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The Intelligencer. ?
* ji>
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by Carriers In Wheeling and ndja- fl(j
cent towns at 15 cants por week.
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.. ? th
Koi 23 nuiI '41 l'oiin?i?iun firom,
(EntemI Ht the IWofllco at Wheeling, W. Va.,
m M't'< )iid*cliuw matter. | re
$ljt Mdiigencct. jWHEELING,
IV. VA., JUNK 0, 1888. ^
. in
I am Air Cleveland, Free Trade unri
no Custom Houses.?Henry (ieorgc.
? ? re
llepublican victor}/, tile prospects of irhich tli
grow brighter erery tiny, can be imperiled
only by lark of unity in council or by acri- of
moniotia contort over mm. The issue of St
.protection is incalculably etronger ami In
greater than any man, for it concerns the l)
prosperity of the present and of generation* tli
yei 10 com?, n ore n jwwioiejur way jm
of the Republic to see for himself the cowdition
itixl recompense of labor in Europe
the party of free trade in the United State* ^
would not receive the support of one wageworker
between the twooceuns. Jt may not
be directly in our /tower as philanthropists to
elevate the European laborer, but it will be a
lasting stigma upon our statesmanship if we
permit the American laborer to be. forced ^
down to the European level. vliui in the,
end the rewards of labor everywhere will be ^
advanced if we steadily refuse to lower the
standard at home. Yours very sincerely, "
Wt'Nl Virginia in tin* Coiivuntloii. C<
It is likely that the West Virginia del- tl
<egation will run into a Knag at thu St. h
Louis Convention. At their organiza- o
tion yesterday they, in effect, declared hi
themselves in line with Randall Demo- ci
crats, or "conservative protectionists," a
who are opposed to the Mills bill and fi
the spirit of the President's message, a
and who want the taritr plank of 1SS-1 1
re-adopted. The cat was let out of the a
bag when Delegate Taney ollered and
the delegation adopted a resolution call- is
ing for a re-adoption of the plank. >
Now, Cleveland's friends and the n
friends of the Mills bill are unalterably tl
opposed to this thing. They say it 1
would he a direct slap in tho President's d
face and would he ''nuts" for the'Kepub- t!
licans. A re-adoption of the plank ol* b
'84, they declare, would be a straddle u
and suicidal in the extreme. liut Mr. h
Jlenry G. Davis, Mr. Clements, Senator fc
Kenna and other leaders of the party in i'i
West Virginia, all conservative pro- g
tectionists, are present, representing the v
Randall idea, and they know that they d
may as well hang the Democratic liddle tl
on tho wall if a Watterson tariff plank 0
is adopted. Watterson and the fresi- tl
dent want the resolution to lie stated in
plain English. What the West Virginians
want is astraddler that can be con- ^
strued any way and every way and to ^
suit all factions and localities, as the '84 j
plank was capable of being twisted. ^
^.Tliey may be disappointed. .Mr. Cleveland,
the dictator of the Convention, y
does not desire that .Mr. Randall's syiu- .
pathizers shall gain a victory; neither ^
xloeH he want it to be said that he was y
ulapped in his own Convention. What- ^
ever the President's faults, lack of frank- ^
ness is not one of th6xn. His policy is
free trade, and that is the policy of?the
majority of his party, and lie intends to ^
run on that sort of a platform. There jj
will be no straddling about it.
These Democratic leaders of West Virginia
have in their speeches and newspapers
given a qualified endorsement of J*
the Presidents message and tuo .alius .
bill, but that was only a blind. Being (.t
"conservative protectionists" at heart,
they depended upon the Convention readopting
the old platform; then they
thought they would be ablo to weather 81
through the campaign on it, and ignore J*
the Presidents true policy and the Mills h
bill altogether. Mr. Kenna, particularly,
looked for this, aud Mr. Davis basso el
much as said it. The Democrats of to
West Virginia are having their eyes h
opened to the position of their leaders. 81
^ ? d
A l>olorim-?l Tlckut* jl
The tail of the National Democratic a,
ticket will be heavier thau the head, for
a fact. According to the dispatches, but tj
one or two delegations bore banners c,:
whereon was a portrait of Grover the c?
the Great, while it would have been dilli- f1(
cult to tind in that vast Convention an tc
individual who dji^not wear the tradi- ni
tional red bandanna in honor of the Hj
"old liomau" who must be content with jj
the secoud place. So it will be through tj(
the campaign. As in 1SS4, the tail will CJ
give weight to the ticket. to
( For the iirat time in the history of the pi
? country, the entire interest in a National tu
Democratic Couveutiou is centered in
the nomination for the Vice President.
There is no controversy, suggests a con- tt,
temporary, at least none that reaches the jtj
public ear, concerning the head of the
ticket. This, savs another, does not siir- :t
nify harmony, but rather uuity?the ^
kind of unity which results from buI>- t?(
mission to the rule of olliceholdcrs, who nfl
themselves hayejbeon driveu by the otli- ftn
ciul whip. To be absolutely fair, another at
contributing condition utust also be
noted?tho astounding poverty of the jlj)
Democratic party in material for leader- ,
ship. Cleveland's Administration litis
designetlly degraded tho great men of Htr
his party and lifted up the little fellows, Qf
ho that to-day ncjt only has he no rival, mj
but no Democratic politician iu tho pr
country could wage a respectable cam- gn
paigti lis a candidate for the Presidency tjJ(
if Cleveland should voluntarily retire. tj)(
Like the Democratic ticket of 1884, it irj
will be badly deformed. The tail will ^
be where the head ought to be, if statesmanship
goes for anything in tho solec- t j,j
tion of n President for these United mc
States. Hut a dictator has the party by jol
tho throat, iind it cannot be otherwise. <
By methods that bear n strong flavor of qU,
ward i?olitics, ?n?l tactics that may have jn
boon acquired during a long connection 0|f,
with local rings of Buffalo, Cleveland, C01
the wire puller, has manipulated tho g^y
party machinery for his own personal 41
ends, and Thurman, the statesman, must oul
cept second honors, or nono at all. To tec
is complexion fits the gitot Democrat- ln
party come at last.. 0gj
W of
As we supposed tile Democrats?that Qj
the Democrats of the country, not tho j,a
uiimHttutiou?are betweon the devil
id the Di-ep Sea on thy tariff question. m)
not tho fealty to Cleveland greater [?!
an party defections? Congressman nil
ivner, of Maryland, on the floor of tho po
oust! declared tliat he considered the F?
schedule of the Mills bill iniqui- fjus,
but as it was a Democratic meas- ru
e he would vdte for it. Itandall op- sa;
itied the Mills bill on logical grounds, 1,1
id to-day ho is probably an outcast of JJJ
e party. But the rumor comes that 0v
o platform of 1884 will ho adopt- a I
I, and tho same seo saw campaign on ^
o tariff question will be inauguted.
