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The Intelligencer.
I?ubll?!""l Dully, SrmUWeelUy and Weekly.
The l>n\h IntHllgeucer U Delivered by Carrirre
In Wheeling Add adjaeeut towue at
If, ? ? ?!? i??r wcelt.
By Slnll. PofcUww Free lo the fulled Statei.
Daily*<?,,4S Vmr. - * 041
|?Nllft8lx Montlie ? * <)0
Hull). Ilireu Montli* a 00
liMI). Odd Moi.tl. ,,n I
8oinl-lVr?kly, One Yenr... ~ "?0
geiuMVvcLly, Mx JUHiith* I as
UVt'l'l) ) Onn Ycnr. 1 <10
Week!)", Six aioutlm -
Great reduction* to <'luh*. So ml (or NunpIo|
eojilm ood vlrculuro. Address
>'oh. 3n & Fourteenth Slrcnt,
[Entered hi the iVntotUco at w hoollng, W. Va.,
HV Kfwmrt-clans winter ]
$lje Intdlttoenccr.
Last week it just ruined Republicans.
l.Vrrvt.im Ho.. ionrni>v "Hicfflk nru the
uses of adversity."
Oni braves will go into the offices as
experienced hands. Wo have been there
The splendid tight of West Virginia
Republicans is one of the best advertisements
the State ever hud.
Tins Eleventh Ccncus, bringing with
it u new api>ortioumcht, is another streak
of gloom for the Democratic party.
Ciiaibmak Kiluv, who ran the campaign,
can you account for the 0,000 maj
>rity you knew you were going to get in
West Virginia?
Blaine may have anything he wants.
That's all there is about it, except thai
he is competent to Ull any pluce uudoi
tho Government.
Wiikhe were Senators Kcnna ami
Faulkner, ex-Senators Camden and Davis,
when the lights went out? The re
turns from their respective counties art
very instructive. /._
Poor, four, four mouths more of the
oflices tlu*y sighed for for twenty-foui
years. How the ligure four und it?
multiple twenty-four appear in all tliic
splendid victory.
A Housk of Representatives snugly
Republican otters little inducement to
defeated Democratic nominees to set up
bogus contests. A Republican will get
justice this time.
When Mr. Watteraon threatened President
Cleveland with "the boys in the
trenches" he forgot that hundreds ol
thousands of our boys had been in the
trenches, and would be at the polls.
Tin? "Hnnoni'o" of Bill Davo Gosliorn
in Kanawha politics may bo fitly represented
by a bhuider that is pricked. It
came enormously high to Kenna and his
friends at $1,100. They will know better
next time.
In any other great city than London it
would scarcely be possible for seven
liemiisli murders to be committed in one
district in three months, all presumably
by the same person, and the police be
unable to get trace of the murderer.
"VV'uk.v Capt. Charles B. Smith wnf
nominated by the Republicans for Congress,
in the Fourth District, the gentle
Democrats affected to be much amused.
Kinco election day they have been wondering
why they smiled. They won't
do it A?y more.
HunuARi) ran in Ohio county as though
he wore seven league boots. It was the
strength of one man against the weakness
of another, and the other was put
on tiio Democratic ticket becauso of his
alleged wild popularity in his own
county,?a ilra grant case of false pretense.
Ik the course of human events?which
seem to bo moving with unusual pace
these days?the Internal Revenue establishment
will be mauned with liepublicans.
The Iktulliqenceu wishes
its party friends joy of these things and
continues to advocate the early wiping
out of the whole systoin of internal taxation.
The system is an incubus on
homo industry and should bo quickly
Aluro htntua.
A Republican Congress is an assurance
of delayed justice to th98e worthy
Territories which havo been knocking at
the door of tho Union seeking admission.
Dakota, Montana and Washington Territories
are much better fitted for Statehood,
in point of numbers und all that
goes to make up u State, than some thut
have long been members of the family
sitting at the first table.
But these Territories are Republican.
As States they would send Itcpublicans
to tho House of Representatives, to the
United States Senate, and to tho Electoral
College. Tho Democratic party,
built and perpetuated on tho sectioual
line, would have consented to tho demands
of tho Territories if they would
have enlarged the area of tho South, after
the fashion of tho aquisition of territory
for slavery purposes in earlier days.
It is one of the political scandals of
the day that these splendid and robust
Territories have been kept cooling their
heels ia the ante-chamber, for no other
reason than thoir politics.
A Little Matter of Tnctlci.
Those Democrats who wero mislead
by their National Committee into put-1
tiug monoy, even at great odds, on the
slen ler hope of a Democratic victory in
uamornia, .Minnesota uuu imiuuib, win
horily bo pucitied to learn that the
Democratic managers never had the
slightest hope of carrying Illinois or
Minnesota, aud the chance of getting
California was little better.
The campaign in what may bo termed
tho iiupossiliio States was made solely
with tho view of kicking up tho dust,
and, "keeping them guessing." Under
cover o! this bogus claim work was be'
ing doue elsewhere which had a serious
purpose, but it was supposed that tho
Kepublican managers could bo mado to
divide their resources and waste money
tin.I fail u?IiiIn f.)n? l)imirw>riili linil nn
more show of breaking up the Republi*
can majority in .Illinois and Minnesota
than the waves had of knocking down
the granite walls of New England.
