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Baking Powder.
mm ^
^AKlK6 ;
Absolutely Pure.
This powder over vnrie*. A marvel of purity. (
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This Season Is Conclusive Evi- i
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nriy in lien. j
Cheese. ,
WIioIomuu Denier lu I
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Thermometer Record. |
The thermometer at Scknepfs drug t
store, Opera ilouse corner, Saturday, J
registered as follows: j
7n. m - . wisp.m 4S ]
un. -w 71?. 41
12 m W | Weather?Fair.
7 a. in .1* I 3 p. m 4rt
j a. m >1 7 p. m 47 f
12 ui in | Weather?Changeable. x
Weather lmllcatlou*. t
Washington, D. C., Nov. 18.?For 1
West Virginia, threatening weather and J
rain, warmer easterly, shifting to south- ?
crly winds. 1
For Western Pennsylvania, threaten- J
ing and wanner weather with rain. I
??? s
Incitement on the Street. t
* Pete Bamhart aud Yank Kinney, two 3
well known boilers of tbo South Side,
caused a good deal of excitement on
Market street near Twelfth .Saturday,
ottering with a good deal of profanity to a
but they could whip all West Virginia, a
Ollicer Watson locked Barnhill up. a
Yesterday threo colored men were e
having a time on Waterstreet when ono v
of them kieked in the big plate glass 8
window of Mike Kelly, the Italian fruit s
vendor in the Rogers block. After an tj
exciting chase for several squares he was
arrested by Ollicer Dunlap. The other
two men escaped. Ono of them being c
closely pursued by tbo Italian, drew a c
revolver and frightened him off. Tho
chase caused great excitement.
The It. & O. Pay Car Here.
The Baltimore <fc Ohio nay car camo a
into town Saturday, coming over the r
llempfleld division, and made its regu- a
lar monthly distribution of cash, which, f
as usual, was very acceptable to the em- J]
ployes, Tho car remained at the sta- ,/
tilon here over yesterday. Messrs. Edtt'iinl
Innlrlnunn/I V. MiirravTvlnrvnrn CI
in clmrgoof the ear, us usual, and were
warmly groetad by the friends who met
them yesterday. u
Tiik Dress Maker's friend?"MileEnd"
Spool Cotton. a'
altera of Minor Mouient lu and About
the City.
The Grand this evening?"Under the
ash." ,
One deed of trust was admitted to
icord Saturday.
Moke rain yesterday. {Saturday was a
iftutiful clear day.
Opera House this evening?"Skipped
y tho Light of tho Moon."
Bellaire jollities to-night. Wheeling
epublicans ought to help her.
There arc twenty-eight cases on the
ocket for this morning's Police Court.
The Cleveland & Pittsburgh and Balmore
A Ohio railroads both changed
me yesterday.
There was but one ease in police court
aturday morning?C\ Tobias Vance. He I
rent up for thirty days.
Tiikhb xcro no services at St. Mat- j
tiew's I\ E. church yesterday, owing to
bo illness of the rector, Itev. It. Hush
wope, D. D.
The following persons were licensed
o marry Saturday: George Menge and
/uira M. Spears, Richard Granger and
ennie Hollins.
Tub audience that saw tho last perormunce
of "Little Nugget" at the
Srand Saturday night was as large as
he house could accommodate.
John McNeil, who got his face and
lauds burned so badly on last Monday
norning at tho Kivprsido mill, at licnvood,
is getting along aa well as could
jo expected.
Tub Ohio River railroad station at
Benwood is in a very bad condition, and
lie railroad company should arrange for
jomething more substantial there. Complaints
are made every day.
Tiib boys' choir and male quartette re nntlv
ifitroiliicfd nt. tho Scrnnd 1'roHbv
terian church, trained by Prof. Hum.
Jioud, gives increased satisfaction to the
pastor and congregation every Sabbath,
Tiib River division of the Cleveland
k Pittsburgh railroad furnished a coach
load of section men to widen the gauge
if the Conotton Valley railroad on
Saturday, aud the work is to be rapidly
Tub Union Thanksgiving services of
the First and Second and United Presbyterian
churches will he held this year in
.he U. P. Church, and Rev. J)r. Cooke,
if the Second Church, will preach the
Bahtiiolomkw's "Equine Paradox"
Tosed ita week's engagement at the
Jpera House Saturday with two good
houses. It ia better than ever, and
whenever it revisits Wheeling will do a
jood business.
The Pittsburgh train over the B. & 0.,
liempfield division, that loft here Saturday
morning at 8 o'clock was detained
ibout four houra by a car of freight getting
off the track just this Bide of the
Monongahela river.
V C 1?? fnmnnnn 1W IV. \\rin.
3. Cooke, pastor of the Second Presbyterian
Church, will read sketches of the
former pastors of the church and former
alders since deceased. The church was
built forty years ago this year.
TnK8econd of this season's aeries of
Sunday night rehearsals by the Opera
House"orchestra took place last evening
it Arion hall. Notwithstanding the
k-ery disagreeable weather there was a
good crowd present. 'Die programme
ivas a pleasing one.
Kick & Dikey's "Pearl of Pekin"
zonalc opera company passed through
tiere over the B. & U. about 4 o'clock
yesterday morning en route from Pittsburgh,
where they played ail of last
week, to Chicago, where they play for
the coming two weeks.
Hicham) Calla.v, a lad aeed fifteen or
sixteen years, who resides in the Fifth
ward, while fooling with a revolver .Saturday
afternoon, accidentally shot himself
through the palm of the left hand,
lu.o < voi-v rminfnl one and
may cause him a great tleal of trouble.
