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Thuriuomuter IttM-ord. j
The thermometer at Schnepf's drug
store, Opera House corner, yesterday, registered
as follows: 711.
m ? I n p. m. 72
1) a. m fie 71?. in (?
lam j Weather?Fair.
Weuilmr indication*. j
Washikqton,D. C,, Nov. I.?For West
Virgiuia fair; warmer southerly winds.
For Western Pennsylvania and Ohio i
occasional light local rains; warmer \
Thursday, collier Thursday night {southwesterly
veering to northwesterly winds,
brisk to high for a short time on the ,
lakes. (
l'nv?m?iit Inspector* Horn. |
It has been a good while since Wheel- I
ing was visited by a delegation of mil- 1
liicipal authorities from another city for
tho purpose of inspecting "thU Wheeling |
pavement" of hard-burned firebrick, but j
yesterday another warty from Can- ;
ton, Ohio, arrived. Thev aro Messrs. j
J. 11. Duuulaliu, L. M. Hoffman, Win. i
Volkman, E. Douze, 1J. Vogclgcsang, G.
Fries, O. A. Kssey, L. A. Loichat, 0. J. .
Henderson, J. Adams, Paul Field, Dan ?
Cobaugh, Horace Miller, Wilbur JMiller, (
Louis Ley and John H. Hail. ' H
They are all connected with the city j
fovernment of Cautou. They aro at the j
IcLure House.
Tim Hilling FAMlon.
The first presentation of this grand
spectacular drama will take place at tho 1
Grand Opera House this evening. Tiie j
company is a very large one and carries t
two car "loads of scenery for the produc- |
tion of tiiis play, which will be on a j
grand scale. Amoug tho uotablo scenic
effects will be seen the Crystal Palace, t)
1110 U1UU liunoc, H HUM DVU.UIUI .VH> t
water, a full rigged ship at sou, and a c
balloon ascension. Allot which will no t
doubt be a grand sight. Tickets arc I
now on Rale nl the McLure House Phar- s
macy, and those who desire a good eeat J
should reserve it at once. This company
appears only two nights at the y
^rau(*' - a
Doctor Walter K. Hammond says:
"After a Ion# experience I have come to t
the conclusion that two-thirds of all
deaths from couuhs. pneumonia and con
sumption, might bo avoided if Dr. Ack- ~
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altera of Minor Alomer t In and About
(li? Cltjr.
A New Trniup in'to>n.
Tilk Haling Passion at tho Grand toigbt
Tub Grand this evening "The Iluling
IIo.v. w. II. TIeaune at the Opera
ouse to-night.
Two deeds of trust were admitted to
;eord yesterday.
Tub good weather seemed to hold on
retty well?forty-eight houra at a
Tub Hoard of County Commissioners
let yesterday and audited the regular
lonthly hill's.
The great Boston Ideal Uncle l'oin's
lab in Coiupnny will giv% two performnees
at the Grand Opera House Saturay
afternoon and evening.
A hoy by the name of Home, while
allowing the Democratic procession
ilomiay morning, in the Eighth ward,
ell down on the pavement und broke
lis arm.
Tick Legislative Committee of the
trades Assembly met Monday evening
mil endorsed the nomination of Mr.
form Corcoran by the Democrats for the
Tub funeral of the late Dr. C. D. J.
Bingell, the well known druggist of the
I'ii^hth ward, look place yesterday. ami
.van one of the most largely attended
seen in that part of town for yearn.
Municipal conrt will be in session all
lay on Saturday, and also in the evening,
commencing at 7 o'clock, for the
purpose of naturalizing foreigners who
iestre to become American citizens.
A MARiitAGB licenso was yesterday
issued to Thomas W. Iloby. aged 21, a
native of Mariou county, W. Va., and
Mary E. Keifer, aged 21, a native of
Ifteeue county, Pa., both residents of
Tub sleeping car Monroeville, which
was in the recent disaster at Washington,
Pa., was brought to this citv yesterday.
It is pretty badly knocked out,
both the front and back ends being stove 1
in ami J>oth platforms gone.
In the police court yesterday tlio case |
of William Jasper, yard master of the
B. & 0. in this city, who was fined $101
:md exists Mondav'for blocking the cross-!
ing at Twenty-fourth street, was again
heard and taken under advisement.
Anour 2 o'clock yesterday the livery
stable of J. T. Freese at Bellaire was discovered
to be on fire, the alarm was
turned in at City Hall and hose com
panies 1 ami 5 were promptly on ine
ground and in a few moments hud extinguished
the tire.
Last night was "All Hallow E'en,"
but in the political excitement of the
week it was almost forgotten. There
were some taffy pullings, and tho hoys
and girls exercised the old spirit of mischief
a little, but the observance of the
occasion was very meagre.
Last night John Kyne, of the Island,
and a tali Pittsburgher named Baker, got
into tight in a Market street resort nnd
Baker was pretty well done up. He was
the aggressor, and was locked up. Between
the noise of the row and blowing
of whistles for the police, a good deal of
excitement was created.
Duiuno tho Democratic parade Monthly,
thieves entered tho residence of
.Joseph Blockinger, the Crescent mill
heater, on the east side of Woods street,
between Fifteenth and Sixteenth, and
carried oil* Mrs. Bloukinger's wedding
ring, Joe's best suit of clothes, two pairs
of shoes aud $1 in money.
William Payne, the colored man who
cut John J. Crowley, of the Pittsburgh
Randall club, Tuesday night, was sent
to jail by Squire Davis in default, of
SI.000. Crowley is a clerk in the Pittsburgh
nofitolHce. Men who saw the a(
fair ?ay the white men were the aggressors
and that Payne acted in sell-defensu.
Yestkupa f morning about twenty
empty |H)cketbooks were found in theBidtiinore
& Ohio passenger depot and the
yards. From these indications it is evident
that ngungof crooks worked on the
strangers in the city who were returning
home, as the jostling of the crowd gave
them an excellent opportunity for tilching
the pockets of the unsuspecting.
Ci.kmc Hook yesterday admitted to
record a deed made October 22 by Richard
Bowers and wife to the Eagle Building
Association, in consideration of $-100, for
a part of lot 79 of Division E of the
Joseph Caldwell estate. Also a deed
made October IS by Frederick Borck and
wife, of Birmingham, Ala., to Frederick
\V. Bergner, in consideration of $1,525,
for the south half of lot 21 in the Joseph
Caldwell estate.
Tim temperance meetings are growing
in interest and numbers. Major Camp
made three telling speeches yesterday.
He was in tempted several times by intoxicated
men, but they only brightened
Lhe Major's ideas and increased his zeal.
MUJOr UlUUJ) UUU OUIUIH will uuuuiw
meetings to-day at the Lower Market
House at 3 p. in., at the German M. E.
