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I Announcements.
I j^ssnvsihMy.sT.
7\fV r-' f/ "/ "Alo County:
- f lb? offlee of ProMetftfat
t;. r- -Ml!)- M.iiH. vour votes at
<bold November C, 1488.
Truly your*.
I li < JoK *' KLSOX.
I . ,o: <:ral Notices.
On Ft y' -"urUyOhio iScuI Estate. I
. uiid Ileal Estate Agent. I
| HrhlicviMirt, Ohio. I
I For Saio. I
H , i . litnbcr. Farm well watered. I
j-*;., stable and other outbuild-1
, ' - i road, lour mile* from
.. j.',1U0, one-half caah. bal-1
. m..i year*. J. if. BK1STOK,
7,,?i V tfiiiiBOiifK. W. Va. ?Ul? I
I \ r \ l:>11A 1.1. COUNTY FAKM?1
ii,;lil) ,-'1 l*r:" ol ,W ftCre*. ' Wile*
(tin ilivilli*, roll veil leu t to church and
i w?? mile# of mill and atoru.
I .. rc?, two miles from rivet I
l-'iuo Market Strml.
I ^TOt'KS 1'uU.SALE.
I i?tit'i -' 1 il/?'ii? Sireet Hallway.
; .1 .... i:n- mi i .Murine Insurance Co.
>i ly limuntiicv Co.
I Kuia Iron and Steel Co.
"* . i ii.? Valley iteuk. I
lill:i Sail Mill,
ff J. 1HWIN, A unit,
I : No. 21 Twelfth .Street. J
i/ < ?>i- lu ? Id Fair (iroumla, Zune'i. I
I ?ud South i ron: utreebi uud
I rtret'l, at very Jow fluuren.
I . for i960.
I : IIoiimi, No. 27 Soutli York I
' - . ... i IfotiKV, MUthwcKt corner I
I i . . .in -:< I W I *tr ei; Mill jmy iui tin I
I i . . in-.! Hoiim.', No. -I Surth liro.tdtvuy J "
I Mi--. . ~' ..ivw condition; will make a|
I - No. . < North Front i
Itfivl. :.? f l"l, Itlh'lt CrolJU'l.
I hi\. i.' . i Koiim! at.740 .Market street; a
I * u-,'n. > li'Miiuoil Cottage, lot iCixliO, No.
I uiN?ii'i " .?treet,ST.'iO.
Ik<; lii.iiM?ultvay* on ham! for rent.
I G. O. SMITH. liTJU Malu St.
i :! I T* four j/>ts hi (.'aid well's Addi'
<"ii In tlw C'llr ol Wlicrliii#, I '
.. | ,ti. LouiMioil OU the Jir.rtb by Twenty ,
' ' mrt oi i .tM.ui by Fillmore street, ou J
. ri;K S? I'-""".', ?*?
"InHStolWrty <!?>? will be Mid ?t P"b
"u' ??uJ rur?hcrm<J.rm?Oon ?^lr to |
l.CXJ Market Street, j
Real Estato.
i.i.i lamii ?tn*>t nn '
v? ~
v. I, J?mli Unci, J ri'oum ?
v..' ii.riiii nin-fi. ' !*"
\n. I'jc; AI lev II. > mm unci I house : uu __
\|I I Mi AI lev II. ." roomed llOUHC '*1 A
.s'ii. iw Juinli street, 4 room# t> 00 a
Sii. -JM Womls J rooms ami at-io 7 to I
No. SiU Miiiii street, J room* (X> I
N'n : - i Mmiii . irt i't. I rooms 7 00 ^
No. ;<7 Klevoiith struct, :i rooms "?< cellar... fi uo
N.i ill Twenty-third i trcet,rooms f? 00
TwoulliivriHiuiK, sivoml floor of Hi-llly
Three ruiuii*-. ii*! vmi of Alluy I." <i 00
v lot J .Mark* t Htrvct, Storo-rooin and two
...? !kr> 00
Nn l!i:?et street.:: r?m>iiim Mi
Si I. *. I i.iMlty -i > til Hltl'Ot, I roolliod llOUSC.. Ml
N>> ; 11 u. niy fourth street. Groomed liouse.ir> 00 |
I.. Anc I'ann. f? roouud fratine home. Imrti -50
liy Mi ( ? t, .lalilo _7 |,y-jo liH't. whkosi tilled ami
ii.ru (Till, ami other outbuildings; orchard nf
.'j. trri -. 1'.. mills viist of Sew Cumberland,
Hitutiii k county, \V. Va,; luyB well. Price frio
No, in Twelfth street, with liotiHti on alley, n ?
full l-it . i _-n>uit.I; n uts at jn-r utitium; can 1
l?.' Inui^lit fur ?'J, imi.
I'.iur IIIniiik'i| New Cottage mi Moutidsvilk
('rtiiip < fmfid. Price,
N.i. .'u.; Market street; storeroom ami two
r in-; KiutiUil a full hull lot; can lie bought for
No. lii.' MeCollooh street, 5 rooms ami collar,
inn lie Imiiulit for Si,'jtm.
Nil. i'o'. KotV street, 5 rooms and kitchen;
ljruiiii.117 feet front, running fo alley, livfti'l.
six roomed Itrick House. No. 'Jtftl Main street,
uroiiiid a half lot; can hv bought for SUM).
Many other Humeri, Lot.-, ami Farms for sale.
Personal atteiillon given to the collection of ?
rents mul other aecountw: the pun-hiiNc ami sale ,
if mil estate, the prosecution of claims for Pen- 6
Ion, Ilotiuty, Ac. Pensions are increased when 2
|.r.ij?rlv prm-nted. Many Pension* should be B
mini higher. |
IU'.t! IMate Auciit, U. S. Pension ami Claim At* 1
tnrney, t'ollertorami Notary Public. f
nil il llil'J .MaI'.KCT STRKET. I
WuiXt.l.Mi, \V. Va? August -J, 188S. J V
Seu'u.11'rii|N>Mtl.? will In; received at thisofliec
until I'rlilay, tin.' 7th day <>f September, at
. lOoYlnrk n. m., fur the following county work,
t<> lie completed during tuc prei.cn t ycur, viz:
' Wroiiiriil Iron llrhlgts. r
Two *|.nwi over IUr Wheeling Creek. Ht Kim i
tiruve, iu. h 100 feet clear span, I I feet clcar
nn< ?|mi over Utile Wheeling Creek at Trladolphin,
70 feet dear span, ami P.' feet clcar
One >|m?m on Wot Union and Honey's Point
IU41I over Middle Wheeling Creek, sume dltnen- ?
Mom ns last. "
tie M'Hii on Middle Wheeling Creek Itoad,
"ver Middle Wheeling Creek, near Klmmlns'
Mi! ,ui frvt clear upan ami 1- feet clear width.
Allot the above bridges to have ItKl pounds
|? r xpture foot capaeltv, with factor of five (f?.)
strut 11 vli?*et and #j>eelllcutlon* must accompany
will 1.1.1. ,
Masonry. Two
abutments on West Union and Honey's
I'.Miit Komi at MMale Wheeling Creek, contnlntni;
ulx.iit i>i ruble yards of Una-class masonry,
1*1.1 In cement. |
Urn- nimtiunit on Middle Wheeling urccu ,
near Ktminlns' Mill; containing about I
l- cubic yard* of bridge masonry, laid dry.
llaMtu: n( nvo abutments and pier at Klin
'irove Bridge, embracing about fiO cubic yards of
Unitclosx masonry, laid In cement.
