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Baking Powder.
& n *rB iajf2
Absolutely Pure.
Till* powlor never vnrle*. A mnrvol of purity
Ptruiicth iiihI wholiMoiiu'iiewi. Sfnro coonortilen
thnii the orillnnry ktitid cannot be itolilii
niin|H*t f tion with the niultilti?Ir of low tcft.nlior
weight nliuii or phosphate powiler*. Hohl oul<
hi emit. Koyai. Hakino Powowt Co., 100 Will
Miri.-t. Si w Vorl;. MI-VWrAW
Geo. M. Snook & Co.
Special Styles
i parasols!)
Sun Umbrellas.
Lace Flouncings,
white goods
At Low Prices.
??3 May Sheets of Harper's Bazai
Patterns can be had upon appllcatlon.
. Millinery.
A. L RICE & Ca
Round Hats and Bonnets
now stock of Hilibouii. Flower* and high Nov
city Trimmings. Now nud Original Pattern*, li
Our Show Room.
l\)t Intdligcncir.
Olllce: .Nih. 'J.'i mill!!! Fourteenth Struct.
New AilvertlHODlonUt
Ornnd Opening Concert at Beibert'B Garden.
Freezers?(Jeo. W. Johnson's Son*.
Oil ami (.til* Stoves?Neshitt ?\: llfo.
1'iiblic Sale of Stationery Damrgun by Water.
For Cincinnati--Steamer Andes.
Ojteni I louse-Welsh 1'rlze Singer*.
\\ anted?Stone Mason*.
A I tare Trent -Kirk's Art Store.
For Sail-'-one of the Finest Residences in the
City?Nclll it Klliii|*linxu.
Refrigerators? It. F. Caldwell.
The lloliiiuu Adjtwtnble lJaby rarnngo?u. u.
Gen liter.
AVI! have tin' only successful macliiiii
and method or demagnetizing watches
in West Virginia.
JAC'Olt >V. < KUlilt. Jeweler,
Cor. Twelfth & Main Ms.
SI*It 1.N<> and Summer Stock just re
eeived?tlie largest and most completi
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Just received, ot) do/en more of oui
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Shirt made, l<arge line of Fancy Flan
nel Shirts from fiUe. upwards.
C. it ESS Jc SONS,
Nos. 1:121 & I 'Mil .Market Street.
Tliurmoniatur Itocord.
The thermometer at Sehnepf's druj
store, Opera House corner, Saturday
registered aw follows:
711.111 ?s I :i p. m 7
y a. m s- 7 j?. 111 IV
l'j ui....; 7<"? 1 Weather?Changeable
7 n. in ......V2 I :\ p. ni C>
'.in. ui 02 7 j?. in ..ft
l'J 111 C7 | Weather?Fair.
Woatlior IiidlcutioiiN.
Wasiiinotox, D.C., May 14.?ForWesi
Virginia and Western Pennsylvania
slightly warmer followed hy cooler fail
weather, preceded on the hikes hy loea
rains, light to fresh northwesterly winds
Another SfrappliiK Mnteli.
William Steinman and John James
better known us "Uelty," engaged in j
rough and tumble tight in iKtnavilh
early yesterday morning. Steiniuat
tripped and fell, striking his head on 1
cross-tie, cutting a deep gash. Warrant
will be issued for their arrest this morn
Slcubcniillr Uazdlc.
There i.s a call from sonic parts o
"West Virginia for Mr. John Frew, o
the Wheeling Intklliokncbh, for dele
gate at large to the National Con vent ioi
at Chicago. No better selection coul<
be made by that State. Mr. Frew is on<
of the Btannchcst men of West Virginii
and will make a fitting representative it
the great National Convention.
Nut n Cfifta uf Sulfide.
Considerable excitement was occa
nioned at llartoti Station, live miles weal
of Hridgeport, on the Cleveland, Ixrnui:
& Wheeling Railroad, Saturday morning
by a report of the suicide of .Matthew
l'atten, a coal miner of that place, fatten,
it seems, lias had much infelicity a1
houie for some time past, anil on Thursday
his wife left him and went to St.
Clnirsville.' Saturday morning Patter
was found uead in his bed, and the reI>ort
was at once circulated that he had
committed suicide. Coroner Boyd, ol
Bellaire, was summoned, and after an
examination, rendered a verdict that the
man had died of lung and heart troubles.
. Patten had worked in the mines in that
vieiuity I<>r a long time, and was well
Jcnown and respected.
Mntter* of Minor IIoiumiI Id and About th
Weimer's butcher shop, at Tenth nni
Market streets, was visited1 by thieve
Friday ni^lit, and some hams carried oil
"Tub World" did not give a matinei
Saturday. The engagement closed Sat
urdav night The business here wa
Catherine 7ammk? was Saturday ap
pointed administrator of the estate o
CharlesZimmer, deceased. Bond,$1,200
Carl Teis surety.
The Shakespeare club aime togethe
Saturday evening and read an act or tw<
from the master's tragedies. There i
talk of formal reorganization.
The famous Welch Prize Singers wil
give a matinee and evening perioruiane
at the Opera Iiousc next Saturday
Their performance is novel and artistn
The four men who had a row in ai
East Wheeling house Friday night wer
lined $10 ami costs each by Judge Jei
fere .Saturday morning. The lines an
costs aggregated $65 (JO.
Clekk IIook on Saturday admitted t
record a deed made April 2, 188S, b
Brooks Hedges to Mrs. Mary Talberl
for acres ol land on the north fork i
.Short Creek. Consideration, $1,000.
I News reached this city Saturday eve
? ning that well No. 2 on* the Max we
* tract, owned by the Wheeling Oil Con
I pany, had reached the sand, ami that j
B was spouting at the rate of eighty bat
" rels an hour.
A. B. and II. C. Cai.dwe*il liavo not;
" fled the Board of Public Works not t
trespiiss upon certain lots lying alon
the north side of Twenty-ninth atreei
k along the proposed Caldwell's run in:
Lightning struck a line shade tree o
Maryland street, Island, Saturday. Th
storm was even more severe than tin
of Thursday, tho rain falling in torrent*
Hooding streets and in some cases bad
ing water into cellars.
"Zozo" delighted two audiences at th
Opera House .Saturday. It is a beaut;
ful production. -Mr. Adams will be bathero
in November as star of "He, Sin
Him and Her," a speaking pan torn im
with spectacular effects.
I John Davidson ami John McOinni
indulged in a pitched battle on Tenti
Kfro??f Saturday night about 12 o'clocl
with boulders and a revolver a* the ai
utauienl. They will he arraigned in th
police court this morning.
last Friday evening to hold an iuquctf
on a child of John Howes, aged abou
two weeks, that had died suddenly. Th
verdict of the Coroner was that th
child had died of inward spasms.
Tiik many friends of Oilicer J-ukem
of the city police force, will be sorrey t
learn of the death of a ehild of his, whicl
occurred last evening. lie ami his wif
have the sympathy of all their neighbor
of the Island m their sad ailliction.
Professor Stuakosii, the noted Gei
man elocutionist, was prevented b;
sickness from giving his dramatic readin
at the Arion hall last evening. Person
holding tickets can get their money ri
, funded by calling at the Howell llous
on Manager Hiotte to-day.