Church nt 7 ::50 p. m. and at the Upper
Market House at 7 :30 p. in.
Jtr.inR?rii In tlio City ami Wheeling People
Mr. A. G. Cay ton, of St. George, is at
the Staiura 1 louse.
L. F. Humphrey, of Boston, a large
buyer of wool, to at the McLure.
Kx-Judge C. P. T? Moore, of Mason
:ounty, was railing on his Wheeling
friends yesterday.
Mrs. Kev. Hair, of Bartow, Florida, is
visiting at the residence of Mrs. It. M. I
Smith. 2120 Market street.
President Greer, of tho Mill Creek1
Valley road, a feeder of the Ohio Kiver i
road, is in the city for the purposo of i
purchasing an engine for his road.
Mrs. Cowgill, of Iowa, mother of Mrs. J
N\ P. Scott, Mrs. Lenox, of Colorado
Springs, and Mrn. Trow bride, of Chicago,
lier sisters, are the guests of Mrs. Scott
it her resident on Fourteenth street.
Mr. I). II. Mercer, chairman of the
Republican city Central Committee of
Jmaha, Neb., was here Tuesday and yeserday,.
having run vlown from Pittsburgh
on the cheap rates to take a look
it west Virginia politics.
Miss Emma Stamm entertained a num.
?er of hei lady friends at tea last evenng.
The affair was complimentary to
Mrs. F. C. Pifer, of Jtuckhannou, fornerly
MissSallieTeece, of this city, who
s aguiu the guest of Miss JStamuu
Capt. Thomas II. Mong is again in
heso parts. For the past three months
le has been making Wcllsburghis hendluarlors.
He was in town yesterday
Jinking hands with his numerous
riends. Capt. Along is ono of the best
tnown old time river men.
Another Conductor Flrori.
Another Baltimore <k Ohio conductor
las been given the bounce. This time
t is Capt. Frank Ilafloy, who has had
he run over the fletnplield between
I ere and Pittsburch on tho through excess
between Philadelphia and Chicago.
te was one 01 iue must gciuui uuu umvur
iicn on the road, nml thoso who have
raveled with him will be sorry to learn
<f his dismissal, but at the same time
hey will be pleased to Jer.rn that he had
arely taken off his uniform before he
ecured ft conductor's punch on the
'ittsburgh & Wheeling road.
Captaiu liafley bad charge of the train
rlien it was caught at Triadelphia in the
wful flood of July 11) last, and was the
rst one to bring in tho tidings that all
liose on board were safe, to the distractil
friends here. Ilo walked in, having
) climb ovctylrlft piles and often wndo
i water and mud up to his waist. He
ime iu by way of the National road and
niched here at 2 o'clock in the morning.
Guumans! hear Major Camp at tbo ?
erman M. JC. Church to-night on the
incndmcnt. 1
Hon. John A. Bingham, of Ohio,
and Mr. A. W. Campbell
To a Good Crowd at llio West Virginia
China Compuny'ri VutU'vy.
Strong Ar^utiicntN lor Harrison,
Con* auti Protection.
The Republican meeting at the east
t ? ,.t n... \i' , nui... r*,.....
11(1111 Ui 111V H vat I llgiuiu Will kit* VVIU~
puny'a pottery, on North Main street,
way not so large as it ought to have been,
though it was of respectable size. The
location was not the best, the announcement
had not been well circulated, and
large numbers of the Republican voters
were at Moundsvillo. Under these circumstances
the crowd was surprising.
Those present were deeply interested,
and from the questions and interruptions
and the spirit in which they seemed to
be made, there ia reason to hope that the
speeches did good.
Capt. William Otto called the meeting
to order and named C'apt. C. J. Rawlirig
as chairman. Capt. Kawling spoke
brielly of the two speakers, and congratulated
the audience on the opportunity
to hear them. He then introduced lloii.
I John A. Bingham, of Ohio, who was re*
ceivcd with three hearty cheers.
Mr. Bingham made a speech of over
I an hour, showing much of his old fire
and eloquence. He said he could not
make au out-door speech in cool, dauip
I air, hut when he got warmed up and into
I hia uiihifwt. hu fr?ri?ot' tho nii/lit air and
made a vigorous, forcible speech, Ppi
his age, his voice has marvelous strength
[and his words reminded one of his oratory
in the days when he won bis titli
:is the old man eloquent."
He appealed to the patriotism of hie
hearers; reminded them of the viewt
and the words of Andrew Jackson and
George Washington; quoted and expounded
the constitution as not onlj
authorizing Protection, hut as' framed
especially to authorize it.
Referring to the Sack ville-West letter,
Mr. Bingham scored the Administration
severely for its conduct in reference tc
the lialieries treaty, the retaliation message,
etc., and said the way in which
My Lord Saekville's letter might hav<
been called out had nothing to do witl:
the fact that he considered Cleveland tin
friend of England, that he stated it iu
a fact that the Administration was dis
guising its friendship for Great Britain
lor political effect, and that he advisee
naturalized Englishmen to vote foi
Cleveland as iu the interest of Urea'
When interrupted, as he frequently
was, Mr. Bingham's retorts were keer
and quick, and altogether his speed
was very entertaining as well as iu
Mr. A. \Yf. Campbell was then intro
ducedand received with loud applause
Mo mm In n flnoech of less than a hal
hour, which was afterward highly com
plimented hy both Democrats and lie
publicans. Jt wan full of logic, and tin
arguments advanced were solid /act
within the personal Uuowledge of his
hearers. He quoted the recent remarl
of Blaine that one solid fact was wort I
a bushel of theories. Last year then
were imported into this country 300,00(
tons of steel. That steel could havi
been made hero, from iron ore dug ii
this country by American labor, madi
into pig iron by American labor and con
verted into steel by American labor
giving employment to a considerable
number of men at good wages. Insteac
of that, American money was sen
abroad to keep British steel and iror
works busy and to give British lahoi
employment. If the men in this coun
try are willing to make steel as they dc
in free trade countries; if they are will
iug to make carpets as they do in fret
trade countries, where the common rul<
is for whole families to live huddled intc
one room, then Atliericn can competc
with free trade countries in the market*
i\t tliii ti'nfld nnil L'fi>n n ulinm nf tin
home market, but not till then. American
manufacturers cannot compete with
Knglish manufacturers without reducing
wages hero to the level of wages in England.
