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Notice?Committee on Kquaiization uud Appeal!.
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their 30th Anniversary with a
Grand Picnic and Gymnastic Exhibition
ut Seibert'iHarden, Thursday, July 12,
Programme?0 a. m.?Grand Street
11:00 a. in.?Welcome Address.
2:30 p. m.?Gymnastic Exerciser by
Vellaire Turners.
3:30 p. in.?Athletic Exercises by
Wheeling Turners.
4:30 p. in.?Gymnastic Exercises by
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Thermoiuoter Itecortl.
The thermometer at Sclmopfa drug
store, Opera House corner, yesterday,
registered aa follows:
7 a. m 67 I 3 p. m ? ,'J1
v *. m - 79 7 it. w s&
12 m - - IX) | Weather? Fair.
Wrntlwr Indication*.
Washington, I). C.j July 12.?For
West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania,
cooler fair weather, except rain
on the lakes north; west winds, high on
the lakes.
Held In 300 Hull.
Tlio Reymann Brewing Company has
l?cn much annoyed by boys and other*
stealing iron and brass from their premises
latelv, anil more particularly since
a rag picker by the name oi Emanuel ,
Boyd moved into the immediate vicinity i
<if tho brewery. Yesterday Boyd wan |
detected in the act of coining away from ]
one of the lots owned by the company ,
with a lot of old iron, and among it was ,
an imn UMiitmi nxlf> One of tile UieUt- ,
Iwrs of the company notified Ollieer
Carney of tlie theft, and the ollieer went
before Justice Davis and swore out a (
warrant for the arrest of Boyd. Boyd j
was arrested by the ollieer and had his j
examination before the justico at 7:30 B
last evening, and in delault of $1*00 bail t
he was committed to jail for court
Begin sure Anna Kathcrino Green's 1
new story, "Behind Closed Doors."
starting in the Pittsburgh Sunday I)u.
patch July 8. Said to be fully up to the
"Leavenworth Case," and superior to k
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nttere of Minor Moment In and About J
the City.
A lot of men and boys arc catching .
rift wood in the river. I
Hkvkbal fishermen caino home on ac>unt
of the muddy water.
Blackiiknaikh in this immediate nei^liorhood
promise a big yield. J
Tiik Summer School at the Wheeling
uniiit'M College is largely attended.
A lot of nailHtiad to be moved on the
enwood wharf on account of the rapidr
rising river yesterday.
A milk wagon ran off yesterday on
rorth Market street, and milk wa?
plashed all over the street
Thk Prettyman boy, drowned Sunday,
rag buried yesterday irom me resiuence j
f his parents, on the South Side.
Tjie West Virginia China .Company .
kill make ware to-day or to-morrow
nd expecta to be ready to burn ita llrst <
rare in a week or so. <
K. \V. Wills, the architect, has gone <
o lluckhannon, to submit to the commit- j
ee his plans for the M. K. Conference
Seminary to be built there.
The Riverside nail factory will start
ip again this morning. It is underitood
that nearly all the machines will |
je on and a run of several days is looked
ciiaiilut Kaiik was fined $5 and costs
in the police court yesterday morning
for a light with John Bine. The eviience
showed Hi no was not to blame,
nud he was dismissed.
Jo.sErit SiMMEFBLo, aged 28, a native
and resident of Wheeling, and Miss
Tena Kirchgessner, aged 25, a native of
Marshall county and resident of Wheeling;
Simon ilertel, aged 32, a widower,
born in 1'ittsburgh and a resident of
Wheeling, and Martha M. Gebhart,
aged 10, a native and resident of Wheeling,
were licensed to wed yesterday.
The Executive Council of the Wheeling
Club has arranged for u full dress
reception to be tendered President IIullihen
Quarrier and bride (nee Miss
Annie Hogg, pf Cadiz), who have just
returned from an extended oriuni trip.
The reception will take place at the
rooms of the club next Tuesday evening.
The committee will snare no pains to
muke the event a notable one.
Clkiik Hook yesterday admitted to
record a deed made July JO. by John
Schott and wife to the Scumulbach
Brewing Company, in consideration of
$975. for fractional lot 1 in Sprigg &
Ritchie's addition, in the Eighth ward.
Deed made October .'J, by W. J. W. Cowden,
trustee, to Charles G. Jungling,in
consideration of $075, for a one-fourth
interest in lot 10, inEluiwood square, on
the Island.
Four Hundred nml Three (Junrtvm Wanted.
The Koll of Honor.
Four hundred and three quarters will
complete the Republican campaign canuon
fund. Every quarter counts. Following
is yesterday's roll of honor:
Amount before retorted ~?141 00
1). O. Morgnn '?>
Thotnaa ( ulc ?
Karl Zene ..
W. T. Zaoc ~~ -
J. Cat Morrl* 25
Mack Stewart, liullalrc -
\V. C. Arwbrecht ~
Jerry Crawford.
Wnt. II. Howl
\V. A. June* $0
I.loyd I.. Jane*. Chicago, 111 - *>
John il. Urowu .. ?
Joseph L. Ik-pant .......... '?>
\V. l?. Irvin
W. W. Crockanl -
Hd II. Crockanl ? ?
M. I.. Kulcr -
IIul II. Hutvkln* .. II.
a. Ilawklna
A. 8. llond
Tin.inn* II. Farls
Fred Seatnon ? ? ?
Mm. J. T. Bcamor - '??
\V. rihmnu, Jr - ->
W. c. Ktzlcr ?>
\V. a. Colvln - - ?)
Jaiueo I.. UnlV. - - -
MIm Minnie McC'lcmmcnt '2*
J. A. II. I'aootiH - - 2}
lieo. Carter l*ar>oti? '?*
Arthur Cordon I'ursunt. .. - -
Total 411'J X
A DUtlnsuiiilit'd Olilomi In the City on n
Short Visit.
i.?? r> l.vii r
ij.\-uuturuur ivunuiu j.i ui
Cincinnati, arrived in the city luat evening,
and is a guest at the Howell House,
lie expects to remain in Wheeling until
this afternoon. He comes on business
with some parties across the river. I^ast
evening when his presence became
known several prominent gentlemen
called on liirn. Gov. Noyes stands the
iliglit of time well, his beard uud hair
showing few traces of age and his form
being as erect and his manner as genial
aud hearty as when he led the Republicans
of Oliio to victory. He declined to
talk much on politics, but to an Intklli(iKNTEK
reporter who called on him he
expressed the belief that Ohio was safe
for Harrison ami Morton by from .'JO,000
to 40,000 majority, in spite of the lied
"Ohio is aiways Republican," said he,
"in a presidential year, and it matters
little who is on the ticket or what local
issues have all'ected State elections."
The Governor expects to do some work
in this campaign, and he echoed the
hope expressed by several callers that
he might be assigned to speak in this
vicinity. _
Stranger* in the City nnil Wheeling People
Mr. C. Percey, of Kent Island, Md., is
visiting friends in the city.