Will it bo possible for the hi
mcrican people to lx> fooled on this a I
juo again after what they have seen of ^
0 intentions of the Democrat* in the
ouse? Can they question the true
warducss of Cleveland's message? If a m
raddle i? again attempted it will mean |]j
sincerity on behalf of tho party and a gj
buke to the man who, by accident, led of
em to power. te
Gorman, of Maryland, fears tho ghost w.'
free trade, and is hedging. Kx- jn
nator Davis knows his own business m
wides that of a great many other
emocrats in the State, but what are !u
ley going to do in the teeth of Cleve- Ul
nd's famous free trade message? at
? ? cc
The Indian (juration. jj
During the discussion of the Indian v<
ppropriation bill in the Senate, Sena- j?
?r Blair had read by tho clerk a really Jjj
markable letter from a Mohawk Indian
irl, who signed herself "Princess" 11
irognn. She makes a plea for the eduition
of the Indian, but emphasizes the ?
let that if civilization is not aecompa- ?
ied by Christianization the steps toward b
le real advancement of the lied man
ill be productive o{ little good. This jc
1 true. But is not the American Indian
oomed to extinction? He may be jc
ducatcd and sent back to his trilx?, but :11
le habits of his life prove too strong for
im and he readily falls back into the ei
I I ~-l Tim ui
nggcstion that assimilation with the j*
ivilization of the Kast is not an agree- w
ble one for him; in fact most distaste- h
ll. Ton might as well cage the canary h
tul the eagle. That there are good ^
ndians is beyond question, but they
re so few that they are exceptions.
Tho nuissacre of Custer and the fiend- h
h outrages of the Apnches on the n
Iexican border are too fresh in tho tl
linds of the people to trust much to V
10 honesty of tho Indian character, ft
'hat they liavo had grievances is un- s]
oubtedly true, but it lias not justified ai
lie cruelties an^l indignities .that have li
icon practiced on tho inofl'ensivo by the
aalignant and torturing savages who 6,
ave ravaged a 0ountry with scalping:nife
and torch. Those who are peace- tl
nl remain so just as long as a cordon of
oldiers limit their wanderings. Those
fho art; educated either remain away to j,
ie, or go back to their tribes, worship ai
lie Manitou of tho forest, forget the >r
lod of civilization to become wedded to ^
lieir old habits and eustoius.
The l'owerof Klot|uoi?:o. J?
Eloquenco counts for much when ac- M
on is immediately taken on the plea of si
10 speaker. In tho trial ol? Warren ^
tastings, Kichard Brinsley Sheridan
poke against his impeachment and u
ludo such a brilliant speech that Sir p
William Pitt moved an immediate ad- J
uirnment becauso the people were too w
luch under the inlluence of the mag- el
ot.iuin nf tho nrator. That oratorv at
vays the emotions of tlio masses cannot
b questioned when so many citations n,
: its influence can be made. If the ui
mvention at Cincinnati in 187U had la
ikon a vote after Ingereoll had finished Jj,1
is masterful presentation of Blaine's
nrno it is likely that his eloquence in a
mucction with the Plumed Knight's
opulurity would have carried the Man
oin Maine through. Conkling's pol- y
lied diction came near swaying the fc'<
invention when ho.presented the ai
Man from Api>oiii&U>x, 'T1(
And IU faiuouN upple trcM. J.
A gentleman from Michigan in the Si
une convention sickened the hearts of Jjl
laine's followers when in presenting w
is numo he designated him as James it
C" Blaine. Senator Frye, seeing the
Sect on the convention, immediately Qr
laped into the breech aud inspiration
elped him to turn chagrin iuto enthu- F'
asm. While a nomination does not
cpend on oratory a cause is often in- w
ired by slovenly and careless speech, ,lt
id the literaturo of politics contains no st
fighter specimens of eloquence than
ic efforts of those wlio have presented
indidntos to the various Kepublican k<
inventions, if wo except the magni- L;
:ent presentation of Hancock's name y"
the Democratic convention ntCincin
Iiti ill 1880 by uuuiei jjouguerty, uiu ui
Ivor tougued orator, of Philadelphia, TJ
i tho caso of tho Democratic convenon
at St. Louis 110 oloijuonco will bo f(J
cpended oil Cleveland; lie inspires no
ngnes iu bis own party, and the only
ea for him will bo his industry bt
ruing tho Republicans out of oillce.
IfiKTNoll on Labor and Tariff. CU
Col. Kobyrt Ingersoll lias a very in- t0'
resting interview in the New York jj
re** on general polities, but more es* gu
>cially relating to labor, and says that
labor received more in other lands J}1
an in this country the tide of cmigra- inJ
)n would bo changed. This is a =
tural sequence which the most ignort
cannot fail to appreciate. If a man |
home?living in tho scones of his
ildhood, containing the memories of 1
? parents and the legends ot his an- J
store?will leave it for a strango land
it not a mild supposition that ho is
iving to better himself. The people
Denmark, England, Sweden, Germy,
Scotland, Ireland, Italy and
ance are coming to these shores in |
. ?-?! !f no I a (*lainu*il l?v
.'ill mimui'iB, ?<?< ? "II*
?free traders, that they ?? onjoying I,'
i' fruit* of their labors in those coun" |a
es why Jo they seek new and uncer- M
n ventures? Inge noli wya that In |(
;so countries thoro ?ru only three l||
ings within the reach of the working- Jp
'II?"air, light and water; probably s i
irth mi^ht be added?death." I ^
)n the protective tariff and freo trado L
rations the Colonel It very felicitous. 5
answer to the inquiry us to what
jet the protective tariff has on tho
lditiou of labor in this country, ho ?p
'To the extent that tho tariff keep* boti
; the foreign article it ia a direct pro- Arc
jj :
;tion to American labor* Everything'
tli if} country in pn a larger settle tluin
any other. There is far more cenerIty
nmong the manufacturers and merants
and millionaires and capitalists
the United States than among those
any other country, although they are
d enough and mean enough here.
