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The Intelligencer.
Fubllalicd Dally, BemMTeokly and Weekly. '
The Dally tntellltroncor Is DeHverod
by Carriers In Wheeling and adjacent
towns at 15 conts per week.
Br Mail, FMtage Free In the United SUtes.
Dally, One Year - $8 00
Dally, Six Months - - 4 00
Dally, Throe Months 2 00
Dally, One Month 65
Semi-Weekly,One'Year 2 60
Semi-Weekly, Six Months 1 25
Weekly, One Year... . 1 00
Weekly, Six Months 60
Great reductions to Clubs. Send for ftample
copies aiid circulars. Address
[Entered nt the iWotilcent Wheeling, NV. Va.,
n* iccoud-claM matter.]
flje Intelligencer.
Tliw New Tariff Mill.
Tho report which accompanies the
tarlflT bill of the Ways and Means Committee,
is very instructive. For example,
the committee finds that the American
consumer is overburdened by tho
protective duties on imports, and the
committee desires to relievo the suffering
consumer. But tho American consumer
is a two-sided person, lie is a
producer as well as a consumer, and the
sido which is the more important to him
fa his producing Hide.
This the Ways and Means Committee
does not take into account; nor, indeed,
can this side be taken into account
without destroying the whole foundation
<if the free trade idea, which leaves
production to care for itself. The produceris
told tliut he is ignorant or unreasonable;
or both,.if he object to the
ideal free trado condition of cheap commodities
and no money to buy them.
The committee discovers that "in the
progressive growth of our manufactures,
we have reached a point where our
capacity to produce is far in excess of the
requirements oi our home eonsumj>tion."
This is a very handsome tribute
to the protective policy, which has stimulated
home competition and brought
down the selling price to the American
consumer. No such condition was ever
created under the free trade policy of
former times.
"This vicious condition," savs the
committee, "could not exist with low
dnties.on imports." Here candor compel
us' to agree with the committee.
With such duties as the committee would
impose, and with the absence of such
duties as the committee would take off,
"the progressive growth of manufactures"
would bo on the other side of the
ocean. There would be no excess of our
home capacity to produce. Is this what
Americans desire?
Th'c comiyittcc concludes that' our
great need is to get well into the foreign
market, and on this point it has some
views: "To take the foreign market
from the foreign manufacturer, we must
produce our goods at a lower cost than
he can." The committee does not say
what it means, but from the context we
know that the committee means to say
that we must produce our goods at a
lower, cost. than the foreign manufacturer
can produce his goods.
II. won ki iju mi iiimiu id wiu iiuutugenee
of the average American to tell
liiia that there is but one way in which
this can "be done. The least informed
knf>\ys that if we are to produce at less
cost than; the foreign manufacturer can
produce, that end must be accomplished
by cutting'wages below the foreign lovel.
Is this what Americans desire?
The sound and practical doctrine of
protection is, to take the home market
llrst. After that, such other markets as
we can inVade without lowering the
standard of American wages and American
living.- Fortunately for us, our
home market is the best the world bos
to oiler. \\|6 have absolute fre^ trade between
sixty-five millions of people. No
other Country has so much free trade.
From every other land a steady stream
of emigration is pouring out. Is this
what Americans desire?
Coming Statu Klertimiit.
Two State elections occur this month,
Rhode Island on the 4th and Louisiana
on tho 17th. Rhode Island went democratic
hist year, and the situation is
much mixed on account of local issues,
prohibition among the rest. Louisiana
is also in doubt on account of the two
Democratic factions, both having grievances
to settle. Tlie other State elections
thut occur prior to the Presidential
election in November are Alabama
August Cth, Arkansas September Jkl,
Vermont September 4th", 'Maine September
10th and Georgia October 3d.
MInh Anthony MiiIicm u Thrusit.
Susan 1J. Anthony's threat thut unless
women get the ballot pretty soon they
will strike hands with tho Anarchists,
may b.e a blood curdling reason for hurt ying
them into line us voters, but it
affords no assurance that Susan, after air,
will not bccomo a follower of the red
flag. A woman who can contemplate
. Anarchy us a method of advancing her
sex, is poor material for a voter.
Tho Fir*t IlrgimiMit Knciimpmont.
Ftrirmont Index.
Military men all agree that the militia
of the State cannot attain the desired i
protieiqney without some experience in
camp, i' j? 10 tiiin nine noproviniun mis
"boon made by the State for paying the
expenses of tlic troops. At the'meeting
lief?I in Grafton it was decided to go into
an oufcampmOnt, and several of the
towns of the State, realizing the adviuitage
that tlic encampment would be to
the business of the place, nre offering
some 'inducement* to sCcitrO it. What
the boys desire is \'to he relieved of
the expenses thJWouW necessarily be
incurred. The cost of transportation
would be small, and the boarding of the
troops would not bo large. We are confident
thnt any place with a suitable fair
ground could easily make enough from
(he visitors to defray all the expenses
and leave a large margin for the towij in
addition'.1 C'apt. Sine, of Company I),
(Camden Guards, Mannington), has the
matter in charge. We hope the boys
will makf sui^flblo arrangements anil
that tholr encampment will in every
way Imj a success.