Charles McChesney, of the South Side,
is visiting friends at Millburn, Pa.
George Atkinson, jr., and Sol Frank
leave this morning to visit friends in
New Cumberland.
Mr. II. I\ llarvey left yesterday for
Kast Liverpool, where he will spend a
two weeks'vacation with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Pearson entertained
a number of their friends out at the
Park yesterday afternoon and evening
in a very charming manner.
An Attractive Kxcumlun.
Cant. J. L. Green, of Massilon, the
popular passenger and excursion agent
of the Cleveland, Ix>rain & Wheeling
road, was in the city yesterday talking
up a harvest excursion to and buskct
picnic at Chippewa l^ake, that is to take
place Wednesday of next week. The
si?ecial train will leave 'Bridgeport at
(i:L'o a. m.. Central Standard time. A
run of uhout four hours will land the
excursionists at the pretty little sheet of
water up on the hills that are found in
tliat section of Ohio. The train will
leave the lake returning at 5 p. in. or 0
p. m., Wheeling time. The fare for the
round trip is but $1.25. Chippewa Lake
is a delightful place to put in a day. A
pieasant and enjoyable time is always
liad there, and for this occasion no
l?aina will be spared by the company or
the managers of the grounds to make
things pleasanter than ever. The Cleveand,
lx)rain & Wheeling has run tliese
>xeursious for several seasons past and
hose who have been on them know
vliat they are.
The Only l'erfect Itemed/
or habitual constipation, dyspepsia, and
cindred ills is tho famous California :
iquid fruit remedy, Syrup of Figs. It ,
trengthens as well as cleanses the sysem,
it is easily taken, and perfectly
lannless. Sold by Ixigan & Co., Anton 1
\ Hess, R. B. Hurt, ana C. Menkemeller. '
it Bellairu by M. ft. -Mercer.
We liave thirty-six pairs of misses' fine
jtl hand turn.onestrap Slippers, which
to will close out at 75 cento per pair.
j. W. Amick A Co.
1143 .Main street.
Tue latest out, Patent Glass Lemon
<iueexere, inexpensive, at
John Fbiidxl's,
1111) Main anil 1120 Water streets.
f till!
.aid by the Board of County
Commissioners Yesterday. *n*
rhc General Levy-Iiocal It?mil Tnxen. ?|'tl
Tlio Luxury of Keeping !>???. ^
fjitimnted Kt|M?iiKc? of the fcr
Year?the AnmvwiiiiciK.
The Board of County Commissioners
leld ttu important speeiul meeting yea- jn
erday. All the members were on hand bu
jut Mr. McGregor, who is out of the mI
:ity. The pending business was the
mnual appropriation and tax levy c0,
jrder. Appropriations were made as loi
follows: ' pj.1
Kuv**menlM - S-^0 ^
Houdi'-i1 J peri-cut......... 2,090 rc
|H?r cent .~ 4.M0
HuutU-T1* per ccnt....~......? ?2A800 * A
lllrthi Mini ileuthfl 'O .
Count* Jail 8,1(0 Wl
L'ourtuou*o .... i.-KM th
i'<inilni?i>nt ixMir fund 17.000 ??
Court I'XiHMiM-it ? -.000 J?
LH-ui ilumb and blind l3o Cl
KlecUoiu ...... - 7?> kl
Koxltirorltii; !.'? < ,
tieuural contiURcut fuud -LOW
lusuruure .* 1U> at:
Ini|un>u ?? til
1.UI1UI-)* .......... - J*'
Law Library1 .. MS ?'
Iam*1 IWmrd of Health - 1W til
Misdemeanors - - ?. IjO fj
l*cr diem allowance .. 2.UM ?
iTlntliicniul IdudiOK l/JOO ??
1'oor Iioiim; oiul (?rui a.NW ar
Stationery ....... .... 1M jjj
Snlurle* .. .. .. 10.6U0 "
Sheriff's commissions .. - c.-'W
Tuxes refunded M) ci
lh.'litl'|iu'Qt taxes nm t()
Water rent 3I.*? ..
Witnesses and jurors 4.uuo
Road* nud bridges ~~.... 10,6i*? hi
Totul 4102,511
The assessment on which the levy is or
to be laid to meet this is:
Real estate. eitydlHtrlct....'.^..^ ft),718,780
Ileal estate, eountry district.., oi
Total real estate fl!M>85,tilO
I'crvmul property 6,017,l?00 at
Railroads (estimated) - SCU,U0 t|,
Total assessment..... - 4*20,166,t'?s0 W
Mr. Gruso offered the following, which j?;
was adopted: "
WncitEAH, The finance report of the
county for the fiscal year ending June 1, ^
1888, shows that Ohio county is in a mi
condition (financially) that the taxpayers i
may well be proud of; and M
\l' i. .i... i ?s* ?r
? nr.itr.Ar>! n in iu mu uciii uv ui "in
people to have taxation fixed at the en
lowest possible rate, and as we arc op- w
posed to the accumulation of an exces* g<
Hive surplus in the county treasury; in
therefore be it se
JfcwM, That the county levy be fixed
atlifty cents on every hundred dollurs y
valuation. * I
The delinquent list and financial state- in
ments were filed. They have already ?"
been printed.
On motion of Mr. Tyler the local road in
levy was made twenty-five cents on the Tl
one hundred dollars valuation of all in
property outside the city, exceptiug in fh
Fulton." or
On motion of Mr. Spcidel the dog tax ai
was made: on the liret male dog 50 in
cents; second mule doc$l; lirst female al
dog $1; second female dog $5.
The contract fur building culverts on
the Wheeling & Elm Grove roud was 1
let to K. Beerwiler and H.Uirth at their UI
bid of $2 80 per cubic yard, including'
excavating, they to give bond in the
sumof$?S00. j!
a ei-osi" li.uit *
Between Wheeling anil .lackiion 'Without ai
any Special Feature#?Other Game*. 01
An audience of about 400 witnessed jjj
the game of ball played at Island Park
yesterday afternoon by the Wheeling
and Jackson teams. Wheeling's men
played an errorless game and won by a
score of 2 to 1. It was a peculiar kind '*!
of a game, for aside from the closeness
of the score there was nothing to arouse
interest and excitement. There were
no double plays nor brilliant stops, such
as characterized the game with Toledo ',I.
the day before, to make the audience *v
yell and go wild. It was the quietest in.
gathering that has witnessed a game this
season; it was only on two or three occasions
there was even a ripple of applause.
