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" Trustee^ Sale^
of truit br liuc
a? Tlrta# of ? *? Jun? 8. !** ?*"
?t,t > ? >? -; , p, ,M court Houw? of "aid
J-'*' tie 2t& DAY ^ FEBRUARY,1S^
^jlBH.0 - A x tbe foltowini
a: ' o ? The loutl) hill
^2Tu("irtat Suture, Is
"" rf"' u?:b* C?r 01 ?Uo
*"nka" , V'WOI". ""i "? Unp""""""}
. . tte?t > w jj. .ittfilintf hoiia* uad
.. !:aran??ont building.
9 ' >> but selling as
H --!>!<* <',,av,'>' "Oly the title vested in rue
''rr*. y.?One-third cub. or is much
? - ' oa dar a/ anle.!
: .? >n?talmcntsatuneand
; - r ? ' Vive uotvi for .k
.. *1* j"T tout; the title
. . V'jiiaed until payment is made fa full.
0. O SMITH, Trustee.
m rgff i T f ,gi Angdoneey. j^gj
r> i.v v hereby adjourned until Satur
l,r ILudl IV.
0.SJOTH, Trustee.
I rv? tbore - it <"?tinued antJl Saturday,
I , . .. x.
I *j 0. SMITH, Trustee.
The Above sale ia udjourncd to April 7th, at
..**3 G. O.SMITH,
I Tnutee.
I Co-Partnership Notice.
I i," tbi.? admitted Mr. H. H. DUNLEVY
u. . a Planing Mills.
w. .\. wu6o?r.
- uccessor to Hanes & Wilson.
JiilCU 1, !&?
I Tie undented will operate tho Cnion PlanI
' every dcn-riptlon of
fbaiflf aothv, at Jo* prices.
I ; Lumber, Lath. Shingles.
I Jr.. u nai'ti Invito the attention of the trade
I , ' "iU be u? the Interest
f building to get our
I shore we will also con|
. .. aianuIacturiDg Nail Kegs and
V . rit .1 /barenl pituuc paimnarv
.,v:rl' ?tr:> t attention to business and the
ZeJiot our customers.
=r> (itlliv. i:'> Main Street.
Real Estate.
\ iv-*:mb!o Residence on South Penn street. 8
-.v;:a all modi-ru Improvements. Lot 75x
i i'rire rvuxitiable.
y.>!?ru" Roomed House, T, South \ork street,
IBr k if : darner Wood sad
l ay as an investment.
" \ Mt. Pleasant, Ohio,
fift: an.'-* (mm Wheeling.
neon North Front street;
jtj i<?).
: House on North York streeL
I?w.-i in-- Houses and store Rooms For Rent
.'.db AprilI.
P.. ;i! Estate Airent. l'J3) Main St.
Contractors and Builders.
Contractors and Builders,
fctiimus FuraWietl ou Work of all Description*.
Lumber. Lath, Shingles, &e.
fTSpudaUttealloa giroa to STAIR *V0tuw.
V? hare enjourwl a tint-claw Designer, and
nu-"? swul?y of Modern ami Artistic Store
v.l ' ui" K inn tuns aad Interior Decorations u(
til descriptions.
Orrict and Factory,
Cor. Nineteenth & Eoff Streets.
Plumbing, Cas & Steam Fitting.
Geo. Hibberd & Son,
Successors to Thompson L Hibberd,
Plumbers, Gas & Steam Fitters,
>?ECIaLTIES.-Natural Gas Supplies, Steam
Satin;; and Ventilation
1314 Market Street,
""All work promptly done at most reasoni
: *: en. mfJ8
Plumbers, Gas and Steam Fitters,
To Farmers, Gardeners, Etc.
Grape Vines for Spring of 1888.
J' Viriftltn of the best 01 d autl Xcw Grap4.1t
r a In thlseouutry.
? >!]! on], Ives, Hartford, Catawba or Ferkinj,
Martha, champion. Alva, Ajpiwam, Scneca,
ixrni.' i.x-the. or Warden's, (or $1 00.
la iwuinRton. Jefferson, Lady, Tclcgnpb,
atry, Wilder, Delaware, Brighton or Ducbvu,
> Niagara, Moore's Early or Empire State, for
n >" la * collection of other varictlw.
> ic? ?trictly tlnt-daM. and very low by the
laior l.iUi.
i.r.., nMpoernci, uiacKDema, strawoemcB.
Currant* uu<l (.o?)M'bvrric* in variety.
IVrwm* ilttttrinjr to plant ?tnall fruit* are reqnwtwi
u> Mind list of what they want, to be
priced, btiom onlerlng cUewheee. Addresa
Ja-T-m w Went Alexander. Pa.
Oliver's Xew I'liilM Hillside Plow
.Bewareof counterfeit Polnta lor Oliver Plow?;
lac genuine for sale by
,, No. 1113 Market Strecv, west side.
J{ K. (ilFFI.N & CO.,
General Ageuta for
W. T. L Spring Tooth Harrow,
Kvana' Tripple Harrow,
Evans' Corn Planter*.
_ ^r-T i j> Main Strrcu Wheeling. W. Va.
RFillTlN *>ropehlre. Ox, and Cot* SUEEP.
"""VI llLj jenwy Red* and Berkshire HOGS,
f iMn k.i anj ij, Leghorn Chicken*, Bronxe Turand
CARP in *eu*>n. EMJIXKH,
11. i' r*. 4c.. beat and cheapest', part pay
ia lumber. Hatlafaction giiumntvud on all.
SI! IK " n!lU kiok for ?> cent* and names and
addrcwof twenty wide awake Fanner*.
?*nil stamp for clrcnlani to
Kevwr. W.Na.
Musical Goods.
Pitta* Moved, Boxed and Stored, promptly
*ad carefully, by . _
wrU mo Market Siwrt.
n?l.. rt?n ** r\? ?.
vsiuy^o uu rer uo?n
- N'o. <2 Twrlfth fltrytTHIS
Se*irpajv*r Advertising Burma (10 flpruc*
?tnit),wh?nTadTef M?II If Alii#
Medical. _
rure'.own cMh?rtic. Th..- tr^ntmonl of COM
iwtlon due* notcotwUt merely in unloaoipf Ui
bowels. The medicine mu?t not onlr act * .
Durwtlve. but be a tonic a* well, and not pre
dace alter iu uae greater cowwac**-. ,**
cure a regular habit oI bodjr without changlni
the diet or disorganizing the sjrsttm
" *ara
"Mvattentlon.ufter suffering with Constlps
tlon for two or three years, was called to Sim
mons Liver Regulator. and, having tried alnios
everything i*l*e. concluded to try it. 1 first tool
a winegla**ful un<i afterwards reduced the dow
to a teaspoobful. u* per directions, after eael
meal. 1 found that it hud done me so mucl
good that I continued it nutil I took two bottle*
Since then I have not experienced any difficulty
I keep it in my houae uud would not be withoui
it, but have no use for it, it having cured me."Geo.
