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<lh Wketlim SlBl
? ? <ii . rnm\A V AllillMl'VP TCYYiri?M TtT7TE Ifi Ifififi VOLUME XXWII*"73>
jrjje Intelligencer,
oai?- -7 fourteenth Street.
wi^rllnK*? Vote aud I'opoulntloii.
On Tuesilnj', November (1, 7,040 votes
,rr? lulled ill this city. At the commonly
mrcpU't! <? oI flve iwraons /or
eai.l, 'voter tlia present population ot
lVh?-liiW should be -10,507. The school
ration o( July 1 of tliiB year
how.'il Hi" population to ho 32,777.
Does anybody suppose there has been
... - ?f 7.7TO in the population of
an ?>?? ? . - _
Wheeling since July 1? A small city
stowiin; that much in live months is certainly
j |?. following table makes the interestin^'
< o:?|?arison in detail by districts, j
in ,; , !i district showing the excess of ;
j,oj,ri::i!l<?n on November 6 as derived
fni'ti tlx - vote polled ami compared with
the actual population tivo months befor.'
ascertained by the school enumeration
Vote f"r Present '
Districts, rrwlilciit. I*oj*uIuil??ti. (?)
y ?- A15 pcraoua to a vote- 1,780
i lultoii omitted)
At;. u i ??j'Ulatiun July J, 1888 .|,aOf? ,
y?(] . i. ;to At6 iMjruons tottVOtO-0,850
Actual population July 1,1888 fi.uiy
CLxv At 5 person* to a vote- 4.HM)
'v.i:i,ii iHitmlation July 1,1888 4,072 ,
i:? ? ? - *? i
l .i. At 5 persons to a vote.. 0,775
A'jtuiki i?o|.?intlou July 1,18S8 i,<;:u
tvn.ro " W At f? persons to a vote.. 3,7ft
\ ;i: il |>opulutioti July I, ItvSS ...... 2,771
Y.x ...... t?7l
1,486 Atfipenonstoa vote. 7,430
.\i uiai |x>|iuliition July 1,1888, C.ls'J j
lUtchlt!.. l.JiT Atpersons to a vote.. 6,085
t Attains omitted)
Actual |Hi]iul?tioil July 1.18S8..? l.i'Sl j
Kxtv- 1,051
Total voiiv..... 7.9W "-"too
JMpuUtlon ft'TorillUff to school cnuuicnit?ul
j.n^nt iM?i?uiatiou 40,607
Tin- INTKiiLiGkncku would like to believe
tiiat there lifts been this reul gain 'l
-> ..e UMww.i:??. t?,? J
in mi; ]?uj?ui?uu?? ui ? iicvni'si
would despair of milking anybody else
believe it who knows the city. Koto the ]
remarkable gain of 1,240 persona in the
heavily Democratic district of Webster.
CnnMlie best informed resident of that
district find those persons ? Can anybody
in the district find the 1,180 men who
voted in that district on November 0? '
They are not there.
It is a notorious fact that men were
brought here to vote the Democratic 3
ticket who do not live here and never
did. It in equally well known that challenges
from the Republican side went
for nothing?Democratic ballots were rewived
l?v the Democratic election officers
as freely as Republican ballots have .
since been thrown out by the Demo- T
cratic County Commissioners.
This sort of work, ably supported by t
the intimidating United States Deputy
Marshals, carried Ohio country fyr the fl
Democratic ticket. The day of reckon- c
tag will cotue. An intelligent and fair |
minded neonle will not tolerate election .
work of this kind.
A Mrmlicr of tlx* {Jueen's Ciiltiiint MarriflN J"
llii* l>.ui|;1ilor of tliu Auu-rU-un Secretary '
of War. t
Washington, D. C., Nov. 15.?Quietly \
anil simply in the presence of the bride's r
relatives and personal friends, a few of 1
Washington's official society and several
hundred of the general public, lion. 1
Jost-ph Chamberlain aud Miss Mary 1
Kndicutt, were married at 2 o'clock this i
:t. I.'.. i.'.....i
4ii<-i!ii?uii in ob. 'uarjiu a
Church. The church was absolutely
without lloral or other decorations, and
the awning stretched across the side*
walk to the carriage was the only sigu of
any unusual ceremony. No cards or
formal invitations had been issued;
there were no best men or bridesmaids,
an?l the entire service was charactering
l?y extreme simplicity.
>?cli of the friends of the family as
b?l In en verbally invited to attend, took
watoin the body of the.church halfiui
hoar before the ceremony began. The
ealiinet meeting was ended at an early
hour, so ;is to permit the members to bo
Present at the service, aud they were in
twai cases accompanied by their wives.
The President and Mis. Cleveland entered
the church just before 2 o'clock
and were escorted to seats in one of the
pews in the lirst row. Members of the
Emlicott family and relatives were seated
immediately in the rear, while as
uianyof the public as could find room
in the little church tilled the gallery aud
Mr. t'linmltorlnin <>ntnr?<l tJin chiiri'li '
at - o'clock and waited at the chancel.
His appenranco was the signal to tho or- (
g.mist. who immediately began to play
tin- wedding inarch from "Lohengrin,'
ami the bride, leaning on her father's 1
arm, attired in a pearl gray travelling 1
ilrn* and wearing a dark bonnet, passed ,
up the right aisle and passing the bride- ,
' groom, knelt before the alter.
llev. Or. Leonard, assisted by Rev. '
Mr. Franks, of .Salem, Mass., performed I
tin* Episcopal wedding service. Both
l?ri?lo and j:room gave back response in
aiirm ana audible voice. Prayer was
pronounced and Joseph Chamberlain 1
au-1 Marv Kndicott were nuiti and wife.
A}{ain the organ pealed forth and to
its strains tho party slowly passed along
tin- left aisle onto! the church and into
wriayes were driven immediately to
tue homo of the bride's parents.
A Miner'* Suicide.
tyeiflj Munich to the IntfUiernctr.
Ciiaki.kston, W. Va., Nov. 15.?William
llousley, a miner at Marmot works,
Raymond Citv. took lnudnntim last
{"K'ht. dying this morning. Ho was
uglily rvspoeled ami leaven a large
family of grown up childrcu. Ill health
>? the only cause assigned.
