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The Intelligencer. J
|'?b)uh?d Dully, Krml.Weekly uimI \V?eklj. ft
The Dally Intelligencer Is Delivered
by Carriers In Wheeling and adja- M
cent towns at 15 cents por week.
bj Mail, I'u.nUhu Yrvc Id tUo Uuitrd JUlcn. J;
Dally, One Year..?.~? .'.$8 00 *
Daily. Six Months 4 00 d
Dally. Three Months ? 2 00 ^
Dally. One Month 65 ,
Semi-Weekly, One Year 2 50
Semi-Weekly. Six Months 125 V
Weekly, One Year ? 1 00
Weekly, Six Months ? 60
Urmt reduction* to Club*. Bond (or uunplo
cojilr* *nd circular*. Addrtwi *
""*>? /*?uriOPI I J. U A DT ?
No*. 2.1 and 27 Fourteenth Street,
1 Enteral at tho FooUifllcc at Wheeling. W. Va.,
m wrond-clajw matter.]
tlje $ntelli0enar.
ot Indiana.
Knur Vnrlr.
It has been two or three days since
any Young Dlemoclat in Wheeling has '
tried the Chinese act. The latest effort J
was so discouraging.
Kmi'kkms Victoria, of Germany, has I
an income of $250,00(1a year. There are
American widows who would try to get !
along on that pittance. '
"Fkank Hukd will not run for Congress
this year." No, this will not be a
good year for members of the Cobden
Club, of whom the brilliant llurd is
IIaiiuisox has frightened the Democratic
leaders in his State. They see no way
to stop the stampede to him. But they
are trying hard to find a way through
Beuoi,i> the beauty of our brick-paved
streets. The rains come and the Hoods descend,
and it doesn't make a cent's worth
of difference. The streets are free from
mud and as dry as a bone. When all of
VUi* streets shall have been paved with
brick, wo shall be able to point to the
best paved city in the country.
Democrats are very severe on Trusts,
but they will accept the campaign
check of the Standard Oil Trust, notwithstanding.
And if the .Sugar Trust
should feel disposed to pay something
for favors received, it will be all the
same. The sinews of war are not to be
dispised by a party in distress.
Tiib Washington 1'ont having slipped
out of the traces, the Courier Journal correspondent
remarks that ''there is room,
and plenty of it, for a straight Democratic
newspaper in Washington." Yes,
room in that capacious burial ground of
newspapers. A Democratic organ can't
exist there on its merits.
Indiana Democrats discover the lieiulish
intention to carry their State for
Harrison by the lavish corruption of
Democratic voters. One of the arguments
used at Kt. Louis against the
nomination of an Indiana man for second
place on the Democratic tickct was,
that Indiana Democrats have got into
the habit of demandiug that place and
after they get it they have to bo furnished
with a pile of money or they
don't carry their State.
CO.NOUESSM.IK McAl)00, of New Jersey,
having been whipt into line for the
Mills hill, Mr. Randall id left with but
two other Democrats to support him in
opposition?Sowden, of Pennsylvania,
and Foran, of Ohio. In other words,
Democrats who thought they were voting
for good enough Protectionists are to
be betrayed, because Mr. Cleveland
desires the passage of the Mills bill, and
Mr. Cleveland is master. There will be
less chance this time to betray Protectionist
Democrats. They will vote the
ticket of Protection.
Hero'* ii l!ow-?rj-<lo,
A Washington correspondent of the
New York Tribune makes the startling
statement that thirty-nine volumes of
the United States Supreme Court Imports
are unworthy of confidence.
These volumes were prepared by Wallace
and by Otto, both of whom tookgreat
liberties with the text. They not only
"revised" the language of the court, but
they took out and they put in. Where
I... ntatnmani nf tlw. onqn fiu Irlinlo llV tllti
court did not meet their ideas, they prepared
one that did. Worse than this, if
that be possible, two hundred and lifty
decisions, nearly all of them "practice
decisions," have been omitted altogether.
These blemishes are in what is known
as the "otlicial edition," published by
an Albany llrm; and this is the edition
with which the United States Circuit
and District Courts are supplied. It is
believed, also, that this is the edition to
be found generally in the libraries of
lawyers. The reports of Davis, the present
incumbent, are said to be indorsed
by the Supremo Court as in every particular
Working the IIiUImIi Frc?? Trmlo Growler.
In the Cobden Club roport forlSS7
appears this instructive paragraph:
Something has been done by this club
in the twcntv-two years since Air. Cobden
died to keep the name of the great
Free Trader green and his influence ,
fresh in the current of political life. iliM
iKjlicy and his work have beeu kept well '
? - nml nhmiul. Tlinrft 1
in UVIUl'Uto ai w
are champions of Free Trade in all parte
o( the British Kmpire, and in most of i
the co 11 tries of the world, whose intercut,
zeal and enthusiasm in the cause
are due in a largo degree to the work
and the teaching of the Cobden Club.
