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Commissioners' Sale.
Ily vlrluu of the nutliorlljr vested In them I
dccreoof thu circuit court of Ohio couuty,
U* red on tl?? day <?f April, A.I)., 1888. lu
Milt of Hoblcakl B. Calthvell vs. Curollne M. 1
?on uud oilier", tlie undtrolguodipeelalcomi
(doner*, will, on
TUESDAY. OCTOliKJt :x>. 1888,
U-Rluulnx nt lUo'oIock a. in., wll nt public i
tion, at the front door of the Court House
Oblo county, W. V?., the following docrl
rent property Nltuntv in tbo city of Wheullusi
Mid couuty, beingn portion of the rc?l propt
which was set npurt to Aunlc E. Culdwell t<
bold In Mvoralty for and during tbo term of
, i u i 11 pn 1 nr.. <..r 'l.t.r .lnu'i.r liV Hflll ll.-i'i ird i li i'
tlie provisional a decree made by the t
Court on tlio nub day of November, JsTO, In
suit of I.onls Kelts a ml others vs.Kobleak! liri
and others, that in to hay: the building lot n
('.?) fronting twenty-two (22) leet along the ?
Mde of Mulu Btreet in the Mild city of Wheel I
In;: one of the sub-dlvis(ous <>f "thu Mil
roperty." shown by the plat thereof, rccon
i Heed Hook numbered 2a, pugo 10!,in iheol
i the Clerk of the County Court of Maid com;
TutMrt ok S.w.k?One*third of this purcli
oney, or so much more its tiie purchaser u
ect, rash on tho day of sale, and the residue
. <> equal installments payable iu otic arid t
years respectively from tho day of hale, with
torest fnua that day. To secure the duferred
stallmcnls of the purchuhe money the s
special eom in lis I oners will tako from the p
chaser his note with good security payable
their order, and tho title will be retained ut
the notes shall be paid. Hut If the purclia
pay one half or more of the purchase money
ash, hi- notes without personal security will
taken for the deferred installment*, if any. 'I
purchaser will have the privilege, at any tl
before the expiration of the said two years fn
the day of sale, of paying the whole amount
tvrest to the10ny o\ myuieni, uwl thu# 'ili.ichu;
bis liability.
Special CommlMloDcri
I certify that the above named eotntnKlou
have givon bond with security h.n required
tin? decreo under which they arc ucting.
WllKHUNO, w. V.v.. Oct. I. ls-vS.
oc*. JOHN W. M1TCHKI.L. Cletk
Two Jluutlml mill Fifty Lots anil I'urci
In ami utlj?Iiiiiig (lie Cily
or Wheeling.
l?v virtue of the authority of a decree of t
Circuit Court of Ohio county, entered on the'.!
^ lay of April, A. P. lvvs, in thetmlt of HobicU.
Caldwell VH. Caroline M. Wilson and othc
the undersigned special commissioners will, i
beginning at ten o'clock ?. in., sell at nub:
auction ot tlio front door of the C<?tirt Ifoiise
Ohio county, W Va., the following deserlb
real property, Nltuate in atid adjoining the el
of Wheeling, hi said county, being a portion
the real property which wan net apart to Ann
K. Caldwell, to he held In severalty for and di
lug the term of her natural life, (orherdowi
by and accordlug to tho provisions of a deer
made by the said Court, on the I'.'th day of N
veinher, lh"o, in the suit of Louis Kells and ot
crs vs. Hobiet-ki Itrady and others, and which
now dcficribcd with Kpeeial referetico to a pi
licreinaltor referred to, and is in three lots.
Lot Numberkii ()si:-Itein?allof souare ?
of squareall ot sinure 'Si, all of square v
(except Mile and Woltfsground), all of lavish
l?, (except Strobe), Hanger, Kuldnson, Kilt
and Ilowinati'a ground), all of Division A. all
IdviMion II, (except lots No. t; and 7). A pu
IP'UiHrUWCI ipilOO, I?y mcuv> IIIIH imuiKin, mi
lit' found III the said decree of April|s.\M.
Lot Niimukuki? Tjvo?Uoiuu all of Division i
(except lots r. and 7), all of Division J, (exec
iota*, "'J, 10, I'.i, ?l and 'Jii), all of Division 1
(except lots 2i'i, *27,23 and -J). A particular d
seription, by melon and bounds, may bis until
in .-aid decree of April 21,
Lot NrMHKRKh tiiiske? Jteing all nf Divisio
L, (except lots I, 2 and :i). A particular d
MTipiion. by metes and bounds, may lie font
in said decree of Aprils. I KM.
This land luui been sub-divided by the said ?rox:
mlssloners Into parcels of convenient size, at
S'inie new streets and alleys have been laid oi
through the said property. It is provided in tl
decree thnt the saM streets and alleys shall r
main open and public for thu benefit of the pu
chasers of the said property.
A plat showing the entire property has bet
prepared, on which may be seen the new su
divisions, streets and alleys, as well as the In
which have not been sub-divided by the spec!
commissioners. This plat may be seen at tl
nfllce of the Clerk of tho County Court of Oh
county, where it will bo open to public Inspe
tiou until and including the day of sale. On th
plat the exterior lines of the property to be so
arc shuded red, ho as to be readily uistiuguls
Tho sale will be begun, ns aforesaid, on tl
Hist of October, JKSS, and if not concluded <
that day, will bo continued from day to day ui
til all the property shall be sold.
TKKMH OK SALK?The terms of the said ni
Khali bo one-third of the purchase monev, or i
(iii the day of wile, aiul tho residue in two cqu
liiNUilltncntN, payable in one and two years r
Hjiectivclv from tho day of sale, with intere
from that dnv. To secure the deferred insta!
incuts of tlie purchase monay, the cnrniniado
or., will lake from the purchaser his note.s wii
good si-curity, payable to their order, and tl
title will he retained until the said notes siin
he paid. Uut if any purchaser pay in hand on
luitf or more of the purchase money, <luv forth
property bought by him, his notes. uithotifpe
Mtiiiii surety, will be taken for the deferred it
bailments, If any, the title being retained as si
I'liriiy until paid in full. Any purehuser film
have the privilege, at any time before the c:
piration of the said two years, from the day ?
sale, of paying the whole amount retnainiti
unpaid of his purchase money, with interest I
the dav of payment, and thus discharge his iii
bill fy. I?.\N11X LAM It,
Special Commissioners.
I certify that the above named coininissionc
have given bond with security as required t
i... under which thev are actinir.
svuj.ki.isi;, \V. V.v.. Oct.inks.
.IDHN W. MITCHl-lX. Clerk.
Soar Wheeling, TV. Vn.
(Sisters of tho Visitation.);
A school of more than natlocal rcputatfo
ofl'ore exceptional advantages for thorough cd
cation of young ladies in all departments. 1
brary of six thousand volumes. Fine phil
Bophicnl, chemical and astronomical apparatus.
Musical Dopnrtihentspecially noted. Corps
piano teachers tmiued by a leading profess
iroai Conservatory of Stuttgart. Vocal cultu
according to the method of the old Italian mi
Location unsurpassed for beauty and hcall
Ton acres of pleasure grounds. Board cxcclloi
For Catalogues, and references to patrons in i
tlio principal cities, address
Hoarding: and Day School Tor Vom
Ladies and Children.
Thorough course of Instruction ~Ih Knglii
Mathematics, Ancient and Modern Languag
Music, Drawing, l'ainting, Klocution and C
sthenics. Advantages of home life and train it
Fall session begins September 5,1888.
jelll Address. MIHS PA Hit AN. Principal
\ ru< i:v A 1IUBBAHD
Will reopen hei Studio
t.'losscs in Drawing, Painting and Crayoniug
(!lu.ss days, Wednesday, Friday and Haturdi
Orders llllcd for Paintings and Crayon r
traits. o?
