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General Notices.
Tin; above reward will be paid bjr the "Panhandle
Flitting Club" tor the arrest and con v Jolion
of any oue Kuilty ol ?eluln? in Wheeling
i ri ?. "'"t Virzini* or tor information that
hi:; lead to audi urreat and conviction. Aiao
, ..f llhh pouorwt trap* or the use of dynamite
"r ol any explosive material*. Thi* otter
iU'i'l* f"T entire aeanon.
a,Hum nil iMiniiiiinicatlotu to
niv7 n.?w 1ak;Ic ftox 28. Wheeling.
For Rent
One Five roomed Houae ou Tr/entlcth atrcef,
bxUhisC Koouu iu Udlly'i Block.
iiiy ' 1142 ChapHnc Street.
A Now Three Atory HujIjjcm Houae, 100 /pet I
doci>. t? t<e erected at 1067 Main atrcct. if leaned I
? *- |
now tlie router's viewi couiu w wumiw .vganlU'k'
|>lnn of building to be erected.
I Jicwby announce mj?el/ a candidate for
Slu-riir i>l Ohio County, subject to the dcclsiou
ill Hie Itoiiiiblk-an Convention.
in).' P. ? DOUHIXS.
i respectfully unnounco myself as a candidate
for the* office of Sheriff ol Olilo County, subject
(<> tin- "Urislou ol thu Kepublicau Primaries or a
t'ouiil) C umcnlion, tut may be decided upon,
jpou .SHERIFF.
To the bUtur uf the Intelligencer:
Mr. I'ieaM? nuuomica that I am a candidate
for tlie nomination for Sheriff of Ohio County,
nil.j.'. i to the decision of thu itepublican Con- !
tin : T. C. MOFFAT.
I hereby announco myself ax a candlilato for
Sheriff ol Ohio County, subject to the decision
uf (lit* Hi'uioeratlc Primaries or Convention.
i'our support is respectfully solicited for tho I
above nomination, subject to thu decision of the I
Democratic i.uiivuunuu.
,,1.:. CHAItl.ES H. BK11LKR.
For Sale.
\? ok s a i v. -Vine suburban
X? lte*idcnce at Klin drove, with one acre of
Kruiiii'l. All in good urikT. Natural gas. It. M.
illl.liKKTll. wy.ll
jpon SALE.
The Hardening MttU Dairy Form ucar Mt. do
rhnuul known n.- the "Klmberly Flaw." In
liorfljy ollerud lor Mile. Thin 1h Justly considered
n vcrj ilwdrable place for suburban residences, r
or lor gardening and dairy purposes, and will he t
miM in parcel* to Milt purchaser*. The Improvement*
on tills place cost over $.'>,000. ?
For terms apply lo T1108. O'lUtlKN,
or, (i. 11 a x y \ x. niyai
A fine Fruit and Harden Farm, containing; 21
am*, on which thure is a lino apple, two wine*
aikI crab apple orchard*. Also about live or six
acre* lu choice varieties ol grapes. All situated
iu .Marilu's Ferry, and most of It cau be laid out
in town l?>t*. For terms cull on or address
lusuraucu and lteal Kstato Agent,
inyiT ltutpoKfoHT, Omo.
A very pretty and well built Cottage ou one of
(he priiu'f|>al avenues In Mountain Lake Park,
tiarrutt county, Md., containing uluo good sized
rouaui. Flno view; double lot, and a well ol
fluo water ou the premises. Address BOX 430,
1*. (). Baltimore. Sid. my!)
,ii Shares Junction .Null .11111.
iMi .Mures Null Mill.
lu Mian* iteiuiout Nail Mill.
Ji Shares Uemvood Null Mill.
16 Sharea Commercial Hank.
40 .Share* People's Rank.
lu Shares 1'eabody Insurance Company.
I. 1JCW1N, lirokor,
inyS No. 21 Twelfth Street.
farm of 257 Acrea within two mile* of first* *
claw station o? H. A O. Railroad, lOOucres under
cultivation, aud the residue in uueuiied timber, oak,
poplar and walnut.' 1
W. V. IIOOE ib BRO.,
foil 1300 Market Street.
Sown Roomed House, 27 South York atrcot,
ticMni 6 Roomed Brick Ilouaa, corner ThirtyriKliili
and Wood street*. Will pay au an investment,
si'k*nili<l Farm near Mt. Pleasant, Ohio. One
of Uie best farms lu JetUiraau county. "
Seven Roomed House on North Front street;
U)t bUXil).
Six Rooomed House on North York street. 1
Some *>1 the most desirable bulldlug lota lu
Uvo oUl Fair tirouuda.
JiiilMine Lot 011 North Front street.
fvven boomed llou.su on South Broadway;
natural j!??, and everything lu good repair; lot
10x1 A). fJ.uoo.
Four Roomed Cottage for 11,000.
apU Real Katate Agent, 1*220 Mala St
(21) Tnoiitj-foin- lota in Cnldwell'a Addition
to the CItjr of Wheeling.
Hal?l Uit* are bounded on the north by Twoutyninth
street, on the east by Fillmore street, on
(lie south tiy iho llnudlan Homestead, aud on
the Must by the ii. <k O. It. R. . !
Their proximity lo the above namca ranrumu
rentier* them excellent si tea for manufacturing
II nut mm In thirty days will bo sold at pub*
11c Ruction.
Fur tonus aud further information apply to
W. V. I10WK A 111(0.,
KM) Market Street,
OrWii.iJAN M. IUnhlam,
anlft 8. W. Cor. Chapl'tte A Sixteenth St?.
Real Estate.
No. 31N Market street, new brick house, 6
rooms utnl Imtli rooui, hot aud cold water,
imtiirut ami illuminatinggas #21*00
No. ir.ti Market street, sumo aa above '-'1 00
No. 'Jl-tii Alley A? 1. WW
No. 21W Malu street, store-room 10 00
No. 66 Twenty-third street, - rooma and
akit?-hcn .. ft fiO
No. Alley li, rooms and kiteheu 7 CO
No. it; Twenty-fifth street, - rooms...- ft 50
No. ".in Mam street, first lloor " &0
No. i'lii) Muln street, second lloor ft'>o
No. iyirt Muiti street V 00
No. ix< Virginia st.,.5 roomed brick house.. 1- M)
New g roomed house, Klin Grove 10 60
No. i3o Fourteenth street, ft rooms 12 60
No. 41 Maryland street, brick house, & rooms
atul attic 10 00
No. iVji Main street, will rent for a saloon or
warding house.
No. f-r. Zane street, corner Zanc and South
Broadway, lu roomed house.
No. *w /.huostreet, 4 roomed house. *
Many other House*, Lot* aud Karma for sale.
IVrsotial attention given to the management
< ? rial estate, collection Of accouut*. Deeds,
lea*-*and other written Instruments prepared.
J prosecute all claMesof Government Claim* belore
the Treasury Department aud the Department
of the interior. Any disability Incurred
while in service entitles a soldier to a pcuslou.
Many koliliers now drawing a pension arc enjuitil
to an tacrvuao by virtue oi new laws or
Hwrvaslng disabilities. Rejected claim* cau Ih?
Jvojjeitftl. An Notary Public I take depoaitlona
m all claim* in which I am not the attorney of
rvet.nl. My.-.mmlsalon an Notary being on Die
til the Pension Department aflidavlta taken by
m?.|? not require the certificate of a Clerk of a
totirt ?'f record.
Eatate Agent, U. 8. l'enalon and Claim At_J^riu-y.
foiUvtor and Notary Public. inyW
Adjustable Baby Carrlajro.
