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/I Republican Conventions. I
I "first District Republican Convention. I
X Convention of tbo Flnt CowrmuloujU Dh I
f tot umi 1Itcalled 10 meet at Litf
tieloa 00 the 15th day ol May, IMH. at 1 o'clock I
f nl, to teloct ttro dclt-rau-i and tiro alteriuto* I
u, the National KcpubJlcan Contention to be |
held In Chicago "? the li'th *I?y of Juno next. I
r|? ?..unty Committees of the several couutlea I
?/ miM I'Mri't are miui'*tc<l to select according |
to said Convention on|
thc one delegate for each one hundred I
rotes "?*' f?'r Maine ?nd IxMpiu, or fractional I
,-rt tln'reof equal to onehalf. I
*7,,!7 W. J- w, (:oWl>gy. Chairman
fillotthe Repabllcm County Comlttei.
m a meeting of the Jtvpubllaui Committee of I
Oblo rountj held on Monday. April ie, in tho
? h'rlinjr, It w? resoJvea to call ph.1
nu'ry ehrthm lo U* held on Saturday, Mar fi. for I
3*p?r," delegates fo a County
CoDveiiII"ii tn Ih- held lu the-Sew Court House I
on the following .Monday, May 7, it 2 p. m., to
rbco-e defewfe* *<> 'he Congressional Clatrlct I
tnd?taii'?ofirentlon*. which are to elect de/e-1'
pti - to the National iteuuhlloan Convention. I
The city primaries will bo held in each dhitrlet I
from ? p.rn. until t? n. r? The primaries tor tho
country ili-trh t* win beheld from 2 unlii 6d. I
m. Ka.li dlllrh t will elect rtro delegates to the I
Codntj-Convention. The place* for holding tho
-' * h?ve been designated aa follows: |
I ' v'Vigilant Ktiaino 11UUBV# nour
I W!, Murki't Iloti>e; Clay, Old Court ZIouao:
I r'i'? i-niice ???wrt Boom: Centre, Hook *nd
ud.br II<>ui*. Wibatcr, Laflcllo lull; Ritchie,
{ k'htfi Wnr.l Hon- Hou?o; Richland, Brick
I Sh?ol Houm?; Liberty, Centra School Hounc;
Trladelphla, the regular rotlug place In TrladclPXjJl?
convention will alao selcct a new County
^Mienuidlcari* and nil who Intend to rapport
he doihI"""* 1,10 Republican party arc cor llally
Invited to participate in the priraarie*.
state' convention.
A Convention ??f the Stato In called to meet In
Fairmont on Wkh.vehdaV, the 16th day of Mat,
lsyi.at 10 o'clock x. M., to select four delegates
itnl four alternate* to tho National Republican
Convention to be held in Chicago Juuo 19, IhSS,
for the purpose of nominating candidate* to be
mpported for I'roddcnt and Vlco President of
tLe foiled stab* at the deotlon In Novombcr
All voter* without regard to pajt political
tfflllatlon*, who are In favor of derating and
dlgoKflt'C Amcrlcau labor, protecting and ex- leading
homo Industrie*, giving free popular
tdumtlon t? ihvmwuca of the people, elTectually
n?toriuic all human right* in every section of
'"???trv. iiud who deiiiro to pro
our niiitii- .. - .
oou- friomlly feeling and permanent harmony
throughout the State by maintaining a State nuil
jttloimI Government.pledged to them) objects
m.l principle*! aro cordially invited to attend
thi? Convention unci jMirticiimte In its delibora- T]
" di
The CoiiKrewionnl Committees of the several e<
Mulct* are called to convene Conventions in gj
their DUtrlcU, t<? select in each two delegate* H|
mul two alternates to wild Chicago Couvcutidu. to
We no?o on County Committee* tho propriety A
of early action in the matter of holding county
meeting* for the i?ur|?ows;of appoiutlng delegates
to the State and I'Mrlct Conventions.
Wo rccomincud tlmt ono delegate be appointed
for every one hundred votes au*t for Ulaino and
Logan, or fractional part thereof equal to oue- ?
half, a* a Iwuiis of representation to said Con
Uy order of Uie Kejmbllcan State Central Com- '
ntlttei'. J. W. COWDKN, Cliulrmnii. ?
W. Atkinson. Secretary.
~ _" -i k
Proposals. p
notice to Contractors. -!
CLRRK'M Opficb, ") V
WllKKMNU, W. Va., April 17,18HH. J f
tailed Proposal* will >*o received nt this office ||
nntil Ui?- M <lny of May next, nt 10 n. m., for the \
following couuty work, to bo douo till* sonson, U
Hill 8. ?fcII. rond, Trlndelphln District, I
li'i cubic yard* macadamizing.
Bo^V mi! 8. ,fc H. rond, ltlchlund District, 10
cable yards macadamizing.
1 tattle Hun rood. to cubic ynrds mncndnm Iring, t
:B cubic yards mnsonry, 'JOO cubic yurds oxcavu* I
ll(':Ll-oI Run rond, 'J00 cubic ynrds mucndnm* I
'liUon's Run rond, 40 cubic ynnls mncndnm*
IiIuk. to cubic yurds masonry, 250 cubic ynrds r
Kim (irovo & Hoggs' III11,70 cubic ynrds ranc- o
ad:tinizin?r. ''
lin^Hvlllo C. it I', rond, 1st division, 600 cubic ?
yards macadamizing.
Unwvllle (it V. rond, 2tl division, 400 cubic =
yard- macadamizing,
Glenn's Huu St cherry 11111, 100 cubic ynrds
macadamizing. ?
Kellcy's Hum Dement's Cemetery, 70 cubic
v?rds moeadeuiiziug.
Long Run road to Cnstletnnn's Run, fiO cubic
yard* masonry, l.'.uo cubic ynrds excavation.
Ulilley's Hun road, CO cubic ynrds mncndnmbini;.
Middle Wheeling Crook, lower end, 250 cubic
yards macadamizing.
Middle Wheeling Creek, upper end, 70 cubic
yirdii macadamizing.
Monument & Dig Wheeling, 40 cublo ynnls
Mdiraw's Hun rond, 150 cubic ynrds mnendsoiling.
Meeting House IIlll, 1500 cubic ynnls mncndnmizlojc.
I'etcre' Run, Trlndelphln district, 1G0 cubic
yards macadamizing.
I'etenv' Huu, Richlnud district, 150 cubic ynrds
IVnlmuln road. 4?o cubic ynrds mncndnm Ulng.
rogue's Hun, 70 cubic yurds nincndnmlzing. I
River read, 1st division, 050 cubic ynrds nine*
River road, 'Jd division, 100,'cublc ynrds mnend*
Rice ?cattleman's Hun rond, 100 cubic ynrds
Rouey's Point 8. & Ii.,90 cubic ynrds mnendnmlzlng.
ReillyJt Deluplaln, 130 cubic ynnls mncndnmlilng.
Tnsuo work to ltogcrs, 40 cubic yarus raocmiamlzlng.
Short Creek, North Fork, 200 cubic yardii mac- r
atUialilug. , ^
Short Creek, South Fork, 200 cubic yauls raaoadamlzlnff.
Urovc .t Mldrilo Wheeling, 140 cubic
yinl* macadamising.
Wheeling. West Liberty & Bethany. Triadel- phi*
district. 230 coble yard* macadamizing. ? \
Wheeling, West Liberty A Bethany, Liberty J
district, J?J ruble yard* macadamizing.
Wheeling Fairmont, 300 cubic vardi macadamlzlng.
WiTt Union Jh Honey's I'olnt, iHt mllo, 30 cubic ?
y*r?U macadamizing; 2d inile, 25 cubic yards; J:M
mile, Ji cubic yards; 4th mile, 30 cubic yard*; T
ftth mile, Hi cubic yards; Oth mile, 71 cubic yards; ?
"111 mllo, M cubic yards. ?
