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Louisiana State Lottery.
U Over n Million IJiatributcd
louilniii'Stale liOttcrjl'ompany,
[r,-,,r;..ir.itci| by the Legislature in Into, fai
v,.., Ii.rt! and I'lmntrtblo purposes, and ltj
iH'b n mrt or the present State Con;:;ttttIoB,ln
1*79, by an overwhelming popular
; !iui(iiiiit'iiU'l I'tcouibcr),uuo
LORiM'ff'JNon SUMUEB Dimwikos lake place
u'j rt( h ?t the otfler teu mouths in the year, and
>vn in public, at tbc Academy of Mu;.'cvr
Orleans, La.
do hereby certl/y that we snnerviso the
x- g meuttforail th Monthlyaim Scmi-Au
- <.f 'I lio l.culwiuiia Huite hotter)
, , {nny.Miia In |?erson tiiiuin^u and control the
nrcwi.-iK" tta-inselves, uiirf tint the mime are
, ; :icl with honest/, lalrnow, aud in good
!i:ih toward all parti ?. and We author Jxo the
CMarany to uso this o irtiflcate, with facsimiles
ir ilgnaturog at ached, in lu advertb*
Wc the undcmigncd Bank* am! Banker* will
uv ill Prize* drawn in The Louiaiaua Htato Lot*
?ri? w i::' ii ???>' Iks presented at our counter*.
* v.u \i,M>I.i:V, Pres. Louisiana Nut* I Bunk.
HK'il'.K l.ASMt'X, Pres. Htate National llauk.
i ?'\I.inviN. Pre*. New Orlean* Nat'l llauk.
l.vui- KOiiN, Pres. Union National Bank.
Grand Monthly Drawing
In the Academy of MuHc. New Orlean*,
Tuesday. November 13,1808,
CAPITAL PRIZE. $300,000.
100,000 I Ickett at Twenty Dollars each. Halves
pj; yuartersli; Tenth* t2; TweutloUu fl.
i I'rtro of S300.0UU is $300,000 1
! i'riicof 100,000 in 100,000 1
1 ITLcof ' ?.<?> 1* W.GOO
' MjtOl -I.C'lln 25,0QC !
. niruiof 10,0<*) are 20,000
* i'rutit of &,W0 uro - 26.0CC
i-riwMif 1,000 arc .... 26,000
jo) I'riws ? ( WO aro 60,00('
mo l'rlzc* o( m?i art* ... CO.OOO
w iriM of 2W arc 100,OLD
GO ]'rl:rs o! *'?*) arc 60,000
m .lo. ;wjarc .......... 80,000
iw do. '200 arc, 20,000
0/1 <1n. 100 arc .......... 09,9(0
.10 100 arc 99,900
jjjl Prize* Amounting to - fl.0W.800
.\*oT>.-Ticket* drawing Capital Pi fees arc not
atltlcrf to terminal Prize*.
hvrCluti Kates. or any further Information
.. i, write legibly to tue undendgncd,clearly
tiitin; your reaidenee, with State, Count/,
sr. i'i itinl Number. More rapid return mall dci-v,
rv will Ih! assured by your enclosing an enteioK
bearing your full addres*.
.vii.i i*u>T.\l. NOTES, Express Money Order*,
cr.v.v York Exchange In ordinary letter. Currency
by Exprwa (at our expense) addressed to
New Orlcaun, la.,
?U A DAtTPiriN*.
Wa-sliiuKtOD, D. C.
AUrrsn Hnristerwl letters to
New Orleans, Ln.
DNftfURPP That the presence of Generals
KcJuBIDliR lioHiia'gnn! and Early, who are In
charv-f"! th?* drawings, Is aguurautco of absolute
(ilr!ics? and integrity. Hint the chances are all
i;u'i'J that no 0110cau possibly divlue what
- 'T will draw a Prize.
KF.MKMHKK, also, that tho payment of Prizes
hUl" vliANTKKD BV Fol'K NaTIOXJLUaNK* of New
Or!ftiii\ a Hi I the Ticket# are iiigucd by the l'residtutofan
Institution, Whose chartered right*
i.i1 rivwilzod by the highest Courts; therefore.
Uraro of any imitations or nnonymonr
?h-wv" oclQwmw
Near Mlieeling, IV. Ya.
(Sisters of the Visitation.)
A vlnol of more than natiocal reputation
ofcrn'icc'iitloiittl advantages for thorough cdrc(*'.tnu'd
young ladles lu all departments. LI
brary of ?ix thousand volumjs. Fine phllo
io(1 .< ul. chemical and astronomical apparatus.
Mv ! u! Ui'|ittrtmciit specially noted. Corps c>
pleiio leathers trained by a loadiug profcssoi
t...... i1. n...rfoiiif? Hditlmirt. V/uhiI rill turn
icrordlng tu tho method of tho old Italian n?*?
Mjcstion unsurpassed for beauty and health
?cn n' re* ??f pleasure grounds. Hoard excellent,
ii r ntnl references to patrons In all
t!.t principal cities, address
Mngtoii School of Elocution
H w. M. STEVENS HAKT -.Principal.
fOl "ii' St., N. W., WasniNOTOif, D. 0.
Sixth Annual Scwloa begins Wednesday, 8ep*
tetaber is
Cour-e of Instruction embraces Elocution,
h?r:i.-*l Knglfoh and English Classics, Latin, i
VUthmatics, Modern Ijinmiagcs, Vocal aud In 1
iiniinciiiHl Music and Physical Culture.
The I'rlnclpal In audited by an efllclont con* |
ol tea. hm in each department.
Or?ilttl Chuwes for boys and girls dally
Adult Claucs and private Instruction given in
the evening.
1':}.1"Iuh-? awarded. A limited number of pu
pli? air.tiii:uiMiati'd In the family.
Kor circulars and references apply tolNTXLU<
>'-"iil'v. au31
Stammering Cured.
Fpktn bawl upon nature's laws. No 8kcrecy
-No Tucks, tiystem explained to those intertill.
Ti-*iInionlals from physieiaus, educator! and
| piintir, who nilVC reCCIVCU VUIIVUI IIU1U HiC
Method of instruction. Address
Mm. M. STEVENS It ART, Principal,
WwWttRtou School ol Elocution and English
"? M. Street, N. W.. Washington, D. a
Students boarded in family of Principal.
Business Cards.
inna kimukbly. c. q. davis.
Successors to J. M. Clouston,
Dealers in Grain, Flour, Feed, Hay, Sc.
Also Commission Mcrohuutsfor West Vlrglula
h?Uwtl.M>.t,onl, Lumber. Wood, &c.
GooJ? delivered free to all purls of ttao city.
?\ I.. KIMUKRLY, Ocwcral Manager.
Oiflroarnj Warehouse, 1W3, lfc!S and 1G27 South
ufn-t, rnriiiT to Market utrcct. qfai
3. S. Pension and Claim Attorney.
Collector ami Notary Public. Rent* Collected.
All I'tititu'tx entrusted to my rare will receive
rron?|?t attcutlou. Call on or ad(lrc?8
General Machinists,
i _ And Manufacturers of Marine and 8tatlonaij
'>ob. ("KirUNB a Eioht?kth 8m.
Professional Cards.
(ionoral Insurance Agent,
1319 Market St., Wheeling, W. Va.
'l'.trtlons promptly attended to. Insnr;
\v, . 'n Wheeling; and In all parts ol
<"?u place Insurance at lowest
To Farmers, Gardeners, Etc.
(J rinding mills
I'm will Grind Corn and Cob together, and all
W! .. .Muds of grain.
ii'iuiflc Peed Mills.
mmnn.l Feed Mills.
?cMHl and Power Combined.
i !i M 1 *u'l Power Combined.
Hill krye Power Mill.
America Cora nod Cob Mill.
H. K. OIFKIN it CO..
l VJO Main fit. Wheeling. W. Va.
BEAUTlFK*hr?l?Mrv.O*, and Cott BHKKl
J;and Berkshire UOU8
k? if* *1"1 B- Unborn Chickens Brooie Tni
Viu' li^* *? * t^AKP tn Kuon. ENOlNKf
? nmV 4 " lVo- l,Cit and Bhoareat; part pa:
pi. ^tUUcHon guaranteed on all.
OlLOS ^ T'nt Uh>k (or A cent* and names am
,wiko l"men
T-a-ci SE^V
(io ,n, ASU small hand bills,
inTWO? '"TW.UGf.NCKH Joa Kookb, Nos. 3
?^,uXi'iS0Vl"lfoluSUItrOU Mht"
' Advice to Everybody
who baa a dlaoasod Liver la to at onco Inko proper
mean# to euro It. Tito function the Llrer la <! ?alsnul
to perform, and on the regular execution
of which dependa not only tho general health of tho
' body, but tbo powrra of tlio Stomach, Doteel*,
. limtn, and tho wholo nervoua system, ahowa its
; rait and vital importance to human health.
should ran tho rlik for a hIdrIo day of neglecting
tills* liujxirtant organ, but should promptly gut a >><>x
of Dr, C. Mdano'* Colebratori Liver l'lll#,
mado by ILLMINQ BROS., I'itUburrh, 1'*., and
uao according to direction* they will euro you
promptly and pcnuaotmUy. Around each box ? a
wrapper r1 ring full description of tho symptom* of
a diseased Liver. They can bo had uf druggists.