"But the ureat thing (or the laboring
in in the United States is that hois
yarded oa a man. lie lb a unit of poical
power. Ilis vote counts iust as
uclias that of the richest and most
werful. The laboring man has to be
Dsulted. The candidate has either to
his friend, or to pretend to be his
end, before he can succeed. A man
lining for the Presidency could not
y the slightest word against the lal>org
man, or calculated to put a stain
)on industry, without destroying every
>ssible chance of success. Generally
ery candidate tries to sitow that he is
laboring man, or that his father was
fore him. There is in this, country
try little of the spirit of cast?the most
famous spirit that ever infested the
fartless breast or the brainless head of
liuman being."
"What will be the effect on labor of a
part u re in American policy in the diction
of free trade?"
"If free trade could bo adopted toorrow
there would be an instant
rink ago of values in this country,
robably the immediate loss would equal
0,000,000,000? that is to Bay one-third
the value of the country. No one can
II its extent. All things are bo interoven
that to destroy one industry crip*
es another, and the influence keeps on
itil it touches the circumference of huan
"I believe that labor is a blessing. It
iv.er was and never will be a cure. It
a blessed thing to labor for your wife
id childfen, for your father and mother,
ul for the ones you love, it is a blessI
thing to have an object in life?someling
to do?something to call into play
)ur best thought*, to develop your
culties and to make you a man. How
.'autiful, how charming, are the dreams
! the young mechanic, the artist, the
lusiciun. the actor, and the student,
low perfectly stupid must be the life ol
voting man with nothing to do, no
nLition, no enthusiasm?that is to say,
thing of the divine in him; the young
.... .S:,i. .... i;#? u-l.nun
ruin a great thought, a great dream iia*
iken possession, anil in whose bear!
lore is a great, trobbing lionc. lie
ioks forward to succcssr-to wife, chilren,
home?all the blessings and sacred
iv.h of human Jiie. lie thinks of wealth
lid fame ami honor, and of a long, genii,
golden happy autumn.
"Work givesjthe feeling of independ:ice,
of self-respect. A man who does
miething necessarily puts a value on
imself. lie feels that he is a part ol
le world's force. The idler?no mattei
hat he says, no matter how scornful 1)
e may look at the laborer?in his very
eart knows exactly what he is; lit
nows that he is a counterfeit, a poor,
ortbless imitation of a man.
The death penalty in New York by
anging has been abolished by Goveror
Hill signing the bill providing foi
le execution of criminals by electricity
iThile this method does not make tin
icing of death any the less terrible it
lortens the struggles of the condemned
nd invests the sword of justice with si
ghtning stroke.
A Wg Tall mill a Little Head.
Inchmnti Timm-Stnr.
There appears to be a disposition on
ic part of the President to revive the
Id Albany Regenev and enlarge on the
ictatorial policy of that close-communin
coterie. At the same time he would
avc the roll of the Regency a short ono
id he himself would call it, and, in callig
it, would begin and end with the
nine of Gi rover Cleveland. The old
egency was content to dictate the Presleney
of the countrv; Cleveland assumes
ot only to name the candidate for first
lace, but insists upon naming the man
ho shall manipulate the bow to the
eond violin. This is a presumption
nit the ratitication meeting of to-mor)w
at St, Louis ou^ht to rebuke. It is
jstiming an authority which even the
len at tno head of the Roman imperial
ower often found it hard to exert. It is
irtually naming his successor in case he
oes not survive the second term to
liich he flatters himself ho can be
lected. With 110 more mental strength
nd courage than Unit possessed by
harnaces, Kinj* of Pontus, he has hemic
as dictatorial as C:esar. If Tliuritin
possesses too much rugged virtue,
id is not there/ore acceptable to Clevend,
ho is precisely the man the Demo
ats ought to nominate lor seconu piace.
Lie ticket will then be much ns it was
i 1884. It will have a big, big tail and
little, little head.
For Animal".
Mange*, Distemper, Pinrrlneo and
forms in dogs quickly cured. Scratches,
jres, Galls, Bruises, Outs or Wounds of
ly kind quickly and permanently
joled by washing with the Fluid. Dr.
Hougn, the distinguished Veterinary
lrgcou, says: "I lind Darbys Proplivctic
Fluid all that it is represented. As
local a'pplication I believe it to be
itliout an equal." For Colic and Scours
act# like magic. MWFdW
The shades of night nro not fast cols.
The morning light fades them.
mr Mon In a lluhbur Work* l'nlil #7,">,00().
Four young men at the Philadelphia
ubber Works, No. 2,417 South street,
ero at the money counter of tip Adas
Express OHice, Broad and Chestnut
reels, yesterday, and carried away
0 spot cash. They were Cieorge Gregg,
2,938 Alter street; John McCaffrey,
2,5158 South street; William McClussy,
of No. 2,512 Pine street, and Thomas
ynch, of No. 2,04S Lancaster street. It
iw the proceeds of half the capital
ize of $150,000 in the April drawing of
iio Louisiana State Lottery. The half
;ket cost $5, each man putting up $1 25.
jo money was paid at New Orleans,
id thence forwarded to this city by the
dams Express.?Philadelphia (Pa.) 'leiraplt,
April 25, paw
The organ is supplied with "stops,"
it unfortunately the piano has none.
