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.Your If iK-cJiuifi W. Vjl ^
(SUtm of the ViiJbttfon.)
A grii" : "I l!> ,re ''mQ ua(ioc?> reputation
0jc;M V Iiiimukos fur thoroughedc
utluu'ii: tadlw In *11 departments. u I
littif " 'I"'"**0*1 valu en. Flue phllo- (
lojibJaU.' mk*Ji*:"lM?lronomial?pptnmtt. J
' |?ri;ii. iu kjH?e/?lljr noted. Corpse. I
p!,(io ir4?U?o?I by ? Iwuilu* professor j
fro ; ('. uM-rvstory ol Htuttgart, Vocal culture!
wot>Stuf <o the mt tlj.,1 of the old Italian iris- I
Lominiii iiii.-urjMt?m] for fjeauty azid health. ]
Teoirmuf pleasure* Krmiud?. Board excellent, I
ttii'l references u> patronsInab
the principal cities, H'ldrens
mil Day ScIjoo] for Young
Lailios tin! ChUdreiu
Tl,?r? :> i-DiirM- of instruction In HugHs'i,
c-oi nod Mixlurn Language*,
. i aintinjf. Klocution aud Cal:i
of ho nc life and training.
FsIIhv 'n'xinsSojiteaitosr5, iWvS.
! , \;i-- Ml: it AN. I'rlni lpul.
n . so mom Wednesday, 8optom>
?nl Instructors in every lie
- ' ?-I- rouMiuable us In any insti
jit-iKv. For particulars adit
t^amllon : " : rnlr?J. mccmJMc. ?ttr?ctiire awl wfr.
lUlltllni; - 1 "? *UM'?i?i ?llli afturatuk. ti.
. iM'j. wl uMnrf. Faculty h. I.
1 ' I 4'our
It. f%. : -.1. jWI-v.|0ikal. Irathcr.*
'1 ' '' M..flifc. frrm* be* ?
- IL'A ,u"' ",,r year. |.'i,r u
W. O.rltlh*, llurlluuiuuu, W, Vm
Miogtoii School of Eiocntioo
Ut?. M.8TKVEN8 HART -Principal.
m :i St., x, \\\, Wakhinotoh, D. o.
nii.tniiual ScmIou begins Wednesday, Sop
i ,i:r i liiftructlon embraces Elocution,
I: , i:iis'li-li iiml Knglhdi CliuMea, Latin,
Modern UiiKUHKes, Vocal and In
, nid'tiiu! Mtulcand Physical Culture.
i|,?i j, ,i?si?tc.i i.v mi oiiiclent corps
her: in each detriment.
,, i!(.| i 'inv.cs for Imivn and i;lrl? daily
v lull (lames and private Instruction given In
the '.'ViiiliK.
Pipluuiaa awarded. A limited number of puj,i!
i.ii i>iiiii)<"latc<1 in the family.
lor circular* and references apply to Intki.u
?r. ii.. au31
Stammering Cured.
Mitt!"' 1 upon nature's laws. So SiccnxoY
?No Tun s*. Syatem explained to those interL
I itimonlals from physicians, oditcatora and
jwiroiif. who have received lieueilt from the
method of instruction. Address
Mkv M. STEVKN8 HART, Principal,
Washington .School of Elocution and English
?'l M. Street, N. W? Washington, D. C.
jtiHents boarded iti family of principal.
This t'olk'ge enjoy* the powers of a University
ami iscuidiicied liy the Jesuit Father*. It la
situate*] in a very beautiful part of Now York
cMimylH'tuwii the Wnr'dn ft. A 1.; I. Sound.
Kvt-ry i.ii iiii'. ? i;u. ii f-r tin* best ''litM-lcal.
S'ii iti ni'i < uiiiinerciiil Education. Jioanl
an'i riilllnii per year WOO. studies re-open
Wcluclny.| .. mtar>, It.ss.
?! 'ii. ?ii vi.i.. a frcpfintory School for Boy*
Ifn-in i" i<> I.'. i> uii'K-r tiie same dlrectiou. For
furlli'T |>irilcill?> apply to
n'i..'.-mv? m Ur; .iM;ix'?rri.;.v. M. J.. Prt's.
A l.ivn Pi'Klioal Snhniil.
Three M'uirrttocdiirxi'H, Preparatory, Commercial
dll'l 1'lnnn
NI(?IIT SCHOOL?Illicit admitted.
1'luin' cull or M-nd for catalogue. Addrow
Wheeling Business Colle?o,
mil- m' M lioollriW. vi'.
Wastiingtoii & Jefferson College, _
The "(li year ln'nin? September 12. Classical.
Sclcntlllc and 1'ieparutory Departments. For
Information concerning Preparatory l?epfi?t*
mcnt apply t?> P?h?k, J. aDOLI'H SCHMITZ,
I'rinciiMil; i.?r Catalogue or other information to
Beaver College and Musical lustilule,
Superior Literary, Art ami Klocutionnry advantage*
ami hot c)Ulp|>ed Music Seho?d In ,
Wotern, t'cun*ylvauin. Pupils in President's
ftimllv- Kates moderate.
Jy.'l rrh.n Krv. It. T. TAYLOK. 1). P. J
Ob m j.'iii j?er Yfiir. N'ynck-oii-tho Hudson.
I'uki'auatouy Wouk lor Young Men.
Col.l.uiiKfor Young Ladies.
I'iTewlieni. FnllCourMuIn English,Business. ,
Uiu'mmv KnglncerinK. Drawing, Painting anil |
Mum Ample lliiiltlltiux. Steam Heat. Home :
Hurrmiti.linr*. Gymnasium. Absolute Heultli. ,
"l\V?i Kmlowment for Ladies. Year oj>cuii
ScpU'iak'r 17. Catalogue* of
a'lMMu. W. 11. HAN'SHTKIt.
JO Aft MVPLFAVOOi) IN8T1TUTK, for both
ifOUU. tv,-. CottcordvllU?, Pa. Preparatory,
Humucm Graduating, English Gradiintiug.Selen'
tide ami College preiMinttory courses. Bpecial
<*re to little boys. Highly recommended by 1
patron". JoM:eu'niioRTUiMiK, (Yale) A..M. I'r.
jei-nlu* ___ ~~
Acrttlciiilc Department*; Law: KtiKlneeriiij,'.
Important clmtiijtM in Anulemlc Degree*. Apply
(or i-nUlcitfUf. JylM
QT. GEORGE'S HALL for Boys and
KJ Y.mm. Mrs. l'titf. J.c. Kincur, A. M., 1'rlnuiul.
-i. ticorvi1'*. M?l. College ??r Buslnew.
S'lft i, i imruuKlt. Snlt. SiV) utiil J;lou. Comblulilt!
iii lnilinl nil.I ini?(ninl tmliilrnr. anl-wan
Steamship Tickets. s
Atlantic Exprot?s Service.
"city OK ROME" Irom New York
Wkdskmhy, AuKiiNt f, tteptomborfi, Octi>her
H, October :it.
I*rsi'?t niul finest pHv-ciiifiT Steamer afloAt.
!?loon h^i\ *tl<> to VtoO, Second-Chum, 930.
Glasgow Service.
riUfltner* every Saturday from New York to
Glasgow and Londonderry.
i"?Wn l'nsmyjw toOIantow. Londonderry. Liver
| pool. or Helfn*t?.%()mid 9(10, SfcondChUW. W30.
*tivru$e. <>iit\vnril or prepaid, either .SorvicOi
-.noon Excursion '1 liki-ts at Keduecd rntcs.
Trovcler*' Hrc-ulnr betters of Credit and I'rafU
lor ?* nitiikiint Untied at lowest current r*tes.
For Hook* or Tour*. Tickets or further lufor
I nwtloli, 111 * ill v to IIKKPKKSOK BRUTflEKfl. Now
York, or H. K, 11KI1KEN8, 2217 Mnrkcl I
r<" I jyJQ
"' n thorough knowledge of the natum! laws
w.ilcli Koverti tin- oiHTrttlotiK of digestion and
nutrition, Riid hy n cureful ni?i>lIctitioii of the
Jin-|T"|'?Ttk? of well MJiootod Cocoa. Mr. Epps
iu? t>roviil?-,l ?ur i.n-iikfiut tables with a delicately
llavored bevcrajro which mnysareus mnny
hyavy doctor*' bill*. It I* hy the Judicious u*c
of "tch articles of diet that a constitution way
?w gradually built up utitil ttrotiK cnoURh to resist
pvii ry tendency to dIbrnsc. Hundreds of sub
AILS ErPb & CO ll?>"niu<?p?thlc rtiem- 1
Mt-tinha. 1 Uu' Ut"lu"- Knglini.
