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T ^:ulor jfaasKfl
/ Cotl(v*H4$g. At druyg'?t<. prlco g!?ctt. >
HI S^l
B| wa U
-?"*" #^l?
SHLYAiivn vik
(Priet only 25 c?ntt> 8old by all drugglsta.) \
Relieves quickly Rheumatism, Han- ,
ralgia, Swellings, Brunei, Lumbago,
Sprains, Headache, Toothache, Cuts, ,
Hums, Scalds, Sores; Backache, ie. '
/itieuiLAHOCa PIUOS. Tht Urint Tobacco An- '
Ut/Cn tldottl?Prlci JOCtt. At all druggltti. ,
Geo. M. Snook & Co.
Geo. M. Snook 1
*&: Oo.
? Our Mr. Snook has i
a just returned from the '
| Eastern markets, and
n we arc now receiving
S our second stock ol
I Fall and Winter Dry I
| Goods, Notions and I
I Wraps, which, besides I
| being large and com-1 '
g plete, win De soig at
a lowest prices.
| JI^Ncwest tilings
'f, in I )ress Goods and
?j Wraps, to which we
g invite- particular atten- 1
| tion.
| X^Sole Agents for
it the celebrated Harper
g Bazar Patterns.
Geo. i. Snook & Co.
r!! "
JMinVAUD \\;X(TNK1!,
Wholesale Denier In
Sweitzer and Limberger Cheese,
No. a!Ol? MAIN ST., Wheeling, W. Wn.
Onli'r* by mull receive prompt atieutlou.
Wednesday, October 3,
A Nil ?
Uirli Winter .Milliner}'.
( !S __________________
He Intelligences
mH? ii> N'ofc FoiirteantfiStreet*
A tioo.l DftiiKlit JIoiw.
NutJco?Chauibur nf Commerce.
l-'lue <llnw?ivare?KwiiiK Itron.
Woimiti'h I'nion Bcnovolcut Society. '
I'libllcdnle?Old Court House Properly.
For llont?Pwrtrulde ttti?luch* Mouse.
For C'lnclmiHtl?Stciuucr Audc*.
City Tux Notice?S. L. iirice. ,
The Ilotcl Winder. !
Hoots and Shoes?A. 'J. Wlticllor.
A. L. IUCE Jc CO. extend u general
invitation to the latdicx of* this city and
vicinity to be present at tliolr opening-ot
Rich I'tiUern Huts and Hunnets on
Wedltotfdaf, October 8.
Inst received a complete am! artistic
assortment of Suitings. I'antaloohings
ami Overcoating wliicli wo warrant to '
make up in Ilrst-class *t)lo, ami at reasonable
prices. Fit guaranteed.
hpecialticM?Just received, 50 dozen
more of the best 50 cent White Shirts
made. Fancy Flunnei Shirts at 50 cents
ami upwards. Full line of onr celebrated
Knit Jackets.
r ill's*; a-sn\s.
1821 is lVtiit Market Stmt.
IV E have the only successftil machine
iiml iiictlioil ol dt-nmgnetkiug watches
iu West Virginia
J.U'OIJ W. (iliUIIII, Jeweler,
Cur. Twelfth is Market sts.
Tlieruinuiutrr Itrcord,
The thermometer at Schnepf's drug
efore, Opera liouso corner, yesterday,
Mastered as follows:
7 a. Ill M> J ftm 76
I II. Ill 7 j?. Ill 71
, U in...., 7.'? I Weather?I'haiiKi'abh'.
WtHtUtor luUtcutUmiu
Washington, J). C., Oct. 1.?For
W??st Viruinia and Western 1'ennsylvilli
in, li>?ht local rains, (ollowevl by fair,
cooler weather, northwesterly winds.
Wlmtuw GliiM Work* Itcmum*.
All of the window glass factories in
the city, says yesterday's Hell aire Jnde)
mdrnt, resumed operations at 1 o'clock
i!iis morning. At?tho Hcllairc factory
only one furnace was worked at, on ac- i
count of the destruction of the other >
house by tire, but as soon as nropara- j
lions for blowing can be completed at i
the upper house, the men will he put to
work there, and that may bo by evening.
T?. ?iu. miMintimO'the foice of the two
houses have "doubled up," thus giving
:tl! the men half-time. Atall of the other
factories everything went along
Htuoothly and nice.
Sever? Storm l.n?l Kvtmlnj;.
Hot ween mix and seven o'clock hist
evening tho wind, which had been brisk
? ? .11,,1 n viipv
nil (My, lllliinntu I? .. K...V, .. .....
heavy rain fell. The lightning was al- *
moat constant for a considerable) time, i
l it the thunder wan not loud, indicating |
that thostorm centre was distant. From
the appearances, it seemed to bo raging $
jug worst over Martin's Ferry, but a tel- i
ephono message from there hist night
was to the effect that no damage to speak
i>f was done.
In the city the only serious damage 1
was tbe breaking, in an unique manner, |
of one of the large plate glass windows 1
in George It. Taylor it Co.'s dry goods 1
hi ore. A large box sitting on the side- 1
walk on Water street was whirled by a 1
jjust of wind up the Windsor hotel alley, c
tu-cross Main street and through tlio v
heavy glass window. ?
Kick's Opening Pay Wednesday, October!).
L.S.Uoou sells dry goods the cheapest.
Ilttttfm or Minor Aloiiicnb in ami About
I In city.
TilK Guand tliis evening " A Cold .
Tin:kk were twenty-eight caset* in the
Mice Court yesterday.
Tiik police in September make 10.*
irrotta and the aggregation of lines and j
roHts collected was about $KS!?.
0Si and after next Sunday, Sunday
rains on the Cleveland, Lorain ?!t Wheel
uk railroad will be discontinued.
The Junior Plumed Knightawill meet
it the corner of ('hapUiie and Fourteenth
itreeto tliitf evening at < Siu o'clock lor
The liritl^e is a settled fact un*l
ivork will 1m* commenced in earnest the
ntter part of thin week, or early next 1
*eek. * f
.Tub miners at the Wegee coal works <
|uit work yesterday morning because a <
man who was not u union man had been ]
[Kit to work.
Tub South Pittsburgh <k Ohio railroad
liave settled several important rights oi :
ivav over the river in rhe last lew days, '
paying the cash.
A am amount of money changed j i
hands on the boat race hist Saturday at |,
Bcllaire, the friends of both parties bet- j,
ting on their favorite.
