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White Soap.
... /iatiimc SOAP
the chief
F0, tho Bath. Toilet ?nd Laundry.
Snow Whlto ""<) Ab.olut.ly Pur*
r ??>?' '"* notloop Wbl? Clood fc?,
JsOVrtnu !"< wrnpl? < *. to U>? mutri
Republican Conventions.
First District Hepnbllcan Convention.
At iuvfiitl.'" of the Flnt Congressional Din
tr : ,( w'ct Virginia, In culled to meet at Lit
tou* " ?'? 1 *,h **T. ISM. ?? > o'clocl
t? fleet two deli-rate# and two alternate
it the Nntl"iiil Republican Convention to b<
I, .) in < iil.HKooii tlio l'Jth day of Juno next
,, utiij Hiiitulttcca of tliu M-vcral count lei
of I'l'trlrt lire requested to select accorillut
M ihrlru*4A" 'Iflivatca toiald Convention ot
iteU'.' 1 one delegate for each one hundred
roto.^t I-r Itluiin* und Logan, or fractioua:
t*-. thereof wi?al to one-naif.
f'L - W. J- >V. COWDKN, Chairman.
A Cnnfe'itloii of the State ia calle<! to meet fn
K?.ru;"'it oil Wkdnesday, the 16th day of May,
Jisvat 10.. .'lock A. to wlect four delegate*
tad four alternate* to the National Republican
i. tiveiiti.?ti to be held In Chicago June 19, 1888,
fur the jiorpoK* of nominating candidates to bo
uf-}M?rt?r<l for President and Vlco President ol
On- I'nlted nuun at the election lu November
All voter* without regard to paat political
flilinti'iti*. who are in favor of elevating aud
dik'iilfyltiR American labor, protecting and oxten.iini;
Lome industries, Rivlug free popular
olucatiou to the iuuah> of the people, effectually
M.ioritiir all human rlKht* iu every aectlon ol
our common country, ami who desire to pro*
jnole friendly fueling ami permanent harmony
throughout the State by main taiulug a State and
National Government i?U<l?eil to them) object*
ml )*riui.'i|ile*?. urn cordially iuvitcd to attend
UiU Convention and participate lu it* deliberations.
The Congressional Committee* of tho several
District* an* called u? convene Conventions in
their District*, to select in each two delegated
Mml two alternate* to mid Chicago Convention.
We urge on County Committee* the propriety
of enrii' nctioii in the mutter of holding county
meetings A?r the purpose of appointing delegate*
to the Staie and I'istrict Conventions.
We recommend that one delegate be appointod
forcverj- one hundred votes cast for lilulne and
l?Kati, or fractional |>art thereof equal to onohalf.
n? a busi* of representation to said Contentious.
Hy order of the Republican State Central Committee.
W. J. W. COW DEN, chairman.
w. Atki.S'on. Sccn-tary.
Trustee's Sale.
rniJTvi'KK's SALE.
liy virtue of a Pwil of Trunt nuule by AlamoilU
Welch hii'I I'atrick Wclclt, her husband, to
mt'ax tnutec, iIau-iI April *j), 1880, recorded In
tin1 oilier oi tin' Clerk of tlio County Court of
Ohio couuty. Went Vloriuia, In Deed of TruM
Ikxik No. ji. sS), 1 will *-'11 ?t tho north
Irutit door ..1 the Court Houne of said county, ou
SATURDAY, the 19th DAY of MAY, 1888,
cntnracitcitur at lo o'clock A. M., the following
jih>|vrty. Unit 1? t?i Niy: "Hie i?iru? of the luU
Sixteen arid Seventeen In the square
liuwbered l-'oiir on the map of the addition to
?c-i rity of Wheeling laid out by Jlaker and Carroll,
buuinlcd at follow*: beginning at a point
on tlk* Miith line of baker Mreet twenty feet
?a*t ni tlw nut 11 lit; of the alley running through
?iil v|iwre between McColloch Mreet and CarMil
>trrvt. and purallcl with 'aid street*; theuce
tut ?!onu the line of kaid baker atreet twenty
fert; theuce iMiutherly sixty feet; thence went
j*r*llcl witli linker utreet tweuty feet; thence
north to the phuv of beginning.
The title u lielieved to Iks perfect, but selling
:?tru?iw I will eouvey only the title vented in
.me liy Mid deed of trust.
T?:km.i ok Sam:.-one-third and ns much more
m Hie pun-luucr elect* to pay in cash on the day
of tale. the balance in two equal paymenUt in
oneand two yum with intercut, the purchaser
: > die Dote* for the deferred payments, tin)
title to be retained until payment in made in full.
W. J. W. COW DEN, Trustee.
iv. H. 11am.kr. Auctioneer. ap!7
liy virtue of t deed of trust made by Michael
McAllUUTWid Ulle McAllister, bin wife, to me
a? triutee, dated February 18.%, recorded
in the office of the Clerk of the County Court ol
Ohio comity, Wwt Ylndiija, In Deed of Trust
Hook No. zi. 1A I will sell at the north
Iruat door of the Court Hotim of Mild County on
ciTi-t.n.v niVflf UiV. IftW.
nsmmenrinic at 10 o'clock a. m., tbo follotrlns
iVM-rtUil |>mpertjr: A ecrtain or parcel
>4 Krimti.! Miuaie in the City ol Wheeling,
County of Ohio, futo of Went Virginia, to-wit:
The louili one hair of lol numlimHl nine,,ln
?iuare numbered two. in Churchill's ndattlon
.No. to the City of Wheeling.
The title 1? believed to be perfect, bat selling
?.?trustee I will eouvey only the title vetted lo
?. by Niid deed of tru*t.
r? R*- or Sale.-one-third and a* much more
a? the purchaser olect* to i?y in ?**h on tbo day
if ale. theImlancc in two equal itiKUllracuUi ul
one Mild two year*, note* bearing interest .from
the day of Nile to be given for the deferred J*)''
Bent*. W. J. W. COWDEN,
W. II. llAUcit, Auctioneer. Trustee.
Real Estate.
Seven Roomed House, 27 South York street,
UxmI g Itoomcd Brick House, corner Thirty-eighth
aud Wood streets. Will t?y em an investment.
Splendid Farm near Mt. l'lcasaut, Ohio. On<
<if the U?t farm* in Jefferson county.
Seven Itoomcd Uouseou North Front street
lot 00x40.
!*** Kooomed House on North York street
Some ?>f the most dcsimblo building loU It
the old Fair Urouud*.
building U?t on North Front street.
Seven boomed Houjto on South Broadway
natural las, and everything in good roi>alr; lo
4'fxlJ). tj^OOO.
Four Itoomcd Cottage for fl,000.
