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The Intelligencer.
|'ut>ll?li*ri Dully, Semi. Weekly and Weekly.
The Dally lntollln?ncor Is Delivered
by Carriers In Wheeling and adjacent
towns at 15 cents per week.
Ily Mall, I'oktiiKc Free In the United State*.
Dally, One Year - $8 00
Dally, Six Months . 4 00
Daily, Three Months 2 00
Dally. One Month .... 65
Semi-Weekly, Ono Year ?. 2 50
Semi-Weekly, Six Months 125
Weekly, One Yoar * 1 OO
Weekly, Six Months 60
drcat redaction* to Clubt. Send for sample
coplea and circular*. Addren*
No*. 5ii1 mikI ~7 I-'mirleentli Street,
| Knteml at thu l'o?tofllce at Wheeling, W. Va.,
its M-cond-claat matter.]
ftlje Intcllioencer.
CY ' ~ I ' . ' .. =
" national republican ticket.
FOR rH?iii?:>T,
oi ImlUnn.
of New York.
Republican victor/., theprospecti of which
grow brighter every day, can be imperiled
only by luck of unity in council or by acrimonious
contr.it over men. The issue of
protection is incalculably stronger and
nr/ii/ir //ism nnif tnnti fur it rnnivnu the
prosperity of the present and of generations
yet to come. Were it possible for every voter
of the Republic to we for himself the condition
and recompense of lalurr in Europe
the party of free trade in the United Mates
would not receive the support of one wageMarker
between the two octant. It may not
U directly in our power as philanthropists to
elevate the European laborer, but it will be a
lasting stigma upon our statesmanship if we
permit the American laborer to be forced
down to the European level. At id in the
rati the rewards of labor everywhere will be
mJrunml if u*f steadily refute to lower the
standard at home. Yours veru sincerely.
JAMES 0. ~ 11 LA INK.
Tins is a fine corn-growing weather,
anyhow, and we must liuvo our corn.
A cooi. place in the country will be a
(i lorious Fourt h. 1 Iapj>y they who liuil it.
Pnou'liE who forget that Governor
1'oraker travels loaded, forget an essential
to their comfort.
Gettvsbukg has seen a different sight
from this, aud the new is better than the
old. Three cheers for the lied, White
aud Blue.
That a reputable man eau he hustled
around as Mr. Hurt, the Island druggist,
has been, on so llimsy a charge, shows
that there is something wrong on the
lower levels of justice.
Chicago, more fortunate than NewYork,
has nipped a local railway "combine"
while it was young and tender.
Chicago Aldermen should content tneniselves
with being great, without being
greedy. v
Lots of fun to-day, boys, but let alone
the toy cannon and the pistol. .Some
little boy won't heed this warning or
believe bin mother, and this is the little
hoy who will wish that toy cannons and
pistols wore all in Jericho.
Gk.vkual Komnson, of Ohio, knows
something about wool and the wool
tariff, and the Cincinnati Enquirer permits
him to tell some of it through its
columns. General Robinson's sensible
talk will be found in to-day's Intkli.i(IKNCKU.
Tins interesting item appears in the
New York Slur (Administration organ):
Mrs. Ingalls, the widow,of the Senator
from Kansas, is a woman of about 45.
but is remarkably young looking and
active. She was a -Miss Checseborough
and traces her lineage back to a Puritan
ancestor who settled in Boston in llKiO.
If Senator Ingalls has a widow ho
ought to let his friends know it, that
they may have time to prepare an
elaborate defense of him. If he hasn't
the Star should lind some other weapon
of attacking a political opponent "whose
sting is death."
Whbn Governor Foraker hits ho hlls|
from the shoulder and hits hard. Having
been annoyed by misrepresentation, i
ho shows up with a clean bill of health.
The Ohio men in the Chicago convention
were in an embarrassing position. I
They could easily see that Senator Sherman
could not be nominated; yet they
stuck to him to the last. It is true that I
some of them did not at heart prefer Mr.
Sherman's nomination, becausethey did i
not think ho would have the best chance i
to be elected. In frank conference with1
delegates from otlier .States they could j
not disguise this feeling; and tilts gavel
rise to the accusations of had faith to.
Tho Day Wo Uclclimtp.
Let us he grateful for the Fourth of
July, and remember that political independence
is worth little if industrial
independence do not accompany it.
Great Britain lost thirteen colonics
with three millions of people. If she
can get in exchange thirty-eight States
and sixty-live millions of people?the
best of tho world's markets?she will
have recouped herself and made an enormous
percentage of gain.
With (Jreat Britain it is purely a
business question. With us it is a question
of business and patriotism.
A 1'laln Man'* Plain Tale.
"Labor must be proteeted against 47
cents in taxes for every dollar earned as
wages," sagely remarks the Philadelphia
t:? ti.Ju mnvAB tin' I .<iii in vi 1 It*
Courier-Journal to exclaim, "riiatVthc
talk. Wo can all vote for that sort of
Protection," which nerves well to explain
what sort of Protection it is that
the Philadelphia Time* advocates. The
Courier-Journal editor made tho l)emoemtio
platform, which took in at a gulp
the President's Free Trade message and
the Mills bill.