Wheeling & Klni Urovo, Hltchlo district, 300 8
cubic yard* macadamizing.
Wheeling A Kim Urovc, Trladolphla district, d
170 cubic ranis macadamising. e
West Liberty Harvey, 70 cubic yards macadamizing.
Waddeli A Wardon, 1C0 cubic yards macadamizing.
Wwt Lllierty to Castleman's Bun, 40 cubic _
yirdi macadamizing.
Hid* must Ik? by tho cubic yard for cach claw
olwork. lild* for excavation must glvo separate *
price* for earth, looso rock and solid ftxrifc The P
inmiiiliuiilzltiK mr.Ht be o( hard bluo or gray
llmatone, broken to jus* through a 1% inch
ring any and every way. except upon rouiis not
already macadamized, where the ulmeuslon may j
?! Increased to :t Inches.
The quantities almve given arc merely approximate.
ami are liable to change. For further
particular* apply at this office.
Pro|K>Nd< should be endowed, "Proposals for
County Work." 1
The li?mrd reserves tho right to reject any or *
11 bid*. j
ai'.'imw Clerk Board of Commissioners.
Proposals for High Service Reservoir.
Sealed proposals will bo received at this office 1
until th? loth of May next, at noon, for the conitrurtlon
?>f a High Service Reservoir for the
W heeling Water Works.
It will l?c built oti tho hillside above tho pres<
tit HaMn, ami will have a length of G65 feet, and
width of .V) feet ou tho water surface, with a
depth of US feet.
, The estimated quantities of work are as follow*:
4.1,uw ruble yards excavation.
aw cubic yards brick llulug laid In cement,
jiwcubic yardsstoue masonry laid In cement.
7W) ruble yards of dry wall.
ruble vards of nudilllnir.
100 cubic yanla of coucreto.
Bill* urv dcurcd to bo made by the cubic yard
lor cach cIam of the alwvo work. The price* for i
excavation being dktlnct, for earth, loose rock ;
?u-l niII.J rook, ttlwt (or extra haul on Mine, bejonil
JOOfcct iwr cubic yard, per lot) feet.
The itiantltlcn almro given are approximate
only, mill are aublcet to change at the pleaauroof
w?? Jfcxtnl.
Propoaahi an? mm Ircil to give tho full name* ol
bidden, with PoMofflee addreaa, and munt be ac^>>miianle?l
by the name* of two reaponilble partie*.
who muni bo reMdcuta of tnU State, a*
urn-tun for the i>crfortuance of tho contract, If
I'wpoaU nhould be waled and endowed "Propoaala
fur High Service Reservoir."
?11 bM*?<ml "^'fven tho right to reject any or
Bonda will bo reoulred of tho successful bidhim
value of tho work awarded to
and *pcclflcatloni to bo aeon at thU
'J. J ? ileimwn, Secretary.
t Whyllnif. W. Va.. April 2\. 1SS8. ap'-'t-TThi*
^Qauinet photographs
Only $3 00 Per Dozen
Wo. 42 Twelfth Street.
( ffiines
MURES Nervous Prostration, Nervous C
Headache, Neuralgia, Nervous
^^^\Veakneti, Stomach and Liver g
^^^TJlaeasea, Rheumatism, Dyspepsia, *
and all affections cf the Kidneys. ?
i'AWtfs Ckliry CoMror.hd is a Ncnro Tonic 5
which never falls. Containing Celery and *"
Coca, thoeo wonderftil stimulants, it spoed* r<
lly cures all norvons disorder*.
Paine** Celeet ComorKD purifies the t.
blood. It drlres out tho lactic acid, which t
csums Rheumatism, and restores tho blood- 11
making organs to a healthy condition. Tho
true remedy for Rheumatism. "s. fk
1'aine's Celiby Comfoukd quickly restores pi
tho liver and kidneys to perfect hoalth, L
This curativo power combined with its
nerve tonics, makes It tho best remedy e(
for all kidney complaints.
1'a ike's Celiby CoMrorxD strengthens tho tl
stomach, and quiets the nerve* of tho digoslive
organs. This is why It curt* even tho |lf
wont cases of Dyspepsia.
I'AiNE'i-C'kleuy CoxrotiND is not a Cathartic.
It Is a laxative, giving cosy and natural tl
actlou to tho bowels. Regularity surely fol* at
lows Its use. 0,
Kecommended by professional and business je
men. Send for book. al
Price $1.00. Sold by Druggists. tc
A speedy, safe and effectual euro for Rhecua- el
rx am) Skibaiuu. Perfectly harm lew. Bel- ...
iin fail. Will lout a lifetime. Their high reinllal
qualities aro eertllled to by hundreds. W
i|ual in appearanre to 18 Karet Cold King*. ?ji
snd for teMtlinoiiialh. To order ring ascertain
re by utamlnnl gtiage from any Jeweler, or send ~
i us for diagram. A perfect lit guaranteed. It
gcutH wanted everywhere. ni
Sent by registered mall without extra chargo.
.. ni
Bolo Agents for tho United State* and Canada,
np7?rrbtuw WILUMAXTMT, CONN.
SRrGig from the cffocu of youthfuToiTorrMuly ai
?cay, waatlng wooknwu, lost manhood, etc. I will a)
md a Tttluablo treatlao (aealod) containing full
irtiealara for bom# cure. FREE of charge. A l
slondid modlcal work; should bo read by otery
tan who la norroua and dobllltatod. Addre^ JW
Tof. F; C. POWLEB, Hoodoa, Conn* w
?' ' fc
J I'ojiji t!
KB 11 ^ til is
11f J Hflf Irik ||||I w
IL^IiUjJKyknAi^Bj C(
Entlrclrrelicred br*n inrisibU dorlco J*
tmm 'ii ti i in in Hum 17
to the eji* Worn for month* without ,
k removal. Sarcmful whereerery other nl
\ jl^Brrmoly haa fallrd. A triumph of the
L\JPft 1>Ui century. For nlo only by
WALES. DrldKODort.Conn R
HlHi C(
DW$i& El G ri'iii .' itJtoy Hob- C(
BJua LJ h ( 1411 onrodatl*'0nl0W,U| tr
rllliisr^2is ?t
AlWn'n. iS- v.
f the Itody enlarged an<l atranethenwl. Kullpartlcn- ?>
jawntMalml free. BU(K MRU. CO..Itcrrato. N. Y ol
rmlt of ovar-Work. tmll*r?t|i.n. Mr.. ?.MrrM ?lw?rr jjWhite
Oats. "
luaker Mill Co., Ravenna, Ohio. C
bo Sons of Godwin - 8! 2'? H
t the Court of KlticKihvln .. 1 25
banjco?ft Poem - 1 W> ?
be Subjection of Hamlet 75 ft
ubller'H Motiuinout?Pooin - Mi H,
. Sketch of 8bnkt'?j>curv 75
hnkc.S'care'n Dream 1 '?> J'
Wo have a fall line of above. on<l con fill or- t'
cm promptly, sent i>y man, iMMipuiu, uu rv- *
eipt of price. \\
Stanton & Davenport, "
ap!2 No. i:mi Market Stroot.
Magazines and Cheap Publications,
llound Itookn, School Hooks and Stationery.
Hook* not In Mock furnished to order. ?
Periodical* by tlio year at publisher*' lowest I
ricctt. delivered in the city or mailed. f
Bookseller, Stationer and Newsdealer, 1
fo29 No. 1114 A 1W7 Market Street t
' c
3lumbing. Gas & Steam Fitting.
Geo. Hibberd & Son, i
SnccmorH toThompnou & Hibberd, ?
Plumbers, Gas & Steam Fitters, \
SPECIALTIES.?Natural Gu SappUcf, Steam e
lIoatiiiR and Ventilation]
1314 Market Street, {
"All work promptly dono at most rcaron- \
ible price*. myjs j
yy.M. HAKE & SON,
ruAinuAb 1
Plumbers, Gas and Steam Fitters,
The Standard Fire Insurance Co.
