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linsly institdte,
|?? bcKln. MONDAY, Sevltnil*
(ilinl nn adequate and cfflclen
i'. ?nd Imn ?i tboroiiRlmeM of work
i?.i In>c? of Instruction. <.Iha*Uh
J . ffiwf, Utm. ?' k\ M"llK'
niU,MMtu'ru? ? | j.h|)oM>|,blc?l omrw
But"*"!1'1 or u'l<Siti?itiul matbctuatlo
I.V tWn-L "f till- cIhmIimI COUr?C. MIRIM!
,-oHr?i? to Rive * thorough tminliij
In ih. Kiinlbh hratirlivi to nueh hj* do not con
t?ui|>Uti' ' '( lii-Kiutu eoune.
tlw completion of any of tlio prescribe*'
f*iur? *<i Miident in awarded u diploma of tli?
Itmlf ttJi?'.
I . ii Department i? a prominent ten
tun "/ tlii* I itudenti of suiUciem
inter the "Linily Chdei
KiircAtalfRnvs, circular* and particular! nd
j jr.1 xw.tr I'rl rial pal.
Near Whwltug, W. Vtu
{(Sinters of the Vi?itation.)i
x jb h'Mil of uiorc than national reputation
offer* eieeptionsl advantage# for thorough education
<'i young bullet lu nil departments. LI
Lrnr> Ms Uionuuid voia es. Flue phllotniiini-ui,
fhcinii > ! ami astronomical apparatus.
jiuciittl Department apecUlly noieu. n>sc.
|,ldiiii !< m< lyr* trained by h leading profewsci
Jcuui I'liUMTVHlnry of Stuttgart. Vocal cultu
tu li:? method oI the old Italian war*
j.inntiHU uit?iir|')iMif<l for beauty aud health
Tea "f plwuure ground*. Hoard excellent.
For ( hihIi^iu*. aud references to patron* In alj
the |iriii( !|*1 citica, addrwui
Hoarding ??>'! Hay School for Young:
J.mlii's and Children.
Th?ir.?iiBli i'otirse of Instruction in Kngllith,
llttbciiittivt, AacJeat and Modern language.*,
Until'. Drawing, I'lintlng. Klocutlou uud C*lUtht'iiH'i.
Advantage* of home life aud training
Fall .-mliui begin* September 5, INjm.
jc.'l Addn'M. MISS l'AHRAB. Principal.
Will begin It* "t'*t ncMion Wcdnenday, Scptcmber.1,
I***. Competent I lint rue ton In every I)el?rlim-m.
Iliiti'HHH rniwmublo iw In uuy institutioii
of equal excellence. Fur particular* ad*
iln-M H. It. ULAlM'KI,!.,
Je" I'rctddent.
Miw Makv J. lUi.mm. I'rlneipnl.
open*September.'.. J as*. C'losoi Jnue, 1889.
1'm.uri^MiI I.oiaii'iM. liiillding*. Ground*
and ayiKiluluictiU, Full corps of teacher*. Unin
si nalc. Lunuinige*, Kloeu
(Ion, Art. book-keeping, Miy?fcnl Culture,
Hteuugrapby and Ty|t? Writing.
hoard, tic., with tnll English Course, fiVi for
tin- entire hCM.ioii <>f motttliN. Music, Art ami
language* extra. For full particulars apply to
the I'rlneitml f..r ('it talon tit?. Jyj->m'*r
Washington School of Elocution
Mm. II. STEVENS HART ..Principal.
904 "M ' St., N. W., WASHINGTON, D. C.
Sixth Aunnol 8caion begins Wednesday, 8cj*
Course of liintructlon embraces Elocution.
Practical English ami English Classics, Ijitlu,
Mathematics, .Modern Languages, Vocal and In
itruincntal Mush'ami Physical Culture.
The Principal 1" assisted by an efficient corps
oi teacher* In each department.
Graded Classes for boys ami girls dally
Ailtilt I'litven ami private instruction given in
| the evening.
Diplomas awarded. A limited number of pu?
plls aenuumodated in the family.
Fur circular* ami references apply to I.ntelliOUSTER
iittl'i'. au31
Stammering Cured.
Bntetn bused upon nature'* law*. No Secrecy
?No rates*. System explained to those inter*
Testimonial* from physicians, educators and
patron*. who have received benefit from the
methiHl of Instruction. Address
Mm. Nl. STEVENS HART, Principal,
Washington School of Klocntloii ami English
.... ?f v W Wnahlnirtoii. D. C.
Student* boanied In family of Pxi?cipal.
Blank Books and Stationery!
Day Books,
Journals, &c.,
WALL l'Al'KIt and lJOllDKBS,
Baby Carriages,
larcect mock ami greater variety in the State.
.SiUl retail nt wholcnalc price*, by
Jos. Graves & Son,
A Split Bamboo Rod for $7.50,
Why not f:o llnliltiR?
You can rrt nil kinds of Tackle at
Stanton & Davenport's,
N. B,?Wo hnvc a lot of full Nickel Plated
'lUt'lRHtlmlf iiMial rate*. Jell*
Bats, Masks, Gloves and Belts,
Croouet nml Hammock*.
Hook*, Magaxlnes ami Caper*.
Iloojpcllcr ami Newwiealer,
_ s??. MM and 1w7 M*tUcv street.
Steamship Tickets.
Atlantic Express Service.
"CITY OK UOMK" from New Yuri
Wbd.skmi* V. April 1H. May l?*. June 13, July 11.
Uracil anu Hue*t phkmmikit Steamer alloat.
Saloon !"*Ma?e, .*"0 to 9100, Smmd-Clavf, #30
Glasafvv Service.
Steamers every Saturday from New York to
Glasgow and Londonderry.
Cabin lWa?;e to OUmou'. j?ndondcrry, Llvct
pool, or Uelfant #30 and MO, SttfOHdClajw, SttO
Steerage. outward or t>re|?ald, ujllji-r Service
M. Saioon Excursion Ticket*at lleduced rate*
Traveler*' Circular Letter* of Credit and limit
lor ?nv amount latued at lowest current rates.
Fur Books or Tour*. Ticket* or further Infoj
Ballon, apply to I1K.VDKIW0X BROTH KUi
New York, or U. F. BKHKKN8, 5B17 Marke
ntreet. my.'l
Passage Tickets.
AlUntle Oeeau Steamer Ticket* at prtcca t
ult all, by American, KiikIUIi, German. Freud
oIkUs ftud NetlierUml StcitniKlilp Linen, ni
*t tlio KuroiK*!! AmcricMii SteAinshl
A**nry oj u. F.llKHRKNt*.
1' A 'tl 17 Market Htrvet.
Only $3 00 Per Dozer
Ko. <a Twelfth RtwU
Certain Death.
No hunting with powder *n?l pun m for wnl
ouIt to itunllr them. No UngerinR <le*
on the * ticking planter. File* It, ?lrli
humanely, no quickly they cannot ?et *w*y. U
? fr?vl>\ prevent reproduction, Monro wre
nu.l quiet. Alwny* iu<k for DUTCHKH
?o* tux j-.vxnvwiiv.nv.,
Jett Mwrjiv
To the man who ha* tried every other remedy .
for Wood Poisons, we commend the following
experience of a well known woman:
She had Tried Everything Else. *
Ciovn Bottom, Sullivan County, Tenn., June
f Ifi, ItStfli?lltuwl Halm Co., Atlanta, da.: Sir:?I
have been thinkiuK of writing to you for aome
tlmo to let you know of the wonderful cure your
. II. II. B. has affected on myself and daughter.
1 She. a girl of. 16 yearn, was taken with a very
; sore leg below the knee. I called on the very
best doctors that the couutry could afford, and
" they tended on her for four yeara to no purpoae.
' Her leg got worse every year. I used about 30
l*ottlea of other medicine to no purpoae. The .
' doctor* naM the only remedy left waa amputa*
tlou. That we ull wum opposed to. I was lu
Knoxville the nth of January, 18W5, and while
buying a bill of drugs called for a good blood
I puritler, and Measra. Kan ford, Chain berland &
s Co. recommended the B.B. 1). 1 purchased onehnlf
dozen bottles, and to my utter aurpriae
. after using three or four bottles my girl's leg waa
t entirely healed. I also had a very ugly running
t *ore on the calf of my leg and or:e bottle cured
it, after having tried all other remedlca. I wish
you much success, and 1 do hope that all suffering
humanity may hear and believe In the only
true blood purifier. I have tried three or four
other purilfers, but the H. li. II. ia the only one
that ever did me or mine any good. You can A
' use my name If you wlah. 1 am well known lu
thi* and Washington county, also all over Vlr ?"l
K. 8. EWCM.
. " e
1 Blood Taint From Birth.
IIoonvim.R, I.vd.i January 25, 1887. tl
1 ?lml I over pralae the day that you gentlemen
were born, and kIiuII blew thu day that your
medicine uui known to me. 1 had blood ttolaoa
from birth, and *o much mo that all thu doctoni
of my town wild I would bo crippled for life, r
' They wild I would loae my lower lunb. J could
not atand In ray claaa to i eel Uj my leasoui, and o
, eleven l*oitle? of your llotanlc Mood lialiu cured
me hound and well. You cau uae my uamo an
you see lit. In my cane, there were knots on my tj
ahiubonea aH large a? a hen'* egg. p
Your*, jlikttk M. Ta.nnkh. [j
Thla for Fun.