_ 'I'll Real Estate Agent. l'JJO Main St
So. .'Si Virginia street. 5 rooms 112 a
Sc?r ? roomed bouse, Elm Grove~ .. 10 l*
No.?' Eighteenth street, 2 rooms and attic 7 0
No. ill Eighteenth street, 'J rooms aud attic 7 G
No. -tfi Alley II, I room* 9 C'
No. r?)t .Maiu st..trooma,kitrhen and cellar 'J 0
No. '.90S Main street, newly t?|*red ? 0
No. i;w Fourteenth street,6rooms 14 0
No. it Mary laud street, .*? rooms and attic... 10 0
No. lw and 1W) Kightcentb street.
Mx Itoomcd House In Elm Grove.
No. 'Aw Main street.
No. Main street.
No. ?*H Main street
No. Main street.
No. Main ?trvet.
No. i.iu Main street.
No. lc and W Twenty-fifth street
No. SOI Alley B.
No. au3 Alley 11.
No. But Alley II.
No. i'?7 Alley B.
No. iVJ Alley B.
No. m and M Tw enty-slx tb street
NO. Mand NiTwenty ?lxtbstreet
No. >*n and -JCur. Woods street
?0. aat Main street
*o. Main utreet
?r?oe houtoof 6 rooms; ICS tret* choice frul
?U*r ituall fniltM. price, 13,500.
?1 W ^rca. a miles from Letart, M?
k?? % * N** ,,J0 crc" ,u 6 roomed '
8? ***}> *n?l niuoko house, good orchar
*W?U. McefWOQ. W!
exchange fur city property.
>o. x.n Market utrcet, 3 roomed house, hi
"5, Pound. Price I7C0.
Acrt^KarnU ^ m He* *?Qth of Monndirlll
^rJT*u!? t*cat' u- 8- I'oMion and Claim J
2-Tj-. AdvcrtisltiK htm always provi
Hfc RucocsafuL Boforo placing ai
pjft Now* paper Advertising cousi
Buy imiuuin
Ut* ? - -| CHICAO
A natural flow of Bile from the Liver
Is essential to good hoalth.
When thU la obstructed Jt results in
which, if neglected, noon leads to serious disci**.
Simmon* Liver ltogulator exerts h most
felicitous Influence over every kind of biliousam.
it restore* tbo liver to proper working oror,
regulates the secretion of bile and put* the
IgMtive organs in such condition that they can
do their beat work. After taking this medicine
no one will sav, "I am blllouo."
"I was affected forfererml rcan with biliousnem
nu?l disordered liver, which resulted in a
ovcru attack of Jaundlcc. I bad good mod leal
attendance, and tried the favorite prescription
of one of the mo*t renowned phv?!dan* of
Louisville, Ky., but to no pun>o?e, whereti|>ou 1
wax induced to try Simmon* Liver Regulator. I
wo* benefitted by it? uhc and it ultimately re*
to rod me totbufull enjoyment of health. ? A.
II. 8111KLKY, Richmond, hy.
Our trade mark 'L in red on front of wrnpper la
your protection. J. H. Zkii.in Si Co., l'hlla., I'a.
ELYS Catarrh
Cleanses thoBPgfffAM
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HealstheSores.B^ / ?&fl|
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Senses of TastollSjHK^^^i^
andSme"' UW-FEVEP
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A panicle la applie<l Into each nostril and Jin
' agreeable. Price SO cent* at drtnori*U: by mall,
reyUtvrcd, CO ceuU. KLY BROTH KIW, J35
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Groceries, &c.
rinnnnn Dniilr Dnnlr/Ml
uruucr, rui& ramci
Celebrated "Strawberry Ham*,"
Wheeling, W. Va.
Mr own Curo of Cholco Smoked Meat* delivered
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General Groceries
Headquarters for
Taylor's Patent and Family Flour.
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Adrertialn* Bureau (10 8pruo?
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mm mm
[Continualfrojn Firtt Page.]
of the majority. Would the sentiment
of the North support him? Would the
sentiment of the Kepublican party? If
then you cannot accomplish this end by
force, nothing remains but moral suasion.
would not suffice to accomplish anything
in the South by the kind of moral
suasion which our Republican party
leaders have thought the proper remedy
for that disease. I shall not be offended |
if you say that I am not considering this
problem on the line of ideal, which is to
nay visionary, politics. On the contrary
I am considering it as a practical problem
in American politics.
"Now, what is ttie practical inference
from all I have said, assuming tho conditions
to be as I have stated? You must
grant the fkmthein people the right?
wrong as it may be, and as I believe it to
be in this ease?to settle the negro questinn
with tli? noirrnoa?n*ct?ut flfl for SS
kindly help in the matter of education
may go?and try to divide them on questions
having no relation to the negro.
In the matter of education I think we
ought to do all we can, even over the
fprotest of their own leaders, to make
ightortho crushing weight of ignorance
that rests over the entire Southern
section. Now, the views which I have
expressed, may strike Northern Republicans
to be so blunt as to be brutal, and
as having in them not enough 01 the
snirit of our constitution. It may be
also that soino Southern Republicans for
reasons which I at this time do not care
to go into, may assail my statement of
facts, and so show that my conclusions
are at least without value. I have dealt
at your request with one of the most intricate
and disagreeable topics in American
politics, and I havo endeavored to
suggest a remedy. In all the years
since the war, I havo not heard tho suggestion
of a better one, though we have
applied tho most hcroic 01 remedies.
and with absolute failure. The Solid
South can bo split. It romains to be
seen whether tho Republican party has
the wisdom to do it.
"You will permit mo to add that in
West Virginia we havo no negro question.
Our colored population is comparatively
small. It votes the Republican
ticket, and its vote is counted. Our
State is, you know, very close. We arc
hoping to carry it this time, and if we
do, we shall get it. For I aui glad to say
that in West Virginia elections are as
fair as anywhere else in the Union.
More than that, wo do not carry our
politics into our social and business relations.
Kvery man says in public and
in private what lie wants to say, aud we
all get along comfortably as good
"What effect upon the success of the
Republican party in your State, do measures
like Mr. Chandler's bill to supervise
.Southern elections, and the waving
of the bloody shirt in tho North have?
"They hurt. Why? Is something of
this kind needed to lire the Republican
heart? No, every Republican in West
Virginia will work just as hard, though
we never heard anything more of measures
of this character. Will the/ draw
from the other side? This question answers
itself. We are making inroads on
the Democracy of West Virginia, most
of all on the tariff issues. And the
farther we can getaway from those issues
which Southern men regard as
the moro rapid and the greater the in?
roads we shall make into the Democratic
forces. There is never a Republican
convention, great or small, in West Virginia
in these days, in which wo do not
nave as delegates* men who have not yet
polled their Urat Republican vote. Some
ol these are men who nave jong ueen
voters, others young men of Democratic
iamilieH who are about- to vote on age.