49*Bowaro of CousTzaraTS mado In tit. Loula.-C#
FLEMING BROSyJPittsburgh, Pa.
Perfumes the Breath. Ask for it.
ELYS Catarrh
ORE A M BA LM B8P t-mic. "f I
Cleanses the! iSSfAMB^SS
Allay. P"lnandR^fEv^||U
HealsthcSores.gjg / ^jc?|H
Senses of
and Smell. ,. u,s^*j
A particle l? applied into cadi nostril and Is
ncrwuVlc. Price 50 cent* ut drum!*!*:' by mall,
restored, SO ccnU. ELY BUOTIIEKS. M Warren
street. New York. ja'J-xwraw
No Mercury,
y [Jo Potash,
"Or any other Mineral Poison.
It Is Nature's Remedy, ?&da oxduslralj
from RooU and Herb*.
Zt Is perfectly Harmless.
It Is tho only remedy known to ths world
that has cor yet Cured contagious Blood
JFbUorv <?i all (U staves.
It euros Mercurial Rheumatism, Cancer,
Scrofula, and other blood diseases heretofore
considered lucurable. It cures any dlsooso
caujktl from lmpuro blood. It U now prescribed
by thousand.< of tho best physicians
In the United State*, an a tonic. Wo append
tho statoment of a few:
"I hare used S. 8. H. on patient* conralesoJnsr
from fever and from inumdei* wltu tlio
beat rosvlU. J. N. CflMRY, M. 1)., ti
KlluvUlv. Oft.*'
Rntxxx. Ox.?'WHIfo TVhlto who nfH.'ctrd
with scrofula seven >?-ar*. 1 prcMirlt-fd 8. 8.
a, and to-duy ho U a r?t and ntlMim bojr.
C. w. Vximua, il. D.
Rtcmtomt, Va., I>*c. t". isa?I hnre taken
three buttles of owlf t's ttpMilllo for seeondory
blood ixdxon. It acts much !>ott?*r than pot*
ash or uuy other 1 cim-dy I havo ever used.
0. V. Wixrn t D. M. D..
Formerly of Sussex Co., va.
Dn. E. J. XTalc. tho well known dragglst
ami phvKiel.tu. of Nashville. Howard County,
Ark., write*: " Having somo l:mm led^'H as to
what 8. 8. 8. 1h emiijx^ed ?>r. I can fcafely
recommend it ns the remedy f<?r nil sltln diseases,
1I matter* not what the namo may bo."
Wo havo n book plvinff o history of this
wonderful remedy, at d it* cure*, fn>m all
over tho world, wide!) will convlneo you that
nil wo say Is true, und which wo will mall
fro* on application. No family nhould M
without It. We imvo another on Contagious
Blood I'oUm, scut on tamo terms.
VTrilo \j.i n bfctory of tout east, and oo*
I phvidi'lnn will nilvUu ? Ith you l.y letter. In
triciot conildenoe. We will not docelvt
you knowingly.
i'orsaloby alUlnijr;;lfit?.
Tu* Kwirr Rrrnnc Co.,
Drawer 3, Atlanta, Oft,1
New York, 720 llri.ntlwav,
Lou-loii. iJiju U> tiuow 1UU,
W. L. Douglas' Shoes.
I Beware ol Fraud, a* my mine tx\A the price
ftro stamped on the bottom of all my nrtvertlseu
kIioo* before leuvInk* the factory, which protect
the wearers niral'<*t lilith price* and Inferior Koodn.
If n dealer oilers W. I<? DoubIbm bIkh* at a riUuced
nrlcc, or tutya he ho* them without my uamo
ninl price stamped on tho bottom, put Iilm down at
a fraud.
f ^ A
Ttie outy call' S3 SKAMLFSSSIioo rtnootli 1
in*hlc. NO TACKS or WAX TIIKKAD to
hurt t!w feci, easy aa Iiaml-fetvcti uiul WILL
NOT llll*.
W. I? DOUGLAS 84 SHOE, the original
mid only hnn<l-?ewcd welt fl fltoe. KijuuU cuatom-madc
slim** oo.itinr from t't to f!?.
w. l. doijglas sa.no roi.icis snoi:.
Ilnllronu Men mid letter Carrier* nil wear Ihctn.
Smooth inildo in a Haml-SenoU blioe. >'uTacVn
or Wax Thread to hurt the fwt.
W. 1h DOUGLASS2.?4>SIIOR Inunexcelled .
for heavy wear. I|c?t Calf Slioo for lho ltrlce.
xv. l. douglas sa.ttft wokkixgMAN'S
SI I OK U the lift in the world for
rotiuli wear: onu pair onirht to wear n man a year.
Is the heat Sehool Mioo In tho world.
\V. I?. DOUGLASS 1.70 YOUTH'S School
6lux* give* the small Uoya a chance to wear tlio
wl ahoei in the world.
All mailt*In Conxrco. Button nnd I.arr. If not
$&UM*xrkrA?!to w#L- d?VoU**
Stone's Cash Shoe Store,
or2-MW.tr |
Quaker White Oats.
TRADE "^fi?2$i?/MARK.
Quaker Mill Co.. Raverina, Ohio.
. aoU'WAR ?
Housefurnishing Hardware.
The Improved "Grand Ranhlk" ami tlio Inv
" proved "Crown Jewel" uro tue beat sweeper a In
the market; both lmve rubber furniture protee
torn, nnd arc itrtctly tlml-clii** In every ruipect.
Cull und sco them at
ocl" w,>8 Market Street.
= Wo have tho nlcwt I'arltijr Knife crcr invented.
It 1? always net to cut ouo thicknew. You
vannolvrasWIruUor vegetables Whotualo ot
& retail.
?- GEO. W. JOHNSON'S 60X8,
aulfr-13 1210 Main Btrcct
Ilje Intclliaencer.
Oftlrw? >io*. US mini 27 FourtceDtli Strret.
Tlie Paiia ExpoNltloD?ProriAloua Ma<1? l?y ,
TbU Government fur a IlupriAcuUitloti of
Our IihIunIHc*.
The Department of State has issued *
the following important circular: a
Department op State, 1 ,
united States Commission ( ,
to the Pa his Exposition of 1888. f t
New Vouk Office, 35 Wall Stkket.J j
It may be well to cull the attention of c
manufacturers and ottiers who wish to v
make exhibits at the Universal Exposi- j(
tion at Paris next year to the limited (
time for preparation. The linul allot- (l
inent of space takes place on November 8
15, and shipments by steamer begin in j
January. The amount of space allotted
to the United States is being filled up by y
applicants from all parts of the country. r
The Commissioners are progressing with n
their work on a basis of absolute im- v
partiality. It is simply a case of first n
come first served. From present indica- w
tions it is unlikely that many manufac- N|
turers who are now hesitating will find l
themselves in the position of the foolish \t
virgins, unless they make application for \
space without further delay. According ?|
to the provisions of the French Govern- ?
ment there is to be no charge for space tt
occupied by exhibitors. Moreover, as
it is the intention of the United States
Government in participating in this exposition
to demonstrate the merit and a
compaiative excellence of our products 8
and manufactures, the Commissioners ^
will forward, free 01 ireigut between
New York and the exposition, goingaml
returning, nil articles received for exhibit. 111
The exhibition in to be divided into in
nine groups, viz: I. Works of art; II. t:i
Education,and processes used therein; ar
III. Plain ami decorativo bouse furni- A
ture: IV. Textile fabrics; V. The raw th
and manufactured products of mining, hv
forestry, chemistry, etc.; VI. Apparatus
and methods of mechanical industries; Ici
VII. Foodprodocts; VIII. Agriculture, of
ride culture and Hub culture; IX. llor- ne
ticulture. foi
In submitting tbo report from the Hi
Committee on Foreign Affairs, flon. tin
Perry Belmont, in advocating an appropriation,
stated that in nearly all of '
these branches of industry it iB believed an
that the United States has made great tin
tit-noi-noa kuh-o its tmrl ii'inntinn in tln> rm
World's Exposition held in Paris in
1878. If no other considerations preHcnted
themselves, it would, therefore, '
bo desirable for the advancement of the kn
commercial interests of the United ciu
States that the invitation thus extended tei
by the French Republic should be nc- pu
cepted. But there are other reasons gu
which can properly bo regarded by the El
Congress of the United .States. Thisna- th
tioneannotforgetitsobligationsto France pli
for the assistance rendered in its early tic
struggles for freedom. On many occasions <lr
since, notably in the presentation by the nr
French people of the Statue of Liberty Vc
which now adorns the New York liar- im
bor, the sympathy and good will of the ?al
French Nation toward tin; United States fui
and its Government have been mani- tie
leaieu. xiio yenr xoo;? w in uu mu ccutcnnial
of events in France which gave
impetus to the establishment of republican
institutions throughout tho world, of
It is clearly the duty of the Congress of cr;
the United States to promptly take ac- so,
tion on tho invitation extended and \v
thus to proclaim in the most emphatic mi
manner its approval of this important bli
project. It will he remembered that in fei
consequence of this report tho sum of m<
$2">O.OlM) was appropriated to be used cu
under the direction of the Secretary ot th
State to defray all expenses. All com- eh
munications must be addressed to the Ha
Commissioner General, William 13. to
Franklin, or the Assistant Commissioner So
General, Soracrville P. Tuck, whose of- in
flees are in the Mills building, No. 85 pr
Wall street, New York. Tho French be
Commissioners will not correspond with Ui
foreign exhibitors. gi?