Lv?k iM'foro you buy. When buying Babl
<url?*?i u< lure you bo to 0. C. 0?nthcr? ami
k*U?c Holnun AOJuiUblo lUbjr Carriage. tht
|f*t thing in the market. Com you no mon
|"?n any other (turlnce. Cad b* miuto into ?
i'IIT, '*rrl^. ? rtb, cnullo and nloich. Anj
rut '1 large enough to btTfi charge of aMby car
jjtkc the changc in a few aoconda. Kemembcr
they can ?v?ly W UuRbt of O. C. UcnVhcr, lh<
o|? agent (or Weat Vlnrtul*.
JtM-mw q. c. qkNTHER. 10M Main BU
tojbe lNTEU4oiwc*m Job Room, Noa. 2
nav. fourteenth atrvct, where you out b? M
commodate a; abort uoUoa.
URES Nervous Prostration, Nervous
Hcadachc, Neuralgia, Nervous
^^^_Wcakne-?, Stomach and Liver
^^^Diseaacs, Rheumatism, Dyspepsia,
and alt affections cf the Kidneys.
weak nerves
I'aink'b CeleryySouTotntv Is a Nerve Ttonh
which never falls. Containing Celery and
Coca, those wonderful rtlmulauti, It totted*
lly cures all nervous disorder*.
I'aixk's Cei.ery CoMrorND purlflw tho
Wood. It drives out tho lactic acid, which
causes Rheumatism, and restores the blood*
making organs to a healthy condition. Tho
true remedy for Hheumatism.
kidney complaints
I'aine'b Celery f'oxroc.sdquickly restores
the liver nnd kidneys to pcrfcct health,
This curative power combined with its
nerve tonic*, makes It tho best remedy
for all kidney complaints.
J'aim.'s Celery Compound strengthens tba
stomach, aud qulcte the /im'en of the digestive
organs. This Is why it cures eveu the
worst cases of Dy*i>e|?Ia.
I'AtNn's Celery CosirouND Is not a Cathartic.
It Is a laxative,plvlng easy and natural
action to the bowels, llegulurity surely follows
Its we.
llccommended by professional mi<J businen
men. Send for book.
Trice 9i.<M). Hold by Druggists.
u/hifn nats..vr:
Quaker Mill Co., Ravenna, Ohio.
Pearl-Top Lamp Chimney.
Thisis theTop of the Genuine
Pearl Top Lamp Chimney.
Mothers, similarare imitation.
others'lis good[
Insist upon the Exact Label and Top
Fou Sale Everywhere. Mace only cy
SEP. A. MACBETH & CO., Pilis&iirgh, Pa.
Very Best Gum Teeth
ONLY $10.
$S.OO (iiiwTcctli Itcduccd to $o.OO,
foil a jimout t jiik.
Irokcu Sots Ropalred. Teeth Extracted, 23 ?:t*.
my29TT)i.u No. 1'- Twelfth Street.
Steamship Tickets.
Atlantic Express Service.
Steamship "CITV OK KO.MK" from New Yorl
Wku.niihiay. April l?, Jby ifi, Juuul.'i, July 11.
IjvrKVKt atul fluent {num.-tiger St&uncr afloat.
Saloon ftuiNtKi', ?00 to 100, ftrcotltl-ClaM,
Glasgow Service.
Steamer* avory eatunlay /rom Now York to
Glasgow unci Londonderry.
Cabin huuMKU to uIomiow. lj;tnJoinlcrry, Llvci
pool, ?>r Ik* I (a.-1 AO mill <110, .-<1 Cdiul i *:.!*>,!?:?!
H(ivrn?i*. outwnr.l or prrpnlti, either Servla
20. 8Mi<H?n K v*ur*|ou 1 lrkut* at Keilucul rata
Traveler*' Circular U'tUT* ??f t'redltaod l'nift
for uny amount iM>ued ?t lotvp?tournmr
For Books or Tour*. Ticket* or further lufoi
street. >?>-'?
Passage Tickets.
Atlantic Ocean Steamer Ticket* ?t prices 1
suit all, l<y American. KnKlUh.Oermun, FreucI
Belgian and Nethurland Steamship Linen, 1?
ale lit the Kuroiiean American steatnshi
Agency ot II. V. HKHRKN8,
apSi --'17 Market Street.
China, Class and Queenswar<
And open lor ln?pcctlan>
The Cartor Patent Stoneware Flltc
and Coolor Combine^,
And Family Filter. The l>e-t aud mast rejlah
Filter* Ui the market. No corroding metal*. :
leu water Impurities. Simple In cousirnetio
1'erkrt Jn operation. Finished In nrtUtie at
highly oruanu-ntal Myle. JOHN KltlKl>KL,
_fo- ?U* M.ilu street and 11:11 Water*
Professional Cards.
(1 moral Insnrunrc Ajjrnt,
1318 Market tit., Wheeling, W. Va
"Collections promptly attended to. In*
r ancc solicited iuAYlieering, aud in all part*
I West Virginia. t'ati place Insurance at low
. ratesanuln best eomi-anic*. Hpjfrmv
! Druggists.
One that In pure and reliable, and that ?lw
. gives latlsfnctlon, Is
List's Excelsior.
3 Try It, and yon will have no reasuu to elm:
y K. 11. LIST. Man'Pr.
JeJ 1010 Main Strce
fflt IttttUijtncw.
OfflMiNufc 5ft ami ?7 Fourt?ath glr?U'
CosttWt Magazine.
"So hero I am writing nt homo, dear,
Ami you M? lar away,
Atnl when you rr*d the letter,
1 wonder what you will ?y.
The green leaven whisper around me,
The nljthtengalw "In? above,
Jlint as they did tliut day, dear,
When you told me ol your love.
"I can seo her," he fondly whispered,
An ho wit by the far camp lire,
And read und read her letter
With heart that could never tire.
"I can nee her true eye# ablnlmp
An (the leans u|?on her little hand,
And ea*e?nnd dreams about mo
Here in this distant laud."
The bugle rung out at midnight,
The light wk> lout ere morn;
lie fell, with hi* old haul lion,
landing u ho|>e forlorn.
While lit home the nun i* *hiulng
And the rotes of June unfold,
lint the maiden I* quietly weeping
Ak hhe dreuuiN her dream ol old.
II? Han lloen n Friend or Maine and an i
Advocate of Protection?11 In Speebhe* For
ltlnlne in 1SS4?III* Strength?Tho Itoom
In the Went,
New 'Yokk, Juno c.?The following
telegraphic dispatch was received tonight
from n staff correspondent of the
Preu now in Chicago. In view of tlie
strength of the movement favoring
Judge Gresham for President, it will be
read with interest:
Two big horse shoes hang over the
desks of tlie city editors in the Chicago
Tribune oflicc, and two big pictures of
Judge Walter Quinton .Gresham ornament
the plate glo.su windows of the
counting rooms below. If these indications
of the luck and popularity of the
adopted son of Illinois seem sentimental,
the visitor can And plenty of more substantial
ones in the pleasant corner
room on the fourth floor occupied by
Joseph Medill.
This sturdy Blaine man and sturdy
Gresham man takes a very hopeful and
logical view of the political situation.
Ho not only insists that the Hoosier
judge can sweep the country beyond a
doubt, but he argues it all out pretty
The argument, briefly, is that Gresham
can carry Indiana so strongly that it will
easily be Hepublican for many years to
come, and that if four electoral votes
cannot bo got cast of tho Alleghftnics the
party of Lincoln and Grant had better
go i?ijt of the business,
.So the Inference that Mr. Medill draws
is that the candidate of Illinois could
not fail to be elected. "I don't understand,"
lie said, this afternoon, "how
they get the impression in the east that
the Gresham uien arc anti-Blaine men.
