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The Wheeling daily intelligencer. [volume] (Wheeling, W. Va.) 1865-1903, September 08, 1888, Image 3

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< ?r ProMCutlni
; 1,'i'iivbilicit your mm ?l
l" " 1 1IIK I'. K1WX.
^eral Notices.
, i in i (IAN OS hi: VI- ,'"s"
.[I'M ^ V ? . II. WNWIAKT.
\| .u.,i
thffnR'lvt'* ImlebUxl to
, !.-? ' '-rnvvs A Sou will pU-umjchII
- r?iKlt-rril to Juljr ]. \ <J1?
' 'L. I wlil be uHowed for all j-uM
Jos. (;k,\vks.
j;r?' K-nw 'vctirlty on Ohio lUnJ KjfUte.
i. '.'. i- (oflrcjcaffl
i:. r. Howell,
. .main v iiti'l Ki'Jil KfiUitc* Agent,
t'rl.lifctKirt. ohlo.
Mol'.ViwviU.i:. \V. V'A.
: < ' , :- "!! Ii" nvelvwl by (In* un.
..... :.*-k itierMiuii,onTuewluy
.' r iIh* Itilmr o/oiiolmnilrvj
. - itijiuIht Unit may bo ile
etui''"}' ' within ilji! I'e title titfary
" . to live yearo. ,iwl to be
nhiT. i\vs, or
i '!"1 ?f'l wldrcwfld to tho
Ihiw-! "lUdu /or l^ibor."
' ' ..ihvTiiitit lo rejvct uuy ui
I dwlrcd will be fnr
" " . . . i.r-l of JUffiforh.
H oil)coof iIh- Mayor
. wood until (jcptoiDbor 16,
M for Ui*> i omplctlou of
mure or less, w Ith i
I i( ou ut the
I right to rejeotnny
uddruwud t<?
I ('lt.V INuofrlor. |
I Real Estate.
lmi room Aud fl \ tun >,
H lur > -) ut |
tore room j*. 001
lonj room itnd two
I <Hi",*.i. ii). I
\ Ntrit't, I roomed Iioiimj^ 0 00
7 (Mi I
roonw 001
\ . D'lJii...!. Vfn-t. I I ,S 00
JI mi i wllth md McCol* 1
v . \i:. ii. innr i m'lith and MeC'olWinmN
r< < i. J Mild utile 7 00,
\II? i I Ihiiim? i"1
" i 0 SA
\ : > M.iIII *!r. riMiins ft 0" |
\. :.. >: ..!i -in- r. i rniiins 7 00 |
irvet. n room* and cellur... 6
s , ;*i I'vtiitt'i'iilli ?treet, J roomed limiM*. 1? 00
: r' : ' rooms ^ r> <M
v. ; Mark< i ?u-fi. More-room mid two
7 00
s,i fotulccutlt street, 8 roomed houra. I
ii'inii n (, ,'! front, running to alley on equal
en itMiith ?tr<1'. price SGOO.
S,. . .vinttriiili Mreot: pricei?W0. I
;.i. i? hiiv< 1.1> Mili.'iimtlul brick
ntul fclUif, van i>? bought fori
ico en Fifteenth street;
M irk?1 Htrw t; more room au<1 two
f-?n> LT">ui"! ? Mill liull lot; jtrli'ef.Vift.
I .1 I m.
Vi'jo Fiirni, . uned frame house, barn tti
> i1 Hi'!. uH#on shed uud
iiitbuildings: orchard <?i
mlh'H earn of New Cumberland,
Va.; ht\k well. Prlec $10
|?T diI
N'n In : *clfill Ktreot, ?iiii house on alloy, a
i'M? M r.'il per annum; ran
! ' -:i> I . v. IViikIoii and rluim At'
. ior Notary Public.
K'l-' M STI:I:I.T.
Louisiana State Lottery.
u Over it Million l)lnt rlbti ted.
Louisiana Stiito Lottery Company.
Iw-urpomUxl by tin* LecMaturo in 1WJ8. loi
r.lu.ntfotwl nml charitable purposes, and It*
in withe mu.ir h part i?f tin* |irctunt state Con
tututloa.ln 187V, by an overwhelming popular
; > KX"ttUOUMSAUY UtlAWtN<t? take
, t . Mini uiiiiiigUv. (Jaucnnd Iicccinberji auo
IUIU?M. ,-INiil J. Nt'MHKK 1)11 AWINGM take plttCC
?.n ta ii ,.f tin- nttu r ten mouths In the year, Mid
*n a!Mr*uii in I'Ubllc, Ht the Academy ol Mil
New Orleans, la.
W'e do hereby certify that we supervise the
ifTMui-mvm* for nil the Monthly ami Setni-An*
hmwii nj The Louisiana Mate Lottery
' "tai?njr. Mti'l in i^tniii iniiiiim'v ami i-oiitrol the
I'NrtinK' tiiruisclic*, and that the same arc
" ii'lui'iisl wiiii honesty, hilrness, and In good
hillt toward nil |*rlies, nml we uuthorize the
i"iijmiy t.? use this ourtiih-ate, with fac-slmllt*
'< kitfuauiti* attached, in its advertins
*e ihe nn?!er*ijn)c<i hank* an?t Hanker* will
; . - draw ii In the Louisiana StaUJ l?ot*
u ri"> u |||, j, muy be jirwnted at our cotiuter*.
j N ALMSI.KY, Pre*. Louisiana Nat'l lUitik
' i \ s.u a, rrev Mate Aiiuonm iron*.
\ lUl.lnVIX, I'ri.i. Now Orleans Nat'1 Uauk.
(,AIU- KuHN, i'rta. Union Xutionul llank.
Grand Monthly Drawing
In the Academy of Mimic, New Orleium,
Tuesday, Soptonibor lit 1888,
TVki't* at Twenty Dollar* each. Halve*
< ; yu*rUT? j.i; Tenth* Twentieths 11.
m.st or i'kuk*.
I iTlttof tun.oooU fwo.oot
> i-u . ??->?.> is vx,\n
I I'littol ft,W is .'iO,UK
1 1'rlieuf .m??i is
- J ri/, s of ID,mi arc VX'.OW
'>lTi.v.o( . ,<>ai are tfi.OU
i'l'n.If.'! :,H?I uro 'iVXK
l'u.Nv>,i ate
"!U'o. of mm are C0,00(
rrlirt.,1 aware lUO.ttX
I'rire* of j..0are 50.00C
" tin. :jh are W.UOt
11" t!o. .Ware 20,00<
tkkminal i'dlkm.
tltt. 1(0 are W.0CI
100 ?uo 99,001
>' amounting ? ? 8i.ow.noi
v i I leket* drawing Capital 1'iitcs are no
e:itit!n| io terminal 1'rl/e*.
Kate*. ?>r any further informatioi
t.-1, write legibly to the undendgncd, elearl]
}'? -r rvukU'Ui'i'. with stale, County
t mn! Number. dore rapid return mail de
ill Haiurcd by your enclosing an on
. p.'.! a.Mr.
v'ti'l hisTAl, Ni'TKS, Express Money Order*
.v? Urk Kxehauge in oMlnary letter. Cur
run ) by Kxj.r.>, ^at our expeuaoiaddrcsMd to
m. a. n.U'niis,
. u Sew Orleans, La.,
* *. A. DAUPHIN,
Washington, I). C.
Milrnn UosUtvrvU l.vUcrs to
New Orlciui*, La.
REKEVRRR Tii,a t*"' o' General
uuuiiioLIi iu-.um**nl w?l Early,whoaroli
-v i* KRttMtQtMOf nb*olUt
. 't?vrlly, that the ibuu.ft are *1
. ? ?:i l -ituHinocnn jH?w?ibly divlnowbi
MKM'u.lt,hImi. UiHt tbi'prtymciitol I'rlw
'4***tiw?iiv kurilN ationai.Hankk of Nt"
?:i? Hud Uiv Tu trU nto ?igtie?l by the lt?
B" Itmliutlon. whoM chartered rlgh
? b)* Ibo hlxhustOourta; therefor
-V,1 ?oy linluilwui or anonymoi
Harmt Excursion Tickets.
ulf"u"''a N'wbrllta Rillnvl a-Hl*
1 ,sM * *cu?tlon Tiektit to points Soot
and Siiniiwi-M, fin September 1H
'' ~'Ui, n:,<| ivt..Ur vili niiii ?Jd, 1HHS, nt ??i
r llrw'tlou, null nr.' k?mhJ lo rvturu wit
V"lrJyiUy? alter iUW of mIc.
'urthrr |?ttlcuUr? mil on your mim
. k,v ^- ut.or write to Hickman 1(oi.mk?, T.
