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What tka Proprietor of One of the Ltadlnf Mnl
XajpujpM 11m to Say on a Siabjwt of Great g
Importance. LT.
One of tbo brightest and most readable of 1
the magazines Is The CofnioixUUnn^ which hna Li I
recently adopted tho now feature of colored -j
tlliwtratlons. Mr. Paul J. Sclillcht, tho founder
of tho mngjirttio, gives aoroo Inioroaung caper. ..
lenoe. He Hays:
* I conceived tho Idea of colored Illustrations '
while In Europe. At that time I jrave some at- |Rl
teutlon to literature and art matters, although, .
? - ? nna.lv /Infill (mm ?iO
to toll tlio irain, i n?.?, ><?... v
malaria that nt times I could scarcely hold up ray
head. Itseemcdto trio that I would nerer sbi
be able to do business again or take* any real Ire
Interest In llfr. and #< , to make a long story OVi
Abort. 1 returned to America. Tho day 1 Ianed
in Now York, a friend Invited mo to his home ]?{!
o dinner. He saw my wretched condition, and rjw
eclarcd that ho find something ho was ccr- qjj
tain would positively euro It, More to please ,
ray friend than anything < Iso, I took some cf
bis remedy, and to my surprise I slept well that
night. You enn well Imagine that I continued ^
to tako It the next day, and in brief, within ono * ,
month from that llino I was entirely cured of
malaria In Its worst f?>rm. wholly by the uso of ,"1'
Duffy's Puru .Malt Whiskey?no quinine, no t?v
drugs. During all this time I was encouraged, tli
to continue us uso by my wife, who is a firm
believer In temperance, as Indeed 1 am myself, '
ami, In fact, my wife purchased If by the dozen K,.i
for me. When I recovered I felt like a new man.
and I have persuaded numbers of ray friends to Kcl
try the sarin- means for rc?torinjr their health, cv
and the results have invariably ueen valuable." m,
.Mr. Schllcht Is a (,'entlomun whoso word Is *
nW?vo question, and the statement he makes
should prove a valuable suggestion to all nutftrers
from malaria. ,
Goo. M. Snook & Co. th
& cq;s s
x. c ? i ^
-ureal. ocue- >>
?or? t!)
Embroideries! I
We have placed on wile thin ?lny several large
linos of Km broideries wlitcti?having been pur- . '
cliu>yd iiiueli below value?we are enabled to |n
nell at yj
Choicedesign* I n CRK A M ,C AIt 1)1 N AL, LIGHT CO
Positively the Heat Bargains In Kmbroiderle*
ever offered in the city. ju
Latest Styles in Parasols
and Sun Umbrellasat Low ur
Prices. liv
Geo. I. Snook & CoJ
Agents f<?r tho cclcliratcd IIARPER BAZA It w
Millinery. ,J,|
A I . RICE & CO. ?
Thin week wo linvo made very extcn- 11
(rive purchases in our Millinery Depart- .
mont, <111(1 the exhibition or elioico y
French Flowers and Indies* and Misses' \v
Straw Hats mid JIoiiiicIh Is enormous.
Such Flowers were never before shown, J
"perfect to nature." Mountain anil Sea- |t,
side Huts, Dress Sliapes. New and eor- u:
reet styles. All selected tills week.
Contrnctorn lire respectfully invited to inukc
bids for the erection of a Frame Jluilding for ,r
the WiiK.Ki.iMi IU'tciinits' Association to Ik- ln
erected ut the corner of Sixteenth nud McCol*
loch streets. In the city of Wheeling.
1'lutiN mid sneci Mentions can hu seen at A.C. o?
Miller's, M:t7 Market street.
All bids must lie tcnled mid addressed to Martin
I'isher, President of the Association, and
inuat he in his hitutis before Wednesday, Juno lit, Ci
isss, at 12 o'clock in.
The Association reserves the right toVoJcet any .
iiii.i all 1...1 : ill
llic Intellifidtcer. I
OllW-e: Js'oh. i!.*? mid 27 Fuiirtnviitli Htrtwu
New Advertisement*. ^
Wanted?Situation to do Housework.
Wanted?A Lady. to
|S??? Mapiewood institute.
For Itcut? Four Rooms.
Wheeling Female Colletfe. Bl
( 'ard of Thanks?A. J. Hchultze.
I'DtatocH?Parker ? Co.
Odd Follows' Hail Association?Stockholders' r(J
Meeting. ....
VIinvar Cruet*--Ewititf llros. 41
Ofllce of t lie clerk of the County Court of Ohio
County, W. Va. ij
West vlnrinla Hospital for the Insane. ,
Uprlfht Piano For Sale--!'. W. Itaumcr Co.
WhoUsalo Stoneware?Conner ?v btivdckcr. CI
J'ubiic Sale of Valuable Suburban Property.
Grand Picnic?Fulton Fire Brigade.
Jewett's Hefrij;crator??XcsblU A: liro. L<
To the CitUeiia?It. >1. (iillelund. I?
Notice to Contractors?Head of l.ocal. J
>VK have the only successful machine IU
and method of demagnetizing watches .
in West Virginia. ,r
JACOil W. UKUIUS, Jeweler, Vt
Cor. Twelfth A: .Maiii Ms. ^
Sl'MNO and Summer Stock Just received?the
largest ami most complete ?J
in the city, consisting of Suitings, 1'aiita- jJ
ioonings and Overcoatings, which will
be made up in tho latest ol styles and at w
the lowest reasonable prices. Firstclass
work and iil guaranteed. Our ei
Gents' Furnishing Department includes te
all the Newest Novelties or the season. L
J tint received, .it) dozen more of onr in
popular White Shirts, re-euforccd both to
iront and back. They are tho best o()c.
SJiIrt made. Jjtrge line of Fancy Flan- j?
iiel Shirts from oOc. upwards. ,1,
0. HESS A: SON'S, al
Nos. lo_ 1 A; lUStf Market-Street. w
TItertuoiueter Kooord.
Tlio thermometer at Schnepfs drug
store, Opera llouso corner, yesterday, J.,
registered as follows:
7 a. xn 1 5 P*111 ? 1,1 nil
itu. m so I 7 p. m - ki I"1
l> 8V | \\ wither?Changeable, en
?? ev
Wentlier Indications.
Wamuxoton, D. C., Juno 7.?For <in
West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania, cx
light to fresh variable winds, generally 1W
westerly; warmer fair weather. jm
* ? I tat
lintitii-iitIon tliln Kv?uiiig.
The drum corps on the street Ja*t i
night was nut jollifying over Cleveland'# ?..?*
nomination, but practising for the cam- : V
nnign. The Democrats have, however,
hired the Opera House band and arrant- J*
?id (or a purade this evening, to bo fol- . <
lowed bv speakin' afterwards at the * '
Capital rink. .
The news of Cleveland's nomination
won received here as a matter of course. *
When the word came a big picture of
(irover was suddenly sprung on the half m
dozen people in front of the llegitt<rh\\\
board. and the silence was so oppressive ^
itU*t the young man who stuck it up Jf01
kbltuOMvl. t,0?
? ? - lea*
Wniittxl. j>oj;
3,000ladies lyojisekeencrs) to call and the
U?t a Cook ttooktrve. These hooks conlain
1GU valuable recipes, which are en- T
tirely uou- and are in need doily. With No.
compliments of Minnehaha Flour. by I
lien of Minor Moment in and About tlx
TitAwiiKiutiKH two plentler and cheap
"iik annual commencement at Wea
>crty takea place to-day.
'iik older laborers employed at tb<
Imont blast furnaeo have naked ai
rouse ui h ugea from jl L'o to $1 45.
)avb Maktik, employed at the Cen
1 ^Insa works, had his head badly cu
a Hying fragment of a bursting grand
\ sew warehouse and blackamitl
?p in being built by the Standan
Company opjwsite their new mil!
L?r the nvef.
A mi a i.i. son o! Capt. Connelly, of th
uhtli ward, was severely "bit on th
,l,t nrtu Vi?Mli>r<lflV Kv n vii-iniiH dm
licer Devlin shot'the'dog. '
i n k Vigilant engine was culled out li
till alurui, on account of a small bluj
the roof of a house on Coal stree
?serious harm wus done.
Ed Babbitt, a workman at tho L
lie mill, was so badly hurt yesterda
a heavy piece of iron falling on hiu
at he will be disabled for some time.
Tin: Alumni Association of Chi
[tool will hold a meeting in tli
bool'fi grammar room next Tuesdu
ening, that will, it is expected, I
lite interesting.
hii.i.y m.iyeu'q brass band has bee
igaged by the local lodges of tl
uiaTgamatqil' Association ol Iron an
eel Workers to accompany them f
eir big reunion picnic ut ltock Toil
i Saturday.]
