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The Wheeling daily intelligencer. [volume] (Wheeling, W. Va.) 1865-1903, February 25, 1888, Image 3

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I have moved into Roger.*
Block, ||23 Main Street, m
stock of Boots and Shoes, aa
invite all my friends and th
public to give me a call.
A. 0. W1NCHEH.
(HiLD i nnn paihq
u?il! I|UUU I niuuj
Remnants % Job Lot;
To be Closed Out Regard
less ol Cost, to Make Roon
lor Spring Goods.
Mnln Ntroet.
Srocer, Pork Packei
Celebrated "Strawberry Uatwt,n
Has, 1309 dno 1311 Main Street
.v.j 0 *11 Cnro of Cho'.oo timokod Matta delftcnx
<l?i j Iron ay Pork house *t Mmohwtor.
(Jcnoral Groceries in the State
patent and family flour
Sola comrol lo thli city of
"loiila -*" Patent,
/riltlew" K*ml)y,
"Onr F*voriio" Family,
Vnc+i i.i thfl nukit.
aile Ap.'ct for DuFont'a Sporting, Mining *n<
Hw'njj Powder.
**{<1 *'!<|Uarter? for Kckennana A Wlll'atelc
r>r- .J r r-n r.*n<\\v*. >1! ntvlcw. roylg
A Pew Prices on Groceries
NowTurkl?!i Prune* .... 60.
Fine*: I-reach Prime* ....12%c
(iool Mixed Tea SfC.
Frtkb Koaated L'oflte m?m~. 23c.
10 lixn Soap .. 25c.
i> *: Pat'.a' Flour - "0c.
fnc-aro no l???dnra bat low prices on roo<
eo? 1 . a full lino of l.i-ntuu e-itiblej la stock
Try our Uold Du*t Flour.
Conner &. Snedeker,
fp.'i ('-or. Mft'krt and yourtconth Bt'eeU.
??v York Cream Cheese, per pound - ISc
G I I'auut If lour ..... COc
O'ii'jhk 'i lJ Duit Flour 7fte
"-fi tly Pure Srrup ?L
: I*> s Pur; Mountain Buckwheat Flour 96c
F:.?' > '? ?h Coflee 2k
Tcta .'rjai -ic upwardl, at
F. llAN\ITB&'a, 13C6 Market 9t
h: niy rrv.'.t"! Pil.'e Lint fe'23 tti aw
Foiatoeo, ilry and free from froat, at
r|;f? SM.uWd Flrnirn gooi m oyf?r. Jal
< N I hACTOKg AN 1> HU!I-1>KH8.
ac.n cuniyfi s. nn
J11.! L\ I L^UiRU W) UUII
Contractors and Builders.
Rttlmalci farnlabed oa work of &U description*
MANt'ricruniBa or
Doors, Sasti and Frames,
And Dcilcrsln
Lumber, Latii, Shingles, &c
^ rial attention plvon to 8talr Work.
Wt> huve t-ngaved ? Unit cla*A designer and m*k
?!" iK'tf of modem fttid ar.latlc atoro andofllci
hr.iiu.ru mid iutorl'jr decoratloua ol alldescrlji
o:tlcc *nd Factory, Cor. Nineteenth & Boff 8U
Grapa Vines for Spring of 1888
ho Yuri.-tica of tbo Host Old and Now Grape
Grown iii thin Country.
*" ?ucord, 1 vta, llartrord, Catawba or Fcrklnt
for <1 i>J.
ic Martha. Champion, Alva, An* warn, Boncci
Snl.'m. (iivthe.or Warden1*, for 9100.
r?tokiiugton. Jedemjn. Lt<ly, Telegrapl
lurry, wilder, Delaware, Brighton or Ducheai
for si 00.
"? Stdgan. Mooro'a Karly or Kmplro Btato, fo
SI i?. iu & colleo'lun of other varieties
Viixa ?tnciiy Qnit claai, and very low by the 10
or 1 (W.
Atfo. Ha?nborrif*, Blackberries Btiawbcrrla
Currant! ana (if^bcrrle* In varletv.
?Vr?on? dealrlns to plant nmKll Irnlta are n
quwted to loud lint vl what they want, to b
prlud, before ordering cl?owhoro. Addrcu,
__)rtfi-mw West Alexander. !'*
Oliver's New Chillled Hill-Side Plow
Beware of counterfeit I'oluta for Oliver Plowi
tlic iwnuluo for Mile by
llOGE Si llllO.,
Kf. mv ?.tw So. 1113 Market BU. weal aide.
AlanUa Pea!
1 ho Karllcst I'cn (irowu. For wUo by
11 K. QIFFEN & CO.,
iflao M>ln Street
RPAllTltv' Sbropeblre, O*. and Got*. 81!KKI
D thill I to JuincT Kcda and Bcrkfblie UOUKoeka
and B. Leghorn t'bickins. HKONZ.
Tiuk'.v*. Xggsand CAM* in reason. BMOIMK*
nu . II. Kli, AC.. b?t &ud choapcat; part pay 1
umtwr. iiiiiftcuon guaranteed on all.
<11 flQ au ?*wt ***>" for 585 Mnta 1111,1 w*?'
jlLU?i and Addivwol twenty wide awake *ani
en. bend tiainp lor circulars to
ti v<? Kutw. W. Va
What to Plant 1 ;
510 ^iiiiiiiiiciii simi, rimniitciii, p.t
. ; -.' VII.
?*? TwylHh Btr*?
-illlvi WllKKLINCi
<1.00 FEK YEAH.
The Uiwt FubIIv Newiptpu ol WMt Va.
Por The Nervous
The Debilitated
| The Aged.
I W """" - ?? -
"?che,Neur?lgla, Nervous'Weakness,
^^^^Stomach and Liver Dnemaee, and all
affectiona of the Kidney*.
Oxoaax W. Dotrro*. HrAxman, Oom&.MWt
" Far two rranl vMaRufTprvrfmm nrrrotn do.
| bUlty. and I thank God ami the dlMOvera of the
k valuable remedy that pAjxt'e Cvxebt OoxrocxD
| cunxl me. Ji u a valuable remedy. Loo* may it
lira Let any one writu tome far advice"
? Auovto Abbott, Wibdwib. vr., acre:
1 -I believe Paxxk'h Oru-.m Conform aired my
Ufa. Mr troubln aeemul to bean internal humor.
1More I uaod It I wan covered with an eruption from
"heed to bed." Tb?- eruption 1* raiddly heailmr.
and I am Ave hundred per cent, butter every way.**
A. CL Btur, Wimx Rrrrn Jrxonow. Vr.. aayst
J For two yean peat I have been a mat anfferer
from kidney and liver trouble*, attended with iljra.
pepala and oonatiiutiou. I'- tun- I l?van to tako
cklcby CoxrorxD It *"CJn<?l a* tboUKh mtryOiUg
ailed ma. Now I can aay all* me.
Oeobok Abjh?it. Hiorx Crrt, Iowa, nays:
"I hare been tulrur Paixr.'* Ceijcbt Oovporro
and It baa done mo more kikmI for kidneya and larnu
back than any other medldno I haw ever Uk<-n.
Uundmbi of tcMtlmmilaU have Iwen rerHved from
renton* who havo iuol thin remedy with remarkabto
benefit. Send for circular.
. Pricef 00. Bold by DruajijU.
*.*483. s n A
?UU f
Do you fool dull, languid, low-siilrltcd,
less. ami indescriliubly miserable, both physically
und mentally; experience a sense of
fullncM or bloating after eating, or or "goneness,"
or emptiness uf utomach In tho morning,
tongue coated, hitler or hud tasto ia
month. irregular appetite, <li/-/.lnr.ss, frequent
headaches. blurred eyesight, "floating specks"
before the oyes. nervous prostration or exhaustion,
irritability ?>r temper, hot flushes,
alternating with chilly sensations, shurp,
, biting, transient pains lieru ami there, cold
' feet, drowsiness after meals, wakefulness, <*
dlsturbe<l nnd unrefreshing sleep, constant,
* Indcscribahlo fouling ol dread, or of impending
If you bavuall, or nny considerable number
of tfieso symptoms, you nre nitTering from
that most common of American maladies?
1 llllious Dyspepsia, or Torpid Liver, associated
with l)yH|M>|wiu, or Indigestion, Tho mora
complicated your disease has become, tho
gieuter tho number and diversity of symptom*.
No matter whut stairn it has reaebed.