New York, Oct. 18,188S. ce
A letter received at Burlington was R<
addressed to the "Tax Collector or a jei
\t?t " Ti.id M-;,tonnaa *
a fearful lnclc of discrimination on the lo
part of somebody?Album Messenger.
First Bji30 Bull Player?"Di(l you go Ct
to Shortstop's wedding to-day? Sec- cu
ond Base Ball Player?1"Of Cotirso I W
Did." First Player?"How did it come
off?" Second Player?"Declared a tie."
?Oncc a Week. it'
"And now, follow citizens," said the ^
political orator, "I leave the subject m
with you. I have aimed to make my
spcccfi short and full of pith." "Like a
stunted corncob!"yelled an unconvinced ^'c
old farmer in tho audience.?Chicago w<
"Who is that lady dressed in black,
mamnm?"tt5ked Boby.osho sat with his w
mother on a ferryboat. "That in a Sister
of Charity, my boy," replied his ^
mother. Bobby pondered deeply for a ]<,
moment, and then ho said: "which is w
she, mamma, Faith or Hope ?"?/Juracr'a w
Bazar. w
?Tvo brought back that ring X took pi
yesterday on approval," he said to the th
jeweler. "What was the trouble; didn't w
it tit?" "No," he said, sadly, "I thought ai
?well, that is?well, you see, I bought fr
it for a certain finger, but she wouldn't w
wear it on that, so I've come back with it
it."?Jeweler's Weekly. 01
Ned?"Say, Jack, can you pay that of
51(1 von borrowed of mo a week auo?" tr
Jack (reflectively) ? "Ten dollars??a X
week ago??01), yes?no; can't do it. d
Sorry, but t?-ta." Ned?"Hold on a A
minute. Can you lend me $10?" Jack?
"Why, ui-m-m?certainly, old man, certainly.
Glad to accommodate you!"?
Time. ,
^Irs. Godolphln?"Now, what would cc
bo your terms, Mr. Jones, forgiving me
a course of?say a dozen lessons in painting?"
Jones?"Well, frankly, Mre. Go- j
dolphin, I'm afraid it's too late in life ^
for- you to begin to start a career in art, n
that in, if you wish to take it up serious- n
ty." Mrs. G.?"Oh, but I don't! I only j,
want to learn enough to bo able to y
"What do you think of the Exposi- 1
tion Art Committee?" a Chicago artist j
whose works had been respectfully do- ]
clincd, was asked. "One is a j.orkpacker,
another a house-mover, and the
third a photographer's clerk," was the 1
reply, "and none of thein know -art i
when they' see it." Another artist who j
was asked the same question promptly
replied: "Oh, they are people of very
Hue taste?one of iny paintings hangs in c
their exhibit."? Chicago Globe. t
No SolzurcitThlN Scnuoti. J
Ottawa, Oct. 23.?Commander Gor- g
don, in charge of the Fishery Protective
Service, is here to report on the season's J
work. That the Dominion authorities \
have acceded to the request made early
in the spring bv the British Government
that every leniency should be shown
American fishermen in order to avoid
any conflict with the United States, is
borne out by the fact that not ono soizure
of an American fishing vessel has been
made this year. Commander Gordon
gays that in no instance did an American
vessel attempt to violate the negotiations,
which may be partially accounted
for by the fnct that they were permitted
to co on shore to communicate with
their homes whenever they : wished,
while those who were so disposed could
take out a license, which gave them all
the privileges they desired.
Ground tu Umtli.
Cheyenne, Wto., Oct. 23.?A parly
ol Union IVitlc carpenters pushing t
hand car along the track twenty-four
nillca weat of this city were run down
by a train in a deep cut at a sharp curve
to-day. John McCanna, aged 00 years,
was ground to pulp under the wheels.
Four oilier men were seriously injured.
Dbink M&lto, it is pleasant.
\ Fine Legal Quontlua A ride* nt Tnrorn
Clilumn Allowed to Lnnd.
Tacoma, w.' t., Oct. 28?Twentymo;
Chinamen carao down from Alaska c
ho steamer An con on her lost tri
I'hey had gono there from Astoria I
vork in the canncries. The Ancon cor
njj down went straight to Part Towi
tend, not touching at Victoria as imia
o avoid any trouble in repaid to the
anding here. Collector of Custon
3rookfl, however, refused to nliow thei
.. I I I I..wl ....^..,1 tlirnii.F
v? mini i/cuiuni; uici uuu |nw?cu
Jritisb waters in reaching here. A wr
if habeas corpus was suetl out here, un
vhile it was pending the steamer Mea
co arrived from San Francisco with si
Jhimuuen, the steamer having otoppe
nroute at Victoria, B. C. She too, wn
topped, and a lawyer from Townsen
lasteued to join in tho habeas eorpu
troceedings. Tho argument took plae
esterday, the United States being rep
esented by the Assistant District Attoi
ley. Judge Allyn decided that the cas
rassuchaH contemplated by the Chi
eso restriction act; that under the law
rhich decree pasHenjjers on Atnerioai
liips to be under the jurisdiction of thi
Suited States, these Chinamen bount
oui one American port to anothei
merican port, not having left the shi|
: any time, had not been out of tht
nited States, even though the ship had
niched at a foreign port. The Chinaen
were allowed to land.
Uuntl AcruMM.
Simmons Liver Regulator produces no
ipleasant eflect upon the stomach no
atter how long it ia taken. A little
ken at night insures refreshing sleop
id a natural evacuation of the bowels,
little taken in the morning sharpens
o appetite, cleanses the stomach and
rcetens the breath.
"I never recommend a medicine un53
I know it to be good. Jn a ministry
ttrnntv.fii'n vniirii 1 Imm nfton f??If tin
led of such a medicine, anil when I
tmd it I exclaimed: 'Enrckn!'"?
sr. J. P. IIahi'kk Proprietor "Chrisin
Visitor," Smithtield, N. C. MWKdw
rhe only time when an American hits
y use for un English sparrow is when
r thing is dead and can be sold for a
KIcctriu ltilltrrx.
This remedy is becoming so well
town and so popular as to need no sped
mention. All who use Electric Bit"s
sing the same song of praise.~A
irer medicine docs not exist and it is
arantced to do all that is claimed,
ectric Bitters will curt* all discuses of
e liver and kidneys, will remove pimps,
l>oils, salt rheum ami other adeems
caused by impure blood.?Will
ive malaria froia the svstem and
event as well os eurcall malarial fevers.
>r cure of headache, constipation and
digestion try Electric Bitters.?Entire
,isfaction guaranteed, or money rcuded.?Price
50 ets. and $1 00 per botat
Logan it Co.'s drug store. 5
Ailvlfie to Mother*.
Are you disturbed at night and broken
your rest by a sick child suffering and
ping with pain of cutting teeth? If
, send at once and get a bottle of Mas.
in blow's Soot in no Syrup fouCiiilikn
Teething. # Its value is inealcula;.
It will relieve the poor little suf er
immediately. Depend upon it
)thers, there is no mistake about it. It
res dysentery and diarrhtea, regulates
c stomach and bowels, cures vviud
olie, softens the guins, reduces the inmmation
and gives tone and energy
the whole system. Mia. Wi.vsLOwrs
0t1iing svkup for children teetiiu
is pleasant to tho taste, and is the
ascription of one of the oldest and
st fomale nurses nnd physicians in the
nitcd States, and is for sale by all drugits
throughout the world. Price 25
nts a bottin. mwfaw
Catarrh cured, health and sweet
eath secured, by Sliiloh's Catarrh
unedy. Price 50 cents. Natml Injtor
ton lame back, aide or chest, use Milh'a
Porous Plaster. Price 25 cents.
Sim.oii'fl Cough and Consumption
iro is sold by us on a guarantee. It
res Consumption. Sold by W. 1C.
illiams and C. Menkcmilkjr. bow
Mrs. Hennessy?Sure, Patsy, darlint,
h afraid Oi am tuat Oi II overaulape in
' maroiu', an' be too late for airly
Mr. Ilennossy?-Doan't throuble yourlf
at all, Mary Ann. Av you *fiud
mrself overahhipin', tech uie, an' Oi'll
nko you at wanst.
An Kxiilunatluu.
What is this "nervous trouble" with
hich so many seem now to be afflicted?
you will remember a few years ago
io word Malaria was comparatively uniown?to-day
it is aa common m any
ord in the English language, yet this
ord (to vers only the meaning of another
ord used by our forefathers in times
wt. So it is with nervous diseases, as
iey aud Malaria are intended to cover
hat our grandfathers called Biliousness,
id all are'eaused by troubles that arise
ora a diseased condition of the Liver
hich in performing its functions finding
cannot dispose oftho bile through the
dinary channel is compelled to pnsa it
r through the system, oausing nervous
oublcs, Malaria, Hilious Fever, etc.
ou who are suffering can well approateaenre.