The Jax team, since its last appear- \
ance here, has been greatly improved
and strengthened, and if yesterdays
game is a sample of what they have .
been putting up right along, it is cer- ,u:
Uiinly a streak of the poorest kind of II'
luck that has kept them so far in the ng
rear in the percentage column. wj
It is well for the Wheeling men that
that they played without an error, for 0P
had they made any they would surely da
have iK-en beaten. It was oue of their of
oil* days in the hatting line and of the jn
seven'hits that were made, none were
better than singles. The visitors got tw
two more hits that Wheeling and one of Tj
them was a double. It has been a rare ge
thing of late for the visiting club to gi
have the most hits. wi
The score shows that it was not to any If
extent a pitchers' battle. Knauss did an
not pitch his usual game, and only
struck out two men. Parsons, who jo
pitched for the Jaxs, was a new one for te
the home team, and they never did Ui
solve his delivery, which was left-hand- ov
ed, to their full satisfaction. The one fit
run scored by the visitors was made by to
Curry, who led otrthe inning with a hit, fo
advanced two bases on the put-outs of sc
Kaflerty and Lombard at first, and scored ri|
on a hit made by Kagin. Crotty followed cr
Eagin with another hit, advancing him lo
to Kocond. and both advanced n ham 011
Yaik's mussed ball. Rafferty came near fr
tieing the wore in the seventh, but was M
put out at the home plate by a throw in ci
of Brodie's. pi
Wheeling's two scores were made as ni
follows: Nieliol got a hit, went to sec- t?
ond on a balk of Parsons and to third on' w'
a bad throw of Lombard's. Otterson a
went out on n fly, Nicholson hit to Parsons
and reached his base by reason of
Parsons throwing the ball to Crotty, ?
who cut Nichol olT at the plate, which 1
lie had foolishly attempted to rcach.
Nicholson then stole second and came
home on a corking hit by Crogan. C'ro- W
gan was then brought home by a hit by <>'<
Otterson, he having reached second oh y,
a play made to catch Nicholson at the
plate. ge
The official score is as follows; Bi
Ynlh. c | o o ? " ??Mln'eh'n, r u 0 0 1 u Gl
Nichol, m_| olio OStlckncy.3. 01351 W
Ottcmm n. o u o it Welch, in... (? l s 1 o ....
NIchol*n, 2 1 l :: orurry. 1 l : o 0 RS
Cronn, rf. l l o o liAffurty,o i i l i tif
Staplclou.l ( 1 15 1 ( l.'inilinnl 1 0 1 1 1 til
itrorilc, 1.... (i i i i o KjirIii, 1 0 ? 0 0
VanZant.- <> 1 1 o i*n?ity. c.... o 2 l> 1 0
KuMii.<xt.p... i? o o * o Parson*. p_ 0 0 0 7 0
ToUl? : : o Total 1 M27 1h 3 ed
Wheeling - 000 2 00000-2 by
Jackson oiooooooo-iotl
KurtuM run?-Whcclitig, 2: Jackson, 1. Two ne
lm>o hit?Crotty* Struck out?by KnauM, 2: ?n
by 1'nntona, 4. lbise* on Iwlls?off Pamm*. 2: off .
KnaUNt. i. lilt by bull-by Kiimum. 1. I'hkmM tic
bella?Yaik, 1: iVotty. .1. llalk-l'arsous, 1. w|
rime?1:37. Umpire?Simmons.
piny again this afternoon. Wheeling to ?1
make sure of a victory should do some .
heavier batting. jnr
The Columbus club says that Jim nu
Curry "was released for reasons that jn
xmcern him more than any ono else ja:
ind which we deem it a kindness not
to moke public. The management will
ixert themselves to the utmost to secure ]
aot only a winning team, but a class of mc
slayers who will be a credit and not a re?
eproacli to the capital dty."
Slnco Manager George Burhridge, of acl
ho Jax team, resigned his position a coi
ew days since, the changes in the Ma
earn have been numerous. "Puggy" Fu
tpeidcl, who signed with the team Sol
rhen it lirst visited here, and Murphy B.
lave been released, and it Is reported Be)
it Crotty is to follow them. Speidel's OT
ease is not approved of by the Jack- II
i people, as he was considered one of
) fiest players In the team. Manager
rry, of the Columbus, hail hardly a
. his release from that dub till he "
a signed by Jackson to play second
1 manage. Chris man, released by
lumbus, has also been taken in by
:kson, and it is understood that Neal, n ]
cher, finally fired by Columbus, is to ni
signed by Jackson, and negotiations
i pending for a trade of Stlckney to
Jamaxoo for Aldrich and Whales. 1
lother new player is Short-stop Kafty,
this season s leader in that posin
in the Western League.
Umpire Slutmom' Itccord.
Umpire Simmons, at present located
re, is one of the oldest base ball men ,
the country in point of years in the 'n
siness. He has been in it as player, in
inager and umpire for twenty years,
d ho claims that Umpiro Ferguson, of p
b Association, is the only man in the
untry who has l>een in the business
iger than ho has. Mr. Simmons first co
jyed in 1808 with the Excelsiors of $4
ncago. In 1809-70 he was with the to
rest Citys of Itockford, 111., for which In
, G. Spaulding, the now celebrated fri
fie ball man, pitched. Iu 1871 he was re
ith the Chicagos, and played here with ra
at team on the old fair grounds. Iu th
72 ho was with the Forest er
tys, of Cleveland. In 1873 at Keo- iw
ik, Iowa. In 1870 ho was with eii
. Louis at the time the two Gleasons fit
id Galvin started out on the nrofes- p:
Dual road. From 1877 to 1870 fie was ur
anagor of the Kochesters; (luring that
me they took their great trip to San j?i
rancisco, playing in Salt Lake City en- in
lite. They were out about three months, in
id won "every game they played. In oj
182 he belonged to the ilret paid corps jm
umpires had by the American Asso- vi
ation. In 1883 he managed the Tren- T
n, N. J., team. Iu 1884, manager of in
'ilmington, Del., team, champions K
astern League. In 1885. manager Vir- tl
niuns, of Richmond, champions. In st
lS<i, manager Waterburys, Conn., sec- oi
id place. In 1887, manager Syracuse t!
am, secoud place. li
ther Tri-Stnte CJiuur* Played Yenterilnjr. ^
At Sandusky?The game between Han- S(
lskv and Mansfield was a pitcher's bat- u|
i with ragged support by both nines. ^
ritli a man on second and third, Rout- 8(
ifle made a timely hit in the ninth ami
ove in the winning runs for the home y
am. The score: j,
T. mi. K. ?
n<lu?kv. 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 2- fi (, A ,
in*flel<l 1 o o o l l l o o- i 5 c *>
[latteries?O'Brien ami West lake; Somen ami
uliop. fc
At Columbus?The homo team were ?
sy winners over Lima in a game P>
itnout special features other than some g>
jod batting on both sides. The fieldg
was only fair on either side. The
ore: .