Hon. J. X. Camden, Gov. J. B. Jackson
and James Capohart, Em,. desire to
represent,the Jknnocmts of this congressional
district in tho National Conveu- .
tion, which meets at St. Louis in June.
They are all goi^i noinocrats, and fully ?
able*to meet WV)\draft which tho chairman
of the National Executive Commit- c
tee may draw upon thom after the nom- %
inntion for President has been made.? ti
Huntington Adc<rti#r (Dan.) /
John C. McEldowney, of Wetxelcoun- \
ty, is a candidate for the Democratic
Domination for Auditor. r
A Republican, writing to the Ravenswood
Aft?*, booms Hon. B. B. Dovener, fj
of Wheeling, for Governor. c
Henry G. Davis' boom for the Gov- 1
crnorahip bids fair to absorb those of all ft
other Democratic statesmen. n
The Tucker Democrat is pushing Hon. e
John J. Davis forward as a congressional
candidate from the First district. c
State Treasurer Thompson is being J
pushed forward by his friends as a cau- 1
didate for Congress from the Fourth district.
And so we must have a third party in
this State? Well, it has lost the amend
. tlmiiuunil vntnu
II1CJJI ill I CHOI ICI? lU?uw.?u .w^ww, .
Alta Timet (hid.) t
West Virginia among Republican c
States next fall! How's that, Mr. Mills?
You shouldn't have introduced that bill
of yours until after the election.? Wyo- a
ming New (Hep.) c
Alf. Caldwell, the present incumbent, s
W. K. Thompson, of Summers; Alex, e
Kwing, of Marshall, and Pat. Crogan, of f
Preston, are all mentioned as candidates s
for Attorney General. t
The Third party aspires to ho great J
over the prostrate form of the Republi- 1
can party, and that without honesty or 11
merit, tat it be firmly rebuked.?Graf- c
ton Eagle-Sentinel (llep.)J *
The suggestion of our popular Mayor
Hon. D. C. Lee, as the Democratic candidate
for Governor, has met with the ,
approval of a number of .tlio leading t
Democratic papers.?Clnrhburg New*
A Washington correspondent of the
Charleston Star, says that it is the i
opinion about Washington that should |
Mr. Blaine be nominutcd for President ,
Gen. GolT will got the Vice-Presi- |
dency. i
Mr. Riley, of Wheeling, who was 1
chosen Chairman of the- State Demo- I
orotic Executive Committee last week, <
is an earnest and pushing Democrat, as <
well as a bright young lawyer. lie is a *
I good organizer and will hustle matters. 1
?Kami wha Gazette (Vein.) '
Nearly every leading Democrat in the 1
| State has been "mentioned" for Gov- '
ernor. fn view of the closeness of 1
things, however, the gentlemen them- 1
selves ?lo not exhibit u retnarKamo tie- *
gree of enthusiastic encouragement of
the booms. Thev are not anxious to be 1
There soems to be ample authority for j
the statement that the nomination for
Congress in this district will not be
given to Mr. Hogg for a second term (
without a struggle. Already Mr. W. T.
Thompson and Mr.?u8tace Gibson are
announced by their friends as candidates
for the position, and last week a l
friend of Mr. Thompson was in our city
trying to work up some interest in his
behalf. The candidacy of these gentlemen
from Cabell county may result in '
other aspirants placing their claims before
the convention also.?Parkmburg
Sentinel (Dan).
West Virginia voters, can you bo
duped into the belief that it is fair to
you and your State that Louisiana sugar
and Alabama iron must be protected and
your wool, coal, salt?aud lumber go on
the free list. We will not believe it,
and we think that next November tlief
will see that your intelligence has been
underestimated. Louisiana and Alabama
spoke out through their journals
that if Congress dared to put their products
on the free list that Democracy
would go under, but the average Democratic
editor in West Virginia has. not
sense enough to kick.? Hta/on Republican.
I n the River and Harbor bill* to be reported
to the House of Representatives
this week, the appropriation allotted to
the Monougahela river is $35,000. That
is more than twenty-live per cent higher
than past appropriations, probably on
n/f/mtiL of tlx? nresenco of a Free Trade
member from the Second. Went Virginia
district. But tins is too insignificant
ft sop to compensate the people for
the present.loss in wool and the future
destruction of tlyj coal business. Don't
overlook this important fact, Mr. William
L. "Wilson.?Fairmont W?r4 Virginian
If the Wheeling Regitlcr is trying to _
drive the temperance element out ot its
party, it is adopting a very wise course
to do it. It has already uiade it a difficult
tiling for Prohibition Democrats to
remain.with his party and support its
party candidates. It has as much us
said that the thing for Prohibitionists to
do was to vote with the Prohibition
party. Its anxiety to boom the Third
Party Prohibitionists in order to defeat
the amendment and possibly the Republican
party, may expose the cloven
foot to some of his own party, and drive
them from it. Wo have lots of Democrats
in this, -the Tenth Senatorial District,
who have demonstrated that they
will not vote for just anybody that thefr
party may put up.?Ruckhaimon Delta
Register is out in a long editorial
upon tin; third party question, upon
which it throws a floo'd of the peculiar
light which it is wont to throw upon all
questions which engage its attention. It
is what most people know as darkness.