A ri<-n?niit Slurring?.
Spttiol DUpalch to the InUUIgtnCcr,
CunKdnuBo, W. VA., NOV. 15.?A
plesant marriage was celebrated to-day,
between Patrick Geary and Miss
Catherine lilancy. Tho groom is a well
known Baltimore A Ohio railroad en,...1
*1... i .. i .1.4.? ..I M.
p---' v' "'mi (iii? nriui" ii uuuguil't w* ?*?-. |
-Michael Glancy, of this city.
lHrloiuntlc Cuurteiiloii.
Washisoto.v, p. C., Nov. 15.?Secretary
Unynril to-day presented to tho
President, Alfred DeClaparede, tlie now
Swiwi Minister. The Coroan Minister,
l'ak Chung Yong, who has been granted
a leave of absence by his government,
accompanied the Secretary and said farewell
to the Tresident.
(Strong llnpfit for Mr*, (Inultl.
^*kw York, Nbv. 15.?Mrs. Jay Gould
hag no far ri^overed that strong hoi?e8
are now entertained of her ultimate recovery.
Mrs. (jouhl rested well last
Bight nn?l was spending the morning
Gov. Goff!
riie Dashing Campaigner's Vic- Tl
tory Getting Bigger as Fuller
Returns Come In. ?
Hie Splendid Republican Victory gi
Breaks the Solid Soutb. gj
? ii.
If H
* *' """ - KII
Headed Straight for Washington >u
With a Small but Sato m'
Majority. gj
lard at Work Wasting Their ft
Time Counting; Out Atkin- IS
son and Smith.
?or Protection With a llig P
and the Free Traders 5
Can't See It.
Later official returns and the correcion
of a typographical error in Judge
riemincr's uiaiorltv in Summera county.
ncrerwi'fl General Golfs majority over l(
ho figures of yesterday. 'All the returns
tow at hand, from Democratic aa well ^
s Republican sources, including every Vo
ounty in tho State, show that doff has
icon elected Governor by over !J00 ma- Kj
ority. Tli
It is not probable that these figures
vill bo materially reduced by tho mero
orrection of errors or the recount now
n progress. Fraud is the only hope of
lie Democratic leaders. General Gofi' {ft
vill contend to the bitter end for his j!*
ights and the rights of the people who Cn
lavo chosen him to be their Governor, [jl
Goff will bo seated, and perhaps with
lim other Republicans whose chances ulave
been lost sight of in tho returns. i'<!
lubbard, for Attorney General, aud JjJ
Jowers, for Auditor, who ran so far Si
ihoad of tho ticket in their respective iv
:ounties, stand well to win. j^j
The good news conies from the Third su
fougressional District that the election w!
if McGinnis, Republican, is generally ^
loneeded. The process of counting out <H?
las been going oti in the Fourth as well uii
is the First, the aim being to give the Jjj!
democratic nominees the certificates at oti
my coat. Yesterday's advices increased
Ukinson's majority, but the recount has
mly begun in Wetzel and is not finishid
in Ohio, which counties are relied on A1
o count Atkinson out. Theso two
ountics have been held back to seo
low much was required to overcome A t- Fi
cinson's majority. Mr. Atkinson will wi
;et his seat. The work that has been ea
ping on sinco he was elected will not eg
itund the scrutiny of the IIouso of Rep- Al
esentatives. a i
The Legislature is Democratic by one yj\
>n joint ballot. Floyd, Democratic, g
elected to the IIouso of Delegates from jf
Logan county, with ono Republican and
our Democrats in tho field, will not jj,
k'oto for the re-election of Sonator Jj[
Kenna. Tho Senate is Republican. Tho Mi
failure to secure the Legislature on joint
ballot is a Republican disappointment. JJ
In some districts which were expected ul
to elect Republicans this year the Demo- {J!
crata have triumphed.
Unturii* from Wyoming and McDowell
Hwt'll tlio ltr|iulillvan MnJorUie?? Gain of
n Con ureimmati. T'
Special Ditpatch to the Inttiiificnccr.
Cii aiilkstos, W. Va., Nov. 15.?The Sf
official vote of Wyoming county gives
McGinnis 82 majority. u
McDowell county gives McGinnis 152 n
majority and Goff 141 majority. o
William Bandy, of McDowell county, tl
Republican, is elected Delegate. 0
Error in Fayette gives 100 majority for t)
Goll, making 007 majority.
Error in Kanawha county gives McGinnis52
more, which electa him beyond v
a doubt. S. C. Burdktt. tj
Ilurrali for McGlnnla. ^
Special Ditpatch to the Intelligencer.
Charleston*, W. Va., Nov. 15.?W. j
K. xnompson Bays jucxroweu gives uou j
and McGinnis 152 majority. Wyoming, ?
McGinnis 79. Tlio Republican delegate e
is elected. McGinnis election is con- \
ceded by a majority of nbout 35. **
Mercer County i? All lUglit. c
Bi.i'efiel?, Mercer County, Nov. 15. t
?After four days of desperate fighting F
the attempt of the Democrats to steal J
Mercer county has failed. Goff hos3l> }
majority; McGinnis 34 majority. e
U. G. Mcador, Republican, is elected i
to the House of Delegates by 141 major- t
ity. George J. Thomson. \
?off Wilt Take UU Heat.
Special Ditpatch to the Intelligencer.
CLARKsnrKo, W. Va., Nov. 15.?Your J
correspondent talked with General Goff \
this afternoon and he said in effect that the <
epublicans should not lose their Gov
rnor on account of anything it wa
roper for him to do, and that he wouli
fuse the oillce unless witiflAed thut h
us elected. Ho said he believed at thi
me lio was elected, but made no claim
id said the vote of tho people of thi
late will be respected.
Harbour Corrected*
trial Dltpalch to the Intelllgcnccr.
Grafton, W. Va., Nov. 15.?Iiarbou
lunty gave Fleming 18 majority, in
eud of 30, as you have it in your table
A ltcgUtur J'ulftttliuod Nailed.
trial VUpatch to the Intelligencer.