Tjik Riverside Gas Company, of Wellsburjr,
struck a gaa gusher at a depth of
1,400 feet. The company has been boring
for gome time and their strike i?
greeted with joy by the residents of
IVellsburg. It is said the How is strong
mough to run two or three glass houses.
I.v payment of an election bet, Saturday
evening John Znrnitz. wheeled Dr.
J. II. Pipes from Thirty-fifth street to
Twenty-third street and bnok, headed
l>y the Eighth Ward drum corps and
followed by a motley crowd. The
judges wer^Charles Ferguson and Hernan
Thk lUyislcr ban printed a good deal of
lilly stuir lately abdut colored voters eoN
miml in this State going back to Ohio.
Hie men, about forty in number, were
itinera from Washington, Pa., and went
o work in a mine back of Bridgeport,
nit the surroundings not suiting tliein,
hey are going back a few at a time to
Two valuable horses belonging to Wiliatn
Friesmuth, of Fulton, jumped the
enco of the pasture ilelj into the creek.
Kr. Friesmuth hunted for them uutil
nidnight, but was unable to lind them.
Friday morning they were found a short
iistance away, standing together with
heir hind legs in the water and their
ore feet on a little knoll. They were,
>adly chilled, but otherwise all right.
Saturday, night Officers Gaus, Wat-.
on, Dunlap and Lukens raided Jose>hino
Boyd's house of ill-fame, andi
ftptured, besides the Ave inmates, live |
vhite men and one colored man?eleven:
.. ..II 'PI... ..Ilw'i.ra tlii.n n'onf. tn (Tiirrii* i
'aimer's and there captured six men, a
otul of eleven with the landlady and
jirlrf, or twenty-two in the two houses.!
)n tho way to tho lockup Officer Waton
caught a drunken colored girl, which i
idded another to the' total. j
The regular winter term of tho Circuit
?ourt will commence to-day. Tho folowing
is a list of the grand jurors who1
mve been summonsed to meet this morn-,
ng: Isaac Davis, John C. Christal, |
Thomas O'Brien, N. Wilkinson, A. C.
Ilarrell, William Kllingham, A. E. Carer,.
A. J. Selmltze. Samuel Finlcy,
Stephen Waterhouse, ir., Samuel J. Boyd,
Conrad Bachman, 11. F. Jones, Jamus
Uer^e.Fred ilapjiy, John S. >'aylor,
uouis Keideland Jlugh Clark.
Hold on u Serlou* Charge.
Tim O'l^ary, of North Wheeling, was
ined $10 and costs by Squire Arklo Satirday,
for assault and battery on a girl
mined Pond, and held in $1,000 bail for
lis appearance at court to answer to the
ictionoftho grand jury on a charge of
elonious assault on an older sister of
he girl, named Mary Pond. When the
varrauta were first issued O'Lcary went)
jefore Squire Manion, plead guilty to
issault and battery and paid a line of $5, i
hinking thus to stop the prosecution,
rhis plan did not work.
Service of Hon);.
Misses Mary Bankard, Flora Williams
ad Theresa Phillips, and Mr. Will Day
.nil Prof. Hammond acted as the choir
t the First Presbyterian Church last
veiling and rendered some excellent
oca! music. The service was a special
ervice of song, and the sermon wus
pecially appropriate. Tho congrega*
ion was huije.
At this season of fast driving and acidonti
to man and beast keep Salvation
lil on hund.
The Latent Official Keturnn.
While Atkinson and Pendleton, Golf
nd Fleming differ in their opinions in
egHifl to the ofllcial count, they al) four
omit that Edw. L. Hose & Co.'s is the
nly place to secure the very best sew
ig machines ai uio lowest pnccy unu?n
lie best terms. So gay we all of us. Sec
ad" on another page.?Signalt Demoratic
and lUpublican Committee.
"A stitch in time saves nine"?if
ikon with "Mile-End." Yes.
You can get llocking's red lire torches
t any hour of the nigut.
In the Peninsular Cemetery Yesterday
The KuightN Templar aixl Engineer
ISruiherlioml ? Floral Tribute#?
John Shea Dead?Clinton's Funeral?Other
Accident Notes..
The funeral of Edward Dewire, the
j well-known Baltimore & Ohio engineer,
| who foet his death in the awful accident
I at Valley Falls, a few miles this side of
I A ? f? l__t tlf-.l -4... ...kfln
UHWIUU, 1UBI> II cuut'fllint MlglJb, nuuu
the fast express be was driving came
rushing down the grade at forty miles an
hour, and dashing in on ft Bwitch left
open by Nathan Goodwin, the careless
brakeman, plugged into a freight that
had taken the siding to let the express
puss, took place yesterday afternoon
from his late home on Twenty-second
street, in this city. It was very largely
attended, people coming from a dipanee
to do honor to the memory of a
good, honest, brave man?one who remained
at liis post to the last, for un examination
of the express train showed
that Dewiro had put 0:1 the air brakes
and reversed his engine. Members of the
freight crew, who were uninjured, afld
who saw the engines come together, say
that Dewire's engine was literally enveloped
in flying sparks from the rails,
caused by the friction of tho heavy
wheels as they rapidly but vainly revolvod
backward. There was only two or
three seconds' time in which to put on
tho air and throw back tho lever; in
those few seconds the doad engineer
might have hud time to jump, but instead
he did his duty.
Tho deceased was prominent both in
tho Brotherhood of Locomotivo .Engineers
and Masonic circles, and these
orders were well represented ut his
funeral; in addition there were hundreds
of frieuds who knew and respected him
especially. Tljero were present people
from Baltimore, Grafton, Fairmont,
i^u meruit, iuuuuusviuc, uvmuiu ??u ov?eral
other poiuts. The lloral offerings
were supurb, tho casket being entirely
covered \yith exquisite and appropriate
tributes from farrowing ones; tho
Brotherhood sent several fragrant pieces.