In all these cases they have experienced
a change of heart, They are taken at
their word, put in tho effective fighting
force, and, if I may change the fjguro a
little, given frojitseats in tho synagogue.
Necessarily these oecasions represent to
a large degree the ex-Con feuerate element,
either directl v. as in tho case of
an ex-Confederate soldier, or by ono degree
removed, as in tho case of his son.
I need not say more to give you to understand
that a eonvention so oomj>osed,
would look with little fayor on what we
have spoken of as the
flau.vti.no op tub di?oqi)y siji&t;
and wo don't flaunt it. Not long since
we held in my city of Wheeling a convention
of Republican clubs, falling in
line with tho Republican Leaguo move-!
ment of tho country. ' That convention ;
contained a *good many men recently |
converted from Democracy, and was
presided over by an ex-Confederato Colonel.
than whom we Jiavo not in the1
wholo Htato of West Virginia a moroar-j
dent Republican."
"You are about to vote on a constitutional
prohibitory amendment in West!
Vir^jniOj ard you not?"
"liow does it aflect tho political condition
of the State?"
"Well, the Democrat*say that tho agitation
of the question hurts them more
than it does us. Wo think that it does
us the greatest damage. The agitation
of tho geueru) question has created a
third party, which has determined to
put a ticket in tho field. I have 110 doubt
that tho Republicans will lose bv this
movement much more than tho Democratic
party. Our prohibition leaders
are earnest and strong men, some of them
stump speakers far above tho average.
And they have already created a diversion
there largo enough to command ro
sped and cause a good ileal 01 apprehension.
Moreover, it in no secret that
the third party assault is directed against
the Republican party. If this question
were out of the way, I should almost be
tempted to pronhesy a Republican victory
in West Virginia next November.
As it Im4 I refer you to the facts that in
the last congressional election tho Democratic
majority vfls iXX), that tho aggregate
vote increased, that we gained and
tho Democrats lost, and that tho Republiean
party in West Virginia is stepping
up to the scratch this time with a verv
smiling countenance, Tho steady drift
is our way."
The lload to bo llullt Mure?The Company
la Organized.
| Pittsburgh Dltpalch.
There was a very full attcndanco in
[ New York yesterday of tho original subscribers
of tho South Pennsylvania Railroad
system, Tho meeting was hold in
tho offices of Bangs & Stetson, 45 William
street. Tho varied and significant
reports that have been afloat in Wall
street for a few days past, to tho effect
that something important would be dono
at this meetinir, attracted a large repre
sentation of.original subscribers. Dr. Ilostetter
was represented by H. Dupuy;
FranklinD.Gowenwas therefore. A H.
Barie; William K. Vanderbilt was present
for the Vanderbilt estate; Colgate
Iloyt represented John D. and William
itockefeller, and II. 11. Shoemaker held
a proxy for Christopher Meyer. The
others present were Messrs. Andrew
Carnegie, E. C. Knight, Stephen B. El*
kins, B. F. Jones, J. B. Colgate & Co., J.
M. Brookman, H. F. Diinock, H. C.
Frick and Francis Lynde Stetson. Altogether,
out of the $15,000,000 of original
stock, $12,000,000 was represented.
It was soon apparent that the gathering
was to Ih) harmonious, as resolution!
looking to a reorganization of the attain
of the road and its quick construction
and completion were promptly offerei!
and unanimously adopted. Tending th<
adoption of the resolution, Mr. Vander
i bilt said for the Vanderbilt estate, or ex
1 ecutors, that they did not desire to tak<
any prominent part in the reorganiia
> tion scheme, but that they would sup
port any plan offered that would pro\
acceptable to the majority of the origin
subscribers, and that, if the resolutioi
offered represented the views of the mi
jority, he would certainly accept them.
The resolutions were then read. The
provide for the issuing of $7,000,000 <
stock, to represent the money that wi
paid in by the original subscriber
Then it was proposed to collect 20 pc
cone from these subscribers, to be oflW
by the issuing of $3,000,000 praferre
stock, which is 20 per cent on the hold
lugs of the original subscribers. In at!
diuon the resolutions provided for a
issue of $10,000,000 bonds. It was claim
ed that this amount with the $3,000,00
from the preferred stock, will vicli
$13,000,000 in cash. It is claimed alsi
that that will bo sullicicnt to complet
the road.
The placing of the bonds will be lei
to the Pittsburgh party, Dr. Hostette
and Mr. Carnegie, and with them wil
I be associated Mr, Gowen. The Vander
bilt interest will chin in its 20 per cent
but will not interest itself in the floatinj
of the bonds. The work of completinj
tin* rn?<l will h? nunliod OS rUDldly It
The injunction suit, or "replication,'
of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company
seems to bo hanging lire, as nobody ii
New York seems to know anytuinj
about it.
The,Wonderful Healing Properties of Dnr
bja Prophylactic Fluid.
Wherever a preventing^ hoaling
cleansing and deodorizing injection o
w&sh is required use Darbys Prophylac
tic Fluid. Any inilamed surface, ex
ternal or internal, treated with th?
Fluid will bo quickly relieved. It ha
effected cures that hiul resisted the bes
medical skill. mwf?iw
Interenting to TruveleniSouth.
The section of the South attracting b;
its wonderful development and prosper
ity the attention of the whole world i
traversed by the Queen & Crescent Rout
(Cincinnati Southern and Associat
Roads). Express trains, the fastest ii
the South, leavo Cincinnati daily at 7:5
a. m. and 8. p. m. for Chattanooga, Bii
mingham, Atlanta. Decatur, Gadsden
Tuskaloosa, etc. Whon going South di
not fail to procure from your neares
agent, tickets which read via Cincinnat
and the Queen & Crescent Route. In
quirics prouiptlv responded to by H
Uollbran, Gen. Passenger Agent, Cinoin
Society has been likened to a nie. Wi
can dispense with no part so easily as thi
upper crust.
Advice to Mother*.
Are you disturbed at night and broker
of your rest by a sick child suffering ant
crying with pain of cutting teeth? I
so, send at once and get a bottle of Mrs
Winslow's Soothing Syrup forChil
drkn Teetiiino. Its value is incalcula
ble. It will relievo the poor little suf
ferer immediately. Depend upon ii
mothers, there is no mistake about it. I
cures dysentery and diarrhcea, regulate!
the stomach and bowels, cures wine
cholic, softens the gums, reduces the in
tlammation and gives tone and energj
to the whole system. Mrs. WinsuowI
Sootiiino Syrup for Children Troth
ino is pleasant to the taste, and is th(
prescription of ono of the oldest au<
best female nurses and physicians in tb<
United States, and is for salo by all drug
gists throughout the world. Price 'Ji
cents a bottle. mwfaw
Tho road to ruin?The side door.
