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z5' 188a VOI.UME XXXYI-NlUniEll 212.
I A Sensation at a St. George's
I Day Banquet in New York. jj
I jfrli'inlin;: Itomc Kul< ?The S
I or-Hi" 'he .Vaincof tlio Croat jj
I Commoner? Pror.Stnlth'fl Bad |c
TlfilC?ColMlcil Scut illKMIlN. I L1
I Xeu Vokk, April 24.?For ono linn-/.fi
I drtnl and one ywtra tlio celebration by I J'
I the Kn^Iislniicn in >'etv York of St. I yj
i..iu lmnn moro or less i aj
George? ?..?
prosaic. ^
The one hundred and second, which "
took place at Dehnonico's last night, in } /
the form of a dinner, was considerably W!
less prosaic and was not a little rattled. C,
Professor (ioodwin Smith, of Toronto,
was primarily tho cause of this disturbing
element. lie made a distinctively N
poIinVjil speech, in which ho attacked SI
home rule in an exceedingly bitter ^
manner. jn
Cliaiineey M. Depew created general ca
astonishment when it came his turn to th
speak I))' taking the opposite course and Pfl
handling the cudgels in behalf of the
fri.-Ii. The temper of the gathering can
J** Ih-H' T understood from the fact that,
when Mr. Depew asserted that if Air. rti
Gladstone should visit this country he
would he received enthusiastically, the v"
name of Gladstone was received with a or)
volley of hisses. th
During the course of his remarks Prof.
(Johhviu Smith said: "It seems that a
gfiieral resolution has been taken by
Englishnu n on tills side to naturalize. I
do not wonder that there has been some
reluctance to do that?to break alle- to
gianre t<> such a glorious country jw Ei
England and that the anti-English feel- lie
iii;r here has led Knglishmen to feel that ni<
tliey were in an alien country. [Cheers.] at
(ii'iitleiuen, I protest it is not. It'is not
intcinli'd to deprive any of tho citizens
of tin- I'nitcd States of their powers,
? ' ..I.,.J nfavniit 4 Ilia
UUIU IS imcmivw w r.^
try from boin^r posed as tin? friend of an
alien voto against <>Id England and to <
prevent n? Englishman from being da
trampled niton by those who are angling ce,
for the Irish vote. [Applause.]
"We are opposed to the dissolution of ,
Ireland from tho United Kingdom and illliainlins:
it over to a part of the Irish lie;
people. The words 'Ireland' and 'Irish' 8jc
are very different. John Bright is right
in having there are two miljions of ljc
people in Ireland who are as loyal as j0'
lie or I urn. I have always advocated
everv movement for the advancing and ?
for the benefit of the Irish people, but Piji
we believe that we should not bo con- . .
ferring a benefit upon Ireland, but "
would he doing her a wrong, by separ- J*1?
atinjr her from England, by de- ,
barring her members of Parliament
frum the legislature of the realm. )yc
If you want to form an opinion on the ha
question tfo to the gallery of the House
of Commons, look upon the Irish memhere,
note their demeanpr and appear- Jj|j
ante, ami ask if English statesmen would ttu:
U' justified in handing Ireland over to ^
their hands. Many a tune I have talked 0f
to liicliard Cobdeu on this Irish ques- wj
tion, amino always gave wo mo same Wl
answer: 'If the Irish would only send noj
good and proper men to Parliament, iuj let
the Scotch did, the matter might l>ear- in,
ranged; hut how are we to carry a great 0(
ri'form with such men as these Irish acj
iiu'IuIhts?'" [Cheers.] tb<
To Chauncey M. Depew was assigned j)0
tin- toast of "The Memory and Genius of ,.u
Shakespeare," but he had little to say
alniut the immortal Hard of Avon. "I
always.'* he said, "look forward to St.
George's Day with peculiar interest.
There were three persons born on that 1,r
day which I remember. One was St.
Ueoiye, the second was Shakespeare, ]
and tln? third was myself, and I have a pU
family controvery each year as to wheth
or my birthday shall be celebnited at
home or with St. George and Shakes- elc
I?'arc, with the result that on that day tio
then' is a temporary severance of the to
family relation. [Laughter.] ve
gladstone hissed.
"There could bo nothing more recipm
al than the relations now existing be- ^
tweon (ireat Britain and the United fai
States. We have had this year an tin- m<
usual amount of fluid tally tlowing out th;
on Imth sides. Chamberlain visited us; ga'
we had your Parliamentary delegates coi
over here to promote peace; all to keep coi
up the How of international tally. I ?
have noticed at the dinners of the va- m<
riotw societies that politics, which have no
hitherto been strictly tabooed, have m:
been placed upon the" table. This was an
especially noticeable at the Irish dinner,
where there was 110 other question but
politics paramount, and here, to-night,
Pmfessor Uoldwin Smith gave us a By- 1
nopsis of the political addresses he delivered
during the last Knglish campaiu'ti.
"Being a stump speaker myself, I had y,
some dehire to learn just what a stump ()Ci
sjifecli was on the other side of the mi
water. As his speech is likely to bo ur
telegraphed all over the country, 1 can- tj,
not let it pass .if I do not express my rt,
absolute and unqualified dissent from j0
every opinion Prof. Goldwin Smith has j?r
uttered. [Cries of "Oh," and expressions \ j
of dissent.] When ho says there is on j,j
unfriendly sentiment toward English- C41
men here ho is mistaken. If John ju
bright was to visit this country to-mor- ju
row he would receive an enthusiastic a
ret ention as any of our statesmen and so
would .Mr. Gladstone [hisses.] That
settles mv opinion on the Homo Rule n(
question." 01
. -Mr. Uepew immediately branched off 1,1
into another subject and delivered a I.
eulogy upon Shakespeare. ti
A N?*|ihcu SwvnrH Out Warrant* for tlio j
Alwlurtlnn of Mm. Nixon.
Wichita, Kas., April JM.?Interest in
the case of Mrs. Klizu Nixon, who was
aiHiucleu from her homo last Thursday
by her step-son and two men hired for ?
the purpose, in onler to obtain control t<
? ! her property, which is valued at over
? 100,000, has been reawakened by the ti
arrival of K. C. llvde, of Sycamore, 111., tl
-Mm. Nixon's Nephew, to see that the 0
matter Is fully investigated.
Mr. Hyde says that for years letters
written to Mrs."Nixon by his branch of
"?? family has never been answered, C
?u?d that they had long mourned her as \
dead, lie learned of lier existence 0
through the Chicago papers. He has ^
JJ'om out warrants for the arrest of Mrs. i,
upborne, .Mrs. Nixon's nurse, and Mrs.
Nixon's stepson, William.
(irminn HuptUt Encampment. .
f?.tai'ntoy, Va., April 24.?Tho comtnitteo
to select a place for tho annual
convention encampment of tho Ger- .
"wn Baptists o'.f the United States has J
decided on Harpahurg. The conven- .