Diamond Dyes excel all others
in Strenrrth. Puritv and Fastnesc
None other are just as good. Beware
of imitations, because they
are made of cheap and inferior
materials, and give poor, weak,
| crocky colors. To be sure of
success, use only the Diamond
Dves for coloring Dresses, Stockings,
Yarns, Carpets, Feathers,
Ribbons, &c., &c. We warrant
them to color more goods, package
for package, than any otha
dyes ever made, and to give more
brilliant and durable colors. Ask
! for the Diamond and take no other.
A Dress Dyed ) for
4 Coat Colored Garments
Renewed J cents.
A Hhilrl can use them!
1 At Dragila and Merchant*. Dye (took free.
An ImjotUmt Awiouuccment
About *!t Bfi'Ss f?^o. vliltont ?n'*IneM.I
win ? !.',i ntv nttoi .1 witn <-xcruui?Unf
tmin; l'i in. fi"',kiir > nr.') l Som-ver#
I tin* nti i'-l: iiiii' t-?.'. my l-itl iriiniMljiitely,
unit in t.?'. )r li'iw .!...?-??? Joint# weri
nvolt.n t? ?l?i?>n > ' t'n IrMinurnlnIra,
nmli.ii M'-' ? ?r- ' Aft<r<uffer?
liift tli*> ! c ? *<? '? " ilt?ri* week,
uvtii" !'i in..|\" an.: *.?r!'.u1 r.-iriwlle*,
o frfi'.i v. i,o -y\ i .1 Willi my licJploM
OOtMl'.lDii.s-M ' ? ? : .... ... .
,. > i i- . n*lft'HH|*clfle and
n?>it. I... uif,i.i. iiritdo??
"l'i1," ".v.. ',;i,araw
saiw-;' v llWiVgSSB
iH'i.rMi. .!. |:t t.irp. I will ?lt 'ipand
walk i.i,..i?t t.c i? in. . iiHit ii?1jh< ?U
Imtil-.. I v.. i nil ' t'??.otobmliiMfc
Slu.-.i: it I i.tniyjKA
of dui\. a:..i rfi'i-' !! i.i/! ?: iioiu ulnoto
t?n IiimiV" 1. : .'iit'ri;! trvstram
ruin, v wio I. ? CI ' c?u
In iiiyc... 1 I rf u'l.* uni. wit all
infji iii. .ir. j....'ufin i '*imor
by i..u i. 1 '* ' nKSi.i.iie.
vj mau. n y, j ( (< NuW Yvfh cUy>
Kiftro:' f'Ai I v? w?r?!?l off a
% (' . : . ,'i i.iiui .iiliyntii.inlymorl
to Si
m.. ... I r. i.,* I. I l.! f I Ml lllfllll'llm Coin*
snniiJiltM son low I irentrnenl
ttiuC t! r< ii: .? MSfUH ui ail*
CU?U flOlli II.l' r> '
J: v \\ . ]'. IJwtimos, D. D.
Kkx? Yosir, .* vr. -Afier apomllnc
i. ?*'? . f i ? u<?n Miiliout
Snylm. ill. i- ' - 1 til.iCf Hwl(t'4H|>m-Ula
wuric! n j Ulii'1. C. I'OUTKU.
Vi; v*?. to - My 11'1'n I'lrl, fiacil ilx.ana
1k>. ii -I f. i.r v .'! "'TiifulB In tl?<?
with! . r..< t '? ? '' w?T0 punr
nh.| \. To.:; - Ii.-iJjjiy and roliui.!,
lII t!*i? 15. 8.
J. i: 'f. Co I. uk*.
L*\?t \.kv\- F' KTrtiCo., ?Uw-Yattr 8. 8.
$ ... i >. i ii . . ii.i.Tful m-cc-m In mr
T . (Mi-'-r ? 'i i .y m? douhi.
voui'l Iij 'i :'I my Kra*?. I
dtiUiUikUN ivwitl r n 1 liu?
H II. U\itl?, I'oslimutvr.
W co, Tuva*. Way 9, IMS,
B.R. Cf> . AM'iMn.i.
Gt'titl"i:r< <i : . th?' >*" > npprcclaf#
"roliiiit.i'' i : o uiU fili-Miurala
#tul!na i's ' ' un.'Mii'rf OM
rpKnin i li. r i: un-iif Jour lane*
I,., t .Iir ; . K I. tmvliif
>,?Minn I.M. : : f 'I r?. II. rtroulil#
>vr,? f.ir, ;v?iMl!l ...? y tu'l-wRM* Wo(Mllur
... '. ; I. v i'lliS C.'.l.'MljiilWi
I .... I'.iv on ui . .irutloa.
Alluruiw?;.ne?:l s- ?
JV . -. - owe Co.,
J"1 ... . A'Ii?iiIhu:i.
?? i . ilruAiivvAT. V.
Groceries. Etc.
ITli 1 11?4 1 a?Ii_rf 1 ,
Grocer, Pork, Packer,
Celebrated "Strawberry Hauis,"
Nos. 1309 AND 1311 MAIN STREET,
My own Curo of Choice Smoked Meat* dollrcre<l
dally /rout my J'ork House at Manchester.
Headquarters for
Taylor's -Patent and Family Flour.
liftniliiimrtcre for the Celebrated
Alaroma Coffee.
Solo Agent fur Dupont'fi Sporting, Mining and
Him, tine l'owder. ]? '?
*-"ni iit 1 A no
t KUi 1 Jrtrio.
We have just rvcclvwl
?'()() Dozen Stone Fruit Jars,
Ami ?rc again able to flltorricnt on same.
Pure Spices and Extra Fine Cider Vinegar lor
Try Armour's Star Haui for HaudwlohPs,
Conner & Snedeker,
nu'-l* Cor. Market A Fourteenth Stu.
My* tack of I'lculc Uood* Is very large ami
varied, comprisingeverything in thellue of b<?ttlcd
and funned goods now ht the market.
J.'Mfci Market Street.
Try .iHinosa Coffee. Jy 10
Sugar, Coffee, Tea, Flour, and all Groceries, at
astonishing prices.
Stores. '_-JI7 and ?JH? Market Street. Hrnuch
Store corner Thirty eighth and Jacob street*.
" s *. . pf 3D YEAUS liaN jtwojl tlio irroat nmrit o
? r.i iimliir rrtir I) .!'?' tlio r i-i.I lucivw? In f#vo
' >*i,- uiiDtr l*hy>U"titwoivrywliprw. it u U|<<-ri<>r t
it ' . th, J?r tii'' ? -! '. I Mid rnmpHfl mirw fl
.. .....S t '>iii> l? It tlie bent
? . M l- l'i:n?MS(? ???!;* 11
f,.nt-l*rlwltto"<?Hi-*^u!oA CLIN & CO., 1 AlUfc
4* }ok-? ;
s! hindercorns. ,
., K iu .N iiiiMiw?ti' u ..f *aJu.?u.* ronjtanitffS.?? *?j?/
" J?? ofafliw i? "> "s?
h. 11..TW1 in ,1 lid*?-l iil?onl?r*. anil l? ?n*alu?Mo for M
ill' ha?o I'omtb, jirvPciUiW. Lmn,*- "f... ,1
r " A V.r.M?TlW
n 0 H H yMiJ i < ;. oa 3; soroowill
alrlPJ9i':. YMStSS
Silt McUiocntft.
Olllri* : Num. anil \t1 i t ! ?I? Mr?rt.
A KCSSlAti nit Klsini'.
Chicago Trlbunr.
lie mine!" Mid the ardent young SftirtnllcgolT
/n ii voice with emotion quite tnuky.
"My foodtitdevotion,oh. do notwoff,
Kntlukn J'ojakaruluaki!"
"Techcrnvwhevnky, my friend," the iliy maiden
"Your iifopleare noble niul rlcn.
Would a l.olgusotr* gramid&ughicr be ft at brine
For u nephew of Mo*linovitch?"
"I wire nui i\ kopcck!" he*ald. "In my drokhky
I have you tuifenow, unci I laugh
At the wealth of? Klitkiu or Overhauloshkl.
Gojavulkor Pullmedoff.
"Von iiru worth more to me than the gold of
lirakemupsky or Suuirirakofl!
Katluka I'ojakaroluskl. it s risky.
But I "in going to carry you off!"
And this 1* the way the young Sawmllcg0ff
I'titan end toall further discussion.
"Twiwa simpler proceeding to carry her off
Than to go on courtiutt In Kusolau.
"Who is that charming creature,
I Avenel ?"
"What! Not know Mrs. Banvard?
the belle and beauty of the season ?" j
"From the depths of my social obscurity
1 have heard of her; nevertheless
I had no idea she was so beautiful.
A rich, Irish widow, is she not?"
"Yes. She accompanied her father
mid hiM second wife to England last
June, and is so well pleased with society
here that she intends to remain permanently,
I believe. She is fabulously
rich, and, as you see, very beautiful. l"f
it were not Cor one drawback I should
advise you to fall in love with her,
"And what is that, pray?"