Dr. Plerco** ( olden ITIedlcnl Discovery
will subduo it, if taken according to dircetlons
for a reasonable length of time. If not
cured, complications multiply nnd ('on*utn|>tionof
theLuntn.Hkln Diseases, Heart Disease,
Bheumatisin, Kidney Disease, or other gravo
1 maladies are quite liable to set In und, sooner
or Inter, induco u fatal termination.
Dr. Fierce** < oldeii ncdicnl DIhcovery
acts powerfully upon tlie Liver, nnd
through that great blood-purifying organ,
cleanses tho system of all blood-taints and Im>
purities, from whatever cause arising. It Is
equally efficacious In acting upon tho Kid
neys, ami other excretory organs, cleansing,
strengthening, tuid healing their disease*. As
an appetizing, restorative tonic, it promotes
digestion ami nutrition, thereby building up
!- both Until and strength. In malarial districts,
this wonderful mediclno has gained great
celebrity In curing Fever nnd Ague, ChlUs and
~ Fever, Dumb Ague, and klndnd diseases.
Dr. Pierce's <iolden Medical Dls1
from a common Hloteh. or Eruption, to tho
worst Scrofula. Salt-rheum, " lever-sores,"
Scaly or Hough Skin, in short, all discuss
caused by bad blood are conquered by this
powerful, purifying, and Invigorating medl
Its benign Iniluenco. lis|>eeially has it manifested
its jtotoncy in curing Tetter, Kc'-u-iiui,
Erysipelas, Sofia, Carbuncles, Sore Eyes. Scrofulnus
Sores and Swellings, Hip-Joint Disease,
"White Swelling^" Goitre, or Thick Neck,
and Enlarged Glands. Send ten cents in
stamps for u large Treatise, with colored
" plates, on Skin Diseases, or the snine amount
lor a Treatise on Scrofulous Affections.
Thoroughly ckmnse it bv using Dr. I'lorcc'*
) (.olden jTlciIli'iil DiM-overy, ami good
digestion, a fair skin, laioynnt spirits, -vital
strength anddtodlly health will lie established.
' which is Scrofula of the I.ungs Is arrested
and cured by this remedy. If taken in the
earlier stages of tho disease. From its marvelous
power over this terribly fatal disease,
, when first offering this now wnrld-famed rem'
edy to the public, I)r. Pierce thought seriously
of calling It his "Consumption Ctrun," but
abandoned that name as too restrictive for
a incdiclno which, from Its wonderful com,
blnatlon of tonic, or strong then in g, alterative,
or blood-clennshur, untl-blllous, pectoral, and
nutritive properties, is unequaled, not only
as a remedy for Consumption, but for all
J; Chronic I)i*eaw* of tho
- Liver, Blood, and Lungs.
For Weak Lunn, Spitting of Wood. Short;
noss of Ilrcath, Chronic Nasal Catarrh, Ilronehltis.
Asthma, Severe Coughs, and kindred
affections, It is an clllcicnt remedy.
Sohl by Druggists, at $1.U0, or Si* Dottles
for #5.00.
i CUT" Send ten cents in stamps for Dr. Picrco's
book on Consumption. Address,
World's Dispensary Medical Association,
* OG3 null! SI- BUFFALO, X. V.
: iu aesMBLE
r floras*-nr.*, Kr.. Kch. 34. 1*7.
OMHlfmi,n -S. "'n ycnw <?
, sstaaff- dL^raraus
e me \V"mi > i-?aa?rltlt l??lt:*? fi|*cliUj K
waflnvrry poor ti< altli, ?" ! bir?ily
? "?5l"uX Af Til ul n..lr"'.l ItoBWnJ
of s. 8. I ?'" ?tr???i?r a??i buoyant, ana
valuable mejitflne fur ! , J l.^r'L
calf lie*ltn. It * a I - -N;>M turUklM
?,u, a*. ?SffK'/fcu.ut.
RiuBT*H!<t'n!\ H. C...%!'!? ISiT.
Ocnttfii'-H?C; t !>"';</ ".Vu.iTii
a?ori<on hit Irlt chwU. ?f '?..J fci-"lualiy
tJSVronlwBwvn.o. Tb?n?i.y j.ur.klan*
wboni I t?A<l ? njilf-t-wiro unaljieto do
rnSSrV-*!. Mil Ml a >r..r ?? I Uf??
I ttrins ti. K. B. AiPr?t It V'n?V ? .v r'1^
. and it I* i- "tic i:u?" \linl-i.t i '
worn IikIwI. that ? y ' "ill* ,w.striJ
i; Ib.t I ahouM iMMujJ til) p.- 'oiir I jH-rainr.l
In ui4ur the S. H. H. At U*? *n<lJ""
month* the waM'iitlrjly l.> s i J. 7 Mil*
Ine ihut tft-???ll **a? out of my conaJtuiluu,
j frfi i*t Ibo nnOlclnei ?>at In ^vna'cr;
ten monibi afur. a very ?ll*hl br?..k.nuout
nx>t?ar?l. I al on- J borao ls .In -u *? ? * .
ami in-"" that U aJ?? ,l"n6? 1
JX7 Off Sftft ??
cum i i> ec loot. Youm tr.lv,
Wp??T^T. s, C: Aj ril 12.1*7.
OiBtlWBMI?T? u < -r tbrr? J5,iwJJSw?to*fii
t?r . in-* ou if)" face. It n piuw ?>
s?!ifj^s ,',.vr(,-n Y;.rtssr'i
" KT.: ''--'Hs
/ flew .-I . .
li ??Etxxi now. end iiiy appatitoTveiu r than it
h.i imiii li, venra. X am y* 'rs ''<l w
*? to da, I am working ^ j
& corn. Voura truly, Joiua
OcniJrnirn-IJw.l a ?or^ < n mrt'i'tvrllp
m for clk'lit seara. ! */? n liferent d"" tfira at
" EKl?l in vol* lo to- .1 it One "? ?
ss.~s^ r
" cer.snd X t'Hilt a course of ?lu'itren Unties
offi.B. r. t:.? result has ?*-*n oi-onipirte
euro. 1 ho ul<rr <>r ?j?:,prr hcat-d iM-autlfui'
Ir.lMTluK tciircMyntHTfjitItlo our. from
ttint day I Iwre tieen 1.1 e?t'llent health, the
8i?i<iiie bavini* j)ijrin??l my timrnuih'
ly. Inerroacd my ai>p?-Ute and pcrTccted ni/
itigrvtloQ. Jn n * ".>l, I feel like a new
woman. Mid. u-st on, ths tjfht year ulcer
_ UfiuuoruLirily. You? ?lvvr.-lr,
2 Mm W. I?. C&550X.
Trontos, To>U Co.. Ky., Kb. 25, :?7.
?? Treatise oa I" ?od and Skin Dirra?r? mailed
tree, Tus bwirr ?i irio Co.,
Drawer a. Atlanta, Oa.
Bn (Torln* from t he effect* of youth ftil errors, early
decay, waiting weakus*:, lost manhood, etc..I will
send arsluat>U treatise (seaUO) containing full
_ particular* for home cur*. FREE I:*
? splendid medical work ; ?hmil.l l?o read ty r?w,iusu
who la BcrTous and debilitated. Addross,
fh?t? F? Cm FO'.TLEB, Moodita, Conn*
Of U?e nod r enlarjed and Nrjnstb*Fall partu tilers
sent sealed free. KHIK WKl?.?;*|i. rruaN.Y.
rssall vf oTsr-Wuik, IndlKTc M>n, etc., adorers abort.
j 'vilta Mdiigmac
O9iM. 20 aud IT t'oun???ntb bUMU
Qtonje Partem Lalhrop, in Harder'! Magasiru for
To-day iuvilittle calm-eyed child?
Where ?olt light* rippled and the shadows tarrled
Within the church's shelter arched and alslod?
I'cacflaiiy wondering, tu the altar carried;
Whluvrobrd and sweet, In sorablaneflof a flower,
White u tho daliloa that adorned tho chancel;
Borne like a allt-ihe young wife' natural dower?
Offervd to God as her most precious hansel.
Then ccaxd the music, and tho little one
fta* silent; and the multitude assembled
Hcarkt.mil; and wbeuol Father and ol Hon
lie spoke. the pastor's deep voice broke and
But ihe, tbe child, knew not the solemn wards,
Aud suddenly yielded to a troubled waliln*
As helpless ss the cry ol frightened bird*,
Whoao uutrltd wings lor flight are unavailing.
llow like in this, I thongbt, to older (oik!