If Chairman Quay had been as much
of an amateur as Chairman Brice, he
would probably have yielded to these
tactics, and he might have been induced
to * devoto his whole attention to tho
State of Pennsylvania, with headquarter#
in the interior of the Barne.
A ItcuiinUceiiro ami n Mii??r*tlon.
Four years ago Mr. Alfred Caldwell,
in that year as in this the pride of his
party for Attorney General of West
Virginia, had reason to suspect that Mr.
Lewis linker, then editor of the Register,
had not voted for him. Mr. Ca'dwc!!
conceived the idea of a recount of Klin
Grove poll, at which Mr. Baker voted.
Sure enough there was a ballot, which
Mr. Caldwell said bore the hand writing
of Mr. Baker, and the name of Mr. Caldwell
had been scratched to lhake way for
the nauie of the Republican nominee.
This year the voters of Ohio county have
ripped Mr. Caldwell up the back. In
these days the llnjUUr has no editor, but
it has a General Manager. Tito Intkumcjknckk
begs to suggest to Mr. Caldwell
that he look injo the Island poll to
see whether Mr. Jeeius Taney has repeated
the little pleasantry of four years
A Fluid 3Iitr?hul, Iuil??<l.
Hail, Quay, hero of a hard fought, brilliantly
won field; the right man in the
right place; a practical politician and
statesman; cool, calm, of a comprehension
as keen as broad; a revelation to
his own party; as the leader of a great
campaign, the admiration of the country.
It would uo unprofitable to. discuss
what it might luivo been in 1884 with
Quay at tho helm. Another leader at
AusterliU or Jena or Waterloo would
probably have inado all tho difference
between victory and defeat. "What is
more to tho purpose, the right man was
in the right place this year, a practical
politician f?y a practical campaign; and
the result i3 as creditable to tho wisdom
of tho committee which chose Quay as
to the great campaigner himself. 11 is
favorite in the Chicago contest defeated
' after a great struggle, Quay took hold
with a firm grip and an intense loyalty
to curry mo uay ior iiarrwua, auu uc
I did it.
When we go iuto actiou agaiu if Sena.
tor Quay bo not otherwise engaged there
. will bo a fine opening once more for
this talented man. All linil, Quay!
1 op??K(Ijr Tumble of a Young Man Who
I Thought ilo Wro? Cut O .t for n MinUter.
i New York, Nov. 10.?Charles Huhr,
once*a reputable man in Jersey City,
was brought from Detroit by Detective
Gallaher, of Hoboken. Uu came to this
' country six years ago with his mother
1 and his brother Henry. They had a
little money, and Charles decided to
study for the ministry. One summer he
came home from college to spend his
i us.,
vm illiwu, IIIMI IIU n;irwiniiii inn irinin,
, jus it is alleged, by stealing the yacht
r Eagle Wing, of the Now Jersey Yacht
Club fleet, and sailed off with it. He
1 was caught three days afterward, but he
wasn't prosecuted.
His brother had taken a place in the
First National Bank of Jersey City, and
shortly after the yacht episode he got
into serious trouble in the bank. Mrs.
Ilahr then removed to- Bufl'alo, taking
ChorlcB with her. Two years ago he
lefther, and a short time afterward
turned up in Chicago. He was accused
of passing checks there on men whom
, lie knew in Hbboken and Jersey City,
amounting to several thousand dollars.!
One of his alleged victims was tlu* father
' of a young woman with whom ho kept
company while he was studying for the
i ministry. The men whose numes were
on the checks paid them and placed the
matter iu the hands of the Jersey police.
, Detectives were sent after him, but
for more than a year Ihey could get no
trniv nf him. In Jul v. wna
' found in tins city and arrested, lie
furnished $3,000 bond for his appearance
for trial. As Boon as ho was released
ho lied to Canada, where he stay1
ed several months. From Canada he
went to Detroit. There he represented
himself as u newspaper correspondent,
lie was good-looking and bright.
At a public banquet he met John IV.
Breslcr, :i retired merchant. He was
invited to Mr. Bresler's home, and on
his first visit thcro he told a story about
his being the son of wealthy parents
who had died,and left him penniless, j
Mr. Bresler invited him to make his i
uome with him. Hahr consented, and
since then he has been treated like a son
of Mr. Bresler, and has been provided
with all the money ho wanted to spend.
The detectives who ran him down in
New York, began searching for him
again when ho forfeited his bail, and
after a year's search discovered him in
Detroit, living on the fat of the laud.
Ho will be tried 011 a ehaivo of foivi?rv.
Courtahlp Anion# tin* Jltnnoto Tribes of
KullmCuu Dt-Huribctl.
Calcutta Qazttle.
A Kalir, having fixed his affections
upon some female, acquaints his parents
with his intentions. They apply to the
girl's parents, and if the* latter do not
consent to tiie union a tight is iuevitable.
If the parties agree, the next proceeding
is to appoint two expert female
negotiators, who obtain access by stratagem
to the house with the object of
broaching the subject to the young lady.