Il|ii? arc uImi desired for 111! in upproachea to
bridge at Kiiuinius' Mill, embracing about I,.'4)0
cubic yards.
I'rojMiviU for masonry and fills must be by the cubic
yard, and nil /intjiDmU tntiHt be nceotn I
Imiiici| i.y the names of two responsible parties I
*? f<?r the faithful execution of the work
If awunlcd.
( lu-ard reserves the right to reject any or all
sute lull names of bidder*, with I'ostolllce \
?ddrrv?. liids f,,r masonry must beaceompanlcd
' > a separate bid for foundation, excavation by
Hit; cubic yard.
I ?r further information apply at this otllec.
l"/*e proposals "J'roposuiB /or County
Hy order of the Hoard.
?"CH.UtbKS f. W001H, Clerk. ?
Mi.um'i,-co5i FornixST
"Bv a thorough knowledge of the natural law?
viu-.i govern the operation* of digestion and
nutrition, and by a careful application of the
?'iej>ni|KTtlc?of well selected cocoa, Mr. Epps
"Yl-nnblwl our breakfast tables with a dell
>>< > ..iivonii ileveragevviiicn mnyiMvcus many
lit'Mvy 'liH'tor*' bills. It In by the Judicium line
<>t ?u, h article* ot diet thiii it constitution way
<ni?limlly built up until HtronR enough to rt*j?t
every tendency to dUciu^. Hundred* ol subtle
tiuUdle* ate floating around ua ready to at
Ut-k wliiTi-viT there In a weak point. ?o may
many m fHui ?haft by keeping ouraelve*
*< :i l?rtltWM with pure blood and a properly
nourished frame."?civil Service Gazette.
Mrt'lc khniily wlih boiling water or milk. Sold
ouly half-pound tin* by Grocer*, labeled thun:
Housofurnlshlng H: rdwaro.
?'o have the nicest Paring Knife over Invent,sl
It UalwavRMji toeut one thlckneaa. You
2-Joi waste fruit or vcgetablei. Wholenalo or
. 1210 MalnStrect
Triple (3} luotlou. The only Kreexer In the
market that ha* more than two ('Jl motion*, and
"uly Krtvrer in which the luslde movement
he teen In operation. For *ale by
Jjlo-Tuar lata Market Street.
Brilliant I
Durable I
Frnnnmiral I
Diamond Dyes excel all others
in Strength, Purity and Fastness.
None other are just as good. Beware
of imitations, because they
are made of cheap and inferior
materials, and give poor, weak,
crocky colors. To be sure of
success, use only the Diamond
Dyes for coloring Dresses, Stockings,
Yarns, Carpets, Feathers,
Ribbons, &c., &c. We warrant
them to color more goods, package
for package, than any othev
dyes ever made, and to give more
brilliant and durable colors. Ask
r_ .. ai. n* i u.i ?.i
iur uic uuimunu unu iukc ho ouicr.
/J Dress Dyed ]
A Coat Colored |Q
Garments Renewed j cents.
A Child can use them!
At Druggbu anil Merchants. Dye llook free.
Pearl-Top Lamp Chimney.
Fhisis the Top of the Genuine
Pearl Top Lamp Chimney.
Mothers, similararejmitation.
Insist upon the Exact Labeland Top
Fat Sale Everywhere. Made only by
iEO, A. MACBETH & CO., Pittsburgh, Pa.
T. S. FLAGS, Kvory Variety,
15 X. dnj' St., Ilultlmoiv, Mil.
Send for Price Llat. nu'JiMuw
rmm ooeos
a Our now CATAI.OOrK OP VAM.
9 T.MUS OUTFIT*, with constitution.
| drill t.trtlcd uiid full information about
9 or.nnlzlntf nnd drllllnu Mnrdntic Clubs.
? -1'^{;w,voiuLJ,
'lumhlnc- Gas & Steam Fittinar.
jeo. Hibberd & Son,
Sucocnorf* to Thompson A Hlbbord,
'lumbers, Gas & Steam Fitters,
t'l'KCIAl.TIES.?Natural ?k* Supplfet, Steam
'i*:itliiK an?1 Ventilation.
1314 Markot Street,
&o*AU work promptly douo at most rwwonl>le
Mumbers,Has and Steam Fitters,
jUMroriMtoiMsprompuj^^v*^ |
Jewelry, Watches. Etc.
Jield Glasses and Telescopes !|
We lime Juat reeelvcd a new line of the cele>
ISiircIoit \ Sou and Lo Mairo
Thcfcc koo<1j? are tho finest made In the world,
mil we ?hull oiler them at extremely low prleoa.
jylfi Joweleraand OlitloUnn.
Li??M?? |
Professional Cards.
q. w. atkinson|
Henorul Insnranco Agent,
1318 Market St., Wheeling W. V?.
"Collection* promptly Httciuli.il to. limitwire
w?llcltc<I in Whccllnjt, mnl In nil pnrm ol
Went VlrKlnlii. Can plwo itiMimiirc jit lowcui
httw> >??<! In ?w?t roimmnh^.
Mod leal.
Ml B E |!JR sr4 v. utkkey HAbi
I WraSJSfl & 5 Swl '' iHMwnowtth
i AlrsM
f lie Stttelliaeticur.
Offlen i No*. *5 and .*7 Fourteenth Styrt.
We're nearly all beyond the age
Of three score year* and leu.
Hut we voted onre for Harrison
Aud we'll vote that way again.
Yea. forty year* and more aim
(We all were youug men then),
We voted straight for Tlpi>ecanoe,
Aud we'll vote that way again.
'Twanthen we built log cabins,
liaked Johnny cake lor the men
Who helped elect oldTipnecauoe,
Aud we'll "take the cuke" again.
Ench year our ranks are thiunlug
To make way for younger men,
We sooti will join old Ttpi>ccauoc;
We may never vote agaiu.
Iiut we'll uphold no Free Trade banner,
Aud we want no Free Trade men;
We've ever voted for the right.
And we'll vote that way again.
Here's to the health of our candidate.
1'lease jnwt the cider again,
We drunk It then to Ti|>|>c<-auo?.
Now we'll drink to (iunerul lieu.
He comes of freedom-loving stock,
Oao Mlgaed the Declaration:
IIIm grand*ire fought in eighteen twelve,
Aud he fought to save our Nation.
Then give three cheer* and a tiger, too,
Join in, all the brave old inen,
Ah we voted once for Tipi>ecuuoo
We'll shout for his grundsou lten.
For Harrison, then, and Morton, too,
Let UN give three cheers again :
We'll vote ouce more for Harrison
Justus we voted then.
Accldeiita and Incident* In Went Virginia
nud Vicinity.
Huntington is to have a public park.
The West Virginia Central Railroad
Company is building a largo round
house at Cumberland.
Tito Democratic nominee for Governor
of Minnesota, Hon. Eugene M. Wilson,
is a native of Morgantown, this State,
William Miens, aged 17, has ueen arrested
in Monroe county, charged with
a criminal assault upon a girl 11 years
Two houses arc being erected ?t 1'iirkershurg,
in this .State, which will have
paper walls, paper partition and paper
Belle Boyd, the famous Rebel spy, has
become a resident of Purkereburg, baring
removed there from Davenport,
Charleston will have another daily.
The Slain Tribune will soon make its aj?pcarance
as a daily Republican newspaper.
At Friendly, in Tyler county, a Republican
club of -50 young men had a
imnnh'. fin fJii'ir )>jinn<>rK wits inscribed.
'''Our liiut vote for Harrison and Morton."
The West Virginia Central railroad is
is about to ship coal by the way of Martinsburg
to the Cumberland Valley railroad,
thus to the east by cheaper and
quicker method.