Air. Campbel' referred to the fact thai
when he recently made a speech in
Wheeling the Democratic paper hail
charged him with waving the bloody
shirt. He denied that he had done so,
and said lie desired now to repat what he
then said, which was that Mr. Wilson,
of this State, and a majority of the sub
committee of the Ways and Means Committee
which framed the Mills bill, had
taken an oath to support the Constitution
of the Confederate States, in which constitution
was an article fixing Free Trade
as the perpetual policy of the Cotifedercy
and forever prohibiting a Protective
tariff*. He mentioned this simply tc
show that these men who were the authors
of the Mills bill believed in Free
Trade, that the question is not a reduction
of live per cent, but the life and existence
of the protective system itself,
The claim that the Mills bill reduces the
tariir but five per cent, Mr. Campbell
said was untenable. A bill which cute
$50,000,000 of revenue off from somewhat
over ?200,000,000 cannot be truthfully
said to entail a reduction of but live pet
cent. It is nearer tvventy-Uve.
lligbt here, said Mr. Campbell, is n
monster pottery just erected. In othei
parts of your city other large potteries
are being or have lately been erected,
giving employment to a large number ol
men and adding to the prosperity and
population of the community, increasing
the demand for nil the necessities an
well as luxuries of life. It is at these
and at those who work in them, at all the
! factories and industries, and at all the
workingmen of the country that the
I Mills bill strikes. I see by the Demo|
crattc paper tliia morning that "the OKI
Roman" in his speech in this city las!
night alluded to tlio fact that Republican
orators say the tariff is for the
benefit of the laboring man. And,
savs Judgo Thurman: "Take anj
1,1)00 Democratic voters in the Uuitec
States; take them anywhere from thegreat
lakes of Mexico, or from the Atlaotc to
the Pacific, take any 1,000 members ol
the Democratic party and 1)09 of them
will be laboring men."
Is that true? asked Mr. Campbell,
and there was a general response of No,
and laughter of derision.
From that statement, continued Mr.
Campbell, with the falsity of which you
are all familiar, you can easily judge how
much confidence is to be placed in what
Judge Thurman sayB.
All inrougu wie earner nun or me
meeting a crowd of hoodlum Democrats
gathered lit the Mnin street end of the
premises and made the vicinity resound
with shouts for Cleveland and other
yells. Insulting remarks were also
made by some of these toughs and by
some women and girls who wore
Cleveland badges. At times the
meeting was seriously interfered with
and the speaker's voice drowned. The
shouts were audible two squares distant,
but not a policeman was visible near
throughout the meeting. Prominent
citizens went through the ward and used
the telephone, but could find no officer.
The conduct of the people referred to was
disgraceful. A reporter tried to get the
names of some of those engaged in the
disorder, but the only, ono who dould be
Ami iu ufitii
to bo a member of tho Bandana club. If
the names could be obtained they should
all be prosecuted.
Conftftcrntton of At. Matthew'* Churcli.
The consecration services of St. Matthew's
Church will take place this morniug
at 10:30 o'clock. The sermon will
bo preached by the Rev. Dr. Thomas G.
A?ldison, of Washington, D. C., who wt
rectorof the parish at the time when th
corner stone of the present church ed
lice wns laid. In the evening from 7 t
10 o'clock there will be a reunion*of th
members and friends of the church.
Rt. Rev. Bishop Peterkin, Rev. D
Wood, of Porkerebtftg, and other viai
ing clergy are already in the city.
Jill AKTllLlM'i'rrbElTEAP.
Auother Old nuil Highly Itntpvctfri ClU*c
1'intnen Amiy.
Mr. Arthur Little, an old and we
known citizen of Wheeling, died ubout
o'clock yesterday afternoon after a somi
what protracted illness incident tool
age. He was seventy-nine vears ol<
but up till a comparatively recei
date was about and seemed hal
and strong. Mr. Little \yus for man
years engaged in the business of buil<
ing wagons and carriuges in this cit;
The firm of Busbev & Little succeeds
to the old firm of Hayes & Co., and wi
in turn succeeded by Busbev, Little
Co., the members o! the firm beside M
Little being William and Lemuel Ity
bey. I)onuldson, Lewis & Co. succeede
this firm several years ago.
Mr. Little during the war was an 111
compromising union mau, and did muc
to assist the cause. He was a lif
lone: member of the M. E. churel
and a leader of the Fourth Stre*
congregation. He had amassed a eoi
' sidernble fortune, was a man of ui
; questionable integrity, and had the e
teem of all who ever knew him. T1
family have the sympathy of the cou
juuiiiiy HI vuuii uuicuik'uivuh
The Calilwoll Lota, iu tho South Knil, (J
feriMl at Auction.
Auctioneer Hervey, acting for Daui
Lamb and Henry 31. Kussell, yesterdf
began the sale of the real estate set apa
to Annie E. Caldwell by a deereo of tl
Circuit Court in the case of Louis Kel
and others vs. Sobieaki "Brady and otl
ers. The property is divided into 2<
lots, and the sale took place at the nor!
door of the Court house.
The sales made ou yesterday were i
Square 27: Lot !) for $S00; lot 10 fc
$<150 j lot 11 for $<175; lot 12 for $700; 1<
13 for $M0; lot 13 for $050; lot 14 f<
1 $<150; lot 15 for $700; lot 10 for $70<
lot 1 for $500; lot 2 for $450; lot f<
$500; lot 4 for $475; lot 5 for $450; lot
for $450; lot 7 for $475; lot 8 for $.500.
Square 25: Lot 0 for $725; lot 5 f<
$700; lot 4 for $755; lot 3 for $575; lot
for $700.
Square20: Lot 0 for $750; lot 10 fi
1 $<575: lot 11 for $050; lot 12 for $025; I
! 13 for $(125; lot 14 for $050; lot 1 for $(15<
} lot 2 for $050; lota 8, 4 and 5 for $.'5,00
' These arc the lota on which the o!
! homestead is situated; lot (> for $G2o.
Square 28: Lots 10 and 20 forj$350; I
9 for $1125, lot 10 for$350; lot 11 for$42.
t lot 12 for $150; lot 13 for $000; lot 14 fi
$475; lot 15 for $350; lot 10 for &00; 1
17 for $50; lot 18 for $25; lot 1 for$2i
v lot 2 for $40; lot 3 for $25; lot 4 for $21
1 lot 5 for $25; lot 0 for $25; lot 7 for $2i
" lot 8 for $50.
Division D: Lot 12 for $350; lot 11 f
$425; lot 10 for $425; lot 0 for $475; lot
A for $70;lot 10JII foit$<?0;lot 18A for ?1.
' lot 18 H for $25; lot 20 A for $25; lot !
6 for $25; lot 22 A for $25; loi 22 B fi
$25; lot 24 for $50; lot2U for $-10; lot 1
3 for $20; lot 28 for $35.
" Division (.i: I.ot 2 fur $900; lot 3 f
! $700; lot 4 for $8511; lot 22 for $SXK); 1
1 30 for $300; lot 31 for $100; lot 32 f
1 $150; lot 33 for $220.