I n the same report appears a list of the
Members. There are titled Englishmen '
who ait in Parliament and some who do ,
not but still wear very long and imposing
titles. There are no "common peo* 1
pie," who seem to be in other business '
than dclugingtho world with Free Trade J
pamphlets. Tho American members i
make a strong showing. Thomas F.
liny aril, President Cleveland's Secretary
of State, is there as big as life; Senator
lleck, whose voice ia eloquently raised j
for Free Trade ana mowmsicy Trust; ,
..Speaker Carlisle, "Sunset" Cox, L. Q. 1
l\ Umar, Secretary of the Interior; (
. "Horizontal" Morrison; Thomas G. ]
/ Shearman, whoso alleged history of the
tariff was recently accepted by the Reg- '
' itler an tin* simon pure and only original; j
; Senator Vanco, of North Carolina;
llenry Watteroon, jho preferred plat
wrf&r'of ~tba Democratic party;I
[enjy Ueatge, who :3ecUres \lfthout Rl|,1(
*sqive in?fovoV*bf'^Cleveland, Free iu?
rade anil no Custom Houses." unl
In America these gentlemen, along ^
ritli President Cleveland, repudiate ^
rith scorn the imputation that they art*
're? Trailers. The Cobden Club is not ^
eceived. Mr. Cleveland can get in any ^
line he wants to enter his application.
' ine chance for him to make merry ,
k ith Jukes and that tort of thing. for (
A Public Character. ^P'
Senator Sherman is quoted as saying "}aJ
hat at the end of his present term in the & [\]
enate lie will retire from public life and by?
pend the remainder of his days in ease. wan
A man who has served the public so m(n
oug and so industriously as John Slier- woo
nan has may be pardoned for longing rem
or a rest in private life, tlio enjoyments Tl
>f home, the genial company of friends
md the never-wearying companionship woo
if books. All this iie has earned, and lens
ince he is no longer young he may be
mrdoned for wanting to get out of the tj,e
readmill of public life, so fascinating to 188*
hose who have never tramped its ley,
lreary round. JJJJ
So long as John Sherman remains in l0 r
ho possession of the faculties which Wli
mve made him one of the great charac- or a
x*rs in American history, thero will be a anjj
jjlace for him not to bo filled so well by ?j<
uiy other, lie will be needed in the lati
Senate, in tho Cabinet, at a foreign post, win
jr elsewhere in the Bervice of his couu- Pf0,
ry. uiil
The American people respect John sad
Sherman, although it seems to be his 8to<
uiinn I.tlinrs MV<
IIUl.'! uo IV IIW) ucvu ?un? V* DV..V
of our foremost men, never to reach the cou
Presidency. But the failure to reach list
that honorable place takes nothing from 1
a man of John Sherman's stature. J'jjJ
Webster, Clay and Blaine will staml tj,c
as high in tho history of their country sui:
as though they liatl each filled tho Presi- Crt
dcntial chair tor two terms. So it will
be with John Sherman. If there were gec
nothing of his record but his servico at wil
the head of the Treasury Department i^
a critical time, his fame would bo secure. wjj
llipuny n? n Iiumneu. 'i(J|
Bigamist James Wellington Aldrieh
Brown, who is languishing iu tho Detroit Vii
jail, is hardly a more interesting person- l>ei
age than each of the twenty-three women *'
who fell victims to his wiles. "j'J
Brown required very little time to closo 'frt
a contract and get off with the spoils, the
He was a six-footer with an inch or two ",c
to spare; is described as of rather preI?osse88ing
appearance; had an oily and pU'|
lluent tongue, and this was about all sol
there was of him to attract. c^a.
Unheralded and unknown, this scoun- Qcr
drel gathered in victims according to J
his pleasure, young and middle-aged,
maidens and widows. It seems that he
had only to propose to be accepted, so Ra
great a charmer was he. An acquaintance
of three days was quite enough to C"ry
induce a woman supposed to be sane to
entrust to him her life and any loose '
change she happened to have about. ^
Very young girla may lie pitied aud .*
pardoned for rushing into such au
alliance; s{>inster8 and widows ought to .
know better. Young women may lay 1D^
it down aa a safe rule that a strange man
who is in too great a hurry to wait $
until he can make himself known, is in pi
too great a hurry to run the risk of 'l1*
marrying him. If every woman, young iS-0<
and old, would follow this rule thcro evi
would be no James Wellington Aldrieh hai
Browns. sei1
Far J.ouvlnc the Democratic i'nrtjr? He In all)
fur l'rutuctlon to American Industrie*. c|jj
To thf. Editor of the Intelligencer. tnn
Sib:?The following which I ad- En
dressed to the Mountain Herald (Democratic)
was not published, so I send it
to you. It explains itself. \ft
J. J. McLaughlin. At
Jumping Branch, II'. Va., July 3.
To the Editor of the Mountain ['"
IlEiuLi>:-t-l see you desire to know A
my reasons more fully than I gave for
leaving the Democratic party, and I will
make it a little plainer lor you and your
Democratic friends. First, I believe in .
