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./.luable Real Estate in
the City of Wheeling.
Ohio County, WotVlrj.ihf'
F* in li.liuckley
r?. ? . V futfuuicery
r?n<l Vlnccnt Bon?r, I
O-f"3'', ,i. iiii'J other*. i
:'!l in the ullOVL'L'tl*
!i:!i.l?yo! Mplcinlfr, A.D.
rtlMV, tMtOBEB
. ? u. m., proccetl to hell at
,, trout iloor of tho Court
,,.,n Went VlrKlulu. the real
" , .-Intoof tno late ImMC I.
&*' < ..milting of tho following
V**'' 11,-vU.to-wlt: ,
>r: ,rtj, ?f Iota, or parcel* of
. in Hint part of the city of
.illf?l Kaat Whittling. Ill
, ?-* .,.,1 of Went Virginia, laid off
Kaweett mid other*, to wit:
V J'., i u( lot number two hundred ami
fit D?n-'y fronting on Sixth (now Jacob)
r??a!- !, imrtof lot number two hum
fif'-* ., .[it :> p. fronting twenty feet
if'*" -ixieeijtb' ftreet. and running
- ... 1,-v. MUX ?" ??" *? l?ro,jerty
l?a?c /.. Mlancnard by
,ru,; ' ' I wife, bra deed dated March
. .4 II ' " . ... il... ??!?..? <if thtt IMi.rlr
i i <.iirt "f Ohio county. Went Virul&r"
it,, -k N" Si 1'iuff M?, bill from
" j.\ the w?l?l ?lee?l there I*
ivr ; that I- t<> ?h\ : much
?Ti ' ' '"Iivcyt'll by the hnI<1 luutc
' :i t Murv Mam-hard. bin wife, to
, i March /.'. IN75,
V . ..Hi(f of the clerk of the
i I nity, Went Virginia, in
1 iu :. !v. The part ur portion
i- 'p m\ , by the ?aid hint mention....
.,,1,1 It. Acker, l?
.ileacrlbed a* follow*:
i Indies of lot No
I , . x , , -trevt. but running back
... .niMTlv sixth) Htrcet, only
' i . .1 U.i. bclmt a i?art??f
i to the nld Imumj z.
i if iiitcr and wife.
t pi.ee or |-areel ?f ground,
17 ill.- alley runnliiK in the
- on John inow Sixteen!!))
wtf ", heeling, and at a poiat on
,r" 1 i ,t.|'.iniit from the wintero
? . with u Hue |?arullvl with
" . i Hii<l l'?i Miuth Hixty feet?
,.,11'cl willi John I now Six.
, . . twenty feet: thence
ill tin- flr-t deM rlbeil line
*, i? tin- nilt->- uforexaid; tbenre
lib Ui<- xnitll line "i mini nnv/ m-i-i tu mv
till' NUIle |<rO|HTiy
?'.J to the F?l<n#Hiic 7. Blanch*
Jfl t,r ' - i'h'i .. ''innjjj|s?l<un;r, by u deed
I : uud rccordoa in tin*
?f [ <<: the County Court of Ohio
lit. In Deed Hook No.
;<V I"1'
, ,ii ti.,i ni parrel of ?rniiiiil *it tinted
i.. ,.! u hi-fliiiK. ">ii the weft iddcof Fifth
' tici-t iiiul north aide of Mulberry
, I,-.,,ii Miid Mn-et and alley nli
punted>>n :!.? pint ill Kiti<|
twelve1 iJ in wjuaro fifteen
huh' projKjrtv convoyed to the
..,11-.,.i /. i:!mn Ininl l>y S. Itni'ly ami wife iiuil
i ,v Hh.m H hikI u ifi', l?y n<lee<l tinted October
ui'l ltd iu tlu I!.- of tin-1*lerkOf
. if i ! oiiin nullity. Wot Virginia,
islKfl lt"ok N?. 'j>, (nine l.Vi, lint from the
i.;i.i*ru i'iii?i ! > tiie.Ndd !? I'll there Is'ex*
-v* in^r. ilutt i' to ltay: A jairt of
wti-n<l of lot muiilier twelve (12) t><|iMrc fifteen
: -itiiutfl nil ; iftli (now Koll'i Ntreet, mid
, id leaf Mullierry alley,iuilcfiigunted ou the
pl?inf tin* Hi;. "! W lirelinu'. nieiuiurini; thirty
. fret fninti"u MiillN*rry ullcy aud extending
Uik (niii >aM ." > the. full breadth of tutid
; Mini* |in>|K'N> i onv< yed by tho
u.i Imji /. i:!mr lint,' and wife to Ueorge Alendel
lij'n 'l"'l A|?r?17, inw, and recorded
iDibeoflitrhi tin 1 !? "( in?-1:oumy rourun
I^lnmunlj, \Vf?t VinrllilH, III Deed Book No.
i ilwt irriniH half lot of land ftltuated
la >.f. win-elm-:. I h I out l?y Noah Zane, Peter
Yirtull. Tliinim- M. (illliu ami others. ami which
? ! ! h?!f i.H the <?tu- luilf of lot No. otic bun
,|r.-I ?!i Ii-li;lily ?i\ i as numliered on the
r,Utof Mill town. Im-Iiik the wot xiilool mM lot
iii'lvlJolultiK 11>1 N"i. heing the same nroperty
...arryiil in tin- said Nam- Z. Bhtnchard by
Hi,t?it liMkf himi wife by deed dated April It),
I' *ti'l n-eordi-d in the ollleo of the clerk of
ih*"i'irilv Court of Ohio comity, Went Virginia.
wdituol No : pftye182.
Al*>. tin-fitut linlf ol that certain lot of ground
.!iB*i^l in thai pari of the city of Wheeling
WtiwUtic.uuddoKlKUiiied oti the p'.ut
i?f niIiI I'lty hy the number onu hundred ami
ruh:> -i\ N.i, the iimlividctloiie-hulf of which
?t>iiiiiVi'M<l to the Miid Imiiic/. Hhim-hiird hy
KMur-l Wliliiiiik'liain iiml wife and James
Kitrlilc tti'-l wif'- by a deed dntetl JHiimiry 7.
Mil munkil In flic* of ihe clerk of the
i .miity Court (.1 Ohio County, Went Virginia. In
1M IfcNik N'n. |uik'e and the other
utidiri.led liulf oi which half lot was convrytil
lot tie said Iwuic.Z.|lllntiehard by James
lii.HMttj iiinl wife ami James WhittiUKhain and
wifel?y ihtil dated .March :a?. inirt. and recorded
id tht'olliir iif Ihel lerkof (lie County Court of
oblooiiii'i'y, VVi'.?t Virginia, lu Deed Hook No.
>. |>?xc ic.
\ i . i-n>t hall nf lot No. one hundred aud
drill} liveih.i, Minuted on the south side of
Jnhii iiiiw mi t enth' Mreet, in the city of Wheeling,
In-iiis.'the Mime |ir,i|ierty conveyed to the paid
!nui*Z Itlnm-luiril hy the widow and heirs ill
l?a nl Julia M-' 'alley. deceased, by a deed dated
r'cbnmrr .v. b'l, ami recorded in the olllce of
Ihi-i K rfc uf the County Court of Ohio county.
Virulnlu. in Hecil Itook No. .V, piigettt.
Alii, all of the went half i f tlmtevttain lot or
t*ri<! nf Uml Iyitit; mid being situated on
I Kigtitiisnihiirwt i formerly called Clay street),
I in (but tmrt of the city of Wheeling, in Ohio
I muniy, fn the state of West Virginia, common
I lv ial!i'il hjinf \\ lici'liM- iiml L- tu.u u iitul ilt kli*
:;it. ! hi iii.' Hut uf Milll i-ityas lut N". otieliuuilrnl
So. hoi, Mm; tin* Mitnc property c?ti
vtyml tn the mi'l Imiac A. Illanclitird Ity Mary A.