All who deidrc full Information about the "
cause and cure of Wood I'oImiun, Scrolula and 81
Uerolnlous swelling, Ulcer*, Sorva, itheuma- at
tlxm, Kidney Complaints, Catarrh, etc., can ae* jr
euro by mall, free, a copy of our fti-page Illuatrated
Honk of Wondeih, tilled with tho moot
wonderful and auutUng proof ever before
known. AddreMi,
llM)Oi> Hai.* Co., Atlanta, Ga. ^
LOGAN & CO., tl
Jy.';i.iw Wholeaalo Agouti.
Inherited ! ;
niea<>0A? ?
In tho mini of disease Ihe facta of In* fo
berltauce arc must numerous and arc dally 1)1
accumulating. Here, nlas, the/ bocomo tar- ?]j
rlble, fateful ami overwhelming. So fact of
naturo U muru prrgnaut with awful moaning
than tliu fact of tho Inheritance of ta
disrate. It meets tho physician on hi* daily fr;
rounds, purulyzlng hi* art aud filling him tj,
with dismay. The legend of tho ancient a,
Orecks pictures thd Furies as pursuing aj
families from Kuuorntlon to generation, .
rendering them dc?olatii. Tho Furies atlU
ply their work of terror and death, hut the/
aru not now clothed In tho garb of aupcrstl* cc
tlon, but appear In tho mora Intelllglblo but jh>
Uo lets awful form uf hereditary diva so. ?t
Modern science, which has Illuminated to
many dark comers of nature, has shed a
new llk'ht on tho ominous worda of the H0
Scriptures, "The sins of tho fathers shall be
visited upon tho children unto tho third and
fourth generation." Instances of hereditary ,,,>
disease altound. Fifty j*r cent, of eases of ?j.
consumption, that fearful destroyer of faml* .
lies, of cancer and scrofula, run In families 9
through inheritance. Insanity Is hereditary
In it mar.eil degree, but, fortunately, Ilk* 10
many other hereditary diseases, tends to io
wear Itself out, tho stock Kerning extinct.
X distinguished selcntUt truly says: "No , .
organ or texture of tho l>o<ly Is exempt from .
the clitvnco of In-lnx tho uubjrct of hereditary Ul
dlscoac." Probably more chronic dlteain, C
which permanently modify tlio atructure ni
and function* t?f the body, arc more or l?*? St
liable to be Inherited. Tlio Important and J]
far-reaching practical deductions from such 'pi
fads -nfC<:ctti.g m powerfully u.e tiapplaett c,
of Individuals and families anil tbo collective j
welfare of tlio nation-are obvious to rcfleo- 'a
tint; mltuU, and the t?c<t mean* for preventing
or curing there diseases 1.4 a subject of J)
Infcnsu Interest to nil. Fortunately nature
ha* provided a remedy, which experience ni
lia.1 attested as Infallible, and thi? remody is
tho world famous Swift's Specific, a pure Uf
regetablu eoatpouud-naturo's antidote for
all l>!oo:l palxons. To tlio afflicted It li a 0
blessing of lne*t!mnblo value. An Interest- )[
In* treatise oa " Blood and Skin Diseases" in
will l>e mailed fren by addressing 0l
Tuk Sum Rrcano Co., J i..
Dra\??r3. Atlanta, a*. I ^
Groceries, &c.
Grocer, Pork, Packer, s
Celebrated "Strawberry Hams/ "
Dos. 1309 AND 1311 MAIM STREET, 3
My own Cure of Choice Smoked Meats deUr- C
eretl dally from my I'ork House at Manchester, rj
: li
Headquarters for P1
Taylor's Patent and Family Flonr. ..
Headquarters for the Celebrated tl
Alaroma Coffee.?
Sole Agent for Dupont'a Sporting, Mining and <r
Mimtlng Powder. jofr ?j
Picnic Goods, s
Enjoy yourself on tlic Glorlou* Fourth by C<
buying your I'icnio Good* Ironi CONNKK k fi
Potted Hum, Lunch Tongue, si
I'otteil Tongue, Corned Beef, c
Potted Chicken, Picnic Olive*. J:
i Potted Turkey, Ini|H>rte?l Snnllner, u
Wll*on** Celebrated Cracker*, Fruit Syrup*, Cor- a
ry'tt Ginger Ale. und other flue good* In variety. ?
Conner & Snedeker, !>'
)e?> Cor. Market & Fourteenth St*.
: SPiT? Sisrajm ;
: s 11 wsmk"
WSMfw nH l??*W * X"** y
I, BSTi- 4X,.n .?/? '.-M. /v., Mr*. .L
I jfllsrAIMKU " ??*' tl+ ^
DHr, ,f liratiM |t.il $1 t
" idflfeasP^I CONSTIPATION '
', ^^^jy^^^^^5mCT0AU.T COBID IT (
^SflaD^ Bold by Tarrant A Oa.N.Y., ^
ma Dru?tiU evtrywbw*
! mylfrMwar ___ j
JJ p4rtlcoUrt for hom? cur?. FRII^^Tj
the Intelligencer.
Office i Not. sa juid 27 Fourteenth Street.
!prinofrid Union.
SuufT, brother*, laaff vltb etrc!
HnutTin the preface of the frit! iradnlrv,
A CleveUad *uutr for the refortaalrv,
A Tbtiramn *nulf fur tbe biff bol?Uilre,
A Mill* billHiutf for tt?' ItiterpreUire,
?nuff, brother*, *uuir with euro!
Buuff In tbe preseuce o! tbe irec trail aire.
Hneese, brother*, laeexc with euro!
floeexe, la the procure of the free tradalre.
A Mugwump *uecxe for the irruut Groveire,
A Democrat *uev*e for the office acekiiirv, i
A third party *uvcxe for the rum nellalre, ,
Hnww, brother*, fcuvexe with varv'.
Sneexo iu the preneoco of tbe free trwhiire.
Wipe, brother*. wlpo with care! '
Wipe la tbe prowuce of the free tradalre,
A Cleveland wit* wita tue niemuifie rare, 1
A Thuruau wipe with the bandana! re,
A Bill Scott wipe with the big doll&lre.
Wipe, brother*, wipe with care!
Wipe In thepreneuce of thu free tradalre.
ccldenta and Incidents In Weit Virginia
and Vicinity.
Huntington's street railway is in opration.
The militia fever is still epidemic in
bis State.
Berkeley county people have organted
a building association.
The Blackwater Boom and Lumber
Company at Davis arc cutting at the rate
f 50,000 feet of spruce per day.
James H. MeGinnis, of ttaleigh coun- (
? , is receiving quite a boom for the lie* .
ublican Congressional nomination in J
le Third district.
A strange woman was discovered lying t
i the alley near a Huntingtou livery t
able lost Friday. She could give no h
:count of herself and is supposed to be e
isane. t
A meeting of the stockholders of the 1j
lartinsburg and Potomac Kailroad will o
3 held in Winchester on July 10 for the e
iirpose of effecting an organization of
le company.
eacliers' Association and the West Jj
irginia Educational Association will J
3 held on July 17,18 and 19, at Moun- *
in Lake Park.
The directors of the Clarksburg & ?
'estern ltailroad Company have adver- tl
sed for bids for the erection of masonry Q
r new bridges over Elk creek at Clarks* j
ire, Hackers' creek at Jane Lew, and jj
ie West Fork river at Weston. ji
Sally llamric, of Braxton county, was :>
ken to jail on a charge of lunacy in a ?
ightful destitute and wretched condi- ci
on. She burned her hou.se a few days tl
;o and was almost naked; but a. few
ireds stuck to her burned lacerated
ick. d
From various sections of the country H
ime reports of farmers having signed n
freemeutfl for a "hay fork" agency," a
ihock and fodder tiers," and other pat- d
it swindling inventions, and the papers c
i signed soon turned up as promissory o
>tes for $100 or $200. " ?*
The Grafton Times tells of a young 81
inius in the person of George W. Gaw- a
irope, aged 13, son of E. M. Gawthrone, rt
near Pruntytown, Taylor county, who
the inventor of an ingenious device ^
r furrowing out, planting and fertiliz- 0
g corn at the same time. gl
A ltepublican club was organized at
reen Hill, liraxton county, Saturday
glit of last week. The following otii- A
ire were elected: .President, J. r. uun
nghain; Vice-President, J. A. Plyman; r<
jeretary. Elsie Williams; Treasurer, 61
elville Lowther; lender, L. L. Marple. J1
lie next meeting of the club will be on H
iturday of this week, at which time n 11
rge turn out is expected. j'
One day last week, Jake O'Dell, a r(
emocratic politician of Nicholas county, a
as in Charleston and meeting Congress- ?
an C. P. Snyder, on Capital street, y
>ed language toward him that was not c
p-eeable. Mr. Snyder avoided Mr. ?