1 hat iiaukiau toiik" UUI ucsuijuu ivi v
rt4<l by Shiloh's Cure. Wo guaran5
Will you supper with Dyspepsia and
ver Complaint? Shiloh's Vitalizor is
arantced to euro you.
Slkeplkss vioiitb, made miserable by
ut terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is
0 remedy for you. Hold by W. Willns
and 0. Menkemiller. row.
ir.C.McLane's Celebrated
si mm.
1 few doses taken at the right time
rill often save a severe spell of
iolcness. Prioe only 25 cents at
ny drug store. Be sure and see
*JG BROS., Pittsburgh ra? is
nlhobox. Nono othor is Genuine.
Fw IVORY POLI8HJior the Stlb,
Special Notices.
ITS:?All Fll* stopped Ireo by Dr. Kline's
at Nenro Koaioror. No Flla a/tor II rat day's
Man-olou* curcc. Treatise and ft 00 trial
lie free to Kit awes. Bead to Dr. Kline, 881
b street, Philadelphia, Fa. KWM*
' T=
('iilr?J??i>uMlcnti Meeting.
Upcrial Currctpondetiet of the Intelligencer. ?Caiko,
W. Va., June 4.?Hon. P. W. T
I Morris addressed the Lincoln Kepubli "
can club at this place last Saturday. Mr. m
Morriti reviewed the condition of the two
great parties and clearly showed to his JJ'
hearers his knowledge ofcounty.fctate and
National politics. He spoke of the good .
chance the Republicans have for carry- ?
ing the State at tiie ucst election. lie 7<
also spoke extensively on the tariffques- x
Mr. Morris is mentioned as a candidate
forjudge of this judicial district. Tu
He will go into the convention with
Ritchie at his hack and probably
Doddridge. He will also draw largely -2
from other counties.
A Spring rotsiu.
Huntington Commercial.
Tliero WM n base bull club from Wheeling, ?'
Wlu? Blurted out in the bent of Kood feeling, Ut
Hut when they struck Zuuesvllle they took a
short kUj|>,
(A sudden drop,) J
And now they go down the ladder a keeling. ?
Their JtimiiiCHM Hoouilng.
Probably no one thing has caused such
<> <mtioriil ri'viviil of triulo nt Ijitnin
Co.'s drug store us their giving away to hi
their customers of ho many free trial hot- do
ties of Dr. King's New "Discovery for Ft
Consumption. Their trade in simply dl
enormous in tliis very valuable article
from the fact that.it always cures and by
never disappoints. Coughs, colds, asth- hi
ma, bronchitis, croup, and all throat and at
lung diseases quickly Cured. You can nc
test it before buying by getting a trial
lw>ttle free, large size ?1. Every bottle
warranted. 3 ?
i Excursion to rittHburgli* 1
The Baltimore A Ohio liailroad will
sell excursion tickets next Sunday, May
I'O, ami continue to sell them during the
entire summer, to Pittsburgh, at the rate
of $1 50 the round trip, tickets good for
Sunday only. Will also sell excursion
tickets to Washington, Pa., at the ntte of
$1. Trains leave Wheeling at 5 and 8:10 j?,
a. m.
It seems to us there ought to be a
brand of cigars called "The First ilaby." |
thTwonderfulcarlsbad springs. An
Eminent Physician Reads a Paper
of Groat Interest Before the
International Medical Congress.
At the Ninth Intcroiitluiml Medical Cougreiw w
Dr. L. A. Toboidt, of tlio University of l'ennsyl- w
van in. read u nupcr stating tlmt out of thirty
eases treated with t'arlsbau Water and the I'ow- cr
, dcred Carlsbad Sprudel Salt forchroolcconstipa- fu
tlon, hypochondria, disease of the liver and kidnevs,
Jauudice, adiposis, diabetes, dropsy from
' valvular heart disease, dyspepsia, catarrhal Ini
llammatiou of the stomach, ulcer ot the atom* I.
ncli or spleen, ehlldntu with marasmus, gout, ol
\ rheumatism of the Joints, gravel, etc., twenty- w
?lx were entirely cured, three much Imyroyed, Hi
iiml one not treated long euotigli. Average time tl
, of treatment, lour weeks. In all of these canes et
no particular diet was prescribed. The doctor
' claim*, in conclusion of his paper, that the "~
, Carlsbad Mineral Water, as exported by lliecitv
of Carlsbad! being the natural product, In much
1 to be preferred where the i|Uantity of wutcr In no
objection, particularly In diseases of the Stomach.
Whenever the quantity of water cannot b? ij
, taken (an when away from home) the l'owder V
Carlsbad Snrudcl Salt (genuine imported) will
. answer. lie states that the ellecl of the Water
and Powder Sprudel Salt is to be relied upon. in
dependently ??f any adjuncts of treatment, such
as diet and exercise, whether taken hot or cold,
claiming eveu au advantage when taken eoldj as flf
Riven cold the preference, only tiding the water j,
t hoi when no purgative action ik desired. The fr
doce of the water employed wns two tumblerfuU j|
1 before breakfast nnd one or two during the day. j{
. The dose of Halt is a tcasjioonful three times a
1 day dissolved In water. Whenever a Htrotigcr j,
action is desired the 1'owder sprurtcl Salt should 0|
be used in conjunction with the water. The C3
GENUINE article is bottliii under the fupervi- a|
ion of the city of Carlsbad and lias the seal of r,
the city and the signature ?>f "Eisner iV Mendel- \
son Co.," nolo agent* for the United State*, on w
tho neck of every bottle. All other* are worthi
less imitations. The genuine is never sold in
i bulk, uni' bottle of the genuine imported
Carlsbild Salt 1'owder will be mailed, hostage
paid, upon receipt of one dollar, and i?r. *lo[ old's
paper and table of cafes mulled to any ad- ?