. Washington School of Elocutii
Max. M. STEVENS HART, Prlucli
?01 "M ' St.. N. W., WASHINGTON, D. C.
Sixth Annual Session begins Wednesday, S
tctnber lis.
Course of instruction ombra?e? Klocutl
Practical KtiRllsh and English Classics, Im\
Mattiemalien. Modern languages, Vocal and
strumcntal Music and Physical Culture.
The Principal is assisted by auelllcient co
of teaehera in each department.
Graded Classes lor boys and girls dally
Adult Classes and private instruction gives
the evening.
Diplomas awarded. A limited number of
pi 1 s accommodated In the family.
Kor circulars and references apply to INTO
oKSCKitoflUe. ail*
O 4- o rm ny'tner Pnrpf)
UiailMliVI illg) W?..
ffVKtcm bAMXl upon uature'i law*. No Srcni
?No Thicks, Syatum explained to those iu
C,*TiltlraonlKl? from phjnlclans, oducatora i
nfttroux. who havo received benefit from
method of instruction. Addrctt
uttinou u.^u. M 8TBVKN8 1IAHT, rrinripa
Washington School of Elocution and Engl
L*"SU'?,? M . Street. N. W.. Washington, D. I
BtudenU boarded in family of Principal.
$300. nexcji. Concordville. Pa. 1 ropnraU
Hu&luctf OrH?lU*Ung. OTRliaa unuu?u??,w
llflfi and CollcRO preparatory counwt. S??e
SS to little boy*. llishly reMmmciu eil
patron*. Johki-h Siioktudok, (Yale) A.M. l
Ju7-TTlM* ?
Musical Goods.
For $275.
Wo liATO a lino W'obcr Piano, used but a ?
time, which we offer for 1276 00.
w [jif-THE ONLY
k Brilliant
IUC- 1 * i
\A Economical v
; i" #
|riy Are Diamond Dyes. They excel all others
her in Strength, Purity and Fastness. None others
alrl arc Jus* as good- Beware of imitations?they
the are made of cheap and inferior materials and
Sue give poor, weak, crocky colors.
oat _* _
3? coiors; xo ccms cacn.
Ilcr Send postal for Dye Hook, Sample Card, directions
lod lor coloring Photos., making the finest Ink or iiluinp
lice (lo ct4< a quart), etc. Sold by Dpiggbts or by i
U.' WELLS, RICHARDSON a CO.. Burlington, VI.
ifi For Gilding or Bronzing Fancy Article#, USB 1
Itij Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper. Only 10 Cents.
"" Pnino'. f CELERY
tc fame s "o
'be *
i cures proofs"
lu* "Paine's Celery ComWeuralgia
potmd cured my ncrvuu*
kick headachcs."
airs. L. A. Uiikhtnkh,
Norvous >"'JH
??^mmm??? Compound, I am cured
ol rheumatism."
l_ Rheumatism ^Si;;rrf.
"It haa done me more
Kidney good for kidney disease
. than any other medi- I
Diseases cine." Gko. Annorr, H
?]g Sioux City, Iowa. ^
AS? "Paine's Celery Coin- h
pound has been of great |
!AII Liver J"' torpid liver,
iiulih'-.tii'n, and liilioiis- 1
Disorders ??? " EtKAMTuc. n
Ui>ALt., Qucchec, Vt. j,
?U . r a
un Poarl-Top Lamp Chimney.
^ Tliisis the To i" of llic Genuine >
s. Pearl Top Lamp Chimney. <
i'l All others, similar arc imitation, j;
11 Insist upon the Exact Label and Top. M
"i Fon Sale Everywhere. Made only cy
" HEO. A, MAGEETH &, CO., Pittsburgh, Pa. ?
I!" I .11. ' M| . I? I If
r' Stationery.
ill 81
10 AT THE a,
\i- No. 1301 Market Street.
ie ii
>ii TiiElItnnr.n Hani>. orCnniloltttho Mail Cap.
ii- Mrs. K. D. K. X. Houthwortli. Published for the P'
lint time In book form. lmviiiR originally on- U
1c neared in the New York Ledger, Flue cloth,
so 12ino., Si
>li The UfK.vM. A novel, l>y Emlle Zola. Paper, cm
til 50 cents.
Uihiekt Eomike. By Mrs. Humphrey Ward,
st 1'aper, .V) cents. "
II. OnrciFY IIek! By Ilamtav Morris. Paper. OOe. ni
lli wt'll Grey. Paper, 00 cent*.
10 Politicai. Kkhayh. iiy jumoh liujmcll Lowell.
11 Cloth: lJmo.. 51
u- Oi'ii Basi: Hai.i. Cm*n. Ity Noah Brooks. Into
traduction I >y a J. (i. SfwiJdii;,/,% m/., Svo? hue
r- cloth. illustrated. lteduced fr?ui 31 :>0to$l00.
i- Akihtocha<*y. A novel, Paper, M cents.
Tiib Pkotiutionist'h Mani'ai., cloth, 75 cts. /
U Our full stock of Standa r?l Books being received.
c: Nearly coo new voluiqes added to our wonderful
11 .'15 Cent Hook Section. Nf? "plagu" in the whole
K Hue.
? Blank Books and Stationery!?
Day Books, u
_ Lodgers,
Journals, &c., |i'
WALL l'APEIt and JlOItDERS, si
' Baby Carriages,
Largest .stock nnd greatest variety iu the Stale, tl
Sold retail at wholesale prices, by *j
josepTTgraves, 1
oi Bats, Basks, Cloves and Belts, v
re Croauot and Hammocks. .
ij. Books, Magazines and l'apers.
ft II. QUIMIIY, !'
>. Bookseller nnd Newsdealer, {
1( jp9 Nos. Ul l and 1s07 Market Street. I1
*. ? \
' Plumbing, Gas & Steam Fitting. 11
J] Geo. Hibberd & Son, \
Successors to Thompson A llibberd,
ihi Plumbers, Gas & Steam Fitters,?
:g i
SPECIALTIES.?Natural (Jea Supplies, Steam
Ucallug aud Ventilation. fc
1314 Market Stroot, J
? A 11 work promptly douo at most reason* j
able prltrn. m ym |
W M- IIAKE & ,S0N'
)D Plumbers, Gas and Stoam Fitters, 1
All work ilonoromptlyat reasonable prlrw. ,
>al. i . '
ep f j
im, BffTw ^fiNSSPW
tfy '
1 ,n V N H K*ol Ki 3a m m B
L?AB.9 \/Bt3t\r01 I
BBTIflwti 'V' I imv?gfBM
Profossional Cards.
ler* . - .. ..
the O
L Attorney at Law,
_k^j Wheeling. W. Va.
IK* v*?
, *?J AND
T' General Insurance Agent,
s=5 1318 Market St., Wheeling, W. Va.
WTColloctions promptly attended to. Iniuranco
ollckod in Wheeling, and In all part# of
Wo?t Virginia. Can plwo insurance at lowcit
rato* and in hett com panic*. >p!6-imw
Dl B I ?M3 fficnMatbanwffi
b?" i r um?.?
0. AtUattt* CuTwaco v.* WbuebaU Ok
?I)C Itildligcnctr
Oillrt* s No*, an anil 87 FuurlMntli Strut
Aicldi'iit* ami liiclilvuU In Wrntl Virgin!
nml Yii-iiillj.
A Belvu Lock wood flag has been raise
in Greenbrier county.
Samuel Moore, of Morgan county, lai
week shot and killed James Stotle:
The quarrel grew out of the former a<
cueing the latter of stealing tanbark fror
J Ion. S. IS. Elkinfi, was tendered n r<
cej)tion at Fairmont last week at the ret
idence of Mr. Thomas II. H. Staggen
Many prominent citizens of both partie
paid their respects to the distinguishci
The ladies of Charleston, Kanawhi
L'ountv. have organized a military com
pany." Their uniforms consist of bill
Jresses trimmed with white. Tliei
inns are wooden muskets made in exac
imitation of the regular article.