The services at the house were conducted
by the Rev. Dr. D. A. Cunningham.
pastor o! tho First Presbyterian
church, and ypre very impressive. Tho
music was furnished by Joseph
Hall, Mrs. William Topp and Messrs.
Hammond, Boyd aud iiullard. After
tho services ai me nousv, ?lmtmig
Commnndery No. |, Knights Templar,
of which tho deceased whh u member,
under command of E. 0., Sir John W.
Morris, took charge. TIih nail bearers
were the following Kuighta Templars in
full uniform: George II. Robinett, of
Baltimore, Ale% J{. Laird, W. II.Travis.
Thomas J. Jiray, J."C, ftihpjdnjjer and
A. J. Stone, of Fairmont,
The remains weie interred in the Peninsular
cemetery. The funeral cortege
was an unusually long one, notwithstanding
the disagreeable, soaking rain
that fell nearly ail the afternoon. The
Opora Jlouse hand Jed, followed by tho
Uommandery, acting as escort to the
Brotherhood, which turned opt about
eighty men. Following was tho funeral
car and a long line of carriages. As the
cemetery was entered a solemn dirge
was- played. The ritual of the Knights
Tuimtluro uriia rond. iirwl nftor the Ciiaket
had been put away in tl.e grave the benediction
was pronounced by Dr. Cunningham.
John Shea, DewireV Fireman, Dead.
Clinton'* Funeral.
tyerfaJ Dltpatch to the JtUtUloeneer.
Graftox, W. Va., Nov. IS.?John
.Shea, the firoinan of the express train in
the accident at Valley Falls, whose right
foot was no badly injured that amputa
tion of the limb just below tho knee became
necessary, died a few minutes before
eleven last night. His body was
taken to his homo at Glover's tjap today
and tho funeral will tako place at
Cameron on Tuesday. lie never rallied
from his iujuries.
Engineer Clinton's body was brought
hero from Wheeling yesterday on tho
accommodation and under the cscort of
tho Brotherhood of Locomotive Engi'
neers, and tho remains were taken to
the M. P. Church, where the funeral
services were held. A large number of
friends attended tho services, several of
them having accompanied the remains
from "Wheeling. Tho interment took
place in the Bh'cmont cemetery.
The two wrecked engines nud postal
rnr ntul several freight cars were brought
hero from the Bceuo of tlip wppk yesterday
evening, and to-day have been
visited by a large' number of people.
The broken engines anil cars reveal
something of the terrible shock, audit
seems almost a miracle that the entiro
express ttain was not telescoped.
Death or n Foriimr llrlilRuportor,
The many friends of Mr. James Walker,
a former resident of Bridgeport,
will be pained to hear of his sad death,
which occurred on last Monday at his
I. ...... ? Polnvmln in mi nvnlnsinn nf
IIUIUU 111 VWIWI?UU| ??? ?" ??|ii?oiuu w?
gas in a mine. lie went West about
two years ago for tbo benefit of his
health, llo sent for his wife and family
about a year n?o. He was a member of
the Order of Knights of Pythias and
Odd Fellows. These orders took charge
of the body, and the Orders baying a
burying ground of theirown, ho was first
taken to the church and from there to
the lodge's cemetery and there buried,
lie wus highly respected bv all who
knew him. His wife and family will
return to the homo of her father, Mr.
John II. Morgan, of vKtnaville, as soon
as she can sell her property in Colorado.
On n Tour or Inspection.
A telegram from Cumberland, dated
the 15th, says: "Ex-Senator Henry CJ.
Davis. President of the West Virginia
Central Railway Company, and party,
arrived hero to-night from Baltimore by
the Baltimore & Ohio, on a trip of in*
spection over the West Virginia Gen*
tral's lines in West Virginia. Accompanying
President Davis aro Messrs.
John K. Ilurat, ex-Senator J. N. Camden,
of West Virginia; E. K. Johnson,
of Washington; Jauies 8. Whitely, W.
W. Spence, Major J. Boykin Lee, \V. S,
Gorman, Major Bent, of Spelton; Col.
Cljntop 1*. raine, John S. Oilman, J.
K. Denison and punjel p. Conkjin, of
Bellnlre's Street Hallway.
Jltllairt Imlejxndait.
Tho contract for putting down the
street railway track in this city has been
closed with David Gore, of Wheeling,
so we are informed by buperintendent
Jiodewig, who also states that tho rails
have been contracted for, the Pennsvl*
vanla Steel Company receiving the
award. Mr. Crane, the New York gentleman
who is here, seems to be a hustler,
but we have been fooled so much about
a new street railway that wo want to see
some of the road that looks like business'
before getting very enthusiastic. We are
glad to notice some movement, however.
Poluta About the ZUver.
The levee gaugo at dusk lost evening
showed a depth in the channel of 10 feet
3 inches. Business was lively on the
leveo Saturday. The Lizzie Bay did not
get away for Cincinnati till about 10
o'clock that night | she had a good trip
on board, and so did the Scotia, which
passed down about 7 o'clock Saturday
morning in tha Cincinnati-Pittsburgh
* 1. 7PU? -
irotivi *uv> uiwftunic iwbdcu up
in this last nomwl trade yesterday morn-1
. ' "I
ing. The Bellaire tfaa forced to lose two
or three trips in her Bellaiie trade Saturday
while having some buckets replaced
in her wheel, which she had had
the misfortune to knock out The Andes
ia due to-day from Cincinnati, for which
point Bhe will leave on her return trip
to-morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. Capt
Charlie Muhleman is in command as
usual, and Mart Noll is still doing the
honors in tho office. They and their
boat are so popular that tbey are not
in need of praise or recommendation;
the public knows them and knows that
they always give satisfaction.