Claukbburg, \V. Va., Nov. 15,?Th<
litorial in to-day's Jteijister that Gen
al Golf has demanded a recount of tin
itiro State is absolutely aud entirely
Ise. He has made no such request. I
; wus elected, as tho returns nov
ove, he will fearlessly am
trsifltcntly enforce his rights and pro
lit tl<a nnnnln'u Intiinuita lillf lin VI*i I
...? ....
orn to taku a position to which he wo;
it chosen, or to which tho title win
anufactured by manipulation ol votei
ter the polls were closed.
to Ollicliil Figures Still Continue to ltol
JUp !11m Majority for Governor.
Fleming's Golfs
Mitjorltlux. Mujoritlo
rbour is
rkclejr - .... 17
axton 5M
noke U
bell 130
Iboun i!W
ItsBsr====z=: i
C~~r "sb
ant. ? M
uunbriur oiw
injpsblro -1,371
inly...... 715
irrfson 40'
Kittson 3U
Itoreou. 1,209
ncoln . ....... 2stf
Kuti 1,110 .....
irlou ....... lufl
irabull " ?
u*?n - 3oS
tin >n^illin... M>:
?tin?c. . l>7 ......
:Do\vcll 141
I'liolait -W
lo 100
odleton . ffiS .
'llMUItH...................... 110 ....
witon 1?W'
tiuun 1^
IcIRII H" ?lulnlpli
010 .....
iciiio ~ ....
umusttf T.J
ylor ?'?>
cker...... ;B
lor ?!l
bur, #0*
lyno 020
>l?Riflr ; ;... flfii
in? " 102 ?
hmI Ml
ruining ...... ?
I'otnln -.11,550 1I.W:
oil's majority .... - ;1'flHT
l.h'l i ISI.ATL' UK
mocnitlc by One on Joint Dilllot?Tim
Seuntu ltepubllcaii.
Later and revised returns show the
igisluture to stand as follows:
Democratic. Republican.
:ond DiHtrict 1 First District 2
urth District 1 Second DiHtrict 1
:th DiHtrict 2 Third District - 2
, on th DiHtrict2 Fourth District 1
ihth DiHtrict 2 Filth DiHtrict;. S
rclfth DiHtrict 2 Ninth District ?i
irtocnth District 2 Tenth District S
- Eleventh District...... S
12 12
?Xinth District?1 Independent.
Democratic. I Republican,
rltour .. 1 Ilerkeluv 2
(lilt? . 1 i'UUUIKigV . I
?xtou l Fayette .. 1
hull 1 Harrison ....... 'J
llioun 1 Jackson 2
liner l Kanawlia - 1
wnbrier '2 .Marshall 'J
mpablre 1 Mason
Versou '1 Mercer 1
win ... 1 Minerul 1
ucoln l Monongalia 1
Win 1 Morgan 1
irion. - I'reston - mroe..?
l I'ntnum 1
cholas 1 Hlichie 1
ilo I Taylor ;? 1
ndleton 1 Tyler 1
'uxauih. 1 Upshur 1
lelgb. .... l Wood a
miners. 1 1st (Itrooke) ,
ivne 1 dlst.( Hancock - J
juol l :tnl j Wyoming ? ,
Irt 1 dint. (McDowell..... j
I f Grant ) ,
H. 1 Hardy / 1 31
i i 1'oeanoutan... I ,
it. \ Webster....... j
i I Itundopb I ,
it. t Tucker / 1
? I Clay t l
iLiltoane ?....) 1
kliiNon Still llanNomo for the Democrat!*
ltotiirnlui; lioiirilft to Cut On.
The following table of majorities in th<
rat Congressional district keeps pac<
ith the progress of tbe Democratic fnrc<
lied a recount. It correct errors of tel
raphing in Harrison and V jddridge
fter nil the jugglery Mr. Atkinson hoi
majority of 15, which will probably bi
Ipetl out before night by Pendleton'/
iliant law-breakers. The House o
apresentativea will put them all bad
the counts do not before:
Atkinson. I'cudletou
mewk. 170
DO leu 10
ilo 'iS)
irxhall bTii
uuul - ?... l&ti
irrlson... 411
iwis 117
liner ?... :ii:l
nxtou ..... 607
xltlridgu ~V>
rotnl....... 'J,l Si 2,167
\tklutwu oyer lVtidlctoti 15.
lie Mont Flagrant Outrages of All?Hot
AtkiiiHon It Iluinj; Llttunilly Cheated Ou
or III* ItlKhtN.
*c(<U Ditjhikh to the IntdlIgeaccr,.
Westox, Nov. 15.?Democratic com
lissioners have peculiar ideas of justic
i .the Tecount here. They foun
no ticket moro in tho bo
mn wap counted by tho judge
f election at the precinct wher
:ie vote was cast. Over tho Nation?
cket was pinned a part of tho Kepubli
an ticket ou which Pat Duffy's nam
-as written in pencil aud left on th
icnei pnnieu. ?ne mw is mat
oublo ticket with different namv
bull be thrown away;" bu
Democratic County Court gav
'endleton this vote. At the Sand tor
irecinct two clerks relieved the two wh
lud been s%orn to help conduct th
lection, and one of the connoissionei
rent to Bleep at 10 p. in. aud slept unt
a. in. The precinct gavo Pendleton 2
aajority. The County Court were awai
( this (act. The irregularities i
his county and especially at th
recincts giving increased Democrat!
uajorities, were astonishing. Tho po
>ooks and ballot boxes ot Glady an
iValkersville, were left at Davidson
itore, at Jacksonville, for two days an
r'oung Davidson was telephoning the r
iults from the books, when notiflt
hat the books must be brought i
he clork by one of tho commissione
properly signed. Davidson had to set
jj> into Webster county to hunt up
viimniitfiinnnF tn wt hia ftiirnntttr
ChurchviUe poll books wore n
wrtilied as to Pendleton u
The Goff Eagle Having F
were scut in by a man wl
was not a com mission or and aftcrwan
returned by the clerk for correctio;
TIu'hh urea acta cavc Pendluton 140 m
jority. The County Commissioners il
cideu that they hau no jurisdiction ovi
such irregularities.