A imano recital and concert is to 1
veu at tin; ,Steubenville Opera Horn
-moriaw evening by Miss Funn
miser, of Cadiz, assisted by l'rof. lie
ann Schockey, violinist, of this cit
ul other talent.
The family of the old man Montgoi
y, of Eleventh street, who mysteriou
disappeared from his home about
onth ago, have not yet heard a woi
jin him, uml have about coucludt
iat he is dead.
Thk nrriuigement and furnishing
were on the stage at tho Opera Hons
mmenceiuent night, were owing
e liberality and good taste of tl
mior class of the College, Miss Flo
jllack, President
C'lkkk Hook yesterday admitted
cord a deed made J tine 4 by Matili
Heiskcll and others to Henry Jacol
consideration of ?2,780, for a lot fror
g 2.1 feet 0 inches on the west side
:iin street^ near Spriggs' alley.
Mr. Lbwis Jonbh returned yesterdi
am Alabama, and it is said that 1
unes to stay, matters in the iron wor
inch ho built and with which he w
nnccted in Alabama having been ii
nged in a manner which ho did n
Tub Jewish church congregation ha
irrhused the property of Samuel Krc
the intersection of Thirteenth ar
>11 streets! where they will erect ahan
me synngogue and parsonage, at a co
$15,000. The price paid for the pro
ity was $4,250.
Anotiiku of Belmont county's youi
dies has acquitted herself in a ve)
niplimentary manner while nttendii
hool, and tliat is Miss Ella Kyne,
artin's Ferry, who lias taken tho sc
id honors at the Sequin Collegiate I
itute, Wheeling.?Btllaire Indrpeiulet
Ross Mossobove, ju., of Steubenvill
ho is quite well known here, h
ought suit against his wife, Kntie
ofwL'rovoi for divorce, chanrinir habi
il drunkenness and extreme^cruelty
mt she appropriated money, earni
r food, to buy whisky and beer, ai
i divers occasions struck him over tl
bad with an iron poker.
Mu. Samuki, Mohpktt died this mor
ig at thu home of his daughter. Mi
f. S. Ault, in this city. Mr. Moflt
as a highly respected citizen' of Whei
ig, where lie has served in positions
uat. He. vull be buried in Wheeling
le family burying ground. Funei
lives Bel In ire at 10 o'clock Frid
lornitig.?Iiellmre Tribune.
A company composed of H.
ehrens, Joseph Speidel and A. C. I
ter, of this city, II. C. I^azier,
'ellsburg, and Harry Uhlrich, of Uiri
igliam, has been formed to manufactu
ro brick from a vein of clay found
rindsor, up the river. Bricks burnt
oni a sample of this clay sent to En
nd arc pronounced very line.
rmieiTH In tlie City ami Wheeling Peoii
Mr. 1). C. List, jr., has gone to Knns
Ity again.
Mr. C. M. Elliott, of Steubenville, w
the city yesterday.
Judgo George Loom is, of rarkersbui
us at the Stamiu yesterday.
Hon. J. G. Schilling, of Spenc(
Mint) county, is at the Stanini.
Mrs. William Erskino and family lur
me to Deer Park for the summer.
Mr. Albert M. Campbell, of Charlc
n, was at the McLure llouse yesterda
Mr. C. S. McWhorter and wife,
ackhanuon, were in the city yesterda
Mr. Will Willis leaves to-day for T
iito, Canada,"to spend two weeks' v
Mr. I. G. Dillon and Mr. Charl
(inciter, one of his partners, have i
rned from a short business trip
SheritT William Hnndlan and Dr.T. 1
jgun left on the B. & 0. road last eve
g for Washington, to look after tl
isiness of the Ohio Valley Life Coi
Mr. A. II. Weidebusch has returm
om Lexington, Ky., where he passed
*ry creditable examination in the In
hool which lie has been attending f
Among the West Virginians registc
1 at tho Stainm yesterday were C. '
vers, of Parkersburg, Mr. and Mrs. }
illing8lea,of Fairmout, and J.F.Chen
itlyof Palatine.
Hon. 11. S. Morgan, State 8uperinten<
it of Schools, arrived in the city vc
rday afternoon, on his way to tffe
iberty, to attend the annual commenc
tint of the Normal School at that plai
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Riholdafli
ive gone to St. Paul to visit Mr. Kihc
liter s mother. Mr. Hiheldaller will 1
sent about two weeks, while his wi
ill remain in the West until some tin:
The reception tendered I)r. J. Surnm
one and wife at the .Martin's Ferry 3
Church, last night, by the tadie
issionury Society, was one of the ino
easant events of tho week. A goc
owd was present, and an enjoyab
ening was spent by all.
Hardy Henry returned homo yeste
y after a tour of. over tliree month
tencJitrgas far ?apt as New York an
far wcbtas Choyenne, Wyoming. II
s accepted a clerkship in the Real Ki
e ami V. S. Claim Agency conducte
his father at No. 1012 Market street.
11 r. Charles Hughes, formerly c
onjipi Hughes & Co., is in the city fo
ew due*, |ie is now business mam
of 'lite SoiUtiff-n Criterion, a hand
ue literary paper, published at Atlan
3a. Kev.J.Cr. Artustron^iornjerly rec
of tho St. Matthews P. K. Churcj
<o, ig one of the editors.
,'ol. Alex. Campbell catne down fron
liany yesterday amjsnent a few hour
the city looking after soffle private
liness matters, prior to his depart
lustralia as one of the commiHsionen
n this Government to the big exposi
) to be held in that- pjjntry. He wil
,e for San Francisco, fww vbicl
i?t he will soil on tho 30th inst., abowl
I .sth inst
in cmrnant Sonos, Oospol Ilymm
.*i, Kpworth Hymnal, Gospel Choir
the dozen or singlo copy, at
Stanton & Davkntobt's.
The Eastern and Western Manu- i
1 facturers Agree n?
? nil
t By Which Small Nail* arc to be Re- H(
dticcd in Price?Tho Committee's
^ IlecoiiiiiiciidntioiiW Adopted tin
\ by the Associations.
, ? re.
For some years the schedules of ex- he
? tras on the nail card of the Atlantic n(s
States Nail Association and the Western
Nail Association have differed mate- m
y rially. For a year past each Association th
10 has been trying to adopt a new schedule UI:
to meet the changes in the nail business. ^
x. On April 12 the Western cut nail man- in
,y ufacturers adopted a schedule to go into
i, effect June 1. This did not meet the ^
views of the Kastern manufacturers, and (jj
y in the latter part of May they asked to v]
y have a conference committee appointed of
>e by the Western manufacturers to meet a 1J
like committee from their Association to ^
n arrange, if possible, a National schedule nj
[Jj which would bo satisfactory to both sec- G
|(() tions. This couimitteo was appointed. * '
,? and consisted of Mr. James Wilson, of
Ik'llaire, J. I>. DuBois, of this city, and
Walter Chess, of Pittsburgh. After an
all-day session, the joint committee j"
!?* agreed on a schedule. jj
,u The new schedule, and the present
lP" card of the Western Association, are *Y
given below. A comparison shows that 111
the basis, now from 10 to (>0 penny in j"
the Western Association, is changed uj
? from 12 to 40. From 50 to (50 are '25
above the base ami 10 penny 10 above He
fd the base. All other small nails have j"
3d been reduced. '
The Western Association met yesterof
day at Pittsburgh, and the Atlantic 81
ie, States Association at l'hilauelphia, and ,
to ratified the new schedule, no that it will jl]
10 hereafter govern all nails sold, east or "
ra west: (.Ntw
. I'rewjjit West- National I'1
W nlzea. m cm Card. Curd. Q
la 12d to 40.1 Mils ; Hum?. UftM!. J,,
)8 4<MtoC0d " " .a? extra ..
f- iu.1 .?v :: 0
ltr# Klandftl" 25 extra .25 " rc
of Od and 7d 44 50 " .10 44 Iu
Id uud 5d " 75 " .CO "
ad 44 l.?> " i.oo '
ly 2d " 2.24 44 1.50 " iu
ks 4d ;. 1.75 u 1.00 " w
lbi :sd 2.25 " 1.50 C|
tL> 2d 3.00 44 2.00 " 31
ir- <ii
01 12d to 90d ...... .75 44 M ?
10(1 . 75 44 .?) t
..., fldandUd - 1.00 4 .<5 hi
Gd and 7d 1.25 4 14. .w
ift 4d and fid ..1.50 4 1.10 h
jJ :ul 2.50 44 1.50 44 1?.
(1- fininiii.no.