"The drawback is, that in case she
marries again, she forfeits all her fortune."
"I never could marry her, Avenel.
with or without the proviso," said
"1 was not aware that vou are engaged."
"I am not engaged. But I am poor,
and I would not be guilty of the meanness
of even seeming to marry for money.
And I surely would not be the
means of bringing w fiptantlUl wouvau
like her down to my level of penury."
"That lant would be rather unpleasant,
1 confess. Hut I cannot we any
meanness in a man marrying a rich wife
if he can love her well enough. And I
don't think she would be very hard to
Invn?ilit VOU ?
"I cannot tell, J am sure, never having
tried," said Henry, with great frigitiity.
Jlenry Percival was very proud, lie
inherited pride from his mother, who,
having married against the wishes of
her family and been east oil' by them <!fr
that account, bad refused to* mention
them, even to her son.
"You need ask me no questions about
my family, llenry," she would say,
eooly, in reply to his questions; "they
are nothing to you. Your father's
name and the admitted talents you inherit
from him are quite sullieieut for
you. And you have, besides, your
mother's love and prayers?your mother,
who takes pride in no other name
than that of Percival."
. Henry stood upon the beach, watching,
in company with his friend A vend,
the crowd of morning bathers. Isabel
f'anvard's glorious black eyes glowed all
the darker lor tuo contrast between |
them nml the bright bird-of-paradinecolored
robe she wore, which also
brought iuto the most charming relief,
her clear, olive complexion and dark j
bands of rippling hair.
"Henry, has she completely bewitched
yon? 1 have spoken to you twice, and
you have not answered me."
Percival turned to answer, feeling a
blush creep over his usually pale fan?,
and inwardly invoking a malison upon
his own tell-tale blood; when, all at
once, a fearful cry, loud and ominous,
arose upon the air.
lie turned again towards the bathers.
The golden-hacked dolphin had disappeared,
and there was a great and hornlied
cry of "The undercurrent!?the undercurrent!"
Percival was an expert swimmer. In
an instant his coat was thrown aside
and he was in the *midstof the breakers,
dashing away madly towards the object
of his love and solicitude. Once? before
he reached the snot where she had
disanpeared?lie caught a glimpse of the
bright yellow dress she wore; then lost
it, then caught it again, grasped it, and
went with it under the greedy wave,
but he was strong of arm and warm of
heart. He emerged from the treacherous
waters, bearing on one arm the
rently lifeless form of her ho had risked
his own life to save.
Two days after this occurrence Ilenrv
percival was pacing the moonlit beach
"Why did I ever come here?" he
asked himself, impatiently. "And why,
now that I have made a public spectacle
of myself, do I not leave? Everybody
saw me kiss her as 1 brought her out of
| the water, and the news of my absurd
presumption is sure to reach her ears.
I To-morrow morning, Ilenrv I'ercival,
you take the boat for homo.''
lie looked up from his survey of the
sands as he said this, his eyes seeking
the direction of her window. Ho did
not seethe window, however, for there,
right before him, wrapped in luxurious
shawls, and leaning on the arm of u
lady's maid, stood her smiling and blushing
"Mr. Percival," said she, holding out
her hand, "1 have found you at last,
Hut, having found you, 1 am at a loss
how to thank vou for so inestimable a
gift as my life.*'
"I am not aware, Mrs. Banvard," ho
said, "that I urn entitled to any gratitude.
I was simply fortunate enough to be the
only one to fescue you."
"will you give mo your arm, Mr. Per
cival? I have a inncy 10 argue mat point
with you."
"Shu took his arm, dismissing her servant,
and they walked together on the
sands for hall an hour. Yon will not
imagine, if you have the least faith in
psychology, that Henry could feel the
thrill of that little hand upon his arm
for thirty minutes and communicate no
sense of* it to her.
"Did you say her name was Banvard?"
asked Mrs. Formal of her son.
"Banvard?yes. Do you know the
nam??" exclaimed Henry, in surprise.
Mrs. Percival was silent a few moments,
By ami by she said, suddenly. "Henry,
I am going to tell von something that I
had intended to keep a secret forever,
My name was Banvard."
"Yes; and I believe this friend oi
yours is the widow of my cousin."
"Can it be possible?"
"You can soon ascertain for yourself.'
"Henry you surprise me! Mary Bun
vard?yes, that is the name in the will
Your mother is my late husband's lieir
k on an T tlMITV flffllin."
| 1 "ft vow bYiou\iJ marry me, then, l&v
, "I should marry (ho heir's heir, am
> so keep poHsession of my pror>erty. Quito
t a speculation that would bo.'
a Refuse me if you will, Isabel, but <]i
f not mock me, for I love you utterly."
S "And I love you, in spite of your nb
^ surb pride, Henry Pereival. I hav<
. loved von all along."
And she gave him her hand, with be
? witching frankness. They were married
1TI10 Dvjldijr Faro Powder.
Mrs. Thomas Scott, 475 South Leavit
; street. Chicago, is fatally blood poison ci
4 from using face powder to beautify th
1 complexion. Dr. Bridge, her physician
, said there was no doubt oi* it, and h
i kuows of a number of other ladies simi
* larl^* ill. "Face powder manufactui
[ ers,' he said, "are in business for mak
ing money. Bismuth is perhaps to:
~j ~~ r
times iw expensive as the white lead,
and bismuth powders have always bupn
ho high priced that they have not found
a ready sale. Carbonate of lead enters
' into tjio manufacture of 'Hake white,' '
and that powder i* consequently dan- '
gerous. .Some women can use the lead *
powders without any apparent injurious ^
, effects. Medicines often are best ah- J
sorberi in oil or by means of oil. The ^
skins of people differ in regard to the ,j
secretions of oil, and the faces of some J
women are perfectly dry. Women who r'
have oily skins are therefore mor:^ liable d
than others to absorb the j?oisouoUB materials
of white-lead powders. Face j'j
powders may be used very freely for '
years, and then injurious effects may begin
to appear for the llrst time." L
Dr. Bridge says that if bismuth only
is used in the preparation of powders
no harm will result from their use. His- n
uintb is prescribed internally and is
used externally.
Dr. Gray haul that powders containing o
any preparation of lead had almost ceased tr
to bo manufactured. ".Several years ut
ago," he said, "the dangers resulting *)
from the too free use of some face pow- t
dera were freely discussed among cuem- \\
ista and in the newspapers. Analyses tu
were made and the renults publislied. tj,
TI lift brought certain o( the nowders ra
into much diareputc that their sale g,
amounted almost to nothing. w
Tliw SuiullcNt PitujtlM iii III? World.
Sew York Sun. ]j.
None of the remarkable discoveries
made by explorers in the depths of Africa
has over excited deeper interest than
Scbweinfurtb's vivid description of the ^
Akka dwarfs whom he found in the
northeastern part of the Congo basin.
Living among tribes of splendid physi- A,
cal development, these little people from fr<
four feet to four feet six inches in height, tit
are noted*for their courage and agility, ra
for their prowess as hunters, and for bt
t heir unusual dexterity in the use of the ui
bow and spear. In a recent lecture in m
London JWesser Flower, director of the ti(
Natural History .Museum, described to
them as the smallest people in the world, l't
and I'xnri'jwd tin? oninioii. now irener- dc
I ally held, that they and their relatives pi
'south o/ the Congo are the Pigmies who ah
were known to the Greeks, unu of whom
Herodotus and Aristotle gave descriptions
that were long believed to be fan- r?i
The industry of four great travelers,
who took up the work of exploration
where .Stanley left it, has now hupplied ^
us with considerable information about ^
I ho remarkable Itutwa dwarfs, who are *n
spread in little communities through the ,rfl
densely wooded regions south of the |jJ(
;;rei\t northern bend of the Congo. They (.a
have been found in districts about KH)
miles apart and in much of the intervening
regions that are still little known.
They have been studied by Wolf near
Ithe Lulua Kiver; still further east by wj
! Wissmaun in the interminable forests 01]
which sunlight hardly penetrates north t<.
of the Sankuru; by Grenfell and Von
Francois on the Bussera and Tcbuapa
rivers, and by Grenfell on the Lubilash,
southwest oi Stanley Falls. VJ,
One day Dr. Wolf was pushing through (}(
the forest east of the I.ulua river, when
I he suddenly came upon a little grade in
bee-hive huts, tho homes of the Batwa. nj
He had Been a few of these little people, an
, kept as hunters at the towns of big la
chiefs, hut this was tho Unit time he
had met them iii theirown poorly-cared- (j,
for villages. Souie of them could speak tjt
tho language of the Ilakuba, the great
tribe which claims this region, hut thev cj,
were so awe-struck bv the white man s
sudden advent that they would hardly
utter a word. A crowd of nearly one
luuulved coitefetarovru l\U\u folka, "none
of them larger than children two-thirds t'ii
grown, stood timidly at a distance and of
surveyed the visitors in wonder. .St
Unlike the Akka, tho Batwa are not tii
unusually prognathous, nor have they
disproportionately la rye abdomens, but a.
they are compact, well-built little creatures,
without any physical peculiarity
except their small size. Lieut. Wissman,
however, received quite an tin- K
favorable impression of the Batwa from ?t
the few specimens he saw among the ?
