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*AKlH* I
n-onaaiicaiaa ^
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Thin powder nevor Tarloc. A marrcl of purity. W(
itrungth and wbohsomeneM. More economical .
than the ordinary kinda. and cannot bo sold la
oompetltlou with the maltltudeof low tost, abort hft
weight alum or phoftphato powdora. Hold onlv In
tnw. Huyal JUjumo Powdkb Co., 106 Wall street, l.
New York. wfrwwraw *>J
USO. M. rtNOOK to CO, Jj
ioo pieces handsome Spring J>
Dress Goods, including all the ^
latest shades of the justly pop. ?
ular J5
All-Wool Henrietta Cloths, i
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prices usually charged for good fli
grades of Cashmeres. e"
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For Keut-W. H. Hlnehart. J:
For balo Low?Faim?w. v. Hogo A Bio. . J
Animal Meeting titickholdcrs of the Klvorsldo IB
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??? Rm
'JL'harmometer Kecord. 3 P,
The thormorueter at Schnopf's drag
tore, Opera Honae corner, yesterday, reg- "0I
loterod hh follows: aijf
7 a. nwHWMNm 87 I 3 p. ...?..?? 64 Wii
J a. m 42 I 7 p. m ? -u per
12 m 62 | Weatber-Clear. rev
ludlcAtloiia, |^(
Washington, D.O., Feb. 22.?For West hoi
VirglnlA lair weather, alight chango in Ji*
temperature, light variable winds. (j
For Weslorn Pennsylvania and Ohio, daj
fair weather, slightly warmer in the gell
northern portion, stationary temperature cho
in the southern portion, variable winds. Jos
' * ope
A Itrnkenmn'a Narrow Escape. dial
Yesterday morning na train No. 157, givi
which arrived At Monndaville abont 1)
o'clock A. li , ??i pulling into that place
lir.keman L. i\ Lyon, ol Newberg, was I
struck by tho ercond bridge eonth of the reel
depot, and knocked from the top of a car Bel
down npon the hamper. He was caught Tin
by Conductor Buvina and thna barely aloi
saved from (ailing under tho wheels. His pri'
i?-.1 nr.m ?... hadlv rnt and hn una. tarn
1IDUU nuu IRVV n?? ?-V .
Uined other obvero injuries. He wm poi
takon Euton the tio'clock train last night. T?1
Or. 8. W. Bruco dreued bis wound?. abl<
i.. bar
The KUctrieal Itallroad, con
It will probably not bo Ion: now bofore
cam will be running over the electrical
road ol the Wheeling Kailroad Company. L
The dynamos hay# arrived and are being rJ?f
put la plrxo at tho plant W the Wheeling
Electrical Company, which u to furnish J.
the motivo power. These dynamos are jj"
very handsome, powerful (nil expensive {i?B
? leers ol machinery. Some of the cars w.b
ave keen finished and will bo bora from _ "
St. Louis shortly. Two additional wires JJ"
have been strnug along the route to serve ,
aa steadying or gay wires lor the power lu?
lines. John Kobrecht, tho contractor who
is laying the track, has had at work during
the past week over lltty men comDlot- & x
Ing the line la tho vicinity ol Hogg's Run.
He Intends to Increase his force and finish
np the entire line aa soon aa possible so as mi!,
to give the people the benefit of thla new
enterprise. ,t|p,
tie Ina More PlvaMDt
To tbe taste, more acceptable to the Log,
atomacb, and more truly beneficial in lta and
action, the famoue California liquid fruit jj j
remedy, Syrup of i'lga, is rapluly supereeding
all othere. Try it. One bottle
will prove Its merits. Sold by Logan & R<
Co., Anton P. Hess, R. B. Bart and O. tbe
Menkemeller. At Bollaire, by M. N. and
Hercer. me.
A ip^rarr .
,t GrMtlj Kojoyad bj Ttr" ?* ?i
>ur Uaodrtd Paupla?MlM Btngl. *' C
nttabargb, ud Hlu Hilar, of Sun- I
?IU?, among tha Hlajctrs. I
be muaicale given at Bumu'i concert 1
Hut evening (or the benefit oi the P"
onil Preebyterlan chorcb wee A very ^
alonable and artlatle alTair. Ibe hell j0]
! crowded with two or three hundred 7
ll-known ladles end gentlemen ol the Ro
r, who very much enjoyed the chum- < ?'
(.programme that wae rendered In ench
elightful manner. There were eome
ingea In the programme u primeu in ni
iterday'a lwne. Mr. Arkle did not ?p- Kh
u for aome reason, and other selections d*:
re anbatitated lor aome of the nam- ??j
ra, but the mualcaleaa a whole waa each ,
rich treat that the omiaaiona and n|
anyea were not noticed. Mr. Oharlea mi
irdlng, of Baltimore, who It waa hoped *'
>nld be able to reach here in time, waa jJJ
it present mncb to the regret of all who
ive ever heard hia rleh voice. T ,
The programme opened with a aelectlon
r the Male Quartette clnb compoeed of
r. Will B. Day, Mr. Robert McGlure.Dr.
ihs McOlare and Mr. Tom Oaraon. )llaa
mma Blngler, of Fittabnrgb, waa greeted
1th a atorm of applanae aa ahe took her
ace toeing Berignani'a "Flower GirL"
rheellng people have net forgotten how {><
iss Blngler charmed and delighted them ,
1 the oecaaion of her first appearance *'
sre?at the Holla benefit conoert?and
at night'e hearty greeting waa bnt an in- *1
cation of the popularity the sweet aong- b'
er had achelved here. List night ahe
tain charmed her hearera. Her voice la d?
ie of reinarkableaweetnees and pnrityand of|
ith no little power. She was particular- tit
' effective on her high notes. Kotwith- bo
anding a warm demand for an encore fr1
le only gracefully bowed and prettily pr
piled andblushed her thanks. ce
Prof. Joeeph Keliar played
aprlcclosa,1' by Weber, in hia uaual T|,
aisbod and brilliant style. Mies Flora th
'illlams, Wheeling's popular songstress, Dc
ing "The Daiay," by Arditi, and aa an ?h
icorp "What .Shall I Do?" by Blschoff. aI
i both eho appeared at her best, sang eg
iillantly and made hprself more of a 00
vorite than ever. Prof. Hermann
ihockoy played one of Slnger'a romanzu >
l hia violin, gave an encore and later
ayed another eolo In place of the aolo J?
r. Arkle waa to have inng. Prof, n,
ihockey ia always heard with genuine
easuro which is not .to be wondered at, w|
r hlaviolinplayingla;somethlng{unuaual. J",
flue and artistic; he makea the instru.
ent almost speak.