We recommend Green's
ugust Flower. Its cures are marvelous.
no?*? Tiiut
We offer One Hundred Dollars Rowarii
>r any case of Catarrh that cannot b(
ured by taking Hall's Catarrh Cure,
F. J. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, Q
We, the undersigned, have known F
. Cheney [or the lout fifteen years, am
elieve hiiu perfectly honorable it
U business transactions, and financially
ble to carry out any obligations mad<
iv their iirm.
vest tfc Truax, Wholesale Prugglsts
Toledo, Ohio,
Valuing. Kinnan a Marvin, wiioiesaii
l)ruggists, Toledo, Ohio.
Z. H. Van Hoesen, Cashier, Toledo Na
tional Hank, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internal
y, acting directlv upon the Ulood nn<
duc.ub surfaces of the system. Price 75
ler bottle, Sold by all druggists. da\
That Hacking Cough can besoquickl;
ured by Shiloh's Lure. We guarflp
do it.
Will yod suffer with Dyspepsia am
Jver Complaint? Shiloh's Vitalixeri
;uaranteed to euro you.
Slbeplrss kioiits, made miserable b
hat terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure 1
he remedy for you. Sold by W. Wili
amw and C. Menkemiller. kow.
T| Dr. BULL'S facilitates tMMna on.*
Kinv ovDIIDrc<0latesthaBowc,s"A*
liflUI OlnUr mildrnggiaU.PrlotfgcH.
Dill I C Gut** Coughs, Colds,
PULL O Hoarseness, Asthma,
Bronchitis, AAIIA1J Croup,Incipient
Con-|j|JU|]g| sumption,
and relieves Consuinp. Pyh||Q
tive Penoni. ?5 cents. Q j flUl
cunrr LAnacs'cuiiiTiiaMirrcs for c*
SMVKt tarm, Prist 19 (til, At alt arugghu*
n. The Wholesale Price* of all the Yarlot
re Inteluoi."*c?ji oitick,)
Wheklino, Tuesday, Oct. 23. /
,n Tho loml j?ralu market* havo quieted dow
|>. and are devoid of any impurtaut features. Tli
[o demand 1* still practically restricted to supplj
itiK Immediate actual wantf, while price# r
main unchanged. la regard to wheat there Is
,l* continued diversity ofviews. While some oj>eri
I, torn still incline to the belief that it is too hfgi
ir others contend that it is not any higher thau th
is actual situation warrants. They point with
:n Rood deal uf emphasis to the larvo hortaj;c 1:
|) the crop in the Northwest, hut fail to note li
. this connection that the export demand ha
11 fallen otl'iu almost nothing. The deinautl fo
(I cum and oats Is still of a hand-to-mouth charac
ter, but prices are steady as quoted. Tlmoth:
Imv continues in good demand. but prices havi
nut varied much of into. The local Hour marke
il allows & ought falling off lu price* oa somi
s brands; the demand I* light.
lu thu grin-cry department there will ho fount
4 uti unusually large number of changes, and thcj
8 are nearly ull full of interest. Provisions urn
(, lard have l>een shaded down several poinu, urn:
sugars have teen shifted u little lu several cumk
'* Teas lire linu. Spleen uro steady. Itetlued su
intra firm. Syrups tin chunked. Old crop New
Orlcaus molasses is IIrtu. Advices from the primary
market quote the prices for new crop Hrtn,
and desirable grade* of open kettle scarce and In
good demand. It Ice in flrui and active. A better
feeling prevail*, aud eouie dealers predict higher
prices. The higher gnulei of doiueatlc are ulready
up ut the source of supply.
1 .Uratn awl FUnir.?Fancy patent*, (spring and
r winter) 15 N3a? 2S; fancy family, white amber,
amber und winter, 8.'* & in* paper; wood 15c
' higher. Oatmeal?medium SO AO per bid: fancy
J?iRye Hour 5125. Middling* per tun u>
| u'JI CK>. Urun |>er ton f-W OUalil 00. Wheat per
1 bushel, No. 1,91 OOul 10.
Feat.?Cora per bushel 70c. Oat* 3SM0&
Baled liay per ton fJO UO. Farmers are otiering
loose bay at fH 00 per ton.
/2 tee-Carolina bead Cc: Carolina choice SJ^c:
Carolina prime5>?e; Louisiana5u5>?c; Java 1'earl
Cc; Broken U%c.
Syrup*?Choice sugar syrups .TJar>c; Sugai
Syrups 28a8Sc; Honey Drips ;?a30c; Maple Drips.
, five gallon kegs 05c; ten gallon kegs 00c; half
Imrreis55c: barrels 5oc; Blxoy Maple Syrup (liar
1 rels)Mc; Llxby Maple (S barrels) f*Mc: Blxbjr
> Maple (10 gallon kegs) (iOc; IIIxby Maple (5 gallon
kegs) C2e; Hixbv Maple (quart ntus) 30c.
Sugar House (dark) 'Jumtie: (2c additional lo half
barrels). New Orleuus Molars, Fancy 43ol5c;
choke 40c; prime 33c: fair 32c; mixed good,
New Orleans 42c; baker's goo<U 2taS0c.
i'rwlrions? targe 8. C. hams 13c; medium
S.L'.hatns V.lVjc; California bums 10c;t>.(5.break
fast baron Il}?al2c; H. C, hotildem Oe; boneirrs
bams Italic; city sides He; bacon shoulder*
tfjfo; bam beef lie; ordinary bod 9c; family
mo* pork & lo pieces fl8 SO; beau pork, tine
clear 51H SO.
lord? l'uro refined, in tJorco Uc; bnJ/ barrel;
llj-ic; tuba 11c: Chicago lard, in tin pails, 3 lln.,
lUJ$c; tin pails, 5 Itm., 10c; tin palls, 10 lbs.,
yj,e; tin pails, 20 lbs., W4c: tin pailii, fiO lbs.,
ifuflar-Cutloaf &}& , cubcs8>ic: mm powdered
So; ordinary powdered *Wc; srrauulated standard
7%c;standurdconfeetloners* A7^c: Columbia
\ 7%u; standard Windsor A 7.31c; Kidgewood
white A 7'4c, white extra C G%o; ktandard yellow
0>^c: New York (J ti>4c; golden COJic; fruit
sugar i.'ic: New Orleans clarified 6><Ja7c.
Coffee?Green coil'ce? Fancy Golden itlo lS><c:
fancy green 18}?c; 1'eaberry 21}$c; choice green
IT'-jc; roasting grades 10c; Java iKc: ituanted In
piw luges?Ohio Valley Klo 21c; Pau Handle 21c;
Arbiickle A Co.'s rousted 21 c. Hulk rousted?
old iiovernmcut Java 'Mc; 1'ea berry 23c; "A"
grade Klo 20c.
Teat?Youug Hyson, per lb., ZiaTiOc: gunpowder,
SolOc; itniicnal, 35a&0c; Japan, SJaTOc;
Oolong, 22*75e; smchouk', -2ufi.r>c.
Catuilt*?.star, full weigbt.l0c; stcarine per set,
12c: mould. |?er set. 10c.
Vinegar?C'noiee cider, 10al2c per gal.; standard
city bruuds, luallc per gul.; country I3al&c per
gal.. on to quality.
Cheac-l* quoted In Jobbing at llKJo for prlmo
wofitern, mm 12JCc lor full cream; Swclucr 13a
1.'x:, according to i|iiality; Limburyor, like;
factory, tWc; Now York btatc, 12%c.
FUh?No. 2 medium mackerel, ffJU 00; No. 2 fat,
til oo.
&ab~.S'uIcii of timothy wed at 8110 per bushel;
cli?v.-r, Mrituti need. W ot; lar^c, 16 25.
Salt? No. 1 per bbl, flue; extra per bbl., II 55;
dairy, flue, :vi>u?hel *nck?, %\ GO per sack.
Sweet Com?toiiic per lb.
JimiHiralnt /'nofc?fared pcachct, per lb, 32a
2.'*; un pared peacht*, per lb, lOaHc; applet, per
lb, fle; ninpbcrricfl, per lb, 22a25c; blackberries,
i?er It*. I0al2c.
Utinueit UwmU?Standard 3 lb. tabic poach t260;
ide iKiacUtv,:?lb., SI *J ; pie peachon, 0 lb., fc! Jtt:
No ;; tomato*.*, new, 41 ?); Onborno A Weill"
corn, 51 fr>; do WIiihIow'k 2 lb., $1 20; do 2d jrrado
J lb., SI 10; strawberries 2 lb., f 110; blackbctrirs.
1 lb.. Si 10; ranpberriw, 2 lb., |l 00; Damson's $
II).. Iftc; limn beans,2 II*., U0c; cove oysters, 1 lb.
iiirut, C0c; do 1 lb. full weight, ?*$! 00; HlriiiK
beans, 2 lb., btaOOc; sijivotash, 2 lb., <<0cafl 2'?;
early June pew Sr^lfti; French peas, lie
each; nliio apple* *1 jo; Morrow fat peus, 2 lb.,
SI 'Atnl W. Kooneberrlett, 2 lb., fticaSl 00; 3 lb.
sweet potnti*'* si "5.