Bassonge, whom he described as dwell- *1
I Smr in tinv 11itfvi ilneniuivl l>v t Inn rnoioh- til
bore, ill-shaped, and woebegone speciniens
oi humanity.
What is this past history of those most T|
unique juul extraordinary of African
races? Wo are not likely to have a complete
answer to?his question. As yet al'
we liave had only a glimpse of them, and |l(,
the study of thoir languages, traditions, t,
aud-habits niay throw light upon their ^
past. All our ore-sent evidence points*
to the probability that they have de- Hi
scendcd from the earliest inhabitants of {Jj
the continent. We know something of tu
the migrations of thu tribes, around in
them, and there may yet bo found evi
deuce to show the correctness of tin? by- th
nothesis that the Akka north ami the ??f
ilatwa south of the Congo, the l)oko of
Abvssinia, the Obougo of the Gaboon, w:
and the Jiusbinen of South Africa are ???
remnants of one great family. JJ
PIIum! l>ll?9f*t Itclllll|> PIIvh. Jj
Symitomh.?MoUturu; inlcmto Itching ??! ?t.
stinuing; most at nljjht; worse by HcrutohhiB. ?0
If ulloived to continue tumors form, which er
ofteu bleed tttul ulccnUc, hccomluK very wire.
s'wa YNK'N olstmknt -t?>|?H tliu Hulling ttlnl
bleeding, heuU ulccrutlon, ami in most cum'h re- ,
moves the tuinor*. At ?IruK^jI.-tH or by muil, for
:aj vnis. or. Swaync cc Son, l'hilu<ielphiH.
nh SAW IT,
Kcy.cnin, Itcby, SonJy, Skin Torture*. 15,
The bimple application of "Sw.iynu'8 Ol.vr- U.
mkst," without any intermit medicine, will cure **'
uny ciu?e of Tetter, Suit Uheuin, lilngworm, ;*
1'lfcu, Itch, Sore*, I'iuiples, Kczema, nil Scaly, J-'
Itchy Skin Kinjitlons, in? mutter how obstinate ^
or long MuniliiiK'. It is potent, eilcetivc, ami ( '
costs but a trille. ' TTllWW
"What becomes of the old moons, 'J1
pa?" uTheold moons, my son? Why,
they die of newmoouiti, to'be sure." p
A Warning. 1,1
Tho modes of death's approach are ,J
various, and statistics show conclusively {'
I hat more persons die from diseases of ,\i
.< fin I i .1 .1 M
uiu i nmjti anu- idlings inmi ?uv umui. -j
I It is probable that everyone, without ex- '
ception, receives vast numbers of Tuberele
Germs into the system ami where
these germs full upon suitable soil they i?
start into life ami develop, at first slowly
anil is shown by a slight tickling sensa- r.
tion in the throat ami if allowed to eon- ?<
tinue their ravages they extern! to the
lungs producing Consumption ami to c]
the head, causing Catarrh. Now all this ']
is dangerous and if allowed to proceed *]
will in tiuio cause death. At the onset a
you must act with promptness;allowing |?
a cold to go without attention is danger- ,,
ous and may lose you your life. As soon s
as you feel that something is wrong '?
with your Throat, Lungs or Nostrils, ob- ?
, tain a bottle of JJoschee's German c
, Syrup, it will give you immediate re- ?
. lief. aw {
SniLon's Vitamzkkis what you need [
for Constipation, Loss of Appetite, l)izzi- J
i ness, and all symptoms ot Dyspepsia, n
Price in and 75 ci?ut? ner bottle. 3
Croup, Whooping Cough and Bron'
chitls immediately relieved by Sliiloli'n
Tiir Rev. George II. Thayer, of IJour.
bon, Ind., says: Both myself and wife
, own our liven to Shiioh's Consumption
Cure. Sold by W. K. Williams and C.
- Mvttkviwiltor. iuuv-kow
1 "Where is the buttermilk maib'?"
l" asks a city reader. At home, probably,
attending to her business.
> * * \
' -I... Mil In.' Tim
Slander Attacks uh from l>ohin<l. The blto is ]
u mrcly felt unless it i* malignant ami jierslstent.
[HtQttM, too. often Htcali* upon im through a vital !
>. cbanncl. The air wo breathe aflvcU the lungs?
|. if it bo malarious it enters the blood, If it !
change too quickly in the temperature it pro- j
duces disease of the throat. Ac. Whether Hos- :
teller's stomach Hitters Is tak?'n to |irovent or
, to remedy the various for?s of (INcasc produced
1 by missHirt. such ** intermittent lorer. daub
t' a?ue. mkuo (-ake or bilious remittent. It Is and 1
, ever has proved to bo an effective and thorough 1
' remedy?one which doe* not only ameliorate ]
u the symptoms of the maladies of this type, but
i- eradicate* their cause. Dyspepsia, liver complaint.
rheumatism, bladder and kidney troubles
j are among the hiiiuauily-alllicllnt( troubles
which it promptly relieve* and ultimately ren
Vln the I'?*nita>lvniilA Linen.
Land Kxplorere' Kxcursion tickets, a
ow round trip rates, will be sold on Sep
ember 11th and 25tli. via the Penusyl
ania Linen west of Pittsburgh to repre
mutative points in Kansas, Colorado
Cehraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Dakota
I on tana, Wyoming, Judian Territory
'ennesBee, Mississippi, l^uisiana and
Vxas. These tickets will be good foi
I'turo passage within thirty days from
ate of sale.
Further information can be secured by
idling on or addressing the passenger 01
icket agent in your vieiuityof the Pittaurgh,
Cincinnati <Xc .St. Louis Railway
ompany. 8-20*24
utluunl Encatupui?ut i?t Columbu* vlu 11.
S O. It. II.
On September 11 the Baltimore it
hio will sell round trip tickets and run
ains as follows: Trains leave Wheeling
, 10:15 p. in., 3:30 a. in., 8:00 a. in., and
:25 a. in. Fair for round trip $2 75.
ickets good to return until September
J. The limit can be extended for reim
passage thirty days by depositing
le tickets witluthe joint agent of the
liWoad Unes at Co\nmbu? on or before
Member 11). Tickets for regular trains
ill be sold .September 7th to 11th at the
?ove rates and limits. For further in
iiltimore A Ohio agents.
lcui-hIou* to Coliimlui* fur the (i. A. 11.
National KiirumpiiMMit.
The* National Kncampment of tlio G.
, K. will be held in Columbus, Ohio,
)in September 11 to 15. Excursion
jkets will be sold from Wheeling ut
te of $2 75 to Columbus, from Septem ?*?
to 11, inclusive, good returning
itil September 10. By wpeciul arrangeenta
exeuraioniBta umy, upon applicant
have the limit of their tickets exuded
up to uud including October 20.
;rsonrt going to Columbus can obtain
finite and further information by aj>icatiou
to the agent at station named
i ( Iiidnnull vln It. ?V O. II. IS. oil Siilur<lny,
September S. .
On the abovo date the Baltimore A
tio will sell round trip excursion
keU to Cincinnati at the low rate of
Ml Tmim I...,v.. in-tn i?
8:00 a. in. ami !?:!?."? a. in. Tickets
od returning for live days, including
ite of sale. For further information
11 on Baltimore & Ohio agents.
llalf F:ir?? lv'.?'tir*lonn Smith.
The Queen A: Crescent route (Cinimati
Southern and asocial roads)
ill well Harvest lOxcursion tickets at
10 limited fare the round trip, on Sepinber
11th and Uutli, October Otli and
d, 1888. good to return within thirty
ivs and allowing stop-over privilege,
lesu cheap tickets will be on Hale to
trious points in Tennessee, Alabama,
L'orgiit, Florida, Carol in as, Virginia,
ississippi, Loutsiuutt, Arkansas ami
ixtts, to which States the Queen tV:
escent is the great trunk line, rum
ng double daily trains from Cincinnati
id Louisville. * For rates, maps, timehies
or other information desired conrning
a trip .South via. tho Queen A
'escent route, call upon your nearest
:ket agent or address 1>. *CJ. Edwards,
Jting General l'ussenger Agent, Cinanati,
Kxttirnlon to ritlntjurKli.