Pli-lil mnl Kli Mli'lil, her husband, by u ?lct-?l
iUii-?l March .v., |s;s. anil recorded In the office
of thet'li-rk of ilie<')Minty Court of Ohio county.
Wot Virt;lii|N. in Deed Iiook No. tW, tiage 117.
Also, tin- wi-m half of lot nuinlier llfty-four
i">ii nil i*i-ii re mow Fifteenth) ?.trcct, in Michael
'iiilnnn'K mlilltiiiu to the eity uf Wheeling, ber
-.inn- |irn|?-rty conveyed t<? the Miiil Isiae
'/. Ulmuiiiiril by John Cilehrint and Elizabeth
>.. Iiiowilc, by 11 deed dated Novcintttr "J, lsv.i,
ati-1 m-unliii hi the office of the Clerk of the
I'tiantr Court o! Ohio county, West Virginia, iu
KiM lloiik No. 11, |i?i:e ;tE!.
s\-> tint certain tract or parcel ot land bein*
lot (Hit- hundred iiml thirty live (1%) in East
WhitlliiK, luiil out by Noah Katie. John Fawcett
nil thi-r?, Mug the Mime lot of ground conrtyed
to the Mild isnno Z. lihinchnru by James
A. Clarke, by h deed dated July 7, 1M5, and remuled
in tin- otllee of the Clerk of the County
Court of Ohio county, West Virgiula, In Deed
took No. >, iiogo at.
atiu ?i?cial commissioners are authorised to
*11 the Mill property in parcel*. making such
uirlsioo of tho name as may bo most advantakkmi
in kclliux the wiino. r?tf|fl([tigMit-h private
mlr)-ami rlchtn of way ok iitilylio most ailviintimiiu
in the purchase!* tit tlto same, and
wbervver tlu- niiiii- may be nceewoiry: And do by
virtue of the Mild authority in particular save lo
thrm-vHv* tin- riulit to rcocrveoti the day uf rale
mint thi 11r111 riv ruiivi-yeil bv the Nlld deeds
mi'Mi'l in | Kit I Itouk No. 2Ti. page'rii, and l)iiil
Hjwk Vi>. i.\ |.nj?e |t>;, for n private alley or right
?t way to the purchasers of the portlonsof lots
mill .v."above im-ut loticd, a ntripof ground
Mrtii-ulnrli l.uiiii.bil .i..^.rii....l f..ll..uw
' '.!!!! ; I'.i t!i.' sii!!f lit n point "ti tin' alley
lu ilw i? itr llm* ?>f Mii<l lot Nti. Vis, sixteen feet
iiitin the west lino of said lot No.
tlirmv runiiiiiK with khIiI alloy line of Kuid
!"i niMMiinlly ttienee southwardly
i'i?unl* sixteenth htri-ft at u right impK* with
the ln?t uiriitloiin) lino, timl parallel with the
nutnl vu-?.t Wm>Urv limi?i)( mid lot No.
Mity hvt; thence at n right angle with the Inst
imiitluued Hue ,m.l parallel with Sixteenth
Mr.rt, w.ntwurillv HkIii fn-t; tlienee nla right
Mttitie with the liut mentioned lino and parallel
with tin* ?hm( mikI went hoiitulnry lines of ni?i?l
lot Nil. '.*> ?|x|y feet to the place of the 1>ckIuiilnif.
Sil l -The term* of liny Httch sale
" ' 'Ione thiril, ntnl as imirh more h* the pur<
liwrnm\ elect to pay in cio.li on the tiny of
Mle, aii<i the r> niilue in two equal installments
l?y?!>le respectively in twelve Mnl twenty-four
ir..m tin- iltiy of Mill-, with interest from
lu.'.|?y ii( mtle, the purchaser to give Ills notes
i'ir>iKii deferred pavim-iit*, with good |?ersonnl
>111.1 the title to he retained until P?>'tttntfii
J AM Kit H A< KKK,
ti. It. K. UII.C1IK18T.
speeinl Commissioner*. i
I hweby certify that bond has been given by I
>l*'Ve tuuu'u specUl commissioners a* re-1
'lured by law ami thin decree lu the above en-1
lllhl cause.
?' I 1 i.vnvh.. Attuniey. m-i'.'ih ;
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Water Coolers,
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ap-ie fruit or vegetable*. Wholesale or
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it f me (or a change.
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. Je9 Noa. 1414 and 1607 Marlypt Suect.
ike Intelligencer
OlMff : No?. lift ami 27 Fourteenth Strei
ThflNpnerh of Jmlg??M<'0<Hiffal, of MImoih
at the lUiunlou of Mnulnby'i* flattery u?i
Falruiuut on Tue?Uny?Klociueiit at:
Patriotic Word* of Atlvlro.
In the telegraphic columns of the I:
tki.i.ioencku yesterday was given u brii
account of the great reunion of Captai
Maulsby's battery at C'atawa, nee
Fairmont. The following is a brit
synopsis of the address of Judge Mi
Dougal, of Missouri, a member of tli
command. It is well worth reading an
preserving, and is interesting to all vei
erans of the war.
After noting the wonderful nrogrefi
made by the people of West Virgini
since he left them and went into th
army in July J801, Judge McDougalsaid
"in the unrivalled natural resource
of your Suite; your untold miners
wealth; your grasses, timber, watei
soil, climate, you have been andarespt
L'ially blessed and favored by the iieueU
L*ent Giver of all good.
If West Virginians will but do thei
Juty there is no reason why you shouh
aot in the years to come, he as success
ful, as prosj>erous, as rich and as happj
is any other people in this lair land.
To perform this duty and secure thii
esult, you have but to stay at home am
vork; be true to yourselves, your fami
ies and homes, your .State and country:
levelop and utilize the marvelous rich
less of your rare gifts of nature; foster,
mild up and protect your industries,
md the future of your State will be the;
iride of every West Virginian, wherever
lis lot may be cast.
As this is a reunion of Muulsb>;'s Butery,
to the survivors of that heroic band
. next would speak:
Tftne wus when at a glance 1 know
ivery man of you from the gallant Capain
down to the wagoner. The lapse ol
ime, the frailty and treachcry of human
uemory, but more than all the changes
wrought by the unrelenting hand oi
iiue, now renders this impossible.
Our faces are all older grown; some
.re traced witii sorrows, others with
oys, but looking through the wrinkles
nd the gray of middle life. I can still
pell out the once familiar lines in the
ace of each man I have met.
We are growing older, boys; we have
rossed the hill of the turn of life; the
list shot will soon be fired over the
;rave, and to recognize these changes is
?ut a recognition of our own inortality.
"or however much we may wish for the
inrp of David to charm away the gathring
shadows; however loudly pray
or the wand of the magician to remove
he wrinkles and the gray; however
rieve that the elastic step, the erect
arm, the strength, the hone, the vigor
f vimni/ mnnhniid. has slinned awav
roin uh forever; yet we must not forget
liat God knows best, and' be thankful
tint while so many of our comrades
ever returned, we were permitted to
ome back to our old homes in Marion
ounty,"and are still permitted to enjoy
hose blessing of free speech and free
etion for which we fpugnt. g
No word of mine can add to the lustre
f your fame. Of Maulsby's Battery I
an only Bay here and now, as the nniiortal
Lincoln, when speaking of our
leroic dead at Gettysburg,said of them:
"The world will little note nor long
emembor what we say here, but it can
tever forget what they did here."
So the remembrance of your loyalty,
latriotism, honors and services rest upon
nore secure foundation than any words
ftortal man can now speak; as a part of
ho history of a grateful country your
leroicachievuientsare inscribed high up
11 fame's eternal scroll, there to remain
lasting mouument to every inaujof youj
iving or dead.
I am partial to the Marion county l>oys
rlio wore the blue, because I was born
ml raised among them; they were the
ilaymates of my childhood, the schoolnates
of my youth; the comrades of my
arly manhood, and together we followd
the old flag and kept step to the maustic
music of the Union in the days
hat Iried men's souls.
Notwithstanding this partiality, I am
levoted to all my old comrades, and
lonor the brave men who fought on the
fctier side.