It is not afraid of the third party as an Q
antagonist to the Democratic party now,
and if it should ever become so, the lira- .
inter thinks the Democratic party will
not be afraid to meet it. The courage of
the Regirter is phenomenal, and its love
for the principles which the third party J
advocates is about as ardent as that J
which a certain personage of bad repute c
is said to have for "holy water." We i
do not like to impugn anybody's 1110- "
lives, but when the Regutcr advocates a J
third party we feel quite sure there is a c
"cat under the meal." ?Keyscr Echo V
(top.) 5
When did this State produce enough {
grain to supply oven the home demand? c
And while you are answering you may fj
tell us when she raised hogs enough to ?
meet the wants of the market.? Went s
Virginia Farmer. The Farmer'* inquiry *j
is pertinent and timely. During cam- y
paign years thousands o"f West Virginia
lainin iiiv imjiiuuuLinu uuiu iwn ui
tention. Tim historv of tliu State shows \
tlmt State ami Presidential elections are v
followed by a scarcity of furm products v
and a cou?equental limit of the circulat- v
ing medium. Too many farmers find it r
more congenial to attend political meet- 11
ings than to cultivate the acquaintance k
of their farms and crops. If the drouth k
of the post year, followed as it is by the J:
well-founded cry of hard times, shall
stimulate farmers to plant larger crops P
this year than usual, and till them with J;
unwonted industry^^jvill^ prove a \\
WI'JI" "Tbe
OmUrt Cor# oo Earth for tola.* w/U *!
y4S*??l?k. BvclUora. muz b*ck, llnuSi', '
Itory^Bcaldi; Oiy. JLurnb* tr
^ *- r.
tuoko Lunn'i Cubob ClnrettM, for Catarrh
I-Prlco 10 2:
Special Notices. A!
FITS:-A11 FluKtoppod free bjr Dr. Kline'* p)
irtat Nerve Kettoror. No Flu after flrut day's ni
i?o. Marveloua cures. Treatise and 9200 trial
ottle free to Fit ca?ee. Bend to Dr. Kline, 9S1 ft
>rch lUWt, Philadelphia, P*. ?VN? 4
testing in disguise. Crow can not start
[ unplanted or mature 11 uncultivated. 71th
more work and less political loaf- '
og, West Virginia will blossom as the d
ose.?Jackton Herald (Dan.)
There will be four Slate tickets in the eld
this vear in West Vireinia: Demo- "1
rat, Republican, United Labor and the
'bird Party or Prohibitionists. It is J
jarful to contemplate tho mangled re- e
laiiiH that will strew the Held.?Park- ^
nburg Sculinel (Dern.) It
is suggested by a number of Demo- ]
rata tbatPutnam county at the Ravens- ,
1 ..Mocnt thi. nnnin 1
)r. T. P. Carpenter be voted for on a
lelegate to (lie National Convention. r
'he Doctor would make an excellent M
lelegate. The honor has never yet rested n
a Democrat for this county. It does "]
eem as if it ought finally to get around J
u Putnam. It is time at least to break 'J
he long line of tmccession iu Mason
ounty.?Putnam Democrat. r
? * * \
Chronic Couch* and Cold*,
jul all diseases of the throat und lungs, (
an be cured by the use of Scott's Euiul
ion, us it contains the healing virtues of
od liver oil und hypophospliitcs in their
ullest form. Is a beautiful creamy emulion,
palatable as milk, easily digested,
aid can bo taken bv the moat delicate.
Measeread: "I conHider.Scott's Emulsion
he remedy par-excellence in tuberculous "
md strumous affections, to say nothing J
if ordinary colds and throat troubles."?
?V. K. S. Oonxkll, M. D., Manchester,
Jliio. mwkaw
* r
No doubt Mr. Anthony Comstock
vould undertake to put a girdle around j
he earth in less than forty minutes.
How Men Die.
If we know all the methods of ap- ,
)roach adopted by an enemy we are the
jetter enabled to ward of!' the danger ,
uul postpone the moment when sur- I
rendered becomes inevitable. In many i
instances the inherent strength of the
IxkIv suffices to enable it to opjKJse the
tendency toward death. Many, how?ver,
have lout these forces to such an
jxtent that there is little or no help. In
jthcr cases a little aid to the weakened (
lungs will make all the difference be- i
tween sudden death and many years of
useful life. Upon the first symptoms of
i eolith, cold or any trouble of the tlirout '
?r lungs, give that old and well known
emedv?Boschee's German Syrup, a j
areful trial. It will prove what >
;housands say of it to be, tho "benefac
or of any home."
The baker is something of a yeaster ;
limself. \
JOEIIMANX?Saturday, March 31. 1888, at 10
o'clock I', m., at the residence *?f lj.;r son-inlaw,
John Clykcr. No. 2708 Koff street. Mr*.
Louisa, wife of the lute George Uocliinnuu,
In the Glih year of her age.
?uneral from tho above residence on Monday
afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Interment at Redmen's
Cemetery. Friend* of tho family are
respectfully invited to attend.
^gWEINTHE un\\$W
Gone Where the Woodbine Twineth.
Rata are smart, but "Rough on Rata" boats
them. Clean out Rata, Mice, Roaches, "Water
Buct, Flies, BeeUoa, Moths, Ants. ilosquitoea,
Iktl-buffB, Hen Lice. Insects, Potato Bugs,
Sparrows, Skunks, Weasel, Gophers, Chipmunks,
Moles, Musk Rats, Jack Rabbits,
Squirrels. lSo. and j?c. Druggists.