W. Sims, Assistant Clerk Superior Court
Bibb Co.. Ua.
Examine to see that you get the genuine, dis
tinguinhed from all frauds and imitations by oui
red Z Trade-Hark on front of Wrapper, and ot
the side of the .-eal and signature of J. H,
Do you feel dull, languid, Iow-snirited, lifeless,
and iudvscrtUibiy miserable, l>oth physlcally
and meutully; experienoo a sense of
fullness or bloating after eating, or of "goneness,"
or emptin<?s of stomach in tho morning,
tongue coated, bitter or bail taste in
mouth, irregular appetite, dizziness, frequent
Leadacht*, blurred eyesight, "floating specks"
before the eye?, nervous prostration or exhaustion.
irritability of temper, hot flushes,
alternating with chilly sensations, sharp,
biting, transient pains nero and there, cold
feet, drowsiness after meals, wakefulness, or
disturbed uud unrefreshlng sleep, constant,
indescribable feeling of dread, or of impending
11 juu uatc nu, ?/4 unj (.uuaiuciauic uuiuuct
of these symptoms, you are suffering from
that mort common of Amcriuin maladies?
Bilious Dyspepsia, or Torpid Uver, associated
with Dyspepsia, or Indigestion. The moro
complloit?'d j'our disease has becomc, tho
greater tho number and diversity of symptoms.
No matter what Rtagm it has reached.
Dr. Pierce's Uoldcii Medical Discovery
will subdue it, if taken according to directions
for a reasonable length of time. If not
cured, complications multiply and Consumption
of the Luniffl, Skin Diseases, Heart Disease,
Rhoumatlsm, Kidney Disease, or other grave
maladies are qulto liable to set in and, sooner
or later, induce a fatal termination.
Dr. Pierce** Goldeu iUcdkal Discovery
acts powerfully upon the Liver, and
through that great blood-purifying orgun,
cleanses tin? system of all blood-taints und impurities,
from whatever cause arising. it is
equally c!licacious in acting upon the Kidneys,
and other excretory nn.nn-?, cleansing,
strengthening, and healing their diseases. As
an appetizing, restorative tonic. It promotes
digestion and nutrition, thereby building up
both tlesh and strength. In muluriul districts,
this wonderful medicine has gained great
celebrity in curing Fever and Ague, Chills and
Fever, Dumb Ague, and kindred diseases.
Dr. Pierce's Goldeu micdlcal Discovery
from a common niotcb, or Eruption, to the
worst ScrofuJa. Salt-rbeum, " Fever-sores,"
Scalv or Houirh Skin, in short, all diseases
caused by barf blood aro conquered by this
powerful, purifying, and invigorating mediclno.
Great Eating fleers rapidly heal under
its benign influence. Especially has It manifested
Its potency In curing Totter. Eczema.
Erysipelas, Boils, Carbuncles, gore Eyes, Scrofulous
Sores and Swellings, ilip-Jolnt Dfacnse,
"White Swelling*." Goitre, or Thick Neck,
and Enlarged Glands. Send ten cents in
stamps.for a largo Treatise, with colored
plates, on Skin Diseases, or the same amount
for a Treatise on Scrofulous Affections.
Thorougblyelennse it by using Dr. Pierce's
Golden JXedlcn! DUeovery, and good
digestion, a ?air nkirt, buoyant spirit*, -vital
strength and bodily health will be established.
which Is Scrofula ortlie Lou?*, fa arrested
and cured by this remedy. If taken In the
earlier stages of tho disc aw. From its marvelous
power over this tcrriUy fatal disease,
when first offering this now world-famed remedy
to the public.. Dr. Pierce thought seriously
of calling it his "Cosscmption Cche," but
abandoned that name as too restrictive for
a medicine which, from Its wonderful combination
of tonic, or strengthening, alterative,
or blood-cleansing, anti-bilious, pectoral, and
nutritive properties, 14 unequaled. not only
as a romedy for Consumption, but for all
Chroule 2)l*ea*e? of tho
Liver, Blood, and Lungs.
For Weak Lunirs. Spitting of Blood. Shortness
of Breath, Chronic Nasal Catarrh. Bronchitis,
Asthma. Severe Co writs, and kindred
affections, it fa an efficient remedy.
Sold by Druggists, at $1.00, or Six Bottles
fO0^&od ten cents io stamps for Dr. Pierce's
book on Consumption. Address,
World's Cispsnsarj Medical Association,
G63 Main SI-. BCfflLOi N. Y.
'x. ATLANTA ,GA. ' ./
ELYS CatarhH
Allays Pain andB^T^ryrD J\ t2 &A
HoaUthoSoro.W /
Restores th
Senses of Taste|8?^sV^^?and
Smell. ^v.cPVEta
TRY the CURE. ?*" rMt"
A wirtkle l? nppIM Intn cyh n'?tril ?ml 1
afrmblt iTta *>c*i>t? ?'
nhttned. to ivnt?. K1A BROTBEra. J
Gwnwli'hatwt. Si?r\nrt. > """
DTP stopeedjrei
i mmmttt
att B??n? * *??*t lit ?*???. ,U*J?"??
m far ?** /v?, ?*
Kmuiiu It uk.? u ?xM.
rfrW *?' ? Tr,.U- u4 M!* ?* ?<* ??
n paunu, o?*? po??lt "P'WtfaT** **.*1?.-f
irtfi,??a to db. klink. wt a*** *?.. MiWl'iJift
KtiwS.^ *torumn>u /* <'" <
Suffering from tha effrct* of yonihful arrow, jar!]
decaf, WMttoff weakneaa, loat uaohood. Ho. I wtl
Mod ft Tftltubl* troatlao (aaalrd) containing fttf
particular* for horns care. FREE?fclurg?. l
roUtulld nodical work; hoald b* wad l7 ??!
man who If n?woo? and debilitated. AddwM
Steamship Tickets.
Thin year's Tcftfhcr*' Excursion larw Ne
York June Ski, WW. on the Hamburg .*u>ann
"SiwtIa." Capt. Ludwlg. The rery rheup excti
nlon rata (or ruund trip from New York to !U:
banc and mum in itu? Hr?l cabin Li only fro i
Tickets, prtMpMtuj and *11 information to I
bad on application lwu? ? m?RYX*.
mr 21 m? Market Street
r * and small hand bills.
Go to the Job Room, So*.
and 5 Fourteenth street, whew you can be i
goanuxlated at ehort noticc.
- 8lie Intelligencer,
Office: No*. '45 and 97 Fourteenth gtreet<
* Grandmamma's ere* art dim and old.
" They look through spectacles rlmaed with goli
L Goldilocks ejesarc bright and u?w,
* Curliiyrlashes they sparkle through.
Grandmamma'* eyes grow tired aooo.
And close full oft In an afternoon.
Goldilocks' eye* scarce droop the lid.
Only at night U their laughter hid.