Only $3 00 Per Dozen
We. 42 Twelfth Street.
K>iur,n,l ?J'4,IN *"H?*KOY JOB WORE
* *"'1W Fourteenth itroet
In old people the nervous system h
weakened, and that most be strengthened.
One of the most prominent medical
writer* of the day, in speaking of the
prevalence of rheumatic troubles among
the aged, soys:- The various pains, rheumatic
or other, which old people often
complain of, and which materially dhtorb
their comfort, result from disordered
nerves." There it Is in a nutshell?
the medicine for old people must be a
uwt wuiw V/IU pcupic nic UOO WHO
constipation, flatulency, drowsiness, diarrhoea,
indigestion, rheumatism, neuralgia.
ITiese diseases ore of nervous origin.
Paine's Celery Compound, that great
nerve tonic, is almost a specific in these
disorders, and by its regulating influence
on the liver, towels, and kidneys, removes
the disorders pbcuHar to old age.
Old people find it stimulating to the
vital powers, productive of appetite, and
a promoter of digestion.
Sold by druggists. $t.oo. Six for $5.00.
?j?.u .UI ciKni-|>aK<; paper, wun many teati.
tnonlalt from nervuui, debilitated, and aged people,
who blrn Palne'a Celery Cowpguad.
'ells, filctardsoniCi)., BnrHngton.yt.
Ail Important Auuoancement
About Mx week* opo. w hile at bu?!n?a?,I
vui m.Mi'iily niw > d with vxcruclattof
Kini lit my feet.lm-* nn?l hand* Niacrera
u attack (Hat 1 Iwk my M Imim-dlaUljr.
and lti two or thrw onya imt Jolnw war*
gwollrn to nliuimt their natural *1x4,
amlah-rp v :n iirltrn ln?ni !?? <tfur Buffering
the i"< ' vxcri'i'lntliut |Miln lorn week,
ucTiik lltiliii "ills r.ml vnrlntia other n inedlM,
frit-mi who synn -r. iiji.ti with iuy belpletf
oomtstloii.anl l t<> mi-: ? ?
"Why doti't j.tti i < : Swift a Speclflo and
nioit. I w111 !'! n rurp.niul If ttdot#
nutthomcillciiiH n.uli ro.t you within*."
I at ou<-a urea inn H. 8. s.. unit after
ualmr It tao llr?c ilHJ, Us?l a ?j?ih-t niubtaiid
refrrahlng y. I:> :i w.-. lc I Mt greatly
walk niaoitt tbo worn, .mil alter u&l&x tlx
tx>t(l0M 1 Willi o il abln to KO to buitoeaa.
Since tl,? n J !jb? i-urouutwlvntmy port
of duty, mid ataud "u my f?ot from iilno 10
ten hour* ft day, i-vl vn entirely freo from
pain. Tlxwa ?ro i!.? plain andalmpto fact*
lu myoi?4'. ami f will ciieerfiilly ?iwworall
in<|uirli'ir?>lutlvothrM'i.?.eUhi'Pln peraoaor
bymuil. ti; >ia.h Mawciujb,
11 tt\ 13tb fctuxl. New York City.
Kwnrir.t.K. TttKH.-r hnvo wnnlrd off a ?
tcm in inck of rheum -in by a timely retort
to Swiri'# }?|. Cine. I I.II wlu-reapermnneni
relief U sought tlili*> meillrlne commcndiUUelf
for n Hutlounl treatment
tliat thoroughly cri'iicaU-* tbo wed* of dla>
cam from the riicii'.
l;. v. W. v. TUnwsoif, D. D.
Kmv York. f.| Tt;i Avr.?After pendln*
Kit/i t.i bo I. lie i'<l i f ]<kio<l 1'iUon without
miv l>-n> lit. ii >".v Ik tlleriof Btvlft'uBprcUe
Worked n pcritci euro. C. POKTJta.
Vtc.v.f a, O.t.-Mj* littlo irlrl. ncoil Air, and
bo-'. II;: 11 I- 111- Vim;*, linU AlTOfUla In tfc*
*mr*t k.. r;i? to't shape. They were puny
?lokl?'. Todaytltey are heiltliyandrobiul,
ull tho rcult ot i-kluu' a. & S.
Jok T. CoLUta.
I.*nr T.arp. SriiTvu Co., Fix-Your S. a,
8. Ii.iuj..-.*-. il n wonderful Mieceui In my
ca>>*. Tito o.m. ?r ? i i.jjr fneo. no doubt,
would liavoi.Hin lnirrl'-d met" my grave. I
do tUblk It Ii wumb-riul, nn*I l:a* nominal.
I!. II. llvnt>, l'osima?t?r. ,
Waco, 7txi?, Maj 9, ISM.
B. S. Co., Allin'a.C '.:
Gentlemen-Ki:o\?lnif Hint yon oppreolate
voluntary toAtlnionliUA, wo t?k? pleasure in
stating that ono of our lady vmtpimera baa
regained Iiei* health by the Uwof four lary*
*?ot?!.- ? of your grrr.t ri-u.eilv, afti-r having
Iuh'ii an In villi I for M-vcrul > car*. Ilrrtroubft
was ex'ivnio debility, cntisedbyadlseaji* po.
ciHiar tolirrn x. Wit.UMft Co., bruuRlsts.
Tjireo luNiLi innllMi Cm on application.
Ail JcUjJUltUM'll s. s. H.
Tiik swirr srrrtnc Co^
Jiiawer .1 Atlanta da.
Mew Vi.rfe.i5b Uroadwar.
Pearl-Top Lamp Chimney.
Phis is the Top of the Genuine
Pearl Top Lamp Chimney.
Mlothers, similarare imitation,
^ Insist upon t he Exact Label and Top*'
Fon Saie Everywhere. Made only by
'EO. L MACBETH & CO., Pittsburgh, Pa.
lery Best Gum Teeth
Teeth KxtrnctM Without PAlnbynewnroccwJ
< danger Imm U. Utokvn Set* Teetl
llled. Teeth Kx traded only 25 cent*. Worl
Suuday Hour*. 9 to 12 a. m., 2 to 4 p. Ui.
S. H. CALDWELL, Dentist,
Jo'U) TThj.i 43 Twelfth Sirt'ot.
~ hindbrcornK
[ Tlie L^tof ull remedial tor I
Inward Vain*, Colic, Iiuliscv- I
lion. K*hauHionandallStom?ch
and lloircl trouble*. Alio^^H^H
I he mm: n(cciivo euro for
iflicti JliS Ot me ^"imnK
r.rcitu. It promote* refrtthinf
deep, improve* tUo appotiU,
overcome* nerrotit proration, ^3?y?9!0r
and cive* new We and atrmgth ~ ,
k- (ha weak and aged. 50c. and $i<oo, it DtjguW'
.? lr>t of .K> YK.MIH lw? pptved I Urn mat merit <
i!.., iHi|>ul:ir rowdy, l?y tlirt wpM liKrosmu tn I?i
win i.uiiluif l'Jiy*?clin?onrywliern, it u?m?rior
il otlwro lor ?lw MtH. prmuU iutU rouipkU euro 1
taut rUndiiur ??r ppwni { ?; >?? ?* U Um be;
hiittliortirai-^t.n* Al.L ^Mt l(f 7
( i-nt-iwrUKtWofetCRiK.i^.. CLIS k CO ,1'ARI
W lfr*
BHMwS^IClcAntei and bcautifiet the hair.
JBJJrv Promote* a luxuriant growth.
PWYAV JBNtvtr Falls to Raitora Gray
I Hair <o it* Youthful Color.
IHndrntt *M hair falltn?
$l)e Intelligencer.
Olflre t Nun. iifi mid #7 Fourteenth titreel
We wait for the bugle: the night dew* are cold,
The limbs of the soldiers fee) Jaded and old.
The Held of our bivouac in wiudy and bare,
There is lead iu our Joint*, there in front in ou
The future i* vailed and It* fortunes unknown
As we lie with hushed breath till the bugle L
At the MJUtid of that bugle each coninulc thai
Like an arrow released from tlie strain of th<
The courage, the Impulse of youth shall conn
To bauiib the chill of the drear bivouac,
And sorrow* mid louca and earcs buie away
When that life-giving slguai proclaims the new
Though the bivouac of age may put Ice iuoui
Ami no fiber of gteel In our sinew remain*:
Though the comrade* of yesterday's march an
not here,
Ami the MitillKht scorns jmle uml the bronchia
arc scar?