The Governor has accepted the resignation
of JI. II. Andrew as Colonel of
the Kecond regiment of West Virginia
Volunteers, and has issued an order
placing Lieutenant-Colonel J. W. A.
r'ord in command of the regiment until
further orders.
A man named Asbury Vandervort.a native
of.Monongalia county, mysteriously
left home ami wife a quarter oi a century
ago. lis wife, after many years of waiting,
thought him dead and married again.
Husband No. 1 now turns up and the
sad story.of Enoch Arden is revived.
The Fairmont Wert Virginian says that
recently a gondola was drawn through
??.?* ..I.inn nitnp (In. H .{ O Jll'lir
ing an engine of ancient pattern destined
for Columbus, Ohio. It was the old
"No. I," said to he the first locomotive
ever built by the B. & 0. Company.
The Harper's Ferry Sriitiwl ouotes a
Hagerstown dispatch to tin* Washington
Pott to the efl'cct that John Brown's
Fort, the old engine house of the United
States Armory at that place, has been
sold to a company in New York and that
it will shortly bo taken down and transnor
ted to that city and set up in Central
A big fish story comes from Gilbert,
Logan county, to the effect that a monsterlish,
eighteen or twenty feet long is
to be seen in Guyan river. More than
100 people, sixty'of whom were armed
with Winchesters, were on the scene last
week. It js Intended to shoot a volley
into him if he can be got in shallow
A special to the Intklmokxchu from
Parkersburg reports that on Saturday
evening the employes of the Ohio Hiver
Railroad presented President Geo. W.
Thompson with a costly gold watchchain.
The presentation speech was
made by V. B. Archer, Esq., the com
j ill n v n vui, nuui^vu
pliea feelingly and happily.
The full hunting season is drawing
near. The law as it now stands permits
the killing of the wild turkey from Septemper
15 to January 1, the pheasant
from October 1 to January 1, and partridges
from October 10 to December I.
It is unlawful for four years yet to chase
deer with dogs, but they may be "stillhunted"
from September 15*to December
A short time since the writer was in
the vicinity where a son of Upshur
county (of boasted possessions and ancestry)
was married. A few hours after
the occasion was celebrated, the bridegroom
surprised the neighbors by donning
his homely, every-dav apparel, taking
a horse and sled and returning to
the owners the articles which had been
borrowed for the occasion. In this was
possibly demonstrated gome of the old
time economy whicl- was practiced by
our great great grandfathers.?HurUmnnan
I Ono of the most remarkable men in
West Virginia is Mr. George Siunett, of
Ritchie county. He is in his 00th year,
ami is straight, active and vigorous, lie
I is one of the original settlers of that
portion of West Virginia. His health
is good, and ho bids fair to live long
enough to claim his age at a century.
During the last winter lie cleared three
acres of land and assisted in laying up
200 panels ot fence. This spring he
plowed live acres of ground and furrowed
out seventeen acres of corn and
potato ground. This gentleman's father,
Patrick Siunett, diect at the age of 102
As Mr. Jacob Shepherd, of Maryland,
near Hancock, was returning" from
Berkeley Springs in his bark wagon accompanied
by his dog Jack, on Monday
of last week, his coat slipped from the I
wagon and was not missed until his arrival
home. The dog was also missed,
but as dogs are like many boys, not particular
about their hours, but little notice
was taken of the dog's absence at
the time. On Wednesday, as Mr. Shepherd
was on his way back to Berkeley
Springs, what was" his surprise and
pleasure to find Jack faithfully guarding
the coat on the roadside, and had lain
there for thirty-six hours without food
or water.
Misses Mattie Miller and Ida Brown,
of Grafton, were visiting their friend,
Miss Boggess, at Cherry Camp, and the
trio started for a drive with a somewhat
skittish horse. Just as they reached the
railroad crossing Miss Boggess' little
brother tired off a toy pistol, which so
scared the horse that it bounded upon
the railroad track like a rocket, and be
lore wo jriguieneu jame? coum irai?
their danger Miss Boggess was thrown
out upon one side and Miss Miller upon
the other. Miss Brown however, retained
her seat in the buggy while the
vehicle was baing carried madly along
i the track between the ties and the telei
graph poles nntil the depot wa? reached,
, where the frightened animal made
' straight for the platform. Fortunately
Mr. Boggi'ss was there and grabbed the
bridle, but the horse was ho frenaied
with fear that he could not bo sulnlued
until he was thrown down and his head
pressed to the ground. In the meantime
in the attempt to stop the runaway
the hut remaining occupant of the bug?
was thrown out, but escaped with align'
injurv, althougu 80 stunned that sh<
could not rise without assistance. Mist
Boggess had several ribs broken and torn
loose from the spine, besides beingother
wise seriously injured. Miss Miller
senseless when picked up, and in spite
of all elTorts to resuscitate her remained
so for a verv long time, in fact did no!
become fully conscious uutil some time
the next morning.
Last week, when all the streams were
swollen to many times their usual size,
C. L. Oblinger and V. K. Hughes, oi
Lewisville, Ohio, were working tueii
way over the slippery rouds from Carlisle
to Lewisville. At the bridge crossing
Clear Fork of Muskingum, they
found the waters rushing in a mail torrent
over the structure. Nevertheless
111... MmlnUnnlr iiuilru (tin prnuoinrr
and urged their horses on what they
supposed was the bridge, but no bridge
was there, and men, horses and buggy
all plunged headlong into the rushing
waters. All were submerged, but on
coming to the surface, Oblinger retained
sufficient presence of mind to direct the
[ horses towards the lowest part of the
bank and they succeeded in scrambling
out. The abutment over which they
plunged is about ten feet high.
After Two Mutitlu.
Xrw Vork Tribune.
General Harrison in every respect is a
stronger candidate to-day "than he was
when nominated two months ago. ilia
record as a gallant soldier in the flfild,
a distinguished leader of the Indiana
bar and a sagacious legislator with an
honorable and useful career in the
United .StateB Senate is without Haw,
crease or wrinkle. The Democratic press
has had leisure to scrutinize his speeches
and puilic acts and to ascertain
whether he had ever done or said
anything which could be used against
him in a Presidential canvass. Feeble
iu ruuviei null ui iijuwiisinivuwy
in hiH record on tin) Chinese question, of
hostility to the interests of workinpmen
during the labor riotsof 1877, nnd ol eontemptous
disregard of the principles of
civil service reform have been abandoned
un soon its made. Defamation 1uih recoiled
at once upon the defaniera, ami
only served to prove that Gen. Harrison's
reputation is iu vulnerable. Eight
weeks have passed and our friends, the
enemy, have nothing to say against
Tho Insulted Democrat!/.
Satulutk-y liojislcr. .
The Cleveland Plain Dealer is filled
with lamentations. It tells us that Judge
Thurman was not received courteously
on his visit to Michigan, the discourtesy
being the display of Kepublfcan banners
at Marine City, by which be passed on
his way to J'orfc Huron. Mr. Thurman
was invited to Michigan by Democratic
politicians, a* a Democratic candidate, to
make a Democratiespeech and abuse the
Republican party. He accepted the invitation,
and did what was required of
him. The Republicans of Michigan were
under no obligations to haul down their
banners and furl their ll?ns when Mr.
Thermal) sailed by in his yacht. He
was not their guest in any sense of the
word, ami the lamentations of the Plain
Dealer are entirely misplaced.
. Thv Jlug? ? Klumler.
.Vnr York Tribune.