ROUGH ON PAIN" Plaster,roroeed. 15c.
?ROUGH ON COUGHS." Coughs, colds, 23c.
"Roueh on Itch" Ointment cures Bkln Humor*,
I'im jiloii, Flesh Worms, RlntrWonn, Tetter,
.SaJtRhouro, Frosted Fwt, Chllblnlrm, Itch,
IvyPolsou, Barber's I tch, Scald Head, Eczema.
60c. Drug, or moll. E. S. Wkllb, Jersey City. 1
Cures Piles or Hemorrhoids, Itchlnj?. Protrud- ]
Ing, Bleeding. Internal and external remedy
In each package- Bure cure, BOc. Druggists
jr mall. E. 8. Weixs, Jersey City, N. J.
TRADE ^5S0P^MARK* kiifioiiS
iuaker Mill Co., Ravenna, Ohio.
mrUtoUTh $
LJL TUAIX8?On and after Feb. 27, 18?8-Ex- c
I.ANATIOS ()K Kf.KKHENCE M Alt Kit. "Dally. tStmsy
excepted, t Monday cxceptod. ^Saturday
xrepted. (Sunday only.?Eastern Standard
?. <c u. ii. ll.?EAST. Depart. Arrive.
depress *5:40 am *10:55 pm
Ixprcss *5:45 piu ?10:fi0 am
'uinlH'rlund Accotn- 8:30 um 5:50 pm
imfton Aivom 8:45 pm 0:25 nm '
ioundsvillc Accom- 12:01pm l:40pni
WEST. j}i
Ixprcn (Chicago and Col).-. *9:50 iun ?C:45pm ?
UcMtfo Express- 3:40 pm ?9:50am
ftieago Limited 10:00 pm ?ft:40nm B
'olumbus Accom 2:25j>m fl0:35 nm ,
incinnati Limited 2 1:15 pm 25:00 nm n
olumbus ft Cincinnati Ex.. 2:45 nm (5:00 nm
t. Cluinivillo Aecom 7:?r. nm fi0:35 nm rc
t. Clalmillo Aecom '2:00 pm tl :35 pm
t. Clairsville Aecom 5:15 pin fO:45pm f?i
t. Clalnsvllle Aceoiu f8:20 pm
W.. 1*. ft It. I>lv.
ftuhlngton nnd Pittsburgh. *"5:00nm *9:40 nm
k'nshinston nnd I'ituburxh. t8:10nm 112:45 pm
t'a>hiti^t?ui mill IMttxburKli. *7:00pm tr?:55pm
k'aahlugton and Pittsburgh. tl:45pm ?U:10jun
t'ashimrton - f5:20pm t8:00ani
C. ft St. L. Itjr.
ittMbnrKb 17:35 am t7:00pm .
ItthburKb nnd New York..., tl :35 pm Til:45pm lc
itUburgb aud New York.... f4:20pm til:15 am
xprcw, Cio. nnd St. Louis* t7:35pm t7:15 am
xprcss, Clti. and Rt. l<ouis- to:05 pm t 7:00 pm
x press, Steubenvlllo ft Col. tl :35 pm f3:45piu
teubcnvllle aud Dennisou- t4:20 pm ?
C. ft 1>. It. It.
itUburgb and Cleveland-... tC:10aro t8:47pm
teubcnville Accom tO:33am +3:43 pm
itu., New York ft Chicago- til:1" am fl 1:32 nm .
'ellftvlUo Accommodation- 15:14 pm t?!:23pm *
IGvel'd, Chi. ft IMttub'K Ex. {2:02 pm {8:53 am R
C., I- ft W. It. It.
xprcss, Cleveland, K. ft \V_ tl2:85pm t3:05pra ~
iasslllon Accom 15:00 pm fl 1:25 am U
l. cialrio-llle Accom fH:l0nm to:55am I1
U Clairsville Amim ^10:25 am +3:35 pm
U Clairsville Accom t2:05pm f5:85pm
t. ClalrKVille Accom 0:10 pm 8:00 pm Oi
ocal Krebfht and Accom-... 8:30pm t7:30pm
Ohio Itivur llullrond. % .
isscngor "7:45 nm *11:4ft nm c
uwengcr *12:00 am *2:n0pm v.
iMonRor *4:00 pm 8:15pm
II.. ft C. Itnllroad. u
Bellnire ft Zancsvillo Through I*amcngcr leaven
Bllairu at 8:40a. m., arrive* at lk-llalrcat 4 p. in.
WiHHlNtlulil Puuiinr lojiv-AB ibiM.iir.. t.
arrive*nt llcllalreat8:20a. m.
Hummerilcld Accommodation leave* Bcllalrc
; 1:00 p. m., arrive* wt Hellalrc at 10:15 a. m.
fT On and after Mnuilay, October 81, 1887. KU
aln* on the Wheeling & Kim Urovo Railroad A]
111 run aa follow*: m
bavrWhekumo . ut
6:30 a. m., 7:00 a. m., 9:00 a. m., 10:00a.m., 1:30 _
m., 3:ao j?. m., 5:20 p. in., 7:00 p. m., 0:00 p. in.
wuvK at Wiirkumo Park:
0:00 a. m., 7:35 a. m., 0 Uft a. m., 11:35 a. m., 2:05
m., 4:05 p. m., 5:55 p. m., 7:35 p. m.,'J:35 p. m.