Though the Bound of our ehcerlntfdles down to t
Woslinll find our lout youth when the bugle It
?Thuum WctiUeorih Hl<j<jintca, in the C'rnlury
"What shall Lizzio do while wo arc
The question was asked with becoming
indignation on the part of Mrs. Dr.
Lizzie Vsw her husband's niece, the
poor relation of the family?not that
any member of it was rich. No; the
father was a struggling physician, one of
a large number of men who have always
been painstaking and faithful, but
never successful.
His wife was a thriftily extravagant
woman. She was extravagant where
the lavish use of money made a show
and nromised a return, and she was
miserly where no such results were to
be expected. She was the mother of
two girls, no longer in the bloom of
youth, aud sho had spared neither
money or trouble in her efforts to cstab
lish thein in homes 01 tneir own. licr
husband's sister had incurred her displeasure
by dying ami leaving an only
child penniless; and herhusbaud, for
the first time in liis long suffering life,
hud asserted his authority so far us to insist
on providing the girl with a home.
In \;ain had she stormed and raged, and
she was a woman who could do both.
The doctor was Unit.
"I will not let my poor sister s child
want while I have a home. She can't
eat much, forslie is only seventeen; and
the other girls must do with a little less
finery, and share with their cousin."
"You'll rob your own children!"
gasped his wifc.|
"Yes, if necessary I'll rob my own
children of gloves and candy ratherthan
know that my niece is homeless and
So the niece came, and a useful member
of the household they found her.
She wad such a neat sewer, such an expert
mender and patcher, who, as ttobbie
Burns said, "Gars auld claes look
amaist as weel's the new."
Spring had arrived, and, as was their
usual custom, Mrs. Dretf and her daughter!
were going out of town to some gay
and fashionable beach. The doctor
could not accompany them, oi course.
Ilis part was to stay at home and work
hard, in order that he might supply the
sinews of war.
The father had asked the question,
"What Lime's share In the summer joys
and pleasures was to consist of?"
"Well," said Mrs.* Drew, looking
around the parlor where they had unassembled?Cora
and Helen reading,while
Lizzie repaired some of their silk stockings?"I
should think Lizzie would be
glad to stay at home and take care
of vou and the house. You can't leave,
and my darlings will 1 >9 ill if they do not
have a change. I have thought of a
good way to make a little money. Supf)ose
we let some of our rooms with
>reakfast only to one or two gentlemen.
So mauy wives go out of town whose
husbands like a bite before going to business.
They dine at hotels. All Lizzie
would have to do would bo to make
some of her nice coffee?I must say I
never tasted better than she makes?and
just boil and egg, or something of that
kind; no trouble."
"Can't tho cook continue to do all
that?" inquired the doctor, rather impatiently.
Mrs. Drew had the grace to blush
"Why. to tell the truth, I have dislintli
?hn ("ftnlf nnrl ow-mill Ifirl.
Our expenses will be ho heavy, the girls
need so much, and Lizzie is strong and
seems to like work, so I thought "
"You thought that you would make a
drudge of her all summer, while the
girls and yourself were away enjoying
yourselves?" asked her husband, more
sternly than he had ever spoken to her
in his life.
"Never mind, uncle," cried Litzie,
"do not. for pity, make a fuss over nothing!
I shall uo just as Aunt Julia says.
1 like work and am used to it."
So it was nrrniiKed, the doetor gave in
to his wife and daughters, as usual. A
carefully worded advertisement was nut
in the papers informing the public that
"handsomely furnished rooms were to
let in a fashionable locality. Breakfast
if desired. References. Gentlemen only.
Address II. D., IlernltI ofllce."
This notice brought numerous replies,
and by the time Mrs. Drew and her
daughter were settled at the West Knd
Hotel, Long Branch, every room in the
i house had a tenant.
All the family wearing apparel had
been stored in a loft, and Lizzie's hand*
were full waiting 011 her lodgers and attending
to the comfort of her over-worked
"Are you I)r. Drew's daughter?' in
quired a tall, tine looking lodger one day,
"No, sir, his niece."
"Ahj I thought you did not resemble
your sisters, if you were one of the fami<
Iv I have often met. I saw the part)
the other day at the Branch. AVhen J
came here, recommended by Tharidgo
who was here in the beginning of tin
season, 1 did not know what to make o:
the situation. Mrs. Drew and he:
daughters do not look like people wh(
i make a living by letting rooms.
"Oh, it is only while they are out o
- town, said the girl coloring furiously
ami wishing that her new lodger wfu
J had taken a room left vacant by an ol<
I man, was not so inouieitive.
Probably ho understood her feeliuira
for he nuked no more questions. 1I<
was very kind, though to his prettj
hostess. He escorted ncr out frequent
Ily, took her riding in tho park and wa
8*0 attentive that Lixxiu thoroughly en
joyed her summer.
She was neither romantic nor vain
but she couui not neip thinking jvmsoi
Gregor seemed nleased in her coin pan \
_ Her heart's feeling toward him she wji
afraid to analyze. She had never flirl
% ed, never thought of lovers in her bus
j young life.
She knew he was a high-toned gentli
% wan, a man of wealth and position, an
I she regretted that she only occupied th
[>f position of a servant in her uncle1
ft nouse. Ho must look down on her, sh
J feared, though he certainly never a]
J pcared to do so, always treating lit
* with the utmost deference and moi
than the usual respect shown by a youn
man toward a pretty girl whom ho like
and admires.
"Is your uncle home to-night, Mil
Strange?" he asked, ono evening aft<
he had been an inmate of the ho'ui
some two mouths.
"Yes, Mr. Gregor; he is in the an
m gery."
fx "Can 1 intrude upon him for a fe
? moments? I wish to ask a question
* "Certainly." said Lizzie, lookir
b rather surprised. "I hope you are n<
ill." she milled, all her interest in hiui
fally displayed in her large, innocent,
blue eyes.
t~ "No"; I ain going to Europe hoou, and
= 1 want to ask him for something in the
house that 1 wish to take with me."
His keen brown eyes were fixed on
her face, and she felt her heart sink,
while its richest blood rushed away from
r it to dye neck, cheek and brow.
In a moment she knew how fatal to
her happiness was the thought that he
was about to leave her. So coolly, toe.
He spoke of their parting, with" what
1 seemed to Lizzie a mocking smile on his
fuce. She could not bear it, that heartless
scrutiny, and she ran away before
L" the tearsthat filled hereyes rushed down
her hot cheeks.
It was not a long interview. In a few
moments Lizzie's uncle called her. She
obeyed thesutnmous, trying to look calm
r and dignified.
"What is this I hear, meco?" asked
. the doctor, with the most joyful expression
on his face his niece had ever seen
1 it wear.
i "I don't know," faltered Lizzie, her
eyes on the floor.
1 Mr. Grcgor stood with his back to
. them, gazing out of the window into the
summer night.
"Oh, you don't know! Well, I must .
say you have stolen a march on me. J
Such a quiet little puss us you are. So 1 ,
have to send a dispatch that Auut Juliu
may come home and tlx up for the
wedding ?"
"Forgive mo, dear," said Grcgor, advancing
and taking her hatul in his. "I
have been bold enough to ask your
uncle for his most precious treasure. He
bus said 'yes' will you do so too?"
Great was the astonishment and envy
of Mrs. Drew and her daughters when
they were summoned home in order
that IJz/ie's trosseau might be quickly
"She has caught the match of the season
!" exclaimed the young ladies, indignantly.
"Allison Gregor, the rich \
Scotchman, whom all the girls at the <i
itrauch were wild about. lK' owns dear k
knows how many cattle ranches out ?
West and is heir to a baronetcy. A h
mean looking little thing like that, who j?
knows how to darn aud sew, and hasn't
one particle of style." c
Sad, but true. They had to swallow j"
their mortification and stand up as s
bridesmaids beside the little poor rela- I
"Well, girls," moralized their father, [.
after Mr. and Mrs. Gregor had sailed for e
Europe, "I've heard that there is an old "J
saying, 'A lass' luck will come to her if [5
she sits under a table,' and I begin to T?
think it's true. You got all the lincry 9.
and went to Long Branch to hunt your j,
luck. Lizzie staid at home and her's o
found her. As she has been the only J'
successful one you had better follow her
example next season." tl
Whether they will take this advice or '
not remains to be seen. n
?? 11
Col. Dan UouiiiihI. II
Varktrtbury Journal.