Tiik State Fair otlicers have been nc
titled that the County Court of Ualcigl
County has appointed A/el Ford :i
J Commissioner to represent that Count
at the coming exposition of the State1
resources, and to collect and hav
charge of an exhibit from lialcigh Cour
. ty.
Ax unknown man who boards o
Uotts', on the South Side, fell over th
LTUC'K IHIUlt at UIU .HUlMin.u..
last night, into the water. ili? crit'
brought Oflicer West and another inai
i to liis assistance, and he wis fished ou
and sent home to dry. lie kept fiimse]
from the deep water by hanging to
sewer opening.
I The members of the Water Board hell
F another meeting Saturday afternooi
and after careful deliberation over th
figures submitted by the various bidder
for the work on the new reservoir, ri
i jected them all, upon the ground th:i
they were too high. 'New proposal
will probably be asked for.
: In the Circuit Court Saturday in th
cast*of Louisa Seabright vs. C. \V. Sea
bright et al., judgment was gi ven for $4,
24779, said sum being Louisa Nolte's uliar
of the amount of assets in tho hands of L
: W. Seabright, as executor of the will o
Louisa Seabright, deceased. Notice o
appeal to the Supreme Court was given
The Sunday Register say?: Capt. J1
B. Dovenersays ho has no thought o
desire to be a candidate for delegate ti
the Chicago Convention. It would
however, please him very much to sei
' v f Iv
' JUS OKI iriUIKl tiuxill J it?| v? w.v
TELLIUKNCKU, go ftS 11 (lolegatC. It W0lll<
, be 11 deserved compliment to ft deuerv
ing man.
, Special services were held nt tin
, Folirtli street 91. E. Church Inst even
ing. Secretary Lynch nud the member
of the Y. M. 0. A. took part in the ex
ercises, which were enjoyed bv a largi
congregation, with an unuHUuIly largi
proportion ol young men. The pastoi
* Rev. Dr. Randolph, nreached the ser
moil, which was on "Young Manhood.'
I Ykstkudav a line-bred Hambletoniai
I yearling colt, belonging to George li
. Morgan, ran into a wire fence and tor
c its breast in a horrible manner. Tin
* flesh and skin was torn so as to distigur
the colt for life, and perhaps render i
r useless. Andrew Hamilton, of Wheel
i ing, also owns a fine colt that broke it
. leg in the pastere field yesterday.?lieU
* aire Jurisprudent.
Tiik Hint glass factories will shu
down Saturday, June 30, to remain idl
for six weeks. The workers will thei
go on their annual summer vacation*
There will be an extraordinary anioun
J of ware made this month. When tin
, strike was declared oil* and thofaetoric
resumed very few of them had anystocl
i on hands. Now they will not onl;
l* work to their fullest capacity to stippl;
the orders coming in, but will try nut
. stock up for the summer.
1 * ?
StriuigttrN In tlio City ami Wltucllug Pnopl
t Abroad.
? lion. L. M. Wade, of Braxton C. II,
[ spent Sumjay at tho Stainm House.
l'rol. L>. W. OIllUIUH, fJUjiCfimnuicu
' of the Public Schools of Keyser, is in tli<
Miss Mamie Gates,! of Charleston
' will be the guest of Wheeling friend
; this week.i
\ Prof. Watters and IMr. John L. lloome
t came in from Morgantown yesterday am
s will spend several days here.
Mr. J. 1). Culbertson, of tho Riversid
Iron Company, returned homo overth>
Baltimore A Ohio yesterday morn in;
from a business trip to Eastern cities.
, Mr. J. W. Plnttenburg, editor of tin
. Hancock County Courier, at Fairview
' happened to be at Wellaburg, last even
* ing when the telegram passed with thi
j Turners' excursion, and he cmbrnce<
J the opportunity to come down and pa'
a flying visit to his many Wheeunj
| friends.
Miss Anna Lang, of this city, assistei
with her harp in a concert given a
Pittsburgh Saturday night by the Mo
. zart Club, the oldest musical organiza
? tion in that city. Miss Lanj: was heart
, in tho orchestration of ado's "Cru
sadere," and played a solo. The audi
! enco was a large and critical one.
Tlie SUlte liar Mottling.
The Ohio County Bar Association me
, Saturday afternoon for the purpose o
furthering arrangements for the meetinj
of the State liar Association in June
President White presided and quite at
f amount of business was disposed of
i which consisted mainly of the aj>j>oint
i inent of committees. A conunfttoo o
, live members was appointed to roceivc
guests, of which J. I). Ewing, Esq., ii
chairman; a committee of twenty, known
as the general entertainment committee
with Judge J. J. Jacob as chairman; a
special committee of three on special'
H entertainment, consisting of Messrs. H.
M. Kusse), B. b. Allison and L. F. Stifel.
I Hon. J. W. Daniels, of Virginia, will
? make the address ut the State Associa-!
tion'a meeting.
15 * * ?
The Offlclal Vote for J're* Id cut In 'Hi by
f As the representation in the Littleton
; and Fairmont conventions to-morrow
and next day, is based on the vote cast
r for Blaine in '84, tho vote I by counties
J may be of interest. It is given below,
and in response to a general request the
II vote in all the districts for Blaine and
e Cleveland is included:
Maine. Cleveland.
" llrnxtou ? Will 1,441
1 Itrooko .. ? 701 757
.. ri.Mi.lrl.liri. 1.208 080
; - - ?i iw
l* llnlicock... OW 46T.
il Harrison - 2,883 'J.14'J
UwU. - l.VW
Marshall 2.3M I.aw
0 Ohio 4.XW 4.101
v. Tyler 1.402 1.040
' WeUcl ..1.0> 1.017
if Total 10,031 10,000
lSIalne. Cleveland.
il Uarhour .1.241 WW
11 Itorkclcy I,?? 1;MQ
i- !mni 82<? .310
1 llainpdilre 401 , J..U*
. Hardy 274 Kilo
* JcllVrvoii.. J,042 2.2./I
Miirloti .1,058 1,050
; Milit-rill 0*5 1.W7
MniioiiKAlia...:. 1.0*8 ! '-/0
Moruuti ..... "*>1 ** IV'tiillctoii
.. W0 844
, proton 2,025 1,-10
!? IUtid?lph Wl 1.1W
l* Taylor -1.4-1 1.14?
Tucker 2* ?8&
11 Itluliie. Cleveland.
? nfnu , jgy
It rlny *?
1 Fayette I'*] Ik"
Grccu brier 1023 1834
* Kutinwhu 4240 2820
l.??i*u 1**1 1J?
McDowell If- aw
c Mer.tr .. >61 ,047
i- Monroe 073 11.0
I? Nicholas '>10 000
, Pocnhoutu* 3Si)
' italcluh ?8
0 summers "<1 'V*
I'pehur - 12C7 W2
welmttT - 171
8 Wyoming 200 AO
k Maine. ClovoUnd.
fnlinll 1.412 1.8T2
.. ('auioiui.'. iw 7M
L Jnckmiii 1,812 1,601
Lincoln tta
Miwtn 2,103 2,007
11 lMcaiuintN - M2 685
it Pntnain i,?a *1.102
t Hitch le 1,720 i,a?i
' K'Mino 1,100 1,321
L Wayne l.UK l,7N>
U Wirt 713 hW
Wood 2,725 2,."M0
I, Total vote in State 63,096 07,317
ll A rittMlMirgh Tough'* Font Itncr.