If labor renlly does pay 47 cents in
taxes for every dollar earned in wives,
tlio difference between wages in this
country and in Europo must be still
more in favor of the United States than
has ever been claimed by any Protectionist
; for it is a fact beyond dispute
that the American wage-earner is better
housed, fed and clothed and can save
more money than the wage-earner of
any other land.
During the Chicago convention the
writer listened to an animated discus
slop between a Cleveland man aud an
Irish-American. The Cleveland man ,
wis supporting^ well aa lie could the
President's tariff message und striking
out from the shoulder in behalf of the
Mills bill. His Ix'nt hold was cheapness, 1
and he was trying to convince the plain [
mechanic that while he gets more for '
liifi labor the seeming gain is lost iu the 1
price he has to pay for the necessaries [
of life. The mechanic came back at lost '
with the conclusive reply: "I save more
out of my wages in this country than I
got in the old country, and I have not 1
been so long from there that 1 have for- j
gotten what my labor brought or how I
had to live to uiuke ends meet. I get ?3
a ?lay at my trade, and I save $1 26 of it.
Don't talk to me about your cheap
goods?that means cheap wages. I came
away from tjie old country to escape
that very thing. If we are to be driven
UUV U1 AIIIVUUI, n line uaio nv w Dv .
! No, sir, I'm not going to vote to make a
pauper of myself. The only vote I ever
I cast for President was for Grover Cleveland,
but I'm not to be caught in that
trap again."
The Ron of the Emerald Isle may have
been wrong in his view; and it may be
that he ought to accept the dose that
is being prepared for him by the party
of Free Trade; but ho was "sot" in his
opinion, and the men who think as he
does are going to see to it that the next
President of the United States is not the
pet of the British manufacturers and
the Cobden Club economists.
A Short Clinpter of Dmnocriitlc lllatorjr.
A reader of the Intelligencer says
he read recently in this newspaper that
somewhere iu the Forties the Democratic
party declared squarely in favor
of Free Trade; that ho mentioned thiH
in the presence of a Democrat who, as
he supposed, was well posted, and that
the Democrat aforesaid strongly insisted
that nothing of the kind is to be found
in any Democratic platform.
It Is the fault of some Democrats that
they are not conversant with the history
of their party. In the National
Democratic platform adopted at Baltimore,
May 22, 1848, are recited some of
' the fruits of the great political triumph
of 1844, which elected James K. Polk
and George M. Dallas President and
Vice President of the United States."
Among these fruits was "the noble impulse
given to the cause of Free Trade
by the repeal of the tariff of '42, and the
creation of the more equal, honest and
productive tariff of 1846." Our friend
and his Democratic friend will find this
in Resolution 21 of the platform of 1848.
Polk and Dallas were elected under
false pretense. Polk's nomination wafll
the result of a dicker with the cotton 1
State influence which, in South Caro-[
linn, under the Administration of Andrew
Jackson, had set out to nullify the
tariff legislation of 1828 and 18112, and
which that sturdy patriot brought up
with a round turn. Polk was a Free
Trader, hut Free Trade would not do in
George M. Dallas, of that .State, who
was given the second place on the ticket,
Buchanan and the whole host of Democratic
leaders in Pennsylvania bent
every energy to convince the voters of
their Slate thnt Polk was even a better
Protectionist than llenry Clay. They
set up the memorable cry, "Polk, Dallas
and the tariff of '12."
The Xullifiers and their sympathizers
of the cotton Slates were satistied with
their bargain with Mr. Polk. The Pennsy
Ivan inns were deceived?Mr. Keverdv
Johnson, of Maryland, said in the United
States Senate tluit they were "grossly,
shnmefnlly, degradingly deceived."
Polk and Dnllus won their election by n
disgraceful dicker and degrading deception.
The tariff of '42 was regaled, by the
influence of the President on both
Houses of Congress and in the Senate
by the casting vote of Vice President
Dallas. The equal of that perfidy is not
to bo found in American annals. In
place of the tariff of '42 the country was
given the tariff of '4(5, which benre the
name 01 lionert J. waiKer, 01 itiississippi,
Mr. Polk's Secretary of the Treasury,
wlio.se fertile mind conceived it on this
basis: "That no duty Iks imposed on
any article above the lowest rate which
will yield the largest amount of rovenue."
The intent was to overthrow the last
vestige of thej protective system, and
dearly the country paid for tho experiment.
Flushed with their victorious
effort, the Democrats, when they camo
to their convention in 1848, naturally
sang praises to "the noble impulso
given to tho cause of Free Trade by the
repeal ol tho tariff of '42."
Some of this ancient history is repeating
itself, but it will not reach the
full length, because tbe people are going
to take the matter in their own hands
and commit the Government to those
who will not regard it as the highest
virtuo to wreck American industries.
Kxcurnion to IMtUburgh.
