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Trustee's Sale.
fjVjal:*l'??'? tULE.
By rlrtu* of a deed of trust made by Isaac
Ha/>i: toneu truatee. dated Juno x, 1&5, recuruo?iia?ia
oSee of tho Clerk of the County
Court of Ohio county, Weat Virginia, in Ia*j Jf
Tru?t book So. ?!. page 243, I will fell nt the
north fruiit door of the Court llouae of ealJ
county, on
SATURDAY, the 2ith DAY of FEBRUARY, lfiw,
cotnineticfngat 10 o'clock a. m., the following
described property, that ia to lay: The touth lul
of Jot number one hundred and tbirty-four (lit),
froutlnjrou the coat aide of .Market touare, in
the Fifth ward, in the cltjr of Wheeling, Ohio
county, Neat Mrglnla, with the improvements
tbereou. n.iui?tinjc of brick dwelling houae and
ofllce building ana outbuilding.
The title ia believed to be good, but Belling na
tru?t?f I will convey only the title voted In we
by aaJd deed of truat.
Turns or tixutr?One-third caah, or oa much
more *a the ptuchaaer may elcct, on (lay of aule
the balance in two equal instalments at one and
" "iv? uotea for do
two year*, mo i>u~.?otv. ~
fcrred payments bearing six per cent: the title
will be retained until payment U made in full.
6. O. SMITH, Trustee.
W, II. IlALUttf Auctlouuer. Je23
Tin- above Mile is hereby adjourned until Saturdjv.
March 10, la?. ?
fc.T 0.O. SMITH, Trustee.
Tho above wile Is continued until Saturday,
March -I, IMS, at 10 a. M. *
mrii _U. O.SMITH,Trustee.
The above sale is adjourned to April 7th, at
10a.m. 0. 0. SMITH,
r:.l TfllxtiV.
Real Estate.
Xo. 1.11 Virginia street, 5 roomed house, $12.r?0.
.N,.. j;?j Virginia street, 5 roomed house, ?1250.
So. 41 Maryland street, 5 rooms uud attic,
".w i X' Fourteenth street, 5 rooms, Si 100.
No. 2205 Koir street, I rooms and attic, Sl'?00.
So. 'JMt Maiu street, 4 rooms, kitchen and
cellar, f'OO.
No. i'OI Main street, I rooms, kitchen uud
cellar. 00.
Sir iVJS Main street, newly papered, ft) 00.
So. 2.'<o7 Alley B, i rooms, newly purred, fj 00.
211 Acre Farm VA miles south of Moundsvillc,
\V. Va.: 17'mcre* cleared. Price, 86,500, i
New 1'niuie IIouso, northeast corncrof Centre |
hiiiI Marshall streets, Fulton, W. Va. 1'ricv, ,
11.77). I
.No. 2KM Main street, brick house, C rooms; i
ground, u half lot; price, f 1,000. (
No. j.i.' Main street, brick house; ground, a
ball lot: price, Sl.frO. j
No. iw Fourteenth street, brick house, 5
rooms, price $2,000. ,
No. Tio'i Market street, 5 roomed frame house; I
gro;iud. a quarter lot or more, $1,:)00.
No. NMind No. *7Sixteenth street: price,fll 000.
No. M Nineteenth street; price, W.WW. I
No. 17:;i Market street; price, $7,two .
Nos. 2101 and 21UI Main street; price, $3,000. I
Nil. 2102 Main street; price, 82,<00.
No. CO .Norm from street; priuv. <?.uuv.
No. Market street; price, fu.ooo.
S?. i- Kentucky street; price, fl,500.
No*,and Twentieth street, with all the
lot wet of said houses; price, 810,000.
So. );so Twelfth street; price, $2,400.
No. r.s VirjcInlH street; price, &,ooo.
No. lb"South Penn street; price, $soo.
No. J.VJ South Penn street; price, $1,650.
No. 7(. Zane street; price, 91,000.
No. Chapllne street; price, $7,500. _
No. w Koiirtccnth street; price, fft.OOOA
No. (i'j Fifteenth street; price, 96,BOO.
No. '-".'1- Market street; price, $M?.
Ileal Estate Agent, U. 8. Pension anift^laim Atlorucy.
(.'"Hector and Notary Public. ap'j
A Desirable Residence on South Fenn street. 8
rooms with all modern improvement*. 1mt 76x
13). Price reasonable.
Modern 7 Uoomed llousc, 27 South York street,
iinmI f. Roomed Ilrick House, corner Wood and
Thirty-eighth street#. Pay as an investment.
A Splendid Farm near Alt. Pleasant, Ohio,
eight miles from Wheeling.
Seven Uoomed House on North Front street;
lot cox l(w.
Six itooomcd House on North York street,
building liOts.
Duelling Houses aud Store Rooms For Relit
frota April 1.
jn2 Real Estate Agent. l'JJQ Main St. I
Plumbing, Gas & Steam Fitting. ;
Geo. Hibberd & Son, i
Successor* to Thompson & Hibberd,
Plumbers, Gas & Steam Fitters,
RPECIALTIES.?Natural Gas Supplies, Stcom
Heating ami Ventilation
1314 Market Street,
?e*All work promptly dono at most reasonable
price.*. my28
Plumbers,Gas and Steam Fitters,
All work done promptly nt reasonable prices.
"By a thorough knowledge of the natural lawn
which govern the o|*ratious of digestion and
nutrition, aud by n careful application of the
flue pro|HTticn of well selected Cocoa. Mr. Epps
ha* provided our brcakfaxt table* with a delicately
llnvored hcveragewhleh may wive us many
heavy doctors' bills. It is by the Judicious use
of Midi articles of diet that a constitution may
be gradually built up until stroug enough to re>i.?t
every tendency to disease. Hundreds of subtic
maladies are floating around us ready to attack
wherever there ix a weak point. Wo may
chiijk! ninny a fatal shaft by keeping ourselves
well fort I fled with pure blood and a properly
nourished frame."?civil Service Gazette.
Made simply with boiling water or milk. Sold
only iu half-pound tins by Grocers, labeled thus:
UUUC rpnc ft fA Homieopathic CheinUAmCiO
firro a CV.jUtf., Loudon, England.
To Farmers, Gardeners, Etc.
Ollver'sNow Chilled Hillside Plow
Beware of counterfeit Points for Oliver l'iows;
the genuine for Mile by
# _ No. 1113 Market Street, west side.
|| K. U1FF1X & CO.,
General Agents for
W, T. K. Spring Tooth Harrow,
Kvntib' Tripplo Harrow,
Evans' Com Planters.
inrTT I.VJO Main Street, Wheeling, W. Vn.