The Procena of DlftfrnncliUln^ Democratic
Scrntchcr* Goes On.
The Hoard of County Commissioners
will meet again at 0:30 o'clock a. m. today
to resume the reduction of G. \V.
A'kinson's legal majority for Congress
8) as to secure the certificate of election
for the defeated candidate. John 0. Pen
dleton. So far the Board has made an
unenviable record, and it seems determined
to continue on in the course it
has entered upon.
The commissioners, canvassers and
clerks of the election in Clay district
have been summoned to apj>ear before
Ibe Board this morning and testify as to
the excess of one ticket over the number
of voters' nuuics on the roll. The law
requires the election officers, in case
there is a larger number of tickets in the
box than the number of names on the
roll of voters, to destroy the excess as
soon as their count is completed. It is
i said on good authority that there was no
> excess in Clay district when the tickets
were sealed up alter the count was made
at the polls.
A prominent lawyer said baturday
that iie did not believe there was any
letful authority for refusing to count any
ticket cost at an election except in the
one case prescribed, in which it is established
that a vote was cast by a porson
not legally a voter, and established
whom that vote was cast for. lie expresses
the opinion that in throwing out
any ballot the County Commissioners
are usurping a power not legally theirs.
iio far there has not been n pretext set
up by anybody that there is legal Justification
for the arbitrary action of the
pdbmc orimo.n.
Some KxproMion.i of thu Newspaper* on
West Virginia.
I'hihuUlphla I'rcnt.
The strongest proof that the Republicans
have carried West Virginia and
elected General Goff Governor is the
disappearance of job-ofDco typo from the
11 rst page of the Wheeling Register.
"When u Democratic paper loses faith in
the bluffing power of circus-poster journalism
iiud treble-leaded shrieks it is indisputable
proof that something has
slumped, 'i hat is whnt has happened to
Demopratto claims in West Virginia,
and, as a consequence, the bosom of
the Register has censed to heave in joboltice
fonts, and its waves of emotion
have subsided to double-leaded brevier.
Such an expenditure of nerve force was
probably never witnessed in journalism
uefore, and now that it is over our contemporary
should recuperate, jjet back to
BlUglU CUUtf UI1U uiujvu U|i ikj ujiuii ms i'/ui
years of good, honest, economical State
government under Gen. GolF.
Couiinun Senno View*.
Sunday Sexn-Uttcr.
Democrats who scratched Pendleton
off tljejr tjcjcets and fajled to put Qeorge
W. Atkinson's name on in full, find
themselves disfranchised by the County
Commissioners. The luw is very plain,
hut seven against two knocks the law
When the Louisiana retruning board
did its famous work several,years ago
there were loud lamentations from the
Democracy. They have since learned
its methods, and do not hesitate to use
them when they haye a phauce. This
is called progress.
The Republicans are indignant, hut
the counting out of Atkinson goes ahead
just the same, The Democrats seem to
have fully made uptheir mind to carry
tliiu district, ana it aom mane unv uuference
bow the peonle voted. Scratching
must be made odious!
Overriding the Popular Will.
Bellaire Tribune,
Jn the worst days ql Mississippi bulldozing
there was nothing more infamous
thun the cold-blooijed outrages
Ecrpetrated by tlie infamous returning
oards of Ohio and Wetzel counties,
West Virginia, in their desperate efforts
to elect J. 0. Pendleton to Congress in a
district in which he was fairly defeated.
Such imbeeilo partisan work as 1b being
done is a disgrace to every man identified
with it or who sanctions it when
done. It is a brutal overriding of tho
popular will more infamous than the
Would Dttiurvo it.
lltUaire Iiuitptntlcnl.
The recount of votes in progress at
Wheeling is evidently conducted ip tne
interest of Pendleton for Congress.
They want hjm to assist in tho organization
of the next Congress.
It' the Republicans of West Virginia
stand idly by with their fingers in their
mouths while the Democrats count
them out they deservo to be beaten.
Slate Tribune, Charleston.
The demand of Judgo Fleming for a
re-count of tho votet in this and other
counties, while his friends stoutly claim
his election, is inconsistent, to say the
least. If he is elected, why does ho demand
a re-count?
Tlip Will of t|ie rrftplA?
(Jharlaiun Gqzfllt, [Den.)
We believe, however, in fair dealing;
where the will of the people is honestly
expressed, it should prevail over every
consideration. This is a government
where the people ought to rule.
"Give us a rest." cried a bootblack,
from the gallery of tho Opera House, to
a party who had been constantly coqghing
during the performance. ''Use Dr.
" in- e~* 1. ts
Dull B oyruji tu^wm?wvvuvtt
1!. & O. Change of Time.
On and after Sunday, November 18,
1888, Baltimore & Ohio trains will leave
\V heeling depot as follows, eastern time:
Kenwood Mcotn,, except Sunday.....? fiitt a. m.
Cumberland accom., except Snudav... 8:10 a. m.
WiutiiuKion.Ualtiinorcib Philadelphia
limlUfU ?laily - S:55 n. m.
MoumUville accom.. czcept^uuday...li:01 p.m.
Urafton accom., daily ... 6:10 p. m.
ColumbiiMaccom., daily a. m.
Chicago de Cincinnati cxpreaii, daily...ll):i'i u. m.
ColuuibuH accom., cxccpi Sunday 2M p. m.
Chicago exprcn, cm?iy .. -r.w p. m.
Chicago limited, No. 5, daily - p. ?
Cincinnati ?fc St. Lbuis express, except
Saturday - >11:15 p. m.
ColumbUN <1- Cincinnati, Sunday only. 'J:45 h. m.