Dell until the abuse became such that ^
r. Snyder struck Mr. O'Dell after trvg
to get away from him (O'Dell) withit
having a street scene. Neither was ii
art, as friends interferred and j>reventl
more serious results.
The Wetzel County Republican Consntion
to select delegates to the State J,
id District conventions, assembled at J
iwart's Hall Anthem last Saturday. ?
on. Frank McEldowny was chairman
id W. W. McMillan secretary. A full F
it of delegates to the State Convention, ?
le Congressional District Convention
id the Judicial District Convention,
strong set of resolutions declaring for J
'arrison, Morton and Protection and
idorsing the candidacy of T. P. Jacobs ?i
ir Judge of this Circuit. Addresses .
ere delivered by Hons. G. W. Atkin- c
in, J. Campbell, B. B. Dovener, F. D.
oung, T. P. Jacobs and others.
The Pittsburgh Chronicle Telegraph [
mtainsthe following: The candidacy \
: General Harrison will be very popu- ?
r in certain sections of West Virginia, c
here there are several iniluential memjrs
of the Southern branch of the liarbou
family. Judge T. W. Harrison, of c
larksburg, for whoso grandfather liarson
county, W. Va.. was named, is a
fe-long Republican, while his brother,
olonel Maybury Harrison, served gal- t
,ntly as a colonel in the Confederate 1
my, but says he will now support his c
istinguished relative. Richard Harri- ?n,
of Weston, is connected with the i
t'eston Democrat, but his paper is a t
rotective organ and will take no nctive 1
urt iu the campaign, c
There has been considerable excite- ;
lent on French Creek, iu this county, *
tys the St. Mary's Oracle, for a few days 1
a account of statements made by the J
lirteen-year-old daughter of a family }
amed Ward, charging a prominent far- '
ler of that section, named William
iartline, with having committed acritu- .
ml assault upon her. According to the
irl's story, she went to Hartlinu s store !
lie runs a small grocery in connection J
ith his farm) and found no one there .
ut Hartline, who caught hold of her
nd threw her against the counter and ,
Dnimitted the assault, and then to
ighten and keep her quiet, told her l,
tint if she ever told of it she would be
ant to tlio penitentiary. However, the
irl told some of her friends, and the
latter coming to the ears of her father,
warrant was sworn out for the arrest
f Hartline, but In the meantime he
ad heard of the proceedings against ,
im and left the county, and has not ]
een arrested up to tho present time. (
ACiltlCl'l.Tt'KAl, XOTKS. 1
Farmers can have the bulletins sent ,
ut from ttjeir State agricultural experinent
stations forwarded to them free
y making written application to the )
tation for tho same,
A peanut trust is renorted as having j
een formed in Norfolk, Vs., and emtracing
tirms engaged in tho peanut ;
rade in St. Louis, Cincinnati. New [
fork, Norfolk, Petersburg and Smith- ,
'ille, Vs. ,
The South Carolina department ol
igriculture has recently issued a bulletin i
in tho resources and Industries of that
State, Headers desiring full information
>n any point are invited io apply to the
Commissioner of Agriculture, Columns,
S. C.
Remedies and preventives recomnended
by Frofessor Riley, and found
o be effective on trial in the extermiistion
of that serious pest, the chinch ,
)UK, are as follows: Irrigation, burning,
-oiling, trampling manuring, early sowtig,
mixing seed, or protecting que ulant
jy another, preventing the migration
rom one nefd to another by upright
1_ fnwnwBor ditahea and
abstaining from the cultivation of Spina
upon which the iniect feeda. \V ith no
Insect more than the chinch bug is there
greater necessity for clean cultivation.
Numbered wltn oiner aummvr remedies
is irrigation where it can be practiced.
In addition to winter burning
the remedy can be used to good effect in
other cases, as where the attack of the
bugs appears to 1*? confined to a definite
portion of the field, that portion should
be overlaid with straw and burne
not too large. The prevention of in
tion by means of ditches or tarred Ixj
has been employed with good efTec
some localities. Sowing strips of pi
distasteful to the bugs, such as
hemp or buckwheat, around the 11
to be protected is resorted to in t
eases. On the other hand, sowing si
of favored food around the fields t<
protected is practiced, as a strip of ti
thy, Hungarian grass or millet,
bugs lay their eggs by preference in
protective strip and then are destn
by the plowing and burning.
A new, and, under certain circ
Btances, eliicacious remedy is that of
osene emulsion. Applications mad
Professor Forbes and reported upoi
L. O. Howard all proved ellicaci
rhe time of application was juat t
the wheat harvest, wuen lieip is am
iot. Experiments made with keroi
sinuls.ionB by Professor Oaborn, of Ai
la., and reported to the Eatomolof
lepurtment at Washington, make
emulsion appear of value when dire
igainst the bugs that are mossing
:orn. This resulted in tho destruc
jt great numbers. In this application
jyclone nozzle was found exceed!!
The entomologist of the Ohio exf
uent Htation advises one and the w
remedy for both the round headed
lat headed borers and bark lice tho
njuriously ailed the trunks of aj
ree?. The remedy is a wash made
nixing one quart of soft soap or
jound of hard soap with two gallon
joiling hot water and then addin
>iut of erude carbolic acid. The mixt
ihould be applied late in May and a^i
hree weeks later with a scrub brusl
he trunk and larger branches of
ree. If the bark is rough it ought t<
craned before the wash is applied,
racks in the bark at the" base of
runk where the insects can enter sho
e missed in the application, as the *
bjeet is to prevent the laying of
ggs from which the grubs are hatch
Franklin Colh-Ki? C'ommuiieciuoiit.
The sixty-third aunual eommencem
f Franklin College occurred June
'here ure but two colleges in Ohiool
liau Franklin. The alumni num
12, sixty-live iter cent of whom h,
ntered the University. Oi the renin
ig 35 per cent, many have become (
inguished United States .Senators, t
ign Ministers, Governors, Supre
udges, Congressmen, &c. The line
uirrmu renuuu mw i'""'"
'resident, Rev. W. A. Williams, .It
I. Kev. Ramsey addressed the liter
>cieties Monday night. The class es
ises werejbetter attended on Tues<
lian ever before.
To old persons and those who (ear
erange their stomachs Simmons Li
legulator presents itself its a most
lirable remedy. Owing to its ui
L'tion it can be taken by the weak n
ebilitated at all times and under n
iretiinstances with perfect safety. C
f the most venerable of the U. ?S. &
te, the lute A. 11. Stephens, of Georj
tid ".Simmons Liver Regulator is in
lid suits me better than more act
unicdies."_______ MWFAV
"The Queen's Mate," at the Brondw
heatre, does not introduce any of 1
Ulcers of one of the National L:
Mr. N. II. Frolilichstcin, of Mobi
da., writes: 1 take great measure
^commending Dr. King's New Disc
ry for Consumption, having used it
severe ntUick of bronchitis and
irrli. It gave ine instant relief and i
rely cured uie ami I have not 1m
Qlicted since. I also beg to state tlm
ad tried other remedies with no gc
L'sult. llave also used Electric Bitt
nd Dr. King's New Life Pills, both
rhich I can recommend. Dr. Kin
iew Discovery for Consumpti
oughs and cold's, is sold on a posit
uarantee. Trial bottles free at Loj
: Co.'s drugstore.
The best European handbook?A v
lied purse.
Atlvlco to Mother*.
Are you disturbed at night and brol
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ures dysentery and diarrhwa, regulfl
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lamination and gives tone and cue:
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irescription of one of the oldest i
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What is thin "nervous trouble" v
arhieh 00 many seem now to be alllict
If you will remember a few years
the word Malaria was comparatively
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word covers only the meaning of anot
word used by our forefathers in til
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ihey and Malaria ore intended to cc
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Ths Wholesale Price# of all the Vartoui
Tr* Commodities.