>st -1 Incb - 1.25 44 .&'? 44 w
t>. 1% to 2J? inch 1.50 44 l.oo 4 i,|
P 2 InafJ ? 1.75 44 1.15
" ? 2.00 44 I.:t5 ".
l i " ? : MO 1.75 ? ci
38 1 .... 4.00 14 2.25 ,4
% Inch 4.50 44 2.25 44 M
of y4 ' 0.00 44 2.60 44
C- ?UATtNU. 1
n- 4d uud 5d.?...- 1.00 44 .K? " '
3d ...~ 1.75 44 1.25 44 C
" 2d 3.00 44 1.75 44 H
le. rOMMON HA it it Kl.. c
J 1*4 Inch 75 44 .CO ' 'J
"? \% 44 1.00 .00 44 M
c. \\. 1.25 44 1 00 .f|
't !'* :: z=at !:S :: ;
"J % " 2.25 44 1.75 44 tl
2d $ 3.25 44 2.25 44 j,l
... All sUck .25 44 .25 44 "
10.1 ~ 2*. 44 .00 44 ul
n. S(1 .. 80 14 .75 * t
11 Cd 75 44 .'JO *' 1,1
rs. Ill .at fPIKEw. Ill
?tt All ?lzo*. 75 *4 .75 44 1,1
Ll. 15? und 1<4 l"ch 1.75 44 1.85 44 1
of nn.l'j'J - 1,10 " l.M
at sKudgl i.ss l.uo
^ J I.UO jb
! ?.i t" m " l.oo " a
I'cnco, brads ami shingle nails some
? lis common nails same length. Each half
0. keg ten cents extra. An abatement of ,,
fe'" ten cents J>er keg will be allowed on .
01 orders of 240 kegs and over. To secure 11
u" car load nites orders must be 240 kegs. tc
2d ai
g- Watters May Rccovor?Tlio Coroner Fool ml. 0]
Tim Hearing. J.'
It was reported at Bridgeport last w
night that Samuel Watters, the victim jji
i? of Sunday's tragedy, improved wonder- g
fully yesterday, and it is now thought NN*
118 he may get well. m
The preliminary hearing of Gertie
Williams and Bertha Hamilton and
their two male companions, Souders and t
Arbaugh, is set. for U o'clock this morn- p
ing before Justice Howell, at Bridgejr,
port. The counsel for the girls are}Soininerville
& Howard, of Wheeling. Dunvo
can and Gray will defend the boys. .V
George McKee, of Bridgeport, and Pros,a.
ecuting Attorney Ilollingsworth are en- }
? gaged For the State.
J Coroner Boyd, of Bellaire, on Tuesday
01 evening received word from Bridgeport
y* that Samuel Watters, the man shotSuuo
day night at Jerry Clemens' saloon, on C{1
a- the pike west of Bridgeport, by the no-, ^
torjotjs Gertie Williams, was in a very ]?
es critical condition, and would probably p,
e- die during the night, and advising him {?
to to come up yesterday morning. Ac- Q1
cordinglv the Coroner went, but on his to
] arrival found the man to bo still alive, jj,
nl but very low. To this story the Bellaire w
ie Independent adds: The Williams woman w
u. spent some time in this city last fall,
but was finally driven out of tow* by jn
, the authorities on account of her escala
_____ tl.
,W Tito Strike at the Standard. m
or The other day some bricklayers from
llellairo stopped the workmen at the
x- Standard mill, above Bridgeport, from
C. work until they joined the union. It
il. 8eemsthat Joe'liobensack, an old bricko
layer of Martin's Ferry, has the contract iV.
by the year for doing" the work of that 1'
company. Someone from Bellaire came aj
g. up find "demanded to see his contract, al
Ht% and llobejisjicJf talked a little short to n
e. them, when the men working for him jr
.0 were ordered to quit work until the matter
could be iftvestigated. Several of tljj'm f4
wero in Bellaire, the Indej>endent says, 10
B.r Tuesday night to have it adjusted, but
!l" had lost two or three days' work on account
of this.
'? yt
Til. Itrlllgrjlorl Cfiimcll. >r
The Bridgeport Council met in regular
I luonthlv session Tuesday evening and
J disposed of a good deal of business.
, Messrs. Tallumn, Holloway and AlexI
aiider were appointed a committee to J.
. accompany a committee of Council to 0
confer with the Poqncil of Martin's Ferry
regarding the use of water from their ,
r* mains. Messrs. Keohnlein, Hetjerand .
SKuhn were appointed a committee to J?
look after the new town hall. The li,|
0 J Street Commissioner was ordered to do ,
5* consiuernme curoing. tjio ponce were ?.
d confirmed. 1'urnituro was ordered to '
lit up the new Council room and Mayor's
if ollico. The Mayor reported lines and
r licenses collected (or the mouth of Muv,
l- $88 50.
. Iti-taging GlrulneM (
to millions, pleasing their palates and be
3 cleansing tlieir systems, arousing their 1
lircm, bdneys, stomachs and bowels to
, a Ilealtliv activity. Sucb is tho mission
, of the famous Cajifornia liquid fruit
, remedy. Syrup of Figs. Sold by Logun
, &Co., Anton 1". Iless, R. B. Burt ami
, C. SJonltemeller; at Bellaire by M. If. ]
. Mercer. alx
:? ila
i Ti-htlk Move and lunch at Henry uni
> Kiehenburg's saloon, 1100 McCollocii Foi
street, to-morrow evening. Pai
rr ?
i Dickens', Thackeray's, Soft's and J
, Eliot's Novels in our 35 cent Miction; 45 Crt
cents by moil. ieci
Stanton & Davkni-oxt,
IVIieclii'C Clrntlwiuoii Married to a I'up- 1,
ular Ca?llc Ladjr Ye?terduy.
rial Dltpatck to Ike InUUlonicrr.
Zaihx, 0., Judo 0.?One of the most 1
tabic weddings known in the history
this place for several years post, took
ice to-day at the, residence of Mr.
larlea 31. Hogg, it being the marriage 1
his daughter, Miss Annie Grayson
>gg, to Mr. Hullihen Quarrier, of I
It was not a largely attended wedding,
B guests being limited to a few of the
arest relatives and most iutimate
ends of the bride and groom. The
ison for this was that Mrs. Hogg's
alth having been poor of late, it was
it deemed best to nut too great a task i
i her as hostess. While the wedding ,
u) for this reason quiet, it was at the c
me time, to those who were among I1
e favored few who witnessed the happy i:
lion, a most charming and delightful c
casion. All the arrangement* down .
the smallest detail were perfect and 1
the best of rclined taste.
The marriage ceremony took place at 1
gh noon. Keeping step to the joyous
ruins of Mendelssohn's glorious wed- 1
ng march, as played by the orchestra, '
Inch was hidden away behind a screen 1
foliage, the fair bride entered the y
triors leaning on her father's arm, and ,
tended by Miss M. Alberta Hogg, her 1
iter and maid of honor, and Miss Jen- ^
e Baird, of Wheeling, and Miss Addle J
rider, of this place, the bridestnuids. 1
tie groom, attended by his best man,
r. George W. Denny, of New York, 1
iving entered the parlors in udvance J
his bride and her attendants, awaited
iem in an alcove, transformed into a
jwerof roses, where standing before 1
ev. Dr. K. Hush Swope, rector of St !
atthews' 1'. K. Church of Wheeling,
ie words of the beautiful Episcopal 1
airiage service were spoken that made '
ie two principals one. The bride was '
veil away by her father. Duriug the 1
rvicethe orchestra, which was Kra- '
6r's from Wheeling, played softly, and J
, the close of the benediction changed !
h strains to those of a merry nature :
litable to the occasion.
The house was lavishly and beauti- 1
illy decoruted with Uowers. Following
iu congratulations an elegant weding
breakfast was served by
uhn, a famous caterer of Pitts- 1
urgh. About U o'clock Mr. and Mrs.
uarrier left for the East on an extended
I ?..l .1.1
n their return to Wheeling they will !
saitle at the residence of .Mr. Quarrier's
lother, on Chapline street.
The bride has always been a popular
vorite in AVlieelinj^ ami the faet that '
ie is to make that eity her future home ;
ill please her many admirers there. 1
lie is a liidy possessing many charming
utilities and accomplishments and her
eparture from Cadiz is a cause of genral
regret among all who know her.
lie wore to-day a handsome wedding ;
>wii of white moire, en traine, covered
y a bridal veil.