RRillTIRQ Hbrop*hlre, Ox, and Cota HIIKKI1,
DCiftU 1ILO jlTM.y |{,.?U ami llerksbire 1KK1S,
f. Hocksaud It. leghorn Chicken*, Bronie Turkey*,
Ko.ii and CARP ill m.h>oii. ENUINE8.
Mill*, II. P'rs, Ate., In-Kt and cheapest; |Mirt pay
in lumber. Satisfaction guaranteed on all.
en AC fiOocnt IxHik for cents and uamefi and
uilvu address of twenty wide awake Farmer*.
Beud stamp for elruulani to
_ Tiolt-mw Kevser. W. Va.
TooLoulsvillo <k Nashville K. It. and connecting
Line* will sell special excursion tickets to all
poluts In Arkansas and Texas, and to station*
on the Southern I'aclflc Ry. In New Mexico at
one (ure (or the round trip, on April 3d and 'Jltli,
May sth and 2!d, and .June Mb aud 19th, 1889.
Ticket* allow *top-ovor privileges, and are good
lo return within sixty days (mm date of sale.
For tickets and (urthcr information, call ou your
nearest ticket agent, or write to
8. PARKED, D. P. A..
Cincinnati, O.
mry-al l-2S-mi2-26-J0
Come to Beatrice, Nebraska.
Cheap homes, mild rllmate, rich soil, good
whools; population, 10,000, wilUtfouliJe in
years; value* will also double; ' Will" soon be
''bid manufacturing city In the State. Immense
fater power. Right railroad outlet*, with othsun-eyod
or building. Come, take advantage
"J her magic growth. Excursions (rom all
Eastern points at hall rates. For circulars ad
mrl.-rrhssw Beatrice. Neb.
uo to the Intklijoknckr Jon Rooms, Noe. ST>
and 27 Fourteenth ?tZ|Mt, where you can be accommodated
at short notice.
13 cauMMl by a Torpid Liver?not nourb bL
being excreted from tho blood to producc m
turt'town '-flthnrtlc. The treatment of Cou?t
nation dors notcouiUt merely iu unloading U
bowel*. The medicine must not onlract as
purgative. but !* ?touic its well, uud not pr
uuce after Id u?c Krcater cottiveneM. To ?
cure o regular bnblt ol body without cbasglc
the diet or disorganizing the system
"IIf attention, after suffering with Constipi
Hon for two or three year*. wa> failed to 8in
nums Liver Itcgulator. and, having tried almoi
everything else, concluded t?? try It. I Unit too
a wincffloMful and afterward* reduced tbe doi
to it tea*iK?onful. 11* j?er direction*, after cue
mcul. 1 found that it had done mo so muc
phhI thnt I continued it until I took two bottle*
Hi nee then I have not ex|>ericnred any difficult]
I keep It in my hou*e and would not be wlthou
It. but have no iw f??r it, It having cured ine."drji.
W. si mil As*btaut Clerk {superior Cour
Bibb Co., lia.
i*?-1..? w II..I mn M,! HIA irontllni*. (Ill
UiisruUhed from nil (mud* and Imitation* by on
red X Trade-Murk on front of Wrapper, and oi
the side of the >cul and signature of J. II
? Ell J.I A Co. aitf-MWMW
Do you feel dull, languid, low-spirited, life
lew, und indescribably miserable, both physi
colly and mentally; experience a sense 01
fullness or bloating after eating, or of "gone
new," or omptiness of stomach in tho morn
Ing, tongue coatod, bitter or bad tasto it
mouth, irregular uppctlte, dizziness, fre<jueni
headaches, blurred eyesight," floatingspecks'
before the ?yes, nervotia prostration or exhaustion,
irritability of temjMT, hot flushes,
Alternating: with chills' sensations, sharp.
WtJrijr, transient pains noro and there, coJd
foot, drowsiness alter meals, wakefulness, o?
listurlKMl and unrofrcshing sleep, constant,
ndoscribablo feeling of dmid, or of impend*
or calamity ?
If you have all, or any considerable numboi
3f tncfio symptoms, you are suffering frojn
that most common of American maladiesllillous
Dyspepsia, or Torpid Liver, associated
irlth Dyspepsia, or Indigestion. Tlio more
implicated your disease has become, the
rreater tho number and diversity of symp;omb.
No matter what stairo it has reached,
Dr. PicrcoV (joldeii ITOedicnl Discovery
nrlll subdue if, if taken according to direcJons
for a reasonable length of timo. If noi
;urcd, complications multiply und Consumption
of the Lumrs. Skin Diseases, Heart Disease,
!theuinatlsm, Kidney Disease, or other grave
naladlns are qulto liablo to set in and, sooner
>r Inter, imjuco a fatal termination.
Dr. Pierce'* fioMon iiledicnl^DIs.
uovcry acts powerfully upon the Liver, and
through that groat blood-purlf ring organ,
:leanses the system of all blood-taints und impurities,
from whatever cati6c arising. It is
iquolly cuicncious iu acting upon mo ivmleys,
and other excretory organs, cleansing,
itreugthening. and healing their diseases. Aa
in appetizing, restorative tonic, it promotes
iigestion mid nutrition. thereby building up
Doth flesh ami strength. In malaria* district*
;hl? wonderful 'im-dicino hns gained great
xdebritv it> curio# Fever and Affile, Chill* and
Fever, Dumh Ague, nnd kindred diseases.
Or. Plorce'ai G'oldtu Medical Discovery
from a common lllotch, or 'KruhCtbn,' to the
iroret Scrofula, Salt-rheum, " i'VYcr-sores,"
Jcaly or Hough Skin, lii short, ail diseases
mused by Imd blood arc conquered hy this
powerful, purifying', ami Invigorating tucdijlno.
Great Eating Ulcere rapidly heal under
tu benign Intluence. Especially has it manifested
Its potency in curing Tetter, Eczema,
Brysipela.1. Bolls, Carbuncles, Pore E;. Scrot'*
jlous Bores and Swellings, liip-ioirib Disease,
* White BwellintHJ," Goitre, or Thick Neck,
md Enlarged Glands, Send ten cents in
itamps for a largo Treatise, with colored
slates, on Skin Diseases, or the same amount
(or a Treatise ?;n Scrofulous Affections.
rhoroughly eleanw it fiv pftfngr Ur. Pierce's
Koldcti >ledUnl BlM6von,i and g?M>d
iigestion, n fair skin, buoyant spirit* ?vital
strength and bodily health will be established.
which l? Kcrofuln of tlio Limps, is arrests
and cured by this remedy, If taken in tht
earlier stages of tlio dl^-nw. From Its marvelous
power over this terribly ratal distune,
<rhen llrst offering this n</w world-famed remedy
to the public, Br. Pierce thought seriouslj
of calling It his "Consunition Cure," but
abandoned that name as loo rwlrlt-'jvo foi
a medldno which, from its wonderful combination
of tonic, or strengthening, alterative,
or blood-cleansing, autl-blllous, pectoral, nut'
nutritive pro|x;rtics. is un?iualed, not only
as a remedy for Consumption, but Tor all
Chronic OikruMtt of tho
Liver, Blood, and Lungs,
For*Weak Lungs, Spitting of Blood, Shortness
of Rrwith, Chronic Nasal Catarrh. Bron
chltis, Asthma, Severo Coughs, and kiudrct
affections, it Is an efficient remedy.
