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" Assignee's Sale.
DBtlle Glass Works.
, oti'.nkrof the Probate C*mrt
v Ohio. 1 win tell Hi privite
.... bludcr, or: the premuva ut
. x v. SOVKMBKR 16, 1888,
, the real e#ute. buildings and
Hie ul?elle UIma Company,
., r;; v ? acres of land and loriy.uiicli
I? together Willi the
..lii' ltidingengine, boiler.
_i.-- belts. nulleys, beuzlne
I. .Blur, ubj4. au'i water
" u:jc-h?lfauh,and remainder
lay iut uii?. to be Kcural by
- 'Tuwios THOMPSON.
. ..< Hi.
Trustee's Sale. ^
'[ iy >AU''
* .*1 of tru?t made by Iiuuc
tn>?cc, dalcO Mar 0. lrrfB. w
... the Clerk of the Coumy
. , ,:.iv, W'riX V r?ltiin. In Deed oj
,t"M. 1 will Mil at public
:.- rtts iront door of the Court
? . .,v.i/.ou
. aV. NOVEMBER 17, 1888,
jo u'ciocW*. m.t the following
ili.it 1* tw?ay: The couth
rclunc' hundrvd and thirty',
i:;. .?*: >110 ?f Market fKjnure
: .. I the city of Wheeling. Ohio
1 to be good. but selling m
- . only the title vested in ine
- it", third and a? much more
.s to in caah on the day
in two equal iiutalluienUat
(..pica '.* *: iug intercut from
. . ?iv<u fur the deferred payVo
be retained uutli payV,
i W. COWDES.Tnull*.
. . ti -noer. _ocljV
f;oal Estate.
\ - !'-r-i.(il?rajr," frunie house, 7room*,
natural gun, water on first and '
ii'l 10 by Ivu feet.
?Market atteet
v .: 11 I- i.' Market atr^eL
v >treet: ground A fall lot I
t ilth fttrvvt, ground a half lot;
: erma e.i*y,
. i > r<H>aia ami attic, $3,300.
. ; - i.' :!i hticet. I
v - M-lf.
\ ' Wt.;i/jQO. .
,\u ; ; v l :1? street.
> < ; : >! '?'' m ? *? dwelling house.
? j.M.m, natural and i
- .. 418 00 '
Mi, -Uwl, 10 0U "
; oo .
v tore-rouinandedlar^.rt.w 00
v : third floor 5 00
s .. > >trv< i. mini tioor. 6 (.0
-Un ftorc-rooin ami
:t0 00 |
v :. .t: airwt, more room 1?? fO t
\ -'.rift. i .ir-ruotn and lis tun'S, ;
'<vllur 1H00 ;
?, , iii-ijtU > riH?nn-t bonne - 00
v h,.oiiith trwt, of Baltimore i?t. C <A)
Ri ilfUut.' I". 3. Pension mid Claim At
. r. I .Voter) Public.
it.:.!!?.: civcu t<? RcnilWf DonKt,
. : mi -a'-- Ol U? ' Etr
fur I'enMon. Bounty.
. ,r i vi?u filed in ri'uslo'i Office.
, . !.v :-r r!I!'? ?!, Ihpodtiftna taken in
[a . ."v .. > DtlUd
In1 i ?,!
a >;>veUlty, an-1 prompt reun
' ^ ""H r srp.i i-r.
m j\? iifiil T
Mi. m uMniiiijj
Near Wheeling* W. Va.
( ten o! the V Ultatlaa.)
a i.: : of sort- than national reputation
? ; . .il advantages lor thorough edr,
ladle* In all ifepartxnenW. LI
i:ur "! - tb . i-nrjd voiuncs. l'lne phDo
.! il and astronomical apparatus
.t specially sbtti Corps e*
1 .*chi-:? trained bj a leading professor
... : :rvfcU.ry of Stuttgart. Vocal culture
to the method of the old Italian out- ?
i ?::on unMirpawca lor ocaaij taa uruuj
>?<>i pleasure grounds. Board excellent.
2v: and reference* to patrons lnali
tic i>ris< Ipal cities, addrca
WasbiDgtoo Scbooi of Elocution
H*. a. STEVENS 1IAHT ?Principal.
?-i "M ' St., N. WM Washwgtojc, D. C.
vith Annual Session begins Wednesday, Sep
Instruction embraces Elocution,
u English and English Classics, Latin,
>'- -i. ,1 s. MtMU'rn Languages, Vocal and In
d I* hytHcal Culture.
i'r , f.) 1* eM>inti!d by an efficient corps
of ,-i- h department.
1 . - ?. lor bora aud jjlrls dally
? - . aud private Instruction given In
f-twarJed. A limited number of pu
I \ :n::n?utwl in the family.
>r* anJ reference* apply tofcrrxuj
Stammering Cured.
.1 upon nature's laws. No Sxcrkct
1.1. fi}-||?D 1-lpUUUUU I" uiuau iuwi
. from pbyttdaas, educator* ?.ud
v ?*!i havo received benefit from the
attbd i.J iu?truc;loa. Address
Mm. m stevens HART, Principal,
i vhnoioi Elocution and English
151. rlrwt. N, W., Wa?hlnffton. D. C.
" i-!-: u boarded lu family of Principal.
tllin MU'I.KWimjD IN>TITUTF. for b?qj
?.Xl, (onconlvllle. I'a. Preparatory,
r.'.m.JufittuR. KnjjlUh GnukiatlUK.
- preparatory courses. Special
. i:.v i .%. Highly recommended by
i J *trii suoaruPiiB. (Yale) A.M. I*r.
Business Cards.
> >.'1! K-.mv.vkiy. c. Q. da vis.
to J. M. Clonston.
Dealers in Grain, Flour, Feed, Hay, Sc.
? ommiuina Jiervnanw lor "c*i tugiuui
. -'.i Cub I, LuiijIht. Wood, Ac.
U : IrcRdlmiowpirtiM tbedtf<
t. L lilMBEKM, (ienttMl Manager.
' Win oum a IK&ftB<2 UBJBouUi
tin.fi. , Tf.iT i.. .Market mrcet. rea
4 CO.,
General Machinists,
HaauIicrareriOl Murine aud 8Utiou?rj
_ trUFKl.TKG. ff V'
Mutual Sayings Bank
; : :r m Ko. it Twelfth Btttet to
- Vbove KxehaugO Ikuk.
1...! u?irr?i on the mutual plan; ha* no cap
" -k tlioentire prutlu are divided among
?>ltvlnred In January and July.
, ,v,'v uiur bUAitii-Midaily from 0:A?r. K. to
V - Mtiinlar?#t4:.'?r. sc.
(run dlxat op.
lotej to Loan on Real Estate Security.
Ii'"" VKU HAZIhlT, l*c*><icni. ^
kv '< WlLX:sv>X. ALtX. MlTOltli.
( RWlarv. Tn-nnurcr.
A :.>f' "Uit-wnmpcn divided Into STATES
"TIONj? will be K-nt on implication?
want their adwtSatns u> pay.
; * i ::-r no better mrdmu for thorough anil
<vt; .. ,vork than the rarlou? mxUous of our
??-U7 Lot a i Liar.
GEO, p. ROWKLti A CO..
Sew*pep*r AJveitWnR Bureau,
"tfriw in j.prtKt1 Strret. Sew York.
At Bottom Market Prices.
H. K. GIFFEN* A CO., *
** 1AJ0 Main Street, Wheeling, W. V*
PnocMc'i niAtiy Important Advantages over all
oliiur prepared Foocta. .
Makes plump, Laughing, Healthy Babies.
Regulates the Stomach and Rowels.
Sold by LrutfjdsU. >Mc.t 0 Or., Vl.OO.
tfiFLLS. r.lf.Hapn^ry X rn nnonmrn* irr
Baby Portraits.