I Tho Baltimore & Ohio Railroad will
| sell excursion tickcts next Sunday, May
20, and continue to sell them durfng the
entire summer, to Pittsburgh, at tho rate
of $1 50 tho round trip, tickets good for
Sunday only. Will also sell excursion
tickets to Washington, Pa., at the rata of
| $1. Trains leave Wheeling at 5 and 8:10
a. m. .
Sunday KxcundoiiR.
On and after Swiday, May 0, tho Ohio
River Railroad will sell excursion tickets
every Sunday until further notice:
Wheeling to Sistersville and return
$1 50, Wheeling to Parkersburg and retnrn
$2 25. Tickets good one (lay only.
fool llatleM and unable to get through
your dully work ornoclal eqJoymenU. Life
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your ?yitem, and make jrou strong And well.
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FLEMING BROS., - Pittsburgh, Pa,
, .. .. II
Special Notices. i
FITSs-All Fits topped /ree by Dr. Kline's ;
Great Nerve Restorer. No Fits after lint day's
uw. Marvelous cures. Treatise and 92 00 trial j
bottlo free to Fit cases. Bead to Dr. Kline, 931 ]
Arch street, Philadelphia, Pa. mutAW I
3?ucral ICohlnnou Hnja It will Play no
portant Part.
View | York fyxclul to thr f ,'iminnaU Enquirer (I
Gun. J. 8. Robinson is here with
torney General Wataon and Audito
State Poe to pay off some of the C
indebtedness. They have paid off i
D00 and renewed $300,000. ?he Gen
mid to-night that this would leave al
?2,000,000of State debt only. Like n
of the Sherman men, he is incline)
feel deeply the defeat of his favorit
Chicago, but he says that it is a bygi
and there is no use talking about v
might have been. In this he shows
old campaigning qualities.
Gen. itolrinson was one of the sti
by8 01 me wool-growers in congress1
iiig the tariff agitation of 188.1 Ho
to-day that tho effect of the Mills bil
the wool-growers would bo one of
principal features of this eammi
"The passage of the Mills bill," Raid
"would reduce the price of treble-e
wools in the Boston market from thl
three cents to twenty-three or twe
two and one-half cents per j>of
Farmers who grow sheep will k
what this menus. It would virtu
drive our Ohio wool-growers out of
market, because it would prevent t
from raising treble-extra wools at a
lit. The treble-extra wool is the st
aril grown in Ohio. Pennsylvfl
Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. T
growers will be obliged to grow cot
wool, to breed what are known as t
ton sheep, which produce only the
combing wools. The ouality of ti
extra wool comes from the fact that
the clip of the line sheep that have 1
grain fed. The sheen require grai
give liber and strength to the wool,
general strain is known as Verr
sheep. We do not raise the finest
in this country. The best nierino ile
como irom eouin America. ine j
bill would affect every uorthera S
08 well an West Virginia and Kentu
California, Oregon ami Washington
ritory. The sheep 011 the Coast
larger than over the rest of the coui
but their wool is affected just the 1
as in Ohio and other States."
"Are the wool-growers coumlainii
the possible passage of the Mills bill
"They are protesting against it
orously without regard to party,
may use a farm phrase, they are kic
like proddel steers. Vou see, /?r
have had a long struggle over this
ter, extending over several years. '
are drifting into the raising of wool
der pressure, and they know that a 1
industry is being destroyed. It ii
only pending legislation that al
them, but the rulings of the Tree
Department in favor of importei
against the farmers, admitting sco
wools as wushed wools?wool that sL
pay thirty cents at teu cents.
1 ruling hurt the wool-growers sevt
and was wholly uncalled for and nnj
"In whatsluipe is Ohio politically
I "Solidly Republican. We will
ilarrison aud Morton a big majorit;
"lias Judge Thurman's nomini
I citrnmrtttofiml fhn Dmnnfinith; ticket
"it appears rather to have weak
it, not because of any defect in the
didate, but simply because of the
ana situation. We ure sure of Ind
and have only to gain one other Stu
win the election. Ohio will not go 1
ward in the face of such an outlo<
that, however respected Judge 'J
man might be."
They Were Protection Democrat*
W'rtton Republican,
I Let all the doubting Thomases ol
| trade predilections read the annual
sage of Jackson, December 4th,
Polk, December 8, 1840; Fillmore,
[comber -, 1851; Buchanan, Decern!
1857, all of them messages of D
cratic Presidents except that of Fillt
, Jackson subscribes warmly to thet<
of protection, while Fillmore, Polk
Buchanan unite in condeming the
ciples of free trade.
[ And Vet Tlioy Want a "Clean Cainpa
Weston llrpuhlicttn.
| Every third-rate Democratic org;
slinging mud at the Kepublicnn n
| nees. Headers, please note the inn
difference in the Jfwjuircr't gentlen:
editorial comment upon the candid
and*the rip-roarious, fire-eating, i
slinging editorial comment of the I
dispensing Wheeling Register.
Duink Malto, 25 cents a bottle.