Two candidates for county commie
doners of Tucker county have made ;
jet of $1,000 with each* other that In
ivould be elected. The money has beei
>ut up hy each, aud a lively tussle he
.ween the two aspirants for the ollie<
nay he expected.
Let the minds of those young mei
vhose twenty-lirat birthday comes 01
he day after election be easy. They cai
oto at this coming election. The lay
ioMs that they have completed theii
nnjority on the day preceding tliei:
wenty-first birthday. A person bori
in November 7, twenty-one years ago
an vote on November <>, this year.
Mr. E. W. Snuffer's house, near Coa
liver Marshes, Raleigh county, wai
truck by lightning last Monday nigh;
nd very "much damaged. The lightning
truck the rod at the top and ran dowi
t until it reached the house and then
ore away a large part of the building
ml then left the hou.se and struck ami
silled a fine young mare some distant
way. The family escaped unhurt."
J n speaking of the display of this.State
t the Cincinnati Exposition, an ex1
-. <t f ,, lt.? uvtumnii Ti/.rl In.i-ii
lliUiKU BUJ-? . Ill VUV WAUU.I.U
orner of the Esplanade, immediately in
rout of Music Hall, on Kim street, "the
itate of West Virginia has an elegant
isplay of the products of that State,
deluding minerals, coal and oil. It ip
he most complete exhibit of any and
eflects great credit upon the couimistoners
from West Virginia."
On Friday last the house of Valentine
illen, on Indian Creek, Tyler county,
aught fire and was burned to the
round. Mr. Allen was from home and
is wife and a Miss Spencer tried for
Dine time to put out the lire before giv:ig
the alarm, but it had too much start,
ohn and Robert Thompson succeeded
:i saving a nood deal of the furniture,
lit all the clothing of the family and
ver a hundred dollars in money was
onsumed. Among the valuable was a
ension check, for thirty-six dollars, for
hicli a duplicate will no doubt be isned.
The oldest married couple now living
)gether in Lewis county is Georgo W.
urner and wife, of Sand'Fork, lie was
ornin Randolph county, June 18,180S,
is wife, Sarah Jams, was born March
), 16U'.'. iney were murnuu oiiuwuij i,
328. They have had twelve children,
iven girls and live boys, nine of whom
re still living. Squire Turner voted for
.ndrew Jackson because he was a prosctionist,
and has never voted for a
'emocrntie candidate lor President since,
re voted for William Henry Harrison
1 IS 10, and says if he lives to get to the
oils ho will vote for his grandson, Gen.
en Harrison.
The following remarkable card appear.1
in lust week's St. George papers:
This is to certify that J. R. Shafer and
ifedoth confess that we have wronged
ud falsely accused Elizabeth Roth of
iking and concealing $-2 in mofiey of
liich we accused her of, and of which
o believe her to be innocent, and eonss
that we have lied and accused her
rong, and we further agree that we
ill be responsible for any cost herutoire
Sigued and sealed,
Mary x Siufku, [skai-].
J. R. Siiafeu, [skai,].
This certifies that J forgive the above
arned parties. Elizaijktii Horn.
On September 21 Mr. William Widiver,
of Morgan county, while engaged
/cutting corn on his farm, came upon a
crtain spot where he had formerly
illed ns high jus from live to six copersnakes
at one time. At the spot is a
irge stump, on which his little boy was
ittmg. Mr. Widmyer was suddenly
tartled by his little boy calling to conic
- 1 At * 1 nnn tvJm \fflS
Il?i hill a nuiiivu. *.??. ..wrr, ..w
.elping Mr. Widmyer, hastened tc
lie spot. iThey killed the snake and
bought their work wag done, when
hey say their work had just begun,
'he/battle which they tought, no doubt,
rould be a memorable one, if the corect
details could be given. They killed
11 all twenty-live copperheads.
Elmore Outright, an honest and hard;orking
farmer, living about lour miles
bove Spencer on Spring Creek, Koani1
ounty, had been collecting money tc
my a" farm. lie had about $2,500 colLH'ted
and concealed in the house,
Vhilethe family, consisting of himscli
ml wife with three or four other perons
were sitting by the tire about S or f
('clock, one day last week, a noise was
icard in tho room where the money was
oncealed. Mrs. Cutrightupon going tc
his room saw a man masked, blacked,
vho shot at her, barely missing liei
nee. lie immediately passed outthrougl
he door, having come in through the
loor. In this room was the money, ami
t is missing. As yet no clue, and nc
lieory in particular is advanced whicl
night lead to any clue.
Messrs. John and Daniel Forsythe, re
liding near Long Meadow Tunkei
ihurch. a few miles northeast of llagurs
own, left homo at an early hour Tugslay
morning hist week, for the purpose
)f assisting Mr. Daniel Scheller, a neigh
jor, with some work. In passingbj
lie graveyard adjoining the church, the}
liscovered that a newly made grave hac
jeen tampered with. A closer investi
jation disclosed a horrible sight. Tin
n' Mm .1 nn'IMu'laiul U'llitiliod 111
Friday and was buried on Sunday, hat
ueen dug open, the coflin lid broken ofl
ind the dead body partly removed fron
;he eollin. The shroud was torn an<
lirt scattered around over the body, ir
idditiou to which the rain which hat
fallen during the night left its trace
upon the body. Messrs. Forsythe im
mediately notified the relatives of tin
leecased of their horrible discovery, ant
]teo3 wero at ouoq taken torejqter tin
jodv. The supposition is that tin
zhouls wero frightened away by Mr
Daniel Forsyshe, who boards* with hi
brother, anil who passed by the grave
rani on horseback on his way home fron
ii visit, about two o'clock that morning
riie tracks of a wagon were distinguish
able in the soft earth around the church
and the footprints indicated that a coupl
of men were implicated in the all'air.
Ail Ilittoric IlullUinp
New Youk, Oct. 'i.?A special fror:
New Orleans says: Workmen began las
week demolishing the old United State
Court building in Koyal, between D(
maino and St. l'hillins streeta.
This was one of the bublic buildinc
turned over by the French al the tram
(cr o( Louisiana in 1803, and was occu
pied as tlio United District Court Hons
for many years. In this building Judg
Dumaine 0. Ball eaid when ho issue
tl:e bench warrant (or the arrest of tier
Jackson for contempt of court in refit!
ing to obev a writ of habeas corpns. an
here tho victorious General was brougL
by tho United States Marshal to answc
therefor. He was lined $*10,000 by th
presiding judge, tilled out his check an
passed it over to the clerk and was di:
charged. The building was small an
not suited for the growing city, and in
1825 President John Quincy Adams ordered
its sale at auction. It was bought
lt~ in by Chovalier Louis D. .Aguin. It has
? had fivo owners since. On August 0,
1S88, UenryPfeiffer purchased it. When
the property censed to be a court house
in it was transformed into a school house
by a party by the name of Janin.
tl Charles Watrigant then occupied it as a
furniture store for over forty years. Mr.
^ PfeiHer will immediately commence the
r erection of a two-story brick building
to be used as a residence and store.
" A I'l.l'CKY COI.mtKI) 1'OlilCEMA.V.
He ShootM Two Defoiulcrn uiul ix llvatou
j- by it Mob.