Senator Camden, not satisfied with 'i
drinking the gore of Judge OkeyJohn- JJ
son, is snnrpening his knife to spill the J,
jiolitieal blood of Col. Dan Johnson, of a
Tyler county, who wants the Democratic
nomination for Congress in the First ??
district. Col. Dan seemed to have n
everything his own way until a few 1
days ago, but since the Huntington con- ,
vention, Mr. Camden has had time to
devote his attention to liim, and his ?l
, doom is scaled. Two or three new
i ? i ? i 11... n u
IlillllL'i* IlilVO Ijiruu HlU llllg, illlU UIU V
den knife is glittering in the air.
I.ittlo Huvm by it Little Girl.
From Chatter. H
Boys is men that have not got as big ?
as their papu, and girls is young women j
that will he young ladies by and by. a
.Man is made before woman. When "
(jod looked at Adam he said to himself: !
"Well, I guess I ean do better than that ti
if I try again," and then he made Eve. J"
God liked Eve so much better than he
did Adam that there has been more s
women than men in the world ever
since. Boy's are a trouble; they are very ?
wearing on everything but soap. If I a
eould have my way, half the boys in the
world would fie little girls, and the other J
half would be dolls. My papa was so ?,
nice to me that 1 guess" he must have ;?
been a girl when he was a little boy. [
At tliu llustoii Symphony. '
m-t j
Miss Sonata (to western escort)?Do \
you know Wagner, Mr. Hamlard?
Mr. Hamlard?No; but I'm well ac- !
quainted with Pullman, lie lives in
Chicago, you know. ?
Pilot! Plluil Itching I'Uhh. '
Pvjiiton.h.?Moisture; Inlcnuo itching ?nd l.
Ktinj:l?g: most ut night; wor*o by scratching. '
If allowed to continue tumors form, which .1
often bleed and ulcerate, becoming very wire. ''
SH'AYNK'H OlNTMKNT StOpg tllU ltvUIllfC aUd *
bleeding, hcalo ulceration, nmllnmoKt cones re
move* lllO liiuinrs. ai tirnggixi* ??r u> mini, iur .
50 con Li. Dr. Swayne tfc Sou, I'liilndclplilti.
Kcxmmt, Itchy, Scaly, Skin Torture*. I
TIio simple application of "Swaynk'h Oist- *
must," without any Internal medicine, will cure any
cane of Tetter. Salt Ithcum, Klr.ijwnrm,
Pile*, Itch, Sores. Pimples, Kczenui, all Scaly, ;
Itchy Skin Eruptions, no matter lmw obstinate
or long standing. It In potent, effective, and
costs but a trltle. ttIisuw (
Kxcurnhm to Pittsburgh. J
. Tho Baltimore it Ohio Railroad will '
Hull excursion tickets next Sunday, May
20, and continue to soil thfcra during the
entiro summer, to Pittsburgh, at tho rate l
of ?1 50 the round trip, tickets good for 1
Sunday only. Will also sell excursion ]
tickets to Washington, Pa., at the rate of ?
?1. Trains leave Wheeling at 5 and 8:10 1
a. m. <
Akk you made miserable by Tndiges- '
; tion, Constipation, Dizziness, Loss of 1
Appetite, Yellow Skin? Shiloh's Vita- ,
lizer is a positivo cure. ?
Why will you cough when Shiloh's '
Cure will give immediate relief. Price 1
lOcts., SOcts. and $1.
1 A Nasal Injector free with each bottle ;
' of Shiloh's Catarrh Homed v. Price 50
' cents. Sold by W. 15. Williams und C.
Meukemiller. daw-kow "
What is it that will give a cold, cure
* a cold, and pay tho doctor's bill. A
A Warning.
: The modes of death's approach are
1 various, and statistics show conclusively
? that more persons die from diseases of
! the Throat and Lungs than any other. ,
' It is probable that everyone, without exr
ception, receives' vast numbers of Tu*
bercle Germs into tho system and where
these germs fall nnon suitable soil they
* start into life and develop, at first slowly
? and is shown by a slight tickling sensaj
tion in the throat ami if allowed to con1
tilnue their ravages they extend t<^ the
lungs producing Consumption and to
'? the head, causing Cutarrh. Now nil this
J is dangerous and if allowed to proeced
'' will in time cause death. At tho onset
" you must act with promptness;allowing
8 a cold to go without attention is dangerous
and may lose you your life. As soon
as you feel that something is wrong
'? Willi your inruiu, ijiuik? ?>r ^utuniM, on-,
11 tain a bottle of Bosoheo's German
' Syrup. It will give you immediate re*
lief. &vf
y ltuckl?n'? Anilcit Halve.
The Best Sauu in thu world (or cttto,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, (ever
(1 sores, tetter, chapped hunds, chilblains,
,e corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi8
tively cures piles, or no pay required. It
? is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction,
or money rafnnded, Price, 25 ceuta per
,r box. For sale at Logon & Co.'s drug
10 store.
'g *"*
s Shiloii's Vitaliub is what von need
for Constipation, Loss of Appetite, Ditii98
ness, and ull symptoms of Dyspepsia,
r Price 10 and 75 cents per bottle,
se Cnocr, Whooping Cough and Bronchitis
immediately relieved by Shiloh's
r- Cure.
Ttlt Key. George II. Thayer, ol Bonrw
bon, Ind., says: "Both myself and wife
own our lives to Shiloh's Consumption
ig Cure. Sold by \V. E. Williams ami C.
jt Menkemiller. ww-iow
The rtMlorei of the Money and Block Mar*
New Vohk, Aiikuki iM.?Money on call easy
at "i to 2 per cent; closed offered at^S percent.
Prime mercantile paper 4'iaf.;^ per cent. Sterling
exuhauge ?iulut but atcadyatH W%a4 87%.
Sales of stocks 130,121 shares.
The flock market to-day was intctucly dull,
wrlth the exception of the first hour, when nearly
oae-balf of the buslnc* of the entire day was
treuaactc<l. The declines Ht the opeulug reached
% l>er cent In the general list, au<l Canada
Southern vras off 1 iter cent and Michigan t'eniral
1% percent. These louses were further in*
creiiMMi by small fractions before the rr?om recovered
from It* genre. hut after that time the
market moved up rapidly until the best figure*
were reached, which was generally before 11
All animation died out of the list when the
upward movement took place, and a heavy tone
was developed which extended to all parts of the
list, although the movement was cxcecdltiKly
slow, until the last hour, when some pressure
was brought aoaliiftt the list with the result of
wiplugotitmostof the early Improvement. The ,
close was very dull but heavy to weak at Irregular
changes froui the opening figures. The final
cnuoges are irregular auu lor tractions ouiy.
Tlie Kallroud boml market was dull; sales
Government and Statu boml* dull aud steady.
U. H. 4s reg 128# Sash & Chat. M
0. S. 4s coupou 128ft Xew Jersey Central bTii
U. 8. reg. luG9k Northern I'aciflc.... 2a?
U.S.4ftroii|>ori 107.,% do preferred
Adams Kxoress 148 Chicago <b X. W 112^2
American KxpressJO!) do preferred 144
U'aunda Southern... A3 Xow York CentraLIQSj? TT\
I'euttul I'dcltlc :wj,j Ohio & Mississippi. |j
Uhmitcakt'ilkOhlo. 1JS. do preferred - TV ft
do tlrst preferred. io'-j I'acitlc Mali 30% I
do second prefd. Ilk Pittsburgh* lfo A
C. C. C. Jc I W Heading Denver
it R. o is st. L. & s. K a%
Krle \l7Ji do preferred Tjy?
do preferred .. W,% dodrstpreferred-113
Port Wayne Ifil C. M. A St. I'aul... VM
Kansas Texas ISJi do preferred -llity,
Lake Krle ?fc West... 17 Texas 1'acitlc 24
do preferred VJ% Union Pacific 6i?^
Lake Shore Wit, United Suites Ex.... 78
-ouisville 6i Nash.. toy, W., St. L. & 1' 14
j., N, A. &.C .'to do preferred 2iJ?4
ileinphls & Chas... fiO Wolls-Fargo Ex 120 *
iliehiKiio Central... h?i Western Uuiou 82
Jissourl l*?clllc ?J
lirmidstofl* mid Provisions.