(JOSSKit?At her rcjtl?Iciico In Ilcnwood, W
Tuesday,July NttS, Mm. Kli.k.n C<
reliet of the Into Joseph Cower, ill the
year of tier ?ge.
The funeral will take place on Thursday, J
at?2i% si. Interment at MeMcchcn's
NORTON?On Tuesday morn I up, July 3,
ato'clock, Aim II., infant (taught
Henry C. and Christiana Norton, a
mouths ami 10 days.
Funeral this (Wednesday) afternoon at4o*i
from the residence of her parents,
Jacob street. Interment at ML Zion
etcry. Private.
n -J
Uti5|IUlUHilHiy Ui liitjlallvjUUI
Commonly called the "bines," generally
ceedK from a ftluggish liver. It either c
Dyspepsia or follows it, and then operate*
u cause uinl effect.
Every Sufferer Is earnestly In
vlted to
Nature's own remedy Tor a Sluggl
"For some time my liver hsd been out c
der. and 1 felt generally good for nothlti
wag induced to try Simmon* Liver Rcjftil
Its action won quick and thorough and 11
parted a brink mid vigorous feeling. It Is s
cellent remedy."?J. K. Hii-anp, Monroe, I
uk not imi'osrd upon!
Examine to ace that you get the genuine,
tlugulnhed from nil fraudaand Imitations b
red Z Tnulo-Murk on front of Wrapper, an
the side the foal and signature of J. II. Zr.il
Co. ]y2nw>
Arrival and departure
TRAINS?On and tfur SUv I#, 1##?
flanatioK orRsfcbkncb Marks. Dally. 1
day excepted. J Monday* excepted. |8aU
excepted. ISunday only.?Eastern HUu
It.ft o. It. It.?East. Depart. Ar
Philadelphia Limited *5:? am ION
Mall and Sxprcas 6:10 pm 11:;
Cumberland Accom- tf:0.1am &:{
Grafton Acoom ft:10pm 11:5
MoumUvllle Accom - 6:85 am 7:1
Moundnvllle Aicum 7:35am 9:1
Moundavllle Accom. 12:01 pro 1:4
Moundsvlllu Accom. 6:10 pm 7U
tvhwmh j?;i
Exprem (Chicago nml Col).... iOz'.Bam *6:1
Chfcuffo ICxprcM *3:40 pm *9a
Cht(HK<> I.Imite*! ^iWpm *<1:5
Coluinhua Accom ttttt pm 110:!
Cincinnati Limited ?..... 11:15pm *4:?
St. Clalraville Aci'om tH :05 am f7:B
St. Ctaimillo Accom n?:U0am flO:J
St.ClainvilleAccotn f2:00pm tl:a
St. CUlnivillo Accom 5:10 pm tOi!
"W., V. ft II. 1>1*.
WaabinKton and Pit btburKh. *5:00 am 10:1
WaxhinRUm ami Pittsburgh. ?M:10 am *11:1
Pittaburxb A l'hila. Ex- tiiiWpm ?0:5
WaablnRtou ami Pittsburgh. tl :4*? pin fl2:4
WaabinKton fvaopm t?:C
Pittsburgh Accom 15:30 pm 111:5
P., C. & 8U L. By.
Pittsburgh - t7:35 am t6:4
Pittsburgh ami New York.... f 1:35 pm t3:4
Pittsburgh ami New York... H:'A>pm t?:0
Express, Cln. and St. Ixwl*_ f7:.V?nm t7:l
Express, Cin. and St. Louis- W:05pm t<*>:4
Express, Stcnbcnville A Col. tl :35 pm {3:4
Steuben vllle ami Dcnnlsou- {4:20 pm ...
o. ? r. it. k.
Pittsburgh and Cleveland.... 5:50 am tft:4
Martin'a Ferry 7:46am p:l
Btenbenvtlle Accom 0:83 am fl:2
Cleveland and Wcllavllle 2:12 pm f?:5
Pittsburgh and New York...- 4:39 pm fil :1.
Pittsburgh 1:17 am fftrt
C.,X. * W. K. B.
Exprcn, Cleveland, K. A W- fl2:35pm t3:0
Masslllou Accom t5:l2pm fll:2
St. Claintville Accom f 7:60 am f0:3
St. Clainville Accom fl0:2S am f 1:3;
St. Clalmville Accom, f2:IOpm f5 ?
St. Clairsvtlle Accom 6:25 pm 8:01
Local Freight and Accom-... 6:80 am |7:1
Ohio Rlv?r lUllroad.
Passenger *7:85 am 11:01
Passenger ...-. 12:15 pm *3:21
faMenger. *4:80 pm *8:11
freight - ...., ,
New Advertisements.
tem.) 7b /V I'ofrrf of Ohio Count*:
At- I am a candidate lor the office of Protocoling "
r Qj Attorney, and renpectfulljr atolldt your vote* at
. . the election to be held November C, 1888.
",10 Truly yours.
550,- Jy4 JOSEPH D. KLSOX.
eral "VTOTIOE-AV. R. C.
"*The regular meeting of llolliday Belief Con*
u?8l will be held on Thunwiay evening. July .V A
i to full attendance 1* re?iuc?ted, aabuaincMof irni?
