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Ceo. M. Snook & Co.
<Ss CO.
1777 J?
Dress Goods
Special Prices
This Week.
Geo, M. Snook & Co,
K-liWAItli \VA<iNKIt*
Wholoatv Denier in
Sweitzer and Limberger Cheese
So. a 10!) MAIN ST., Wheeling, W. W?.
Onlcrs by mail receive prompt attentlou.
Now Felt Derbies in Cream, lied
Urowii), lilark, Navy ami Wulieliii, rc
reived lo?day.
The correct idea for immediate weat
Tall ami xee tliem.
A. L. RICE & CO.
$,\)t IntcUiocuccr.
Now AdvertlHHiiiHiiU.
I.oRt-A Small, White Fox Terrier.
Wanted?Six Tintier*.
i t?tcr Barrel* For Side.
Notice?lirpcersof the City.
Kuinht.1 of I'vtbias Funeral Notice.
IMsMilutiou Notice?John ?j. iteiuueher & Co.
Hue Urtll?Wheeling vh. Toledo.
illatik Hooks anil Stationery?Joseph Graves.
.Iu>t Received?John Friodel.
Wuuttd?Furnished Room.
IlutM?1*. \. Neuter.
l'i>'UlitiK Spices?Logan it Co.
Fruit Jar*?Conner A Sucdeker.
Hokc x llro ?Farmers' Implement Depot.
Notiec? Kraft llron. & RohenimrK?Fourtl
Proclamation?Fourth page.
'I'llK liinsly Ins'itiite opens .Monday
September 10. _
.lust received a complete and nrtlMh
assortment of Suitings, raiitaloouiup
mill <kvi?i'i>?!?lhiirM. wliirli w? wiirmnl l<
make up in tlrst-class style, and at reasonable
prices. Tit guaranteed.
AIsoji ful J Jinn of dents' Furnishing
(ioods on display. Examine our (,'eleliraled
Woolen Jackets.
1U21 & Vi'l'.i Market Street.
>VI-! have the only successful macliinc
and method of demagnetizing watches
in West Virginia
JAC'OII W. MtUMI, Jeweler,
Cor. Twelfth k Market Sis.
TUurmonittlvr Kecord.
The thermometer at Sehnejif's druy
store, Opera Ilonso corner, \cstcrday,
registered as follows:
7 H. m ki I H |?. m s"
ui "I V p. in 7*.
I.'in - K5 | Wwitlier?Fair.
Woiillitsr Iiirih-iitloiiN.
Washington, J). C., September it.?
For Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia
fair cooler winds, shifting to northeasterly.
yulut Wuililliig Wnu-riliiy.
.Mr. William Delaplnin, a well known
- -/i*fi.?..i: - :...i
young man ut ?v uuuuug, whi miuucu
yesterday morning at 10 o'clock, to Miss
Nannie Clarie, of Bridgeport. The ceremony
was performed by Kov. Dr. li.
Itush Swope, of this city, at the residence
of David Wagner, Ksq., in Bridgeport,
the grandfather of the bride. The newly
wedded couple did not leave on a bridal
tour, jw was generally expected, but
went directly after luncheon to Mr.
.Delaplain'a farm in Eastern Ohio. There
were no guests at the ceremony outside
of relatives and the most intimate friends
of the family.
for .St ratlin; u Untvli.
Some time ago, Lucy Piper, au inmate
of Cclia Williams's colored house on
Nineteenth street, lost a watch under
circumstances which led her to believe
that another iiimutti, named Pear J Williams,
had stolen it. She denied the
theft, however, and nothing further was
done in the matter until Monday night,
when Pearl left for Pittsburgh. Shortly
after her departure it was learned that
the watch had been pawned here by a
young colored man, who was said" to
have obtained it from the Williams girl.
Accordingly she telegraphed to Detective
Coulson, of Pittsburgh, and when
tile train arrived there Pearl was arrested.
A telegram was received here last
evening saying she was held at Pittsburgh,
and she will bo brought back
here to-day.
Tli? Opcm IIuiiNm 0|M?iiIII|;.
The Opera House will be opened for
the first time this season on Monday,
the 17th inst. The opening attraction
- i I - u>lin will iuit?.
Bi'lUircu uy VUI. ?ivo?wi| iii?v .....
linuo as manager, u position lie ably
tills, will be Frank Daniels and his new
nlay, "The Little ruck." Daniels will
b?? remembered as the creator of the role
of Old Sport in the "Rag Baby." His now
play is said to atlord him the fullest
scope for his inimitable comedy, and
also an opportunity for the introduction
of pretty women, handsome costuming
auuj bright, catchy music, funny situations
ami all that goes to make up an
evening of laughter and enjoyment.
Tim renairs that have been miikim? t/?
tin* house an* about ull completed. iTier
are confined almoat entirely to tin* Hta^e,
ami the effect produced iaquite pleaain#.
There is more color and riehnesa about
the proscenium anil the scenery is very
pretty. , .
Skk our Children's Double Fastened
Tip School Shoes, if you want a good
Wearing shoe. J. W. Amick it Co.,
11411 Main street.
The Mountain llreexe*.
Thoro ia no more inviting resort than
Mt. hake. Mr. Van Meter uiakea everybody
at homo who visita the Mt. I*ake
Pork Hotel. Write to him for rates.
Mnlterx of Minor Mouinnt In mid AI?oiil
lllf City.
The directors of the Jefferson iron
works, at Stcubcuville, willjcebuild their
oteel plant.
Tiik tube works'of Ben wood resumed
operation on Monday afternoon after an
idleness of several weeks. <
A Bauxehville man reports a tomato
twenty inches in diameter and weighing
two pounds and eleven ounces.
Tub mosquitoes just now are more
abundant and more annoying than they
have been known to be for years.
Tiik corn crop this year will undoubtedly
be the greatest ever grown in this
country by more than a hundred million
The coal dealers should tender tie
Wheeling Natural Gas Company a vote
of thanks for their raise in prices.?Hell<tirr
The Wheeling Female College will reopen
at 10 o'clock this morning. As
usual there will boa number of addresses
maue uv prominent cui%tui?.
TiiEyoung Republicans of the Seventh
ward are requested to incut at the Inland
hose house on 'Phursdav evening at 8
o'clock for the purpose of forming an escort
Tub indications are that the display of
peaches in the second ward market this
morning will excel in quantity and quality
anything ever seen there?or anywhere,
for that matter?before.
Tjikkk were thirteen cases in the police
court yesterday. Among these
were Ma Brown, colored, and Sadie
Tracy, for keeping houses of ill fame,
and the inmates of their houses.
Tim Republicans of Marshall county
will hold ii big mass meeting at Moundsville
on Friday. Five bands will be in
attendance. A. W. Campbell, of this
l city, and J. M. Dal/.ell will speak.
A nowi.ixo party has been arranged
for at Wheeling Park this evening, by a
! number of well known society folks. It
is to be given in honor of two young
ladies who are visiting here, and who
. have made themselves very popular.