You remember that from our countrymen
subject to military duty during the
mr there sprang into existence three
listinct classes, each an importaut factor
ud actor in the terrible tragedy of civil
trifc?Union soldiers, Confederate
oldiers, Copperheads.
Now, when all of these shall have been
flustered out 01 tins iiie.unu m iuu i>u?
erusalem Cauip beyond the River shall
oin the silent ranks of the Commandern-Chiof
of all armies, I trust that they
rill there be assigned to quarters in the
irder named, that is to say:
First, that the 2,700,000 who glorified
he blue will be given the most pleasant
pot in camp, nearest to headquarters:
hat in the front rank of these, and
learer still to the Commander-in-Chief,
rill bo quartered those whose education,
mvironmonts and sacrifices entitle them
o the post of honor; who did most,
lared most, periled most in holding high
he jL'loriousstarsaud stripes?the Union
oldiers of the Southern States.
Among the latter should be tented
wo whom the Southern States of Kenucky
and Virginia gave to the world:
wo patriots and statesman: two heroes
ind lovereof personal, civil and political
iberty, who did not wear the uniform,
)ut whose names and fame, inseparable
rom that of those who did, will illumilate
the pages of history, and bo cole>rated
in song and story while time
lists, freedom is cherished and republics
iye?Abraham Linctylil aud Francis II.
Educated and trained in the belie!
hat slavery was a crime against hu<
nanity; associated from infancy with
.hose who taught them that the triumph
>f .State sovereignty and slavery would
lound the death knell to republican
government, it was both eiisy and nat
iral for our comrades from New Engand
and other Northern States to op
>ose the South.
Not so with Us. Our education hnil
ill been in a different direction. T<
jreak away from this; to sever ties o
issociation, friendship aud blood; to gc
iorth and tight for the right, against out
kindred and our .State, because we knew
it was right, required a patriotic couragc
jf the highest order, and thank God tut
loyal men of the South had it.
The war was commenceed and prose
'uted, not for the abolition of slavery
but for the preservation of the Union
Few of us, if any, believed in 18(51 tha
the war would result in the freedom o
the slaves, and not more than one unit
to the West Virginia regiment couli
have been lornd who then hoped fo;
that result.
The abolitionists of the North wer<
clamoring for the emancipation of tin
Blaves from the beginning. But A bra
ham Lincoln was at the helm, lie kep
hisTTarlo the public heart, his lingers01
the public pulse as no man ever did
knew and understood the plain commoi
people 01 uiu country jib iiu iiiuu cvc
understood them; ho knew tjiat tin
time had not yet conic, for the renvoi
that to yield to the demand of the abo
littonists was to ground the arms of tin
Union soldiers from the slave States.
In his famous letter to Horace Greele;
of date August 22, 1802, Mr. Lincoli
"My paramount object is to save th
Union and not either to save or destro
slavery. If I could save the Unio
without freeing any slaves, I would d
it; if I could save it by freeing all th
slaves, I would do it;and if I could sav
it by freeing some of the slaves and lew
ing others alone, I would do it"
But God was utaching on. We wer
being educated. 80 when the flni
emancipation proclamation came, w
wore ready for it, because we then b<
lieved it necessary for a restoration <
the Union.
Hlave holders there were aniong bot
'the rank and the file of West Virgin!
soldiers. But did an officer resign
man desert because their slaves \
_ made free? No! On the contrary 1
= "Take our slaves, take our Iivei
necessary; we freely, offer both ui>on
altar of our country, but save
i. Union."
*r The speaker then paid a handsc
>?i tribute tothecourageandgallantrvof
Confederate soldier, assigned then
s*. place near the boys in blue; next
sigued tlie cop|?erheads to a place wa\
to themselves where thev could u:
11 and pass resolutions declaring hea
ir and everything else a failure, and clo
??f with the following stirring appeal to
"J "Comrades, there is one thing moi
j want to say to you, not as a politici
for in twenty years I have made but <
political speech, and neither know
.jj iuii: unt iiiiiiK ttuvun iugic jmi v.'
u lions, but 1 say it as one who approcn
and loves country and comrade.
In the olden time the soldiers ol
'H victorious army carried their capti
.j oil iuto slavery and divided amc
. themselves the land of the conque
'] Living in a tetter age, our war e
uiies being our own countrymen, Am
r lean soldiers, we neither asked nor
j ceived from thein the talue of one ti
lar. The war impoverished them? tl
. needed,!and were cheerfully accort
all they liad when it closed.
But by their lives, blood, patric
I sufferings and services, all clieerfu
given that the Nation might live, I
. Union soldiers not only reunited a
| vided country, but for all time to coj
made disunion utterly impossible.
' For these services our comrades li vii
; regardless of party affiliation, shou
. stand up as one man and demand tl:
the country thoy saved?the count
, they made free and prosperous and ri
and happy?should now care for eve
comrade who by reason of disease or o
age is unable to care for himself; <1
, mand that the government see to it th
no Union soldier be sent to a jjoor hou
while living; demand that his lifelei
, battle-scarred body shall not be burl
in a potter's field; demand that in as
iug for these rights every comrade slu
, be respectfully heard and respectful
These things should not be asked
mere favors to be granted or refused
the caprice or whim of any man or*
of men clothed with a little brief authc
ity, but demanded as rights, whii
suouiu mo unquestioned by every lover
u free country.
1 tell you, my comrades, that while
am partiHan enough to vote my sen
ments, yet ho little do I care for mu
party, so much <lo I care for my comraci
that, as God is my judge, I would wre
my own or any other political party tli
did not treat with respectful fairnc
and justice the men who saved the cou
try, ami smile to see the ungrateful fro
m'euttf of any such party sink into tl
dee]> seas of dishonored obliviou.
Hair Fiirn ISxcumioiiNSouth.
The Queen & Crescent route (Ci
cinnati Southern and associate road
will sell Harvest Kxeursion tickets
ono limited fare the round trip, on Se
tember 11th and 25th, October Oth ai
23d, 1888. good to return within, thir
days and ullowing stop-over privilcj
These cheap tickets will be on sale
various points iu Tennesseo, Alabarr
Georgia, Florida^ Carolinas, Virgini
Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas at
Texas, to which States the Queen
Crescent is tho great trunk line, ru
ning double daily trains from Cincintu
and Louisville. For rates, maps, tiui
tables or other information desired co
earning a trip South via. the Queen
Crescent route, call upon your nearti
ticket agent or address I). G. Ed wart
. miliiu wciiunu luaaeii^ur .vgeiu,
| Ifcinnati, 0. _
A vessel resembles a prisoner win
hIiu is put in a dock, a witness when hI
is bound to a-pier and a Judge wilt
hIio makes her trial trip. These jok
are all lawful?I mean awful.
men! Pile*! Itching I?lle?.
Hvmitomh.?MoUturc; intense Itching ai
*tiuglug; moat at night; worse by acratehli
K allowed to continue tmnoni form, whi
often bleed and ulccrate, becoming very hoi
SWaynk'r Ointmknt atop* the Itching ui
bleeding, lieal* ulceration, and in moot caM>* i
move* the tutnora. At druggiHtN or by mall, 1
.v) ceut*. Dr. Swayue Son, Philadelphia.
j;czcnm, Itchy, Scaly, Skin Tortures.
The simple application of "Swaywr'8 Ow
mknt," without any Internal medicine, will cu
any case of Tetter, Salt Uheum, ltlngwori
Piles, Itch, Sore*, i'ioiplea, Kczcma, all Seal
Itchy Sklu Eruptions, no matter how obatlmi
or long standlug. U is potent, ctlcctivc, ai
cost* but a trifle. TThsiw
Arb you made miserable by Indige
tion, Constipation, Dizziness, Loss
Appetito, Yellow Skin? Shiloh's Vit
lizer is a positive cure.
Wuy will you cough when Sliiloli
Cure will give immediate relief. Prii
10 cts., 50 eta. and $1.