For the relief and cure of the inllnm
nmtion and congestion called a "cold it
the head" there iH more potency in Ely'i
Cream Balm tbqn in anything else i'
is possible to proscribe, This preparn
tion has for years past been making i
brilliant success as a remedy for cold
in tho head, catarrh and hay fever
Used in tho initial stages of theso coin
plaints Cream Balm prevents any seri
ous development of the symptoms,while
almost numberless cases are on rccorc
of radical cures of chronic catarrh ant
hay fever after all other modes of treat
ment have proved of 110 avail, mwfaw
A eouplo o' castaways?Old shoes.
Kloctrlc Hitter*.
This remedy is becoming so wel
known and so popular as to need 110 spe
cial mention. Ail who use Electric Bit
tors sing tho same song of praise.?A
purer medicine does not exist and it ii
guaranteed to do all that is claimed
j Electric Bitters will cure all diseases 0
| the liver and kidneys, will remove pim
plea, boils, suit rheum ami other atlec
tions caused by impure blood.?Wil
drjyo malaria from the system am
Iireventqs well as cure all malarial fevers
tor cure of headache, constipation am
indigestion try Electric Bitters.?Entir
satisfaction guaranteed, or money re
funded.?Price 50 cts, and $1 00 per bot
tie at Logan & Co.'s drug store. 5
"I'm on my last lap," as the tonics
said when ho linished a saucer of milk
Catab^h ccrkd, health and swee
breath secured, by Shiloh's Catarrl
Remedy, Price 60 cents. Nasal In
jector free.
For lame bock, side or chcst, use Shi
lob's Porous Plaster. Price 25 cents.
Siiii.oii's Cough and (Jonsumptioi
Cure is sold by us on a guarantee. 1
cures Consumption. Soul by W. ?
Williams and U. Menkemiller. xoi
A cereal story?A lio about tho grai;
I*Consumption Incurable?
Read tho following: Mr. C. H. Morrii
Newark, Ark., says: "Was down wit
abscess of lungs, and friends and phys:
cians pronounced me an incurable cor
sumptive. Began taking Dr. King's Nei
Discovery for Consumption, am now o
my third bottle, and able to oversee th
work on my farm. It is tho finest met!
icine ever made,"
Jesse Middle wart, Decatur, Ohio, says
"Had it not been for Dr. King's Nei
Discovery for Consumption I would hav
died of lung troubles. Was given un b
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An Explanation.
What is this "nervous trouble" wit
annni ttrtUT f/1 l?n llfMicf/xl
n uau DU iUUU^ nvvu. .... u.
If you will remember a few years ag
tho word Malaria was comparatively ui
kuown?to-day it is us common us an
word in tho English language, yet th
word covers only tho meaniugof anothf
word used by our forefathers in tim<
past. 80 it us with nervous diseases, 1
they and Malaria are intended to cq\\
what our grandfathers called Biliousnes
and all are caused by troubles that arii
from a diseased condition of tho Liv<
which in performing its functions flndir
it cannot dispose of the bite through tl:
ordinary channel is compelled to pass
olTthrough tho system, causing nervot
troubles, Malaria, Bilious Fever, et
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The Feature* of Hie Monej and Stock Mar.
18 koU.
a" N*w York, May lQ.-Moncjon call ea*y at IX
to 2 per cent; last loan 2 pc*c*nt; doted at
^ 2 per ceat Prime mercantile paper 4%?C per
cent. Stcrilof exchange active and firm at
15 14 a?Ha4 MH. Tho aalee Unlay were 281,741
S* thirca.
'f Theitock market ?u 1cm actiro to-day, and
11 rvuurally weak and fereriib tbrou#bout the day.
d wllb the exception of the first Hour, meuouiu
L stock# were special features of the morning,
shooting up rapidlr about 2 per cent etch, but
l* as quickly loslug the advanco.
[1 Towards one o'clock a better feeling wu manlfeated
throughout tho liat and buying was Indulged
in again with more animation, being
u accompanied by an upward movement in prlcea.
j Manhattan waa the leader of the advance, but
n fluctuated widely after the beat prlcea were
reached. The laat hour, however, aaw a renewal
u of the bear preaaure, and Texan Pacific became
extremely weak, and Heading followed, being
* weaker than at auy previous time of the day.
The clone waa qulotcr but weak at or near tho
r loweat figure* reached. There are a few frac1
tlonal gains, but the active liat li decidedly lower
w thia evening.
Railroad bonds wero quiet but very Irregular.
i Bales 11,132,000.
? (Jovcrnmcnt bonda were dull and steady.
. Stato bonda were dull and steady.
a bonds?cix38ki> bid.
U,8. 4s reg ?vxy.\U. 8.4Ka ?.lOGJi
, U. 8.4* coupon 12G#|U. 8. A% coupon...
stock quotations?closed bid.
' Adams Express 140 Northern Pacific-... 24)$
1 American KxpresaJ09% do preferred- 61%
i Cauada Southern... Vfi/. Chicago & N. W.~-10a)f
Central Pacific 3$ do preferred -142)5
Chesapeake AOhlo- 1 % New York Central...l00
do first preferred- & Ohio <Sc Mississippi- 20%
do seconds 2)4 do preferred -80
C., C.i C. A 1 _ 48 Pacific Mall ...... 34)4
Denver & H. O - 18 Pittsburgh 168
? Krie ~ ...... Heading ? - MM
r do preferred 65 St. L. A 8. F 2>J}1
. Fort warnoJM do preferred-...... 00)i
. Kansas it Texas-... lifji do first preferred.112
Lake Krie 4 West- 14K C. M. A 8t. Paul.- - 72W
H do preferred - 44k do preferred -115
h Lake Shore........ ... 90y, Texas A Pacific 21
( Louisville A Nash- 65/, Union Pacific 63
1 L., N. A. A C 35 United States Kx... 72 ~
Memphis A Chas 65 W., 81. L. A P...^-.. 13K
Michigan Central... 7H do preferred - 25)f
Missouri Pacific 10s/, Wells-Fargo Kx i:u'?