Office. 1318 Market Street.
CAPITAL STOCK, - $100,000.00
Does ftRcncml Flic I ami ranco Builnesson all
klndi ol property.
Lomcs promptly adjusted and settled. Patronago
DlMCToBft?Wm. Elllnnham. Dr. J. II. Plpea,
MorrlM Horkbelmer, Jamea P. Roger*, Henry
Haer, Hamncl Ueorgo, F.J.Park, Win. Uocring,
B. W. Wells.
WM. ELLINOIIAM, Preildcnt.
OH AS. W. CONNER. Eom'Uiry. ai>12
All kinds of book and job
Printing neatly and promptly executed at
Uio lutcWgeacex Job Room*.
the Intelligences
Office i No*. SB and 87 Fourteenth Street.
L Prominent CntbolJe Father Seven nil
Connection with the Chureh.
New York, April 24.?Very Rov. Faber
Leon Bouland, who signs himself
lonorary Private Chamberlain of His
Ioline8s Leo XIII., Honorary Canon of |
ho Metropolitan Church of Klioims,Comlander
of the Order of the Holy Sepulhre,
Member of tho "Academic des
Lrcades," and President-General of tho
ociety of tho "Avocats do St. Pierre,"
forth America, etc., etc., has found tho
Intholic Church too narrow, and has
-ritteii the followinglletter to the Pope,
rhich tho Churchman. an oi]gau of the
Ipiscopal Church, will publish to-mor)w:
New York, April 12,1888.
"Most Holy Father?I have tho
onor to inform Your Holiness that
oin to-day (my cAnonical standing belg
perfectly regular and unquestionJj
1 deliberately, though sorrowfully,
iparate myself from tho Roman Churcfi,
?r following reasons:
"First, lJoctrinally. it Is no longer
ossiblo for me to beliOYO tho teaching
f tho syllabus and the dogmas proclaim1
at the last Vatican Council.
"Second. Politically, I can no longer
Imit the pretensions of untrainoutanm,
claiming, as it does, absolute aulority,
not only in matters religious,
utalso in matters scientific, philosophiil,
social and political. Such protonous
history proves to bo destructive of
tligion ami public liberty.
"Tho Roman hierarchy constitutes in
te United States (a country of which I
n proud to bo a citizen) a danger ever
i tho increase. This I have repeatedly
icntioned to Your Holiness in private
ldiences with which I have from tlmo
> time been honored. In separating
oin tho Church of Rome, as did Saints
yprian and Augustine, I do not sever
lyself from tho Catholic Church, which
icy culled the radix et viutrix of Rome
crself. Happily, among the Latin
lurches there are those, like the Anglim
Church, tho Church of Utrcclit and
lat of the Old Catholics, in which Nisno
constitutions are still respected,
i this great Republic also I llnd a
lurch truly apostolic and Niceuo.
lirtllir iniliiunnilnnt r\( 4hn Ktnin mill
liicii understands how to reconcile in
no proportion the righto that liberty
rnfers with tho duties which it imposes.
1 that church?to which I now declare
y adherence?faith does not shut out
soson or science, which, together with
ue religion, make intelligentChristianB
id enlightened citizens.
"In my native France, as Your Holiess
well knows, there are Latin Chrisons
who still represent tho position of
10 Gnllician Church in 1082; and I inav
to it to bo my duty to identify myself
ith those who havo not deserted tho
icient Gallician standpoint of St. Louis
id Bossuet. In that fair land of roablican
government, which alono can
itisfv the legitimate aspirations of tho
jopfo in our day, it will never be firmly
itablished, nor will tho necessary robins
in the church be secured until
10 clergy burst their ultramontane and
louarchical bonds and unite frankly
ith the people in abolishing the conmlat
and organizing a church truly
ational and Nicene, like that in the
nitcd states of America, independent
ike of the State and of Bome.
"My decision to withdraw from the
onmn Church is not a thought of remt
origin. It is tho mature result of
mvictions forced uyon mo during my
avels in both hemispheres and of my
,udy for ten years of the chief religious
nd social questions which agitate our
me?questions to which the Christian
ithers furnish solutions whollv at variice
with tho syllabus, and the policy
t Wlir?n lit vnnr
[oliness wish mo to explain my views
lore fully I shall be happy to receivo
istructions to that effect.
"Condescend, most Holy Father, to
:cept a new assuranco of my profound
Father Bouland is a Frenchman by
irth and was educated by the Archishop
of Algiers. Ho camo to this
Duntryin 1875 and established French
tatholic churches in Ithode Island and
loston. In 1880 he was appointed Genral
Director of the organization in North
?merica for the collection of Peter's
'ence. Archbishop Corrigan says FathrBouland's
name has not appeared for
vo years in the oflicial list of tho clergy
i tlie United States Previous to that
imo it did appear in that publication.
l CorreHpondont O flora Same Suggestions
In Vluw of Coining Convention*.
b the Editor of the. litieUlgcnccr:
Sir:?Within tho next two or three
reeks tho liepublicans of tho Stato will
Icct tho delegates to represent them in
lie National Convention to bo held at
'hicago on tho 10th of Juno.
? 4l.,?titm mnnlra n nMivn
i;illlll^UIU^)tU]iiiun nvvnou iv<^ hvhiv
ut noiseless campaign has been carried
n by the friends of Mr. Sherman. It is
o\v an open secret that his friends cxect
to capture the West Virginia deletion.
Any one who is honest andhastho
lightest acquaintance with the Ropubcans
of the State, will*admit that such
delegation would not correctly repreciit
this SUite. It is patent to the
lind of the most casual observer
bat the Republicans of West
firginia, with 'almost perfect unanim:y,
are for James G. Blaine. This sentilent
in favor of Mr. Sherman is very adoitly
worked up by declaring that "Mr.
Haino is out of "the race, "has delined,"
"won't uccept," and statements
f a liko nature. They are mado, too.
iv persons professing to bo friends of
Ir. Blaine. Now, the men who make
heso statements are not friends of Mr.
Haino and never were. Mr. Blaine's
ricmls of 1870,1880 and 1884 are his |
riends to-day, and desire nbovo all
hint's that ho shall bo asked to bo a
anuidnte again in 18S8.
It is a very unfair, as well as unkind,
riticism upon Mr. Blaine's Florence
etter to make him say ho will not acenta
nomination?unfair, because he
aid no such thing, and unkind, because
t would place him in tho position of
leclining to respond to tho call of the
lountry. Mr. Blaine understands pretty
veil the force of tho English language.
Jo has always been understood as posicssing
the ability to express himself in
pod clear languago. It is fair to preluiue
that in this letter ho was fortunate
mough to say just what he meant. He
limply says, "My namo will not
M3 presented to tho aauonai couvenion."
That is to say, "I will not again
isk for a nomination." But if tho peoilo
desire him, whv not ask him to bo:oine
a candidate? Whatever may bo
ho feeling of tho peoplo elsewhere, tho
Republicans of West Virginia are in
Savor of asking him to make another
sanvass. In this year, when tho battle
for protection is to bo fought and determined
for vcars to come, wo want as our
standard bearer tho great living exponent
of this principle.
llepublicans should sec to it that mon
ire sent to tho National Convention who
nrill voice tho sentiment of tho party at
home. No man onposed to Sir. Blaino
am be appointed from any county in tho
State, if his views bo known, and the
Rooublicans be awaro of his intentions.
Unless there is much default on tho part
3f tho party, tho West Virginia delegation
will again be solid
For Blake.
April 24,1888.
llenry F. Gllllg and Vanclerbllt.
Mall ami Exprai.