? Division A; l.ot 1 for $15; lot 2 f
' $15; lot .'1 for $15; lot 4 for $15; lot 5 I
J $15; lot 0 for $15; lot 7 for $25; lot 8 f<
? $35.
} Division J: Lot 13 for $300; lot 14
for $435; tot 17 for $525; lot 18 for $83
. lfttflfi fniOMlV !nf 'Hi fn* fiT,O? Int. 37 f
$50; lot :tS for $35; lot 41) (or $30; lot
(or $25; lot 41 (or $25; lot 42 (or$25; 1
43 for $25; lot 44 for $35; lot 45 (or $.']
lot 4(1 for$125; lot 47 for$100; lot 48 f
$125; lot'4!> for $1)0; lot 21 for $24
lot 50 (or $50; lot 51 for$?0; lot 23 (J (
$20; lot 52 for $150; lot 53 for $110; lot
for $115; lot 55 for $115; lot 5<t lor $Ifi
lot 57 for $100; lot 88 for $110;' lot 50 f
$80; lot 00 for $75; lot <11 for $55; lot i
for $40; lot (13 forS35; lot 64 for $50; 1
05 for $10; lot 00 for $30.
An IntoreHtlng Hpeoch by ? Man who li;
To-night Hon. Willinui II. Ilearno wi
sjjujih nv lUU v/puru jiuunc uu mu wu
' issue. Mr. Hcarno has studied the tar
I question probably as thoroughly as ai
man in this vicinity, and that he taki
a frank and honest view of it is ev
' denced by the fact that when lie begr
to study it he was a Democrat, and tl
' result of it was that he became a Kepu
[ cican on the. Protection issuo alon
Those who have heard his speech els
where pronounce it a convincing revie
[ of the arguments from every noint
view. Ilis style of speaking
; pleasing, and his speech instructive!
' well as convincing. If the Democra
want to hear a frank, thorough expos
tion of the doctrine of Protection, it wi
do them good to go to this meeting. M
| Hearne gives reasons for the faith th
is in him, and for his change of pari
; affiliation, and he abuses noljody. I.
I ought to huve a large audience.
Ciiiiijiulgii KcIiooh.
Captain B. B. Dovener and Hon.
, H. Burtt will speak at Sistersvillo o
Everv able bodied Republican j
! Wheeli'ngought to turn out Friday nigl
, and assist in escorting Mr. Atkinson
the Eighth ward.
Hon. P. H. Iluberly, of Brooklyn, 2
i Y., spoko in German at Fulton la
night for the Democracy. Tho Kenx
i club, seventeen strong, escorted him ou
! Hon. William II. Hearno will spp:i
' at the Opera House this evening. M
1 Henrae is a pleasing and convineii
i talker, and ho will be greeted with
large audience.
1 Hon. Augustus Pollock will speak ;
' German at tho Alhambra rink on Fi
| day evening, when Hon. G. W. Atkii
1 son is to make a speech in English. T1
; speakers will be escorded down to tl
j rjnk by the marching clubs.
Hon. J. H. Burtt, the well-known 1
| bor leader, will address the workingmi
r of Moundsvillethis evening. Mr. Bur
presents the issues of this caropaiu
plainly, honestly, and eloquently. Il
ought to have, and doubtless will hay
n largt^audionce.
The Vnu linker due.
The argument to the jury in the trii
of Van B. Maker for the murder of h
mother-in-law, Mrs. Drusilla McWhi
was begun in tho Circuit Court at Well,
burg yesterday, Mr, Hutchinson speal
ing for tho State. He closed at noon an
the defense occupied tho nftemooi
Each side is limited to nine hours.
Syrup of Mr*
Is nature's own true laxative. It ia th
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Manufactured only by the California Fi
Syrup Companv, San Francisco, Ca
Sold uy Logan <? Co., Anton P. IIess, I
B. Burt and C. Menkemeller. At Be
laire by M. X. Mercer,
Catarrh cckkd, health and swec
breath secured, by Shiloh's Catarri
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jector free.
Fou lamo back, side or chest, use Shi
loh's Porous Plaster. Price 25 cents.
ShiloiUm Cough and Cousuinptloi
Cure is sold by us on a guarantee. 1
cures Consumption. Sold by W. I
Williams and 0. Menkemiller. soi
"A stitch in time saves nino"?i
taken with "Mile-End." Yes. ?
[ The ItrgUter Against lUrlf? Childish C<
0 plnluU.
c The Register yesterday said that ni
tenths of theThurman parade were fi
r- West Virginia. Now, let's have sc
fun. According to the Register's c
grotesque and reckless exaggeratior
the numbers in the procession, tfa
. were mat 1,882 men, women and child
from West Virginia in line. If 1,882
.. nine-tenths of the parade, then
" whole parade numbered exactly 2,1
3 Tliis is about 200 less than the Repu
3- cans conceded.
j Look at it another way. The Reg
, gives the number in line from Penn
' vania and Ohio at 1,527. If this is c
tenth of the whole number, then tt
!e were in line just 15,270. Isn't that
v lliu ueywt r in m u uutu. IV uikv? 111
[. sense than it lias to lie with good ell
Several Democrats complained yes
d day of the Republican cheers the
is before and the wearing of Kepubli
iSc badges and pictures on the stre
r. llere is a little "parallel" illustrating
g- old adage that it makes all the dii
d ence in the world whose ox is gored:
JUglttrr ol day after RegiMcr of venter
Republican paniilc: referring to the i?a
-Every cheer for liar- ot tbo day before:
u rlnon wu nuhwcred "The Republi
L?- wl:b two for Cleveland, were no angry to wit
j and ill a doxeu place* *ticb a iniiKnlticent
! Democrats got up Itu- nut that tbelr hukci
11 prouintu parade*, sev- the better of their J
11- era! of them eontalnliiK incut and they vldo
a. a buudrcd men each, inutallcd jhtmiiim
and a stranger in town, botviing Il-n-r-r-is-c
3" who bud not been pre
ie vioualy posted. won id
i). buve been as likely to
KUCU it was a Cleveland
parade as tbc other
These extracts, especially the first,
lf. commonded to those Democrats i
think Republicans should be seen
I not heard on a "Democratic day."
Here another laughable thing f
>y yesterday's Jlegister, referring to the
rt before:
,0 "Drunkenness was noticeable by
. comparative absence. Some of the
publicans who came here to see the
> roll didn't get home for nearly a wi
50 Kailroad conductors going out of
:h city were annoyed by them gettinj
board without tickets fully that long
is Yesterday afternoon a member of
Democratic club from Washington,
>r called on several Democratic otliciul
the court house and requested hel]
>r get home. lie said he got full the n
); before, and getting on the wrong tr
>r was carried to New Martinsville. '
0 man told him he oughtn't to get 1
"Not get full! H?, we were all fu
sr was his reply. Another official
1 him hundreds of drunken Democ
had been around yesterday wan!