The stranger ol the evening was Miss ?e
isele Iiiley, ol Bteubenvllle, this being f0:
ir first appearance here. She sang 1,1
ibriel'a "Garden of Boses" and aa an enor
"Sweet the Angelas waa Kinging," *>
Operti. B'eubenville people are iuatid
in being prond of Mica Biley. Sne la ""I
iplendld vocalist, deservingmuch praise.
?r voice is a rich, full,-round meuo, with ye
contralto quality which ahe nses In an no
lelligent manner. Her alnging is sym- lai
thotlc, mellow and very plesaing. It is lu:
Kot nA*k Bf,Qnnn aha will flD- ffil
ar on the operatic stage, having signed no
th the Bostonians when they were in to
aubeuville laat Saturday. In the event to
e goes upon the stage, provided she is nij
ted with any dramatic ability, she will
t be long in making herself wel) known. Gc
Miss Bingler was heard again at the Dc
>se of the programme. She sang Dana's jy,
alve Begina," and this time acknowl- dn
Red the encore call by singing "Take kil
9 Jamie Dear." The Quartette Club so
ocludod the programme* eta
In connection with the news about Mies in
ley going on the stage it is also under- inf
>od that Mr. Fred 8pecht,of New York, noi
e tenor singer, so well and popularly he
town here, has also signed with the Bos- we
Qians. It is further said that Mr. Will
ooney, of titoubenville, a well known
amber of society there, and said to
< gifted with a superb tenor voice, is go- sti
g to New York at the suggestion of Tom
arl, the big handsome sweet-voiced ]
uor of the Bostonisne, to study and 0.,
ltivate his voice with a view to going ,
i tho operatic stage. ^
The City Solicitor Objeota.
Solicitor Ualdwell was considerably stir3
up yesterday when he read the report i
the meeting of the Council Committee . J
Health that members had been making PJ
juiries about an ordinanco in relation to ^
9 garbage contractors, and why the J
licitor had not framed it. Col. Caldwell
nted up tho record in the case, which is f*tr
follows: On December 27,1887, Council
isedthe following resolution reported ]
the Committee on Health: AVj
toiolved, That the Committeo on Health hoi
hereby instructed to amend and revise tac
i ordinance in relation to garbage con- j
ctora so as to have a better control of
i dmuivi uu1
Lnd thero the rnattor etopped. The we]
omitteo has sever aaked the Solicitor .
meet with it to consider god talk over *
matter, or to draw up an ordinance. Jj'
a committee has the power to proceed, "
1 the Colonel soya he la toady to assist
enevor called apon. teQ
tints ?t the I'uurtli tjtreotH. JS. tlmr.h. ?
pedal meetlnga ot a revival character ;
1 be hold in this chnrch to-d#y aa tol- ,}
b: 10 o'clock a. h., prayer service with H
Iblo reading by tlie poator, Bev. Dr. hl.
idolph; 2 KB., conaecration aervice; ,
, si., (ioapel temperance meeting led by
n. G. W. Atkineon. A general lnvita- 11
i la extended to all church and temper- uni
0 workers to attend this meeting. It
1 be in the intereat oi the general tem- "
ance work oi the city at 7:30 r. m., a |j?"
ival moeting beginning with a pralae ??l
rice oi one-Bali hour. There la a deep J 1
sreet In the chnrch and great good la "mi
led lor irom theae efforts. All are corlly
iuvitod to the aervicea oi the day. 2d
In Thuraday and Friday through the riso
' and during the evening, apeoial evan- o'cli
stic [meetings will be held in the of
irch by the poator, aaeiated by Bev. atre
. H. Smith, of Philadelphia. The co- neei
ration oi all Ghrlatian workers ia cor- or li
lly a?ked. Further notlcce will be At)
?u. on f
... w
. An Error Corrected. ftn(j
'lvo statement that Mr. A. P. Tollman riVe
gaed the position oi Cashier of the iate
lairo National Bank, waa not correct. 0d I
> Dlrectora gave Mr. Tallman permla- psr
i to devote a portion of his time to Mr.
irnte bnainosa consequent upon hla inte
ther'a death, and to relieve him, ap- diat
nted Mr. Kelly Aaalatant Cashier. Mr. tem
lman haa been the efllclent and accept- rHo
s Cashier since the orgonuation oi the
ik, and the Directors felt that they
Id not afford to lose his services. *
alarilnge Llceimai Iiaacd. or('
llerk Hook yesterday granted mar- tCn
go licensee to the following named par- forj
ohn A. Detlin, aged 30, a native and "R?
dent of Pennsylvania, and Agnes V. V)
ei>, agod 20, a native and reeldent of Hf}
mac 11. Oesilday, agod 34, a native of l.VJ.
lada and resident of Wheeling, and J :
ra Lawrence, aged 22, a native of Eng1
and reeldent of Wheeling. g
sirup or rig? Di
tatnro'o own trne laxative. It is the pan
t easily takpn, and the most effective of ?
ody known to dense the system when a lot
>ns or costive; to dispel headaches,
e, and fevers; to core habitnal conntlon,
Indignation, plies, etc. Manniired
onlv by the Oalifornla Fig Syrnp , ^
ipony, San Francisco, Oal. Sold by C J1
an A Co., Anton P. Hess, R. B. Bnrt e0J?
0. Menkemeller. At Belialre by M. Xr
lercer. 0'
Notice, On
jmember that I am now located with On
reliable firm oi Henry Jacobs A Co., Ofi
will be pleased to have yon call on - On
Juucs Jacobs. On
itttn of Minor Moment In and About
the 01 ty.
WnHi*aTOK'? birthday.
Fbi weather continues like spring.
Ull the banka will be closed to-d?j and
ivernment offlcee will also be cloeed.
i DAxoKBors counterfeit ot the Ave
liar silver certificate haa bees discoverThe
bill la about three-elxteenth ol
inch too short.
>.u Kmblut waa yesterday appointed
irdijn tor Edith Emblem ageu (J, and
ward Smblem, aged 3, children of
ink J. Emblem, deceased; bond, (100;
in 8. Armstrong, surety.
'm last willa and teetamenta of Erneet
senberg and Johanna Rosenberg, deiaed,
were yesterday admitted to prola.
B. Oharlee Eicntruth la named as
senior; no security required,
I considbbablb number of the Amalnated
men who went on a strike at the
renlde steel plant will leave In a lew
ra for Bell Island, where they will ac>t
positions in a steel plant at that
Chb Wheeling steel plant will not be
idy to resnme work until this
irnlng at least, and then not in full. It
II probably bs the latter part of the
iek before tbe plant will be turning out
full product.