TbobicMlrir l*i:i: wu aslllt tribulation.
And faiicy that wo wear a sorrow'* yoko t
Kven at tbe moment ol our couaccration. i
ilia stepping JroH the train at Nowton a
km not premeditated. He was bound for ?
so place in particular, and when the g
brakeman abontcd ''Newton" he tbooght i,
hn would like to hear the roar of old t
ocean. As the aalt cea breezes came to his fc
fice, he euddenly remembered that the j
O/deiiB, o'd friends, remote relatives, if he e
roraembered rightly, of his family, lived
here. The O^den boys and girls that i]
used to visit st hia father's house were J
grown up men a\id women now. Should
he visit tbem? Iu ten yoars he had not tl
troubled a relative of his with hia presence
?he was not going to do it now, least of a
all theea Puritanical Ogdena. His old n
playmate*, hn aoppoaed, crew up as strait* tl
lacod as their fatijer. and if they did, tbey ii
would wi?h hixn well?at a distance.
"I thin* I'll call upon thom, jast for G
fun?just to soo how 8ilas Ogden and hie
family of saints will recuive such a sinuer o
as I." tl
At fifteen Vance Varian had run away a:
from a home of laxury and joined a travel- d
icgnhow. He was twenty-five now, and C
during tho last ten years be had led a g*y, a:
vagabond sort of life, caring for no one
but himself, living for nothing but fun. ' u
Never wHd tbe prodigal son of old re- cc
ceivod with moro warmth und kindneei
fKan Ka a]uav liv Hllm n.vilun Kta a'ifa auH n"
daughter. bin youngeat born, C.'cilia, the
only child at home. John and William tc
wero tw&y preaching to flcckaof their it
own, and Ea-her waa away with her hue- h
band, heldtng him to perform hia duty in
the land of heathena. ci
"Why did I atop here? Why did I h
come to thia honse? Fate moat anrely he al
at work," said Vance Varian to himself, ii
Three day a paa*ed away and still he felt
no inclination to leave and procec-d on
bla way to no place in particular. Ho eat J'<
watching Cecilia from under hia eyelide.
What a face she had. Not handcome? T)
not even pretty, if every feature wae B
measured by the artiatic rule of beauty? at
but it waa what cannot always be said of tt
a pretty fare, aingnlarly attractive. vi
Her father, they arid, waa never etrict ei
enough with her, bnt he did a very wiee e:
thing whon heaelectod aateady-goingman G
like ynung Graham fnr her huabaud. M
"Will yon ccine with ua to church to- el
morrou? Mr. Graham ia to preach in tl
papa's place, and I know that lua aermon it
will please yon." She did not look up ui n
him, but kept on at her Bowing m ebo
bull etudying her face, bo said: "How
do vnu know that hia eermou will please .
me?" ?
Tiro aapphire eyea wore raired to hia "
free now with a look of anrpriae, and over lt
the pearly face came a faint tint of pink. 8!
"I do rot thiuk you are ao verv Lard to
pJewje," ane said, smiling, "and I never T
knew anybody yet that hia aermon fr.iltd ?
to please. There ia a magnetiam in hia k
volca and manner that makes you take p
vt-ry word be utters homo to yourself. ?'
Yon Irnnv hnw VAWsril T am? inv cnn.
dnct often horrified my father's people.
Bat, oh I I feel bo good when Mr. Graham
talks to ine; my wicked heart is filled with [jl
awo and reverence, and I think I will
never do anything wrong again, and I r
don't?till tho next time. It ia co hard, .
yen know, for one's heart to he always t
tilled with awe, though it would be an q
ucuy matter enough if Mr. Graham was
always near me; but ho has other sinners e
to attend to, and?now, yon are laaghing ^
At me." u
Vanco Varian was laughing, but when
he fnid: Z]
"Oh, no; I'm not langhing at you," be
Epuko truthfully. y
He was not laughing at hor, but he was
laughing to hido the strange emotion
which the words of tho minister's daogh- {r
ter stirred within his bobfim. ~
"Well," he said, carelessly, "Mr. Graham
in ay be all that you describe him, tr
but his sermon will not please me, for ail g(
that. 1 was never pleased with a sermon J:,
in my life, neither was I ever particularly .
displeased with one. You see I am not a ..
chnrch-goer. Never went to church since
I left home, unless 1 happened to be ^
caught in some out-of-the-way place on a
Sunday, whero there was no other show
open. Out of sheer desperation I would
goto church and listen, not to the sermou,
but to the music. Have you a choir te
in your church?" a!
"Yes." she answered, vtry quletlr.
the enthusiasm having all died ou; of her
voice. t!
"Do you sing in it?" et
Shu nooded her head. A
"Then I shall go and listen to your sing* p;
ing tomorrow." b<
"And not to tlio sermon ?" L
"Not to the sermon," and Vance laugh- m
ed again.
'i'iio needlework dropped again from
Oecilia'a fingers. 8ho crossed her arms jc
open her lap and fixed her beantifal eyes 0|
on his face. Vance felt anything but comfortablo.
There was something in the expression
of her eyes ho coald not under*
stand. He laoghed, or made a pretence
of .laughing, and was about to mako sorao
remark, when she said, earnestly:
4,I am sorry for you," and picking up
her work she began plying her needle q
cnce more. _
An indescribable expression etole over
Vanco Varinn'a face. He opened wido ,
bis eyes and watched intently the girl .
who was so sorry for him. He saw lier t
head droop lower over her work, and t[
then a glistening teardrop fell down upon ,
her white hand. Vance Varian watched ,,
no longer, but rose abruptly and left the
room. A few moments alter Cecilia heard ^
the front door open and shut, and looking
from tbe window ehe saw Vance walking L
hurriedly down the path. Her eves fol- c<
loved him aa they never followed tbe man n
whom her father bad chosen for her hue* u
band. She had spoken the truth when
pile said that George Urahsm filled ber
heart with awe. llut the knew nothing
of Icte. It is said that pilj" la akin to
love; il ao, Cecilia Is nearer to love now
than iho ever was in her life. ,,
Vance Varian eat In the old gray chnrch.
He hed made np hie mind not to tin ten to
the senuon, bat he was listening in spite r
ol himself, and ble heart rose within him J
in rebellion. Tom bis eyes wblcb way
howonld, he encountered the kindling
magnelic gate of the preacher. The aer- 0
vice wu over, end at tho door b? waited e
for Cecilia.
"Will yoa take a walk on the cliffs before
yea go borne?" he asked, when ehe 1
appearod. 1
"Yes," she answered, after eome flealta- ,
tion. i
He took her hand In his, and she allow- c
ed him to lead ber up the straggling path, j,
Tb?v ucecdcd the cliff, neither speaking
a word. They reached the top, and ber a
hand still In his, tbey stood and watched ,
the bocndleea ocean etrefched on", before t
them, and lietened to the tbnd of Its
roiiilitv waves as tbey dashed against the
rocks below.
As they etood thus, what was going on !
in both their betrtaftinddenly
Cecilia turned towards him, !
and looking np in his 1*0*, abe old: <
"Yon did listen to the sermon T I wh
matching you all the time."
He looked down et her, bat lor a mosent
he did not apeak. Then, takiog her
land in hia, be laid:
"III ould have yon always near mo it
vould be ?n ?aay matter to be good."
For an instant only her eyelids dropped,
ind her face waa aflame; then the color
lied away, leaving her nu nnnatnral white
md ahe looked np *t him with great
rightened eyea Perhapa he understood,
hat look, (or he dropped her hands and
remblingly turned nway.
Oecilia'e heart wwftevealed to her. She.
he promiaed wife of tbat good man, loved
or thia reck lew, unbelieving man, who for
en years had led a Bohemian life, standng
beyond the pale of respectable society,
tfhat a sinful wretch ahe thought herself,
ihe would never speak to him again, and,
carcely knowing what she was doing, ahe
urned to fly.
Another minute and Vance Varian was
tartled by a cry.
Cecilia, in her blind flight, had ran near
he edge of the cliff, missed ter footing,
ind ehe waa now hunting to the ehruba
hat grew some fifteen feet below. There
raa no ropa or anything els? about with
vhich he could save her. Ho must descend
those jutting rocka.
"Don't, don't!" came faintly from Ceilia,
as, looking np, aho saw what he wan
bout to do. "I a thready to die, but you
le not."