Sold by Druggists, tit *1.00, or Six Bottiei
for #5.00.
537" Send ton cents In stamps for Dr. Pierce i
book on Consumption. Address,
World's Dispensary Medical Association,
CCS Slain 8tn BUFFALO, N. Y
rcwmonths.cicrozc cchfinemcnt.
send for ecok TO mothers.
C ATl.A-ITA.GA. 1 .1
ELYS Qatar Ft Y
Clcansos the KgfcA MBK?
Al.ay* Pain andK^fEVER?S h
HoalsthoSoros.B^ / ?,?
Roftoros thoHL?-/
Senses of ***as^cKjr|
or.sr"-,n, SS-feveb
J Ik 1 I in? tinnn
A particle la applied lu'to cnoli nostril nnd
ncnvalilo. Price .10oout* at druinrivt*: by mnl
niiirU'riil. (4) iniita. KI.Y IlHOTIIKItS, Z
Greenwich street. New York. Jn.'Mwr.tw
SutkmiR from tbo effect* of youthfuUmjrToolT
dow. wMtluij weokncM, loat manhood, etc. I wl
end ? ralnablo treatfko (?eik-d I Containing fa
particular* for homo cure. FREE of ftoarg#. ,
plendid modkal work; kould bo read by orcr
mm who la norvoua and debilitated. Addwai
Trot, Vi C. POWLEB, Moodm, Conn.
hV Insano Persona Restored
B/fer ??*?? ? S?B*B t>l??A?a*. Only tw
Mrr# fnr AVn* Aftc-'iant, /Vi, Ffnlri't, tj
l?r*uiM? If ttlca a* .V" ritt ajl
iCrtl r/n? ? ?. ?im] $J trial UrtiU fr??
CM ptlktiU, lh?y |ajrlar rh?tf*? Wo? Will
l.vtl.tJ. lUr I OIIU'I. I'.O !>' rii-r?M ?dilrt??
( 4 10 D*. M.ISl. (Ml Arch Sl? hilUdtlnhU. T
h>? Ur?wl?'? ll / -' ? '.? H t. Of J Ml 1A I ISO fit A fl>
qabinet photogkaphs
Only $3 00 Per Dozei
Neatly nnd promptly executed Htthe
Daily Intki.i.kjkncer Job OrncK, .
Noi. 23 and 27 Fourteen lb street
- 8he Intelligence
Office i Sot, gft and 87 Fourteenth Htr
Wlijr Protection Should be Malntu
j. Something for Young Men and W
u- Worker* to Tlilnk About.
* To the SdUor of the Intelligencer:
Sib: Recognizing the tariff as the i
in the coming election I desire to sul
to the readers of the Intelligence*
following elementary suggestions i
the policy and necessity of a prote<
tariff, avoiding any compounding s
ments of statistics:
To understand with any degree o
telligence the policy and necessity
protective tariff, we must have at lei
it general idea of the commercial condi
* and situation of the foreign coun
J with which we trade, since it is ags
h them we are protected. I shall cot
J- this article mainly to the comme
cnmlifinii nml situation of Great Bri
- and her provinces and dependencies
[? membering that the same rule appli*
any country wherein labor is ehej
r than here.*
f? The Kingdom of Great Britain c
' prising England, Ireland Scotland
- wales, has an area only of 120,832 sqi
miles, less than one-half as large as
State of Texas, and not so large as
Territory of Dakota by over 20,000sqi
miles. It has a population of 35,?
482 souls, while the United States
a population of less than 00,000;
scattered over the immense territor
3,033,177 square miles. The force of
| comparison is apparent when it if
" membered that the supply and dem
regulate the price of labor as of any a
I modity of commerce; and here is >
great "cause of the low-priced labo
! England. The competition neressa
' existiug among the workmen of t
[ labor-surfeited country has naturally
[ duced wages to a very low sum, wl
f here in tho United States, with thegi
expense of country and diversified
dustries, there is a relative absence
competition among workmen as c<
nared with England, and consequer
higher-priced labor. This higher pi
of labor is the legitimate and natural
suit of the supply and demand; and i
tection against the product of the f
priced labor of England is the first p<
to which it |s desired to call Uie att
tionofthe workmen wherein a pro
tive tariff is beneficial.
It requires no argument to show t
if there be no tax upon English ma
lactured articles ami merchandise c<
peting with wnat ih prouuceu, wc
must oe reduced and our workmen 1
ered to an equality with his fort
rival to enable him to put his labor
the market. The Republican pi
maintains that the advantage our wc
I man has over his English competi
by reason of our immense territory i
, diversified industries, with the relal
i absence of competition, should be
cured to him as his natural right. 1
is done, Republicans claim, by a i
tectiye tariff? a tax placed on fore
manufactured articles and merchant
shipped into this country, high enoi
to prevent the English tradesman fr
underselling our tradesmen, and
some instances to exclude importat
, absolutely,
Democrats oppose the system and
claro it a burden upon the people, T1
ftrgue that our machinery is as perl
as that of England, and that our inil
tries are no longer infant, and that
can manufacture as cheaply as the E
lisli | but they forget that our machin
and superb industries are operated
better paid workmen than ore those
England, and that the priee of labor h
is not fixed uj>on a false basis, but is
natural result of the demand and sup
of laborers. The policy and necessit;
protection to jabor involves more tha
uuestion of" machinery and perfected
A reduction of the tariff as propo
by the Democratic party must necei
rily be followed by a reduction of waj
i^iul will bring our workmen to acoi
tion more nearly approaching that of
English rival; it will lose to fiiin his
vantage of tjje relative absence of c<
i petition mid put him against the knifi
[ competition of labor-surfeited fore
i-nnn(rv In flin irnrlfl llflR sunll
, advantageous commercial situation
Great Britain. She has theadvant
! of cheap water transportation from
I dependencies and provinces in alu
j all parts of the world, from which
manufacturers receive their raw ma
e ial at a figure that would be starval
to American producers. In Asja
has valuable possessions of over 1,000
square miles; in Australia3,000.000
1 in Africa over 2.30,000 square miles;
in competition with the United St
she has the advantage of the cheap li
of those poqntrjes, India, for insta:
lias an area of 1 ,383,504 square miles
a population of 253,900,441) souls. I
auujn the urea and population of
United States may be forcibly uomni
without considering the backward i
ditlon of Jndjan civilization as toucl
the supply and deujaiid pf laborers,
is well known that the natives of Ii
recejye but a few cents a day for t
labor, and our worjfipcp mpt be
tected against such competition car
on through the channels of Kn^
Without considering the sul
further in this line, the writer earnc
- ????.. !,? K,
iuijui-OIO tilV IUVW Ut WIV UI
who nrc to vote this full, to review t
geographies and histories with ft sp<
view to refresh their minds us to
area, population, nroducts and conn
cial condition 01 the foreign couni
which may afleet the commerce and
bor of the United States should
Democratic party be successful in
effort to reduce the tariff. v. 11.