0:10 a.m.. 7:45 a.m., 10:00 a. m., 12:30 p. m.. J
30 p. m., 4:20 p. m., 6:10 p. m., 8:00 p. in., 10:00 i
m. vo
muvr. at Wiir.ruj?o:
B:45 a. m., 8:3) a. m., 10:35 a. m., 1:05 p. m., 3:0f? 1
m., 4:W p. m., G:45 p. m., 8:35 p. m., 10:3bp. m.
SUNDAYS.?Ixmvo the city at ?:00 a. m. and
n every hour until 9:00 p. m. I .cave Wheeling
irk at? a. m. and run every hour until 10 p. m.,
cept the church train, vrhlch will leave (he _
rk at 9:45 a. m. and city at l:?5p. tu. C.
N? C, H1K8CH, SupL 1
New Advertisements.
1 T coomy la W?it Virginia. You cao makl
lear about ten dollar* per day. The goods art
rat-claa* and sell eaillv. Addren Aoest, cart
t statnm llotel, Wheeling. W. Va. apy
T OAOE in the manufacture of Enameled
rick*, or of Tflwfor Deooratlre Building pur
o*e*. Tile* in *emi-tran*parent colon, opaqu?
namela, Inlaid and painted. Tiles alio for cell
?* and wall* without cement Addre** HER
EKT HEYWOOD. V. O. Trenton. N. J. apy
"o Tl'ftom if May CoHCtrn:
This ia to certify that I respectfully decline U
uu for Council at the electon to be held at Ben
ood on April 3. Your* truly,
"o Whom it Jfay Concern:
This Is to certify tbnl I respectfully decline t<
un for Council at the election to be held at lien
rood on April 3.
Call and sec the
Sensible Sad Iron.
It is far ahead of anything yet offered.
ap2 1210 Main Street.
Contractor and Builder. All
Cnrpcnter Work promptly attended to 01
eiutotiubfe terms.
All work personally attended to.
Siiof, Alley IS, rear of Capitol. Residence, i
fifteenth street: Shop in rear. ]a2
For tho public to know that Robert Luko ha
l two-horse Spring Wagon for moving purposa
vith experienced men to handle furniturt
i'rompt attention will be given to orders left n
ny stable. 143fl Market street. mr22
A meeting of the Plumed Knights will bo hel
m Monday evening, April 'J, at 7:30 o'clock, t
;he Lincoln Club Rooin.
B.S. ALLISON, President.
J. A. Mctcalf, Secretary. ap2
Regular Tuesday packe
for Itirkenbar/.', Vamroy, GaUl* v ,
h)1N. Ironton. lluiitlngton. Porta- LjbBKI
iiouth, Maysville, Cincinnati uud?
Louisville. Thu elegant pu*hcuger steamer
Choi. Muhlcmun, Com'r, Murt F. Noll, Clerk,
ivell leovo for|nl?ovu points on Tuesday, Anil
3, at U o'clock r. M. ruRscngerH ami freight r
Minted through to ull point* Went and South.
For freight ur passage apply on lxmrtl or to
H)?-' FRANK ItOOTH, Agent
Base Ball Exchangt
No. 1318* MAIN STREET,
Will Open Wednesday April 4
Housekeeper's Delight
Mops, Wash Boards, nil kinds of Soaps, Sapolit
Sonpine. Kakoitie, Hath Hrlck,
Sudsena, Stove I'oIIkIi.
Melophine for CarpetCleanine
You want to try this, It mukcsold Carpet* loo
like new.
Everything in season for hotwo cleaning nt
Conner & Snedeker's
Cor. Market and Fourteenth Street*.
Try our Fresh Koastcd Coffee, ax-. apOPERA
Friday and Saturday, April 6 & 7
The best invasion of the drama by CIIAS. II
ffOYT, author o/ "A Hole ta the Ground,"
[tag Baby," "A lira.?H Monkey," ctc., entltlod,
Uuder the Management of Messrs. Hoyt ?fc
)verflowlng with New Music, New Songs, Nov
Specialties aud 1'rctty Dances!
I'MIMIlKIl, VICTOltlA. Pretty filrlii
Night prices, 75 and60 cents. Reserved scab
II. Matinee prises, .'0 nnd 'Si cents. llescrvo
eats, 75 eents. Heats on sale at F. \V. Ilauiner?!
.'o.'s mutile store, sale to eommencc Wednesday
Vprll 4. np'J
1 vii llktfll la
No. 131 VirKinlii street, 5 roomed bouse, $12 5C
No. 133 VirKinlu street, ft roomed bonne. 91- AC
No. 41 Maryland street, 6 rooms ana attic
12 W.
No. 130 Fourteenth street, 5 rooms, SM 00.
No. 220*. K??ir Htreet, -I rooms MnU attic, 813 00.
No. 2502 Main street, 4 rooms, kitchen an(
eliar, 89 oo.
No. 2501 Main street, 4 rooms, kitchen anc
ellar, 80 oo.
No. 2.1O8 Main street, newly pattered, S9 00.