For tit. ClNlravillc, except Sunday, at 8:55 a. m.
and 2:20 and 5:10 p. in.
rrrmuBOif, whef.li.no a baltixoius iuvumoN.
Pittsburgh at 5:00 and 7:30 a. m. and 6:90 p. m.
dally, and IMS p. m. dally, except Sunday.
Washington, Baltimore ?fc Philadelphia via.
Plitebur?b,6.qop.m., daily. '
Washington accomodation, 5:30 p. xo., except
Sunday. _
L.S. Good sella drygoodathe cheapest
For Rheumatism*
Fr?th Proofs Juat R?o?tva(t?
?? UWI, II, ??M.
wu ukn vtu rknMUia ia 1M1; aaAr**
Uim *r*r ?1qc? ud tnd cntckM, tt. m
C*r?4 u tbo?t I run M ritin. J
010. L. HXOX. v
|1 Tear*. Oilaihi, Okto. Jnacs, mi. I
TUn Witt rkiuuttln It mn in; nfmi
till fw ?< ; nrnT^ It jmawOil. Wort*V*?Ue.
f L X. UTil.
t C?ipptod * !, WukVm*.
ftr? puii|tkarkiuuUBi la a/ Ml; ?*
fcrW s jtmui; (n4 mm. ii jk*w ou nrrf
m- jouru rzu.
At DftDOOflta AVS XflUXW.
- ini charles 1. vomui co.,'0.ra.?,'.(m.
To Mftke the Bellalr? Republican*' Jolllfl
cation a Dig Thing.
The Bellaire Republicans are to hav<
their postponed jollification over thi
election of Harrison this evening, and
if the rain which fell steadily yesterday
and last night does not spoil it, it ii
an assured fact that it will bo a grea
big success. Tho surrounding town
are all going to send delegations an<
the Republicans of Bellaire never dit
do things by halves.
This is Wheeling's opportunity t<
square accounts with Bellaire for th<
large delegation she sent up hero to swel
the Wheeling ranks last Wednesdaj
night. A number of people from ben
are going down, and there ought to lx
several hundred Wheeling men in th<
ranks. Belmont county has somethinj
to jollify over, and it is not impossible
that Ohio county wi[l have more cauac
for rejoicing in tlio near future than shi
seems to have in these days of returninj
boards. Tilt n it might be desirable U
have Bellaire come over again and helj
yell, so it will bo wise to pay her in
Jollification at West Liberty.
The Republicans of West Liberty or
S ittirday had a jollification which wai
never equaled in the past history o
that town. Many Wheeling people wen
out, aud the Ihtblugbxckr cannon
"Young Tip," helped to voice the gen
eral rejoicing. It was in charge of the
veteran firing snuad of this city, aui
attracted a great deal of admiring atten
tion. The town was profusely and ar
tistically decorated aha all along the va
rious roads centering in the town the
fiirm houses were also decorated. Tht
procession and exercises were meniora
hie, and there have not been as in an}
people in the old town for many a daj
Strangers in the City nml Wheeling Paoph
J. W. Grabb, tho jeweler, went easi
Saturday to lay in holiday goods.
Mr. A. P. Moore, of the Pittsburgh
Chronicle- TeUgraph, was at the McLurc
Mouse yesieruuy.
Daniel Shelby, of Chicago, a wel
known theatrical man, and his wife an
at the McLuro House.
Mr. H, B. Pletsc'her, a B. & 0. official
with headquarters at Grafton, and Mr
h. A. Moouey, of Steubenville, are regis
tered at the McLure House.
Messrs. George Brinkinan.. Cliarlef
Gigluv, T. G. Brinkinan, L. Auelsont II.
Magell and W. Magell, of Grafton, were
registered at the Staniin yesterday.
The many friends of Mrs. D. J. Mc<
Kee, nee Miss Ella Iiolliday, will regret
to learn that she is so ill her life is despaired
of. Her sister, Mrs. WillJshain,
of Philadelphia, is at her bcdsido.
The Charleston Slur of Friday says:
Miss Helen Devries, an accomplished
young lady of Wheeling, who has been
ho miffiit. nf tUa AUhkch lluanu for a short
time past, will leave to-morrow morning
for her home.
Mr. Harry Comerford. one of the most
trusted uieu in the Baltimore & Ohio
train dispatcher's otflce at Grafton, was
among tlioso who oaine up to attend
Eugineer Dew ire's funeral yesterday.
He remainded here over night to visit
his parents.
Mr. Joseph Melrose, acting manager ol
the "Little Nugget". company which
held the boards at the Grand all of lust
week, and father of pretty Ada Melrose,
who plays the part oi "Nugget" so nicely.
during hisstav here was made a member
of Wheeling" Lodge No. 28, B. I'. O.
l.. me rosier 01 una iuu^u is ui-guiumg
to contain the names of quite a number
of professional people.
Word has been received hero of the
death of Maj. George B. Andrews, ol
New York, a popular traveling man for
a shoe manufactory who has been coming
here for yoaj?, making the Stamm
l}js headquarters wMle here. lie died
last week near Chaxubersburg, Pa. When
he was here last he was apprehensive
that his end was near. He was a very
large man, always genial and enjoyed an
wide-spread popularity. His friend swill
be pained to learn of his death.
i>r<nynou in me wivcr,
At nn early hour Saturday morning
William Johnson, a deckhand on thci
Scotia, was drowned at the wharfboat,
while engaged in transferring freight,
The Bachelor ww tied up alongside the
wharfboat and the Scotia outside, making
it necessary for the deckhands to
cross the Batchelor in going to the
wharfboat with freight. At the bow o!
the Batchelor there was a narrow open
space and in crossing the gap Johnson
missed his footing and dropped into the
The accident was seen by several persons
and a rope thrown to the man, but
ho seemed to have been chilled by the
cold water, and was unable to hold on.