Grandmamma's eyes have faded grown,
Goldilocks' blue as the heaven's own.
Grandmamma's eyes were once ss bright;
Whence has faded their light and UfeT
I Grandmamma's eyes hare helped her take
Many a stitch for dear love's uue.
1 Grandmamma's eye*, with a patience mild.
[ Have watched all night with a steeple** child.
; Grandmamma's eyes hare often wept
J With mourning heorts.whlle theslow dayicrep
" Thus have failed Grandmamma's eyes;
I Hardly a sparkle within them lies.
Goldilocks' eves must. too. grow dim.
' Lose the sunlight with which they brim.
May their brixhtnow. when dimmed at last,
; Not In the service of self have past!
' But sweetly, tenderly, day by day.
May they grow old in G randinamma's way!
Accidents and Incldenta in West Vlrgtnli
and Vicinity.
The encampment of the Division o
West Virginia, Sons of Veterans, will In
held at Grafton, May :J0T
The Spencer Rifles, composed of em
ployes of the MouUina Mines in Marior
county, will be mustered in in a fev*
It is proposed by some of the Marion
county militia to have a sham battle ami
competitive drill at Fairmont same tim?
in May.
The Grand Commandary K. T. wil
meet in Huntington, May 9, and tht
State Medical Society on the 10th, 17th
and 18th of May in the same city.*
ueorge jvcu.il*, oi luiuuuipu wum?
recently killed an eagle on the Black
Fork ot Cheat River. Its wings from tit
to tip measured 8 feet, anil it carried i
lamb, half grown, about 150 yards.
The Morgan Mercury, with commendable
enterprise, published at Berkeley
Springs, issued a special edition last
week, booming the famous old summei
resort, and the resources of Morgan
That Dakota blizzard which tackled
West Virginia last week got itseli
knocked silly on the first round by our
hills. It is needless to send anything
short of an earthquake this way.?Phil'
ippi Republican.
A military company has been organized
at Hinton, with Jas. H. Miller as
.Captain; J. A. Boggess, First Lieutenant
; L. A. Daniel, .Second Lieutenant;
Jake H. Hoover, Ensign, and L. J. Davis,
Orderly Sergeant.
Calls for the County Conventions to
organize auxiliaries to the West Virginia
Board of Immigration and Development
have been issued in nearly every County
in the State where organizations have
not already been effected.
Hon. Thomas A. Bradford, of Philippi.
died Saturday, after having remained
thirty-six hours totally unconscious
from a paralytic stroke received Wednesday
last. Mr. Bradford was one of
the best known men in the State and
was a leading Democrat.
Ellis Johnson, of Pennsylvania, who
has been operating a lumbering camp at
Alpina, Kandolpn county, for some
time, left for parts unknown a few days
ago and leaves numerous creditors to
mourn their loss to the tune of about
One of the booms of the St. Lawrence
Boom and Manufacturing Company at
Konceverte broke on Wednesday of last
week in consequence of a rapid rise in
Greenbrier river, and some 2,000 or 3,000
logs went sailiug toward the setting sun.
It is probable that most of them will be
An enthusiastic and largely attended
meeting of the Marietta College Club of
Cincinnati was held Thursday afternoon
perfect the necessary arrangements /or
transportation and subsistence, in ordef
that the elub may attend in a body the
centennial celebration at Marietta, 0.,
on April 7.
It is reported that in Jackson County
an epidemic of hydrophobia among cattle
of all kines and that farmers nave
lost thousands of dollars' worth of live
stock. The report comes by telegraph
via. New York, and is based upon a
special dispatch from Parkeraburg. It
is an improbable storv and in all liklihood
is made of whole cloth.
The South InteOujeneer reports that A.
W. Kereheval, Esq., went to Green
Spring Monday morning where he expected
to meet "a distinguished geologist
of New York, in company with whom
he intended to proceed to the eastern
end of the county for the purpose of
makingan examination of a vein of what
is believed to be a valuable mineral re*
cenuy uucuvurvu iu mat kvuux.
There is some disposition in certain
quarters to contest the legality of the
appropriation for the new asylum at
spencer. The argument against it is
that the appropriation was made at the
special session of the Legislature, and
that it was not one of the subiecjs mentioned
in the proclamation of the Governor
assembling the Legislature in special
session. If this be the true state ol
the ease, then it appears that the appropriation
was contrary to the Constitution
of the State.
There is no question, says the Waynesburg
Jiuinvendenl. but Mt. Morris can
lay the rightful claim as being the first
place to use natural gas for heating and
lighting purposes. In the early stages
of the first oil excitement in this count;
that section shared the basis of opera
tion. In the well drilled gas was oh
tained. The well was abandoned, ani
fully twenty years ago Mr. Lee Strosni
der" secured appliances and introduce!
the gas into his place of business, utiliz
ing it for heating and lighting purposes
and has been kept burning almost con
stantly night and day since that time.
In speaking of the recent organise*
effort to boom West Virginia, the Jritl
World among other things soys: Goo<
must be borne as fhe result, for we our
selves on close examination have beei
) more than surprised at the marvelou
' array of facts and figures to the ?tat<
? brought out by Mr. fclkins in his ad
; dress. Aside from the personal energy
which Mr. Elkins Has displayed u
opening up the Mtate, that speech set
ting forth the facts has certainly givei
him a lasting claim on the gratitude o
W est Virginia. "You are a young conn
try yet,,f is the reminder" which th<
critical Britisher often gives us in hi
patronizing wajr, meaning, of course
that we are provincial and in the swee
by-and-by may possibly grow up to th
_ intellectuality 01 what be considers th
paragon for the nations of the earth
Yes indeed we are a "young countr
yet," but in a far different sense froc
f that. The surface, so to speak, has no
{been more than scratched. It is onl
since the war that we have commence'
1 in earnest to organize and disciplin
J our forces for the development of the
known and unknown natural wealt
m possessed by every State and Territor
to a degree that would have been ii
- credulous to the generations that hav
E>ne before us. And here within seve
ours of the greatest market on the coi
J tint-iil is a State just showing its hea
r- amid iu older sister* and bidding U
" recognition and population on the acoi
^ of resources that astonish us.
Ta* people's remedy for the cure
ss Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Hoareenee
Bronchitis, Croup, Intluenza, Whoopix
rtr Cough, Incipient Consumption is E
? Bull s Cough Syrup, the old reliabl
Price 35 cent*.
Th# color ! spun yarn?Chestnut.?
=* *uck.
There are no almshouses in North
Toronto will try to jet the next PanPresbyterian
Council, in 18ft.'.
*' The silver head of a new cane opens
and reveals a dozen cigarettes.
Confectioners say that Easter trade
grows more considerable yearly.
Phenomenal?Anything to which that
adjective is not applied.?Tid-Kit*.
Straw parasols half shut, and filled
with candy, are a new Easter favor.
Some extravagant Easter eggs in New
York were set with pearls and rubies.