Clkhk Hook yesterday admitted to record
a deed made February 1, by Robert
uri.w,. ?,?i vt if,. f,f \V<'Kt Liberty, to I
Samuel Bell, of the same town, for iwo f
acres and u fraction of land adjoining
West Liberty; consideration, $50. Also
^ one deed of trust.
These mornings ami evenings thousands
of birds flock together and alight
s pn the cables and telephone wires of the
suspension bridge. They make a curious
night and attract general attention,
r Their Hocking at this season is said to
indicate an early winter, and the birds
I are preparing to fly southward.
The Leonzo Brothers have extended
I a kind invitation to the Toledo and
' Wheeling base ball clubs to attend their
performance this evening. No doubt
the boys will enjoy this opportunity,
after their long tour, to witness this
company in their new play, "Brother
against Brother." J Reservedscats will be
set apart for their use.
Caitai.v Fickengek, chief engineer of
the Ohio River road, passed through tin;
s city yesterday morning, lie says that
six miles of the Mill Creek Valley road,
a feeder of the Ohio liiver, in Jackson
county, have been railed and ballasted,
and that the remaining portion of the
- road will be finished during the present
Tut: lien wood Li. A. 1>. Past's festival
and bean bake won a very successful affair.
Tliu hall was densely packed .Saturday
evening, and there was also a
large crowd in attendance Monday evening.
The Limestone band came in and
enlivened it considerably with the rendition
of its repertoire. The veterans
sang a number of camp songs during the
i Tins evening at r? o'clock begins the
Jewish New Year, which lasts until <11>.
m. to-morrow. This holiday is strictly
observed by the Israelites in every uuar9
ter of the globe. Following this, lifteen |
lavs later, is also an important holiday,
Yom Kippor, or the Day of Atonement.
These holidays are observed by almost
5 every Israelite, no matter how rich or
4 humble they may be. Most all the
> stores in general here will be closed and
business suspended from 0 this evening
until (5 j). m. to-morrow.
The G\, L. A W. o/licials an? having
' the room just north of the Hotel WimN
sor's Main street entrance, nicely llxed
up as a ticket ollice ami general headriniirtnrs
for t hat road on this side of the
river. This rood's passenger business,
! ;is well as its freight t rathe, is on the
1 steady increase, and for some time past
the need of such an office, as is being
lilted up, has been felt on this side of
the river. All information about trains
and connections can bo learned here
after it is completed.
' Tub [) lid tilers at the Spaulding Nail
1 and iron works at Brilliaut, ()., struck
Monday morning. The scale provides
J for fifty cents a ton extra for puddling
when half pig, pot metal and stove plate
is used, and at the last meeting of the
Amalgamated Association a resolution
was passed that if any pot metal or stove
plate was used the 60 cents additional
was to bo charged. The Brilliant tirtn
claims that other mills are doing as thev
do, and until this fact is settled the Bril
nant wornswiii remain mie.
C'lmirnmti Kiloy, of tlw Democrat It* Com*
itilUuu, Talk* Frankly.
A special telegram from. New York,
printed in a number of papers yesterday,
"Democrats are considerably imitated
over West Virginia. With their
brilliant inactivity they have just discovered
that West Virginia is decidedly
a doubtful State, and to-day the Democratic
.Stati! Chairman, T. S. Riley, and
his secretary, wore in consultation with
Mr. Brice and Mr. Gorman. They frankly
admit that through internal dissensions
and the quiet activity of the Hepublican
League, the six electoral votes
of the State are in peril, and they are
afraid it is everlastingly too late to retrieve."
As -Mr. Riley returned to Wheeling
yesterday, a denial of this telegram may
be lookeil for to-day. Hut it bears the
impress of truth on the face of it. To
behove that Mr. -Riley said what ho is
Iwtru I<riii1iln,l witli unvilHf in to L'ivQ llilll
credit for good judgment und much can- !
dor. It is known that another prominent
Wheeling Democrat luw for Home
time taken a gloomy view of the situ- <
ation, aud that a "good while ago he
wrote a very discouraging letter to the 1
Democratic National managers. It '
comes also ou good authority that 3Ir. 1
Wood Daily recently said the State was
lo.st to the Nomocracy. As prominent a i
Democrat as iH in West Virginia recent- i
ly said the Legislature would he Kepub- i
hcan and the Democrats would have to i
light to wive the State ticket from de- I
feat. It was with reason that Judge I
Fleming recently cautioned a Wheeling
| audience against over-conlldence. I
| Jn view of all these facts, when the ,
claim is made that West Virginia is a ,
safely Democratic State, it must be re- t
garded as either a blufl or the result of j
blind ignorance of the situation. *1
r * 1
Wheeling Female Collroe begins
Wednesday morning, September 5, at 9 ]
o'clock. Miss Kmorv, who spent the j
past year in lierUn, Prussia, will have
charge of the departments of vocal and {
instrumental music. Miss A. M. Dod- (
dridge, so long and favorably known to ?
this community, will boat the head of g
the Art Department. , <.
The friends of the college are cordially j
invited to be present at the opening. \
Coui'vrt ami Hull. |
! First grand concert and ball of the
season of the Tcutonia Singing Socletv
at their hall, forme. ly Arbenz's, on Wed- n
nesday evening, September 5. A fine l
programme under the direction of l'rof.
Sehoekey. Mayer's full orchestra.
wm ?b
Found by tho Grand Jury in Its
Two Days' Session.
riic Principal IMan In.
ilirlrd Sovimi TimnM?Nut .tlauy
l-Vlonics, ttiul I In* I'm** Not
( rave Oiics?Vvw Suluun*.
Tho Grand Jury resumed its labor
yesterday, and continued until about
o'clock in the afternoon, when the;
caine into court and presented the re
suits of their labors in the shape of lifty
eight true hills, containing counts o
seventy o flenses. The felonies in thi
lint lire neither numerous nor urave. he
ing robberies, house breakings, larcen;
and tin; like, and nearly all petty easet
There are seven indictments in the lie
against one man, ior renting seven tlil
ferent houses to be used as houses of il
fame. There is only one gambling cast
that of a fakir arrested on the State Fai
Ground. The bulk of the bills are fo
such offenses as selling liquor on Sun
day, selling beer witliout a lieense an
keening houses of ill fame.
The following is the list :
William Calvin, robbery, (stealin
diamonds from Meda Dunbar.)
Patrick, alias "Patsy" O'Donnel
burglary, with a count for former con
vietTonofa felony, (the Pestinger rol
bury at Kim (irove.)
George Price and George Thoinai
burglary, (8tatmn House robbery.)
George Price and George Thomaj
breaking into a store with intent to con
j mit larceny, (C. W. Tunt's upper clgii
I John Harding, forgery (altering a
' order from j?7 to $8.)
I J-'rank Wilson, alias "Doc" Wilsoi
j grand larceny (robbing Noah Zane.)
I Frank Falstick and Kdwnrd Shatzei
|ger, feloniously breaking and entering
Baltimore & Ohio cur.