Dr money to get home on.
ot The fact is that fifty per cent of
3; visiting marching clubs were full to
0. neck on Tuesday. There were n
Id lights (see Jicy inter of yesterday fc
number of serious ones) Tuesday n
ot than on all the Republican occasion
3; history. It was one big spree.
'? Tho ltegliitvr'* lluhltiuil Falttlfjlng A|
.? Kxpukud.
5? To the Editor of the Intelligencer.
or Sir:?It is true that fair-minded 1
10 in both parties take no nccoaut of
5; silly twaddle that daily finds its way
the columns of tho Iicijixter, but w
o- such hare-faced inisrepresentions
made os occur in its report cf Hon. C
or Boutelle's speech of last night, I th
lit some notice should be taken of it.
or headlines say: "A man from Mi
talks high taxes to a small audicn
or In the opening, "It was a fair-sized
or dience." The facto are that the Oj
or House was crowded?not a vacant
in the entire house. Again, "llis spt
B was an undignified and silly rehasl
5; the old and exploded charges that li
or been brought against the Democi
40 party," etc.
i>t Now, a unre dignified, straight
5; ward, truthful exposition of the ipsu<
or the day it has never been my privi
5; to hear. The Criticisms on the spt
or are unjust and tend to mislead in e\
54 particular. The meaning in every
0; stance was made to apjWar diffei
or from what the words of the speaker <
152 vtjfed. Why don't the report tell w
ot be said of the StiO,000,000 of tho surj
deposited free in the^ National ban
wny did it not ton oi nis utter reit
tion of the charge that John Short
did the same when he was Secretar;
n" the Treasury? But it is useless to no
further. This is in keeping with
ill senseless charges about the joint del
iff at the Alhambra rink on Saturday
wr wish to emphasize what was said
morning by two others in your woi
lJ' paper.
es There were interruptions; all ki
who were there; and that these in
_ ruptions were commenced by the D
c ocrats all present also know. The c
k difference was that General Gofrdid
mind the interrQptions,and Mr. Wil
' allowed himself to get "rattled"
" them".
j That Mr. Wilson was vanquished
:8 the encounter, honest Democrats th
^ selves admit. Mr. Wilson is a sclv
and a gentleman, but ho can't del
,j. with General GolF. Tho fact of
jj j whole business is, the Reijixtcr sees
r hopelessness of its cause, und is res
't ing to any and every means eithei
,v save itself from defeat or to die ga
Let's have a fair deal, Brother Tai
No doubt to-morrow moruiug's lleg
will appear with glowing headlines <
cerniug to-day's parade?that it o
j shadowed that of tho Republicans, w
n* the fact is there was but a few u
than half as many in line.
?? Wheeling, Oct. 30.
1.0 Wlmt Stnr wn* IlluNtratod ?
To the Editor of the Intelligencer.
Si a:?Did you see the average Do
st crat illustrated on tho first page of
1.1 J{c<ji*ter this morning? For once
ll* royul highness set out the right hot
tk full il(>dm>d Democrat, in war imint.
r. bracing Tiis dear friend John Barleyc<
ig showing cause, effect and all. 1 won
a will the editor have the gall to send
Old Roman a copy of the paper? It <
in tainly must be humiliating to all
i. sober Democrats, to seo their gr
ii- demonstration of yesterday carto6i
10 thusly by their own official organ. I
ie whisky! Well, really, it is too funny
they do not believe in freo whisky t
certainly belied their actions yester
,n and last night. The only dilliculty t
is w hat particular star did they illustr
i" Wheeling, W. October 31,1888.
e. ""
"Dntilfil IJuone."
"On the Trail, or Daniel Boone," '
be presented ut the Opera House
al morrow evening. The play of "Dai
is Boone" is founded upon the Ufe and I
a, tory of the "Settler of Kentucky," i
s- while the Bcenes are laid in the la
t- part of the last century, it is not whe
d commonly called a "border draff
i. There is no bloodshed or wild sensati
al scene, but on the contrary, the pin
full of comedy. The story is a dome
one, and portrays tho bright side of
ie life of Daniel Boone. Tho compi
o which appear in tho different characl
n are above the average.
t- The Perfection
of the age in the medical lino la
K liquid fruit remedy, Syrup of Figs, m
' ufuctured only by tue California
[ Syrup Company, ban Francisco, Call
1* ma. It is agreeable to the taste, acc<
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. ture, painless yet prompt and thorot
} in Its action. Sold only by Logan & (
11 Anton P. Hess, R. B. Burt, and C. M
l" kemeller. At Bellaire by M. N. Men
Major Camp will sneak at the Loi
Q Market House to-day at 3 p. m.
2:24 pace and 2:20 trot tcwlay,
" Wheeling Fair Grounds.
if "Mils-Eku" Spool Cotton lias vt
cotton on blacfc spools.
xim With Republicanism Last Night
lme as Hundreds of
iwn j
rvn J
was Paraded Through llvv Street*. j;
DDL Wheeling Well Represented tiud (
bli- Other Places Send in Delegations?Plenty
of MumIc. c
me- Moundsville had a Republican street fl
iere demonstration hut night that was a t
"stunner." There were over 1,500 t
ect. marchers in lino and the town was J
ter- ub'.aze frptn one end to tho other with 1
ljay red lire and liaudsome decorations.
JJJJ Those in line wero cheered almost con- *
the tinuously by tho hundreds who eongre- t
IcT- gated along tho line of march. All in t
all, it was a glorioua.gala time for the Re- t
JJJIJ publicans, and one well worthy old Mar- j
shall with her thousand or more major- ,
uvm ity for the grand party of Protection. I
riSo" ^ WIUJ ^10 original intention to have <
u(l?' had the parade about two weeks ago,
i'v but rain interfered. Another date was (
?-u." then selected and arrangements started t
to make the postponed demonstration .
oven more of u success than had been j
hoped for iu the tirst place, IIow well (
these arrangements were perfected and
how tho hones moru than realized.
atrG the grand display made last night most
forcibly attested.
and The liret visiting delegation to arrive
was that from Cameron and other points i
rom out the Baltimore & Oliio. They tilled
day three cars to overflowing and got in
about 5 o'clock. Shortly after that time
lts the cavalry clubs from the outlying disRe*
tricts in the county and clubs in wagons
ball began pouring in and continued to arrive
B?*' till after 7 o'clock.
the The Wheeling delegation left here at
?fJ0Q 7:15 o'clock on a special of nine coaches
over the Ohio River road, and forty
the minutes later were landed safely in the
l>aM county seat of Marshall. Col. Fred
sot H use in an, the road's special passenger
j> to a Kent, gave his personal supervision to j
fKht the train and saw to it that everything
fl,n? was made comfortable and satisfactory.