Jj?1* will be held the first Tuesday after
JJ hit Sunday in 18&?. From 10,000 to
lo.ooo |KTsons of this denomination,
Representing every Statu and Territory <
111 the Union, usually attend these an- i
nual gatherings. >
>elegnte? OA the ring ut Waton-Tlio He*.
mIud to Ilt'Kin To-dtiy.
Itrclnl DUjtatch tu the InUUIgcnecr.
Webto.v, W. Va., April 24.?The meet- C
li? of tho Department Encampment of
;ie G. A. K., to be held here to-morrow,
romises to be the largest ever held in
10 State. The following .officials and ?
elevates havo already arrived: C. B.
inith, Past Department Commander; T
ee Haymond, Department Commander;
E. Fleming, .Senior Vice Department
ommander; It. H. Freer, Junior Vice
department Cominamler; F. il. Crago,
ssistant Adjutant General; Thomas C.
filler, Assistant Quartermaster General;
osiah Sinclair, Inspector; T. G. Field,
udge Advocate; T. A. Fleming, Chief y\
[ustering OiHeer; Thomas A. Mausley.
William C. Parker and Eli Musgrove, of
ieade Post No. 0; Gen. 1.11. Duval and ttI
eorge 15. Crawford, of Pier|>ont Post m
o. 0; Isaac Hoopes and Jasper W. Da- jj
dson, of McClellan Post No. 34; J. W.
ortncy, of Carlin Post No. 07; Col. Joph
Snyder, of Hoflman Post No. <>2: 10
, Simon and Watson M. Bunton, of se
ouse Post No. 55; George Alex. Jones u,
td Daniel Yourken,of Stidger Post No. ?,
i; Job Musgrove, of Kuykeudall Post \
o. 30; George W. Wusner, of 15. B. c'>
mw Post No. 03; J. S. Branuon and M. ac
Urnnnon, of Post No. 73, Glenville.
The Council of Administration meets M
the morning at 9 o'clock and the en- en
moment at 2 p.m. Gen. Haymond, Ulj
e Department Commander, is accom- jd
inied by bis wife. Headquarters are D<
tablished at the Bailey House.
Ciroivth of tlio G. A. 1C. |n]
St. Louis, April 24.?Commander-in- sa;
lief Rea, of the G. A. R.f left for Nash- 1UJ
lie, Tenn., thfs morning. He said the {j*
ionization had added 11,000 men in nu
o last quarter. Missouri had added frc
o largest number, while Kentucky had
B largest percentage of increase." ,,ij
" " . .. nf
Mr*. Logun mid tint U. A. u.
Toledo, 0., April 24.?Mrs. John A.
?gan, who lias been visiting her son in ,,f
mngstown, luts accepted an invitation iu<
attend the meeting of the Ohio State <MU
icampment of the Grand Army of the J|vl
public, which meets in this "city to- thi
>rro\v and Thursday. She will arrive
2 o'clock Wednesday. L"1
t eoi
,other Duiiial of tho Morion About 111* oil
Unhealthy ContlUlott. till
S'ew York, April 24.?The Tribune to- sid
y publishes tho following: "The re- ;
at authoritative denial by Emmons jj|j
line of the stories about his father's j
health do not seem to prevent ma- tie
ious manufacture of further idle n'\
iries to that effect. These stories up- mc
nr to be the work of a bureau founded am
tho purpose of making the public J
lievc thut Mr. Blaine is on the verge a
earthly dissolution. The object can syi
lily be inferred, in view of the rising J
0 of popular favor that is demanding ]
j nomination for President of the Ue- yo<
blicau party, in spite of his letter of ' ]
thdrawal. am
'111 his statement to the Tribune, a j
ek ago, Eunnons Blaine cited a letter {or
it received from his father as the best j
tot that he was in good health. He yoi
il received letters from his mother and * j
ters which gave confirmation to this wn
formation. Letters were received here ta>
sterday from Mr. Blaine which told of wli
1 continued good health: of the pleas- vai
t time he was having, of his intention he
>n to start northward in Europe, and col
the anticipations of pleasure with j
lich he looked forward to the time i
leu he can press his foot on American e0;
1 once more. There are so many let- j
ters to this effect, not only from Mr. y,(
line himself, but from the members i
his family and from friends who run ^
oss him "in Europe, that it seems as *?
DUgh tho malicious spreading 01 re- rc
rts to tho contrary would soon get a i
ietus. There is absolutely no founda- \\v
n for them." " pe,
j May Cn]ituro Homo of tlio DolngntCM '
Hocurvil 1?y HIm Opponent*. UU
Richmond, Va., April 24.?Tho Re- |?r
blieana yesterday held mass meetings j>r,
various counties in this State amf in
icled delegates to the State G'onven- ?f
n, which meets at Petersburg May 10,
send delegates to the National Conntion.
John S. Wiso and other prominent '
ponents of Senator Mahone nave made .1
tight against the latter to secure con- K
>1 of the Petersburg convention. As jjjj
as heard from the kickers developed
>ro strength in tho nrimary meetings
mi was expected. They secured dele- 1
tions from here, as well as Norfolk no
unty and several of the large valley j>o
unties where the whites are dominant, in
General jMahono is expected to carry on
)st of the black districts, and it would trj
>t be surprising if he should carry oil' wi
my of the delegates secured by Wise leu
d the other kiekers yesterday.
j In Willing to llftul a New Yurk Dole.gallon
for Clevulnnil. ^
Boston, April 24.?A dispatch' from aj(
ashington to the JItrnhl says: Col. J. tin
Tomlinson, editor of the Omaha Danrat,
has kept Governor David 11. Mill's A'
line at the head of his editorial col- A1
tin for some time as his candidate for 1111
e Presidency. Last night, having just je:
turned from" Albany, where he had a Jai
ng conference with Gov. Hill, he tele- lt}
aphed his managing editor to take vj'
ill's name down. The Governor told ("
m. he says, that he was not only not a ,l,J
nuidate, but that he would willingly y11
;ad the New York delegation for Clove- [n
ud at St. Louis.
, , tli
IiiNtruvtril for Cironhnin. til
Chicago, April 24.?The Republicans
: tho Third Congressional district this A
orniitir u?Wtn?l Mnvor Roche and Hon. I"
conard Sweet to the National Convenon.
The delegates amid great enthuasm
were instructed to support the m
uulidacy of Judge Greshaui. It is unerstood
that Mr. Sweet is to present 0J
udge Gresham's name to the eonven- ^
0I1, -pi
Kx?C!o\'urnor Hoffman'* Hody, tr
New York, April 24.?The body of
i-Governor John T. lloffman arrived *w
nlay on the steamer "Eulda," of the rj
ortfi German Lloyds lino. It will be tr
ikon to Grace church, from whence 0)
lie funeral will take place the latter part ?>,
f this week. tii
Dun'* Agent'ii Shortage. ^
Dayton, 0., April 24.?J. Scarlett, of p(
Cincinnati, general manager of the B. G. oi
Hin commercial agency, (ln<l? the l*ooks w
f Jatnes Cummins, who snicidcd here a
iunday, $0,000 short. Cummins was
ocal manager for the Dun agency here. "
? ? . ci
InveNtment Company rail*.