The Baltimore & Oliio Railroad will
\\ excuwion tickets summy unnng ine
itire summer, to Pittsburgh, at the rate
$1 50 the round trip, tickets good lor
mday onlv. Will also sell excuraion
:kets*to Washington, Pa., at the rate of
. Trains leave wheeling at 6 and 8:10
Mnuliiy KxcurHion*.
Ou and after Sunday, May <?, the Ohio
iver Hail road will Sell excursion ticks
every Sunday until further notice:
'heeling to Sietersville and return
r>0, Wheeling to Parkersburg and rern
$2 25. Tickets good one day only.
i? Fonturt?* i?l the Miinny and Hloek Mar.
S'kw Voi:k, Sept. 7,?Money on call cosy
per cent, hut limn V/x percent,closed
cred at l/? per cent, Prime mercantile paper
iuftjj pei cent. Sterling exchange dull, but
'inly it 11 1 uuehnnged. Sale# 72.0^ shares.
1'tie slock murket was again active, and during
e eutire day, excopt the tirst hair hour, It wan
ong, leaving prices materially liigliqr than
<t even! ug's figures. First wile* were from %
5* tier cent lower than last night'sfigures, aim
the early trading these lo??cs were further inwised
from ;b to % |?cr cent. 1'bo market,
wevcr, quickly recovered its tone, and, alougli
there was very little animation outside
the four leading stocks.the declines were about
covered \>etoTe the vin>\ of \V?? i\t?vYh>ut. itac
arket continued unlet until the afternoon,
Idle a strong tone prevailed from that time
itil the close of business. Texas Pacific. Nor
a i'aoille in lurn led the advance, ami in the
'Demi list became more active throughout,
le close w?h fairly active ami strong at the
Khest prices of the day. The active list was
aurally higher thin evening, Tennessee Coal
se j1^. Noilalk ?k Western preferred 1;?. Northn
I'ttviilK preperred 1,'ji and Text** i'aciilc 1 per
iv4iilrtiu<l bonds dull; wile.- Sl.fWl.fOO.
(iovernment and Suite bonds steady to firm.
, S. -in reg 128 Nash .k ('hut M
. S. -l* coupon .Pill New Jersey Central 90J?
, ri. reg Wry, Northern i'aoille.... >;?
.S. Jcoupon WO'* do preferred
iltitUH Kxnress I l.r> Chicago M N. W......UM*
inericau KxprcMJOPk do preferred
luada Southern... W5h New York Ceutrul..Hi'.?
. M ml i'uclllc Stfrft Ohio ?k M tadtwlppl. 2-15'*
licsnpeitkeikOhlo. lf? do preferred
do liret preferred. 1- l*ii?*itlt; Mull :ie'4
do second pref'd. i:t Pittsburgh 168
. C. C. Ai I W l>eaditig - |
enverA K. CJ 1^4 St. L. & H. K 112%
rie..... '?.?!, do preferred 7:i
do preferred ?>7 . do ilrst preferred..Il'.f%
urt Wayne 151 C. M. ?k St. i'aul.... 7-*>h
nnsustkTexas do preferred 112
ike Krietfc West... 1?:H Texas I'uiillo 'JlrJi
do preferred Mjii Union Piicille. iil>i,
like Shore Uh'? l'lilted Sin tcs Kx.... 7*
otilsvllle ?k Nash.. f*f;? W., St. 1.. ?k P 115(
., N. A. A: C II do preferred 27-;,
c in phi* ?k Chits... fit Wells-Fartfo Hx ]:w
lehiguiiCentral... M Western union &l%
lttouri I'aoille s'-1.
Itreadxf ulln and l'rovl?l??n*.
Nkw Yoiik. Sent. 7.?Flour, receipts . 21,667
tukiigcfi: export* Jl.W- bnrrelHaud ltf,&lMi?aok?<:
larket strong am! less active; sales 23,800 bur(in.
Wheat, receipt* 1 IM ijumiel*; exports
ltt,C8l btiabvlH spot; market unsettled; option*
eady; No. II red y2uW,'.,c; No. 1 red sic: mi
roded VOcaSl 01; No. 2 Milwaukee U7j?c; No.'J
hlcago 8101k: No, *2 September si i*uul (*>%.
dhIiikiu Si oo',; October 81 oi'ui oi*;, closing
t 81 oi??; November 81 tr'^ul W%, closing m
i ttik; Ikeumbor 8t January 81 as,
loftltiK 81 or?: May 81 vt/jiI tw%. elosliiw
t 81 usV Hyc dull, t orn, receipts 97,OU
tiMhcln; export* lor?,xi7 bushels; sales 2.700,uut
iMiels of futurenand 2.18.030 bushels of spot;
ptIons strong; ungraded mixed &%kV>}fc; No,
cptember eloslUK at >V?!;e: Oetobej
la.v?'4c. closing at .v?}?u: Novoihiht mujca-'xij^c
losing ft t -v?! ,c: December ja-W^p, closing a
nV,e; January ^'vi-'d'/.c, closing at MV
tilt*. rei'fdttf* IOn.ooU bushels; eX ports 75 bush
Is: salesMo.OOO bushel* of lutures and -.ik:,!**
tuslud# of spot: market fairly active; mtxei
rcsturn white do -TOtibic: whit
itato iiVitne. liny nud hops steady. Codec
?ptlons weak; wiles 10I..VW bn#s: Scptom
or l2.3tol3.0Uc; October 11.70al2.80c; Novetnbe
1.1'mll^Oc; Deivmltrr U.wal 1.80c: lanuary 10.S
,lt.2Ue; Kwjrttart lLMfell.20c; March, April
llliy, JUIJ t Aii;.UM ii.i.n;; cjKti ?! > uiiwiuin
ukik-n r.'v. Sugar Ann; roritrifmm! fimi.viCc
ellucd linn, Rice nicatly. Tallow Arm. Ko?li
lull. Tun?ctitlno active. Mk?h quiet; we* tin
7V6il9U,-. Cut incut* mromjer: i?lckle?l l*cllfc
taiiul-ie; ifo *UouUlct*8c: do lituniVJc. Ur
venkf'r: wcMcrn Ktcnm 10nlrK-; Scptemltor lO.WJe
)otobiT '.'.Wlc; November 9,25c; Pocembor s.7:u
Hitter, i mcy Arm: we*U*rn crwunory l-Ji&tc
voMtcrn ?lnlrv lJiil-V. Ctittto atrouir; wc*ier
' lUX1.
CmcAOOjSept-l.-TU? v; hww rontfeeWiMexcfte
uitl in u nervotu *ti?to this Morning. ??u*ln
iirloci to J?ob up unci down without imy n|>pnroi
hum. The market ?'u hetfegeri ?little after I
aadnhown wetkiuv, prenumnhly by the lot?i
ivho wnnte*l n hard *i?it to Mil on. Corn nctlv
itni higher. Out* Heady and a trifle huodkc
i??.viJ..fm mmtpratelv active. Four tlrm an
um-hangi'd. Wheat. ca*h No. 2 uprlnff 9J%aOT<
No. 3 spring vwtv.v: No. 2 red Wo; Hoptemb*
2*jim14c. cloning at WJ^c: OcU>bcr \tA&xfft
iloNlngat WHc: December aiv^.U^c, cloning?
MttO. torn, cnfch No. ?, 4<fc; September V?S
I'ltu*. clotltw Nt 4&%o: Oclbbcr clo
Ing at 4A^c; IkHH!UH>or3!H$a40c, closing at 38#<
M*v rr.>T?<-. Oat*. ca*h No. ? tfentenibcr nn
DctolM'rr.'iSaJiV: NoyotnU'iJMWc: May '>9*
Rye. No- M*C. Barley, No.we. Flnx-tvi
No. i. t\'JO. ('rime Umotbv miM $1 Wat s
Mcm pork. cash, September am! October $14 o:
November 113 (ft: January Lanl. caul
Beptcml?er and October U.SiJ^; November 8A"
B.W ,? . clo?lug ut f.W)c; January rt.'JUjy. lloon
short rlt?* v nhoaltlem 7.7.V?; nhort clw
a.oo?iM.'iV. W'liUky, *1 -jo. Sugar cutloaf
granulated "J*-: .V, "V- Butter*tea<
ainl unchanged. Kgg* firm; choice northci
Baltimorr. Mn? Sept. 7.?Wheat, wentei
dull an<l caitier, dotting ntca-ly ;No. 'J winter n
Frew & Bertscriy?Fi
Mum be given to people who will not'
Critically Examine 0
It In a beautiful a**c
furniture J)
Oil Cloths and Linoleurr
Window Shades and C
Saxony Chlidema Rugs,
Smyrna and Moquett F
Fancy and PlainChina, Is
arVou will Ami It very profitable to visit us an
1117 Mair
Spocial attention given to Undoi
i bmuiiuni) tidtin q?i^?vi5i i;w m ni
glsfej magnolia
9 balm
ffi/jfcgmlux hagan's
HI Btla J magnolia
b^"/ _ balm
s/uiracs\ eagan's
jl^lmj magnolia
lqs?f magnolia
-!>??t 1?7h97J^o; September WV%it07e; October iWu I
9SUc; Doceuibcr-Sl OOj^jil 110J4. Cora, western ,
quiet, but firmer; mixed spot MVji.Mc: September
03o58J$o; year 4t)%ui0%c; January 4(rJ^ai7e.