They carefully avoid any sudden or abrupt
mention of tho awful subject of
their mission, but launch out in praises
of the man who seeks her hand. They
speak of his possessions, his courage and
accomplishments. Tho girl, pretending
to be affronted even at thesejjeniote
hints, grows refractory and runs away,
teariug the riugleta of her hair as she re
uruo. nit: ii'uiuir uuiuuftsuuor.s, navin^
got tho consent of the parents, drag her
Irom lier concealment and curry her by
force to tho house of her destined husband,
aud there leave her. She is compelled
to live here several days, silent
aud dejected, refusing food, till at last,
if kind entreaties do not prevail, nhe is
made to submit to blows to the union.
The Kallr who hus the reputation of
having committed a number of murders
of Mohammedans enjoj* exceptional
privileges; ho is respected by all the
neighbors, and experiences little or 110
difficulties in procuring a wife. The
Katir woman is doomed to a life of toil
and drudgery, and the husband can discard
her whenever he feels so disposed.
"Wlf nfit nnniinn CuIIiav AKml.n... -)ivi
1000 more" to indorse the pood ftnd effective
qualities of Dr.BuU's Cough Syrup
| iu every awe of coughs, colds, etc.
D rink Multo for the nerves.
Prcit. Board of Tr?d?,
Louisville, Ky.:
vcre cold in the
Tor neck. SL Jacobt
Stiffness ...
?nj 0,1 cured
STIFF NECK. ^ - ??."
At Dmitri* ud Df*lm
Chu. . Vofelc- ^ **
Comp?ay,Bl'VUmor?,MJ. ^ * **
Special Notices.
FITS:?An nuVioppcd free by Dr. Kline'*
Great Wervo Kettorer. >o Flu alter Unit day'?
um. Marvelou* curea. Treatise end WOO trial
bottle free to Kit cuius. Scud to Dr. Kline, Ml
Arch i tree t, Philadelphia, ft. aiwyaw
The Danger* arc fur Greater Ihuu In tlie
LuntUm Dully Nan.
It seems to lie probable that Prof. Neumayr,
of the Ilumburg Marine Observatory,
will succeed in getting a South
Polar expedition organized. It might
havo been supposed that until some
greater measure of success hud attended
similar ventures in the Arctic regions
themostardentudvdeata of such schemes
would have doubted the wisdom of exposing
human lives and treasure to the
risk of AuUtrctic seas. All the best authorities
are agreed that the difficulties
to be encountered in the .South are much
greater than in tho North, uud tho hideous
stories which have.-gained currency '
after the return of the lost Arctic expedition
might well have sickened the boldest
of this generation sufficiently to deter
them from any assault upon the Htrong-'
hold of King Winter in the South. In
comparing the difficulties of Arctic ami
Antarctic adventure, Sir Wy ville Thompson
"Wo can only anticipate disaster,
mtiltiplied a hundred fold, should the
South pole ever become a goal of rivalry
among nations." For various reasons
the great lone land under the Southern
Cross is more difficult of access thau the ,
Vft-tl, If So Ii flw.r,. tl.on in
tiie Artie circle.- There seeuiB to be no
such warm current# us nre to be found
in the North?such, for instance, as the
Labrador current, or that round the
south coast of Spitzbergen. Such emanations
from the torrid regions of the
arth do much to mitigate the rigors of
the Northern seas at certain points, and
bring about the moat striking variations
of temperaturo, breaking up the ice at
certain seasons, and opening the way to
navigation far beyond points otherwise
attainable. Any enterprise of this kind
will, of course, be pushed ou during the
summer months?during January, February,
and the early part of March, that
is. Hut even in the height of summer
the temperature of the air in Antarctic
regions is always below the freezing
point of sea water, ami the bttter tempestuous
winds and fogs and blinding
snow storms are all but incessant. No
Artie explorer has ever gone beyond the
UUU1IMR Ul VCgCUHIVJll, ilV miov no
uinl seaweed liavo been founil wherever
Northern navigators have ppneirafed,
but in the awful solitudes of the South
Sir James ttoss found not thu slightest
truce of vegetatile lite, either on the
land or in the Hen, yet he never came
within ires than 700 miles of the South
Polo. The magnetic pole has been approached
within 150 miles, and it seems
possible that important scientific results
mix lit he obtained by covering that
further distance; but oven this is doubt*
ful., " r
If Sufferer* from t'uiinuuiptloii,
Scrofula, Bronchitis, and General Debility
will try Scott's Emulsion of Cod
Liver Oil with Uypophosphites, they
will find immediate relief and permanent
benefit. The Medical Profession universally
declares it a remedy of the greatest
value und very palatable. Head: "I
have used Scott's Emulsion in several
eases of Scrofula and Debility in Children.
Kesults most gratifying. My litlitle
patients take it with pleasure."?
W. A. liulbert, M. !)., Salisbury, Ills.
<)U! IVkat iv Klumior.
Edw. L. Rose <fc Co. have lloppod ofl'
tlio high price charged for Sewing Machines,
and adopted an entire new systorn
of selling. No canvassers employed.
The agent's commission given to the
customer. Read advertisement on the
other side?"How you can save from
$15 to $23."