A Portfolio of T-uiutlful Imby portrait*, printed
ru fine i'lat" paper by patent photo pn*c?a, sent
frve to Mother t.fany Baby Lorn within a year.
Every Mother iruntt thv-H* plctuna; aend at once.
(Jive Baby'i name and age.
WtLLS, RICHARDSON & CO., Prcp?.t Burflngton. Vb
Si's Easy to Dye
' C>ir.a?l/..
?? uup&l IUI
/WM\ strength,
I Fastness,
/vBtpfjffil Beauty,
( Simplicity.
Warranted tn color morn goods than any other
dyes ever m.ide, anil lo giro more brilliant and
..iruMo colors. A?k fur the Dmnomi, and tako
fio other. 36 color*; xo cents cach.
WELLS, RiCHAROSON A CO.. Burlington, Vt.
For Gilding or Bronzing Fancy Article*, USB
Cold, Silver, Bronxe, Copper. Only :o Cents.
elys GatarrH
Cteanees the!
Nasal Passages.
...ays Pa.nand^^|||J
Inflammatlon.bw^ x&?
Heals theSores.NS^ /
Restores theU?R*jpjii
Senses of
*nd Smell.
A particle l? upplicd into each nostril hikI i>
urrrph^le. Price An cent* nt rirunjbt*: by mall.
VKiMcrvd, (in rent*. KLY BK0THWL>. '>6 Warvn
Mrvl. N>w York. Inj Mwriw
Pearl-Top Lamp Chimney.
ThisistheTopof tltc Genuine
Pearl Top Lamp Chimney.
Allothers, similar are imitation.
Xjfi?&vri,is exact Label
f"s - isoncachPearl
rf A dealer may ra;
fndthir.it he has
but he has not.
Insist upon tlie Exac.1 Labsl and Top
Fas Saie Eveitwhui. Mace osir ct
EO.rt. MaS3?TH ft, CO.. Filcs&Ergia. Fa.
ci ecitvi aaii
"Dr h ihoroupb knowledge of the natural law*
which govern tho oi*e?tiona of digestion and
nutrition. and l?y a careful application of the
iino nropertleaoi well wtecteit Coeon, Mr< Ki.w?
ha* provided our brcakfju>t tables with a ?!e?iratelv
flav?w beverage which nu?y*ave us many
heavy docta** bills. It i* by the Judicious n*c
of auch at'vi- lea t>l diet that a tt>n?Ututhm may
l e graduallv built up until itrong enough to reiki
every tehdencjr to diaeaae. Hundreds of subtle
maladies arc lifting around us ready. to attack
wherever there U a weak point. Wo ruiy
escape many a f.ital ?haft by keeping ourselves
well fortified with pure blood and a properly
nourished frame."?Civil Service Gazette.
Made -imply with boiling waturor milk. Sold
only in half-pound tins by Qroecri, labeled thus:
fXIfCO CDDC Jft PA " Hotntropalhic ''hemJAfflfco
brro a tU.,l?l*. London, England.
ff]frniTh.?? .
IL, BmM Cocoa.
Warranted afoolutefy pur*
gP; < <xtxt, from which tho cxcrca a
fij Oil haa been ronovwL It baa /Art
|Sf (SV> timet (he llrr^th of Coco* mist*
Ifl I li i\\ *,tl> Starch. Arrowroot or Begat
III Mill **"1U therefore far more e?ononi>
IN I ; | {Aft cal. cortta? Utt (hau out cent a
U i V in eup- 1( U dcllctoaa, nourlahin^
CM I jva|| strengthening.ca#lljrdigested,nod
I If l II admirably adapted for Invalid* M
Ufi f JjljjJJ yt-n m for pewoo* la health.
Sold by Groeein eierywhera.
I. BiKER & ca, Dorcbester, Mas
Housefurnishlng Hardware.
Parlor Fenders and Fire Sets,
In force variety, at the Hardware and Honaefor
nlabiuic .-tore of
n->i-T it< * H- d >! *? ^trpat. "
*V?- u.-? Il,? ?I?M? l??rln* Knlfo PTPP luvrnt
c,l. uinftlwijtwt to rut rue thlckne*. You
ounnot wutc fruit or vegetable*. " hole?le or
rcu"" ceo. w. johs80jfs ?oxs.
aiiifi-IS 'y:o Mnln "tm-t
Professional Cards.
CHIItorODIST, of PHtabnrgli,
will be In Wheellnc litr ?tew iIujti only. CorM.
liiinioun ur.il invvitM Nail* rtllcvod wliuout
tin pharmacy.
attorney at law,
General Insurance Aarentj
;3l? Mukci St., Whaling, W. Va.
"Collection* promptly attended to. Iajarj
4!W? aoltdtad In wheeling. *n.l In *11 part* of
West VlnrtuU. pl*re ln?ur?aco at '.ow?i
loa tt? Vwt rotnimn^
, Mod leaf.
III gate?i
Dfor alt Ti>u* ? >??' iu.????* n.f
. w* fi" ***** Aftrfw. Fvt, ?ptin*v. *.
|?r Al LltLI If uk?? M-airtntU. .*
tnl daw ?" Trull* "I I.' *rWl Wtt'a tn? t*
n iwiiTBia, ?My n;m iii '?mt"f w w>?.
r*r***u f*?J ? ?*. f ?> d %E^7*
tad 10 (!? KL11K Ktt l"1 tt. hl'?dtl| l?u. r?.
&kwark or/mtuw/u fmaDds.
?l)t Intelliontar
OMr?-: Nu?. Sfi owl ?7 Fourteenth Wrn
O'. happy day that fixed the people'* choice
In Benjamin and Levi?let'* rejoice!
That we're on top, and that we ve come to iU
Hip! Hit*! hurmh. our Tip ha* won the day.
The timbrel sound. from ocean to the sea.
Protection'* our*. and ail the Public's free.
Free from the tjondsuf Uesnot-raU' free trade.
And other thinui of questionable erade.
lirtti,' out four tW'' your huntlt-K now d!*pla:
Tneship of Mate Mill lloat in)f?*>dold way,?
< era erand! that uliortly u?ber? lu;
And U it not to Paradise Nkinf
H'UH ilUUI IV'tl lUH-Mtll
Hail! happy thought! i.!i hull |>roiiiti<>uj? day!
Hark! Grover apeak*; "For imffnlo I'm book#
Get ready. I?un! old boy, our go*>?c Is cooked.
And now dear fMn.ert? Ides of March have iw^ot
We'll look <44 these historic walls onr hut?
0 mi;?ol fate- and can 1 bave tin luck!
1 wonder Dan. could this In* Mills or l*uck
'Hint brought tub woo? (or many lukewarm lum
I in Ye oft expittwA disgust at ruck'acartOOM.
We've few more days, dear Dan?O woeful ills,'
To play the foolaud veto pension bills.
Whoconld have thought we'd meet defeat th
Get me the Jug! I'll drown this bitter gall."
You soarvd alofr! almost the wont of boors,
Ta! Ta! Ole* Grove, oblivion Id yours.?
sat:* West.
Gem* from the I'oets, freneheri nnd Sage
of Muojr Lands.
Confucius?Woman 10 the mastci
Herder?Woman is the crown of crea
Voltaire?Women teach us re post
civility nod dignity.
Lewing?Nature meant to mak<
woman its masterpiece.
John Quincy Adams?All that I an
my mother made me.
ltnskin?Shakespeare has no heroeshe
has only heroines.
Whittier? If woman lost us Eden, sucl
a* she alone restore it.
Boueieanlt?I wish Adam had diet
with all his ribs in liis body.
Gladstone?Woman is the most per
feet when the most womanly.