One of the party attempting to assist
him reached down from the guards ol
the boat and Johnson caught him bv the
fingers, but he was unable to hold on
and sank in a moment and was seen no
He resided at Belpre.
A Good Ai>i>olutniont,
City Collector 8, L. Brlce lias appointed
Mr. Harry Houser to fill the vacancy
in his oillce owing to the resignation
of Mr. John Schellhase, who was
elected to till the vacancy in the Watei
Board's office, occasioned by the death
of Mr. Thomas C. Young. This is an
appointment eminently fitting. Mr.
Houser is a steady, industrious roan, a
competent clerk, and his labor for the
Republican pflrty in the late campaign
entitled him to some reward. He was
the very efficient chief clerk to the
State Republican Committee,
Their Fiftieth Anniversary.
The German M. E. Church of lliis
city yesterday celeb rate <1 its fiitietu anniversary.
The church on Chapline
street in Centre Wheeling now occupied
by this congregation is on the site
of the first German M. E. Church ever
built anywhere, and to make the celebration
more notable Hev. Dr. William
Noat, the father of German Methodism,
and John Schwalen, who organized the
church here fifty years ago, took part in
the exercises. Last evening a sketch of
the history of Vhe congregation and the
denomination was read by Rev. Mr.
Fritchie, a former pastor of the church,
now on the superanuated list and residing
Sermon to the O. A II.
At the regular meeting Saturday evening
of Holliday Post, G. A. R., Cnablajn
Shepherd, of Andereonyiljo fame, de?
liverpd an excellent address. Yesterday
forenoon he preached at the First Baptist
Church a sermon especially addressed
to the G. A. R. members, a large
number of whom, representing ail three
of the posts, attended tho service in a
body. _
K, of G. K. At Church.
At the Jfiane Street M. ?. Church yesterday
forenoon Rev. C. B. Graham, the
pastor, preached a sermon addressed
especially to the Knights of the Golden
Eagle, and the castles of that order in
the city, accompanied by the castle from
Bellaire and many members of other
castles from across the river, attended in
a body in lull uniform.
Syrup or Flga
Is nature's own true laxative. It is the
moat easily taken, and tue most effective
remedy knows to cleanse , the system
when bilions or costive; to dispel headaches,
colds, slid [even; to cure habitual
constipation, indigestion, piles, etc.
Manufactured only by the California Fig
Syrup Company, San Francisco, Cat!
Sold by Login <St Co., Anton 1'. Hess, K.
B. Burt and C. Menltemeller. At Bellaite
by MrN. Mercer.
H-iyiused "Mile-End?"
, Rust, Kress and Riddle Con'
victed at Washington
At Taylorstoivn Somo Time Ago?Thi
Penalty One to Twelro Years?
Adam Shaffer'* Tcial to Begin
To-day?Riddle's Story.
Tiio trial of Kiddle, Rust and Kress
threo of tbo five young men engaged it
the difficulty at Taylorstown, Pa., some
time ago, in which Adam Staub wai
fatally shot, ended at Washington, Pa.
yesterday in a verdict of guilty of man
The news of the verdict reached hen
last evening and aroused a good deal ol
sympathy for the boyB. The penalty ii
understood to be under the Pennsylvania
law, from one to twelve years' im
J prisonment. The trial of Adam Shaffei
f another member of the party be3
gins to-day.
On Friday afternoon Sheriff Handlan
1 testified to the good character of Kress,
nf Pnlicn Smith fnllna'nil uivinii
I the reputation of all tho defendant* as
. law-abiding citizens was good. Chiel
. Smith was followed bv Officer James
. Bell, Joseph Young, William Moulter.
j Charles Hlanchard. Officer Junkins and
j Justice W. II. Davis, all of whom depos.
ed that tho defendants wero men ol
r good character, except Justice Davis,
. who dealt particularly with witness E,
B. Hand, who, it will bo remomborcd,
camo to this city on tho night of the
killing, and tho next morning went before
Justice Davis and made information
9 against William Smith, a well-known
Crescent mill man, who had boarded a
t freight train at West Alexander between
midnight and 2 o'clock on tho night
{ after the affray at Taylorstown. The in;
formation charced Smith with being
one of the Wheeling party. Squire
, Davis testified that Hand swore to and
' signed the information and identified
' Smith as one of the parties who were at
Taylorstown. This was a direct contrai
diction of the testimony of Mr. Hand,
who stated that he did not make oath
' to tiie information and did not think he
had signed it.
i Frank Riddle, one of the defendants,
was then put on the stand. He testified
! as follows: Have lived in "Wheeling for
fourteen years with my parents: amsin.
gle and work in the Crescent iron mill;
was fishing and hunting near Tavlors.
town for a month in July, the mill being
shut down. Was at the nurnp station
ai.d Mr. Rradeu and Mr. Floyd asked
us to come hack. Our party started
; for Wheeling about 1 n. in.; consisted of
Rust, Kress, Shaffer, Brandt and myself.
We arrived at Dangherty'B about 5 p. in.
; When we drove up the street in Taylorstown
we were singing songs; there was
ft crowu ou mo corner: ueioro wo got 10
the corner some one called out: "Here
come ft G?J d~*d nice drunken crowd,"
1 lit which tho crowd laughed; at the corner
some one said "liats" and another
said "Bah." 1 said, 4tYou are a nice
crowd." After going around the corner
some pno in the crowd threw stones,
f One Kit Rust on tho shoulder, and another
cauie on my side; Bust got out and
went back j we were w bi pped; there were
thirty men in the crowd, all of whom
were fighting; don't know who called
- for the guns; I thought they were killing
Saturday at three o'clock tho taking of
evidence was completed, and Mr. M. L.