T. B.lt.E.
luml)U8.... o 2 o o o 0 i a- r, 11 2
IUH 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0- 3 7 2
l-Iarned?Columbun, 3: Lima. 2. Battcrlen? N. v
mtlibnc ami lloenemuun; Sowdero and Som- '
srs. Umpire? Buruum. (j
At Canton?Canton defeated Toledo j,
a close and at times oxciting game,
lie home team performed excellently fel
, the field, making but one error. Gar- I;ld
pitched a good game for the visit- e,
s, allowing Canton but three hits, but
Jed by errors, Canton scored four runs 0,
the fourth and the visitors were not tj
tie to catch up. Tlio score: n
T. II. U.K. ..
ill toll 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0- 4 :? 1
dodo u U 0 0 0 0 0 0 2? 2 U 6 w
llattirlcft-ltaUMUlnc and Hlxsiulth; Garlk-M ^
id ttrnwu. Umpire?Hull. o
At Zanesville?The champions wore a
. erwhel mindly defeated by Zauesvillo. ?'
win was wild and the entire team it
reined to be rattled. Their only run H
as made in the third on two errors tl
nl a sacrifice hit. Childs made the
ily hit in the seventh. Lauer made a p
ng drive over the fence, but the ball o
ruck n building and bounded back, ti
be score: P
T. B.H.X. t:
ncavllle? 3 2 10 0 10 n o-io a a li
nlanuuoo. ooioooooe-1 1 7 f,
Karncd?!ZuncnvUlc, I. Batteries?Guinbert ?.
n! I.aurr; Irwin and Uliiingcr and O'Neill. ,
tuplre?stellbcrger. ' n
fHtordny'n L?m?buc ami AhM>cintlnii Guinea. ..
At IMtuburgh?I'ittKburKli, 8: Boston, C. Ji
At IndlanujKdlii?lndlana|Mdln, 2; New York, 5.
At Kniinaa City?By mutual conn-tit the giuuu P
*yed Sunday and which was thrown out on
count ot unuiibinctory umpiring was pinycu
or and resulted in an easy victory for Haiti- .
jre. Kansa* City, Knliinjorc,Jl
\t Detroit? Detroit, G: 1'hiljKlelphia, I. fc
\t Chicago?Chicago, 7: Washington, 6.
Scene Knout being Itullt??w York
Artist* lfore.
Work has begun on alterations and
iprovements at tlio "Wheeling Opera
use which will add much to the maneinent
of Manager Kiester's house
jen the theatrical season of '88*80 gj
ens. This opening will be on Thurs- nj
y evening, August 30?the Thursday j
State Fair week?when Spenser's orig- y
:tl Philadelphia company will open a rt,
o nights' engagement in "The Little >j
rcoon." In the coming season Maim- pi
r Iiiester will inaugurate a reform, ai
ring but two performances in any one at
jck, anil these the best on the roud. si
he cannot get u good attraction for n?
ly week, ho will not take any. in
An addition is now?,being built, ad- w
ining the stage on the north, aud loca- in
d on the lot lately bought by the hi
erman Iusurance Company, which of
vns the house. This addition is to be p:
e proof, built of corrugated iron, and gc
be used as a scenery room. Hereto- st
re when an attraction carrying its own
cnery cainc, it was lmnl io put it on tli
glit, because the house's scenery hi
owdetl the stage. This room will al- ni
w the stage to be entirely cleared. hi
Mr. Tlionias Follis, a scene painter re
am the studio of the famous Hurley tli
err}', in New York, arrived in the te
ty yesterday, and at once begun work ar
oparing for the painting of an entirely $1
nv set of scenery. He will bo joined al
day by another New York artist, and bi
lign the house opens there will not bo w
piece of. old scenery used. or
ilnjj Out tlio licuipfiuld to Ride In tlie
A party of gentlemen will go out to M
est Alexander this morning on the 5 bi
lock B. <fc 0. train and ride in on their |.j|
cycles, taking breakfast at Heimber- u|
r's. The party will consist of Dr. te
illard, Dr. Charles Frissell, Messrs.
ank McCoy, E. W. D una way, J. W. l''
rubb, J. II. Pipes, jr., C. B. Hart, F. ^
. Bowers, Charles Menkerniller, and -^l
rhana others. They anticipate a beau- jyj
ul ride over the hard, smooth pike in m
e early morning air. W!
Wheeling'* Flint Tmiilrm*. Cj
Mr. W. T. Burt and daughter attract- ,
considerable attention Jast evening
1 appearing on Main and some of the I0.'
Iier brick paved streets mounted on a R*
w tandem wheel. They rolled along "}
Bilyand rapidly, accompanied a p<Jr- M
iu of the time by Mr. \> ill McCoy, .
10 was also riding his wheel. lathe "J
,ies of the Euat, where there are *j
100th avenues ami drives, these tanins
are very |H)|iular with ladies and J
ntlrmen out for a pleasant exercise
d ride. With the brick pavements
creasing >n Wheeling, more of these inJ
uJhini'H may bo looked for here. The
mber riding the Mwirey" whet-la here r*
Wheeling appears to Imj increasing J
Syrup of rip
nature's own true laxative. It is the 1
ist easily taken, and the moat effective
nedy known to cleanae the system
ten bilious or costive; to dispel head- J
iea. colds and fevers; to cure habitual 0W1
lstipation, indigestion, piles, etc. | 1
inuiactured only by the California as
[ Syrup Company, Sin Francisco, Cal. bei
d by Lonan A Co., Anton P. Hew, poi
B. Burt and C. Menketniller. At bli
lialre by M. N. Mercer. ' tin
Mexican Practical Miner to
Visit the Locality
* In Favorably improved With
IVhat He Hear*. and Will Make
a Simple Tc?t That Will
Settle tho QucniIou.
Mr. E. A. Smith, a gentleman engaged
gold and silver mining in Mexico, is
the city, and will go to-day to the
bite farm, in this county near the
mnsylvania State line, to inspect the
eged gold bearing rock recently disvered
there, and said to axsay about
ft .< inn XI- on
this vein of rock in Inst Monday's
tklliukntkk, and as he was visiting
ends in this section of country, he
tjolved to come here, lie made arngements
to drive out to-day, and if
e rock looks promising to his experiiced
eye. he will try the effects of an
say on the Mexican plan, which eonsts
simply of pounding the stone up
ie and washing it in a pan till the tiny
irticlcs of gold settle and can be sepated.
Mr. Smith was rather favorably iin essed
by what he heard here, lie had
i his satchel a piece of quartz very rich
i gold, taken fioin a mine he recently
>cncd in Mexico. He carries as a
jcket piece a small brick of pure gold
ilued at SSI, taken from the same vein,
he piece of quartz he carried was strik
igiv 11ku iiini wuicu I'j-nuenu ueoi^i
. 'Single once took from the ground in
lis county and had assayed. The two
ones could not be distinguished by an
rdinary observer. The stone found on
ie White fann, on the contiary, is much
ke soapstone or blue lire-clay. Mr
rnitli says the two may be connected
nd both !>ear gold. He suspects if the
)apstone contains gold that it has silvei
Iso. This is in line with an old legend
mt the Indians used to iind silvei
miewhere near Wheeling.