Protection to American industries; second,
1 believe that the Republican party J
of our country is the party for a foreign
born citizen to identify iiimself with; ,
thirdly, that a foreigner, when ho conies
to America, comes to better his condi- _ij
tion and not to worse it; fourthly, un- j.
der Democratic rule alaboier got from
twenty cents to thirty-seven cents per J
day for his work, and everything was
dearer than it was under Republican t
Protection; fifthly, under Free Trade
Democracy a man would have to give a
year's work on a farm for a pair of boots.
Read the history of our country, or '
please ask some good old citizen who j?*'
remembers thojyears that havo gone,
and he will tell you of those "good old J*"
Democratic days" of yore. There has u.n
been more advancement from 18(31 to
18SS under. Protection than ever before
in America; good wages have beon mud
the lal>orer, anil ho lias lived well. I Imi
would like to kuow why any man wants I*11
to bring back those terrible times again. Jy '
1, for one, do not. Wo want Protection J'1.11
for America upon what alio raises and
manufactures. , ]
' I hope ever}* Irishman in America will "ol
look to his interest and not to the inter- 810
est of a few hungry Democratic oflice j
seekers. The only love a Democrat has
for au Irishman is his vote and then he
cau go to hades. 1 want to do all I can q
to defeat the ticket, State and National. 11
I hope you will put a frame upon that oq
letter 1 wrote tbo Intklliqknccii bo ~nj
every Irishman can see it. of
J. J. McLaughlin. gu]
i;<<piil>ll(-ati Mouilng In Doriclrlclgo, I'.1'
VorrtrpOHdencf oj the lntelligau.tr.
Central Station, W. Vam July 8.? ?Hon.
T. P. Jacobs, of Wetzel county, f
addressed a largo and enthusiasm lie- 1
publican meeting here last evening. con
rho indications are that Doddridge cm
county will give an increased Republi- JJJ
can majority. .Mr. Jacobs made quite n
favorable impression here, and stands a
good chance for the nomination for Circuit
Judge of this district
>l'ou Wlio Lend Setlcntnry Liven
will find great relief from constipatibn,
headache and nervousness, by taking
Simmons Liver Regulator. It isn simple,
harmless, vegetable compound, sure
to relieve you. Persons oi sedentary
habits often suffer with kidney affections.
If they would maintain the
strength of tho digestive organs and improve
the quality of the blood by taking >'
the Regulator it would restore the kidneys
to health and vigor. mwtaw
Drink Malto. jjj
" * part
Ark you made miserable by Indiges- ceU<
ion. Constitution, Dizziness, Loss of
Appetite, Yellow Skin? Shiloha Vita- ?
ixor is apositive cure. red:
Why will you cough when Shiloha tbei
[Jure will give immediate relief. Price
10 eta., 60 eta. and $1.
A Nasal Injector free with each bottle ?
>f Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 Fl
*nta. Sold by W. E. Wilhama and 0. Ore*
Sienkemillur. daw-iow uic.
?? boitl
Dunk Mai to, 25 cunts a bottle. arct
- =*f=
Ijr'n llooin?IC. A. XI, O. V. Railroad. T
loureea of (be Countjr?Political Sit- J
ilun. 5J
e EdUor of the JrUfUlfffiurr: T
itPermit me to correct a statement '
e in your special edition of the 31st v.
Inrch last in the article relating to T
;son county. The county seat thereof "
ipley, not Ravenswood, as you have a.
This would be n small matter, but
fact is the county seat has been here .
>ver forty years, and the people of Jj;
ley and Washington district and ki
iv of the enterprising citizens there- /
laving paid in $-10,000 to the Itipley (
ill Creek Valley Kailroad and therelecured
its early completion, do not
t to have the county seat so suiuily
taken away from" them, and reed
to the growing town of Kavensd,
at least not without a vote upon ej
oval. "
lie Kipley & Mill Creek Valley Kail- T
I was chartered in 1880. It begins at
ley, and has for its termination Mill
*1. on the umo imer ltauroau. iu?
jth is twelve and a half miles. Work
be begtift thereon on the 10th of v>
month, and it to expec&kl to have
care roll into Ripley by October 1, _
I. Its course is down Mill creek val- 1
a wide and fertile section of the
uty of Jackson, and with the early
ipletionof this road Wheeling ought
eceivo a largo portion of our trade,
en the road is opened could not some *1
,11 of the I.VTEI.L10BKCER forco come 11
see the land ? It would pay you for
he town of Ripley contains a popu- "j
n of over 500 industrious people, J
3 are doing their level best to im- 1
ve this valley, and especially this
inity. It has a woolen mill, flouring j)
1, handlo factory, planing mill, two ?
die and harness shops, six well:ked
general stores, one first-class ?ry
stable, two millinery stores and ^
Jackson Herald, ono of the best ntry
Republican newspapers pubted
in the State. K
'he crops are good, ami with cheap r
s, milk, butter and spring-chickens ,J
people are living luxuriously upon
/at of the land. I .and as good as the f
i shines upon can be bought in Mill
tek Valley for $>5 to $50 per acre, ac
ding to the im prove men ts. wiiy
not some of the sheen raisers of your
tion invest in these clieap lands? It
I pnv better than raising sheep on c
d worth from $50 to $200 per acre. 0
'lie railroads Jackson is now getting *
I open her territory to all seeking .
nes and who are engaged in timber (
I lumber enterprises?provided al- j
ys that wood, lumber and other West
rginia products do not get killed by
ng put on the free list.
i healthy protection sentiment exists
ong the" farmers of this county, and
;y fail to see the millenium in "Free .
ule." The political parties here, and
re are only two of them, are arraying
imselves before the battle, the Demotie
having its county convention July '
to be followed on the 21st bv the Reblicans,
and the air is full of the ]
inds of the strife. The Republicans j
im thog county, which claim is con- J
led bv many of the best informed Dem- i
atic leaders. Jackson.
rackwn Court Home. II' Va.,July 9.