^ Last evening two I'ittsburghers, the
? notorious "Daws" Callahan and a man
named Davis, got into a quarrel at the
- B. it O. depot, and came to blows. Spey
trial Oflicer O'Donnel arrested Davis, and
g lodged him in the lockup. Callahan
8 got awav. Sometime after Davis was bails'
ed out, and as he came down Sixteenth
e street, Callahan, who was waiting for
him, sprung out of the shadow
and struck him a hard blow with a billy.
I, Callahan escaped at the time. A little
a later Olllcer West went into Ilealy's say
loon to look for him. Callahan, seeing
i the oflicer, ran out another door, up the
t> alley and through Alley C to Fourteenth
street, down FoffHcenth and up Alley B
to Twelfth street, and got away in the
darkness. West persevered in the chase,
l* however, and a little later arrested him
u on the wharf and lodged him behind
0 the bars.
'8 *
I1 Tliu TnrneiV Kxrur?l?>n.
The Wheeling Turners, accompanied
1 by quite a number of Bellairc Turners
u and their friends and a large crowd of
outsiders, making in all three or four
1' hundred excursionists, went up to Steui.
benvillo on the steamboat Telegram vese
terday, with Josle Kramer's band to
s while" away the hourstvt route. The middlo
portion of the day was spent in look-t
ing about Steuben ville, and the boat
s came in in good shape last night about
10 o'clock with "all present or accounted
0 for." A distressing rumor of an acei
dent to the boat prevailed here in the
- evening, but it was fortunately without
L? any foundation in fact.
f TrcHcott nnd McLcnn In "Ah Yon LIko It."
f As Jacques Mr. McLean is a picture.
lie is a man of powerful physique, and
his voice, which is rich nnd lull, and his
r presentation of the character, were faultu
t Miss Marie I'rescott made a big hit in
L' the ini|tersonatiou of Itosalind, so cajiti
vat ing her hearers, as the play kept on
1 toward the close, as to win from them a
. ii / . i tin.
. U 111 vernal can ior Iiurii|'jifiuiuii.c u? mv
stajje at the close of the fourth act, in
p which she did somo of her best acting.
. But then, she was charming throughout,
8 achieving a deserved favoritism which
. will prove to bo lasting.?Nathvillc Atner(i
f Wont i.iiMTty Commencement.
The Commencement exercises of the
<t West Liberty Normal School will take
place June oth, tith and 7th. Thepro}
gramme is as follows:
Tuesday, June5,8:00 p. m.?Lecture,
L' by l'rof. \V. I>. Willey, of the West Virc'
ginia University.
j Wednesday, Juno (5, 8:00 p. in.?Con1
test between the Irving and Bryant Litcrary
,8 Thursday, June 7, 10 a. 111.?Commencenient.
Thursday, June 7, 2:.*50 p. m.?Middle
t Class Performance.
0 Thursday, June 7, 8 p. m.?Musical
1 Concert.
t ll.nwii-nlln 1'nll.lUllfm null.
'* The Democrats of Hichland district
? mot .Saturday and organized a club. The
v, meeting was presided over by Peter Del '
aplaine, .Mr. Pannel Garden acting as
.Secretary. A committee of three was
appointed to report a constitution and bylaws,
consisting of Messrs. .1. M. McCulloch,
Joseph AN ilson ami A. D. Garden.
This business transacted, Messrs.T. S.
Riley, J. B. SomuiervUlc and John A.
" Howard were introduced to the meeting
and each made a speech.
An I7mi?tinl Fniully (tntliering.
t Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Stifel. Mrs.
e Christiana Minkelmeyer and Mr. Christop
A. Stifel, all of St. Louis;.Mr. Jacob |
i, Stifel, of Burlington, Iowa, and Mr. C.
a E. Stifel and Mrs. Frederick Wehner, of
this city, are now enjoying a family I
r reunion in Wheeling, bight years ago
I at St. Louis they last met. since which
time two brothers have departed this1
life. All were residents of Wheeling j
L' till the early 50's, and they contemplate |
with no little pride the progress the city I
L' has made since that time.
L- Work on tho XV. & L. E. Extcnnlon. I
i \\r st,H14lPinn,l
while in conversation with n gentleman
1 over the river Saturday morning, stated
| that all the largo contracts for work on
the Wheeling Jc Lake Erie Railroad ex?
tension had been let, and a few sub-contracts
will soon be awarded, when work
1 will be commenced in earnest. About
t the first move to be made in this vicinity,
- eaid^Mr. Sutherland, will be to put
- through the tunnel at Stringer's Point.
1 The |K)int mentioned is a lull standing
- back of Portland, through which the
survey for the road has been made.
Uav. Fnther Krouach'* Funeral.
The funeral of the late Rev. J. P.
I Kreusch took place Saturday morning
f from St. Alphonsus' Church. At 10:30
; o'clock in the morning requiem mass
. was celebrated at the church by Kev.
i Father McMenamin, assisted by Fathers
, Mullen and Angelus. After the services
the vast assemblage of people viewed
f the remains of the deceased, after which
the casket was placed in the funeral car
} and borne to Mt. Calvary cemctery, foU
i lowed by a larjjr concourse of people.
, The services at the grave were brief.
Won't Work?Hutunloy'a Gome at 8iu?- '
duRkjr?General Hall New*.
Saturday's game at Sandusky between 1
the Wheeling and Sandusky teams was ,
easily won by the nailers by a score of :
12 to 2, and that notwithstanding the ,
fact thut the errors they xnude were almost
as numerous as the runs. The
other side, however, also piled up a
goodly number of errors, and fortunately
theirs were expensive, while those made 1
by Wheeling's able representatives were
made at a time when they practically J
amounted to nothing, though such loose
fielding should not be repeated, for the :
very weakest team is liable to brace ur>
at an unexj>ected moment and take a<I- ,
vantage of just such carelessness or i
weakness, whichever it may be.
The features of the game were a hit i
made by btepliens tliat was the longest ever
seen on the grounds, another long i
one by Flanagan, both of them home
runs, a wonderful catch of a line hit by '
Nichol, the general batting of the
Wheeling men and the general poor ,
work of the Sandusky team, excepting
that of George Westlake, who fielded ,
well. Flanagan pitched n magnificent (
game all the way through. Sandusky ;
put in their high priced pitcher, Mc- .
Keough, from the Southern league. and,
as the score shows, he was hit hard.
Keuttcr, the robl?er, who was the um- j
pire in Friday's game, did not officiate
Saturday. If he had tried to the Wheeling
men would linvo refused to play. 1
Another substitute umnire named Stein
was called in and did well, except at
times in the matter of balls and strikes. <
It has been discovered, by the way, that
Keutter is not only densely ignorant of
all base ball rules that an umpire should 1
be posted on und that he is uniust in
wha he does do, but also that he is a ;
stockholder in the Sandusky franchise,
and the rules read that no substitute
umpire shall bo a stockholder or in any ;
way connected with the home club.
This insures the recognition of tho protest
that has been made by Wheeling
and will probably result in the game be- :
ing plaved again, when Wheeling will
win. Tho Sandusky Itegutcr admits that
some of Heutter's work against Wheeling
was rank.