Mr. Quarrier is a member of the
holesale dry goods house of L. S. Delalaine,
Son & Co., ?f Wheeling. Like 1
is bride, he is very popular in social :
Among tho guests were the following !
amed from Wheeling: Rev. Dr. and
[rs. K.'Kush Swope, Mrs. Mary Dela- 1
lain and daughter, Miss liulda; Mr. 1
ouis Dclaplaine, Mr. and Mrs. John 1). '
ulbertson, Mr. 0. C. Dewey, Mr. Wilam
F. Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
, Gibbs, Mr. and Mrs. T. 0. Mollat, 1
Ire. Mary A. Quarrier, mother of the
room, Mrs. M. J. Thornton, Miss Magic
Moflat and a few others. Among
ie others from out of town were, Mr.
id Mrs. C. P. Dewey, Mrs. and Mrs. A.
. Dewey, and Mrs. 15. Walker Peterson,
'Chicago, uud Dr. W. C. McFarland, 1
! New York'. Ilis bride was rememjred
with a large number of beautiful
id magniflcout gifts from her friends 1
uro, in Wheeling, Chicago, New York,
liiladelphia and elsewhere.
MOT 31 KUCTlUi: 1
ml Kntertninini'nt at roiirtli St root M. E.
There will be a pleasant programme at
ourth Street M. E. Church this eveniir.
The lecturo will be unon "Prehis
irie America," ami will give a deseripon
of the wonderful remains of cities ,
id other remaius of a high civilization
11 this continent in prehistoric times,
ew know what interest is connccted
ith this subject and what great ellorts ,
live been made in Inter years to throw
gilt upon it. The developments in
gypt and Greece are scarcely more j
onderful than those which have been :
lade on this continent.
The subject will be fully illustrated
y drawings.
The literary subject is, "The Car)' Sisirs"?
the two writers, Alice and Phoebe
urv, whose songs and poems are so ;
ell known.
The programme is as follows:
I.octure Hov. F. I'. Randolph
VomI Solo Mr. Will Day
Paper - Mis* Tliroop 4
I'lntio Solo .Prof. Kcllur '
llyum?"One Sweetly Solemn ThoUKht"?
Phoebe C'ary. (
IMcycllstH, Meet Monday. 1
The first meet of the season of the lo- J
.1 wheelmen has been called for next ,
onda.v evening. The purpose is to
ive a parade over the principal brick
tved streets. The paving work that
is been done this season now permits
ic to go almost from one end. of the
wn to the other without leaving the 1
icks. It has not yet been determined
here the rendezvous will be, but that j
ill be announced in a day or two. The J
imber of wheelmen in this city has
rgely increased in the past year and a '
ilf, and it is expected that not less
ian one hundred bicycles of diflerent 1
nkes will beinMonday night's parade, <
the weather is plensalit,
Vcntenlii)'* Storm. I
A slight rain, with a little hail, and '
couipanied by some thunder, fell ves- 1
play afternoon just after 5 o'clock,
lie stopn \yas too light to even cool the
mosphere, which was excessively warm j
I evening. At Moundsville there was J
very heavy thunder storm. The flag ?
iff on the Masonic hall was struck by
5I1 tiling, and knocked oil", and several
irsons near were shocked, but not ser
Ufily ajjecteu. j>o nan ieu inure. T
t~t " ^
Supremo Court of Appeal*.
The Supremo Court of Appeals met c
sterday in tlio chamber of the I'iret }
anch of the City Council, with all the j
dges present but Judge Green. Judge fc
hnson arrived only a few minutes be- j
re court opened. Nothing was done j
it to formally open fhe ferm and adurn
till to-day, wlicn the calling of the
cket will beg'in. c
* * 3
Alaroina" C'olTee.
The subjoined unsolicited testimonial .
n sami)le of those I am receiving from s
i* trade:
The 'Alaroma' Coffee is the bent we
ve yet sold. So our customers say." ri
Stoned) r<
Tjib Joiikston Mekcantji.e Co., S
J^opaconing, Md. ti
M. Heii.lv, i?
Sole Agent for Wheeling, W. Va. r<
)hio County Teachers' Institute will C
held at West Liberty, June 11,1888.
3y order of State Superintendent. .
J. P. Foreman,
County Superintendent. ?
rurnlon TlckuU to San Franrluro SO 00 j
by tin' I'aii-lluuilln Route. jj
Excursion tickets to San Francisco at
>ve named Tate go on sale by the Panridle
route Juno 13 and continue 0f
til July 12. Tickets good ninty days. &
r further information apply to agent f?>
i-Handle route, Wheeling, W. Va. m
r??? ji
Lnotiieh largo lot of Wetxel, Boone, Ti
>ckoJt, Caraon, placed in our til) cent Ti
tjon. By mail ?- cent*. ca
Stanton it P^v^ni^rt. in
rhe Van Baker Murder Trial
Goes Over to October.
ii the Circuit Court at lVclIsburff*
Judge Jacob Grant* the l*ctltion
of the Prisoner,
After a Brief Debate.
The Van Baker murder trial was yeserday
postponed till October 8. When
ourt opened at D o'clock, after a few
trelimiimriea, Judge Jacob ordered the
LMonnui- limniflit in ami )nt infn
",8V"W """ ft1" ? ?
ourt, accompanied by bis daughter,
"lora, and son, Marcellus.
The discussion was then resumed on
be petition for a continuance.
Mr. Brown said that one or two witlesses
for tbe defense would conie, aud
ead a telegram from one of the witnesses
or tbe defense saying he would come
vhen needed.
Mr. Cook aud Mr. Moore said they
md sworn that they could not get the
vitnesses and that they were nou-restlents,
and. it was no answer for Brown
o say the witnesses would bo here.
Speaking on the motion for a continuince,
Mr. lJraddock said their witnesses
ivere scattered over three States, and
;hat he as one of the counsel for the defense,
had used all diligence to obtain
Knowledge of their whereabauts. One
ivitnoss.a German by the name of Up:?otr,
who testilied for the defense at the
former trial, could not be found, und his
vidence was of vital importance to the
. auso of the prisoner. As to the witness,
Miss Fide McConncl. Mr. Bnuljock
said her absence had been kept a
profound secret. Counsel for the defense
bad tried to find out her address,
Mr. Braddock having sent Dr. Morris to
her parents, aud they refused to give her
A discussion here arose between Mr.
Hutchinson and Mr. BradTlock as to the
wherealwuts of two witnesses, who reside
at Steubeuville, Messrs. Nelson and
Mr. Cook said in regard to the witness
UphoiF, that lie bad promised him
to be present at the trial, but ho now
learned that be had left the country or
was perhaps dead. Continuing he said
lie did not like these inuendos from the
other side, intimating that the defense
liad not used due diligence. .Such
inuendos in the presence of the pros
pCCHve jurors wore not proper.
Mr. Hutchinson, speaking on the motion
for the continuance, saiii the court
or no one else could depend upon verbal
agreements from witnesses to attend.
The court does not hit here to depend on
verbal promises. It is the misfortune of
the prisoner that he cannot have nonresident
witnesses brought here. The
State cannot agree to bring their witnesses
here. Such an agreement would
be good grounds for setting aside a verdict.
As to the witness Miss McConnell,
by whom they expect to show the prisoner
bought a ticket for the "West at a
certain day, we will admit what they
expect to prove by her.
Mr. Hull' asked Mr. Bruddock when
they expected to be able to procure the
attendance of these witnesses.
Mr. Braddock?I do not know.
Mr. Ilufr?Do you ever expect to have
them present?
Mr. Braddock?I d& not know,.sir.
Continuing Mr. Braddock said that
they could not be induced to come into
n court of justice to give any evidence
which would benefit tho prisoner.
Jtidgo Jacob said the ^granting of a
continuance was>ithin the discretion of
the court, and proceeded to review the
fucts. lie said tho testimony of the absent
witnesses had been taken by the
stenographer. The counsel for State refused
to let this bo used. They refused
to take depositions during the trial, and
they gave no reason for it and tho only
conclusion to ho arrived at is that they
do not want tho evidence to go in, and,
therefore, it was of importance. The
only question was, whether the attorneys
had used all duo diligence. Tiioy
nresented affidavits to show thev had.
The jaws of the State guaranteed to
every man a fair and Impartial trial, and
with these facts iu view, what would be
the ruling of a higher court? -There
can be scarcely any question as to the
result. The affidavits filed by the attorney
for the defense set forth that the
prisoner himself could not prevail upon
witnesses to attend. Of course this is
true, and in view of the affidavits, the
motion must prevail.
Securjug the lllght of XVny.
The South Pennsylvania & Ohio Railroad
Company, the company which proposes
to build the railroad from Martin's
terry to Bowerstown in connection with
the Union Railroad bridge here, bus
commenced proceedings in the courts at
?t. Claireville to condemn the right of
ivay over the farms between the bridge
site and the north line of the county. A
;iumber of deeds conveying to the company
rights of way and real estate for
ailroad purposes have also been entered j
'or record at St. Claireville.