"A stitch in tiiue saves nino"?if
taken with "Mile-End." Yes.
Dkimc Malto.
Itui-klt'u'n ArnlciiHalve.
The best Salve in the world for cots,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chnppeu hands, chilblains,
corns, aud all Skin Eruptions, and positively
cures piles, or no pay required,
it is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction,
or money refunded. Price -5
cents per box. For Bale at Logan & Co.'s
drug store.
Ought to have attention perhaps. If >o, B. B.
D. will, do you good, removing all luorgsuio
matter, the direct mu*o of dculneu. 11 will alto
aid your dlgeellon. Wltuow the (ollowiug t?M>tlmoniali:
Could Hoar a Tick Crawl.
air. c. e. Hall wrote from Bhclfoy, Aim. Februury
U. 1KS7: "I could not hear li thunder. I
I.curd of II. II. B., Ufcfd two buttle*, uud now cau
hoar a tick crawl lu the leaven.
"I Qavo Up to Die."
Knoxvjub, Tknx., July 2,1887.
I have bad catarrh of'the !ica?l for six years. I
went to a noted doctor and he treated mc lor It,
but could not cure uio, he wild. I \rn? orcr fifty
year* old and I gave up to die. I had a distressnig
enuj?b; no* eje* wkto swollen nnd 1 am confidciit
1 could not bftve lived without a change.
1 Kent utii Kot one bottle rd your uiediciue, Ufed
It. and felt better. ben I not four more, aud
thank God I It cured Die. LVe this auy way you
may wish for the good of sufferers.
41 us. X atii.oa Xiciiols, ,
22 Florida 6 tract. J
A Preacher Cured of Dyspepsia.
MtccoiUJUtS, Fla., Leon Co., July 20,1888.
I have been a suBerer from Indigestion and
dyspepsia lor a lonj? time, an* have triad many
remedies, but until J wan induced by my friends
to try your 1). It. H received no relief, but since
using it have found more rullel and comfort
than from any other treatment 1 have used.
Hoping you will forward to my nddreM your
little &psuo b<>ok fur prescription, also evidence
of cures, bernl at earliest date.
Ret. Kob't C.
A Book of Wonders, Free.
All who dolre full information About the
cnuso and euro nf Mood Poison*, Scrofula or
Srrofulnu*' s*elllu*n. Ulcer*. Sore*, Rheumatism.
Klducy CtiDiplaliitM. Catarrh, etc.. rtfC
cure by nmll (rev, a copy of curirj imyo Illuntrated
I took of Wonder*, filled with the mom wonderful
un?i kumllug proof ever before known.
Addreu, BLOOD SAI,M CO.,
AtUutn, Ua.
no2-niw Wholeiqilo Agent*.
Boots and Shoes.
Boots and Shoes
i vii lAiJu aau uiiuuu iiuniij
of Good Quality, Durable and Reliable, Good
style* and low prices.
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Heel i'inttw put on Bubbor Slioe* Fa eh,
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without them, at
pc22 1121 Ma?n Street.
Dinner Sets, Tea Sets,
Prices Low.
21fiMA?KET8TltKET j
Bfir >pp. MeLure Uou?e.
& nolo
Guns, rifles and revolvers.
HOGb & BRO., No. 1113Market St., aru
ageata (or the celebrated
Keystone Double Barrel Breech J
Loading Shot Qun,
and other make* of (iuna. Kitlen and Revolver*. I
A1k> Chamburlaln'N ami ret?r*a Cartridges
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oc3 m*m? HOOK & UhO.
Z"\ nTTTH arandWhUk.yUab- "
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I f rA - :
TTpT7TI*MUMfii. Ofllea Whit?- |
New Advertisements.
For Chaps. Bore Llpa and Hough Skin, Price 10
guts. Sold by
R. II. LIST, Manufacturer,
And by dealera generally. noi1.'
A ttockholdcn' meeting of the Wheeling Base
IIa 1 A?mh latlon will be held on Monday aftertoon.
ai tour o clock *h*rn, at 1 188 Main me-t.
bird llo??r Hornbrook Work*. for the eiection of .
?fllccr?. hear nwit*. and any other buidni'M*
hilt may lawfully uproar.
ily oruerof the PRESIDENT.
i-fc r<i it i i i; titirsfiav i?vrk*i.rr
Lvforl'arkernhmg. l'i>?neroy, Unlit1. nr>
joIU. Irimton, Huntington. 1't rt?- I ^UgEmr
iiuiiili, Mayavllle. Cincinnati aui ?""?
IxiuinvlUo. The elegant paaaengi r xcomur
Muhletnan, Coni'r, Mart F. Noll, Clerk,
rill leave for above pointa onTcnuuY, Nov.
>3, at S o'clock p. in., idiarp. ranM-tigera and
relght receipted through to itU point* Went aud '
South. ,
For freight or tKUMge apply on board or to
nolU FKANK BOOTH. Agent ,
Household & Kitchen Furniture.