The Mormon establishment or church
in this country comprises 162,3S3 persons.
A list of plays which people in mourning
may properly attend, Is published in
1 March has been the most disastrous
month the railroad companies have* ever
The injunction upon the weather as a
fashionable topic of conversation has j
been removed. ,
Wichita, Kan., which isn't fastidious
abautjmch things, has turned its opera ,
house Into a market house.
Nottiing is so sad to the romance of a
kiss as to have your girl sneeze at the j
t very climax of the osculation.?Tid-Bit*. j
The present season is so good at a
[ backward spring that it could easily get J
, an engagement at any athletic show.? j
Laicell Courier.
A correspondent who writes from Hon- 3
{ duras says that more than $12,000,000 of !
t American capital is invested in gold
mines in that country.
Something new in wedding gifts wastn
[ feature of a Dakota marriage the other j
, day, when a friend presented the bride >
niUl HU UiuuuiB uuuau icut.
I A certain iat man within ten miles of ,
, Burlington has a very thin wife. The ?
boys have nicknamed them "enough" jj
and "too spare."?Burlington Free Prm. j
Boston says Sullivan was overtrained. ?
! This is like Kandolph's description of t
| some Virginia laud: "Poor by nature *
t and ruined by cultivation,?Baltimore J
American. ?>
A living skeleton which has arrived at J
! Arkansas City for Johnson's circus, is &
. said to bear a marked resemblence to r>
! Charley Norron's boom for Secretary of *
t State.?Aarua* City Star. n
Meteorites sometimes attain a velocity "
of 180,000 feet per second. When pass- u
ing through the air at this rate the trie- ?i
tiou is so great that the air is heated up jj
, to a temperature of 10.800? F. H
' Richard Tate, the fugitive Treasurer Jj
of Kentucky, has been impeached by the r
Legislature"of that State. But, sale in ('
Canada, he will be able to Dick Tate his jj
own terms.?New York World. 7.
Cyphert P. Gillette, oi What Cheer,
Iowa, a Union Veteran, whose claiin*for a
a pension for total blindness has been
pending since 1S73, has been awarded
$16,000 for arrears and $72 per month J|
hereafter. n
After a happy married life of fifty-four J,
years, an old couple living near Hick- 7i
man, Ky.. have separated because of &
incompatibility of temper. Husband JJ
and wife are each more than seventy :n
years old.
A thoroughly business-like person is st
the County Clerk at Ionia; Mich. To jj
meet the usual Lenten depression in *
matrimonial alTairs he ottered marriage 7.
licenses twenty-five cents below the
usual rates during the month. rj
The Globe-Democrat says that branches ?*
of the government printing office are to Jj
be established in St. Louis and Chicago ?
to prepare all blanks, forms, envelopes,
etc., and in fact all the printing necessary J
that the postal department uses.
Teacher (grammar class)?"Tommy, *j
you may parse 'college.'" Tommy? ^
"Coui'n noun, third p?*rs'n, feminine tfi
gend " Teacher? Feminine gen- jjj
?ler?" Tommy?"Yes'rn; I'm parsin' u
Vassar College.?New York Sun. 2
The topers of Dawsonville, Ga., found q
out that Jamaica ginger was a very good
substitute for whisky, the sale of which ?
was prohibited; and ginger drunkards Jj
became bo plentiful that Dawsonville \
has prohibited the sale of Jamaica ginger.
"What Is supposed to be a Confederate.
gold dollar was found in an ash-heap in ti
*1.. 1 1.^,- 11
Atiauui rctvuviv UJ u LVIVH-'I uv?, <?.<S
sold for $30. It is said that only six ai
coins were issued by the Confederate ?
Government, and if genuine this sped- *
men would be worth $650. J
Amateur Actor?"I think I was great ?
in that death scene. Charley." Charley J
. ?"Yes. indeed, old man. Why, when
you fell back and expired, and your life- ?
less form was carried away, the applause *
was /airly deafening. I never saw such J
a delighted audience."?New York Hun. ?;
Benton'* Hair Grower.
All who are bald, all who are becorn- h
ing bald, all who do not want to be bald, ?i
all who are troubled with dandruff, or J!
itching of the scalp, should use Benton's ?i
Hair b rower. Eighty per cent of those *
using it have grown hair. It never fails J
to stop the hair from falling. Through n
sickness and fevers the hair sometimes *
falls off in a short time, and although
the person may have remained bald for jj
years, if you use Benton's Hair Grower >,
w-vuluiu^ w uu1.hwuo ?ww ??v du.v v> ? growth
of hair. In hundreds of cases jj
we have produced a good growth of hair <j
on those who have been bald and glazed
. for years. We have fully substantiated n
: the following facts;
we grow hair tn w) cams out of 100; no matter
bow long ami bald.
Unlike other preparation*, It contains no sugar cl
of load, or vegetable or mineral poltiom*. a
It ia a specific for falling hair, dandruff ami itching
of the scalp. * A
i The Hair Grower la a hair food, and it* compoal- g
Hon hi almost exactly like the oil which sup;
pile# the hair with Ita vitality. .
1 Sold by druggist* or sent on receipt of price. 51 00. 0
i Bwto* Ujue uhowkk Co.,
D4W Cleveland, 0.
[ England always claims the lion's c
[ share, though it catch no tish whatever j
and confine its fighting solely to the uni- i
[ corn.
I have been a sufferer from catarrh 1
* for the past eight years. Having tried a 2
number of remedies advertised as "sure
cures" without obtaining any relief, I
1 had resolved never to take any other
i patent medicines, when a friend advised 11
1 me to try Ely's Cream Balm. I did so [
- with great reluctance, but can now testi- t
i fy with pleasure that after using it for
y six weeks I believe mvself cured. It is
3 a most agreeable remedy?an invaluable
- Balm.?Jo$eph Stewart, Grand avenw, .
7 Brwldyn. |mwfaw J
* Advice to Mother*. 1
i Are you disturbed at night and broken j
f of your rest by a sick child suffering and (
- crying with pain of cutting teeth ? If j
b so, send at once and get a bottle of Mrs. ?
s Wixslow's Soonirxo Syrup for Ciiil- ;
drkx Twroixo. Its value is incalculat
ble. It will relieve the poor little suf- .
- ? .... :?
e Hirer inuueumwj?jr. mmsuu uji-.u
e mothers, then; is no mistake about it. It
u cures dysentery and diarrhoea, regulates
y the stomach and bowels, cures wind
a cholic, softens the gums, reduces the int
(lamination and gives tone and energy
y to the whole system. Mrs. Win-slow"*
d Sootwxq Strcp rou CniLnusx Tketiie
zsg is pleasant to the taste, and is the
it prescription of one of the oldest and
h best female nurses and physicians in the
y United States, and is for sale by all drugi
gists throughout tho world. Price 25
e cents a bottle. xwnw
n . *
K Sutton's Vitalixm is what you need
u for Constipation, Loss of Appetite, Dixzi)r
ness, and all symptoms ot Dyspepsia.
w Price 10 and 75 cents per bottle'.