MomSmllt, April 4.
A timely drain will carry off the
plus water around the house and le
the amount of mud.
All stock that do not have the ad
tages of pasture should be given a i
of grass, or bulky food, at least on
In using seed corn that which sli
the slightest of injur)* should be avoii
Smut can easily be carried from one ;
to another by the seed.
.Saving the cream daily until enc
for a churning has accumulated is wr
The best butter is made from cream
J has been recently removed from the n
k Where a piece of land is not fit for
l< tivation, yet produces a growth of s
l kind, even ot weeds, it may be dev
M to sheep, jw me sneep win twyi
- weeds readily.
A fog' stakes around a young t
with barbed wire wrapped around
stakes, will protect trees from anin
J With this method fruit trees ma;
il planted in a Held given up to stock.'
Always estimate the cost of hau
? when manure is used, and compare
value, including hauling, with conn
r eial fertilizers, in order to arrive
knowledge of which is the cheaper,
l'oor, sandy soil should not be left
X> cultivated. Carefully prepare the 1
r bow to buckwheat, and plow the b
? wheat under when the crop is in I
rr som. In this way land may be gradi
m made productive.
? In securing seeds be careful that
L are not buying old varieties with
"" names. Old, tried varieties of vegeti
should never be discarded as Ion
they give good results. A ch
of seed, without first experimenting
the new variety the year previous,
fl cause a loss of the ontiro crop.
In preparing the ground for a
crop manure should be used plentif
The coarso manure does well on
'= laud, as the crop is a gross feeder, t
ing its roots in every direction. Xc
,K tivating corn only the surface o
ground should be stirred, as the
benefit is derived by the looso <
serving as a protecting mulch. Grass
kT however, should be kept down from tin;
?t. Now that the wells aro full they wil]
b easily become polluted from the surface
water. They should be pumped out,
and during the dry season thoroughly
ined. cleaned. Every well should be cleaned
out at least once a year.
The earliest sweet corn makes but little
growth of stalk. Often the ear is pro88110
puced not over one foot from the ground
bmit on the stalk. The Con' variety is one oj
t the the earliest, and also tne Pearl. The soil
innn should be rich and kept loose around the
'P?n plants.
Pig pens should not bo in the same la
uue" cality even' Benson. By having their
movable much valuable manure can be
f in- secured from the saturated earth around
0/ the old sites, while the change to fresh
places will greatly promote cleanliness
*?ta and health.
tries When milk sells at three cents per
linst 1uar* the price corresponds with that of
iflni* butter at twenty-five cents per pound,
rcial T*10 butter, however, takes no fertility
,_jn from the farm, while the sale of milk
( carries off all the mineral and organic
i to mnt^p ?f comi?osition.
aper Odors in the stable indicate that the
air therein is impure. The uso of abfom
sorbents, with due regard to keeping the
and ^Is clean, is very important in sumjare
,ner? Once a week the stable should be
the sprinkled with u solution made of one
the pound of copperas in two gallons of soft
tare water.
141,- "False blossom" or "rose blossom" 011
has the blackberry (peculiar to the Wilson
000, especially) is caused by n worm hatched
y of from eggs deposited by a winged insect. I
the The canes should be cut below the en- j
ire- largement caused by the worms in the
and full and burned in order to destroy the
om- insects.
on<j The persimmon tree does not deprive
r.[" the soil of a large amount of fertilizing
nly elements, and for that reason makes the
hat best of shade trees .for stock. In the
if" South, even on abandoned fields, the
persimmon is allowed to grow. Its
rent growth is slow, however, but its fruit is
ln* highly valued by some.
am- When setting out strawberry plants
11" use garden trowels and be sure the roots
nV,. aro W?M 8I)rwld out in the shape of a fan,
and cut oir the ends of the roots that are
* too long. They should be set out when
the ground is damp, an dry weather is
[ sometimes the cause of a large number
" failing to root in the soil after transZ
Severely cutting back tho dead wood
hnt on the peach trees will start them into
jj"uI new life. If tlie tree be dead nt tne top, i
)m. and the wood near the trunk green, the
,?e8 new buds will noon give a new top. By
V keeping all the the injured old wood cut i
ign nway the tree will do service much
longer than is usually the case with
lrty peach trees.
irk- *
[or I ifave been a sufferer from catarrh
an(j for the past eight years. Having tried a
jve number of remedies advertised as "sure
ge. cures" without obtaining any relief, I
jjjy had resolved never to take any other
,ro- patent medicines, when a friend advised
j?n me to try Ely's Cream Balm. I did so
lise great reluctance, but can now testiigh
ty with pleasure that after using it for
Qin six weeks J believe myself cured. It is
jn a most agreeable remedy?an invaluable
jon Balm.?Joseph Stewart, 024 (Jrand avenue,
Brooklyn, mwkaw
De best wntah comes f'om de well dat
feet 11111 dipped I,108'?
'U8* A Smuii! Legal Opinion.
JJ? E. Bainbridge Munday, Esq., County
Attorney, Clay county, Tcxjis, says:
.', "Have used Electric Bitters with most
happy results, My brother also was
! very low with malarial fever and jaun.v~
dice, but was cured by timely use of this
medicine. Am satislicd Electric Bitters
jjj saved his life."
'' ?J Mr. 1). I. Wilcoxson, of Horse Cave,
5 a Ky., adds a like testimony, saving; "Jle
m" positively believes he would nave dieil,
, had it not been for Electric Bitters.
seu This great remedy will ward off, as
ssa* well as cure all malarial diseases, and J
for all kidney, liver ami stomach disor-1
W" ders stands uneuualed. Price oO cents
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?m* Nowadavs the woman of classic fca'."K*
tureshas fief bodice shanei} and deoo*
'o" rated as did the Greek girl.