Philadelphia, Pa., April 24.?Tbo h
vcystone Investment Company, after a
)rief history of a few weeks, has sus- ri
jended payment. The liabilities are c
>laced by the counsel of the company at 0
30,000. No figures on the assets arc j,
pven. tl
Staunton Merchant Fall*. v
Staunton*, Va., April 24.?Meyer
)borderfer, dealer in ready made clotting,
assigned to-day. His liabilities are t
?23,000 and asset* $10,000. V
ipeeches Made by Messrs.
Millin and Burrows.
lie Cause of Protection Fim
Able Champion in the Mlchij)
Member ? Sledgo Hainan
Mows for American Labor.
Washington, D. C., April 24.ills,
of Texas, naked the unani
msent that nil gentlemen uugl
lowed to print in the Record an
arks upon the subject of the tarii
r. Reed, of Maine, objected,
Mr. Hopkins, of Now York, obj
the request of Mr. Mills that a \
ssion should be held this eveninj
e House went into Committee o
hole [Mr. Springer, of Illinois, it
air] on the tariff Jjill, the floor 1
corueu 10 jur. luu.uiiuu, ui icmn
During the course of his speech
cMillin declared that the internal
ue sysfem, against which the gc
in from Pennsylvania (Kelly)inv
had not been inaugurated by
niocratic party .J
Air. Kelly admitted that the D<
itic party hud not enacted the
it declared tliat it had mude it n
rv for the Republican party, whic
lined in Congress during the \va
ovido the Binews for that war,
us forcing that party to resort to ii
1 taxes and all tlio fiords hi pa resu
ira them.
Mr. McMillin replied that the ge
in from Pennsylvania not only in
uted the internal taxes of whic]
mplained, but he put a tax on railr
d incomes and the capital and dep
banks, but these latter had beei
>ved and those which the gentle
d worked hardships had never I
novei 1. The gentleman had not <
very thing which he said the D<
itie narty was responsible for.
[cMillin] remembered the gentle
ining before the House and sa
it he favored a repeal of the sys
t that his caucus had detenu
lerwise and he had bowed his net
i yoke. (Applause on the Demoe
\Ir. Kelly?lias not that been the
w by your Democratic caucus? i
luse on the Republican side.)
\Ir. McMillin?Why does not tlio
man offer a substitute now which
>eal the tax?
Vlr. KelJy?When we come to ami
iiLs yout will find that J will offer
il make you vote on it.
Ur. McMillin?Does your party f:
total repeal of the internal revt
item ?
dr. Kelly?I speak for myself.
Mr. McMillin?Who will speak
ar party? (laughter.)
dr. Kelly?Will you vote for sucl:
end men t?
dr. McMillin?I don't propose to
such amendment.
dr. Keed, of Maine.?Then wha!
u talking about?
Hr. McMillin stated that $<>0,00C
s annually received from iute
:es. If these taxes were remt
ere did the gentleman from Pent
lia propose to get the revenue,
propose to replace the tax on ten
dr. Kelly-?No.
dr. McMillin?You lmvo not
irage to do it.
dr. Kelly?Have you or your p
! courage to tax tea and eolleo?
dr. McMillin?We do not propof
;e oil* internal taxes.
'There are none of us brave," was
ed's comment.
dr. Kelly?Would the revenue
a Government be endangered bj
ding the tobacco tax, including tw
llion dollars derived from (ihei
J cigarettes?
dr. McMillan?They would not b<
Iged. Yesterday there was presei
the Senate a petition of seventy in
s of the Gospel, between :100 and
iachers and 120 physicians of thisfavor
of enacting laws in the J-)is
Columbia which would prevent
e of cheroots and cigarettes to chil<
der sixteen years of age.
Mr. Kelly?1 would voto for it.
Mr. McMillin?You would vote f
d the same jtime you would vol
:e them cheaper cheroots
:arettes. [Laujjhter and applaus
3 Democratic side.]
Mit. minnow's sPKBcu.
Mr. Burrows, of Michigan, wafl
xt speaker. ^ lie said our Uiriil* oi
rts was io-ujiy cumutwcuiy jjiuivv.
that it was levied not for revi
ly but to encourage American in
and protect (American labor,
ng of the Democratic party, undo
id of President Cleveland, assailed
stem?denounced it as vicious
Dgical, and declared it to be not
wise but unconstitutional. On
ntrary, the Kepublican party be
a protective tariff that in levyinj
s on imports, revenuo should
>ne be considered, but
ose duties should bo so ad
as to give encouragement
nerican capital and employuicE
nerienn labor. The Kepublican j
uisted that the present protective
in should not be disturbed, exce
r us might be necessary to correi
congruities and harmonize its
sions. If Congress followed the
the President in his bold declan
kI secured a reduction by such
sion of the tariff* as he proposed,
g untouched, us he suggested, tin
rnal revenue system, not only w
e protective system be destroyet
e nation would be out on
3 members were free traders or pi
mists, the bill of the committee w
) approved or condemned.
The pending bill exposed to fo:
sault many of our principal indus
lie great wool-growing industry o
tun try, only in the infancy of its d
mient, was to be exposed to a rui
reign competition, which would s
ovo its destruction. The maj
ied to delude the people into thi
if that cheap wool meant c
othing. lie admitted that
ould he cheaper whilo our fo
vals were trying to destroy our ii
y, but when' they had eliminated
Ir market the production of 300,0C
junds of domestic wool we v
nd ourselves, bound hand and fo<
10 mercy of the foreign producer. '
stnuut would thero be then 01
Dwer or cupidity ? In'.tho exube
[ the President's ?ca1 for free tiu
anted the entire reduction securi
revision of the tariff, but even tin
nders of the Democratic party li
ic courage to move on that lino at
ipv that advanced positioo.
The gentleman from Texas (Mr. 1
ad stated that our taxes were li
nlay than during the war. He I
nly "of dutiable imports, omitting
L'ceived free of duty: therefore tn
illation wns not onlv misleading
ntirely valueless. The same mta
ition destroys the force of his argti
liat the average rates of duty t
'ere heavier than during the war.