J. Galvkston, Tex., Oct. 8.?Between S
" and 9 o'clock iiist night a difliculty occurred
on Kast Strand, near Sixteenth
;i street, resulting in the shooting of two
r white men, cotton jammers by trade,
e named W. J. Jackson and Ottar O'son,
!" and the serious clubbing of a colored po't
!? ? nllirnr. Henrv Shaw. who <lid the
shooting in attempting to arrest 011c of
i- the men who hud been complained of
for disturbing public worship at the
e Seamen's Bethel, corner of Seventeenth
? street and the Strand. The two men
- were under the influence of liquor and
- Jackson had been ejected from the
church by the minister who applied to
i the officer to arrest him.
i Jackson resisted arrest on the ground
I that the ollicer was a negro, and he and
, others, according to the ollicer's stater
ment, disarmed him of his club and was
[ applying it to his head very vigorously
i when ho pulled his pistol and tired
f three shots, the lirst taking effect in
Jackson's right breast, passing through
I his lung and inflicting what may prove '
. a fatal wound. Olsen was shot through j
t the head. Uefore other otliceis arrived a
? large crowd 'had congregated and the
| ollicer was being severely beaten and I
, threats to hang him were loud and determined.
The oflicer was taken to jail
| as soon as possible to protect him from
. the violence of the mob.
Offering Virginia Coupons lor Tjixoh.
llAKRisoNuuno, Ya., Oct. 8.?In April
, lust executions were issued upon judg,
uients against abouteight persons in this
' county who offered Virginia coupons in
payment ot State taxes. These coupons
i were purchased of James 1\ Cooper,
i agent for the foreign bondholders of London,
who was to be responsible for all
damages. Cooper tendered the bonds in
J une last in payment of these executions
and costs. The Sheriff refused the tenflft*
find tlin Shito 1ms instituted suit!
aguiustthe same parties in the Circuit
Court here. The same tender will again
bo made by Cooper, should judgments
bo rendered against those parties.
Waknek's Loo Caiiin |
Ukmkdihs ? ".Sarsaparilsumption
"Hops and iJuehu,"?
! xtinct''.'?"JI;,i.r ^on"
"Plasters," (Porous-Elcctrical),?"Kose
C'reaui," for Catarrh. They, 1 iIce Warner's
"Tippecanoe," are the simple, effective
remedies of the old Log Cabin
Mormon Cannon has surrendered and
is in charge of John Smith, a Gentile
jailer. We are glad to learn at last
Johnny has got his gun.
IMIom! Tilt'*: Itching'I'lu"*.
Symptoms.?Moisture; intense Itching ami
stinting; most ut night; >vor?e by seratehlti;.'.
If allowed to continue tumor* form, which
often bleed and ulcerate, becoming very sore.
Swaynk's Ointme.ni stops the itching and
bleeding, heals ulceration, and in most eases removes
tiie tumors. At druggist*. or by mail, lor
50 cent*. Dr. Swayne ?fc Sun, Philadelphia.
Kcznnm, lteliy, Scaly, Shin TorliirGN.
The simple application of "Swayne's 0:sr*
MK.vr," without any Internal medicine, will cure
any cane of Tetter, Salt Uheuui, Kluu'vvorm,
. Plies. Itch, Sores. Pimples, Kezeina, all Scaly,
Itchy Skin Kruptlons, no mutter how obstinate
or long standing. it b potent, ctlectlve. and
costa but a trltlc. rrhsiw
Excursion to IMttttbui'Kh.
Tiio Baltimore <& Ohio liailroad will
nell excursion tickets Sunday during the
entire summer, to Pittsburgh, at the rate
of $1 50 the round trin, tickets good lor
Sunday only. Will also sell excursion |
tickets to Washington, Pa., at the rate of j
$1. Trains leave Wheeling at 5 and 8:101
a. in.
If a man knew as much when ho is
sober as lie thinks ho does when drunk
Solomon's sayings would bo nowhere
compared with his wisdom.
An Hxiiluimtloii.
"What is this "nervous trouble" with
which bo many seem now lo be attlictcd?
! If you will remember u few years ago
, the word Malaria was comparatively un,
known?to-dav it in as common as any
, word in the English language, yet this
word covers only the meaning of another
word used by our forefathers in times
past. So it is with nervous diseases, as
they and Malaria are intended to cover
what our grandfathers called Biliousness,
I and all arc caused by troubles that arise
from a diseased condition of the Liver
which in performing its functions finding
' it cannot dispose of the bile through the
| ordinary channel is compelled to pass it
! oil'through the system, causing nervous
1 troubles, Malaria, liilious Fever, etc.
' You wh? are suffering can well appre:
eiatc a cure. We recommend Green's
: August Flower. Its cures are marvelous.
j daw
i That Hacking Cough can be so quickly
? cured by Shiloh's Cure. We guaraii>
tee it.
, Will you suffer with Dyspepsia and
* Liver Complaint? Shiloh's Vitalizeris
i guaranteed to euro you.
Siffifiu tms kioiits. mnde miserable bv I
I that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is
> the remedy for you. Sold by W. Willi
iams and 0. Menkeiniller. " eow.
liucklen'H Arnica Sal vh.
r The Best Salvk in the world for cuts,
. bruises, sores, ulcers, unit rheum, fever
. sores, tetter, champed hands, chilblains,
? corns, and all skin eruptions, and nosi.
tively cures riles, or no pay required. 11
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction,
or money refunded. Price, 25 cents per
1 box. For sale at Logan & Co.'o drug
. storo. _
. Cataruii cured, health and sweet
i breath secured, by Shiloh's Catarrh
Remedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal In-1
J jectorfree.
i Fok lame back, side or chest, uso Shi- j
. loh'u I'orous Piaster. Price 25 cents.
. Siui.oii's Cough ami Consumption
Cure is sold by us on a guarantee. It
cures Consumption. i?oid by W. K.
' Williams and C. Menkemiller. eow
13 t
\ When a man gets up and tosses his
_ arms about, and keys up his voice and
, shouts that all wealth comes from the
' soil, it is evident that he never heard of
" ll8h'
a TT ovaAnr ctirTJ* Liret^Complatntj
I J'iltous jwntettonw rfii*
I 1 CotHeinf. At druggl'ta. Price 83 cti.
i- > is bb
St (Pilit om/y 28 tint's. Sold by alt drugghtt.)
d Relievos quickly Rheumatism, Heuit
ralgia, Swellings, Bruises, Lumbago,
* Sprains, Headache, Toothache, Cuts,
,1 Burns, Scalds, Sores, Backache, &c.
s: rueu,LAHOfSPLUOS, lkt tr,u Tchcm4*d
l/tlbirtlMttl-frlcllQCtl, Atollurufgltth
Tliu Feature* of llio Money mid hio.'k :
1 New York,Oct. 8.?Money on cnll eaay i
' pjr cent; lust loan at '?% per cent; closod 0/
| ut percent, l'rluio mercantile paper43
percent. Sterling exchange dull hut fir:
>1 eni^ai 88. Hale# of stocks 251,(KM shares.
The stock market was iuirly netlvo to-daj
lis tone whs unsettled, though with u Bene
Urmer feeling than prevailed during the 1
part ?>f luxt week. Tbeopcning figures were I
'.to % per cent nhove Saturday'* prlcea
further gain* of a like amount were establi
in the curly trading, while Now Kugland ru
point. Hut the lint loon declined aguiu
M lssourl Pacific led in the downward moverr
which took price* something below those ol
oiHMiiUK. I uls won loiloweu oy a recovery,
active lint Is almost invariably higher this e
iutf. but tlie Kiilu*, except in >t. l*?iul, whicl
up lfi per font, ure for fractions only,
ilailroad bond* quiet; wale* 51,101.000.
Government auu Statu bonds dull and st?
hon d.i and stock quotations?closed bl:
17. .S. 4* re< 129 Nosh ?fc Chut
IT. s. -I* eoupou 1-J New Jersey Central
I'. S.4!;s rt'K Ids1,,; Northern I'aclllc....