? uortance U to be truuuctcd. Iiy order <>(
J"Lt l'rvaldent pro tfin.
mat MM. j ask A. Ha Rail, Secretary. Jy.v
bi" pOK KENT.
inu- The ghermao House, Bridgeport, Ohio, the
~Hr," only hotel in the city. Newly papered, painted
?**a and repaired and fitted throughout with naturul
n gas and all modern convenience*. Enquire of
."J? GEO. W. MED1LL,
{J"* Bridgeport, O.
xtra JSfOTICE.
lleuwood Council No. 2, O. U. A. M., will hold
Uty- a I'icnic at Whiteman's Orchard, Hoggs' Run. ou
llid. the 4th day of July. All members of the order,
now together with the Patriotic Sons of America,
are invited to meet at Handlau's Hall, corner
ally Thirty alrth and Jacob atreets, to attend the
the parade and picnic.
hctn jy3 CoMlllTTKE or Bknwood Council No. 2.
treer The nicest thing you e\*er saw. No metal, no
nut- wood, easily cleaned, most perfect workiug. lie
loni; uro 10 '
jJjjj _J?| 1210 Main Street.
11 IU
Tho At Seibert's Garden,
?o?[ July 4th.
Slills i>*nclug, Firework* and Amusement* of all
^.4 klmlii. ADMiaaio.w Fbkk. Jew
At R. H. LIST'S, Druggist,
'iff,0' Ira 1010 MAIS' STI1EET.
kins Water Coolers.
",e Porcelain or Galvanized Iron Lined: the bent
umv- and mo?t handsomely finished gooda in the
L'huy market. Call and see them before purchaMng.
great Jy4-w*a 1312 Market Street.
a lemon
? j This new artlolo will extract every particle of
urcu juice, and at the sumo time strain oil' both seeds
lOUla and pulp without breaking the rlud of the
This b,'nou- fiverj- person can a fiord to have one or
. mote of them, it in a cheap article.
nsly. EW1NG J1R08.,
list. JyS 1215 Market 8t.. opp. McLurc House.
jt'i'on H0CE & BRO., 1113 Market St.,
>?? The leading dealer* In all kinds of tho latest
gne(j Agricultural Implements.
rn?. McCormick's new Steel Frame Hinders, tbc
is lightest binder# made. Oliver's Chilled Howm
lncll- mid uew Hillside l'lows. Iloosier Fertilizer
lanu, Grain Drills. Sulky llay Hakes, and a full line
ito to V?rn Flantera, reed Cutters, Corn Shellem,
? , Shovels, Forks, etc., etc., at lowest prices.
?ck- jcjs-mwmw
t: Mayor's Proclamation.
Notice Is hereby given to the public that all
r fr u? L',l}' business will be suspended on the FOUKTII
I irte Qr JULT| the lion's Uojldsy. It is earnestly
"J* requested that all citizens will generally observe
D**' " wc ^bibrate" with that patrlotUm for
q" which they are so Justly celebrated, and that all
,?r ? manufactories, store and other placcs of busi>
ness close up for the day; ulso, that a liberal
?nt ("sl,Ia*' ?' bunting und Hags will adorn the
!De , buildings und dwellings throughout the city.
prill- Jy5 Mayor City of Wheeling.
!in is Cl.kbk'8 Okkice, )
oini- City ok Wiikf.lino, July l&sa. /
rked Public notice Is hereby given to nil persons In'
I tcrcstcd that the Assessors elected by the Conn,ullv
ell of the City of Wheeling have completed their
ates, assessment for the year nud made return thereof
nud- to my office. Any persons wishing to appeal
from ?ald assess me tit or deslrlug any corrections
.rum made will appear at the City liuilding before
the Iioard of Equalisation and Appeals on the
10th day of July, 11*8, at 'J o'clock a. m., as the
said Hoard will meet at that time at the said
City liuilding, to hear all objections to said asMnujjmmt
ami revise and correct the same.
. ya J) a City Clerk.
% ?SILK?
cr^l Kew Stjles in 2G anil 28 Inch
ged ?
:Iock. Gold and Oxidized Sifter MonntiDgs.
,"'14 Alw, eome Beautiful Natural Sticks, HandLeiu'
some, Nobby Goosd, at
I- 1. G. DILLON & CO.'S,
!>"? apil JEWELERS.
Monday, anil Wednesday Morning 1
JULY 2 and 4. 1888. '
Game called at 3:30 p. m. Morning gaino July
4, called at 10 o'clock. Admlsslou 23 cents;
boys, lo cents.
N. U.?Ladies will havo to pay an admission
.sll Ice July 4 ol 25 ccuts, an well mm grand Ntand admission,
owing to a rule of the league. Excursion
rates on all railroads. Jy,f0r.
i Ho, for 4th July!<
.IN ii
*w Hafi arranged for an old tlmo PICNIC (and
; * Yolksfest) ou
"0F State Fair Grounds,
iS: 4>imidarS
T'10 ^roKramn?c of the day will embrace:
Reception of visiting Societies from l'ittsrrrr
burgh, Allegheny. Tarentum, McKeesport,
16pm Det,n'l,on? Steubenville and Martin's Ferry.
jj nm Address of welcome by the Mayor.