SEW (OIIEKIjAXD kepdducans
"*- I"" <1# Unrrlinn II 11(1
uij mo iium ,
Sfiirton "Willi (Jrcnt Kutliunlaftui. ,
rtfjHtruItnct of the liilrlligmcrr. <
Cew Ct'mukki.ann, W. Vam July 0.? j
urday night was the time set to ratify j
t nomination of Iinrrison and Morton
the Kepublicans, and they did it, too,
ht royally. The band was employed j
1 took their stand early in the even;
in front of the Town Ilall and dis- ;
irsed some very good music for the }
>oon a very large crowd of people 1
etnbled in and around the hall waitr
for the time toarrivo when the exer- '
l's should be opened in regular order.
:m tlio large hall was tilled, and it was (
dent that the committee in charge I
:1 not looked for such a crowd, as the ]
iting capacity was inadequate to ac- ]
nmodate them. ?
tlr. B. J. Smith, chairman of the (Jar- j
Id Club, called the meeting to order j
i called lion. S. H. Atkinson to the
?- *? r?-t * u f
nr. JUCSSn*. I\UUUIC uai|iu, UA^iuoir ,
ster here, and Robert Gillespie, of
ipire, Ohio, two veteran Republicans ?
io were distinguished for having J
Led for Harrison in 18-10, were called i
on the stage as Vice Presidents. A. ?
Bruner was chosen .Secretary. Mr. j
kinsou spoke for a few minutes,
icing some of the measures of the Kc- .
bliean platform before the audience i
a way that was appreciated by all I
io heard him. He then introduced
m. John A. Campbell, the orator of
> evening. Mr. Campbell was reved
with rounds of applause, clearly
>wing that the nudieq.ee knew and
jireciated their fellow' citizen. Mr. i
mpbel! did not disappoint his aud- ice.
Hi? spoke for nearlv an hour, .
ting forth the principles of the party j
such a way that all who had the ?
asure of liearing him could see that 1
! great questions of the day were be- .
; handled by a master. His speech I
s well received. After ho closed the [
lience was dismissed and was treated ,
i brilliant display of lire works.
Tito Verdict UiinuiincMiH.
V. D. Suit, Druggist, Bipnus. Ind., j
lilies: "I can recommend Electric <
tere as the very best remedy. Every I
tie sold has given relief in every case. J
e man took six bottles, and was "cured i
rheumatism of 10 years' standing."
rahain Hare, druggist, Bellville, Ohio,
rms: "The l)Cfit selling medicine I
re ever handled in ray 20 years' cxience,
is Electric Bitters." Thousands
>thcrs liave added their testimony, so
,t the verdict is unanimous that Elecj
Bitters do cure all diseases of the
er, Kidneys or Blood. Only a half
lara bottle at Logan & Co. a drug
3 f
)kixk Malto, it is pleasant. i
Kxcurnluii to I'ittftburtfh. ?
'ho Baltimore & Ohio Railroad will
I excursion tickets uext Sunday, May
and continue to sell them during the
ire summer, to Pittsburgh, at the rate
$1 50 the round trip, tickets good for /
iday only. Will also sell excursion
cetsto Washington, Pa., at the rate of |
Trains leave Wheeling at 5 and 8:10
lespondency or Melancholy.
imonly called the "blues," Rcnorally proIn
from a kltiitirish liver. It either rnuoea
pepMa or follows it, anil then operates both
*umc and eflVct.
Every Sufferer Is earnestly Invited
- r~v f
i I ^ ~
atnre'M omi remedy for a Sluggish
Llror. ?
for Home time my liter had been out of orand
I felt geucrally Rood for nothing. I
Induced to try Slmmous Liter Rrgulator. 01
etion wan quick and thorough ami it imed
a brisk and rigorous feollnvr. It la an exsnt
remedy."?J. K. Hi land. Monroe, Iowa. A
iii HOT ixroseo CrOM!
:amine to tee that yon get the genuine. DUulshrd
frwm all frauds and Imitations by our
f. Trade-Mark on front of Wrapper, and on R
ildo the seal and signature of J. II. Zkium ii "
jy^-nwraw ?
Special Notices. ^ 55
ITS:?All Flu stopped freo by Dr. Kline's u
t ?crrc Kwiorcr. ?o nu alter nr?t day" y
Marrdoaa cure*. Trcatl* and f200 trial
lo free to Fit cams. Bend to Dr. Kline, Ml tx
i street, Philadelphia, Pa. mwmw ?c
New Advertisements.