C. E. Anderson,
Chairman Republican Ex. Coin.
Tlio High Ilnndod Kuitliieni will bo Currh
Out In Wetzel Coiinly-ImKulnrlllvN tin
Would Caune tlio County'* Vote to I
Thrown Out In nnj Court in ChrUtendoii
AjprcM J)l*jxitch to (he Intelligencer.
New Martinsville, W Va., Nov. 1
?The fight is still on down here. Jol
0. Pendleton, Alf Caldwell and Be
White were down here to-day arrangir
their line of proce&lure. It is evidei
that the election returns (or a groat po
tion of the county are fatally dcfccth
und outfht to be thrown out, but the
will not be. Captain Bowers, who a]
pears as counsel for G. W. Atkinson,
handicapped on every iianu. ue mis
i full Democratic force to tight, with tl
County Court, who will not be allowt
< to do whut is right even if they want ti
I John 0. Pendleton has called for a ri
, count of the ballots cast for a member <
' Congress iu this county. These ballo
are not in sealed packages; soino i
them never were. Most of them wei
1 torn open on last Monday and not agai
sealed up. Any person so dispose
could stulf them with* Democratic ba
lots. The opportunity is not wantiuj
as they lie torn open in a box in tli
County Clerk's ollice. Tno count is I
! commence to-morrow between Atkinsu
and Pendleton. There is great excitt
! menfc hero.
! rundlntou'it IMIgrluMgo to Wotxel.
John 0 Pendleton and Attorney Gei
' eral Alfred Caldwell came up vesterda
, afternoon from New Martinsville, whei
some interesting things are going on i
Pendleton's interest.
> Dioy were There, all the Same.
Messrs. F. P. Jepson and Lew Steei
. rod caused it to bo published yesterda
i that they were not out of town Tuesdn
[ night or Wednesday morning. A nun
; berof witnesses saw them get on tli
train and leave, and one gentleniau wet
down on the same train. They went t
Mounusviue. way uwy iway it jb
i mystery. Tho Sun, the Mouudsvill
Democratic organ, says:
Frank 1'. Jepson and Lew Steenro<
of Wheeling, were here in the interest*
John O. Pendleton, on the recount 1
the vote.
' Mynterious Telegramx Alleged to Hai
IJren Itecelveil Which ir True, tVUl Tin
York Over to Clovelund.
Nkw York, Nov. 15.?An Indianapol
special to the World says: A myeterioi
telegram received yesterday, (Wedne
day) stating that errors of count hi
been discovered in New York which,
s followed up, would turn the Stato ovi
to Cleveland, created great oxcitemen
j Telegrams of inquiry concerning tl
same rumor came from remote parts
' the State to leading Democrats here.
' is stated that Democratic National Sc
retary Shoe hen went to New York i
answer to this report. At his oflice
was simply stated that he was out
1 town. In commenting on the above tl
3 World says: Nothing has been heard ;
' uua wvy 01 ?u wiwi u? mo ^uuuuuk
' tlio State's ballots for Presidential ele
L tors.
New York'* Official Vote.
New York, Nov 15.?Thoollicial cou:
of the vote for presidential electors h
been completed in forty-live out of six
counties of this State. Official flgur
from these forty-five counties vary b
slightly from the county estimates se
out by the Associated I'ress olecti(
night and the day following. The ol
ciiu vote from these counties and reli
bio estimates from the remaining fiftei
show that the plurality for the llarris<
electors will be ubout 13,000.
v A Murderer'* He If Murder.
t Los Angeles, Cal., Nov. 15.?Fri
Anschlag, the German who was to ha
been executed Friday for the murder
l" Mr. and Mrs. Hitchcock at the Gardi
b Grove, in January last, and who, in
tl statement made a few days ago, al
_ confessed to the killing of J ulius Feug
a neighbor, in Butte county, in lsi
8 both of which crimes were committ
e avowedly for the purpose of securii
il their landed property or money, coi
. mitted suicide last night by takii
o strychnine. He died at 12:30 tl
e morning.
Labor Mattem at Plttaburgli.
J Pittsburgh, Nov. 15.?The 500 pi
e dlers at Jones & Laughlin's Americ
k Iron Works, struck this morning agaii
0 the chance in working hours, mn
e ku Ilia ana*>i!t? rtf .
HfLlDotii t u; nuv ovwvit; v?? uuvuiui j,
J during the daytime. At the mills
JJ Oliver Bros & Phillips and Whorton
J Co., the men havo agreed to work t
e new hours until Monday, when arranj
a menta will be made lor a heavier Bupj
]e of gas, Tho Penn Avenue mills e<
19 tinue operations at tho old hours, a
, no trouble is anticipated,
u T,
8 A Dishonest Farmer.
Fbrous Falls, Minx., Nov. 15.?Er
Larson, a well known and promini
io farmer of Dane Prairie, is reported
r? have skipped the country, leaving cr
id itora to the extent of $5,000. 1
a heaviest losers arc neighbors who hi
?. signed with him. Larson is tho socc
ot prominent farmer who has left sudd
id Iy under such circumstances roccntlj
un with the Democratic Bird,
'S A Train Load ?>f l*aN?ongarii Loaves Jack^
Monvlllo, Florida? A Peculiar Cone.
e. Jacksonville, Fla., Nov. 15.?-For the
ur first time in nearly three months a train
load of passengers left here yesterday
morning for the cities of the North, via,
Macon, Ga. The passengers were locked
in the car an J not allowed to leave it unj,I
til they reached Macon. The party waa
nt K<>t up by Mr, C. B. Rogers, ana consists
i,e of seventeen persons. A negro was
taken suddenly ill yesterday afternoon
at South Jacksonville. Drs, Burroughs
- ami Kenworthy were called and found
' him with a high temperature and every
111 symptom of fever. He continued to grow
ib worse through the night, and yesterday
,jr morning his death was considered iin
was the constant riso in the patient's
r* temperature. At 4 o'clock yesterday
re J afternoon his'auxiliary temperature was
,y HO degrees. At 5 o'clock be died. The
p. temperature is the highest yet recorded
js in a case of yollow fever during the epiu
domic. A autopsy was ordered, and Dr.
l(i Gihier, thejfamous Paris scientijft, con,j
ducted the examination. The condition
of the kidneys and intestines plainly
3I showed n typical case of fever. Dr.