? tt ?
Statu UiilT?THlty, Morguntown.
Sunday, June 10, 11 a. m.?Baccaiau cate
Sermon, by Rev. R. R. Swope, D.I).
Monday, 11, 8 p. m.?Address before
he literary Societies, by Hon. Stephen
[i. Hiking.
Tuesday, 12, 8 p. m.?Annual contest
between the Literary Societies.
Wednesday, 13, 11 a. in.?Commencement.
Addresses of the Graduating
:lass. Conferring of Degrees.
Note.?A special train will leavo Fairmont
at j) a. m. Sunday, June 10, arriving
it Morgantown at 10:30. Returning at
t p. in. in time for connections east
uid west at Fairmont.
E. M. Tukneu, President.
Orders for special rate tickets beginjing
on Monday, June 11, good to reurn
till loth, may be had on application
o the President.
: * T. ....
Syrup ot I'ltf*
8 nature's own true laxative. It is the
nost easily taken, and the most effective
emedy known to cleanse the system
vhen bilious or costive; to dispel headichefl.
c^ltls and fevers; to cure habitual
onstination, indigestion. piles, etc.
klanu factored only by the California
ric Svrup Company. San Francisco, Cal.
Sold by Logan <k Co., Anton P. lless,
{. B. Burt and C. Menkemiller. At
Jellairo by M. N. Myrcer.
Buy the Aberdeen Linen Stationer)',
iCtAvo or commercial, ruled or plain, at
o cents per box (1 quire and 1 pack), at
Stanton & Davenport's.
tT jLouin and Upturn Only 910 00 by the
I'lin-lliuullc Route.
The Pittsburgh, Cincinnati & St. Louis
ail way (l'an-IIandle route) will sell
Dund trip tickets to the Samgerfest at
t. Louis at rato of $10 00. Tickets good
velve days. For tickets arid further
iformation apply to agent Pan-Handle
)ute, Wheeling, W. Va.
t?* y.??
iuclnnittl ami lleturu 95 00 by tlie I'nnlliniillo
On June9, lOand 11 the Pittsburgh,Ctn- ;
nnati & St. Louis railway (Pan-Handle
>ute) will sell excursion tickets to Cjpnnati
at rate of $5 00. Tickets good re- .
irning until June IS. For tickets and
irther information npply to agent Panandle
route, Wheeling, W. \ a. {
Grand Kxcui-hIoii to 8t. LotiU J
r tho Arion and Germania Singing '
jcieties, of Wheeling, to the Sienger- '
st at St. Louis by tho popular Baltiore
& Ohio Kailroad, Monday, June ^
. Fare for the round trip only $10. t
ckets good returning twelve days, i
ckets and sleeping cur accommdations ?
,n now be hail at tho German Insur- 1
tee oifice and C. Schnej/f * drug btore. ^
Mnnnllrhl Meet* Defeat at tlio NttlletV
llnudit?Other Gamea ?u<l General Note*.
After a two-days' rest, Wheeling's ball
team yesterday commenced to play ball
again. They met Manafled for the first
time this Beason and defeated them.
The home team is booked to play two
more games at Mansfield, then three
with Canton, and its tint and longest
trip is ended. Tho rest seems to have
been a beneficial one; tho boys knocked
the ball around lively yesterday, for tho
first time in several games, and the errors,
aside from those made by Flanagan,
were not numerous. The npicial
report of the game published below
k(ntcH that Sommers was verv wild: if
he wiiB much wilder than Flanagan appears
to have been, the game could not
have been very much of a victory after
all. Tne work of both pitchers was apparently
barely more than mediocre.
Whether the victory was a hard-earned
one or not, it counts in the percentage
table, and the hope and belief is growing
that the home team will win nil of the
remaining five games to be played before
it comes home.
(Jenorul Good Work Wins.
S/xclal Dlnpateh t? the Intelligencer.
Mansfield, 0., Juno 0.?Five hundred
peoplo saw Wheeling knock Mansfield
out to-day, in great shape. The
game opened at 4 o'clock and lasted two
hours and twenty minutes, much to the
dissatisfaction of the people who wanted
supper. Hard hitting and good base
running, assisted largely by Mansfield's
bad luck, won the game for the visitors.
Sommers was wild and had to throw
every ball hard to get them over the
plate. Bailey, the new catcher for the
Mansfields, caught only a fair ganio.
Although .Sommers was"very wilu, it is
evident Bailey cannot hold him; hie
passed balls were very costly. Several
errors all in a bunch let in several rune
which should not have scored. Allen
and Otterson's good work at short were
the chief features of the game. The
score is as follows: \
\vHKEi.iNu.|itI j? ? '.|.* k7 ma.wiki.ii. iu i?7 r7 a k
Yalk.e l 1 'J | - 0 A lieu, m if '.'ill
Niehol, ef. 1 1 0 0 0 Harrow, 1... 0 u 7 0 I
Ottcrxon ?. i! o 7 oOrccn.c. f.. 1 :t l o I
suplctou.l : i in o i Alcott, :i i o o * (
Stephen*,r. 0 0 0 0 o Campion,'.*., o o ;
YatiZunt,3 *J ill I Lersch, r.... 1 o 'J 1 I
Ilrodle, 1.... 1 1 ii o 11111,1 o 2 l 0 (
Peak,2 : 21 h 11 (alley, c 1 1 II :i :
Flanagan,p o 1 I soinmew, p 1 l o rj
Total lli'jr-qu* a Total. 7 ip )
MutiHtk-li] 0 l v l o o 0 i .v-:
Wheeling o 1 1 4 2 0 a 1 '-ll
ftirneri run??Slanoflohl, 5; Wheeling, 4. ^Tw<
OHMS IlllH ? wuniMiii, riiiimgHii. iuiw
I hum) hilH?Allen, Staiiletoti, Peak, 2. Struck ouf
?by Sommen,by KIuiwkuii, Hums on bnlli
?by KluUttKHU, 6; by Soiniucrs,3. Wild jiitchc#Soimners,
I; FliinuKuu, 1. PjuummI bulls?by Ilnlloy
3: Yolk, 1. Time of mime, 2.2Q. Umpire?Sim
Other Yrl-Stute (iamett l'layed Yesterday
At Jackson?Jackson put her hits
well together and earned nil six of hei
runs. But for two unfortunate erron
in right field tlio Fish Eaters would
have been shut out. The score:
T. U.K. K
Jack win 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 2. 2? 0 12 <
SandtMky-. 000002000?2 0 :
Hurried runs?Jackson. C. llnltcrles?Phulei
and Minneliuit: Kawtoti and H. Wentlake.
At Lima?Lima put up a very pooi
fielding gatne and nearly' lost the game
to Toledo. O'Brien's pitching was miserable.
The score:
T. 11.11. K,
Limit 1 2 4 14 1 2 3 1?1!> w 1!
Toledo 3 0 10 10 0 3 .r??13 1:5 II
Kurned?Lima, 7; Toledo, 5. Batteries?O'Urler
and SomtnerH; (Jastright and Dunn. UinpireStellbcrger.
At Zanesville?Zanesville claims tc
have been clearly robbed of yesterday's
game by Umpire Barnum, ami the claim
is a good one. Iu the tenth inning sis
Columbus people had to be put out,
Even the Columbus people admitted
that the game was a farce and only the
exertions of the Zanesville players prevented
Barnum front being; mobbed,
Zanesville outplayed the visitors in the
Held and was more successful in bunching
hits and only lost the game through
the umpire's outrageous decisions. The
T. 11.11. K
Z'n'sv'e. 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 a 0-0 0 :
CoL 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 3 1-7 11
Kurned?ZunoHVillo, I: Columbus, 2. Two bnw
bits?Zanesville, ColutuhiiH, 2. HutteriesUuuibert
and leaner; J. Huiulibouaud Uhrisinun
llano llall Brief*.
The Zanesville team played an ex
I.Vnwnrlr Tnusdnv ntlf
defeated tiio team at that point* by i
scorc of 15 to 2.
Kalamazoo played her second exhibi
tion gome at Bradford, l'a., yesterdaj
and was knocked out by a score of 0 to 5
The batteries were German and Thomp
son and Sweeney and Calhoun.
Manager Roach, of the Red Stocking
base ballclub, Martin's Ferry, ohallengei
the Globes, of Uellaire, to meet them or
the diamond at any timo br place. The
lied Stockings claim the amateur championship
of Belmont couuty, which the
Globes also claim to have won. '
A second Ramsey in his early days,
was what Umpire IJon Young remarked
concerning Aldrich, the handsome
brown-eyed left-handed pitcher of the
Knlama/.oo team, at the conclusion of
the game played with the Sandusky's
on Monday, when the visitors only got
three hits oil* his delivery.