The scorc of Saturday's game is as
wiiKBLUta. u. ii. r. A K. SANDCKKY. K. U. P. a ic.
Ottcwon 8. :i 112 0 Itoutcllff,). o o o o 2
Niobol, m. :t l 0 l lUiue, m o l o o o
Detail'ty, 2. 1 l 2 :? a Strothera, 1 l 113 o 5
Stnpletoii.l 1 2 fi 0 1 Kim, r. 0 110 0
Hrodle, 1.... 0 1 0 0 0 ('nrlsmaii,.' 11111
Stephens,r. 1 1 1 0 1 It.Wutl'k.e u 0 0 4 1
VunZanta. 1 0 :i 0 1 Hewer, * 0 1 1 :i 1
Ynlk.e l Oil' J OU.W'itl'k.S o l 7 o
Hlanng'n.p l l o l;: n.M'Kcoug'p o o o 10 l
Total 12 11 27 2210 Total. G 21 25 11
Sumluhky oooi 00010-2
Wheeling 0 0 2 0 0 5 2 a "?12
Double ploy?Yalk to Delnhnnty. Earned?
Wheeling,?: Sandusky 1. Two hue hit?Hrodle.
Three hiutehit*?Ottcreon2, Dcluhunty.Strothow,
(>. West lake. Homo run*?Planagun, Stephens. '
liases on hulls?< Ml' Flaungan, a; MrKeough, 1.
Struck out?lly Flanapm. 10: McKcoukIi, h. i
Passed hulls?\ulk, 4; West lake, 7. Umpire? .
Stein. 2.
Standing of tlio Clulis.
The beginning of the fourth week of
the Tri-btato Leaguers championship
season limls the positions of the clubs
changed somewhat from what they were
a week ago. Wheeling is still in the
lead, but is 8 points behind what she .
was last Monday. This is occasioned by
marking up against her as lost Friday's
eume at Amdtiskv. which will undoubt
edly be played again after the protest
hits been heard. Columbus is still second,
and although she has gained a few
noints, is still over 100 points behind.
Lima has dropped from third to sixth
place and Zanesville jumping over Canton,
gets next to the leaders. Canton
and Kalamazoo are close behind, there
being only 27 points dill'erence between
ihem. Lima is at the half way station.
Toledo and Mansfield are tied in seventh ;
place. Sanduskv, bv her victory yesterday
and Fridays steal, manages* to get
up" in the four hundred class, while
Jackson lias no opposition for the tail
end honor. The standing, including
yesterday's Toledo game, is as follows:
Wheeling... 1U 111 a .7t5'J
Columbus. IK 12 <} .057
ZiincHvlllc- 18 10 S
Canton l.'i s 7
Kulainuzo.. 17 'J m .5211
l.ima 1(5 H 8 .1500
Toledo 1(5 7 D .4.'?
MflUMleld... 16 7 'J . !!?
Sandusky- 11 <5 8 AW
Jackson lfi :: 1:1 .18S
Note* from tlie Diamond.
Knmsey was reinstated by Louisville
prior to yesterday's game at Cincinnati
and pitched u very creditable game.
Lombard, who played llrst base in the i
North Michigan League last year, has
been signed by Zanesville. He is said to i
be a fine basemen and to have led that
League in batting. lie will join Zanesville
at Kalamazoo.
Meyer Robinson, lately with the Minneapolis
team and who played with
Kalamazoo last year, has been signed by
Jackson, instead of Kalamazoo as reported
yesterday. He wits formerly a
member of the Cass club, Detroit.
"Ill find you $5," said "Doc" Rutter to
Yaik in Friday's game. "Make it $25,"
said the catcher. "All right, $25 goes," 1
returned the umpire.-?Delehanty's
clean work at second wins the admiration
of all. His peer is not in the Leasuo
as an all-around player.?Sanduaky Rajixtcr.
Sandusky has a pair of twin brothers ,
by the name of Westlake, who keep the (
umpire puzzled as to which one has just i
been to the bat. Several times yesterday ;
some one of the club or in the crowd ;
would say, "lie has been put out; how 1
often does that fellow go to the bat?" ,
Tlioy resemble encli otner very inucu <
and in butting turn they come very (
close together.?'AinemUc Siynal. ' ,
Manager O'Xeil, of the Kalamazoo i
team, did a very ungracious thing when
he telegraphed from Mansfield after the i
stinging defeat his team suffered there, i
to the Kalamazoo Gazette, for which he i
reports the games played away from I
home, that the official scoro was far 1
from correct because there was no one <
there or at any other place in the League I
that knew how to score, or they pur- I
poBcly scored incorrectly. There may <
not be a competent scorer at Mansfield,
but Mr. Knglish, who does that work i
here, has no superiors. He does his
work conscientiously and after the i
courtesy with which Mr. O'Neil was l
served in the matter of scores here, it <
does not come with good grace to have i
him speak as ho does.
The Washington -Jefferson college
team, of Washington, Pa., was defeated
at Bethany .Saturday by the team at that ]
that place by a score of 14 to 3, in the <
presence of a large and enthusiastic audi- '
once. The featuro of the game was the 5'
splendid work of W. L. Addv, who was I
in the box for Bethany. The visitors
only got four scattered hits ofT his delivery.
He was finely supported behind
I the bat by his brother, 0.I>. Addy. The ?
| Kntixo ciuus win play ni wusningion on
Decoration Day. Tho summary is as
I follows: Two base hits, Hopple, C. D, *
Addv and White, of Bethany; Gibson,
of Wash.-Jeff. Base hits, Bethany, 1); .
Waah.-Jeir.,4. Krrors, Bethany,5;\Vash.Jell'.,
\l Struck out, by jW. L. Addy, 14; .
by Gibson, 8. Passed halls, Carroll, \K 1
President Seeley informed an Intelliorncku
rejKjrter Saturday evening that I
he had been waited on that day by an c
accredited representative of tlio Athletics,
of Philadelphia, who was hero for 1
the purpose of purchasing the releases e
of lvnauss, Yaifc, Delalmnty and Brodie.
He offered a good round sum, and when k
refused made a still better offer, but an r
yet nothing has been done and probably
nothing will be, although it is reported
that the Philadelpnian is still m the j
city, hoping that he may yet be ablo to j.
mako n deal. The Wheeling Association
started out this season to win the pennant,
and the idea is to keep the players f
who can bring that result about. JJ
Other Trl-Stnto (liuiipn l'luycd Saturday. ij
At Toledo, Mansfield's work was very o
canary colored and the homo team tl
played all around them with case, and al
aided by Mansfield's numerous errors *
easily won. O'Brien tried to churn the
game for his club, alleging that Allen,
who played with Toledo, had boen released,
when such was not the case.
The score:
T. B.H. E.
Toledo 0 0 0 0 7 0 0.0 3-10 'J I
Mansfield.... oooal 010 0? b ? 11
Two bnM)hiUi. Toledo 8: Mantdleld 1. Three
Iiiimj hit*. Toledo 1. Batteries, Uarlleld an?l Brown,
Uarrah ami lkrKur. L injure, McUvriimit.
At Jackson?The game was largely one
between the pitchers, in which Neal, the
5250 per month man owned by Columbus,
came out ahead. The score:
T. B.II. E.
Jackson--... oooooooo 2-i! 2 a
Columbus...o 1 0 0 0 0 1 0? 4 7 1
Batteries?Fittcenild and Miunihan; Neul and
Pike. Umpire?Bate*.