E. 9. Barrett?Woman ia fast at th<
croi?H and earliest at the grave.
Buiwer?To a gentleman every womar
is a lady in right of her sex.
Saadi?A handsome woman in a jewel
a good woman i? a treasure.
Lamartine?There is a woman at th<
begiuning of ull threat things.
Nochefoucauld?A fashionable womar
is always in love with herself.
Cowley?What in a woman? Onlj
on* of nature's agreeable blunders.
Ricbttr?No man can either 11 vt
piously or die righteously without
Cervantes?All women are good?
good for nothing, or good for something
Victor Hugo?Women detest the ser
pent through a professional jealousy.
P. Willis?The sweetest tning in
life is the unclouded welcome of a wife
Francis I.?A woman changes oft
who trusts her is the softest of the soft
Shakespeare?There never was a fail
woman but she mouths iu a jrlass.
George Eliot?A passionate woman's
lt/ve isalwavs overshadowed by her fear
Heine?Handsome women without re
ligion are like flowers without perfume,
Voltaire?AH the reasonings of met
are not worth one sentiment of a woman
Leopold Schefer?But one thing ot
v. ;u ?iw
Beecher?Women are a new race, re
created siuce the world received Chris
Cervantes?Between a woman's "ves'
and "no" I would not venture to stick i
Lather?Earth has nothing more tondor
than a woman's heart when it" is tin
abode of pity.
Shakespeare?For where is any authoi
in the world teaches such beauty as u
woman's eyes?
Michelet?Woman is the Sunday o:
man: not his repose only, hut his'joy,
the Kilt of his life.
Margaret Fullw Ossili?Woman if
born for love, 'ami 'it is impossible tc
turn her from seeking it.
Louis Desnovere?A woman may 1h
ugly, ill-shapeif, wicked, ignorant, Bill)
and stupid, but hardly ever ridiculous.
Lord Landsdale?If the whole work
were put into one -scale and my mothei
iuto the other, the world would kick the
Malherbe?There are only two beauti
ful things in the world?women ant
roses; and only two sweet thingswomen
and melons.
Bulwcr Lvtton?0, woman! in ordi
nary cases so mere a mortal, how iu tht
great and rare events of life dost thoi
swell into me angeis;
Saville?Women have more strengtl
in their looks than we have in our lawi
and more power in their tears than wt
have by our arguments.
Emerson?A beautiful woman is :
practical poet, taming her average mate
planting tenderness, nope and eloquenci
in all wnom she approaches.
Anna Cora Mowatt ? Misfortum
sprinkles ashes on the heart of the wo
man and brings forth germs of strengtl
of which she herself had no conscious
Thackeray?Almost all women wil
give a sympathizing hearing to men wh<
are in love. Be they ever so old, the;
grow young again in that convereatioi
and renew their own early time. Mei
are not quite so generous.
Matter* of Interest to the Intelligencer1
Farmer Hinder*.
Cure of Work Uorirn.
There is nothing that appeals to th
sympathies of a merciful man mac
sooner than to see great sores and gall
upon the neck and shoulders of hi
hard-worked horsfca. He will use pad
above, below and around the tende
places, trying thereby to lessen the pai
which the pressurefrom the collar give!
Prevention is always better than cun
He is a wis?? man who adopts preventiv
means. This is done less among farmer
than with auy other class who etnplo
horses iu their work. cities you wi
find heavy draft and express horses a
at work in rain as well as in suushim
.hill tueir snouiaers, 11 noi ineir wnoi
bodies, are covered with leather or rul
ber coverings when it rains, so that w<
does not jzet between their collars an
their flesh. The collars may be scrape<
the shoulders bathed daily with salt an
water or oak bark tea to harden then
yet you will find a covering for tl
shoulders will pay for itself many tiun
over during the year.
Every man who works a team know
that if he wiidies to make money wit
them, it is essential that they be kej
busy every working.day in the yea
This cannot be done it' they are lai
asi'Io with sore shoulders. We canni
expect a bank to take ninety-nine cen
for a dollar. They look out for the li
ties; you do the same in the care of yoi
horses and the pains will follow. "J
merciful to your beast" is a good rnoti
to hang in your stable. Followed I
the letter in all respects, there's ihonc
in it*
Small Fnnua my.
If the owner of a small farm brings
his work the business capacity and go<
judgement which the lar#e land own
docs, it is very evident that, proportioi
pd to the acres cultivated, he will ha1
the inost money at the end of the yea
Hired help is not only expensive but
times veiV uncertain and unreliabl
bat u man's own band?, with his hea
Ill Ills worn, Huiui m'kiuui Hi-uuiupaut)
hired help, are always available (or evei
detail on which success depends.
Many men will do more with tenacr
and ?et more out of au?l from them tho
other* will with a hundred. It requir
ns much labor, however, for ten an tl
. hundred. It is intelligent labor an
good management counts on a farr
hence it is that small farms pay the be
i and that Jar ire farmers continually cor
I plain that there itf no money in (an
I lD*To
our way of thinking, and we a
I familiar with every department of far
I huisincM, there is no enterprise one a
I engage in which oilers better opport
iiities forn healthful, independent
successful life than a moderate size fai
' under good manag^m^nt.
Sliude In Pasture.
~ Mr. A. L Crosby in a letter to tl
Elmir.i club ui^inc the humanity
shielding the animals at pasture by pi
vision of trees, or other shady retreat
points out that cattle cannot feed all da
y. owing to the simple fact that they ha'
not space to store away the food, or
"TI.O.. /.?? until ikait till thii nimfl
, ami then remasticatc "what they ha
f' swallowed and thus make room lor raoi
Nowpthe question is, 'will a cow anj<
.. herself more while lying quietly in a co
f>lace chewing the end. or standing in tl
lot sun ?' Assuming the cows'achoice
be in the shade, the next question i
f 'will she not make more ami richer mil
while ruminating in a pleaatant plat
.than in a hot one?' I think she will, ar
M I tliiuk a steer will lay on more lies
- while comfortable than in the opposi
condition. The more contented yc
" make domestic animals the greater tl
profit in the food consumed.
It requires more nerve to run a farti
ing business properly than to carry a
most any other ordinary occupation of
* man.
The fall colt should be well cared ft
until six montna oiu, r?y which uine in
pastures will bo ready, and he will coi
i- bpt little.
It is of no advantage for an animal t
t be a "small eater." In order to produc
largely the animal should consume ji
a much food as possible, aud always hav
a great appetite.
11 A recent experiment in feeding bos
on a mixed dict.ahowed that a pound c
dressed pork cost 5-41' cents, but th
value of the manure left over was --1
cents, or nearly one-half the cost of th
, food. Tho value of skim milk whe
1 used lis n part of the allowance for ho;*
is i cents per gallon.
As Boon its the hen is removed froi
3 the neat to the coop, give a little loo<
I consisting of fine oat meal, or brea
2 soaked in n.ilk, which is contined thrc
or four days, with an occasional han
boiled ege, which is then gradually
changed to any variety suitable to thei
age, until they are able to eat crackei
corn wheat or other grains, when tbi
i labor of feeding is greatly reduced, i
little meal and finely choppod vegetable
. will be useful occasionally, eapecialy a
long aj they are kept in limited quarter*
t Nipped with Uthtr Green Stuff.
Chicago Son.
Fears have been entertained all alonj
that perhaps the Mugwumps were hold
1 ing back their returns in order to over
come Harrison's majority in New York
i Up to the present moment, however, tin
, Mugwumus have not been heard from
. and it is now believed that they wen
' nipped by the early frosts.