Curious stories of Henry F. Qillig's
New York prancings are creeping out
now that ho has gone to smash and
sailed for Europe. Fourteen years ago
ho was introduced to William H. Vandorbilt
and proceeded to systematically
cultivate him. It didn't last long, fox
one evening, on on ocenn HU'iunihir
with tho long saloon tables thronged
In the presence ol Mr. Vandorbilt, Mi
Gillig rose, and holding out a glass o
wine toward tho diners, piped out, "La
dies and gentlemen, permit ine to pro
pose the health ul that illustriousAmci
lean and millionaire, William H. Van
derhilt." Tho guests responded pleas
antly, but Mr. Vandorbilt never spot
to Gillig alter that,
What vaulting ambition* aloft man can ralto,
What fond aiplratloM engender,
When bo'd held like a hone with a onwlde
By the backfttrap of half a muponder?
Wo bcllevo that tho hope* a man ha* of th
lie ml#htiureljr be led to surrender,
When he feeli himaelf pulled, Jerked, haulft
nnu dragged down
I By a Ifcft-lwndcd, ouc-buttou auspondcr.
The girl who loves William never asla
her father to foot her Bill.?Exchange.
Ho (ardently)?"I'd givo a inillioi
pounds to win your love. Adelaide.'
"She?"Cash T'?Jiare-BiU.
All's well that ends well does notapplj
very well in the case of Maxwell, the
"trunk murderer."?Philadelphia Ledger
It is rather infrequently that a tailoi
is elected to Congress, but a good one
knows all about men and measures.?
New Haven Newt. ?
When an Arrfb of the desert wants tc
inquire if his sister is going to leave
home for a while, he says, "Are you going
oasis ?"?Pittsburgh Chronicle.
Visitor?"Ilavo you a dumb waiter in
the house ?" Ladv of the House?"No;
but we've got the dumbest hired girl you
ever saw."? Washington Critic.
Mamie?"0, Susio, I'm going to bo
married 1" Susie?"Are you ? Have you
had a proposal?" Mamie?"No: but I
have just learned typewriting. '-TidBits.
"I wish I know what to preach about
next Sunday," said the He v. Mr. Smoothtext.
"Preach against the evil of riches,"
suggested the elder, "there isn't a man
in our church worth over $3,000."?Burdette.
Art dealer (decanting on the virtues
of the picture)?"You will observe, sir,
that the drawing is free, that?" Agriculturist?"Well,
if the drawin' is free,
an' you don't tax me too much fer the
the frame, b'gosli, I'll take it."?Epoch,
Train n (piteously)?'"Please help a pool
cripple." Kind Old Gent (handing him
some money)?"Bless mo, why, of course.
How are you crippled, my poor follow ?"
'Irani (pocketing the money)?"Financially
crippled, sir."?[iSVu> York Sun,
" Mo'nin', Mistah Grubbleson; a col'
mo'nin'." "Yah, indeed; knowanvt'ing
how col' 'twas Ins' night?" "Boui
'ninch an' a lia'f b'low freezing?at leas'
de ice froze dat tick on a tub o' watali ]
lef stand'in' out all night."?[Harper\
Uld U'riend?"is it possimo you navt
remained uumarriud nil these years
Bella?" Miss Bella?"Yes; but 1 havt
been contemplating that picture of Kutfc
and Boaz, and have not yet given up all
hone." Old Friend?"Ah,but it will be
dillicult to get such a Bo-az Ruth had.'
" {Harper's Bazaar.
Au Kxiilnnutlou.
What is this "nervous trouble" witli
which ho many seem now to be alllicted'
If you will remember a few years age
the word Mnlnria was comparatively unknown?to-day
it is as common as any
word in the English language, yet thu
word covers only the meaning of anothei
word used by our forefathers in timet
pnst. So it is with nervous diseases, tu
they and Malaria are intended to covei
what our grandfathers called Biliousness,
and all are caused by troubles that arise
from a diseased condition of the Livei
which in performing its functions finding
it cannot dispose of the bile through the
ordinary chaunel is compelled to pass it
off through the systenit causing nervous
troubles, Malaria, Bilious Fever, etc,
You who are Buffering can well appreciate
a cure. Wo recommend Green's
August Flower. Ita cures ure marvelous,
A designing man?An architect.
Tiie Reason* why Acker's blood clixei
is warranted, is because it is the besl
blood preparation known. It will pos
itively cure all blood diseases, punfiei
the whole system, and thoroughly build*
up the constitution. .Remember w?
guarantee it.k Logan & Co., 0. R. Goetz
!. MenkemiV'r, It. B. Burt and Bowii
Bros. 8
Sold again?A mended shoe.
llncklen'H Arulcn Salve.
The Best Salve in tho world for cuts
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fevei
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains
corns, and all skin eruptions, and jiosi
tively euros piles, or no pay required, x
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction
or money refunded. Price, 25 cents pel
box. For sale at Logan & Co.'s druf
store. 4
The wasp lias one strong point, but I
is not in his favor.
That Hacking Cough can be so quickly
cured by Shiloh's Cure. Wo guaran
tee it.
Will you suffer with Dyspepsia ani
Liver Complaint? Shiloh's Vitulizerii
guaranteed to cure you.
Slbbplbss nights, made miserable b]
that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure n
the remedy for you. Sold by W. Will
iams and 0. Monkomiller. bow.
! How to prevent seasicknoss?Sta;
! Don't trifle with any throat or lunj
' disease. If you have a cough or cold, o
if the children are threatened witl
croup or whooping cough, use Acker'
English Remedy and prevent furthe
trouble. It is a positive cure, and w
guarantee it. Price 10 and 60c. Login
A Co., C. K. Goetze, C. Menkemillor,
B. Burt and Bowie Bros. 0
Four letters of tho alphabet are alway
in love.
Qaoer Fit* nnil Start*.
Tlio lit* and start*?using thctc word* in tho]
literal mcanlng-of tho nervous people ofle
strike tho beholder a* ludicrous. Tho nerves <
hearing of such unfortunate* aro painfull
acuto, and impinged by abrupt, unezpccte
noise*, lead them sometime* to perform anlit
worthy of a jumping-jaek. At tho root of nen
oumivkn, In most Instance*, in non-ajwimllatlo
of the food, and consequently innutrition of tli
nerves as of the other tlmue* of tho bod/. Th:
prolonged Is, of course, produotivo of serloi
nervous disease. Tho remedy is Hostetter
Hiomacn Itinera, Wiai UlYIgurniu iuu muuiru
and enable# it lo perforin it* functlunn proja-rl;
8oon after commencing a courae of It, It will L
fouud that the nerve* grow more tranquil b
day. nightly rcpote l?ocomc? 1cm Interrupts
and appetite more vigorous and satisfying. Thci
are the initial indications, followed fir tho con
pleto restoration of nervous vigor. The lUttei
also cure fever and ague, liver complaint an
A mining country might well bo calle
an intlig-nation.
[' The Feature* of the Money and Stock Mar.
j keU.
_ Nkw You, April 25,-Monejr en call easy at
per cent; last loan at 2 per oent; cloeod
[ at 2a2tf per cent. Prime mercantile paper
P?r cent, titer liny exchange dull but
" firm atMKHal 88, Total aalee of atocka Unlay
" were 433,017 sharea.
The stock market waa more actlro to-day, the
total aalea being the largest aeen for nme time,
wbllo the deallnga were dUtributed over a very
laigo number ofatocka and the upward movement
made further progress. though the meeting
waa somewhat of a act back In the last hour.
First prlcea were generally from H to % per cent
higher, and while tbero waa usual healtatlon lu
the early trading, the market soon began to riae.
Union Pacific, Heading, Ban Francisco, the
_ Grangers and Lackawanna were the most conu
spicuous toward noon, aud later Missouri Pacific,
Northern Pacific preferred and Manhattan
j assumed the lead.
Prices at this tlmo were generally from K to
nearly 2 per cent above those of the opening, out
in the last hour Pacific Mall lost 1% per cent,
B the rest of the list following slowly, aud a large
8 proportion of tho gains of the forenoon were
wiped out, the market finally closing ratbor
hMW iini! uetlvn TKn mil malnrltv flf thu
J active lift show fractionaladvances, bat Peoria,
' Decatur A EvemvIUc row 1J4 and hashvillo
Ik, whllo Pacific Mall 1* down \\ por cent
Railroad bonds wore also active; salea 12,153,r
000, being tbo Urgent day's buslnosa In bonds
, /or nearly a jroar. , .