Wooden Ware?No. 1 tubs $7 75; No. 2,86 75: No.
3, V> 75; 2 hoop pails SI 35; 3 hoop 91 6Q; wugle
washboards SI M; double do 82 GO; flue crimp
double do 82 7.r?: single 82 50.
FntlU?Xcw Valencia ralidiu 7j^c: Layer Odom
8Me; London Layer rahdna 82SO; 1-oosc Jlitacatela
SI eg. I'runos Sc. New evaporated
apricot* 18c. Pitted plums 15c. 1'itiud
blackberries 13c.
Oft?Lard, western extra strained 8?e; carbou,
110. 7%c; carbon 150, Stfc; white miners best
winter 02c: white miners' No, 2,57o.
ruoou.cc AN(i ttlKCCIXANEOUS.
There la n fair demand for strictly fresh eggs
and choice butter, aud price* are htendv quotod.
Cheese ilrm and for September make higher
prices kre looked for. While chestnuts have
steadied up the market it devoid of *ny particular
animatlbn. Chicken* arc lower this week,
lint the demand continues good at reduced quotation*.
Choice beau* arc iu demand but poor
stock in very slow. 1 ?rlcd apples are wanted and
dealers ?>au do well on all shipment*. Turkey#
are co.mlug in now, and all choice (at stock sells
ou arrival.
Apple*?Cliolce, porbbl, 91 OOal 10; medium,
perbbl.t 50.i7.'>q,
V/cnuj-l'rluie new hand picked, med., I2?5a
2 50; prime, now hand picked, navy, 822ja250.
Mutter?Country, choice, ltialftc; country, good,
12alSo: country, fair. tin7c.
Uttf ifW??Steer green, GO lbs. up 5aCc; stcst
green, lluht, 5a0e; cow green, outic; bull groan,
4a5o; calf skins, green, 5aGc.
Cider?Sand refined, (bhl. Included) 80 00a7 00;
country, sweet, ft 0twii)Q;oMb.choico, 8000*7 00;
crab, medium, 91OQaft (X).
Drltd tS-uiU? Apples, choice sliced, per lb.. 8a
.l^o; applos, Ohio and West Virginia ^s.pcr lb.,
Sl&vlc; blackberries, per lb.,7aSc; cherrie*, pitted,
per lb.. 10ul2c; cherries, unpltted, per lb? 4a5c;
raspberries, per lb., 20a22c; peaches, per lb.,
4a5c; peaches. J4s, i?cr lb? 401 dried peas, per
bush., $1M: dried corn, per lb., 5aUc; hominy,
per bbl?$lQftKm!*"*
rosu In caso 20a21c per dozen: fresh in
barrels 20c.
{i'mft./rk.(?hnlra itvn nop IK Jflii.V
mixed live gecftc,.pcr ll>, 35a40c; ch\ukon, drypicked,
6ttlOc; duck, dry picked, 25a?5?.
Potatoa? Peerless, per uW.. prltnc, new, II 25a
1 60; roue, per bill., prime, new,SI 50; per bushel,
.Wj-Chestnut*. 92 00a2 f?0 per bushel; walnuts,
-tOii'iOo; ttheilbiirkK, II 75u2 00; peanuts,
green, V/QiAfe per pound; rousted fl 3,'wl 00 per
Fall Fruit*?Pen in, common, Si 00 per bushel:
' fancy varieties, Jl OQuA 00 per barrel; Concord
crapes, |?er pound; Delawaie, do., 3)fA4e;
iiulueeu 91 'i'Ul 50 per bushel.
Veo?titble??Cabbage, OOal 00 per hundred:
i celery, 20u30n per dozen; onions, yellow Di\n*
vers, SI Mai 75 per barrel; do., 55aG5c per bushel;
turnips, SI i!.">al 60 per barrel.
Troutfoi Pruto-Lmotn. Si SOttt 00 per box;
i Jamaica orange*, I" 00a7 W per barrel; Florida*,
S4 00u5 00 per Tmx; bananas, SI 80a2 00 per buuen;
1 cocoantit*. II 0Qa5 00 pei* hundred; Tokuy grapes,
$> fiQnO 00 per keg, Persian dates In mata, &>%*Ge
per iiouud.
lloiury?Whlto clovcr, per lb,, 13*130; pure
1 strained. 8al0e.
1 White, mixed ootlon, per lb., lK&lte;
3 all wool, per lb? n?w, per lb.,lai>?c.
a 00; cltiekons, sprlutr. per dozen,SI ?0a2 CO: ducks,
per dosen, 12 u>. By Pound-Live: Turkeys,
, per lit., be; ducks, per lb., Cc; chickens, hens, per
{ lb., "use; chiekeus, old cocks, 4olc: springcbtuk,
ens. per lb.. 7a8o.
1 llwtis ami Ham?Ginseng. dry, p?r lb., In <le;
mund.&OQtf 2&;aiuwAt?W tot);, per lb., 2>i?i3c;
? sassafras oil, pM lb? 4UuWc; May upple root, per
lb,, IK^1' yoltow root, (jrolden seal) per lb., 7*
so; blood root, per lb., sc;8encea snake root, per
i. lit., (roc of top, .I'nUOc; West Virginia stisku root,
per lb., 2fta35c; pink root? per lb., fine, U0n35c:
elm bark, per lb.. Ia2c.
u /-uM-tiBunk, No. l.HOnOOc; No. 2,4QaflOo: No.
3,20430c: white. lOalto; miwkxu, No, 1, QUaOte;
. No. 2, 40tt50c; No. 3, Ify&Ql No. 4, .'?al8c: opossum.
No. 1, fckflc) No. 2, lOnlfio: No. 3, Bute;
muiKrflW, winter, salOu.
?Poaf~rine vruinod,27a28c; flno unwashed, 1R?
I 20o; medium washed, 28?30c; medium unwash
ml, 2tfti22n: ronrw washed, 2Xa30c; coanic, uu
C washed, 20a22c.
wheeling lw? htuwu Market.
_ Cat/lf-1,000 to M00 lbs. Slock SKaS^c per lb.
y 600 to wo lb#. ail'i>io 1-or lb.; 70U to W) lba
1 J^^i^Mnrketfair;5>^aCcperlb.
, Z>imfc??Good at :W>e |?er lb.
u CWsrs?laftc |K?r lb.
8 Shetjt-2a3e per lb.
Now York. Oct. 23.?Petroleum opened atroni
? nt h7c?nu innvvtl up ic on neavy ouyinjr uy m<
I- west. A sllcht reaction then occurred, wblct
whs succeeded by another rally, which carrlr<
the price up t.? Rr}*', and was then study unti
~ the hint hour when n sharp dwllne set In, and ttu
market closfld steadyul afjic. Consolidated F.x
change: Opening nt 67c; highest SSJic: lowcs
closcd nt 87%c.
On. Crrv, Oct. 21.?Opened nt87ko; bighes
MKc: lowest 87c;closod nt 87%0) mm l.CCS.OU
barrels; clearances n.-tau.OOO barrels; charter* l.VJ,
r/?> barrels; shipments 103,2)7barrels; runs 48,91!
Pm*ncwm, Tx., Oct. 23.?Petroleum faltl;
active and linn: opened atSG%c;closcditfc7%o
highest Hs^c; lowest SCj^c.
ItRAPronn, Pa., Oct, Opened at 87Xc
clorcd ?t K7*ic; hiirln'KtNiVjjc; lowest 87c: clear
ances barrels.
T?to*vili.e, Pa., Oct. St.?Opened at 87Jic
highest 88%c; lowest 87c; closed at 875#.
philadelphia,Pa., Oct. 2L~Wool Arm: Ohio
Pennsylvania and Wv?t Virginia XX and nhov
SluSj^e: X SOtaici medium ;tia36c:coarse Watte
Mirhltitii, Indiana and western tlno or X an<
XX 27aii>c: medium Matte; coarse ttSattc
other grade* unchanged.
New Yokk, Oct. 23.?'Wool quiet and firm: d(
mcstic lleeco 2Sattc; pulled '.3a3Gc; Texas 14a?k
New York. Oct. 23;?Pig Iron qtifet and itead]
Copper steady; lake. 117 45. Lead quiet; domei
tic 93 'J'i-t- Tin dull; straits ?3 lo.
Dry Goods.
New York. Oct. 23.?ttauoaablo trade chanii
terlxcd the market. ;
Frew It Bertachy?Ft
, ik.ROTC^^3
Musi bo given to people who will not \>
1 Critically Examine O
It li beautiful uani
furniture ai
Oil Cloths and Linoleum
Window Shades and Ci
Saxony Chlidema Rugs,
Smyrna and Moquett R
Fancy and Plain China, N
WYou will flud it rery profitable to viilt uf ac<!
1117 Main
Special atton tlon given to Underi
Telephono calls answered at all
i /Jr**
i Am?