-0 pm Singing of patriotic sours by the pupils of the
W am Public Schools, and grand mass chorus of Singtoam
lug Societies (500 voices), under the direction of
o am prof. II. J. Arbcnz.
lonm Reading the Declaration of Independence, by
Frank Hcnnlg.
10 pm Dancing, Prize Shooting, Ac.
0 pm The Refreshment Tables will be in charge of
Oam (he ladles' Section, who will servo Dinner ami
5 am HimiMir. J re Cream. Lemonade. Ac.
15 mo dmml of Hire Works in the evening.
A am wjluilc l>y Mnycr'i full Brawi and 8trln&
>5 am Hftnd. J
Opm VV On ami tiler Mukiiav, ArBlL !U. 1888,
tniltig on tho Wheeling A Kim drove Railroad
J*? will run u foliowi:
Leave* Wheiuno:
? 6:.10 a. a., 6:10a. m.. 7:00a. m.. 8:00 a. m., 9:00
; a.m., 10:UUa.m., 11:00 a.m., 12:00 in., 1:00 p.m.,
s IS 2-.CO p. m.,8:00p. m.. <M p. m.. 5:?i p. m., 6:10
6 1111 p. ml, 7:00 p. m., 8:00 p. m.,9:30 p. m.
0 pm Leaves Wheelino Park :
r,pm 6:10a. m., 7:00a.m.. 8:00a.m., 9:00a.m., 10:00
0 am a. m., 11:00 a. m., 12:00 mM 1:00 p. m., 2:00 p. tn.,
3:00 p. m.,4:00 p. m., 5:00 p. in., 6:10 p. m., T.-oo
5 am 8:00 p. m., 8:55 p. m., 10:10 p. m.
o pm 8DNDAY8.?Leave at 7:00 a. m. and run every
5pm hour, except church train, at 9:15 p. m. Leave
Wheeling Park at 8:00 a.m. and run every hour .
uutll 10 p.m.,except church trains, which will k
7pm leave the Park at 9:4b a. m. end Wheeling at A
5 pm i2;i6p. m. and 9:16 p. m.
8 pm .itff a Hliwnn. Pnpt.
Jam S
em B.. Z. AC. Railroad. C
7 J)m Belial re A Zanesvlllc Through Passenger leaves >nm
Bellalre at 8:40a.m., arrives at Bellalre at 4 p. m.
? ?2? Wcxxtsfleld Passenger leaves Bellalre at 4:20 p. f_
??{z m., arrives at Bellalre et 8:20 e.m.
Hnmmerfleld Accommodation leave* Bellalre _
Ipm 1K? p. xa.. arrives et Bellalre at 10:45 a. m. T
) am on file In PrrtuBl'itoii at the Ad'ertUlnic Hureau of lc
"^o will contract for uvortlsing si lowest rales.
Ceo. E. Stlfel & Co.
cfc Co.
Daily Arrivals
?OF tiie?
nnmimr iimnr/uiT
rntinon iiuu hiiieiI\iuh.?
India Linens
And Nainsooks.
Combination Sailings
In all tbe Latest Styles.
1114 Main Street.
J. S. Rhodes & Co.
In Fine All-Wool Imported
60c. Grade for 35c
In the followrluj? Coloring* suitable for
Evening wear and Tea Uowub.
Cream, Lavender, LigP
Blue, Gen'd Arme, Pint
Mahogany and Electri
Logan & Co.
Kill the Bugs
PARIS GREEK, Strictly Pure.
Insect Powder and Guns.
Whale Oil Soap.
Bed Bug Poison.
DniRRista, Bridge Comer.
An Excellent Blood Purifier!
Uko Red Clover Blood Cleanlier.
In what people wxy about LOGAN A CO.*8
The Popular Remedy I
Ihlna, Class and Queensware
And open for Inspection,
he Carter Patent Stoneware Flltei
and Cooler Combined,
nd Family Kilter. The best and n?o?t rellabli
liters In the market. No corroding metals. J?<
ewster impurities. Simple In construction
rlect In operation. Finished In artistic am
Bhly ornamental ntylc. JOHN FH1KDEL,
Je2 111!) Main Street and 1122 V. aler 8t
Geo. R. Taylor & Co.?Henrietta Cloths.
40 Inches Wide,
i Right Shade at theRight Prices,
~ Frew & Bertschy?Furniture and Carpets.
. A ^
Must be given to people who will not walco up to tho necessity of coming to
Critically Examine Our SPRING STOCK.
It is a beautiful assortment of the very
Oil Cloths and Linoleum,
Window Shades and Curtain Poles,
c Saxony Chlidema Rugs, New,
Smyrna and Moquett Rugs,
c Fancyand Plain China, Napierand Cocoa Mattings,
WYou will dud It very profitable to visit us and inspect our carefully selected Spring Stock first
1117 Main Street.
s Special attention given to Undertakingand Arterial Embalming,
Telephone calla answered at all hours.