dress upon application to the agents of the Curls- 1
bad Spring. Eisner A Mendeison Company, t>
Hurcluy street. N'ew York. tnyi't>-w.is
Republican Committee
At a meeting of the Republican Executive ^
Committee of Ohio County, held Saturday, June
' 2,1KS8, it was resolved to call a I'rimary Election
I...1.1 mi Katnr.liiV. Juno ?ft. IsS-i. fur ill- I
purpose of selectlm: live (5) delegates from cuch
dbarlct to u County Convention to be held July Ct
i 2,1NH.S, nt - o'clock p. in., in the Police Court
Room, city of Wheeling, for the purpose of nominating
candidates for *>heriil',. Pro-ecu ting At- -i
torney. Surveyor. Assessors elty and county <1Ib- J
tricts, four candidate* f?>r House of Delegates, w
nnd to appoint Judicial and Senatorial Conferee*
and delegate# to the Spite Convention to bo held i
at ChurUnton. Augusts, and delegates to the ~
Congressional Convention to be held at Clark* f
burg, September l_
The Kepubllcana in their several districts at
said primary election will select candidates for
J lift let*. Constables, County Commissioners and
School Commissioner*.
Primaries lu the city precinct# will be held
from 'J I', m. until 9 p. m? and in county precincts
from '1 p. in. until .*? p. tn.
Washington?Vigilant Hose House aud Engine
House, Fulton. n
Madison?Market House and Island Hose V
House,, *
(-'lay?Old Court House.
Union?Police Court Room.
Centre? Hook and Ladder House.
Webster?La Hello Hull.
Rituhie?KK'htli Ward Hose House aud Adams'
School House.
Richland?Brick School House.
Liberty?Centre School House. I
Trladcliihla?Regular voting place, Trladcl- ?
plila. u
All voters who will pledge themselves toaup*
port the Itcpuhllcan ticket at the November
election are invited to take part in these primaries.
k. 1*. Wheat. Fcc'y. jel-imw
a ? t ?vn nL'ntTimnDU nr
Amu ? i/rii /vmuivu ut
TRAINS-On and after Mav 15,18?v8-KxPI.A.N
excepted. J Monday excepted. {Saturday
excepted. ISuuduy only.?Eastern Standard
time. I
it. x o. K. ic.? Kakt. Depart. Arrive.
Ph JJudrlphia I.lmlied.. *5:25 am ?lo: 15 pra
Mall and Kxprei* .... 5:10 put lls2D am
Cumberland Actum.. U;0.'iani 6:50 pm
Urudou Aecom 6:10 pm 11:20 am
MouudfVille Accom 5:*5ani 7:3Uara
Moumlxville Aceom 7:85am 9:15 am
Mouud?ville Accom.. l^Mil pin 1:40 pui
MouniUville Accom- 0:10 pm 7:40 pm
Cambridge Accom - 19:00 am t":10pm
KxprcM (Chicago uud Col).... ?10:2S am *rt:10 pin
Chicago ExpruM *3:40 pm ^:W?m
Chicago Limited *9:50 jiui am
Columbus Accom 12:45 pm tlo::i*> am
Citiclritiuti Limited il:15pin *4:55 ain
St. Clairnvillo Accotn 18:05 am 17:65 am
St. Clairavlllo Accom ft?:00am t10:35 ain j
St. ClalrKVillo Accom f2:00pm 11:35 pm I
St. Clairnvillo Accom.... 6:10 pm tfl:10pm I
1*. ? II. Dlv. 5
Washington and Pittsburgh. 5:00 am *10:15 am *'
Washington and Pitt?burgh. *8:10 nm "II :10 pm
Pittsburgh & I'blla. Ex *6:20 pm ?f?:.V?pm
Washington and Pittsburgh. 11:45pm 112:45pm
Washington- p:30pm t8:00ain
Pittsburgh Accom 15:30pm i 11:55am 1
I'm * St, L. Ky. V
Pittsburgh 17:35 am 16:40 pm
Pittsburgh and New York.... fl :85 pm 13:45 pm ^
X'ittMburxti and New York.... |4:2U pm flLOU am $
P.xpresx, Cin. and St. I/>uk. 7:85am 17:15 am 1
Express, Cin. and 8w Louis.. 9:05 pm 1fi:40pm ma
Kxprww, Stcubcuville it Col. 1:35 pm j3:45pm ?bl
SteubenvlUt? and Dennison.. '4:20 pm w
C. ? I*. ?. lc. ma
Pittsburgh and Cleveland 15:50 am 18:47pin hai
Martin'* Ferry : 7:45am 5:15pm un
StcubenTlilcAccoin 9:33am I:28nm Sl?
Cleveland and WelUvillc 2:12pm 8:53 am v
Pittsburgh and Now York 4:39 pm t l:l:iam onl
Pltubur(jh..?.^ 11:17 am 15:47 pm ton
Express, Cleveland, E. ?fc W.. fl2:3Spm t3:05pm . ^
Maaslllon Accom 15:12 pm fll:25am 110,1
St. Clalwville Accom 17:60 am 19:32 am V
St.ClainivilleAccom 110:26 am f 1:32pm am
St. Clalrnville Accom f2:10pm f5:iWpm \
St. ClaiimrilloAccom 0:25pm 8:00pm ton
' l/ocal Freight and Accom? 5:30 am 17:30 pm wri
Ohio lUver UuUroiwl.
Passenger *7:35 am "11:00 am
l'taaeuKcr 12:15pm *3:20pm Q
Pawcnjor *4:30pm *8:15pm w
I. Si V. HIIUhmmI. . ?12
BoUalrc <k ZonftsvtUoThrough taswnger leaves Ex
Bcllalre nt 8:10a. m.. arrives nt lK>llalrvnt.-l j?. in. ?
\Voo<Uili>M leaven Hellalrc at 4:20 p. T
m.. arrive* at Hellnlrc at 8:'20 a. m. Ine
Hummorfleld Act-ommndatlon leaven Bellalru
at 1 :ft) p. tn.. arrlvw nt Ik-llaln; nt 10:4.'? a. m. ' '
TT On ami alter Monday, A phil 30, 1888.
trains on tho Wheeling Jt Kim Grove Hall road
will run as follows: Tic
Lra vn Whkeumo : tn r
6:30 a. m.. 6:10 a. m., 7:00 a. m., 8:00a. m.,0:00 For
a.m., iu:00a.ra., ii:oo a. iu., 12:00 m.,1:00 p.m., nn<1
1:00'p. m.. 3:00 p. m., 4:00 p. in., 6:00 p. m., 6:10 nca
p. to., 7:00 p. m., s-.w p. m., 9:? p. m.