AH How I>ln.
If we know all the methods of apys0
nroach adopted by an enemy we are the
lle[ better enabled to ward oil' the danger
j0^1 and postj>one tlie moment when sur"er
rendered becomes inevitable. In many
;er" instances the inherent strength of the
I" body KUtUces to enable it to opj>ose the
tendency toward dca^li, Many, how?
?, ever, liaVe lost these forces to such an
unij extent that there is little or no help. In
unu other ca?es a little aid to the weakened
. 8 lanes will make all the difference be
ibor twet}ll sudden death ami uuiny years of
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JjJjtJ Price 10 and 75 cents per bottle'.
?,18a Croup, "Whooping Cough and llron.
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jsu> 'j'?E j^ev Georgo II. Thayer, of Bourj1
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own our lives to Shiloh's Consumption
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tiie Menkemiller. daw-eow
ner- > .
tries A man may be truthful in everything
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e. '
Ikinton'H Ilulr Grower.
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oiue it I* n ?j>eclllc for filing hulr, ilaudrulTund itchDted
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Sola by druKHki* orient on receipt of price, SI 00.
^c, ButrOX Uaiu o'nuwut Co.,
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iujg, ? ?
f ^ A taking fellow?the photographer.
]iug Advice to Mother*.
the \xc y0u disturbed nt night nml broken
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corn m .
?nd- l>ry Goods.
i cul- Knr York, April 5.~With the Jobbing trade
f the * larger demand whi present, whllo at interior
n,ni markets and northwest particularly, the same
i < feature wa* apparent, though the largo nurnbei
jurtn 0i forwarding was uked tor by fast exprws.
The Femtaraa of U*? Money And 8to?k Mar
I k?U.
, New Yobk, April 3.?Money on call ?uy a
2a2>?pcr ccot; last loan at 2 per cent, and closoc!
! offered at 1Y% per cent. Prime mercantile papei
i Sa7 per cent Sterling exchange qolet nn<l weiV
at U KM SG*/4. Sale* 315,220 iharea.
The stock market was not only leas active ta
> day than for the preceding two days but the
. dealing! lacked interest and prices reacted mater
I tally In tiio forenoon, though the losses wer?
' Kunerally made up later in the day. The pre*
1 sure was specially severe against the coalers,
I however, and to aid the attack#, stories that a
. large iron works were about to shut down and
that the Pennsylvania Individual operators
would inino coal to their full capacity, were nut
out; tli cm; were afterward contradicted and their
' effbet was but temporary.
i .The opening wai Irregular and comparatively
, quiet. The lowest pricca were generally reached
; after 1 p. in., and the animation disappeared,
1 when a better tone became appurent in the
i dealing*, and In the last hour tne movement
SMined force, Reading. Missouri Pacific and Lake
bore taking the lead. The advance wai checked
only by the closo of bu*inc*x, which was
fairly active and strong. The final changes are
irregular and generally for fractional amounts
Railroad bonds dull. Sale*, S7.'?".000.
Government and State bonds dull and steady.
U. 8.4* ref ...-lZl^lM. K. St T. gen. 6a... 65
U. 8. 4h coupon. 123^ Northern I'uc. la...>117
U. 8.4^s reg -106^ North. I'Hc. 'id -103
U. 8. 4 coupon -1U& Nothwest consols?Hi
I'aclflc C's of '10 120KIN. W. debentures,GsllO
Louisiana stamp, 4s 'JO 8. L. A 8. F. geu. rn.ll&M
Mlsaouri (is lft! St. Paul consols.?12?Z
Tenn.tis scttlementslOO St. P., C. & P. flrsts-ll?s
do 95 Tex. ?fc Vac. bind g's 44'*
do 3s Tex A I*ac. R. (J. exCentral
PacIflc.ls...~114yJ tra coupons M
D. A R. 0. Is 121 Union I'aclflc flnta-llSfc
I). A: It. 0. West. Is to West Shore ,..101^
Eric seconds ..- ?0$|
Adams Express 135 Northern Pacific-... 20k
American Kxprcss-107 do preferred Wa
Canada Southern... 4itU Chicago ?fc N. W....JOCV4
Central Pacific - ynk do preferred ?i:w
Chesapeake AOhio- 1% New York Ccntral...l05
do first preferred.. 1% Ohio ?fc MiMinlppL VJli
do aeeouda 2*4 do preferred 80
C., C., C. A 1 - 45 Pacific Mull .. 30k
Denver A It. G.~...- 17K Pittsburgh ...15014
Erie 24j-j Reading - do
preferred St. L. A 8. F 25%
Fort Wayne ?lft!% do preferred- 75%
Kansas & Texas..... lSVi do first prcferrod.10#
Lake Erie A West- 1% C. 31. A St. I*aul... - 70
do preferred - 4.'?> do preferred -110
Lake Shore SOU Texas A Pacific '22%
Louisville A Nosh- 5.1 Cnlon Pacific 51;?
L.. N. A. A C 32 United States Ex... 41
Memphis A Chas..... 51 W? St. L. A V 12**
Michigan Central... 70U do preferred - 22}i
Missouri Pacific 75;^ Wells-Forgo Ex 130
Nash. A: Chat 75% Western Union 73%
New Jersey Central 7i%
HrcndstufTs nnd Provisions.
New Yokk, April 5.?Flour, receipts 18,000
packagea; ex|Mirts C.800 luirrels uud 07,074 Micks:
superfine, *23503 00; common to choice white
wheat western extra $1 25o4 50, Wheat, receipts
8,'JUU bushels; exports 115,510 bushels; sales5,501,
ooo bushels of futures and 'JtrJ.OOO bushels oi
spot: options steady; uiiKnitle?l ml and white
Mu'AV: No. 2 rod, April tzkxiUXc. cloning at
WJ^c; Na^ S$%abl%:, closing at twto; Juuo H7}4
ass 11-lGc. closiug at h7to; July KG? closing
nt August hS^osGo, closing at 85%e;
September k'>'/^is)\c, closing nt Mo: December
v.i%c. Cora, receipt* 16,500 bushel*: exports
4,7*? bushels; Rule*V7(J,0".iu bushels of futures un?l
39,000 bushels of snot; cash grades dull: options
weak; No,2 April Me; May iioto61?;r. closing at
til to; June58>?i5yto, closing at 5!%c; July
aWuc, closing at 5%c; Augustf^'a-VJ^. cloning
nt.'/'V: September 5S%a6Uto, closing at 5t%c;
October toKatf^c, closing at fiOto. Out* receipts
.V.i,0(J0 bushels: exports K)5 bushels; sales 1MJ.U00
bushels of future*, 08,000 bushels ?>f spot;
market steady and quiet; white i45o;
War steady, liopn iitiict. 'Cortee, spot fair; Kio
quiet at Use; options unsettled and lower; wile*
i:il.00U bogs; April U.50all.G5c; Mayll.55all.80c:
June U.2uall.40c; July lu.?aill.a>f; August 10.5Ui
10.05c; September 10.2Sal0.45e; October 10.15a
10.30c: November 10.50c; December 10.3Jal0.l0e;
January 10.20al0.25c; February 10.15al0.'25c;
March I0.35al 0,60c, Sugar dull and nominal; re*
lined quiet und unehunged. Molasses Hteady;
*>o test Wc. Rice quiet and steady. Tallow linn.