Government and Stato bonds were qulot but
, D. 8. 4s rcg...... 1?W0. fl. 4ks reg 107k
U. 8.4* ooupon.?128}flu. 8. coupon... J07H
Adama Express 135 Northern Pacific..* 24
i American Expression do preferred^ 4tfk
. Canada Southern... 5\\ Chicago & N. W.....110W
Central Pacific .32 do preferred -144
Chesapeake AOIilo.. Ik New York Central...l07>$
do Unit preferred. 4 ?hlo <k Mississippi. 21
doBOcomla .... 2k do preferred .80
C., a, C. & 1 ... 49 Pacific Mall S3K
Denver ?le H. 0....... Hffc Pittsburgh . 100
Erie ...... 2D% Keadlng 03<?
do preferred Ufa 8t. L. <k 8. F 2#5J
Fort Wayne ?1M do preferred- 67J?
Kanras 6i Texas-... 13J< do Brat preferred. 112k
Lake Krle & WwL 14% C. M. & 8t. I'aul... - T\yA
do preferred 45% do preferred J1S
Lake tihnro............ 92k Texan it Pacific...... 2-'*%
Louisville ?fc Nash.. Union Pacific 57
L., N. A. Je C 84 Uulted States Ex... 74k
Memphis & Chas-,.. 61 W., St. L. 4 P......... 14}?
Michigan Central.. 80k do preforred 20
Missouri Pacific 7G% Well*-Fargo Ex. 185
Nash, dc Chat 76% Western Union...... W/%
New Jersey Central 83%
BreadstuffS and Provisions.
Nbw Yobs, April 25.?Flour reoelpta 26,710
packages; exports 8,185 barrels and 26.000 sacks;
market steady; sales 21,500 barrels. Wheat, receipts
none; exports 40,274 bushels; aalea 4,472,000
bushels of futures aud 251.000 bushels of spot:
options heavy; ungraded red WkaiHc: No. 2 red
May U3ka!M 5-lCc, closing at 93&c; June W%a
KJMo, elosiug at WjCc; July V$yUOc, closing at
i tufto; August91^ay.%c, closlngat W^e: Bcpteniber
Mkair2JSc, closing at Hike; December V2Ha
V2j?c, closing at ViXfr; December tf3kaW5$c, clos
Ing at V49ic. Corn, recelpU 28,950 bushels;
, exports 11,000 bushels; sales 488,000 bush*
els of futures and 87,000 bushels of
spot; options unsettled; ungraded 65>{a
07c; No. 2 May C3a63%o, closing at KJ%c; Juue
. GMVU'Ifi, closing at C2V?c; July C2%aG2%c, dosing
at C-%!; August 62He: September 0294c; October
?2%c. Oats, receipts 50,000 bushels;exports 1,191
bushels; sales I'ju.OUU bushels of futures and
1011,000 bushels of spot; market moderately
'< active; mixed western S7a39c: white do 41a46c.
: Hay steady. Hops steady; California 8ali!e.
Coffee, spot fair; lUo quiet at 14%e; options
opened 10a20 poluts higher, closed steady; sales
00,780 bags: April ii.H5all.9fe; May ll.6tall.80o;
i Juno 11.10all.:ttc; July 10.fi0al0.80c; August
iu.OJniu.iur; DvpicmDer, uciooer, nuycinwcr,
December, January, February aud March 10.10a
> 10.30c. Sugar dull and nominal; centrifugal %
test 6}?c; molossea grades 4We; rollnod
I quiet; off A 6 MCc. Molasses dull. Rico steady.
! Tallow Arm. Jtosia quiet at 9120. Turpentine
i dull ut 38c. KggH easy; western la^al-l^c.
I Fork firm; mess tf i t 'iTwU AO for old, and f15 00a
1ft '2ft (or new. Cut meats llrm. Lord o?uy;
western steam spot 8.3ftu8.4Uc, closing at 8.36?;
' May 8.13a8.21c; Juno 8.25c; July 8.24c: August
8.2fta8.2S)c; September 8.22a8.30c; city steam 8.00c.
Butter llrm; western 10o27c. Cheese steady.
Chicago, April 2ft.?Wheat was dull and inactive
to-day. Corn, light trndlng; there were
, no very prominent features to the market. Oats,
i dull, rrovlslous, quiet. Flour, llrm and unchaugcd.
Wheat, cash No. 2 spring ?<%a?0%c;
> No. 2 red 84c: May closlug at 80#c;
. June 81%aW^c, closing at 82c; July 82j^aS%c,
, cloning at 82%c; December 8B?a8ft>?c, closing at
Sftc. Corn, cash No. 2, &4kc; May &4^aft.ric,
I closing at &5c: Juno &3%aftl%c, closing at ft4%c;
July blUaftl%c, closing at &4%c: August 64&a
. ft4?4c, closing at 64%c. Oats, cash No. 2,3lka32c;
1 May 31%a32%c, closing ut 32c; Juno 31$4i32Uc,
l closlug at 32c; July 3i%a&%o,closing at32V,c;
August 28%a2?>ic, closing at2fc.Kjre, cash No. 2,
My. Barley, So. 2, 77%a78c. Flaxseed, No. 1,
lift. 1'ri mo timothy secd92ft0a2fi7. Mess pork,
! cash and May 911180; June $13 80al3 Oft, closing
at 813 00; July ?13 U'?14 06, closing at 114 00.
, Lard, cnah7.95c: May 7.Uftafl.00c, closing at 7.97kc;
i June 8.00c: July 8.00a8.0ftc, closing at 8.02He;
i August 8.05c. Bacon, short ribs 7.15o7.20c;
shoulders ft.7fto0.O0c; short clear 7.00a7.40c.
, Whisky, 81 1ft. Butter luactlvo; creamery 20u
1 24Hc; dairy 15o23c. Eggs steady at 12al4>ic.
Philadelphia, Pa., April 25.?Flour quiet.
Wheat steady; No. 2 red April WK&Ol^c; May
i 9tXiM%c; June w'iaittc; July SttKc. Corn.
steady: No. 2yellow U3a03&c: No. 2 nigh mixed
and yollow G3>$c: No. 2 mixed April 62a03c; May
C2aG2Kc; Jnno 01J$a02kc; July 61?aG2#j. Oats,
si?ot quiet and steady; No.2mlxed39c; ungraded
white 41a43c; No. a white 41%c; futures quiet;
No. 2 white April 42e: May, June and July 41%a
42c. Butter firm; creamery extra26a28e. Eggs
' qulot: firsts 13>?c.
t Cincinnati, 0., April25.?Flour firm. Wheat
. steady;No. 2 red 8<a87%c; receipts!ft,000 bush,
els; shipments uone. Corn easy; No. 2 mixed
1 ftfloftfi#!. Oats steady; No. 2 mixed 34%c. Hyo
l easier at 67ke. I'ork easier at 814 60. I,ard in
t fair demand at 7.70c. Bulk meats easier; short rib
7.60c. Bacon steady; short clear 8.8ftc. Whisky
> steady at 81??. Butter quiet. Sugar and cheese
; firm. Kggs steady at 13c.
Tolkdo, April 2ft.?Wheat actlvo and firm;
cash88c; May 87><c; Juno 8Sk?; July 87ka87%c:
August H7Kc: September 87^c. Corn dull and
firm; May ftftjfc.' Data steady; cash and May 55c.