- House on Kleventh ktreet; ha* collar, water I
Kiyu. Apply at 12a Market rtrcet. jyll* 1
IT CLASS Stenographer and Typewriter
Iterator: (urnl*h owu machine. Adareaa. W.
I., rare Intelligencer. Jyll*
T LECTOK, either on Percentage or Mlnry.
iiwi. m 1th k<m?i rcfcrvnce. Adore*
. H.. rare InU'lllnencer office. Jyll
KEtPcn for old iriiitlutnmi. dfvmit c*th
lr preferred; house jrtrl*. farm hand*. man to
rive cxprem wagon. W?>t Viuuinu Ukxjuiai.
AoKScr. 13i:? Market street. Jyll
Fresh Received Every Wednesday,
No. 2217 Market .Street. South Branch, Thirtyghth
and Jacob Streeta. Jyll
Jackson vs. Wheeling,
Game called at 3::? p. m.
Admission a* usual. Jyll
Freezers! #
Beaters coated with pure block tin instead of
Inc. nit in cotntnou frvcxer*. Will make cream
i less time tban auy other. For kale by
Jyll-wis 1312 Market Street.
o uII \Vhwn it Mily Cunctrn:
All persona knowing themselves indebted to
be late Mr. Ralph lllinn, of the firm of Blum
Iros., lkllaire, 0 . please call and fettle ut once
m his estate mint be closed up without delay.
Irtl IliOlnln. (Ihln.
The Committee on Equalization and Appeal*
rill meet to consider petitions ami remoutraut-es
from citizens of the FIRST WARD, with
u.crcnce to a>*e**m<!nt. at the City Building, at
a. m. to-day (Wednesday) July 11, l?*a.
T. M. GARVIN, President.
J. D. Etsox, Secretary. Jyll
Heaters and ltoll Hands.
There will l?e a meeting of the Nailers, Heatruand
Roll Hand* of Wheeling, Martin'* Ferry
.ml Bellnlre, at Trade* Assembly Hall, on Mar:et
street, thin afternoon at 2 o'clock.
MAKER'S Hroma. (!ocoa and Chocolate.
COXK'S elatluc. Liquid Rennet.
CORN Starch and Tapioca.
PORK Extracts Vanilla and Lemon, at
jylO 1010 MAIX STREET.
HOGE &. BRO.. 1113 Market St.,
I'he leadline dealers In all kind* of the latest
Agricultural Implement*.
McConnlck s new Steel Frame Hinder*, the
Igbtcat binders made. Oliver's Chilled l'luws
md new Hillside Plows, lloosier Fertilizer
.train Drills. Sulky Hay Rakes, and a full line
?f Corn Planters, Feed Cutters, Corn Shelters,
shovels. Forks, etc., etc., at lowest prices.
Stone Filter!
"It iii the only filter that really Alter* the
rater. Baud and charcoal filters are snares and
Icluslonn, and accumulator* of tilth, and after
onslderable use arc veritable death deafen, IniMQiuch
a? the deletcrioua matter must completely
saturate tho filtering medium, and pollute*
everything that pawn through It."?U.S.
Hus.vr.LLt), M.D., Indianapolis. lnd.
Agent* for Wheel lug and Vicinity,
JylO 1215 Market St.. opp. McLure House.
By vlrttto of a deed of trust made l?y George
P. Fry, to me, a* trustee, dated June i:i, issa, re o
riled In the office of the Clerk of the County
?ouriof OhloCouuty, West Virginia, in Deed of
rrost Book No. If., page 2W, I will sell at the
runt door of the Court House of Ohio county, on
twinning at 10 o'clock a. m., the following real
'Mate in Trladelphla district, Ohio county, West
I'iigitiia. on the south fork of Itonev's point run
mifon the West Union and Honey's Point turnlike,
containing four acre*, uioru or less, eonreved
to said Fry by William Ilelfenblne and
Deed Book No. 74. [wige 1?l a5so ii piece of land
idjoining the above aud containing two acre*,
no re or less, convened to said Fry by Lewis
'owcll, by deed dated June 12, lSSt, recorded In
DeOd Book No. 74, l>a?e '??1.
Title to above piece* believed to be perfect, but
elllnc a* trustee I will convey only the titles
rested In ine by said deed of trust.
Tkkxb or Sale.?One-third ami aa much more
ia the purchaser elects to pay iu cash on the day
)f sale, the balance in two equal Installments
it one and two vean with Interest, for which
he purchaser shall exccutc his notes with'Rood
iccnrity, the legal title to be retained as further
iccurity, or at tlie purchaser's option he may se:urc
the notes by deed of trust on the property.
W. J. W. COWDEN, Trustee.
W. H. llau-ek. Auctioneer. Jyll
u Over n Mllllou Distributed.