(Jlbkk Hook yesterday issued a marriage
license to Charles Waguer, aged <
and Maggie Dilgrot, aged 24, botli i
natives of ticrmuny and residents of ,
Tub Young Men's Republican Club,
>f the Seventh ward, will meet to-night. 1
A full atlcndance is desired, as the uui'
.11 isi.-.i., i,.. i
jilt to the members.
A mas who was olleud<d by beiug i
refused a drink at Louis Nchwalb's saloon
yesterday, throw a brick through
3UO of the lurge plate glass windows in <
the front of the saloon.
Ann Kkim's house of ill fame was
raided by the )?oHcc, and in the court
yesterday morning mix women and ten
men arrested there paid $5 and costs
each, while the madam contributed S-U
and costs to the city treasury.
Sammy Nu'iioi., Wheeling's old center
lielder, was to have played with Pittsburgh
on Saturday, but while practicing
before the game he knocked the lirst ,
joint of the forefinger of his right hand
out of place, lie will not be able to play
lor a week.
Huuii Dkmnnky was arraigned before
Squire Davis yesterday, charged with ,
assault and battery on Charles ilelmbrighionthe
1-th oi August last, lie
plead guilty and was let oil' with a line
of $11) and costs and a bond of $50 to
keep the peace for a year.
Tub residents of the lower part of the
Island are rejoicing over the near completion
of the new sewer, and now hope
that some of the streets will be graded
and curbed so as to permit the laying of
pavements, which are needed so" badly
in that section of the city.
On hist Saturday while some of the
Dockers at the Buckeye glass house were
opening ? bale of hay they fouiiil a live
tortoise inside. The hay was received
froiu Illinois and was" baled several
months ago. Mr. John Lichti now has
the land tortoise in his possession.
Tin; nail factory at lirilliant is idle,
owing to the breaking of a roll on Monday,
hut will start up again as soon as it
is replaced. Orders for nails are numerous
and the factory will be run over time
when it is started. The puddling department
is on full, with prospects of a
good al I-wi n ter-ru n.?Steuben rittc (liVtcUe.
Tiikkk was another pretty serious row
in .Bordeaux's saloon, in the basement
of the Kcilly block, hist evening, in
which one man had his head badly cut
by a club in the hands of the bar-keeper.
Three men were arrested for their part
in the row. A row there Saturday was
ventilated in the Police Court yesterday.
Tin; homing pigeons, Harrison and
Cleveland, started from Bcllairt; last
Friday by Walter Leach for their .Jersey
home, were presumably caught in the
big storm Saturday, and are given up for
IrtMf. iLiimv hu that they will be heard
from, as they came from .South Carolina
through a drenching rain; hut a snow,
hail or sleet storm kills them oil'.
Ci.KitK IIook yesterday admitted to
record one deed of trust and a deed
made September 20, by Nathan Vauaman
and wife, in consideration of $175,
for Hi acres of hind in Kirhland district.
Also u deed made September 15, by Lemider
Mix, administrator with tin'; will
unnexed of lietsy Savery, to D. II. Taylor,
in consideration of ?3,250, for the
north half of lot -10, on the north side
jf JCoir street in the Sixth ward.
SlriiUK(U'H iu ttiu City mut \Vhet*Uu|; l*uoi?lu
Leon Kdwards is visiting his ])arents i
in Cincinnati. 1
Frank Foster, of the Island, is father
of a bouncing boy.
Mrs. .1. K. JJcoth, of Wells Bottom, is
lit the Stamm House.
Miss Lotta Gardner, of Sistersville, is ,
visiting friends on the Island.
Mr. W. E. Tingle got in again vesterlay.
and registered at the Staium.
Hon. John A. Hutchison was up from
I'arkersburg on a brief trip yesterday.
Justice W. II. Caldwell is taking a
Ufa Wltmilinir Hrmtk.
Joseph Hall, of Steubenville, the well
known pension agent, is at the McLure.
Mrs. J. W. Keiklall and daughter, .Miss 1
Liliau, are visiting friends in Allegheny
Misses Lizzie JI eil and Sophia Wendel
have returned from a visit to Sharps- 1
burg, Pa.
William Brown, of the island, has re- '
turned from a visit to friends in Youngstown,
Misses Mary and Slijrley Broekunier
left last evening via Butlalo for Aurora,
N. Y., to spend a year at Wells College.
lion, John J. Jacob, of Clinton, and
Col. Bob McKUlowney, of Now Martinsville,
were at the McLure House yesterday.
Miss Kmiiia Sater, of Lincoln, Neb.,
who had been visiting friends on North
Main street, returned home Monday
Misses Alma and Laura Conner have
returned home from Mountain Luke
Park lifter spending a delightful summer
ut that popular resort.
Key. Samuel Arbuthnot, a student at
Delaware College, who has been preaching
for several months at Maiden, this
suite, is here on his way to college, and
is visiting his mother in North Wheeling
for a few days.
*A C??M Urnntl.
Fisher's "Cold Day" company opened
i three nights' engagement at the Grand
Dpera House last night, and notwithstanding
the weather the theatre was
well tilled. The comedy is better this i
ieason than over before, anil abounds in i
fiew songs, dances, etc.* Perkins I), i
flu il.l. Kftnrt. and John W. Kan- i
some as Jtwvh JUoy kept the audience I i
roaring all tho time they wore on the <
itage. Misses Zoo Pronty, Kita Stanford t
?nd Annetta '/olrni took their respective i
tarts in an excellent manner. I
The play will lie repeated to-night. J
5eata on sale at the MeLure House pliar- 1
nacy. _
Tho LltUo Tyeiion" Lohom a Nii;lit.
The "Little Tycoon" company, which ?
ilayed hen* Kridav evening, was billed J
o play at Zanesville Saturday evening,
>ut when the troupe went to the theatre J
hey could not tind their costumes, as J
heir baggage had been sent on to Cin- innati
by mistake. By this oversight <
iu tho part of the railroad company they ''
vcre unable to give a performance. The J
omjmny opened a week's engagement *
n Cincinnati hist evening. 1
f>0 I'lKCEs ail-wool Tricot Cloth at 25c t
?er yard, worth 40c, at 1
Stonk & Thomas'. i
Dl. 11. LOGAH fiONB
To tlio Reward that Awaits an
Honest, Upright Man.
\iul all i In- Mourn?Detail* of
tlx? Sad and Sud. fii Invent?A
SKch'li of the fjlfrol' tlx* IX*ceased?