! iNTKLUOESCtt Orric*,)
M'HRKI.INO. Tucwlay, July 3. j
llOX, The market for roosted coffee has dropped hal
lelds a ceut. Sugars are higher aud firmer, the result
oinu ?f th?* approach of tli** canning *eaaon, an*,
trips which tbo Truat is not slow to Uke advantage of
p be Teaa are quiet but steady. Rice U firm. Byrupi
lino- dU]i, New Orleans molasses Utlrmeraud utruighi
The o|ien'kettlo choice growing scarce. Of the gen
tills ertl grocery market the Shtpvlny IM sajsiutti
)VP(1 Ia?t iiwuu: "Staplclgroceriea have been Irregular.
' lUw and refined sugar have continued la good
request at hardening ^prices. Tbo increusiUM
!lim- outlet lor reflued baa enabled the trust to exaci
iror. higher prices, aud raw sugar is gradually devel<
, oping the strength of the statistical position on
e wy account of tbo iucreasiug requirements of the
l by rellueries. Stocks here are comparatively light,
Mllu aud supplies in all producing countries are held
with confidence. Higher prices for both raw and
liter KdQud sugar seem to Imj assured. The coffee
ind- market Is rather demorallxed by the liquidation
u.nn ?u ttempt to nqueexe the short interest in
June. The country trade has sal down, awaiting
nes. k more settled market aud business has been allieal
most at a stand, with invoice values merely
fil(l nominal. The outlook for high prices Is not
" , very favorable at present, for. In addition to the
Cted weakness exhibited In Rio, the heavy arrivals
on of mild grades have induced buyers to look for
?:m, easier prices after the tint of the month. Newcrop
Japan tcascoutluuc to rule In buyers''favor,
tue mm the abundant supplies that are iu sight ereljjly
ate a weak feeling. , ?
There is nothing new to note in the flour market.
Trade continues light while prices remain
>eri- unchanged. The local grain market continues
un extremely dull aud there docs not appear to be
and mvtit. it In cluinn.il tlmt prices are low, acarcely
t so cover lay-down com. Yet lu the absence of tie...i
ttiund It In d illicit It to affect sales, us buyers are
'J?1*- buying only as their immediate actual uecmiOy
tic* require. Wheat continue* neglected. Ear
one wn continues scarro, but there is uot much
H (.c wanted. Timothy Uay continues scarce, but
there In not much dcniaud /or It.
IK a Flour and Uraln.?Fancy patents, (iprinx and
ure wluter)H:i5aft25; fancy family, white amber,
amber and wiuter, :v>in jwper; wood lfte
I higher. Oat meal?medium 16 fto per bbl; faucy
1 to fd:/). live Hour $125. Buckwheat Hour 2c
tin- per lb. Middlings per ton 820 00u21 00. liranper
) be t^" 00ll"!1 "keat I*!f bushel, No. i. ooa
No Feed.?Com Per bushel 70c. Oats 45c. Haled
the <?y l>?r f14 00. Farmers are offering loose
uj(j hsy at 114 00 per ton.
KjJe oaocwutt.
?),? Kice?Carolina head tic; Carolina choice &%c:1
l".L Carolina prime ft)fc; Louisiana fia5>$c; Java Pearl
ied. 6c; IJroken 3J
Syrup*?Choice sugar syrups &ja.17c: Sugai
'Syrups 28a35c; Honey Drips SWCc; Maple liripn, i
live gallon kegs 65c; ten gallon kegs 60c; hall
eilt barrels 55c: barrel* ftoc: ilizby Maple Syrup (bar ?7
rclK)ftftc; Hlxby Maple Ci barrels) ftfc: luxby
/b.f Maple (10gallon kegs) 60c; lllzby Maple (ft galJur
Ion kegs) 62c; Blxby Maple (quart mns) U0e.
bur Sugar House (dark) 2Ua22c; (2c additional to hull
live barrels). New Orleans Molasses, Fancy 43a48c;
cltolcc 40c; prime :15c; fair 32c; mixed good
,. New Orleans 60c: baker's koo<1s 25a: Wc.
118- 1'rovliioiu?lATW! 8. 0. hams 12c; medium
'or. S. C. hums 12^c; ^California hams He; S. ('.
breakfaM bacon lie; 8. C. shoulders 8)?c; bonelcus
llu- hums lUal2c: city sides W/Ac, bacon shoulder*
:ci\- T^c; ham beef 12J4c; ordinary beef 10c; country
tli,, sides 9c; family incss pork ft lb pieces 817 00:
bean pork, tine clear |17 ftO.
,ne lard?Pure rcllned, iu tlorco 91$c; half barrelt.
iiry Wia; tubs loe; Chicago lard, in tin palls, 3 lbs.
,,r. 'Ac; tin pails, ft lbs., l?c; tin pails, 10 lbs., ftJic:
, tin palls. JO lbs.. Hjie: tin pails, 50 lbs., ?)?c.
aJ Sugar?Cut loal 8c; cubes 8c; fruit powdered
TJ^c; ordinury powdered 7%c; granulated standard
T^ic: standard confectioners' x Gjic; Colum.
bin A 6lie; standard Windsor A 6Xc; Kidgewood
to vvl.lt.. i U'KII.I mim i'- hlaiiiiiirii V?>\.
ver l?w ti c:&cw York C6Jie; golden C fruit
ml. HUK*r New Orlcau* clartied CaG%c.
mi Cofre?Urvvu coflbo?Fancy Uoldeu Itio 18c;
i?l fancy green 18c: Peaberry 21; choice green 17c:
l!l(i roantlug gnuleit 15e; Java 2Gc; ltoa?tcd in pack
inv age*?Ohio Valley Illo l'Jc; 1'un llaudlu 19c;
' - Arlmekle <k Co.'k roasted l'jc. Bulk khmtcd'iie
old Government Java 30: I'eaberry 23c: "A'
on- grade Wo 18c.
Tats?Young Hyson, per lb.. 25o50c; guunowV,
? der,'i'jaTSc; Imperial, Japau,23a"Oc:Ooloug,
I'd 22a75e; Souchong, 22a&5c.
ive Caiuiles?SUkT, lull weight,10c; ulcarino per *et,
v 11c: mould, per M!t, 10c.
l<n<par?Choice elder. 10al2c per gal.; itandard
city brands, loallc per gal.; country 13al5c |>cr
ay gaf.. ax to quality.
the Cheat?U quoted in Jobbing at 8>?c for prime
in,, w'ttdem, and lie for full cream; SwciUer liia
1,11 ifie, according to quality; Umburger, like;
factory, 8Kc; Sew York State. Mal&c.
o. 2 medium mackerel, 517 00; No. 2 fut,
518 (J0.
ile. '*"!*?Sales of timothy seed at 52 90 per bushel;
: ' clover, Muall Heed, $t Tf?; huge, f>? 00.
1,1 Stilt?So. 1 i?er bbl, 'J0c; extra per bbl., 91 65;
0V- dairy, flue, 3-buiihel sack*, 51 GO per lack,
fnr Sweet Com?folic j>cr lb.
r.mporated Frutt*? Purefl pcacnca, per in, isa
Ul" 25c; un pared peaches, per lb, lUuHe; apples, |>or
en- U?. Uc; raspberries, per lb, 22a25c; blackinn
berries, per lb, 10al2c.
- j tanned O'uod#?Standard alb. table pouch 8250;
11 * plo j>caches, 3 lb., 81 CO; pie peaches, ii lb., 82 i!5:
tod N'o. :i tomatoes, new, II UO; Osborne it Wells
rj.u corn, 81 00; tlo \Viunlow'* 2 lb., 8120; do 2d grade
' ( 2 lb., 8110; strawberries, 2 lb., 8110; blackbcirles
9* 2 lb., 81 10; raspberries, 2 lb., 8100; Damson's;'
ilt H lb.. Uric; liina beans, 2 lb., 90c; rove oysters, 1 lb.
on light, (We; do 111?. full weight, 95ca8l UO; string
. ' beans, 2 lb., 8f>a90c; succotash, 2 ll>., 'JUuiSl 2.'>;
l?c ciirly June peas 81 25ul 35; French.pen*, 15c
'lilt each; pineapple* tlfiQ; Murrowfut peas, 2 lb..
i Jl3tti2I0; gooseberries, 2 lb., UOcu810U; 3 lb.
sweet potatoes 81 75.
. Woo<ten H'are~No. 1 tubs 8G 50; No. 2,8550; No
>^11 S,8l r?: "2 hoop palla 81'35; 3 hoop 81 fi&5 single
waMihoards 81 50; double do 82 50; line crliup
double do 82 75; single 82 50.
Fruita? New Valencia raisin* Layer Odorn
Hj<|c. Loudon Layer nilsins 82 35; Loote Mils*
^en (uitelH 82 15 to 82 23. Prune# 5c. New evspo
111(1 rated apricot* lbc. Pitted plums 15c. Pitted
w blavckcrrlcx 12c.