Monroe, a pitcher released by Kalamazoo,
has been gathered in by the Canton
management. The report that he
was dismissed for drinking is denied.
IJe says that he was dissatisfied with
iManager O'Neill and would not play
under him any longer. It is probable
[ that "Kid" Madigan, another pitcher
released by Kalamazoo, will soon be
signed by "some other clubs in the
Manager Jiuckenburger in quoted ns
saying that he does riot think that Lima
will stand better than third in the race
at the finish, and lid Staplcton, Wheel{iii.'u
llM Ilfiunfmiti nnil u'lin linu Iwfih
maiie captain of the team, thinks that
Lima is favored with luck at present
and that element is bound to desert
them in time. Every one agrees that
Kalamazoo is fast hceoming a dangerous
competitor for lirst place again.
Nines representing the livery establishments
of Carter & Morrow and
Joshua Bine, contested for victory on
the diamond at Island l'ark yesterday
afternoon in the presence of u half
hundred or bq of spectators. The result
was a victory for tue Carter <fc Morrow
men by a score of 10 to 11. Reiver and
Sullivan did the battery work for the
wjnners and Doyencr ami Sheppard for
Nine's nine. The hoys were taken over
in open landaus and there were other
pretentions to the regulation style.
Y?*ter<lay'? League urn! Association <latue?.
At WiwhinKton?Washington, 2: Detroit, 4.
At New York?New York, it; IuiliHtiu|Mtllri, 5.
The New York* lost accond place by dro]ipltitf u
game to Indianapolis.
At I'lliliulelpliIn?Philadelphia, 3; Chicago C.
At }k>s{on?Boston, lj PiiUtlnirgh,
>*?w Watch Club.
Harry Hillman, the jeweler, No. 28
Eleventh street, is organizing a Watch
Club >vbich will be in operation about
June 10. Every watch will be fully |
warranted aqd prices guaranteed, ttah
Stage of the Water mul Movement* the
The felalne got away for Parkereburg
at noon.
The W. N. Chancellor passed an at 1
a. m., en route from Charleston to Pitts*
The river is still falling at this point,
rhe marks last evening indicated a
iepth in the channel of 5 feet 11 inches.
The Scotia is due up to-day in her
Cincinnati-Pittsburgh trade and the
Fashion in the same trade is due down,
rhey should both pass here at an early
Tho Parkersburg packet Courier met
vith an accident Tuesday which will
hrow iier out of the trade for a week,
she was undorm/mg the usual inspection
it the hands of Local Inspectors Captain
Jen Goodwin and Reuben Thomas,
?hen a flue collapsed.
[Continued from Fint Page.]
noted, it would be hard to hold tho convention
together. lie knew that gentlemen
were anxious to raise their voices
for the same man that bo was in favor of,
but he thought it better that a recess
should be talcen. Finally the convention
adjourned until 10 o'clock to-morrow.
Adoption or the Tori IT Plunk of 1884-Ad
inlnUtrutloii Men Predict Defeat.
St. Louis, June 0.?The Committee on
Resolutions resumed its session ut 1(
o'clock this morning at the Southern
Hotel. The sub-committee appointed tc
draft a platform entered the room after
wards looking exceedingly worn by theii
long session of lost night They report
ed their inability to agree, the point ai
issue being the question of reailirmini
the tariff plunk in the platform of 1884
The sub-committee had listened to earn
est appeals lust night in favor of anothei
and opposed to the question, but coulc
not agree.
Mr. Gorman proposed a reaflinnatior
of the tariff plank in the 1884 platform
and u general indorsement of tno policj
of reduction indicated in the President'
tariff message.
Mr. Waterson opposed any allusion}/
the 1884 platform, which he deemei
equivocal and indirect.
-Mr. Gorman addressed the comuiittec
for an hour, and emphasized the politi
cal expediency of a moderate tariff i>ol
icy. While he considered the prospect
of Democratic success In New York mucl
better than they were four years ago, hi
regarded Indiana, (and ho appealed t<
Senator Turpie to confirm his state
nient) New Jersey and Connecticut a
doubtful, and he would have no hopi
of his party carrying them upon a taril
for revenue only platform. Mr. Gor
man argued, in conclusion, that th
platform of 1884 was the one upon whicl
Mr. Cleveland was elected; that helm*
Mr. Gorman stated, been content to tul
minister the Executive oflice in accord
ance with its principles. It has ampl
latitude as much as the administrate
itself deserves; and it would be im
politic at this time to make it more em
Mr. Wattereon responded in an ad
dress of about one hour's duration
The platform of ten years ago, ho said
was a straddle and so accepted by th
Committee on Resolutions in the con
vention of 1884. Its advocates had said
, "Let ub go into power and then we eai
, fraiue a policy to suit our party views.
The issue of that election, Haiti Mi
j Wattereori, did not prove the wisdom o
[ an equivocal policy. It was not a polic;
pleasing to our peculiar Americai
manhood. It came to be stiginat
; ized as a straddle and then
i was an odiuui attached to it
i from which it could not bo freed. Tin
campaign, fortunately for the Demo
' cratic party, by the nomination of Mr
i Blaine had become one of person
alitiesand Mr. Cleveland was elected
The result did not prove the strenjjtl
: of the 1884 platform, and did not justif}
j the faith of the advocates of a straddlinj
i policy. In his judgment there was nc
statesmanship in duplicity. It would
he thought, be wise to take an aggressiv
? stand, as tho Democratic party had nov
been irrevocably committed to tin
' policy of
j by Cleveland's last message and by tin
bitterness of a majority of the Demo
cratic party in the House of Represents
; tives. From that position, said Mr
Watterson, there can be no retreat
Our position is clearly announced, it ii
| known to our opponents and to the peo
nle. lie believed* moreover, that tlx
bold, manly tone of Mr. Cleveland'
;j message had a very happy effect.
' The utmost candor of expression cliai
i acteriml Senator Gorman and Mr. Wal
. tenon, and perfectgood feeling was main
taiued throughout, but it sooi
became evident that their relativ
positions upon the point at issue wouli
? be maintained, and it became quite a
1 clear that the majority of the committc
had been impressed wkh Mr. Gorman'
. candid statement of the political expc
r diency involved in the discussion
. Throughout the discussion the member
. of the committee listened with eage
_...i < i l. <i... i < ..t ii.
uiunumi, .did iiiuii^u IIIU IJUUV ui iin
, committee rooms was almost insufTera
| hie not a chair was vacated during tlx
( long session. The doors were kept care
, fully locked nil morning and throngs o
. prominent gentlemen, among whom wa
, Col. Morrison, of Illinois, waited irnpa
ticntlv in the corridor for any informa
tion that could be gleaned as to the pro
ceeding from any member of the com
niittee who might appear in the corridoi
for a momentary breath of fresh air. A
! noon
on the question of reaffirming the platform
of '84, ten minutes to be alio wet
each State, and a vote to he hadvat 1 :.'M)
The debate, however, was prolonged
after 3 o'clock. By a vote of 25 to 19 the
cemmlttce agreed to Senator Gonnan'i
proposition to endorse and reiterate the
tariir platform of 1884. It is understood
that there will be no serious division
upon the other planks in the nlatform.
The committee reassembled to-night at
7 o'clock for consideration of the platform
liv soctionu.
Mr. Watersou received the following
telegrams to-day:
"Iallure to endorse the Mills bill may
defeat it.
[Signed] "Wm. C. Brkcki.niudoe."
"Don't like dispatches this morning,
Can't afford to temnorijio or straddle. A
strong anti-tariff plunk in platform, or
appeal to the convention.
is. C. Grouse, Louisville, Ky.
Gov. John 0. Brown handed the following
telegram he had just received
from Congressman McMillan, to Mr.
Watterson this afternoon:
Gov. John C. Ilrown, Southern Ilotrl:
"Failure to indorse the Mills hill in
the platform or scpcrate resolutions may
defeat it. We charged bayonets here and
have the enemy, if the convention will
do its duty.
[Signed] Benton McMillan.
As the evening session of tho Committee
on Resolutions was about to be
begun it was stated upon very high authority
that there was to be an additional
naragraph added to the reaffirmation
of the 1884 tariff plank, explaining
more fully the scope/and relieving it of
that ambiguity which Mr. Waterson
had characterized as "a straddle,"
and makng it conform
to the principles enunciated by
the President's message. Air. Gorman
and Mr. Scott lias just held a long conference
upon this subject, and it was
stated that the additional paragraph was
to be inserted as a result of additional light
' received to-doy from Washington.