Ptlr*! Pile*! ItclitUR Pltea,
SYMiroaw.?Moisture; intense itching an<
5 utilising: mwt at night; worse bf mratehinc
. It allowed to continue tuition form, wblcl
. often bleed and ulcerate, becoming very tore
SWAVNE'5 OlMTVKNT KtOpS tbe itching U'K
' bleeding, hcula ulceration, and In in<??t cascst re
I move* tlie tamorv. At druggl.?t> r?r by mail. io
to it*ntn. or. Swayne Jt Son, Philadelphia.
I'ciema, Itchy, Scnly, .11.Jn Torture*. .
The niraj.ie application or -.watsk?
. jievt," withoutany internal medicine. wlllcur
any case of Tetter, Suit Kneutn, It ins worm
" 1'i'cs, Itch, Sores. Pimples, Eczema, all Scaly
Itehy Skin Eruptions, no matter h?w ol>*tlnat
' ??r lontf standing. It la potent, effective, him
$ coats but a trl:li'. ? ^ ^ rrhsjw
Fifer heads the procession in Illinois
Two-thirds of all deaths in New Yorl
r City are from consumption or pneurno
1 nia. The same proportion holds fo
most other cities. Delays are dangerous
f Dr. Acker's English Jiemedy for con
sumption will always relieve, and u?ai
save your life. C. K. Goetze, II. 1*. Hurt
' C. Menkerneller, Logan ?& Co. 4
A max wiio nog practiced meoicme 10
forty years] ought to know suit fron
: suiwr; read what he gays.
Toledo, 0., Jan. 10,1887.
' Messrs. F, J. Cheney & Co.?Gentle
r meu:?I have been in the general prac
tice ot medicine for most forty years
and would say that in all my practio
* and experience, have never seen a pre
1 paration that I could prescribe with a
- much conGdenee of success as I cai
Hall's Catarrh Care, manufactured b;
- you. Have prescribed it a great man;
- times and iU effect is wonderful, am
1 would say in conclusion that 1 havo ye
totind a case of Catarrh that it woiili
J not cure, if they would take itaccordin
8 to directions. " Yours Truly,
L. L. Gorsucu, M. D.,
Office, 215 Summit St.
1 We will give $1U0 for anv case of Cn
'? tarrh that can not bo cured with llall'
v Catarrh Cure. Taken internally.
F. J. Cheney Co., Props., Toledc
f 0. Sold by druggists, 75c. d?\\
1 The traveling magician is always u
* to his old tricks.
0 "I Bated the life of my little girl b
Y the prompt use of Dr. ..Acker's Hindis
Remedy Lr consumption."?Mrs. Wo
a V. Hitrriman, New York. C. K.Goetzi
K. B. Burt, C. Menkemeller, Logan
Co. c
Siulou's Vitalxzer is what you nee
* for Constipation, Loss of Appetite, Dizz
ness, and all symptoms ot Dyspepai;
Price 10 and 75 cents per bottle.
e Croup, Whooping Cough and Broi
\x cbitis immediately relieved by Shiloh
8 Cure.
|s The Rev. George II. Thayer, of Bon
g bon, Ind.t says: sBoth myself and wiJ
,r own our lives to Shiloh's Consuiuptiu
n Cure. ?old by W, E. Williams aud (
5 Menkemiller. eow
The man who only has one arm, an
e that a left one. knows how; essential it
* that he should go on the right side of h
II best girl.
II Acro?? the Continent
i\ From the Atlantic beaboard daily journey thoi
e and* of immigrants, bost* of enterprising ton
)- 1st* for pleasure, occasional European s?-ek?
.*t for material for books on America, multitud
(1 of hardy native and foreign agriculturists hi
1, artlzans.aliciuier.au expectant, but all uni
(1 customed to the new climate of the frontier, ai
i. all unfit?unlets protected with a modiciti
ie safeguard-to eucounter malaria, the cnief f
to health in regions newly clcared and openi
up for settlement. Those western-hound tran
en? will find in Hosteller's Stomach hitters tl
'8 safety from malarial infection th-y might vain
i) welt Irom other sources. Tried in all P?rt*
)t the world, under exigencies the be?t fitted
show it* value, it has failed now hero under t
r; mo*t exacting conditions. In m> mauj lands
lu it in lequesi thai the iit>raanrt for it may well
termed universal. Sot only malaria, out co
. stipation dyspepsia. biliousness, rbeurna.i*
ie debility, nervousness aud inaction of the kl
t- n?ys. arc thoroughly relieved by It.
?r * *
k> Xatureusefl a good many quills wi
Lo which to make a goose, but a man o
to innlce a goose of himself with only one,
,y _ . . '
LHnrtrlnr iAt*r lompwiw
Aff*cU?M an
^/TocHrncM. At drujrtfiu. Price 8> cti
" Itf M^i
os Bl I
LQ BB |M MB 9&
1* f.Mt><l/l^M/Mil
81 trnww e?'p "9 ?
ii- Relieres quickly Rheumatism, Nou
u- ralgia, Swellings, Bruises, Lumbaji
Sprains,Headache, Toothache, Cuti
Burns, Scalds, Sorts, Backache, it
"> nnrmL'lOl'S nuts. TH (wTiiimm il
a- CHktrujsul?rrtalOCu. Ate/itngglsti
^ The Feature* ol the Money ami Stuck >Ij
New Vobk, Nov. 11?Money on call easy at 2a
[?? per ccat; but loan '1 per cent, closed offered
n| i i*r cvut. Prime mercantile paper Oi*6,S 1
g. cent. Sterling exchange (lull but steady
a }l M?->4 b~% Sale* of atocka 'J32.YM ibare*.
v' The ?U>cfc market wu a^ahi week in the fo
' ' n<?ou to day. ?'Ut reacted before noon.aud frc
kl* that time advanced slowly but atcadily a
id cloaed generally at the top tigurca. The ojk
lu< figure* were tuiule on u oulet buslata* a
generally at price* a abade off from tbAe of li
"? evening, but the drive of tbe bears won broug
l*e activity and decided weaknewi. ami for the Ml
v half hour a larce biudncia uai done at deilloi
* price*. with Vanderbilu in the lend. Slur li
*y mud Uvauii' dull aguln. a* the attack lost
ol forceand a slow improvement waa begun, wb:
,,, nearly all the feature dlaappeared from tbe 11
New England, however, ww positively atrutw
to an-1 tbe others soon gathered strength, t
H, dealiucs ol the afternoon being accompanied I
ib a moderate animation. Very little special f?
ure waa shown, however, and the opening prlc
were {Mated and the close win at the l*?: tf^ui
id of the day. The active list i* almost invar tab
,1, higher, and New Kuglaad I* up 1% per cent.
, Railroad bondi dull; bale* tl.ftVj.OOO.
W Ooverumvut and State bond* dull and firm.
>u VOX1M a>b stock UCOTATlO.VK?CLOaiU> bid.
i? c. S. i* tt% \r,*i Saab & Chat *1
t*. ri. if. coupon 1-Tii New Jersey Central
U. S, \) * reg- -..1117^1 Northern Pacific.... Ifli
(J.S.4>*coupon lUf!i do preferred - i'o
Austria KxuceM l-W Chicago di N. W 110
u- American LxpreM-.Ul do preferred -Ill
,J. Canada Southern... ' .)4 New York Central-lt*
Cyotntiftdfle 85 Ohio &Mi5*budppi.
ChcMpeake&Ohlo. 10 do preferred S>
do first preferred. lGVi; Pacific Mall
doaecond prefd. 17}., Plttaburxh-. 146
)r C. C. f. \ I M |Heading 43
iDenver H.? 17 St. L. ?v S. P -ti
3t Erie - do preferred U/
do preferred. - t- j dofln?tpreferred-llo
Fort NVaync ?!I'J C. M. A sit. haul.... 63;
a Kan*u??fc Texaa J3% do preferred 1WV
Lake Erlei Weat... \~U Texan Pacific 2?
do preferred. - W/. Union Pacific 64.