(M~Lard, western extra strained We; carton,
R8. no, 7c; carbon 150, 7|~c;Z white miner# best
UL- winter 50c; white miners1 No. & 50c.
|]j|- NAILS.
iuf- Xatt*. Fence and Ilnuh?\M to GOd, 82 00; M ntid
;< f,d, 82 25; "-I uud 7d, 82 50; -id and .VI, 82 65; 8d
r 83 .'i0; 2d. 8-1 40.
It Hariri?*4 inch.8525; % Inch, N 25; 1 inch ? 00;
ltd) 1Y* Inch. *1 50;ltf inch 83 25; 1% Inch 8300;.lfc
Inch 82 75.
l.llu FinUhing-\ Inch, % 00; lj^lnrh, 85 90; \% Inch,
in- 8125; VA to 1% Inch, 8100; 2 inch, 83 75; 2)4 inch,
ivy 83 50; 3 inch and over. 83 25.
f.uiny and Jlox?lOd to 30d, |3 25; 8d, 1300; Cd,
8315; 4u, 83 50; 3d. 81 70.
, The extreme hot we?tlier ban caused a weak
tnu feeling In eggs, and the Knatcrn ntid Western
the market* are quoted iu weak and lower the puM
few days. Receipts are light but the demand
has fallen oil'. Uutter U quoted dull lu nearly
*> all the larger markets, Imt there Is a fair outlet
v here for nil receipts from the couutry In this
Hue. Hhtokens promise to do better and there Is
l>tt,_ already a good demand for both old and young.
' The Iron shut down has hail but little effect upon
business produce circles as yet, but If It cou?
tlnues any time It Is bound to exert ^depressing
Ktnit It will ofliM't the retailer uud
afterwards the wholesaler, as the two Interests
re- are no closely identified thnt the one must of
We necessity smyiMtthlxe with the other.
Aintlr*?Choice, per bbl., 8:150*3 75; medium,
J,f* per bbl., 8200*275.
in 8 Jiftuw?i'rhne new hand picked, wed., *225*
live prime, new hand nicked, navy, fj 2'sHi 50.
.,11 Uuttrr?Country, choice, lUullo; country, good,
Ul> 12al:ic; country, fair, loallo.
;on. lirrj //&/< ??steer preen, 60 lbs. tip 5c; steer
ires Kiw, H?ht, 5c: cow green, 5c; bull green,
4a5c; calf skins, green, Sufic.
115 Cbfrr?Snnd refined, (bbl. Included) 8G 00a7 00;
tip- country, sweet, 83 00b5U0; crab, choice, 86 00a7 06;
of cnib, medium, 84 00*5 tw.
rj; Dried FruUt?Apples, choice sliced, per lb.,
{l8" 5*flc; apples, Ohio and West Virginia >$s, per lb.,
let- 4?5c: blackberries, per lb., UalOc; cherries, pitted,
jvh per lb., 14al5c; cherries, unpitted, per lb? ha'Je;
\ ' raspberries, per lb,, 22*2fo; poaches, to, per lb.,
A <fci7c; peaches, y4s, per lb,, fto; dried peas, j>cr
bush., 8150; dried corn, per lb? Satkj; hominy,
eef per bbl., 13 Oft.
.* Fresh in cnxo Vlal5c per doxen; fresh in
rrl1 barrels 14c.
Ill- *'cnU*T*?Choice live geese, per lb, 40*45c:
mixed live geese, per lb. 3.'?*40c: chicken, dry
? . picked, felOc: duck, dry picked, 25*35c.
5'11" Vegetable*, Kir.?Cabbage, tl 75*200 per barrel
crate; green ouions. 15a25c; tomatoes, Tennessee,
ion 81 UOh1 bushel box; do. crates, 82 00a2 25: I
T, cucumbers, 31 50al 75 per crate; string beans, per
*l crate, 81 'lOifJ 00: wnx beaus, $| 75*3 (Jo, puss, 50*
it). 75c; Itcels, 81 75a2 0u j>er bushel; cauliflower,
;ow 8125*1 60 l>er doxen.
Folalot*? Peerless, per bbl.. prime, new, 83 08;
rose, iter bbl., prime, new, S3 U0a3 50; rose, per
tok, bus.. Iwcatl tw.
Tropical FrulU?Lemons, Messina, 87 00*8 00
i?cr Im>x ; Meiudna oranges, pi 00a5 00 per box:
ltodis do, 88 00a9 00; bananas, Asplnwalfs. 82 00a
. , A 50 per bunch; Jauuvlcas, 8175*2 aQ; Port Llrnon,
nth 82 ouail 00; eoeoanuts, 8125*450 per hundred;
?,i > pineapples, 810 00*1500 per hundred; California
r apricots, 8250*300 per case; cherries, 83oos.1 60;
ORO poaches, 83 ou*:i 60; nlums, 83 uo*3 50,
un- J/rfow?'Watermelons, 820 00*25 oo j?cr hundred.
?nv //owy-Whlte olovor, per lb., I3?16c; pure
?y Ktruiuod, 8al0u.
cms flay#?Will to, mixed cotton, per id.,
her nil wool, per lb., &%c; mixed, per lb.,lal>{c,
J'ouUry--Live chicken*, old, per dozeu, u 75a
W i*.; chicken*. ?>t1?k, per dozen, ii 00n3 <W;
'?iw duck*, per dozen, fc (*M'J SO; turkeys per lb.,
iver fie: duck*, per lb., tic; chicken*, hens, per lb.,
pM He: chicken*, old cock*, 4c; spring chick'
CBI,? P?r ,b" HA"*'
me Root* and liarki?Gin*eng, dry, per lb., In doiver
mand, 91 90a2 10; Mutsafni* bark, per lb., 2^'(c;
lint? oil, per lb., 40aMc; atmlq root, per
"5* lb.. is>3es ytllwrooi.imiMtn mMi Wt?S..'?
no ?<.; blood root, per lb? floiBenem tuafco root, |?cr
J8 it lb., free or top, STwlOo; Went Virginia make root,
.nns |K?r lb., 2ta3&: pink root, per lb., flne, Sk35c;
?UB elm bark, per lb., laic.
ctc. >'ur??ttkunk, >0.1. Kkfl 00; No. 2, COaTOc; No.
nrti- .1, -Wa-'iOc; white. lOalSc; raccoon, No. 1, 7.W?c;
,,n'u No* .r?0tt<l0c; No. 3, l.'?a2r.e; No. 4, :*15c; opos.
H turn. No. 1. SMBc; No. 2; lOatfc; No. 8, &c;
QU8. tnuwfernt*. winter. tlalOc.
,Vf Wool?Fine washed, 28a30c; fltie unwashed. 20c;
milium wanhcd. SUCUe; medium unwashed. :?a
and aaiS""* WMt,e<1, :t*Uc: CWH''
Wheeling Uvr Stock Market.
CkUlt-1,000 to 1,100 lbs. stock 4fca4Ko per lb.;
lata, *00 to ? ? lbs. a?3^o per lb.; 7W to W) \b?.
aver ^Market fair; OjaftKo per lb.
una, 7/im/?<iood At 4a3c per lb.
)Osi- Oa/iw?3a5c per lb.
Storp-3aSc per lb.
i per irtiv
ThaVuhiPMof the MonarandBtock Har.
Niw YokK, Jaly a.-Money on call eaay l
ckly to i)^ percent, laat loan at 1 per cent,cloeed
iran" offered at l per cent. Prime mercantile paper
aa? percent. Sterling exchange dull butateady
on." at t4 M9ia4 HmJv Halea of atocka to-day were
erig 85,f*W ibarc*.
. The attendance at tbe Board to-day wai exQ
by tremely autall, moat of the membera bating left
(? fm the city to remain over the National holiday.
LVMii and the bmdnua done waa In all probability the
'lu* amalleat In the hlatory of the exchange for one
?vr. day. Tbe opening vraa ateady and aome Utile
Centennial Exposl
1 mi'EK
GRAND JUBILEE celebrating the i
excursion rateI
/Mftffsa km
\sg~7 BALM
Vgjjj/ BALM
milinntlmi whm shown in thu tlr*t limir. lucom
panted \?v u slight upward movement extendlni
to f j per cent. out after that time tin; staunatlor
took the complete head of the list, ami beyotn
the decline In Nock Island the market wan en
tircly barren of feature or motion of any kind
The close wa? bteudy at prices Kehcrally u littb
better than the opening figure*.
Italtruad Uotul moderately active; wiles 5^7,000
Covernnicut bonds dull and ateady.