Thenaloof tbc Household and Kitchen Furniture
of Dr. Slocum VMM pontponed; ami nil tho
property, Including n liuo Kraulch A: IUch
1'iuno, aituo?t new, will bo sold nt public aalc.ou
commencing at 10o'clock u.m.,at No. 1012 Market
btrrtit, where tho article* and gixxls can he Men
on TuavJuy from 'J a. in. to & o'ulock p. in.
NOTICE Is hereby given that n general meeting
of tho Stockholders of "Commmvul Bank"
hits been called by Ibu Board of Directors to be
held hi ii.- principal office or pinto of i?uninc?s.
No. 1JWI Main atreet In the city of Wheeling, and
the same will bo held at said place on WkdnkxDAY,
the K'thday ot December. lhn#, at 10 o'clock
a. in., for the purport- of considering ami adopting.
or rejecting u resolution to extend the time
of the coutlnuaucu of wild corporation for fifty
yearn beyond the IHth day of January, IhW, the
date of the tluie limited for it* eoutlnuuuco in
the agreement for it* formation.
Jly order of the BoarJ. *
5. F. CRAWFORD, Cashier.
Additional Notice.
NOTICE la also hereby Riven of my Intentiou
to oiler the sold resolution at the general meeting
Htorvml'l, notlrc ot which rcm/Iutlau and
meeting Is above given.
A Stockholder of Commercial Rank.
no.'f. u
No. 137 South Drornhvay, frame house, 7 rooms,
IlliimltiHtlUK ami imtur.il gss. water ou first ami
seeund floor* ground 40 by 1J0 feet.
No. H2fX> hiuI 2J49 Market street.
No. U-ti) unci 1042 Murk ft Bind.
No. 742 Main street.
No. 2126 Market street; ground a fall lot.
No. M? Fourteenth htreet, ground a hulf lot
priee 81,COO. Terms cur.
No. '2?3A Main street, 16 rooms and attic, $3,300.
No. '-1U4 Miilti Htreet. 81.700.
No. 'Si aud '?) Twentieth Htreet.
No. or. Zhiio Htreet. 84 .'J jo.
No. W Zane Htreet, 81,000.
No. 1?Q Twelfth street.
No. 2318 Market street, new dwelling house,
nix rooms und bath-room, natural and
llluinltmtiu* gas 818 00
No. 122 Alley 15 7 00
No.21.*?3 Miiln street, stoie-room 10 oo
No. 1M A ley 14 f. 00
No. 2245 Market St., store-room and cellar...... 15 00
No. \SM Murket street, third floor. ft 00
No. 7249 Market street, third floor & to
No. 1012 Market street, store-room and tw?
rooms ... SO 00
No. 10J7 Market street, store room lti 00
No. lifJU Main street, Imr-room and fixture*,
three rooms and cellar 18 00
No. ir>6 Nineteenth street, 3 roomed house... G 00
No. 97 Klcveuth street, east of haltimorcst. ti 0J
Heal Estate Agent, U. B. Pension And Claim At
torncy, Collector and Notary Public.
Personal nttcntinij given to iteming Houses,
Collecting Hunts. Purchase nod Salo of Keul Kstnlc.
1 prosecute Cluims for Pension, ltoimty.
Ac. Notary Commission filed lu Pension Ofllco,
Pension vouchors certified, Depositions taken In
IVnuIon claims; Deeds, (.cases Agreements iiud
otbfr written instruments prepared. The Collection
of Aecouutsa specialty, und prompt returns
no(2 OFfict: No. 1fil2 MannerStreet.
lu tbe Municipal Court of Whceliug.
M. C. Crawford ")
vs. V In Chancery.
Granville Uolls and others.)
Br virtue of nn order catered in tbe above entitled
cause on the 17th day of October, 1*S3, It
is referred to tbe nnderslpried comiuhsloner of
tho raid Court, to take and state an account of
all the lien* on the real estate in the plaintiff*a
bill of complaint mentioned and the amounts
and priorities thereof, and also to dud. ascertain
and report tbu vaine of said real estate, and the
value of the yearly rents and profits. with any
other matters that the eommbsiouer may deem
Notice is hereby given that tho undersigned
has fixed upon Tuesday, December 11, 1888, commencing
at 0 o'clock a. m., as tbe time and his
office. No. 1501 Cbanline street In tho city of
Wheeling. Ohio county, W?l Virginia, tw the
place nt which ho will proceed to ii'ccrtaln atul
report the several matter# in the wild order of
reference required.
Wiven under my hand thN loih day of Kovcmbur,
1888. J USEl'll It. 1?A UU?
Ciiarlrb It. Smith,
Sol. for Complainant.
To all perton* hohlituj I fait by judgment or othervitr,
on the r<n{ ettatt, or any jxjrt thereof, oj
Uranville 11 oils:
In pursuance of a dccrco of the Municipal
IV'iirt of Wheeling, made In n cause therein
pending, to subject tho renl estate of the wild
Uranville Kolbt to the satisfaction of the Ileus
thereon, you are hereby reijnired to present ail
claim* held by you and each of you against the
nald Granville Holla, which are liens <>n bin real
estate, or uui part of It, forudJuHlention tome,
nt my ofllce, No. 1501 ('hapllue street in the city
uf WbeellnB. Ohio county, West Virginia, on or
before Tuesday, tho llth day of December, 1888.
uiven unuer my nouu huh ium tiuy 01 .-November,
lltofl. JOSEPH K. PA ULL,
tiol'J-H ' Ountniwloncr.