I m-jk
1 JjL Mustang S
&fibj*\Ou> SoJUUt, Ujjutt JlttOSW I
I '^%x
I Wv
THe Feature* of tlin Monoy and Stock Mnr. J|
keM. J1
New York, Oct. 23.?Money on coll easy nt % w
to 2 per cent, last loan nt J# per cent, closod
offered nt 2 per cent. 1'rlmu mercantile paper
4%a7 per cent. jSforllnir exchange ?IulI but {.*,
su-Rdy at ft Slal ST?*. Kale* of Mock* 270,SCO ...
shares. The
stock market to day wa* fairly netlvc. and *
there was some Irregularity In tho movement of i<,
the list, but price* wero generally strpug. The
ojienlng price* were Komowhat irreuulur but *
generally lower and dot-lines extended to % per
cent, and further losses of fractional amount* J?'
wore sustained lu the early trading, while Nor- ?
folk & Western preferred was specially weak. ?
The list soon rallied on a sudden and complete
clmugo iu the speculation. Tho losses oi tho
IJrst few minute* were quickly recovered all ~
over the list. A sagging tendency appeared J
toward the lust hour and some concciwiouH lor I
tho best figure* were made, though no special ?
fraturu wit* apparent and the market iiimlly
closed rather weak aud quiet generally nt Insignificant
change" from the opening prices.
Kollroad bond* dull; wiles 81,088,000.
Uoverumeut and State bonds quiet and atcady. r
U. 8. 4b reg V2714 Sash & Chat 82 F
U. 8.4s coupon 127% New Jersey Central 88% fr
U. 8. 4'<js reg HWJ-i Northern Pad lie.... 2mZ r?
U.F. 4kcoupon l(>h,!? do preferred filK u
Adams hxnress 147 Lnicugo & x. w 1iw-4 hi
Atnurlcnn Exprcu..llO% <lo preferred 112
Canada Southern... 64;\\ Now York CctitralJOaMi
Central l*aelflc :i'0i Ohio & Mississippi.
Chesapeake AOhio. 20 do preferred Si
do Hint preferred. 17 Pacific .Mall JW ,'
do kg ootid prefd. 1H 1'itudmrKh l.V?
C. C. C. <b 1 00)4 Heading K% r
Denver A H. U l'J St. L. A 8. F
Eric '>V; do preferred - 07^
do preferred....... 65>a doflrstprcfenedJlo
Fort Wayne JU C. M. A St. Paul.... ??*; ^
Kansas A Texa* 12k do preferred J0?i ?
1 Ake Erie & West... 17% Texas 1*1101110 24*; 1
do preferred Uulon Paeillc (Vfo *
hake Shore UWft United State* Ex.... 7s
Louisville ib Nashu. Cu% W., Ht. 1.. A1* 14%
L., N. A. A C 4:i do preferred .'h
Memphis A Cbas... f>0 Weils-Fargo Ex 140 o
Michigan Central... 88% Western Union WA
Missouri Pacific.... 75
ltrendstufTa nutl Provlklons. v
New Vobk, Oct. 32.?Flour, receipt* 17.708 v
packages: exports 6,487 barrels and lii.Wtf sacks;
market dull; sales 12,lf>0burrel*. Wheat, receipts
1SM.000 bushels: sales SKMIOO bushels of futures
and PJ.lWO hushela of spot: spot market dull;
ungradedjred SI OBal 14,y. No. 2 Chicago (1 1014a
1 Ilk; No. 2 Milwaukee tl GH&: opUoun steady;
No. 2 red October SiUyJ;: Nov. SI lu1;.; December SI
1'24<1: Jntiuurv 81 lSVd. ltvo klrnm-: w.-.tern f.in
07c. Ikrley woak; western vfxiKSc. Corn, receipt*
25,W7 bU?hels; export* lM.OOO btiKhels of futuie* ami
ui,i"K) bushel* of spot; t.pot market wonlc; i
ungraded mixed 48^tTOc: option* weak; Novctu* '
bor 4'JMe; December M^luolc, cloMug ut fcokc;
January 4?&c; Mny 4*0. Oat*, receipt* ft,100 '
bUihoU; export* KA) bushel*; hulc* 10,?<j bushel*
of future* and 140,000 buihciH of spot; markut
active ami steady mixes! wo*tern 27a:?ke;
white do Sftuio; No. 2 Chicago aij^c.
Huy ami hops quiet. Coffee, options
steady; October 13.75nl3.uoc: Novemner 1
I3.7ftc; December 12.iKJnl3.3Uc; Fohruary, March,
April. May, June. July and September 12.m'u 1
U.k<; spot, Rio easier at Ififcc. Sugar, ruv\ u ,
trlUc more In demand; refined quiet, itlee
strong. Tallovr tlrmat.VV. ltosln qiileU Turpentine
quiet. Egg* quiet; western 21}??22c.
l'ork steady. Cut meat*aulet. Lard dull; westcm
9,l2)4o: December 8.Wc; October v.iue; November
H-wc; January 8.60c; February s.Vk-;
March fl.tGc; April H.5HC. Butter steady; western
dairy I2%ul*c; creamery lGaaJHc. Cheese <
dull; western ttulu?4o,
CllIOAOO, Oct, 23.?The general condition* of
the wheat market remuiii unchanged. A fair btinluviH
wan done, principally In Mhv. Corn
fairly active. Oats steady and linn. Provision*
Irregular. Flour Irregular aud unsettled. Wheat.
ca?h No. 'J spring 8111 Wnl 12'A; No. ;t spring .Vm
hHc; No. 2 re<l 81 11VI 12*1 October 51 12?4;
November 81 13, closing at 81 is?;; Dccvin;
ber 81 13al \h%t ohudng ut $1 14; May 81 12>$n
113?;, closing a*. 81 l.i>?. Corn, caali nnd October
, 4l!ttc; Nuvomber 41Jkc. closing at 41 Ke; Decern*
I Kir a?)^?40c, cloning nt Wfa: May JtfyCWAc,
' oloklng at SMjV*. Oata, cash and October 21&c,
November 24%c: December 2.'iJ^o; May v.?'v.
Rye. No. 2. 67kc. Flaxseed, No. I, fl M). Mens
pork,cash 814 K'>?ilA ou; November 8 t;<u;Jami.
ary 814 4ftal4 K7&, closing at 811 M; May si I 7 ?.
Lard, cash h.hoc: October H.SJc, cloning at 8.80c;
November g.gtoR.riQc, closing at 8.37c: January
H.22VCc; May 8.37KC. Baron, abort rib* 7.75c;
ItouUlcraK.S'Hc; abort clear 8.Ma#.75ct Whisky
81 3). Hupar-, cut loaf g'anulaicd 7 ?? ;
tamlard A Wf . Butter higher; Klgln ircamery
aflggg; eholco western aaaste. Eggs steady
_ Baltimore, Oct. 23.?Wheat, western quiet:
? No. 2 Winter red spot and October 81 u-al UiJ i:
r November 81 0ftal0%; Deoetnbcr 81 um'?; Jau*
} uary 81 OUjial 10. Corn, wentern steady; mixed
I aiKit and October 4'Jj?o; year 4.'>Jic; Jauuary
' 45Wc; February 4M{e. Oat* steady; western
L white XlaXln: do mixed 2Ka30c; urado<l No.
whlto Me. ltje quiet at Wa"it)e. liny quiet at
1 810 S0al7 00. l'rovinloi'* nteady. Batter very
firm; western parked 12hISo; roll ITnlUc.
t rreamery 22o27c. lluv Hrtu at 'ila22C. Coll'ee
J llrm.
; PniLADUrniA, Pa., Oct. ?2.-Flourdu1l and
weak, Wheat weak and lower; ungraded 8110?^
al It? No. 2 rwl October 81 uf?3i: NovemU-r ?l i?4i
f 11**4-. utcwMXii *1 January ?i w;y>i iu>
1 Coru lower: uiigriulcl ale; No. mix til?October
November CO'^e; December '(Mfc*.
Oat* weak; No. a whitefuture*dull;No.
I while October 83?33!4e: Noveinln-r M'-aa."^;
I)prenilHT.n|4r: Jftuimry ;??f. ICkkh Urn:; Peuo*
. lylvanl* flntft
l\?suw; fancy S&'jfoMO. Wheat firm; No. !
red II 05; receipt* i.ooO bushel*; shipments UV
bushel'. Corn ciuirr: No. 2 mixed -Itfc. <i?t*
' eiwy jffo. 2 mixed ?V-tC< Kye oaMer; No. 2.fiRke.
? Pork dull and unmlualat ?!.' uo l.?r.l dull at
8.37J?ic. H"lk menu dull, iincon unlet; short
3. cloar V- Whisky active hiiiI llrm ?t 81 II.
Hut lor. ?UK?r aud cheese Heady. Egm linn at
J* Toledo. 0., Oct. 23.?Wheat active and Arm;
cash fl OGSal 10J$; December 31 if J; May !i il.
Corn dull; cash -the. Oat# unlet; cash 2'>S/.
Cloverseed dull and Heady; cniili and October
r. 1530; November ft 65; December95G.%
Live Stock.
Chicago,Oct 21?Cattle?Rtcelpta k.OOO head;
shipments n.oon headr market steady: beeves
> $5 0UaAK'?; steers ?11005 25; stockcrr and feedem
9300a33S; cow*, bulls and mixed ?l W;
irnlturo and Carpets.
rako up to the uccc?ity of oomluc to
rtmcnt of the very
t p
irtain Poles, x
New, c
ugs, ?
apier and Cocoa Mattings.