Alexander Harris, feloniously breal
ing and entering Brubaker's saloon.
Charles Wheat and William Maule;
foluniously breaking and enterin
Robert Simpson A Co.'s wholesale gri
Richard Foray (lie, feloneously breaJ
ing and entering William Grewe's sho|
Harry Gardner, shooting Anthon
Severing with intent to kill.
Samuel 0. J Joyce, assault and batter;
I'etty larceny, .Scott Smith.
Pettty larceny, Harry Mead ley, Wi
lsam I lo til re, George Gray, Julius Ho
lire, .fames Hcaton, Joseph Reymer.
Same, Sarah Curtis.
Same, Harry A. Dana.
Same, Emanuel Boyd.
Exhibiting a gambling device, Hem
Lewd andlaeivious cohabitation, Isai
Fisher and Alice li. Ivrider,
Same, Jolin .Snyder and Lizzio M
Carrying concealed weapons, Han
Cruelty to animals, Jauies .Murray an
Kdward i'ox.
Same, Theodore Miller and Georj,
Renting a lion.se to be used as a hoijf
of ill-fame, James ICmblen; seven ii
Keeping a house of ill-fame, Celi
Williams; same, Nannie Morrison, t\y
hills; same, Carrie Palmer; same, Sadi
Tracy; same, Ma Brown; same, Ilatti
Scott; same, Ida llobinsou; same, Jd
Selling liquor on Sunday, Ferdinan
Biedenbach; same, William McCo
mack; same, Henry Kiclienberg; satin
Louis Mariani; same, James Pilau
same. August C, Miller.
Selling beer without a license, Nelli
I Martin; same, Ilattie Scott; sami
Stella Chester; same, Josephine Boyil
same, Ida Walton; same, Maggie Cor
roy; same, Clara Moss; same, Stell
| Woods; same, Cclja Williams; sauu
I Melissa McU umphrey; same, Carri
Frederick Schwalb, entering a stor
house to steal.
Isaac Smith, cruelty to animals.
Jennie McAdains, petty larceny.
Susannah Mason, selling liquor o
Samuel Letzkus, same.
Mary Shipp, selling beer without
John P. O'Mnllev, selling 011 Sunda)
M. & S. Bruhakcr. same.
L. W. Inglebright, running a (err
without a license.
The dockets 011 the two sides of th
Circuit Court were called yesterday.
1 imiint iifikiii f
.IHVUI tfiUlllM
StiaiiRorn in ll?? City luul Wliet>llii|; i'eojil
Clutrlcs Watson, of Fairmont, wo
registered at the Hotel Windsor yestei
Mr. George M. Ralphsnydcr, of King
wood, .was at the McLure house yestei
.Mrs. J. 15. Wills and Dude Forsytl
are visiting Thomas Lindsay, of Pitt*
Mr. Otto .Schmidt, of Pittsburgh, i
again in the city und stopping at til
Stain iu.
Mr. Joseph .Snyder left last evenin
for Rock Hill College, where he will rt
slime his studies.
Prof. William Armstrong liasreturnei
to the city, and will meet his pupils a
his studio to-day.
Prof. Hermann Kbeling, of Columbue
formerly of this city, is uero onashor
visit to old friends.
J. T. Sarratt, of Steubenville, wa
among the guests registered at the Me
Lure house yesterday.
Mrs. C. K. VanKeuren and .Air. ant
Mrs. Will McKelvey, of the Island, lefi
yesterday 011 the Andes for Cincinnati.
Mrs. Kate Amnions, of East Wheeling
has moved to Fiudlav, Ohio, where hei
sons are employed in'the glass works.
lapiuiu ncu v. xvurr, ui mum nan,
traveling passeuger agent for the Queen
& Crescent route, got in lust night and
registered at the McLurc.
lion. John It. Donehoo, the Democratic
nominee /or State .Senator, and
Jesse Plattenburg, editor of the Courier,
two as good fellows as Democrats can be,
aune down last evening from Fairview
iiid are at tlio Howell houso.
Mr. Camden .Vommcrs, of St. Paul,
svho has been hero for several days visiting
relatives anil old friends and having
a very enjoyable time generally, left
tut evening for bis old homo at Clariesjurg,
where he will visit for a few days
jo fore returning t& the Northwest.
According to tho New York Worfd'i
London dispatches, Mr. Harris, the
uanager of the celebrated Covent Garten
theatre, is about organizing an
>pora company to visit the United
states. Madauto Hoi la (.Mrs. Kate WheatKammolsborg)
is under engagement
with the impressario for this company.
Messrs. Henry Seamon, William Kl[inghain
and Kdnuirtd Zane left on the
liiltimnnt.C- (thin rnml ln*t ovnnincr for Ixir
Lngeles, Col., to attend the annual mectny
of the Sovereign Grand Lodge, I. 0.
). F. .Messrs. Seainon and Kllingham
ire tho Grand Representatives from this
?tate. They will spend three or four
lays in Chicago and at other points and
oin the other representatives from the
last at Kansas City on tho 11th inst.,
roiu which point tnoy will all go in a
>ody to lx>s Angeles.
Oi'K Ladies' tin est Hand .Sewed Shoes
ire the lightest shoes made and the
uost comfortable.
J. W. Amick Co.,
1143 Main street.
Cur ut Tliitir Train Uvvrturiioil iiihI
Si'VithI of Tliriu f
Tiit* main body of delegates from this
1 comity to tint Republican Kimt Dintrict
Congressional Convention, whiyh meets
at Clarknburg to-day, left here oil the U
f AO. at 5:10o'clock lust evening. They
were accompanied by the few delegates
froui the upper counties, who had failed
to get away on.tfie earlier trains, and at
MoundHviilf) they were joined bv nearly
all the .Marshall county delegation. It
was a merry crowd of enthusiastic Republicans
that left here. They wore
B pictures of Ciall' in their hats, and it i?
j not probable that there was one that ap.
prehended any danger.
Shortly after 10 o'clock it became rumored
anout on the streets that the
" delegate train had met with an accident,
f and no little uneasiness was felt until
h the true state of affairs was known.
About midnight the following was received
from Grafton from the IntkluV
/nii.xvn .utviinaiintiiliilit oil lmnr.1 ?).<
). train.
,t Gbakton, W. Va;, .Sept. 4.?Train No.
r 4, leaving Wheeling at 5:10 p.m., bear*
' ing the Ohio and Marshall county dele'
gations to the Republican Congressional
convention, met with an accident at
r Downs' siding, three miles west of
Farmington, at 8:45 o'clock to-night.
The train had taken the siding to allow
\ the express, No. 5, to pass, and in pulling
out again the lust car jumped the
frog and turned completely over and
down a ten-foot embankment. No one
* was very seriously hurt but the car was
. crowded and all were more or Jess pain'
fully shaken up, cut and bruised. Fol"
lowing is u list of the injured:
Geo. B. Caldwell, Wheeling, nose broken.