Ilis l*itbliir <,*ttr??c?\
Dr. Thomas 11. Logan died very smllenly
at I?is residence at No. ?jj) Main
(trout, between !' ami 10 o'clock yesterlay
morning. The supposed muse of
i'.'atli was paralysis of the heart, superinduced
by kidney affection.
There bas been no local happening for
i long time post that has mo .shocked the
ommuuity nor caused such a general
>adnessnnd regret, as thin untimely jj'ndiiii?
of the eareer of one of Wheeling's
moist prominent ami respected citizens,
the tirst rumors of the death of Dr.
I,ogan were 80 startling as to be scarcely
i-redited, and inquiries fur eonlirmation
i?f the sad news were telephoned from
nil parts of the city. It was generally
!*upiH>sed thftt he was in good health, and
this made it ail the harder to believe he
tt'UH lU'UO. 1 lli'iruni isimil m. i.<uguii iiiui
not been in good health for some time
nast, ami while on peverul occasions, of
late, ho has been obliged to keep to his
room for a day or two, it was not thought
licit he was subject to anything more
.erious than a slight indisposition. For
the past three days lie had been kept
from hin business by one of these spells,
but no alarm was felt for bis recovery
uven by his family.
Yesterday morning about !> o'clock
one of his duughlers called him and he
answered, saying that he proposed getting
up. 'She went down stairs to superintend
the preparing of some breakfast
for her father and was bftsied with
that for some time. It struck 10 o'clock,
nnd the Doctor not having made his appearance
she again went to his room to
call him, supposing that ho had fallen
ttslcep again. Failing to get an answer
to her calls, she approachod his bedside
und found him cold in death, living ap
...v ...W.WMVW
Tilt? death of Dr. Logan removes from
Wheeling a citizen whoso value was uppredated
by all. liu was a leader
uinong men and as such was honored
mid respected. He was an honest,
upright Christian gentleman of
sterling worth and unimpeachable integrity
and 111eai* qualities wore so generally
recognized that implicit trust and
confidence was reposed 111 him by the
entire cotiimuuity, and by a In^ge'number
of the people of the State ;by all in fact
with whom he evercauie in contact, in
all public movements for the advancement
of the city or State, or for the relief
of sutl'ering humanity, he was always
among those in the van guard: in church
and educational matters he alwavB took
a deep and practical interest. While his
nature was au unassuming one he never
hesitated in going in the direction
he thought was right, but that direction
was invariably a liberal and conservative
one. To all questions he gave
careful ami "studious thought before
Dr. Logan was born in Washington
county, I'a., on February 14, 1828, and
made that county his home until 1851,
when he located here, lie graduated
frorti the old Washington College in the
year 18-10. The Hon. James ti. Blaine
was a classmate of his, and the two always
entertained the kindliest regard fur
each other. After graduating from Washingtou
College Dr. Logan attended the I
medical department of the University of i
runiiNyivaitia at rniiaoei|inui, ami giua-i
tutted }>oiu that inKtitution in l.SoO. Ile f
was gifted with a quick, clear, .studious
mind and always stood high in his
classes, just as Jie always did in this
In 1851 lie located in this city ami begnu
the practice of medicine. Some
years later he engaged in the wholesale
drug business on Main street, between
Twelfth and Fourteenth streets. Later
u branch store for the retail trade was
established at the corner of Main and
Tenth streets, and soon after that the
two stores were combined at the latter
place. The tirm name has been changed
two or three times, but Dr. Logan has
always been at the head. He prospered
steadily and was always able to find
time outside his business to give careful
Attention to the public demands made
an him.
He began to take a leading part in
polities at an early period. He was a
prominent member of the convention
which organized the restored government
of Virginia in 1801, and was elected
to the succeeding Legislature of the
Baino from this county. He was again
made a delegate, this' time in the West
Virginia Legislature of 187.S, and at the
time of his death he was again a candi
date for the Legislature on the Kepublican
ticket, lmving agreed to accept the
place on tin? same in response to the
practically unanimous request of the
party thai he be a candidate.
Governor Boreman appointed him as
one of the first Kegeuts of the University
of West Virginia at Morgan town, in
which capacity lie served for several
years as president of the Board.
Governor Mathew conferred upon Kim
the appointment as one oi the lteeents
of the State Normal Schools,
lie was a Trustee of the Wheeling
Female College and always
took a great iuterest in that institution.
For several years Dr. Logan was a member
of the City Council, and for two
terms served as "President of the Second
Branch. In this body he was the same
careful, conservative, trusted public servant
that ho was in Ids other positions
of trust and honor. He was made President
of the Wheeling Chamber of Commerce
at its inception, aud lias always
held that office. the other business men
who composo that body feeling that the
presiding officer's chair could be no better
nor more ably tilled, than by their
most valued member, and that member
Dr. Logan was generally considered to
be. The Chamber has been called to
meet at :i o'clock this afternoon to take
appropriate action. Dr. Logan was
treasurer of the Ohio Valley Life Company
and hold a prominent position in
the Fire and Marine Insurauce Company.
He was also a director in a number
"of industrial establishments ami had
money invested in others that he did
not assist in controlling.
He was one of the chief pillars of
the Fourth street M. E. church. He
served for years as superintendent of
the Sunday school and took an active
part in providing the music. He was
dways a consistent Ohrfstian in all his
lealings, and his work in tho Fourth
street church will ever be a monument
in the history of that congregation to a
faithful and hearty performance of duty.
(Io will be missed in all walks of life,
>n? in nnnh more than iu this church.
In 1852 he married Miss Eliga X. List,
i daughter of Captain John List, deceased,
who died about one year ngo.
Che family Dr. Logan leaves behind him
consists of six daughters, all of whom
lave grown to womanhood. They are
Urs. Edward Clendeuning, of Kansas
3itv, Mrs. Peebles Tatum, of this city,
ma Missos Anna, Sophie, Ku^enia and
tassie. Miss Eugenia is in Kansas City,
he guest of her sister, Mrs. Clendeuling,
who visited her father only a few
nonths since. Tliey are both expected
o arrive to-uiorrow. In his family reations
Dr. Logan was very happy. lie
vas a kind, indulgent father and his
sudden taking away is u Mow that falls i f
with crushing force on Iish motherless'
daughters. Tlioy have tin* warm sympathy
of the entire eommunitV, which lutsj
met with a loss, that while not ho
great nor severe us theirs, is one tliat
will Ik; keenly felt.