? Nash. A Chat 70 Western Union 7%
J New Jersey Central 82%
g llreadstuJTs and Provisions,
a New York, May 10.?Flour receipts 11,674
packages; exports 2,474 barrfts and 1,335sacks;
15 market very strong: common to good extra
3 Western and State 92'JOal 46; common to choice
5 wnite w&eat western extra w aoa? ?u; fancy no
, $1 75a5 10. Wheat, receipts none; export*
" none; sale* 16.730,000 bushel* of future* and
!. l'J.uuo bushel* at spot; options oxcltodaw! very
r* feverish; cash quiet but held tlrmlj; No. 2
. spring Wc; No.1 red May 9$?a97c, closing >t
f 'Jojio: June W U-lGaOft^c, cloaJngat IHjJc; July
J U'?'J0kc, closing at ttjc: AugustWa%c, closing
. at W&c; December r,Me. Corn, receipt* 120,938
bushels: export* 33,515 bushel*: sales WM.000
bushels of futures and 178,000 bushels of spot;
cash tlrm; options steady; ungraded G3%atHc;
No. 2 May to^a65c, closing at 65c; Juno (WJi
aivic, closing at Wc; August (UlQxMc, closing
? at Mo; September G3jia&i}*c, closing at Wo; OtL'
tober u%aOl^c, closing at (He; November
D <$2jtfc. Oats, receipts 31,500 bushels: sales
1X>,000 bushels of futures and M.000 bushels
of spot; market tlrm; mixed western
37a39J^c; white do 42a4Gc. ilay quiet; shipping
GOaitfc. Hops steady. Coffee, spot fair; Klo
1 tlrm at lo'^c; options a shade higher and
j fairly active; sales 98.250 bags: May 13.20al&35c;
i June 12.65al?80c; July ll.G0all.Mte; August
' 10.tfall.06c; September 10.:?al0.G5c; October
. I0.fflal0.-Wc; November 10.25al0.85c; December
. 10.2'*10.30o; January, March and April 10.25a
10.45c. Sugar dull and unchanged; refined quiet;
- granulated OlMGc. Molasses easier; 50-teat
20c. IUco steady. Tallow dull, ttoslu quiet at
I 9115al 20. Turpentine dull at 36>4o. Egg*
^ easier and dull; western 13kal4Ke. rork and
t cut meats Arm, Lard weak; western steam
j &S5c; June 8.4fic; July and August 8.48c; Octoi
bor K.01c; city steam 8.10c. Buttercasler; western
18a26c. Cheese dull.
Chicaoo, May 10.?There was a nervous activi
' ty on 'Change during the mornlug. The governj
uient crop report was expected and it was In the
. minds of the trade to out a big figure in tho price
of wheat before the close of tho day. The
- moment the wires gave the figure* there was a
I Hurry on the floor and everyone turned to the
, wheat pit. On the instant there was a craze to
' buy, July jumped at once from MXA to MWc, and
u few seconds later advanced to iffftc. This was
) the top. iu the afternoon July was down to
W>4C. There was a further drop in prices a few
inluutot before the close. Coru, trading light,
outs quite active. Provisions easier. Four tlrm
and an advance of fialOc was generally asked.
Wheat, cash No. 2 spring 83kaK0{c; No. 2 red
a'Jlc: May83%aMc,cloklugatKI%c:JuueiU%aMc,
- closing at flfcc; July 85Ua?7?4e, closing at 85}{c;
l December STt&XMc, closing at 87? ?c. Corn,
, cash No. 2, 57c; May 60ia67>?c, closing at 57c;
: June 55?{a56c, closing at SVjaip; July &3toa56!fc,
t closing at 55%o: August 55yJe. Oats, cash No.
. 2. 'J&Ac; May 33%a34}$e, closing at :?J?c;Junc
. 3:1,'iaSJi-ic, closing at33!?; August 28Kc. Rye,
No. 2, W^aWc. Barley, No. 2, 77a78c. Flaxseed,
I No. 1, 91 45. Prime timothy fleed 12 C0a2 65.
, Mess pork, cash 914 05*14 10; Juno 914 02%al4 15,
closing at 914 07k: July 914 10aI4 25, closing at
' 914 17&: August 914 15al4 32}*,closing at 114 ?%.
Lard, cash 8.15a8.17?c; June fl.l5afl.20c, closing
? at 8.l7?*c: July 8.22>$c; September 8.30c. llacon,
i short rfbs7.50u; ahoulders 6.00a6.25c; short clear
8.0Ga&10c. Whisky fl 17. Sugars, cutIo?f&Sa
I 8%c;grauulated 7c; standard Ati^e. BuUerflrui;
. creamery 24a25ci dairy ICaiae. Egg* tlrm at
l'i(it.At)ki.riiiA, Pa., May 10. ?Flour, firm.
Wheat dull but firm; No. 2 red MayUCaDOKc;
juiio vwu<o;>?c; juiy vj^iivoc; aukiui v4wunyw.
Corn, options tlriu butqulot; Knot dull and weak;
No. 2 mixed track 71c; No. 2 yellow 70Wc; No. 2
mixed May 62afiGc; Juue nod July frtaoSc; Au1
gust Gt%aG5c. Oat*, spot ijyfuiy; rjijwtcd white
. :r?Wc; No. 2 white -\Jc: future* quiet but (toady;
No. 2 wlilto May 42&i4:3?c; June
" July 42Wa43c; August 3?Ha39c. Cheese quiet
l anil went; Ohio Hat* 10al0>?c.
i Cincinnati, 0., May 10.?Flour strong; family
3-t 70a3 85; fancy II 15a4 !I0. Wheat stroug and
higher; No. 2 red two; receipts l,;t00 bushels;
shipment* uone. Corn steady; No. 2 mixed M%a
5lmc. Oats stronger; No. 2 mixed :<Cc. Hye
steady; No. 2, 70c. Fork linn at 114 62>$. Lard
Urm at 8.00c. Bulk meat* and bacon eajileraud
unchanged. WhUky actlvp and firm fI 11. Butter,
augur and (&cc?o Ann. Kggs stronger and
higher at 13^e.
Baltimoux, Md.. May It. ? Wheat, western
? Irregular, cloning firmer; .No. 2winter red spot
L 92&a93e: May ?%aU3c; Juue 93a93Mc; J**lr
W^alW^c; August 92%o93Xc. Corn, western
. quiet and steady; mixed spot (tt>iaMe; March
olHofil^c. Oats quiet and steady; western white
4:taiic; do mixed 40a42c. Hye strong at TSafflc.
Hay linn; prime to choice western 915 ;?0al7 00.
t Provisions dull and unchanged.
Tolcdo, May 10.?Wheat active and lower;
cash 91c; May W^c; June and JulyOO'^c; August
4 90 Wc; September We; December WKe. Corn, uo
1 sales. Oats neglected. Clover seed steady; cash
|i W 25; October f4 55.
Livo Stock.