Just the reverse is true.
"Of the hundreds of thousands of Republican
voters in this State, the greatest
and most powerful State of the
West, I venture you cannot llnd a single
Maine man who is not heart and soul
for Gresham, or if there are a few exceptions,
they only prove what the rule is.
"There"is no reason why they should
not be. Judge Gresham has been a
Blaine man ever since there were Blaine
men anywhere?that is, for twelve years.
When Mr. Blaine was out, and the Paris
letter proves that those who believed
the J-'lorenpe'letter were right, they all
went to work for Judge fjrcabqui." *
"That reminds me,'' I ventured to put
in, "that Judge Gresham's position on
the tarifT question has been doubted in
Homo (inarters aud misunderstood in
"Yes," the reply was. "But there is
no reason for it. It is enough to say for
Judge (jresjium that if he were to become
the nominee of the Republican
party he would stand on the Republican
platform. The convention will forecast
the Republican policy in the campaign
on the tarill'asit will in other matters.
"It will make the platform and the
nominee, whoever he is, will stand upon
it. That would be the pase with General
Gresham; so it is useless to discuss
Iwt !?i (i nrntoi'(inni?t.nr nnt."
That would ueem to be an undoubted
fact, for there will be plenty of protection
in the Republican platform, and it
is not ;iikely that any citizen of this
great country will refuse a Presidential
nomination when it is offered him.
"I find something in support of these
of Mr. Medill in the Tribune, of thiti
morning. At the head of the editorial
column is 'Grcsham's tribute to Blaine
and Logan in 1881, from the Wall street
speech of October 20.'
"It runs: 'Our candidates for President
and Vice President have been conspicuous
in public life for more than a
quarter of a century. ?hey are men of
acknowledged ability, hid mail in thp
country is better equipped tli'an Mr*
Blaine to discharge the duties of the
highest office in the gift of the people,
and Gen. Logan is no less eminent as a
statesman than as a soldier.'
This followed immediately by another
quotation fp)in the same speech. It related
to the tariff, and said; *Jn revising
our tariff laws and reducing our customs
revenue, home interests should not be
neglected. Indeed, protection to manufacturers
and laborers can and should be
afforded by taxing only'siiol} jnmorts as
enmn into real competition and admit
ting others free.
" 'No one disputes that the Republican
party is in favor of thus affording pro
feetion to our domestic industries. Kevonue
"uvv?s should bo enacted with refer
ence to our local conditions and wants.
We should legislate in ti)e interest of
our o\yn people rather t han in Jhe jliter:
est of mankind at largo.
44 4Not antil wo are able to control the
is markets of the world can we afford to
adopt free trade. No intelligent man
i. needs to be told that the weight of opinion
in the pemocratie party i8 decidedly
opposed to the protective tmestion, l)ut
.. that once in full possession of thegoyeminent
it would refuse to enact or
' maintain protective tarifT laws.'
> "They a're talking a gop(} deal jn some
parts of the East," 1 said, <4a|}qut ijdye
i Ureshnm's religion."
.{ "I know they are," said Mr. Medill;
"rather foolish, it seems to me. I wish
my chances of getting through the gate
past St. Peter were as good as Judge
tires ham's. He is a very punctual
0 churohgoof. He goes to j)r. Swing's, its
i, 2,"?00 other deyojt Christ jans do. 11 is
>' wife is a Presbyterian and' a member of
p Dr. .Swing's church. The Judge is a pew
holder there. His people were all Meth=
odists, just as mine were, but my wife
), js a I'nsbvterian and I go to chqrch
- where she wants to.'1
44 What about Judge Gresham's
strength?" I asked. ,4Is he gaining?"
u\Ye don't know anything about His
,r strength in this oilice, except that wc
hear from all over the country that he je
to strong, sometimes we print that there
Jf are no delegates from such a State that
?i are fur Grcsham, and in a few days we
get a letter from some delegate in that
'h State saying that he is for Greshara, atul
knows of t>yo or three pliers ^fho an
for him also.
"""* 44 We haven't kept any table of tin
delegates, and I don't know anybodj
here who has. There has been ho or
ganization to the Gresham movement
anyway?or, 1 should say, there was i
committee a long tirne ago, but it dis
44It is as if the whole town and neigh
ur. borhood appointed itself a committee t<
or work for the favorite of them all. Thcj
talk about tons of campaign document
^ being circulated in the East. The onl;
campaign document that I have hear<
_ anything aDOUiis mis sqppieuieniuim'
11 TiHbui*nere, which contains a skcteh c
the judge that one of our reporter
nyn wrote, on one side, witlx a picture, an
our regular editorial matter on the othei
They nold all of those at retail over ou
counter, and I gave orders to have a tei
hundred more printed. They sold a
t. those, and 1 repeated the order. The
sold all of those; so I ordered aeve
thousand struek off. Those are goi
over the counter in the some way."
"You count Judge Gristaw a si
winner if he is nominated?"
"Yes, Inicause he will surely carry
diana," replied Mr. Medill. "We xn
that in the counties of J?'ort Wayi
South Bend, Terre Haute and otl
counties he will Rain Republican vo
by the thousand and put Indiana on t
list of our Republican States. Tl
would bring us within four votes of
election. These pught to be got in t
East without trouble. If they can
whv then no Republican can win.
"J udge Gresham has probably decid
just as iiionv difficult cases in court tl
post month' as he ever did. lie go
about among hit) friends here an if 1
11(id never heard his name mentioned f
the Presidency. If anybody tllks abo
the election or the nomination, ho i
ways at once chances the subject. I
has steadily refused to say anything f
publication. Ho is a judge on the henc
and could not find it proper to givo li
views except in the usual way of judge
"But J udge Gresham is a prophet. Foi
years ago lie said: 4 A Republican Coi
gress has enacted a law for the betters
ministration of the civil service. It h;
been faithfully carried into effect by
| Republican administration and has t
ready worked a marked improvement i
that service. Mr. Blaine nas given sn
isfactory assurances of his tlxeu deteru
ination to execute it should he be dec
ed. and he will have the influence un
aid of his party.
" 'On the other hand, should Govern*
Cleveland be elected, his party, wit
great unanimity, will insist in sweep it
changes in the civil service. Ilowevt
good his intentions might be, he coul
not successfully withstand the demoni
The leading men in the Democratic pari
have repeatedly declared their oppos
tion to any reform in the civil servid
It was this party that, departing froi
the teachings and habits of our father
adopted and enforced the "spoils sv
tem in the administration of the go'
eminent. This system is a legacy froi
the Democratic party, and it has not lo;
its appetite for official plunder.'
"There is no doubt that Judge Gre.
ham is a good prophet, but now he saj
nothing. To those of his friends wti
urge him to talk about the questioi
which have most interested the count!
while he luis been upon the bench, 1:
has always replied: 'That would bo sa;
ing that 1 was a Republican.1
"There tlie conversation always cn?
because no one who known Judge Ore
ham cares to bother him to Hav that I
has been u Republican for thirt
years; they know that already."
A Itiitou lletiily for tin* llurjiM.
Chicago Tribune.
Whatever may be tho faults of Thei
dore Thomas, excessive modesty is n<
one of them. When ho leaves th
world and joins the celestial choir thei
will be trouble if he is not permitted I
manage it.
A Delegate <2utM Wry, Very Drunk.