No. 2607 Alley II, 4 rooms, newly papered, 89 00
214 Acre Farm 1 y, miles south of Moundivlllc
7. Va.; 175 acres cleared. l'rice, 88.600.
New Frame House, northern* corner of Ccntn
ml Murhiiali streets, Fulton, W. Va. Price
No. 2G34 Main street, brick houso, 0 rooms;
round, n half lot; price. SI.000.
No. 2t>l2 Main street, brick houso; ground, o
nlf lot; price, $1,600.
No. 130 Fnurteeuth street, brick house, S
wins, price 82,000.
No. 740)? Market street, 5 roomed frame house;
round, u quarter lot or more, 11,300.
No. Maml No. 87 Sixteenth street; price,811000.
No. 82 Nineteenth street; price. 84.000.
No. l?.l| Market street; price, 87,000.
Noh. 2101 nud 210:1 .Main street; price, $ft,f?00.
No. 2102 Malu street; price, 82,700.
No. fiO North Front street: price, 83,.TOO.
No. 212ft Market street; price, $9,000.
No. 42 Kentucky street; price, $1,500.
Nos. 23 nnd 25 Twentieth Htreet, with all the
it west of said houses; price, 810,000.
No. 130 Twelfth street; price, 82,400.
No. 68 Virginia street; price, 82,000.
No. 187 South Penn street; price,$800.
No. 189 South Penn street: price, $1,&j0.
No. 76 Zanestreet; price, 81.000.
No.222-t Chaplinc street; price, $7,500.
No. 89 Fourteenth street; price, $Ti,000.
No. .72 Fifteenth street; price, $0,60).
No. 2912 Market street; price, $8<J0.
james a. henry,
eal Estate Agent, U. 8. Pension and Claim Attorney,
Collector and Notary Public. qp2
ircir. RnrtVc that nro IIwauo in Saaonn
ne who can piny or ring need never be lonely?
with such book* iw these in the house:
lasslcal Pianist and Piano Classics,
icli 81.00 nre choice midline collections of tho
best new piece# by eminent composers.
Young Peoplo's Classics, 11.00, conIns
much good nnd easy mimic.
Best edition* of the I'iano work* of nr.rniovr.N,
ruale. Send for llxts.
For players on Violin, Guitar, Mandolin, Bannnd
all Heed ami Orcheatral Instruments,
od music nnd reliable instructors are provided.
Iso a largo nnd good assortment of the Instruents
themselves for sale at our Branch Store,
ider tho title of
, C. Hayiks k Co., 33 Court St., Boston.
['leave send for grand Pictorial Catalogue.
kkI Vocal Music lor home entertainment l?
Song Classics, tl?m high class songs.
Boon Old Bonos We Cud to Bino, fi?th? it
rite song* of n half ccntury.
L'oli.kok Sottas, 50 cu,-popular and easy.
jongs and q ax ics *oa llttlk o.neh, fi
Any Book Mailed for Retail Price.
IT. D mo* ?fc Co., W" Broad way, No* York.
Geo. E. Stlfel & Co.
& CO.
We have this dav olaced on
. . - QTV t - ,
sale our Large and Elegant
" Line pf
Ottoman & Velvet
I Tailor-MadeJACKETS!
In ull the Latest Shades and Styles :
Velvet, Plush and Dress Goods
Departments are now more
complete than ever, having
added all the newest styles and
latest shades in Plain and
and Morie Silks, Plain and
^ Novelty Plushes, Velvets and
) Dress Goods.
- New line of French Satines reI
ceived, and we are now able to
show the largest and most
complete assortment in both
' shades and styles, in the city.
l ^
1114 Main Street.
- mrl2
J. S. Rhodes & Co.
Black Hose
At 25 Cts.
!: Will put on sale this morning
' 100 dozen Schopper Best Make
j Black Hose at 25c a pair, regui
lar price 40c. Full regular
made and Fast Black.
i852t~swan<ftrade. 1888. \
And Ceiling Decorations!
WTThc largest Block and greatest variety In
tho State.
Baby Carriages!
100 In Store. Prices from tC 00 to 110 00.
We are nolo ngenta for tho Downing Sleeping
Coach, tho bent Baby Carriage in tho world.
All goods sold at prices to suit tho times.
Jos. Graves & Son
26 Twelfth Street.
Diornnn fiD17DTTMfi I _
MOlJUl UALIilimi !
Wo have ready our lino of
Easter Cards, Booklets and Novelties,
And invito public inspection.
Mail order* promptly attended to.
Stanton & Davenport, _
mr? Ko. 1301 MARKET ST.
Magazines and Cheap Publications, J
Bound Book*, School Hooka and Stationery.
Ijooka not in itock furnished to order.
Periodicals by the year at publlahcra' loweat
prices, delivered In tho city or mailed. ft 1
Booloeller. Stationer and Newadealer,
^ Ko. 1414 A l.Vff Market Htreet i
a ll kinds of 'j1
Neatly and pmnptly executed attbo
toailr IrrtiAAn encui Jon Orrtac,
Kes. 23 and 27 Fourteenth atreet. *
Frew & Bertschy?Furniture and Carpets.
Must be given to people who will not wake up to the necessity of coming to
Critically Examine Our SPRING STOCK.