L\H. 4yvcoupon lOSJv ?lo preferred
Aduuia Express l.V) Chicago & N. W 1
Auiericau Kxpreas..llo do nreforrcd 1
Camula Southern... W, New York Contra LI
Central I'aclllc Ohio & Mississippi.
Chesapeake ifcOhio. 20'? do preferred do
first preferred. lM-tf I'acltle Mail
do tceoud pref'd. lti& I'Dtohurgli 1
C. C. A: I itiW'Heading Denver
?fc 11. ti 19 .St. L. & 8. F
Erie IT."'4 do preferred
do preferred OCk do lint preferred.]
Fort Wayne ISO C. M. Jc .-t. I'aul....
Kansas a Texas 1- do preferred 1
Luke KrieA Wcut... is', Texas I'aclllc
do preferred M Uuiou 1'ariflc
Lake Shore lWlIiL'nitedStatesKx..?
Loui*vJl)e A NuaIj.. M'., W., Si. L. A J*.
i... N. A. Si C. 42 do preferred :
Memphis & Chas... ?>- Welln-Faryo Kx 1
Michigan Central... Western t nlou i
Missouri I'acilic bl?f,
HrcHdstufTit anil 1'rovlidoiiM.
Nr.w Vork, Oct. s.?Flour. receipt* 31
package*: exports -I'-' barrels and LS.COOsiu
market firmer ami higher; sale* 2I.9U0 barr
Wheat, reedpts 152.0(1) bushels; exports 40
bmhels; Milt'N 17,iyii.ooo bushels of future* i
3.',000 bushels o( spot; optiou* unsettled i
I heavy: ungraded rcdSlOTal 13'j: No.'J('hie
SI i-*:No. red October SI IV; November SI 1"
I closing utSU.S'i: December#! lv'iul 2
clodng lit SI 'A'!^; Jauuary SI IW'^l 115, clos
ut al -1' February SI 'JlJjHl -o'j, closlui
c! April SI -Mul Si1/., eloslng ul 31 ill; J
'. A -'.'Mil closing ut SI-I; Juno Si 2.
1 'J-V '.closing nt ?l Hurley scurcolnt 76ii
for western.. Corn, receipts bushels;
p >rts lO. l Hi bushels: Miles G.000 bushels of
turvM niul i.v:,ih.?o bushels of spot: options stew
ungraded mixed Wlvi.'d'/c; No. '1 October !
December &yvtf>lc. closing nt c: Janu
I'.i'.c; Muy is'^il'M closing at -Wj^e. Oi
receipts i:i9.0t>? bushels: exports M buslu
Miles 75,000 bushels of futures und H'J.OOO bti
c!s of spot: murketdull uud lower; No. 2 wli
mixed western 2Tia32c; white do '2ful
Hnv firm. Codec, options steady uud 4U
pointsubovcSaturday; sales ! 10,000 bags; Oc
ber H.10aM.i!'ic;JNovember 13.3Ual3.7jc; Decc
l?cr 13.7/io; January, February. Miirch. Ap;
Muy. June. July uud August 12.70u13.10c; s|
Kiii stronger ut 16c. Sugar, raw iniictive; relit;
steady, ltice tlrm. Tallow unsettled. Itoi
irnd turpentine quiet. Kggs tlrm at 21%&!
1 'ork dull: mess *|y .r?0ul7 00. Cut incuts strong
Kurd steady: October 10.00c; November 0.4
December *.75c: January 8.72c. llutter stem
western dairy 12ul?c. Cheese higher; wesU
Chicago. Oct. 8.?a. fair business was tru
acted in wheut to-day, und the same nerve
und unsettled feeling which bus prevailed lati
existed. Corn was unsettled. Outs were wei
Provisions moderately active. Flour steady u
mi.ilinliii.J V'.. ^i.rllili CI I'.
1 10! j; No. :i spring l&caSI 0-'; No. 1! red SI 15
1 It.1,.; October $1 I'-iil 19} i, eloslug *t Jjl 10
November 51 lO'-jal 1 >j}?, closing ut SI 17J<j; I
ccmhcr ?l 17ul closing at SI is. Com, or
No. 2, -11/4?". October I^hK.^c, closing ut 4i
November closing at loj^e; Dece
ber Oat9, cash and October 2 Ic; Novo
Iht'JI j'-; December '^Bo: May iw'.o. Kye, >
2, <?0o. Flaxseed, SI 10. Timothy reed ?1 50. Mi
pork, cash S15 50; October ?15 Mia 15 50, closing
si;. 50; November utul Dcccmbcr 814 70. Jji
ea*h and October 10.00c; November y.OOu'J.17!
closing at l?.17j .o; January h.UV; year 8.4.JBacon,
short ribs y.bluy.'jje; shoulder* h.H7.
y.OOc; short clear y.75a!0.0oc. Whisky, SI
Siurar, cutloaf tr>;c; granulated 7%c; stuu'lii
A 7 V- v
Ci.srjNN a ri, Oct. S.~Flour strong at So 00?.".:
fancy SO G5n5 75. Wheat easier; No. 2 red SI
receipts 4, WW bushels; shipments 1,000 bui
els. Corn quiet and steady; No. 1!mixed4
Oats dull; No. 2 mixed 27c. Kye quiet; No.
Mi*. I'ork quiet at 910 'JO. Ijird easier at U.C
Uulk meats nominal. llaeon llrm; short eh
lie. Whisky steady ut SI II. ltuttcrqulct; far
creamery -laiV: prime dairy 13al5c. I.luseed <
stronger at 52aT>lc. Sugar steady; New Orlcn
artj-.v.1. Kggs lu light deumnu at 17c. Che?
steady: choice 'Jail J /:.
Hai.timouk, Mo.,Oct. S.?Wheat, unsettled a
lower; No. 2 winter red spot and October SI:
lit.',; December Si ISKal is!{. Corn, weste
<iuietand lower: mixed spot 51 %c; Novemt
mid December 40%a4ti%c; January 40a 16}
oats, western white :tia36e: do mixed 2l?a3
Kyc llrm at (Vla?Vk\ Hay, steady: prime $10;
17 00. Mess pork llrm at SI7 oo. butter llrm; we
ern packed ICalTe; choice rolled lOul'Jc: cream(
isa.'lc. L'kk* llrm and active at 21a22c. Col
llrm; Kio fair at l.'^o.
Toi.kdo, O.. Oct. m.?Wheal lower: cash SI l
1 17; December si 17: May SI L'J. Corn casi
cash 40?ic. Oats steady; cash 25?^e, Clovcrsi
higher; cash S3 70; November 85 73: Decern I
S3 HO.
l.lvo Stock.
Ciiicaho, Oct. s.?Cattle?Itccelpt* li.ooo hoi
shipments :i,tou head; market slow and low
beeves SO OOaC :i5; steers 2"m0 oo; stackers ii
feedeis (X)a840; cows, bull* uml mixed SI
3 00; western runners 3- 25a 1 15. Hogs?Recci
10,000bead; shipments 5,500 head: market si
and 10c lower; mixed ?5 heavy SO OOaO
light ?"?00a5 00; skips 50a5 ;i3. Sheep?'
ceipts s.ooo head; shipments 'J,.*>00 head; mar
steady; natives $:i U)a;i 00; western S3 OOftS
Texans 8325a3 .'A); lambs SI U0a5 50.
East I.iukkty, Da., Oct. 8.?Cattle?Keoel
4,237 head; shipments 2,033; market steady
good at last week's prices; on common, loci
flogs?Ue?rclpts5.y?H> head: shipments5,W0 hoi
market active; I'hlladelphlas 8C70aCSJ; mi:
So ,'iOaO 05; Yorkers $0 3oa6 45; common to I
ooaO' !.*?: pigs 85 OOaO00. Sheep?Receipts U,
j.v ol'r from last week's prices.