Oat* fairly active ?tid llrni; weMurn white .TJa
:fle; do mixed ' i'-aaie. Ityo llrm at o'JnOlc. Nay
steady at Slti ounltf M. M('f? |Ktrk 815 uUnl.r? 7.'?.
Uutte'r llriu; creamery KiuL'Oc. limy* tlull ami
steady at Uijy?i7e. Collee llrmer; rio fair at lf?e.
i'hiladku'flla, . 1'a., Hept. 7.?Flour firm.
Wheat weal;; No. 3 mi iKlJ^e; No.'2 red September'.^aS
I HI; October $1IX); November SI (Xl^a ,
1 (ty'4; Ditember SI 01%. Corn lirm; No. I
mixed &5e; No. '.t mixed oH^c; No. '1 mixed September
.vtu.'hFj.jc; October te'/ta?r>lu; November
vj^.a?.VlX*c: December -17,1 yiI'M OatHactive; rejected
white -7a'J\I^c: ungraded white 30,%u&!%c;
So. 8 wit lie iV/i/-; .tuncy barley ml# ;:7c; In lores
steady: No. a white September aa^e; October
November iUuM^u; December 34%uU-t%e. I
Eggs firm.
Cincinnati, 0., Sept. 7.?Flour in fair demand.
Wheat steady; No. 1 redWJ^c; receipt* to.ouu
bushels; Hhi14,.VX) bushels. Corn strong;
No. a mixed 4'.iall?>./!. Oats stronger ami active;
No. a mixed Uvo strong; No. J. f>7?.
Pork dull at SI I 7o. I-ard scarce at y.20n9.a0e. 1
Hulk meats weaker; short rib S..'f7%c. Itaeon
steady and uncliaugl'd. Whisky active at SIM.
Mutter, sugar and cheese steady. Hugs slow at
To 1.EDO, O., Sept. 7.?Wheat dull and weak;
cash lNi^a'.'7.'a;; September 'Jti%c; October '. 7,,;c;
DecernuerW^c. Com dull: >0. '1 yellow 41',
Oats active and steady; cash Cloverseed
dull and 11 rut; October Si 75.
Livo Stock.
Chicago, Sept./.?Cnttlo?Receipt* 7,000head; ,
shipments 3,000 head; market lUe higher for
good; others weak; beeves 80 2U?iO IU; steers $J .'Oa
0 Id; (dockers and feeders $- lliiUt '.V; cows, .
bulls mid mixed SI :Ua3 W); 'i'exas cattle Si ho
,j0; eastern rangers ooi:? ho. liogs
?l.UCVIJ '?? iu,wi> UWUI
hum I: market weak; mixed ;.i UhiO 40; heavy]
$<; W; lip lit 7Uui 2>: skips SI (Wiij sheep?
Receipts ?>,ooo hciul; xliipniciilri li.OUO heud; mar- J,
kei sluw tttul a shade lower; natives jj;j oua I ou;
western S.J lOttf tto; Tcxuu* fj iOn:', to; luiuUs
St fiutf 7">.
East I.MKKTY, 1'a., Sept. 7.?Cattle?Rccoipt*
mil shipments U5Q bead; market nothing doing;
all through consigniiieutii. Hogs?Keecipts -',100
head; shipments v.,'.wo Lend; umrkct linn; I'UUailelphfas
$G MJuG G.'?; ini*ed ;<j 5Wut? 10; Yorkers
&' luatiiii; common to fair S.'?sunion; pigs&ooa
:? 7.'?. Sheep? Receipts l.HW head; shipment.* '
l/juo head;' murkot ii??thii)KdoitiK on account;
all through consign menu.
Cincinnati, 0.. Sept. 7.?llog*. In good demand;
common and light $"?0U?t> 10; packing and
butchers8'? -Jail <0; receipts?JUU head;shipments
Ho head.
Nkw Yoiik,Sc|iI. 7.?I'etroienm opened Hlendy
al*J2!?c, and after ii Might advance the market
declined t?? Ulj?c: heavy buying by western operators
then caused u sharpadvance, on which the
market closed strong at Me. Consolidated lixchange
opened ulH!!,c; highest IWc; lowest yij;e;
closed at'.Ik?; sales3,twi.OuObarrels.
on. city, 1'a., Sept. 7.?Oponednt W%e; lowest
JlJio; highest IM'ic; closed at Uo^ac: Kales 'J, 182,000
barrels; clearances :i,l(fc.VOOO barrels; runs JW,GUI
barrels; shipments 7g,.*t>"? barrels; ehurtenijw.cjo
I'lTTSinmon, Pa., Sept. 7.?Pretrolcum active,
closed strong; o|K*ned at 4c; (dosed at Wic;
highest flfijtfe; lowest m%C.
Uuadkokd, 1'a., Sent. 7.?Ojiened at (?%c;
lowest Ol'-'v'highest closed at OG^c; clear
a Thisis the Top of the Genuine
r Pearl Top Lamp Chimney,
a Allotliers,similarareimitation.
^ Insist upon the Exact Label and Top''
ro? Sue tvtiYWHHt. Mueonitct
3 6E0. A. MACBETH & CO., Pittsburgh, Pa.
wiees i,.no,wu imrrciB.
Tituhvim.k, Pa., Sept, 7.?Opened at a%o;
highest iXie; lowest Plj}$c; clotted at I
1*11 II.ADEi.i'iiia, 1*a. Sept. 7.?Wool oulet
and prices tlrtu; Ohio, I'ennsylvinilu and West
Virginia XX and above 29a32c; X 'JlhUiOc: inedl*
; iidi iLijyaiJii'; cotirM' Michigan, Indiana
and western lltiu 'Jja'.Ce: medium .'Cuutle; coarse
:t2>?UWc; tine washed delaine X and XX ftKUke;
ine<llum washed combltiK and delaine SVIiul&c;
; coarse do fthUblJ^c; Canada washed couibluK .'tla
' :?o: tub washed sWaBsc: medium tin washed
J combing amldclnlnu CTh'JHc; coarse do iSSutfc.
' Nbw YoitK.fiept. 7.?Wool netlve and strong;
' domestic tleeco 33a34c; ladled 'J/iaKGc; Texas
| i:<a?!c.
i?i> Cjooda.
Nkw Youk. Sept. 7.?In the Jobbing depart[
mentsof trade the demand w?w larger, but id
I agents the request was Moderate except (or
e prints. .
'f Metals.
n Nkw Yokk, Sept. 7.?Copper nominal; hike
I lit) no. I.?wi strong; domestic 3.? 70. Tin llrm;
ij Poarl-Top Lamp Chimney.^
irnlture and Carpets.
trako up to the necessity of coming to
irtment of tho very
>?in Ainnninn i
Nl) UAKFE18!
urtain Poles,
Japier and Cocoa Mattings.
(1 jn?j>cct ouruut'fully Bclectcd Spring Stork flrat
i Street.
takingandArtorial Embalming. :
II hours.
?e rohplexio^7|
la for the Face, Neck, /UaimQluKB
Arm a and Handa. It a ft W^6"WWYL*
Liquid, applied in* II Palm W
. attntly; can't bo de- 11 ,'MB
tect?d. Ha Cooling k %. |m,um ty/St
Refteahlng. Try Ul H
Sbould go with yon to ?7 .\ M
tbo Seaalde aud all ff JtlgBOlulA HI
Itural K?aorta,iait iiu- f TM_ ||RS
mediately OTetcotnea l CIlHl jPjjg
Tan. Precklea, Sunbum,
fiedaeai, etc.1 V^V B
Iiatnajjlctlbeautl/yer H
h Liquid ua<d In a ff Mg&UlTOJfl|
moment. Dfflea de- // p,i_. 1MB
taction. Iniurca a 1\ urT.n^, i.. //Hi
Perfect Complexion. Vr??.umi *~y ?
Kcrerbaa bad ita equal B|
JT*?pa Ibe Skin on tbe H
Face, Neck, Arm? aud / JUfI16lU'\ H
Hand* Soft ami I'lli* 1 tt.1? ltB!
Lie. Ulvea a JUvlab- ! Alia |IBH
ssf \^g^|
Plumbing, Gas & Steam Fitting-.
? - ? A ?
tiuoccsuora to Thompson ?fc Ulbberd,
Plumbers, Gas & Steam Fitters,
SPKG'IAI/TIES.?Natural Gu HnppUor, fltcnxn
tlCHtlllKHUll Ventilation.