VylUVL'irCtU III ill, (WU VI v??, VkHfUVt PI
t Uve Stock.
r Chicago, April 25.?CatUo ? Rocclpti 11,000
howl; shipment* 2,800 haul: market active and
> lOclower; Btecrat3ft0a5 00; atockersand feeders
92SUi3 70; cows, bulla and mixed 12 0Uu:t 70.
t Horh?Keceipta 21,000 head; ahlpmcntM 8,000
hend; market alow; mixed 95 :i5a5 (10; heavy
I 9545a575; light 95 :C??5 60; akipa 94 00*520. Sheep
r ?Receipts 1,000 head; ahlpmcnta 1,000 head; marr
ket higher; fancy native woole<l 96 C0a7 00; na*
tivcK poortoguod $.*? UOjtG 2.'>; shorn it 23a0 10;
western 96 Mutf 60; Toxana ft 00a010; lainba95 50a
7 25.
t East Libkrtv, Pa., April Zt.?C?Ulo?Receipt*
and shipment* 05 head; market firm;
prime 95 UtaS 25; fair to good 94 75a5 00; common
ft 25a4 50. lloga?KcccIpU 1,100head; ahlpr
meuts 1,000 head; market fair; Philadelphia*
. 95 H5a5 ?0; mixed 95 7Ua5 75; York era 95 G0a570;
common to fair 95 40u5 GO; piga 95 00a5 25.
, Sheep?Keccipta1,800haul; ahipmcnUCOO head;
1 mnrket active: prime wool ahcep 96 75a725; fair
a to good 95 00a6 60: common 93 00a4 50; lam ha
96 00n7 75; prime clipped 95 75a6 00; fair to good
$175o5 50; common 91 60a3 00.
r Cincinnati, O., April 25.?Hoga atroug: com9
n.on and light ft 00u550; packing and butchera
. (5 40a580; receipts 2,050 haul; ahipmenla 720
j Nxw York, April 25.?Petroleum opened steady
' at H4^e, but Rave way under the bear ralda, and
undent forced tho price down to 82%c. Tho market
was over-aold, however, and the nurcbaae of
v '25,000 barrels canned an advanco of 1c. This
I frightened the Ix-am and their covering lifted
r the price to 86>?c, and tho market cloaca atrong
? at Petroleum Exchange opened at MKc;
tutlZn. l,iu'<Mit iw!Jt,' nlnaoil mtWVn. H too If I
? Kxcimugo^wncd ?twKo: highest 8G$c; lowest I
r kjjfio; ciokcu at 80%c; total wiles 2,g54,wi) barrels.
0 Oil City, Pa., April 25.?Opened atWkc;
1 highest ko^'o: lowest &}4p\ closed at KGj-^c; Mien
1 l,M(l,UK) barrels: clearance* 3,M>|,000 barrel*; char-1
" ten 05.872 barrels ;.sblpmeuts 67,099 barrels; runs
42,705 barrels.
Bbadpobb, Pa., April 23.?Opoued at 84}fc; J
B closed at M>$o: highest 80??c; lowest two;
clearances l,00t?,000 barrels.
PrmBOBOH, Pa., April 25.?Pctroloum dull;,
closed II rmer; opened at W>?c; closed at 8<J>Sc;
highest Wl^o; lowcat 83c.
lr Titusvilli, Pa., April 25.?Opened at84%c;
n highest ?%o; lowest 8?>?c: cloned at86>^c.
Dry Goods.
,, New Yobk, April 25.?Thcro wan an Improved
request for ^moderate assortments of seasonable
* specialties. and tbo improvement was nropor'
tloncd with tbe temperature favoring tno con?
sinning demaud, although as a whole, tho mary
ket was more quiet than otberwlso.
[s .
in Cotton.
w New Yon*, April 25.?Cotton firm; uplands
" 95ic; OrleaiiH vj?c; futures Arm; April and
'' May 9.71r; Juno y.S2c; July 9.9lc: August 9.99c;
.? Beptember 9.73c; October 9.48o; November 9.35c;
f( December 9.40c; January 9.48c; February 9.68c.
J llaltlinorn Uve Stork Market,
n? Calvkbton Live Rtooc Yam*. 1
J Monday, April 23, 1888. /
T1IB swixb mabeet.
, Arrival* this week- 6,?l
(1 Arrivals last wcek...~ .. 6,491
Arrivals oue year sgo.......... ~ 8,896
I Though tho number* exceed by 1,160 bead
thercoorjl oj bwt Moiiday. tho price* are fully up
mOHJ rUlllIK JM?u,nuu ?u? .wu> ??
nunc, but without as Rood a Rhlpplng demand.
Trade in (air to good-quite m good u ft wu last
Monday. Quotations range from 7 to 7j?c, mo*t
uie? at %*7%c: a few common hogs
telling down to 7c; those under 7}Jc being of a
common grade.
Of tho receipt*, 1,022 head came by tbo Baltl*
ro it Ohio railroad, and tho balance, 6,617 bead
over the Pennsylvania railroad.
Claremont Lite Stock Market, \
Baltimore, April 23, 1888. /
All hog* sold In these yard* by ?. A. Black*
^Se^tf^Sl^eek^^OTT bead, agalnat 2,200
bead I ant week.
^VOgSStST W00to?810; plpi
arrivals or live stock
At Clarcnvmt Stock Yards, via Baltimore & Ohio
Railroad, Jor vak ending April 22,
120 cars, containing 1,286 cattle, 79 calves, 2.281
heep, 5.458 hogs. 112 nones. Shipments to New
York. Philadelphia, Ac.. MO cattle, 14 calves, 884
iheep, 1,335 bog*, 50 bones.
Palmkb's Skin-8uccesspositively cures
Skin diseases. Soap and Ointment,
cleanse and heal. At drug store of McLain
JL Mustang
so,ua> ?***?
n g nnnuHtoucrrcowRnrm totimoniauamo(
11 J.U JUcMlCtCTaOD?6USaniAli0MDBI<Uai
Legal Notice.
In the Circuit Court ol Ohio County, West Virginia.
March HuIcm, 1888.
John M. Cooper
June* C. McCunl!'ThoniM I). Me- J?,i??52S3[
Coni, Ellen McCord, KlUaboth U^
Conant and Luko Conant, her
The object ol thin suit In to obtain payment
out of the |>ru|M>rty attached of Maid James C.
McCord, of the huiu of three hundred and two
dollar*, with interest from June I, 1880, until
_ luilnir thi! Hiuouut duo tho nluintiir. Johu
M. Cooper, from thu said James 0. McConl, on n
bond or singlu bill hIicuinI mid sealed by the wild
James C. McConl, und dflivfrt.il to the wild
JluintiiT by him on or alnjut the date thereof.
uue 1,1s80, for said miiu of three hundred and
two dollar*, with annual interest from date, for
value received, and payable three monthH after
its said date, to the order of said plain till' by thu
nsuiu of J. M. Cooper, meauiuK atui intending
thereby John M. CootKsr, and altto to subject to
thu lieu of the plufutltr s attachment in thin
cane and to sell to |my mid If necessary. the
following real estate, to-wlt: All the estate, right,
titlo and interest of James C. McCord aforesaid,
in, to and of, u certain piece or pan el of laud lying
in Ohio county, West Virginia, on the Ohio
river, about live miles north of the city of
Wheeling, and hounded and described a* follows:
On the north by tho lauds of Jamei Lylo. John
H. Lyle and Itov. McLure, on the east by the
lands of Mrs. J. II. Wilson, on the south by the
lands of the Kellly heirs and Jacob Zllles, and on
the west by the Ouio river, it having been tho
home farm of Thomas McCord, deceased, in his
lifetime, aud supposed to contain about one
hundred acres, more or less: also all the estate,
right, title v11! interest of James II. McCord, in,
to and of thu lauil embraced aud included in n
certain island In the Ohio river, about onu mile
above naid farm, and known as Mice Island,
which estate, right, title and interest he, James
C. McCord, owns as heir of Thomas McConl. defeased.
Also to subjcct to the lien of said attachment
and to the imymuut of said and
Interest, as far as necessary, any indebtedness of
the defendant, Thomas 11. McCord, to the said
James C. McCord, and any affects of the said
Jauius C. McCord in thu ]tossesslou of said
Thomas 11. McConl. And it apiwaring from an
affidavit tiled in this causu, at these rules, that
tho defendant, James C. McConl, is not a resident
of the State of West Virginia, and lie not
having been served with process in this suit on
the motion of the plaintiff by his attorney, this
order of publication is entered against said nonresident
defendant, James C. McConl, and it is
ordered that the said non-resident defcudant Is
required to appear within onu mouth after thu
date of tho first publication of this order aud do
what is necessary to protect his luterests. It Is
further ordered that this order bo published and
posted as required by law.