Chicago, May 10.?Cattle-Receipt* 1,100 head;
i- shipments 400 head; market low; fancy tt'JOa
-tj? atiuira rt wkii UO: tiM'.keniand feeders 12 Gba
_ Sift; cows, bulls and mixed, 81 IGaS 85; Texas
steers S3 10a3 25, Hoga-Receipts 20.000 head;
t shipments .'i.OOO hwul; market Mow ami 10c
' lower but firm; mixed $53505Oft; heavy ?>45a
? 577H: light S52f*560; nkin* |5 00. Hheep-Ko(>
eelpt* 1,000 head: shipment* 1,000 head; market
steady; natives 94 50iiG CO; western 54 75a6 15;
u Texan* H ooacoo; lambs S3 7.'*i7 00.
East Liberty, Pa., May 10,?CaUlo-Recclpt*
and shipment* <0 bead: uiapkot steady at yes(erday'sprice#.
llog*? Receipts 1,000 head: shipment*
1,700 head: market active: Philadelphia!
I, *; 00a6 45: mlxAl 15 Wa5 90; Yorkers S3 63a5 75;
|. common to fair$5.'i0a5G0; j>lg*8500a.r>2a. Sheep?
Receipt* 1,400 head: shipments 1,800 bead; marl"
kct llrm at yesterday's quotations.
l* Cincinnati. O., Mar 10.?Hon itoady; comV
mon and light $4 25a5 65; packing and butchers
n 15 40a5 80; rccclpU 'J,300 bead; shipments 650
o ________
I- Petroleum.
New York. May 10.?Petroleum wu steady;
t Consolidated Exchange opened at 8G%c; hlKhest
' 87%c; lowest 85;ic; closed atSC^c. Stock .Ex*
change opened at 86)$c; highest Fi%c; lowest
O WHc; closed at 86>fc; total sales925,000 barrels,
y Oil City, PA.,M?ylO.-On?ocd at 86Wc; highest
? 87J<c; lowest 8?; closed at 86c; sales 7W.OOO
k, barrels; cliu|f<>qops 1,160,000 barrels; charters
K 51,11)1 barrels; shipments 87,14? barrels; runs
41.UH4 barrels.
PrnsBUROH, P4-, May 10.?Petroleum dull
iu and heavy; opened at 86Kc; closed at 85j?c;
highest Slyic; lowest 85&c.
Uradfoko, Pa.. May lO.-Opened at MJ^c;
closed at W?c: highest STJ^c; lowest 86c; clearances
1,128,000 barrels.
u Titi'svii.i.k, Pa., ijay 10.?Opened at M)$c;
" highest87^c; lowest K')^; olosod at 66c.
o cdttop.
l- New York, May 10.?Cotton Arm; uplands
v 10c; Orleans 10?&; futures dull; May 9.90c:
f June9.96c;July 10.05c; August 10.13c; September
111 V.?Jc; October9.45c; November 9.36c; December
sr 9.37c; January 9.44c: February 9.53c; Marcb
's ? <** ,
W Dry Goods.
'r New York, May 10.-TlicrowM an improvea
8, inquiry (or cotton boo*!*, and with ?tock* being
K5 clcatied and order* located, the market develop*
~ aMvadllyjncrvMhi^tone^^^^^^^^^^^
K China, Glass and Queensware.
it tusFmceivedi
f Wall Papers, Borders
H And Colllnf Dccoratloni,
** At RoMonablo Prlcca
loM im and 1121 Main Htreet.
a, Photography.
? Only $3 00 Per Dozen
No. <2 Twelfth Btmt
ly q w.atkinson,
la A >
General Insurance A rent,
3V 1318 Market 8t. Wheeling, W. Va.
is WOollectlon, womMlj attended to. Inrarii
aneeaolicitcd In WbeeliDf, and in all parti of
Weat Virginia. Can place lnsuranco at lowpat
ratca ana In beat oompanlea. aplS-oaw
(There is no Roof Equal to a
Use only the best roofing tin on your buildings. Tin I too fa should hut /
repairs. They do not hut fin ytari before repairs begin?nine roofs out of tei
Guaranteed Hoofing Plates cost very little more than inferior goods in tht
The "Gllbertson's Old Method" and "Camaret" possess tho fc
Ererj Sheet ii Stamped with the Brand and Thickness.
Ererj Box is Stamped with the Actoai Net 1
Ererj Box (
Am *tt?nuAiV) aM;
Tho only differenoo between the "GiLtfisiC'iftua o CilllVL) nuv
the heavier coating.
Imperfect or Waster Sheets arise in tho manufacture of all Roofing Plates,
bo bought at ant prick, us they are not imported. This can bo said of no i
market; hence our brands give pkrfkct security to tho Architect, Property 0
MERCHANT & CO., 517 Arch Street, Philadelphia. N
G. Mendel & Co.?Furniture, Carpets, Etc.
We Want the World to Know It,
We aro here with a select stock and in order to sell our goods
That can be made, having-regard to tho relativo quality of the goods.
To know that our Great Spring Stock is in store
We do not attempt an enumeration of our goods, but content ourselves with the
statement that we have the
Largest Stock, Lowest Prices and Latest Styles
(BTGivo us the opportunity to make our VAUNTING GOOD by overlooking
Carpets, Furniture and Undertaking.
NO. 1124 MAIN STREET, - - WHE.iii.iinu, w. vn.
A0? Jtev m\ l
1 A Mustang Liniment Xx S
3 Hv Mk3CICANMU8TA>SjNDIE?m?clMthtnPiL*?t B|
*?y%0>?aok"' C\uuu> Uojuaw uua oil lairi^juuiioa^? ^ c?vjfl
x-#i\ y^mr
Boots and Shoes. Educational.
Near Wheeling, TV. Y*.
(Slaters of tho Visitation.)
A acliool of mora than national reputation
offera exceptional advantages for thorough edu
cation nf young hullo* in all department*. LI
brary of rIx thousand yolu ea. KJno philosophical,
chemical and aatronomicalapparatus.~
Musical Dciortment specially noted. Corps ol
piano teachers trained by a leadiug profeaaot
from Conservatory of Stuttgart. Vocal culture
accordlug to tho method of tho old Italian ma*
Location unsurpassed for beauty and health
Ten acre* of pleasure grounds. Hoard excellent
For Catalogue*, aud references to patrons In all
tho principal cities, address
Washington School of Elocution
W I Li UUUULnU Maa. M. STEVENS HART ^..Prlnclpd
The only line calf 13 Seamle** Shoe In the world Bl . 4tltlM., o,h?,i??, wi... o??
made without tacka or nalla. Aa atyllah and dur- ,A,i?.wnnu^ Scsalon bc8,n? * cdncaday, Sep
-ki? ?. thnan/Mwtlnv ar.ni-M. ami hiivlntr no Lark* Winner JN. _
ornau/to wearlKeVtooking or huh "the feet, 2* ,1?^rucu10". c^,i_raf? ?ocuuon
make* th?m at comfortable and well-fitting u a P^jjl<^ J&glkh and tugllth Cbualc*, Latin
hand-tcwed ?hoe. liuy the beat. None genuine ?*toematlw, Moderu l^uKuaw*,\ocal aud In
unlet* stamped on bottom "W. L. Doughu f3 H2L H?'u ,u?',c aQl\ Ihvtlcai Culture.