Incorporated by tho Legislature In 1868, fo>
Mutational and Charitable pnrpo?cs. and itranehise
made a part of tho present State Con
ititutlon; in lttTV, by au overwhelming popular
Its Grakd Extraordinary Drawings take
dace semi annually, (June ami December), and
ts On and kinui.k Ncmiikk Drawinh* take place
in each of the other teu mouths iu the year, and
ire all drawn In public, at the Academy of Mu
ilc, New Orleaui, La.
"We do hereby certify that wo luoerviae tht
irrancementa for all tho Monthly ami 8cm 1-An
lual Drawings of Tho Louisiana State Lottery
Company, ami in person manage ami control the
Drawings themselves, and that the same are
sonducted with honesty, lalruess, and In good
aith toward all parties, and we authorize the
Jompany to use thia certificate, with facsimile#
>f our signature* attached, in iu advertise
We the undersigned Banks anil Bankers wll)
>ay all Prizes drawn In The Louisiana State Loterlea
which inay lx? presented at our counters,
i. M. WAI.MHI.KY, I'm. Louisiana Nafl Bank.
'1EKKE LANAUX, I'm. State National Bank.
i. BALDWIN, Pres. New OrlcauM Nafl Hunk.
!AKL KOUN, I'rea. Union National Bank.
Grand Monthly Drawing
In the Academy of Mu*ic, New Orleans,
Tuesday, August 7, 1888,
:apital prize, $300,000.
100.000 Tickets at Twenty Dollars each. Halve*
10; Quarters 13; Tenths?-; Twentieths91.
list or riuzE*.
1 Prize of 1300,000 Is 9300,000
1 Prize of 100,000 Is. 100.000
1 Prize of 50,0001* fiO.tttt
1 I'rizoof 25.0WMJ. #,000
Prize* of 10,000 are.. 20,000
5 Prizes of 5,000 are - 25,010 '
23 Prizes of 1,000 are : .*... ->,000
100 Prizes of 500 are 50,000
200 Prizes of S00 are CO,000
600 Prizes of 200 are. 100,000
100 Prizes of $500 are? ? .. 50,000
100 do. 300 arc - .10,000
100 do. 200 are - 20,000
ion .In imnrc 99.5*0
WJ do. 100 are .- W.'JOO
Prixei amounting to fl.OM^OO
Note.?'Ticket* drawing Capital Prixes aro not
ntitied to terminal Prists.
For club Kates, or any further information
sired, write legibly to the undersigned, clearly
tatlng your residence, with State, County,
trect and Number. More rapid return mail de- ]
very will 1* aMurod by your endowing an en- ;
dope btarlug your full addrei*.
8eud POSTAL NOTES. Express Money Order*, .
r New York Exchange In ordiuary letter, Cur
jncy by Express (at our expebse} addressed to
New Orleans, La.,
Washington, D. C.
ddi ess Registered Letters to
Orleans, La. (
CUCIIRCD That the presence of Generals dIDCiBIDIjIi
lknurtganl and Early, who arc In
iance of the drawings, is a guarantee of absolute K
imossand integrity, that the chances arc all
iual, and that no one can poudbly divine what n
umber will draw a 1'rire.
"KKMEMBKK, also, that the payment of Prizes
OuaaairTKin ?r FouaNmo.sALBA.Nii" of New A
rlcans, and tbc Ticket* arc signed by the Prod- P
?nt of an Institution, whose chartered rights li
t? recegnlxed by the highest Courts; therefore, P
swaro of any Imitations or anonymous h
hemcf." jjll-wuw
Geo. E. Stlfel & Co.
dks Co.
Daily Arrivals
?of Tins?
India Linens
And Nainsooks.
Combination Snitings!
Umbrellas IJ
Id all the Latest Styles.
1114 Main Street.
g l ~~
J. S. Rhodes & Co. ?
In Fine All-Wool Imported
60c. Grade for 35c.
Id tbo following Coloring* lullabl# (or
Evening wear anil Tea Uowna.
Cream, Lavender, Light
Blue, Gen'd Arme, Pink,
Mahogany and Electric .
Blue. 1
J.S.Rhodes&Co. =
Blank Books.and Stationery!
Day Books,
Journals, &c.,
Baby Carriages,
Lark'ctii Btook and grvntent varlcljr Id the Htate.
Bold retail at wholesale price*, by
Jos. Graves & Son,
^ Split Bamboo Rod for $7.59,
Whjr not go fUhlng?
You can get all kinds of Tackle at
Stanton & Davenport's, <p
N. B.?tVe hare a lot of full Nickel Plated A.
iecU *t half utual r*Un Jel9
Bats, Masks, Gloves and Belts,
Cmnnpt unrl TT?mmrvki
Boom, Magazine* and Paper*.
Booueller and Newndoaler, mt
Jc9 Kob. 1414 and WT, Market Street.
Shlna. Class and Queensware. -p
And open for inipection,
["he Carter Patent Stoneware Filter JL,
and Cooler Combined.
ind Family Filler. The be?t and mo?t reliable
Uteri in the market No corroding metala. No
ae water impnrltien. Simple In oonitructlon.
terfoct in operation. Finiahed in artUtlcand g
Jijbly ornamental itjrle. JOHN FHIKUKL, _
Je2 1119 Main Street and 1122 Water St.' T
- Geo. R. Taylor & Co.?Henrietta Cloths.