Witness, John W. Mitchell, Clerk of said Court,
*1 tno i.otiri iiousooi Mill uuuiuv, uim uu unj
of March, 1888, to-ylt: at March llulc*. insm.
Clerk on aforesaid.
Pnbliahod tho flr*t llmo March k. 1ksh.4
Attest: JollN W. MITCHELL. Clerk.
Cali>wkll & Caldwell,
mrS-th Bollcltora for Complainant.
Pearl-Top Lamp Chimney.
This is the Top of the Genuine
Pearl Top Lamp Chimney.
All others, similar are imitation.
Insist upon the Exact Label and Top.
Foi 8aii Everywhere. Made only by
GEO. A. MACBETH & CO., Pittsburgh, Pa.
"By a thorough knowledge of the natural lawi
which govern the ojicmtfonH of digCMtlon ant
nutrition, and by a careful application of tin
fine properties of well aelected Cocoa. Mr. Eppi
ha* provided our breakfa*t tabic* with a dell
catcljr flavored beverage which may wive tw man]
heavy doctor*' blllH. It In by tho judicious urn
of ?uch artlclc* of diet that a constitution tnaj
bo gnulually built up until strong enough to re
ilat every tendency to disease. Hundred* of sub
tlo maladies aro Moating around u* ready to at
tack wherever there In a weak point, wo innj
escape many a fatal shaft by keeping ouniclvci
well fortified with pure blo<Hl and a proper)]
nourished frame."?Civil Service (iazettc.
Made simply with boiling water or milk. Fob
only in ball-pound tin* by Urocera, labeled thus
T1 If DC DDDQ A Pfl IIomuKinathic (.'hem
dAlfiO Cir r0 a LV., utx, London, England
Business Cards.
Contractor and Bnilder.
All Carpenter Work promptly attended to oi
reasonable terms.
All work personally attended to.
8nor, Alley la, rear of Capitol. Residence, 4:
Fifteenth street; Whop In rear. JaU
General Machinists,
And Mannfacturcra of Marino and Statlonar;
Cox. Chatlixx a EioirrxxxTii 8m,
To Farmers, Gardeners, Etc.
J Hold In an j quantity ready for use. dry am
e to handle. One pound of Hug Finish I
more effective than ten pounds of Planter am
Paris Green, as mixed by the user, for kllllni
potato bugs or curcullo and the eotum and to
bacco worm. Costa only about M and 7ft cent
to cover an acre of potatoes, and kills every bui
on the vines. Write for price. K. K. GIFFJN ?!
CO.. 1800 Main 81. Wheeling, W. Va. aplO
nPITlTIRQ Shropshire, Ox, and Cota 8IIEEF
DDAUHiK) Jersey Keds and Berkshire 1IOUF
p. Rocka and B. Leghorn Chickens, Bronze Tui
kera, Egga and CARP In aeaaon. ENGINKf
Mllla, HTP'ra, die., beat and cheapest; part pa
in lumber. Satisfaction guaranteed on all.
PIT AC M cent book for 25 cents and names an
tJlliUu addreaa of twenty wide awake Farmen
Send a tamp for circular* to
noZVPiw Key nor. W. Va.
Plana and Specifications for all claaaea of Pnl
Ho and Private Buildings farnlabod promptly
Theatrical work a specialty.
Memorial Windows, Stained (Jlvw,
And Interior Deooratlon.
?(>10 Offloo with J A. HOLL1DAY it SONS.
L ^Cw\
; Liniment y%
JWIMENTU death tnPiufe, s/ JEt? A
/W I
ewa reofworthless im it ati 0 ns
kyor inclose 49 (stamps) bbk &b
dvoit particlllarsnhfl i i*
fin lcttch or retupn mail.bmk b vv
liffiy ROYAL PIUS wmouuouB w 1
Groceries, &c.
Grocer, Pork Packer
Celebrated "Strawberry Hams,"
Kos. 1309 AND 1311 MAIN STREET,
Wheeling, W. Va.
Mv own Cure of Cliolco Smoked Meats dollv*
ere(f dully from my l'ork limine at Manelie?tcr.
tiib j.aroe8t stock OP
r> 1
cu vji uuci ico
Headquarters for
Taylor's Patent and Family Flour.
Dannemiller & Co.'s Celebrated
Cordova Coffee.
Solo Agent for Dupont's 8i?ortlng, Mining nud
Blunting Powder. mnM
Jersey Baking Powder.
Jersey linking Powder needs no comment; onr
advertising 1m done by the houhekeei>er tlmt
hakes with it. A line present with each tun.
#?-U*e our GOLD DU8T FLOUIt. It in unexcelled.
A new lot of MAl'LE SYRUP Just in; the
last of the season.
Conner & Snedeker,
Cor. Murket nud Fourteenth Streets.
English Chedder Cheese.
I'ineupplu Cheese.
Imported Swiss.
Fresh Saratoga Chips, nt
mrtff-rrlMs l.'iOG Market street.
Pure Maple Syrup.
Pure Maple Syrup in Jugs ami by the Quart.
DcliciuuH tirilcle, at
2217 Market Street, or at ltninch Store, corner
Near Wheeling, W. Viu
(Sinters of tho Visitation.)
A school of more than national reputation
offer* exceptional advantagon for thorough education
of young ladle* in all department*. Li*
brary of nix thouMiud Tola en. Kino philo*
iHjjuiictii, rut:in inn linn nnimiiuiuivoi ii|>|>iunkun.
Musical Department specially noted. Corps of
piuuo teachers trained by a leading professor
from Conservatory of Stuttgart. Vocal eulturu
according to tho method oi tho old Italian masters.
Location unsurpassed for beauty and health
Ten aercs of pleasure grounds. Board excellent
For Catalogues, and references to patrons In all
tho principal cities, address
Washington School of Elocution
Mns. M. STEVENS HART, Principal.
901 "m St.. n. w., Washington, d. c.
Sixth Annual Session ltegins Wednesday, Septcmltir
Course of instruction embraces Elocution,
Practical English and English Classics, l-ntln,
Mathematics. Modern IjaiiKUagcs, Vocal and Instrumental
Music ami I'li}>lcnl Culture.
The rrinci|ial Is assisted by an clllcicnt corpn
of teachers in each department.
Graded Classes for boys and girls daily
Adult Classen uud private instruction given in
the evening.
Diplomas awarded. A limited numl>erof puplls
accommodated in the fiunily.
For circulars and references apply tolNTKi.uflRXcKH
olllce. iniol
Stammering Cured.
System based upon nntnro's lawn. No SucaiceY
?No Thicks. System explained to thorts in teres
Testimonials from physicians, educators and
patrons, who have received benefit from the
method of instruction. Address
Mas. M. STKVKSS HART, Principal,
Washington School of Elocution and English
] Language,
yot M. Street, N. W., Washington, I). C.
Students boarded in family of Principal.
r I
? '
i Musical Goods.
' piANOS
t Piano* Moved, Boxed and Stored, promptly
I, *ad carefully, by
J, mill 1310 Market Street
a Housefurnlshlng Hardware.
Oval Churn,
WhotCMlfl or HcUill. ThcHO In need ol Uieo
- call or ?cud for price*.
, up.*) 1210 Mnln Street.
Incomparably the Bait.
White Soap.
For the Bath, Tollot nnd Laundry.