Gibier secured some of the intestine
ta fluids, and will search them for the exis3(
tence of yellow fever germs or microbes.
rc The Board of Health has apportioned
n the town of Jacksonville into medical
j distnets.
1- Yellow Juck au the F&ltua I?lnud?
ff? Washington, D. C., Nov. 15.?United
10 States Consul McKay has telegraphed
0 the Department of State that yollow
u fever has broken out on Pulma Island,
a" one of the Canary group.
JefferHnn Uiiyljt Very FouMo.
]. Kichmoud, Va., Nov. 15.?From a Iety
ter just received from Jefferson Davis by
President Asliton Starke, of tho Richu
mond exposition, it seems that MrDavis'
health is feeble. This letter iH
dated Beauvicr, Miss., November 11, and
j. is in response to a pressing invitation
v from President Stark and intimate friends
y of Mr. Davis to visit the exposition. In
j. reply Davis savs: "Though well
io enough when at rest'to permit the hope
,t that I may see my friends in Virginia at
0 some future time, I am now painfully
u conscious that I could not perform the
0 journey without sorious if not fatal consequences."
The Condition of Women Advancing.
Dutroit, Mich., Nov. 15.?At tho ex
ecutive session of the Woman's Congress
this morning the reports from the
vico presidents nnu me various committees
were made, embracing the
morals, industrial and educational condition
of the women in several States,
is According to these reports the. general
,8 condition of women is advancing steadily.
Sorno comparative statistics on the
8* question of the labor of men and woineu
id were presented, but they were of a fragif
mentary character. The report of the
,,r treasurer shows that all bills luvvo been
paid, and that there is n comfortable
balance in the bank,
le , ,
of Grans" ' Convention.
Tofeka, Kas., Nov. 15.?The twenty"
second annual convention of the Nationr.
_1 /- - l!.,.l.rtn<ln< nnm.
H ui uniugci xubtwiio u* huou?huij vuu>
of menced in this city yesterday. Dele
}? gates were present from every State in
i*} the Union. Acting Worthy Jamei
o* Draper, of Massachusetts, presided. Mee
morial services. were held in honor ol
the deceased "Worthy Master, P. D. Dor
den, of Mississippi, who died in Juh
nt last. The standing committees were
then announced.
118 The eighth annual convention of the
ty Farmers'Congress of the United State*
es also met in this city.
Hi' The Itewnril Kxteurictl.
)u Chicago, Nov. 15.?The offer of a re
li- ward of $20,000 for the arrest of Tascott
? the murderer of millionaire Snell will
en expire by limitation on the 17th instant
511 but it has been decided by the familj
not to abandon the search as long ai
there is any hope of finding the fugitive
. and they accordingly announco an ox
llz tension of the offer for sixty days, or un
ve til January 17th next,
of * '
General MIllnTrniiofcrrccl.
Los A no elks, Ca la., Nov.|13.?Gonera
so Nelson A. Miles, received formal notic<
h, from the War Department at Washing
>5. ton last evening of his transfer to Sat
eu Francisco to take command of tho di
ug vision of tho Pacific, vico General How
tn- aril, who goes Kast to assume commam
ug of the division of the Atlantic. Gen
?is eral Miles states that there will bo n<
change in Ms staff.
Featenlay'a Bond Offerings.
Wasdixgtox, D. 0., Nov. 15.?To
an day's bond offerings aggregated $491,300
lst as follows: Registered 4s, $103,300 a
Je 128; $100,000 at 130; coupon 4s, $15,50
at 118; $30,000 at 128J; registered 4J
of *ifin.000 at 1072. extra interest; $10,00
ot$10"! net; $500. at 108| flat; coupoi
no 4}s, $26,000 at 109; $1,500 at 108j.
8?- ?
>ly So Effort to Man, Frellht.
)n" Chicaoo, Nov. 15.?Kvcrything i
n quiet tills morning in the yards of th
Louisville 4 New Albany railroad i
Fifty-first street. The Ave braltcme
iclt who refused yesterday to work longer a
, the present rate of wages, are still o
strike and there has been no effort ti
t0 day to move any freight,
ed- ?
71l0 I'ukr MBXImllllan Dcjul.
ive Musicn, Nov. 15k?Duke Maximilliai
ind of Bavaria, who was strieken wil
en- apoplexy a few days ago, Is dead, li
was 00 years of age. . .
The Internal War Being Wage
* Vigorously but Quietly.
Demanded by One Faction "For tli
Good of the Order," but 1'owderly
Ih Serene?SchsIoii of tlie General
AKKCinbly Yesterday,
Indianapolis, Nov. 15.?The delegate
and others who are iu attendence o
the twelfth General Assembly of tli
Knights of Labor have settled down t
work, and the time away from tho eoi
vention is largely devoted to committe
woik. Still much gossip is indulged i
regarding the probable outcome of th
meeting, both as regards the election (
officers and as to th? future success o
failure of the order.
Two years ago General Master Wort
man x uwuuny uiiuuuutcu uiuv uu nn
beginning his lost term of oillce, and c
the Minneapolis convention last year li
repeated the statement. In view c
these declarations he might be though
to be out of the fight, but such is not be
lieved to bo the case by many. Iusteai
of repeating his former plain refusals t<
continue to serve, he now simply refuse!
to speak, and this fact is considered ai
| evidence of willingness to accept onci
: more. The election of othor officers de
pends on Powderly's decision and tin
action of the General Assembly 21s to tin
* reduction of the force.
Ah has several times been remarket
! in these dispatches much depends 01
the action of the convention whethei
the order will thrive or dwindle away.
While many are anxious about th(
outcome, they express n firm belief in
the long life and great prosperity of tin
organization. Others, and thero art
i many oi tuem noi ueiegM.es, are reauy
; firm in tho opinion that these are the
last days of what one of them calls "n
gigantic confidence game." Theso hitj
ter think that the overthrow of Powderly
and his associates in the Geucral Executive
Board is essential to the good oi
the order, and some of them assert that
an investigation of the inside-working*
at tho general offices will reveal an astonishing
state of affairs. They claim that
the General Executive Board have been
living at tho expense of, and not in the
interest of the working classes and
promise a big sensation before tho General
Assembly adjourns.