William La be, an aged resident of the
and wbo waa recently sent to jail by
stice Davis as a lunatic, has become so
ich worse that steps are being taken to
t him Into tbe Insane Hospital at Weston
eoon as poeelble.
rua Oblo Valley Trades Assembly will
set In this city next Sunday, and it is
;ely to be a very important meeting, aa
e dimcultv at tbe mills over in Benwood
11 be lionaldered at tint time?that is,
0 difference between the Amalgamated
noclatlon and the Knighta of Labor.?
tllaire Independent.
Jamaa F. Johnson, the well known wool
aler, returned borne Saturday night,
?i an extensive trip through the counig
west ol here. Ilnrlng nia trip, he
mgbt and shipped 40,000 pounds of wool
>tn Bollver, Tuacarawns oonnty, the
ices ranging from twenty-live to thirty
nt?.?SleubenvilU Herald,
A tievkb awinulfiP !b reported to have
ctlmlied fltveral email grocery stores on
e Mouth Uile, by selling them what purirted
to belresh egfca at a price far below
e market quotations, but which were
ly thing bat Ireth. In (act they were not
ga at all, but a rory close Imitation made
it ol some unknown material.
Apovst Washes, who Uvea on the land
near the hoee house, was arrestod
it evening by Policeman tiaua on com int
of his wife, and a charge of dlaorrly
entered np against him. Mrs. Wagr
claims that ha will not work and that
isn she was unable or reluaed to provide
m with money, that he abused her.
A sn hundred pound bell haa been orred
from the Faltons, of Pittsburgh,
: the tower on the new school building
Waahington dlatrict. It will have cast
it the words, "Waahington School Meet,
1888," The firm haa promised the
lard that it shall be made in the best
inner and be possessed of a awoet tone.
Kbamih's orchestra went to Barneaville
sterday afternoon to play for a leap year
p given there last evening. This popnorganization
haa also been engaged to
rnish the muaic for loap year hops to be
ren in Bellaire next Monday and Wodsday,
and Thursday March 1, it will go
Oanal Dovor, out tho 0., L. & W. road,
play lor a big hop to be given there that
In police court yesterday morning
lorge Livingatone, arrested by Officers
inlap and Gaua on a charge ol disorderwaa
fined to and costs. He had been
ink the night before and threatened to
1 his wife and baby. He wife became
much afraid ol him that ahe would not
y in the same room with him; and yet
court yeaterdav ahe was a very unwillt
witneea, and plead with Judge Jeflers
t to puniah the fellow, saywg that when
waa not drunk ho waa kind to her. It
a a sad case.
anger.! !n the City and Whoolliiff Folks
Sir. Kewt 0. A<lam0, of Washington, D.
, is at the Stamm Bouse.
Dapt. Gus Houechell, a veil known Ginmatlan,
was in the city yesterday.
W. H. Bradley, of New Cumberland,
?among those registered at the Metre
Mr. John E. Day is confined to hie room
an attack o( sciatic rheumatism. Ho
9 been laid up lor a week.
ilr. Peebles Tatum and Miss Sadie
Kan are to be married at the Fourth
eet M. E. church at 5 o'clock thia even3.
:E. Ogden, telegraph editor on the
jutcr, bus been obliged to go to his
me at Fairmont on account of an atk
ol typhoid lever.
ilr. Sidney Anehulz, of the Hegiiler ediial
stall, has gone to his home in Philaphia
to recuperate. He has been nn[1
for several days past.
Cr. George Baird, jr., who recently
at from here to St. Paul with Mr. B. K.
Mechen to engage in business, in reted
to be seriously ill with the typhoid
er. Dr. A. F, Husted has gone to atd
Ir. D. A. Eogle, of Philadelphia, the
rer representative of the Rutan-Smead
:em of heating and ventilating, is again
e, and as nsual stopping at the Stamm
ise. He comes to look after the work
company is doing in the new Washton
school bnilding,
[r. Robert T. Herndon and bride, of
irleston, have been here for the past
days on their wedding trip, the gueeta
Ir. and Mra. T. 0. Motfat Mr. Hernle
at preaent holding a nosltlon in the
e Treasurer's oflier. Ho Unit made
ids here u a committee clerk at the
s the laat session of the Legislature
held here.
ir. N. W. Payne and HIw Stella Mord,
both ol thin city, were married at 10
3ck yesterday morning at the residence
the bride's mother on North York
et, Island. The ceremony vas pitied
by a few near relatives and three 1
Dttroi the bride's moat intimate friends,
loon Mr. and Mrs. Payno left the city
i short bridal trip.
[r. and Mrs. 0. 0. Rowe, ol TitusyiUo,
Mr. Thomas Barnard, of Buffalo, nrd
in the city from Pittsburgh on the '
B. & 0. train last night, and registerit
the McLnre. Mrs. Howe goes on to
kersbnrg this morning to visit friends.
Bowe is the Western Union's Snperndent
ol Telegraphs for this tbe eighth
rict, and Mr. Barnard is the 8nperinlent
ol Construction lor the same terry.
Transfers of Ileal Estate.
lerk Hook yesterday admitted to recone
deed ol trust and the fallowing
isfersol real estate: eed
made January 25 by Robert Orawand
wile to William 0. Mossburg, in
lideration ol $125, lor lot 11 on Uharies
oou uiauu unuunr/ ^ uy ?lonD 13.
ib?, Oharlea W. Brocknnler and Wlli
Lelghton, jr., In consideration of :
i, lor two lota and a hall in Mt. Zlon ,
eiery, to Peter Lelghton,
Md made February 17 by Johanna '
; to John Miller, In consideration ol ,
, lor a lot In the Li Orange addition, <
Bed made February 16 by Altred Tap- I
to George A. Tappan, In consideration
i, tor tho Interest of the firat party in
; In Boena Vlata. <
WrIUog Machine,,
at of writing machines taken In ex- '
ige lor the New Oallgraph. Will be *
cheap. Addreca Edward L.Roae<StCo. d
le No. 2 Oallgraph, price $50. 0
le No. 2 Oallgraph, price $40.
le No. 1 Oallgraph, price $30.;
le Hall (new), price $30,
ie Qrandall (new), price $60.
e Crandall, price $30. a
e No. 2 Remington, price $50.
t No. 2 Remington, price $40, r
To th? Itola Immlcrmtton Convention la tfc
Ihli Oltr on Ih. *?tta Instant?Marlon 7s
and Hltohlo will both b? strongly
Itoprownted on that Oocajlon.