Tim County CuiniulNMloiiriV Action.
The announcement of Dr. T. II. Lo- .
uuu's death was made to the Board of
County Commissioners while it was sitting
in' regular monthly session yesterday
turning, by Commissioner Spiedel.
Commissioner Maxwell moved tliat the
rules be suspended and that A committee
of f*ur, one of whom should be
President Qruse, be appointed to report
resolutions appropriate to the death of
so prominent and honored u citizen jw
Dr. l?ogau, and that the resolutions be
made a part of the minutes. Commissioners
Maxwell, My leu and McGregor
were appointed, and with President t
uruse roporteu the loiiowiug wmcn r
were adopted:
Wiikkbas, Wo learn with much re- i
grefc that our esteemed follow citizen. 11
Dr. T. H. Logan, has been tnkou from r
our inirlst bv death, therefore 1??? it i
lino I red, That in the death of Dr. |
I."Kran our eommunity hu.s sustained the ! '
lo."s of a citizen who was always first in 1
jill things jwrtnining to tlie progress and
welfare of our people. ,
Secondly?That as a public officer of
the pity, county and'fcJtate, we lose a man
who always performed ills duties in a 1
conscientious, effective and courteous \
Thirdly?As a parent and Christian
gentleman his course was ever consist- ,
out and worthy of imitat ion. ,
A Tribute to Jlr. Tliniiuii II. l<4igitu.
Ou Monday, the lirst day of October
1888, death has claimed one of Wheel- j
iug's most distinguished citizens.
Dr. Thomas M. I.ogan, to whose life of
gooduess'aml usefulness we point with
|>ri?le, is no more.
The journey of Iiih ehivulric spirit is '
terminated ami the seal of everlasting '
pence impressed upon t he brow of purity '
by the voiceless angel of death. 1
Ever kind and true aw ;i friend, tender, (
aireetionate and thoughtful as a husband, ;l
loving and indulgent as a father, he wnw 1
a citizen of the highest tyjie, a man of
profound reverence and unfaltering faith. '
Hi? character /or integrity, tor worth, \
(or excellence in every respect, his uii- (i
Hellish devotion to duty, his patriotic impulse,
his kindness of heart, the tender- .
uess of his love, illumined a life of I
honor, with the best qualities of Ameri- ''
am citizenship.
While the realms of death have been v
enriched by the loss of a man of personal
purity anil noble nature, his blessed
memory, will be our heritage and his
virtues a legacy for emulation.
His exalted inlluenco in public and 1
private life will live in the hearts oi our s
citizens and be embalmed in the history
of a grateful people. \. r. (
sum iiiirmii) iiiurrivii.
Tho Kansas City Time* of hist Thura- '
day announces the marriage of $am 1
Barkley, of this city, the' well-known !
captain and second baseman of the Kansas
City base ball nine, and Miss Flora
B. Feldman, of Chicago. The ceremony
was performed Wednesday evening by '
Judge Davenport, of Kansas City, at his '
home. The wedding was a quiet allair, J
and after the eeretuonv a tine supper was '
served at the Midlaud hotel. The Times .
"Mrs. Barkley, who is a charming lit- J
tie lady with a mass of fluffy gvldeu j
hair, largo brown eyes and an exceed- 1
ingly pretty face, has been spending the
! summer with the family of her uncle,
K. W.Vaughn, at 101(1 Independence avenue,
and it was there she met Mr. BarkI
ley. She is an admirer of the national 1
[game,and soon became an admirer of
the second baseman. Tho battle was
J half won then, and Sam's ardent suit j
did the rest, lie kept his own counsel,
however, and with the exception of 1
Donahue, his room-mate, probably no i
one in Kansas City knew of his intcn- .
tions until yesterday. Capt. Barkley ,
and his bride will make the Midland ,
their home. The bridegroom will play 1
in to-day's game with the Brooklyns. I
Last night he said: 'I'll try awful hard ;
to put up agood game, but 1 am a little *
afraid of the roast I'll get when I go to 1
j but.*" !
Tiro Trilling Klrew.
I .lust before 7 o'clock last evening a s
clothes rack on which a number of gar- ;
ments had been hung to dry beside a I
, stove iu the basement of U. 1C. Friend's j
house, on the corner of Virginia and .
South I'eun streets, Island, fell against <
the stove aud caught lire, making a .i
brivht blaze. An alarm was rung in i
from box 71, and the department re- <
sponded promptly, but the blaze was i
easily extinguished. I
About tho same hour the drapery s
hanging near a chandelier in C. A. I
House's music store caught lire from .
the gas, and blazed up brightly, causing i
a good deal of alarm, but doing little <
damage, the blaze being promptly put I
Th?> lllMttbrnml Murtler. j
The preliminary hearing of Louis llil- }
debrand, who shot his w ife, Marv, Sat- ;
urday evening, has been set for Weil- ;
nesday at 2 o'clock p. m., beforo Juntico |
W. II. Davis, who committed him to jail ,
on .Sunday upon learning that Mrs. Hildebrand
was dead. The ease is a prima ;
facie one of murder iu the first degree, |
Hildebrand having been seen with the \
pistol in his possession early in the day,
and having made threats against his |
wife. There are many people, however,
who say Hildebrand has not been men- .
Uliiv ii'n|>uuan?r iui ouum m?u (' ?. i
There was a good deal of talk yesterday \
about the hasty burud of the murdered t
woman. The ;driver of the lieareo said ]
that wheu the body reached tho Peniu- 1
sula Cemetery no grave had been dug, ,
and the coflln was left sitting on the j
An Ob?trep?r?iiin l'rihom*r.
Several weeks ago a warrant was is- \
| sued for John Mack, better known as .
"Judy" Mack, whose mother complain- j
ed that he had assaulted her. The po- j
J lice have not since seen him until yes- (
terday, when Oflicer Lukens arrested
him. At the lockup Mack took advant- ]
| age of an opportunity to slip out, and |
ran into the premises "of a family living ,
in tho vicinity and took refuge in an
outhouse. H.e was pursued by the officer, |
and resisted,"strfking Uikensand bruis- .
ing his hand badly. Lukens "put. a ,
head on him" and then locke.l him up. ]
? . . j
Tho l'orflt'liuii ,
of the age in the medical line is the i
liquid fruit remedy, Syrup of Figsf man- 1
ufactured only by the California Fig t
Syrup Company, .San Fraucisco, Califor- '
nia. It is agreeable to the taste, accept- i
able to the Stomach, harmless in its na- n
turo, painless yet prompt and thorough .v
in its action. Sold onlv by Logan & Co., t
Anton 1*. Hess, R, I). Hurt, and C. Men- \
kcrneller. At Hellaire by M. N. Mercer, t
? \
Sim-rial Offer. 11
We will offer this week only:
50 pieces all wool Carpets at 56c, worth 1
70c. ?