1 W. F. Peterson, Wheeling, badly cut
about face and neck.
' Charles Shadduck, salesman for Jon.
Speidel A Co., hand cut.
Jacob Kindleberger, Wheeling, hip
_ badly hurt.
Col. W. 13. Curtis, West Liberty, hand
, cut.
A. W. I>arling, West Liberty, badly
" T. B. Ritchie, Moundsville, leg and
back hurt, also thought to be hurt internally.
1*. L. Parkinson, Moundsville, leg
' Wl B. MeGary, Weston, jaw bono
livnknn mill limul iMlt
Catnden Sommers, Clarksburg, head !
and foot cut and leg bruised.
L. L. Phillips, Marshall county, arm!
' and left leg hurt.
* T. K. Elder, Cameron, shoulder hurt.
J. T. Koseberry, Dallas, leg hurt.
A number of ladies and children were
, in the ear, but fortunately all escaped
/ injurv. Dr. T. 0. Edwards was on board
and did all in his power to help the injured.
The train arrived at Grafton only
thirty-five minutes late. The eonductor
y at once placed himself in communication
with Superintendent J. I\ I.egge, of the
iC Western division of the main fine,whoso
headquarters are at Grafton, but who!
[>r clmuced to be here last night, and over
the wires told him the story of the acciv
dent, which Mr. I,egge at onee gave to
* the reporters and which corresponded
(j with that sent by the Inteli.iok.ncku
man on the spot. The eause of
,e the accident is as yet a
' mystery. The Jswitch was one used n
ic dozen times daily, and is as substantialj.
ly built as any part of the road. It may
have been that something wqs wedged
;n in between the rail and guard that
0 served to tilt the ear. The train was not
ie runningfast for the reason that jih soon
;e as off the siding it had to stop and wait
|a for the brakcman to locrk the switch and
geton board again. There is a slightcurve
(] at that point, hut it is hardly thought
r. that that hud anything to do with
ut tin? overturning. The conductor was
1 j una!ilo to oiler any solution; he examined
ilie track after the accident ami
ie found things all right, and the wheels of
!f the couch were in good shape, too. The*
I. safety chains were hooked between the
i- cars, and ordjnjirily these would preu
vent the cur from turning oyer, but in
}f thiscase they did not.
e Capt. J. A. Hunter, who wjis here
with Mr. Legg, was started out the road
at once to look at the switch and if pos?
tiiblo uncertain tho cause ot the trouble.
At 11:15 all the delegates except Mr.
Peterson left Grafton for Clarksburg.
Ue hud had enough railroading for one
? night, and went to bed. The others
reached Clarksburg shortly after midnight.
Mr. Parkinson, of Moundsvillc,
_ has an injured leg already, aud he was
specially fortunate in not beiug hurt ho
r ?s to be obliged to lie up for repairs. It
was a very lucky escape from something
y worse all arouud,
Fur Oim AilmNnioii?'Tim Uttiueit I'luytnl
The Wheeling ball team will make Its
v reappearance on the home diamond at
Island Park this afternoon in two clmm*
plonship games with the Toledo team.
One of these game* is the regular one
scheduled for to-day; the other is a post!_
pont'd game. The first game will be
called at 2 o'clock and the second at 4
Ij o'clock. Both games may bo witnessed
i- for one price of admission?25 cents.
As the report of yesterday's game at
8 Zanesville shows, the Toledo team i?
L. able to put up u game that is not at all
slow, and provided they play the same
irame here that they did yesterday, the
? Wheeling aggregation of talent will have
' to do it* best in order lo ? ;n. The privilege
of seeing two games for the one
1 price of admission ought to draw a fairly
t good si/ed prowd and nut both teams
some money ?esomething they need
i, badly.
t The Wheeling team managed to hold
its own on the sliort trip from which it
3 has just returned, better than ever before,
and that fact should encourage old
admirers to turn out in the hope or see*
j ing some good old time playing.
t VcHtcrilny'H Trl-State Game*.
At Zanesville?1The game was one that
, would put to blush some of the League
: and Association teams for fine work. '
Duck was invincible and Garfiold pitch- ;
ed in tiue form. Zanesville mnuo the 1
only run of the game in the tenth
inning on two singles and a sacrifice.
Two brilliant double plays at critical ,
noints saved the visitors from scoring.
Tho score:
T. B.N. K.
ZtnMVillo ?ooooo?ooi-i ;i (
ToMo o o o (l o o o o o o-o .1 i .
Kiirjieil?Zauwvlllo 1. IWittcrles?Duck and
Johnson; (iurtleM an<l I?cng. L'inpiro?O'Brien. 11
At Columbus?Columbus took anoth- J,
er game from Jackson, the visitors being ,
unable to hit .Somers for but three safe 1
hits, and manitoting a decided weak- 1
uess in the Held. The score: 1
T. II II. K. *
Columbus 1001002 - 1? 7 11 ' -s
JockMU 0 0 0 0 0 0 O i 0- -? .1 J V
Enrocd?Columburt. HnitfrJ?*-Soo|cr? and fl
McVoy; Duuu aim Ctarl?tnmn. Umpire? /
O'iMy. \
Tba Plumed Knight**
Tho Plumed Knights at their meeting
last night decided to turn out on drew
parade on next Wednesday evening in
their new uniforms. Those members
who have not left their measure for
their uniforms, uro urged to rail at
Brillos's and do so as soon as possible, t
The membership is now almost double $
what it was this time four years ago. the E
drills tire better attended, and the boys g
all seem to be taking more interest m d
the club than ever before. Another c
meeting will be held on Friday evening,
to be followed by a drill. 1
Kkkp up with the people; buy "MileEnd."
A thing that is lightly passed over is tl
the feneo surrounding the watermelon e
patch. ' I!
How could we get along without our
"Mile-End ?" Couldn't.
To Begin Important Improve
ments in Wheeling.
11' tlie Cily Mwiii the ltuilroad Con
puny in a Spirit of PuiriieMS.
Some DetuilM ofllio Proposed
Change* to be Made.
Capt. William M. Clements, Gener
Manager of the Baltimore it Ohio rai
road, J. A. llunter, Koad Master, i
Hunter Johnson, General Koadmuste
J. F. Legge, Superintendent of tl
Western Divisions of the Main Lin
and Arthur Sinsel, Superintendent
Bridges, all prominent Baltimore
Ohio officials, are in the city. The
presence here at this time is aigniiicac
and the city has an opportunity such
it never before enjoyed to secure I
wise liberality improvements by tl
company, which these gentlemen repr
sent, which will greatly add to tl
prosperity of Wheeling, enhance tl
value of property, increase the popul
tion, and give the community anoth
source of material wealth. These ge
tinmen' have an immediate object
view, and another more remote. Tl
immediate object is to improve the
property on the creek banks. Tin
will probably erect a new and dlffere
bridge at once in plnce of their presei
temporary wooden trestle over the cre<
at the foot of Sixteenth street. At ar
rate, they propose to protect the ban1
abutting on their property by drivii
piles there, and for this purpose a stea
pile-driver was brought here yesterda
and will at once be put to work.