facial DUpaleh la tit JmUUenar. tu
Fajshost, W. Va., F?b. 21.?Marlon
county citizens an alive to the Importance
of the coming Boom Convention at "J
Wheeling. Fairmont la the centre of the Jc
coke region which la being rapidly devel- *'
oped, and everybody la enthused. A large
meeting ol the cltiieu ol the coonty waa ,cl
held to-day Is the Ooort Home, at which al:
much intereet waa maniteeted. The ^
speeches that were made were loll ot ob
commendation tor the public spirited cltl- tei
sans ol Wheeling, who have taken the 4?
initiative in the work oi bringing Weat bj
Virginia ont oi the woods. A committee wl
waa appointed to select delegates to the So
Wheeling Convention, and reported as
folio we: toi
Fairmont District?Hen. F. H. Pierpont, n*
John B. Crane, J. H. Brownfleld, 0. M. ba
Bhinn, 8. W. Hall, Harry Fleming. J. J. Ni
XJm?, T t? a i- T c ru?? T*T -D _i
UUIUO,U.?l. UMJUOl ? i>, uuuns/, ff it. ao
Ice, J. E. Watson, Prof. 0. A, Sine, R. E, Of
Fleming, J. O. Watson, J. J. Wigglnton, an
M. L. Fleming, D. L. Morrow, Q. G. F?i- wl
ranee, R. K. McNear, J. M. Hartley, 0. L. wi
Smitb, R, D. Wilaon, O. Jackson, J. W. be
Boggese, Alex. Rose, Joshua Layman, P. wi
B, Zantmyer, William Ridgeley. an
Mannington District?B. F. Charlton, hi
J. N. Cunningham, 0. E. Welle, A. F, i
Hamilton, W. B. Bine, J. H. Furbee, John aft
Grnbb, Peter Mason, Frank Mason. an
Union District?H. B. Lynn, James ih
Morrow, 0. 8. McKlnney, N. X), Helmick, Be
0. B. Madera, J. B. Hamilton, M. L. Orr, tic
W. H. Barnes, R. E. Harr, W. H. Wiley, sal
Grant District?Robt. Lowe, B. F. Mnn- he
dell, B. F. Shaver, Robert Reed, W. H. B?
Manly, T. 8. Little, A. W. Swinger, Isaac an
Honumker, Harrison Manly, N, Yonder^ do
Pawpaw District?J. T. Arnett, 0. P.
Floyd, E, 0. Parker, Franklin Arnett,
Marcus Ice, T, M. Wilkinson, T. Mar- ba
tin, Reason Amnions, A. Hood, A. Morgan.
Lincoln District? W. L. Drnmmond,
John L. Jones, Teatns Downs, A. M.
Trader, Marcus Millan, Oyrns Tetrick, ;
Frank Blackshere, John Brock, J. W.
Swisher, E. Wilson.
Wlnfield District?Madison Carter, Ell "91
Wilson, Kidridge Carter, E. E. Malone, C'1
Robert Mnsgrove, J. A. Hartley, Atba ]
Moran, Joseph Travis, John Mnsgrove, F. go
M. Meredith, 0. Mnsgrove. str
A resolution was adopted amending the
report so as to inclnde the names of the e7i
appointing committee and also any citi- i>,
cans ol Msrion connty who may be in .
Wheelingon the day o! the convention. . J
After adjournment a meeting of farmers If1
was held, and preliminary steps were taken ve
toward the matter of Becnripg (or this I
connty tho location of a government ex- fro
peridental farm, under the proviaions ol Ba
a recent act of Oongross appropriating
$15,000 per yearfor the support of such an wi!
institution in each State. lm
Ponnsboro People Adopt a Set of Klouuent
IieBolntlonj, ' J{6
Special Cotrttpoudtnct (J the InUUlgtnctr.
PaiiasaoHo, Kitcbib Cooktt, W, Va.,
Feb. 20.?Pursuant to a call of the cltlzsns Mc
of the town of Pennsboro and vicinity a
meeting was held at Orumrlne's hall on j,c
the 17th ol February at g o'clock. soi
The meeting was called to order by W.
T. Hurls, who called on G. P. Sigler to
state the object ol the meeting. W. T. 1
Harris was elected Chairman and M. K- 1
Duty Secretary.' On motion of G. P, Big- '
ler the chair appointed a committee ol y
tour on resolutions, consisting of Oreed '
Oollins, H. N. Sharp, E. D. Clayton and ,
Q. P. Siller, , 1
The committee retired and after a short ?
time tendered its report, which is as Jol- 1
Iowa: K"i
Wiibrbas, A meeting has been called ]
by the Chamber of Commerce of the city an
of Wheeling to be held on the 29th day of ]
February, ItISS, having for its object the flrt
development ol the various Industries and
resources of our Stato; and ,
Whereas, A meeting has been called ,
bv the citlftana of the town of PemiRhoro 11
and vicinity lor the purpose ol appointing
delegates to attend aaid meeting; and me
WHKitEAB, Oar county offers special ?*<
inducements to peraona contemplating a"'
the acquirement of oheap and comforta- 1
ble homes, baying thousands ol acres of orli
valuable unoccupied land of unqueationed Oh
titles, veil watered and timbered and gre
tpeoially adapted to grazing and agricul- j
turai pursuits; and ,|v
Whebeas, Our roadij a?e cecond to 881
none in tho State, ample markets for all 0(j
commodities, good railroad facilities, and .
church and school privileges; and , *
Whkrias, The financial condition of 11?
oar county is unsurpassed, all public build- p.,
Inge complete, and taxes very moderate; Jv,
and '
Whereas, Oar annual ahipments from \
this point alone are from ISO to 200 cars one
of live stock, 450 to 500 cars forest pro- Bal
dacts, 1,200 hogahoads of tobacco, 00,000
to 75,000 pounds of wool, over 200,000
pounds ol produce, chickens, eggs and
butter, etc., beeldes various other articles, guq
the yearly revenue to the railroad being
$100,000; therefore j
a Maolvni, First, That three delegates and timi
three alternates be appointed, to attend in T
the interest of this locality, the meeting to , .?
be held on the date and at the place }"?
above mentioned.