30 pieces Body Brussels at 85c, worth
SI 00 at " Stonk Si Thomas'.
1 t
Go and see the line Hats ami Bonnets
at A. J. Worts', Thursday ami Friday,
October 1 and * i
Wk will meet at Bice's Wednesday, 11
October their Opening dav. *
, 1 tj
Oi'bnino Days at Mrs. Bertha Baer's L
will bo Wednesday and .Thursday, Oetobcr3and4.
Fine Winter Millinery. j."
Uxdeijwkau of every description for |
men, ladies and children at lowest prices.
Stone A Thomas. , J
, T f?
Opening day on Wednesday, October 11
3. Kick's. 1
; n
Cut Flowers of all kinds on hand at i oi
all times at L. H. Nowviock's, a]
1002 Main street, oi
uniform connists of a colored coat, white I
legging and an immense pinko hat with
plumes 111*it make a man look a)>out I
two feet taller than he really is. When |
the company i* seen rnoviug down street
one is reminded of a tril?e of Kindt*. The
standard bearer is 0 feet <> inches tall,
and the color l?earer towers up 7 feet 1
inch- They haw a midget hand of 21
nieces?bovs whose ages average 15.
Then they have three "mascots"?colored
boys ranging in heightli from feet
1 inch to 3 feet 4 inches, who are regular
curiosities. The president und commander
is Burr W. Mcfntosh, a wellknown
societv man who has heen seen
here two or three times on the stage at
the Opera House. !! has been oil" the
stage for over u year now. The club has
already received a number of invitations
to take part in parades und demonstrations
Mr. Brockunier's Arguments Demolished
by a Potter.
\IIW'i ilu* AmeHmii Potteries, Including
iIioko of Wheeling. Most
SerioiiNly. n* a Uliiuoo ttt
I In* Figure* Show*.
Fu Uir tihtor of t}w JiihUtf^iifrr.
Siit:?-Why .Mr. Brockunier displays
to much ignorance of an industry so
marly akin to hi* own 1 cannot undertaud;
ami a* thev arc so much alike,
mything ho might say regarding the
lottery industry^ people would be very
'< ady to hi'lievu. More than likely this
a theVeasou he has taken it upon hiinlelftnsay
what lie did iu this mornUg's
.Mr. Brockunier has for some reason
ir other made a statement that is very
ipt, should it go uncorrected,*to mislead
>ert>ons as to tlm effect the Mills bill
vould have ujhmi the pottery industry,
houlil tin.* same become a law. Ilesays,
'The Mill* bill gives a rate of 50 per
nt on ehiim, etc.. decorated." Such is
,he cane, so far as it goes.
Now, I want to ask Mr. Brockunier
Democrats of Ohio county did not feel
prepared to make in return, as to their
- ouuty.
It is said further on beliullf of Mr.
Riley that lie is nut to blame for tiie tieay
in the matter of the joint debate between
General Goff and Congressman
Wilson. He mudo every honest eflort
:o get "into communication with Mr.
Wilson, sending letters ami telegrams
ill around after him, but without propoking
any response. It is well known
:o the Democratic leaders that Mr. Wilion
wants nothing so much as to be
let alone to make his own cantrass
in his own district. He does not.
want to meet Gen. Goll", and regards the
proposal to that eliect in the famous
'interior" letter as only less unwise than
the remarks about Judge Fleming's incapacity.
If there is one thing which
ie particularly and especially does not
want, it is to meet Gen. God' iu Wheelng
iu a discussion of the tariff issue, as
lie knows he will have to if the terms
>i the challenge are adhered to.
Ilnvini' tnilfd fn i?i?f n rominiiRi. trnm
Mr. Wilson Mr. Kiley appealed to Senator
Faulkner, llence his arrival here
It is again jriv?*n out that since Senator
Faulkner's last visit here, of unpleasant
memories uiul "interior" associations,
a new plan of campaign lias
>een devised, in pursuance of which Senitor
.McDonald's engagement here was
mnceled, and Major Moore failed to arrive
last Saturday night. ThiH is a still
junt in close counties or tliose ceriiinly
Republican, and a "whoop
em up" time in the Democratic coinmu
lities, with a special ellort by unease
ind diplomacy to capture labor votes.
Senator Faulkner is neru, for one thing,
o instruct the local leaders in the secret
vork of the new order, and hereafter
in til the hist week before the election a
'Cry quiet time may be expected here,
;nd \\ heeling Democrats will have no
banco to bear speakers of prominence
n their party nearer here than Manlicgton.
It IMll?l)urt;li Want* (<> Couin to Wliuclliic
IhirliiK (he C(uii|ml|;ii.
The "Six-Footers," Pittsburgh's crack
tepublican marching club, aro, it is
nderstood, anxious lo visit tliin city
orne time during this campaign and
ike part in a "blow-out." It is altoether
probable that some time this
1011th there will be a big street demon-1
tration gotten up hero by the Kepuhli-1
ins and at that time the presence of
ne "Six-Voo^rs" would bo a great and
triking attraction. They were a great j
ature whenever they appeared during !
le last campaign and" as organized this i
ear they are a finer looking body of
ion than ever. They turn out about
ne hundred men "every time they
ppenr on parade, Ifo one can join the
rganizatiou who is not six feet tall. The1
io\v many potteries in tins country
vould tluit clause affect out of the one
mud red or b<? there are of them ?
It would not airect oyer four or live.
Now, what clause in the Mills hill
vould nflect or cover the product of all
ulier potteries, such as the Wheeling
>ottery and Warwick China Company,
it this city, nine out of ti n of all the
lotteries in East Liverpool, Ohio, and
?! Trenton, N. J., and nine out of ten of
II the potteries that are scattered over
he country? It is the clause that reluecs
plain whjte granite or stone china
rom "> "> to 35 per cent. About half of
h? Wheeling i'ottery Company's proInct
is plain whitugranite or stone china.
Is this no reduction?
Lustre hand and sprig ware is reduced
rom 01) to 35 per cent. About oneourth
of the Wheeling Pottery Comamy's
product is lustre band and sprig
Is this no reduction?