It is claimed by those who profess to
be informed of the facts, that the cause
of delay in Powderly's report was that
lie had given ex-Secretary Litchman a
severe handling and that Litchman in
his report had returned the attack with
The two were finally brought togetheraud
the matter amicably arranged,
and the dolay has been caused by the
reprinting of the report with tho "savage
part eliminated."
Harry J. Skeflington, of Cincinnati,
clainiB that the membership of District
Assembly 418 of that city has been illeuaily
inflated to allow two represents
Uvea instead, of one, and lie took occasion
to say so on the floor of the General
Assembly, but was over-ruled by Mr.
This mornings session was devoted tc
further reports and routine business.
There was time for but two reports bofore
adjournment at noon, these being
from Generul Master Workman Powderly
and oxSecretary Litchuian.
Mr. Powderly's report took two houre
of time and Mr. Litchuian followed foi
one hour aud twenty minutes.
Later in the afternoon Air. Powderly'e
report was given to the press. It begins
as follows:
To the OJflecri and Members of the General Attemblyi
For nineteen .years the order of the
Knights of Labor has maintained an existence
in the face of circumstances the
most discouraging and despairing, struggling
forward in its infancy, beneath c
veil of secrecy. It met with opposition
from those in whoso behalf it contended.
Later on it faced the world, as the advocate
of justice for the poor, and found
all who were enemies of the oppressed
arrayed against it. Iu all of these
years it has had to bear the
taunts and insults of many whose
interests it served. Since the adoption
of the declaration of principles ten
years ago this order hus had the oj>po1
sition of all who despised those principles,
bnt this year hus been the most
trying aud discouraging to those who
' Wished to see the hurmouious blending
1 ol all classes of workers beneath tin
! shield of Knighthood. Many catiset
combined to reduce the number of thosi
who swore allegietice to the principle*
of tho Knights of Labor.
The story so often circulated and sc
wonderfully magnified of the extrava
. gance of the general olllcers frightened
many, and they stood still until this ses
sion would ussemble. In tho ranki
were men whose love of self predomiun
| ted, whose selfish desires could not b?
suppressed for the common weal, ant
[ on no occasion would they consent t<
" sink self for tho good of all
, Tho oft-told story of their griov
' auces sickened and drove mun)
from the order. With no Executivi
Board whoso members were not in liar
? mony with each other who traveled frou
place to place denouncing their fellov
officers and condemning actions tha
they were not responsible for, it cotili
not bo wandered at that wo hp.ve lost it
? numbers. Tho uuwise strikes wliicl
I were entered upon aguinst tho laws an<
principles of the Knights of l^abo;
) swept thousands of our member
j into poverty and forced then
from tho order. Add to all o
! these causes the catntiaign which hai
. just closed in the United States, ii
which members and assemblies wort
pitted against each otlief- iu a question
which never was made apart of tin
1 declaration of principles und on whicl
they could very well afford to diffei
without differing with any point os ir
the laws or rule of tho order, and wt
1 wonder, not that there has been a fallinj
off, but that we have passed through tin
" crucial test, with the ranks unbrokei
1 as wo find them to-day."
: ii ?. treasury department, he says
5 should be held responsible for all inone;
passing through its channels, and th<
the general treasurer should be vestei
with the veto powers so far as delayin;
payment of bills on which he is ii
i, doubt is concerned. At present h
t thinks the financial affairs are inlruste<
0 in too manv hands. One rcsnonsibl
1 party should be intrustod with tno man
X agement of tho finances. Our power ha
teen divided in tho past and it ha
worked injury to us. Where the man
oxecute the laws themselves they alway
fail *, where each man interprets for hitr
self there is sure to be a bauel of soum
and confusion.
? "Men have been placed in office wit
it me, with whom I would not for a m<
n ment associate in a private business er
t terprise with any hope of success, y<
a for the sake of tho good thai might lo
> low silence, forbearance, under such ci
cu instances, has been observed by me.
No hesitancy, ho continues, or raawl
ish sentiment should sway us at this se
i, sion. Let us at once and' forever put
h beyond the power of any man to tig]
[e this order or its principles and remain
member. If tney will tear down!
Ithern tear from the outside,'and letev(
true, honest man in the order Ui
sides and either go with these m
guided creaatures, or stand li
j and defend the order from^ th
attacks. These attacks upon the Knigl
of Labor come from the persistent ow
eition which has been shown to the to
of allowing other organizations to cc
y trol the Knights of Lai>or. Do r,
' understand mo, for I do not refer
trades unions. 1 do not mean t
ie tradesunionists. Their cause and on
aro one in the main.
The organization which your GenOi
Master Workman speaks of is tbo lnt<
national Workingmen's, which pas?
resolutions three years ago to secure tl
elections of its trusted agents as genei
_r ?1... 7|..? L*
ig uiuw-ra ui mjc oruw ui mu nu^uin
Labor. Tbo proofs arc in my possessio
The plans of these men met with b
e little success and from that time to tl
0 present the members of that organi/.atii
have secretly ami untiringly worked {
the ruin of this order.
In his report ex-Secretary Litchmi
ti gives a detailed statement of his connc
e tion with the order, from his adruissk
,f to the present time, quoting from tl
ofllcial records of the past sessions of tl
,r General Assembly to prove tho falsity
the charges of dishonesty which hnd be<
employed against him. He show<
B from tue records thut everything hi
, been satisfactorily explained totheGei
11 eral Assembly, and his course was a
e proved by resolution at the I)i?trc
if meeting in 1881. He gave details
t show in what points ho saved money I
the order.