State bonds dull and steady,
0.8.4a reg ?127^10.8. l^s rcg .~107i<
U. ti. 4a coupon lii7'?|U. S. 4ft coupon 107!
Adam* Express 110 Northern Pacific..... 23J
American Kxoress..l07 do preferred 51"
Canada Houtliurn... Chicago A X W?10#
Central Pacific :w do preferred J.'W
ChcNijteake AOhlo.. ?- New York Central...IW*
do first preferred.. Ohio A Mississippi., lit)
do seconds do preferred........ N)
C., C., C. & 1 MX Pacific Mall 3#
Denver it It.G .. 1 by* Pittsburgh J.r>8
Erie 21% Reading M
do preferred .. WJ-S St. L. & K. F
Fort NVayne ?162 do preferred- Ml
Kansas <& Texan 13k dp first preferred.] 13V
Lake Erie & Wesu. U% C. M. & ?t. l'aul... - KI*
do preferred -41 do preferred ..102!LakeShoro
WH Texas A Pacific 2(JJ
Louisville & Nash... 51% Union Pacific M'
L., S. A. A C :C? United States Ex... IV/
Memphis <k ChiUL.... IS W., St. L. ?V V 31
Michigan Central... 7l?'i do preferred 10
Missouri Pacific 71% Wella-Fareo Ex lit
Nash. & Chat 71 Western Union "5>
New Jersey Central S&i
llrtaristuffa ftlirt Provision*.
New York, July'3.?Flour, receipts 11,3ft
packages; exports 2,818 barrels and 2.010 sacks
market mcKlerately active; sales 22,02b barrels
Wheat, receipt* Itw bushels; exjatrt* 87,82;
bushels: sales 2,692,000 bushels of futures am
129,000. bushels of spot: options moderately ac
live; ungraded red Wj^wffle; No. 2 July H7Ki
875i?*. closing at 87%e: August 88^Sn8s^u,eloitinj
October W1/^; December lS%e; May 975-ltii
9?He. closing at Com, receipts 141.ao
bushels; export* Ul.lKtt bushels; wile* J.WI.OO
bushels of futures and 2I3.00U bushels of spot
option* loss active; ungraded mixed MuMj^e
No. 'J July Aaj^c; August f>|%o53%c, closing a
.V>c; Sentcinlicr.V^uV^.c, closlnuul Mc; Octobe,
Mfanblkc, dosing ut fifij#; November take
December .Vie. Out*, tempts l'.W.'JOO bushels
exports -'>70 bushels; wiles 'j.*i,(N<0 bushels of fu
tures; lKH) bushels of spot; options mod
erately nctivo: western :tla:?e; white do -IOhHW1
Hay quiet. Coffee, dull? option* moderate}:
active ami lirm; Miles Ift.OUU ba^s; July ll.'JOi
11.40c; August lO.ilOaJO.ii'c: September lo.Ott
IU.U'ic; Oetober. November, December ami Jan
ujiry 9.7.'?alt.K?e. Sugar, raw firm; rel!ned aetivi
and firm at unchanged L'rices. Tallow easier
prime city 4c. Koslu dull. Turjtentine mead;
at JVAtoJsie. KggH firm; western liial'e. I'ori
quiet ami Kteaoy. Ijird, sjxit quiet; westeri
steam H^'taM^1, closing ut ?.:i5e; options dul
and lower, closing weak; July H.:tlc; Angus
H.JHc; September 8.28aS.:Hc; October K'iMuS.ltUc
Butter firm; western lUal?&c. Cheese weaker
white and eolored Ohio
Ciiicaoo, July 3.?Wheat iriuUng to-dny wu
confined almost exclusively to local operators
but the feeling was nither firm. Corn was aetivi
and rather uuseltled. Oats were dull. Provision
were weak. Flour steady and unchatiKcd
Wheat, cash No. 'J soring 7Ujyi?0c; No. '1 red Ntf-41
Sice; July T^-jaMJ^c. closing at SOc: Angus
flnstuu ?v s?l?e: Swutfiivber
closiug lit MJ%?: December Bo, closing n
83c. Corn, iiuili No. 2, 47T?c: July I7jhal.s|4?'
closing at 48c; August H%i4i%c,cIomIdk?t lh%c
I September 4Va4t%c, cloning ut I'.'Ju:; Octohe
4&ftaiyc, closing at 4S%c Oat*. ouili No. 2, 30&U
I July wj?a3lc, closing It au%c; August 2^
&>%c> closlug at2&%c; Set) tcm tier 2i?iu'i'rj 'o. ,ulos
I lib' nt 2.V'?c; March ar*. Hye, No. 62c. barley
No. 2, Cite. Flaxseed, No, 1, Jl ir.al 30. l'riiutimothy
seed Mess |>ork, cash 813 45; Jul;
I 813 SOiUu fiO. cloning nt 8M K>; August 813 lui
i:i g:% closing ut Si;i 4VA; Hojilember 813 .r?oi
13 7."), cloitltiK at 813 57)4; October 813 65. Lard
cash ?.ooc; August K.oonM2J4e, closing at #.05c
I Sep torn Iter H.U7j<iaij.20c, closing nt Rr:!'/'; Octc
bcr 8.07knb.i!t)c, closlug at M2%c. ltncoii, shor
| rlI>h 7.4oc; shoulders U.25n6.60c; short dear 7.Jvrii
7.90c. Whisky fl "20. Sugar, cut Unit "ViaSMc
Butter steady; creamery l6alVe; dairy 18kalW
Eggs tlruiatflaHV.
' Phu.ademmiia, 1'a., July a.?Flour very dull
Wheat ilriu; No. 'J red July nWnSCVjc: Augus
86&aMj%C| September 87%aSi^c. Corn, spo
low; futures dull and firm; No. 2 high mixed oi
track He*. No. 2 mixed September Wjie; No.
mixed July .'tf^aMkjc; August 'Mi.Vi,'yC. oab
Npot lower; futures quiet hut steady; No.
white July 41Ma41%c; August JM){a:t5c; Septeni
her MfyiXVlc; Octolier :i3%n:t5c. Ilutter IIrr
nod In /air demand; creamery extra 19a20(
Eggs firm; firsts 17c. Cheese linn.
Bai.timouk, Mp., July 3.?Wheat, western dul
and cany: No. 2 winter red sj?ot and July 84a&l}{c
August 85a85>;c; September Wu*0J4c: Decern be
89%a!ft)><{c. Corn, western dull and nominal
mixed spot and July 63o&C%c; August ,i
Out# quiet and heavy; western white 42a4ik
Ityc dull and weak. Hay steady; prime t
choice western 810 ooal7 iw. Provisions steady
Mess pork 816 00. Mutter firm at lba20c. Kgg
i|Ulet and easy at lCalG%c,
Cincinnati, 0? July 3,?Flour dull. When
dull and lower: No. i fed We; receipts a.uo
bushels; shipments none. Corn dull; No.
mixed fiOKc. Out* firmer; No. 2 mixed :MW<
Rye dull;|No.2,60c. 1'ork steady nt 814 26. ljir
nominal nt 7.85c. Hulk meats nnd bacon stead
and unchanged. Whisky active and tlrni at 81 M
liuttcr, sugar and cheese steady. Kggs wenke
ut 13c,
Toi.sno, July3.?'Wheat active and Arm; can
8Co; July 83)$o; August K^c;8c}>toml>or m? ;c
December oi^c. mm aeuvoaua mcu.iv; en*
July 47kc: Aui;uiit4ti%c. Oats nclive ami nteady
call 1 Aujjuit '?>}&. Clover ?ml dull ain
Htoadj; cu>b 54 tk*>.
Live Stock.
Chicago, July n.-Cattlc-RefelpUM,.Vio head
Iflpnientn 3,000 head; native entile lOn'JOc higher
choice to extra beeves K? W? 10; ooinnmn to goo.
ft QUn5 75: stocfciU* and feeder* ft! .Vitul s'i; eowi
bulls and uuxod fl jja;? uo. Ilogs?liccclpi
10,000 head; shipments 4.000 hend; market *ei
Ivej mixed 8.1 iiOa.% 70; beavyf/i G0a5 N); Huh
?l Ma4 70: skips Jl Uta5 40. Sheep-Receipt
a,.'(00 head: nblpmenU 1,500 head; inarfcc
steady: native* ft!5Uaft'J5; western ?1 20,i.n ffi
Texan* ft!'.ita! 75; lamlm firm at $1 7"<a? 00 jar
lull pound*.
East Mbkrtv, Pa., July 3.-Cattle-Rt?oclpl
285 bead; shipments u'i bend; tiurkt l flow ut t
t<? 15c off from yesterday'* prices. Uogs? IU
celpu '."00 blind; shipments jui Itead: mark<
falf Ht yesterday's l?rir?n. Sheep? Keeclpt*::. l?
head; thlpineuu^,000 bead; markut firm at yei
tcrday's prim.