"His only anaver was for her to keep a
irm iium ? jew uuuuj?u?j iuu^oi , ouu iu o
bw momenta loDger, fairly hanging boween
sky and sea, bis arm was around
And now camo the perilous aacorsion,
uring which every moment seemed au
Oeclla helped Vance bravely, by catchdk
at every jutting rock and shrub, bul
thlete that ho was, his strength was fust
tiling him.
"Qu'ckl raise yourself," lie gasped, as
hoy neared the top.
Oecilia raised herself out of his arms,
nd found herself safe on tho cliffj once
lore; bat before she could look around,
here was a rolling away of rock, a loosenTi
of abrub?, and?
"Cecilia, I love you; pray for me?my
fod I"
She tnrned in time to catch odo glimpse
f his white face, as he disappeared down
ie aw/nl depths, and throwing tip her
rms with a groan of agony, she fell, face
ownward, on the greea sward, and the
ecilia Ugden thr.t Vauco Varlan kurw
ud loved never rose again.
In ber atead rose a calm, sorrowful wolan?a
woman that inado that worthy
lan, George Graham, an exemplary wife.
Tlie pillars of tno church said that the
dniater's daughter had h change of heait.
8ho went nbont quietly doing her duty
wards her husband and hisparishioueia
i n iuuu't wuicu evuu iuu/ vjuu uui>
?lp approving.
Abl it wee well that tho heart of CJolia
was revealed only to her Maker ami
erself, for in it3 aocrot chamber wai eniriued
*i name that never passed her
ps?the name of Vanco Varian.
Hnrboar Count>'a luillrond l'rovpecta.
hl'ippl Rtpubltem.
It is understood horo that the Henry G.
avis Railroad will certainly bo batlt to
sckhannon in tho near future. There
rama to be a disposition to go through
lis county lower down than tho L?ad1110
route now purveyed, cod the engic?rs
ol that rond will, wo understand,
lamine what in called tiro Spring stonr
ap in Laurel Hill and also the Johnson
1111 Run Gap in tbe same mountain. If
ither of there routes is taken it will place
le railroad between this place and Bellgton
and make some twenty-five miles
lore over in Barbour than we now havo.
Will Do (Joutl.
an Handle Scus.
There is every proipeci of a large attenancoat
the Boom Convontion to be held
1 Wheeling on the 29th Lost. Many
)wns and counties have appointed dele*
ates, and there will be a full ropresonta>
on of the Htate'a interests and resources,
his meeting cannot help but result adantageoua'y
to West Virginia, making
nown to the world as it wiil tho immense
osaibilities of development possessed by
ur State.
Didn't Llka Tlieir 1'ort,
"I tell you, sir," acid the Texas Conresnman,
"you can't regulate roil road
barges by arbitrary rules. That's a thing
> be settled by tho laws of business,
cok at that Mexican railway. They roneed
the* rates to compete with the Ceual,
and it nearly rained the port of Vera
ruz "
"Damn the port of Vera Cm*," exclaimil
Statesman Lawler, explosively, bring
ig down lua fist with an emphasis that
pget a decauu>r and ahook all the glasses
q tho bar. "1 wouldn't give four fingers
[ straight Kentucky otml for all tho port
lere ia in tho whole blastedacountry of
The L1|is Wo Lovo to 1'reM
tclosa pearly teeth, and exhale fragrance
hen opened. Ii thin double charm were
anting, tney would lack their main ataction
and probably remain unkiseed.
DZODONTwill secure it. Discoloration
[ the teeth, unhealthinees of the gums,
id a breath wkich caucee repugnance,
-o completely romediud by this incomirable
beanjifler and antieeptioof the
eth, which is as pleasant to tasto and
nell as it is reliablo in its action.
It was a bald-headed man whoorigina
id the mntto: "Tnero'a plenty ot room
t the top."
Oak't 8lbkp Nights is the complaint of
lousands suffering from Asthma, Conimption,
Uougha, otc. Did you ever try
cker's English Kemody ? It is the beet
reparation known for all Lung Troubles,
>ld on a positive guarantee at 10s., 15c.
osan & Co., 0. K. Goetze, Chas. Menketiller,
K. B. Burt and Bowie Bros. 1
The oldest known bearded woman has
tot died in tho Pyrenees, where ail the
ihers deserve to die.
lMloal Fllaal PUcsl
A Saro euro foand at last. No one need
iffor. A sure care for tbo blind, bleed*
ig, itching and ulcerated pilea baa been
iacovered by Dr. William (an Indian
unedy,) called Dr. William's Indian Pilo
intmont. A single box baa cnrod tbo
oret old cbronic caeca of twerity-flvo and
lirty ycara' standing. No ono need sufit
five m in a tea after applying this wonEjrfal
soothing medicine. Lotions, inruraenta
and electuaries do more harm
langood. William's Indian Pile Ointment
tjBorba the tumors, allays the intense
ching, acts as poultice, gives instant and
ainless relief and is prepared for Piles
ad nothing else. Thousands of cured
atients attest its virtues, and physicians
[ all schools pronounce it tbo greatest
Dntribution to mcdicine of the age. It
tatters not how long or severely you havo
eon suffering, you can be cuml.
Judge Coons, Mayeville, Ky., says:
"Dr. William's Pile Ointment cured mo
fter veara of suffering."
JudgeOofflnbury, Cleveland, 0., says:
"I have found by experience that Dr.
William's Indian Pile Ointment gtoed imlediato
and permanent relief."
We have hundreds of such testimonials.
>o not suffer an instant longer. 8old by
ruggiste. daw
The msn wbo is always "putting in bis
ar" when Qthor nr.nnln arA ran*
rally lets into a low.
That Highway of Nation*,
'ho broad Atlantic, it ever a stormy thoroughfare,
tet blow thowlnda ever 10 fiercely, atvl rldo thej
ram over so loftily, seamen moat man the good
hlpa, tourlatawill brave thepusaga, andcommtrlal
travelen and buyers must vUlt the centrca of
oreign trade and manufacture. That atrocious
aalady, aeatfckntai, together with colicky palna
cd much Inward nneailncca la often cudurod
rhon HcaUttcr'a Stomach Bitten would hare for*
Ified the voyagen agaloit them. Bea captains,
aid In fact all old atlts and veteran travelers, are
icqualnteri wlth.the pntectlro valuo of this oatl>
oable pruvcntlte and remedy, and aro rarely untrovlded
with it. Ktrlgranta to the far West
hould n*e It aa a aafeguard again*t malaria. Hook
he aid of the Bitten for dynpcpila, oonstlpatlon,
lver complaiat, kliney trouble*, and all ailments
hat Impair the harmonloua and vlgorona aotloa
4 the vital powers.
Tit* Vaatare* at th* Monty mad Stock
; New You Feb. 2i.?Money on oall easyatla2
per cent, laat lota at 2, closed offered at 1%*2 per
cent Prime mercantile paper 4)i$5X per cent,
' Mterllnr nzchiuRO dull trat firm at f I 85a4 87.
, Bali* of atocka were 141,6*28 share*
i Tne stock market wu little more ac'ive to-day,
u measured by thf> number of aharea aold, but the
, lutereat In transactions was a nailer than on any
; previous day iMs week The first sales were made
on a very dull market, and allowed rcrt little
change from last eveniug'a prices, but after a allgot 1
[ declining teudency thn enure lilt moved upslow*
117, Richmond tit West Point alone giving evidence
| of weakncM. The market elapsed into extreme ,
! dullners and remained without fcatnre of any
; kind, except an advance in Manhattan, until the
lut hour wnen pricoa began to giro war and the
market Anally cloned dull and heavy at irregular
| changes for the day. Final changcs guuerally
were confined to less than % per cent.
Railroad bond* were more active; sales 11,231,000.
Government bonda dull and rather heavy.
Stat* bonda dull and rather heavy.
u. 8. 4* reg 125H M K. 4 T. gen.