Snow Whlto nnd Absolutely Pure
If yonr dealer doea not keep Whlto Cloud Soap
end 10 oenu for aamplo cako to tho makara
Tnblo (ukiuu effect April8, lwvs. PuMQRur
tmim will run hh follows?Central time. All
traitm dully except tho?e murked tluu f which
do not run on Sunday.
HOUTU BOUND. fNo.7 No. 5. tNo.:i Nu. 1.
n. in. p. m. a. in. u. nu
Leave?Wlieollnjf.. 3:30 11:15 6:85
llenwood. opn. licllolro 3:48 11:*) 6:80
Moundnville .... 4:08 11:42 7:i0
New Martlnarlllo ft:l? *12:45 8:15
Willianntown 7:00 2:1* 10:10
1'arkereburg 6:18 T:30 1:45 lt:4?
Ravenswood 6:18 4:18 fe!?5
Maxon City 8:00 5:1'. 1:M?
Clifton 8:or? 4:10 1:40
Arrive?I't. I'leiuaut.... 1:40 ?:15 2:15
(iiillipolU Kerry 9:0i> 6:88 1:X1
(iiiyHiidotte 10:38 7:50 4:00
lIuutiiiKtou 10:15 8:08 4:15
n. in.
Churletiton a:20 10:03 0:10
n. m.
Ironton 6:06
Portsmouth. 7:10
White Sulphur .. 8:i*' ft. in.
Btnutiton 0:22 5:38
SoltTH nou.M). No. 6. No. 4. fNo.2 tNo.it /
ft. in. it. in. h. in. p. in.
Leave? Nuntlnpton ?:Wi 6:25 8:15
liuynmlottu 10:00 5:88 3-2S
U?fli|>olin Kerry ll:2.*? 7:?o 4:.'-0
Point I'lcttmnt.. 11:45 7:2i> 5:07
p. ui.
Clifton. - 12:20 7:.v? r,:sr?
JIrmjii City .... 12:2f? M:tti 6:40
KuvciiHWOod 1:45 0:15 7:00
I'lirkerHlMin; fi:W) 3:15 10:4.'. 8:30
Willluiiutown- 6:M 3:15 11:15
% p.m.
New Martinsville 8:16 5:37 12:45
.>inunuRviiie v.zoi j
Pittsburgh 8:i?| 6:65J..;......
New Yor\c...?...:::?:oo h:ooj..i
Chicago - I 11:30 6:SU|
Through ticket* and baggage checked to nil
points. For rates and other Information address
Trav. Pass. Agent, Wheeling.
W. J. ROIJINSON, (Jen I 1'mw. Agent.
Parkershurg. W. v?u
Ba ltimore it oiiio ra i lro ad?
Departure of Indus from Wheeling. Schedule
in effect February 26,1888?Eastern time:
Express for Chicago and tho Northwest, 9:60 a
m, 3:40 p ni 10:00 p m dally, and 11:16 p m dally
except Saturday.
Express for Cincinnati and St. Louis, 9:50 a m
daily, 11:1ft p m daily, except Saturday.
Express for Columbus anu Cincinnati, 2:45 a m,
8undayonly. \
For Columbus, 0:60 a m daily, and 11:15 p m,
daily except Saturday, and 2:25 p m daily cxccpt
Express for Washington, D. C? Baltimore,
Philadelphia and New York, 5:40 a in and 5:45 p
m, dally.
For Pittsburgh and Washington, Pa., 5:00 a m
and 7:00 pm daily: express, 8:10 a m, 1:45 p m,
daily except Suuauy. Additional way train for
Washington, Pa., 6:20 p m, daily except Sunday
For Moundsville, 12:00 uoon, daily except
For Grafton, 3:45 p. m., daily except Sunduy.
For Cumberland, 8:30 a m, uaily, except Hunday.
For St. Clairsville, 7:85 a m, 2 p m and 5:45 p m,
daily except Sunday.
Express trains arrivo from Chicago, fi:40 and
9:10am and 0:15 pm daily,and b:0U a in dally
except Monday.
Express trains arrivo from St. I.ouis and Cincinnati,
5:00 a m and 0:45 p m, daily.
Express trains arrive from Philadelphia, Haitimore
and Washington, 1). C., 10:60 a m and 10:65
p xn daily.
Trains arrive from Columbus, 5:00 a m daily,
and 0:46 p m daily, and 10:35 a m daily except
Trains arrive from Plttsbunsh, 9:40 dally, and
12:45 p m and 0:65 p m, daily except Sunday;
11:10 pm daily except Saturday, and 2:40 am,
Sunday only.
Trains arrivo from Washington, Pa., 8:00 am,
dnuy except Sunday.
Train* arrl vu from Moundiville, 1 MO p m, (tally
Train*arrived from Graftou, 9:25 am, dally
except Sunday.
Train* arrive from Cumberland, 6:60 p m, dally
except Sunday.
Train* arrive from St. Clnlravllle, 10:35 n in and
1 :3ft, 6:4.r? aud 8:20 p m, dally except Sunday.
ItnmiKC called for and chucked at hotel* and
residence* on order* left at ticketofiloe, 1'AW Market
htreet, and at depot
(J. K. LOUD, (Sen. l'aw? Agent.
W. M. CLKMKXTS. Manager.
WVI8 RAILWAY CO.?JVuibwndJe Jlimlo
Under Khcdulo in effect November 14, IKK7,
tralni leave Wheeling Central Standard time:
ForStcuhctivillc and I'itUbnrKh,ti:Sftam, 12:8b
p in, p m. For Stoubenrfllc, 8:0ft p m. Tho
?::{.*? a m and 8:0ft p m train* make direct connection
for ColuuihUK, Cincinnati, IndlanaiMdl* and
Chicago. Tho 12:.% p in tmln make* direct connection
for ColuuihliH iilid Chicago.
Tniinc arrive nt Wheeling, 0:16 a m, 10:1ft a m,
2:4ft p m and fi:CQ p m. my24
KAILltOAl'.?Under whedule in efleel
January U2, issa, tralni huve Bridgeport, Central
standard time: For l'ltuhnrgh and Cleveland,
ri:10ain, 1:02 pm. For l'lttMburuh. 10:17 am.
For Wellnvlllc, 4:11 nm. For Steubenvlllo, 8:38
u m. For Martin'* Ferry, 0:45a m. . _
Train* arrive at lirldgcport at 7:ft3 a in, 10:32 a
i;i| 2:43 p iu, 5:23 p m, 4:M p m, and 7:17 p m.
J. N. Vancr President
i.. a. pki.ai'i.ain ....^..vice-Pnaidcnt
J. N. Vance 8. llorklielmer,
J. M. ltruvvn, W. Ellliigliaiii,
li. H. Ii?*lit!>lnln, A. \V. Kelluy.
John Frew,
l)nt((n iMined on England, Ireland, Scotland
and all points in Europe.
JOHN J. JONES, Cashier.
j^ANK OF Til 12 01110 VALLEY.
CAPITAL. ....1175,000
Wm. A. Isctt....... P/eMdent
W it. 11. Simihon Vicc-President.
Draft* on England, Ireland, Franco and Gcrmany.
Wm. A.Inett, Wm. B. Simpson,
J. A. Miller, John K. Uomford,
K. M. Atklimon, Victor Rosenburg.
Henry Speyer. . ? ,,
mr.M F. P. J EPSON . < awlilcr.
China, Class and Queensware.
Wall Papers, Borders
And Celling Decorations,
At R??ol,.bIo Mm
k-: I lin"?mi l'lil'M?in"?irecl.
Pictures and Art Materials.
All the tatcftt Patterns In Bamboo, Oak, Chcrrjr.
I1 lno stock now In ntoro.
e. l. nicoll,
mrV 12a Market Street.
Louisiana Slate Lottery Co.
For tleketa or fnrther Information aiMrera tha .
undersigned. If you havo not been fortuuat*
elsewhere, try me for a change.
james h. wilson,
Covington, Ky.
Mention thin paper. daw

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