Croup, Whooping Dough and Bronchitis
immediately relieved by Shiloh's
of Care.
b, Tux Rev. George H. Thayer, of Bour?g
bon, Ind., says: Both myself and wife
Y. own our lives to Shiloh's Consumption
e. Cure. Sold by W. E. Williams and C.
Menke miller. daw-iow
The Features of tlie Hooey and Stock Mai
Nor York. March 31.?Money on call (uy i
3 per cent. Prime mercantile paper 5*7 per ceo
Sterling exchange dull but steady at ft 85%
4 8^S- Salea 197,OS shares.
The stock market to-day was very weak, an
marked declines were m>ule orer the cutire lis
oq an active trading. The aspect of the sltiu
uuu km worse than at auy lime since the begi:
nlDK ol the present troubles on the Wester
roaus, and the pressure was specially severe upo
the granger stocks, which finally carried the et
tire list down with them.
Kail road bonds active; sales $">43,000.
Government bonds dull and steady.
State bonds neglected.
U.8.4sitff ; 124 IM. K. <Jc T. gen. C?... 65
U. tf. 4s coupon 12.*? Northern Par- U...-U7*
U. S. 4^s res North. PBc. 3d -1015
U. S. 4 coupon -IOC!..,'Nothwent consols?112
Pacftlc 6's of 'aj ia)S N. W. debenture*,frllO
Louisiana stamp, 4s tSklg. L. A S. P. gen. m.115;
Missouri Cs........?...101 rit. Paul consols...?124}
Tenn.fis settlementslOO Lst. P.. C. A P. firsts-lM)
do 5? U5 Tex. A Put*, land g's 42
do as....?.. 68 Tex A Pac. K. G. exCentral
Pacltlc^s?11414 tra coupon*. 66J
D. A H. G. Is LaUCnJon Pacific flnta.113*.
D. A K. G. Went. Is ?7 West Shore 101*
Brie kcconds ? 90S)
Adams Express 140 INorthern Pacific,.... WAmerican
I i!n nreftfrrud? 4lM*.
L'unada Southern... 4* Chicago N. W.??103>
Central Pud tie 27j? do preferred -13H
Chesapeake i&Ohio. 1% New York Central...iaft
do tint preferred. 4^ Ohio ? Mississippi. 1?>,
doKvoml* do preferred . N)
C., C. Jl I U Pariac Mail a**
Denver <fc K. G 15 Pittsburgh .. 136
2rie ?*4 Reading ... - 5
.do preferred W St. L. A S. K 'Jl
fort Wayne IBS do preferred.. 62^
ivaniHut a Texas.... 12)4 do lint preferred. 107
Jikc Erie 4 We?l_ U!!-,<-' M. A SL Fmul.--. fflfc
do preferred . 41 do preferred Awh
Lake Shore - Wk Texas ?fc Pacific augk
Louisville ?fc Nash.. 51;* Union Pacific 4!$i
u.. N. A. & C 30 United States Ex... 71
ifemphis ?t Chan..... 61 W., St. L. & P......^. 12
lichlgon Central... TJ do preferred "21%
llMOttri Pacific 72}$ Wells-Farro Ex 130
?"asb. 6i Chat 72 We*tern Union ...... 7Vfi
few Jersey Central 74
Ilreadntuint and Provisions*
New York, March 31.?Floor, receipts 44.157
nirkageii; exports 2,225 barrels and 1.G00 murks;
aarket <iuiet aud unchanged; sale* 20,000barrel*.
Vheat. receipts 23.721 bushels; exports 70,212
uishels; wiles ?24,000 bushels of futures and 120,00
bushela of apot; cash grades tirm; options
reak; ungraded red SWJ^air.^c; No. 2 reu &ttka
u'/tt in elevator; ?^c f. o. b.; yoj4as?lc delivered;
?o. 2 red March W>isS9kc; April closn<?
ttt Uav ?"??/uk'H j. clo.inir lit ???.>
UDcloning Ittwu-; August bOjJiA.e,
losing at ?6%c; December Wj-pHW&c, cloving at
O'^c. Corn, receipts39,050 bushels; exports 3,Ji*5
iiisbcls; sales :;76,uuo bushels of futures and
1.0U) bushels of spot; options steady; cash firm
nil quiet; ungraded oISjiI."/; No. 3, (Sic:
(earner611 ^itil.'ic in elevator; &%a63cdelivered;
>u. -J, Gk&ihc In atom; So. 'J Apr}) 62c, cloning
tO^c ; May ti0%a61^c, closing at Mine; JuneSOfca
y/x, closing at -v/?c; July WfaMftc, dosing
twfwc: August .W%^J?,c, closing at aU%c. Outs
eceipts 95.UU0 bushels; exports 60 bushels; sales
i.uou bushels of futures und 97,000 bushels
f spot; market heavy anil ^aj^e lower;
ilxc.1 western Ulk41c; white do 41a45c. Hay
teudy and quiet; shipping Be. Hops steadier;
ulllornl* Co flee, spot fair; KJoquJet
nd steady at 14e; Exchange closed. sugar
ulet: English Island 4 ll-Wc; moloases grades
I4.V; refined steady and in fair demand. Mouses
canr; .'jO test 20c. Bice steady. Tallow
rm at 43V-\ Rosin Millet at SI 22!$al H>. TurpenLne
dull at 40c. t+ift higher und in good tieland;
western receipts 7.&K packages,
'ork Una an<l In moderate demand. Cut meats
rm and unchanged. Larrl opened '2a:i points
iwer. closing weak; western steam spot 7c;
[ay 7.'Jla7.iMc; June 7.i)Iu7.'>tc; July closed at
96c; August and September tk*; October 7.JWc;
ity steam 7.7i)c. Butter steady and quiet; westrn
14uuUc. Cheese quiet but tirm; western 11&
Chicago, March31.?Wheat dull and unlnteritlng.
Corn and oats nothing doing. Previous
were as uninteresting a* wheat. Flour
cady. Wheat, No. -2 spring T&A'Trfal No. a
sd. Die; No. 'J red, Hie; April. 7Jft?a7,."lc; elosig
at T'Jfcfr': May 7<i; ?rt77',0' rlosiiiK at 77'yr;
une TTVTTJJr. closing at 7796c; July 77fyi
>V> closing at 77^e. Corn. No. 2. .VJc; Muy
closing at oiU^c; June '.. 1ta.i2)v, closig
atuj^c; July 51&a52%c; closing at 52Vic;
uguxt, .?l;?a.r,-;?. Oata, No. 'A 27?-ia30c; May
^Hitfl'tC. closing at ai'vc; June 31a3l&c. closig
at ai'^; July. aoj-jaauWr, closing at
ye, No. 2,6034c. Barley, .No. ? 77aMJC Flaxred.