I inspect our c&rofullj wlocted Sprint Stock flnt ?
Street. 5
taking and Arterial Embalming. :
4 I
m m ;
m w ?
jmmsnt A ;
HEKT ladaathtnPan JESS * ex'
/<s$jr 1 *
1 s
1 3
- no
extern rangers $2 30s4 25. IIoijK-Kccclpt* I
,ooo bcflil: shipments 5,000 licttd: jnnrtot i
emly; mixed ft 4IW? 70; henry 55 Nia5 tf>: ll?l?t a*,
> 10*5 50: KklpH $1 40a5 15. Hheej>-Reeeints 1
500 hcnil: shipments 1.000 haul: market firmly; ?:j
ltlvcM S:l OOiil 10; western 83 00?3 GOiITexaus ?,J
;<0a3 :ii. ? ?
Kast I.inRRTT, Pa., Oct. 23.?Cattle?Rocclpta CXt
h head: shipments 722 heat!: markot dull at to*- c1*
rdny'H price*. llojrs?Receipt* 1,700 head: ship- j
ents 1 /AX) head; market dull: Philadelphia* _
I 7(H5 7ft: mixed $!> fltaS70; Yorker* 15 MafiCO;
itnmoti to fair 85 25*540: pigs S3 A0a5 00. Sheep? ? .
ceclpt* a,ww head: shipments 1,800head; mar- *
. t active at yesterday's prices. Rn,
uwcnin ati. Oct. 23.?lion itroriRor; common su
id light si fi0?540: packlujrand butcher* S520a -j
r,o: n-coIpUi2.000head: shipment* 2.800 hend. nn
' p'
Jewelry, Watchos. &c. d?
llteiSiTSportsmen! 1
Breach Loading Guns, ^
or Fall Trade, Is now completo. We have Guns ko
om 5") to s:r> each, representing nearly every
diahlo maker known. Our price* are fuaran- }
:ed a* low as any house in the country. Call ?
ud see us or write for prices. |
Jewelers, 1223 Market Street. ?
We are Agents for Chambcrlin & Peters' Cart- ?
Idee Co.'* loaded shells. so'iO
- . "" i i r Le
Boots and Shoes. S
Boots and Shoes ?
f Good Quality, Durable and Reliable, Good A!
Styles aud low prices.
Call and buy and nave money. All goods war- q,
anted. Heel Plates put on Rubber Shoes Fnan, q,
rhieh will give tbem doublo tbo wear thau ?
fltboui them, at
A. G. WiNCHER'S, g
(Rookes'Block,) w
wn U21 Main Street.
This ITotcl 1h dellghtfrtlly situated. with large, ?
jewly fnrnUlied and well Tcntilatod rooms. "
All modern improvements, and first-class In
sverv rcs|>ect. N
a<r*&i>ccittl accommodations for Commercial W
JJcn. B
Terms, S2 60 to $3 00 Per Day.
K. B. C A RISKY, p
(Late of Queen City Hotel, Cumberland, Md.,) a
M. rkii.ly, Manaobb. p
juii.n* 11. llona*,
Proprietor*. hj24 p
'! V
Miscellaneous. c
A Hat nf 1 fMYl miu'immiori itltf IntflSTATES
AND SECTIONS will be lent on application?
To those who want their advertlMn* to pay. wo
run offer no better medium for thoroURh and "]
cflcctlvu work thnn ihu vurloua tedious of our J
select Local List.
Newspaper Advertising Bureau. }.
orn vwr^w 10 Spruce Strwt. New York. j
Tho Toy tlio Child Likes JJeelTj ;
-is ttie? n
J?t. fa Bialig Slock !
BealBtoss. Throo Color*. j
A Clhtbr I'mwhtt for child- 1
of*!l see* r^rfl.TSkor n
I'gjT-ferlBfc) fftg? ta.u) ? good ?w*j? bo*. 1
rfii Dtarlptm Cnt*l?|m? ?oot (
?HBipoiit-freaonapplicationto a
F. Ad. Biohtor & Co.,
|i.' nr-X WliW "
I Ui^VftfWSSSPSffl'.i. .
USfor an flBita ? l>HH?ai (Mlf Mrr*
, **# /br .Vrrtf Afrt'tmi, Fat, KpiUyn, *U.
I"?l l.tKLB U Ukro M <Jlr*Ct?d. An /if
lint <in* I ? ?. 1r?.n?? and #: trial Mil* fr?? i?
r? ik'T p*ftmg tipffi* r)Mrre? oa b>i* ?h?a
>> ri'Pil ><-n.l naiur*. f.?? ?B'I ?ll>r*M tiidrtlt af
fr&J rfff^1 ci*eI fin" teautifiM the Lair,
fKt1 'roir.otn ft luxuriant ftflWth.
i lr-0"" 4?SNer?p Fallt <o UeMoro Gray
Heir 1? ill Yruthfjl Color.
I 'va>-~ *. i ^."rrv' piU* I'aiMmff aw.? hair failing
Arrival and departure of
TRAINS?On and after May 1ft, 1S88-KXri.ANATioN
orIU:kkuknck Makkk, "Dally. f8unday
cxceptcd. I Monday excepted. {Saturday
excepted. |Suu(!aj only.?ttaateiu Standard *
II. 4t U. it. It.?jvam. l?ej*rt. : Arrive
Philadelphia Limited ?>::.> am *10:t5pm
Mail and Kxpre** 5:10pm|fll.".s,am
Cumberland Accom- s?:uftazn 5;50 pm
Qra/ton Accom r>:10(iui 11 ."JO am
Moundirrllle Accom 5:JO urn 7:.'Wam
Mouuditvllle Accom .. 7:X>am 9:1'. am
Uouudsvlllo Amuu.. 12:01 |ini 1:40pm
Moundxrllle Accom- 6:10pm 7:40pm
CambridgeAccom-....-.- f9:00am t7:10pm
Kxprvw ((.'bli'A^o and Col).... *10:25 am *6:10 pm
Jbfcmco Kxpre** *8:4Vpm wJ:.'o am
JblcMKo Limited *9:fi0pm am
Columbus Acrtxn 12:45 pm 110:3 am
Jlnclnnatl Limited *11:15 pin * Iam
It. ClairavUle Accom 4(1:05 am f7:55 am
It. ClairavUle Accom...... p:00niu fio.-a'iam
It. Claimllle Accom Ti:W pm 41:35 pm
It. Clairaville Acvotn 5:10pm iti:10pm
yv., v. si ii. i>iv.
VaahlUKton ami I'ltuburgh. *5:00 am *10:15 am
Vaablogton and PUtabUHh. *8:10 am 1:10 pm
Ittaburgb dt Phila. Ex- *0:20 pm *0:55 pm
t'aahington and PittaburKh. 11:4ft pm f 12:45 pm
k'wihlngton f.j:.xopm 48:00 am
Itubureb Accom 15:30 pm ill :55 am
* v. si. L. tijr. | I
'ItUburgn................ I tt:20pm
Ituburjch and Now York.... f 1:85 pm f3:4A pm
liubunthaml New York.... f4:20pin tll:u;am
lttaburgh di N. Y. Ex 0:40 pin
Ixprwu, Cin. and St. Louli.. t7:'20ani fr,:.-.(inm
xpreas, Cln. and at. Louk. t0:40ptn '.'..upm
xptttM, Btcubenville ft Col. il'.'.tt pm i .1:4.Spin
teubeuviUc^auJ Dtunlson. t4:2Upm
ltUbargh and Cleveland..... 5:60 am ts:47 pm
artliJ'i Ferry 7:i."? Kin f&:15pm
tcubenvllle Accom...- 9:3a am |l:2Jipm
lerelandand Wei lav llle 2:1*2pin ma
Ittaburgh and New York 1:39 pm f J1:!:?am
Ittaburgh 1:17 an. (&:i7 pm
C.,L & W. It. B.
xprona, Cleveland, E. <k W.. tl2:3ftpin t3:06pm
aaalllon Accom t5:12pm tU:~??m
?Clalravlllo Accora t7:50ara 19:32 am
?Claintvlllo Accom fiO:a am fl :32 pm
. Clalnvllltt Aecoxu t'.MOpm f5:S4pm
. Clalnvlllo Accom 6:2.r> put h:uu pm
xal Freight and Accom.... 5:30 hip 17:Supm
Ohio luvur lUvUrou-i.
iMengor....... *7:35 am *11 :?> am
useugur .. *12:15 pm '3:20 pm
iMcuger *4:U0pm *8:15 pm
II.. Z. & 0. Itallroad.
Bellairo & Zanetvlllc Through Powengcr leaves
llalre at 8:40a. m., arrives at Bellalre at 4 p. m
W'oodirtcld Panic tiger leave* Ik*llairuat4:uip.
., arrive* at Bellalre at 8:'20a. to.
IUUIUICIUVU AwumiiiiMiiiuiJii itnvm ix iinim
1:00 p. m.. arrive* ?t Hollttln' nt 1?:4ft h. m.
