Be**Ion begins Wodncsdsy, September
Course of Instruction embraces Elocution. Prno
Ucal English and English Classics, Latlo, Mathe
malic*. Modern Languages, Vocal and lnstrumuau>
Music and 1 liyilcu Culture
Tbc Prluolpal Is aiwstad by an efficient oorps of
teachers In tsch department.
(iradod clsstes for bora aud girls daily.
Adult cIamos and private Instruction given In
tho evening.
Diplomas awarded. A limited number of pupils
acoomraodatM iu tho family.
For circulars and references apply to Intxixiqtjccxa
ogiue au81
System based npou nature's laws. NO BEOBECTf
?NO THICKS. System explained to those Inter
Teatlroonlala from nhyrtdanii, educator* and pa*
troua, who hare received beuefll from the method
a! lnitraction. Addren,
MM. M. MTKVEN8 HART, Principal,
Washington bchool of Elocution and Kugllah
004 M Street. N. W., Waablngton, U. 0.
Btudonta boarded In family of Principal.
i >\ r KAf l'tMiS A>1I liUlLOKHS.
Contractors and Builders,
Eatlmatea farnUhod on work of all d?crlptionii
Doors, Sash and Frames,
And Dealcn In j
Lumber, Lath, Shingles, &c.
Pprclal Attention riven to Ptalr Work
Wo h*vc tngauod a flrat rla? IctlRuer and m*\o
a specialty ol m i(lorn *'d arlatlu ato'e and ofll^e
fnruluue and interior docoratlouaof aildc*crip- '
Office and Factory, Cor. Nineteenth A Koff 8U
ftt :
a ... i... ..ki.yilalH
m'&Zl' 1 i ;."4 HawiedctSinraowttli
1 '& 11ii hi sss&smehc
e&X wmwfcau ttw
For tho Both, Toilet mid Laundry.
Snow Whlto nnd Absolutely Pur?.
If yoar dsaler doc* not korp Whlto Olootf f*o?p,
load 10 cfnt? for Mtuplo nkt to tho tr.afcera,
DAPJTAIi , *200,011
I. IT. VAUOT. ~~~ Proudeat
L B. DjcurtAir -..Vlow-PrealdjD t
BawxM. '*
1. IV. Vance, B. Hotkholrac:,
J. M. Brown, W. flUncfiMn,
I..H. UtuaplaUx. A. W, Kwluj.
John Froir,
Draft* Ivnud on England. Ircitud, Hcotland, ufl
?J1 pcira to iJnroro.
JOHN J. J OK >2a, Cannier.
31PITAL Z?.Z~.?~. .?i'b,!X(l
ffK. A. 7narrMMMMMM.?*MM PraiiUut
*<?. HfAKTtov Vlce-Vrasldmi
).AfUi on Jntlaad, Jrrtjrn, ifr*nc?*ad Gemwyj
ffra. A. lMtt, Win. B. Slmpacn,
J. A. Miller, Joan K. Hou(o:d|
? m. Atkitwoa. VJgIot Boaeaburf,
trffl f * . r. jyr^ON'. rwfhicr.
tH 8UHAN(.'7t ?:<).MPA.N JE8.
pa;-; fuakxmn iksu"[{iNoiToT*
3 A. t'JTAJL . 100 .OOO
Intnroe against loss or damage by Cro and light*
ilng all classes of dwrtrablo property, tlwfofiutc
irioet1 on the Western utters.
,H Vanco, President, M. BalUy, Vlo? President
.U Htiochl&n Hoc'/, Jw. V. Adair i, Am': h?ju.
J. H, Vanao, y Uollly, L. 0. BUM,
J. iioiibw, c. v. muxx&olm. *
0; 'IOB?No 38 TWlLfTH 8TBK1TT*
n?IO RIVEll JtATLl'.OAD?Tivk
17 table taking oflcct SUNDAY, DEC. 18, 1R87,
Imsengor train Will rr.n r* follow*?t:ov,tr*l time:
NO. ?. WO. 0 NO. 8. No. 1.
p.m. a. m a, m.