No. 1, 91 Hal 45. Prime timothy Med
: ti-x: 63. Me>s pork, cash *13 Ukil.i May
Ji'alJ, a2& closing at 913 43; June. 913 42ka
t 67K closing at 913 Kkc. Lanl.-7.57S/'; April
.Yia7..'>7'.jc, closing at i.5T?c; May 7.57&a7.fi2kn
une 7.&M^7.67!closing at 7.62)*c; July
o<)$a7.rcjttc, cioung at ..b.'.r. raw-on, wmri
bs Mitlen 7.054!; dry salted shoulders Vljuri.ooe;
lort clear (Idea 7J6*7.60c. Whisky Jl 15.
iigars, cutloaf '^fAft^c; standard A ft**. Butter
riu. active; creamery 2U31c; dairy UlicTc.
ggs unsettled; fresh Malic.
1'iiii.ADBM'Hia. Pa., March HI.?Flour, demand
loderate. Wheat easier: No. 2 red Jlurch?J%a
ftjc; April H9irftiJO}-4c; ilay'Mf+uMc; June 90Xa
foe. Corn, spot tlrrn and lu good demand;
lie* No. n yellow in graiu depot cue; No. 'i low
evator 61c: ungraded yellow in grain depot
ilxcd tiOc; No. 2 yellow ailoot L/Oc; No. 2 mixed
)*c: No. 2 mixed March WJ-^atiOe; April 50%a
Ic; May tiOHatio^e; JuneflOhaikV^c. Oata, sj?ot
emJy but demand light; sole* No. 2 mixed ate;
ngraded white No. U white 10c; No.
whJtc-JJc; No. is Anile Jlurch M^jillc; April
Italic; May ABjQxWfy.'. Juue-W^Ml^e. tggs
ulct; western nrsts JOVo^lc.
Cincinnati, O.. March :il.?Fiourfirm. Wheat
arte; No. 'J red receipts I,ujO bushels;
lipments l.-VW bushels. Com. active, strong
3d higher; No. "Jmixed 52,' Oata Arm;
o. 2 mixed .Me. Kye quiet and tirra; No. 2,
?Wc. Pork dull at Sit UU. urd *|UiuC at 7.^7J%c.
ulii meats firm; short rii? 7,2aa7.35e. Bacon
eady; short clear S.G2}$e, Whisky itcady at
1 oi?. Butter .strong, sugar iu moderate deLaud.
Eggs weaker at I5ala}?c. Cheese tlrrn.
Baltxmobb, Md., March 31.?Wheat, western
bout steady, eloalng dull; No. 2 winter red spot
r%a?c: May MHtSffyfi-, June Whittle. Corn,
estern higher and dull; mixed spot 5*t5S%c;
larch isc; April and Muy 5aa.'?rt>?c. Oats steady
lth only moderate demand; western 4lc; mixed
H.'. Kve steady at oNi?jc. Provisions steady
ml quiet. Kggfc lower at 17?lac. Cdtfee yulet;
io 1.1'jiim.i;.
Toledo, March 31.?Wheat weak and lower;
u?h XJj'ic; Mav si.'iaxi^c; June S%c; Jnly
>ViC: August HO&C. torn, dull an?l steady; casn
ie; .May-kkr. Oats quiet; No. 2Whiter. Cloverfed
dull and steady; vuah and April ?5; May
Live Stock.
Chicago, March 31.?Cattle?Receipts .1,000
cad; sbipmeuu 500 head; market .sternly;
leers $5 a)a3 00; stockers and feeders 82 40ua t>o;
jws. bulls and rnix?-d 917oa.i ou; TexJLs fed
:ecw 83 TUtf 75. Hog*?Keceipt* 'J,(JOO head:
llpincnt* 1.000 bead; market strong; mixed JVJu
?V>; heavy 85 30a5 5a; light 85 15a5 IT?; skips
I 50b.> 00. Sheep? Receipts 4.UJ) head; sbiplenta
1.0DO head; maricet weak ami lower;
ativwi WOOojIM); western 81 G0a5 ?0; Texans
t 00m| .SO; lambs 5*. 4Uoi? 50.
East Liberty, Pa., Marehni.?Cattle?Receipts
i head: shipments 57 head; market nothing
oing. Hogs?Receipts 2,1XJU bend; shipment*
MM) head; murket slow; Philadelphia* 85 70a
so; mixed 85 00a5 05; Yorkers 85 fioasco; comlon
to lair 85 i5u.? 40; pig* $4 75a5 00. Sheep?
eceipta njo head; shipments isjo head; nothing
Cincinnati. o., March 31.?Hogs quiet; comton
and light 84 2W> .'i0.
Bbadford. Pa., March 31.?Opened at M%c;
[used at>1*i?c; highestlowest 83&C; clearnees
^616.000 barrels.
Pitwbcbgw, Pa.. March 31.?Petroleum opened
tK7>ic; clotted at&Wu; Mgueat lowest
Titvsvme, Px, March 3L?Opened at 87Wc;
Ighest 87)4c; lowest cloned at W5?c.
Weekly Iinitk Statement.
New York. March-Si.?'The weekly bank statelent
shows the following changes:
loterve. decrease 8 267,650
owns, deereuse 84&80Q
pccfe, decrease ? .. 1,190,100
egal tenders, increiUM! _... 482,000
Jeposits.decrease 1,738,900
.'ireulutlon. decrease - 11,2U>
The banks now hold |y,115,575 in excess of the
5 per eent rule.
Dry Good*.
New York. March 32.?The market was quiet
s usnal to the closing day of the week an?l
aonth, but from agents and Jobbers the movenent
was fairly free, particularly from the later.
Backlon's Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for cuts,
jruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
lores, tetter, chapped bands, chilblains,
urns, and all skin eruptions, and posiively
cures piles, or no pay required. It
s guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction,
>r money refunded. Price, 25 cents per
k>x. For sale at Logan & Co/s drug
Dr. C. McLane's Celebrated
A few doses taken at the right time
will often save a severe spell of
sickness. Price only 25 cent* at
any drug store. Be sure and see
BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa., is
on the box. None other is Genome.
Ck IVORY POLISH tot lie TmUi.
Furniture. Carpets.
* Indeed it is. The story is beinf
i Beautiful Si
over it knows no
Ecstatic exclamations Rreet the
the tact that the
j Have no enn&L We know it oi
we bend all oar efforts, and the
Call and see ua before you bay
: Parlor &BedFANCYi
; ur ajiyuung in eur jjat;. ??e
And permit you to make a critic
comparison of pru
ficg^O'ndertaking and Arterial Em!
g. mend:
NO. 1124 MA
Boots and Shoes.
Shoe Sale
Remnants and Job-lots
To be Closed Out Regardless of
Cost to Make Kooni for
Spring Hoods.
1135 Main Street.
Just arrived, otic of the mo?t complete assortment
>? men iocbijh:, qmuii} auu prux-s
Call and examine and be convinced at 1123,
Roger's Block, Main Street.
mr2f> .