Pny Tho start for liouiu was made at 11
iull. o'clock prompt and in forty-five minutes \
?{ the levee here was reaeheil. The road ]
tolu deserves credit for the expeditious man- i
rats Uer in which tho crowd was handled. >
tint? Tliow. vii.ru rtn limiril n'lircMi'tifjif ivt>a S
from nearly every Republican club in
"io the city. As soon as Moundsvillo was
the reached the Wheeling regiment was
loru formed and marched to the poBt of
|p a honor, the right of the column, the
*gnt Plumed Knights and the .Juniors bav8
in ing the extreme right of the line. There
were three brass bands aud nearly a
score of drum corps to furnish
the music. Sherrard, Limestone,
gain Pleasant .Valley and other
surrounding towns were well j
represented. Of the 500 that went (
down from hero fullv one-half were in <
. line while the others joined with those (
">e on the sidewalks in cheering the column j
into jih it swept by. It was only occasionally
hen that a feeble cry was heard for Clevear(J
land, nud it would invariubly bo drown- (
, ed by shouts for Harrison, Morton, Pro- t
A. tection, Goir. Atkinson and the entire (
'iak Republican ticket. t
Vlw Dr. H. W. llull was Chief Marshal*, *
lin? with Col. J. B; Lock,wood, the grizzled (
ce* veteran of Gettysburg and Antietam, J
au" Kditor J. W. UurohiuuT, of the Mounds10ra
ville Herald, Marion Jefferson, John {
Beut X3loyd and 1). B. Evuns as aides. The c
tech Wheeling contingent was commanded (
1 ?' by its Chief Marshal, Col. W. II. Travis ?
ia\e and A. E. Lineh, of his stair, who were t
a"c provided with steeds. e
. A feature of the parade was a miner's r
ior" club of seventy-live men. They wore t
j'8?i their mine caps and torches and working 8
le?? clothes, carried lanterns and were
tech further uniformed with red, white and
'?r>' blue sashes. They received hearty Bpm*
plause from every one. TheWleeling
rent ,uen (.juue in for their full share of the
;ou- ovation that was paid the puraders all*
l,at along the lino. Drum Major Turner's
ijju? ngeiity was the wonderment of all.
k8 Some of the decorations were remarklta"
ably handsome, surpassing anything
uan. seen here this camoaiun. The Henrietta
Irl0f House was ablaze with illuminations.
Hce Mr. \V. B. Humphrey a' residence was ,
ltH bathed in the glare of colored fires; so .
bate WU8 (j0|# Lock wood's place, and those of
} T. It. Rogers and Mrs. Hobbs were
this among the more noticeable. There were, g
"thy some pretty displays of lire works at
various points.
low Tho affair was a success from start to
ter# finish, and tho Republicans of Mounds- c
e?" ville, greatly encouraged, will cuarge on 1
,n'y with renewed vigor towards the glorious j
not victory that seems to be within reach. t
'8,on Marshall will do her duty next Tuesday,
by f t a
jn llrnolutlaiiMof Uenpect. %(
c.m. At a special meeting of Windsor Ath- 3
[>jar letic Association, of the Eighth ward, 1
jate the following resolutions were adopted: *
the Wiiehbas, Itbaspleased tho Almighty
the *n Mi* inttnito wisdom to remove from f
ort- our uiidst, Brother Charles I). J. Bingell, ''
p to whose death wo deplore, but we bow to 1
me. Him who knowetb all things best; there- J
1<tv fore, be it I
inter Uaolvrd, That in tho death of Brother li
.on. BingoH we have lost a trusted brother, 1
vor- a kind friend and an able workman,
hen JifWlved, That herein we convey to the
lore w*f? an<l family of tho deceased our ^
sympathy in their bereavement. ?
a. Rfwlu< </, l'littt a copy of these resolu- *
tions be presented to tho family of the
deceased, also placed on the record of 1
this association and published in tho v
Intklligknckk, iSVic* Letter and Htgitter. j?
mo. Windsor Athletic Society. j
his WHY womkn* fade. 1
tie; Women lose their beauty bccauBe !
um. colds undermino their life. Dr. Acker's t
)rn, English Itemed y for Consumption is an t
,jUr absolute cure for colds. C. K. Goetze,
the G. Mehkemeller, Logan & Co. nnv i;
cer- ? (1
)od, Killed IIU Niece,
and SAVAXXAii,GA.,Gct.31.?AtPinesvillc, a
Liberty county, Monday night, William F
rHarrison in an inexplicable lit of jcal- >
uuy wwojr, fuui Ilia linn; UUUU WIUIUUI jj
day warning, while Bitting by the fireside,
low He then tired nt his sister, wounding
ate. he iu the hip. She will probably reo.
cover. Harrison lied, but returned, ad- {
mitted his crime, and said he had at- j,
tempted suicide by jumping into n well. 0
Later he denied "all knowledge of tho
crime. Harrison said he had been drink- ?
7o- '"g heavily, ?
tiiel ' ' , e
his- Two good races to-day, at Wheeling
and Fair Grounds.
Iter * c
A is L. 8. Good Bells dry goods the cheapest, to
ia." ========
on- Y" flTitffiOIT c-'rt,a Liv*r Complaint, t
I ltlUaun A/T^Uont and *
y JLJ CotHvent**. At druggliti. Prlc-B 8j ct?. 6
!(!!: in._m.u_y iim u??
?? ?
BCA j| g| i?
;?-? FrrrfTiff? i n m W en
l!liiliaiM*l!l!l!i;?l?ji||iHJil;i'iHttl 1
tPrfe# only 26 eintl. Soli tt allIrunlltt) J)
Behoves quickly Bheumatism, Ntu- at
ro/j/a, Swellings, Brunes, Lumbago, ^
Sprain t, Hoadaohe, Toothache,Cuts, ?
Burnt, Scalds, Soros, Backache, Ac. {J
!ile CHEW1.! "ati' B'??t~To?two *? '
bntwiltottl?frlctJOCU, Halumtiliu. 8.
"Tho growth of tho Century Maua;
int the natural result of a quick apjiri
nil of a studied ctfort to pither togetl;
ngraven can supply." it has always
'ksti'kv that it should be
Tho One Indisj
if its class; thafc whatever other publi
:lo, The Cxntury could not bo neglect
iraes in all matters pertaining to cultu
,eetn to bo the response of the public i
ore of tho magazine; and this populm
len of ever-increasing excellence. Tli
he November number, now ready, an
inportant features of the year, most o
The Century Gallery
Sugraved by Timothy Cole, who is re
:ine engraver of tho world, and who li
he Europeon galleries reproducing 11
his series of tho most valuable pictun
he most important artistic work upon
ratered, and in order that the fullest u
ived from the pictures, they will be j
vith brief critical papers by W. J. Sti
iret of these, with engravings and n<
;imabue, is in November.