The afternoon session was cutsho
1 owing to the regular meeting of tl
3 Women's Jlelief Corps. As there hi
b been talk of a call on (ien. Harrison, an
i it was not yet settled whether to call c
? him as an organization, tho followit
- was adopted:
j "Be it resloved that wo consider
} would be a very impolitic and ill-advi:
ed action for any body of meu from th:
1 convention to meet or wait upon, i
i Knights of Labor, the President-Elect,
I Oniric* JoIuimoii JCxceulctl for tho Killin
, of John WnltvrM,
; Waterloo, N. Y., Nov. 5.?Cliark
' Johnson was hanged at twenty minute
| past 10 this morning for tho murder c
. John Walters. Two men, Charles Johc
son and Caldwell, wero confined in th
Waterloo Jail awaiting trial on th
cliargo of horse stealing on the day c
[ the crime, January 10,1887. When, oi
. the morning oi that day, the en art!
i John Walters, went to the cell wlier
tho two men were and unlocked th
, door, Johnson hit liiui a tcrriblo blov
on tho head with a stove shaker am
fractured his skull. They then made i
dash for liberty, but the sheriff, full;
armed, blocked the way, and they wen
ilriveu back to their cell. Walters lin
gered some days and then died. Cald
well was tried and sentenced to Aubnn
for life. The trial of Johnson resultci
in tho execution to-day.
A Itnitw Lynched.
New Oiilkanh, Nov. 15.?A special t
the Times-Democrat from Donaldsonvi 11
says: On Tuesday afternoon, on a plan
tation near this town, a negro seized a:
, eleven year old child of rcspectabl
parents, who at the time was plavin
with her younger sisters. Flourisnin
a knife, he took Tier into a cane field. Th
I screams of her younger sisters brought
. number of plantation hands to the spc
and the wretch was caught in the act c
? outraging the child, lie was caught an
Uiken to jail, but so great was the indlj
nation that about 200 persons attacke
[ and overpowered the jailer at night an
took the prisoner out and hanged bin
I Spiuili.li 1'olltlc*
Madrid, Nov. 15.?Senor Pi Yu Ma
gall, the leader of the Federal Repul
, liean group, lias sent a circular to th
various committees of his party, inforu
ing them of the failuro of his efforts t
, bring about a coalition between tli
| federal and progressive Republican!
, He says that Senor Zorilla, the leader c
, the progressive Republicans, had oppoi
j ed the idea of a written basis tf actior
which should bo made public, but ha
expressed willingness to enter into
1 secret arrangement. This proposal, S<
i nor Margall refused to accept.
llUNrtlmt llutuor* I>eui??l.
St. Pktriisiiurq, Nov. 15.?It is denie
! emphatically in Government circles th:
the new changes in the organization <
the troops in Western Russia have
warlike intent. The object of the mov<
| ment, it is declared, is merely to develo
' the defences necessary to preserve
| military balance as compared with th
' forces maintained by neighborin
1 powers. General Knenroth, has bee
| appointed Minister an<l Secretary <
! Suite for Finland, in place of M. Drum
5 rcasel.
I Frnnch Government Work* DvNtroyeri.
Pauis, Nov. 15.?The Governmer
works for the manufacture of suia
, arms at Chatellerault, in the Depar
went of Vienna, have been destroyed b
j lire. T1h8 will necessitate the buhix-i
I sion fora time of the manufacture of tli
> Lebel rille. Tim fire is believed to hav
. been due to an accident. The loss
placed at 1,000,000 francs. There wei
r no fatalities.
3 ? ?
Another l'n|?nl llmfrlpt.
i Di-ijlin, Nov. 15.?-The Irish bishoj
? have received another Papal rescri]i
j It orders them to actively execute tli
x former rescript which instructs them 1
i denounce the plan of campaign aud bo;
1 cotting. It also orders them to dire
r the priests to preach against agitatio
and to forbid them to take part in tli
i 'hoycottiiM nnd plan of campaign iuov<
f inonts, which they must approve wit
n all the uieaus iu their power.
i * ?
, Kmpcror <.'unf??rrhic Honor*.
i Vjbnna, Nov. 15.?Emperor Franc
' Joseph has appointed the King of Sw
J den to the honorary colonelcy of tl
1 Tenth regiment of infantry, and tl
} King of Denmark to the honorary coloni
r cy of the Twenty-fifth regiment of ii
, fan try.
I Tim Murdered Arclihliduiji.
Victoria, B. C., Nov. 14.?The Unit(
y States war ship Thetis arrived at Ecj\i
a insult harbor yesterday, having on boai
' the remains ot the late Archbisht
8 Scghere. who was murdered in A lush
II The body will bo brought ashore tonli
j for interment.
0 A Prince Grounded.
Copenhagen, Nov. 14.?The Gerrai
J iron clad Kaiser with Prince Henry
y Prussia, on board, went aground tl
s morning while entering this harb(
i" Prince Henry was brought ashore in
J steam launch.
|l French Commerce.
y- Paris, Nov. 15.?The statement issu
1- by the Board of Trade Hhowsan increi
st in import* during October of. 14,152,0
1- francs, and in exports of 14,530,<C
r- iranca.
Admiral Italdwln Improvlnc.
B. Kbw York, Kov. 15.?Bear Admi
it Baldwin's condition has much iuipro^
it since yesterday and his friends belii
a that he will recover from his present
et neas.
Z PiUs the Vacancy Caused by
lea ^r' list's Removal.
ire The Monthly Jlrport ofllio Knpcrin^
tenilcnt and Other lloutiue Mat;r
tors?Tlic Animal Pcabocly
^ IiiHtitute?1Ileal Kntate.
The Board of Education inet in regular
monthly session last evening and
lie transacted considerable business, nearly
)u ull of a routine nature. President Dob
or 1)108 called the Board to order ut 7:30
m o'clock. Tho absentees were Messrs.
.f Harrell, List, Davis, Whally, Waterin
house and Shafer.
,e Tho minutes having been read and
0j approved, tho regular committee reports
n were tyken up for consideration. Tho
h1 Committee on Accounts presented bills
id aggregating $153 27; the Committee on
ii' Public Library banded in bills amountI>
ing to $-53 21), and the Committee on
lit Buildings and Grounds presented bills
to amounting to $15171, ol which sum
to ?120 71 was for putting natural gas fixtures
in the Washington school building
rt and $25 for putting up tho bell in tho
ie tower of that building. All of these
id amounts were ordered paid.
id The Finance Committee reported that
m Edward Carr was entitled to $4 05 and
ig Louis Schuub to $17, money paid on
erroneous assessments. Clerk tiall was
it ordered to pay back to tho persons
b- named these amounts.
is Tho Committee on Salaries reported
is that it had considered the matter of in>"
creasing the salaries of janitors referred
to it at a former meeting, and that it
deemed it inadvisable to make any
change in the schedule of wages already
s in existence.