The only fine calf $3 Seamless Shoe In tho world
made without tacks or nails. As stylish and durable
a? those coating $"? or Srt, and having no tacks
or nails to wear the stocking or hurt the feet,
makes thera u* comfortable and well-fitting as a
hand-sewed shoe. Buy the best. None genuine
unless stamped on bottom "W. L. Douglas $$
Shoe, warranted."
W. L. DOUGLAS U SnOE, the original and
only hand sewed welt S? Shoe, which equals custom-made
shoes costing from $*\ to f?.
W. L. DOUGLAS (2 50 SHOE la unexcelled for
heavy wear.
W. L. DOUGLAS S2 SHOE U worn br all Boys,
and is the best school shoe in the world.
All the above good* are mode in Congress, Button
and Lace, and if not sold by your dealer,
write W. L. DOUGLAS, Brockton, Jfuss.
]a27-nwjr whkkuso, W. VA.
Architect and Superintendent,
PUn? and Specification* FurnUhed for
School Houses,
Residences, Stores
"Special attention riven to
Heating, Ventilation
And Sanitary Plumbing.
Business Cards.
General Machinists,
And Manufacturers of Marino and Stationar*
Cob. Czutusb * Eio n Sn.,
Wheeling, W. Ya.
Etc.?C. Mendel & Co.
; told aboat the completeness and
cm oI oar
Dring Stock I
i bonnds. It pleases everybody.
t'ar, and alt are eager to proclaim
,es and Prices
id (eel proud of it To that end
t result is eminently satisfactory.
o mTATfrnuro
Room Suites,
low that wo can satisfy yon. We
al examination of onr stock and
res before baying.
laJraiag a Specialty.
EL & CO.,
t hi pmrrT
jpi 01 n&c, i .
Groceries, Ac.
Grocer, Pork Packer
Celebrated "Strawberry Hams,"
Nos. 1309 UD 1311 Mill STREET,
Wheeling, W. Va.
Mr own Cure of Choice Smoked Meats delircrea
daily from my Pork House at Manchester.
General Groceries
Headquarters for
Taylor's Patent and Family Floor.
Dannemlller & Co.'s Celebrated
Cardova Coffee.
Sole Agent for Dupont's Sporting, Mining and
Blasting I'owilcr. mr24
Moslcal Institute (or Young Ladles,
At Reaver, Pa., on the Ohio Hirer, opens ita
Sprinu Sdwion March 27. Beat equipped Music
Scliool In Western, Pa. Literary. Art. Elocution
and Short hand advantage* of a high order.
mrl.'-MW R. T. TAYLOR. Pres.
Washington School of Elocution
Mas. M. STEVENS nART PrincipoL
901 "M ' St., N\ W., Washington, D. C.
Sixth Annual Session begins Wednesday, September
2H. .
Course of Instruction embraces Elocution.
Practical English and English Classics, Latin.
Mathematics, Modern Languages, Vocal and Instrumental
Mualc and Physical Culture.
The Principal is assisted by an efficient corps
of teacher* in each department.
G roiled CIumch lor boys and girl* dally.
Adult Classes and private Instruction given In
the evening.
mpiomus ttwanieu. a umuca numDcr or puplbt
accommodated in the family.
For circulars anil references apply to Isnauoagaat
office. *u3i
Stammering Cured.
System biwed upon nature's uwi. No Sicbkcy
?No Tricks. System explained to tlioae interested.
Testimonials from physicians, educator* and
patronn, who have received benefit from the
method of instruction. Address
Mm. ii. STEVENS HART. Principal.
Washington School of Elocution and Engiiah
V WH M. Street. N. W.. Washington, D. C.
Students boarded in family of PrindpaL
Sear Wheeling, W. Vm.
(Sisters of the Viaitation.)
A school of more than national reputation
offers exceptional advantagea for thorough education
oi young ladle# la all deportment*. Li*
brary of six thousand volumes. Fine philo
bu|>uiiui, cutuiuu ?uu uiniuumioLi apparatus.
Musical Department specially noted. Corp* of
piano tcarbers trained by a lead In# professor
from Conservatory of Stuttgart. Vocal culture
according to the method of the old Italian matter*.
Location unsurpassed for beaut y and health
Ten acres of pleasure gronnda. Board excellent
For catalogue*, and references U> patrona In all
the principal cities, address
Evergreens, Flowers
Cut Flowers, Boquet* and Faaenil Designs,
furnished on abort notice. Telephone or write to
Moundsvilh-, W. \ a.
gend for Price list. mrU
Louisiana State Lottery Co.
For tickets or further information address the
undersigned. If you have not been fortunate
elsewhere, try me for a change.
Covington, Ky. ,
Mention this paper. now
' 1
Pictures and Art Materials.
All the Latest Patterns in Bamboo, Oak. Cherry.
Fine stock now in store.
1232 Market Stwet
a .2^ mum aid ratirrwT
Adrcrtisjny has always proreo
auoceaafoL Before plsdn* any
V Ncwapapcr Adrertialn* consuli
rnnnans umi,
WlP M is am CHICAGO*
White Soap.
For tha Bath, Toilet and Laundry.
Snow White and Absolutely Pur*
jns. S. KIRK & CO.,
V-/ Table taking effect SUNDAY, December 18
1887. Passenger trains will run as follows?Central
No. 7. No. 5. No. X No. 1
p. m. a. m. a. m.
Leare?Wheeling. 3:00 11.-00 :?
Benwood, opp.Bellalre.......... 3:16 11:15 7:00
Moondsrille ~. 8:35 11:35 7:20
Clarinrton...^. 4:15 ^2*15 8.-00
New Martinsville 4:42 12:40| 3:30
Histamine 5:06 1:00 8:55
Friendly, opp.Matam'ss......... 5:18 1:12 9:08
St. Mary's. 5:50 1:40 ?:40
Wllllamsto'n.opp. Mat....? 8:40 2:'J0 10:25
Mttnboif. 7:15 3:00 11:10
Belltrllle 3JO fe:03
Morrsys villa 4 00 12:23
a. m.
Rsveruwood 5:45....^... 4:40 12:5S
Letart 6:33 5:20 1:40
t.mil K.I*
Hartford. 7:06 5:4? 2:10
Mason City, opp. Pom'y 7:15) 5:57 2:18
Clifton, opp. Middlep't. 7:22 ? 6:02 2:24
Arrive?Ft. Pleasant-... 3:00 6:40 3:00
" K. it 0. Junction .... 6:45 3:06
" Gallipolia ? 4:45
" Char lea ton - 8:25
" White Sulphur 5:00
No. 6. No. 4. No. 2. No. 8.
a. m. a. m. a. m. p. m.
Leave?K. & O. Junct'n 10:45 3:45
Point "t***1" . ."in 10:50 6:15 3:50
Clifton ? 11:30 6:50 4:32
Mason City, opp. Pom'y 11:35 6:55 4:37
Hartford..'. !. - 11:42 7:vH 4:47
New Haven. 11:47 7:08 4:52
p. m.