Indiana delegates wear badges rnarkc
Cleveland and Gray, and one of thei
who had got druiij* informed jne flu
"Gray" was a doubtful Htate. au
Indiana would certainly carry ''htm,"
He Spells Cleveland With n We.
J'hilmlflplua free*.
The Democratic boss of Pcnnsylvani
spells his name thus: $cott.
Save the children. They are especia
ly liable to sudden colds, coughs, crouj
whooping cough, etc. We guarante
Ackers English Itemed y a positive ci^
I t ain't* hours of impious walchinjr- Sol
by Logan & Co., 0. It. Qoetae, Charlt
Menkemiller, It. B. Burt and Bowie Bro:
Patience am de lazy man's stock i
Bucklen'a Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for cuti
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheijm, feyc
sores, tetter, champed himcis, chjlblaiw
eorns, and all skin eruptions, and pos
tivcly eures piles, or no pay required. ]
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction
or money refunded. Price, 25 cents pt
box. For sale at Logan & Co.'s dru
That Hacking Cough canbesoquickl
cured by Shiloh's (Juro. Wo guanu
tee it.
Will yod supper with Dyspepsia an
Liver Complaint? Shiloh's Vitalizer;
guaranteed to cure you.
Sleepless nights, made miserable b
tljat terrible cough. .Shiloh's Cure J
the remedy /or you. Sold by W. Wil
iams and C. Menkemiller. eo>v.
A quar'lsome man shudn' grum'le i
scars. _
Don't trifle with any throat or lun
disease. If you have a cough or cold, (
if tl}? cliildfci} are threatened wit
crqujj or whooping cough, use Acker
Enirfish llemedv and prevent furtlx
trouble. It is a positive cure, and v
guarantee it. Price 10 and 50c. Lo#
?x Co., C. R. Goctzo, C. Menkemiller, 1
15. Burt and Bowie Bros. 0
A Salvation Arnjy?'^lie l|ea]tli I
specif. ^
An Ex|ilumitluu.
AVlmt is this "nervous trouble" wil
\yhicli so ipany seciu now to be at(|ictc(
If you will remember a few years aj
the word Malaria was comparatively u
known?to-dav it is as common as ai
word in the English language, yet tlj
word covers only the meaning of anoth
word used by our forefathers in ,tUn
past. So it is with nervous diseases,
they af]d >{a!aria are Interim \o cflV
what PHFgrftn^hiUiers called Uiliausnei
and all are caused by troubles that ari
from a diseased condition of the Liv
which in performing its functions iindii
it cannot dispose of the bile through tl
ordinary channel is compelled to pass
off through the system, causing nervo
troubles, Malaria, Bilious fever, e
You who are qufjbrjqg can well apni
ciate a cure. >ye repp impend Qrce;
August flower. Its cures are marvelat
Monody on a toper's nose?It look
upon the wine till it was red.
Oatarrii cured, health and sw<
breath secured, by Shiloh's Catar
Remedy. Trice 50 cents. Nasal \
jector free.
For lame back, side or chest, use S
lob's Porous Plaster. Price 25 cents.
Siulou's Cough and Consumpti
Cure is sold by us on a guarantee,
cures Consumption. Sold by W.
Williams and C. Menkcimller. *
1 ?
Tbe man who hesitates is the m
who sits on his own coat-tails.
| Bames that are fretful, peoyjsli, cr
or. troubled with windy colic, tcethi
| pitius pr stomapn disorders can be
1 Iieved at once by using Acker's Bs
Soother. It contains no opium or m
phino, hence it is safe. Jprice2o cei
: Kohl by Jx'gau Jc Co., 0. ' Uoei
; Charles MoftKemitfer, H. B. Burt v
Bowie Bros.
; Death shows many hypocrites
nobvah wah 'spected Inifo*.
Wenry f^ntl Worn*
1 W'bon the tired factory operative, the w?
out-door laborer, the overtaxed book-keel*
clerk seeka a medical recompense for oxjk'
turc of bodily force, where ?hall he tlud
' Could the recorded experience of thouMm
1 worker* be voiced, the vcnllct would bo
9 Uoitcttcr'ft S to in Ac h Hitter* rynpflS
? strength, atlmulatpi the Jaded inentai powei
1 fresh activity, and relaxeft undue nervous
15 Mlon an nothing clue doe*. ingestion. a re?
,c habit of body, appetite and sleep prom
by it. and It 1* an admirable auilllarv In th
b covery of health hy conrale*cvnu. a fastld
il stomach Is not offended by It, and to psrto
. both acXcfl in dellcato health wao occaaloi
r* feal the need of an efficient tonic, the w
if range of the pharmacopoeia and the catalog
at proprietary medicines d?>ea not present a :
UonIiiI, aafer or mnro doclslve one. It In alt
comparable for fever and ague, rheumatism
y kidney troubles.
TI?? Features of the Mouey aud tttock Mar.
ire ket*N?w
York, Juno <5.?The new Ilcadiuif loan
j divided the attention of the street. which result- (
* ?d lu an intensely bulled market, wttU tluctua-'
0 tlons confined to the unalleit limits. Beading
a ' waa second to St. 1'aul in activity. Not one of
11 the active list fluctuated aa much u 1 per cent,
r* I'ullman aud Pacific Mail were dull. First
prites were steady. but London aold a amall
iflt amount of atocka and dec line* were established
un MVer * 'ew stocks to % per cent. Hull leu succeedj
' ed aud the losses were recovered before noon.
,.? BuitlM-CUMKD BID.
l? U. 8.4a reg 1M?|U. 8.4*s rcf ?107
U. 8.4a coupon?li7)y U. 8.4y? coupon... JU7
<?<' stock quotations?closed bio.
fit-' Adams Express 138 (Northern Paciflo.... 23k
nu A i.w.rli-iiii Vrnniu lift tin tiri>fi>rml .10'*
;,n Canada Southern... Chicago ?Sc N. W.^JOwJ
IL Central Pacific 30X do preferred...... -li?S
or Cbenapdke&Ohio. Now York Central...105
lit do Ifrht preferred- 4*4 Ohio & Mississippi- UjK
,i. do seconds... . 3 do preferred 80
" C., C.. C. it 1 45 Pacific Mail 83^
10 Denver it K. O .. 17 Pittsburgh .... ?.1W y
or Erio tyi Kouling........^ MK
,i, do preferred - k? St. L. & 8, P 28Ji
Fort Wayne ?154 do preferred-...... C5K
IS Kansas it Texas-... 12 do first prefeired.114%
.a Lake Erie & Wot- U% C. M. <fc *L Paul... - Wj,
do preferred - 42% do preferred 104%
1T Lake Shore 90>* Texas it Pacific 19%
II- Loulaville it Nash- 53 Uniou Pacific.... MH
,i. L., N. A. Si C ?... 34 United States fcx.- 71
Memphis it ( 'has..... 53 W., St. L. it P. 12
101 Michigan Central... ""x/, do preferred ft
Missouri Pacific 70 Wells-Fareo Ex 133
,i. Nash, it Chat 75 Western Uulou...... 75?,
|n New Jersey Central 82?il
t* llrendstutTs nud Provisions.
il- New York, June c.?Plonr. receipt* 20.390
t. packages; exports 5,017 barrels and 23,717sacks;
, Miles 15,000 barrels; market dull. Wheat, rehi
oelpt* 27,800 busbol*; exports 501 bushels; sales
356,000 bushels of futures and U2.UOO bushels oi
spot: options firm; No 2spring Mkudelivered;
. No. 1 hard Ol&yiHc; ungraded re<l b3%M84Kc;
11 No. 2 red June V0%a91%c, closing at Wj2c;
iij July yi%aV2%c, closing at kMo; August toika
WStfp, closing at 03%c: September Wji?W5ic.