Cincinnati, Oct. 8.?Hogs weaker: coinir
ami lii;lit S17'wtti 00; butellers $.ri NiaG !?.' ; reeel
;i,MW nead; shipments 8CU head.
Sew Yokk, Oct. 8.?Petroleum opened sten
lit W i'c, ami after a slight ath'ancc In the en
tradlux became stronger and advanced to Vie.
sharp reaction fallowed ami the market cloi
weak at Consolidated Kxchnngc: Open!
highest Vie: lowest 'J2c; closing nt y2j
Miles 2,ti.L',000 liurre-lf.
OilCity, I'a., Oel. 8.?Opened ?t idT.c; lili
est lKl%c; lowest closed at U-Jm1:
1,005,000 barrels: clearances 2.1572,000 tiarri
shipments ll'J.tm barrels; charters 35,714 harrt
PittsnuKOii, I'a., Oct. 8.?Petroleum lal
active a ml Irregular; opened at i>2^c; closed
U2%c; highest 'J3%c; lowest Vic.
Uraokoiid, Pa., Oct. 8.?Opened nt 921
highest m^c; lowest Vi,'jc; closed at 02? ic; ch
um'cs l,(M)i,w0 barrels.
Titcsvii.i.k, Pa., Oct. 8.?Opened at 91;#; hi
est VJ.V; lowest *Jlj*o: closed at Wc.
Nr.w York, Oct. 8.?I'lif Iron uulet sndsten
Copper llrm. Lend easier at So to. Tin qui
straits 523 'Si.
t>rjr Ciootlt.
>kw vor.k. ijci. o.? jHero wan n mir uomi
fur miscellaneous uMortmunts.
Cincinnati, 0., Oct. 8.?Cotton (uutur; ti
dliiiB '.'V- |
Ox l'uiut nuil Muhh .Meeting nt Mnuuli
ton, W. Vu.
The monster tuass meeting at Mi
nington, oil Thursday the lltli im
will eclipse anything of the kind held
the State for years. Addresses will
made by Hon. John R. Fellows, lion.
K. Kennn, lion. A, 1J. Fleming a
| others. The'Baltimore ifc Ohio Itailrc
Company will sell excursion tickets
i Mannington and return at one fare
the round trip from Wheeling, Graft
and intermediate stations, good to
turn on all regular trains including I
following day. The train will let
Wheeling at 0:05 a. in. and returni
leave Mannington at 0:00 p. in.
Half Faro KxriiritioiiJi South.
Tbo Queen & Crescent route (C
cinnati Southern and associate roa
will sell iiarvest Excursion tickets
one limited fare the round trip, on S
tetnber 11th and 25th, October 9th n
23d, 1888. good to return within thi
days and allowing stop-over privile
These cheap tickets will be on sale
various points in Tennessee, Alabai
Georgia, Florida, Carolinas, Virgil
Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas i
Texas, to which States the Queen
Crescent is the great trunk line, r
ning double daily trains from Cincint
and Louisville. For rates, maps, tii
tables or other information desired c
corning a trip South via. the Queei
Crescent route, call upon your neai
ticket agent or address D. G. Edwai
Acting General Passenger Agent, (
cinnati, 0,
Cutmubut mill Return 82 75 by the .
Hnnille Route.
On September 20, 21, 2G, 21), Octc
4,10,15 and 19, the Pittsburgh, Cin
nati & St. Louis Railway Company
sell round trip excursion tickets
Columbus at the Jlow rate of $2 75 fi
Wheeling, W. Va., for all regular tn
on above dates. Ticket* good going
date of sale only and good returi
three days including date of sale.
Why do quick workers want
End ?" Its freedom from knots.
Goo. R. Taylor & Co.?Nov
in lit
! tiiu
vou- '
i uru
I GEO. R. .
fi & c
Beg to announ
f: of their Regula
new Fall and V\
embracing urn
|J and choice line
i Dress I
Mc; '
ni itoueto
including afull;
selected stock
I Seal Skin C
>0; * . rai
I H^Special ;
a called to the F
ity of our
s I For MAN I ,
i? 1 A#*-*
Si I S
i /%!$?*$
?1 %
Si/ ?4nll
g P<^^r JttB
[air SflV^. VA^ V0u' ajU"? C'ajju> Uacuiij .
tioo fa <fp0 .
: i m
1 Cw\
1 I
'if Groceries, Etc.
;; M. REILLY, ?
Grocer. Pork, Packer, s
lL'1' hn
mil Celebrate 1 "Strawberry Ilwns," j'[
Hos. 1309 AND 1311 MAIN STREET, &
M tU'
My own Care of Choice Smoked Moats dellr* ut
ervd dully from my i'ork Ilouhout Manchester. oj
j i
md Hoadquarter3 for
for Taylor's Patent and Family Floar,
;on I
ro- I
he Headquarters for the Celebrated L
' ? Alaroma Coffee. I
Bole Agent for Doponl'i Sporting, Mining nnd M
|f Blasting 1'owder. jor>
il") JUST KECEIVliD! 1
25 50 Cases Steak Salmon.
rty If you havo not already tried a can do no im- *i
mediately, and you will use no other. J
tO ?ClH-TTl)JM F. HAN*A I'Klt.
lia 1T 1>AYS T0 TRADE J.
inti i4 u D DPimDUPi pTAnrf
A ni n. r. ocniiLHd oivnco.
un- Sugar, Coffee, Ten, Flour, nml nil Grocorlo?, nt
jj^j ftitouUhing price.*.
*?.. Stores, 2217 utnl 2211? Market Htreet. Branch
Store, corner Thirty-eighth and Jacob strcou.
on- rui:<
a A ? *i
rest To Farmers, Gardeners, Etc. rd?
.'in- K. GIFFEN & CO., J
p?n Headquarters for Seed. v
Just received, a lot of Choice TIMOTHY \i
1 .}^r Orders promptly filled.
".,J 1520 Main Stroot.
w SC25-D1W Wheeling. W. Va.
pom RPAIIT1PQ Shropshire. Ox, and Coti MIEEl.
rora DfiAUlIfiO Jersey Redi and Berkshire HOOK,
lins P. Rock* and B. Leghorn Chicken* Bronze Tur
ron key*, Egg* and CARP in seaaon. KNOINL.,:ntf
Mills, U. P'rs, Ac.. best and clicajest; pare pay .
? in lumber. Satisfaction guaranteed on all.
Off AC 60rent book for ?S?cent* ami name*an 1
ulbUu addreM of twenty wide aw&ko Karmern. J
rnfl Bend stamp for circular* to K
Llle* T. B. CA1WKAD0.V,
no23-daw Keyter, W. Vs.
j Fall and Winter Goods.
" Phi
I zf> Waal
'^-Ab , W*?]
r>r\ f hn opri\/ol i!!'^
OO lilt; Ci.1 1 1 V GW j,jt^
r Purchase of Z,
Winter Goods, J titeu
jsually large
3S Of SB
M Expi
n IS
joods i
7 lU'llu
in ellV
Ex j
and carefully ?"?s
: of perfect Si
Phi ln?
iarments. "i
attention is 2%
a m u:
l? m <1
' ' ' ^ ?1 exoep
TTTZmi i
"m \ | (>
% \ 8 tm,IM
m S b
SSK W\ 1 K
m ?X| ?
ML \ S wii i?
MB. ^*W 1 ?"?