1314 Market Street,
evAll work promptly done at wont reason*
ihle priccH. wyJt
Plumbers, lias and Steam Fitters,
All work donoromptlyat rewnmblo prlccg. |
Financial. t
I. N. Vancs Pre*idont ]
L. 3. DKLArLAlM ....Yieo-I'rwrtdenl
i)||irxT01l8. # ^
J. N, Vntic-o S. Ilo'rlcholmer, 1
J. M. Drown, W. KUinginun, .
L. H. l>cluplaii>, A. W. Kclley.
John Frew. '
itmfiH lunnt i\t\ Kntrliuid. Ireland Hoollftm.
urn! rtii point* iu JCuropH.
JOHN J, JONBi, Cull lor. (
CAPITAL. 1175,000 j
Wm. a. l8Krr Pfttiient 1
Wit, H. Si* iron ...,..........,<?..Vloo*Prcm(lont $
Iiraftho: Xnxland, Ireland. Franco and Germany.
Wm. A. IhuU, Wm. 11. Simpson. ,
J. A. Miller, John K. Hotaforu,
K. M. Atkiimoli, Victor Rownburg.
Henry Bpeyer. i
mr.'l F. I'. JKWQy.rnMer.
Steamship Tickets.
Atlantic Express Service. \
Stcniu?hlp "CITY OF ROME" from New York !
Wednesday, Aukuhi September fi, Octo- |
bor 5, October si.
Largest and fluent pansctnror Steamer afloat.
Saloon l'uxmiKC, tfo to HI oo, Second-Chun, 8110.
Glasgow service. <
Steamers over)' Saturday from New York to
Glasgow and Londonderry. !
Cabin I'utfxaKe t<> GIiimjow. Londonderry, Liverpool,
or llolftat flOntiu SOO, Hw?nd-Claw, #30.
Rtecnige, outwnrd or nrciwld, either Service, ,
Sao. Saioou KxcurtlonTlekeUiat Reduced ratea.
Travelers' Cimilar I-cUer* ol Credit and
for any amount Iwuod at lowest current rate*.
For Hooks or Tour*. Tickets or (urthi'r Infor
matiuti, ftpply to UKNDK1W0N BROTHERS,
New York, or 11. H. HKHRKNS, 2217 Market
street. Jv2<?
fimuBURfi m
VvShBb Oomtiintim? Parlor. Llkrarf. Sack.
'M. "Kliii'li. w lavalM CHAIR.
-v^BCTaWI lduncc, BCO, nn*'e
\mSWL k coucii. M(i9/<OU .?
Vr'n mike tho largnat wioty vt
iMtibll. Reellalii, Phfiiclin'
'C.-<'AKMW?rt lir.H.i OMntlai, lavaitt
->-?jX9EZRa|||aa, Haawck. Olct. Litrary.
f swCarwl TaWai.flat* >etRama CHAIRS nnd
Orrr 100 dllftrfnt diwlftna. IME&iL.
Our Paliat /tatcmlile Braka on all r<%r.
ring**, ft*. Wn.hkTo dlMimtinHml jm3a I
wv.ifmaling: by pucing your ordnr* (
direct with Um makwi toa can mi:i JgggXJr- {
If, frill f<TO*h. Our IUIthing prirn /^BUBStKA
Mild imcld llnraatna will MtonlibA.r?b5?5*h3> j
^ u. (Jooda aolauadar a yiwiminut im'ft.jta. \ /
nnd dollterwd frt* to any point to X/V/A/nf -XU*
I hit'-l .Statu. |^"m?nd itarap for
Uattli>ca?, and cijum of *noda yon wun It lor,
luburc mfc. co.
146 North Eighth htrrwt, Philadelphia* Pa*
I'*ii 41 Inl'Jli ill2'is
Xl. TRAIN8-Ou and after May 1ft, lftft-E*
planaTIOn of Bcfsrknc'K Marks. Dally. f8uu?l*r
cxccplcd. J Monday excepted. |4aturd*y
excepted. ISuuday oujy.?Eastern Standard
time. ^ +**
| II. uo. I tH-j-art. | Arrive
Philadelphia Limited.. *firJS ain 10:4Apm
! Mail and Express 5:10 pm ?i 1:20*111
Cumberland Aceom 'J:to?am AiMjita
(imfton Acoom 6:10 pm 11:20 am
MoundsviUe Accom ... .*>::? '> ??n 7::t0am
Moundsvilie Accom 7:a5am 0:15 nm
MoumLville Aceom 12:01 pin lMOpm
Mouudsrllle Aeoom- 6:10pm 7mo pm
Cambridge Accom .. t'.):00am t7:10pn
Express (Chicago alid Col).... 10:25 am ?:10pm
Chicago Express... 3:40 pm wJ:.'.o am
Chicago Limited *9:60pm 0:25 am
Columbus Accom.. f2:45 pm f 10::J5 am
Citicluuatl Limited 11:15 pm NM am
St.Clalrsville Aceom t8:05am t7:55am
St. Clalrxvlllo Aceom f.i;ui?m fio:35am
Bt. Clairsvllle Accom f2:00 pm tl :35 pm
St. Clalrsvillo Accom 5:10 pm {6:10 pm
W., P. A II. III*.
Washington and Pittsburgh. 5:00am *10:15 am
Washington and Pittsburgh. ?s:i0i?m ?ll:l0pm
Pittsburgh Phila Kx 6:20pm *6:55 pm
Washington and Pittsburgh. tl :45 pm tl'J :45pm
Washington- f5:;:opui ffl:00am
Pittsburgh Accom 15:30pm lil:5.'i am
v., <?. * 8t. L. It jr.
Plttaburgn f7:ioam ty:20pra
Pittsburghaud >'ew York.... fl:85ptn W:45pm
Pittsburgh aud Now York... t*:'??pm til:u; am
Pittsburgh .t N. Y. Kx y:40pm
Express, Cln. aud tit. Louis. t7::i?nni IC:.'0am
Kxnrma. (Mn. and St. Louia_l |y:M)i.m
Express, Hteubenvllle it Col. f l :35 pm| f8:4& pm
BUJUbeiivllle hihI iH'tmlMU. 14:20 pm;
C. A 1*. It. lu
PltOibuncb and Cleveland-... tft:60am |8:47pm
Martin'* Kerry 7:1% am {6:16pm
Hteubenvllle Accom V:.tlom f 1:28 pm
Cluvflntiiland Wullnvllfe t2:12pm ih:'c<am
Pittftburuli and New York 4::wpm fll:i:<am
Pittsburgh 1:17 am f6:47pi*
<3 L SS W. 11. R.
Kxpr?-M, Cleveland, K. dt M\. fl2:85pm t3:06pm
Masslllou Accom t5:12pm fll :26 am
.St. Clalisvlllo Aceom f7:M>am p:W am
rit. Clalrsvllle Accom f 10:26 am fl :82 pm
rJt. Clalrsvllle Accom. f2:lUpm f5:34pm .
Ht. Clalravlllo Accom 6:24 pm h:oo pm
1/Otitl Krclk'bt and Accom-... o::t0 am f7:U()pm
Ohio lUver Hull road. |
Passenger *7:SW ami'll:00am
Passt-mcer '12:16 pm ?*J :20 pm
l*cuu?unKcr *4:8) pm| ?K:16pm
11.. Z. & <J. Railroad.
Bellalro A Zanotvllle Through Pamenger leaven
BclUlrc at 8:40a. in., nrrlveaat Bcllalruat4 p. m
Woiwli tlold Pusser titer leaves hellulre ut 1:20 p.
m., arrive* at Ik'llalre at 8:20 a. m.
Bummerfleld Accommodation leave* Bellalre
st 1 :liO it. m.. arrives Hi lk'llalro at 10:45 a. ni.
SiltlNG XKufGIlO V
On aud iiftcr Monday, Aphil 80. 1n>8,
mill* nti till* Wlicclliitf ,v Klin OruvH k?iln.n(l
rill run as follows:
5:3Ua. in., 6:10 a. m., 7:00*. m.. S:i?? n. rn., 9;G0
i. w., lu.WR.m., 11:00a. in., 12:00 m., 1:00 p.m.,
!:C0 p. in.. 3:00 p. m., 4:UU p. hi., 5:00 p.m., 6:10
). ni., 7:00 p. m., 8:00 p. in., 0:30 p. in.
6:10 a. in., 7:00 a. in., tt:o0 a. in.. 0:00 n. in., 10:10
,. in., 11:00 a. in., 12:UV in., 1:00 p. in., 2:00 p. in.,
;00 p. in., 4:t>0 p. m., 6:w> p. ui., 6:10 p. ui., 1:m
;00 p. m.. 8:65 p. in., 10:10 p. m.