, closing at WMfi) December U5^W34c, closing at
<1 W?/m\ February *J7}?c; May SI oual 0$?, closing at .
J. 81 oo?;. Com, receipts 1.650 bushels; exports257
bushels: sales lf>2,400 bushels of futures and 1.12,
? 000 bushels of s|M>t; cash decllued kc, closing
1* steady; ungraded Glka61%c; No. 2 Juno 00?ia
i?. Ollfic, closluguttilc; July til,'kllOlHr, ClOslUKHt
flljje; August 61%a62%c, closing at 61 Jfe; Scp11
tember 62f:o62%c, closing at 02}$o; October ft!^a '
H, O'ijjc, closing at 6i%c; November CJ'^ati^y,
s- closing at (12%'c. Oats, receipts #1,000 bushels;
exjiorts 013 bushels: sales 175,WW bushels of fuk
tures and 140,0j0 bushels ol spot; market firm;
II mixed western 38ftt0%c; white do 45a49c. Hay
at quiet. Uo|mdu!l. Coucc, sjkU fair; Rio ltl.'^c;
options steady; sales 08,250 bugs; June 13.70a .
13.Wo; July 12.05al2.00e; August ILGTial 1.95c; *
s- September 10.0iali.10o;October l0.40alu.70u; No's
vember 10.2ftal0.30c: Docember 10.25al0.65c; Jan- ,
uary 10.25c; February lu.25ul0.3Cc. Sugar il ijJJ : reiU
lined quiet; granulated (%<'. Molasses quiet. Rice
IS firm, l'aliow steady; prime city 4%c. Jtosin
y dull at fl 20? 1 23>$. Turpentlue dull. Eggs.
dull and heavy; receipts 4.131 packages; wctsern
u 14Vv?lWic. I'ork steady but quiet. Cut incuts
)' steady: pickled Ik-Hies T^aJni. Lard, higher
western steam s|?ot 8.?0c: July s.83um>0c: August
8,?7a8,yi0; city steam 8.16c. Ilutter firm on
i lino good grades. Cheese firm and In ginnl lies'
if Chicago, June fl?Wheatw/u Irregular today.
y i.uruurinf uiiii iimvi. uuia tiriiuy. ituviriuuh
moderately active. Flour quiet and steady.
Wheat, cash No. 2 spring ? %c; No. 2 red n'? 1
p*v? wk; Jutitt ft43^vVAj!, cloving at hT?ty<- July h.'>
MN'iJic, (dosing Ml August 8l?yiA>?ic. elosIiik
nt 85%c; September Klj^aMjie, closing ut
M'ie. Corn. No. 2, He; June.^uM^e, closing
> at MKc; July M'^itMc, closing at 5i)Jc: August
M^JuVikc, cloning nt ?h>: Moniombcr M3Ja5W?c,
dosing al Outs, No. 2. Ki^e; Juui* XI!?h
'? :tn%e, dosing at S'.^c: July mfaxpic, closing
c nt August 23%a2tt(;c. clotting at 28&a; .
o September 27%a27%c, closing ut 27kc. Rye,
tVv. Barley, No. 2, WSafiWc. Flaxseed, No. 1,SI 2*. 1
Prime timothy seed 82lOa215. l'urk.311 10ul4 15;
Juno ami July $11 ]?%al4 27'..;,closing nt SI 117%;
August fl-t 27kal4 tift, closing ut S14 27%; Sep- temberSH
:J7tyiI4 42>*. closing at Si 1:17yv Lard,
, 8.00c; July 8.?0a8.77)fc, closing at 8.70c; August ?
U 8.754i8.82^c, closing at 8.75)6:; September 8.75 I
11 a8.85c, closing at 8.77^',. Bueun, short ribs .
,t 7.UV; shoulders G.oOftfi,'i?o; short dear sides w.lou j
| 8.10c. Whisky $1 Hi, Butter more active: cream- I
cry (|i|0ted ut Haifa; dairy l2ulGu. Eggs l.'iJ^aUe.
1'mi.adm.rma. 1'a.i June fl.?Flour firm but
quiet. Wheat firm: ungmded gmln depot ifcc; .
No. 2 red June IttkalWc: July <j|%a<j2)?c; August "
01%a92c; September 9Ia92e. Corn. s|?ot quiet:
futures nominally unchuuccd; No. 2 high mixed
a elevator 63c. Oats, spot strong: rejected white
40al3c; ungraded white 41c; ??o. 2 white 44,'So:
futures a shade llruicr; No. 2 white June 4:i%a
4:i?'4c; July 43%u44%c; August88kaffJc; Septem1
ber ;M%a.'w%c.
i. Hai.timohk, Mn., Juno C. ? Wheat, western
dull and steady: No. 2 winter red spot and
0 Juno 91a91>4c; July ttoMp asked\ August 90>ii
}< 'JUkc; S^ptpnuiC^OW^jv'.flKo. Corn, western dull
(I at|(| tnjj-i mixed spot and June Olo asked;
,H July utyiwlloj August UOj^uUO^e. Oat* In
fair inquiry; western white 4i<a45c; mixed 40a
3. 42c. live weak at 7Ua75c. Iiay easier; western
81650al?5o. I'rovislous fairly active. Butter
? very steady at 18al9c. Eggs steady at 15*15%c.
Live Stock.
East I.iwcrty, Pa., June fi.?Cattlo-Recelnu
none; shipments 57 head; market closing
, firm; prime f5 25o5 40; fair to gopfl $|75(U\w;
'? common S420a4'50; no cattle sjjlpjipd to New
r York to-duy. Hogs? Receipts two head; shipi,
incnls 800 head; market fair; Philadelphia* $580
?>Iv.wl 7n.i.1 7ft- Viirlrcro rjtoft?rt: colli
!. mon to fair $."? SOaA CO; pigs 950005 25. Sheep
I ?Keeuipt* 1,800 head'.shipment* 1,400head; maru
kct llrm;'primp H75a5 00; (air to good prliuc
SI 75a5 00; (lonjiqot} fJ 0(^13 f)0.
JJ Putroluum.
On, City, Pa., June 0.?Opened at 79}jc: highest
80J?e; lowest 7'Jc; closed at b0%c; sale* 1,22?,?
y ooo barrel*; clearances 2,022,000 barrels; charter*
f 88,055 barrels; shipments GO,121 burrels; runs 42,020
. PmsnoBon, Pa., Juno fl.?Petroleum fairly actl
tlvc and fair; opened at 79%m closed at Wtye;
is highest 80j?c; lowest 78%c.
ltiiAiiroun, Pa., Jund fi.?Oponpd at "Wic;
? highest lowest fftj-po; doted at 80Kc; clear>
mccj l,?HHt0p0 bprtvli. 1
[3 TmJBVIli*, Pa., Juno o.? Opened at TOJJc;
1* highest M0%c; lowest 78jjc; closed at 80){C.
llnlthuoro live Stuck Market. ;
.1 Cai.vkuton Live Stock Yards. \ \
16 . Monday, June 4, M88.J '
Arrivals this week C.CJW
? Arrivals last week 6,651
>T Arrivftla 0144* hkq.mimu.' i.. s.nsi
1) hkmahks,
H There is a moderately fair supply of hogs on
>r the market this week, exceeding thoMt last week
" by about 1,000 head. There is a fairly good domaud
generally prevailing In all the yards.
in Prices are off from tnosc ruling last wcttic;
({. uiul range now ut 7a7%c, iIioko selling under 7}6o
being ?fa common order, and arc not qnwerojiH.