18 Lake Shore - DMPl'nitcd State* Ex.?
e Louisville i Naah- W.. St. L. P W
J.., A. m t-. ....... ? uo jireicrrcu Memphis
?* Chas... .'d Weill-t'nrao Kx 13*
ro Michigan Central.. K? Western Union? M1
Missouri Pacific-... 77
<* IlreadstufT* nud 1'rorlilnui.
'7 Nmr Vubk, Not. 14.?Floor, receipt* 22/1
(. packages; exports :.,v,3.a) ImrreN and 4.i*)?icki
_ market rnuro aetire: sales 25,*o? barrels. Whea
receipt* "'J.Vit bushels; export* 77,200 bu.?hcl
;3 said i.&'&OW bushelsof futurennnd ll.OuObtxsl
el* of spot; spot market ?2u!l: No. 'J Chiatf
$1 15*4: So* Satilwankce 11 iff}*; ungraded re
n .?-!,fust 115^; options dull: Ni?. real Novca
| berll Pecvabvr SI 10*4*1 lift. c.'os.'ng i
J $1 It' .; January >1 l'ial 13,clo*ing ut $1 1J; Ma
J II l'V^al 18, closing ut 31 16?J; June 91 lf&j
C i lo. closing ut JFI UK. Rye strong at 6'Jk71?
1 Corn, receipts 187,?jO bushel*. export* 1UJ.1:
,, bushels; saw* 3y_\u? bushels of future? and UK2
J wo bushel* ??( siot: sj??t market weaker; ut
r graded mixed 4'.k-; option* very dull; No,
I December 4yJviV'.'k. closing at U?Hic; Januar
4'Jj-te; May 48%c. Oat*. receipt* 43,UX> Liinh
L els; exports tau bushel*-. tales UN.UM biuh
I els of futures and li\UU0 hu?hcls <
g swt: market aetlvc and steady; nilxe
western -Zkci.c ; white do am too; No., 2 Cbcalg
;<2V? Hay and hops ^eady. ?Jot!fec. option
i. steady: sale?;u>.75u bugs: December 13.3aal4.MJr
Jauuitry LL20al3.4Cc: February, March, April
M?y and June l&ltti 1.1.1 c; *I?ot dull at IV'/'
Sugar, raw and refined quiet. Molassesnominal
Tadotr. rosin and turpentine quiet and uti
, rhirii:-!. Egg* firm: we?t?*.n Z>e. i'ork ain
" out meat* quiet. Lard higher; western stean
* n.rf.v; November and December x.tR-c: Januar;
8-Lie; February 8.41c; March M3c: May 8.47c
Uuttrr strong; wen tern dairy U'.aV.v; docresra
' ery lfia27J4<\ Cheese stronger at Delude.
CHICAGO, Nor. 14.?Wheat wis quiet, tradlc
light and prlccs ruled higher than yesterday'
I* closing, but confined a: most wholly to loca
soeeulatlve clement, (.'urn oulct. <tats utile
and Heady. iTovinIun* moderately active
Flour dull. Wheat, c*i?h No. 2 apring 81 111.%;
No. 3 fprln? tfiaSfc; No. 2 red 3112i
1 1 r."w; November $112J?; December ft i:5al 14J<
. cloning at 91 13)?:January *"1 llj^ol I2>fc clo?ini
tj ut 31 11JC: May 31 HV^al 15; i. closing at 8! 14k
. Corn, cu>b and November 4',ljc; December >
i a.cloving at??>; January STjic: May
- iiot'JtC,olosltii? ut :tOats. <aub, No. 2and No
r vembcr .iityn: Dfcemt>er2&>ic; May 2!#?e. Rye
No. i 65c. ilarlcv. No 2, "5e. Flaxseed. ?1 j'j1-,
Timothy eccd SI -I'jtl 40. Meu pork. ca?h 31176
November mul December $14 Ct?: Januar;
514 "2-i- Lanl. cash &20c: November 8.17Wc
.. peccmber and January m?7>$c; May w.25c. U<i
? eon. short ribs 7.5uc; shoulders 7.73?&Ouc; shor
clear s.2T)o8.37VSc. Whisky Si a). Sugars, cu
loul granulatod ~ljC: standard A Tkc
liutter steady: Elgin creamery choic
> western 'iSatfi^c: choice dairies J'JoiJc: com
mon to fair l.'?al?k\ Eggt steady at 2Ua2Ie.
PhiladklTOIa. Pa.. Nov. U.?Flour dnli am
weak. Wheat quiet: No. 2 red November si 0%
' 1 mi; December Si 07: January 81 OSJyil fj
February SI li^.-tl II. Corn, steady; tingradei
MV4-: No. 2 mixed November fitaSle; l>etvmt?e
r 47at9c; January ami February 4tP.<\ uat>, steady
No.white:ii'/jcry; No. 2 white November :U; ?
" ;BIfr: l>ecomber SMJie: January Feb
r marylWic. Fork, mc? new }17 uoatt So; print
new ?!?? Lard. refined loHc. Itutti-r Arm
* Pennsylvania creamer}' extra 27c; do prints 2Sc
Hai.ti.moce, MD.. Nov. 11.?Wheat, westcri
' quiot:No. 2winter red *pot and November SI 01'
, ai 0154: Dcvmber Si Ot?*4; January Si 2. Corn
western quiet: mixed sput and November 60
asked: year 4<%c; January 4?'?ke; February t*k
* )at* tirm; western white Jcc; do mixed 2*Jc. Ry
r mini hi m ii'.jc. as)' quici; wtncro }iu u?i? i*j
t Uutier firm; boat roll l"ai8c: creamery fiaJfi/ic
KgKSea?y <it 25c. coffee steady; Rio It1//:.
Cincjn.vati, Nov. u.?Wheat dull: No. 2rc<
81 Uj; receipt*2.400bushels; ?hipmcnts J.MJObceli
- cU. Com irregular; No."Jmixed 45c. outstirm
. No. 2 mixed Kye easy: No. 2, Me. Fori
quiet at 815 00. Lard Jlrra ut fvlfcr. Bulk meat
? and baenn steady. Whisky firm at 8114. Iiuttci
5 sugar and cheese firm. Kgigsfirm.
Toi.EDo, O.. Nov. 14.?Wheat dull and lower
g rush Si 10; DccesibcrSl ?;;. May 51 l-',? Cor
dull;ouh 43c. Oat* quiet; eauli 27c. Clovenee
* active; cash 'M; Decomber 85 &>.
'. Llv? Stock.
j CHICAGO, Nor. 14. ? Cattlo-Recciptji l.t.Of
, head; shipment* 4.CC0 head: inarket weak
' choice beeves 85 C0*vS 75; steers 83 00b5 00; aloe)
i ers and feeder* 82 'wxi l 40; cows, bulls an
,, mixed 51 50a3 '25: western rangers f2 50a4 0
b Hog*? Receipts 22,000 head: shipments 4,U
hcud: market strong: misci So 55; beav
Co; light S*? lOiu $5; Hki{wS375u5 15. sbec
?Receipts 9,000 head; ahipinenta bead
market f>troug: natives 32 AOnt N); westerns 1323
l" 3 .**3; Texan* f-' :J5a3 40: lambs ft 0?j*5 75.
s? K.\st I.IBRP.TY. I'A.t Nov. 14.?Cattle? Rcrcipi
361 head: shipments 2W head; market stead)
, prime 8? o0a4 h'?: fair to good 8:150a4 ou; commo
' frj 00. stackers and feeders 82 Mu3 75. Hos
? Receipts ;i.7oo head: shipments lj>Ou bead
market slow: Philadelphias 85 5taft 85; mlxr
n s5 5Uo5 65; Yorkers 5>? 40a5 .'O; common to fa.