Taking our entire Imports the a\
o-dny was 31 j?er cent, while durii
ror it had been 30 per cent, TIm
E percent increase was largely attributabf
to lower prices following the inexorabl
1 law, as prices declined the jrcrcentage *
the advalorem rate increased. Effort
iyj were being made persistently to indue
c" the American farmer to believe that pr<
tectivo tariffs were hostile to his inte:
Mr. Burrows argued that the farmc
i mt\ was directly interested in maintainin
1WU. the protection system and a home mm
ket. This home market should bo t
1h uii J'*8 object of deepest solicitud
and upon it the future of the ugricul
?au tural interests of the country liunj
?r Here was a lesson to bo drawn to th
South from the history of tho past?pre
tection had enhanced the value of lain
in the North; it would bring it to th'
?Mr. South. It would bring an era of unex
ampled prosperity. It would doveloj
8 her mines, light the fires of her.furnace?
it bo eonstrhct her railroads, invite capital
y re- employ laborers, plant cities in her wast
p but places and load her people iuto the high
Xndwhen the Bun shaSi reach thi
ected zenith of that glorious day, the Nortl
night and the South, cemented in the in
r and dissoluble bonds of commercial and fni
I t, ternal unity, will stand together nude:
18 the banner of protection to Americai
i the industries and American labor am
)eiug march to grander industrial triumphs.
iBsee. The committee then rose and an at
Mr. tempt was made to have a night session
rev- but it was defeated by the ltepublicani
ntle- refusing to vote, leaving the House
liigh- without a quorum. The House thei
the adjourned. _
law, PntuntM to n WIivuIIiik Miui?Gov. WHhoi
C?CCS- ft Candidate, ??c.
h rt}" Sprelnl Lltpalrh to t/n" Jiitrlligaicrr.
"and WashinoW, April 24.?Benjamin F,
titer- Caldwell, of Wheeling, has been granted
Iting patents for cap and anchor for metallic
roofing and for a machine to paint metal
mt liorooti??ii
in; Vance Gilkesou and John Gilkeoads
son, of Moorefield, and Ed Gilkcson, o 1
osits Romney. are hero tonlay.
i re- Col. Alexander Campbell left to-night
man for Wheeling to prepare for his deparbeen
turo to Australia.
lone Gen. Goll' presented in tho House to3ino
day a large petition from Tyler ami Ohio
He counties asking for more pay for fourthman
class postmasters; also of S. W. Atkinying
son, of Potomac, asking for protection to
torn, farm products.
ined Lieut. It. M. G. Brown, of the Navy,
:k to has been detailed to the Pacific Squadratic
ron for Uutv. Mrs. Brown will join him
at Honolulu.
case I fret it straight that Gov. Wilson in
[A]>- making a still hunt for the Congressional
nomination in the Third district.
fjen- , ~vn
noes ij&ri run mo uwi
end- Aftcr StelUIng III* Wlfe'H Money?A Hiul
one M"n
Spfeltd DUjxitch to the InUUtycncer.
nvor paitkannbubo, W. Va., April 24.?
:nue Jack Stewart stole ninety dollars of his
wife's money Sunday night and left for
for West. Since then important facts
have been developed. His wife filed a
i an bill for divorce this afternoon, in which
she alleges that Stewart tried to jiour oil
vote 0Il thu carpet and burn down their brick
residence for tho insurance money. A
-art} list of their personal effects was found
in his own hand writing. Mr. Stewart
' "00 also charges that Stewart had got a
r,ltt[ hatchet and butcher knife to kill her
>ved with if she had discovered him taking
'syl- the money. He took the insurance polJ,u}
ieies, which belong to his wife, with him
tmd to the West.
H rax ton Couuty ll?jMi1>lictii> Convention.
the Special Dbjxtich to the Intelligencer.
Braxton C. II., W. Va., April 24.?
arty i?|10 Republicans of Braxton county met
,e t0 in convention at this place to-day for
the purpose of appointing delegates to
Mr. the State Convention a} Fairmont and
District Convention at Middletown.
s of There was a large number present and
' re- mueli enthusiasm manifested. Twenty*
elve five delegates were appointed to each
oota convention. Resolutions favoringa high
protective tariff and tho passage of the
s in- Blair educational bill were adopted. A
:ited resolution asking that the delegates to
inis- the National Convention at Chicago go
Jim nniiiu(rtii>tfwl wnu tilun iiilmitiwl
city, ? * ?
trict A" Actr?HH llmlly Injured,
the ^iKcinl Munich to Iht JnUlligtncer.
Iren Stkuuknvii.lk, Aj?ril 24.?Mile. Deaco,
of \Sparks Brothers' Combination, while
or performing a feat of sliding from the top
to to ?f the O|)0ni House to the ground, held
and only by a cord between the teeth, fell
on when about ten feet above the ground
this evening, sustaining injuries to her
spinal column, and was otherwise inter^
nally injured. Her recovery is doubtful.
1 jm- Tli? statu Capital.
tive, fyvclal DifpnUh U th* InUlUomrtr.
i his5 Charleston, W. Va., April 24.?E. II.
One So,id,,y wn* urrL'sted at Poca hut night
rthe charged with stealing a silver watch
this from J. A. Paterson.
and Jerry Parsons was pardoned from the
?nly penitentiary to-day. He was sentenced
i the from Wood county in 1887 for three
lieve years for horso stealing. The petition
?du- was signed by the judge, jury and sevnot
i-ral hundred citizens of Wirt and Col*
that houn counties.
just- ? < ?
to A IVcuUur Death*
it to Ciiicaoo, April 24.?A dispatch from
),irty Hot Springs, Ark., says The four yeai
p??o child of William Stringier met with
i't its a peculiar death yesterday. Mr. Stringei
pro- is something of a chicken fancier and
lead keens a. half dozen game cocks in hit
\tion back yard. Yesterday his little son
a re- started to play in the yard and soon
leav- found that chasing the game cocks wa>
L! in- the most exciting diversion. Suddenly
ould the cock turned and attacked the littli
1 but fellow furiously, knocking biiu down unci
gulling him about the head. The bo)
wan cut and pecked in a horrible man no i
before he was rescued, and died of con
otcic: vulsions in a few minutes.
ould f f
Editor Dllley llwtrd From.
tr'es WiLKESHAEliB, Pa., April 24.?Th<
f the ^conl aunounces to-day^tliat Editor D
evel- F. Dilley, of Kingston, who mysterious
nous ly disappeared nearly a month ngo, ant
urely who was supposed to have been murder
ority ed, is alive and well. He in Denver
. be- Col., and will leave there to-morrow foi
heap home. Though it is not known posi
wool tively, it is believed that he was teiui>o
reign rurily insane.
y1"8- Solid for (iruvnr.
KJ^OOO WA8nW0T0*, D. C., April 24.?Ex
rould Representative Post, of Pennsylvania, ii
>t, at in the city. He says Cleveland's admin
^ V?* Utration is acceptable to the Democrat!
i nis penn8vivauia and that a solid delega
l!an,ce tion for its continuance will be el octet
, J10 on the 23d of May and sent to St. Louii
, y uuder instructions.
B f f
icked Crook and llrook* Aligned.
uioc- Washington, April 24.?The Presi
Mills) tesuetl an order to-day assignini
igher Major General Crook to the eomman<
moke of the division of the Missouri, an<
those Brigadier General Brooke to the com
o cal- niand of .the division of the Platte.
; but
zalcu- Snloonn to Clone at Midnight.
iment Columbus, 0., April 24.?The cit;
council last night passed an ordinanc
closing the saloons at midnight. Th
vote stood 10 to 7,t no Democrat votin
erage for nor no Republican against tho ordl
igtho nance. One Democrat and- two Repul
9 one licans shirked.
? The Situation at the Edga
r" Thomson Encouraging.