ClNCINMATt. O.. jlllv :t.?Hncr? unlet .-..mini!
and lightH parkin#uuri nntohert fS-W
& tol teuQlpU l.ouo notul; ? 7.'? head.
pHn.AnF.i.ruu. Pa.. July a.-Wool mi let; Ohl
IvniinylvnnlH and Went \ lrcinla XX ami aU>\
28a30e: X 27a28c; medium I&UHo; ooar?e JUnSfc
New York, Michigan, Indiana mm?I Western Hi
or X and XVAV-iv; medium 32*33c: n?rw
330t tjno waahed delaine X ami XX
medium wiuhed combing ami delaine :Wn.V*
coan-e .Y.&Hc; Canada wa*hed combing iilaitt
tub waahed 32a3fc; medium ninvitdiwl cuinlilu
and delaine IMaSte; eoarn* do OC'ic.
Dotroi*. July 3.?Wool, ?|ulet, price* bare
atoady; Ohio and Pennsylvania X fleecea r,l
W, do XX Zfe30o; do No. It32a34c: Mlchlgt
fleecea 3teSc; fine delaine V.HUlc; No. 1 Oh
combine ?V?; pulled ?rool? 3a3&c.
New York, July 3.?Wool quiet: domes)
fleece JM30c; polled lNL%e:Texa< 13aUlc.
New York. July 3.?Petroleum market opeii'
i firm at 74'4c, hut became heavy alter the Hi
i law minute* and sagged off to 73&. \ alig
tlon of the Ohio Valley.
. f, jhit
Settlement of the Nortliwgstem Territory,
ftn?im rwinu, ~7m
urui. nupiri-tnumy u
' U for tha Fice, Neck, /j/ifmMuK H
Arma tad Handa. Ui il ~6 .
/? ?liquid, applied in- fl Biim H
a*. ataatiy; eu't bo dotoctod.
TuCoolingi kJ/Wm
BcTrtihlDg. Try U? H
i Should go with yon to jK. K
the Seaaido aud all / MtfOtiuX^E
* Rural Keaorta.aa it im> fl H
Si mediately o*ercomea V iJlim fin
Tib, focklM. Bun- wy.Cfl
bum, Bedneaa, atcJ Y"*y|
i Xaamagicslbeautlfyer Jif H
A Liquid Uaed in a i( *lgIwU*Ybg*
,f moment. Deflca de* j p.tM iraM
lection. Inauree a V ....TTtL ? 1U
Perfect Complexion. V7Z^LT7r?I#M
Nercrhaahadita equal
t Keepa tb? Skin on tba iT \ H
Face, Neck, Anna and i^MlWlOlUA BB
f* Manila Soft and Plia? // ?? WBS
/I ble. tiivea a Rarlab. j[ flUJft I IBS
ing complexion. RoBoveartmplu&TuI
\iiuuw?4^/ B
. i HU'iivuri' Wiiu fitllotviwl liv H IMirlnil of iutCtlNC
{ iluiitmw. nmS the market elo?cA steady at TS^v;
i mi 1 cm 012.000 litirrt'lH.
1 On. (Jitvi Pa., July X?Opened at 74}{e: highest
' 7 0Id west clcweil at 73%c; sales 826,000
barrel*: clearances 870.000 barrels; shipment!
3 ui.fdO barrels; run* 1)6,061 barrel*.
Pittsburgh, Pa., July .1.?Petroleum <ltill but
firm; opened lit 7l%v, closod at 73%o; highest
74%e; lowest 7a? tie.
Kkadpoisd. Pa., July .1.?Opened at 74c; cloned
ut 73%e; liixhcul 74)ie; lowest 73%o; clearance*
? 068,000 Itarrcls.
Trru8Vn.ut, Pa., July a.?Opened at 74*?c;
highest W/fii lowcut closed at T.fJ{c,
Dry Goods.
New York, July a.?On the eve oflndependonce
holiday the demand wua nominal and wiles
" proportionately.
. Plumbing, Gas & Steam Fitting.
! Geo. Hibberd & Son,
I Successors to Thompson A Hibberd,
: Plumbers, Gas & Steam Fitters,
i SPECIALTIES.?Natural Gas Supplies, Steam
; Heating and Veutllatlon.
| 1314 Market Street,
[ MTAllwork promptly done at mo?t njgwni)
able prim. my28
"Yyil. HARE 4 SON,
j Plumbers, Gas and Steam Filters,
[ All work done promptly at reasonable prlrew.
i "
i CAPITAL. 1200,000
1 J. N. V A.WCK ............ .....President
: L. 8. Dklaplain Vloe-Prealdent
s J. N. Vance 8. Horkhelmer,'
J. M. brown, W. KUIngham,
K L. S. I'olrtplain, A. VV. Kelley.
John Frew,
t Draft* issued ou England, Ireland, Scotland
1 and ull ]M)lnt8 iu Europn.
j J? jiwrj, v^miiicf.
; CAPITAL ? - ..1175,000
YT*. A. I?*rr ?,.Pn*llent
L! W'm. B. Six j von ......... VI c?-Preii dent
; Draft* o: TCugUud, Ireland, France and tier,1
Win. A. Inctt, Wm. B. 8imp*on.
t J. A. Miller, Jcihu K. Uoufuru,
11 K. M. Atklnwn, Victor Kownburg.
Henry Hpcycr.
mri! P. P. JKP8QN. Cawhlor.
J Pictures and Art Materials.
' A1' *'
'f Materials I
I, 8uppllca for Oil Color, Water Color and China
PululftiK. Jlriihln'it, Cativa*. Knacl*, Ac., An.
l| I Wirmir ami Newton'* Colon.
Studkn lu great variety. at
I myJJ l'tfi Main Street.
Professional Cards.
J "<">
i (icnprnl Insnrnnce Agent,
. 1818 Mnrkut St., Wbocllng, W. V?.
Collection* promptly attended to. Injur
atiechollcited In W liec'IiiiK, and Id all paru ol
* Went Virginia.- Chii place ituninuice at loweal
" . rat r? wnnln l?o?t rompanlfta. t|ilfr-i><*w
?! Business Cards.
General Machinists,
0> And Manufacturer! of Marine and flutlontr;
>o Engine*,
* WngKMN'Q. w. v<.
"| Lonisiana State Lottery Co.
1 For tickets or further Information address th
,,, undersigned. If you nsre not been fortunst
j0 else where, U y me for a change.
Covington, Ky.
j Mention this paper. tw?w
?t jlx. J'rintlng neatly and promptly executed a
ht the Intclllgeuoer Job Booms.
Louisiana State Lottery.
[I] u Over n Million UUtrllmlm'.
i Loulstauu State Lottery Company.
Incorporated by tbc Legislature in INCH. f<?*
L Educational and Charitable pur|>oM-?. and ill
I franchise made * part uf the iireneut flute Con*
- atitutiou, lu 1H7V, t?y an overwhelming popular
IU gkanp ejctkaordi.nahv drawing* tnko
r place lemi annually, (Juno and JHxtmuer). and
r iu Grand sinoli: NraiiKit 1>uawingx take plae?*
' ou each of the other ten uiontlu in the year, ami
aru all drawn lu public, at tbc Academy ' ? Mulie,
New Orleaua, La.
"We do hereby certify that we luncrvi#? tha
arrangements (or nil tbc Monthly ami Svinl-Au[
nual iJrawimn of The Louisiuiut Mute Lottery
Company, ami in person manure utid control tbo
Drawing* tbemsdvo. ami that the name aru
. conducted with honesty, mlmcss, and In food
faith toward all pnrtics, aud we authorise tho
Company to use this certificate, with far-slmllea
of our aignaturea attached, in lu advertisemenu."
We the undersigned Hank* mid Hanker* will
pay all Prize* drawn in The* I.?>iti.ofntni State Lotteries
which may be prc*entod at otir counters.
K. M. WALMSI.KY, Pre*. Loul.isna Nat'I Ihtuk.
PIERRE I.AKAUX, Pro*. State National Hank.
A. BALDWIN, Pro*. New Orleans Nut'I Hank.
CAKL K011N, Pre*. Union National Hunk,
Grand Monthly Drawing
Iu the Academy of Music. New Orleaus,
Tuesday, July IO, 1888,
CAPITAL PRIZE, $300,000.
100.000 Tickets ut 't wenty Dollar* each. llulve?
flO; Quarters 85; Tenth* 82; Twentieths fl.
list or num.
l Prlte o( 1300,ouc 1* fjuo.rco
1 Prize of luu.vohu lOO.uu)
J Prize of 60,00-1 he 60,t00
1 Prize of 2&,lHJu I*.- .. 2ft,000
2 Prizes of lo.t m arc 2u,w?J
& Prize* of fi.ww arc. 25,u o
25 Prize* of 1,000 arc 25,000
100 Prizes of IM are 60,01X1
200 Prizes of J?I0 are Gu.lM)
600 Prizes of 200 are loo.ouo
100 Prizes of 1500 arc 00,000
100 do. &>0ure :v,?>0
100 do. 200 are 'io.ouo
999 do. 100 are 99,9 0
999 do. 100 arc 99.900
3,131 Prizes amounting to Sl.o.vi.u'o
Notk.?Tickets drawing Capital Prizes are nut
entitled to terminal Prize*.