"The Gladstone"
i? tlm Dnc.-t lamp in tho
v?ria. It plvca a purr,
iJuHt tofd Inn ry
fJff JL V j VJtBou/ NoLodycvcrmijf.-^r
VVS5 ??rh n light wn*
?lDQM>blc from kcro?cn?
oil 1 yet It ia tiicru, and
jjSSgy Seeing Is Bellevtcg
0\ JSaSsV A" wonderful lanij>"
K Is In all respect*.
gtiSBCTgfg:ar??8g? It uover nood* trim*
ft VBaKatttfaWW ,? mlng, norer *mokr?
MBS^raiM oil J" no gumming up,
^jggKgr no Irak*. no gputtrr<
lliimn, no ann?ranco
JMwBBaawWBBS of any kind, andeanwHsasS9
advantage*. think of a lamp giving a clenr,
lioht, 10 to iil> tbnra tho auoand brilliancy or
OMV ortlin'tru house lamp /
"The Uladntono" In tnado of high-grade,
bnru rolled niatal (all rnrtu Interchangeable,
and In elegant doMirm forPining or Parlor ToMc,
tho Study. Drawing-room, Hull or Chamber. Fir.l?hod
In either Gold bnmsc, Nlrtkcl or Antlquo
bron?. Every home aliould hnvo It.
llluatraioil price list will boa*nt rod on receipt
of h )io?ul card. Blugle lamp* at who Utile price,
with or without uorcclaln aliude. carefully boxed I
and ro: i>y cxpiw to ?^ ^ t
ury part of tho country. . Gv r*?
York City. a iIto Auunt f?j!g>*jy*?>A\ *
wantflrt in every town to ^yaVOT6
04)11 tbos?] lnrai-8. ^'> ?1 Q
nolSMwrow J
m w y jm
1" GUARANTEED to outwear 1
Iakv custom-made corset!
1 M -*;S.-4I2 QROADWAY. /V. K J
\t Bottom Market Prices.
rui VOC Mnln Ktrwt, Wh'cllnf. V. "V*. 1
mis mperes-k,
;owfp?pcr Advertising Bureau (10 flpnico h
trtyjt), whOTOiwlvor ||f|l| If AM#
Geo. E. Stlfel h Co.
&c COUnderwear!
We have given special attention
to this department this
season, and now have on hand
complete lines of
Gentlemen's Ladles' 4 Children's
In Balbripgun, WHIP, Ribbed and
Merlin, Scarlet, (Cuchlncal dyed),
Camel') Hair uud Auitruliuii Wool.
HD lArr.cD'Q
L/n. i VJ
Sanitary Underwear!
Which has boon Reduced 26
per cent from the regular
White and Scarlet.
AT ALT, rillCES.
Geo. E. Stifel&Co.,
1114 MAIN ST.
J. S. Rhodes & Co.
The largest stock in the
State. Correct styles and low
Ladles' Cloth Newmarkets.
ladies' Cloth Raglans.
Ladles' Clotb Jackets.
All the Desirable Styles or
Children's Cloaks
In endless variety, to fit all
ages, irom 4 years uwards.
New additions made daily in
Ladies', Misses' and Children's
We have recently replenished our stock of
',hesc first-class goods, and tftvcaKUarnntee with
:very Knife auu every I'air of bclutors sold.
Stanton & Davenport,
Blank Books and Stationer;!
Day Books,
Ledgers, '
Journal?. An
Baby Carriages,
Largest stock and greatest variety In the State,
bold retail at wholesale prices, by
Bats, Masks, Gloves and Belts,
Croquet and Hammocks. F
Books, Magazines and I'aDera.
? Boossdler and Newsdealer,
leg K<w. 14H and i?w Miirkft Htreat
>n First Mortgage fccurlty on Obio Real Estate. B
rom ooo to five Tears.
Insurance and Real Estate Agent.
J7? Bridgeport, Ohio.
Coo. R. Taylor & Co.?Reduction of Prices.
hww prMTTM ;
uxiuni luii/uuiivii
ftp.n R Tavlnr fin's
VWi Ul 1UJ1V1 w vvi hJ 1
All Marked Down, Astonishingly Low Prices. '
40 inches wide, down to 48c, worth 60 cts.
' I
40 inches wide, down to 65c, worth 80 cts.
48 inches wide, down to 88c, worth $1.00.
39 inches wide, down to 72c, worth 85 cts.
42 inches wide, down to $1.05 from $1.25.
Henrietta (Ms and Drap d' Ete,
46 inches wide, down to $1.05 from $1.25.
Broadcloths, all colors, 88 cts, from $100.
Rrnartrlnths all mini's. SH.OR. from XI.=
WtVWKViVIUN| VV??i?) ?"V.] mm w mmm y -
Broadcloths, all colors, $1.48, from $1.75.
Broadclottis, all colors, $1.65, from $1.90.