When Mr. Morrison was asked for his
opinion upon the results of the committee's
work and the later rumors as to
what would be done in addition, he said
that he was not yet prepared to talk,but
would have something to say at the prolan*
made an effort to-day to take an advantage
of the circumstances which led to
an adjournment of the convention until
to-morrow. The Indianians have displayed
some of the spirit of the Grant
500 of 1880, and have been lighting with
great desperation and persistency. Even
with two-thirds of the convention
apparently against them', they have
managed to keep up an outwaid
show of hopefulness.
The compact between Congressman
Scott and Senator Gorman to secure
for the President an endorsement that
would be satisfactory to him and yet not spot
weaken tbo party at tho polls in the nrej
doubtful States, was strong enough to (for
force some concessions from the extreme Mai
tariff reformers. At the same tiino the Ter
latter had votes enough to compel the Mt.
opposition to Mai
i of tlie President's message as a correct j^e'
interpretation of the tariff plank of ISM, Cat
1 and to secure an endorsement of the ===
, Mills by a resolution added to the tariff P
plank. ^
Thus with the exception of yielding a H|
little stronger declaration on the tariff w|l,
than ho at lirat proved, Congresmnair
* Scott, the direct representative of the (fuI]
administration, is likely to secure all |hp
i that ho set out to secure?Cleveland, toc
) Thurman and a moderate tariff declara- UJftl
i tion. upo
, LATER. tjl0
Twontv hnurfl nvnrtlv in tlio time it .iin1
took to prepare a tariff plank that could ???]
r bo agreed upon for the campaign of 1888. **}{'
. The result is an affirmation of the plank pro
t of 1884, as suggested Wy Senator Gor- ?H
; man, but amended and amplified so jih tn.j!
. to suit Uenrv Watterson. The 1884 oth
- platform had been reaflirmed before <A'
p 2:IW p. m. by an extremely closo jjjj
1 vote, after a contest remarkable for mm
stubbornness on both sides. An ad- rc?
i journment was then taken until 7 p. m., CA,
, when the battle opeued once more, end- an
r ing as stated, .lust an hour later, Mr. 1101
9 Watterson, who had entered the coin- *'
mitteo room somewhat anxious and wor)
ried, emerged for a moment, wearing a >
! much more hdpjpy expression. "It is all a
wo could ask/' he remarked to a \i
! friend, and in almost a moment was 'j
- back within the room, where the open Tin
- door had given a glimpse of Senator Gor- ^
h man, pale und warm, but on the whole
i apparently well content. Nearly an gi i
l? hour longer was consumed by the com- JJi
0 mitteo discussing miscellaneous resolu
tious, and then the members began coms
ing out one by one. In rushed an rr:
e army of newspaper men. but the com- IJJ
f mittee had not only closed up Business.
- but lips :is well, and were deaf and p
e dumb as so many clams. Mr.
ix Watterson was surrounded by an imi,
portunate mob, who wouhl not budge
I- an inch until he had consented to give
I- up at least a little of the committee
e secrets. He finally promised to get
:i them the tariff resolutions in full, L(
- but came back shortly, pre- i
r sumably from a consultation with M
Senator Gorman, saying it was iinpossi- J[{
ble to do more than'give out a statement vol
of their purpose. This he felt satisfied 1
the country was entitled to, at least, to jj?
i- at the tirst moment possible, notwith- tun
I, standing it had been decided to
- of tho fommlttco. Ilaisim; his voice so '.l.1?,'
'? that the ears of waiting newspaper men ^
>? crowded about him, pen in hand, could fai
\ hear, Mr. Watterson said: "The sub- of'
if stance is this:?That wo renew ourtldel- mc
v ity to the Democratic principle and
it reaffirm the platform of 1884. and endorse
- the lust annual message of the President
2 and declare it a correct interpretation of
the platform, and approve the efforts of
e our Democratic representatives in Coui
gress to secure reduced taxation. In a
. separate resolution to be offered to the
- convention, we commend the Mills bill
. urging its passage at an early day." v
i naj
, How (irovur Uucclvcri tho XmvM. lor,
' Spedal IHtpaich <o the InidUgenctrit.
j Washington, D. C., June 0.?-Presi- Jj1
, dent Cleveland received tlie news of his OA
i' rcnomination from his secretary at halfir
past 1-o'clock without emotion. But he
o forgot his usual reception at 2. lie never
forgot it before.
B * $10
Form n Democratic Limine itml Endorse
CIovoIiiimI'h Admlnlrtl riitlon.
St. Louis, Mo., June Nearly a hun'
dred representative colored Democrats,
y from more than a dozen Suites, but j
- chiefly from the North, held a meeting ^
3 liere yesterday afternoon, and organised
a negro National Democratic League. 601
.. James M. Vena, of St. Louis, was elect- 10l
. ed chairman, T. T. Brown, of SpringJ.
field, Illinois, secretary, and Herbert A. io
:1 Clark, of Cincinnati, chairman of the 10
t, executive committee, to be composed of
,j ono member from each State. A coms
mittee embracing J. M. Vena, of St. 1,01
[, Louis; Charles II. Sheldon, of Indiana;
s W. T. Scott and T. T. Rrown.of Illinois, 1,w
and A. E. Manning, of Indiana, were ?
, nppouut-o 10 represent ino league an.
j the general Democratic League to bo *
r held at Baltimore July 4. Resolutions nJ\J
L, were adopted endorsing thojadministra- ruji
. tion of President Cleveland, and the y?J
Q League adjourned to meet in Chicago, 'k
at the call of the chairman. The plan or:
of organization and the purpose of the n"
League is the same as other similar
leagues of the great party. or
All Sort* of Local Nitw* nml Gossip from ^
tin; OIiikk City.
Col. Poorman in in Columbus.
Mord Nelson is at Cleveland on bus- KB
incss. hil
Frank Sohram will work in a glass
I house in Cumberland, Md. m|{
James Keller ami Jennie Neal went
[ to St. Clairsville yesterday to get mart
ried. arc
John W. Walelili's tailor shop was en- ,KjJ
" tered by thieves and a line pair of pant- =
| aloonsstolen.
, James Burke, a blacksmith, had his
eye severely burned by a piece of hot A
. iron yesterday. M
Mrs. Ben. II. Faris received word yes- rr
terday of the death of her grandmother, 1
; at Washington C. 11., 0.
A. F. Kisar, who bought out N. L.
.Marsh, the jeweler, is at his home in
Wootlslield, seriously ill.
The dinkey engine at the steel works
ran over the foot of Henry Smith, colored,
and inashed it badly.*
Mrs. Jordan, mother-in-law of Agent
Fitzgerald, of the Baltimore & Ohio railroad
here, died at her home yesterday. ^
Considerable fast driving has been
done here, and the small children are in TM
danger if they do not keep oil' the streets.
George Honlck ami Luke Gavin, of i?i
tho Cleveland Sc Pittsburgh Hail road '??
here, arc in Columbus on the Belmont "JV,
street crossing case. t int
Bob Brody, It. Potters and Jim Don- JJJj
ely will come up from Birmingham, Ala., drui
luniuv. j.uuy nuvo ucuii worning ior
James Barnkil) there. mc"
Some one stole the bouquets at Hose Si
Hill cemetery Decoration day. Sexton
Hook oilers a reward for the conviction 111'
of the thief or thieves. ohil
The United States Circuit Court jury, J1)!1
in the case ol John Baugh, of this city, Sri
vs. the Baltimore | Ohio lluilroud. lor Hoc
injuries received, gave him $0,700 clam- *'"I
Martin'* I't-rry.
The St. Clairsville Presbytery will t
meet in this city to-day. "
.S. (r. Morrison and his son, Paul, )
leave to-day for Columbus. j
Owing to sickness, the meeting of the E>
Mite Society to Ihj held ait Mrs. Amanda y^.
Miller's, has been postponed till next the*'
Wednesday night." Co.
At the regular monthly meeting of ?,
Council Tuesday night considerable
business was transacted. The Council Th
failed to conlirm the policemen appoint- '"K 1
ed by Mayor Mitchell, and the city is
thus minus a police force. on ti
At a meeting of the School Board last ?uc 1
evening, at wnich all the members bnt:
one were present, tho Board rejected all j
the applicants for the position of Super-,rc
intendent. It was decided that no j or'
teacher would be employed unless he ncan
! had a certificate good for at least one
year. . mri
A pleasant surprise was-given Miss yJ r
Annie Dean at the residence of Mr.] IV
Iienry Huuiphreyville, on Walnut fil<
street, Tuesday eveuinu, in honor of; i
her birthday. A splendid evening was I *ao
nt. "The following ]R'r?oii? ?rre
icut: Kiln ChiiiiiIk-II. Sank
iiimnl. Maud Mltcliull, 1 .u lu Mitchell,
(tie Mitclioll. Emma Htmdpraon,
csii ami Moiojid llumphrevlllo, ol
l'luuuint, Mamie Kerr, Ella Kerr,
nilo ltalston, Anna ltalxt<>ii, Carriu
tell, Klma Uarrett, Ucv. Mr. BrovnMe*?re.