At Kalamazoo?-The Canton men lost
all hope of winning at an early stage of
the game, owing to the wildncss of
Bausewine, their pitcher. Another feature
that contributed to the defeat of the
visitors was their inability to bunch
their hits. The score:
T. 0.11. E.
Kalamazoo.. 22000001 1? G U ft
Can toil 001 10010 0? 3 11 5
Batteries?Sweeney and Calhoun; Bauceuine
ind Flttiiramons. Umpire?Steilbcrgcr.
At Lima?Zanesvillo players had
foot ract'S with themselves around the
1-* ?i i i ?,??
lUillllUim, 1U1U DIUJIJIU'U Otunufj ixtvt viiv;
had scored a score simply because they
wanted to make it even numbers. The
Limit .. 2 l o l o 1 o 1 o- r.
Zoneavlllo I 3 0 1 0 5 3 1 o-a?
A Sunday (Jaunt nt Toledo.
Special Ditpatch to the Intelligencer.
Tolkdo, O., May 13.?The game regularly
scheduled for September 14 between
Toledo and Sandusky was played here
to-day by mutual consent. The inability
of the home team to solve Schell's puzzling
curves, together with costly errors
ut critical points, lost them the game.
Tho score:
T. B.1I. K.
Toledo 210000000-a ft ft
Sandusky- 1 1 l 0 2 o 1 p ft v 4
Karuod?Toledo, 2; Sandusky, 1, Struck out?
Toledo, 10; Sandusky, ft. Batteries?Outright,
Urowuand Dunn: Schell and Westlaku.
Saturday's League mid Association Games.
At Cincinnati?Cincinnati, 8: Louisville a.
At Chicago?Chicago 9, New York;!.
At Pittsburgh?Pittsburgh, 7: Boston, 1.
At Detroit?Detroit U; Philadelphia, 1?twelve
At Cleveland?Cleveland, I; Baltimore, 5,
At Philadelphia?Athletics, 2. Brooklyn 2.
At Indianapolis?ludiauai>oIiH 11; Washington
At St. Louis?Kansas City 2: St. Ixiuis 6..
AtNewYork?Brooklyn,S; Athletic. :i.
At Cincinnati?Cincinnati, ft: Louisville, 2.
Attendance 4,000.
At St. Louis?St. Louis, ft; Kansas City, 2.
Interesting Mat tern Considered at its Meeting
at Itollalri!.
The Ohio Valley Trades and Labor
Assembly held its regular session yesterday
at Bellaire. It was known beforehand
that there would be some very interesting
business brought forward and
there was an unusually large attendance.
The meeting was, as had been anticipated,
a very interesting one, and there is,
it is hinted, a not remote possibility of
the action taken resulting in something
Htill more interesting. The following
particulars have been learned:
At the hist meeting of the Assembly,
three weeks ago, a resolution was introduced
ordering that the iive or six men
who compose the mill committee for the
Riverside. steel plant at Benwood, be
listed as "black sheep." The events
that led up to this being ottered date
bark over two months?to the time the
K. of L. and the Amalgamated Association
were quarreling over who should
control at the Riverside's steel plant.
where the K. of L. liad hart
possession for a year, ami whore
their scale was the one signed, after
some few modifications had been made.
The Trades Assembly became involved
iii that matter and refused to receive as
representatives those sent by the K. of
L. assembly made up of workers in the
Riverside plant. At the same time it
did receive representatives from the
other two K. of 1,. assemblies at Benwoo4>
Before that even, the trouble
between the K. of L. and Amalgamation
over the question of supremacy in iron
and steel matters had been rather lively.
The men formerly employed at the
Brilliant belong to the Amalgamation*.
They went on a strike and are still out,
while the mill is being run 21s a nonunion
The Brilliant's representatives in the
Trades Assembly stated that the mill
committee at the Hiverside had been informed
by them that the mill was sending
steel to the Brilliant "scab" mill and that
it ought to be protested against and
stopped; and this was said to the men
whose representatives the Amalgamation
men and their friends had refused
to admit into the Assembly. The mill
committee took 110 steps in the matter,
<lu. 11H!11in?
I1U1 V>VI1 JHHU'OlVUi Alllin vuv
representatives reported to the Trades
Assembly, and it yesterday voted to list
the committee as "black-sheep."
As soon as the vote whs announced
the representatives from the mixed K.
of L. assembly, No. 2323, and the Riverside
tube workers' assembly, both of
Benwood, 'stated that anticipating such
action they had been instructed to
withdraw their lodges' interest and representation
in the Trades Assembly, it
is hinted that this time, the K. of L.
men, being assured of the hearty
support of the District Assembly,
officers will carry this matter to the National
officers, and endeavor to secure
nu order preventing Knights of Labor
assemblies from ufliliating with the
Trades Assembly and forfeiting the charters
of those that may continue with it.
Such action would probably make a big
nut in the Trades Assembly, as nearly a
dozen Knights of Labor assemblies are
Mr. Thomas Clark, of Pittsburgh, a
member of the District Executive Committee,
was present yesterday and made
i very conservative talk, lie was for
luirmony and not throat cutting; he
was sorry the Trades Assembly had under
its constitution, been drawn into a
tight; that the two orders should be left
to light it out for themselves?something
Dn the principle of a survival of the fittest.
The action of members of the Building
Trades Council in continuing work
jq the Spear Axle Company's factory
after it had been boycotted was satisfactorily
explained, and the work on this
concern will continue till the contracts
ire completed.
Sunilny Kxcuntluim.
On and after Sunday, May ('?, the Ohio
River Kailroad will sell excursion tickets
overy Sunday until further notice:
Wheeling to Sistersville and return
>1 50, Wheeling to l'arkereburg and reurn
$2 25. Tickets good one day only.
lingo of the Water anil Movomonts of the :
The river lias reached nn S-foot stage i
ind is stationary.
The Bennett was at the levee yesterlay
looking after the brick boats.
The I. N. Bunton is laid up at Steu- i
enville with her boilers burned out.
The Joseph W. Gould and Kangaroo i
>aased down yesterday with tows of
The Louis A. Shirley got away from t
icre for Cincinnati about dusk Saturday
vening with a good trip. i
The Abner O'Neal brought down 500 c
egs of nails from Mingo .Saturday and f
eshipped them on the Shirley.
The Elaine passed up early yesterday t
lorning on her usual Sunday trip to n
'itteburgh. She will be down to-day to (
iave in ner regular l'arkeraburgh tnwle. J
The Andes is duo to-day from Cincinati,
for which point she will leave on i
er return trip to-morrow afternoon at I
o'clock. Capt. Charlie Muhleman is 1
i command and Mart Noll is in the 1
thee. These clever gentlemen and v
leir popular steamer are known all t
long the river, and need no special v
orda of commendation. o
Ac Exploded Euglue and a llroken Axle
Delay Travel lladly.
The old'saying that misfortune, never
come singly, was yesterday again demonstrated
to be true, much to the disgust
and annoyance of the Baltimore &
Ohio officials here and at other points
along the road, and that of their patrons
who were anxious to be on or oir two of
the company's most important trains.