XT HEELING & kmiguoviTK u!
rY Ou mill after Saturday, October 1:1, iw\
linn 011 the Wheeling ?fc Kim Grove Kuilnmd
II ruuai follows:
>::? a. ro., 7:00u. m.. 9 n. in.. 11:00 ?. in.. 1 :3U p.
? 3:30 p. m.. 5:20 p. in., 7:(M p. in., 11:00 p. ui.
iave Whkem.no I'ark :
i:10a. m., 7:45 a. in , 10:00n in., 12:30 in.. 2:SQ
in.. 4:20 p. ui., 0:10 p. in., 8:00p.m., 10:00 p. in.
iUNDA\d.?Unve the city at 8:00a.m., and
u evcr>* hour until 9:00 p. in. Ixmvc Wheeling
rk at 5:11) a. in., and run every hour until in
in. iucccpt chureb train will leave J'ark at
15 a. in. uud city at 12:15 p. in.
>cl3 t'. HIRPClir.Pnp't.
^Departure of trains from Wheeling. Schedule
effect April 20, isw?KnMorn tlino:
Jxprciw lor C.'hicage and tho Northwest. 10:2.*. a
3:40 n m, 9:50 p in 'Wllv, and 11:15 p m dcily
ccpt baturdar.
ixprew for tUudnnaMaodSt. Louis, 10:25 a in
lly, 11:15 pm dally.
Jambrldgo accommodation, 9:00 a m, cxrcpt
'or Columbus, 10:25 am dolly, and 11:15 p m,
lly, and 2:45 p m dally exeunt Sunday.
ixprcM for Wellington, I). C., Baltimore,
lladclphlaand New York, via Grafton. b.'Jb *>
mid 5:10 p m, dally, via l'ittabuR;b G:20 p. m.
ror Pittsburgti and Washington, I'a? 5:00 a m
Mr* nvnrivu H*1fla r.i iftallt* 1 *J\ n !?' itnilv
cept Sunday. Additional way twin for Wo?hHon,
l'a.. 5:30 p in, daily except Sunday.
'or I'ittMbur}*!), Washington, lialtimoro anu
iiadolpbla ai t>:'J0 p m dally.
Mttuburgli accommodation, Sunday only, f SO
por Moundsville, S:.V?and 7:35 a. m. pad 12:00
on. and 0:10 ji in, dally except Sunday,
'or Grafton, 5:10 p m, daily.
i"or Cumberland.'J:U5 am, daily, cxcept Surfer
St. Clalrevllle, s :05 and 9:00 a xa, 2 p m and
0 p m, duily except Sunday.
Jxprew trains arrive from ChUvtco, 0:25 and
0am ami 0:30 p m daily, aud 4:55 a m daily
sept Monday.
IxprcM trains arrivo from RU I-oute and Clninati,
4:55a m and 6:10 p m, daily.
Ixprcfi* tralus arrive from l'hihuldphla, Baltl
?ro and Washington. 1). C., via Urnftoti, 11:20
a and 10:15 pm daily; via. Pittsburgh, 10:15
m. dally.
[ rains arrive from Columbus, 4:55 am dailyd6:10pmdaily,
aud 18:85 am daily exiert
rrainn arrive from Pittsburgh, 10:15 a m dAlljr
d 12:45 p m, exccpt Sunday, 6:55 p ci aud 11:*0
n dally.
rrnlns arrive from Washington, Pa., 8:00 am,
lly except Sunday.
["rains arrive from iloundsvillo, 7:50 and 9:15
a mi'' 1:40 aud 7:40 p in, duily except Sunday. '
rrainn arrive Irotu Qrattan. 11:20 a in, daiiv.
["rain* arrive from Cumberland, 5:50 p in, uaily
pept Sunday.
t'ralnn arrive from St. Clalnvlllo, 7:55and !0:f6
u, aud 1 :S5 and 0:10 i> m, daily except Sunday
Cambridge accommodation arrive* at 7:10 p m
cept Sunday.
Jaggage called for and checked nt hotels and
ildenccn on order* left at ticket ofllcc, 1X?0 ilur
t street, and nt depot.
C'lIAS. O. SCULL, Gen. Pais Agent.
iV. M. CLKMKXTS, Manager. >
/ Table taking cfltat May 27, Passenger
kins will mu as follows?Central time. All
ins daily except thoeo marked thus f which
not run on Sunday,
BOUTU HOUND. fNo.7 No. 6. tNo.tfjNo. 1.
a. m. p. in. ii. m. a. in
?to?Wheeling 3:wi 11 :i.r> f?:85
mwood. opp. Hollalre 3:46 11:;'. 0:f<0
aundivillc 4:0.'. 11 Mi' 7:10
!w Martinivtllo 5:iv 1'-!? 8:15
llllamatown 7:w? *2:1* iu:10
irkeraburg 5:16 7:80 U:4f> 11.00
p. xn
ivenswood 6:16 .... 4:16 12:20
wouClty S:w 6:3- 1:S5
lfton 6:4<' 1:40
rrlve?Pt. PlwuwuL.... 8:41 6:1! 2:1b
tlllpol 1m Ferry ?J:M (,\n! 2:82
uyaudotto 10::si 7;W) 4:tt>
uutlngton 10:15 b:05 4.17
p. in.
larloston 3:20 10:00 8:20
ontou ?,.W
irtfimoutli h. in. 7:1U
lilto Bulphur b'Arj
it. ni. a. in.
aunion ......... H:.'? 0:20
NORTH BOUND. So. tl.lNu. !. fNo.2 fNO.8
a. in. a. in. n. m. p. w.
Bare?Huntington 10:C0 5:i6 8:15
nyandottc I0:ib 3:W 3-2S
alllpolli Ferry 11 ::i 7.c 4:W
olnt 1'lcasauL ... 11 m: 7:T 5:U7
p. in.
lifton 7:.v? 5:S5
iaMm 01 ty 12:2a !>:4C
avennwood 1:46 9:16 7:00
arkonburg 6:0" :;:ir. 10:46 8:-0
'111 lain* tow ii.. 6:30 3:i;. 11:15 mMN.
OW Mimitisviue a:n ....
ounHnviilo ?:2i G: l? 1:1 .???
en wood V.V- 7:0c 'i.a
xrlve?Wheeling 10:lw 7:ll> 2:3:......-.
Leave Wheeling via. p. in.
. C. & St. L 12:35 3:3rrlte?Cleveland...
0:80 .... 6:;i'> ?
Ittaburgb 3:20 5:W ....
a. rn. a. in
hlladclphla fi:2> 5:2.' ?
ovr York 8:U> ?:U
it. in.
hlcmro ":y * '
Through ticket* and bHgK%'o cHeckod to mi
W. J. ROBINSON, (lcn'1 Paw. Agent.
Parkersburg, W. va.
Tmv. 1'nwi. Agent. Wheeling. W. Va.
LOUIB RAILWAY CO.-Panhandlo Route
In dor Hchcduleln eflfcrt August 5, 1SW. trulni
cave Wheeling, Central Standard uroe ror
tcubenville, Pill?burKhHtidthc Ka*t. fl:2?ii. in.,
2:8: p. ni., 8:20 p m. and VMil p. n>. For Coiuiniuh,
Cincinnati, Indianapolis and 8t. Louis .:jo
, in. and in. Yor Cotomtata and Chicago
2:3ft p. m. Train* arrive at Wheeling ni .:*?
m., 10:00 a. m., 2:45 p. ni. ami K2*J p. in.
rrolna leaving at C:2U a. ni. ami ..rrlvlnu h:20
?. m. run solid between Wheeling and Pitts>urgh.
AH trains dally except Sunday.- an?
n LEV EL AN I) ?fc riTTSBURt ?H
0 railroad.?Under schedule In'cflMi Mar
8, lftss. Train leave liridgf|Mirt, Central Standird
time: For Flttabunth, rhlcwgo and Cieveand.
4:60am. For Pittsburgh, 10:17 a in. For
Jhlcagn and Cleveland, 1:12pm. For Pittsburgh
,nd New York. 8:30 p n? For S'tcubtnvlilo. fc:*8
1 m. For Martin's Ferry, C:?l'> n ni.
Trains arrive at Bridgeport ut 7:63 a in, 10.13 a
n, 2:28 p m, 4:13 p m. 4:47 p u, and 7:47 p in.
r. N. Vaxcb president
B. DtL.vri.AiJi ~ ........V It (.-President
J. N. Vanco B. Ilorkheincr,
J. M. Brown, W. KlHnirhim,
L. H. Dclaplala, A. W. Kcl.t j.
Jolin Frew,
Drafts imucd on England, Ireland Feotland
ind all point* in Kuroic.
JOHN J, Jpygn. Cmliler.
CAPITAL, - 1175.000
Rm. A. Pitnl lent
I&'m. B. Butraoic VIco-President
Drafts oj Xn?ln:id, Ireland, Fraucc and Uor>
nan jr.
Win. A. Iwtti Win. B. Simmon,
J. A. Miller, John K. llnffiS,
K. M. Atkinson, Victor Hoscnburt;,
Henry Bpcyer,
mr-u P. p. J EI'SON, CaiUicr.

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