! U. h. 4a coupon...-...i?5s Northern rac. flrsta.il6j4
I U. H. 4^a n*- ~1C6H North. Pac.secondaJC4>2
U*8. i%s cjuik)u......1C7S Northwest. consols-142*
Par.ide 6's of 'S>\. 120 N.W. debenturos?U08
Louisiana stamp, 4a. V2 ii. L. Ji H. F. Gen.M,ll?lj ,
Missouri fin 101 -it. Paul oodsoI* 126VZ r
Term. CaseUlemenU.100 hi P., V. a P. tlrata.^119
1 do Cm Ml Tex. A 1'anlaud gr'a. 48j?
do U. 69H Tex. ?b 1'lC. R. U. CXflculial
Pun ticfirsts lKffc tra coupons-..-.^ C8
I*. A K. U. UnUL. 1AJ ITuion l'ac, tint* llStf V
D.4K.G.? ?LUr?? -1 Wot shore 101)2
Erie aeoonda 'J7ii j
A-How Kxprtwi MO Northern Pacific 21k t
American Vlxnrt#wi... 1l7 do preferred.. ....... 4M*
'"dt.iuU Soutiiorn-... M.S ChicagoA N. W....~.ll?*
1'ociflc......... SO do preferred...-.^. 143*6
UiH*anc*ke .St 0&lo? 2% New York Centrals 107 J*
do flr?t preferred^. 6 Ohlo<b Mimimlppl~. 23' S
do st-coml* 4 do tuuferred 81
a. c..'\ A r.IJi Pacific Mail.............. 26
I>euver A K. G 21 Pittsburgh 1M
K.-l.t vGJi Kvadinic 66M
do preferred.-..-^. CO St. L. A a. 8SV
Fort "Vaynr ....?1WV{ do preferred 71%
Kansas a Texas. ICS do Arm prcferrvd...lllk. '
Lake trio A Wert..- 1 tV, C. M. A St. Paul 77*
do prcferrvxl iV/4 do i>reforred ....11&*
Lake tibore 91 Texas A Pacific
Loulavlllo A Nosh.... 69>; Union Pacific. t(r%
L . N. A. A (Umm. 3a Uuited States Ex...... 72S
Mem. A Chas _ fCH W., KL L A P...?. 14 _
Michigan (Antral..? 84 d > pro.'errod...._. VOX ~
illsaouri Pacific--.... Wells-Fanto fix ~J?
Nw,h. 4 Chat 7?S Aeatorn Union 19
New Jersov Central - 8lfc
DraalitiU'w uail Vrortalons.
Riw York, Feb. 24.?Flour, receipts 25.941 package;
export* 7.V1S barrela and 4,740 aacka: aalt-a
2 v<o barrel*: market dull, wheat, receipts 0,000
bushel*; export*i 107,231 bushels; tales 4,489,000
bushelnof futur?*aud 240,100bushelaofapot: ra*h
firm and more adive for export*: option* weak;
ungradedspringKlaas5-16e; uDgraucdred irta'A Wc; __
No.2 r*d 89c; April closingat90^,0; iSay ?
^>^ 91V. eloalngat 'Jl%c; June 'xWaUlc, cloairgat
91c: July 89^i9^4c.dohlDKat90He:aujfUit89^a Mjuc,
c:o*iug at rvjyc; Useembur 93a9J^o, cloa>
lnt* at tu^c. Corn xocolptii 3,WO buabcln: exnorta
47,'/.'1 bu>nela: mUm 1,0,6,100 bushel* of futuiea
*udS7,0.0 bushels of spot; apot a xbado oasier but
very quiet; option* 11 rm: uugraded &8Ka60c; No.
2 .March &s?<c; April t6%c; vay 68a5e?J,c, cloalu<
at &8Jic: Juno ft7i',i58J>c, c'otlug at teits; July
C*%?to%c dosing Ht bhj^c: August b*'/,\S'W- clotlux
6J,Sc. tciiU'iabcr do?lug ntiUjy''
Oat*, rccutptB 101,009 bushels; export* 753 bushels;
sale* 730,000 bu?bels of future* aud 113.000 bushels
of spot; spot ilrm; mixed western l?*43c; white
4G*?fr\ Hop* quiet ami unchanged. Coffee, spot
falr;Rio nominal; options fairly ac lve,8Qa4U points ,
higher; sales 134,7xi bags; February ll.7CtU.76c:
March 11.0Ua;l.?c; April 13.5WAil.25o; May lOlWa
1120c; J uue 10 bCul1.10c; July 10 blalO 75o; August
10.26al0.60a; fSeote ruber 10 2lc. riugar firm; refilled
steady; white extra <: WiabJiO. Molassea dull.
Hire quiet and tlrm. Tallow taa'.er at 4)40. Rualn
quiet nt fl l2}?al 17& Turpentine dull it 40K*
4lo. Lgg* steady; western uy^c. Fork quiet aud
unchanged. ? ut meau weak. ijud steady; western
steam a pot &.t/6a8 07>;c: March 7.87o; 4 pril 7 Wc:
May b.02c; Juuu *.UCc: July h.10g; city steam 7 G5o.
Butter steady ami quiet; western 14a30u. Cheese
firm; western U^ali^c
Chicago, Feb. 24.?Tho heavy reoclpta, thfl
aprluitllke weather nod Liverpool cables, which reported
corii aud wheat as dull and tcuJlug downward.
all had a depressing effect on tho early grain
inark<?ta. Tradlug In oaia wan miNlerately active
1'rovlslou* quiet. Flour dull and unchanged.
Wheat, cish No. 2 spring 75}* *755*0: No. 3*prlog
Cfi?l>So; No. 2 re-JHOc: Febiuary 74?i?7&>i^ cloalug
Mt7o>t,u: March 74^*75^*0, closing at 7:5ic; May
7i?Sv?jSc, dosing ai blifo'.; June 7tfJ^aso^c, ctoalng
atbO&*:. torn, cash No. 2. 4sftc; March 46?t7c,
closlag at 4"o; May 50}$a51Hc. closiug at bl^c; s:
Juue 60J^*Ali'^e, closing at Slfco; July 60%a6i%c,
cloning at bliia. OaU. cash No. 2. 27fta'<9^o: May
S-^iaJlJ^ciJuuoS0)ia3l^e:AU|iust2!?c Uyeca?hNo.
2. w>4c. Barley, .no 2,7/aHOc. Flaxseed, No 1 f 14j.
Prime timothy seed <2 44a2 46 Mem pork, ca*h
813 77*4; Man h 813 Tftalli n.'!-, cloalng at |13 82K;
May 813 'J all 02*. dosing fi t <u>f: Juno 814 loa
1410, closing at 814 10 i-ard, c?u.h aud March fi
7.70c; Mayp.aiUeiJuue7.87Kc: July 7.WUc Bacon, fl
short tlba 7.i2?*n7.15c; shoulders &.l?JaC05c: short n
clcar7 .90*8.00). Butler. iuactive;creamery21)?a29c;
dairy 17a?c. Egg; timer at lbal'Jc.
BAJ.riMORt, Mi)., Feb 24.?Wheat. western Arm,
closiug quiet; ;.o. .? winter spot 87Jia8?n; Fobru- ?
arv b?o saked; March fcsJiuSsJfcu: May 'JO^a *>
ao%c. Con, wrttcra steady and quiet; mixed
soot 63^c Ml; February 63&C tld; March 533$a
Mc; April M^ab4?4c; May 55a55>io. OaU tlrm aud
fairly active: westeru white 4ia41c: do mixed
Slt&fC. Nye firm at 66aToe l'rovisions Meady and
quiet; me?a pork 815 75. Lard, ritined*Hc Fjrg*
tlrm; fresh 2Uc; limed 10al4c. Coffee lower and
uuli; rlo cargoes ordinary to (air :6al6)(o.
ihttcumaTX, O., Feb. 21.?Flour steady. Wheat t"
dull aud lower; No. 2 red 8^o; receipts 4.CO0
bushels; shipments lWXi nushcls. Com steady; No .
2 mixed t>Jo. UaU weaker; >o. 2 mixed i3kc. ti
Rye dull: No 2, tile, /ork quiet at 81? 50. Lard ?
quiet aud unchanged. Wnbxy tlrm at 81 tu. But*
ter, sugar and eiie.GO ilrm. tggs active aud
strouger .at lt>Xal2c. ?
Tnijeoo, O., Feb. 24?Wheat activoand Armor;
cash MaM^c; May t>0c; Juuo b6)ic; July bJj;
Augiut K:J-ic; SeptemberbSXc. ? oni dull; cash 1
60>ic; May 62J^c. Date Yjalet; cash 33c. Clover* I
ceeti active aud weak; (^n, February and March 1
?8&7>i; April W IW.
Llvo Slock.