'Pl.iu !o l.nuM..,,. .. .^...nnmlivolv n
1 important part of the business the coi
pnny lias in view here. Cupt. Clemen
said to an Iktblluikxckr man yesterdi
that his company ia now ready to coi
mence work on its contemplated ii
| pro von i en ta to its facilities here as not
as it can secure the right to alter i
route through the city so as to run sou
of the creek. This will remove i
tracks from Sixteenth street entire!
It will bridge the creek in the extreii
cast end of the city, and push its alti
ations with all practicable speed,
the fear is entertained that the croasii
at the Market street bridge will inju
the water or gas supply or have ai
other bad effect, the company will mat
that crossing hist, leaving it till all tl
other work in done.
The company desires also to lay t\
additional tracks 011 McColloch strc
from Forty-third street to the Southe
limits of the city. This will affect 1
property hut their own, as they recent
purchased almost all the abutting pro
erty, and before owned much of it. Tl
right to lay these two additional trac
is all the change the company asks
the provisions of the ordinance here!
fore considered by the City Council.
The company also proposes to bui
the northern approach to tlio JJeliai
bridge, so that trains will not liuve tori
oil' the bridge to the south and back u
It also promises to build here extensi
! shops and round houses, ami the ma
| part of it? work on the lines of this si
I tion of the country will be done hei
These shops will be among the most e
| tensive in the country, and will give ei
ployment to a large force of men. Tl
query naturally arises whether the ci
can afford to adopt a course of adit
which will prevent the making of the
' ? ft
Tlx* TeuiilHtoiV Strike on tliu Kescrvoir,
To the Editor of the JitklUanteer.
SiuIn your issue of the 3d instai
Mr. Chisholm is made to say that tl
Trades Assembly gave him no chain
before the blacklisting of the new rese
Mr. Chisholm docs not tell the trut
The Arbitration Committee pf the I'radAssembly
sent him a friendly invitatic
to meet them in connection with tl
grievance of the Teamsters' Associatioi
i'iie meeting was arranged to take pJa<
on the evening of August 23, in Tradi
Assembly Hall. Mr. Chisholm sei
word, "if the committee would attend I
their own business he would attend 1
his." This communication was writte
on the Trades Assembly official letti
head, and contained the seal of that bod
as well, so what is the use of lyingabot
it? If Mr. Chisholm regrets nis fornn
course and now wishes to get a hearii:
before that committee he can do so, i
we are still willing to trust the jUBtnei
oi our paso to that committee.
We are not disposed to be unfair wit
Mr. Chisholm, und make due allowam
for his being a stranger; yet we do n<
intend that ne shall pay away the ujonc
of the taxpayers of this city to othei
when there are plenty of men and fucil
ties here to do this work. We woul
like a settlement, if there is to be on<
this week, as the Trades Assembly meel
ngajfi next Sunday afternoon, and thei
are some additional fe?pji;t}ons wliic
that body will be called to act upon i
case no settlement is reached.
By order of Teamsters' Association.
Wheeling, II'. F?., September 4.
4- Cijril Kelp-y.
To the Hilltor of tlx jnttUigcnccr.
Siu:?Please correct my statement t
follows; "I took off both coats," nc
l?oot?, as you nave it.
Also, your comment on Conlin'sev
dencc: lie swore I could not have le
the brick-yard and gone as far as Wliee
inn and then returned by inormnj
whereas you make him say I could n<
have left (it all. Yours,
Wherliny, September 4.
A Luxury unci Necemltjr
for rich and poor who wish to enjo
jjootl health, and who do not wish to ri
sort to bitter, nauseous liver medicine
und cathartics, is the concentrated Cali
fornia liquid fruit remedy, Syrup of Fim
Sold by Logan tS: Co., Anton P. Hess, H
B. Burt and C. Menkemeller. At Bel
I aire by M. N. Mercer.
f f
S'utiuunl KiicnmpiiH'iit nt Columbus via II
& O. U. It.
On September 11 the Baltimore t
Jhio will sell round trip tickets and rui
rains as follows: Trains leave Wheelim
it 10:15 p. m., 3:.'K) a. in., 8:00 a. in., ant
>:25 a. m. Fair for round trip 52 7*
Pickets good to return uiitil Septembei
0. The limit can be extended for re
urn passage thirty days by depositing
lie tickets with the joint agent of the
ail road lines at Columbus on or before
September 19. Tickets for regular troini
vill be sold September 7th to 11th at the
tbovc rates and limits. For further in
ormation of trains and tickets call on
Baltimore & Ohio agents.
["? Clucliiniiti vlu It. & O. It. K. on Sutur
ilny, September H.
On thb above date the Baltimore A
)hio will sell round trip excursion
ickets to Cincinnati at the low rate ol
o 50. Trains leave Wheeling at 10:15 p.
b., 8;O0 a. m. and l>:25 a. m. Ticket*
ood returning for five days, including
?iu ui niiii por iunuer imuruiuuuu
all on Baltimore & Ohio agents.
Inlf Itnte* from Cnliimhu* vln IK ?V O.
ltnilronil Sept. lOtli to tOtli.
Round trip tickets will be sold from
Jolumbus to all i?ointaon tbo Baltimore
: Ohio at the low rate of "one fare" for
lie round trip. Return limit not to
xcept limit of extension ticket October
[1. This will enable every one to visit
lielr old homes and friends.
Have you used "Mile-End?"
L Hill Millrr, Muriltfrrtl In Allegheny Hut
Y?*?tnr<lu> Morning.
Special Officer William Miller w
murdered early yesterday morning
Allegheny. Miller was a former r??i
dent of this city and a well known
j liceman under the late Chief of I'oli
1 James Sweeney, lie left this city sho
ly after Sweeney was retired from t'
i- office and went to Newark, Ohio, whe
he was employed in the Baltimore
Ohio car shops. About seven years a
he removed to Pittsburgh, and has be
employed as special detective at t!
Baltimore ?!fc Ohio depot and the Unii
de|>ot. Lately he has been a speci
al oiheer of the Allegheny police force.
11. While in this citv Mr. Miller alwa
. gave satisfaction as un officer, bei
' bravo and dariug to u fault, ami white
r? the service he gained the sobriquet
le ''One of the poplarists." lie also serv
Ct as a lire man.
j The Pittsburgh Uinpotch says:
William Miller, a private watch in
? in Allegheny, was murdered at abo
ir 1 :'M o'clock "this morning, being shot
[t the stomach hy a carriage driver nam
' Joseph Denny (colored). The shooti
affair occurred near Irwin and West*
>>' avenues. Denny is now lodged in t
le Allegheny Central Station.
e. Miller was removed to the Alleghei
General Hospital, where he died short
after his arrival.
ie Oilicer Paddy Fitzge raids and Arth
a- Wiggins were eve-witnesses to the affa
ur and gave the following account of t
!l" A colored ball was held last oveni
in4 at the Union Kink, in Allegheny. 0
\c cer Fitzgerald was after a man who v
lir wanted for stealing a watch, and h
taken young Wiggins with him to ide
"J tify him. As they were passing throu
V the parks on the way to the rink th
}k heard the sound of a scuttle, and notic
[y two men wrestling on the pnveine
They started toward the contestan
*8 when a shot was tired.