A Nasal Injector free with each bott
of Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price
cents. Sold by W. E. Williams and
Menkemiller. daw-bow
We pity the young fellow who wan
to vote, but will lack a day of being !
011 election day. He must feel lackday-si
(-a 1.
A Warning.
The modes of death's approach a
various, and statistics show conclusive
that more persons die from diseases
! the Throat and Lungs than any otlu
It is probable that everyone, without e
ception, receives vast numbers of T
1 borcle Germs into the system and whe
these genus fall upon suitable soil tin
start into life and develop, ut first slow
and is shown by a slight tickling sens
1 tion in the throat and if allowed to co
tinue their ravages they extend to tl
lungs producing Consumption and
the head, causing Catarrh. Now all tli
' is dangerous and if allowed to procei
1 will in time cause death. At the one
you must act with promptness jallowii
1 a cold to go without attention is dangt
' ous and may lose you your life. As so?
as you feel that something is wroi
with your Throat, Lungs or Nostrils, o
tain a bottle of Boschee's Germi
Syrup. It will givo you immediato l
I lief. aw
I* Buoklen'M Arnica Halve.
> The Bust Salvb in the world for cu
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fev
sores, tetter, chapped hands, cliilolaii
. corns, and all skin eruptions, and po
tively cures niles, or no pay required,
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfactic
- or monev refunded. Price. 25 cents t
box. For sale at Logan <fc Co.'s dr
[ atore.
t * "
i Suilohs Vitaliibb is what you ne
j for Constipation, 1/>hh of Appetite, Diz
i ness, and all symptoms ol Dyapepa
r Price 10 and 75 conts per bottle.
Osour, Whooping Cough and Brc
. ehitis immediately relieved by Shilol
5 Cure.
Tub Rev. George II. Thayer, of Bot
I bon, Ind., says: Both myself and w
, own our lives to Shiloh's Consuiupti
Cure. Sold by W. E. Williams and
J Menkemiller. daw-bow
\ "1 see you aire stronger than Sainsoi
said a humorous passenger to a seam
who was lashing a spar, "(or you c
carry your rope in your bands." "Tim
u notbin'," replied the sailor, "Jay Goul
^ got the whole eaith in his!"
1 A Hint to I'liny People
From their arrival on thla planet to tt
e usually early departure from It, people of w
>' oonstltutlonaandanifular physiques pans a i
n of balfexlatence. Like dormice they burro*
0 their home retreati, afraid of heat, afraid
6 cold, constantly afraid that the ahadow of
6 dread reaper will materialise and exact the
?' fe|t which he demanda from all, aooner or la
No liner medicinal naauranco of comparai
vigor for the feeble ex lata than tbat afforded
v Hoatetter'a Stomach Bitten. Used with pen
il enoe-not with anuria and snaama-thla |*i
a and profctsiuually commended tonic will
much toward intuainir streu?ih Into a puny
torn, and rounding off scrawny angles In the
)f man flfure. Appetite, nerve tranqallllty
niahtly repose are encouraged by it, and a
. larial. rlieumatlc, billon* tendency overco
" It re-eitabllahea digestion and prevent* kid
in troubles.
The F?n(nr?it of the Money and Stock Mar*
, Nbw York, Sept. 19.?Money on call easy
t, at2a3 percent; last loan ut 2 per cent, cjoscdat
"2*2%percent. Prime mercantile paper <% ?%
I>er cent. Sterling exchange dull but steady at
?l fH??a4 abj*. oalen o/stocks were6>'?6,.vj? hart*.
>inc The stock market to-day was more active than
the on any day for u long time, aud at the mime time
. a was strong even to Imoyaucy, the improvement
extending right through the list. Hrst prices
? wcns *row per cent higher, and, although,
.'oil through the pressure upon Laekawanua and
met New England, some reaction occurred in the
vnn ,lrhl '?w minutes, the market became strong,
VL" though no decided gains vere made until after
sea noon, when everything Joined in the great upold
ward movement of the day. There was another
slight set-back toward 2 p. in., but iu the last
hour St. Paul became uuusually active, aud at
re I the same timo advuueed rapidly, carrying the
an rest of the list with it. Prices sagged off slightly;
_ ' the close, however, was very active and strong
no Mt the highest prices of the day, outalde of
nor Hocking V alley, which lost 9 per cent on Judge
it?H- Burke's decision being adverse to the company.
St. Paul rose K% per cent. *
Ciovernment and State bonds were active and
[ a lull road bonds active. Sales $1,125,000.
)nir U. S. 4s reg 128K Nash ?fc Chat- MU
' T U. S. -is coupon 129^ >?ovv Jersey Central Wi
red u. s.reg> 101 Northern Pacific.... 28}-?
U.S.4% coupon 101 do preferred - 624;
no. Adams Express Ut'. Chicago it N. W 11'.'J2
American Expresa.109 do preferred 142
lUr" (Canada Southern... ft2% New York Ceutrul..l0D%
ru- Central Paciilc Ohio Mississippi. 25
ini Chesapeake AOhlo. 18!4' do preferred 79
,UI do tfrst preferred. 11% Paclfle Mall .%
ley do second pref'd. H?k Pittsburgh 156
led C. C. c. Jn I lio Reading 53
Denver & K. 0 30?* St. L. <L S. F tf2K _
.. Erie 29% do preferred 72';, ?
tie do preferred CGk do ffrst preferred?112jc
])y Fort Wayne Iftol, C. M. Jc St. Paul.... O1*
> i,., KansasTexas la do preferred J07% ?
,. Lake Erl & West... 18 Texas Paciflo 25^
dl- do preferred Union Pad Ho (",0%
me Lake Shore 1U0 | United State* Ex.... 7?}i
iAiuUvjlle A Naah.. ?M|Wy St. L. A P.. 14!*
ci. A. ?V u. an (io preierrvu n
lift Memphis A C'haa... br> Wclla-Faiwo Ex 1.17
lid Mich Juan Central... M}4 Western uulou W'a
u(t Mlammri 1'aciilc..... 8lR A
XV llr?ad*tu<Tn ami ProvUlon*. \J|
Cli Nr.wr York, Sept. IS).?Flour, reccints 2S.&M
ry packages: export* '?i*> barrel* and 10,5*8 *ack*:
.1.1 nak'n 'ij.fjoo barrel*. Wheat, receipt* :?7,Gi'i
lu bushels; export* fiO,lM Imnlicl*; nalc* 4,'.Of,000
le- IhinIk'Is of future* and 2W.OOO bushels of ?pot:
nit option* iniMlvnituly active; No. 8 red WKc; No. 2
Chicago iffi&u: No. 2red October We: November H#
st !WJt*SW*?c, cIonIiia at 9i%c: December SI 00%:
J8, .May fl OI'/iaia'i' l.cloHltiKrtt 31 Corn, read
ccipt* 153,000 buanel*: ex|?ort* 45.417 bushel*;
i. sale* 3,??!,00U bushel* of |fuiurc*aud 188,000 bush1el*
of spot; ungraded mixed option* 1
nil active: September Me; October ftSfic; Novemlwr ert
11v Decernber AOKafiO^e, closing at S0}?c; January
4ft}6i5fi%R, closing ut4?Xc;May 48c\ Oat*,
receipt* 131,(Mi bushels; sale* 155,Ow bushels of
U8 futures: 240,oooof * pot: option* easy; Koptembcr
at tfJjjjc: October 30ke. Hay quiet. Hop* llrm.
. Cofl'ee. option* firm: Nile* h.500 bags: Scptehin1
lier 18.10c; October l2.Kial2.;0c: November
>r- i i.'.k'irti'j.im'; December ll.tSall.t'iOe: lauuary
i.Ji 11.20al 1.25c; February, March, April, May and
_f July 11.OOal 1.1.1c: *|K)t lUo flnn atIfiJ^e. 8uuar,
ol raw firm; refined ler* active; Cti%c: extra Co%<\
Molasses nominal, ltire strong. Tallow, rosin
. J and turjientine firm. Kgg* easier; western 17a
1; 11H?. Fork and cut meat* steady. Ijinl firm; ?