Decorated *tone china and porcelain
rranite is rcduced from CO to 50 per cent.
Vhout one-fourth of the Wheeling Potcry
Company's product is decorated
tone china and porcelain granite.
Js this no redaction?
And uow*tcau Mr. Brockunier say that
'theduty would bo practically the same"
in these goods under the Mills hill ? Can
lesay that 00 or 05 per cent of the poterics
and of the men engaged in the inhihtrv
cannot be ailected by the Mills
rill, and very materially* too, should it
jeconio a law ? , .
Why did he not mention the pother
lauscs in the bill? and why did he
tinclo out. "i-liina ilcconiti'dun urtiirli*
lint you might say is hardly mauufaeured
at all in this country?
Because cither he did llot know what
lie was talking about, or is guilty of trying
to mislead our citizens on the eve of
i presidential contest, in the interest of
he party to which he belongs.
Wheeling, Oct. 1.
k\ hail KemlndH Sumo r?*nj?l? that lie in
MMitauiu^ ThhiKH.
U. S. Senator C. J. Faulkner arrived
in the city yesterday, and registered at
he Hotel Windsor. As soon as it was
noised abroad that the junior .Senator
ivas oa deck, it was known something
A'as up. The impression has been grow*
ing that Mr. Itiley who runs the campaign
is not entirely responsible for
i nmmv,: it on the rocks. Some oi Mr.
Kiley's friends have been quietly throwing
out hints that the "interior" letter
signed by Mr. Uiloy was not his handiwork,
hut that Senator Faulkner, it
not its author, was at least its
sponsor. Since Judge Faulkner's
arrival these friends of Mr. Kiley's,
fearful of another blunder " as
zrcat as the letter which consigned
Judge Fleming to "the interior" to dismiss
subjects with which it was said,
>ver Mr. Kiley's signature, that he was
not familiar, have still more industrimisIv
circulated the report that Mr.
Itiley was merely the proxy in that matter,
and that .Senator Faulkner was really
it the head of affairs. The campaign ui>
to that time had not been going at all
uitisfactorily. Judge Faulkner hnving
lccomplished something in Berkeley
ounty politics, was therefore appealed
to, ami he took charge.
He assured the gentlemen of his own
political household that Berkeley county,
Ueorge Bowers to the contrary notwithstanding,
would safely and "surely he
r?ir mo iii'ii v% umi lk?>|iu?uciiin?.
Some time ago ucommittee of the Republicans
of Heuwood waited un Mr.
Michael Keillv, of this city, and retjueste?l
his permission to erect u speakers'
stand for Republican meeting on some
vacant lots owned hy him at lien wood.
Mr. Reilly yesterday granted the deHired
permission,and the Intklliukncek
has the privilege of conveying ttiin welcome
information to them.
Hon. (.r. W. Atkinson and Mr. A. \V\
Campbell will apeak at Xormanville,
Uilmer county, to-day.
Col. C. L.. Poor mil n spoke at Point
Pleasant last evening and will speak ut
Huntington this evening.
Mr. George Harris, of Keynoldsvillc,
Ind., a prominent orator and labor leader,
is in thecitv, and will ninko speeches
hi this statu lor Harrison and rrotectiou.
The members of the Warwick division
of tlio Wheeling Potters' Protective
Tariff organization, have procured their
uniforms and will turn out in great
shape on the occasion of the next He*
publican demonstration.
'i'lint DiU IVooIimi Sail of C'Jullifh.
To the Editor uf tht Lttilliliruccr.
JSik:?'Tlrereis considerable talk in the
papers almut your $S? woolen suit. Will
you plensi* way where the same watt
bought to furnish proof of your assertion#.
Wheeling, Oct. 1, 1888.
["A Protectionist" should have given
his name at* an earnest of good faith.
Mr. Hart does not desire to bring a merchant
into a discussion which has more
or less to do with politics, but lie will be
triad to show the receipted bill to any
body, Protectionist or Free Trader, who
really desires proof that the suit was
bought for $1>. There are more of the
same kind at the same place where this
much-advertised suit came from.]
Tim Old Couri Mount* Suit*.
The old court house property will
again be offered for sale by the city next
Saturday at the front door of the court
house. The property wus put up last
Saturday by the Council Committee on
Finance, by order of the City Council,
and was bid up to $12,000, when the
Kile was adjourned to October t?. The
lots anil building have been valued at
$20,000, and the property ought to bo
well worth that.
Tim County CoiuiuIhhIoiiitm.
At the regular meeting of the County
Commissioners yesterday, hills to the
foliowiug amounts were ordered paid on
recommendation of the various commit*
Court House uikI JailOut
<>i County Treasury I71tf
Out of School Fund 101 <*
Fltiauw 'J1
l'oor House mill Farm?
Out of Poor Kutiil .. .?8X1 90
Out of Poor llouso and Furw
Fund ~ -itf tO-6l.aM 30
Kouds and ltridKCS 11.573 tf.?
Total 35,610 6'.'
The petition of T. M. and J, >V. Keller,
of Newark, claiming the reward for
the arrest of the Glenn murderers, was
referred to Prosecuting Attorney .lordan
to examine and report to the board.
The bill of James Dixon lor representing
Ohio county at the State Fair
was referred to the Committee on Finance
for report.
The deed to the city (or the old court
house property was read and the President
instructed to sign it.
The Hoard was informed by Mr.
Speidel of the death of Dr. T. II. Logan,
and took appropriate action, which will
he found reported elsewhere.
Syrup of OTgn
is nature's own true laxative. It is the i
most easily taken, and the most effect! ve
remedv known to cleanse the system j
when bilious or costive; to dispel head* I
aches, colds and fevers; to cure habitual
constipation, indigestion, piles, ete. j
Manufactured only by the California!
Fig Syrup Company, San Francisco. Cal.
Sold by Logan & Co., Anton P. IIess, j
II. B. Burt and C. Menkemiller. At i
Bellaire by M. N. Mercer.
Go and see the line llats and Bonnets j
at A. J. Worls\ Thursday and Friday,
October -1 ^nu d.
Miw. Bkktiia 15akk's Fall and Winter
Huts and Bonnets. Opening days, i
Wednesday and Thursday.
Fou the greatest variety of Dress
Goods, at lowest prices, go to
Stoke & Thomas'.
ColiiiuliuH mill llctiirn *2 75 by th? i'uu
Huiiilln Koutn.