'I1 The smaller of the two men in t
y? scuflle then essayed to escape by rt
inng through the parks toward a freij!
n" train, which was just moving out of t
ll" Fort Wayne Railroad yards. Ollii
J Fitzgerald pulled a handy-billy a:
* started in pursuit, when Denny turn
u* and fired a shot at hiui from his rev
n" ver. The olHeer dropped to the grou
j" in order to protect himself and drew 1
I own revolver, firing a shot in return
. at Denny. The escaping murderer f
swered liis lire with another shot. Fi
gerald again dropped, to the grout
''' when Denny fired at* young Wiggi;
Tj the bullet Hying wide of its mark, ho
ever. Fitzgerald and Denny then c
changed shots again.
rJ' A street car was passing along We
V ern avenue at the time, and, as Den
wus about to step on the rear platfor
Officer Dave Spoor, of the Alleghe
police force, stepped oir and placed h
under arrest
Fitzgerald seized hold of tlie fugiti
at the same tiine, and wrested the
.? volver from his grasp. Denny th
' recognized "Lucky Fitzgerald," as he
" termed, and said that ho had not kuo\
i*" who it was he was shooting at.
j Mr. Miller was a man about 40 yei
" of age. He resided at the head of Ft
eral street, at the commencement of t
,, plank roau. He was employed as a ji
yj vate watchman by the wealthy reside!
j of that section of Allegheny, and has
ways borne an excellent character. 1
'' leaves two children, one daughter.
young lady, and the other ji boy abc
14 yearn of age. His wife is yet livii
; although her life is despaired,as she ii
1 victim of thut dread disease consmr
n* tio?The
bullet struck Miller in the regi
, of the stomach. The physicians at t
hospital could say but little aboutt
wound. not having time to make an i
animation. l|c died shortly before
The Linsly Institute opens Month
id .Sept' inbcr 10th. No boy can atlord
ie lo8<- the opportunity of acquiring a lir
-o class academical education at home. T
r*' Linsly offers advantages not surpass
by any academy in the country. SI
h. dents graduating from the Institute c
L'S enter the second year's alius of any a
m lege or university in the United StaU
,H Kxcurhliitm to CoIhiiiImih tor th? < . A,
,1 Niitional Kiicuiniiiuuot.
lo The National Encampment of the <
Lo A. It. will he held in Columbus, Uhi
n from September 11 to lo. Kxcursii
jr tickets will be sold from Wheeling
ly rate of $2 7? to Columbus, from Septet
it berCS to 11, inclusive, good returnii
*r until September 1'.). By special arrang
ig ments excursionists may, upon npplii
is tion, have the limit of their tickets e
js tended up to arid including October 1
Persons going to Columbus can obta
h definite and further information by a
;e plication to the agent at station nqm<
>t aboye.
A Very Su??f-.*lul ItuNton Millinery Flri
j. jHL'BBrV. ill UUIU, r>|)UUlUlUL; CV \^U., II
K\ well-known wholesale denters in mil
L. nery goods at 17 .Summer street, lie
^ one-twentieth of ticket 1(0,44!!, whi<
.e drew the lirst capital prize of $.'100,000
1, the June drawing of The Louie'uu
n State |,ottery Co, Friday hist M
Spaulding received from the Adnn
hxpress Co. a draft on the Maveru
bank for $lo,000.?ii(Mtuii (Mass.) Recor
July 3. daw
Half Knrjj
The ljueen vV Orescent route (CI
cinnati Southern and associate road
)l will sell Harvest Kxcursion ticket#
. one limited fare the round trip, on Se
j* teuiber 11th and 2.5th, October ffth at
y 23d, 1888. good to return within thirl
days and allowing stopover privileg
*' These pheap tickets will lie on sale
'' various point# in Tennessee, Alabain
Georgia, Florida, Caroliniw, Virgini
Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas ax:
Texas, to which States the Queen
Crescent ie the great trunk line, ru
ning double daily trains from Qincinna
and Louisville. For rates, maps, tun
tables or other information desired coi
cerning a trip South via. the Queen
* Crescent route, call upon your neare
ticket agent or address D. O. Edward
Actinic General Passenger Agent, Cii
cinnau, u. _
Kxcuinloii to I'lLtMburgh.
The Baltimore & Ohio Kailroad wi
sell excursion tickets Sunday during tli
entire summer, to Pittsburgh, at the ral
of $1 50 the round trin, tickets good fc
k .Sunday onlv. Will also sell excursio
i tickets'to Washington, Pa., at the rate c
i ?1. Trains leave Wheeling at 6 and 8:1
I a. m. _
Suuilny Exnurtloni.
On and after Sunday. May 0, the Ohi
River Kailroad will sell excursion tick
ets every Sunday until further notice
Wheeling to &iptersville an(i returi
$1 50, Wheeling to Parkersburg and rc
turn $2 25. Tickets good one uay onlj
K1VKK .NEWa. -
Stage Water ami Movements of th
Steamboat m.
All the daily packcts are running res
. ularly and doing if fair trade. The
Amies got away for Cincinnati a
: (J o'clock last evening with a good trip.
' The C.f L. A W. wharfboat has beei
' painted a dirty color, a cross between i
green and a yellow,
! The Courier got away on time yester
day in her Parkcrnburgtrnde. TheKlaini
is this morning's boat in this trade.
The river commenced to fall agair
yesterday and was still falling at dual
last night, when the marks iudicated i
depth of 8 feet 2 inches, business wai
lively on the levee from early niornim
till dusk.
The Katie Stockdale, in the Pittsburgh
Cincinnati trade, passed down at 2 p. m.
and tne Fashion, in the same trade
passed up at p. in. Both had on l>oan!
a large amount of freight and a nuiiibei
of passengers were registered.
in ......
: Easy and
lie ??
re Wo want to ulk with you. Our iutervfct* *!
t doratand how we dcmomtrato the Euy ami Kqul
Wo bavecome to WbceltoK with a law clock of
And General Ho
The Ixwt quality made in the United State*?hou
'?k are ready to put out to hou?ekce|>er? wiiooc fncoi
Itl do jUHt tut they prouiUe. We would Junl u leav
0f nu.li: and that In the reason we offer:
eJ Ten Dollars worth of g
and Fifty Cents per week,
an Twenty Dollars worth
ut Cash, and One Dollar per
1U Should you want to pun-ha?e a larger ?Uu L
>3(1 Wc Rive you the aatnc quality of gooda on t
tig our motive.
rn If you keep all your obligation*, and pay u
. . caty of your motive.
he That's all we at
Do you see?
The honest customer never promise* to paj
L1> never auk it more.