O . - -
'' And Superintendent JoneaFcola Con
, lldent that Ail Will Come to
o Time?Labor Organizations
J Will be Itfiiorcd.
T>. T? . i :i n l mi. ?
i iHBJJUUUll, X'A., iipril Z*.?AUU BllU
ation at JJnuldock this evening is en
l| couraging. The strikers have attempts
l* no violence, and none is now apprehend
" ed, although for the present the Pinker
^ ton men will continue to guard the
, works. This evening the 700 workmer
- cjuietly returned to their home?. Anions
' tiie number were several machinists ant
[ bricklayers who quit work yesterday
1 but returned this morning. All depart
ments were partially in operation today,
but the rail mill. Thero ha*
j been no effort made thus far to make
, rails, and thero may not be before
i Thursday, hut the delay is not because ol
the inability of the firm. "Wo have the
men to do the work," said Superintendx
ent Jones, "when we are ready, but we
want the old men back again. Will
they cotoe? I think they will, and I
. believe thoy think so themselves. There
[ is no animosity between the old men
. and the firm, and that fact has been
demonstrated timo and again during
' tlie shut down."
From conversations with parties in
. authority at the works it is gathered that
the policy of the management sineo it
decided to start the plant, and in the fu
ture, iH to operate totally regardless of
any lubor organization; that the mills
will l>o started with competent men.
In resuming operations there will bo
| no attempt to startevery department at
the same time, but eaeh department
will be taken in succession anu will bo
at work just as fast as tho owners are
ready for it. The firm is positive that
this policy can he carried out.
The report tliut the Carnegie people
have ordered strikers out of the company's
houses is denied. As announced
yesterday, the strikers will bo given an
opportunity to return to work as fast as
they are needed, and if their places must
he filled by outside people, of course
they will leave tho houses when it becomes
necessary for theui to seek work
The Knights of Labor held a meeting
this afternoon and initiated JW new
members. All danger is now passed,
and the light from this timo will be on
its merits.
Cooper Continue* nttlie Head of the Penn*y
Ivan In Committee.
IlAitHisisuiia, April 24.?For tho first
timo in six years Senator Don Cameron
appears personally upon tho
ground at a State convention.
Tho fight for tho chairmanship
of the Republican State Committee
was settled by a compromise this
evening. Senator Cooper continues
to act as chairman until the first
of next January, which gives
him the management 01 the campaign
this year ami electa his competitor, W.
II. Andrews, to servo as chairman after
January. This compromise relieves
the Convention tomorrow of what
looked like au ugly start, and
simplifies the contests for Delegates
at Large and the Supreme
Judgeship nomination. The compromise
was developed at a general cuucus
of the delegates held in the hall of the
House of Representatives to-night.
\ Plucky Girl llvoenU an Iimalt frtftt n flier
chant'* Son.
Canton*, 0., April 24.?-Carrollton is
greatly excited over the cowhiding of
Charles Butler, son of a prominent merchant,
by Jennie Fisher, an estimable
young lady of that place, and highly
connected. The affair occurred at the
postoflice before a large crowd, and grew
out of Butler whistling "Chippy Get
Your Hair Cut." and calling her "Birdie."
He hardly finished when she
drew a cowhide from her sleeve and
punished him severely over the face und
shoulders for several minutes. The
crowd cheered her heartily. It is said
that Butler had been warned before by
the young lady to desist from his insults,
but laughed at her.
Two Men Drowned.
Bikmarck, April 24.?A special from
Fort Iiont/m ronnrta the drowning in the
Missouri river of Engineer C. Ji. Ritten
house and Will Buchanan. They
" wero in a skiff containing five other
' men. When in the middle of the stream
they came in contact with a whirpool
and lost control of the boat, which capsized.
Four swam to a ilathoat and a
half-breed swam ashore, thus saving his
life. The drowned men became crammed
while in the water, sinking almost immediately.
The bodies were not recovered.
Killed 11 In Sweetheart mid Him* elf.
Cooper, Tkx., April 24.?B. F. Boydftton
shot Miss Lula Frazier yesterday
futnlly, and then blow out liis brains.
'Die young lady is 18 years oi age and
' was engaged to Boydston. They were
' to have been married last Saturday
r night, the young lady postponed the
" wedding and the shouting was the result.
OOS1HSK8Kd' TEliBlKAiia,
No limit lor debate on tho Mills torifl
bill has yet been fixed.
The Texas Republicans yesterday
elected delegates to Chicago.
Offers for the Bale of Government
bonds yesterday aggregated $1,042,000.
Mrs. Lottie James is ou trial at Maiden,
Conn., tor the murder of bei
Ilardv Tosey (colored) was lynched
last night at Bessemer, Ala., for au at.
tempted assault on a fitteen-year-old
white girl.
William T.pnrv who killed
Leary, the famous New York bank
* burglar, claims that bo threw the fatal
" brick without the intention of killing
1 his pal.
3 The Executive Committee of the National
^Brass Manufacturers and Bras#
Jobbers met yesterday in Pittsburgh
and revised prices. The changes are nol
made public.
J John L. Sullivan arrived in Boston
1 yesterday on the steamer Catalonia
1 His wife threatens to make it warm foi
- him for traveling on the Continent with
Annie Livingstone for the past twc
W. N. Wilkin, a Tiffin, Ohio, drum
Y mer, was supposed to have committed
e suicido in New York. His relatives yes
e terday boarded a train for New York U.
g get the remains, and were startled to se<
i- Wilkina walk out of the car alive am
>- well. His wife was almost crazed b]
the sudden joy.
The Champion* at Island Park?What
HtttUj Clubs Did Yesterday.
If today is pleasant and the wea
r Is not too awfully cold, there will pr
bly bo not lew than 1,000 pcopli
Island Park this afternoon to see
. much-talked about exhibition game
tween the Wheeling and Detroit 1
hall teams. The World's Champion
. they still call themselves, will arrive 1
this morning from Pittsburgh, wl
they havo suffered three galling del
in the first four games of the Natic
championship series. Yesterday I
won a brilliant game. The three defi
suffered havo lowered them to a cert
. extent in the estimation of the base 1
. public here, and there are those v
. predict that Wheeling will win to-di
1 game. It is true that tli
is such a possibility; wl
. tho Wolverines are sluggers, it u
, be that tbey will not be able to so
Knauss' delivery. Knauss is said to
1 in splendid shape for to-day's conl
' and will use his left arm for all that ii
I him. Yaik will catch him. The I
once of the team is in good shape r
' taking things cooly. Mr. Simeon Su
" van, of tho Tri-State League ump
corps, who has been assigned to AVh<
I ing for the first fifteen games, has
rived and will umpiro to-days gar
The management has had to put up a la
1 guarantee and there should bo a lai
t outpouring.
It was visitors' day yesterday in nea
{ all the games played in the country.
Toledo will bo here to-morrow a
start the Tri-State championship ser
The second garao between Sandus
and Buffalo, which was to have be
played at Sandusky yesterday, was wi
drawn owing to Buffalo objecting
Umpire Miller. Thrte was no one e
upon whom the two clubs could agree
umpire tho game, and it was not playi
The BulTalos then left for home.