Kosln steady at |1 22%al 25. Turpentine quiet
at 35lc. Eggs easier; receipts 2,307 package*; wentcry
2la21'-c. l'ork quiet and generally steady;
mess f 14 ooall 50. old: 814 50al5 oo. new. Cut
meats lirm; clear bellies 7%c. Larddull; western
steam spot 7.aop; choice (no; May 7.S5o;
June 7,Mo; July ?.8he; city steam 7.toc. Uutter
Hteady; western lla20c.' Cheese llrm aud quiet;
western 12c.
Cuicaoo, April 5.?While the trading In wheat
was at no time very large today, there was a
rather nervous feeling among the shorts, which
increased as the session advanced, Corn moderately
active, Outu quite active. I'rovislonn,
trading slow. Flour steady and unchanged.
Wheat, cash No. 3 spring 71&74&e:
No, a spring t*K*?G?o; No. 2 red hoc: May 7:^J6?7Cc.
closing at June 75^a76%C, closing at 70Vie;
July 7??,Ba7("i,,4c, closing at 7Gj4c; December 7H?_u
7'.?!?c. closing at 71%o. Com. cash No. 2, 51r.e;
Muyr>lHu&2%c, closing at 52>$c; JupO MKfU&O,
closing at 51 yyc; July 51a.V.'o, cl<?#lugat 52c: August
51ija52c, cltwjng at 53u, Oats, cash No. 2,
271 j?!50i-i?;May 00'.jLllo. dosing ut 31c; June AQUA
30} ft, closing at :io>io: July ;a?* ,u.;o'?c. closing at
30to: August 20}?i27to, closing at 27%e. wye,
cash No. 2, .VJto. Uarley, No. 2. 77aSOe. Flaxseed,
91 4 Jul 45. l'nme timothy seed fJ GO.
Mess pork, cash *13 35al3 40; May Sly toils 47>4.
dosing at $13 45; JttUO 113 4<W? &0. closing ut
f13 47;..; July ?1" fc l4?rd, cash and May 7.52to:
Juno ?,5(to; July 7.G2,'%?. iiacon, short ribs
7.00c; shoulders 5.75aG.OOc; short clear 7.45a7.50c.
Whlskv 5115. Sugars, cut loaf 7%n.S^c; standard
A Gto Uutter easier; creamery 23a2Mo; dairy
17a25c. Kggs in good demand; (rah 14^ul5o,
I'lliWPKl.ritU, I'a., April 5.?Flour, demand
light and prices steady. Wheat quiet but steady;
No. .2 red April fei^a'JO^c; Muy?%ii'J0jic; June
89%aD0)jc; July kSiSTo, loru llrm but quiet;
No. 2 luljtvl April G2ati3c; May G0%a01to; June
OOMafilHe; July 0%atil%c. Oats, spot dull;
prices a shade easier; No. 3 white 40c; No. 2
white 41a41,'4c: No. 1 white 4 2to; futures dull
and barely steady; No, ? white April 40>?a41c;
May 40ji?41^c: June 4(%*U}{c; July 4ok41c.
Uutter quiet and weak; western creamery 2Sc.
ClNcts'xati.O., April 5.?Fiour quiet. Wheat
firm: No. 2 red St%e; rooolpts 1,100 bushels;
shipments2,000 bushels, Corn in fair demand;
No, 2 mixed 58c. Outs weaker; No. 2 mixed 31c.
Hye quiet; No. 2, CCaftiJio. I'ork easy at Il3 ?7JiLard
dull; current make 7.30a7.35c. Hulk meats
aud bucou easier und unchanged, Whisky
.ifiMiilv ut SI fV) Itlltfi.p ll'imlr .mil lnurnv. f.iIII.V
northwestern creamwy Ofc; extra Ohio 80c; f
prime \',?Ikv roll saumc. Sugar Ann. Eggs i
strong una higher at 10c Cheoe strong.
Baltimore, Md., April a.?Wheat, western
sternly mid dull; N'?>, - winter red spot h7!-u>vse;
May Juno Massac. Corn, western
casus*, erasing dull; mixed s|>ot and May bid.
Outs steady und tinner; western white -111(120;
do mixed SMuXiu. Provisions steady and quiot.'
Kggs firmer at 17ul8c, C'oflVe Wm with fair
demand; Rio cargoes, ordinary to fair, Uul4}$c.
Tulkuo, April 5.?Wheat steady nnd (inn;
cash S2J^c; Slay KifCe; Juno KJ!^aft.%e; July
7U>6o; August ?.%o, Corn active and llrm; May
.Vie. Oats, quiet; cash 33c. Cloverseed dull;
cash 13 71%,
Live Stock.
Chicago, April 5. ? Cattle ? Receipts 11,000
head; shipments St,500 head; market slow and
easier; fancy So30; steers $3 35a5 00; stackers
and feeders 5"- 40u3 75; cows, hulls and mixed
?1 MJu3 00; Texas ied steers &l 500-1 10. Hogs?Receipts
18,000 head; shipments 6,000 head; market
slow and 10c lower; mixed 85 05u5 heavy
S5 'J0?r? 40; light ?."? oaa530; skips $;s lout no. Sheep
?Receipts5,000 head;shipments 1,000 head; market
steady; natives Jl OOnO !t7y7; western $5 00a
010; Texuns fS ou?5 uo; lambs 95 OUiO 50.
EahtLidkbty, Pa., April 5.?Cattlo?Receipts
117head; shipments 114 head; murket steady at
yesterday's quotations. Hogs?Receipts 1,000
head; shipments I,aw head; market very slow;
Pldladclpfdas S5 05dfi 75; mixed 95 Wa5 GO;
Yorkers $5 4oa550; common to fulr f5 15a5 :W;
jilgs $-1 50o5 00. Sheep?Receipts iXJOhead;shipmen
1,100 head; market llrm at yesterday's quotations,
Cincinnati, 0? April 5.?Hogs quiet; common
and light 91 00a530; packing and butchers |5 30a
500; receipts 3,000 head; shipments850 head.