The'first misfortune occurred on the third
division, between Grafton and Piedmont,
being the explosion of an engine at Raw
lings station, reported in uie leiugrnpn
columns. This delayed the train from
the East due here at about 10:30 so that
it did not reach here till after 1 o'clock
this morning.
The second drawback was on the Central
Ohio division at Franklin, a few
miles west of Bellaire, and delayed the
express from Chicago and Cincinnati
bound for Pittsburgh, Baltimore and
other points east, nearly five hours. It
was occasioned by the breaking of an :
axle of a freight car that was part of a ,
train being hauled to the Bellaire yard j
to get out of the way of tho express train.
Several cars were derailed ami the track
torn up somewhat. As usual on Sundays
the travel in the excursion and
special rate line line was heavy and
these delays were quite vexatious. The
oilicials of the road did all they could to
get through with as little loss of time as
Circuses?>Y. 31. C. A. Formed?Democratic
Club, etc.
Crooks keeps the finest stationer}'.
Walter Main's show strikes the city on
The "Two Johns" played to a packed
house Saturday night.
Lane Bros. have paid $2,200 for tho
D. II. Souders properties on First street.
Mr. W. It. Ratclift' and wife returned
on Friday from a two weeks' trip to West
Miss Mnttie McDonald, of Irondale, is
the cuest of r. and Mrs. B. F. Brady,
on Fifth street.
Mrs. Anderson Ralston and Mrs. Dr.
Blackford have returned home from
Wiwhinifton. lJa.
Mike Moran was struck on the head
with a piece of brick Saturday at the
Buckeye glass house, inflicting a severe
A change of time will go into effect
to-day 011 both railroads here. The new
C. & P. schedule is the most inconvenient
for employes ever in effect here.
The Wo mens' Foreign Missionary
Society met in convention at Mt. Pleasant
Wednesday and adjourned on Friday,
having disposed of considerable
Nearly 8(X) people gathered at the furnace
landing yesterday morniflg to see
John Robinson's circus arrive. The
tents were pitched in Paull's addition,
on the commons.
Miss Rose Wetlierald celebrated her
sixth birthday on Saturday. Ethel Dor- i
rah, May and Essie Jlovd, Alice Wood
and Blanche Wcthcrald were present,
and the little ones spent a very pleasant ;
day. 1
The following children composed the
class confirmed in the German Lutheran
Church yesterday by Rev. G. P. Deop- ;
kin: Emma Welty, Minn llenshel,
Sophia Obendick, Dora Welty, Willie
Rohrey, Carl Frick, Charles Ilelling and !
Martiii Hunker. J
Mr. John Evans died Friday evening 1
of consumption, at his home on Fourth t
street. Mr. Evans has lain ill for over a
year with the disease, from which there
"was no possible chance of recovery. ,
The remains were interred in River- (
view cemetery yesterday afternoon at
A meeting was held in Tho Hotel
Maywood parlors yesterday afternoon,
when arrangements were completed for
the organization of a Y. M. C. A. here, j
It is necessary for the society to bo rich
enough to defray the expenses of the
assoeition for one year. This has had a
good deal to with the delfiy in perfecting i
an organization. i
The Elson (ilass Works will resume
this morning in full. The mould shoo
began work uist week. The works will 1
be run with coal, as no settlement of the .
gas question has been made. The resumption
of these works causes much
delight among all classes, and it in
hoped, bnrrini; the summer stop, that
the Klsonwill make a good, long run.
The Democrats have finally gotten to- :
gether enough members of the party to
organize a fairly respectable campaign
club. On Friday evening at a meeting
in City Hall the following officers were
elected: President, Thomas J. Irwin; j
Vice President, Carl Leathorwood; Sec- ,
retary, Allan Graham; Treasurer, Post- ,
master Patterson. A committee was
also appointed to draft a constitution
and by laws.
All Hart* of Lontl Now* ami QoMiilp From
tlm GlnHft City.
Wei by Crimniel, of Glover's Gap, W.
Vn., is in the city.
The firemen here will turn out with
the G. A. It. on Decoration J.)ay.
Albert Marshall, of Findlay, Ohio,
is here among friends and relatives.
W. C. Stewart, of the Stamping company,
is in Philadelphia 011 business.
W. K. Buchannan, formerly of this
place, is 011 the Washington, I). C., Star
Mrs. S. Thornberry will go to Findlay
this week to visit Mrs. William Cunningham.
The alarm of fire early Saturday
morning was occasioned by a slight llr*? ,
at the Goblet works.
Rev. Dr. Butler, Presiding Elder,
preached in the A. M. E. Church yesterday.
He is a great orator.
James Long shot a hawk while gunning
just back of town that measured 3
feet 11 inches from tip to tip.
Florence, oldest daughter of J. D. and
Mary C. linker, died Saturday morning
of a' complicated stomach disease.
Mr. Bippus offers prizes to the school
children for the* best answer to the
(juestion, Why were our first parents
driven out of the Garden of Eden?
The floater found near Moundsville
proves to be that of Daniel Conrad, who
mysteriously disappeared several weeks
ago. 1 le was at the timetyie disappeared
the barber at the Windsor Hotel.
The wreck of two cars on the Cleveland,
Lorain & Wheeling railroad hist
week was caused by the small boys of *
the neighborhood placing stones on the
track and pulling the pins out of the
Klrklug mi tliu Itnllroml*?llcpiihllrnn I>clVgllteH,
Wednesday is show day.
The Republican club met Friday evening.
Miss Maggie McGaw, of Bellaire, was
risking friends here .Saturday.
Russell Bow, one of the inen arrested
or killing James Morris, was brought
lown to the jail Saturday.
People here are still talking up the
notor extension. It would be a great
:onvenience to them and a nice tiling
or Wheeling merchants.
A high-toned fishing party is being 1
alked up among the young gentlemen ,
ind ladies. It is proposed to go out to
,'auieron and from there to Raven's 1
{ock on Fish creek. fl
The G. A. R. post had a meeting Sat- w
trday evening to arrange for Decoration k
>ay. It is proposed to nave one of the J
liggest days over seen in Moundsville. 'he
Elmer Evans post at Glen Easton 1
rill hold their decoration exercises at I
lie Fork Ridge Church, where a banner
rill be presented theui by the relatives 8
f Mr. Evans, for whom the post is {
\\ wii i \ \ ' t,vc' rv,fC *
w * 1 \ V \ / ^orm a iK
W l\ \ ^ Ait were, th.r
\\ l \\\ ^ // and lays llici
\ G<^ incwithlitt
\\ fir- , / I Ar.il save:
^\\ 1\| . I worst of the
\\-?r lb ?-vr!', makes them
jp) si raining; jy
S. \\ "' | J For scrul
?^aV> M L vL **?" *
:v#7 fi'- V,\ Beware o
?- ^ ?<f ?*: dlcrs.
named. The presentation will be made
by Mr. D. B. Evans.
At the primary election held at tho
Court House Saturday to elect delegates
to the Littleton convention, Messrs. R.
H. Hall, Joe Bloyd and A. B. Wayt
were chosen delegates, and K. II. Criswell,
Frank Roberts and Amos Lowe,
Tho Republicans of Marshall county
will insist that Mr. Frew, of the Intklli(ikncku,
ho sent to Chicago as a delegateat-lnrge,
and they will go to the convention
prepared to"give him a strong pull.