Strange True ?
Collected by Gkokge W. Caijlb, aatl
liuiea" etc., the tirat one of which and
jcara in November. Some of these st<
Sir. Caulk from the original manuscri
)f actual occurrences.
The remarkable seri
now furnishing to The
trading the attention c
ing reprinted in hundr
but aro not allowed t(
Francisco Chronicle say
lifted the veil and reve
side world had no cc
Century contains a str
ind Common Convicts
The authorized "Lil
Messrs. Nicola v and I
holding the attention c
chapters the authors v
President with McClell
war. with the members
Lincoln's nlan for the gradual abolish!
The Ilomai
A serial novelette by a writer now tn
yem. Oatherwood, begins in the Nov
'akksian, the historian. It is a story o
n the early history of Canada. The an
vhat may bo called a now departure it
lilltlc Seen
Occasional illustrated papers by IIr.
id in the International Sunday .Schon
luring tho year, and there will be arti*
lie Old and New Testament narrative,
?iiart.i?s S. Robinson, D.D., on "Wl
linking illustrations, appears in this N
issay on "The New Reformation," by1
Pictures of
A unrtno nf fill 1.nflirn nnariiviflLH frrtlU
nay bo expected in each number of 1
lesijrns are the artistic result of a long)
ar West, anil are characteristic of the
lustoms of a large part of the country
ure, "Looking for Camp," is in Nover
The November Centu
Contains, besides the serial features
iioned, an article on "The Guilds of tV
Ion," illustrated by Joseph Penxell;
wo portraits of the hero of Trafalgf
'Gravelotte Witnessed and Revisited,
)pen Letters, Poems (by James Wii
uiller and others), etc., etc.
Other serial features to be begun lal
capers on Ireland,?the ethnology, cii
?ub and pathetic Irish-American ?tor
listinguished artist, John LaFaiioe,
itudies; supplemental War Papers, ui
hem "The West Point of the Confet!
ion," "Lyrics of the War," "Beccher i
nore of l)ic. Buckley's papers on Snii
rated papers on English Cathedrals (w
itorics by leading writers, novelettes (
Terms. A
The regular price of The Centum
vho begin with November, 1888, may/
nake a special ofler of a yenr't gutmrip
lumbert from November, 1887, (in which /
Mr'j turnerintion from November, 1888,
iandtome volumes, for $7.50. Dealers <
lumbers, or they will be sent, prepai
Century Co., 33 East 17th Stkbet, Ns
The Century it indeed a great living,
ind it a library in iUelf and a liberal edi
lie who Hubucrilm fur The Century dc
le Mrvice.?TiiK Methodist, B.u.timqk
lomo Flno Itucing on tlio Stnte Fa
Grmuuln Yentcrclny.
For several days past horsemen an
(there have been looking forward wit
ittlo interest to the fall raco meetir
idvertised to take place on the track <
ho West Virginia State Fair and Exp
titipn Association at the lower end <
?f the Island, and which commence
'esterday afternoon. There was a fa
rowd in attendance, aud every ono wi
veil pleased.
There were two events on the rat
irogramme and both were spirited. Tli
Iret was a free-for-all pace with son
loted and very clever side-wheelers ei
ered as the following summary fehowf
;in?mnn? 1 1
Ixcelaior - 2
IIhcIc Hurry ? 3
'ncli'Slle.. 4 4
Tlrao?2:25; 2:21; 2:21.
It was expected that Kinsman woul
nke the race as he did, and intere,
entered on the struggle for places thi
he field entered into.
The event of the day was tho trot fc
he 2:30 class. It was for "blood" an
ras as spirited and exciting as the moi
xacting habitue of the course conld as
or. Frank P. took the first two heal
fith comparative ease. Then Cliffor
ook the third, getting it h
irtueof Midnight being Bet back fc
unning; Clifford also went out und wo
he fourth heat and then there was mi
n tlfe fifth Frank P. won tho heat an
ace, but he had to do it by fast trave
ng. Tho finish was made at a slashin
rive, and Frank was ouly a head in tli
sad under the wire. The summary i
b lonows:
rank 1? 1 1 2 r>
Milord .1 1 1
I id night 3 A 2 2
loKgle I' 'i 4 3 4
k>li -3 & 4 5
Time?2:34)$, 2:35,2:35.2:3134, -:S?Each
raco was for a purseof $200. T1
tulges were Mr. Kobert Anderson,
his city, starter, and David Darral
Sua., of Bell aire, and ex-Sheriff Cocbrai
f Belmont county.
To-day there will bo races for the 2:J
lass of pacers and a trot for the 2:1
lass. There are first-class entries f<
That Hacking Cough can besoquickl
ured by Shiloh's Cure. Wo guarai
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T ? KHAL iiou??work. Apply At 1W Fon
wnth wtrci't. *
/ ANTED?MEN to Mil our Good* In Oh
[AnibU mid adjolu I (IK counties. Will pi
>od salary and all exponiwi. Write for torn
ill atate Wllanr wanted. H 1,0 A.N A CO.. Mam
icturera. '?M George ?lrcct, Cincinnati, Ohio.
v\fanted?a woman of sens1
T T energy and respectability for our i?u?
eM In her locullty. Hulnry about S"?o f*
loblh. Permanent position. Beference* give
nd exacted. J. U. Ulanehard, lien. Mintage
ork Uox l.W. N. Y. ocll-Th
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? Agcnryof our wife*: alto 2Hx?xl? lucbei
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re not governed by tlie Hale I'ool. ALWN
KFE CO., Cincinnati. Oblo. aeC-nbaa
'.ink, although in one sense phenomenal, is
ciation of what the reading public demands
lerthe very best that wntvr#, artists and
been the desire of the conductors of Tut
pensable Periodical
cation might he desirable in the family oired
by those who wish to keep abreast of the
ire. Its" unprecedented circulation would
10 this desire and intention of the conducpity
again lays upon the magazine the burle
37th volume, nineteenth year, brgins with
11 the following is a list of some of the more
f which begin in this number:
of Italian Musters, 1 jl
cognized as tho lnmlinw mom.- * "*
as already spent four years in i ,
pon wood for The Centi ky
?8 in the Old World. This is //jT7^o>A
which the magazine has ever
durational results tnav be d??- j1/J
published in historical order, ?//
1.1.mas aiul Mr. Cole. Tin*
Jtea on the Byzantines and /|
Itories of Louisianu,
ior of "Old Creole Days," "The Grandig*
a chapter entitled "Ilow 1 (lot Them," up.