(miOAGO, Feb. 21.?Tho Drvm'i Journal reporU:
Cattlo?Receipts6,000 head: shipment* 3,000hpad;
market strouger; good and fair a hade higher; *
steer* 83 O0a6 0i; atockera and feeder* 12 35a2 66; tr
oowa. buds and mixed 81 b5a3 30; Texas Iced steera P1
83 25ai00 Hogs?Receipt* 17,000 head; shipment* JJT
6.510 head; market steady: mixed 85 1Ph5 4U; heavy
$520-45 00; 11kin 54 U0A5 35; skiua 83 ;<out 75. faheep- d?
Receipts 4.UW head: shipments 1,000head: market
steady; natives83C^i6 4u; western 81 bCa5 30; lambs fl
OiaO 23. le
Kiirr LxbcxtTi Feb. 24 ?Ca'.lIe-KeoPiptB aud {u
shipmcntB 57 bead; market nothing doing; all ?.
throughcons'giimeuts. Hogs?Receipu2,7oo head: ct
shlpioonu 2,y^Jhi?d: market very dull; 1'hiladel* ,u
phla* 8'? C5a5 70; mixed 85 60a5 5i; Yorkers 86 30 w
no 40; common to filr $>(Xa5 25; pigs 84 50a*> 00. oc
Bhecp?Beoelpta 1,'AO hi*d; shipment* t>0Q head; .
market ilrm on good but dull ou commou atun* Jr
chaugid prices.
Cixci.nnati, O, Feb. 24.?Hog* steady; commoa ~
mm iu|iiifi w*uav. nuu uu^uck w
6 60; rowipis 700; shipment* 1,050 bcaJ.
Oh.Otty, Pa., Feb. 24 -Opened at 8'Afn; highest
91fcc: lowmt Mfcu: cloaed at 6'JSc; sale* 2,143,0U)
barrels: clearances 2,01'.',000 barrels; shipments
144,140 barrels; charters 3J.496 barrels.
flaw Yoaa, Feb. 24.-Petroleuta cloaed weak
at opentd at t?9Hc; highest 91fcc; lowest
laSXia; tales 4,000,000 barrel*.
PrnwiDWJH, Pa., Fob. 24.-Petroleum active and
irrrgular: opened at b'JXc; Cloaed atb'JUc; highest
UIKu; lowest uftc.
Bradford, Pa., Feb. 24,-Openod at 89Xo: clo?ed
at &9o: hlnhe*t 91 'Ac; lowest MJic; clearance*
2, .61,00} barrels,
Trrosviu* Pa.. Feb. 54.?Opened at 89)405 highwtvi^o;
lowoitwjic: cloned at 89>ic.
WooL ~~
Phxi.>nxLTiita. Pa.,Feb 24.?Wool steady: Ohio, _
West Virginia XX aud above Siaftfe; X 29a80o;
medium 36a37c; coar?e 30c; New York, Michigan, ?
Indian* and Western line aud X or XX 28c; medl- C
urn :wa;JTc; coarse 8'?36o: flue washed delaine X ?
and XX ?4a35c; medium washed, comning aud de- f
lalno 83aS9o; coarso do 36*47.;; Canada washed
combing 34*3S:; tub wanbed 87a4lu; medium unwashed
comblrg and dc.aiue 27a29e; cosr?e dc 27a
2do; bright uuwi>hud cloning flnoand Xor XX 2Ca
22c; medium 27aJ9o; coarse 26a'flic.
IJohton, Feb. 24.?Wool ateadv; Ohio an<* PennsylvauU
extra lleocea 8Uu3lc:.XX 31%a32c; XX and
above 32h3;>;c; No. IStetto; Michigan extra 2aa30c.
Naw York, Feb 24.?Wool Arm and qnlet; dts _
taolie tlceco 22a37c; pulled l??33c; Texana 13*22c.
Cotton. I
New Yob*, Feb. 21-Cotton Arm; upland*
10 9-ico; Orleans io ll-lfio: futures closed quiet; 1
February 19.47c; March 10 52c; April 10 69c; May
10.GCc; Juno 1073c: July lo.7lc; August 10 77c;
September 10.26c; October 9.9.'c*. November 0.82c.
Vry Uooda*
Niw Yobk, Feb. 21.?There waa considerable oh
busiuexs in progress In Jobbing circles, but of Hi
agcuui me uemniiu mr cuumi guuus hm luuuunuut m.
Uiougn I Airly gowl for woolen kooJs. hi
A good mur.y dou*h heads are fctill "
found among tbo upper <mat.
How Alcu Die.
If wo know all the method# ol approach _
adopted by an enemy we are the better enabled
to ward off tho danger and post- j
pone the moment when anrrender be- I
comes inevitable. In many inatsnces the I
inherent strength of the body Buflices to J
ooable it to oppoee the tendency towaid JJ
death. Many however have loet theee ?
lorcts to inch an extent that there ia little u
or no help. In other caaea a little aid to ?
the weakened Langs will make all the j?j
difference between eudden death and Ui
many years of useful life. Upon the first ?
symptoms of aGough,Ooldor any troable ,
of the Throat or Lunga, give that old and I
well known remedy?Bocchee'a German L
t-jrup, a careful trial. It will prove what
thousands say of it to be, the "benefactor ?
of any home." ?i
The greatest drawback to tobogganing 1s
tho draw back.
Old and reliable medicines are the beet
to depend npoD. Acker's Blood Elixir
has heen preecribod for years for all Impurities
of the Blood. In every form of
(scrofulous, Syphilitic or Mercurial diseases,
It Is Invaluable. For Rheumatism
baa no equal. Logan & Co., 0. R. (ioetie, "
0. Menkemiller, B, B. Bnrt and Bowie ,
Bros. 10 '
furniture ar
J.-, WJ-VJ--1.?,
To you, one and all, wc of
teartily wish each of you a happj
ery liberal and increasing suppc
he past year, and we rely confic
he New Year, as we know that
To Tiiosb Who Are Not Y
ay, give us a trial.
IVo. 1117
SAFLalwats reliable, to laoies^H
raHAv, I ^
This is the Top of the Genuine 1
Pearl Top Lamp Chimney, ?
Allotliers, similar are imitation. '
Insist upon the Exact Label and Top."
Fob Sale Everywhere. Made only dy
SEO. A. MACBETH & CO,, Pittsburgh, Pa.
ircfiitecf & Superintendent. I
Plans and Specifications Furnished for
korches, School Houses, UcHltlences,
Stores and Public Buildings <
Special attention given to
leating, Ventilation and Sani>ry
Plumbing. ,!rti
Zpps's Cocoa;
'Br a thorough knowledge of tho natural laws 1
hlch govern the operaUons of dlir stlou aud nulUon.
and by a careful application of tbo fine 1
opertlcs of well selected Cocoa, Mr. Hops hw
ovlded onr breakfast tables with a delicately ivored
htvora^o which mar save u? many heavy J
wtors' bills. It is by the Judicious uie of such
tides of dletlhtt a constitution may begradu t
ly built up until strons enough to re?l?t erery d
ndeuc? to disease. Huudrcds of subilo malsdle* n
e floating around us ready to attack wherever E
ere U a weak pilut. ttc may (scape miny a
lal shaft by keeping oumtlvcri well fortified with J
iro blood anil a properly nourlshod iramo."? b
til tervtee tiatdle.
Made'Imply with boiling water or milt. Pold
ily in half-pound Una b? Grocers, labeled thus: Q
lines Fpps &Co
" f
Snutr, liquid or Hulvr.
iPrfrlfllflmw Warranted to core Catarrh. Nou- ?
^lUWIjRjjDniigla, Headache, Colds. AUhraa,
I VT'TWj n !>? ( *?*. KalUn* EreftlfhU Ac. A ?
runrnnlMd or eionojr rw ,
iJhAVvyr filfiiri'lf-il. hi*nt postpaid for91.00. '
'ifMTy^L7^ Attcnia Wanted. Addrcu I
!SriiVy*jM 1S1 Monroe Nt., Chicago.
feiPiw r
ln|ectloH and Copmlcs. ,
Where all other medicine* have failed thene proiraUoiw
were alw?y? eflecUre. They Insure rapid
id extraordinary euro of severe, reccut and .
ironic omo? of dlaoAM. They are used In the <
Mpltala of Parli by tho celebrated Dr. Rlcord,
id are found grostly inpcrlor to all rcmedloa
therto known.