LkavkhWhrkmno i'lac: ^
6:10 a. m., 7:00 a. m., 8:00 a. m., 0:00 a.m., 10:00 _J5
* m.t 12:00 in., 1:00 p. m., '2:00 p. in.. -r"l
3:00 p. ni? 4:0u p. m., 5:00 p. in., 6:10 p. in., 7:JU H
8:00 p. m., 8:66 p. m., 10:10 p. m.
SUNDAYS.?Leave at 7:00 a. m. and run every
hour, except church train, at VWb p. m. Uavo
H hcejlnjr Park at h:00 a. m. ami ruu every hour r-_
until jo p.m.,except church tralus, which will ?*n
eare th?) Park at V:tt a. m. aud Wheeling at
18:16 p. m. and 9:16 p. m.
?p27 C, HlfiSCQ, Supt, m
New Advertisements.
_____ _
Sice Cream Dishers I I
lifpctisible for Jco Crcsm Saloon*. All altca \
the Hardware ami Houaofarnlfhlng store of
ffrWAH \M1 Market Street.
Engraved tojOrder
imblers, Champerties, Claret*, Wines, Water
Oarules, Ac.. Ac. _
c-'i 1215 Market St.. opp. McLure Home. .
For Sale.
\n Elegant Upright I'iano, used but a short
ue, can bo bought very cheap at
F. W. BACKER & CO.'S, i
k* 1310 Market Street. J
N'oticois hereby given that the Partnership
Iherto existing between the undersignod unr
the Ann title o! 11. HSHBR <b SON, Star
tundry, in the city of Wheeling, was this date
Moived by mutual consent.
All liabilities of the firm arc hereby assumed
' 1). Fisher, who will henceforth carry ou the
islneu under his own name. Ail debts to the ?
m to bo /-uhl to the said B, F inker, and prompt- ^
:ns is requested in such settlement.
C. N. FISHER. 11
A I'M L 2. lMh. Jetf
Wholesale Stoneware!
We have la stock r.o.ooo Callous of Stonewart
ars, Crocks, Milk Pans, Butter
Poto. Jugs, Pitchers, Etc.,
Iilcb wo will Wholesale to Dealers at Lowest
icc*. Trade in surrounding towns solicited.
Fresh Hoiu>ted Coffees and Pure Teas.
Conner & Snedeker,
Jei Cor. Market .fc Fourteeuth Hts.
Having sold my stock of Boots and Shoes at I
CM Main ft reel to John McCrum, Jr., J desire to I
tank m.v friends for their liberal patronage.and J
oiilil ask a continuance with my successor,
hotn I can recommend as worthy.
Would also give notice to thus* havlug aedints
with me to call ami settle, a.s 1 will be
uud at the old stand for a short time.
WM. I. ON'U.
Having purchased the Shoo Store of Mr. Wtn.
Ong, 1UII Main street, I desire to inform the
<1 |Nitrons and nil new ones who may favor melt
h their custom that the satne exceptionally
:ie line of goods that gave the house u reputaon
will he continued in stock and the same
Mirteous treatment of patrons accorded.
Jefl JOHN Mcl'BUM, Jn. i
raluable Suburban Property!
We will oflcr for sale at public auction,
i 10 o'clock a. m., at the frout door of the Court
ouse. Wheeling, W. Va., the late residence of
>bn It. Morrow, deceased, situate live miles a
oin the city oi Wheeling, on the Ohio river, at ?
cMechcu's Station, on the It. it O. and Ohio D
ivcr Kallronds. This property consists of ten
:res of recotid bottom laud. Good for garden*
ig purposes. Five acres of said tract consists
I gravel and sand to the depth of thirty feet,
(prettiv adapted to building purposes, and
mjvc high water, and has on it a liandsome ten
torn brick house with good brick outbuildings,
good bearing orchard and also a good well of
uter. Near two churches and school house.
For further particulars and terms, enquire of *
11. F. McMECtlKN, I
No. rjtiT Ctinplinu Street. I'
W. II. IIALLElt, Auctioneer. 1
852. SPUING TRADE. 1888.
And Celling Decorations!
a?*The largest stock aud greatest variety In Jl
e State.
Baby Carriages I
100 In Storo. Prices from &00 to (10 00.
We are sole agents for the Downing Sleeplug
>aeh, the best Baby Carriage in the world. fe
All goods sold at prices to suit the times.
'os. Graves & Son
20 Twelfth Street.
jeo. Hibberd & Son, ]
SucceMors to Thompson & nibbcrd,
lumbers, Gas & Steam Fitters,t(
SPECIALTIES.?Natural Gas Supplies, Steam Vf
eating and Ventilation.
1314 Market Street, (]
WA11 work promptly done at moat rcaaon>
Iic price*. mp
I ?f
Hr in\
^[email protected]^T iu
3 SHOE OESTPemesj.
*he only fins calf WSenmleM Sin*' In the world tj,i
do without tuckf or naJla. Ait atyllch and dur- pc
c n* those coating S'? or $ '?, uud having no tarka ,NJ
nalla to wear the stocking or hurt the fcet, n',H
ke* them iw comfortable and well-fittinga* u ww,
iid-Mwod shoe. liny the bent. None genuine
lcHHhtHiii|H-d on bottom "W. L. Dougliil S3
?<.*, warranted."
r. L. noun LAB *1 SHOE, the original and
y hand sewed welt II shoe, which equals cub- tj
i-made ahoea costluK from 50 to fJ. N
f. L. DOUGLAS ti 50 HIIOE la unexcelled for Ut
ivy wear.
i. L. DOUGLAS 12 SHOE la worn by all Boyi,
I 1h the best school shoe In the world.