M" October 10.99c; November y.We. limter steady; I
ire wcMtern dairy 12al5c. Cheese, western 7}4uH^c.
le, ClIltMao, Sepf. III. - Wheat wiu lower till*
ck morniiiK on 'Change. The nit nation in the northillt
went continue* bullish. whilo the seaboard and
1111 k broad are bearish. Corn waa quiet and lower.
!f8 ?mtx niower and dull. Provision* dull. Flour a
llriu n1111 ilii..hiilw.,?l Wlio.it >.?th \'n 'fuiirlni' Z1
!MaU5c: No. 8spring 80c: No. red Wal?i}jo; Sep- *
K" tcmlior Uta'JGJ jjc. closing ut U5%c; October IWJia
lie vil4c, cloning ?t irj'ic: Occeniber oi^awkc, closing
at WWc; May lOj^ulii^c, dosing ut B
Corn, cash No. 2, !;%< ; September and Bit
October 4.%'.; December 38kc; May iW'fcc. "
Oats, coiili September ami May 1
ii. Kyc, No. 2,62c. Barley, No.'J, 73a7lc. Fluxftecil, fj
, . No. 1, SI :&!. Timothy heed SI M. Mens pork,
lH/ cash, SI I i'?: October 814 STial-t 70, closing at
ut fit "U; November StitKTi; January 811 07%. lard,
,n_ cash and October lO.SOc; year N..">UaX:G2}?:. closing
at fMBitfo; January ?..'fc!c. Bacon, t?hort rib* 8.85c: '
III shoulders 7.G2J4a7.7f?c: short clear ll.00al?.25c. me
ty Whisky $1 a), Sugars, cut loaf 8J4a#?c; cranu?>
la ted ft4c; Htamlard A 7^e. Butter atiu eggs
' * uncbanKed. -r'
| cincinnati, Sept. 10.?Flour firm. Wheat X
lll? stronger: No. 2 red KV; receipt* 4,VOO bushels;
in, shipment* N..7W bushel*. Corn easier; No. 2
1(| mixed -17c. Oat* steady: No. 2 mixed 25c. Rye
steady; No. 2. Me. Fork firm at SIM*). Ijtrd Suj
IV llriuat 10c. Bulk meats quiet; short rib V.25c.
n- Bacon ilrm; short clear lU.:t7%e. Whisky steady g
.?} at sim. Butter easier. Sugiir and cheese ilrrn. gto
Kggs strong aud higher at i.'mii.w*.
' " Toi.Kno. ()., Sept. 19.?Wheat dull and lower; ~
11" cash WikaOTe; October'.Mc; December 00>4e; Slay p|
& SI V2}4- Corn dull; cash 4Cc. Oats quiet; No.'J
,H? white 2l?Jie. Cloverseod active aud steady; cash
; and October $0 20; November 8'? 25; December I _
la? 86 :w. \j
n* Live Stock.
chicago, .Sept. 18.?Cattle? Receipt* 0,000
head; shipments a,000 head; market weak:
beeves 80 2ut(> 05; steers St 60a5 'JO; stockers and
U! feeder* 82 OUatt 20;cows, bulls and mixed 81 2* ni
.'J 00; Texans cattle S2 OOatt '25; western rangers r|
$1 00a I 70. liogs?Receipts 11,000 headship- **
Co incuts 0,500 head; market lower; mixed f? uua
0 110; heavy SO ItaO 00: light 85 7(?u0 W; skips
$;t 75a5 Oo. Sheep?Receipts 0,000 bead; shipments
2,000 head; market weak: natives $2 7.*
a GO; western St 25o3 80: Texans 82 OOuit GO; lambs
ad st 00a5 75. 8,
[fjj east i.idf.hty, i?a., Sept. 10.?Cattle?Receipts
r> nil ui'im; Miii|>incm? ivi iii-uu; niurkui biuw,
iirlmo J1 7.W>.'?0; fair to good $1 7Sa570. Hogs?
'V' Uceelpts2,H00 head: shipment* 2,300 head; market
llrm: Philadelphia* 8?i7.*iaG ..*i; mixed ftt W
ur aii &'?; Yorkers fC -lOnO .*>0; grosser! and stubbier*
ST. l.'mG 25; pigs $> OtftTi SO. Shce|>? Kcccipta hOO
head; shipment* 100 head; market slow: prime .Wl
SI -JOal 50; good S.J 50a100; common to fair 12 00 -?
ail 00; hun bit ?1 Mai 7.r?. . -yrj
Cincinnati, o., Sept. in.?Hogs active and f
? strong; eominoti and light 8"? OOaG 23; packing
and butchers SiiUOuf.u>; receipt* 2,300 head; ship|jcj
men In 375 head. pi
?'1 Petroleum.
On. Citv, Pa., Sept. 19.?Openednt 91c; highest
?H. WJ<c; lowest Who; closed at OSKo; sales 1,674,000 ?
i barrels; clearances 102,000 barrels; charters M,* ?
01 -to.*) barrels; shipments 1N>,T13 barrels; runs 45,838
a- barrels. v
Bkadford, Pa., Sept. 19.?Opened at 93??c; ?
,?H highest 1H' ,( ; lowest 9*J}?c; closed at 93jfc; clearances
2,096,000 barrels.
Pittsburgh, Pa., Sept. W.?Prctiolcum active;
closed llrm; opened at U3%c; closed at We; high- y
lo est 9lJ$e; lowest IT
50 New York, Sept. 19.?Petroleum opened steady 11
n at 93jic; closed at We; highest : lowest
92%c; sales 1,827,000.
TITUSVH.I.K, Pa., Sept. 19.?Opened at Wc;
t H h Ighest 94J<C; lowest 92%c; closed at 93%c.
21 Mclnln.
U- New York, Sept. 19.?Pig Iron steady; American
SIM (JOuiu oo, Copper strouger. l<cad llrm.
Tin easier: h traits S2J 25. ra l
lloltlmore Live Stock Mnrkrt.
f? C'ALYKjrroN Live Stock Yard*. )
ly Monday, Sept. 17, 1888. f
of Tim swine market.
;r. Arrival* thin week. - .. ft,831
x. ArriviilN IukI week ft.M'J -wr
Arrival* one year ago .. -7,018 I
The receipt*, which number noino '200 *-3
head le>* than waa recorded hut week,
ly conMtitutcd ii fair supply, for which a r
... fairly good demand I* rc|iorted iu all the w
yard*. The quality will *carcely average up
11' to that of hut week * oirerlng*. Valuea are unto
changed from hint week'* quotations, ranging
to from 7 to 7,Sc for cojnmoh hog* to h.^a-vj* for
:? good ones, wflh a few extra at a shade higher
?? figure. Moat mica at net.
?U Of tho receipt* 1,099 head eanic over the Haitiet
more & Ohio railroad, and 4,1SH head over the
I'cniiKylvanla railroad.
" Claremont livestock Market, 1
liALTIMORE, Sept. 17,1888. /
)U All hog* noli! in thc*eyard* hy E. T. Illack*herc
1 it are at groh* weight.
k. Receipt* this week. 1.S41 head, agaiuat 2,913
? head last week; fair to good welling at from /* j
in W.wJto|7U0; common from tc 60 to SO 70; rough (./
'?- at M).
At Clarrmiinl Stuck Yard*, via JMUmore ?t Ohio F
Railroad, fur weekending Sq)t. 10.
144 can, containing '.',171 head of cattle, 168
? calves, 4,003 aheep and lam ha, 5,344 hog*, :w
er horse*, 1 mule. Shipment* to New York and
IB, Philadelphia: 1,571 bead of cattle, 77 calve*, 2,824
gj. iihejjpaudlamb^M^
Dentistry. ?
11 irKysi 3b y*fl wi
ife pBTyEffTCTSTromSaW
on lilftiHiBiiiiiiaEfeflB uC.
I- p,
Professional Cards. X
an tl
S2 Attnrnev at Law. Tl
'' 8 11 WELPTII STREET. *f
?!? WhBBllng. W. V?. jg
t lU AND ~
i of General Insurance Agent, (
the 1318 Market St., Wheeling, W. Va.