For ?ale by *11 dragglitr mrfl-i
Of-v- <. #2 r'vI^S O'lWnUJteyllab ucnrodatboinownii
rlsjsf sssassis
iiii IBFIIIIH* K.M. WOO IJ .NY.JLtt. u
AUmU, ??a. OOnOK WhtUball Bfc*
= t!
RCCODC Spending a dollar In Kewnpaper a
LI Unt Advertising correspond with n
118 A120 K. Baltimore St, Baltimore, ltd.,
o ONLY general Aarertlilng Arency la Belli- t
ore or the Booth who?e faclllUfe for oJaclngAd*
TtUemenU arc perfect and uniorpMnod. Llata ?
mtalnlng all tbo Loading Xewtpapera aad Perl Ileal*,
with ratea and other valuable Inform**
an, aent to any addxeaa on reoelpt of *Oc to pay
r portago. noKHMw
ouisiana State Lottery Go.
For ticket* or farther Information add rest the !
nderalgred. If too haro not been fottnnate
*e where, try me lor a change.
Corlngton, Ky.
Mention thla pap*r. mw
Incomparably th?> Ooat. i
id Carpets!
Fer the Season's greeting and
I and prosperous NEW YEAR.
*-- L?m4 iltnnlpii l/\a* #k<j
return our ucsi uicuuva wi u?w
>rt they have afforded us during
lently upon its continuance for
our goods were appreciated.
et Our Patrons, we can only
Ftlit (Street.
J Over n Million Dlstrlbated.
Cnpital Prlzt", 0300,000
Louisiana State Lottery Company.
Inoaroorated by the LefrhUtnre In 1868 (or Edu?
nUonal and Cbtrl'able purple*, and It* /run*
hlto made a pa<to! tbo proteut HtateCoiutltutlon ,
ul873, byauovcrwlifiraluu popular voto,
"Wn rtn hamhv ?*>riJfr that mn annervtaA thu mr.
auKcroeuU for all tho Monthly and Quarterly
)mwlng? ol Iho Louisiana Stale Lottery Company,
,nd In pcraon manage and control tho Drawing
heRsolves. ?n<l that the name aro conducted will)
lonuty, falruoas, and Ju good faith toward all
artlw, and wc authorise the Company to uh thli
crtlflcato, with fac-aimiles ol our signature* at*
ached, In iu advertiaemeuto."
Oominlaslouera. j
Wo the undendgned Banks and Banker* will pay j
J1 Prizes drawn m *J ho Louisiana State Lotteries J
rhlch may bo prownted at oar counters. ,
. B. OGLEHBY, Pro. Louisiana National Bank. ]
'lEiiRB LANAUX, Pres. State National Bank. f
L. it / LI)win, Pre*. Now OrleausNational Bark. j
IABL K.01IN, Pros. Union National Bank.
Grand Quarterly Drawing 1
Iu tho 'Academy ol Muilc, New Orleans, j
Titcuduy, Mutch 13, 1888,
Dnpltnl Prize, ^JJOO.OOO i
loo ooo Tlckct* at Twontv Dollars each. ITa'.v* ]
lio; Quartern S3j Tenths 8'i; Twentieths 81. j
list op raizes.
1 Prixo Of 1X0,000 1? *300,000 <
1 Prixfl of 100,000 is 100,0?0 1
Priza of 50,COO la .. 60.00-1
1 Pris-3 of 25,000 Is 25,(00
2 Prizes of 10,U? aro~~ 2U,(X.O
5Priz*sof 6,?Xi are.....^...-^^...^..... 25,000
25 Prizes of l.&CO are - ?,i00
100 Piizw of b(0 arc........ ..... 60,(.0U
?00 Prizes of fOO are t0,000 500
Prises ol 200 axe 1C0,000
00 Prise* of 15(0 approximating to
9*00,(00 Prize are 50 COO \
00 Pill*-* of (300 approximating to i
JlOO.OtO P? Ixo are 80,009
00 Piiz*a of tttiO approximating to
$60,000 Prixo aro 2C.OOO ,
,CC0 Prizes ofllOO decided by 1300,000
Prise are ... lOO.CCO
,000 Prizes of S100 decided by .9100,000 1
Prize are ? 100,000 j
,130 Prizes amounting to > ... 11,055,000 [
For club rafes, or any further Information apply i
o the undersigned. Your handwriting must bo \
Istloct and Signature plain. More rapid return i
nail delivery will be auared by jour enclosing an ]
Envelope bcarlni? your full addrcM.
Send Postal Nutrn, Exprtia Money Orders, or
lew York Exchange In ordinaiy letter Currency
>y Express (at our expeniv) addtotsfd to
New Orleans, La. 1
Washington, 1). U. I
Address Registered Letters to
New Orleans, La. <
iCIiCMDCD That the prcaonoo ol Generals
iLfflLlflDLIl Beauregard and Early, woo are (
n ohargo of the drawings, is a guarantee oi abw> |
ate falruosa and integrity, that the cnancca aro all i
qnal, and that no one can poasioly divine whal i
umber will draw a Prise.
KKHKMltKli that the payment of all Prises Is
IANKS of New Orleans, and tnn Ticket* are
luned by tho President of an Institution whoae
bartered rights aro rrcoirnlxed in tlio hlshegt "
tourts; there!orw, bows.re of auy Imitations or '
nnnvmotu achoaic*.
============ j
(Slxlori of the Visitation,)
l school of mora ttwn national reputation, offer*
xceptlODul advantages for thorough education of
oung ladle* la all departments. Library of dz
houaand volume*. Fine philosophical, chemical
xirl astronomical apparatoi.
Mtulctl Department specially noted. Corpcoi
>ianoteacners trained by a leading profctsor from
onttrvaiory of Stuttgart Voetl cultnro aooorang
to the method of the old Italian masters.
Location uusurpsssod for beauty and hcaltl..
'on acros of pleasure grounds. Board czoellent
For catalogue*, and referenoea to patrona In all
ho principal cltlea, addreai
Washington School of Elocution
Mas. If. 8TKVKN8 HART, Principal,
004 "M" Street, N. W., Waihiwotok, D. 0,
Sixth Annual Session begins Wednesday, Sepsmber
Conn* of instruction embraooa Elocution, Prao
leal KniUab and English Classics, Latin, Matbo
it tic*. Modcru Language*. Vocal ana Inatralental
MurIc and Physical (Julturf
The Principal la asriated by an efficient corps of
sacbcra In each department.
Urmded classes for bop and glrla dally.
Adnlt claaaes and private lnatructlou given In
be evening.
Dlplotnaa awarded. A limited number of pupils
coommodatod in the family.
For circulara and referenoea apply to Ixtslm- '
imcbk omco. auSl
Bvstem based opou nature'* laws. NO BKGRZCT
-NO TRICK#. bjitcm explained to those inter*
Teatlmonlals from pbysldana. educators and paronm
who bave received benefit from the method
if lmtniM4nn IrldroM
MM M. 8TJEV1NB HART, Prlndotl,
Washington bchool o! Elocution and Kngilab
U04 M Ptroet. N. W.t WMhln*ton, D. 0.
Btndcnts boarded In family of Prlndi*!.
Wo are sow idling the Oral Churn, uld. to be
the beat In the market. Those needl: g Chorna
are Invited to call and examine them.
felQ 1210 Main Street.
Fop tho Both, Toilet and Laundry.
Snow Whito and Absolutely Pur?.
If your dealer docs not keep White CToodfJoap.
Mod 10 cenu for sample cake to tbe maun,
J. H. Van ci? ? Prwldai t
L, B. Uilxtlxci Vlo^Praidan t
J. If. Vauee, 8. Horkhelmw,
J. M. Brown. W. BUnghaa,
u 8. Delaplaln, A. W. Kdley.
John Frew,
Draft* lvnod on Bnfland. Ireland, Bootland, as?
ill poiutc In Surope.
nu. A. Preaidtnl
W*. B. Burton M~..~~..Vloo-Pmlflcnf
Draft on Xnfland, Ireland, Trance and GaaiDj,'
Wo. A. lActt, Wm. B. Blmpecn,
J. A. Winer. John K. Botrioid,
t M. Atklmon, Victor Boecnbart,
Hoary 8peyer.
mrtl F. P. JKPPOH. naahtw.
C 1100.000
Inraroi agftlnat lo? or <Umtge by fire *nd lightning
all clww* of dedniblA property, alio feuum
aircoea on the Woitern waters,
r.N Vanoe, Prod dent, M. Beilly, VloePreddent,
r. L. fltroohleln Hoo'y, Ju. p. Adftnu, Am'I Bee.