" !}?:aw.'? JO; pigs 51 53*500. Sheep? Receipts l.ft
I426n4 :*); fair to Kood 8J ioul Ou; common 91?
250: lambs &5oaiiU0. 1
.. Cincinnati, Nov. 14.?hon abundant an
f l>wt>r; cornmi n and light WiiSan; packing an
h butchers &'> U5aS 35; receipt* 13,100 heud; shl|
j. menu 4,WO bead.
^ Petroleum.
New York, Nov. 14.?Petroleum opened stead
at but alter a Might advance thenmrki
. became dull ami prices sagged off steadily xu
a til the close, vrhich ws* vveak at M??c. Cousol
i. dated Exchange: opening at */% -; highest A6??i
? lowest siHc; closing at &s%c; >alcs l.&t.ux) t?u
a* rels.
Oil Citt, Nov. 14.?Opened at SC^c: higbc
1* MT,ic: lowest Sf^c: cloml at sales 0.iG,0
'a barrels; clearances 2.1M.OOO barrels; runs47,7
barrel*; shipments 101,220 barrels; charters S3,'J
f" BRAoroKn, Pa., Nov. 14.?Opened at
fe highest eloscd at btyyc; lowest
ji clearances &72.000 barrels.
j Pittmcrgh, Pa., Nov. 14.?Petroleum dull b
steady: opened at nCty; closed attd%c; hlghc
sC'ie; lowest &%?.
, TiTt*sviM.K, Pa., Nov. 14.--Opened at W5<
" highest lowest closed at &%c.
jg Dry Goods.
NkwYork. Nov. 14.?There whs no improi
ment In the general demand, which was ehlel
confined to actual requirements of mo<ltm
quantities, yet w>rac Inquiry for spring stapl
'? and specialties was more marked.
>re Metal*.
e* >EW i ohk, .'Ov, i i."~' nnpcf uuii; i,iikC 51 <
,,1 Lead, Arm; November ?; 70. Tin dull; #tra
UAltlmura Live Stork Market.
calykbto? i.ivi stock yARD*. )
oe mom day. nov. 12, im8. {
i"1 Arrlvnli this week C.:
"Jf Arrival* U?t week 6,:
'E Arrival* one year ago - ??",1
he Therein a ratHerlijrbt offering. ronMderlnjjt
I* fairly food demand prevailInc In dll the van
\>e rame denier* repurtlMt a good demand. with
ti their h?-k* ?olil. The <|UJtlity is <|Uitc rim
m. Quotation* range from 6^jc to ?c. ne1. for ron
d- rawa and a tap*, and lor the better grades 7j
TJ?c. with extra a t,hade higher ; most Mies 7*
.. 11 of the receipt*. 979 head came over the R?:
more <k Ohio railroad, and 0,27-i head over J
lU rvQUty.v&nla railroad.
Claremont live Stock Market. \
SS BALTtMoHE, Nov. 12.1?M. J
f# All bogs raid In these yard* by K. A. Ulackshi
it are at crow weight. _
1. Krceipta thi* week. S.20I head. ?uraln*t 3.
ht*ttd l**t week: fair to good oellltiK from ft:
tofti10: pic*celling from $550 to $o75; ruuj
from K? W) to K> 2S.
At Clarmont Htxk rants, tin biltimmt ?fr 0
RaUrvvU (or Wtkauliiuj Sue. U
102 earn, containing 1.0(5 head of cattle,
calves. 1.327 beep, 4,261 hogs. Shlptneuta,
New York. Philadelphia. Ac.: 716 head of call
> calve*, ItUo ?heep, 1.673 hog*.
Tlir trnucc innnunooi.
\V. D. Suit, Druggist, Bippus. In
testifies: "I can recommend Elect
Bitters as the very best remedy. Eve
bottle sold has given relief in every ea
One man took six bottles, and was cur
of rheumatism of 10 years' standi nj
Abraham Hare, druggist, BeUviUe.Oh
affirms: "The best selling medicine
have ever handled in my liO years' t
' perience, is Electric Bitters." Thousas
I ofathers have added their testimony,
f that the verdict is unanimous that tl
' trie Bitters do cure all diseases of t
i Liver, Kidnevs or Blood. Only a h
^ dollar a bottle at Logan & Co, a dj
b store.
1 *
House & Herrmann's Cash and Credit House.
? Plush Coats,
3 m MA/Jinnl/no Si Tnnlrnfn
I |PPj|i Weekly or Imttt; Payments,
Mammoth Furniture. Carpet and Stove Credit House,
't: Open until 8 P. M .Saturdays 11 P. M
'-' I nljrtine
\ I ^Penettatc? %-,
' g 1 c\? i\0Dtc^? RhC^ed"^lc5'iffnot^ ???& 1
1 ln^^ET Conu^^.Br^^^ ** |
/flf ralju, _
K Bites and Poisonous Suu^.,
K Burns, Scalds, Piles, I?ame Back aim
can be cured by an outward appucatio's 1!
Sg Ailrornts of lloinen. .Mute* Cattle and Sheep.
B such as Foot Rot, Screw Worm, Shoulder Rot, Hollow B ra
0 Horn, Grub and Hoof Disease in Cattle, Scratches in I jgSf
B Horses and Mules. Wind Calls, Sprains, Spawns, Svvin- K
ne)*, Ringbone, Stiff Joints, Lameness and Soreness, Dis- B
1 eased Hoofs, Harness and Saddle Sores & Galls, BIotchcsfc I
. Skin Lumos, Loss of Hair and erer^hiog curable by ex-*. a JSf
tercal application, the MUSTANG LINIMENT ftq
' is Matchless. Rub it in txty thoroughly. B&f
'the < ?? I
r faf
J frtw i Eertschy?Furniture and Carpets.
ilQsi be fciven to people who will not wake np to the necessity of chains to
Critically Examine Our SPRING STOCK.
'j It In a beautiful ucortnient of Uic very
; Oil Cloths and Linoleum,
Window Shades and Curtain Poles,
" Saxony Chiidema Rugs, New,
n fimurnfl arifl Moaufttt RucrS.
i: Fancy and Plain China, Napier and Cocoa Mattings.
MTYoa * 111 find it very profitable to visit ns unrt i&spcct oarcarofully aelsctcJ Fprlog Stock flrti
1117 Main Street.
?- Special attention given to Undertaking and Arterial Embalming
c- 1 Qiepnono cans answorau at hm noura.
? Gives Yoa the Hews for a Whole Year.
t i he Weekly
: Intelligencer
Will report clo&cly and fairly all tfcal relates to the new t>ltaini?\rMioxi of National
und State ftfiuirn.
* Will Give the News of the World
h Will give special attention tn \Vc*t Virginia's Interest.
J,, Will glee fatuity rtoillug of the hlk'Lot order.
5! every family can spare one dollar
For 52 copies of an eight-page paper, first-clou In every ^vspeet.
-&e Send in yoar name, your I'ostoflice address and your l>ollar at once.
The Weekly lntclUgcncer, single r?py, one year 1 0
M5 "1 he Weekly Inttlllgcncrr. slnjtle copy, mi month* ?
I oo 5 copies oue ye?r, ?n<i extra copy of the Weekly one yenr or l>allv 31; mouth* free...?4... o
{h* 10 copies one year, with hq extra cop; of the Werkly one year sod !??ily ? munth* t 10 <>
i'iiiiiin one Tc*r. with mi i-xtm rntiv of th? W ceklr one xtsJ* and 1'nilv month* In * . O
3U copies one year, with oo extra copy of the Weekly and one copy of the Dally 1 year frev- 3" 0
^ It la not owcaary for all ihe names la the club to coine /rum one office, oor la it necessary t
wnd all the subucrlbeni at one time.