Superintendent Anderson's report of
is the schools for tho month of October was
>s presented, read and ordered tiled. Tho
following is a synopsis of this report:
' 3 i i 1 s u i a
- 5 . Ilills.
fJl r| S 2!
if School!. ?2
n H !* 2 ? 11 5 -J
1 sscsecg *-3B?
'? 1 ? ? ^ 1 5 v = ?
e a > > ts 3 ?3 2 a
0 * < < a. /. _<
\ Wnnblll(,'tou... f?74 ' 4W *V &' W K? 1ft JG88
J Mmllwjn (W .VJU ft.-) V.' nr.' nv.? n ouo
|. Clay MS Ut: 71 MS 97 !M 15 AM
* Union tfO 47ft 7>- H7 117 7.'? 1ft MW
" Centre r.iu Ut" ?,s ;?i l&M 13 050
e WohHter 8KI l?J ftMHM W l?v.> II 05H
. Kltchlc N'tl 7JW 101 89121 1V3 'JO Hftft
Lincoln 17.' 1?5 ffJ Htf X< f?l . 6 201
1 Totnl m ts :t.7.so rc.o sj ftr.' l.ota ill tft.oo
I In the German Department the enrollment
for tho month was 357, divided
among the several districts as follows:
Washington, 45; Madison, 32; Clay, 82;
0 Union, 41; Centre, 51; Webster, 05;
e Ritchie, 51. There were forty classes?
|. fivo in each district except Clav, whero
ten were conducted. The number of
II pupils of German parentage was 105, and
o of other than German parentago was
g 102. Four teachers were employed at a
g salary of $31) each.
e The Superintendent in his "report had
a tho following: "1 find the lowest grado
it of D in Madison school much crowded,
if While tho room will scat only about
(I furl v ntinil.H there are over efohtv on tho
j- roll. My report shows some increase in
(1 the attendance in nil the schools."
d On motion of Mr. Nay lor the eommisi.
sioners of Madison were authorized to
provide another room and teacher and
thus relievo the overcrowded condition
r- of the room referred to.
Accompanying this report was ono
from Librarian Wilson. During the
month of October tho circulation oi
l" books in the library was 4,024 volumes,
o an average circulation per day of 182
ti volumes; in the reading room tho cireu3.
lation of books was 1,121 volumes; the
>f amount received from fines, etc., was
3- $20 25. This report was also ordered
i, filed.
d Clerk Ilall reported that on Novcma
ber 30 a note for $5,000, held by the Dol -
lnr Savings llank, and one for $1,029 75,
held by tho Standard Fire Insurance
Company, would fall due, and that
there were funds enough in the hands
d of the Board to meet both obligations.
tt Clerk Ilall presented the resignation
{ of Mr. I). C. List, jr., a commissioner
from Madison district who retires from
* the Board for the reason that ho has
removed [to the West. The resignation
n was accepted and Mr. S. S. Bloch chosen
,l to (ill the vacancy. Dr. E. C. Myers was
0 nominated against Mr. Bloch; the vote
H siooci u lor mocu, o tor luyers,
11 The Committee on Buildings and
[' Grounds was authorized to take such
l* steps as it deemed advisable to secure n
niece of property 011 Maryland street,
Island, owned by James A. Henry. Tho
t Board owns adjacent property on both
: sides of toe Henry property, and in tho
1' very near future the pieces of ground
t- will bo needed for a new school house.
,y Mr. Henry purchased his property for
{. $1,300. A few days ago he was willing
i0 to take $1,600 for it; now he does not
.q care to sell, but rather than cnduro coni8
demnation proceedings he is willing to
0 take $1,700. In his communication ho
fiaid he was looking forward to fouryears
of the greatest prosperity known in tho
history of this country, and believed
1S that his real estate would advance; thereit
fore he did not want to sell.
Superintendent Anderson announced
10 that State Superintennent Morgan had
.0 arranged to hold the usual District Pea...
body Tcachers' Institute here atl'hankBct
C'ving time, and ho asked that ho ho
n allowed to close the schools on Tuesday,
lt> November 27, which was agreed to. Tho
.. institute will be held on November 28,
h 29, .'{0 and 31. Well known instructors
and lecturers will be present.
A Lover,
iH Waterloo, Iowa, Nov. 15.?Hawleye.
villc, "Page county, is in u high state of
iG excitement over the determined attempt
l(3 nt murder nncl suicide by a disappointed
il- lover, Stephen Franks. Franks sought
11 - the hand of Miss Carrie Love, and she
accepted him; but refused his additional
request for a speedy marriage. He called
, on the young lady Tuesday night and
. oncefmoro vainly urjred her to consent
i:" to a speedy union. KnrAged at her rerd
fti8.nl, Franks drew a revolver and fired
>p at his fiancee twice, the lastyhot taking
,l# effect. She fell, and Franks, believing h?
iv had killed her, shot himself. Neither is
considered fatally wounded.
C. J. Jones, of Golden CifJ, Ka?., has
purchased fifty head of tame buffaloes.
">> Kcvu uros., nni anu cap ueaiern 01
>r. Louis, have made an assignment. Liabila
itiea ?12^00.
Gov. Mellette, of Dakota, has gone to
confer with General Harrison about tho
admission of Dakota.
c The business portion of 1'laiofield,
ISS Ills., was destroyed by fire Wednesday
jJJ night. ix)88 $25,000.
F. 8. Simpson, a clerk in tho Northern
Pacific express office at Tncoma, W. T.,
has disappeared with over $10,000 of tho
ml rniiinniiv'H flimlfl.
'cd The convention of tho Boards of Trade
jve of tho United States at Chicago yesterill*
day passed a resolution in opposition to
.tho adulteration of lard.

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