It Ib a beautiful assortment of tbo very
Oil Cloths and Linoleum,
Window Shades and Curtain Poles,
Saxony Chlidema Rugs, New,
Smyrna and Moquett Rugs,
Fancy and Plain China, Napier and CocoaMattings
OTYou will find It very profitable to visit us and inspect our carefully selected Spring Stock fir
n r\ t\
1117 Main Street.
Special attention given to Undertaking and Arterial Embalmini
Telephone calls answered at all hours.
Geo. R. Taylor & Co.?Dry Coods.
Lace Curtains.
George R Taylor & Co
Beg to announce the arrival of their regular
purchase of New Spring and Sum
mer Goods and that their stock is now
ready for inspection.
Lace Curtain Department
In addition to our general stock of Dry
Goods we will also open and place on sale
this morning the largest and most carefully
selected stock of Lace Curtains,
from medium quality to the finest, ever
offered in this market, and at prices that
should be satisfactory to the closest
r-> : ?
Velvet, Gauze,
And Madras,
Curtain Poles and Fixtures.
Wall Paper?J. C. Orr.
Wall Paper I Wall Paper
Thortindottlencd inform* hi* friend* ntid patron*, old and new. thnt >10 has
just opened*FINE and SELECT LINK of
Direct from the Manufacturers, at
-No. 41 Twelfth Street,-(Formerly
occupied by the Undcrwri^n* Insurance Company.)
Finn Papers for Wall, Celling and Dccamtloiw a Specialty. Come anil see.
j". a. ore1
mr!7 Agent for A. C. Orr.
Boots and Shoes?James Divine.
tare Opportunity for Shoe Buyers
>QQQ" I Broken lots of the best Boots and Shoes an
0O&I | offered to Close at unheard of prices, to make roon
>r Spring Goods.
JAMES DIVINE. 1107 Main Street.
Jewelry, Watches, Etc. China, Class and Queensware
c x XFU vattd dvuq i "rookwood
UAiu lvun limn! Easter Pieces.
i yonr ?rea ?o weak anil rmnlro attention. OH and *o them at
il at 1. oT DILLON A CO.'S am! Rvt a pair ol EWING BROS
KINO'S COMBINATION I mrfll 1216 Market Ht., opp. McLnrc nouwo.
'ECHCLES ?HE tliSSES. Jm'???
tfJgUSfftr "*prwcrT0,h0 " Wall Papers. Borders
c. dillon & co..
WEyct Fitted Without Charge. mr27 fc24 1119 and 1121 Main StreeL
Grand Opera House!
O. C. GENTIIER. Lcuee and Manager.
Easter Monday, April 2,
The Powerful Melo drama,
The Wages of Sin !
By aStroug Metropolitan Cant.
Admiolon, 15, '.Sand 50 centa. Matinee pricea,
15,25 and S5 cents. tfeau ou sale m Mcl.uru
House' Pharmacy. mr?
If yearn old. Must bo g?x?d worker* ami
Bouud; weigh about 1,200 pouudn. Committee
will examine them Monday afternoon. At>ril 2.
WVlSStlbSSS 01 ohlo<^yy.
\T7ANTKI)-WK pesihe TO KS.
TT TABL181I* general agency In Wheeling
or vicinity, to control tlic mile of a ctunlu
article ??f daily conaumntiou. Any energetic
man with small capital may wrure u j*rmaticnt,
paying businca*. For iiarticulitr* ?.!
dreaa (iiiKKN wicit Makitactvuiso Co., 10 Vmv
atrcet. N. Y. mr.:i
General Notices.
I, the undersigned, do hereby announco myself
a candidate for the nomination For SitEutpp
of the County of Ohio, Wc?t Virginia, subject to
i( Stockholders' Meetings.
An adjourned annual and ipcelal meeting of
the atockholders of the WhevlliiK A: llarrirtliurir
ltuilway Com|miiy of Went Virginia, will be held
at the Company's ofllce lu the city of Wheeling.
Jon Monday, tho ICth day of April. IKss, ut >
o'clock i?. u. It. II. CuniKAN,
? For Rent.
llDU.0, No. OSS Muiu ?tloot. Ill ITOIIurn.
tiled by Mm. Henry llorkhelmcr. PowMioti
given April 1. Apply to H. HA17.K1.1.,
reasonable rent, within oho minute's wnlk of
Me Lure House. Address X. A., cure > ( thin
olBcc. "ir.ll
For rent?1the desirable
new dwelling house, 1110 Chapllne street,
at present oeeunlen by John 1J. Meuilu: natural
gas, hot and cold water throughout; all modern
conveniences. Enquire o* \N. 1'. liACHM.VN,
No. at Eleventh street. Jal'j
Belle view residence
A new two-story residence. four larve room*
upstairs, and dinlng-rooin, kitchuu and cellar on
llrat floor. A well of excellent water near the door,
limni stable and shed for carriage*. Situate in
llelluvlew addition near Frank Ilearue's re?ldence.
Will bo routed from April 1 to October 1,
next, on reasonable terms. Apply to
mrM Two Mile Home.
por rent,
Two Cottages, I rooms each.
One two-story house of 4 rooms on the Inland.
One House, :i rooms. In Fulton.
One House, 7 rooms, Foil" street, Fifth wurd;
all lilted with natural pis.