Speaking of the value of the ore, Mr.
mith said if it should prove to contin
$4 to the ton it would be worth
orking. If it assayed $(5 or $8 it would
e quite valuable, und if it panned oul
10 to the ton it would be a big t hin);
>r the county. If it reached &15, Ik
lid, he would* try and get into a com
any to work it, taking it out of the
round himself.
Now York UiiiIucmn Man who la Oppoaet
to Free Trade.
M r. K. Le Bel, of Chambers street, New
ork, the eastern agent of the .Etm
lass and Manufacturing Company, ii
1 the city, the guest of Mr. K. B. Bowie
ccretary of that company. At the Mc
ure House last evening he was point
.1 out to an Intelliobnckr reporter ai
recent Hopper?a convert from tin
iuse of Cleveland and Free Trade tc
uit of Harrison and Protection. Tin
. porter sought an introduction, and
as taken into a general conversation ii:
hich several gentlemen were engaged
Ir. Le Bel made no secret of his cliangc
i heart. He said lie had always beer
Democrat, voted the Democratic tickci
tid exerted what influence he had ir
s favor. Now he is an enthusiastic
lepublican, and is doing all he can foi
je cause.
When asked why he had changed hit
olitical alliliatiuns, he said the position
f the two parties on the question of the
lrifl' left him 110 alternative but to sup
ort the party that stands for Protection
ii Ins own business, ho wild, the on(
ne of blown wore could not be nianu
ictured in America if the tariff wen
iken oir or materially reduced; "but,"
e added, "that is not the consideration
rhich makes me a Republican tliif
ear?it is the broader consideration
liat Protection is necessary to the proserity
of the country at large."
"How will New \ork stand?"
"She will go Republican. I stake mv
idgment 011 the prediction. She is salt
>r Harrison. All the indications poin!
> a good majority. I know man)
rouiincnt men in the Democratic rankt
ho have quietly changed base. 01
>urse there are hundreds I do not know
ir every one I do."
jxterloiiH l'lnnira of Frequeut Ocrurrencc
Mysterious tires have been frequent in
:eubcnville recently and Tuesday
ight's were no exception. Shortly aftei
o'clock George Kioto noticed a small
aze coming through the shutters in the
ar of Klineman's millinery store on
arket street. He immediately teleloned
to the Pluenix engine house and
i alarm was sounded from their box.
id both engines were on the ground
mrtlv. When the lire was discovered
jar the stairway much of a blaze could
)t be seen, but the heat when the door
as opened was hitense, which led the
omen to believe that the tire had been
iming for some time. The cast side
the interior is pretty badly damaged,
irticularly near the stairway, and the
rods on this side were nearly all deroyed.
From the surroundings it is evident
mt the lire started under the stairway,
it the cause is a mystery. Mr. Klinean
went to Cleveland yesterday and
is loss cannot be ascertained until lie
turns. However, the nart of his stock
tat was not burned is damaged by war
and smoke, lie carried $1,500 insurice
in the Phoenix, of Hartford, and
,000 in the <Ktna, and this will probacy
cover his loss. The damage to the
lilding, owned by C. E. Linnchan,
ill not exceed $300, and is fully coved
by insurance. O. M. Thatcher's
ock, in the adjoining building, was
imaged by water to the extent of $100,
it his Iosb will be made good by the
isurance company.
During the progress of the fire Patsy
cKay, of the Phoenix Company, was
idly injured. Ho was guiding the
jseand in jumping over Klineman's
nee struck a sharp iron rod which is
ied for a "dummy." The rod penetrad
his body about three inches. The
lgines had hardly been returned to
ieir houses when another alarm was
unded, this time from box 01, corner
Third street and the C. & P. railway,
tie one-story frame building of
ichael Humble, near the rolling
ill, used as a grocery and dwelling,
is discovered on liro by William
iss while on bis way to work. The
luenix engine responded, but as they
uld pet no water the engine was use?.
As the Are had gained considera*
d headway by this time, hope of saving
e Humble building was abandoned,
le firemen worked bravely in saving
joining property. The Humble buildg
was entirely destroyed together
th its contents, and Mr. Humbled loss
11 be considerable. He was insured
the Amazon for SI,000. A two-story
ime house of J. W. Forney was darned
to the extent of $25, covered by
rho engines, savs tho (taztltc of last
ening, from which this account is
ten, were called out this morning bv
alse alarm from box 42, corner Fourth
d Logan streets.
Mrs. Clem Brannum is out of town
a week visiting friends.
Barry Trueman; of the C. & P. freight
ice, is in St. Ix>uis visiting his sister.
Prof. George Heinlein is in Baltimore
a delegate to the Biennial Convention
ng held there this yroek. for the purse
of advancing all institutions for the
nd. Prof. Heinlein?has for some
ie been located at the institution for
the blind in Columbus, where he has
made remarkable progress as a blind instructor.
W. 8. Van Horn. employed on the C.,
L. <Sc W. railroad, has removed his family
from Bellaire to this city. ?
H. E. Wells is cloning out his drug
store, preparatory to making a trip JW
through the South for his health. Mr. pn
Wells has l>een ill for the past thiw ,UI
months, and his present condition of ^
health necessitates a trip in other wl
climes. ~ . 1
The new safety gates at the 0., L. & an'
W. railroad crossing have been com- t
pleted and work admirably well. The
C. & P. and 0., L. & W. gates, of different
patterns, are operated from one '
tower by a man. Martin's Ferry should i
take pattern off these gates, and see that
the railroads place the same in that cu
city. | he
All S?rU of Local Now* and UomIp from XI
the GIam City. be
Several hundred crates of berries were
shipped from here to Pittsburgh yester- i
Local Union No. 34, of glass workers, ^,r
will hold a special meeting at 10 o'clock
this morning. A1
Peter Welch and family have moved c0
to East Liverpool, having quit the groeery
business here. They left yesterday th
morning. . n<
Quito a crowd of people collected at 1
the ferry landing to see the body of the .
little drowned boy Prettyman, on Tues- J'
day night. |[j
The cross streets are about paved ^
now, and the central part of the city is, JU
in the way of pavements, equal to any f0
city in tho valley. tli
Street Commissioner Madden is open- K
ing some old sewer ta]? and cleaning cr
them out?some that have not been ti
i opened for several mouths. ei
? Mrs Rebecca Donaldson, tho wife of K
i a prominent steel worker, died at her hi
i home Tuesday night. The remains will ci
bo taken to Eraduock thin iiiorninir.