4*t??Whocllw^.....-...^ ? > 3:00 11:00 6Mr.
iouwood.opp. Uelialre. u:l* 11:1* 7 00
iOOJldxrillO~~. ?.:? 11:85 7 20
p. ta
narlnrtotu. 4:13 12:18 8W)
few MartluSTiile. , 4:43 12 40 K:8(J
lfrtCTBTille. ? 5.06 l:oo 8:65
'rlendly, opp. Mttam'nui 6 18 1:15 9 08
t. Mary's B:6U 1:40 ?:40
yilUjimktown.opp.Mar'lji......... 6:12 10:25
fcrkoxibaxg 7:15 8:tG 11:10
loUoTUld 8-60 ''1203
iurrajnvlilo ? ... 4:00 12:28
a. m.
lavou*wcod.. 6:4?4:10 12.55
x.'IA:L 6:88......... 6:20 1:40
lew HftVOU. 7:0u....^. 6:48 2;05
Jartford T.V, 5:46 J;10
fAioul'lty.opp.l'omeioy 7:15 6:Gv 2:18
llllton, onp. Mlddleport. 7:'E 6:02 2:24
irrlvo Point Plnuant ?:t-r 6:4" 8 ( <>
&. <u u. Jiiuouou.. * to
" GaIllt>o!l? ............. ......... 4:48
" Ghir'oitoii... 8:25
a. m.
" White Bnlrlmr.,... ~ .~ 5:C0
NO. 6 No. 4. Nu.iKO. I
a. m p. m a. m p. m.
t%ve-K. ?fc 0. Junction. .... 10:46 8:45
?olnt PlcawaiU 10:MJ C:15 3 60
HUton ..... ? 11:31 G:.V? A.S2
lanonCtty.opp. Pomeroy 11:?6 6:&.*>. 4:87
Iwtforil. 11:41 7;U3 4:47
tew Haven m. .. .. 11:47 7;<fc 4:W
n m.
.etart. 12:10 7:8f 5:30 .
l*veiuswood~ 12:86 h:i0 6:CS
lumynrlllc. l:3fl 8:#* ...mm*
arkeulmrR ~ ff:8b 2:46 9:46 ...mmm
VlUlamstowu.opp.Mur't* 7:11 J?:M. 10:28 ....mm,
itflUr/'ik? ? 7 :.V> 4:22 11 :X. .
itfendly. opp. Matam'ra* M23 4:62 11:H6 ....mm,
litcnville-. b:3*i 6:16 11:4S. ,
lew Martln?Tlllo?,.WMMMM. 0:0f 6:80 war
narlnttton. ~. 0:30 6:v, 12:35 ....mm,
(ounaxrllle. 10:10 6;8ft 1:16 ??mm.
lenwood, opp. Bollalro... 10:8i? 6:66 1:36...mm,
trrlve?Wliocling.. ?.... 10:4fc 7:16 1:6D...mm?
p. in.
LrrtTO?Cleveland C: l!)
lltaburgn- 8:20 6:56 ...?,
a.m. a.m.
larrlaburs 3:1b 2:W>
'hlladclpni*.... ..? 6:ori 6:00?
low York - 7:3C 7:80 ....mm,
Wort and NorUwwt. p u p. m.
(ewark...MMMM...MM?,MMMM il::0 6:20 ...MM*
Joltuobu*. 7:40 ...mm
x. in. p. in.
Jhloago P:M) 6:30
fluodjy train* on K, it 0. Ball way arrive at
Ibarlestoo at 6:10 p. rv waiting tor O. R. Ji. H.
rain No. 1 at Point PJcaaant, Thin W the ?hnrt
Ine, and parties purchasing ticket* shonid a*k for
lckoU via. tho Ohio River Railroad. t-oi Informa*
ion regarding rau*, rentes, etc.. a<1<l res*
W. J. RODINSOH, Gen'] Vub. A?mt,
Partenbwg. W. Va.
Trtv Pium. Agent, Wheeling.
Baltimore & obio railkoad?
L'eparturo of trains from WbeHing. Schedule
n ctfcct November 'JO, iW7-Jf??U:n! time:
Kvpress for C'nicago and the frorthwent, S?:M a.
n., 3:40 p. m. 10:00 p. in. duly, and 11 :l-> p.m. dally,
zct'pt oaturdav.