Xkw York, August21.?Flour, receipts 21JH9 I
ackagci; exports 2,.VU barrels and 'J0,&!8 sacks; fi
nurkei strong mid lfttlAc hletter with tin active 1
lemaml; sale* 2S :UX> barrels; winter wheat, low I
nidi*, OUiUt .V). Com meal firm. Wheat, re- JL,
etpta 214,050 bushels; exports W.OTO bushels;
aim 34,tttl,000 bushels of future* ami :i'?7,(*jo
usheis oi spot; *|H)t unsettled; options, large
iislnes* but very irregular; excited on bad forIgn
news and ezUmine covering: ungraded red c
JeoSl 05%; No. l bard 51 05&al 07J<-: No. 1 Northrn
SI w%& delivered; No. - red A tig. lWj^caW 01%, 1
loHlng at Si oi^: September usJucaSl i?i^. closIK
at 51 0154: October W.'icaSl VlxA. closing at
I U-J'i; November 51 OO'^iI Ul1,, Hosing at SI o:i;
iccenibcrgl 00%al 03l.Vjii,closing at 51 03JJ; Jan'y
I VM 01%, closing at fcl (H?v, May ?l tM%al <*'%,
losing nt 91 07#. Cora, receipt* l?J,?w0;bushIn;
exporta .'>1,156 bushels; sales -l.-t'JMJUi bushIs
o( futures and liM.Otu bushels of spot;
l?ot market tinner and moderately active; uuraded
mixed , options more active; No.
August &l??a.>foc, closing at .'>'%< : Septeiner
oT%a55c. closing at 65c; October frtKniW^e.
loving at fk'ij^c: November .,d>ia.V?J4c, closing at
t\ic; December 61%aM>?c. closing at .VJ'yc:
miliary 49fol'J}4c. Oats, receipt! IJRJ.OUO bushIs;
exporta none; sales .i:tu,00ty bushels of func*
and 118,000 bushels of apot; spot market
iwer on mixed; mixed wcs.crn l'".a;51c: white do
alJe. Hay steady, flops steady. Collce, opions
barely steady; sales U5.000 bags; August
I.1&ull.ti5u; September 11. Twill/joe; October,
[).3fta10.&c; November. 10.tuaiu.l{ic; December,
J.U'.al0.1>; January, |t?.(i*?il0.1.r?!; March lO.-JUi
i).30e; May iy/..\aI0.35c; July I0.;i5c;
!io; sjKit quiet; cargoes H&c. Sugar,
tw sttwly and in light demand; rctincd
lemly. luce dull. Tnllow steady, ltosin quiet,
iirpentinc steadier at :a>>^uit7. Iiggs firmer and
uiet; western 15al7%c. l'ork quiet and steady;
Id mess $11 OUal I 25; new mess 515 0(>al5 50. Cut
teats, light trade and steady; middles strong
nd in light demand. Lard, spot scarce and
irong; western steam t>.50a'J.6Jjy\ closing at
.ffiiftu; August 0.23c; Kepteuibei y.&Oc; October
.300; November M.55c; December M.20C. Mutter
rui; western dairy 1lMal5e; western creamery
3><a20>ic. Cheese UtsBltled western 0%a7>^e.
CIIICAUO. August 2I.?Tlie wheat market to
uy was marked t?y high price* at t lit* opening. B
'here was it dccided decline In-fore 11 u. in., ami I
ecldedly higher price# ami a lurorc ?>1 buying B
luring the lust hour. The ronge ami the vol- B
line yesterday was surpassed. The cubic* were B
cry bullish again and prices started nearly 2c B
ver hut night. In corn there was a good trade,
nd price# uuctuated widely, Oat* steady. l'ro- B
itfioiui active and higher. Flour firm and tin* B
hanged. Wheat, cash No. 2, Ulu'/tc; So.?
prlugh2aMe; No. 2 red August 8UiUl%c, |
losing at ?Jl9jc; September Khi'Jij^e, cloning
t'JlJ^c; October WfoMfa. closing at OlKc;
lay 'XmUiXfi, closing at U7e. Corn, cash No. 2 p..
iiKUsi j r^U'ic, doHiug at 46c; September r 1
il^Cf clooing at4flkc: October elosig
at 4G^:: May tu^c. Oats, cash No. 2, 23n P i
August iCv,;c, closing at 2f?Jtfc; Sep- IT]
.miber2.vjic: October ltye, No. 2, l"c.
hiXfteed. No. 1, ?l :tu. Alefw pork, cash, August
nd September $13 85; October ?13 02} ?; Janary
51310. Uni.cuMi D.lUiit>.li**^e; August and
cptcmltcr y.'Jia'J.35e, eliding at V.iCic; October
Ui*a,J..,KKi', closing at tUUu; January 7.72/V- ni
lacon, sli?rt ribs, *.'J0c; shoulders i.lOal.'iOo, U|l
liort clear 8.8UaU.UUc. liuttcr and eggs ilrm I
nd uuehunged.
1'iiii.AI'Ki.i'iiia. Pa., August 24.?Flour strong
ud higher. Wheat strong and higher; No. 4
ed ?'ke; No. :t ml Wkc; No. 2 red August
bJfa'Jufa; October 'J'n'J'! 2f. Corn uuict; No.
mixed Me; No. 2 high mixed Nl%c: No.2 vol- 81
oh'M^u;No. 'J mixed August Ml*a&4%c: Sep- Hca
emberOctober &la5l%c; November
ttatfj^c. Oat* weak mid irregular; new mixed
8o21ta; new rejected white 2Sa.'Uc; new ungraded
irhlte JMWiIBc; new No. :t white .EtoM%c; old No.
white foe; old No. 1 white 48c; futures firm
ml Mulct; No. 2 white August :w%a40o; Septem* ?
>er :Ki%a:sft?c. Pork, mesa SIC oo; do prime ,,
ness, new, Siti 00; do family, S18 00a2000. Butter Ab?
Irui. Egg* firm.
Baltimokr, Mo., Angust 21.?Wheat, western v'
eilve and Irregular, closlngfltroug; No. 2 winter T
edspot iK'^jiUTo; September 90%at)7c; Octobcr
fil<jaV7*?c; December Corn, wtaitcrn
lull and nomlual; mixed spot&2a53c: September nv
2kaM%e; year iBaKi^c: January 4&&tt4uc. Out* 11
inlet but firm; western whiteiHaHTic; do. mixed
laiTc. Rye steady at SCuiiSc. Hay firm; prime to
ilioice western $17 00nl7 HO. Provisions quiet
md steady. Butter dull; western packed 12al/ic; A
.reamcry 17alVe, Eggs Arm and higher at 17a
Cincinnati, o., August 21.?Flour active.
iVheut scarce and firm; No. 2 red DOc; receipts
1,000 bushels; shipments 10,500 bushels. Corn KJ
sasy; No. mixed lie. Oath easier; No. 2 mixed X8>fa27c.
Rye linn; No. 2, Mo. Pork quiet and
unchanged. Lard steady at &.7&e. Bulk meat*
ind bocoti steady and unchanged. Whisky J. I*
iteaky at SI M. Butter, sugar ami cheese steady l. g
rlggs firmer at 16al&){c,
Toi.kdo, 0., August 24.?Wheat llrin and
ligher; cash t?7^c; August SI 00; September OCc;
urn dull and higher; cash 47c. Oats steady;
sash 2T?K?*. Clovcrseed active and firm; Octobcr
hi 82>?; November si no.
Livo Stock. ?
Ciiicaoo, August 21,?Cattlo?Receipts 0,000 40(1
icad: shipments l,ft00 head; market strong
md lOalfic higher: beeves S"> lUaiiuo; steers SJ 7o
iG 00; Blockers and feeders 82OOaJlcows, bulls |h
ind mixed 81 70; Texas cattle 817.f?tUUO; X>
western rangers 91 fiUafi o.'?. Hogs? Becelpts 11,J00
head; shipments 4,.'>00 head; market steady: ..
mixed f58.'?ii !.%: heavy SOOUaflWi; light S'.Wa W*
i&0;skip8$ll0a.r>80. Hhecp-UcccipUS,000head; \y*
ihipmeuts 1,000 head; market steady: natives
52 hQuf?00; western shorn St 60a3 W, Texas WW p
ut 00; lambs &" 2fia0 35. ms
East LIBERTY, Pa., August 21.?Cattle-He clpts
MbJlicad; shipments 722 iiead; nothing
luiiiL'. all thromrh consignment*. Hous?He
joint* l,ftOl) head: shipment* 1,800 head; market
u-tlvejt'hlladelphlas St'. O.'mCTft; mixed 80 Matittt;
Yorkers >? 40*6 56; common to (air ??> '.Wnfi 4?;
plw Jti ooafl 25. Sheep?Kecelpta 2,000 bead: n
*hipinenu l,?'?ou head: market fulrat unchanged er
price*. *
Cincinnati, O., August 21.?Hog* dull and
lower; common and light * "? Ml; packing and
butchers ? '? 80a0 00; receipts 1,090 lieatl; ship- Iment*
WO head.
petroleum. Fill
New Yokk. Augnit !M.?I'ctrolcnm opened
llrm at 87 K<*. Vi'o above butt night's close,but the } ['
market beeaiuu very dull and fluctuations were ? w
narrow. Tho market closed Arm at 879?c. Consolldatcd
Exchange opened at 87}io: highest "l'
STjfic; lowest 87J^e; closing at 87%c; sales 610,000 ?'j
barrels. tt,i.