President Cleveland's friends are rejoicing
over liin latest political dodge, as
they rejoiced over his previous free trade
message of December. Other people sec,
if they do not, that their present glee is
altogether due to the hope that the President
'luis diverted public attention from
the previous message, which, when it
appeared, the same persons hailed :is a
most marvelous stroke of statesmanship.
And other people also realize, if they do
not, that this new "marvelous stroke"
may presently come to be an intolerable
burden from which tho President and
his friends may pray to bo delivered.
Anotlu-r \YI|i? Can'| Stnml l,-iv? Truilo.
&cn iay jSVuv- Utter.
Mr. Philip Kalterbacb, formerly a resident
of the Eighth ward, but who now
resides in Monroe county, Ohio, was in
the city the other day, ami iu the course
of a conversation with" t\ friend said thai,
he wan now fur Harrison, Morton and
Protection. Mr. Kalterbach has been a
very active man in the Democratic party,
but he says he cannot stand its advocacy
of free trade, and being an old soldier
he cannot stomach Cleveland's vetoes of
pension bills. Although now in Ohio
ids vote will be counted 011 the right
side all the same.
A Mixed lint Allowable Metaphor.
Warren Chruuklf,
The President's attempt to win the
Irish-Americans by stepping on the Canadian's
cat's tail is too thin. His free
trade starvation can not be averted by
cod-fish balls.
Lou CAiiiNswerestrongholds
of love, content*
fjrment, health and happincss.
We of to-day may
'l0^ ^,emcontempt,
'>ut the-vweru l',L' hai'py
homes of strong, healthy,
noble men and women. The simple but
effective remedies which carried them
to green old age are now reproduced in
Warner's "Tippecanoe," and Warner's
Log Cabin Remedies.
We take 110 note of time?When we
can get cash.
I'lltiM ! H ! ltchlllff ril?M.
Symitow*.?Moisture; Intense itching ami
stliifiliiK; most at nluht; worsu by Kcratchlnu.
If h) lowed to coil tl nut1 tumor* form, which
often bleed uud ulcerute, becoming very kore.
SWAVNK'H OlNTMKNT Stop* the ltclllug lUld
bleeding, henl? ulceration, uud lit i....st cane* removes
the tumor*. At dnujKlM* or by mall, for
.' 0 cents. Dr. Swayne Sou, i'hllndcljdiltt.
nhskw '
Kcuiiiii, Itcliy, Scaly, skin Tnrturo*.
Tho Nimple application of "Swaynk'h OsntstKNT,"
without any internal medicine. will cure
any case of Tetter, Salt Hheuni, Itinuworm,
Fifes, ttuh, Sore*, I'linplc#, Kcxoinu, nil Scaly,
Itchy Skin Kriiptloiif, no mutter how nbsityme |
or Ion# RtuinlliiR. It in potent, otloctlve, hikI
cost* but h tritlc. rrhtuw j
Tho hardest branch of learning grows
on the birch tree.
A Warning.
The modes of death's approach are
various, and statistics show conclusively
that more poisons die from diseases of
the Throat ami Lungs than any other,
i It is probable that everyone, without exception,
receives vast numbers of TuI
bercle Germs into the system and where
| these germs fall upon suitable soil they
start into life and develop, at first slowly
and is shown by a slight tickling sensation
in the throat and if allowed to continue
their ravages they extend to the
lungs producing Consumption and. to
the head, causing Catarrh. Now all this
is dangerous and if allowed to proceed
will in time cause death. At the onset
you must act with promptness;allowing
ii cold to go without atteution is dangerous
and may lose you your life. As soon
ns you feel that something is wrong
with your Throat, Lungs or Nostrils, obtain
a bottle of Boschee's German
Syrup. It will give you immediate relief.
" aw
Siuloh's Vitalizkk is what you need
for Constipation. Loss of Aimetite. Dizzi
11088, and all symptoms of Dyspepsia.
Price 10 and 75 cents per bottle.
Cboup, Whooping Cough and Bronchitis
immediately relieved by Shiloh'i
Tiik Rev. George II. Thayer, of Bourbon,
Ind., says: "Both myself and wife
own our li%*?..to Shiloli's Consumption
Cure. Sold by W. E. Williams and 0.
Menkemiller. daw-how
llncklen'* Arnica Halve.
The Best Salve in the world for cut*,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fevei
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains
corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively cures piles, or no pay required. Ii
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction
I or money refunded. Price, 26 cents Dei
box. For sale at Logan A Co.'a dru|
' tore.
Mm I tli Proponed to Guard Hla Corn u W
Hhouhl American lfi<lu*trie?.
SftrinijflrUHihuu.) Union.
John Smith had a board fence aroun
his corn Held to keep out his neighbc
Brown's cows. Mr. Brown didn't lik
this fence at all. His pastures were lea:
and dry, and he thought it would be
lino thing if his cows could get into ill
Smith's field. Accordingly he set t
work with Mr. Smith's hired man an<
persuaded him by arguments and bribe
to nail down a part of the fence..
One dav when Mr. Smith was lookini
over his farnl he found the lnan at worl
removing some of the boards from th<
"What are vou doimr there?" do
manded Mr. Smith.
"I'm reforming tbo fence, sorr?there'i
a dale too much of it for the good of tin
"But you'll let in Brown's cows, am
they'll trample down the whole Held,'
urged Mr. Smith.
"Bedad, it won't be so bad as that
aorr. I'm only taking down 15 or 2(
per cent of the /once. There's enough
of it left to protect the corn, sorr. I'm
only reiuicing the average of the fence.
Sure, it b there still."
It is enough to say that Mr. Smith
didn't see the point, and ordered the
fence and its protection restored.
IrlNli'AiiittrlcmiN In Connecticut.
Sew York Mail and tltprta.
In dub organization in Connecticut
Republicans are more than usually well
lixud. In Stamford, Wallingford, Ansoniu,
Bridgeport, Hurtford and New
Haven there are already organized a/id
working clubs with extensive memberHhip
and zealous workers. The antifree
trade element increases every day.
In Bridgeport the Anti-Free Trade*IrishAmerican
Club numbers nearly 300
members, over 100 of whom never votiKl
anything but tho Democratic ticket he*
fore, but are now cheering for Harrison
and Morton.
Tin* Stalwart* lor Harrison.
Xew YorkJ*rtM.
The old feud between ".Stalwart" and
"lialfbreed" is dead. Mr. Stoddard's letter
from Oneida county, published in
another part of the Pre**, indicates the
almost complete harmonization of tho
disaffected element of 1884. Among
tifty-four Republicans who signed a
pledge not to supnott the National ticket
;in 1884, only live have remained in
line for Cleveland, while thirty-eight unhesitatingly
declared themselves for Harrison
on the day after his nomination.
Cleveland's plurality of 1,047 is easily
wiped out by facts like these.
Tlit< X?lct*<! Trm Ji .kbuiit II.
luiliuntii?>lU Journal.
The President's message on tho fishery
question is a mere campeign document.
The message wits uncalled for,
as is the legislation it recommends.
National Kiirnni|?ni?int at G'oliimltn* via II.
& O. It. It.
On September 11 the Baltimore &
Ohio wili sell round trip tickets and run
trains as follows: Trains leave Wheeling
ut 10:13 p. in., tt:.'?0?. in., H:00 a. in., and
0:25 a. in. Fair for round trip $2 75.
Ticket* good to return until September
1?. The limit enn be extended (or return
passage thirty days by depositing
the tieketa with the joint agout of the
railroad lines at Columbus on or before
September 19. Tieketa for regular trains
will be sold September 7th to 11th at the
above rates and limits. For further information
of trains and tickets call on
Baltimore ?fc Ohio agents.