Yesterday Manager Buckenberger
ranged to play au exhibition game
Norwalk, Ohio, with the amateur cl
of that town, on May 10. The Wheeli
team will close its tint series at hoi
with Lima May 1) and then start olf
the trip, playing in Sandusky May
This exhibition game fills in the day i
Sam Iinrkleynt hid new llomo.
Judging from the tenor of the Kant
City press they like Sam Barkley o
lliom. Hit win )w? niliixl nn tn iln \\ lu?
ing proud again this season, and w
new laurels on the diamond. The pap
are full of enthusiastic praises of 8a
The Timet says, under a fair portrait
him: "Barkley is certainly a jewel
second base, his playing being of tl
brilliant, dashing order that always ct
tures the public." The Journal saj
"Barkley has the best style at seco:
base of all tho artists in that positic
and while he may not be uny bet!
than Dunlap, Ffefler and Richardson,
suits us to ahair." Another paper says
is tho "nonpareil second baseman," ai
in their accounts of the games all
them speak with increasing enthuaii
of his playing.
Limn t?. Clinton.
Sjxriai Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
Canton, 0., April 24.?Unbias
judgment declares that three rank dec
ions gave Liuia tho game to-day. T
score should have been five to three
the home team's favor, though Lit
deserves credit for her strong batte
t. n.ii.
Canton JO 0 fi 0 0 0 0 0 0?5 11
Limn 2 1 0 0 0 1 0 ??<} 13
Kurncd ruus?Canton, 4; Lima 3. Struck ou
By l*od?iny,2; Sowdcrs,3. Double plays?Mill
Sowders and Homers. Butteries?l'echlncy a
Kitzslmmous; Sowders and Somen. Utnplr
Errors by tlio Wholesale.
Special DUpatch to the lnteUlgcncer.
Mansfield, April 24.?Errors ma
by Mansfield, all in tho infield and
which catcher Darrahmade six, gavct
visitors to-day's game. Berger wus ve
active behind the bat, catching two
most impossible fouls.
t. b.u.
Mansfield.... 0 0310300 1- 8 15
Jackson 0 12 0 4 0 3 1 o-ll y
Earned?Mansfield 4; Jackson 3. Ituttorli
lkrKcr uud Hurrah; 1'halcii uud Minuuh.
Triple plav?Allen. Nightengale and Darr
U mplre?McDermott.
A llrilllnnt Game at Columbus.
Special Dltpatch to the Intelligencer.
Colummjh, 0., April 24.?The game
day was characterized by hard hitti
and brilliant fielding. The visit*
bunched their hits in the eighth inni
and thus won a hotly contested game.
T. 11.11.
Columbus... 000010000?1 3
Kalunutzoo. 01000001 ?? 2 6
Earned?Kalamazoo, 1. Wild pitches?llal
1. Batteries?Sweeuey nnd Wheeler; Uakert
Muulc?ii> Umpire?Young.
Zannvlllv Hnkei n Few Krror*.
Spetlal DUpatek to the Intelligencer.
Zanesville, Ohio, April 24.?Kill
Zanesville's south-paw twirler,' v
knockfd all over the Held to-day. T
principal feature of the game was Sal
batting, he making live hits out of li
times at but.
T. 11.11.
Zanesville-. 1 0 4 0 1 0 0 0 0?' 0 7
Toledo 3 2 'i 1 U 1 0 1?14 17
. Earned?Zanesville 3; Toledo*. 7. Two b
nlta?Sale# a; Render, Kottens. Three Uimj ]
?Lauer. Bntteriw-Klley and Johnson; CV
uud lleck.
Kefularaameat Plttaburcli-Othcr Gnu
I'laynd Yeaterday.
PiTTSBUiicnr, Pa., April 24.?Tho elm
pions won to-day's game in the sever
inning, by heavy batting, after two m
were out. For tho first six innings t
im?at sluggers from tho Straits City wi
completely nt the mercy of Gallon. 1
in the seventh inning they solved
delivery and earned Are of their i
runs on five doubles and two sing]
The Pittsburgh* played strongly in 1
field, but after the fourth inning w<
unable to hit Conway. Tho weatl
continues cold. Attendance, l.fi
, Score:
Pittflburgh 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0?|T' D'"'
Detroit 00000060 ? -? 13
Earned, PltUburKh 3, Detroit 8. struck <
by Galvlu 3 ; by Couway C Umpire, Decker
At Washington?
\v**h 0 r? 1 3 1 4 1 0?ir> "7'
, New York...?....4 ft 0 1 3 0 0 ?i?j 14
Earned?WMhlmrton, I;New York,6. Jiutte
' ?Oilmoreand Ditty; Tieomb. and KwlUK. \
plre? Lynch.
AtKannu City?
r. n.it
' Kinui Clty.?..2 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 3-fi 13
, LouUvillc 1 0 0 & 6 l '2 0 *?15 18
jasagi, issr-'1 ^
At Jndlanapolla?
T. 11.11
1 tnd'a. .... 100000010?2 r,
1 Chicago 010020000?3 2
[ ^ ritcLcrs?Krock and Doyle. Umpire?Va
At 8b LouUI
St. LouU.? 00000002 1?T3
1 Cincinnati.. 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 I) l-Ul
l Earned?fit. Lonli, 2; Cincinnati, 3. Btr
1 out?By Devlin, 4; by Vlau, 8. Umpire?
B If
Baltimore ...0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 O-i' V
r Brooklyn..._0 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 ?s 8
i Earned?Baltimore, 1; Brooklyn, j. Umt
OaffOey. *
At Philadelphia?
. Phi la 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 (Mi*
^ Boston.. 30000220 *_7 7
. ^Earnwl-Bofton, 3: Philadelphia 1. Pltche
Bufflngton and Howdcn. Umpire, Daniel*.
} At Philadelphia?
1 Athl?lc? 10 11 I 1 M M *?
. Cleveland... 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 l 0?6 14
' Earned, Athlotica, 4; Cleveland, 3. Pile
?Bcwardand flakely. Umpire, Pirmon,
oba- Increase of sentences on Appe
j at in Irish Courts.
8, as
icru in the British House of Common
eata ^lic Empcror'n Condition? Queen
mal Victoria's Arrival at Berlin.
Her Inception.
ball London, April 24.?In the Houso
k'llO /i? i. j? ir_
vuminuuB urn/ ?u. uuouu wuvt-u vu
qTC the House adjourn on urgency in o
jlle <ler to coll attention to the departu
y?y from the usual practice in the Irit
County Courts by increasing sentence
vat on appeal.
j in Mr. McCarthy moved that the who
wl" practico wus opposed to all previous e:
Si- l)0"enC0, ** ^ wns desired that in tt
,iru future appeals should bo regarded us
iel- game of "double" or "quits," let .th
or- llousaof Commous and the people ua
Zq Sir Win. Vernon Harcourt said the
were unused powers within the la*
They wero rusty weapons "of bruU
1 tyranny. The employmeiit of brutal an
ferocious powers, whether within th
law or not, aguinst the people was ui
^d constitutional. [Cheers.]