New York, April 6.?Petroleum continues
heavy under forced liquidation, and a sharp decline
was recorded to-duy. The market oj>cncd
weak at 77%e; after u slight advaoccgave way under
heavy sales and fell to 74)^C. Supporting orders
then caused a rally on which the market
closed llrm at 75j:c. Consolidated Exchange,
sides 2,708,000 barrels; opening at 77?$c; highest
78e; lowest 74J$'e; closing at 75;{,c.' Stock Kxchange,
sides 'JO1.000 barrels: opening at77j!$c:
highest 7%e; lowest 77%e; closing at .5>?c;
oil. City, 1'a? April 5.?Opened at 78c;
highest 7Sl>?: lowest 7!%c; closed ut 75kc; sides
J,757,0(Xi barrels; clearances 5,U0,0U) lmrrels;
runs, In.:frj barrels; shipments 81,365 barrels;
charters 07,100 barrels.
I'lTrentinoii, Pa.. April 5.?Petroleum Irreg...-.....-I
..I ? l *,,. ?? 7.-*..
TOc; iowciit 73%e.
ltiiADPoun, Pa., April -Opened At TTJic;
cIomihI ut 76J4O; bight-it 76c: lowest 7IJ^c.
TiTL'hViLLK. Pa., April 5.?Openwl ut 78c;
highlit 7bc; lo\vi*t 73%o; cloned ut 7ijjc.
New York, April 5. ? Cotton qnlct an<l
Memly: uplnndu 913>lGc; Orlc.iUH 'JlVlCc; future*
dull; April 9.Wc: Mnyi?.67c: June 9.7>c;
July 9.Me; Antput 0.93c: 8ct>tetnl>cr 9.70c; October
9. is<;; November 9418c; December 9J3e.
Dr. C. McLane's Celebrated
A few doses taken at the right time
will often save a severe spell of
?ckne?j. Price only 23 cents at
iy drug store. Be sure and see
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mrliUMvr It. T. TAYLOR. Pres.
I Washington School of Elocution
Mas. M. STEVENS HART Principal.
oh "m ' St., K. W., Wabiii.notoj*, d. c.
_ Sixth Annual 8ession begins Wednesday, Sep^
j Course of instruction embraces Elocution,
Practical Euglfoh and English Classics, Latin,
j Mathematics, Modern Lauguagcs, Vocal and Instrumental
3lusic and Physical Culture.
The Prlucl|tal IsasfiHcd by anctllcicnt corp?
ri.i of tcachcrs in each department.
Graded Cla*M? for buy* and girls daily,
.j;* Adult Classes and private Instruction given In
t>. the evening.
? J Diplomat awarded. A limited number of punc
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For circulars and references apply to Intelu;
? Stammering Cured.
for System based upon nature's laws. No Secrecy
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; Testimonials from physicians, educators and
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Washington School of Elocution und English
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Scar Wheeling, W. Vu.
twisters 01 me > isuauon.j
A school of more than national reputation
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On? Faro Forth? Round Trip..
r Tlcketa roo?1 jrolnjr South tin dan, with ?to
ll over privilege*. ami pood urn-ttijcVlthln thlrt
? days (ram dito of sale. For turtodr luformatlo
write to
8. 8. PARKER* D. P. A.,
kTD, mrtuJJnp'KtlO Cincinnati. 0.
. wc Advertising ban always provei
* n?! sueccssful. Before placing an;
uur 1/Kowspopcr Advertising consul
Aommnso nam,
ork. ami ?<||||| CHICAOQ
White Soap.
For the Bath, Toilet and Laundry*
I Snow White nnd Absolutely Pure
If your dealer doe* not fceep Whlto Clood Bo?p
[ send 10 cwta for winiplo cake to tbo makers
1 JAS. S. KIRK & CO.,
Table takiujf effect SUNDAY, December 18
1887. Ftuwcuger trains will ruu u* follows?Ccu,
tral time.
No. 7. No. 5. No. 3. No. 1
p. in. *. m. a. m.
Leave?Wheeling- 3:00 ltioo 6:45
Kenwood. opp.Iiellairo .1:1.*. ii:ift 7:00
Moundavllli .. 3:35 11:? 7:20
Clnrlncton ...... *.... 4:15 *12: It 8:00
New MartlnnvilU 4:42 12:40 8:30
8bt?rarllle - f?:0r? 1:00 8:65
Friendly, opp.Matam'M 6:18 1:12-9:08
St,Mar>-? 6:50 1:40 ?.?:40
Willlannito'n.opp. Mat 0:40 2:20 10:25
Farkenburs 7:15 3:00 11:10
Belleville .... S:6< feSfl
Murrayavillo. .... 4:00 12:23
: Ravenswood r?:4.*> 4:40 12:55
U-urt 3:'J> 1:40
New Haven .. 7:00 6:43 2:05
Hartford 7:U*. 6:48 2:10
Macon City, oj?p. l'oin'y 7:i: 5:57 2:18
Clltton, opp. Mtddlvp't. fi'.O.J 2:24
Arrive? 1H. I'leasjint-... 8:00 6:40 3:00
" K.AO.Junction 0:45 8:05
Galllpolla 4:45
44 Charleston 8:25
a. m.
" White 8ulphnr...| | | I 5:0U
No. 6. No. 4. No. *2. No. 8.
u. to. ii. m. a. in. p. in.
Leave?K. <& 0. Junet'n 10:4ft 3:4ft
Point Pleasant 10:50 0:1A 3:50
Clifton 11:30 fir.Vi 4:32
Mason f.'ity, opp. Porn'y 11:35 6:ft5 4:37
Hartford 11:42 7:03 4:47
New Haven 11:47 7:Uf 4:62
p. in.
; Letart. MO 7:80 r.:M
Ruvciiswood 12:.V? 8:10 8:05
Murmjwille 1:30
Parkeniburc 6:35 'J:4ft l?: t.r? ,?mM
WIlliamstorn,opp.Mat. 7:10 3:*) 10:2'. ..
St. Maiy's 7:.Y> 4:22 11:?
Friendly,opp. Matatn'y. 8:23 4:6*2 11:35 ....
Sistersville 8:^.r? 6:06 11:4*
New Martinsville 9:00 6:W 12:10
Clarington ! ::?) 6:.V? 12::C.