To Cincinnati via II. & <). It. It. onSatur>
day, ScpteiulMT H.
On the abovo date the Baltimore &
Ohio will sell round trip excursion
tickets to Cincinnati at the low rate of
$5 50. Trains leave Wheeling ut 10:15 p.
m.t 8:00 a. in. and 0:25 a. in. Tickets
Sood returning for Ave. days, including
ate of side. For further information
call on Baltimore & Ohio agents.
At C<i1iiiu1mii? via IlnltllHore ? Olilu Itiii I roml.
On September 4 low rates and train
arrangement to the opening of the Centennial
at Columbus. Fare $2 75 for the
round trip, good for return passage until
September 5, inclusive. Trains leave
Wheelingat 10:15 p. in., 3:JJ0 a. in., 8:00
a. in., 0:25 a. m. For full information
call on agents 01 the liaiumoro & uiuo
llalf Fare Kxiuiraloan South.
The Queen & Crescent route (Cincinnati
Southern and associate roads)
will Hell Harvest Excursion tickets at
one limited fare the round trip, on .September
11th and 25th, October flth and
23d, 1888. good to return within thirty
days and allowing stop-over privilege.
These cheap tickets will be on Hale to
various points in Tennessee, Alabama,
Georgia, Florida^ Carolinas, Virginia,
Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and
Texas, to which States the Queen &
Crescent is the great trunk line, running
double daily trains from Cincinnati
and Louisville. For rates, maps, timetables
or other information desired concerning
a trip South via. the Queen
Crescent route, call upon your nearest
ticket agent or address D. G. Edwards,
Acting General Passenger Agent, Cincinnati,
Halt ItntiiH from Columbus via It. ?v (I.
llailroatl St'pt. 10th to lUtli.
Hound trip tickets will be sold from
| Columbus to all points on the Baltimore
& Ohio at the low rate of "one fare" for
the round trip, lleturn limit not to
except limit of extension ticket October
111. This will enable everyone to visit
their old homes and friends.
Kxcuntlon to l'ltUburuh.
The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad will
sell excursion tickets Sunday during the
entire summer, to Pittsburgh, at the rate
I -f en <l.? t.;., <>nn.l for
Ui {II 1/V II1U IW1III" "?!'? "V?vw 6WU .w.
Sunday only. Will also sell excursion
tickets to Washington, Pa., at the rate ol
$1. Trains leave Wheeling at 5 and S:1C
a. in.
Sumlity Kxcumlona.
On and after Sunday, May G, the Ohio
River Railroad will sell excursion tickets
every Sunday until further notice:
Wheeling to Sistersville and return
$1 50, Wheeling to Parkersburg and return
$2 25. Tickets good one uay only.
"The good die young." This is especially
true of chickens.
Auk you made miserable by Indigestion,
Constipation, Dieziness, Loss o!
Appetite, Yellow Skin? Shiloh'a Vita
lizer is a positive cure.
Why will you cough when Shiloh'i
Cure will give immediate relief. Pric<
10 Gts., 50 cts. and $1.
A Nasal Injector free with each bottli
of Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 5<
cents. Sold by W. E. Williams and C
Monkemiller. daw-bow
Ailvlcn to Mothvr*.
Aro yon disturbed at night and brolcei
of your rent by o sick child suffering am
crying with pain of cutting teeth 7 I
?o, send at once and get a bottle of Mm
wlsfslow'h soothino svbdp for oilii.
dues Tbstiiixo. Its value is incalcula
bio. It will relievo the .poor little suf
fere.- immediately. Depend npon i
mother*, there is no mistake about it 1
cures dysentery anil diarrhcra, regulate
the stomach and bowels, eurea wini
chollc, softens the gums, reduces the in
tiamraation and gives tone anil enenr
> to the whole system. Mrs. Winhlow
, Sootiii.no Syrup kor Children Tkkth
? iso is pleasant to the taste, anil is th
L prescription of one of the oldest an*
, best female nurses and physicians in th
p United States, and is for sale by all drui
{ gists throughout the world. Price 2
cents a bottle. mwfaw
G. Mendel & Co.?Furniture and Carpets.
'ti in Mr^n/ r>T*\/i nr
d i nn rsnw o 1 YJLUC:
a Wo are pleased to announce lance arrivals of Now Gooda, freah from the manufacturer*. Yoi
r. attentiou ia invited to a choice, complete and carefully selected assortment of the Noweat an
0 moat Charming Kftcotn In
:Parilrtri anH flhamW finite
< i uiii/1 turn uiiumn/ui uuitui
! ?Single Pieces Miscellaneous Furniture,?
j ?AND?
Hugs, Mats, &c., &c.
Ju every lH-|>artincnt wc oiler un|>arallclcd Inducement* to buyers In the way of High Claa
Goods of quulity beyond qucMlou, and to these we add uulluiited variety lu a'l new uoveltiesaui
. tbe STRONG INDUCEMENT OK LOW PRICES, by which we shall demonstrate tbat the Cbcapes
us well its the Choicest stock In that of
Furniture & Carpets,
^^Undertaking a Specialty. .-n
TT A P A 71/*'C I? f<* **> F?*. Keck, /yaanalitK
// fluiguvu* "A XIJjL \jr*/X%ii O Arms and Hands. It a if **^6" '
balm S^S-W \gg^
f Bita J MAGNOLIA S^!?ij^'.iw?e?
\SSffS"J ? ^ r :i r ES,,%KS 8.S XZH&J
XSttt XJl/'A .
abf2\ hag ax's /ok
| Bala magnolia SSL i^"*: f Bate
\W?*/ naiir pS oiSSS^ ISfflBSa
tjJLJjJrJ. Never bubadiU equal *^sr
/s\ kagan's /gsv
lftfej magnolia srsx.nst ilh
\??J balm tssstSSSift teg/
lSreiulNtufTit nii<| i'mvioiotiH. CrOCQflGS, &C.
Chicago. ftejiL a.?Wheat opened 11 curly lc ?.... ?
blither tlilH morning. It wan ?ivcau*o tin- rrmvil 1\ /f r^T^TI ? \ F
liiul failed to came u flcrloutt break In l?nt ll/l Kh II I V
week. altliotiKh very uim-h lntiK wheal am! Mime XVXa JL 1JLarf A Lm4 1
hhort wheat wait m>M (or that iiur|N>M.-. Wheal 7
eluMsl at 1 ii. ill. at the mitxiuc price*; How*! WlIlfcT WU A1 V
for the Mission with December over 2e higher " IIULLiJALij
than thodoseoiiKatiirihiy. Corn wan dull, oats
weak. 1'ork a shade higher. Flour tinehatiKcd. /1MA
Wheat, cash No.-2 spring viulftc; No. 3 spring ft! 1-TIApAll UA11|/ U0p|/p}1
nS7??: N??. red v?l! y*: Septem ber elottliiK U1 UVjCl lUlAi 1 U U11 v51 i
at Wc: October MBc, elosiuj,' at 'M-frr. No- ^ V ) J
vemlicr UC%iiJM%p, clohliiK at 'M%v, May liT^ca
si ft/mlnir ut >rf if. tram, iiith So. J. 4ln: AND CURKK OF THE
.September ilull%e, closing itt -ilj^cs October4:t}|,
Cclobratod "Strawberry Hum*,"
its. 1309 and 1311 hair street,
No. 'J. #uc. Flaxseed. No. 1.81 2:1. rrlmutiino* 1
ttiv seed si (Vnl 70. .mi'sx |?irk, ctiuli !M l*?; Sop* wiikpi ind w va
tcmi?er $14 :f*H45. closing at 114 40: October WHKhMNCi, w. va.