(or- ??-Collection? promptly attended to. Iniur- C
}?' ance aoUcItM in wheeling, and in all part* o! v
he We?t Vlrelnla. Can placo Inuunuic* at lowest
1 bX r?u*iiiijnnt??itcoi^^
"Ifil Medical. s
ud AD181 ^
1 a* Musfan
vm , v mlxicanmc8ta>
Iioluw' CAJUtt L
I m
Groceries, Etc.
irocer, Pork, Pacta
Celebrated "Strawberry Hum#,"
IS. 1309 ADD 1311 MAIN STREE
tfy own Cure of Choice Smoked Meat* deli
id dally from my l'ork Uouaeat Manchester.
Headquarters for
Baylor's Patent and Family Floor.
Hendqnarters for (lie Celebrated
daroma Coffee
ole Agent for Dupont's Sporting, Mining u
i?tlng I'owder.
50 Gases Steak Salmon.
f you have nut already tried uchd do ho it
dlately, uud you will use uo otbur.
i'lH-ttlua F. HANAUER.
;ur. Coffee, Tea, Flour, uud all Groceries, i
astonishing prices.
tores, 2217 and 2219 Markot Street. Brant
re. corner Thirty eighth and Jacob streets, v
umbing, Gas & Steam Fitting
eo. Hibberd & Son
Successors to Thompson A Hibberd.
umbers, Gas & Steam Fitter!
PECIALT2KS.?Natural Gas Suppllw, Slot
iting and Ventilation.
1314 Market Street,
vAll work prompUy doue at moat reasoi
a prloca. my28
umbers, Gas and Steam Fitten
11 work donoromptly at reasonable prlcea.
Job Printing.
itallirfanpaii Tnh Rnnm
UUlllgUllUUl UVU 11VU111
Law Briefs, Eto.
'intt-elasa Work and Satisfaction Guarantee*!
Manufacturer of BLANK HOOKS, and
5ook Binding
?*Cet Prices Before Going Else
ftlna, Class and Queenswari
And open for inipectlou,
He Carter Patent Stoneware Fllti
and Cooler Combined,
id Family Filter. Tbc bout and moat rellat
Iters in tne market No corroding metal*. ]
water impurities. Simple in conntructic
rfect In operation. Finished In artlatlc ai
{hly ornamental atyle. JOHN FR1KDKL
rt Ul-J Main Htreet and list Water I
>nly $3 00 Per Doze
Vo. 42 Twelfth HtrMl
i file Id Itrnmrif-ii at tho Adreritklnc Itumia
ito will commrt for wtfertUinf at lowest r*l
# wayV
g Liniment yx |
fffTjKIMKfrTiiidwnthtnPrua JtE& . H
juusts una all Un^uuxuH. ^ c*'*vt!a
/# I
s.^y I
Near Wheeling, VI. Va.
m (Hlstera o! tbu Visitation);
L i A school o! more limn uatlor.nl reputation
oflora exceptions! advantages for thorough edcation
of young ladies Ju all department*. 1J
brary of alz thousand volu ua. Fine plillo
aopblcal, chemical and astronomical apparatus
TMuhlcal Department specially noted. Corps c.
I piano teachers trained by a leading professoi
Irom Conservatory of Stuttgart. Vocal culture
according to the method of theoldttallau raa?
lr- ters.
Location unsurpassed for boauty and health
Ten acres of pleasure grounds. Board excellent
For Catalogues, aud reference* to |?trous in a<
the principal cities, address
Itoariliut; .mil Day School Tor Young
Idlilles mill Children.
Tlinmnnl. mnru of Inktntrtilnti (fi Viit'llilh
MatlieiiiatifM, Ancient and Modern Language*, :
Music, Drawing, I'alnting, Elocution and Onl? I
istheuha. Advantages of home life ami training.
Fall acaalou begins September 5,1HS8.
]f-'l Address, MISS PARRA.V. Prlndiwi.
Norwood Institute,
ld WASHINGTON, 1). C.,
- Highland Terrace.
Three com muni eating buildings.
Mh. and Mks. WM. D. CABELL,
ftU'& 'Principals.
" Washington School of Elocution
MRU. M. STEVENS HART Prlnclfkal.
901 "M ' 81.', N. W., Washington, D. C.
111 Sixth Auunal Session begins Wednesday, Septemberffl.
:h Couno of instruction embrai-ea Elocution.
. Practical English and English Classic*, Latin,
Mathematics. Modern Languages, Vocal *ud In
3 htruniuntal Muhlc and Physical Culture.
r The Priucipul is assisted by au efficient corj*'
o/ teachers in each department.
~ Graded Classen lor boya and glrla daily,
r Adult Classes and private Instruction given in
L the evening.
' Diplomat awarded. A limited number ol pu
pilK accommodated in the family.
For circulars and refercncea apply UiIntclm
Stammering Cured.
' System baaed upon nature'a laws. No Skcrkcy
?No Tricks. System explained to tho*e tutoreated.
Testimonials from physicians, educators and
patrons, who have received benellt from the
m method of Instruction. Address
m MM. M. STEVENS HART, Principal.
Washington School of Elocution and Engibb 1
y(tf M. Street, N. W.. Washington, 1). C.
8tudcuti( boarded in family of Principal.
? Beaver College and MusicalInstitute,
Superior LIterary, Art and Klocutiomiry advantages
and bent equipped .Mimic; Hehoul in
, Western, PentisylvnyU. Pupils iu President's
family. Rates moderate.
Jy-'VTThiH Rkv. R. T. TAYLOR. D. D.
- tnrtSfiO per Year. Nynck.ou-tliu Hudson. |
Preparatory Work for Young Men.
CoLLKUKfor Young Ladle*.
12 Teachers. Full Courses iu English, IIuhIulmi. <
Languages, Engineering, Drawing, Painting and '
.Music. Ample Buildings. Steam Heat. Home .
Surroundings. Gymnasium. Absolute Health.
? "West" Endowment for Ladies. Year opens ]
? ovutouiuui ii< v-uwiuiiulfl vii
0 ?u7-TThjg W. II. BANNISTER. j
frqftfl MAPLKWOOD INSTITUTE for both ,
ipuUUi kcxcu, Concordvllle. I1#. Preparatory, ;
Huilnctw Graduating. EurIUIi Grnduatlug, Sciontiflc
aud College preparatory coursed. tipeclal 1
care to little boys. Highly recommended by
patrons. Joseph Hiioktuduk, (Yale) A.M. Pr. 1
Financial. j
CAPITAL ;=.. ..1200,000 '
J.N.ViKC! Pntldent ;
1 L. a. Dklaplaih Vloc-ITCKliIont
* J. N. Vance 8. Horkheimer,
J. M. Urovvu, W. Elllngbani,
L. H. Dehiplaln, A. W. Kelley.
John Frew,
Urafta Iwmed on England, Irclaud Bcotlniit)
and all point* In Kuroi*.
JOHN J. JONES, Cashier. ,
CAPITAL......... Jt75,000
Wm. a. Iiuctt - Pivai lent :
*Vm. b. sikibon .. ....Vlce-Preflideut I
Draft* 03 Xnglaud, lauland, France aud <?er*
Win. A. lsctt, Win. B. Simpson,
J. K. Millet, John K. BoU(ntrl,
I. E. M. Atkinson, Vldtor Uot>enburg.
Henry Hpeycr.
roril K. P. J EPSON. CmhU-r. (
ukatefcl-comfoktTno. "
"By athorough knowledge o! the natural lawn :
which govern the operations of digestion and
nutrition, and by a careful application of the
flue properties of well selected Cocoa. Mr. Kpiw i
I- has provided our breakfast tablet with a delicately
flavored beverage which may save ux niuuy i
heavy doctors' bills. it Is by the Judicious use '
of such article* of diet that a coustltutlou may
b? gratlually built up until strong enough to relist
every tendency to disease. Hundred* of subtle
tmt.illiia am llnutltii. nrniirwl im r?i>.l? In >1.
uck wherever thuro la a weak point. We inuy
escape many a fatal shaft by keeping ounclvc*
well fortified with pure blood sod a properly i
= nourished frame."?Civil Henrlee (Jazctte.