II tlic abovo good* aro made In Congress, Butand
Law, and If not aold by your dealer,
te W. L. DOUGLAS, Brockton, Maw.
hold only at
1040 MAIN STUEKT, ,,
cnraions lo Arkansas,Texas and Mexico .J'
ho Louisvlllo it Xnshvlllo R. R. and connect
Lines will dell special excursion tickets to all
nts In Arkansas am! Texas, and to stations iQ,j
the Southern Pacific Ry. In New Mexico at Co.'
! fare for tie round trip, on April 3d and 21th, jr
8th and ?d, and Juno 6'h and 19th, 1888.
kcts allow stop-over privileges, and arc good
eturn within sixty days from ditto of sale.
Uckcts and further Information, call on your *T
rest ticket agent, or write to
8.8. PAKKEU, I>. P. A.,
Cincinnati, 0. e=
iraft-an-as-mia-afrio .
1 Fc
Anil Ico Cream Dealers uni1
bo supplied with a first-class quality of Jer*
Cream by addressing
731 HI. CUlmlllo, 0. Mi
Geo. E. Stlfal & Co.
leo. isnl
& CO.
special sale
We have received this week
lother importation of Lace
urtains in
Irisb Points,
And Brussels.
We have a full line of styles
nd sizes in the above celerated
Iaa 17 OUfnl P, f<A
IDU. n, OlllOi IX VJU.
1114 Main Street.
J. S. Rhodes & Co. _
1st chance. =
We have succeeded In procuring a
>w more of those FINE *
Zephyr Holies with Embroidery
> match.
White and Ecru Batiste Robes
ith Embroidery to mutch.
White and Ecru Swiss llobes
ith Embroidery to match.
OSTING FROM $3.75 to$8.00."
Call soon if you want one.
jgg A:
Logan & Co.
Hoard* of Health and Expert*, In their lnte4
witliratloiiH on food adulteration*, In that the
kino Powdim made from alum and i.imk,
leave a residue or sedlmeut after baking _
leh is highly Injurious Nearly all tho "gift" 1
Icing Powder* contain alum or lime. Bead ]
yourselves the analysis which have been
bushed. *
We Want You to Remember
nt Logan & Co.'s Excelsior Baking
iwder contains no alum ok link.or other
i'riot'm substance. It requires no gift to
ke It sell, but It sells on its own merits, and rin,
ause It always gives satisfaction. Ask for
xcelsiorBakingPowder ~
Wholesale Druggists; Wheeling, W. Va.
Best Pills I Ever Used."
bis expression has become a common one JAW
>ug those who hare used LOGAN ik CO.'U *Homestead
Liver Pills.
tiey are undeniably the Best Family Mcdiclne HO!
i?e. ucwaro or imitations for I<ogaQ & I ~
llomcitcad Pilli. Tj^LI
-OGAN & CO.,
DraralnU, Wheeling! W. V?.
14 Wo ac
iODisiaaa State Lottery Co. F(
ir ticket* or further information addrca the
craigncd. II you navo not been fortunate PIN
where, try me for a change.
Covington, Ky. j?\. Pr
sntlon thli paper. m? the Ink
Ceo. R. Taylor & Co.?Special Bargains.
m G.R.T.&CO.
-& co.- j
Special Bargains
Faille Silks
This Day and During the Week
$1.50 Quality Marked Down lo $1.25
$1.75 Quality Marked Down to $1.50
$2.00 Quality Harked Down to $1.75 ;
$2.25 Quality Marked Down to $2.00
$2.75 Quality Marked Down to $2.35 j
These are rare Bargains, and
we shall be glad to have our customers
and the public to avail
themselves of this opportunity to
secure them.
I '
tSfWe begto call attention to our AUSTRALIAN
j SERGE advertisement appearing in the Register ;
> this morning.
G. Mendel & Co.?Undertaking.
We will Close our Store at 6 P. M.,
SATURDAYS excepted.
I be promptly answered by telephone call to store, resi
. dence of B. Zook or Erb's Livery Stable.
Mendel & Co..
1124 Is/LJLI2sT ST.
rterial Embalming a Specialty.
Wall_Paper-J. C. Orr.
fall Paper! Wall Paper!
The nndcrnlgned Inform* his friend* and patrons, old and new, that he hai
Juat opened a FINE and riKLKCT LINK of
Direct from the Manufacturers, at
No. 41 Twelfth Street,
(Formerly occupied by tho Undorvrrltenr Insurance Company.)
e Tapers for Wall, Ceiling and Decorations a Spec ially. Conic and nee.
J". C- ORR.,
17 Agent for A. C. Orr.
Boots and Shoes?James Divine.
Gents' Kangaroo and Dongola Shoes in Every Stylo.
i\ Hisses' and Children's Hand Tarn in Oiford Ties, Boots and Slippers.
Any Description of Hhoca Made to Order. npa
usefumlshlng Hardware. Photography.
They are Coming. _ .
to for them by tiling Gauze Windows and unly Sj>d OO Per Dozen
11 *11 ilica of Wire Cloth and Frame*. iirofirvuj nut vnv
9S=^^^?9?r _ No. 43 Twelfth Btrwt.
Inoomparmbly tha Bait. $l.oo PER VEAIt.
in^^nMtljud prompllj^xKuiPit Tho Great eat Family Newspaper
iuienoor Job Uooau. of Wast Virginia.
Being nenrnt hand. nnd frletida nn<l rclntim.
oi the Orudunkn having their m
tuntlon turned townnlAppropriate
will find u* 'qjocially prepared wltli n full
Hue of the
Iu ull the suitable bindings, from 35
to $5 per volume.
No one nin question the npproiirlattt'iH. ?i
helping to found a library for thon* \vho^*t
prepared tliuuuclvwi to properly appreciate une.
ASK TO 8KK oun
Wild Hose, Iliiniliuo, or EniliosM'il fall
Editions of II10 Pools.
Each one lu ii neut box.