Of the receipt*, l.iMO htuul wpw rccclvi*! from
Baltimore A Oulo fulli<wij and ;lip balance from
li- tho'l^iuieytv^nja ruf(roud. ,
C^nkmont Livr. stock Market, \
IUl.ti.uunK, June l.ltWSJ
AH hogs sold in these yard* by K, A. flUck- ,
a, shew arc ut grow weight.
" Hocolnja thjs wool'. H.hW head, against 2,070
I > tiiiad fait week.
ro Fair to good nelling from JC 00 to 8010; pigs ,
' $ '> 00a.r? 90; roughs at i> 00o&
Aimivxwor uvk stock
At Clarcmont Stock Yardt, via Unltimon A Ohio
llB Railroad, for vtfk ending June 8,
ur 140 cars, containing 921 cattff, fa c*lycm, 6.M8
08 sheep and lambt, MH'2 bugs, 101 home*. ID
oh mnlM. \o SOVf York, i'hUMlolphla,
S 3'w ,!,cc" ?3S,
* ' j
so Bask Ball Goods, Fishing Tackle,
or Lawn Tennis. Croquet and l^i Crosse at I
tig Stanton & Da vkn pout's.
be ??
it Their IIuhIiiooh
us ^rq]iaWy no one thing has caused such
a yeaemr revival ?f twUo ?t Logan <fc<
re- Co.'s drug store iw their giving awav to
i's their customers ofso many free trial hotis.
ties of $r, Kiuu'f Xew Discovery for
Oansumption. Their trade is simply
enormous in this very valuable article
from the fact that it always cures and
never disappoints. Coughs, colds, asthma,
bronchitis, croup, and ull (hntflt and
!ct Jung diseases quickly cUK'd. Yoil can
rh test it beforo Buying by getting a trial
H* bdt'tlo free, large size $1. Every bottlo
,. warranted. 3
hi- > i
Advlco to Slotli?ff,
on . i, . , _ , _x _1_t.A __j
It Arc you msityruuu m iiikiii una oium-u
v of YQ?r rest by a sick child suffering and
otv crying with pain of cutting teeth ? If
ho, send at once and get a bottle of Mies.
Winslow's Sootiii.no Syrup for ClULan
i>ken Tektiii.vo. value in incalculable.
It will relievo the poor little suffercr
Immediately. Deuend unon it
Tj mothers, there is no mistake about it. It
luJ? cures dysentery and diurrhwa, regulates
the stomach and bowel*, cures wind
l)J cholic, softens the gums, reduces the inJJJ"
tlauunatiun aud gives tone and energy
to the whole system. Mas. Winslows
Soothing Syrup kor Children Teeth)PQ
ino is pleasant to the taste, and is the'
0 prescription of one of tho oldest- aud
, . best female nurses and phys(claut? in the
uul United States, and is fot wile by all druggists
throughout tho world. Price 25
cents a bottle. iiwfaw
wiry Jlracn Up.
!'... Yon are feeVmg depressed, your appe.
It? tite is poor, you are bothered with headi?
of ache, you are Mgettyi nervous, and genthi?t
orally QUt of sorts, and want to brace up.
line ^race uP?*,ul not with stimulants,spring
, .* medicines, or bitters, which have for
wu- their basis very cheap, bad whisky, and
ui*r which stimulate you for an hour, and
then leave you in worse condition than
iioua before. What'you want is an alterative
mo! that wlH Purify your blood, Btart healthy
hols Mtion of liver and kidneys, restore you*
in. of vitality, and give renewed health ami
more strength. Such a medicine vou will find
1 ami Electric Bitters, and only 50 cents ?
bottle at Logan <k Co.'s drug' store. 3
Frew & Bertschy?Furnlture and Carpets.
Must be given to people who trill uot woke up to the necessity of coming to
Critically Examine Our SPRING STOCK.
It is a beautiful assortment of tho very
^ /> - Ll 1 ( f | ?
*??ii oioins ana i-muieum,
Window Shades and Curtain Poles,
Saxony Chiidema Rugs, New,
Smyrna and Moquett Rugs,
Fancy and Plain China, Napier and Cocoa Mattings
WYou will And it r?ry proil table to visit oa *nd inspect our carefully sclec ted Spring Block fir
1117 Main Street.
Specialatteritiongtven to Undertaklngand Arterial Embalming
Telephone calls answered at all hours.
Centennial Exposition of the Ohio Valley.
cEmmmoiP TO
GRAND JUBILEE celebrating the Settlement of the Northwestern Territory.
bfor MSB!"1"
1 ?
1 /&r * m
I Am# JW %&t\
1 Jv Mustang Liniment y?
SI i ^nOL. \v ^*fc*WANiniwAvoxiHijiBin,tad?thtf?piu? ^JESS .
w|\ ^ N?* CaKW> iiui'Jk3T* tua 611 lsyi^JUUiioklr^ AJjr
i m
I Jtlt ilYI ULLUitilYUUK
Job Office
Tastefully and Promptly.
Arc the most thoroughly rrtlabk (food* In the markrt. They arc made of the fluent Silk ami beat
Australian wool. Now can eawly dlMlngulib tbem by their nolmcm ami lieauty, and regularity
of llnUh. They are nlwayw the wuiie In quality, wkmjiit, width ami miahc, tbu* enabling
you to match any plccc, ami are dyed In two Ktatidard shade* of black. Their arc
Ml led on a"Varol?hcd Board," showing the grain of the wood, which Ih the l'RlfcSTLEY
TRADE-MARK, aud Ih stamped with tho mauufacturer'a name.
Without this none are genuine. For furthor security the goods
are also stamped, on the outside of the selvedge, at Intervals of five
yards, with the name of B. PRIESTLEY & CO. In gilt letters.
Principal Dealers Throughout tho United States.
Jewelry, Watches, Etc. Plumbing-, Gas & Steam Flttlni
-SILK- Geo. Hibberd & Sotf
UMBRELLAS! 8uoc?Mora to Thompson A Hlbberd,
New Stylos in 2(1 and 28 Incli PRACTICAL
gow and oxWM silver Mountings, plumbers, Gas & Steam Fitter
Alio, Home Beautiful Natural Stick*, Hand omc,NobbyciDOKi.M
Low PRinra >t
[ I. G, DILLON & CO.'S, WECIALTIES.-Natiiral Ga. Soppily 8t?
Hooting and Ventilation.
ap21 JEWKT.KRf. ??-?.,? .. , .
i - 1314 Market Street,
Medical. wheelinq, w. va
TO\MtW* &WM UCU 'All work promptly done at mo*t rwu__
. . WM. HARE & SON, 1
RKHStg from the effocu of youthful errora, early f f
decay, waatloff weakneaa, lost majAood. etc. I will
lead a rateable traatlM (sealed) oontalnlng foil practical
particulars for borne cor*. FREE of charga. A
5&S5 Plumbers,(iasand Steam Fittei
Trot, Vk C. FOWLER, HooOtu, Conn.
No-63 twelfth 8T*
All work done promptly at reasonable price
ff pifliwffiii mi " : " judicious and perbi8ti
Afl5ni5^E?tffT>co Wbttaball Bfc Advertising boa ulwuyu pc.'
I rnn UCU nill V A.quick, permanent otirr ucceeafuL lk-forfl placing i
! rUH mtrl UHLI. ?in&Mrw&i5? IW&W& NcwspajwiUmthlwrconi
Small LO!!nnSJo"2!?AI
xan jkzdxgax. oo..bttjfalo, *. r. JSQUViBP mumwmt, cHlCAC
Tarmhaeuser Beef.