: For Club lute*, or any further information,
desired, write legibly to the undersigned, clearly
stating your residence, with state. County,
Street and Number. More rapid return mail doliver}*
will be assured by your enclosing an enrelopc
bearing your full addre**.
' Bend POSTAL NUT EH, Exptu*s Money Order*,
i or New York Kxehuutfu In ordinary letter. Cur*
reucy by Express (at otir expense* addressed to
New Urban*, La.,
or M. A. D.UTHIN,
Washington, D. C.
Address Registered Letters to
New Orlcatift, Iju
PFMPMRPR Thnt the presence of Gcnenli
I\CiinC.inDC.n iivnimpird mid Early, who ?re In
charge??(the drawings, to aguarantee of nWluto
fairness and Integrity, thnt the chance* nre nil
equal, and that no one run pottibly divine what
number will ilruw u I'rlxe.
"KKMKMHKK, h1m?, thnt theimymcutof I'rlxett
i? Guakantu:i> by FootNationai.iukkh of New
OrleaiiN, and the Ticket* are signed by the I'leiddent
of ait Institution, whose chartered right*
are recognized by the highent Court*; therefore,
beware of any Imitations or ationyuiouH
Kchcmra." jelS-wmw
Baltimore a ohio uailkoadDeparture
of train*from Wheeling. H-hedu.c
in effect April IHW-Eantern time:
Exprciw lor Chicago and the Northwe*t, 10:2.". n
m, 3:401> in, 9:50 p m daily, and 11:15 p m daily
except SaturdHV.
Expretw for Cincinnati and St. Louis, 10:2L>a in
daily, 11:15 p in dally.
Cambridge accommodation, 9:00 a m, excel t
For w.va a to uauy, mm ir.ro p in,
dully, nml 2:45 j? in dully exi-etd Sunday.
Kxprewi for WNxhltiutou, 1>. Itultltnorc.
Philadelphia aud New York, vln (irufttu, t.tfM
m Miid 5:10 p in, daily, via 1'itU.burjfh 0:20 p. m,
For Plttaburgli ntid V ajdiinjjton,6:00 u m
daily; vxprvtw, 8:10a ui, daily, 1:45 p t?, daily
except Sunday. Additional way train fur \Va?b?
lngton. Pa.. 6:.'10 p m, daily except Sunday.
For Pittaburgli, WaahiuRtou, Baltimore and
Philadelphia 6:20 p m daily.
1'itUiburKh accommodation, Sunday only, f :;>0
p m.
For Mouudnrillu, 6:.'tf and 7:S5 a in. aud 12:0C
noon, and n:io i? m, daily except Sunday.
For Grafton. 6:10 p m, dally.
For Cumberland, i?:0& a xu, dally, except Sunday.
For St. Clalreville, 8:ft'? and 9:00 a in, 2 p in aud
5:10 pin, dally except Sunday.
Kxprewi traltiH arrive from Chicago', (1:25 and
9:50 am aud 0:10 p in dally, and 4:K> a m dally
cxccpt Monday.
Kxprewi trains arrive from St. I-oiiln and Cincinnati,
4:55 a m and 6:10 p m. daily.
Exprewi train* arrive from Philadelphia, ISultJ*
more and Washington, D. C., via Grafton, 11:20
a maud 10:45 pm daily: via. PltUdturKb, 10:15
a. m. dally.
Train* arrive from Columbun, 4:56 am dally,
and 0:10 pm daily, aud 10:95 am dally extort
Tralua arrive from PltUburgb, 10:15 a m daily
and 12:45 p m, except Sunday, 0:55 p m aud 11:10
p m dally.
Tralua arrive from Waahlugton, Pa., 8:00 a m,
dally except Sutulay.
Tralua arrive from Moundavllle, 7:30 and 0:15
am au.? 1:40and7:40 pm, dally except Sunday.
Trains arrive irom Oralton. 11:2t> a in, dally.
Train* arrive from Cumberland, 5:60 p in, daily
except Sunday.
TralnN arrive from StClalm-ille, 7:.V?and !C:J55
a m, and 1 :!t5 and 6:10 n ui, dully except Sunday
Cambridge accommodation arrive# ut7:ii> [? m
except Sunday.
called for find checked nt hotels nwl
retiocncc* on ordem left at ticket olllcc, lisuu Market
at reet, and at depot,
('IIAH. O. SCULL, Gen. I'aJM Agent.
>V. M. CLKMKNTS, Manager.
Ohio river railroad.?tjmk
Table taking effect May i~, if^s. I'liiwenKer
train* will, tn: as follows?Central lime. All
tralna dally except thoMJ marked tliun t which
do not run on Holiday.
MOUTli BO US I). fNo.'lNo. li. f.No.tf No. 1.
a. m. p. m. a. in. a. in
I?cavc?Wheeling a::* U.K. 6:36
lienwood. opp. liellaire 8:4.'. 11:8 C:.'-C
Moundivllle .. 4:0.'? 11M- 7:10
p. m.
New Martinsville 6:1? 12.V 8:15
WUlIamMtown 7:?j 2:1> 10:10
PBrkerebiirg .. 6:16 7:80 2:46 11.00
Rnveniiwood f>:46 4:1.' *12:20
Mawm City - ?:(? 6:.^. 1:86
Clifton ?:**"? 6:40 1:4C
Arrive?Vt. I'lenwuiL.... h:4<? 6:1: 2:1b
tialllpollM Ferry ?:?) C.:i' 2:32
(iuyandottc 10::c:; 7:60 4:00
Huntington 10:16 8:06 4:17
n. in.I
Charleston '3:20 10:03 8:X
Ironton C: OP
Portsmouth................ ..... a.m. 7:IC
While Sulphur 6:00
p. in. h. in.
8taunton - 3:a- t?:2fl
KoltTIl BofSD. No. 0. No.-l.ltNo."
h. m. n. m. n. m. |>. in.
I/?avc?Huntington...... 10:oo 6:16 8:15
Cuynmlotte 10: ih 3*28
(iftfll|H?llK Kerry ll.:? ":w 4:10
Point licimant, .. 11:1 7:20 6:07
Clifton ~ ?2 i 7:55 6:35
Mason City 12:25 few 6:40
IUvcninrood 1:?:. 9:16 7:00
Parkeroburg (l:(Ki 8:15 10:45 S:30
Williams town \ fi::se u:v 11:16
New KirtinrrlUe km- r?-.:n 12:45
Moundsville 9: r. 6:40 1:45
lien wood 9:45 7:00 2:05
Arrive?Wheeling 10:00 7:15 2:20
Leave Wheeling via. p. in.
P. C. & 8t. L 12.S5 3:20....^
Arrive?Cleveland... fi:30 0:30 ....
Pittsburgh..,,....,...,...,,,.. 3:20 5:55
h. in. h. in.
Philadelphia. 6:25 !>:* ?
New York *?:00 8:00
ft. tn.
Chiaigo ?: ? r>-V
Through tickets ami bnggngc checked to all
t W. J. ROBINSON, Gon'l Pm*. Agent.
I PurkerMiurg, W. Va.
f Trwv. I'll**. Agent. Wheeling. W. Vw.
LOUIS RAILWAY CO.?Panhandle Route
Under schedule in effect_.Mny 14. iw\M. trnii>s
leave wiii-ciinK u>ntriti wawiara time: For
Htcubcnville and I'ltttburuh, O.-ltt n in, 12:8a
r? m, 3.20 p m. For Htcubcnville. p in. Tho
fl:3f? a m and ?:0f? j? m trvtlMM innkc direct roiiato
tlon for Columbu*, Cincinnati, Iii'liimatrfdl* md
t Chicago. The 12:.V> p m trniu untkea direct coti*
nertion for (.'olumhtift Niid L'hlcaKo.
Trains Arrive at Wlieeliux, 0:16 a m, 10:00 a m,
2:V> i? m And .r?:40 p m. mylft
KA1LKOAP.?Under Nclie<ltilv in effect X*jr
- iviww. Train leave Bridgeport. Centra) Btana*
aw time: For 1'ltuburnh, Chl<n?<> and f.'ievoland.
4:.'i0a m. Por IMtuburKb, l?:17 a m. *?.r
Chicago and Cleveland, 1:12 p m. For I'itubt: rah
and New York, 3-.Tip m- For Stcubenvtue. t?:w
am. For Martin'* Ferry,6:4!>a in.
Train* arrive at HridwiMTt nt 7:M a m. 10.13 a
in, 2:28 p in, 4:1ft p m, 4:47 p in, and 7:47 p in.
a Ti'ewapaper Advertising Durcau (10 fipi'jco

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