They also think that this county is entitled
to ono of the district delegates.
Since the railroads have raised the fare
to Wheeling many citizens are urging
the municipal authorities to enforce the
ordinance against fast running through
town. Residents along Mechanic street
are eomnlaininir that the Ohio River
road has not filied up that street as they
contracted to do. It was agreed by the
company that it would make tiie street
on a level with the 1111 so as not to interfere
with travel, but as yet nothing lias
been done. A suit is threatened.
Leg Jlrokcn?Social ami Mimical EntertainmuntH,
Mrs. Caj)t. Clark is seriously ill.
Misses Lottie and Nannie Duncan are
visiting in Pittsburgh.
Airs. James Van I'elt was the guest of
Martin's Ferry friends last week.
Jack Kountz, of vEtnaville, had his
leg broken while at work in the mill
The Union Cornet Hand will give a
grand picnic at Darrah's orchard next
Police business took a spurt Saturday,
and a number of cases will be disposed
of this morning.
A supper and social will bo given by
the G. A. K. at their hall Thursday and
Friday evenings.
I). K. Epans, Esq., assistant mine inspector
of Ohio, is making a tour of the
mines in this locality.
A supper and entertainment will be
riven to-morrow evening by the Good
Templars in their hall.
Ilev. K. F. Kcelor, of IJellaire, and
Rev. J. L. Holers, of the M. E. Church
A little child of Ollie Conaway died
on .Saturday after a long suffering from
nn abdominal tumor. A post mortem
examination held verified the diagnosis.
The remains were interred yesterday afternoon
at ^o'clock, on tlio hill.
The German Lutheran congregation
will give a musical ami elocutionary
entertainment in their church Wednesday
evening. Miss Flora Williams, of
Martin's Ferry, Miss Lucy Grimes, of
Steubenviile, and Prof. Arbenz, of
Wheeling, will assist.
Syrup of Flg?
is nature's own truo laxative. It is the
most easily taken, and the most effective
remedy lenown to cleanse the system
when bilious or costive; to dispel headaches,
colds and fevers; to cure habitual
L'onstination, indigestion, piles, etc.
Manufactured only by tlio California
Fig Syrup Company, San Francisco. Cal.
Sold by Logan & Co., Anton P. Hess,
K. B. Burt and C. Menkemiller. At
Bellaire by M. N. Mercer.
Iutcrn?thig to Traveler*South.
The section of the South attracting by
its wonderful development and prosperity
the attention of the whole world is
traversed by the Queen & Crescent Koute
(Cincinnati Southern and Associate
Itoads). Express trains, the fastest in
the South, leave Cincinnati daily at 7:55
it. m. ami 8. n. in. for Chattanooga, Birmingham,
Atlanta, Decatur, Gadsden,
l'uskaloosa, etc. When going South do
not fail to procure from your nearest
ngent, tickets which read via Cincinnati
md the Queen & Crescent Route. Inauiries
promptly responded to by II.
Collbran, Gen. Passenger Agent, Cincinnati.
May Fcntlvul Kxcumlon.
The steamer Antics will make an excursion
trip to the Cincinnati Musical
Festival, leaving Wheeling Tuesday,
May 22, 1888, at 3 p. in., arriving at Cincinnati
Thursday, noon, returning Friday
at midnight. This will give excursionists
time to attend three concerts.
Fare for the round trip including board
while in Cincinnati: From Wheeling,
$10; Parkersburg and Marietta, $7:
Ijnt'iinau'nrul It mtimr'u lintnl will
iccompany the excursion.
An Kxplnnution.
What is this "nervous trouble" with
which so many seem now to be afflicted ?
If you will remember a few years ago
the word Malaria was comparatively unknown?Unlay
it in as common as any
word in the English language, yet this
word covers only the meaning of another
word used by our forefathers in times
|>ast. So it is with nervous diseases, as
they and Malaria are intended to cover
what our grandfathers called Biliousness,
md all are caused by troubles that arise
from a diseased condition of the Liver
which in performing its functions finding
it cannot dispose of the bile through the
ordinary channel is compelled to pass it
alTthrough the system, causing nervous
:roubles, Malaria, Bilious Fever, etc.
i'ou who are suffering can well appreciate
a cure. We recommend Green's
\ugust Flower. Its cures aro marvelous.
A Word About Catarrh.
"It In the mui'ouH membrane, that wonderful
eml-flold envelope surrounding the delicate names
of tlicnlrnuil food imwagi-*, that Catarrh
nake* it* fttronuhold. Once entabllfched, it rat*
nto the very vital*,and render* life butii longIra
\vu breath of winery and dl*caM\ dulling the
lenne of hearing, trammeling the power of
ineech, deatroylng the faculty of Miiell, tainting
lie breath, and killiiiu the rvfined tileaMire* of
ante. Insidlounly, by creeping on from n Mmde
cold In the head, It amaults the membranous
Inlngam! euvolojw the bones, eating through
he dellcato coat* and numing inllammatlon,
toughing and death. Nothing ?hort of total
indication will necuro health to the patient,
md all nlluviativcH are idinply procrastinated i
uflbrlngj, leading to a fatal termination. San- t
ord'n Kadical Cure, by Inhabit ion ami by laUrnnl
dminlntratlon, ha* never fall til; even when the
llaeart lm* made frightful Inroad* on dellcato j
onntltutlonn, hearing, nmell and tante have been
eoovered, and the ukeasv thoroughly driven
Sax ford's Radical Ccrr confixU of oneltot- 1
lo tif the Radical Curo, one box Catarrhal Sol- 1
cut, and one Improved Inhaler, neatly wrapitcil
u one |>urlcttK(-'. with full direction*; prico SI 00. ,
Pottui Dnuo & Chemical Co., Boston.
r9J No Rheumatlz About He!
In ono mlnntv the Cutlenrn Anti19^
I'aln I'lanter relieve* Hheiiumtlr,
g ^g^Selntlr, Midden, nhnrp and ncrvotiN
I'alna, Htrain* and Weaknewe*. The
ryt and only palti klllliiK I'laator. A new and
ifallihlu antidote to tain, Jnllainmatloii and "
eaknem. Utterly unlike and vutly auperior
) all other planter*. At all druraiata, 25 cent*;
vo for II00; or po*tauu free, of I'omw Dnuo
xn Chemical Co., lloaton, .Mam. my.'MThAw
mis PAPERS'?J,!
owtpoper AdrortUinff Bureau (10 flpruco a
ri'ixnS^a? UCUf VflRK '
SmSofctiit la IVknflUlllr.r
' H Ur
n any snap ; handier, frier, nor.?
5f it, more for the money, nr..! h twder,
for your cohvcnier.cc. T.il n;
fabric in or.c hand, the dirt In the ntk-r,
n apart?comparatively speaking, wash',
le Wi-ik.
?thev'or<.t of the work, sn it saves the
wear. I: isa't tho use <>:' c'.o;!,*-. that
cm! i.v?;c their time ; il is ml.l.i:i;,? ;m.l
Itinf t'-edirt out by main Mrcti(]tlu
thing, hou*c-eler.nmg, wad:; ? .
1 j?la**ware, Vearlino has no equal,
f imitation?, pruc packages a;..l j,
JAMES VVLi: XrwYork.
Louisiana State Lottery.
w Over n Million Distributed.