Remittance* ?hou)d be mane by metered letter, pr?toftlce money order, po?uil note or chec;
Specimen copk* of either edltioa of the lNTEtU'iEJ?ctii ecat free and jH^uije paid to an
to address. Addrew,
WBook and Job Printing. P.lank It.v>k? ?cd Book Binding of every detrrlptJon executc
j with ncatnen and dl?pat<-h. nt thr l??wc?t iivltiir t?rl?r?.
Musical Goods. Photography.
r." In order to reduce our itock we offer _ , _ _
? ....... ... . . ~ ^ iw co r\r\ DA?*
,,uf Kosewooa?Jicne-FiaieaieoorDrums,,^'?y ^ ^ 1 ci "??>
X- *lth rod*orronl, at ir-wlal prlcca. { !UU(ii5S* lt.Vl.Lf.l^t
?U rS ^ ta "* "OCk ?' """ ! "?? T~m? KM
o ocio r.w. RAnmnt * m. ?
:c- ?t .. ?; vn?f ra m t1inn thse
.ne aiilh.wusur x\jkj \jr\i\ JLH^L/papei
alf J jCX PLAIN AND FANCY JOB WOES oa file I(j PjTToii"-' k a t ti.f A'irrn mDr liartca i
^&?aiSHssft?s?. tf, pr. mmomi BEDS
- 1 Not. '?> tad St Foorioeath ttnet *t*? -ul ooui?u.i tut ua*criu.4>< a: Iuvki ?u
A TRAINS-On and n/t.-r i*t. >. Ibw?-K.trLAMATioyorRimuu<c?MAKK?.
_ 1 d?jr Mcepted. tMondajr exempted. {s?tutil?T
I cxrcDUMi. tSundur only.?Et?i?nx Stau-ard
f tlmel |_
U.4;o. K. Ii.-bjksi. UeterL i Arriw.
Phllfeklphi* Limited ..... fc'/AamrlO:*! p*n
.Moiiuml Expn.**.. .... 5:10pm 11:i, *u
Cuuiberliind Aa-om.. P:(V?utn A:'. r>:n
CirafioD Aiwn: 5:1 Opm Il:a& am
XoumUville Acvum TtSiaui 0:15 cm
MouudsvilJe Accom - t!:oi pin 1:4'.'psi
NetTMrkAcc?m ......... J9:0?ain fT.jypm
?xpri-?a ((Mam ru<I Coi}.... *ui *6:U pm
I M-JAm" "i-V.Lm
Chicago Limited HrWpm
Colutubua Ac*-. -n t-.-j??m flC.Viam
Ciuclon&ti Limited llUApoi
Si.t'Ulr?viUeAivora m
t>L Cbdnrjlltf Atrora fl pn*
St. C'liilri?\'lit* A?tvm &:10jiiu fti.lipm
TV., I'. X 1J. I>i*.
Wuhlmfton ?:j'I Pitt*l>urKh. OOntn *10:15 tza
k W^sliluxUiu a:?J l'i'.t*buri;b. *11:lCpm
I PUtaburgb ? i'hlla. Ex_ *tf:3)pn ^pa
" )V<uJjli?,-ujnaad I'liutl:l6po> tl-.fc- 1'ia
WfcahiBKtnn.. t5:."?pm ?u?
i'llinburvb Accon j6:80 pm |il am
C. & hu L. Itj.
Pltubun;n ?? t7::uam 19:2.. put
I'UtfbuTKh aad New York.... ll :85 pm
PUtabu nth an?t Sew York... f4:'Ji'pai
I fin.l .r.l. . V V I--* <? Jim..,.!
>Ex',>TvfeS, Cto. RlHi St. Louis.- t7:20&8)| 16:I0ftSX
Expr?;M, Lin. and H~ Loliik- f'JMOpB.I r9:'JQ pta
KxprvM, BivubenvHie ?k Col. }1:35 pm I f5:^6pia
Kwubcuvillc and DcuaUon. ......
C. 4: I'. It. lv.
Pittsburgh and ClevelatxL... }5:508js tS:-17pra
\!nrtln'? IVrry p:43?ju prl.^pra
Steubeavilieiy:33?n; tl:^pm
l-'lcvvloi: 1 ur.u WclUvUJc fc:l2j?iu nCKUta
Pittsburgh and Sew York fll:iu tm
Pittit<urRli ...... 11:17 am f&:47pui
c., i.. & ff. K. k.
Expr> s<, I'lcvelni-J, K W.. tl2:35pni t':0? pa
Jlawiilon Acc?>tn -.. |ixn tU:~?u
St. tlaimillc Aocom 1":.'^uui tta* o?
Kt 1 \i Aiitim Ift V.M... ll'S'it.m
St. ClAJmtiie Aocom fl2:10j.oj fSiiMpm
I di.CSoirvriHe Ai'cvm 6:?tps> t>:00pux
Loml Krviifht and Accodl.... 6;30au,
Ohio Htvcr liallroad.
Itanenger .. *7:5T? tm *11:00 am
raseoxer, *12:15 pas $:2Qpia
h??M.-:i^xr ? *1:30 pu
RviglH..- -
U.. L. & C. tUUroad.
BcllaJrc X '/Antswlli*Through PMscnjcr lc*7r?
]k'l!a!r? at in.. tr.*ivfM?: fcUalrcftti p. m
Woodxticld rtmenger leaven Relklrtsat 4:a? p.
m.. ?rrlvo i.i UcwRire ut 5:20 a. in.
dumincrflcld Accommodation learn Bell&ire
it I-on m.. >trrfr?t. wt lU-IUlfy ut 10:^S?. in.
\vrheeling & elZgrovk1Tk[
* T Oii&nil aJttr Suvunl.w. Olobcr 13. W?s
train* on the Wheeling & him Grove ttullroad
'.rile run n* follow*:
liuve Wiikicu.no:
5:U0a. in., 7:Uuu. in.. 9 a. m., 11:00 a. m., 1:50 p.
ni.. 3.o0 {>. in.. 5:2) p. m., 7:00 p. m.. 9:00 p. m.
6:10 a. m .71 .*?i*. ri , 10:00 a m.. 12:30 m.. 'J:."*)
p. wi . p. iq?1I:10 p. ui.. t:OOp. ?n., l0:u?p. in.
ON UtfNS'AY^-L'aUlfurtbrr notice train* will
rllli ti? L.lli.u.- I... v .< U. _ 1.1 <t m ... II.,
iu., 1. :lo p. rj., 2 p. in.. .lilXfp. m . p. in., 7
p. w.. :i p. ui. 1 cave Whirling I'nrk ol ":l'< it.
:a.,?. >' it. ia., 11 -15 n. iu., 1 p. in.. *-:uO p. m.
:n., ?i:IO p. m.. ? p. m , 10 i?. ni
"c ri c lllltgcf(, 6m>*t.
Departure of trains from Wheeling. Si Ju?Ja o
tncilcrt OtioIkt Utf-ERttttTB time:
Ezprcw lor tTitr*;?o ?>d tbc Northwest. 10:25 n
in, to p m. 9:W p in daily, and 11:15 p m ,
eiccpt Satnrdnr.
Express for CiirclnnaU and St. Louis. 10:31 m
daily, U:\5p n? daily.
Newark atcocmocalloa, 9:05 m, excej t
i or(y>iiuniiu?, * ro daily. and u:15 p c,
dully, 2:'JJ p m datly ?xcept Sunday.
Kxpra* /or Washington, I>. C.. UflltUrorc,
Philadelphia and Now York, rla Grafton, t.a? a
it and 6: tU p u, daily, via Pittsburgh t:M p. o.