.i&imanf /x 1 ?
tKSTIs.li.nllltoPlt.nl // ... P$f Um"
sua <ut Biurnw ^ tt-fVW A"! Char)
/#/ 1 ww"
/ & H 5!shs
yCmf 1 ?
fift I-OfcVC
|S^-,# I Sift
1 cn'itS
Cocoa. New:
ipps's cocoa &
'By a thorough knowledge of tho natural law* C'ijl*1'
deli govern tho operations of digestion and i*LW
itrition, and by n careful application of the
te properties of well selected Cocoa. Mr. Kpi'S li"141
,h provided our breakfast tables with a deli- <] )?
tely llavored beverage which may nave us many
avy doctors' bills. It is by the Judicious use
such articles of diet that a constitution mny
gradually ball! up until strong enough t*? rv- pRI
it every tendency to disease. ilundiuds ?>f sub;
maladies arc flouting around us ready to at
k wherever thero Is a weak point. We way -w xi
iiipo many a fatal shaft by keeping ourselves VV
II fortitled with puru blood ami a properly ,
iiirluhcd frame."?Civil Her vice Gazette. ,,t
Made simply with boiling water or milk. Sold w"'1
dv in half-pound tins by uroeert, labeled thus: Leav
I LI PC PD|)C J6 rn Homoeopathic Chorn- 6:W
ir-LO trio a tU,, fcu,, Loudon, Kngland. a. m,
ffilfi-TUTllAH 1?:C0 ]
p m
/~r>. GOLD MEDAL, PARIS, 187a Lka\
U-A BAKER'S ,<?'
fL. Brefflst Cocoa.:;si;
Warranted ahtoluMy pint
i'orna, from which tho execn al unlj|
Oil lias been rornovod. IthasfAnv luuvt
rflf! A BYtl timet the itrf.igth of Cocoa mlxi* 12:15
III I: IS 111 l\ willi Starch, Arrowroot or Bugat *p'
M ll I) lift and ia Iheroforo f.?r iuor? economk ttj
IS I M If H cal, cutting Itu than one crnl a J_
H | Ll li 1 flip. It 1* dclli/kmi, noariiihiii^ (JnJi
l3 J t h V strengthening, uiudly digested, nnd Iwtvc
j|J J I ll ft h admirably adapted for Invalids u? *jtcul
if ill Jj well us for jxmonH In health. j)U'^
Hold hy Cirorfm" oerjffhcre. a j,i,
\l BA.KER & CO,, Dorchester, Mas u
,g I., in.
Exchange bank" O
LIj 1.1. IS
CAPITAL .. ...f.'OO.OOO ard J
* land,
n. Vance Provident Chla
. 8. Da.xri.xis .. Vice-President and :
a m.
niP.BCTons. Tm
J. N\ Vain o H. Horkheimer, 11,1 .1.
M. llrown, W. Kllliigtiani,
L. H. l?elKp!uin, A. W. Kollt-y.
John Frew,
Drafts I w; tied on Eunlund, Ireland Boot land
ud r11 point* In KarojHj.
JOHN J. JONES. Cashier. J 1
CAPITAL i ...fl 75,000
r*. A. I'CTT."- i;. .Prwl lent
' ? " CoH(
Draft* or Xu^land, Ireland, Franco and Ger? Al!
>*ojr. pro n
Win. A. !*ctt, Wm, I?. Rlmpinn, T">
J. A. Miller, John K. itotflforu. jTli
K. il. Atkinson, Victor Uoaonburg.
Henry tfpeyor.
mr.'l F. P. JEPflON. Cimhler.
lealljrand promptly executed attbo
Daily Ixtxlugrmckr Jonorric*,
Not. 2j and 77 Fourteenth alxeet,
L TRAINS?On ami after May 15,18bS?Krnation
of KkkckknckMarkh. Daily. fsuu*
excepted. plo'iday excepted. f>atur?!uy
cpted.^ (Sunday* only.?Kasicrn Standard
11. * o. it. n.-hVli' | lufait. | Arrive
ladelplila Limited am *10:46pm
landExprcr* ...: 5:10i>?-; 'll-^aa
ibcrlaud Accom..;. i>:0Jam r>:M)pin
fton Accom 5:10pm ll:l!0iim
ludsrlllo Accom ft:35a'j 7:80am
indavllle Accom... 7 :&'? ?*a am
indavlllo Accom 12:01 \M<. 1:40 pm
ludsvillo Accom 7:40pm
wicnr. t
ilirldecAccom WtOOfJn, t7:10pm
rcw u'lilcM^o and Col).... I0:2f? am VG:10 pm
-uRu KxprcM* *8:40pm *9:5(1 am .
'ago l.imitol *9:50 pm '<5:25 am
irabu* A room J2:4.'i j-m tl0:.lo am
rlnuatl Limited *ll:15pm *4:.Y?am
'lalwvlllu Atvom 48:(&am (7:66 am
Malnvllle Accom 19:00am am
'iuirnvilloAccom (2:0Upm {l::*>pm
:irtir>vilk- Accom i>:10pm (6:10pm
W., 1*. & It. Dlv.
K(n.vf<iii ..M.I tkllfal.nrt.il ui? ?m Kom
liiuKtouand Pittsburgh. c#:10axn llMOprn
;biir>;h ?fc I'll I In. Kx *6:20 pm *0:55 pui
lilngion and Pittsburgh. f 1:45pui f!2:45pm
biugton p :80 pm th:u)K:a
iburub Accom 15:50pm 111:65am
0. A: St. I.. UJ. _
burgn f7:'.ui#h| t9:20pm
>bun;h aud New York. .. fl :3T? i?m| i3:4-'> pm
ibuuh and New York..., f4:2UPm t"RU*
iburs'b N. Y. E\ 0: JO pm
res*, ("In. and fit. Louis.. t7:2<)ntr tfc.'Oam
reKs, ('in. and Ht. Louis. 'JMO pm |.':2Upm
rcw. Steubcnvlllo ?b Col. 1 :'X> pui f3:15 I?ni
bpuvllle and Denulsou. 4:20|>mi
C. M r. K. It.
burKli and Cleveland 15:M am t8:47 pin
ln'?Ferry 7:45am fb:15pm
bcuvlllcAccom ti:83aui fl:2Spin
Ldamland Wellsvllle -2:12 pm r.m
burgh and NowYork {4:39pm f 11 :l.tHin
burgh 11:17 am f5:i7pm
C., I? A W. K. It.
I'M, Cleveland, K di W. j 12:35pm M :05 pm
lllon Accom t5:12 pm tll:25am
Inirhvlllo Accom -{7: '><?um t'Jl.'W am
lalritvll.e Accom i 10:25 am t 1:32 pm
lairsvllle Accom f2:10pm f6:34pm
Inlrsvlllo Accom ti:25pni KiOOptu
1 KrcLdit and Accom 5:3wam i7::'>opm
ilu Klv?r Hall l oud. |
wger ^iX'Hini^lliOOiim
>uger.M >12:15 pm 3:20pm
nyer 4:30pin 8:15pm
:ht |
II.. Z. StJJ, Kallrond.
lalrc it Znncsvllle Through Passenger leaves
lrc at s: 10u. m., arrives lit ltellalreat 4 p. m
(KiMiuM I'lLsscnKor leaves Ueliairo at 4:.w p.
rrlvcs at iJellalre at 8:20a. m.
nuicrflekl Accommodation leaves llcllairo
0 i>. tii.. iirrivos nt llollnlro nt 10:1.', n. m.
1 I/i'l MOH K & 01110 it AI uto A U?
)eparturoof trains from WhoeliUK. Schedule
ct April29, ?Eastern tlmo:
iroh? lor Chicago *u<i tlie Northwest, !0:2f a
io it in, 9:50 p m fWlly, and 11:15 p in dully
t Miturday.
roMi fur CinolnnaMaud Ht. Louis, 10:25 a m
11:15 p in daily.
ibridge accommodation, 9:00 r m, cxccpt
Columbus, 10:25 a tn doily, and 11:15 p m,
and 2:45 p m dally ox a1 pi Sunday.
ro.-s for Washlucrtou, I). Hnltimoio,
iclpblaand Now York, via Grafton, O.Xt
l 5:10 p m, dally, via Pittsburgh 0:a) p. in.
riUfburgn and Washington, Pa., 5:00 a ra
express, 8:10 a ui, dally, 1:45 p ui, daily
t Sunday. Additional way train for Wr>1>
l, I'll., r?:;K) p m, daily except Sunduy.