Capital Prize, $300,000.
Incorporated by the Legislature in lsxs, for
Educational and Charitable purpoMw, uu.I iu
frauehisc made u purt of the present State Constitution,
in IhTV, by an overwhelming poiiuto
IU Grand Siuglc Number Drawing* take plica
monthly, aud the Grand Quarterly lirawinn
regularly every three mouth* (March, June,
tember and December).
"We do hereby certify that we supervise the
arrangements for all the Monthly ami Quarterly
drawing! of The Louisiana State Lottery Com.
puny, and iu person manage ami control the
Drawings themselves, ami Ihnt the num. are
eondueted with honesty, lairuess, and In good
faith toward all parties, aud we atithoriic the
C?impauy to use tula certltlcati* with fac-iimHa
of our signature* attached, iu iu advertit*
Wo the undersigned Hanks and Hanker* will
Eiy all Prizes drawn In The touislana State Lotries
which may l>e presented at our counter*.
R. M. WALMHLKY, Pres. Louisiana Nat'l Hunk.
PIEHHK LANAUX, I'res. State National Hunk.
A. HALDWIN, I'res. New Orleans Nat l Hank.
CAUL KOIIN, I'res. Union National llauk.
Grand Quarterly Drawing
Iu the Academy of Music, New Orleans,
I UDDUajt w Ullo I | lOOO,
CAPITAL PRIZE, $300,000.
100,000Ticket* ut Twenty Dollar* nidi. Halvo
510; Quarter* 85; Tenths $2; Twentieth* 81.
1 PrltO of 1300.000 is $300,001
1 Prize of loo.ooo in luuui
1 Prize of 80,000 is 50,UM
1 Prize of A000 i* '2\ti0
j PriiCN of lo.ooo are ><?,
r, Prizes of 6,000 are
2*? Prize* of l.uio *ro
100 Prize* of 600 nre W,>w
JOO Prizes of m nrw ?o.i?
600 1'rixM of iWO ?re luu,ui?
100 Prizes of $800 approximating to
$:!00,000 l'rize are lO.fttt
100 Prizes of ftoo approximating m
8100,000 Prize arc ai.uw
100 Prizes of 8200 approximating to
#.'>0,000 Prize are 'JO.OOO
1,000 Prizes of 8100 decided by 8300,000
Prize are 100,000
1,000 Prizes of ?100 decided by 8100,ouo
Prize are 100,000
3,135 Prizes amounting to - |l,ow,uo
KorCluh ltates, or any further Ipformntlon
apply to the undersigned. Your IihikIwritibK
must be distinct and signature plain. More
rapid return mail delivery will Ik? assured by
your enclosing an euvclojKr bearing your full
Send IUSTAL NOTES, Express Money Onlin,
or New York Exchange in ordinary letter. Currency
by Express (at our cx|>cnsc) addressed t<>
New Orleans, 1a.,
Washington, D. C.
Address Registered Loiters to
New Orleans. U.
RPMFMRFR That the presence of General!
I\DraDfflDDH IJcaureganl ami Knrly, whoarcln
charm' of tin; drawings, In a guarantee of absolute
fairness mill integrity, that the chance* arc nil
equal, ami that no one rati possibly divine what
number will draw a Prize.
KEMKMJIEU that the payment of all Prlicsil
Orleans, ami tlio Tickets are-signed by the I'rvnl(lent
of an Institution, win wo chartered rights
are recognized by the highest Courts; therefore,
beware of any imitations or anonymous aelietnci
A Frightful Skin Disease,
Sufferings Intense. Head Nearly
Raw. Body Covered with Sores.
Cured by the Cuticura Remedies.
Mkssiim. Stevens & Hiiunkr, Monroe, N.
Jkar Sin:?About two month* ago. on your
recommendation, I bought a bottle of Culieura
KcmiI vent, one box Cuticura Salve, and one cake
of Cuticura Soap, for my son,aged thirteen year*,
who ban beeu afilloted with eczema lor u lone
time, ami I am pleased to sav that I believe the
remedies have cured him. Ills sufferings were
Intense, hlK bead lielng nearly raw, hi* ear* I*ing
gone except the gristle, ami his hody ?n<
covered with sores. 111h condition was frightful
to behold. The sores have now nil dlwipitearnl,
hiH hklu Ik healthy, eyes bright, cheerful In <liv
iKMiitloii, ami is working every day. My neighl?or?
are wltuesses to this remarkable cure, ami
the doubting ones are requested to cull or write
me, or any of my neighbor*.
WiNCHESTEit P. O., Union Co., N.c.
MoNltuK, N. C., Oct. 29,1867.
The Pottkk Dkuo and Chemical Co.:
Gentlemen:?IIr. Win. & Htcphcnuoti of thin
county, brought his son to town to-day to let u?
sec him, and to allow us what Cutlcunt Hemedies
had done for him. This la the caw referrid
to In our letter to you some time ago. To look
at the boy now, one would Ktip|*ose that th< rv
had never been anything the matter with hira-sccms
to bo In |ierfeet health. Wo have written,
and herewith inclose what his father has to
aliout the matter?wrote It just an he dictated.
We are selling quite a quantity of Cutinini
Remedies and hear nothing but pnil?e.s m
them. We regard the Cuticura Rcincdlot. tk
l>ent ill tlio market, and Miall do all wo can to
promote their sale. Yours truly.
Druggists and Pharmacist*.
Cutlcurn, the {front ttkln cure, ami niurnn
Soup i>rc*iNirc<] from It, externally, and Outlrun
Resolvent, tho new blood purifier, Interuallj
nre a poRltlvecure for every form of hkfn wi'l
blood ilbc'iute, from pimpled to nerofuln.
Sold everywhere. Price, Cntiourn, WV\:So?&
25c,; Resolvent, 81. Prepared by the i'onw
flarSend for "How to (.'tire Skin I)|?cn5e*,"fl
p?Kcs, 60 illtnitmUoiig, nml li)0 testimonials.
piUI'I.KS, blurk-heuds, red, rough. (-Implied ti'.
i in oily nklti prevented byCuth-um Hon p.
-fft Weak, Painful Hacks,
WOnwkKidney nnd Uterine 1'uliw mid WV?ly/rfAflnewiet,
relieve*! In 0110 minum ! > ii.-'
/MjptCutiClirik Antl-l'alii PlaMor, thr Ilr?t
UwB nml only imln killing plaster. New,insUiutuneouN,
infallible. cent*.
Mutual Savings Bank
linn Removed from No. II Twelfth Mrn t to
Next Door Above KxHnuw ilank.
I>oen businemf on the mutual plan: lm< no nip
Ital stock; tho entire profit* nre dJvMtd anions
the de|ioNitorH.
Dividends declared in January ami JulyBank
open for buainem dally from G::? r. it. I"
i::? i'. M.
Open on Saturday* at 4:.T0 r. m.
Deposit* received from one dime tip.
Money to Loan on Real Estate Security.
HOWARD UAZMrrr. iv?hh'in.
w n ?*,.l.vcv At.v.x. Urrriinx.
tWtory. Tmimrrr., I
WheeliDg Business College.
Call or addren an above for our beautiful i:iw j
rated catalogue. >nr-'1 I
nn<l promptly exmiW*! at the
Mo*. 1ST? kuiI tl Kourtceulb

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