Broadcloths, all colors, $2.20, from $2.50.
t&gc^We invite all interested to call
and see the bargains we offer in this
and other departments.,
This change of prices dates from t
this morning, October 22.
House & Herrmann's Cash and Credit House.
Plush Coats,:
ff Modjeshsfi Jackets, j
ft??P Weekly or Monthly Payments,
Hsmmoth Furnitnre. Carpet and Stove Credit House,
Open until 8 P. M . Saturdays II P. M
G. Mendel & Co.?Furniture and Carpets.
Woaro plowed to announco large arrivals ol New Goods, fresh from Uio manufacturer*. four
attention Is Invited to a choice, couplets and carclully selected assortment of the Newest and r
mostCharmlngEflectsIn ?
Parlor and Chamber Suits,!
?Single Pieces Miscellaneous Furniture,?
?AND? u
Rugs, Mats, &c., &c. I
In every Department we offlsr unparalleled Inducement* to buyer* In tho way of nich Claw
flood a rf quality beyond question, and to theae wo add unlimited variety In a'l new novelties and
the HTRONU INDUCEMENT OF LOW PRICES, by which we ahall demonstrate that tho Cheapest
is w?U aa the Cholcctt alock la that of
Furniture & Carpets
^ v _ < < /-v a hit a i a i
1\0. UZ4 1V1A11N
^^Undertaking a Specialty. ?n *
Sewing Machines?Edw. L. Rose & Co.
we Are ?teaayA 1
ro Save Y ou From $15 to $25.?
We are telling Pewing Machine* at greatly reduced price*. We employ no CanvuMcra: by
lealing direct with u? you *ave the ageut'a comailsalea, and iccure the very beat Sewing Machine*
aade. We band!# the F
Standard, White, Howe, New Home and Automatic. =
We will n il oo time and l?ue Machines, and will give liberal diioounta for prompt pay- \
aenU. Call, wrlie or telephone u* for particular*. ? ]
Needle* and attachment* (or all Machines. All kind* of Machines repaired. ,
EDWARD 1.. ROSE & CO., 65 Twelfth Street, Wheeling, W. Ya., ?
oou Whore Wo Have Ben for Twelve Year*. ?
Blxtcon of the present Mh ol ?pj>*-urrd la th?
pent Houmj, Wheeling, week Moj i. Al.
?uilauce 'J,7W i?or>onr. Jlewpts, 40.
MONDAY, November 12.
Prof. George Bartliolomew's
24 El>U'"ATKL> (lORSE* 24
Do Everything but Talk.
llCAmuiKvt! PruRnunne.
Nmacrom n>w Feature
rwo Afternoon Performance*
At thu V.'odncxlitv Miitlueco.u h \ , M.ni ,
trvMQtwt with ii luttiil* me nir imi,.'ti.
i* Hie. Bccepilou by ,11 tho hot** on'S* K2
iter tho iHjrf.irn m.w to which Udici a^ chfu
Iren *ro peclnlly luvltv<l. lu"
. ??it ?r-v?uHjrv, niwilVAV: ihlMtwj,
5c. AdmWMon. !?* . Kj^vrvr.j atut?, ftv, on
ale at *' A. tU>uv"V m?'w v.. v\ i,,,il(
Grand Opera House.
0. C. GENTIIEK. 1 . ? i- mu]
One Week, commouelug MONDAY, Nov. li
Matinees Wednww1<ty ami -.aut<Uy,
Trnradvr* In the Land ? < Fun! The Nw'iilrrin
of Mirth! A rerfeet cyi lone of .Vmlincutt
iisson & Brady's Company of CoEedians,
UihUt ll>o vjauHRcuH iit of >. w. HmJy, t)rc.
entliw. ?" i?;m ol
auaicul comedies, Lil I M. i uvrr.
New StitH'K. N* w l?uiic? *. Nov Mumc.
A KrKiid ine?rojiolllnii c*?t. tin- fnn:. u* Nujr?et
innriotie, uv* aud wouuciful usniewnl uieilimiicul
l?rlcw?'i*> nml M vents. Uwrved Mali on
(tie Hi McliUrc Ijtuim i'lmrwwi > lnY)
For Ront.
pou BEST.
Celling Eoase Ho. 101 South Front St.,
ontnlnlm: nix rooms, Lcatlug ami illuuiltiatiDj
an. Enquire uf
1 J. M. BROWS,
tiolO* No. 101 South Kr?nt Sum.
Several O01 res and Rooms.
oivnvwvH ??? ?.; ?Ain BiUfiET,
Lodging Room* lu Jinny's Block.
JoH 114'.1 Clittl'llft' Mftft,
^011 KENT.
Tbo New Business Home just completed it
Xo. 10(17 Main Street.
Tho wnin btuitieM room Is lio feet, fitted bj
rith all uiuUcm iutprovcinontH. Apiilvto
jylO So. \f.1> M?t',
General Notices.
Having l>et>n involuted Admlutotmlor ol tu
state o( Kdwln > . Zone, iliocnnd, untlrt u
icreby slven t?? nil iwrntitfluiYiaffclaitiii-Niulw
be mill citato to Me tUeui with the uudmlend
luly authenticated,-ami tbone who nro Indebted
o tho ml'I estate will make iniiM-diit e i?yoent.