TVjcjS'V.rnl^t.'/'."Ji'V?-!^L Si' ii7!: i'!?; M? own Cure or Choice SmoVe.1 UmIi ctoHrud&MWK&f
teLferSVS iCte ercfdHHy Iruni u,r I'ork UouieU itanoliMUr.
itl H.SOc; JutiUHry 8.0.'>it#.r.i?->, closing ut 8.15c. ,
Itucou, short ribs, H.GOe: shoulders 7.50a7.75c;
short clour u.oouy.25c. Whisky 81 -JO. Susan, th* largwt woe* or
cutloaf SJiaHj^c: Kmiiulntvil 7c: htundurd A,7>?c.
Kuttcr quiet and unchutm'ed. Kgjjs steady. PI7MI?D A I PPflPUPIflC
Cincinnati, 0.. Sept. a.?Flour strong: family UCiHIjIiAL u RUOIjIiIIjU
fJ 1Mu4 10; fancy $1 2?i4 40. Wheat steady: No.2
red 00c: rccelpto at,000 bushels; shipments Ifi.ooo IN THE STATE.
bushel*. Corn stronger; No. 2 mixed I6u47c.
Outs eiudcr; No. 2 mixed 2Sc. Ryu firmer;-No. *
2,57c. I'ork llrin ut $15 00. Ijinl hlroiiKer ut
v.ouc. Bulk meats stronger: short ribs 8.50c. Headquarters TOT
ltueon, fulr demiiud; short clear 10c. Whisky
Taylor's Patent and Family Plonr.
8iosu4 5o. Sugar Hi in; hard refined ?^n8S<-:
Now Or lea u? GaG%c. Egg* amy at !;tai:i%e. ... . .. .
( :hcese firm; prime to Choice Ohio (hit Hn?HHeadquarters for til? Cclcuratca
Baltworr, Mo., Sept. 3.?Wheat, western _ ..
linn: No. ? winter red c|H?t ii7}?a?7J*c: Sep tern- A yg~\ vv\ O P ATTO D
bur*J7aU7^e: OctoberOSfcaOK&c; December81 oin /AldrUlIlCl vUl It/Ui
1 til'4. (.urn. western dull ami nominal: mixed
spot We bid; January-I7e. Oat* barely atcady; , ?-?it wt ,
western white a&ttle; mixed 28naic, Kyo llrm Hole Agent for Dupout's Sporting, Mining: and
nl Wia50c. Hay quiet and heavy; prime to Blasting Powder.
western ff'? SOald 5(1. Provisions active; mo** -_-%tr,V7rr,
pork Sir* Mhii:> 75. Butter linn; western HaWc; lJlL/riiu
creamery'jui-'lc. Eggs steadyat 17c. A. _ _n ,
1'n ii.a iir.i.riiiA. I'A.t Sept. a.?Flour quiet bnt GOODS I
firm. Wheat higher but quiet; No.'J red Septenibcr
?5jicwtojwr iwawji?; Kovomlwr My mock of I'icnio floods In very taw ??<!
810034; DectMiilier 91 Ol^al ' orI,1 varied, comprising everything in the line of hotlower;
No. - high mixed No. . mixed on ail(j caunwj Ko<h1k now in the market.
traclcMc. Oat# llrm: futures dull and ' .c lower. " F. I1ANAUER,
Provisions in good Jobbing demaml at full price*. ,;flW Market Street.
Men* pork 810 to: do prime mew. new 816 00; do Try j?nowl coflfce. JylO
family 817 50. llarnn i:tkal5c. luird, refined
lo.outtlo.50e; steam o.(?2J*ay.75c. llutter, fancy, T'f PAYS TO TRADE
M'arce ami llrm. JL
Toledo, O., Sept. 11.?'Wheat higher aud firm; It II D ODUDDHC* CTADDC
caah and Septombcr 07c; October 07V: Pecein- Al fl. f. DLnnEilttJ OlUnciO.
berVJjJic. corn dull aud steady; ea*h 45>$c;
Oats quiet; nu?h Clovenccd dull and Sugar, Codec, Ten, Flour, and all Groceries, at
Kteady at 81 *'. turtouithtog price*.
I.ivo stock. Store*. 1TJ17 and 2210 Market Street. Branch
ci|[caoo,s?pt. caulti?itweliitw i l.ooo lion.l; store, corner thlrty olsliui anil jucot. hrccu.
uhlpmentH 2,WW head; market slow and lUalSe
lower: steer* tSGOa-'t tlo; Miockers ami feeder* ' ? -
fjuoaaiu; cow*, bulla ami mixed 81 4uij'.hj; Financial.
TexiitiN mill IudiiitiH SI WnJoO; western miiKerw ;
ga.vihl 75. Hop*?Reoelpta lo.uou head: ship- t^vpii i vnv RAVIv
ini*nth 4.00U head: market slow l?ut steady; 1J AUllAXStiUi liAtMV.
in I xi'?l STiWHilHO; heavy $<; OOmiU); li^lit ?.'? ?Ui JJ
0 ?kljis SI OOoT, 70. Sheep?Receipt*k.uw head; CAI'lTAU MX),000
shipments 2..VK) heart: market active ami 10c
lower: natives tiMal'A; western shorn H :sui j. N. Vahc* ........ I'rooldoal
3 0l; Urate SIW.I5 W; Tcxiiu? rtuim B7W ug D*urMI* Vlw-PmiMMil
Kaht I.lHKltTY, 1'a., Sept. :t.-Cattle? Receipts
3,'JOO heml: ihlpmouUa,-JW heml; market.Blow d1bkgtom.
ut last week's prices. lioKB-HeeelijUi 4..MJ0 head: j N V|inco 8 jiorkholmer.
Kill pin out* heml; market active; all sold; j ? iir,,wn u> Kllinelittiu
brat 1'hiludclphla* *5 75a? Ml: Unlit go UU: mixed ,* H |)J,^',ln V W Kelior
J4-, io; Yorkent &iStu- :iv, common to lair ft K-a Jolm ffir * 7'
?*jO:plK*5.%7.'mCOO. 81icu|>?KucolpU 6,600 head; ? , , , , , a .. ,
shipment* 5,200 head; market lair at lu*t week's I>rafU Issued on England, Ireland scotland
prlccu. and all poluu in KuroiM-.
Cincinnati, ()., Sept. :i.?Horn atrongcr: com- _____ JOHN J. J0NK9, Cmhler.
mon and lluht $ *>ooufi40; paekltiKaml butcher* -?*-? . thi.' nmn VAI i VV
&i i-uui 05; receipt*l,&00 head: shipment* l,:suo waftk ut nil., uinu \allbi.
i Cincinnati, 0., sept. a.?cotton hteady; mid- W*. A.Iwtt. p?ealleni
dlltiu loaioy. Wm. li. HijiTBON .. ?...Vlco-l're*ident
i 0 Draft* oj England, Ireland, Km nee and Gor
Logfltl & Co. many.
ninwTTiin nnrnnn i
riUMilflU DritLO ! i! Aiaiuiir'" jolmK.'tolStoril,
V K. M. Atklnnou, Victor Kownbuni.
Ami nil kluilaol PURE SPICES, COXES' mtti'"1 y_ p. jkpsoN. Cuhler.
nmi a lull lino of Steamship Tickets.
House keeping mid Toilet Goods, ANCHOR LINE.
j n?l quality ?n.l low prim. at Atl?ntlo Express Service.
llruKglNt*, Itrlditc Corner. Btejuuhlp "CITY OF HOME" Irom Now Yorl
1 \\KDNWDAY,Auru?tf?, September f?,Oclo*
, 1 ber 5, October 31.
traii /hit nnnm iftnimnn , LarRcat and flu out pawcnRer Biouner afloat.