Becond, That it Is the spirit of the poo- T
pie of thla town and county to assist any day
enterprise that has for its aim the general Tt)e
development of our State, and we cordialiy
invite immigration to oar county. Tl
Oa motion of F. H. Martin the report o'cli
of the committee waa adopted. trad
On motion ol G. P. Sigler the cbair waa sam
authorized to appoint deiegatee and alter- xi
nates, lie named Oreed Collins, L, P. 0| ol
Wilson and S. R. Dawson, as deiegatee, >
and M. i'. Kimball, ?. 0. 0. Lee and G. Xhlj
W. Thomas, as alternates.
On motion ot H. N. Sharp, all cltiisns
ol this town and district who attend the j~?
convention were accredited as delegates. ' J
On motion the secretary was ordered to
lend a copy ol the proceedings to the In- *
I?LU0KNC*R and Rc}iiler. ton'
The Keoepllon Oommlttoe# rOUl
The Committee of Reception, composed ,'re
ol prominent cltlsens, appointed to soe to T
it that every citizun coming here from The
other parts ol the State to attend the the
Btate Development Convention, to be held The
here next week, la given a cordial wel- botl
come, is called to meet at the Chamber of leve
Commerce Friday evening. The purpose scet
ol this meeting Is to arrange how the work j]
No mediclno 1a 10 unl- frozi
serially mod aa Him- Bro'
mom Liver Regulator, fi \ 'u v va^i 1 ksA Rjct
It won iu way into every Mnr
homo by puro, ilerllng %UI
morlt It take* the place (T ure<
)f a doctor and owtly U y&XrZS r.
proscriptions. It Is a
family medlclue oon- yamO grap
alnlnir no danRerons Hlrti
ictlon ana can bo safely MOD
[Iron to any person no matter what sge. toter
Worklnc People
<an take Simmons Liver Regulator without low of comi
lme or daoger from exposure, and the system will ed t
w built up and Invigorated bv It. It prnmotee di- TLt
nation, diatfpatea sick headache, and tires a P*0*
troug full tone to the system. It hu no equal as be hi
, preparatory medicine, and can be safely u?ed In a
ny sickness. It acta Benily on the Bowela and i8
[ldneys and corrects the action of the Llvor. in- coai*
loraed by penona ol the highest character and with
mlnenoeaa O'Nf
The BEST Fimlly Medicine. WU|
II a child haa the collo it la a anre and sale rem- t >
ily. It will restore strengtti to the overworked "
itner and relieve tne wlfo from low spirits, head- I? c,
che. dyipepda. ooustlpatfon and like ilia. Uen- reliel
lne haa oar Z stamp In rod on (rant of wrapper,'
rxzw "HBtta.,
' _
[ the oommlttM ah ill be carried on.
fvary gentleman named In yeaterday's
apers aa a member of thla committee ia
iqaastad to b? praaent without farther
idea or invitation. The work aaslgned 8
da committee la an Important one, and
A carrying ol it oat properly will do i
uch towards giving the people from oat
. the State a good lmpreaalon ol thla city
id her people.
m MoLaughiin Mm to Jail for m Tear by
Bqolra Davla.
Ban McLanghlin waa cent to jail laat ^
ght lor one year under the Ill-fame act by ,
latlce Davis. Benjamin la a character ?
all known to the police. For a long
se paat his choaen avocation at period- 01
>1 tlmea haa been that of solicitor of *
ma for persona or objecta in need,
llch in nearly every caae existed in his
Lnd only. He waa always the person or I
ject solicited for to a greater or leaa ex
ai, ab aaca solicitor ne nu garnered tl
lite I Bam from kindly disposed persona. II
Hla arrest, however, waa brought about c.
' the complaint ol Mra. Bridget King, ?
10 lives on Ubapline street, sear the old
aithbrewery. BhewantatogotoStLonia
eee bar husband. McLiagblin beard of E
is, and going to her Informed her that &
r $8 25 he could eecora from some of hia
Uroid friends a half-rate ticket She
uded him the money and he departed.
>t returning, Mra, King became alarmed ..
out her money and informed the police.
Beer Weet pulled the wily individual in '!
d 10 25 waa recovered for lira. King, for ,
lich she waa very thankfnl. The police J*
ire glad to get hold of Ben, for they had ~
en hearing for several days post that he !
is soliciting alma on the Booth Bide for ?
imaginary Jones employed at the _
age factory, who had been hart
JUicer Uarney went before Justice Davit ?!
,er Mra. King hid recovered her money, "
d swore out the necessary warrant under
a ill-fame act In default of $500 bond H
in waa committed for one year. Some if
ae ago he wta arrested for taking a
ichel, but through mistaken klndnese
waa released. The people here and in 81
inwood whom he has been annoying,
d tiuwe he has been imposing on wUl
nbtleu be Interested in this news. jjj
Mnrtlu'a W
Mr. HarlandCugia quite ill at hia home ?
ok of town.
David Hall la suffering from a severe to
kle sprain.
Misa Minnie Haklli, of Pittsburgh, is F<
9 guest of Rev. F. 8. Be Haas. to
Dixon Bros have just opened the hand- Pc
nest line of neckwear ever seen in thia Pc
y. '*
Misa Corn Woods, of Bellairo, is the ?!
est ol Miss 8. Bee Thomas, on Fifth
Mt- wl
The special train to Btenbenvllle laat
aning took a large crowd from here ?nd
Idgoport Is
Jail on Dlzon Bros, hatten and gent'a
nluhera, and seo what gentlemen will
ar thia spring. ),a
ilr.R. C. 8warl? returned last evening j,
m a trip weat in the interest of tho ,
okeye glass company. J
The funeral of little Floyd Keohnleln e
[i ifuce piaca tnis morning at 10 o'clock. BP'
terment in Week's cemetery. roi
Vlisa Emma Hukil], a charming young nn
lv of Fittabnrgh, returned home yee- J*1'
day, after a pleasant visit with her uncle. *ei
7. Dr, 8. F. DeHafis. mt
Uvin Howell, who left this city a few
irs since, died near Kansas City on ri
inday. His remains were brooght to
i home here last night. Deceaood was JL,
irother to th? Miacoa Maggie and Anna Jf'
tweil, and eon "of Mr. Charles Howell, z.j
ne years deceased, JJ
Bridgeport* fljfl
fred Fox is in Cleveland this week.
VIiaa Carry tarter is on the sick list. tai
i little child of David Ferrell is serious- *'
ill. ?P
1 small child ol Henry Snodgrass' is on J"
> sick list.
Hr. Charles Frederic is very ill at his m<
me In JStnaville.
Hiss Sftllle Hanson, of Mosslllon, Is tho
06t of Mrs. W. D. Fowler.