Hbnwt yrmxls?holiest MtutemciiU*?li
Hr That's nil u/a r?a
he Shall we have ft
"We propoie to make PUKE delivery of
ng Martin's Kerry aud Kultou.
5 HOUSE &li
? 1300 iLCAIE
Hetweon Twelfth and Km
!jj BEIiliAIRE.
'It! All Hurt* ul I.ijc/iJ Kewi ?ml front
- ej iiio <iin?? City.
l>(J The Woodstleld fair will bo held next week.
The Young Meu's Democratic Club.is dlilliug
01- now.
nd Koehesterjhrlek will he uied on the new c. <k 1\
:,i8 depot.
?t Mm. Thomas Godfrey ami children lire among
"* Mingo friend*.
" Free Wilkinson, of Urovel Hill, N very low
W* with the fever.
)('t The Amies took a large ?|tii?ntity of nails from
US, here yesterday.
W- The gl turn houses are all making large ship,x.
ment? this week.
James Skinner, of the Tribune, in home from a
. trip to the eonntry.
Mike Lynksy will address a Democratic rneet?}
iiiK at l-'indlay to-day.
1U? Mr. Tom Danford, of St. Clairsville, is the
ny guest of relative* here.
iin M. J. Powell, boss stone mason of the I.. ?fc
W. railway, was here yesterday.
(ias for domestic use will .he abandoned by a
*u great many here. They will return to the use of
re- coal.
t'll Homo young Indies had a narrow eiCapo from
is faiifug slate at the Fourth ward school house
vn yesterday.
Tiie residence of Thomas Reynolds, near Clar
Ingtoti, WON burglarized one flight recently; 5<iu
irs \vh? taken,
5(1" Mrs. Mattel Elliott luis gone ou an extended
lie vialt to Auroru, 111., to her mother, who lives
irj. there now.
. u The steamer Courier rcshlnpcd a cargo of wool
, here yesterday morning for Boston, Mass., from
ill- Matomoras.
tie J. D. Cochran and wlfoaro visiting their uncle,
a William O, liirnurd. They are from Tacoiua,
)U^ Washington Territory.
1I? l'eojtle were going in crowds over both ruilroads
yesterday to Columbus from here, ami
* it potato out the It.. L ?fc railroad.
>P* Mr. Hoggs, ill ]tridgc|H>rt, who hail an arm torn
oil'not long ago, was in the city on busiuess yesDn
tcnlay, and is pretty nearly well again,
i,., Meeker Hollman, who won.arrested forassault,
ing u small child not long ago. wo*discharged by
lie the court, there not being sutllclent evidence to
x- convict him.
2 Joseph Thomas, an Italian, was in the city
yesterday. He is an acreut or Interpreter for the
railroad Italians In this neighborhood, and is
around among them all the time.
There will be hu Imineuto street /?!r bore Ibis
iy? fall. There was no money last full. This fall
to there Is money and the different committees are
u? pushing things preparatory to u big exhibition
I t next mouth.
, Col. John II. 8ulllvun died on Monday night,
etl Col, Sullivan was one of the founders of this
,U- city, and President of the old original Central
.... Ohio Railroad. Ills age was eighty years nud
I seven mouths.
Some of the glass houses are experiencing
!8. trouble with the natural g?s yet. It comes and
goes on them and leaves the glass in bad Hlinpc.
The Lauteru Globe company ouly worked part
of the day yesterday.
U, Contractor Maloney is full of business, The
former cuutpietor*bought their gravel from W.
G. Karuard. Mr. Maloney bought two hits on
Q, ?iravel 11111 and is excavating ami grading and
: using tlie gravel on the streets. Itv this move
lu? he (unmake up (or what he loses by his contract,
Jn as It is rvjKirted he can not get through ou the
ut prices paid fo.- jmving.
Martin's Ferry.
ie. " *' Brady Is In Pittsburgh on business.
|ft. John Clifford was at Deep Jtun yesterday.
... George .Smith and wife left yesterday for New
J York.
William Stinger, of Portland, wiut In the city
in yesterday.
p- Mrs. Baxter left yesterday for her home In
ill Hopcdnlc.
\1 Inn c. iituilit (ill.ium rotoroi'il home vcmUtiIhv
from Springfield', O.
ii. Mr*. Hun Conly ami daughter, of Mt. Pleasant,
Je lire tlao guest* of Mrs. John Maywoud.
i: Miss I.izzle button and mother, of Mi. plum*
''J ant, passed through tlm city yesterday.
'J1 Robert Mcdcury ami wife, from near Port.'li
IhihI, |ms*ed through thy city yesterday,
in Ollie ClevernudTlioinu-s<?rr. of Mt. Pleasant,
:ijl "'eft1 jn lljeufly yotenlny, the tfiu'sts of frJemlx.
r< There wan a free iierformutiee on the street in
_ front of Prince's wiloou lust evening on the
*, Mrs. Harry Ebcrline wan in the city ywtorday,
u, the Ktiest of her father, Conrad l?oug, on Washington
Syrup of Ftp*
n- ia nature's own true laxative. It is the
s) most easily taken, and the moat effective
at remedy known to cleanse the system
p- when bilious or costive; to dispel lioadid
aches, colds and fevers; to cure habitual
ty constipation, indigestion. piles, etc.
e. Manufactured only by the California
to Fie Syrup Company. San Krancisco. Cal.
a, Sold by Logun & Co., Anton 1'. Hess,
a, R. Ii. Burt and C. Menkemiller. At
ill Bellaire by M. N. Mercer.
n. Duink Malto, 25 cents a bottle.
1)1 KU.
.. 1U.0WKU8?On Tuesday, September I, Inss, at 7
"" o'clock i>. hi,, Ella V. Hi.owkiix, nged l'J
i* years, 'J. mouths and 11 days.
Ht Funeral notice hereafter.
8, ?
?- New Advertisements,
a: The late floods have effected our city in such a
Ir r m ii a<lvluil.!>i I..
jj call u meeting of aii taxpayer* and citizen* an
0 SATURDAY, Sopteinbere, l?M, nt Iho I'oi.ick
Count Room, ut eiitht o'clock p. ni. The pur
pow of Maid meeting to be the formulation mu!
0 recommendation to the City Council of auch
> action an may bo deemed mofct advisable to ItK:
fsitk ani? Itkl*a iii tiie BltoKKN traffic bo?
tween the northern and noutheru pari* of the
rt city an noon an poMiblp. 1 would sUggett that
(be following point* be well connldered:
Finit?Shall wo rebuild the Muln Street Bridge
a of Stono or Iron.
hecond?Should a bridge be erected nt the :
above named place, or kbould tho building of a 1
bridge be entirely omitted, an publ|o opinion, to 1
t a certain extent nt leant, teem* to favor the tuntiling
o| Wheeling Hill, and making a new
j outlet for the creek. ,
Thene aubjecta are of vital Importance to the
. welfare and prosperity of our community, and a
3 public expreuion of our people would pouibly
warrant Council in takincnuch stepa n? would .