C. Mendel & Co.?Undertaking.
ITi\/ A 1 l-/i 1 1 5 W W i 1 A?r Tj
We will Close our Store at 6 P. M.,
SATURDAYS excepted.
Will be promptly answered by telephone call to store, residence
of 6. Zook or Erb's Livery Stable.
G. Mendel & Co.,
> 1124 ikj^JOST ST.
Arterial Embalming a Specialty.
Stockholders' Meetings, ^
Th? annual mMllM JI lhe Elwn HUa ( ??. j
winy for the election of the (5) dlracton and &?
trauMclion ??f ?uch other bualnni u
unlru their utumtlon. 111 \x held miheoSwdi
1 tin; roinmny, TuwwJay mornlnR, July lO.JSel,!;
CIIA8. J. GILUtartUrr
I Martix'h Fkhkv. P.. Jnne?. i\?w. &
j General Notices.
Until further notice we will clow ourplic?#
builnctf at 0:30 p. in., Satikiu y# exceotod.
F. W. HaI'MKK 4 CO.
I jr;?Eg'.HW.
For Rent
1 J? MclAln't liluck, sevonA floor, lunt lot
I AdrircM DOtrTOK." thin otlke.
1170U KENT. ~
One Five-roomed House on Twentieth m*.*
11000. ^
Lodging Kooma in llally'i niock.
UtiVhy.Ilne Strwt.
New Three-Mory Buiincu Horn*, 100 t?t
deep, to Us erectcd Hi 1007 Main Unci. II Ut^A
now the rontcr'a vlewa could be umiultel n
girding plan of builditiK to be ereclfd.
R' 'AMKS 1- II a wiry
Proposals. gEALEFpK0P0iAl&
Healed proposal will be received by the nj.
dcrilgned until Friday, July ti.at i p. u,., ^
whitewashing the Second ward and Centra buket
hoii-c.s. lildx to be keparnte.
jy'2 . ('h&tnnauCom.on Muki
m. n..:u:?^
1U Milling wmraciors,
Sealed propoaala 1?t comtUocUDK a bull,He
for tlit? Agricultural Kx|?orluivtit Station at t?
WcatVlnciniAUtiiVtfniny.it Monwutown
be received by Hip Secretary ?>f tin Hoard of w.
Kent*. until IJ o'clock m.. July lh. ly*. p ,,.
Mils will be received M'lutrHtciy fur fxrantU
ami Mono Inundation coutidetcd: ami (or f?,a.
strm-tliiK Hti<i completing the buildlug ready lor
iim\ the brick to be furuhdicd to the contractor
on the ground. Coutmcta will be awarded
either Mponitcly or combined, h* the eommittta
tuny deem bcnt.md the work iiniMbciMotiUW
before the l?t day of October, MM. flood win,
good security, in h penalty cquul to the amount
of the bid, for the fiithiul iierforinaure of tb?
conditionii of the cotitrict mint iccomMny o?h
bid. l'lau* and a|>eclllcittiom> of the t>ruuM?|
work are oti Ule iu the ofllee ot the SeucUrj ol
the Hoard of UcKcntMiit Morgan town. au,i tI ^
lawntllceof Summcrvillo it Howard in the city
of WheeliiiK. W. Vii., for the ininection of biddew.
The committee reserve* the right to rrjeet
any or all bid*.
j. a. uomssos,
Je.'tO Chairman HiiIMIiik l oiattiliiff.
For Sale.
Fou sale?house no. 8!) four.
TKENTU STJtEET. liH|iiire on Jirttalia.
qteam engines fou sale-on'k
kj fc^xl'i; one hx2U; two "xl'i; thrw "kili;
two uprlKht* tixH: out* atutiouury boiler jb 1m
lonjr, in. riiumeter; one 6 feet long, In. Jininelcr.
Apply to C. O. II AUK, 2312 biff itr&t.
jy-? :
Marshall county farms
lliulil}' Improved farm of 110 am*, 7 tnlVi
south of Moundnvllle, convenient to diurrh lad
school*, within two nulen of mill und ilorr.
Farm <>f ubout <V0 wrw, two mlUt frwa tfi*
ittul milroiul; purl bottom.
W. V. HOGE tic 1IR0,
JeflQ i:aw Market Mr*i
poll sale.
Wo will soil at public mIc (if not *oM it javhle
muo before that da to) oil JULY 31, it:
o'clock p. in., thu property known a* thr tiemini
school Property, situated in thu w>?s !
TrUdclphl*. Tuo lot 1? luuxl'J) feet, aad Una
it u three room house. Term.s cash.
Je'iS Triutwt
- -10 Share* People'* Monk.
J* i-liure.H Ohio Valley Hank.
I Hi HlliiriUi UOUlUllTCiai JWUK.
'Jft Sharca Riverside Nail Mill.
iu Shares liclmout Nail Mill.
?i0 Shares Jefferson Nidi Mill.