McCrackcn, of counsel for the defense, began
his address to tho jury.
Court adjourned a little before Ave
o'clock and met again at six p. m., at
. which time Mr. McCracken continued to
address the jury. Ho concluded at ten
minutes past 8, and was followed by
Capt. B. B. Dovener for the State. There
i was a tremendous crowd present all
during the dav and evening.
Capt. Dovener concluded about 10
oclock, when the jury wos sent out with
tho Jesuit stated above.
Trnnitfers of Ileal Kutnte.
The following transfers were admitted
to record by Clerk Hook Saturday i
Deed mado November 13, 1888, by A.
Wilson Kelley and wife, to Hannah B.
Col fan, for lots Nob. 13,14 and 15, in D.
pane's addition to the Island. Consideration,
Deed made November 16, 1888, by
Frances P. Campbell, to R. B. Battelle,
for the north half of lot No. 2, in A. G.
Robinson's addition. Consideration,
$1,85?. t
Supreme Ourt or Appeal*.
Tin's Court met at Charleston on Sat*
urday with the judges all present,
Accident Insurance Company vs. Baker
& Simpson, from Cabell county;
writ of error and supersedeas allowed;
bond $150.
Bodley vs. Archibald, from Ohio
county; writ of error and supersedeas
allowed; bond $300.
Adjourned until next Saturday, November
24, at 4 p. m.
IlnpplneMaml Health
Are important problems, the former depending
greatly on the latter. Kvery
one is familiar with the healthy proper1
tics of fruit, and no one can afford to be
sick and miserable while the pleasant
California concentrated liquid fruit
remedy, Syrup of Figs, may be had of
our enterprising druggists. Sold by
Logan & Co., Anton P. Hess, B. B. Burt
and C. Menkenmeller. AtBellairehy
M. N. Mercer.
A Warning.
The modes of death's approach are
various, and statistics show cnnclufrfvplv
that more persons die from diseases of
the Throat and Lungs than any other.
It is probable that everyone, without exception,
receives vast numbers of Tubercle
Gcraie Into the system and where
these germs fall upon suitable soil they
start into life and usvelop, at first slowly
and is shown by a slight tickling sensation
In the throat and if allowed to continue
their ravages they extend to the
lungs producing Consumption and to
tho nead, causing Catarrh. Now all this
is dangerous and if allowed to proceed
will in time cause death. At the onset
you must act with promptness; allowing
a cold to go without attention is dangerous
and may lose you your life. As soon
as you fed that something is wrong
with your Throat, Lungs or Nostrils, obtain
a bottle of Boschee's German
Syrup. It will live you Immediate re
?el. _____ JW
"Mile-Ekd" Cotton ib tho beat.
I? generally cauaed by a derangement of the
tomach and bowela. To enjoy refreahlng ilecp
it la neceiaary that the larger organa of tho body
hould properly perform theirfunctlon*. Adulta
aa vroll aa children aometimea eat too much upper
or aometblng that doca not agree with them
A Dam of Rlmmona win
give prompt roller and loiura
Befrealilag Slerp.
"Mrwlfobnlnt mlTcrcd a lone limn
with BmUhmsm and fclecpleuntu, and
hiving tried CTerythlnj it-corn mcr.iHxl
. j "Br. WM HUatl) ?u*
vUed to try Simmon* Liver Regulator,
ami U haa acie?l lilt? a charm. Alter
taking one bottle the Improved no mnoh
tbat 1 tent and bought a half-dozen. My
wife i? now in the enjoyment of excel
lent health. Wo keep the Begulator In
the houaeMa family medicine, and n*
commend it ai the beat in the world,'V
T. C. Hwama.Tvrigj^Co .Ua,
Its NOT IxrOBSU l l-OKl
y?u wt the genuine. Dla>
VinguUhed from all iraudiand imitation! hi our
I??7r?{!?'Mafk ?j? f,ronl 0( w.rVWrfc-*?d 00
the ilde the seal and algnature oJ J. H. Zijlix a
cq, u02-kwfaw
1 besides?has no bad ciualitic
cal.' Try this great Jabor-s;
prize schemes and peddlers,
but sells on its merits by all
All Sort* of Lucid Nauru and Goialp from
the Gliu* City.
Col. A. C. Mills 1b no better.
Rpllnirn Ri'niililirnns inllifv tn-nioht.
Mrs. John H. Brown has sued several
saloon keepers here.
The high school will make up a class
in German this week.
The now. engine to arrive for tlio steel
works this week will be a twenty-ton
SotnoBellaire teachers will go to Washington,
Pa., this week to hear Colonel
Humor has it that a well-known insurance
agent will marry a Fourth ward
lady soon.
Itev. William Weekley and daughter,
of near Grafton, W. Va., are visiting
friends here.
Frank Ilall is lying at his Second ward
home very low and was reported no better
Miss Nettie Kurz and a friend, Miss
Parkinson, of Washington, Pa., were
here over Sunday.
William Parks, of Parks Dickens,
has been commissioned a notary public
by Governor Foraker.
Both Hour mills here afe doing an
enormous business, running to their
fullest capacity all the time.
The roads leading into Bullairc from
all directions are iwoaasiibU*. and no!
move is made to repair them.
The members of the Knighta of the
Golden Eagle went to Wheeling yesterday
and attended ehurch there.
Farmers in this vicinity aro all growling
at tho wet weather. They have not
more than half their fall work done.
The young people of tho Second Presbyterian
ehurch will hold a social at
the home of Rev. Mr. Eaton to-morrow
Rev. E. K. King, the boy preacher, of
Southern Ohio, preached in City llall
yesterday to two good and attentive
Willie HumrichouBen, who was shot
in tho foot some time ago accidentally,
is suttcriDg severe pain, as the ball has
not been extracted yet. \
Charlie Steere, son of Dr. D. Q. Steere,
who went down into Went Virginia
some time since (or his health,* died
there and was buried. This is a very
great surprise to his many friends here,
as it was unlooked for and very sudden.