On September 20, 21, 20, 29, October
I, 10, 15 and 10, the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati
& St. Louis Railway Company will
sell round trip excursion tickets to
Columbus at the Jlow rate of $2 75 from
Wheeling, W. VaM for ull regular traius
on above dates. Tickets good going on
date of side only and good returning
three days including date of sale.
Go and see the fine Hats and Bonnets i
ai a. j. ?oris, inursuay uiki rruiay,
October 4 and 5i
Don't forget the days of Mrs. Bertha
Hner's opening, October:{and 4.
Guand Opening of Winter Millinery
and Pattern Hats and Bonnets Wednesday,
October tf. A. L. Kick ?Xt Co.
At lliv Ohio Centeiiiilnl lit Colunilm* VI#
U. & O. It. K.
On September 24 (Laborers' Day), 25
(Methodist Episcopal Chnrch), 20 (Sunday
School), 27 (School Children's Day),
29 (Commercial Traveler's Day), October
2 (I'resbvterjan Church Day), 4 (Odd
I'ullau-u' n.,v\ f% i Vnciont Oritur it(
Workman), 10 (Improved Order of Red
Men), 11 (Prohibition Day), 12 (Woman's
Christian Tompcranco union),
11) (Republican League Clubs), the
Baltimore & Ohio railroad will sell round
trip excursion tickets from all stations
to Columbus at the low rate of OneCent
per mile. Tickets good returning
three days, including date of sale. For
tickets, rates, time of trains, call on or
address agents of the Baltimore <fc Ohio
GritA.Ni> opening of Fall and Winter
Hats and Bonnets nt .Mrs. Bertha Baer's.
Wednesday and Thursday, October :)
and 4.
A Woman'* l>l?covrry.
"Another wonderful discovery has
been made and that too, by a lady in this i
county. Disease fastened its clutcheq
upon her, and for seven years she withstood
its severest tests, but her vital orgnus
were undermined and death
seemed imminent. For three months
| she coughed incessantly and could not j
sleep. She taught of us a bottle of Dr. I
King's New Discovery for consumption,
and was so much relieved on taking the
tirst done that she slept all night, and
with one bottle has been miraculously i
cared. Her namo is Mrs. Luther Luta,
Thus writes W. C. Hamrick A Co., o! |
.Shelby, N\ G,? Get a free trial bottle at I:
Logan die G'o.'s drug store. 2 I?
TO thoroughly cleanse and pur:
must be boil c.1 to dissolve lii
loosen the dirt, Vvlimi botii enn t.i
but cAcctive bo:it; like the "Ivui
Compounds and Soap rcconimen't
save labor, fuel, tie., are highly cl
they attack and dcslr. a any fabric
There aro many white soaps, tick represi
they AIIE NOT, but like ail t:o.in'.. lai
il. A.I. i'... i ,,?l
iiiu gbtiumci nan ivi i ?v?j ......
Cuj.yr,' !.: I ' . I'V
llumnvetl l?y tin* SniiK-linat K. A. Woodruff
in Hit* Wt'i'k KiiiIIiik iH'jitiMiilH'r 'JO.
The United Suites snag-boat K. A.
Woodruff, which loft hero Monday, September
24, reached Parkureburur Saturday,
ami spent Sunday there, after having
put in a very busy week between
here and that point removing wrecks
and snugs. Clerk Hulbcrt semis the following
list of obstructions removed
during the \feek:
The snugs removed were us follows:'
Three from channel in front of Whisky
run; four from channel in front of La
Belle landing; four from channel in
front of Belmont coal works; two from
Jim's run towboat landing; six from
channel in front of Moundville;
one from channel in front of Little
Grave creek bar; two from Gray's
!.....i:.,... ri
iuimiiiik, uiiuit iiuiii ijiiiiiimuiiho ?.! inning;
one fromPurdy's landing; two from
Powhatan landing; four from "Wood's
landing; two from channel just below
Johnson's run; two from channel at
StiUhouse run bar; three from Atkin's
landing; five from Thomas Reynold**'
landing; three from channel in
front of Thomas Reynold's landing;
one from channel just above
Simni's landing; two from Black's landing;
two from Mnrtin'B landing; three
from Buckbill landing; nix from Ohio
side of channel just above iiuckhill
landing; two from Ohio side of channel
just above Sardis; one from Ixnli landing;
four from Cain's landing; one
I from West Virginia side of channel
in front of Sell Wells'
house; two from Brown's lauding; two
from channel in front of Brown's landing;
ten from channel athead of Middle
Island; one from channel at foot of Middle
Island; seven from St. Mary's landing;
one from channel front of Cooper's
run; five from just below Newell's run;
two from channel front of Rowland's
landing; three from Ohio side of channel
just above Newell's run; two from
Barker's landing; one from channel
front of Bull creek; one from channel
at Carpenter's bar; one from channel
front of Little Muskingum river; tkree
from channel in front of Thomas Reynold's
landim;: one from channel iust
below Little Muskingum; one from
channel just below Duck creek; two
from the island side just below Duck
creek ;one from chunnel opposite Knox's
boat yard; two from clmnnel front of
Marietta oil refinery; four from channel
front of Muskingum Island.
The wrecks removed were as follows:
Piece of coal boat from channel foot of
Jim's run bar: piece of coal boat from
channel foot of Opossum ripple; piece of
fuel ilat from Ohio side of channel just
above Uuekhill landing; coal boat (P. J.
K., 40) from channel just below Newell's
run; coal boat from channel at head
of Lower Brother Island; coal bout from
channel at foot of Upper Brother Island.
The river is again falling at this point
after remaining at a stationary stage for
over 24 hours. The levee marks last
evening indicated a depth in the channel
of but feet. With the riverat this
stage, as a matter of course, there is little
business going on on the levee, aside
from that done by the few local packets
that are still running.
The Abner O'Neal having been forced
out of her .Steubenville trade by the
low water, is running in the Clarington
trade in place of the Telegram, while
that steamer is on the docks at Point
The Elaine got away on time in her
Purkcrsburg trade yesterday. The
Courier is this morning's packet in this
I trade.
[ The Andes wan expected to arrive
some time last night, but up to midI
night had failed to put in an appearance.
Jn case she gets in she will leave
on her return trip to Cincinnati at 1
| o'clock this afternoon. Copt.* Charlie
Muhlemuu is in command, as usual, and
Mart Noll smiles on all coiners in the
hotter t'lirrifr*' K?>port,
The following amount of work was
done by the city letter carriers in the
month of .September, 1888:
llCfd.*: it-red letters H7::
letter)* lo^.oy?