Shoe, warranted." -The Prlneh?al 1m aNilMed by nu etllclent oorp
W. L. DOUGLAS U snOE, tbo original mil O^MCtoiS'tor buSud^iili
Aon porting toZZuiT* CU* u^wntaT" " ","lruc"ou glTC? "
W. L. DOUGLAS 92 GO SHOE it unexcelled for Diplomat awarded. A limited number of pa
heavy wear. pllt accommodated In the family.
W. L. DOUGLAS k SnOE li worn bjr >11 hoj-i, c'tiuliri ud nlmnca >|>ply lo Ixtiuj
and la tho bott achool thoe in the world. okncek ofllw. auai
All the above good* are made In Congreta, But- Qi o ??** t-y* ? I?-. ? P,,
ton and Lace, and if not told by rour dealer, Oiarnmering OUTGO.
write W. L. DOUGLAS, Brockton, Mua.
bold only at Bvitem bated upon naturo't lawt. No Recreci
mm maiv rtiivpt Tettlmoniala from phytlciant, educatora and
iM0 ***" buu.t.1, pa trout, who have received benefit from thi
Ja27-MW*F Vi hrri.iNO, W. Va. method of instruction. Addreta
aiwith/i ?*itv ATiuitnn nmf\nir i,K*- **. STEVENS HART, Principal,
M. Street, N. W., Wathington, D. C.
Students,boarded in family of Principal,
i Juat arrived, ono of the mostcompleto assort- ?
mcnt of '
^ __ _ vanuetrjr.
Wh ich for atjrle, quail ty and prioos HPV^dlHHDAj^rV
Call and examine and bo convinced at 1123,
Bogor'a lllock, Main HtrecU
A. G. WINCHER. [HI J A Hi l| 3i 3|| ll S H
SSSSrSi fro^5?eS?r^^othfnTerror5r<SJIf Cocoa.
daoay. waatlaa waaknaaa, lost manhood, ate. 1 will ? ?
and a ralnabla traattaa (aaated) oontalnin? fall /"7V\ GOLD MEDAL, PABJ8, 1878
pvtlcQlm for boma cura. free ?' charga. a uwjj p a trrpic
plendid madlcal work j ahoold ba md by arary ,, f'*3 ?
jStF,?ww??!msshZd^t' ?__Brettst Cocoa,
|"|TQ t5T2?JEE jWtj^EESs:
m>r <*>?'? Jff [f with Starch. Arrowroot
UM? ?r??????lNn. ?fW 311II nl L ulmmblT adaptxl for lurmlkU
-1- ' - . ... _ ' 1 ? *fUf /[111- 'w with.
T7 A XT 1VT T ZS T TVT toll bj flroura eTirywhtw.
r iX f. BAKER & CO, Dorchester, Mas
Inoomparmbly thm B?t. XT'OR DODGERS
A_r ?rvnu nn t)AAi' i ?<\ T/\T? AND SMALL IIAND BILLS,
LL KINDS OF BOOK AND JOB qo to the Istbuowchi Job Koovh, Not. 1
Prlnlln? nc*tlr tod promptly executed at and 27 Fourteenth street, where jou can be a
the intelllienoer Job Booms. oommodsted at ihort notice.
Good Tin Roof.
oriy wart, at least, with no expense for
1. The fault is in the tin.
) market?very little, indeed.
Mowing merits:
if Both these Brands is Guaranteed.
I "CAMARET" is that the former has
No Wasters of the above brands can
other brands of Itooling Plates in the
wner and Roofer.
ew York, Chicago, London.
'Depurturoof train*from Wheeling. Sehedub
lu effect April29. lUSS-Eastern time:
Kxpruw lor Chicago and the Northwest. 10:25 a
m,S:40pm.9:60pm dally,and 11:16 pmdally,
except {Saturday.
Express for Cincinnati and St. Louis. 10:26 a m
daily, 11:16 p m daily.
Cambridge accommodation, 9:00 a in, except
I For Columbus, 10:25 a m daily, and 11:15 p in,
dally, and 2:45 p m daily exeunt Sunday.
I Express for Washington, D. C? Baltimore.
Philadelphia and New York, via Uraftoa, 5:25 a
m and 6:10 p m, daily, via Pittsburgh 0:20 p. m
For Pittsburgh and Washington, Pa., 5:00 a m
dally; ex pros*, 8:10am, daily, 1:45 p m, dully
except 8unday. Additional way train for Wash*
iugtou. Ph., 5:80 p m, dally except Sunday.
I For Pittsburgh, Washington, Baltimora and
Philadelphia at G:20 p ni daily.
PltUbursb accommodation, Sunday only, 6:90
1P m.
( For Moundsrille, 7:85 a m, and 12:00 noon,
dally except Sunday.
( For Grafton, 6:10 p m, dally.
For Cumberland, 9:05 am, dally, oxeept Sun!
I For St. Clalrsrllle, 8:05 and 9:00 a m, 2 p m and
8:10 pm, dally except Sunday.
Express trains arrive from Chlcaxo, 8:25 and
9:60 a maad 8:10 pm dally, and 4:56 a m dally
except Monday.
express tnlni arrive from St. Louis and Ciucfnnntf.
4:65 a m and 6:10 p m. dallv.
Kxprvra trains arrive from Philadelphia, liaitimore
and Washington. I). C., via Grafton, 11:20
am and 10:4ft pm daily; via. Pittsburgh, 11:15
a. m. daily.
Trains arrive from Columbu?, 4:55 am dally,
and 6:10 pm dally, and 10:85 am dally exccpt
Traina arrive from Pittsburgh, 10:15a m dally,
and 12:45p m, exccpt Sunday, 6:55 p m and 11:10
p m dally.
Traina arrive from Washington, Pa., 8:00am,
dally except Sunday.
Trains arrive from MoundiviUe, 0:15 am and
1:40 pm,daily cxceptSunday.
Traina arrive from Grafton. 11:20 a m, dallv.
Trains arrive from Cumberland, 5:50 p m, dally
except Sunday.
Traina arrive from 8L Clairsville, 7:55 and 10:35
a m,and 1 :35 and 6:10 p m. dally oxcept Sunday.