Also our llnti'kojno Sou of SIlAKKSPK ittv
In Flexible Leather lilndlug, enelo.-vd til
giint Seal sklu Comm.
?jrs,K?oi#lly low prices to mince m- k for
dull months.
<\TflNTnN& flnVCMDnnT
KS u in i vn vAi/n ? Liu \JL\ I
1301 Market Street.
my no
Magazines and Choap Publications,
Jfc>um) Book*, School Book* am! SiJttlanerr
Books not in stock furtilidicHl to nr.Kr '
Modlatabribe year at |iuMi?bViv loweat
prices, delivered in tliu city or mnltal.
C. 11. OL'lMllY
Bookseller. Stntloner hikI Ncws.ii ?lor
fc'J9 >?'" ' u ?.v 1 <'T Mwrkci
Groceries, &c.
Grocer, Pork, Packer,
Celebrated "Struwberry Hams,"
Bos. 1309 AND 1311 MAIS STREET,
My own Curo of Choice Smoked Meat* dclirereddully
from my I'ork II oiim: tit Mani-hcuicr.
T1IE lab6kst stock of
General Groceries
Headquartors for
Taylor's Patent and family Flour.
Headquarters Tor the Celebrated
* * r\ rr
Aiaroma uonee.
Sole Agent for Dupont's Sporting, MIuItik ?ul
ItlaMlmt Powder. jr
Steamship Tickets.
Atlantic Express Service.
StemiiMliip "CITY OF KOMK" from New York
Wkdnkmia Y.April 18, MayIfl,Jnuuir.juiyn.
?u?l liM'Kl jMu-MD?i r Steamer uikwt.
Saloon Puaiojio, Sccoiiil-i:)a>sfc?.in.
Glasgow Service.
Steamer* every Saturday from Now York to
' Glasgow and Londonderry.
Cabin i'tuiMiKU toiitaMow, l?ou?loutlerry, K|v* rpool,
or lielfaxt #."?omnl *.???.
Steerage, outward or pre|uii<i, either Serrlcc,
9"0. Saloon KxcurnlouTlckctMit iu-?lti.-. ?l mt? ?.
Traveler*' Circular Letter* of Credit ami Draft*
for any itmotint iflUOd at lowcut current rate*
For IkKikM or Tours. Ticket* or further iiifnr
I uiatlon, apply to IIKN PERSON ItKOTUKItf,
1 New York, or II. F. UIvMHliSS, UJI7 Market
- Httx'ct.
Passage Tickets.
Atlantic Ocean Steamer Ticket* nt prlrw to
MUttall, by American, English, German, French.
Belgian ami Nether land Steamship Linen, lor
nalc at tliu Lnropi'uu American Stcamillip
Agency 01 11. v. iikuhkm*,
apUM ai?" Mnrkcl Street.
(a(A;m'L!l,-('(l.l| FUKTIM..
"Bv n thorough knowledge oi the untund lnw>
which govern the operations of digestion and
nutrition, and by a careful application of tho
fine properties of well soleeted t'ocoa. Mr. Kpjw
has provided our. brcakfiuit tables with a dellcutely
flavored leverage which may mivc u> man)
heavy doctors' bllin. It is by the Judicious umj
of such articles of diet that a constitution may
1ms gradually built up until strong cuoiikIi to resist
every tendency to dlnuasc. Hundred* of subtie
maladies arc floating around lis ready to attack
wherever there Is a weak point. We may
cv/apc many a fatal shaft by keeping onrHivi*
well furtilled with pun- hlood and a projicrly
nouriahed frame."?Civil Service Gazette.
Mtulu ktuudy with boiling water ??r milk. Foal
otilv in half-pound tins by urocere, labeled tli??:
To Farmers, Gardeners, Etc.
Choice Golden Millet Seed
in Btore and for sale nt bottom price*.
myaVMW It. K. (ilFFIX < (K_
Ilia Murket St.?Went Side.
Oliver'* Chilled Plows and Points.
lloosie Grain Iirlllb.
McCormiek Kenncr.
l'ninl.s of nil kinds.
: Climax Cook Stove.
npli-MWSAW Landreth Garden sYcd-.
BEAUTIES teftte '.If,:,
P.Roduliind D. Leghorn Chlcki'iiH i?ikey*,
KggR awl CARP In KN'ilV
MIIIk, II, l"in, (to., bent and ?" > -?rt I ">"
iu lumber, batlnfiu'tlon guaranteed t?n nil.
OIF AO M)cont book for ccnU and name* n"
01LU0 Hddrehhof twenty wide awake Farmed
Send ktamii for circular* to
T. K. (.AH.-'KADON,
nogt-DAW Ki \- r W \r. _
Pictures and Art Materials.
Supplies for Oil Color, Water Color and Chlua
rutntttin, Hrufdiea, Cativii*, Kftwlc, Ac., Ac.
Wln*or nnd'Newton* Color*.
Studies iu great variely. at
NiColl/8 A NT KKHth.
niy29 Y?tl-Multi
Professional Cards.
Q ;^fia5soNi
General Insurance Agent,
1318 Market St., Wheeling IV. Va.
^Collection* promptly attend*! }" *orJ
ancc iiollcltcd in Wheeling, and In all I '*''" ''
U',,.1 Vlmli.l. . 14i .* Itikiimnrt- nl ."U'M
rate* nn<l in hot rornimim-*. "i ' ' ''' China,
Class and Quoonswaro.
And open for Inspection,
The Carter' Patent Stoneware Filter
and Cooler Combined.
And Family Kilter. The belt ami m?>?? r>
Filtcra In tlie market. N<? rorrodltur n '
Ice water impurities. Mm pit* in eon-tr
J'crfect in operation. Finished in .n't|"!; '
highly ornamcutal atyle. John HUH'
Je.? . Hl'J Mafn street and 11 u"'''
\VK U8K?
One that In pure ami reliable, ami tliat hlw?) *
islvea ftutUfucUoti. la '
List's Excelsior.
Trjr It, and you will bavo no retaon welians**
It. II. l.IST. Man ' r
Jc2 1010 Main street.

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