I'oiuuh .. W.THO
total 1M.0M
Drop letter* 7,Old
Mall letter* 100,
Drop postals A,S05
, Midi poatals 20,
Papers 21.161
Total lM.iri
Total pieces handled :&'l,875
Increase over September, Iks?..., 25,01*)
i.. ii. Aijikioiit,
Superintendent of Carriers.
Yauborouoii House, Raleigh, X. C.
I have used Dr. Hull's Cough -Syrup
for my children; it is the golden rem_\r.u
Go and see the fine Hutu and Bonnetji
at A. J. Worts', Thursday and Friday,
October 4 and 5.
See the fine display of all the latent
styles at Mre. Bertha liacr's opening,
Wednesday and Tlnireday.
Kememiiek Rice's Opening on Wednesday,
October il.
Yoc can buy an all wool pair of red
Blankets at 00 per pair, worth $4 00,
lit 8ton e A Tiiom as*.
See the newest and latest styles of
rich Millinery at Mrs. iicrtha Ilaer's
opening Wednesday and Thursday.
?----- I
^ ^ *' ^ *
ml j
ify garments without injury, they
e oily exudations of the skin, anil
;sily be removed by usiiif; ;i niilj
99 Air % (Pur?)- Washinj;
led lo be used in cold water,:- I
liemicalled, and are so strong tliat I
: mey arc usea on.
snted to be "just as good as the' Ivory"
:k the peculiar an J remarkable qualities of
insist upon Retting it.
t'r. . it /. i; . ?'
All SorU uf Lui'ul Ni'u* iiim! (iuMlp Irmu
thf <;la?n City.
liny In nulling hero forSlT a ion.
tjti linden miI'1 livrv on Saturday /or JI runts n
MN- Anna Clifford Is Su I'iiuliurgu among
Col. Poorinnn hj?oIcc la>t niclit m i-nim ricu>
ant, W. Vtt.
Mr*. Mary H. Alluw, of Wichita, Ka>.. is hvrr
among friends.
^J. T. Kankin cuino liomu from tlruii'l Nlmul,
?*IMJ., Ill*I II1KIH8ainuer
Brown. of Mingo Junction, wan down
yesterday among friend*.
Mr*. John Itoblnsou'aiiil Mr*, lluar)* Carr.of
Findlay, arovifdUng friends).
Dr. Boone Ik very ?|ck at III* ar.lin.. Ii..u <
ill tlif Fourth ward with the fever.
The Ifoluioiil tlluvs L'oiutwuy will u ...Mt !?>?>
of their furnaces this week to iw
J. IS. ltarulllll,Jh?- laMler-miikcr. v i!! *|: n t|
week utnl ho* already a big lot of u< n
Very few iiirnH were made b> th.-ili:,i ? .,
la* t week onacoountof the natural ; . nliortw.
Heferee A'lams tlei'ideil that the Mutlidlukr
field boat raee should he rowed ovei n<-\t -.r .1
It. Murphy hud a fingertiiKeu oil'nt tin" .A I'
by being en light between the fustctiiii : uf u car
John Mnule punched 11 drunk.n nun turned
Liubley in the bead yesterday for rcfiHtig tugii
out of ids place.
A reception was tendered Mi-? Hl.i K.-lUr,
one of tile Flwt M. K. church choir ut ilie b'Uu
of the orgauist, Mini Marie battelK\ 1 1: irhi
Mr. Maek Hyatt, vl*dtlng here fr-un Knii-ic.
received a teiegruui yesterday niuuaifieiiiK tin
death of his father out there. Mr. Hyatt >?n>
formerly u resident of thix co-uity.
On the arrival of A1 Kit-Ms" Miu*iiil- i. :> *u.t
unlay. Mr. Kleld* received a bde.-rani ntiixiun
elng that his si-t- r \va* dmd. He had Juitiectt
her m few days (IgO, hearty aud well.
The 4c V. boys had ft eat Jump the tnwk
on the iiidhiu Jtlin brlliic vestenl.iv. n .
loaded with steel. After liurd *v..rk Wn.i
Master Itomiek retdaced tin- <*<?rall rifjht.
Wu indorm; all the proprietor have
Haiti relative to the merits of Salvation
Oil. It is the greatest cure <m earth for
pain. Price only - '> runts.
Arivlco in illiillixrn.
Are you disturbed ?t nighUm! broken
of your rest by a bick child suH'eringand
crying with pain of cutting teeth'.' If
so, send at once and get a bottle of Miw.
Wl.NSI.ow's sootiii.vtf 6)vuit FOUClllLdiikn
Tkktimno. lis value i? incalculable.
It will relieve the poor little sufferer
immediately. Depend upon it.
mothers, there is no mistake about it. It;
cures dysentery and diarrhiea, regulates
the stomach and bowels, cures wind
eholie, softens the-^ums, reduces the inflammation
and gives tone and energy
to the whole system. Mas. Window's
Sooth ino Smiui* ton C'iiii.drk.v Ti.ktiiixa
is pleasant to the taste, and is the
proscription of one of tlie oldest and
best female nurses and physicians in the
United States, and is for sale Wall druggist#
throughout the world. I'rur - >
cents a bottle. iiwmw
llAl.TIMOItP., Ml?.. <icI. I. \Vliiji!, Wf.U'fH
iiUMCtllc?l ami IiIkIut: Nh. - ulnar r. l
*1 111',111 01' . I.,I !
bersi u'l^nin.1 Corn.
spot fete; Knot <m<l OcIhIkt iiihi .mo 11 illu'
January i
.'llu.'KIr: do liiuol at ' .'iMr.
liny lirmtr. \\> ' .
Ilrin. Mt'Ks pork 8M no. iJiilii r 1
J'iiC.VK-; creamery I'iCic. lirm.it
fur \vi'*lorn. __
ante j) four ok i i vi.
KOOUIS, MlilaUl-fi'f iu'ill Ili.U.-( Ml
Aridrem "ItOOMS." r,irt> iliiWANTM
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Musical Almanac?September
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Mot) campaign.
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? Manual (Book :
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? tloo of School Song*: ammi
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? I'lANO ClAMlCS ?l.tO) 1
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Any Book Mulled f"f tho K< tui.
C'. If. Dmoft & Co.. W.7 Br.M?il?v.
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A tan of 30 TKAltA I
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