, YOU CAN REST ASSURED 0"u^;V??o^?!Z'''clu,',ao
) There I. notblns llXTtt or Pom mute th.n BUllun(,n J^urd.," m New VoIk
LOGAN & CO.'S Clasgowand Londonderry.
, Heolth .?<t wbfarlto.. .n.l re?l econom,
i coutldered, It la TilK UlkAl hbT. Tniveleni' Circular Letter* of Credit and I'ndt
, for any amount luued at lowcMt current rateg.
1 For Hooka or Toura. Ticket* or further Infoi
r lUwt. Jril
f CbarnoU fcklnn, llouaehold Palnu and Vamlabea . ..
t lns?iVffintr?CLTprim1.';1''' Louisiana State Lottery Co.
J LOGAN & CO.'S, For tickets or further Information addrenth
1 . undemlimed. If you nare not been fortunat
Drngglitt*, DlidffO Comer. elaewhere, Uf mo for a change.
? " james h. wilson.
" THE WHEELING M.n.ln-ihl. p?p.r.
!i WEfllfl.V INTUniP.UWPPP I vrm n ? tvt miurv this
0 -uuunui iHiiJLmuuiiuun . I(J(J f 11MJ PAPEI
$1*00 PER YEAR. on file fn ftrmaviiuii ?t A<l??rtialacHumu<
S The Greatoat Family Nawapapar REMINGTON BROS
Of Wait Virginia, wl4U *" o?nu*ct for adrertiaiuc at lowest noo
\ A TRAINS?On and after May 1&. 1n*-~ Ka*
' punation or Rkncxxncx Marks. Dally. fSunday
excepted. J Monday excepted. {Saturday
excepted. |Runday only.?Ka* tern Standard
B. * O. K. K.?KajjT. lH'jmrt. Arrive
Philadelphia Limited ? 6:i? am *10: 1&pm
Mall and Kxprvsa *5:10 pm *ll:'J0atn
Jr Cumberland Accom W:0.'>nm f?:.r?0 pm
. Grafton Accom 6:10pm
>u Mouudarllle Accom ft:Hftam 7::wam
Mouudirllle Accom 7:35 am 9:1ft am
Moundirllle Accom 12:01 pm l :40 pm
MOUUOJTlue Accom o:iupin ?'iu
Cambridge Accom........... f9:00am f7:10jm
KxprvM (Chicago and Col).... J0:j5? am *fl:10 pm
Chicago lixprw *2:40 pm 9:50 ?m
J Chicago 1.1 mi Un I V:60pm *C:tfHm
Columbua Accom r-:45 piu flO:.V) am
Cincinnati Limited 11:15pm M:Mam
8L Cialnrllle Accom f?:U5um f7:55am
St. Clalrevllle Accom r.<:00am tl()::C?j.o
Bt. Clalmville Accom fi:00pm tl:35pm
Bt.ClHlravillc Arvom 6:10pm ftiilOpm
W.. P. * II. Dir.
Washington and l'ituburgh. *5:0() am 10:15 am
Washington and rittehurxh. *M:l0am *11:10pm
HitUburgh 6i l'hll* Kx_ ?G:'j0pm fi:fi6pm
Washington and Pittsburgh. tl :45 pm fl-:*5 pm
Washington .. ...... i5::a>| ni t*:00am
.J'llUburKh Accoin |u:wpm 111:55 am
P., C. * 8U I? Kjr.
PltUburxo t7:'Aiam 1!?:'J0pm.
Pittsburgh aud New York.... fl :35 pm {3:45 pin
Pittsburgh an New York... f4:'20 pm fll :0C am
Pittsburgh A N. Y. Ex ti:w pm
EzproM, Clu. aud Ht. Louis. t7:.>0am ffi:f.0 am
. Kxprttw, Clu. aud Bt. LouUl. ??:40 pw rJ:".W pm
, Expnua, Bteubtiuvillc <fc Col. |l:35pir {3:45 pm
1 Btoubenvilio aud Duuulsou. | U"Xl pm ~
t C. A 1*. It. It.
Pittsburgh and Cleveland-... t5:.r<0aui 18:47 pm
Martin'* Ferry am 5:15 pin
Htoubenvlllo Acrom 0:3?am tiispm
Cleveland tn<1 WelUrllle *2:12 pin ?:W am
PitUburKb and New York 4::w pin f 1 :J3 am
FUUburgh 1:17 an: f5:47 put
C., L. * W. K. R.
RxprtwN, Clevelautl, K. <!t W.. tl2:35pui f3:05 pin
Muilllon Aoeom t5;rjpm fll :25 am
rit. Clalrsvllle Accum |7:N.aii> p:'Al itin
Ht. Clalr*vllle Actum tl<>:25 am f 1 :82 pm
St. Clalrsvllle Accom f2: lupin f5:3ipm
Ht. Clalrsvllle Acrotn 6:2S \m ?:0optu
Local Freight anil Aooom_... 6:30 am t7:90 P?
Ohio Hirer Railroad.
I'aMc tiger................. *7:35 ann'll :ft) am
1'aiMHiKcr *12:15 j>m, ?M:2Upin
Passenger *4:10 pm *6:15 pm
Freight I
It.. Z. A- C. Railroad.
Bellalro Kt Ztu.oavlllc Through PoM>eiigcr Ion re*
Bellalrc at 8:40a. m.. arrive* at IH'Ualrv at4 p. m
Woodalleld PaiwctiK *r leaves ttcllaira at 4:'JO p.
to., arrives at Ilellalro at 8:20 a. m.
Bummerfleld Accommodation leave* Itclialro
at 1:00 p. ni.. arrive* it'. lu-llwln- at 10:45 a. m.
wheelinga ELM GROVE K. It.?
f T On aud alter Monoay, Aran. l*8h.
train* ou tlie Wheeling ?b Kim Grove Itallroad
will ruti a* follows:
lkavr* wiikkmno:
5:30a. in., 0:10a. m., 7:00 a. m., H:00 a. m., 9:00
a. in., 10:00a.in., 11:00a. m.,12:00in., 1:00 p.m.,
2:00 p. m., 3:00 p. m.. 4:00 p. in., 5:U) p. in., 0:10
p. m., 7:00 p. iu? 8:00 p. in., 0:30 p. in.
Lxavjw Whkkmxo Park:
G.-iua. in., 7:uua. m., b:uuh. m., s:wa,m,l iu:wj
a. n>., U :00 n. in., I'2:liu m., 1:0U |>. in., 2:00 p. m.,
:i:Ui p. in., 4:U) p. in., 6:tiu p. in., 6:1U p. iu., 7:00
8:00 p. m., 8:65 p. in., 10:1(1 p. m.
BUN DAYS.?Leave at 7:00 a. tn. and run every
hour, except church train, at 9:15 p. m. Leavo
Wheeling Park at 8:00 a. hi. atid run every hour
until 10 p. m., except church tralna, which will
leavo tho Park at 9:46 a. m. and Wheeling *t
13:15 p. m. and 9:16 p. in.
?n?f ?i nriwriT. Rnpt.
Jliepiiriurcof train*froin Wheeling. Schedule
In effect April -"J. 1X8.*-HiiKtorn time:
Kxpreu lor Cnlcagc nnd tho Northvrcut, 10:'2tn
m, 8:40 p in, 9:50 p m ?Uiiy, mid 11:15 p in dully
except Saturday.