KxpKMi for Cincinnati end Rt toula, 0:*0 a. ra.
I*l?y, 11:16 p. r\. daily except beturdr.y.
l.xprcw furtJolumbusaud Cincinnati, 2:46a. sc.,
tummy mil v.
For Columbus. 9:50a m. dally, and 11:15 p ta.
lal'y except i'a'.urJay, aud i!:25 ji. m. dally except,
Exp?osi for Washington, l>. 0., Baltlraw, I'ulla*
lelpbla and Kw? York, 6:40 a. m and 6:4i p in.
For ritubnri'h and Waahlnfrton, Fa., 6:10 a. in,
ir.d 7p in. daily; Express. 8:10 a m, 1:46 p. m.
Inly except Sunday. Additional way train lor
VifinliiK'.ou. la . t;M p. m datiy except fc-uiday.
for MtAiTidavlllo, 12:00 noon. d.Uly ai < ;: oun*
For Or*Hon, 8:45p. n., dally except 'unday.
For Cumberland, ?:30a. m., dully except rfuuday.
For -at ulatmlUe, b:&0 a. m., j p. ro. and 6:i6
?. in dally except Sunday.
Uxprc*'. trains arrive 'wm ''hlc.ni;o,G:40and 9:W
u n:. and 0:45 p. ja, dally, ?.r:d 6:00 a. in. dally ax*
JCxprtvB trains arrtvn frun St and Clucln*
tall. 6:00 a. m i.n?t 0:45p u. du'lr.
Bxprcn train* ?rrlvo from Philadelphia, Haitinore
and Washington, b. C., 10:W a. m. ai:d 10:63
>. in. dally.
Tialna arrive from Columbus, 5:C0 a. m. dally,
ind 0:46 p. m. dally, and 10:86 a. m. dally except
Tralre arrive from Pittsburgh, 9.40 dally, and
,2:46 p. m. and C:66 p. tu dally except fttnday;
lOr.in dally cx> opt Faturday, aud 'i:l0 a. m.
luucay only.
Tralna arrive (mm Waehl?<ciou, l a., 8:00 a. a.(
lally xcrt Sunday. *
Train* arilvo from Moundavlllo, 1:40 p. m.t w
lally exoopt8unday.
Train* arrive from Uraiton, 9:25 a. to., dally cx?
jcpt Minday.
Trains arrive from Cumberland, 6:50 p, m . dally
ixrcpt Sunday.
Tralna arrive from 81 <";ir.l:?vlllc, 8:40 a. a. and
.:4ft and 6:46 p. m., dully exotpt buuday.
Bawrap/j tailed lor a-d cneeked at hotels and
tridtncc* on orders left at tlckct ofJoc, littO Mar
(Otiticct and at depot
c. K. I/JUD, Gen. Pia, Agent.
w. M. ('LF-MKNTJ, Manager.
1X)UM RAILWAY fJO.-I'snhandle Route.
Jnder schedule In effort NOV. 14, U87. tralna
cavo Wheeling.Central L'taudard tlmo? For Mton
MjnTlllo and PlUaburKh. 6:3", s. m , 13:86 p. ra1:90
p. m. For StcubeuTllio, h-06 p. m. Tbo C:M
i. m. and 8:06p. tn. train* make direct connection
or Columbus, Cincinnati, Indlanapolla and Chiauto.
Tbo 12:85 p. m. train makes dlioct connec
Jon for Colnmbn* and Chicago.
1:45 p. w.. mid 6-ftfl p. m pit24
PX>AI>-Under nhednle In effcct JAN. ti.
isen, Irnltu. leave Bridgeport, Central HUn1?rd
time: Pr?r P!tt?bnr*n ar3 < lowland, 6:10 ?. ra.,
lira p. m. For PKUbumh. 10:17 *. tn. Fc.rWeUtrillo.
4:14 p. nv For StcubtiiTllJc. 8:S3?. ti For
Mftrtla'a Ferry, 6:4ft *. m.
Train* arrlro at Bridgeport at 7:61 a. k.. 10.-r? a.
m.. 2:?3 p. m? Br?i p^n.. cm p. to.. atid 7:47 p ra.
All kinds of
<?tnao4 / ??artMnUi Rtrvi

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