)riesare merely tranBcrilnnl or translated l?y
pts; others are accurate narratives by him
Siberian Exile System.
oh o( papers winch Mr. Gf.ohoe Kenxa.v is
: Centuhy upon this important subject is at)f
the civilized world, and the papers are be.
edsof foreign journals in Europe and Asia,
) enter Russia in any language. The San
8 that, in these papers, "Mr. Kknsan lias
aled a condition of affairs of which the out- I
inception or realization." The Nnwmbcr I
ong paper in this series on "Political Kxilea I
of Tomsk," with interesting illustrations.
Incoln in tlio War. I
o of Lincoln." tov his nrivnte sivri'lnr'na
I ay, now appearing in Tjik Cestiuv, is
if thousands of readers. In the forthcoming
nil develop more fully the relations of tinton,
Grant and other leading genemls of the
i of the cabinet and other prominent mat.
nent of slavery will bo fully explained.
nee of Dnlltml.
readers of The Ckntuuy, Mrs. Mary 11 a rtember
number, with a preface by Frakci*
f devotion and heroism, based upon events
ithor, as Mr. Park man says, "is a pioncerin
i American tietioil." Illustrated by Hekiiy
os Illustrated.
Edward L. Wilson, on Bible subjects treat1
Lessons, will appear from time to tiuio
L'les on existing monuments connected with
, by various writers. A paper bv the Hi?y.
lero was 'the Place called Calvary'?" with
ovenlber number, and there is also a timely
the Rev. Lyman Awbott, D.D.
the Fur West.
original drawings by Mauy IIallock Footr
uk Okntuby for the coining year. These
residence in the
i already men- '
10 City of Lon-<-J^SFr
Unpublished Letters of Lord Nelson, with
ir; n short story, "Mistaken Premise*;"
byMvkatIIalstkad,illustrated; Ivlitorials,
itcom ii III lbv) JI. S. Kl)\v.\ui>s, JoAQOIK
ier include Ciiahlbs DeKay's illustrated
stoma, landscape, etc.: a series of humor*
ies by Gkokop. II. J kssos*; articles by tho
on Japan, with engravings from original
atechnical and of general interest, aiming
leracv," "Recollections of Stonewall .lackit
Liverpool," and "The Western Soldier";
ritualism and Clairvoyancy; further illuH*
ith a chanter on WestKnnMer Abbey"): uliort.
to be announced later), essays, etc., etc.
Special Offer.
is $4.00 a year. In order that new readers
jet all of Mr. Kennan's Silurian papery, we
lion from November, 18S8, and the luelrc back
lie Siberian patera were begun), fur $<? (X); or a
with these twelve burl: numbern bound in two
everywhere take sul>.?<:riptipiiH and supi ly
d, from the oflleo of the ^hlisliers, Tiik
:w YoitK.
picture of the world1* intern!* and movement*\
tail it in to every reader.?Boston Th.wkli.ku.
m himtelf, hit friend or his fatuity an iuertimaK.
-IA New Serial
Ij By tho Author "TIip I.urk or Koarlg
ing Camp," "Talcs or Die
Argonaut," etc.
,s Of Mining Life In California,
I In the Intelligencer Noyember 3.
"Crcssy," has all tho clntraetcrMlc e|iinlJtli'M <>f
Bret IIurtc'H curly work?(oucning pnuini>,
quaint humor, fresh charming de?c ami
, sympathetic appreciation of true manliness ami
. womanliness even under the roughest nml moKi
. uninviting exterior.
, It is a love story of dramatic situation and exciting
n TheOpeningChapters
I In the Intelligencer November 3,
j American Critics on Bret Harte.
J E. C. STEDMAN, the hwt ami K-rayiH.
ft of him as "h rare geuius, who*) work mu?: [m
4 counted among tho tmwuroHof the huik'Un^' j" ^
THE I.ATI. n. li mi i-ur., in..
Ift Critic?"Bret HartO bus great Mian'rio . ?l mere*
'. ly external otwervatiou: ho ha?, ?;. . a'ttt
01 (fcpth of uionil liiNijcht. Ho luteri'rot*: u l "I'|).
u In t Ions, which he ui the mine timen-H'l*?
He touchoH that vital virtue in their i:
"? houlH which will, in the etui, regenerate it'flf
eo-mo nature*. He may he tolerant "I il.? if"
14 setting aifiH, hut hi* toleration (* < / 'i.n< -'ft
m whltth teuilM to lift rather tlinti tojmtil) tliunIn
short he I* thoroughly (.'hrbttati in v. v '' linentof
which direct* c*<jiitllv lil.t Inu-iur nii'l
pathn*, thouxh he is artlntlcnlly mreiul \?r
teal IiIn end in hi* mean*, nnd to u-:u li innjH.ity
. while K'uminsr to difpeiiKc with It."
ly M. W. IIAZei.T.NK, Ihcl.ltiroryrrl ?t the
j. New York Sun?"Few writer** of our nu n. or any
recent generation rnnvi- with hr?t H?ric in tuo
. inaMcrv of our Mniloa mid ,trar?."
d WAkflKN t.'IIKNKY Iri the" / ' " 18
"Had I'llkcn* lived in California lii- lini-r? ?
ifon* would have Kivi>? u* Morle* o( the
plrlt ii* Mr. Hartc'a. So far ai* ho lin* clvi ?.jV
art to the production nnd delineation oi < < :f"fjg
nla life, hi* work haa all the aUmpof originalj.
lty aad genius."
r- "It wan br virtue of their miwHkii ].
In tbo broad tin* of human nature *''<?'> ;
~ electric quality which <lcfi<? ti.c
? apeecb and race, that JiIn work* I"1*'1
and found u domicile Hi *> wan) '
*" households."?Km York >u?.
I [if. work baa appeared In prominent Jonmali
_ of ull countries , . n ,,,
? ItaemiUan * ifaoaxinr and leu l/in'ion
f*. ltd Sewt In Kngland. M .
'I" Revue ilr ilruz jluiula, the great IJtcrur.- .
L'r line of France. . .
Jkuttrhe liundtchau, the icamug moutuv ? m
'? Germany.
- JlcvUta F.uropra, tlieclikf review n{ Jtniy.
I,' Jloitow (Jaztttc, the Uiont jQlluciitial J?. . 1'
. Ruwia. I
?! Ami in proinlucnt paper* ami poriodloui In
J LUbon ami Madrid.
? His Latest Story It "C?e?*y," which will rtir. I
K n,no m*kn in the lNTXJ.uur.M Cii, beginning
j November a. ot'-C I

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