John Hendereoo, lU)Krt
rr. W. 8. Korr, J ami's Kerr. Will
1.11, F. C. Cuil.
ave you awakened from a disturbed ilctp
l nil tlu? horrible lenaatlona o( nn nuunln
chingyour throat ami pruning the life-breath
u your tlKhtcut'4 cheat? Have yon noticed
lnnguornml debility that succeed the effort
lear your throat and head ol thlt catarrhal
;tor? WliatadopreMitiK Influence It exerti
>n tho mind, clouding thumomorv nn.t iiiii..
? "I
head with pain* mul strange noh.es! How
I cult it In to riil the nKMl pftMHjfes throat
lung* of this poisonous uiueu* uli i-uh tw.
wboareaflllotcd with catarrh. How dlffl.
i to protect the system ai:ali?i it.- further
gres* toward* the mugs, liver and kidneys
phyideiun* will admit. It la a terrible ifu!
?, uttd crU-h out for relief mih! cure,
lie remarkable curative lmweni. when all
t?r remedies utterly full, of BAXrouv* Him.
, ft" uk. lire attested liv thousands who gratelv
recommend It to fellow-sutTcreni. No ?taU>.
lit U made regarding it thnt rannot be ml*,
itlated by the moat rv*|>ec table and reliable
i renew.
arh packet contains one bottlo of the Ram.
, CUKK, one Im>x of CataukIIAI. Bolvkkt, and
imi'uovbd In it leb. with treatUo ami dl reels,
and la sold hy nil druggists for $i in*.
ottuh dftvo & CntMHtti. Co., Boston,
In one minute theCt'Tiri'iiA Axn*
WrQ Al'-tlx I'l.Afrr.i* relieves Khe'imaile
W J^^^Seltttle, Sudden, Shurji. and Xerr1
Jr ous Pains Strains and Weakness,
in first aud only nalu killing 1'loMer a i*tt,
new, orlKlnnl. instantaneous, Infallible,
l safe Antidote to Pain, Intlatumatlnu and
ukncKS At nil druggists, rent*: live lor
K); or, postage free, of Porrca Pni-u asi?
I'.MICAI. Co.. iioston. jrlMtlUW
Louisiana State Lottery.
Over n Million IHstrlhutrd,
apital Prize, $300,000.
LU-.J.- ? "
juiMununLutr liin icr.v *.oilipany,
ncorooratcd by the Legislature in i?,;s, f?r
uoational ntul Charitable pur|K>te?, and it,
whine made a i?arl of the proent State Con.
tution, in 187V, by mi overwhelming |K)j?uUr
is Grand Single Xutnlier Drawings take |>Ut?
titlilv. nud the Grand Quarterly Druwiii(j?,
itilarly every three month* (March, June Sep.
nber and December).
We do hereby certify that we mtnerrlM the
nnscuicnUi fornll the Monthly ami Quarterly
imngiol Tho Louisiana 8U110 Lottery Con*
;iy, atul in person manage and vontrol tho
iiwfriK5* thcmielves, ami that the nouu nto
idiieted with honetity, lairne**, ami in good
(h toward all parties and we authorize thu
iii|iany to u*e thiH i-ertillcale, with fac*iinllei
our signature* attached, in iu mlverthcntfc"
I'e the undersigned Hank* and Hunker* trill
nil Prize* tlrnwu In Thu Louisiana State Lotlea
which may be presented at ourcouutea
M. WALMSLKY, Pres. I-ouManu Nut'lltank.
SHHK LAXAUX, Pre*. State National ikrik.
ItALDWIX, Pres. New Orlean* Nut'I luttk.
KL KUllN, Pre*. Union National Hauk.
Grand Quarterly Drawing
In the Academy of Music. New Orlcaiu,
Tuesday, Juno 12, 1888,
APITAL PRIZE, $300,000.
00.000 TlckeU at Twenty Dollars each. Halve*
; Quarter* S3; Tenth* t.'; TwentiethsSl.
1 Priwjof 8900,000 Is ?:a*?.000
I Prize of 100,0001* lw.uo
I Prize of 60,0001*. Wi.ttt)
I Prize of 13,0001* V6.ue
i Prize* of 10,WW are -iUui
i Prize* of 6,000 are v.'i.uo
? Prize* of l.ouo are ->.uw
? Prize* of oCO are - 60.UU0
I I'ttawut WW
J Prize* of ISX) ure 1iai.ua)
I) Prized of |MW approximating to
?100,000 Prize are 60,000
I) Prize* < ( fciou approximating to
$ 100,000 Prize are .7),000
0 Prize* (d 8.DO approximating to
#0,000 Prize are 120,000
X) Prize* of 8100 decided by *J00,Ctt)
Prize are 100,000
)0 Prize* of $100 decided by 8100,000
Prize are 100,000
JO Prize* amounting to - 81,055,000
'or Club Kate*, or any further information
dy to the nnuentigned. Your handwriting
;*t bo dlHtlnet and signature plain. More
in rciuni mnti uouvcry win i?c mnurcu uv
ir cuchudng au envelope bearing your (nil
cud POSTAL- NOTES, Express Money Onion,
New York Exchange in ordinary loiter. Curcy
by Express (nt our cxpeiinc) addressed to
New Orleans, U.,
Washington, I). C.
dress licgristorcil letters to
New Orleans, Ls.
MPMRPR Thnt the presoncc of Gcncrali
IllDlllDDn licauregard and Early, who are la
,rge of the drawings, is aguimtnteoof absolute
ties* and integrity, that the chanec* are >11
ial, and that no one can pobsibly divine wlist
nber will draw a Prize.
KMKMUKli that the payment of all I'rixri li
mtantkkii liy KoUlt NaTIoNAI. llASKSof new
wins, and the Ticket# are Kilned by tlie frctlit
of au Institution. who?c chartered rivhli
rccogulted by the hltfhcnt Courts; theref??re,
rare of any Imltutious oruuoiiyuioiiMielieiiie*
Boots and Shoos.
For 3Ion, Hoys, Ladles & Youth*.
Also, u (hie selection of
At Lowest Possible Cash rrices, at
A. G. WINCH Kirs,
<1 1121 Roger*' Mock, Main stmi
iirent* are often worried about a child
signs of drooiiiiiK. with lo?.?? of npiM-lIti'. "ii'l
let-Ire to join In the sport* of it.i j?luymat??.
I hardly nerloiiH enough to re?iulr?> a phy?li,
but it la plain that the child need* huihig.
He prudent. bo not force into the ynwiic
uiiili.vi-loi.i.il kvnt<>iii .trunk' mid iiuUM'uU*
p. but u modlclno (bat will aid, InviRoriu
thoroughly c'lcHtiku the system by Rcutle
.iin. Such In
mmons iliver Regulator.
i purely vegetable and of so mild a nature
. It may he administered to the mo?t di-li<<ite
<1 or tho youngest Infant with t>erfe<t ?ifi iy
the happiest result*. The child will not
against taking it. It does not < oiui'H them
emiiiu Indoors or require any change "I dkt.
I? It always near allium! and you will have
mily physician which will wive you many
lor'N bills ami much anxiety.
"1 have used Hlinnioiis Liver Regulator
for many years, having made It mj only
Family Medicine. My mother hef<?re roc
Has very partial to It It Ik a Mile, wood
?nd reliable medicine foranj disorder of
the syNtem, and If used In tiiue If u irr?ni
preventive of sickness."?He v. J\m?>
Itoi.M.vs, I'astor .M. H. Church, .-oUtli,
Kalrlleld, Va.
.amine to see that you get the genuine. I'iUiahod
from all fraud*and iinltatl"ii* hvuur
Trade-.Mark on front of V> rapper. and on
ilde the teal and signature of J. II Zi imn A
ursioii* to ArkniimsTexuMuntl Mexico
o Louisville <fc Nashville R, It. and contact
-lues will sell special excursion ticket* t?all
ts in ArkaiisHM and Texas, and to
lie .Southern I'adllc Ity. Iu New Mexico st
fare for tkoround trip, on April M and -'ith.
8thand?!d,and June 5'h ami : tii.'*"
L'Uuliow stop-over privileges, and ar-j r-'l
turn within sixty days from date of ?!?
iekcta and further information, cull on your
;at UWCk ??>. ?ii. ?'? " niv- t?.
IfHl14-?-ml2-2ft-J9 M
Hn rmtni'U'M .t 'In M

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