' Tannhaeuser;
. Is a Special Brewing of the BERONEB
(t & ENOBL BREWING COMPANY, and unquestionably
the Finest Light Beer
extant. It Is brewed from the finest
raia uanaaa weic uoriey Maic ana
Saazer Hops, and highly recommended c
for Its tonlo and nutritive qualities. r
Elegantly Packed for Family Use. n
' The high reputation enjoyed by the
to the fact that only the Finest and
' Best Materials are used and that the _
greatest skill and oare are ezsrcised
~ during Its manufacture.
0 #i?enI i
1 myl2-Trlun tM
- . ... H
Crocorles, Sic. ?
Grocer, Pork, Packer,'
Celebrated "Struwlierrj Hums," S(
= Hos. 1309 AND 1311 MAIN STREET, *
Mv own Cure of Choice Stnokod Meats dollferca
dally from my Pork Ilouseat Manchester. ?
' ' CJ
General Groceries >a
Headquarters for 5
Taylor's Patent and Family Flonr. ?
Headquarters for the Celebrated =
Alaroma Coffee.1
Role Agent for Dupoht's Sporting, Mining and
Blading Powder. Jo"' J
And get Rome of that a
Pure Jersey Creamery Butter,
Always fresh, at
F. HANAUER'8,1306 Market 8treet. *
Got my new Price List and save your money. .
Cocoa. k
"Bjra thorough knowledge of tho natural lawa j
which coveru tho opurationa of digestion and j
nutrition, uud by a carv>Iu\ appHeaVlon ol Uiu ?
line proportion of well aelected Cocoa, Mr. Iippa
Inut provided our breakfast tabic* with a dell- j
cately flavored beverage which may nave ui many ^
heavy doctor*'bill*. It U by the Judlcioua u*e j
of such articlea uf diet that a coniUtutlon may
bo gradually built up until atroug enough to re- j
aim every tendcucy to dl*caae. IIuudied? of aub- j
tic uiuladiea are floating around un ready to at- (
tack wherever there la a weak point. ?'o may ;
escape many a fatal abaft by keeping ouwelvea t
well fortified with pure blood and a projterly (
nourlahed frame."?Civil Service Gazette. I
Made Mmrdy with boiling water or milk. Sold
only In half-pound tin* by tirocere, labeled thua: r
feUvTUTh.** \
Financial. S
J. N. Vawc* .. President
L. 8. dtlktlxlx ...Vico-l'ruaident
J. N. Vance 8. llnrVhoimor,
J. M.llrown, W. Klllnjcham,
h. H. Dclnpiain, A. W. Kellcy.
John Frew,
Draft* Ikhihx! on EnKland, Ireland. Scotland
and all polnta in Kuropo.
JOHN J. JOKE8, Ca>hlor.
CAPITAL. fl75,000
Wk. a. inrrt .. Tumi lent
rr W*. B. Simmon Vlco-Prcmdcnt. t
i> Draft* on England, Ireland, Franoe and Ue??
? many.
f Wm. A. Isett, Wm. B. Simpson.
J. A. Miller, J?hn K. Romford,
K. M. Atkinson, Victor Rownbnix.
Henry Speyer. , .
mrti F. P. JEPHOW. Canhlfr.
' !Spring Medicine
by Tarrant ft Co*2I.T.,
ira j and Prnqim evrywbf
Roofing Materials,
heady hoofing. 2-ply and 3-i'ly.
jn- Koor Coating and Roor Paint
8 For cither Bblngle or Metal Roofs. Carbolic
? Acid and Carbolate of Lime Disinfectant*.
10 W. Camden St. (New No.) Bait I mora.
pg, (Patwt Am?n> ron.)
Can jron throw a Base Ball? If to, flftoen mlnmen
practlcc with the Base Ball Curver will enable
you to pitch all the Curves m well m any
Professional Pitcher. Sent postpaid on receipt
L_ of 75 cants. Scud Postal Note. Kxprfss. or P. 0.
= Order to J. If. BuRNH,
Elii 99 Carroll Street, Cleveland. Ohio.
?<nn In ?IWI * "onth cm i* bi.dc worktny
?plUU 10 JOUU jgg for u>, Agents preferred
iu.C who can furnish their own horse* and give their
a whole time to the business. Hparr moment*
w9 may be profitably em ploy ed also, a few varank_
clea In towns and cities. It. F. JOHNSON CO., ,
10. 1KB Main 8U, Richmond, V*. raj Jl *?riw
Near Wheeling, W. V*.
(Ulsters ol Uio Visitation.)
A school of more than national rcputatloa.
offers exceptional advantages for thorough educatlou
of young ladle* In all department*. LI*
brary of nix thousand volu ef. Fine philosophical,
chemical and astronomical apparatus.
Musical Department specially noted. Corps of
piano teachcrs trained by a leadlug professor
Iroia Conservatory of Stuttgart. Vocal culturo
iccordlng to the method of the old Italian masten.
Location unsurpassed for beauty and health,
ren acres of pleasure grouuda. Board excellent.
For Catalogues, and refcrcuces to patrons in all
he principal clUoa, address
ItfasbingtoD School of Elocution
4u. M. 8TEVEN8 IIART. Principal.
901 "M-' St., N. W? Washington, D. C.
8lxth Annual Session begins Wednesday, 8ep
ember 28.
Course of instruction cmbrace* Elocution,
'radical English and Enk'llsh Classics, Latin,
klutliciimticN. Modern LanKUaacs, Vocal and In
truuiental Mimic and Physical Culture.
The Princi|>al is assisted by au efilcicut corj a
if tcachers in each de|tartment.
Graded Claw** for boy* and girls daily
Adult Clause* and private instruction given In
be evening.
Diploma* awarded. A limited number of pedis
accommodated in the family.
For circulars and reference* apply to Intki.i.1*
iknckb ollice. anSl
Stammering Cured.
System based upon uaturc's laws. No 8iccRF.rr *
-No Tricks. System explained to thoso intersted.
Testimonials from physicians, educators and
atrons, who have received benefit from the
lethod of instruction. Address
Mils. M. STEVENS HART, Principal,
Washington School of Elocution and English
M. Street. N. W., Washington, P. C.
Students boarded in family of 1'riucipal.
0FMUSIC Boston, Mass. /
THE IiAROEHT and Best Equipped In
? Worltl-lut Inanition. SflJ student* Iiukw. 1 >"?3b
1 nit ruction In r?eal anil huniwiMl Mmit, l**no
Oryax Mm Art?, Or*~?. I.Utrmtir*, Fttm*,
nun fd /laimn HhglUk Canckn,(;??*?t,
or. Tuition, ?& In hoard ami room ?IUl Strain
rat and Electric l.l|hl. fiJU to UJO per week. Foil
'rem Mel"* Het?t 13, iwm. >ur Illmtrat?jl Calendar,
villi full Information, adrfreee ?. TUUlUt.l., D U actor,
rankllu hquaie. Huston, Mass.
Summer Law Lectures mine weekly)
?gln 12th July, lww, and end 12th Septeml er.
ave proved of signal use? 1st, to student* who
ssign to pursue their studies at this or other
aw Sahool; 2d, to those who pro|>oso to read
rlvutely; and 3d, to practitioners who have not
1(1 tilt* IUIVMUUIK'0 Of hVMl'lllHtH' instruction,
or circular npplv (P. O. University of Va.) to
iHN It. Minoii, Prof. Com. and Htat. Law.