9 Made ftltuuly with boiling water or tnlik. Hold
only in half-pound tin* by uroccrs, labeled thus:
" To Farmer3' Gardeners, Etc.
'! T> K. GIFFEN & C0.,~
Li Superior Grain Drills, Thompson's RroadcaM
Seed Sowers, II. T. K. Spring Tooth Harrow*,
!<t Evans'Smoothing Harrow*, Albion Sulkv Har??
row*, Ijind Holler*, Wtutxman's Fruit Evaporoton,
American Cider Mill*.
Correspondence solicited, and order* promptly
? filled. No. 1 WO MAIN 8TKKKT,
au27-DAW . Wheeling. W. Va
RI71TITIRQ Shropshire, Ox, and CoU SllEH.i
DdAUIIdO jersey Keds and !lerk*hlre H0U4
nP. Rock* and H. I>whorn Chickens Bronze Tur
keys, Kgys *nd CARP In season. ENuINK*
Mill*, H. PTs, 4a. be*t and ciimieat; part pa>
In lumber. BatUfactlon guaranteed on all.
QIT HQ <*nt book for 25 cents and names anc
1. OlliUu address of twenty wide awake Partners.
=5 Bend stamp for circulars to
p noW-ruw Kor??r. W. Vii
a1 Printing neatly and promptly executed si
M the Intelligencer Jon Rooms.
Arrival and departure ok
TRAINS?On alid after May l.\ 1888-KxruMATioKorRicrKRitNrKMAi?K?.
Dally. tSunday
excepted. JMmiday excepted. ^aturdnv
excepted. |Saoday only.?Emtcrn Standard
It. A O. K. It.?Kaht. i l??>p?rt ' Arrive
Philadelphia Limited.. *6:2ft am "10:4.s pm
Mail ami Kxpreiw fi:10 pro ?11:2D am
Cuuiltcrlaud Acrom- U :0ft am ' r.'Opni
Grafton Areoui 5:10 pni 11 :'J0 am
Moundsvllle Accom ajn 7;.xjam
MoumUvUle Accuin 7:3ft am fc:if>am
MonudNville Ahuiii,. 12:01 pm 1:40 pm
Mouudavlllc Acnmi 0:10 pm 7:40piu
Cambridge Actum - 1'.?:00ain t7:l()|in
Kxprew (Chicago and Col).... 10:25 am *0:10 pm
Chicago fcxpre** *3:40 pro *9:60 ain
ChlcuKo Limited 9:60 pm *ti:2ft aoi
Columbu* Accom.. J2:4ftpm ?;m
ClurliiDatl Limited *11:1?> pro 04:Mam
St. Clalrnvlllc Amitn ih:0ft&m t7:ftftaro
8t.Clairavlllo Aecom ri:00ani tio:3ftain
St. Claim lUc Accom f2:00pm tl :35 pm
St. Clalraville Accom i>:10j-m fOMOpm
W., P. ft II. Dir.
WanhiUk'Wm and Pittsburgh. 'ft :00 am 10:1ft aw
WakhiUKtou mid Pittsburgh. ?:IOnm '11:10pm
Pittsburgh & 1'IiIIr. Kx C.-'JOpm tiiftftpro
Washington aud Pittsburgh. tl :4ft pm fl2:45pm
WuhlnKton^ f6:Wpm t8:00am
Pittsburgh Accom |fe!Upm {il.toaiu
P., C. ft St. I.. Ky. I
PitUburgn t7:'.uam in :20 pm
Pittsburgh and New Vork... fl:3ftpm lU:45t :n
Pittsburgh and New York. .. f4:20 pm H1:0C m.:i
Pittsburgh A N. Y. Kx l':40pui
Kxprtus, Cin. and St. LouUJ t? :20 am t*>:f0am
Kxprcss, Cin. aud St. Louis.. J'.'M'ipm jo :20 pm
Kxprew?. Stcuboiivlllo A Col. fl:Xipm t3:<lftpm
Steubenvlllc and l>rnui*ou.. f4;20pm
C. ft I'. It. 11.
Pittsburgh aud Cleveland tft:.V) hui t*: ?7 pm
Martlu's Kerry f":iftam tft:lftpm
Steubenvlllc Act om f0:ltl nio f 1:28 pm
Cleveland and Well*vlHe 12:12 pm th:53?m
PHutmrgh and New York tl::iv j infi:l;J urn
IMtt*t>unrb 11:17 am t.^:47 i?m
0., L. Jt w. K. K.
Kxprewt, Cleveland, E .v W.. fl2:85pmi 1S:(V?pm
Mtuwllloii Attorn 15:1'.'ptu 111:-. am
Hu (.'laim'ille Awmn? f7:6i?am t9:SW nra
8t. 1'lain.vllle Aecoin |10:^mu 11 ::f_? j-m
Ht. ciainiville Aii'oui. f&::H|.m
St. Ciainiville Aecom 6:2&pm ri:00)im
Local Freight and Accoui &:30ani t7:sni<in
Ohio lUvor ItnUroud.
Passenger ?7::v>am "ll:00nm
PansenKer M'iilftptni m
PaaseuKcr ?1:30 pin :lr? i>m
Freight I
II.. Z. X Knilrond.
Bcllaire k Zancuvl IK-Through I'HMcuuor leave*
Bcllaire at 8:40a. in., arrive# at llellaireat 1 p. m
Woodvtlcld J'oshoiiw loaves Bcllaire at l:JUp.
m.. arrive* at Bcllaiiu at H:'M a. m.
Humtncrflcld Accommodation l<*avei Bellalro
at 1:00 p. in., arrive w? Bcllairc at 10:46 w. m.
On atxl after Monday, A rail. :*>, 1^8.
traliiN ou tin- Whecllnfc ?k Kin; Grove Knilrond
will ruu ait follow*:
6:30a. ni., 0:10 a. m., 7:00 a. in., 8:0(1 a. m., 9:00
a. in., 10:u0a.m., U:ooa. m., 12:00 m., 1:00p.m.,
2:00 p. m., 3:00 p. in., 4:00 p. in.. 6:00 p. in., G:10
p. m., 7:00 p. ti!., ?:0) p. m., ?::? p. m.
Liuvm Wiikkmnq Park:
G:10a. m., 7:00 a. m.,ti:00n. m.,y :00 a.m., 10:00
?. in., 11:00 a. in., l'J:uu in., 1:00 p. in., '2:00 p. in..
?:00 p. in., 1:00 p. in., .'?:<?? p. in., 6:10 p. in., 7:00
8:00 p. in., 8:66 p. in., 10:10 p. in.
HUNDAYtf.?1/cavo at 7:0iia. ni. and ron every
hour, except church train, at ?J:15 p. m. Leave
Wheeling Park at 8:00 a. in. and run every liour
until 10 p. ic? exempt church train*. which will
It'Bvo the Park hi U:45 a. in. and Whccliug at
12:151). m Miul 9:15 n. ni.
ntf o HIRflt'W Bnpt
BALT1MORE & OH 10 KAILROA DI>ui>urtttreof
trains from Wheel lug. Schedule
[n dlcel April at, l&K-Kasteru time:
Express ior ('lijiitKC <111)1 the Northwest, 10:23 a
m, 3:40 p in, l?:f?o p in 'Wily, aud 11:15 p m dailv
uxii'pt Saturday.
Express for CiiirlninHaodBt. Louis, 10:25am
lally, 11:1ft p m dully.
Cambridge accommodation, 9:00 a in, except
For Columbus, 10:2ft a in dolly, and 11:1ft p in,
ilally, ami 2:4.* p in dally except Sunday.
Kxprett for \Va>hinj:tou, u. C., lialtlicore,
I'blladclpliiaumt New voile, via (irafton, U.'J.
tn and ft:10 p m, dally, via Pittsburgh ?i:J0 p. ir.