Several tow boats bad narrow escapes
I yesterday from the bridge piers on ac- p
count of the wind aud current. The
" Alarm in the evening had a very closc
I call.
r There are at the least calculation thirtv jj
fishing parties from here cauipcd all x
over the two States of West Virginia and tv
Ohio. Friends are coining and going to f?
| the different camps till the time. vi
t John Crimmel, an old aud well known tl
r glass worker here, died at his home yes- tl
I terduy morning of Bright's disease. His T
. brothers, living at Fostorin, came on ni
, and got here just a few minutes before pi
his death. hi
James H. Darrnh took hold of his new t'1
position on Tuesday as one of the in- j-0
spection bureau. There has been no to
1 promotion made as yet to fill his place.
It will bo tilled in the regular line of JJ
' promotion. It
i General Warner, of the Ohio Valley
ivumuuu, wua uuru ycniuruuy. iiu i?
making some changes in the switches p
in the lower town and also pushing the .
work rapidly on this division. The
traek8to Wegee will bo laid this summer.
mum's FKKK1. I'
Suddeu IUue??-Standard villi not Stait. C]
Slaking >'iill>. ^
T. J. Irvin, Esq., is in Pittsburgh this b
week. cc
Charles Lewis has returned home 1,1
from Findlay. ul
Air. James A. Gray and wife left yesterday
for Chautauqua Lake.
The high water has washed out all the ^
fishing camps above here, and the stragglers
are seen coming home.
The thirty and forty penny machines
at the Laughlin mill wero running yes- al
terday, to fill an order for that kind of at
Council met Tuesday night and confirmed
the police, the colored one in- ^
eluded. A good deal of other business 8V
was gotten through with. f0
Enoch Miller was slightly hurt on a fr
freight train on the C. 1\ road, above in
East Liverpool, Tuesday morning. He cii
was taken to his brother's home at .St
Rochester, Pa. vi
Marco N. PopolT, a native of Bulgaria,
will lecture in the Presbyterian Church tr
to-night on Bulgaria, its people, their ro
manners and customs, religion and w
tiiiuuionnri' Yi-MfL- Tl.? un..otr..P will ..... Wi
' J *u? p|>v<wvi ..... ??('
f pear in his native costume. The lecture
is free to alL KO
Mr. George Lo .Suer and son Herbert ,T
are both on the sick list. Mr. George Ia? '
Suer on Sunday was taken with cramps, j
, and for a while was in a dangerous eon- JI
dition. Herbert suffered sun-stroke jj
while out driving a few days ago, and . ,
1 for a time his life was despaired of. Dr. J?2
' B. 0. Williams is attending him. Yes
terday he wua considerably better, while .
I his father is able to be about his room, jj*
, Yesterday's Cincinnati Enquirer and fn
Pittsburgh Port both contained an arti- HU
cle saying the Standard Iron Company (|n
were making preparations to resume fr(
operations on Monday next, which ce;
action was equivalent to signing the
Amalgamated scale. An Intklligenceu
man called at the office of the company
yesterday, when it was learned that the No
article was wholly without foundation,
being news to the manufacturers. They '
are simply making necessary repairs rjfl
about the mill, and say they will not
resume work until the difficulty is satisfactorily
settled. ui>
Mounilftvllle. ^
The Republican club will meet at ?.
the club room Friday night. All Re- n>!
publicans are requested to turn out. ?.v
Rev. L. L. Stewart, A. J. Lyda and
Mr. J. C. Bardall are at Grafton attend- .1
ing to some business connected with the i.1
M. E. Seminary. .j(
Yesterday afternoon tho saloon L?j
keepers were before Mayor Pordy it
charged with selling liquor. Several j>e
flues were imposed. >1
The Republican County Executive
Committee meets Thursday next, when dr
the entries for the respective nomina- ini
tions will be closed. So
Hon. T. R. Carskaddon will speak at
the Court House Saturday night in the J"
interest of the prohibition amendment, "?
from a third party standpoint.
Mr. Charlio Brown was struck on the * :
head by a piece of iron yesterday morn- ,
ing while at work in Purdy & Brown's
mill, in the Second ward, and sustained
serious injuries.
Mr. Joe Roberts' fine horses attract a Tli
great deal of attention as they are driven bl<
through tho streets. They are line Ken- dr;
tucky horses, and of good speed. It n0
will pay one to visit his stables and see go
what tine stock Marshall county has. to
General Price's meeting Saturday wl
night failed to materialize. Mr. Price on
was loaded down with documents and bo
letters, but his Democratic brethren had
placed a boycott on his meeting and
not enough were present to warrant him
to proceed. D\
Charles Duncan anil Asa Hamriclc Mc
were brought to the penitentiary yeater- pr(
day, the former being Bent up lor live it i
years for mnrder and tho latter five ? >;
years for larceny. Hamriclc is the man $ ">;
who burned tho Court House in Mc- at~,
Dowell county. Tl,
Lato Monday night a lioreo was stolen co\
from tbo stablbof Mr. Cyrus Lutes, liv- lan
ing on Roberts' Ridge, about six miles alK
from Moundsyille. Ono of Mr. Lutes' $5,
boys heard a noise in tlie stable, and oiii
shortly after heard some one riding r^j
rapidly away. Ho immediately went ?15
out and discovered the horeo gono. IIo
gave cbnse and overtook the party about
four miles from the house, when the \
thief jumped from the horse and took
to a cornfield. Mr. Lutes came to town
early in the morning to look for the by
thief, but could learn nothing of him. Iro
* Ga
The latest oat, Patent Glass Lemon Alt
Squeezers, inexpensive, at jol
Joiix Fbikdxl'si get
1111) Main and 1120 Water street as I
[Continued from Firtl Pagr.]
vorted partly submerged this uiorn%
the water in some places alx>v? tho
it tloore of the house*, while piles of
nber, timbers and drifts in manr
les ure jammed against the doors and <
ndows. I
\t various points along the lines of .
2 Pittsburgh, Virginia <k Charleston .
d the Baltimore & Ohio railroads Uie
icks are under water and great diflilty
is experienced in runniug trains.
At 10:.'J0 o'clock this morning word ,
is received that Lock No. 4, located a
ort distance above Monongahela City,
d been carried away bv the strong
rrent The loss from thfs will l>e very
avy. It is impossible to hear from
any points up tho river, as the teletone
and telegraph wires are down,
le sudden rise is believed to have
en caused by
liich covered u largo section of South*
n Pennsylvania and West Virginia,
jrtunately there was no rise in the
llegheny river. If the high water had
me from the north also the flood
Diild havo reached a greater height
an the great freshet of 1SS4. Am it is,
>ne but the lowlandcrs will suffer in
is vicinity.