Letart.. 12:10 7:30 5:20
Ravcnawood ? 12:56 8:10 6:06
Murrayiville 1:301 8:3*
Parkersburg. 6:35 2:45 9:45
Williamato n.opp. Mat. 7:10 3:30 10:'^>
St. Manr's ... ~. 7:55 4:22 11:0N
Friendly.opp. Matam'a. 8:23 4:52 11:35 ....
SiitenvlUe..!. 8:35 5:06 11:48
New Martinsville 9:00 5:30 fe.10
Clarinrton 9:30 5:56 12:35
Moumlrrllle 10:10 6:35 1:15
Ben wood. opp. Bellaire. 10:? 6:56 1:35 ..._^
Arrive?Wheeling 10:45 7:15 1:50
p. m.
Arrive?Cleveland 6:15 ?? - ?
Pittsburgh ? 3:20 5:5ft
a. m. a. m.
Harriaburg 3:20 2:06
Philadelphia. 5:00 5:00
New York ? 7:30 7:30
West and Northwest, p. m. p. m.
Newark 11:50 6:20
Columbus 7:40
Chicago 9:50| 5:30
Sunday trains on K. ? O. Railway arrive at
Charleston at 6:10 p. m., waiting for O. R. R. K
train So. 1 at Point Pleasant. Thin la the abort
line, and parties purchasing tickets should auk
for tickets via. the Ohio River Railroad. For information
regarding rat*, watt?, etc., address
W. J. ROBINbON, Gen'l Pass. Agent.
Parkerabnrg, w. Va.
Trar. Pass. Agent. Wheeling. W. Va.
Baltimore a ohio railroadDepartnreof
trains from Wheeling. Schedule
In effect February 26,18X8?Ha*tern time:
Express for Chicago and the Northweat, 9:50 a
m, 3:40 p m 10:00 p m daily, and 11:15 p m daily
except Saturday.
Kxpress for Cincinnati and St. Louis, 9:50 a m
daily, 11:15 p m daily, except Saturday.
Express for Culumbua ana Cincinnati, 2:45 am,
Sunday only. ,
For Columhua, 9:50am daily, and 11:15 p m,
dally except Saturday, and 2:26 p m daily cxcept
Express for Washington, D. C., Baltimore,
Philadelphia and New York, 6:40 a m and 6:45 p
hir Pittsburgh and Washington, Pa.. 6:00 a m
and 7:00 D m dailv: exnress. 8:10 a m. 1:45 D m.
dally except Sunday. Additional way train for
Washington, Pa.. 5:30 p m, daily cxcept Sunday
For Moundsvllle, 12:00 noon, daily except
For Grafton. 3:45 p. m., dally cxcept Sunday.
^For Cumberland, 8:30 a m, dally, except Sun/or
SL CUdnrtlle, 7:35 a m, 2p m and5:45 p m,
dally except Sunday.
Express trains arrive from Chicago, 6:40 and
9:10am and 4:45 pmdally,and 5:00 a m daily
except Monday.
Express trains arrive from St. T,ouis and Cincinnati.
5:00 a m and 6:45 p m. dalw.
Express trains arrive from Philadelphia, Baltimore
and Washington, D. C\, 10:50 a m and 10:55
p m dally.
Trains arrive from Columbus, 5:00 am dar<y
and 6:45 p m dally, and 10:35 a m daily cxcept
Trains arrive from Pittsburgh, 9:40 daily, and
12:45 pm and 6:55 pm. daily except Sunday;
11:10 pm dally except Saturday, and 2:40am,
Sunday only.
Trains arrive from Washington, Pa., 8:00 am,
daily except Sunday.
Trains arrive from Moundsvllle, 1:40 p m, daily
except Sunday.
Trains arrived from Grafton, 9:25 am, dally
except Sunday.
Trains arrive from Cumberland, 5:50 p m, dally
except Sunday.
Trains arrive from St. Clairsville, 10:35 a m and
1:35,6:45 and 8:20 p m, daily except Sunday.
Bacgage called for and checked at hotels aud
resiliences on orders left at ticket office, 12U0 Mar*
ket street, and at depot.
C. K. LORD. Gen. Pan Agent.
W. M. CLEMENTS. Manager.
B XVVJ 11, VU1VU1XAI1 ??
?T LOUIS RAILWAY CO.-Panhan.lle Roota
Under schedule in effect November 14, 18*7.
trains leave Wheeling Central Standard time:
For Steubenvllle and Pittsburgh. 8:35 a m. 12:1>
fm, 3:20 p m. For Steubenvllle, 8:0ft p m. Tba
:3ft a in and 8:05 p m trains make direct connection
for Columbus. Cincinnati. Indianapolis and \
Chicago. The 12:35 p m train makes direct connection
for Columbus and Chicago.
Trains arrire at Wheeling, 6:15 a m. 10:15 a m,
2:45 p m and 6:00 p m. wr-<
l RAlLROAD.-fnder schedule in effect
January 22.18W, trains leave Bridgeport. Central
Standard time: For Pittsburgh and Cleveland,
5:10am. 1:02 pm. For Pittsburgh. 10:17 am.
For Wellsville. 4:14 pm. For Steubenvllle, 8:33
I a m. For Martin'* FerTy, :45a m.
Trains arrive nt Bridgeport at 7:53 a m. 10:32 a
m. 2:4:1 p m. 5:23 p m, 4:54 p m, and 7:47 p m.
capital. tan,mi
J. K. Vxxcx. ....President
L.8. DKLartaix ...Vicc-Prcsiden t
J. N. Vance S. Horkhelmer,
J. M. Brown, W. Ellingham,
L. S. Deiaplain, A. W. Keller.
John Frew,
Drafts issued on England, Ireland, Scotland
and all points in Europe.
john j. jones, Cashier.
CAPITAL. 4175,000
Wm. A. Iairr ~ ..P.esldent
Wm. B. 8i*Mor? ....Vice-President
Drafts on England, Ireland, France and Germany.
Wm. A. Isett, Wm. B. Simpson,
J. A. Miller, jonn k. nouloru, tt
E. 3L Atkinson, > ictor (townbanc.
Henry apeyer. ? ?
mm F- P- JEPBOX. Caahier.
Insurance Companies.
Of WhMllng. W. Vs.
CAPITAL 1100.1X10 \
Iniuree anlnit low or dmuuc by fire and
lightning all claohoI desirable property; al?
lnaorea cargoe* on the Western water*.
I. N. Vance, President, M. Reilly. Viee-Prea't,
J. L. Stroehlela, Sec'y. Ju ** Adama, Aaa't See
J. 5. Vance, M. Reillj, .. L. C. Btlfel,
J. H. Uobba, C. W. Fratypfm.
xl Printing neatly and promptly executed
the Intelligencer Job Roomi.

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