/. St. Yanoa, SC. Retlly, L. 0. BUM,
J. U. Hobto, 0. W. mnihelm.
Uble UkiiiK OffbCt SUNDAY, DEO. 18, 1887,
['ftsrongcr tmln will ran u follow*?Central time:
No. 7. No. & No. & No. 1.
p.m. A.m. a. m.
KftYe?Whoclln* L- 3:00 ll;OC 6:46
Bcuwood.opji. belliiro. ? 8:15 11 ;15 7:00
Hoand*Tllle_ ?.. 8:85 11:85 7.30
JUrlnglon ? 4:15 P13:15 S CO
Sew M*rtluftTlll0 ~.. 4:42 12;40 8:80
ilitersvillo. 5:05 1:00 8:55
friendly, opp. MftUin'm 5:18 1:13 9 08
U. Mftry'i 6:60 1:40 9:<0
Wllliftmitairn.opp.Mftr't* 0:40 3:20 10:35
Pftikenbiug .. ~.. 7:15 8:00 U;10
Bcllevlllo? ... 3:60 MOT
tturrmyivlllo 4:00 12;2S
ft. a.
iiATcntwood? ?.... 6:46 4:40 13;55
[iCtirt. 6:83 6:30 1:40
S'cw Hftveo 7:00 _ 6:48 3:06
ilartlord? 7:06 6:4f 3:10
KftwraCity, opp. Pomeroy 7:15 6:6" 3:18
TUftou. opp. MIddlepon. 7:22 6:02 3:34
irrtvo Point Pleftlftnt 8:00....^. CMC 8.00
" K. & O. Junction-0:45 8:06
" GftlUpOlLl 4:46
u '.;iiftriMton-........... 8:36
ft. m.
" '.vhlte Bolpbnr,... 6:00
NO. C. No. 4. No. 2. no. I
ft. m . ft. m ft. m p. m.
Lcftvo-K. & O. JnncUon-10:46 8:46
faint I'leftMuit*. 10:60 6:16 8 50
Jllfton ~. 11:80 8:60 4;81
Auoa City, opp. Pomeroy 11 :*5 6:55 4:87
Sftrtford. 11:42 7:03 4:47
Hew Haven 11:47 7:0b 4JU
p. m.
- m.mi <^ o.mi
Savcniwood .... 12:55 8:10 6:06
iiurrayrrllle~................. - 1:30 8:8M M>MM.
[ arkenburg ? 6:85 2:45 9:46 _
ajlliamutown.opp.Mar'ta 7:10 1:% 10:25 M>MMM
it.Mary'i : 7;M 4:22 11:08
friendly, opp. Mftlm'ru 8:23 4:52 11:95 M>MMM
UstearUlOu - 8:15 6:C6 11:48
ilew MirUiiirllle - 9:00 6:30 wSL?
TlariDgtOtl 8:80 5:55 12:35
ldoundkTlUe...._ 10:10 ?:8A 1:15
Sen wood, opp. Bel lalre... 10:90 6:55 1:85
irrlvo?Wheeling 10:45 7:15 1:63. .
p. m.
Plttlbuxgh-.....^. 8:20 5:55
a. m. a.,m
ilarrliburg-. 8:X 2:05 ???
Philadelphia 5:00 5:00
flow York 7:80 7:80 hhmi
Wott and North treat, p m p. m.
tfewark ? 11:50 6:20 . .
JoLambua............ 7:40
a. m. p. m.
Bilcago. 9:t0 5:80 ?_
Sunday train* on K. ?b O. Bailwar arrive at
3harle*ion at 6:10 p. m. waiting for O. K. B. B.
rain No. 1 at Point 1'lcaaant. This la the ihnrt
Inc. aud partial purchasing ticket* ?hould uk for
Jekoti via. tho Onto Biver Railroad. For lnlormalou
regard lug rait*, route*, etc.. addraa
W. J. BOiUNttON, (iea'i Pan. Aral
Parkanbuig, w. Va.
Tray. I'm*. Agont, Wheeling.
X) departure of trains from Wboellng. Schedule
in eflect November20,1887?Eaatern time:
Kxprent for Chicago and the Nortbweat, 9:50 a.
in. ,8:40 p.m. 10:00 p. m. daily, and 11:15 p.m. dally,
ixcopt -?aturdkv.
Kzprtaa for Cincinnati and St. Louis, 9:60 a. m.
lally, 11:10 p. m. dally rxoopt Saturday.
Kxpreai forColumbuaand ClndnnaU, 2:45a.m.,
ju ad ay only.
ForColnmbun,9:50a.m.dally,and 11:16 p.m.
lally except Saturday, aud 2:25 p. m. dally cxcept
Kxiire*. for Wublnston, I). 0., Baltimore, Phlla*
lelnLlaand New York,6:40*. m and 6:45 p. m.
For Plttaburgh and Wanhingtou, Pa., 5:00 a.m.
tod 7 p m. daily; KxprtM, 8:10 a* m , 1:45p. m.
lulf I'lennt HuniliT. Ailrllllnnal war train Inr
iVuhluL'lon. Pa , 6:'Ai p. m. dally ozoopt Sunday.
For ttouodavlllo, 12:00 noon, dally ezcopt ban*
For Gnflon, 3:43 p. m., dally exoept Sunday.
For Cumberland, 8:30 a. m., dally except Sunday.
For ht cialnrlllo. ?:60 a. m., 2 p. ra. and 6:45
p. m dally excopt Sunday.
Ex proa train* arrive from rhIc*RO, 8:40 and 9:50
l m. and G:45 p. m. dally, and 6:00 a. in. dally ox*
xpt Monday.
Rxprra tralni arrive from St. IxjuI* and Clnola*
aatl, 6:W)a. m. and 6:46p m. dally.
Kxpren train* arrive from Philadelphia, Baltl*
norc a*d Washington, D. C., 10:60 a. a. and 10:66
). m. dally.
Tialni arrive from Columbiu, 6:00 a. m. dally,
ind G:45 p. m. dally, and 10:86 a. m. dally exoept
Train* arrive from PltUbnrxb, 0.40 dally, and
I3:i>p. m. and 6:66 p. m. dally exwpi tfunday;
LI )0 r. m. dally except Saturday, and 2:40 a. a,
iauday only.
Train* arrlvo from Washington, Pa., 8:00 a. m.,
lally exficpt Sunday.
Train* arrive from Monndavllle, 1:40 p. a.,
lally axcei>t Sunday.
Train* arrlvo from Grafton, 8:25 a. a., dally ex*
*pt rundaj.
Train* anlvo from Cumberland, 5:60 p. m . dally
except Sunday.
Train* arrive from St Clalraville, 8:40 a. m. and
1:46 and 6:45 p. m., dally except Sunday.
Buntac* called for and chuckcd at hotel* and
rwldenua on order* left at ticket offloo, 1200 Market
ilroet andatflepotf
? Gm< PtJm> AgoaU
W. M. (XFMKWT8, Manager.
loom RAILWAY OO.-Panhandle Bon la.
Under schedule In effect NOV. 14, 1887. trains
eave Wheeling, Central Standard time: For 8ton*
jenvllleind Pittaburgb, 6:36 a. m., 12:16 p. m- '
1:70p.m. ForSteubenvllle, 8:0A p.m. The 6:41
l. m. and 8:06p. m. train* make direct oonnoctlon
[or Colombo*. Cincinnati, Indlauapoll* and Chl?
ago. The 12:85 p. m. train make* direct uinnco
Lion for Columbu* and Chicago.
Train* arrive at Wbeelln*. iiii a. m? in-is w?
1:43 p. m.. and 6:00 p. m. mr24
VJ KOAD.?UDder ichodule in effect JAN. 22.
lsMi, trains leavo Orldgvport, Central Hu*Urd
time: PorPJtubursh au.l ciereland, 6:10 a. b..
1 :<0 p. n. For Pltuborjjh, 10:17 a. m. For Wollsrlllo,
4:14 p. m. For Btcubenrtlio, 8:13 a. m. For
Martin's Ferry, ?:45 a. m.
Trains arrive a: Pridfeport at 7:59 a. u., 10.83 a.
mi'?2Aa P*m" 6 24 P< U" <:M P> a" &0d 7:47 P'm*
.' mr fcnd promptly executed at Lht
iaily lttilliqWcibjob omoi,
? tnJ 87 FwtMal* stmt

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