For I'ltUiburgii and WiuhltiKton, I'a., 5:00 a m
lally; express,a: 10a in, dally, 1:1ft p m, daily
uxcept Sunday. Additional way train for \Vmh?
iutrton, I'a.. ft::!<) p in, daily except Sunday.
For 1'ittsbnrnh, Washington, Baltimore and
Philadelphia ai <1:20 p in tlaily.
Pittsburgh accommodation, Sunday only,f ;<t
! m.
For Moundnvllle, 5:.1Vand 7:11, a m. and 12:0C
uooa. and 0:10 p in, daily vxrupt'.iimda)
For tiraflon. 5:10 p in, dally.
For Cumberland, Mau, dally, except Sunlay.
For fit. Clalrsvillo, 8:05 and 9:00 a ra, 2 p m and
i:10 p in, dally except Sunday.
Express trains arrive from Chlciigo, r>:2ft and
):60am aud<>:J0pin dally, and 4:ftf? a m daily
except Monday.
Express trains arrive from fit. Louis and Cincinnati,
4:55 a m and ii:lo p m, daily.
Express trains arrive froin Philadelphia. Haiti
more and Waahluetou. 1>. O., via Grafton, 11:?0
tin and 10:45 pin dully; via. VHUburtch,
ii. in. dally.
TmiiiH urrivo Irom Columbus, l:5T? h in dally
ind r>:10 p m dally, and 10:85 am dally exceft
Trains arrive from PlttaburKh, 10:15 n m daily
ind 12:45p in, except Huuday, p m and 11:1c
l? in daily.
Tralusarrivofrom Wellington, l'a., 6:00 am,
Sally except Kntiday.
Trains arrive from Motindsvlllc. 7::w nnd'JMb
i m tfii' 1:40 Hiid 7:40 pin. dally.except Hands}-.
Train* arrivefrom Gnuuni, ll:ti0a ui, dally.
Twins arrive from Cumberland, 5:50 p in, dally
ixoopt Sunday.
Trains arrive from Pt.CIalrsvllle, 7:.V.imd 10:Mi
im,oud 1 :35 and r?:10 \? i?. dally except Huuday
Cambridge accommodation arrives ut 7:10 p iu
sxoept Sunday.
Baggage called for and checked nt hotels and
residence* on orders left at tlekct offlre, 1'JX) Alar
Itct street, and at deiiot.
('HAH. O. SCULL, Gen. raw Agent.
W. M. CLEMENTS, Manager.
Ohio river railroad.?time
Table taking effect May T>, ism. Pftjwonfrer
mini will run as follow*?Central time. All
trains daily except those marked thus f which
lo not run on Sunday.
not,'Tit hound. fNoT? No.fNo.8 No. |.
a. m. p. m. u. in. a. m
Leave?'Wheel tag 11 :i:> 6:85
Kenwood, opp. Hellalre :i:l" 11 ::( fi:.f0
Moundsvllle 1:0' II :4V 7:10
p. m.
N'ew Martinsville r?:lv ?> :: K:1I>
rt'llliaiiutown ; 7:00 " I I
rarKcnuuiK II.MJ
p. in
Raveniwood 6:lT> 4:1.*. U:iO
Milfoil City ?:W r?:.r. 1
Jllftou f.: jo imi;
Arrive?l't. I'lcanaut..... h:4?' r.:J 2.1:.
[laili|M?liK Ferry fl:ui 2;:?
[Juyundotte U):.'.: ?. ' <* ?:(?
UUQliQgtOU 11):V? H:il" 4:17
p. III.
Charleston 3:20 10:03 8:2C
irniitoii r:ul
Portsmouth it. in. 7:IC
SVbite Sulphur ft: no
p. III. H. 111.
Staunton :?: ,.':2Q
NOIITII UOUSI . No.b. >11. 4. j.So.2 t>OJJ
II. Ill (I. III. It. III. p. Dl.
Leave?II tint I n^t on I0:0?>
[iiiVHiidotte 10: ?> ft:;* 'j-'is
IiHlli|H?l|N Ferry 11:^' 7:U> 4:.V?
I'olnt PleuMtit 11:1 7:2t- b:l7
p. ta.
f.'lifton .. i.\;i 7.J 6;:a
Mafcon City 12:2.') ? f-M'J
ilavutihwood 1 : !.'< !?l. 7:0*1
IHrkenburie 3:1.'. 10:4.'. h::M
IVilllmnBtowii S:W 11 :W.
p. in.
New Martinsville S:lf> S::r. 12:4.''
Moun.b*vllle i?:2.* r.: ; j
lien wood M:l'. 7:i?' 2 u. ........
A rrlvo-Wheeling 10:00 7:16 2:20
Leavo Wheeling via. p. in.
P. C. Ai St. L 12::c, ;<:'J0
Arrive?Cleveland r>:rsf) .....?,
Pittsburgh 8:20 5:.V>
H. in. a. m.
Sew York K;UU ; 8:00 ....
h. in.
Chicago .: li ::ai
- Through tickets Miid baggage checked to nil
W. J. ROllLNSON, (Jon'l I'm*. A cent.
Furkenburg, W. Va.
Trav. Paw. Agent. Wheeling, W. Va.
LOUIS RAILWAY CO.?1'anbandle Hon to
Under kuhednleln effect Augiud... Ishh. trulnn
leave Wheeling, Central Standard time: n-r
StenbenvUlr. PltMburghiiud the Must. 6:2" u. in.,
12:?- p. m.. H.20 p in. mill m to p. in. ForColiiin
ii m.ntul mnOji. in. For ('oluinliun and Chli-n/n
12:85 p. in. TrniiiN arrive at Wheeling ?i >' "
11. ni., 10:<M? ii. in., 2:V? |*. in. iiml s.ji p. m.
Train* Iciivltiir ni C:J? n. in. ami -rriviin: - :'ji
p. in. run Mil id Iwiwtfii Wheeling ami ? j t i>ImitcIi.
All trnlwi dully e?eept .-iinday. nuj
Ci L E V K L A N I) A PlTOBUlV. 11
/ RAILROAD.?I'ncler Milled ill? In efieel S'ny
18, 18m. Train leave Uridyl*.rt, Centrni H^ndard
time: For l'ltUdturgh.? Iili'?ir?i mid ? icvclaud.
-I:.'?<? a 1.1. For I'lltMtiurKb, lu:17 a m. For
Chicago andtJlovclaud, 1:12 p t?. For 1'Uubt.rgh
and New York, 3::K? p in. For MtOlltoliville. t*:P3
h m. For Martin'* I erry. 0:45 a in.
Train* arrive hi lirldgeport at 7:.V1 a m. 10.in a
in, '.,v> p in, 4:1 A p ui. 1:17 p ui, ami 7: (7 \> la.
Steamship Tickets.
Atlantic Express Servlco.
6te*m*hlp "C1TV OF BOM F/' from New York
Wkdnwday, Aukiiri h, .s-pi.ujhtr r?, Ocio- '
IhtU, October ::i.
Ijinjrvt Mid finest |>?MWtiB0r Simmer ulIoHt.
KaIooh 1'hv-m^c, w?;o to *100, SocoikM 'IhM, *30.
Glasgow Sorvlco.
Hte*mcr* every Saturday Iroin Now York- to
Glasgow and Londonderry.
Cabin UtiHlotidirry, Liverpool,
or lUftfngt ?rtO hii<1 ? < ?. HeeomM ?;tu.
Bteernge. outward or prepaid, either Service,
20. Haioon Kxcumlon Tlckoi' nt Redueed rate*.
Traveler*' Circular tatter* of Credit and I?rnfui
for ftuv amount l?rticd ivt lowe*t currcnt rntes.
For Hook* or Torn*. Tlf-'kMw or (urth<-r infor
td"llihi, apply to llkSUKK>OK BltOTIIKRS,
New York, or II. F. BKHKKNrt, i-17 MarM
trcet. ly-M

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