At McKecsport all the mills are
used down and hundreds are homess
and destitute. The Charticrs
itural gas main crossing the river at
lat point was broken during the night
id an immense pressure of gas was
reed into the air. William Knight,
10 watchmen of the Pittsburgh, Meeesport
& Youghiogheny railroad,
ossed the trestle at Saltsburg a short
me after and his lantern ignited the
is, causing u tremendous explosion,
night was fatally burned and the
ridge set on fire, but the flames were
etiuguished before it was destroyed.
rraiiic uas ueen almost suspenueu on
ic Pittsburgh, Virginia <k Charleston
>ad, 110 traiiiH running south of Peters
resk, nineteen miles from here.
At <? o'clock this evening the water
oa falling at all j>oints between Pittsurgh
anu the headwaters and 110 more
image from the freshet is apprehended,
ho highest point reached here was
k'enty-three feet and at 0 o'clock it had
Hen to twenty-two feet At Brownslie,
California and other towns along
10 Upper Monongahela there were
tree feet more water than ever before,
he eurreut is still running at the rate of
ine miles an hour, but the river is corn*
irativcly clear of debris, everything
living run out. The coal men are now
tting their coal tows in readiness and
cinorrow about 10,000,000 bushels will
3 started down the river.
The report that l^ock No. 4 had been
irried away by the freshet is untrue.
, is substantially built and will withand
many more such Hoods. It will
ike 24 hours for the waters to recede
illiciently to permit the residents of
olishtowu to return to their shanty
During the highest point of the flood
le long trestle works of the Pittsburgh,
irginia & Charleston railway spanning
ike Kun creek, turned over from oue
ad to the other, submerging the Westrn
Union telegraph wires. Mr. Laird,
ic section boss, was on it at the time,
ut he escaped without injury. The
>unty bridges spanning the creek just
elow the trestle, was lifted from its
imtments and drifted ashore. An
llort will be mnde to drop it back as the
ver recedes. The damage to gardens
ad crops and to property along the
The Local End.
Tho Baltimore & Ohio Company-was
jlo to send its Baltimore express east
.5:35 yesterday morning, and all the
ains left on time through the day.
he half span of the twin bridge at
ouiesburg did not hloek traffic, as a
ritch was laid, and a single track used
r trains bound with ways. The train
oin Baltimore-via Grafton due at 11 a.
. was two hours late, but other trains
line in on time. The Baltimore and
? Louis express, which usually runs
a Parkereburg, came up as
r as Moundsville and was there
nusferrcd to the Ohio River
>ad and went uti to Parkereburg and
est. C., W. <Sc B. trains from the
est still come to Wheeling from Parirsburg
over the Ohio River road, and
< east via. the Pittsburgh division,
ist evening Railway Mail Agents J. A.
isev, S. K. East borne, M. K. Talley
id T. W. Murray, of that run, came
?re, transferred their mails to the
emplield,and remained at the Howell
ouse over night. The mails have
en seriously delayed, and Wheeling
P. 0. was piled full yesterday.
Telocrmnhio cniniminiriitinn with tho
terior is almost entirely shut oil*, it
is been almost impossible to get word
>m Morgnntown, where the floods arc
pposed to have done the greatest
mage. The Ixtkllioencek's reports
>m Grafton and other points were reived
via Baltimore.
i (irout Stage of Water Expected?The
Hie river at this point commenced to
ie rapidly at an early hour yesterday
jrning and continued to make its way
i the levee marks all day. By noon
ere was 18 feet in the channel, a rise
nearly 12 feet in 12 hours. At midgilt
last night there was a depth of
er 20 feet in the channel here and the
rer was still rising, but the swell
is slow. It is not now likely that
ere will be over 20 feet of a depth in
o channel here. It is something provential
that the recent storm did not
tend up the Allegheny valley, for if
had the rise in the Ohio would have
en fully as damaging as the rise in the
ononjjahela has been.
The river commenced to be tilled with
ift early in the day, and towards eveng
the volume of debris increased,
me valuable timber was included in
mt swept by. At 10o'clock last night
o wreck of the big Pittsburgh wharfat
swept by. It was torn from its
wrings at Pittsburgh by a coal barge,
ie loss ou it is about $7000, with no
*u ranee.
The wrecks of coal boats and barges
ire numerous in what swept by yes day.
.Several boats of the coal fleet
ssed yesterday with big tows of coal,
icy were having considera?
trouble with the heavy
ift and swift currents. About
on the towl>oat Time went by. In
ing under the bridge she attempted
lower her chimneys, but the wind,
lich was blowing strongly, got a twist
one of them and it was blown overard.
Mormon Property NurrMiilereri.
?ai.t Lakk, Utah, July 12.?Receiver
er made a demand yesterday on the 1
>rmou Church attorneys for the church
>perty as follows: 3,000 sheen valued .
S2 per head; $75,000 worth of cattle;
',000 in notes for stock in a theatre;
',000 Peseret Telegraph Company '
ck; $100,000 worth of coal lands,
ese were surrendered, making his re- !
rery of church property in excess of -
(1 as foil own: In addition to tho
>ve, gns stock, $75,000; tithing yards, ,
)00; Jfirdo house. $50,000 ^historian'm ,
ce, $20,000; temple square not valued; :
stock dividends, $4,000; church farm,
0,000?a total of $790,000. ,
. l
The Lockout Virtually i
'ittsbuecn, Pa., July 11.?The Amnl- ]
nrtteii scale was signed this afternoon c
.lores <fc Laugblins, of the American J
n Works, of this city, and also by the _
te city Iron Company, of Gate City, ibaina.
The signing of the scale bv
lea Laughlins was received with 11
leral rejoicing by the iron workers, J
they regard it as virtually ending thu r
lockout. The Arm employ* five thonv
mil men, *nd next to Carneitii.. I'hipta I
I Co., U the largest manukuturinp
in the city.
Welt ** ?* Defaulter- -Another Crooks
HI. Luulu Man.
St. Loci*. July 11.?The
*rut prints the following special dispatch
[row Kansas City, Mo.: John P. i.-ln
who was employed in St. Loai* ^ ? ./.
lector for the Port Dupatch, left then- ?
week ago short in hi* accounts, it is alleged,
about $100, and conn* to Kanau
Citv. Eagan wan accompanied i,v his
wife, whom he married in St.
March. They stopped at the CVntropoli,
House for a few days. Kogan in.ule all
arrangements to go t<? work, l?nt hi.
piano were foiled yesterdav l?v the arrival
of T. L. Marslmll
J ? ??V I <?( i/uu
Mr. Marshall intended to have Kg^n
arrested, but linally divided n<>t to ,i?
ho. Mrs. Kgan first learned la?t night
that her husband was accused of . r.. i
edness and a quarrel was tin- result.
Until then she had placed infinite i-onti!
dence in him. This inoniiti- nfo.
searched his trunk and found k'tu-r> ,
showing that he* had a wife living in
.San Francisco, Cal. She then charge!
him with it and he did not deny it. H<soon
Hteft the house and it was" 1? anu-.l,
boarded a train for the west at the union
depot. During the forenoon Mrs. Kgan
swore out a warrant for the arrest ?(
Kgan on the charge of bigamy. Tjj,.
warrant was turned over to the chief yj
police and telegrams were sent out tJ
intercept the fugitive.