Pittsburgh, Washington, Jlaitinioro and
lelphla lit 0:20 p m daily.
Hburgh uccomuiodution, .Sunday Only, f. H0
Monndsville, 5:ftt and 7:35 a m. and 12:00
and 0:10 p m, dally except Sunday.
Grafton, 6:10 p m, dally.
"i n, .. ,n ,lniu> R?n.
St. Clalrsrillc, 8:0". nnd 0:00 it in, 2pm and
m, dally except Sunday.
irena trains arrive from Chicago, C:25 nnd
m and 1> in dully, and 4:55 u in daily
t Monday.
irewt trains arrive from St. Louis and Ciatl,
4:.V? i; in and 0:101? m. dally.
iri-M trains arrive from Philadelphia, linlti?
and Washington. I). C., via Grafton, 11:20
ml 10:45 p ui dally; via. l'ltUtbur^ti, 10:1a
Ii?K arrive from Columbus, 4:55 nr.i dally
: 10 p in dally, aud lo:& am daily oxu-it
ins arrive from Pittsburgh, 10:13 a m dally
2:451> in, except Sunduy, 0:55 p m und 11:10
Iiin arrive from Wuxblugton, I'a., 8:00 a in,
except Suuday.
Ins arrive irom MoundnviUo, 7:30 nnd 9:1b
im 1:10 and 7:10 pin, daily except Sunduy.
Ins arrive lrom Grafton. 11 :v'i? a m, daliy.
Ins arflve from Cumberland, 5:50 p in, dally
t Sunday.
Ins arrive from St.Clairsvllle, 7:55 and !0:S5
nd 1:.V? and 0:101> m, dully except Sunday
(bridge accommodation arrives at 7:10 p in
l Sunday.
gage called for nnd cbcckcd nt liotela nnd
dices on order# loft at ticket oOlcc, 1200 Mar
reet, and nt depot.
(*11 AH. O. SCULL. Gen. Pass Agent
M. CI.KM KN'IX, Mnwwr.
Table taking cllcct May 'J7, lsss. I'asseiij:rr
i will run a.s follows?Central time. All
< daily except tbosc narked thus 1 which
t run on Smiihiv.
ot'iic uousd. | No.7 No. &.|tNo.niNo. 1.
n. in. p. m.l a. in. a. m
?Wheeling 11:1.' G:fft
ood, opp. Belial re 3:4.". 11 ::( ti:.v0
dhvilie l:u;- 11:4V 7:10
p. in.
Martinsville ft: P. l*J:l 8:15
iinstown 7:<*? '2:lk lo:io
rnburg .-. 5:1ft 7:::o li.uo
p. m
lswood 0:4ft 4:1; 12/-0
[i City 8:U) ft:.% 1:85
u 8:(fc 0:lo 1:40
Kill* Ferry ?J:Ui 0:sr 2.X2
ildotte !?::? 7.4:U)
Ington 10Ml* 8:a'i 4:17
p. in.
cston 3: jo 10:0.'. 8:2C
hi f:l?g
inoutli n. m. 7:10
: Sulphur 6:00
p. m. a. n?.
ton - 3:3' 'J ."JO
foUTIl UOL'NU. No. ii. No. I | N?i.J | No.8
ii. in. a. m. n. in. p. in.
>?Huntington 10:(Xj f?:iO 3:16
lidolte 10: \f 6:Hti 3 -jii
tolls Kern* U .K.' 7:?R 4:6'J
Pleiuaint 11:1' 7:2t 6:C7
j. p.m.
n !T. I2:2u 7:.V 6:38
:?City 12:2/' 8:(*' &:4C
lawood i:ir. 0:1.') 7:00
mbury 0:?i 3: If. 10:4.s 8:30
uiihtowu 11: l.r>
Martinsville 8: If. 6:37 12:
dsvllle l?:2T> f.:ii 1:4.'
OOd 9:46 7:00 2:05
e?Wheeling 10:00 7:16 2:20
ve Wheeling via. p. in.
Si St. 1 12:86 8:20
o?Cleveland G:.T0 C::t0
itxrgh 3:20 6:6?)
a.m. a.iu.
ilelphla &:?'> 6:26
fc'ork 8:00 8;ix
h. in.
go . 11:3? 8:3
ough tickets Hit< 1 baggage checked to all
W.J. ROBINSON, Gen'I I'nw*. Agent.
I'orkcraburg, W. vu.
_Tihv. AtMMlt. Wlic.'llii^, \V. Vu.
vii nun inter aioniiay, jii'kii. i*h?,
j on the Wheeling & Jilm Grovo Itailroad
uu ftH follow*:
EH Wkbkmno:
) h. n>., 0:10a. in., 7:00n. m., R:N)a. in.,9;C0
, 10:00a. in., 11:00n. in., 12:00ni., 1:00 p. in.,
?. in..H:00 p. m., 4:00 p. in., 6:00 p. in., 0:10
, 7:00 p. in., 8:00 p. in., 0:^0 p. in,
:j:h Whrbi.iko Park:
)a. in., 7:00 a. m., K:00 a. m., 9:00 a. m., 10:00
, 11 :iK)u. in., 12:00 in., l:0u p. in., 2:00 p. in.,
;>. in., 4:00 p. in., 5:00 p. in., 0:10 p. in., 7:00
p. in., 8:65 p. in., 10:10 p. in.
NDAY8.?Leave at 7:00 a. in. ami run every
, excent church truiii, at 11:16 p. m. i?envn
tiling Park at?:GUa. in. ami run ever}'hour
110 p.in., except church traiiin, which will
i the Park lit 0:46 h. in. ami Wheeling at
p. rj. and 0:16 p. m.
rj ft. UtBfinn. Hunt.
ittsbukgii, cincinnati ast.
LOUIS HAIL WAY CO.?Panhandle Kouto
r M'hc'iulelu efl'cct AngUht Iw8. traiiiM
! Wheeling, Central Slandurd time: For
l>envllle. Pittsburgh and the liant, 0:20 u. in.,
p. ni., a.20 p in. and H:in p. in. ForColumCincinnati,
Iniliitiiai?ollii and fit. I.oiiIm c:20
. iinilN:40 p. in. For folutnhUK niid Chicago
p. in. 1 raiiiM arrive at Wheeling at 6:.SO
i., 10:00 II. in., 2: 15 p. III. IIII'I h:20 p. m.
is leavinu at fi:20 a. in. and arrivingH:20
run mild between WiiccUtitf and
li. All trnln* daily except Sunday. an 7
level and a pittsburgh
KAlLHOAIn?Under schedule In elleet May
kh. Train leave Bridgeport, Central Standline:
For Pittsburgh,(^blcako and C?evc4:50am.
For Pittsburgh, Pi:l7 a m. For
igo and Cleveland, l:l2p in. For Plttxburgh
"few York, :<::/ p in. For Kteubenvllie. b:;3
For MArtln'a Ferry, 0:45 a in.
,1ns arrive at Bridgeport at 7:63 a in, 10.13 a
:2>? p in, 4:15 p m, 4:17 p m, and 7:47 p m.
Business Cards.
>si;i'ii a. akki.i:,
. S. Pension and Claim Attorney.
*tor and Notary Public. Rcnta Collected.
I huklncM entruHted to iny care will receive
ipt attention. Call on or addrcu
General Machinists,
idJUuotaclarerioI Murine and Bailomij
Cos. Ciufuxe & eifiitreshiii 8ts?

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