On. City. -Pa., August 24.?Opened at 87 kc; ~
highest 87%c; lowest 87! ;c: closed at 87kc; sale* T
IKW;000 barrels; clearances 2,320,000 barrels; char- L
ters 21,627 barrels; shipments 70,71V barrels; runs _
3V,Ml barrels. 1
Pittsburgh, Pa., August 2J. ? Prctroleuui
fairly active and tlrra; ojiened at 87%o; closed at Coi
H7Jio; highest87%c; lowest 87Jh'c. Ch;
Hiiaofouo, Pa., August 21.?Opened at 87%c; P."
closed at 87,'^e; highest 87%q; lowest 87%c; {JU
clearance* 778,000 barrels. 110
Titusvii.i.K, Pa., August 21.?Opened at 87|^c; ?
highest bT^c; lowest 87,'iic; closed at 87^0. ?
Piiiudkmmiia, Pa., August 21.?Wool, quiet ?
and prices firui; Ohio, Pennsylvania and West ,,,
Virginia XX and above 2!t?31e; X 29&30e; roedlurn
tfiaiUc: coarse82H*33c; New York. Michigan, m
Indlaua and Western line or X and XX 2flaZ7c: CI
milium :tta:t;ij8c; coarse S2a33c; line was lied de- 01
lalne and XX :t2a32j>te; medium washed comb- Bel
itig and delaine Store; coarse do .'Etc; Canada
washed combing 31a32u; tub washed .'Ua-'bc; me- '
dltim unwnahed cotubltig and delaine 27h2Sc; ?
eoarso d0iffia270: Eastern Oregon 10u2Uc; Valley a
Oregon ltin26o; New Mexican utid ('olorudo liaise. ?
Nkw Vokk, AuguKt 21.?Wool lem active iirul
utrotix: ilonientle tleece pulled JUu^lc;
Texas 13#23c.
Iirjr GouUa,
Nkw York. Auffmt 21.?With agent* there wm
a pood order renuent for cotton ninimfttcmreii, %
while wool fahrica of nil dencrlptioim were In
, better demand. r
Mrtnl*. [
Nrvt York, august 21.?rig iron wons and f
quiet. Copier tlnn; take tlii .so. Lead buoyant; .
uotneatlcll CO. Tin canter; strait* S3)'.*0. |
Can be attached to any torch. The moat
TVV attractlro of any thing aver offirwL
r|n R!s.,s?Xtfa*r?'o"-"cs: ,
[ #, _ Ipaclal i>ri0M to QlDbi and daaUra. J
for our Campaign Catalogun, mallad fro*.
nfr A. o. SPALDING & BROS. Iff
| WHS? i
tUlS-TTlmi II
Frew & Bertschy?F>
Must Ihj given to people who will uot'
Critically Examine 0
It In a beautiful am
Oil Cloths and Linoleurr
Window Shades and C
Saxony Chlidema Rugs,
.Qmurnn anrl MnniiPtt F
Fancy and Plain China,
"You "Will flud it very profitable to visit u? ?u
1117 Mair
Social attention given to Under
'elephono calls answered at al
/ vcum
\s??7 balm
rfu2\ HAGAN'S
?mu-tt'Ji ^
\\uMii.Ktrnti// JT ? _
imbing, Gas & Steam Fitting.
eo. Hibberd & Son,
Siiocuwom to Thompson & Hibbord,
mbers, Gas & Steam Fitters,
'ECIALTIK8.?N ?\ur*l Ou Buppliea, Blc*m
ting uid Ventilation.
1314 Market Street,
VAllwork promptly done at mofct kmon>
prIct'H. tny28
pi. HARE & SON,
umbers, Gas and Steam Fitters,
II work done promptly at remonable prlt w.
CAPITAL. ..*900,000
f. Vancb Preildent
I. Dei.ai'i.ain Vlco-Prenlden'
J. N. Vance 8. Horkhclinor,
J. 31.15rown, \V. ElUnctiani,
L. H. Ih'lHiilain, A. W. Kelluy.
John Frew,
rufu fowled ou England, Ireland Bcotlano
i all point# in Kurope.
JOHN J. JONES, Cashier.
CAPITAL.......? 1175,000
. A. Itiicrr Prcsl lent
. B. SiyjkON Vloe-Preimlent
raltao: Y.ngland, Ireland, France aud Gertiy.
Wm. A. iKett, Wm. 11. Simpson.
J. A. Miller, John K. liotafora,
E. M. AtklnKon, Victor Hotunbitrg.
Henry Bpcyer.
tril F. V. JEl'dOX. f^ublor
fo Farmers, Gardonore, Etc.
k'e have jiiHt received the following for the
1 trade:
iale chilkMl Plow*, Prince** Chilled Plow*,
iiccm 8teel Plow*, tioulh Bend Chilled Plow*,
: Injun Sulky Plowa,8yracu?e Chilled Illlbdde
>w*, Genuine Malta lilllMde Plow*. Beverly
lUlde Plow*. Plow IteimlrH (if all klud*.
ver ('hilled Plow Point*, Write fnr.*Keury
1 price. K. K. GIFKIN & C(L
w 1.VJ0 Main St.. WliOfllntc^W. va.
L No. 1113 Market 8treit,
rhe Farmers' Implement Depot,
Have constantly 011 hand
rn Planter*, Binder*, Plow*,
eck Itowera, Mower*, Plow PoiutH.
Itlvatur*, P.eiiper*. Feed Cutter*,
rmw*, liny In# Tool*, Fertilizer*,
onlcr Fertilizer (iraln Drill*, Oliver'* Chilled
Plow, and all other Farm Implement*.
'RTITIPC Shrouahlre, Ox, and Cot* HHKKl
iAU lluu jcr*ey Bed* ami Berkshire IKMiH,
Itockaand H. l>;horu Chicken* Bronze Tnr
m, Ecjra aud CARP in *c**on. KNttlNh*
11*. II. P'r*. Ac.. bc*t and Viiiaj cat; pnrt pai
lumber. Satlaiactlon guaranteed on all.
f AO 60 rent book for 25 cent* and namoa.an':
bvu HddrcM of twenty wide awake Farmer*,
i.l RtMinu for circular* to
m'.aiMW Kuvmt. W > |
?,c%Luburg k
neiCirMt r?KI?i. RM ? Riltaa CM AIRS prp 1
OreMOO different dMlgaa* jMSSL%_'
h<4?aallnf; by placing yoor older*
u?Avtthuai&?ka?yoa can
'ttrnl trmlt.. Our IiuA'ntf I i .rWK|fl*l| 1
ad apMkl Baranlna will wtonwh/
i-j. Oooda aotaandar ft gmtntin bfTfHjK \ '
n.l dallvarad fVie to any point In vAAPT/ vi*-*
ktiSeeoaf'ee^SS ?U?o??<wda|oa wfliK far.
L?5 North Blakm Mtreelf Philadelphia, Pa.
!jl Printing neatly and promptly ex oca tod at
it Intelligencer Job Rootni.
jrnlture and Carpets.
trake op to the ncccnlty of corniux to J
irtnicnt of tbe vorj I
innnucm niui iwido i \
niuncox yuHwiicij i?.
urtain Poles,
lapierandCocoaMattings. i
a lnivco.1 Mil curinllj Mimed Spring Mr.ck 1M jj
i Street.
taklngand Arterial Embalming. ?
I hours.
la for the Face, Heck, *'
Anna and Hand*. It a ?[ "p 1
Liquid, applied Id- I glim a.
atantlr; can't be de> 11 * ? a?u?? < 3:
tected. TU Coo ling k S:
Eefwalxlng. Try Ul ^*?*22?
srtafftra /QiN I
Rural Ueaorta,aa it tm> f p ? |
mediately ovexcomea C ??1 ?