Dnpreilatlmi* by Haiti ltiiobbrr*- A ILu4
OuicAGO, July 11.?A dispatch fruiu
Springfield, Mo., says: That portion oi
Mi-?niiri l.nn?-n...?l.?l- 1 *
uuuicui Uic r.al.l
Knobbers?Christian, Taney, Harry an.!
Ozark counties?is striving to Kurjuu*
former records. During the last two or
three months it is estimated that at least
2,000 head of cattle have lnon stolen i?
Taney and Christian counties hy lluM
KnoliberB?"Uplanders,'' as tiny call
themselves. One of the lmnd lias Wen
arrested and a raid on the r? ?: of th,.
gang is contemplated. One of tin* pini;
is said to hrve been murdered by com.
panions for divulging secrets.
l)lo?l l'rutfstiuj; Hi* Iiiiummmk? .
Wilmington, X.C., July 11.?tSU.*]dii'U
Freeman, colored, convicted of the crime
of rape 011 a white woman, was hanged
here to-day. The execution took place
in the jail, sixty-three witnesses Iving
admitted, as required bylaw. Several
applications were made to the (invernor
for a pardon or commutation of sentence
to life imprisonment, but after cartful
consideration, he refused to interfere.
Freeman protested his innocence to the
Tho 'Mack Hum" Angler*.
The "Jack Buss Fisljing Club," a
somewhat famousorganization of prominent
citizens, is arranging to go to Canton
via the Cleveland, Lorain Win-.-!,
ing road, next Tuesday, where tiny will
1 encamp on the shores of Mvcrs Like, a
beautiful sheet of water a short diMamv
from Canton. They will go under the
leadership of "Captain" Anton l!ty.
I mann, wlio purchased bust season lie '
I larger part of the lake and the surrounding
property. The place is quite jnjpuliar
as a quieVsummer resort, >uul the
members of/the club will camp in no
ordinary manner. They will Ik- ?|ii:irtert;d
iiijt roomy hotel ami f*?r twti ??r
three days will throw aside nil dignity
and business cares and be bov.s again.
They will swim, row and liski and haw
the jolliest kind of a time. They are
all looking forward to the trip with
pleasant anticipations.
The "Old Virginia Cheroots" are manufactured
only by 1\ Whitlock, llithtnond,
Va., who is proprietor of the
largest special Cheroot Factory in the
world, ami George K. McMecheii a Son,
of No. 1427 Nain street, are the wholesale
agents for Wheeling, W. Va.
Kxeunilon to I*llUbitri;li.
Tho Baltimore & Ohio Railroad will
Bull excursion ticket* next Suiubv. Mnv
20, and continue to sell them during the
entire summer, to l*itLsluxr^;)iv at the rate
of $1 60 the round trip, tickets good for
Sunday onlv. Will ulso sell excursion
tickets to Washington, Pa., at the rate of
$1. Trains leave Wheeling at 5 and b:li)
a. m.
Kxrumtoii Uati'o.
The steamer Elaine will soli round
trip tickets to Marietta from nil jw.inU
in the trade for one faro for the round
trip. Fare for round trip from Whirling
SI 50. These rates will In* given
from July 13th until the* close of tl?e
Centennial at Marietta.
Special lCxcurnloii to llio Centennial Hijmoltloii.
The steamer Andes leaves Wheeling
for Cincinnati Tuesday, .lulv 17, at i p.
in., arrives at Cincinnati Thursday afternoon,
returning Friday at midnight.
A brass band will accompany the excursion.
Hound trip tickets >U?; from
Marietta and Parkorsburg, ?7 00; liavunswood,
SO 00.
Buiulay KxmrstoiiK.
On and after Sunday, May 6, the Ohio
River Railroad will sell excursion tickets
every Sunday until further notice:
Wheeling to Sistersville and return
$1 50, Wheeling to Parkershurg ami return
$2 25. Tickets good one day only.
MOORE?At the midcnco of Itii f?il?W. w
Moore, an Ttnxliiv. Jul* in
o'clock i?. nr., Uakuy C. AIookk, in in'* ."ill
Funeral tbla (Thursday) afternoon nt 'J o>:-<k.
from the residence of bin father. N
KolT Ntrect. Interment privutc, at (irctti
wood rt nu-t? ry.
General Notices.
To all Whom it Cunerrn:
All |x:r>uma knowliiK tbetntelvck lnd<M<-i '
the lute Mr. itiilph Blum, of the linn t>t IHum
lirua., Ik-llalre, O, ph-mx* iull and wttlr at
us hla eaUte uiuat beeloted up without ?! Uj.
111.1'M mto-.
Jyll Itellwlr'-, Ohio.
No. 1160 Main Street.
The TruRtceH of thU llank have <!t< :vd ?
I>I VI I?KN 1? nt the mteof Fol'U |k.t ? t :it|*r
num on til autna exceeding threw dollar*. tut
have remained on dupoMt during the ttir?*? '
nIx aionthii ending on the With <!u> of Junf.
IMS, jtuynhli' on una niter the third Moiidn '
July. All <11 vide rid* not withdrawn arc *?! :?
to tue depoalta under date of June- :a>.
JylO ALKX. Mitt I1KI.I.. Tri .-'.-. r._
Until further notlcc wo will clow; our H*'*-'
builncwi at 0:30 p. m.,' Saturday" ex'tpn !.
Jrygar?, iww. .
T CLASS Stenographer atM 1 'r
operator; furnish own machine. Atl?lr? "
L?. I., can; Inu-lllgoniiT. J)jLWASTED?A
either on perccnuw ?>r -?>
jy * young miiu with rckkj referctur. 1
K. B.. rare Intclllttmircr nflli-c.
hccoQtl-ham] Sewinv Mnchlm " at;>
rerjr cheap. Call on a. STUMP *" '
ileventh utrcet, next door to hm-Haml!'
>ace. i L'_
ViVTKn MEN to*11 our I:. ' '
D Ail lDV~"Rn<| adjoining countl??. u
r^wi ..i.? ....i ?it v..-....... Writ.- f >r tcrmi
Jul ftUUsmIatv wanted. BIX) AN .v '<?.. -N1<uU"
arturvra. 2H Uwrxv tinct, Cincinnati, Oui?HflMgUB
(one out of employment) to U*l? "
ntOMlnr}' and work hlxnuclf ui?. f ir'
entlujc In hi* own lomllty. an ol?l wttal?li>l''
onao. Rcfi-rt'iurx i-xcliaHjfcl. Oat'* >>*N ,
ACTl'KIKU lluL'BK, 22 Ready ?|rv%l. X. v. i)':a

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