>5 Shares .Ktna Irou ami ->ioc-l Compaur.
1. IRWIN, Stock Broker,
jci:i No. VI Twfllth tfintl
A due Fruit iiinl Garden Kurm, containing 3
acres, ou which there isu fine apple, two ?Im
tttul crab apple orchards. Also about live at lit
acres in choice variolic* of grapes. All sltiuioi
in Martin's Kerry, ami most of It can l*laldoot
iu town lot*. For terms cull on or addreu
11. T. HOWELL,
Itihtirauco and Real Estate A tent.
inyU BmwmM.Owto.
Seven Roomed House, 27 South York itmt,
Good 0 Roomed Brick House, corner Thirtyeighth
atld Wood street*. Will jmy at an iurav
Splendid Farm near ML Plcaxant, Ohio. Oai
of the best farms in Jefferson comity.
Seven Roomed llouac ou North Front lUttt;
lot iWx-tO.
Six Rooomed House on North York street
Some of thu most desirable building lota la
the old Fair UrouudN.
Building Lot ou North Front street.
Seven Roomed House on South Brotdtir:
natural ga*, ami everything in good repair; &
Wxl a). >2,000.
Four Roomed Cottage for f1,000.
apll Real Eatate Agent. lJJ)Maln8t,
I (24) Twenty-four Lota Iu CtUdnell'i 1W
Hon to the C'lljr ol Whirling,
Said Lot* are bounded on the north by Twentyninth
street, on the east by Fillmore street, o#
the south by the llnudlau Homestead, and oa
the west by the B. Ai l>. R. II.
Their proximity to the above named rtllW"
rentiers theui excellent si tea for mauufacturttf
> If not sold in thirty days will bo sold it public
> For tor ma aud lurthcr Information
W. V. HOOK dc BKU.,
1300 Market 8W1,
Or William M. Handla.w,
anlfi 8. W. ('or. ChapHne A RlxteenU ht
Real Estate.
Two Ofllcc Rooms, No. 1331 Market itreet, W
floor of Reilly Block.
No. V24 Market street, 3 rooms, 2d floor 19
No. 2507 Alley B ?f
No. WVJ Alley B " JJ
. No. 2MX) Main street * *
" No 21-10 Alley A, 2 rooths
No. 133 VlrKiniast., 5 roomed brick hou*
I with finished attic, newly-papered and
painted U*
No. 130 Fourteenth street, & roomed brick
No. 2KB Miiu iitrec't,'wlii**rent for a saloon
or boarding house
No. 231H Market street, new brick houie.l
rooniH and bath room, hot ami water, ? eg
natural and Illuminating <*( M
No. 'SUO Market street, tame iut above *" ||
A Desirable Brick Residence oil
street, ground m half lot. fl.OUO. ?
six itoomcd Frame IIoum:, Elm Grote; *?- II
excbaiiKP for city property. !
No. W2 McColloch street; will exchange lot *
Acres. Edgington Lane; will eichsai*" I
city nrouerty. _ IS
No. 2120 Market itrect, Urge brick, poucu r ?
full lot, ivi feet front. .?a IS
No. 2037 Market street, 3 roomed frame boBK' I
half lot; price Kd. , ,. ... ...
l? Acre*, V\ mile ea*t of TrlarfelpbU; *11',l KB
change (or city property or for a farm.
ICO Acre Farm on Short Creek. , I
214 Acre Farm 1% miles aoutb of alonflMnl* 11
W. Va. ,1
I/)t roroerlnjj on Virginia ar.d South York
liuildlnff altes cast ond of Nineteenth sum
No. iiti Zano atrect, corner Zatie ana !
Bniiidwuv. 10 roomed house.
No. W fcnne street. 4 roomed houie.
Many other House*, Lota and Farm* f"f
Real Fjtate Agent. U. 8. Penalon a?;l * |?
torney, Collector and Notary Pool If.
Je27 ll'.t ' MiKKtT ST?WTl. U
t- _ ? r> I Ftfi.
i o rarmers, uaruonoi??j^^. gg
(i KMF.KAL AorXT?rO?
Buckeye Mower*, Reaper* ami Binder*.
Superior Grain Udlll.
American ami Chsnlon Cider MU>*? (H
The Famou* ColUp* Rood ('art.
The (iron* Burkltoard.
llrown Farm Wagons.
Ney Hay <'arrler and Fork.
Wrlto fur agency, price* ami term*?? {
)eyi-)MW l.yjp Main XI.. Wheeling. w. H
BEAUTIES and "lorkiiilre Hw* H
P. Hock* and II. Leghorn Chicken* "rV"w,J?> I
key*, Km and CAR I' In *eai?u. 1M
Mflli, M.Vm, &r.. bent ami chtt?it*t. r* j
In lumber. HatUfactlon guaranteed on all. lj
0II AO 60rent book for ?>cenU ?n<l naB?**
OlLUu uidrcM of twenty wide awake F*ns?? <
Bend *tamp for circular* to ....
do23-imw Kejrier. ft

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