Tan, rrecklea, Bun- ~
burn, Bedneas, ctcJ m\f^
Iaaxna?lcalbeautlfycr /^mTuS.
A Liquid uaed in a /TttgMUIJ m
moment Deficit de? i D?1m ,o
lection. Inaurea a 11
Perfect Complexion. di
Never bfla bad iU equal x?*4 w R
H si
Kwpa Ibo Skin on the fcj! di
Face, Neck, Anns and /'JuPflOlU\
liaudtt Soft aud I'lla* // rttSi I'l
ble. Given a Bavlali. 1; J0ilRl JVCS
ing complexion. Ko- di
auvcfl Punplce ii Tan I \^m?i *i.uA< m
?? it
Groceries, &c.
Grocer, Pork, Packer, :
Celebrated "Strawberry Hums,"
Hos. 1309 AND 1311 MAIN STREET, J
My own Cure of Choice Smoked Mcnts dellr*
crcu dally from my I'ork Uouaoat Manchester. ^
Headquarters for (
Taylor's Patent and Family Flour, jj
IIoa(I(|imrtera for the Celebrated (
A1 aroma Coffee. >"
Solo Agent for Dupout'n Bportlug, Mining mid }'
BlwKtluc Powdtyr. )? *> 1
. /
If you ore in need of 1'iiro ?|*|ccft for riekling, fl
etc., you cau ??;t tiio best at |
A frculi lot just rocolvcd.
Our Frcflb Roasted Coflcea and I'liruTcfl* will V
plcaao you. ?
Conner & Snedeker, nnlft
Cot. Market <fc Fourteenth 8t?. I
piCNIC |
My slock of IMnilo floodft Ik very law and J
vuricd, (Miin|>rMtiK everything In the line of hot- ?
lied ntul i'uuued irunda now In the market. '
i:NO Market Street. {
Try Jriiiop>i Coffee. Jyw
jt pays to trade <
Sugar, Coll'ce, Ten, Klour, imd nil Qroccrlui/at j
iu?tonUhiiiK price*. j
Stores, 2217 and 2219 Market Street. Bninch .
Store, corner Thirty-eighth iitnl lucob HtreoU. :
Professional Cards. 1
qT~wI atkinson!
general Insurunco Agent, 1
1318 Market St., Wheeling, W. V*. 1
^Collection* promptly attended to. Inrar* 1
ince solicited In VVheefltiKi hihI In nil twrU ol .
Went Vlnjlnln. Can place Insurance at Iowom rate*
?tid In h<?t oomttanli*. wplft-^w ,
y.| V. heath, v.s.,
(Successor to Dr. 0. B. Kotdnson.)
A Practitioner of 20 Years Experience.
?"Owcr ani? HonriTAL, No. 1cw Chaidlne
Street, Wheeling. W. Va. ,
Culls by telegram or telephone answered day ,
and night.
Corrc?i>?nd?'ncc promptly answered.
Mnslrat r.nnriR.
WE have a nice
Upright Piano,
Uned about four month*. which wo oiler nt n
great BAcrificc. Call to ?co It.
au!4 K. W. 1IAFMKK A CO,
Loaisiaoa State Lottery Go.
For ticket* or furtber Information add row the
underfilled. If yon naro not boon fortunat*
elaewhere. U jr mo for a change.
? , , Corlngton, Kjr
Mention thia paper. mv
XX. TRAIKH?On and after May 1ft. IhHfr-KxrLANATlON
OF KKKKKENCK MABKfl. *Dally. t Sunday
excepted. {Monday excepted. jsaturday
excepted. (Sunday only.?Eutera Standard
II. ? O. it. 1U?JSaht. Depart. Arrive
Philadelphia Limited- *."i:2;iam *10:45pm
Mail and Kxprew *5:10 pm *11:20 am
Cumberland Accom- ?:(ttam t,:W pm
lirafton Accom 6:10 pm 11:3) am
Mouudavilie Accom - 5:85 am 7:30 am
Moumlsvllle Accom.... 7:35 am V?:lf>atn
Moutidkville Acuotu 12:01pm 1:40 pm
MoundirUle Accom 6:10 pm 7:<i)pm
CambridxeAccom ...... H?:00am 17:10pm
Kxpreiui (Chicago and Col).... io;2& am *6:10 pm
UhuuRo Kxpient. *3:40 pm *?:Wam
L'hlcugo Limited *tt:&Qpm *C:'i'?am
ft>luuibua Accom J2;45 pm fl0:;v*> sun
Cincinnati Limited *11:15pm *4:Warn
it. Clainrille Accom ?8:06 am t7:toam
3i, viaiiiiiiivoiMiui i
tt. Clalravlllc A<t%m :... f2:00pm tl:S5pm
tt. Clninviilc Amtin 6:10pm ffiMQpm
W.t P. & It. Dir.
tViubluKtouand lMttkburgb. 5:00 am '10:16 am
kViuhlnxtou and l'ltuburgb. *8:10 am *11:10 pm
I'lttuburjck & I'blla. Ex- *0:20 pm *6:66 pm
tVnahliigton aud IMttxburgh. tl :4.'? pm fl2:45 pm
fit*hingtou.. f5:30pm tx:Wam
Pittsburgh Accou .... p:S0pm ;ll:ft>am
P.; C. * St. L. lly.
MtUburgn - .. t7:voam |'.>:'J0pm
fuutmnfti aud New York. .. fl:36pm fa :45 pm
Pltuburxh and Now York... f4:20pm fll :(X) am
Pittsburgh & N. Y. Ex V:4U pm
KprcM, flu. una m. ixiui*. 77:31 am tu::u nra
CxprciM, Cln. an J 8t. Louin_ W:lO pin T '-1 '-M pm
txpra*. Stuubenvllle ?l Col. J 1:56pm| t8:4:>pm
Iteubenvllle and Detmlnon. f4:20pm!_
c. * p. n. h.
MlUburgh and Cleveland-... tttfOam 8:17 pm
ilarlltr* Kerry f7:4.'?am 5:Hpm
IteubcuvUle Accom rJ::w am 1:28 pm
Jevolan.l and WollivUlo f2:12pm 8:Mam
'Uuinuyh ami Saw York *4:J? pm t 1:18 am
itubuncb 11:17 am 5:17 pm
C., L. Ac W. K. B.
'xprww, Cleveland, K. A \V.. f 12:85 Qm tS:05pm
IhmiUIou Accom .... t5: 12 pm fll :25 am
U Clalravllle Aocom t7:Miun t? :32am
t. <'lulr>vlllf Actum fl0:25am fl:82pm
t. Clniriivllle Accom f2:10pm f5:S4pm
t. Clalmillo Accom 6:2ft pm 8:00 pm
ocal Freight ami Accom-... 5:30 am t<:30pm
Ohio River Itnlli <>ud.
'MKMiKt'r.. *7:35 ami'll :00 am
'aftMMigur >12:15pm ?3:20 pm
touwuRer ? .. ^ :90pm| *8:15 I'm
rolgbt I .....
H.. Z. At C. Railroad.
Bcllalro Ac ZanwnrllleTbrouRb Pawenger leave
Allaire at 8:40 a. m., arrives at Hellalreat4 p. m
WoudsJIeld J'UWH'IIXIT h-aves iioJIaJro Ht 4:J0p?
i., arrives at IlellAlrc At 8:20 a. m.
Hutnmerflold AerominodAtlon leaves Bellsire
[irllEELING & ELM GROVE li. K.?
? T ou and after Monday. April :x>, 1868.
utunou the Wheeling 61 Elm Grove Railroad
1)1 run an follows:
6:80 a. in., 0:10 a. m., 7:00 a. in.. 8:00 a. m., 9:00
, m., 10:00a. in., 11:00 a. m., 12:00m., 1:00 p.m..
U) p. Hi., 3:00 p. it)., 4:00 p. in., 5:00 p. in., 6:10
in., 7:00 p. m., 8:00 p. in., 9:80 p. m.
raves Wheeling Pake:
G:10a. m., 7:00 a. m? 8:00a. m., 9:00a.m., 10:00
m., ll:U0a. in., 12:00 m., 1:00 p. m., 2:00 p. ui.,
(X) p. in., 4:00 p. m., 6:00 p. m., 6:10 p. m., 7:00
00 p. ui., 8:<W> p. ni., 10:10 p. m.