"it's #Mr. Balfour said that the previon
sneaker more than insinuated that th
iky .Ridges had derived inspiration fror
>en Dublin Custle. (Loud Parnellito shout
th- of "Hear, Hear.") It was a foul libi
to ("Oh, Oh") upon an honorable and iu
lso dependent body of men who compc
i to tently fulfilled their duties. He dcnic*
jd. that the Appeal Judges' powers wer
rusty or antiquated. They were legal b'
ar_ a statute not eleven years old in England
ju He asked the House to reject the mo
ub tion. The motion wus defeated.
Mr. Gladstone followed Mr. Jialfour
He said that while it was unadvinahl*
on that Parliament occupy itself with tin
doings of the courts oi justice in an ad
jul verso sense, it was necessary when tin
nmi'i'ft/liiiifRnf f lio pnnrts \vi?r? lint mn
ducted in a spirit of justice that I'arlia
ment exercise its highest powors ai
mw tho grand inquest of the nation
ut Apart from the legal aspect of tin
?1- case, tho point they had t<
'in argue was this: When no instance of ai
're increase of sentence could be produce
?" in England, were they prepared whili
of boiuiting of their intention to treat tin
?t Irish on a footing of equality, to iutro
duce this wholly new feature into Eng
tp* land. Mr. Muuden had suggested tha
there might have been new evidence
nd but if there had been new evidence Mr
Madden would have been apprised o
t'r the fact. [Loud cheers.]
of Fnlrly Satisfactory?Dr. MncKwurio wll
nn I'roHocuto for LIUel.
bkulin, April 25.?A bulletin issuet
at 7:40 p. in. says tho Emperor be
came feverish during tho after
ed noon, but that tho fovcr abatet
is- somewhat toward evening, and his gen
he oral condition is comparatively satisfac
ju tory. Dr. Mackenzie hits declared hi
ntt intention of prosecuting the journal
ry which have calumniated him.
e. england's (iukex in lerli.x.
C How Slio wna Bccolvml?(Jinx! EftVcton tin
t? Emperor.
JS Berlin, April 24.?.Queen Victoria ar
e- rived at Charlottenburg at 1) o'clock thi
morning. The Empress, the Crowi
Prince and Crown Princess, and tin
tie Prince and Princess of Bajco-Meiningen
of received her at the depot.
he Prince Henry and his sisters, the Prin
iry cesses Victoria. Sophie and Margaret
ttf. Sir Edward Malet, the British Ainbassn
dor at Berlin; the Duko of Rutland, am
k. the Burgomaster and Municipal Gounci
of Berlin, were also present.
!g_ The greetings between Queen Victori
un. and the royal family of Germany wer
ttl1- warm. The Crown Prince conducts
the Queen to an open carriage drawn 1>;
four horses, which she entered, and
with the Empress beside her, was drivel
to- to the castle. Crowds of people line*
n? the route and cheered enthusiast!call,
as the carriage passed.
ora The North German Gazette referrin
ng to the visit of the Queen of England
says: "Her Majesty will Ik? we 1 com cm
h. by the whole population of German)
jj and above all by the inhabitants of Bei
* lin, with the veneration and sympath;
[Sd so justly due one who has for man;
years ruled a friendly State and is th
mother of onr Empress. All Germai
hearts will thankfully accept as a tokei
of the Queen's deep sympathy for th
?y? fate of our reigning house the fact tliu
.'lis she comes to the sick bed of our belovu
]l0 Emperor and personally sliures the dee
e?H allliction and great anxiety with whici
|ve wo are tilled to-day. May she be cm
bled to bring comfort and hope, nin
k. when she departs from Germany to tak
with her the assurance that the syinpii
t thy she has displayed will always b
!{l?; kept in grateful remembrance here."
jok The Queen paid a visit to the Kmporo
shortly after her arrival at the casth
The doctors feared that the mectin,
would excite the Emi>eror and prolmbl
upset him, but their fears were ground
less. The Emperor seemed rathe
ni- brighter after the interview and his ten
i th puruturc was normal.
ien Kjinnwlwi X Ohio Director*.
he Columbus, 0., April 24.?At the an
2ro nual meeting of the stockholders of th
IJjJ Kanawha & Ohio Railway Company, th
nix following directors were elected: Law
es. reiice Elvers, Plaiuficld, N. J.; C. C
;he Hunter, Columbus; William A. Quarrel
ere Charleston, W. Va.; 11. D. Whil
Iter comb, Richmond, Va.; John M
00. Townskey, Elizabeth, N. J.; Rol
ert W. Kelley, Eli Robinson, Georg
k. I. Scney, Grinnel Burt, Albert Gallut
J and Walter B. Lawrence. New York
)ut) The board was authorized to leave th
. ' Wheeler part of the Charleston A Gati
ley Railroad and execute a trust deed c
* 10,000 acres of land in Raleigh countj
u W. Va., to secure certain louus made t
rie* the company.
tim I'opo CoimIciiiiim llojrnottlng.
K Nzw Youk, April 24.?The Catholi
7 New receive<l from Rome the followin
ncd dispatch: "The Vatican has issued a di
cree condemning boycotting and th
_ nlan of camnaiirn on In-lanJ. The dt
7 ere? distinguishes the national movt
3 nient from revolutionary means. Itcor
,cn* demns only the latter.
< E Ititnrnticn Agent Arr?mt?tf.
j Cincinnati, 0., April 24.?Gabri<
tick Netter, a broker of this city, was arrca
Me* ed last night on a warrant sworn to b
Cornelius Doremus, general agent of th
x. New York Gennama Life Insuronc
J Company, charging bim with cmbezzlin
?ite, nearly $110,000 of tiie funds of the con
pany while acting aa its agent in tb
r. a. ' ??
6 A Hungry ltlipimUt.
Cabtiiaoe, Ills., April 24.?John i
Delano, tho bigamist, is attempting I
, t starve himwll He lina refuted food f(
J over tour (lavs, and Bays lie will nevi
lien 'cavo "lun''v0- Delano luw figurt
us a lIolm-88 preacher lor some years.
Tho Pupil* ?f St. Academy Acquit
. HiciiimcIycii Creditably.
T9 the Editor of the lnldligcncrr:
a I Sir w e attended the musicale given
by the young ladies o! thin Academy
lust fall, and consequently we claim the
privilege of contrasting tho exercises of
E last evening with those of the former
entertainment, which was "passing
ig. fair," and our decision is very favorable.
The pupils have worked faithfully. The
improvement is simply beyond all expectations.