' - ' ' y/?'
1 jajjukj 1 j_jxj 1 u
Genuine Goods.
40 Inches Wide,
tight Shade at the Right Prices
I C.
Mendel & Co.?Undertaking.
We will Close our Store at 6 P. M.,
SATURDAYS excepted.
V ? . .
ill be promptly answered by telephone call to store, resi
dence of B. Zook or Erb's Livery Stable.
> mr 1 _ 1 o_
j. ivienaei oc uo,
1X24 ZMZ-A-IIfcT ST.
Arterial Embalming a Specialty. .
Fraw & Bertschy?Furniture and Carpets.
If ult b? given to people who will not wake up to the necessity of coming to
Critically Examine Our SPRING STOCK.
It la a beautiful assortment of the Tory
Oil Cloths and Linoleum,
Window Shades and Curtain Poles,
Saxony Chlldema Rugs, New,
Smyrna and Moquett Hugs,
Fancy and Plain China, Napier and Cocoa Mattings.
rron will find It Jtry proflUblo to Tlilt ui and Inspect our carefully sclcctod Spring Stock Drat
1117 Main Street.
peclalattentlonglven to Undertaklngand Arterial Embalming,
elephone calls answered at all hours.
; i
To (he VoUrt of Ohio County.
I am a candidate for the office o( l'rowrutioj
Attorney, and respectfully solicit your vote* ?
the election to be hold November 6, lsv.
Truly youw,
Jy4 J"K P. Ki.s>\
For Rent.
with Board. at Glenn'? Kun station. K&.
quire atJONhS A BRO.'S. TwHttli m
The New Biulne* llouw }u?t comj '.t t?l al
No. 1 CH?7 Main Street.
The main bunltu'M morn l? 100 fitted on
with all modern Improvement* p
JAMhs i.. 11A v.' r.i: v'
JylO N?. U.H M;,M,?ir,vt.
you KENT.
One Flro-roomed Houw? on Twentieth ?tr?t,
Loilxlng Rooms In Bally'* ll'o<'k.
n>yy? lH-i?
For Sale.
17011 SALE?UOUSE X... y.i Kiii p"
JL* TKKNTll 8TKEKT. lu.juirv .
Steam engines for bale-one
8%xl'.!; one MTJO; two 7xlJ: tl.r., ;>
twoupright*0x14: one stationary 1.11,7 i?fr,,{
loujr, as in. diameter; oneO fm lony.
arm-tor. Apply to f. o. 11 AUK. hntr Mr'wl
. jy*** _
Marshall county farms
II ii: lily improved farm of 110 urn*. 7 mile,
south of Moundivillo,convenient to ihtiniund
schools, within two miles ol mill and sti.rv.
Farm of about CO acres, two tulle* from rli?
and railroad; part bottom.
W. V. HOCK .V 11R0.,
jeSO 1;>U Murli t >imt.
poll salk.
Wo will sell at public sale (If riot sold at private
sale before that date) on JII.Y 31, ?t i
o'cloek p. ill.. the j>ro|K.riy known u? u.o (ftr"
uiati School I'mitvrty. situated in the town (,j
Trladelphla. The lot la iuoxivu feet. au>l ha? ou
It a three room house. Terms cash.
At'?i. KUKKI.lXd,
je2S 1 pi?',i
gtocks for sale.
40 Shares People's Bank.
15 Shares Ohio Valley Hank.
16 Shares Commercial liank.
JO Shares Riverside Nail Mill.
10 Shares licltuotil Nail Mill.
60 Shares Jefferson Nail Mill.
45 Shares -Ktna Iron ami -lee! Company.
1.1KW1N, Mock broker.
je!3 >o. .> iWellth Street.
A Alio Fruit tori Garden Farm, runtainin* 21
acre*, oil which there is a line apple, two uinra
ami erub apidu orchards. Also about tlvcnriix
acres iu ehoiec varieties of gru|**. All situated
iu Martin's Ferry, au?i most ?ii it mu be laid out
iu town lota. tor terms call on or addrewt
I luauraueo and Kent h>ute .\geut,
iny!7 llKti?a:i-.n;r. Chip.
Seven Roomed House, 'J7 South York strwt,
Good C Roomed llrick I!ou*c, corner Thirtyeighth
aud Wood ala-eta. Will |*y us au iuvett*
Splendid Farm ucnr Mt. Pleasant, Ohio. One
oI the beat farms iu Jefferson county.
Seven Koomed House on North Front itrwt;
lot <30x40.
Six ltooomed House on Xortii York street.
Some of the most deairablo but Ming lou io
the old Ktilr Orouuds.
Building Lot oti North Front street.
Seven Koomed House ou South llroadiuj;
natural gaa, aud everything iu good repair; lot 1
tUxl'20. ti,00U.
Four Itoomed Cottage for fl.CXiO.
u. u. ami 111,
ipll Real Estate Agent. vsD Main St.