KxprcMi for Clnclnualand St. Louis. 10:25 n iu
dally, ll:16p m dally.
Cambridge uecouiuioilutloii, 0:00 a in, except
ForCehimhtu, ,10:25 am dally, and 11:16 p m,
dally, aud 2:45 p in dully exeenl Sunday.
Kxpreaa for Washington, 1>. C., Baltimore.
Philadelphia una New York, via (inif ton, 6.J ii
m aud 6:10 p m, dally, via I'ittabtirgh p. to.
For Pittsburgh aud Waiibliigton,5:00 n m
dally; cxpreas, 8:10 a m, dally, 1:46 p n;, daily
except Sunday. Additional way train for Waitlngton.
l'a.. 5:?0p m, dally except Sunday.
rill I IliriUIIK". ? rUllllll^UMI, JMWIIiUIIIV B.IU
Philadelphia HI C:20 p in dull}'.
Pittsburgh accommodation, Sunday only, f M.
p in.
For Motindsrille, 5:35 and 7:3ft n m,ni:i 1'2:0C
noon, and 6:10 j? in, dally cxccpt Suuday.
For Grafton. 5:10 p m, dally.
For Cumberland,'J:05 am, daily, except Sunday.
For BL Clalnnrillc, 8:0ft and 9:00 a m, 2 p in and
5:10 pm. daily except Sunday.
Express train* arrivo from Chicago, G:*25 and
0:50 a maodti.-Jtfpm daily, aud 4:56 a m daily
except Monday.
Express trains arrive from Et. l.nuin and Cincinnati,
4:55 a m ami 0:10 p m, daily.
Express trains arrive from Philadelphia, Haiti
more aud Washington, I). C., via Grafton, U:*20?
* m and 10:45 pm daily; via. Pittsburgh, 10:1b
a. m. dally.
Trains arrivo from Columbus, 4:65 am dally
and6:10pmdaily, and 10:35 am daily cxicrt
Trains arrive from Pittsburgh, 10:15 a m daily
and 12:45 p m, except Sunday, 0:55 p m and 11 :*C *
p m daily.
Trains arrive from Washington, Pa., 8:00 am,
dally except Sunday.
Trains arrivo from Monndnvlllc, 7:W and 0:15
a m hi?.? 1:40and 7:40 pm, daily except Sunday.
Trains arrive from Groltou. 11 a m, daily.
Trains arrive from Cumberland, 6:50 p m, dully
except Sunday.
Trains arrive from St. Claim-Hie, 7:5ftand *.0:85
a in, and 1:35 aud 6:10p in, daily except Sunday
C'atnbridgo accommodation arrives at7:10 p m
except Sunday.
Baggage called for and checked at hotels and
residences on Orders left at ticket olllec, I'M) Mar
ket street, aud at depot.
CHAB. O. SCULL, Geo. P?n Agent
W. M. CLEMENTS, Manager.
KJ Tablo taking OtTeet May 27,l&?i. Pufwcwr
train* will run u* fol Iowa-Central time. All
train* dully except tlionu marketi thus f which
do not rnn on Sunday.
BOUTII MOUND, |No.7 No. f>. (No.3 No. 1.
a. m. p. ui. k. in. iu in
liotvo?Wheeling 3:?? 11:1'- r.:3ft
Ueuwood. opp. Bellalre ?:l> 11:3- 6:.'*
MouiiiUville i:0o II :42 7:115
New Martinsville. 6:12 feS* 8:16
William Mown 7:(w '2:1-' lu:lo
Parkeniburg 6:16 7:?) 2:4' 11.U)
p. m
Ruveunwnod <*:!.' 4:1.*. Iil:'-i0
Manon City - 8:i*i 6:3.'- 1:26
Clifton 8:tf- 6:40 1: 1C
Anlve? 11. l'leawuit.... b:40..? 6:1!> 2:15
(inllipollM Kerry 9:00 6:36 2:?2
Gnyandotte 10:33 7:60 4:00
Huntington 10:46 H:U* 4:17
p. iu.
Charleston 3:20 10:ai 8:ac
Iron ton
Portsmouth a. m. 7:1C
White Sulphur .. /?: ?'
p. m. h. in.
i Staunton .I:!11' _J>:20
Noiini iiot'ND. No. ti.lNo. 4. fNoj f!
a. m. a. in. a. m. p. t.i.
Leave?Huntington 10:U> 6:1 f. 3:15
Gnyaudottc '0: ?* 6:30
?tallii?oliM Kerry 11:3.' 7:i> 4:.',0
Point I'lciusaut - II:*W? I'M 6:07
1 Clifton - .. l.' J' 7:.V. 5:35
I Mason City 12:2.'- .vu : ta
Kavcn?ivi<od 1:4.'. 1?: IT- 7:'i0
Parkeniburg n:if? lo: i? .vao
WlUlaniBtown 0.;*j 3:4!. 11 :li
p. IT)
New Martinsville 8:16 6:37 12:4,'.
Moundavillu 9:26 6:4< 1:4.
Uenwood 9:46 7:00 2:0'. ....
Arrive?Wheeling lO:00 7:1!' 2:J'
heave Whoellng via. p. m.
P. C. it St. L 12:36 3:20 ....
' Arrive?Cleveland.- 6:au 6:30
Plltaburgh 3: if 6:.V<
a. m. a. m.
Philadelphia ~.. 6:26 6:26
New York 8:00 8:00
t a. m.
Chicago 11:30 C:? .........
ThrotiKh ticket* and baggage clieekcd to ull
' point*.
W. J. ROBINSON, 'len'l Paw. Agent.
Parkeraburg, W. Va.
fbkd ulhkx as,
Triiv. l'tt*n. Agent. Wheeling. W. Va.
LOUIS RAILWAY CO.?Panhandle Route
Under nclieiluletu elleet August 6, iMh. trii:ns
- 1 i'ii vi- Wlirellmt. Cent ml Standard time, t* r
Stcubcnvllle, ntUdmrjch and the Ram, a. m.,
12:4. p. m., i* ui. and 8:40 p. in. For Columbun,
Cincinnati, IniliaiiM|'ollH fit. I-ouln
n. in. and S:?0j?. ni. For Colimbn* and Chicago
i 12:86 p. m. Trains arrive at Wheillnn nl ' .0
a. Dl., 10:1*) h. iu., 2:46 p. in. ami M20 p. in.
Train* leiivlnc at C:'J0 a. in. nnd arriving
i?. m. run *olld between Whet-ling ami Hit.-'
burgh. All train* dully except Sunday. nu7
RAJLROAlK?UnderncheduJeIneBeri Mar
13,18KH. Train leave Ilridgeiairt, Centra] Bland*
ard time: For Pittsburgh, Chicago and Cievolaud.
4:60am. For 1'ltUbiirgli, 10:17 a m. For
Chicago and Cleveland. l:12p in. For I'ItUt>i:ruh
and New York, 3:89 pm. For NuMibenvIUe. h:?3
a m. For Murtln'ft Ferry, C:4.'? a in.
Tralna arrive at Itrldgu|i?rt at 7:68 a m, 10.13 a
m. 'J.'iH |> m, 4:16 |? m. 4:47 p m, and 7:47 p m.
' mylfi
i Business Cards.
I 0. S, Pension and Claim Attorney.
Collector aud Notary public. Rent* Collected.
All huilneM entrusted to my < are will reccivo
Iy8l -111" J.W'OH HTHEKT.
j^EDMAN & CO.,
General Machinists,
_ And Manufacturer* of Murine and Butlonarr
J Engine*,
[ Co*. Chapuxe a Kioiitkknth fit*.,

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