Moundsville 10:10 6:3ft 1:15 mMMM
Kenwood, opp. Hcllaire. 10::*) 6:ftft 1 :35
Arrive?Wheeling 10:45 7:15 1:50.........
p. in.
, Arrive?Cleveland- 6:15 ....
Pittsburgh 3:*20 6:5ft
a. in. a. ni.
HarrUbnn 3:'20 '2:05 ....
; Philadelphia 6:00 6:00
New Yorlc 7:30 7::?
. Wert and Northwest, p.m. p.m.
Newark ~ 11:50 6:20
Columbus 7:40
1 Clilnuro ii:to ? ?
Sunday train* on K. A (>. Railway arrive at
Charleston at 6:10 p. in., waiting for 0. H. K. K
train No. 1 at 1'oiut I'leuMiut. This in the short
line, and parties purchasing tickets should ask
for tickets via. the Ohio River Railroad. For information
regarding rates, routes, etc., address
W. J. ROBINSON, Gen'l 1 'mm. A pent.
Ihirkersburg, W. Va.
Trav. 1'iiss. Agent. Wheeling. W. Va.
J Departure of trains fn>in Wheeling. Scheduio
lu efl'ect February *20,18S8?Eastern time:
, Express for Chicago and the Northwest, 9:60 &
m, 3:40 n m 10:00 p m dally, utyl 11*15 p m dally
except Saturday.
Express for Cincinnati and St. Louis, 9:50 am
dally, 11:15 p in dally, except Saturday.
Express for Columbus and Cluelnuati, 2:4ft a m,
Su inlay only.
For Columbus, 0:80 a m dally, and 11:15 p m.
daily except Saturday, and 2:2ft p m dally except
Express for Washington, D. C., Ilaltimore,
Philadelphia and New York, 6:40 a m and 6:4ft p
m, oaiiy.
For Pittsburgh and Washington, Ph., 5:00 a m
and 7:00 pm dully: express, 8:10 a m, 1:45 p m,
daily except Sunday. Additional way train (or
Washington, hi., 5:20 p in, dully except Sunday
For Moundivlllc, 12:00 noon, dally except
. Sunday.
For uraiton. 3:45 p. m., dally exccpt Sunday.
For Cumberland, 8:S0 a in, dally, exccpt Sunday.
f For8t. Clalravlllc, 7:35 am, 2pm and 5:45 pm,
dally exccpt Sunday.
' Express train* arrive from Chicago, 6:40 and
? 9:10a m and 6:45 p m dully, and 5:tw a m dully
. except Monday.
Express trains arrive from St. Louis and Cinclnnati,
5:00 a m und 6:45 p in. ditily.
Express train? arrive from Philadelphia, Unltlmorc
and Washington, D. C.t 10:50 a ui und 10:1(5
. p m daily.
1 Train* arrive from Columbus, 5:00 a m daily,
and6:45pmdally, and 10:35 am dully cxccpt
, Trains arrive from Pitulranh, 0:40 dally, and
' 12:45 p m and 6:55 p m. dally cxccpt Sunday;
11:10 pm dally except Baturduy, and '2:40 am,
Sunday only.
Traius arrive from Washington, I'a., 8:00 am,
dally cxccpt Sunday.
Trains arrive from MoundsvHlc, 1:40 p m, daily
except Sundny.
Trains arrived from Grafton, 9:25 am, dally
cxccpt Sunday.
Trains urrlvo from Cumberland, 5:50 p m, dally
except Sunday.
Trains arrive from St. CialrsvlUe, 10:3.'. a in and
1:35,0:45 and 8:20 p m, daily cxccpt Sunday.
ItuRKagc called for und checked at hotels aud
residences on order* left at ticket office, law Market
street, aud at depot. .
I C. K. I .OKI), (Ten. Pass Agent.
W. M. CLEMENTS, Manager.
XT LOUIS RAILWAY CO.-Panhandlo Route,
Under schedule In effect November 14, 1HN7,
trains leuve Wheeling Central Standard time:
KorSteubeiivlllc and Pittsburgh, 6:3')a m, 12:35
p iu, 3:20 p in. For StcubenvUle, 8:05 p m. The
o:35a in and 8:05 p m train* make direct connection
fur Columbus, Cincinnati, ludlanaitoliH and
Chicago. Tliu 12:35p m tniln make* illrcel contui
tion for ColuinhtiM and Chicago.
Train* arrive at Wheeling, G:la a m, 10:15 n ni,
2:45 p in and t?:m p in. my2l
ItAlLROAD.?Under schedule In oflicct
" Januarv 22, 1?W, train* have Ilridgenort, Central
Standard time: For Pittsburgh ana Cleveland,
5:10 a in, 1 :W p m. For l'ltt^btirKli. 10:17 a in.
For WelUvllle, 4:14 jj in. For SteubeuviUu, 8:33
a in. For Murtin'N ferry, 0:45 a ni.
Trains arrive at Rrldgeport at 7:83 a m, 10:32 A
in. 2:4:11> ni, 5:21 p tn, 4:M i> in, and 7:47 p in.
i la'-M
. Financial.
CAPITAL .1200,000
J. N. Vakck. President
L. 8. Delai-lain....... Vice-President
J. N. Vanro 8. lforkhcltncr,
J. M. Brown. W. ElllnghHin,
L. S. Deluplaln, A. W. Kelley.
John Frew,
Pnifts issued on England, Ireland, Scotland
and all poinU In Europe.
JOHN* J. JONES, Cashier.
CAPITAL - ..1175,000
Wx. A. lim.. - Pitaldent
W*. 11. HiJtnos .I.. .. .Vlco-Pretldent.
Drafts on England, Ireland, Franco and Gcr>
Wm. A.Isctt, Win. 11. Simpson,
J. A. .Miller, John K. Hot* ford,
, K. M. Atkinson, Victor Koscnburg.
Henry Hpcycr.
mrji F. P. JEPSOS, faultier.
Insurance Companlos.
Of Wheeling. W. Va.
* CAPITAL. - 1100,000
Ininrcs nralnut low or (lninnse by Arc and
lightning nil claw?of ilcMrnblc property; alto
p Iniure* carguc* ou the Western water*.
J. K. Vance, Present, M. Rellly, Vlce-Prcn't,
J. L. Stroehlcln, Hw'y, J??.1'. A<1aum, Aw'tBeo
m MlllUTOKfl,
3 J. N. Vanre, M. nellly, L. C. Btifol,
J. H. Hobb*, C. W. l mn?helrn.
\ m\-X :0mrr.:-No. a". TWELFTH FT.
. PrlntluB neatly and promptly cxccutod at
i ibv lutcllJ^cntcr Job Uoowi,

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