H UN DAYS.?Leave at 7:00 a. m. and run every
jur, except church train, at 0:16 p. in. Leave
hcollrg rark At 8:00 a. m. mxl run every hour
utll 10p.m.,except church train*, which will
avu tlie I'ark At 9:4r? a. m. aud Wlieeliug at
:15 p. m. And 9:15 p. ui.
?t.-* c mUMCH.Pnm
3 Departure of trains from Wheeling Schedule
1 cQeci April i5?, lh8K?Eastern tluio:
Express lor Chicage and tho Northwest, 10:2ft a
, 3:40 p in, 0:M p m 'Wily, uud 11:16 p m dally
teept Saturday.
Kx press for LwlnnaM and 8t. Louis, 10:26 a m
illy, 11:15 p m dally.
aitnlirUlgu uccuimuodatlou, 9:00 a in, cxeoi-t
For Coluinhua, 10:25 a m dally, and 11:15 p m,
lily, itml '2:45p in dully except Holiday.
hxprcaa for WaNhiuuton, 1). C? Haltlrco.X'
IdlHdHpbiaand New York, via Ciraftou, L. A u
and 5:10 p iu, daily, via l'liubunch G:'JU p. p.
For I'lttiburgh and Washington. I'a., 5:00 a in
illy; fXprcaii.&lOa m, daily, 1:45 p m, daily
irept Sunday. Additional way train for Waibigton.
Fa., 5:30 p m, dally except Sunday.
For I'itubursb, WuKhltiRtmi, Baltimore a!iu
hlladdpliiu at 0:20 p in daily.
I'itUtlmrKb accommodation, Sunday only, r St
For Moundiiville, 5:55and 7:85 a in, and 12:0C
oon. and G:iop in, daily except Bunday.
For Grafton. 5:10 p m, dally.
For Cumberland. 9:05 a m, daily, except SunVor
St. ClalnvllJc, 8:05 and *J:00 a m, 2 p m and
:10 pm, dally oxcept Sunday.
Kxpruaa traina arrivo from Chicago, 0:25 and
:V.iainHUd0:I0,pmdally, and 4:65 a m daily
KCopt Monday.
KxprcM tniiiui arrivo from St. Louia and OlaInuatl,
4:65 a m and t?:10 p m, dally.
Kxpruaa traina arrivo from Philadelphia, Haiti
lore and Wash lug tnu, U. C., via Urufton, 11:2? .
m and 12:45 pn daily; via* Pittsburgh, 10:15
. m. dailc.
Traina arrive from Colnmbua, 4:55 am dally
tid0:10pmdaily, and 10:35 am dally ox<ert
Traina arrive from Pittsburgh, 10:15 a m daily
ad 12:45 p in, except Sunday, 6:55 p m aud il:2t
m dally.
Trntua arrive from Washington, Fa., H:00*m.
ally except Sunday. *
x nuim arrive iroui jnouuuirviiiu, i .w nnuv.ia
in Mil'' 1:40 and 7:40 pm, dally except Sunday.
Trains arrive irom Oral ton. 11:20 a m, dally.
Train* arrive from Cumberland, 6:60 p iu, daily
srept Sunday.
Train* arrive from 8t.Clalr*vlllc, 7:.Vmml !0:rfi
m, aud I :SK and 6:10 p mi dally except Sunday
Cambridge accommodation arrives at7:10 p in
Kcept Sunday.
IbiKgage called for and cheeked at holela and
ttluciictw on order* left at ticket oflice, 1200 Mar
ul Ktrect, and at dejK>t.
CHAH. O. SCULL. Geu. Paw Agent
W. M. CLKMKNTH. Manager.
J Table taking oiled May 27, 1W*. Paannxet
alii* will run aw follow*?Central time. All
uIiin dally except throw marked thu? f which
o not run on Sunday.
mouth Bo un p. fn?>.7 No. ft. fSo.'J No. 1.
a. m. p. m. a. in. a. m
eavo?Wheeling ?:.*?? U:!A 0:36
enworol,opp.liellairu :i:46 11:#* 6: Mi
louudavlllu 4:u'. 11:42 7:1C I
p. in.
'ew MartlnRville 6:12 12:4ft H:lt
h'illiamatown 7:00 2:1* 10:11'
fcrkeraburg f?:lf? 7::? 2:4.'. 11.00
p. m
iavenawood C:ir. 4:K? 12m.'0
Ihxhii City f?::C? ];&>
lllfton f.:?' IMC
kitlve?l'l. I'leaaanU... >*:lo 0:lh 2:1a
iallijuillH Ferry ?:00 fi ::< ' 2;S2
luyiuidoite 10::b 7.% 4:ou
luntlngtou 10:4.'i 8:0f> 4:17
p. in.
harleMton a:20 10:(? 8:2C
ronton *:**
'ortsmoutli a.m. ?:IC
I'M to Sulphur 6:00
p. m. a. in.
tiWtitou .. I |...t I I ' '".'Q
.NtillTII HOUNIi. No. tt. N??. 4. tNo.'l fSo.H
h. m. n. m. a. in. j.. m.
<eav??Huntington...... 10:00 B: is 3:16
10:18 f?:.:o .'M'S
infllpolls Kvrnr 11:? 7:W? 4j5f
'ointl'Ioauni 11:45 7:'JU f?:(l7
V. in.
2M 7:ftft 6::'?
JahonClty VM? H:?? W
tiivetinwood - 1:4ft 1*: 1 ' 7:00
HrkvniburK f?:00 21: 1ft 10:4ft H;M
VilHainatowa.. *i::so 8:4'> 11:11*
i>. in.
Jew Martinsville ft:ir. 8:37 12:4ft
jounditvlllti *J:2ft 0:40 im:,
1ciiw'o<mI tt:4ft 7:C0
Irrlvo?Wheeling 10:ui 7:lft 2:20 ....
Leave Wheeling vln. n. in.
?. C. Ai 8t. 1 12:3ft 3:20 ?..
Irrlvo?Cleveland 6:30......... G:3u
ItUburgb .... 3:'J0 6:M
a. in. a. in.
'hllartcliihia 6:? !>:*
How York 8:oo i?:ou ....
n. in.
ihlouto ......... il:ao f?:?o ....
Through tickew ami baggmcD cheeked to all
W. J. ROBINSON, Gcn'l Paw. Agent.
Farkenibnrg, Vi . Va.
Trav. I'm*. Agent. Wheeling, W. Vn.
*-^Tnvrcr?iTn/iii nrvnivviTi i. t'n
loiiiiiniii, i i re oi
. LOU 18 RAILWAY CO.?Panhandle ftoutti
Under wtiedulein effect August ISM trains
cave Wheeling. Central Standard time: For
jtcubcnvlllr, I'ittxbtirKli mi?l the KaMt, 6:150 n. m.,
12:31p. m., 91:'40p in. and n-.w p.m. For CoiutnIiun,
Cincinnati, Indianapolis *nd *t Uiiilnij^O
i in.itii(lH:iO p.m. ForColtiiiibiiiiMint (.'hicHK<>
12:35 p. in. 1 rains arrive at WlieelltiK nl ftiOO
i. m., 10:00 h. in., 2:45 p. in. and H:20 p. in.
rrftln*. IvivvlOK nt C?:M n. in. and arrivlnc H-.20
h. ui. run *olTd between Wheeling nml I'ltuInirgh.
All trains ?inlly cmpt StitnTny. mi7
RAILROAD.?Cndcrsrhediilelneflw Mht
i;?, 1RW. Tmln leave UrMKcpnrt, Central ht.iinlMa
time: For KlU*lmrflh, Ohlr*Ro and ?:'*?? e.
laud ?:'? ? n in. For Pittsburgh, 10:17 a in. lor
riiiinuo ami Cleveland, 1:12 p m. For i'lttsbi rx.'i
mid bivvt York, 3:.*W i? in. For tftcubcnTlllc. h:r3
s m. For Martin'* terry, tt:45 a in.
Trains arrive at iiridgfport at 7:M a m, 10.13 a
in, p m, 4:16 p m, 4:47 j?m, and 7:47 p m.
Business uarcis.
U. S. Pension and Claim Attorney.
Collector and Notary Public. Kent* Collected.
All buHluewt entriuteil to my euro will rccolve
prompt attention. Call on or ad draw
General Machinists,
And Manufacturer* of Marine and 8tatlonnrjr
Coa. enaruxB A Emhtirntm Pt*.,

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