Cambridge accommodation arrives at 7:10 p m,
except Sundajr.
HtiXKagu called for aud chocked at hotels and
residences on orders left at ticket office, 1200 Market
street, and at depot.
CIIAS. O. SCUI.L, Gen. rasa Agent.
W. M. CLKMKN'TS, Manager.
Ohio river railroad.?time
Table taking effect April 8,1888. Passenger
tralas will run as follows?Central time. All
trains daily except thoso marked thus f which
do not run on Sunday.
SOUTH Mot'NU. fNo.7 No. &. fNo.S No. 1.
a. m. p. m. a. m. a. m.
Leave?Wheeling 3:10 11:15 6::t5
lienwood, opp. liellalre S:4.'? 11:80 6:50
Moundsvllle 4:05 11:42 7:10
p. m.
New Martinsville 5:12 12:45 8:15
WJllfaunatown ?:00 2:1? 10:10
lferkenbury - 6:1ft 7:30 2:4ft 10.4ft
p. m.
Rnvennwood 6:4.% 4:1ft 12:1ft
Manon City 8:00 6:3ft 1:?5
Clifton ?.. 8:0ft 6:40 1:40
Arrive?Pt. PlOUUnL... 8:40 C:lft 2:1ft
(ialllpolla Ferry 9:00 6:3ft 2:32
Uuyandotte .. 10:33 7:60 4:00
Huutington 10:4ft 8:0ft 4:15
Charleston P3:20 10:03 6:10
a. m.
1 ronton ?.v 6:00
Portfinoutb&i: ~~ 7:10
White Kulpbur - ft:00 a. m.
Staunton ...... 0:22 6:38
MOUTH HOUND. No. 0. No.4. fNo.2 fNo.8
n. in. a. in. a. in. p. m.
I-eave? Huntington 0:60 6:2ft 3:16
Quyaudotte 10:00 5:38 3-28
Uafiipolls Ferry 11:2ft 7:00 4:ft0
Point FluuanL 11:4ft 7:'J) 6:07
Clifton. fcSi 7:.V? 6:3ft
MaM)n City 12:2ft 8:uo 5:40
Ravcniwood 1:4ft 9:1ft 7:0p*
Parkcraburg fi:00 3:1ft 10:4ft 8::B
Wllliainutown 0:30 3:4ft 11:16
New MnrtlnnrlUe. ?:is 6:? ....
Mniinilnvlllu B-M fi'Jfl l:4.ri
lienwood .. 9:45 7:00 2:05
Arriviv-Wheeling 10:00 7:16 2:*J0 ....
Leave Wheeling via. p. n>.
' I?. C. & St. I 12:35 3:a>
Arrive?Cleveland... 6:30 6:UO ....
Pittaburgh 3:20 6:56
a. in. a. in. a. in.
Philadelphia ?... 6:25 5:25 ....
New York .... 8:0U 8:00
Chicago 11:30 6:3*
Through ticket* and baggage checked to all
point*. For ratca and other information addresa
Trav. 1'aiiii. Agent, Wheeling.
W. J. ROHINSON, (Jen 1 Pan. Agent.
Ifrrkeraburg, w. Va
LOUIS RAILWAY CO.-Panhandle Routo
, Under hchedule in effect November 14, 1887,
trnitiN leave Wheeling Central Standard time:
[ For Steubenviile and Pittsburgh, 0:35 a in, 12:35
. pin, 3:20 p ui. For Steubenviile, 8:05 p m. The
6:85 a ui and 1:05 p m traiaii make direct ronncc
tion for Coluinbux, Cincinnati, Indlananoliii and
Chicago. The 12:35 pin train make*directconnection
for Columbia and Chicago.
Trains arrive at Wheeling, G:15 a tn, 10:15 a in,
2:45 p m and 8:00 p m. ni)-J4
RAILROAD.?Under nrhedule in eilcet
January 22,1H88, train* leuve liridgeiMirl, Cent nil
Standard time: For PitUhurgh and Cleveland,
5:10a m. 1:02 pin. For Pittithurgh, 10:17 am.
I For Weiuvillc, 4:14 ptn. For Steubenviile, 8:33
[ a in. For Martin i* rerrjr, ti:4:> a in.
Train* arrive at liridxv|?ort at 7:53 a m, 10:32a
in. '2:43 p xn, b:Z\ p tn, 4:W p in, aud 7:47 p in.
J. N. Vancb. ?..Picaldent
L. 8. Dkla plain....... ..^..Vlcc-Prealdent
J. N. Vance H. Uorklirlmer,
i J. M. Drown, W. Klllnfchatn,
L. 8. IH-Iuplalu, A. W. Kcllej.
John Frew,
Draft* Imuix! on Knglaud, Ireland, Scotland
and all polnU In Kurope.
JOHN* J. JOXKS. Caahlcr.
[ CAPITAL. 417ft,000
' Wm. A. Ijktt........ - -. ?..Piealdcnt
Wm. ii. HiMno.i _.Ytee*Pre?ldenb
, Draft* on Kngland, Ireland, France and Ger*
man jr.
Wm. A. Inctt, Wm. B. 8lmp*on.
' J. A. Miller, John K. Botafnnl,
E. 51. Atkinson, ^ Victor Hoscnburg.
Henry Hpeycr.
tnr.il F. P. J EPSON', Cashier.
Pictures and Art Materials.
Portrait Frame?
New arrival: all New Patterns. Very b#*t
grade. Heal beauties, at very low prices, at
myS V?22 Market Street.
To Farmers, Gardeners, Etc.
A Good Cart,
, Buck Wagon, Buggy, Carriage, Spring Wagon or
Farm Wagon, call on or write for prices.
mrl-naw IMP Main Bt.. Wheeling. W. Va.
1 DDinTIPC Shropshire, Ox, and Cou BIlKhl',
a DQAUiluu Jersey Reds and Berkshire 11008.
i P. Rocks and B. Lqfbnrn Chickens, Bronte Tur.
keys, Egx* and CARP In season. ENGINE*.
Mills, H. P'rs. Ac., best and cheapest; part i?*y
I In lumber. Satisfaction guaranteed on all.
? CIT AQ 80 ??*?t book for 21 cent* and nstaes and
k 01LU J address of twenty wide awake Farmer*
i Bend stamp for circulars to
J no23-DAW Kevser. W. Vs.
1U AUVtH I IS?H=>.
A Hat of 1,000 newspapers divided Into States
and Section! will bo sent on application?
- ^To^hose who want their advertising to pay, wo
can offer no better medium for thorough ana
effective work than the various sections of our
Bluer Local List. ^
e- Newspaper AdrertUlnu Bureau.
myS-mrraw 10 Hpruoo Street, New York.

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