?rank Woodmanseo loft last evening for '
extended trip through tho East. J?:
tfr. John M. Giflln and Frank Nugent tin
i spending tho week in Quincyi O. Ki
h. break down on tho 0., I. A W. rail- Tt
id's St. Oiairaville branch delayed trains ve:
bw hoars yesterday. ah
L'he Ohaatauqnu Circle hold an open
eting in the V. M. 0. A. rooms last a:1
ining. A vory pleasant time was had By CD;
Jr. De Hans' lecture on "Sacred Mem- '
bs of the Holy Land," in the M. ?.
area a naay ovening, proinlsea to be a
at aucceBB.
i aupper anil entertainment will be Fet
eu by tbe Kuighta of labor L. A. No. 940
5, ou Saturday evening lor. the benefit J
ohnMarahftll. ua:
lies Mattio Moore, of Barnoaville. ie ^
tin# Miaa Retta Rogers. Miaa Hue 4?X
ore, who hoa beon the guoat of Miaa J?'.;
ta returned home to Barneaviile Satur- w
' / flrn
7u often hear people Bay, there is only Srn
good conjh medicine and that ia Dr.
l'a Cough Byrup. cti.t
,, T and
[. of the Water and Uofemtntl of lh.
UciMn. Feb
he Telegram arrived and departed on SJ
3 yesterday, and did a good businoes. quit
he Andes got away tor Cincinnati at 1
I o'clock yesterday afternoon with a J?
i frelnht trip on board. 6 ?s,
tie Courier got awny on time yeator- rJ
morning In the Parkeraburg trade.
Ben Hnr ia this morning's packet in
trado. zL
tie Katie Stockdalo passed down at 1
>ck p. m. in the Pittsburgh-Cincinnati I
e and the Fashion went np in the I
e trade at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. I
ie big W. W. O'Neill, with a large tow a?,
nplitx, passed np yeeterday afternoon,
oate from New Orleans to Pittsburgh.
I trip haa been a very successful one.
be Benton McMillln is due down this
ning en-ronte from Plttsbargh to Ironand
tho W. N. Chancellor ia dne np Tb
ler way from Charleston to Pittsburgh. ^}1"
fin dtAAmflr Rnllalrn fN nrnvlno a oraalnr mm
venience since Oopt, Jim McDonald u,?
and his time card so as to make six Sni
id trips doily between here and Bell- ?nd
be liver is still rising at this point.
marks last evening showed a depth In
channel ol eight feet three inches,
re was an nnnsnalamonntof bnslnees, B<
1 through and local, done on the
e, and all day it presented a lively
le. J?
be reports received from above last trat
it were as follows: Pittsburgh,?feet rupt
ches and rising; Lock No. 4,8 feet6 ,'L"
lea and stationary; Oil City, river noti
in; Parkers, 2 fset 8 inches and rising; nnoi
wnaville, 0 feet 2 inchos snd rising; {? '
i's Landing,0 feet 3 inches and rising; aw
gantown, 8 feet and stationary;
insboro, XI foet 8 inches and falling,
ist night's Pittsburgh Chronicle-Tele- iatj
h contained the following: As pre- ceir>
:d yesterday by the coal operators, E5b
? I. a ,l<u, In I h A .1..,. InJ.. Tl.J
ongahela reached a barge stage, reg- moll
ing aix and one-half feet this morning,
u still coming up and seven fe<# ol
r la expected. The rise is mostly
ng from the Allegheny. It was rumor- ? "!'
hat seven or eight miles ol ice had uran
en up the Allegheny and would likely Knoi
ere by this afternoon. The rivermen
letting ready for a light shipment of ua'c
Walton A Co. sent out the Nixon mr
twelve barges this morning, and pwu
ill A Co. will probably send (he Fred -T77
on with a tow. PIM
OPMBID for two weeks with neural- A4
if the face, and procured Immediate
[ by nsing Salvation Oil. Ml
Mas. Wm. 0. Bild. bt
433 N# Carey |t<i Baltimore, Md. {US
ha Water Work* Board and Mambera of
tho CodoqII Committee Figuring on that
Departments Naada for tho JCaaolog
Year*. Another Oommlttao toMaat
* __________
The only city department estimate for
le ensuing fiscal year prepared at the
Bblic Balidlng last evening was that lor
le waterworks. Meesrs. Faris, Pracht,
?lbrugge and Harrell, ol the Committee
i Water Works, met with tho Board,
hlch presented the following as the eetilate
It desires .to have go be {pre Conn11
and the Finance Committee:
9 the Honorable Mayor and City Council:
Gzntlkmkn: Wo ben leave to inbmit
>o following as onr estimates for the year
mh on hand January 1, 1888 134,424 49
itlmatcd rccelpU 61,000 00
Total .. t? 424 49
cpenso of rnnniug Water Workj..~~~~.f20,000 00
ctenalon of main* 8,000 09
uw He*cnrolr .... 60,000 00
Total r?,S? oo
This, it will be seen, leaves a aurplus at
ie end of the year ol $17,424 49. Oat ol
lis meet be paid $15,080 lor the rcrincon
oi and interest on city loans. which
area u a Seal balance $1,?44 49. The
immlttee approved this estimate and will
(commend to Oonncil that it be granted.
?the revenues ol the works can be need
air lor the works it is probable that it
ill be granted as aeke<l for; one thing is
irtain?it oaitht to be allowed. The exnaion
ol the mains contemplated will be
very important improvement. The sew
aervolr is allowed for at $&0,000, bat It
not likely that all ol that >um will be
isded; still If it should be the Board
onld not be embarrassed financially, as
lown by its statement.
The Committee on Lights was to have
etlast night with the Sis Trustees to
ake np the estimate for the Gas Works,
it as President Jepson, of the Board,
as oat of the city, and Trustee Lewis
berwise engaged, the meeting wasderred
until some future timeTile
Committee on Markets will meet
night to make np Its estimate.
It Is anderstood that the Board of
>llce and Fire 0#mmiesioneri will me"',
night to agree upon who shall If. apilnted
to the new places create'1, on the
illce force, and alio who stall be the
'0 detectives that the Board has been
itboriaed to employ. There are a nnmir
ol applications for the plaoes and the
port of the Board will be awaited for
th interest.
i Consider the Petitions for Bight of W?Y
this Afternoon,
The Council Committee on Bailroads
a been called by Its Chairman, Mr. P.