For Pitttburgn and \Va*Llrij;ton. I'il, f.:'X) ? ja
daily: xph.-?, 8:J0?i ir. dnily, l:Li f) a. dmiy
vsecpt ruuday. Additional way train ioi V.ettinrtoa.
i*a.. b:$) p m, daily cm-pt Suaday.
K.-r I'JtiAburnh, Washington, UaltlraorO ar.d
I'Mlvicluhiaat G:'J) p m dnilv.
llttlburxh accommodation. Sunday oaly, 5 -u
p M.
Kor Mound>vlile.7:35a m. and 12:C0 noon. acd
3:10 p m, dally cxccpt Sunday.
Kor (irafum. 6:10 p a, daily.
For Cuxr.&cr'aud. tf.iba m, dally, except 8u
Kor Su Chlrsville, 9:03 a xa ana 6:10 p m,
cxccpt Sun day.
Kxprea tmin* p.rrivo from Chicago, 8:25 and
aun (. ly p 13 uaiiy, uui *:.x? a a onjiy
cacopt Morula;. *
Express trains arrive from St. I^nla and Cincir.tv.tl,
4:&>a tu nu.l f?:10 j? m. dully.
Kxpn-' train* arrive from Philadelphia, P-altiooreasd
VVitAblngtos. D. 0., xu Oruftou, U:J0
am am! i0:4j pin daily; via. l'itubursb, 10:15
a. m. duity.
TrAlt\? arrivotroia Ci>U\rab\w,4:tt am fiail-,
nsdCiiop id daily, ami i??:a5 a a dally export
Tra'uj arrive from Pittsburgh. 10:15 a di dailj.
aad l'^;4jp ui, accept Sunday, 6;55 p m aud 11. .0
p m dally.
Tralaa arrive from Wosfclajfton, Pa., 8:00 a to,
d?l!y I'xocpt Sunday.
TriJa*arrive from MnundavlUo, S:ir>am *cd
i:wpm. uauy vxcupi puocar.
Train* arri\ from (I'ralton, 11:29 a a, dull7.
Train* arrive from Cunjtoerland, fi;W p in, daily
except Saaday.
Train-, airtve front flt. Clalrnvlllo. 9:15 axu.and
l:tt and fi;10 i> ru. daily exccpt Sunday.
Ku?xage called lor nud eOecked at hotels and
rcaidcucca on order* left at tlckct office, 1SD0 ilarkct
vlrcfand a: <5e|*>t. .
CIJ as. O. bc'lTZX, Gen. Pail A;tnt.
W. M. H.K.MKNTs Manager.
Ohio river rad.koad-time
Tible taking effect .May 27, Iv*. huniiiRur
trains will run m follow*?Central time. All
train* daily exi-cpt those marked thu< f which
do.not mn on rinndav.
SOt'TH BOUNO. fNo.7 No. 5.1 fNo.SjNo. 1.
a. in. p. tn.| a. in. a. m
leave?'NVhwling ...... .S:;v; U:J f.:85
fieawiNnt. f.j.p. Belialro 3:(..{ lljj C:&0
MoumUville 4K?| 11:4. 7:10
; Nor. MartJrwvWo. 5:K'| 1 2:4 6:15
WlUIuurtown 7:ic 2:i.? 10:10
rarkenburg 6:!.'. 7:JU 2:45 11.00
JUveatwotaJ 6:4?. 4:1* 12:20
Mrmju City .. fc:'A- 6:J? l:t5
Clifton 6:40 1:40
Arrive?1". I'ieiUftDL.... 6:1' 2:15
GftlUpoli* Ferry $: ?>6:S' -:5Q
Gujttn.lotto 10:33 4:00
HuatiliRtoa 10:45 ..^... 8:K 4:17
Cluitlcnan 4ri 10:0? 6:S
Ironton - -... '':0S
Portsmouth ~ k. m 7:10
White sulphur ? .... 5:iX?
p.m. a. c>
Stnunton '>".*0
NOUTli jNo. O.j.No. 4. T.V'o.^ ? >o3
! *. ta.' a. m. a. w. p. to.
U-aro? IJnnUncton * I0:i>' 5:i:? 3:15
Cuyaudotte .. 0:?> 5:3: 3-28
Galllpoli* Kerry 1!:* 7:0' 4:K)
I'alni I'tauauiu - 11:*' 6:07
?111 ton 7 :.V, 5:35
Mn?ofi( ltr I2:i> ?:? 5:40
itivenswood 1:4.' ?;!' ~:(Ml
I'Ark?*lmrg 6:?) Z:V I0:iS b:S0
WUllaaMo?n 4:30 3:4. 11:1.*.
p. a
New Martinsville. 8:1N 6:." 12:4.
Moumbvillo 9:2- ?'.:?( 1:4 NMMM
Kenwood. 9:tr? 7:a 2:t< ........
Arrive? Wheeling .... 10:00 7:il> 2:2l
Leave Wheeling vi*- !' P.
C. a St. I 8M> ...._?
Arrive?Cleveland-- 0:30 6:2l*..__
Htuburgb ? 3:-;:....^ b:.\'
a. m. a. m
PfclhrtripbU 6:2T
New Yora ti.u< .4 8;U ...mm*
| a. in.
Chicago ~ I 11:30 <:? ...?
! l liroat;b ticket* and baggage checked to nil
W. J. ROBINSON, Gcu'l I'w. Ajrr.i,
Parkemtturg, W. Vt.
Trav. Paw. Agent. Wheeling. W. Va.
i J. LOUIS RAILWAY CO.?I*anhandJe iU,uto
t'lnier Neiittiulcln effect August WW trains
leave Wheeling, Central Standard tint** > or
( teubeaville, Htubur^haml tU? East, f.'.'J1 n. m ,
XJ*Z p. m.. 3;'J0 p>ni. aud9:40 p.ci. For Cotnmbun,
Cincinnati, Indianapolis vid 8t Louis fi.JQ
a m. end b:?l? j> ci. Mjr < olur.iln* and <*ui<ayo
li.^i p, ni. '1 rains arm* at Wheeling at b:SQ
n. di , 10.00 a. m.. -:C> p. m and ".20 p. m.
Train* leavins nt C:J) a. m. ar.<l -rrlvlnK ".ifO
p.m. run solid beurnn Wheeling aud I'ituburgh.
All trains dally eyr>-pi?nnday. au7
/ KAlLKOAD.?rndcrs'-hidukineCuct Jfar
13.1;.*.-. Tralu U -?vc UrldKcvort. <'cutra; Standard
lime: For Fittshurpb, hlos.ro and Cierelaml.
4:50 am. I.t MtUbuiyh, lu:l7 * m. For
Chicun aodCleveland. 1:12p For I'ltubcrgix
n.ndu York. For m-HbcavUle. h:W
am. For Martin's F<rry, 6:45 a m.
Trains arrive at Krl<l^f*c jrf?rt at 7:58 a o, 10.13
m. ' -1 p m, 4:15 pm. 4:1" pm, and 7:47 p i.
my li
0 I ' 1 - ?^
1 Financial.
gxcuASGE BASK. ~
i ; J. N. Vivrt ?.? I'mldint
: l. a Daunxn Vtoo-tartteat
J. Vance H. Horkfcelmer.
. J. il. Broim. W.
1 L. S. iX UpUla, A. W. KeiJcy.
?. John Krew.
-1 Dmftg l>/tiL-J on England, Ireland Scotland
and all poinu In Earnp*.
_| JQliy J. JONrn. CMbier
: CAHTAI tiTs.oai
*?.a.!spt rnritait
ituiw VlofmnlMt
IWuo: XncUad, licLin-l, ynzct u?t Gw
R Win. A. Win. B.
J. A. Mlllrr, John K. Dotufoni,
E. U. Victor Bo*cuturi.
'? Henry bptjtx.
* 1 mm P. P. J EPSON, Cuhicr.

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