1 meet the general approbation of the taxpnyiug
J public. (JJ^MABWOHT,
j Mayor.
' ^"OTIOK. '
On account of llullday our Store will
Im> rioted on THURSDAY, (llli In.it.
boultl be mutual. i'crhHj.* you Jou't exactly uu?
I table method" of n trtio nti-l honm < milt sv?U'iu,
usetiold Supplies,
ight by ui cloM'ly, for r?^h: *nd tbr* k?*Ii< wo
imparl* not Innje. but who *? hot?M, tuul will
e have the pledge of n? hoitoM nuiu or woman
oodsforOne Dollar Cash,
of goods for Two Dollars
.111 you can nuke your own term*.
jredlt as If you paid cash. Tliut's the honesty of
g Just what ami when you agree-that'* the lion*
r more than can Ihj met: urn! theholiest mcrvhsnt
oncst price*?holiest customers!
n ask.
all purchases to llollAlrc, Ben wood, Bridgviiort,
irtncntb, Wheeling, W. Vu.
Dissolution Notices.
jyissoiUTiox 6r I'A l?'l\ KISSlflK
The firm of Jos. Gmves a Son wax I1?m)1vchI
September 1. 18SS, by liiiiitution, diaries K.
Graves retiring.
The business will becontluued by J.?.(imve?.
who will settle nil business pertaining to th*
slid late
sol JO'. <;it.\vi:s a <n.v.
7b lite I'otrn of Ohio (hunty:
I hhi a candidate for tin- ??nirt> ( rron-rtiiiflf
Attorney, and rc*|*!cliully m.Ii.h )?itr v?u* at
the election to Ik.' 1icI<1 November > , lv-\
Truly your*,
>v> 1'. I l.-i IS.
General Notices.
On f'fi-Kt MurtpiKU Security on Ohio lU.nl I ?ut*
From one to live years.
It. T. IIOWKL1,,
Insurance hii.I l(cal KMiilo Agent,
Itrlilui'iMirt. ohin.
KRAI. Homework; into: couu- toil
recommended. Kuqulre ?t No. ,.i Fnuriwait
street. mi
young malt n? rfttmogriipfier uii.f Tvi*
wilier. < nil funilnli iHllitniiili. AililrtM
"WltlTKK." cnro ItiteHlKcm ?r riiuv. _., r
salesmen on calnry to sell our pmnW by
wimple to lite wholewne mul retnil trade t'l
.WheellOK. W. Vn., um! ii-ijniniiiu Wenro
the targest iniiuulucturiTH ol our line in the
country. Heml two mm. in slump* i?r jiirti? uliiru.
No postals ucswered. Cknunniw M'k'o
<?o.. Cincinnati. () mi.'.1 >!? >>
Fifty Coal Miners.
Mon inl-.nl |i- (oui Co.
>< 1
For Rent.
jjMlil KENT.
A Desirable Ihvellini:,
No. W% South Front street. Nt-wly litiblitil
throughout; iiuturul kmn hot iiikI i-oM wnlcr,
utid all modern cotivetilenct'K. Apply t<UhO.
H. I*. hi ilMlliT,
M?> 111> Main Mrn-t.
Several OtUcck hnd ftoom*.
Lodging Kuuiiim iu IUiil> *? Mock.
jeI4 1MJ Chiu-llni: .Strut
pou KENT.
The Now JlusluCM Uouaojukt rompli-toUt
No. 10(17 .Main SI reel.
The main buMnm room i* ho Aft. litud cp
with ull modern Improvement* .\i-i?1> t"
jylt) No. UJ> Mum Mm I.
For Sale.
1?0R SALE?A Mci; I A KM "I ' ?
. acrc/i, lOttcrcn llinln-r. futih wcJJ H Uirnj.
Otchttni. noon home, stable iiii'I utlier I'litliiill'ltug*.
Situate on good in,ni. ! hir mill" from
Murtilifburg. I'rlco urn iinli '"Jj"
rttire ill Olie and IW'o vtilf*. J. " ?dtM"K,
Agent. Martlmduirg, W. V?. H."" Marshall
cointy farms
Highly I in pro ve?l farm of II" ?<n> mile*
miutli hi MoiiuiUvHIo.coiiviukul tin iiiin h nmJ
school*, within two link's ni iiilli u:"I "ton-.
Farm ol ubout OU wren, two uilU- Iroui rivtr
ami rail nun!; purl bottom.
W. v HOfSK >' IIW>..
:JJ Share* (.'itizctis Street lUilwnj
iu Share* Flwaud Murine I murmur to.
10 Share* 1'cabody liiMiram i.
& Shares .Ktioi Iron ami .-In 1'
I Share* KIhoii UIum <' >.
l? Share* Ohio V alley Haul:kj
Share-it IdUighlln Nail Mill.
I. Iil\VfN. ARftil.
mil? No.'Jl Tui'llth.-t^t.^
lluilclitiu l/il? In "1.1 K'tlr llnfllli'K '-""-'J
Orulmrd, North ami South ?r-iz.t -1:? t- *i.
South r?un ktrect, at very !"?' tiicuri
A Four Koomod Cottage forft'.'i" ^,
.Seven Koomed Hum<, .s,,. 1
street, bath-room, Ac. ]
8'* Kooiued Itri<k Home, .oiitlwi r Hj
IJilrty-elKlitli Rjid Wood Mr.er ?. . j ?> ?3 H
luvmmunt. ^B]
Five Roomed House, No. ?! N?;rtti i
Htrect. itll in tint clou condition ?i
very plenumt home.
Hi'VOi; I loomed Home, n?, ,\..rth >r:.t
"treet; river lot, ou high ({round. !
rivu Koomed House at Tiu Aim.i t . :.*<?J * !
good property cheap.
Ak?xx1 Three KcMniiotl c<du^'. .. So. I
G'.'South Huron Direct, 87 o
I'vvellim,' Hoiim-- nlwityn on hum: ' fM I
J):? C. Q. SMITH. 1_
('24; Twentj-four Loin in ('aM tirlJ'x Addfr I
Yion to tln? (,'Kj of Wliwlitig*
Said I?ot* nro bounded on tlu* m>r:.'i b> Twtiitf I
nlntbitreet,on tl;e ??>r : H
thenouth l.y the Hmidlnn IIo:-??:ctd. ?i..i oa
the went by the it. A ('. It. It. .
Their proximity tolhcki.ow II
render* them excellent ait?-f unuuUi lurltis I
H not hold in thirty day* tvlil i-j h.;<1 po?"
He auction.
For term* and further Inform'.'. *;-U:y to
W. v. IJii'.l . .
l;wu .NUrket
Or WlLLUM M. HaNUI a:-.
>015 n. ? . > 4ir. ' iiw i"
Boots and Shoos.
li Kvmnau't KflU'l '
Alan a full line of / ;
QuAllty wi'l i'ricv? t?J ?uii t'?'A.
1123 Main Street- H
j,? woiw""*

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