One Largo Stable with eight stall*.
- It. II. UILLE8PY, Agent
Whkei.ixo. March 30. lhHH. mt ai
jpoil rent.
Ono Six-roomed House on the Island, J12CQ,
Ouo Largo House on Fifteenth street.
Lodging Rooms lu liaily's liloek.
mr2t 1112 Chapllne Street.
jpor rent.
The Store-room, No. 53Twelfth street, iti Washington
Hall lluiiding, now occupied by Win. If.
8helb. Possession given April 1,18K8.
Secrctury Washington Hall Association, I
Ja4 l'JW Main Street.
i jior rent.
A New Three-story Rusiness House, 100 feet
deep, to be erected at 1067 Main street. If leased
Rurdiug plan of building to i*' erected.
For Sale.
j^uiTsai.ic low.
Farm of 257 Acres within two mile* of flrxtcliim
Ntutlon on II. ?i 0. Railroad, 100 acres tinder
cultivation, and the mdduo in uucuiled timber,
oak, jwplur nud walnut.
fe22 i:aw Market Street.
40 Shore* People's ltonk.
10 Shares Ohio Valley liank.
IK .Share* Itiveraldc Nail Mill.
25 Him re* Junction Noli Mill.
15 Share* Uifclle Null Mill.
10 Share* 1'eabody IuMirauce Company.
4 Share* Klmin Ulu** Compauy.
J. IltWlS", Stock Broker,
mr29 No. 21 Twelfth Stn-et.
A two-etory Frame ITouro and half acre lot.
one mile we*t of Bridgeport, Ohio, on National
Komi. Ilouxe coiitaltiN neveu r??oui* and summer
kitchen, u good btnhle and all nece*N?ry ??utbuildiug*;
plenty of choleo fruit on ptcmiKi;
cheap and on cany term*.
AIho, agood two-Htory Brick Dwelling llonio
on South iUiron street, Wheeling l*lan<l.
AIM), several nue larm* ior sale.
Insurance and Ileal En into Agent,
fe!3 * itmihiki-t'in, <*iiio.
For Sale or Exchange for City Property.
No. 1?A Farm of Warren, 1ft acre* In wheat;
good house; well *ltuatcd, on good road, nix
rallo* from MartlnriturK- l'rlee, rihOO.
No:A Farm of lui acre*, lit acre* wheat;
small house and stable; situate on good road.
Price, 81,000.
No. 3?A tract of Wt acre*, choice wild cherry
tliut>er land. l'rlee, W per acre.
No. 4?A traet of sift acrca choice wild cherry
timber land. Price, M iter acre.
No.fi?A tract of l.tOOncrc*, -tw Improved, 70J
In good titular. l'rlee, $1 per acre.
No. 0?A Farm of 3U8 acres. good Improvemenu,
well situated. Price, 92) per acre; but
not for exchange.
No. 7?A Farm of 851 acrea; Rood Improvement*
and well situated, l'rlee, SJU j?er acre; no
J. H. BR1ST0R,
rarlrt-n.?w? Martln-ilmnr. W. Va.
Lot No. 41, nituntcd on the north side of Vir*
? ginla street and ea*tof South I'cnn street, V h?dlug,
W. Va. If not Hold nt private hale I Will nil
It at public aale at the front dour of the Court
Howie, on SATURDAY, Al'KIL 7. In*. at 10
o'clock. It 1* the most desirable vacant buildJnc
lut on the l>lan<L
Termh or Sai.e?One-third Yash, balanre fti
two equal payment* atoann isimimun, mm mtercut
from day of wile, nrnl property mured to I
tho satisfaction of the undersigned.
R. H. (ilLLKfiPY,
Agent for Klbtabuth Cocii. V
W. II. IIALMCR. Auctioneer.
Whkkuno. \V. Va.. Mnn li :to. 1wo*. mr:^ H
Wo offer for wile about i'> Acres of IjiikI Ju?t
cofltof the Court House, Moundsvillc, W. V?.,
on which In a large dwelling houseand outbuild*
iDffD, fruit trees, shrubbery, Ac.
S This lam! lies so that five of the principal
struct* extend through Jt.
^ Thin laud will be wild as n whole or In parcel*
> to suit the purchasers. Terms cu-y.
) Abo, about forty Building i/?t? adjoining
name. Inquire of J. W. GAI.I.AHKit,
JOHN M. I ri:M.K,
2 ii. w. iii'ntkk.
^ mrl Moimdnvllle. W. ,>j
(?4) Twenty-four Lote in CiiJdnrllMddJ*
= lion to tiio City of Wheeling*
cui.i r s.tn nm fiAnn<ln<l nn the north 1>T Twenty
ninth street, on tho cant i?y Filln><?r<? "!| s
the south by tho llandlnn Homestead, ana ?a i
the west l?y the B. A 0. K. H- , -iin*-!
Their proximity to the shore n?med
renders them excellent sites for inaBUw-tunn*
csuhlii hments. . ..us.
If not Mild In thirty days will be sold st yw
^ForwrnL and further Informntlon apply
W. V. IlOttK A ,
ffluo Market Stiwt,
OrWXLLIAM M. IUXDLA*, OI?,wnth su.
auis h. W.Cor. ?,lwuil'n?"t:SK?n tnn ^
' SSB1

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