Wo can sympathize with
tho young ladies when dolus their test
in presence of parents and relatives, and
above all tho exacting critic, because in
of trying to do well the very effort makes
at them fall below their own standard.
ir. Therefore, making all allowance* for
luumiLV mm iu cuuuuuiiuuii. inuu, wo
rc have no huaitntion iu saying Unit the
ill programme wila well performed ami tliu
*H audience pleasantly entertained. To
particularize ? something we woulil
, rather not do when all do their bent, but
10 n? there must be a variety of talent and
f ul?o it* cultivation in no large a clatw
le we (five the following Impressions, in
? which we try to do justice to each young
; lady:
y Chorus?"Whi to Winged Mini of the Soa"
Little Girls.
rinuo solo?"8weet Vllllan Mazurka" ..Meyer
V Miss Lavluia Carroll.
k* Vocal duo?"Time ot Youth" .....Pltttuti
, Misses Lyila MeGarrell aud MagRle l?ftus.
1 Recitation?"Carrnetacus" Barton
11 Mis* Mary Itanhncl Moron.
l0 Vocal solo?"Tho Son# of tho Skylark"...
L Miss Kate Ilalllsy.
l* Piano solo?"Lovtfs Chldlnirs Polka"
Miss Auule (lllhooly.
.a Vocal solo?"Hummer Birds".. Gcibel
18 Miss Sadie riundlltiK.
C piano solo?"Breams of Happy I>ayi"....I)ltman<
U Miss Komj UoiVmnn.
u Vocal trio?"The Violet" Curschmann
, Misses Susie Blester, .Smile UuiuIIIuk
1 nud Kate Ilalllsy.
i- Piano trio- ...?
, Misses L. Carroll, Macule Jopsou
and Katio Cameron.
Vocal solo?"Wake Robin" BlscholT
e Miss KoseTuckcr.
.. Vocal solo?"Summer Mora" Gclhcl
y Miss Susie Blester.
Recitation-"GlffonVs Cross" ?
m. Miss Kate Bos ley.
Pintin iuiln_"llniiilii" v..1,l??
MIks Kutu
' CboruH?'"Spring Returning" RohwIiiI
2 Young Ltullu*.
i? Instrumental Music.
The piano solo by Miss Lavinin Carj
roll was well performed. Her playing
- shows confidence. .MissGilhooly'sexe
cution of "Love's Chidings" might bo
? called perfect, only her manner betrays
. a little nervousness, which timo and
j practice will overcome. The piano trio
3 by Misses Carroll. Jepson and Cameron
i deserved the applause it received. The
1 happy faces of the performers was rich
> reward for the praise bestowed. Miss
j Kate Hallisy's Rondo was the best in
. execution. Her playing is not only far
- above the ordinary performers, but it
t shows superior musical talent. She has
; yet much to learn in the art as well as
. the science, and if she continues to
f study she will be rewarded for her application.
The chorus by the little girls is a pretty
song, very prettily rendered by a class
of lovely children, who were satisfied
1 that they were giving pleasure to mammas
auu papas present. The Duo by
I Misses L. McGarrell and M. Loltus was
- a beautiful sonjj, very sweetly rendered.
. Miss Kate Hallisy's solo, "TheSkylark,"
, shows there is room for improvement in
1 vocal culture in the stylo of music to
- which the selection belongs.
"Summer Birds" was sung by Miss
? Sadie Gundling. This young lady sang
8 to better advantage than those who proceeded
her. Nature has done much for
her. Her voice is rich and she knows
how to manage it, therefore she gavo to
the song its correct interpretation.
"The Violets," a trio by Misses Gundling,
lteistcr and Hallisy, was an aupro"
priato selection for the range oi the
b voices of those young ladies, and the
\ parts were rendered masterly and very
much appreciated by the audience. The
vocal]so 10 sunj? by Miss Rose Tucker
i was equal uj n not superior 10 ner lorincr
efforts. Her notes are elenr and
. very sweet. "Sutiiuier Morn" was sung
. by Miss S. Kcister with line effect. Her
I emphasis is correct, her style finished,
j The recitations by Misses Moron and
j Bosley made a very good impression on
the audience. The pieces read were all
n fine, and that the method of teaching
u elocution is extra good cannot ho doubt\
ed by anyono who understands the great
i. difliculty accompanying this branch of
l( education?sounds, gestures, articulai
tion, emphasis, etc., all of which were
.1 inferred by the reading of the pupils
y last evening. Chorus, "Spring" by the
young ladies, was the most interesting
g feature. We had the pleasure of seeing
i all the class and hearing their voices in
J a most beautiful song.
-t "Dream of Happy Days," piano solo.
. by Miss Rosa llotlmnu, which promised
y to be one of the most charming pieces of
y the programme, was marred by her
y timidity. She began with apparent ease
u and courage, but being overcome by
tl nervousness, she was unable to finish in
u a manner creditahlc to her ability,
it The friends and patrons of the instituj
tion were well represented. There were
i, few vacant seats. Among the audience
|, we noticed Kt. Kev. Mgr. Sullivan and
t- other clergymen of the city; also several
j of our prominent Catholic citizens. The
u interest the public take in this Academy
does not wane; on the contrary, it is on
c. the increase.
The next public exercise will be held
r at the close of the session in June.
Whnllntj, April 24. A.
l- Tlio I. O. O. F. Clinton.
1- This evening Canton Wheeling No. 4
r will he instituted nt Odd Fellows'hall
by Capt. R. E. Blinn, of Canton Doty
No. 42, of Steul>enville,ussi8ted by Capt.
Wilson, Limit. Bell and Chevalier 1'uiill
i- of the name Canton. The Patriarchs of
this city arc very enthusiastic over the
event, and the newly elected oflicers of
0 the Canton propose a little banquet after
- tho institution. Any Patriarchs not on
). the list can hand in their names to-night
r, and be mustered in with the Canton,
t- *?
I. Ilobcrt (Inrrett'n Foreign Tour.
*' Baltimore, Md., April 24.?Letters reJ*
reived here under date o! Cairo, Egypt,
March 31, report Robert Garrett much
e improved in health, travel having had n
i- very teneflcial effect on his mind. The
>f narty made an extended trip up tho
Nile. They were to sail from Alexano
dria April 11 for Athens. From there
they will go to Constantinople, after
which they visit Russia for a short time.
They expect to return to America in
ic September. _
^ Conkltng'* Katnte.
New York, Anril 24.?Proprietor Ed
e Stokes, of the Hofltaan House, whoso
i~ relations with Mr. Conkling were very
> intimate, expresses tho opinion that tho
i- value of the estate left by the late exSenator
is about $25,000.
Don't Experiment.
jl You cannot afi'ord to waste time in
t- experimenting when your lungs are in
danger. Consumption always seems, at
3 first, only a cold. Do not permit any
10 dealer to impose npon you with some
:e cheap imitation of Dr. King's New I)i?8
covery for consumption, coughs, anil
I' colds, but be sure vou get the genuine.
,H Ik-cause he can malce more profit ho may
tell you he has something just as goou,
or just the same. Don t be deceived,
sj but insist upon getting I)r. King's New
" Discover)*, which is guaranteed to give
relief in all throat, lung and chest aflec)r
tions. Trial bottles free at \jogan <St Co.'a,
L.r drugstore. I^argebottles$1. 0
id ?
The out-Held?Cyrus W%

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