L/Departuroof train* from Wheeling. Mclitdu.o
i effect April 29.18W??KaMern tiinc:
Ex prow lor Chicago and tho Northwcat, 10:2E a
, ;<:4U it m, 0:50 p m daily, and 11:16 p m daily,
(cept Saturday.
Express for Cincinnati and St. Lou la, 10:2b a m
illy, 11:15 pm dally.
Cantbridge accommodation, 0:00 a m, exroft
ForV'olumbus, 10:25 a m dally, and 11:15 p ju.
illy, and 2:45 p m daily except Sunday.
Express for Washington, 1). C., lialtlirr.re,
ti 1 ladeIphla and New York, via Grafton, t.;fa
and 5:10 p m, dally, via Pittsburgh 0:20 p. m
For Pittsburgh and Washington, Pa., 5:00 a m
illy; express, 8:10a m, dally, 1:15 p m, daily
:cept Sunday. Additional way train for >\a?hgton,
Pa., 5:30 p in, dally except Sunday.
For Pittsburgh, Washington, UaUlmorc ard
hiladelpliiaaiti:20pm dally.
Pittsburgh accommodation, Sunday only, f :.X>
For Moundsville, B:Sr? and 7:35 a m. and 12:00
oon. and 0:10t? m, dally exccpt Sunday.
For Grafton. 5:10 p m, dally.
For Cumberland, 0:05 am, daily, exoopt Sun*
Vor St. Clairsvillo, 8:05 and 0:00 a m, 2 p m and
:10 p m, daily except Sunday.
Expresa trains arrive from Chicago, 6:25 and
:60 a maud 6:10 pin dally, and 4:55 a m daily
xccpt Monday.
Expreia trains arrive from St. Louia aud Ciu*
Innatl, 4:55 a m and 6:10 p m. daily.
Express trains arrive from Philadelphia, Haitilore
and Washington, 1). C., via Grafton, U:JO
m and 10:45 pm dally; via. Pittsburgh, 10:1b
, m. daily.
Trains arrive from Cblumbua, 4:55 am daily,
ad 6:10 pm dally, aud 10:85 am dally oxiert
Trains arrive from Pittsburgh, 10:15 a m dally.
nd 12:4.? p in, except feuuilAy, i?:f? p ui auu ii:.c
m dully.
Trains arrive from Washington, ra., 8:00 it in,
ally except Sunday.
Trains arrive from MounrisvlUe, 7:'.5Q ami 0:15
m Nn 1: JO anil 7:40 pm, dally except Sunday.
Triilns arrive from final ton, 11:20 a m, dally.
Train* arrive (ruin Cumberland,5:60 p in, da.'ly
Trains arrive from SLClairsville, 7:6ftand *0::S?
m, and 1:8ft nnd 6:10 p id. dally cxccpt 8unday
Cambridge accommodation arrives at 7:10 p in
xcept Sunday.
ilAfRiige called for and chocked at hotels sua
esldenccs on orders left at ticket ofllcc, 1200 Maret
street, and at depot.
CIIA8.0. SCULL. Gen. Pass Agent.
W. M. CLKMKSTS, Manager.
ij Table taking eflfcet May '27,1MW. Passergor
rains will run as follows?Central time. All
rains dally except those marked thus f which
o not run on Sunday.
south uou.su. fXo.7 So. ft. fNo.HUNo. 1.
a. ni. p. m. a. m. a. m
cave-Wheeling 3:30 U:ift r.:3ft
leuwood, opp. Mellalre 3:4ft 11:8'' 6:f0
loundsvUle 4:K> 11:42 7:10
few Martinsville 5:12 *I2:4S 8:!fl $
Villiamstown 7:00 2:1> 1?:10
*arkersburK - 6:16 7::J0 2:45 11.CO
p. m.
lavenswood 6:46 4:lf? 12:20
4a*ou City ?:(*> 6:3.'> 1:26
Jllfton 6:40 1:4C
Lrrive? I't. Pleasant.... 8:40 Grift 2:lh
>alll|H)]is Kerry tf:00 C:.T? 2:82
iuyandotU' 10:.'L'i 7;ft0 4:00
luntlugton 10:46 8:tt') 4:17
p. m.
Charleston 3:20 10:0.1 8:20
ronton *:00
'nrtsmuuth a.m. ?:I0
Vhito Sulphur .. 6:00
p. m. a. ni.
taunton 3:2" '.?:20
MOUTII BOUMl. So. #.lSo, 4.|tNo.2lt>O.H
a. m. a. m. a. m. p. m.
xave-IIuntlngton 10:0o ft:?ft 8:15
tuyandolte 10:18 5'.%) R'78
i all I noli* Kerry 11:3ft 7:0U 4:ft0
'olnt i'lcohint i 11:4ft 7:20 6:07
p. m.
fflfton 12:-AI 7:5ft 6:38
4ti>on City 12:2ft 8:uo ft:?
lavenawood 1:4ft 0:1ft 7:110
'arkeraburg 0:00 8:1ft 10:4ft *:30
WlllUmitown C::? 3:4ft ll:lft
p. m.
Kcw Martinsville 8:1ft 5:37 12:4ft -..
Mnundavlilc 0:2ft 6:40 1:4ft
lieu wood 0:4ft 7:00 2: Of.
irrivo?Wheeling 10:W? 7:1ft 2:20
Leave Wheeling via. p. iu.
!\ C. & St. L 12:3ft 3:20 ....
Irrlvo?Cleveland.^ 0:30 ........
i'ittaburgh .. 3:20 6:K> ....
a. m. a. m.
Philadelphia - . ft:2ft ft:2ft
S'cw York 8:00 8:00
n. in.
Chicago 11:30[ f.:3(l|
Through tickets and baggage checked to nil
W. J. ROBINSON, Ocn'l Paw. Agent.
I'arkentliiirg. W. Va.
W. II. OMtnitN, Southern Truv. Agent,
Poineroy. Ohio.
LOUIS RAILWAY CO.-Panliandle Route*
Under nehedule In effect May 14.1888. trains
leave Wheeling Central Standard time: For
Bteuhenvllle and i'ltt>burgh, 0:35 a in, 12:&
fin, 3:20 pm. For hteubenville, 8:0ft p in. Tne
:3ft a m and 8:05 p in trulii* make direct counco
tlon for CoiiimbUH, Cincinnati, ludiaUHitnlio mid
L'hlcago. The 12:3ft p m trnia utakes direct connection
(or (taluinbuii and Chicago.
Train* arrive at Wheeling, G:15 a in, 10:(0 a m.
2:45 p m and 5:40 p in. mvlft
RAILROAI).?Underschedule Ineflecl i.'ny
13,1888. TraltiN leave Itri?ltrc|M>rtl Central Handard
time: For Pittsburgh, Chhaigo and CJevo*
land. 4:A0am. For I'lttuburgh, 10:17 n m. For
Chicago and Cleveland, 1:12p m. For I'ltubv rvh
and New York, 3:39 pm F?r Steubenvllle iJ'S
a m. For Martin'* Ferry, 8:45 a in.
Trnlnn arrive nt ltrldgepori at 7:83 a m, 10.13 a
m, 12:28 p in, 4:15 p m, 4:47 p m, and 7:47 p m.
Business Cards.
Contractor nnil Builder.
All Carpenter Work promptly attended to on
reMoname terras.
All work iieroonnlly Attended to.
Shop, Alley 18, n-nr of Cnpltol. Rcsldenco, I.
Fifteenth street; Htin[i In rear. _
General Machinists,
And Mftnufucturer* of Marine (uid BUtlontif
Co*. Chafijnx a Kiohtek.hth St*,

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