Ferrell, to meet at the Public Building
2 o'clock tbia afternoon. Chairman
irrell's idea is to have the committee
end the afternoon walking over the
itea asked for by the Baltimore & Ohio
d the Wheoling & Harrisbnrg roads In
sir petitions to Oonncil, which were reTed
to this committee lor report. The
imbors ol the committee have careUy
examined the two routes
laid down on the plats accompanying
th petitions, but a better idea can be
d, it le thought, by as observation
ide on the gronnil, Both roads have
en requeatod to Mnd an engineer along
th the committee to explain anything
it may come op that the plate do not
;ty ehow, and the City Sarreyoi will
o accompany tho party.
ro-morrow the committee will meet to
k over the two ordinances anb>Lltted
th the petitiona and endeayo; to agree
on something that will meet the wants
d desires ol both roads. At to-mor- =
*'o meeting leading officials of the two
ids will ho present and an interesting ~
luting la looked lor. j
Their Bualneai Booming* a
Probably no one thing has caused such a 0
neral revival ol trade at Logan & Co.'a
ng Btore as their giving away to their cuanera
of ao many free trial bottles ol Dr. ng's
New Discovery lor Consumption.
leir trade is simply enormous in this
ry valuable article Irom the fact that it
rays cores and never disappoints,
ughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis, croup b
d all throat and lnng diseases quickly u
red. You can teat it before buying by 1
:ting a trial bottle free, large site SI. 1
ery bottle warranted. u
... u
Additional MarketJ. 01
BZLXDMumx, Pa., Feb. 2. ? Flour quiet
eat quiet but steady; ungraded 94fcc: No. 2 rod u
iruary 90ka91c: March W^aSl^o; April 91?a *
; May (torn, *i>ot weak; future* _
ulnal; No. 2mliod67Xo: No. 2 mixed Febru- 57Wa57Jic;
March KKa57o; April 67a67>*c:
f rvs^s^c. Oats, spot ?teady; No. 8 white 4uc: ~
2 white-lie; No. 1 white 42o; futures quiet but
dy; No. 2 wblte February 4U^|a40%o: March
A4<%o; April40%atl)fc; May4.tfa4lXc. ButArm:
creamery extra 2ba29c. Ekkh firmer aud
vo; firsts 23c. Chowe iteady but quiet.
EVOIVHATX, 0., Fob. 21.?Flour steady. Wheat
i;No. 2 red 86c: rooelpta 8,00u bushels; shipits
none. <torn tinner; No. 2 mixed 52c. Oats
i; No. 2 mixed X3Xc. Rye iu (air demand at r
a63c. J'ork firm at 914 50. Lard steady at i3.
Bulk meats and bacou steady aud uuuged.
Whisky firm at II CO. Butter active Si
Jhlo2bc; prime dairy roll ltJawc. Bugar'and \r
?o firm, tfgg* quiet at 18*19o. 11
LLTMOB*. Mo., Feb. m.-Wheat, western dull n
neglected; No. a winter rod spot 88Xa?9o; r
ruar/ bS'/4c asked; March 88Kv?^o;: May
191J4C. Oorn, wt*iern lower, closing dull:
ed ipot 74J<c bid; May UJiaMc. Data firm ana i
it: western white 4l)a4io; do mlzed 87aTOo. ?
risions quiet aud steady. Epga easier.
Mct.f!*ATT, O, Feb. 21.?Hog 1 strong; common _
llxbtW U0a6 80; packing aud butcncra 86 itta
, receipt* 1,060; shipments 400 head
iiladelthu. Pa., Feb. 21.?Petroleum steady
O., Feb, 2L?Cotton lower; middling
'ofulous, Inherited and Contagious
Humors Curod
by Cutlcura.
rough the medium of one o( your books read
through Mr. Frank T. Wray, Druggist,
llo, Pa., 1 became acqaainted with your Outl*
Remedies, and take this opportunity to testo
you that their use has permanently cured
)I one of the wont eases of blood poisoning, in
lection wltn eryilpelas, that 1 have ever seen.
this after having been pronounced Incurable
9me of the best physicians in our oounty. I
great pleasure in forwarding to you this tostlJal,
unsolicited as it it by yon. in order that
rs Buffering from ilmllar maladies may be en*
aged to give your Untl'ura Bemodles a trial.
P. 8. WHITLINUKR, Leechburg. Pa. ,
ferenoo: Frank T. Wray, Druggist, Apollo, Pa. |
men K. Richardson, Custom House, New Or*
i, on oath says: "In 1870 Scrofulous Ulcers
0 out on my bodr until I was a mats of cor*
ion. Everything known to the medical facul*
u tried in vain. I became a mere wrock. At ?s
could not lift my hands to my head, oould L
urn In bed; was in oonstant pain, and looked I
1 life as a curse. No relief or enre in ten years.
WO1 heard of the Cnticura Remedies, used
i, and wm perfectly cured."
orn to before U. 8. Com. J. D. Crawford.
i have been acltlng your Cutlcura Ramodlca {!?
mii, tod have the flmt oomplaint yet to rei
from a purchaser. One ol the worn cast* of aZL
ula I over ?aw w*a cured by tho uie of Are ^
as of Cutlcura Resolvent. Cutlcura. and Cutl- .u,
8oap. The Soap takea the "cake" here as a
________ Frankfort, Kan.
Contagious Humors, with Loaa of Hair, and m
tlona of the Ukin, are positively cored by Cu- oni,
i and cutlcura tuoap externally, and Cutlcura '
?entInternally,when all other modlcinea fall. JH [j
1 everywhere. Prioe, Cutlcura, 60c.; Soap, '
Ro'olvent, f 1. Prepared by the Potter Druf
hemlcal Oa, Bocton, Mam. ??"Send
for "How to Cure Skin Diseases," 64 L
, 60 Illustrations, and 100 testimonials.
PLE3, black-heads, chapped and oily skin
prevented by cutlcura Medicated Soap.
r Uterine Pains ?
And Weakness Instantly relieved by the Yf
Cutlcura Antl-Paln Plaster, a Perfect }?'
Antidote to Pain. Inflammation and wi.
Weakness. A new, lnatantaneous and SU
tsiepaln-kUUnf plaster. ? coats. fel-wsaw rut
Will open and place on sale.
uiij iixv/xiAiiig auuui^i dllipment
of their
And invite an early inspection
of the Choice Lines
now ready.
This shipment embraces
many French
Novelties in both texture
and Colorings, all
of which can be relied
upon as being the
.. . . . . . . ..Hie partnership heretofore exlitlng between
I tho undersigned, do beroby announce mysctf Joseph A. Bodloy and Daniel Bodioy Iiu been tbU
candidate for tho nomination FOE SHERIFF day dUaolrcd by mutual conwjnt. All penon*
runoux.ttir*- j^ng claimn aj&luat the late flria will prweut
[the oonnty of Ohio, Weat Va., subJcct to all them to J. A. Bodloy fomottlemrut, and all ?uow
. Iur thcmaelred jndobted to tne late Ann will make
cmocratlc rule?. payment to J. A. Bodloy.