SUNDAYS.?Leave at 7:00 a. m. and run every
iour, except church tmiii.it 0:16 p. in. U'uve
Vbcelir.g Park m 8:00a. in. and run every hour
tntil 10p.m..except church trains, which will
wave the I'mrk at 0:45 a. ui. and Wheeling at
:!:15 p. in and 9:16 p. m.
?n'/ 't WTRflrtf. Pnpt.
Departure of trains from Wheeling. Schedule
ii effoct April -J. 188K?Eastern time:
Kxpn-Mi lor ChkuKc and the Northwest, 10:? h
n. 3:40 p m, 0 :fiO p in 'Wily, and 11:15 p m dully
accept Saturday.
Kx press for Clncinn?M and St. Louis. 10:i? a m
laily, 11:15 p m dally.
Cambridge accommodation. 0:00 a m, except
In i)thy.
For Columbus, 10:26 a m daily, anil 11:15 p in,
laily, and 2:46 p m daily except .Sunday.
Kxprvf* for Washington, D. C\, mltimorc.
hihulelphia and New York. via Graftou, f?.-f a
ii ami &:jo p in, wtiiy, vu riit*i>un;u o:jup. n>.
For Pittsburgh and Washington, Ph., 5:00 a Ju
lally; cxprei*, 8:I0a in, dally, 1:45 p m, dm.y
xcept Sunday. Additional way train for Wh?1>?
nKtoii. Pa., 5p m. daily except .Sunday,
For Pittsburgh, Washington, liultiinore t.nd
'hilaileiphia at p in daily.
Pittsburghaecoininodatlou,Sunday only,.' Mi
> m.
For Moundsvllle, 5:35 and 7:35 a m. nn-1 12:0C
toon, and G:10 l? m, dally except Sunday,
For Graiton, *?:IU p m, dally.
For Cuaiborland, a in, daily, exccpt bunlay.
For St. Clnlrsvllle, 8:05 and 9:00 a in, 2 p ra and
:10 pin, daily exccpt Sunday.
Kxpres* trains arrivo from Chicago, nud
i:M> a m and 0:10 p m daily, and 4:V> a m dally
xcopt Monday.
Express trains arrive from St. LouIh and Clnilnnati,
4:55 a m and 6:10 p m, daily.
Express tralUH arrive from Philadelphia, lialu
nore end Washington, I), C., via Grafton, 11 :JC
i m nud 10:45 pia dally; via. Pittsburgh, 10:1b
u m. dully.
Trains arrivo from Columbus,4:55 aui dally
md0:10pmdaily, and 10:35 am daily except
Traina arrivo from Pittsburgh, 10:15 h m daily
,nd 12:45 p in, except Sunday, G-.55 p ni and 11:1C
> in daily.
Trains arrivo from Washington, Pa., 8:00 am,
tally except Sunday.
TralUH arrive from Moundsvitlo, and 9:15
i in nu ' 1:40 aud 7:10 pm, daily except Sunday,
Traina arrive trom ti ration. 11:2ft a m, daily.
Train* arrive from Cumberland, 5:60 p in, <!??!]>ixccpt
Train* arrive from St.C'lalrnvIlle, 7:55 nnd
i m. ami 1 :S5 ami 0:10 p in. dally except Sunday
Cambridge accommodation arrives at 7:10 p m
ixeept Sunday..
lioKxagfi called for And checked nt liou-l* and
widened! on ordcre left at ticket office, 1200 Mar
cet atroot, and at depot
CllAH. O. SCULL. Gcu. Pans Agent.
W. M. CLKMENTS, Manager.
Ohio river railroad.?tiaik
Tablo taklUK effect May 1T7, IniH. PaaaonRcr
rain* will run a* follow*?Control time. Al!
roln* daily except then? marked thus f which
lo not run on Sunday.
ioutu BOUND. ft-0.7 No. h. \No.li No. I.
a. m. p. m. a. in. n. m
[.eave?Wheeling :t:Jo 11:15 6:85
Jenwood.opp.licllalre 3:45 11:3' C:m;
klouudaville 4:06 11:12 7:10
p. m.
few Martfnavdle 6:12 12: J 8:15
iVilliainatown 7-.oo 2:b 10:lo
farkenburg 6:15 7::i0 2:45 11.oo
p. m
itaveniwood C:4.r? 4:1.'* 12:20
Ha>mi City ...... 8:u> &'.?> 1:85
Jllfton h:u'. 6:40 1:4C
Irrlve? I't. l'lcaaanL... 8:40 6:15 2:1b
ialllpvii* Kerry 9:0U n:% 2.82
iuyandotte 10:!? 7.50 coo
Huntington 10:4'. 8:0f> 4:17
p. m.
:harle*ton H:Ju 10:u; 8:2C
Ironton 6:00
I'ortamontb a. in. 7:1C
White Sulphur... f?:na
p. in. a. ui.
iumunn ~ ' < J 'J'.SQ
SOUTH HUUNI). No. 0. No. 4. f>?0.2 f.No.8
a. in. a. m. a. m. p. in.
Ix-avc?IInntin<:toii Ki:oo 5:15 .1:1 ft
[iuyoudotte I0.it 5:.'i0 3*2h
Uainpoll* Ferry 11:35 7:0u 4:W
I'oint Pleasant 11:45 7:'J0 6:07
p. in.
L'llfton 1J:J0 . 7:5T> 5:35
MahouClty 12:25 8:(M f?: 1'J
Ravcmiwood 1:45 11:15 7:00
Parkernburg 0:00 3:15 10:4?. 8:30
William* town CM 3:45 11:15
p. in.
Scvt M#riln*viJle. 8:15 5;37 12:45
Houndivillo !>:25 C:4t 1:45.
lieiiWood U:45 7:00 2:06 ........
Arrive?WhceUnjc 10:00 7:1b 2:3)
1/cave Wheeling via. p. m.
P. C. A St. 1 12:35 3:20
Arrive?Cleveland <* ::>? C::?
I'itOiburgh. S:2U 5:55
a. m. a. in.
Philadelphia - 6:2.' *:'?
Sew York 8:00 8:00 .........
a. m.
Chicago I | 11:8&| Through
ticket* mu?1 bagitugu chocked to nil
W. J. ROBINSON, Oen'I Pam. Agent,
i'arkeraburg, W. Va.
Trwr. hum. Agent. Whoolhig, W. Vn.
LrtUW RAILWAY CO.?I'aotiuiulle Rente
Under hcheiiuleln effect August r?, ikhm. tiiilnn
leave Wheeling, t'cntntl Standard tilflo: her
Mcnbenvllle, PltUbnnch and ilic East, a. ni.,
12:3'. p. tn., 8;'J0pm. add 8:40 p. m. ForOntninbun,
t'luclunatl, ludlauapolUtnut 81.LoulnG/AI
h in. anil b:40j?. in. For (tolambiu mid l'hlcaim
12:85 |>. in. Trains arrive at Wheeling ?t -V.-o
a. in., 10:00 a. m., 'J: 15 p. ni. and v:n p, ni.
Train* leaving at firju n. in. and nrrlvlngH:20
it. in. ruu wdld between Wheeling and Miteninth.
All train* dally e?rept Sunday. hu7 .
J RAILROAD.?Under schedule In effeei Mar
13, law. Twin leave Bridgeport, Central Standard
time: For l'ltubtirgh, Uilewo and i ievelaiid.
4:M> it ni. For Pittsburgh, IU;17 a tn. Fur
Chicago mid (Cleveland, 1 :l2p in. For FUi>t.i:r;;a
and New York. 3:3l? pin. For Hteubcnvlllc h:;3
a m. For Martin'* Ferry, ?i: 15 a in.
Tmina arrive hi Bridgeport at 7:63 a m, 10.13 a
ni. pin, 4:15 p ni. ?;IT j. in, and 7:47 p in.
"Br a thorough knowledaoof the tiataml law*
which govern tho operations of dlccatiou and
nutrition, ami by * careful application of tlu*
fine proj?ertles of well selected Cocoa. Mr. Kpp*
hiu tirnvfili-U our brcakfwt fables with * delicately
flavored I <e Venice which may mm- iii. ninny
heavy doctor*' bill*. in* by tho Judicious um?
of audi article# of diet that * CotiaUtiUlou may
, lie gradually built up until strotlK eunuch to re?
urn every lenuciicy 10 UIMRM:. Iliifi-lr*-i ?>;
?)< wnbtillriurvlfo/iilriKHrotiiifl fio ready to mI
tack wherever there 1? * weak point. >\'e ?.*>
Moapu many a fatal ilmft \>y keeping ourwlvc*
well fortified with pure hliuxl and a properly *
uonrihlit'U frame."?civil Service Uaietle.
Made klmitly with b< til I dk water or milk. Hold
I only in half-pound tin* hy ?inn-erf, lulwh-d thtni:
' (elO-TUTlUfl

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