(24) Twenty-four Lois In CuMwell'a Addition
to the City ot Wheeling.
; Said Lots arc bounded on the north by 1 wcnljninth
struct, on the cut by Fillmore oircet. on
tbu south bv the Handlan Homestead, and ou
- the weal by the li. ?V U. K. K.
Their pruximity to the above named railroad
render* them excellent alien for manufacturing
If not hold iu thirty days will be sold at pub*
lie auetlon.
For terms and further information aptf? to
W. V. liOUK ?v Hko.,
1JUO Market .Street,
Or willuu M. IIandlan,
aulf> 8. W. Cor. I'liapl'ne A Sixteenth St.
To Building Contractors,
Healed proposals for constructing a building
for the Agricultural Experiment Station at the
West Virginia UnlVerity, at Murguutown. will
Iks receive*! by the secretary ot me whim oi m
goaU, until i-o'clock m., July i\ 1888. l'ropomiIn
will be received separately for exciivnllou
and Itone foundation completed: and for conHirudins
and completing tin- (mlMinc nn-ly fr>r
iihC, the brick t<? be furni*kc<l to the couimriur
on the ground. Contract* will be awardid
cither separately or combined,?? the committee
may deem bcht.aml the work mum Uscoropkud
before the lut day of October. 18&S. liond with
good security, in a penalty equal to the iitnoiint
uf the bid, for the faithful performance of th>?
condition* ?f the contract roui.taivoiii|iany?rfi
bid. Plan* and ipcclflcatioUM of the
work arc on tile In the oftlce of the t-c< rrtarj < f
Uie Board ?>f Kcm-nthat MorKantown. nml at tt?
law olllco of Hutniucrvilie ?v llowanl in the city
of Wheeling, W. Va., for the Inxtiecilon of to: >
dew. The committee reserves tlic right t<? rrJect
any or all bhln.
Jeao Chairman 1!i:11 !i::u- ?::h.
Real Estato.
Two Offlco Rooms, No. 133! Market street, '.m
floor of Itellly Block.
No. 024 Market street, 3 rooms, 2d floor f " 1
No. 2507 Alley li ' > ? '
No. 2599 Alley It ' M
No. 2500 Mains tree t
f No. 2140 Alley A, 2 rooms
No. l&i Virginias!., 6 roomed brick Iioiim*
with finished utile, newly papered and
'minted i- '0
130 Fourteenth street, ,'> roomed brick
house 1- M
No. 2520 Main street, will*rent fora sa!?*?n
or boarding house ")
- So. 23l.s Market street, new brick housr, '
rooms und bath room, hot and cold water,
natural unit illuminating gas w
. No. 2320 Market street, same as above .... 'JJ W
A Desirable Brick Residence on Fifteenth
street, ground a half lot. ?t.W?.
Mix Koomed Framo Home, Elm Grove; will
exchunge for city projterty.
No. 012 McColloch street; will exchange '"r
OJi Acres, Edglngton Lane; will exchange for
city i?roi?erty.
No. 2126 Market itreot, largo brick, ground
full lot, M feet front.
No. 9037 Market Krect, 3 roomed frame hou*.
half lot; price
0 Acres, % mile oast of Trladelphls; will exchange
for city properly or f.>r a farm.
100 Acre Farm ou Short (-'reek.
214 Acre Farm Ihi miles sou lit of Moutidsvll?f.
W. Va.
Lot cornering on Virginia ar.d Hmth Vnrk 4
Building sites east end of NJnelecuth >tr?n.
No. (A Zatio street, corner Zone and
Broadway. 10 roomed house.
No. V) 7ane street, 4 n touted liou?c.
Many other llouscs, Lots and Farm* f<?r ?.e.
Real Estate Agent, U. H. rension and Claim Attorney,
Collector and Notary Public.
?? ___bU?^fAKKK7^Tnrc^
Campaign Songs.
"Lift up your Vuio* i? the Can*."
' Lrt m* vrite thr Soiw* of a }Cnti'?\ I
tchu Staku it* Ijiwi.
r The potency of well selected wordmn'l' 1
| In too well known to require furthereoinmenSONGS
Our Song Sheet N?>. 1. for K?:rci?ian i ?
and Song Sheet No.l.for theHi:*'" ' * "
areuow ready. Size 19x21. 1 rint.-.. ...
with neatly enjcrnvcl hind*. haeh "
IfinewSonK" Ml to popular and v
that everybody n?n Join In. H*'.""!1;
1,000 coiiIch by exprcM. i"J Auo now r }
Dkmocratk CIIAFT NO. I.
Earh In three onion. Hlw . . \?
by null,6cu. Addiwionlcnwlthrvi
IlrrciictwK pRiMTixn At Pudli-hin'' *'
Jyj 3V? WUth Avomif. y* ?' Pictures
and Art Matorials.
fluppllM for Oil Color. Water Color an.I < & ??
Painting. Brunbe*, Canra*. K*?cK A<-., A'.
Wlnaor ami Newton " Colon.
HtudlcH In great varloty, *t
mro ixujuiohtktl.

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