NOTICE. FBPROABY 18.1888. fr'Jl*
Holden ot Bona, o! Ohio County,Wait VlrslnU, ttt A N TED-NEWK AGENTS ~TO
owing 7i< per cont lntortM, ar? herebr notified \\ KlI Baokli ?lc., ?? pWUKCr ,?inI.
iat Bonds numbered 48t 47, 153, 53, 00, 10, \pply at Union Ncwa Co. Office, Baltlmoro A Ohio
31, 170, 103, 118, 101, 100, 31, 39, 103, DepoU fc!7
BO, 14s, 193 and 110, havo been drawn, and A QENT8 WANTED to Ganvww for Adio
same will bo paid at the Bank of Wheeling on J\. VCrUtinf Patrouago. A amall amount or
>e flrit day of March next, 188S, and lnteroat wUl work done wllh ^ int?]llgenoo oay produce
*te on said bonds from that data. % oonsldorablo lncorao. Agents earn several bunFRANK
GRUSE, dred dollars In commissions In a BlnBle"o?o?mnd
resident of the Board of Commlaaioners of Ohio Incur no personal responsibility. Kuqulro attbo
County. feH nearest newspaper ofllco and learn that ours Is tho
?? best known and best equlppod establishment for
BOOTH ANli 8HOK.1, _ _ placing adYortlaemenft In ncw?|?apcr? audconvey^
^rLruw lng to adrortUen the Information which they ro0
C* IV#| | f A, I quire In order to mako their lnveatmcnU wlicly
A \ JLU ATA V i*AiUi and profitably. Men of good addreaa, or woman,
________ If well Informed and practical, may obtain authority
to solicit adverting patronage for u*. Apply
1 have moved into Rogers' by letter to G?o.l?. RowiixA Oo.,NowiparorAd
I i Mnn ?? cj rertlalof Bureau, 10 Bpruooatreet, Now York and
ilOCk, j|/J Main (Street, my lull partlculara will bo lent by return maiL
tock of Boots and Shoes, and =======
? ft i , . KKAL XSTATK.
ivite all my friends and the
ublic to give me a call. l OIt RENT.
rss No. 179 Alley 18,99 00 a month.
PKAUI. fop 1, A UP PIIIVTWV NO. 469 NatlOIlftl TOM, 1800mOMD.
I KAKL id IjAMP CHlMTrm. ^ woodaatroet,8 room*, |7 to ft month.
No. 2607 Wooda atroet, 3 roomv 17 CO ? month.
^ No. i6 Twonty-fourth atrout, 119 ft montn.
No. 1087 Mftrkot atroet, ator*room ftud cellar
HA ' 'i r $ W /HSr No. 181 Virginia atroet, 113 JO ft month.
No. 1JW Vlrclnlft atroet, 113 fiO a month.
No. 2633 Chapllno atrcct. Ill (0 ft mojth.
^No. 2620 Mftia atroet. (ormurlv * m!om and
boftrdlDg houae; will paint and put house lu ciun18BSVm-v
a iHw plcto repair; ftt 00 ft month.
HjlNhWliM W No. 103oeventeeth atroot, 19 00 ft month.
No. 1128 Kofl atreet, f 16 00 ft month
ni j.t ?T? r. t r% No. 2<M dliteenth atrtet. i!6 00 ft month.
1 his IS the I OP of the Cj-ENUINE No. lhOAlleyl3.4room?,$ii60ftmnuth.
DaaJTam T No. 1809 Jftoob atroet, 4 rooma. 19 00* month.
Pearl XOp Lamp Cnimney, No, iao Fourteenth auoet, 116 ou ft month.
Aiiothers, similar are imitation.
fs^n^achPearl FOR SALE.
Top Chimney. ^ ^ Ul] No 55 Twentieth atroet, wl'Ji gurand
A dealer may say wcatof aftld houae* running to alley, on the proand
think he has "*? ***** " na"m-h Ju"cUo"
others as good,
!UT HE HAS NOT. and peachea, two ?crea atrawborrlea, four ftcrta
Insist upon tne Exact Label and Top. Ave- .ere. p.m two mile, cut ol
F0? SU.I EVMYWHHE. Hue 0HLT BY Urne Lot t! OrOnnH, out tnd ol Twcotj lhird
5E0. A. MACBETH & CO., Pittsburgh, Pa. ?ztBV3?3gWH *?*?
Ja28-TThMw natural gift: ground 26 by 130 leeU Can now to
? bought for 11,600.
No '2224 Chinltnn atrM>t- irmnnil ."W f?v?t front.
COCOA? Building alte cornering on VlrglnU and boulh
GRATEFUL?COMFORTING, ^STfomiSi .treot, 8 room., lUblc .=3
_ waah-room, ground *0 feet front.
7vnv\^*i"% No. 188 and 190 Eighteenth atreet, a Double Brick
'.nns 6 1 ?nrn3 jrouiil.mlf lol: vriM.li.60).
J [J MO O UUuuU No. M2S M?r?et .tract, lirjo dwlnblo rmDuviirpicr
dcnco- Ground ?ftimot,IronuL?M i?tonMu-i
UKbAKrAM* ketatrect.
Br a thorough knowledge of the natural lawa M(Bu}ldlD.l or manufacturing ?itc north aide of
Ich govern theoperatlonaof dlgratlon and nu- ?^na.^en." Wwtt wt ot Wooda itreet, 116 Ma.
Ion. and by a careful application of the fine "?nl. I00K . ? ?
pertlea of well selected Cocoa, Mr. Eppa haa t?l ?^HL?',A0a-0 ?' 2X2 ?2fl "tr?cf-.
Tided our breakfast tables with a delicately No. U0 Twelfth atreet; ground a full lot.
&?huUTuwWE" Jambba. hknrt,
Jency to dUease. Hundreds of subtle maladlea 7 wry ru ' ?
Uoiling around as ready to attack whemer )S2 A T ,"*f!
re la a weak point. We may escape many a W JtC
1 shaft by keeping ourselves well fortified with
e blood and a properly nourished frame."? ???
idoslnmlr^with boll in? watar nr milk BnM * Desirable Besldenoc on South Pcnn Itreet. S
Sm ?<?<"> taprowu.cn... Lotml*
net Epps & CO , London, England)*' I Modern 7 Boomed House, V Houth York itreet,
16-TUT AS to?P'
Good 6 Boomed Brick House, oorr.or Wood and
^i i . # ? ThlrtT-rlffhth atrnALM. aa an Inn-aimeM.
UUNTAXN mllea'/rom Wheeling.
BRANDS Her?n Boomed House on North Front itrtet; lot
Incomparably ihw Boat. SU Roomed Hon* on North York itrect.
EA5L? Ass^* Dd w* H"*,or"om
FfEHERsiniNlvimSS'ES: ?* ?* .
Ut of OTtr-Wcrk, lodUatUoD, tic., ultima iter*. Jtf Ke?l IfUto Afent, 1>S0 Main Bt.

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