Oltl.n, p y..\NF.
IdmiuUtrutor uf the estate of lulwin K. Zunr,
?lcee<n?ed. i.t>
To Natural (Jus Consumers.
Our.kI after November 1. 1868, the oiliceof
he Natural tiu* Coiuimny of West Virginia will
>e open for the transaction of LinJtuts from Ha.
11. until 0 p. tn. pc?j
The Arm of llcury Jncoli A Co. lis# this (lay
teen changed to Jacobs .1 henl-erj:, the parttitrn
emu in in j as they were bef..n\
WHEELING. Octobor It*. ?.HV<. ouil
fb the Voter* of Ohio County:
I am a candidate for the ? flier of l'row ruling
L Homey, and respectfully mlirii your votci at
ho election lo Ih> In Id November C. ihN-.
Truly your*,
jy< JOK 1>. Fl^ny. |
For Sale.
iIi.ock, j-lv und vtfll coruer Main n?*l
'wenty-llrki Htrcots. The corner n?r?-iwin:
uruicbed roomt*; ?l?> (urnblwd rurnn* tor UgW j
ouaekeepitig ou ruuoiiuMu urnis togood nu*
til*. Enquire at No. JOlf or up Hun*. M?*.
UHN IMh.M lilt.
A flnt-cluscd. well equipped ltukery r?n U
urchHHcd. together with the gootl-jiayJug trndi
I enjoys. for a rvu>o:ihl>le sum. A dc-Iru to ta*
agu iu other buhiue*a is tbo rauon fur wanting
u rail. Addrcu,
no> y.. K.. oillr?.
pOtt 6A.LE LOW.
1,000 ACRES,
Two milex from Miild'clfuruc, Tylrr county,
V. Vu., WJucrwi of which l? in liue tiaif>er.
W. V. HO ?K A HMO..
nn'? V.v? St n't't.
Engine For Sale.
One 12x9', (40 to : >) eniinwtcd hone power);
00ft a* ntw; only run himiui 1*0 vims ?nu
mdofcarv. Will *? ?1 th'.* higliM! U.r $4 50.
o be delivered uboul Iieccuibei 1. Now In u?o
,t our works.
'St .Shares Warwick (.'li In a Company.
i Himre* Khiiit bluv. t'w. {
10 Shares Itivercldu Uhitu I'ouitmny.
3) Shares U* die Null 31111.
60 shures Jeifer*ou Null Mill.
ft Shares Belmont Null Mill.
10 Shares Wheeling Lleelrlctl Company.
1. 1KW1N, .uent,
flcO No. Twlnlt Mrift.
Httildlng I.ots on the Old l air Ground*. Zaw'
'rehanl, North utid South i roiil Nirieta ?2d
until I'onn ktriTt.-, at very low Ugim*.
A good 0 roomed House at 'i'.t'i Jucob ttrccUst
Double Ilrlck House,'<7 awl 70 Virgin In
Hi fcell Kepnmto or both toother. 'J liey t-oo*
ilti nil modern improvement*.
Seven ltoonitd House, :!7 houth Broadway; *
Dud property at much lev- tl.uti coat.
I'our boomed Cottage lor i c>.
Klifht Itoomcd Hour1, North I'nmt ?W-'
Iver lot; wll in pood condition;
rivo i'.oomed House. -1 North Broadway;
lake a pleasant homo.
Six Itooined lfri?*k House, ?(.utliwc?t rotvtt
? ' lol.il? ...?l kir.i-u. I.t n Lhfi'aia;
rill |u?y lor liivcftltnciit. ,
lirvellluK Iloutvt*, large and imall, on
"!?l'?'Ur """' (i 0. BMITII, l.V" M"ln
24) Twenty-fonr Loin in Cal'l^ olI'iA^
Hon to tlio City ol !Y!inellnfr?
Bald Lot* arc bounded on the north by T*<Dj?
lull) Ktrect, on tlie east by Fillmore iUtci>
ib Miutli by the UruJIhu Home?tiiiu,
ic went by the B. 4 O. H. It. ?ii?oid
Their r?n?xlmlty to the a\mc "? ?-? , ,'fjm
indvr* then excellent tlte* lor laiu.aU'"1*
itAhllhhtncntK. ?aiIf
not sold lu thirty day* will be wld *? ?
c auction. ,
For term* and further Information *i; v>
W. V. HO'iK *. .
1100 llfirkct ntrw*
ur niU4?? ? !
mis R w. <'or. I'lini.l'W A
Professional Cards.
general Insurance Afrrnt?
1818 Market Hi., Wheeling. W. v*
SttrnS SWPi *
fait Virginia. Can pl?<r- ln"urin"'*,V'?*
hf? mi?l In >?*t row* mm ? ? ' ?
Musical Goods.
Id order to ml wee oar itock
:osewood & Klckle-Piated Tenor DroffiJ,
wiiu rodmir c?>rd. ut - < < ^
We alio have a largo ?iwkol IV 1
K.W>:u- a
I fill In PlTTM"1* II-m? ' ... .Jo* A*
tu> irU] oouinwt for aJtertWn* ?S w*?

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