The C. A 1\ yard men say under the
new administration that work has begun
in earnest. All the shifting engines were
at work yesterday, one at the river landing
ties, one at the mill shifting coke and
! ore, one at West Wheeling bridge and
one at the Bridgeport mills.
\fr Tlintnoo Hoolrrntn fnrmiirlir in
charge of the B. & 0. dining car at this
point, is again in the city, and a newparlor
dining car will be here this
evening, whioh ho will tiike charge
af. The car will be one of the iineat
ever seen on this branch of the road and
no better caterer than Mr. Heck.roto can
be found on tho line.
The C., L. & W. K. R. will make a
change in time pretty soon, and it is
altogether likely more trains will be run
ou the river division in the afternoon,
and perhans one less in the forenoon.
Capt. Fowler, conductor on the accommodation
that makes such frequent trips
on the river branch, is making himself
popular with tho traveling public.
VKipiirii iu-niriii.
Theatre goers "who enjoy a hearty
laugh will not fail to visit the Opera
House to-night. "Skipped by the Light
of the Moon" is a iuaenet that seldom
fails to draw out a full house. The piece
is irresistibly funny and thoroughly enjoyable,
and interspersed as it is with
much new music and many bright songs
and other specialties, it will undoubtedly
provo popular here for a long time
to come. The Janavilk (Wis.) Recorder
hjivh nf it:
" 'Skipped by tho Light of the Moon'
was Been for the tiret time in this city
lust evening at Meyer's Opera House,
and if the aching sides to-day are any
criterion by which to judge of the merits
of the performance, then the universal
verdict will be, 'It's funny, very, very
funny.' The piece abouuds in ludicrous
situations, sparkling dialogue, rich humor,
and it kept the audience in one
continual roar of laughter during the
entirethreo acts; laughter tho loudest
and most prolonged that has been heard
within the walls of the theatre in many
a day."
"He, 8h?, llini and Hit" Coming.
Everybody knows George H. Adams,
and most eveiy patron of tho theatre
Knows Mr. Adams' ability as an artist.
He makes his first appearance in this
city, in his new play, "He, She, Him
and Her/' on Friday night next. Mr.
Charles R. Gardner, who manages Mr.
Adams in his new venture, for years has
stood the public test as an amusement
caterer, and never failed to meet the requisites
o4 public taste. Instead of having
a play written for Mr. Adams, he has
had one built, in which the peculiar
abilities of the comedian?acrobatic,
pantomimic, vocalistic and otherwisehave
been made prominent. He has not
enhanced the value of his star by a mediocre
surrounding, but has given him
not only a vehicle of extraordinary merit
from a dramatic standpoint, but a
company whose names are of the highest
ine uiimuro uuuiicdi
The Gilmore jubilee, soon to take
place in this city, is to be a reproduction
ol tho pertinent features of the big National
Peace Jubilee held in Boston
twenty years ago, and willahow just how
the anvils were used in the grand old
antil chorus, tad just how precise the
boom of the cannon can be made by the
use of electricity. The following eminent
vocal artiste will also be heard:
Mme. Blanche 8tone-Barton, prima
donna soprano; Miss Helen Campbell,
prima donna contralto; Sig Baldanze,
the Rreat Italian tenor, and Herr Etnile
Sieger, Che splendid baritone.
"Under the La*h."
The story of tlio play is of interest and
la told in auch a thoroughly natural manner
ab to command the undivided attention
of the audience. Tho scene is laid
in the suburbs and city of New York.
It mutt not be understood, however,
that "Under the Lash" bears any resemblance
to the typical "wild and
wooly" western drama. The characters,
who work out the plot are* clean-cut,
distinct specimens of their soveral classes,
and nothing approaching a caricature is
11 over
the House
itiess and satisfaction reign
'here James Pyle's Pearlinc k
sed. House cleaning ami
lundry work is not dreaded,
'he china, glassware and wta
ows are bright and not clouded?servant,
mistress and the
woman who docs her own
I work?all are better satisfied,
and this is why? Pearlise
oduces perfect cleanliness?
-.1 t . 1_1 ?.1
mi icss iaDor man anything
>o\vn?it has all the good
alitics of pure soap?more
s?is Harmless and Hconomiaver.
Beware of imitations,
Pearline is never peddled]
I grocers.
Qutactuml only by JAM1& I'YLE. New Yont
I to bo found in tint nlav i.?.. ..
writer, in aiming nt perfect i.iriur,!
gone to the opposite extreme ami 1?!
couie trite. . Frealmesj and briirUtneaa^f
Bpeech, thought and action make t),?
different parte eacli a etudv. The com
pariy just closed a successful eiwuiKoent
at Columbus and appears at llic (innj
for three nights and a matiaee.cooi.
mooting this evening.
tlio Governor of ivm Virginia i?.j? ^
Annual Pvcroo. I
ClIAIlt.ESTO.V, W. Va., Nov. l8.-(!nt. I
erner Wilson lias issued tin- following
I, E. W. Wilson, Governor o! tlio .Siate
of West Virginia, concurring in t|le tt.
commendation of tlio President of tb(
United States, do hereby designate the
29th day of November, instant, us a J?
Tlianksgivinpand J'rayer.
May Almighty God be glorified in
prayer, praise and song, ami brotlierl*
love exemplified in generous deeds o'l
Xtt testimony whereof, I have hereunto
set my hand and caused to l? B{.
fixed the less seal of tho State at
Charleston, this 12th day of No- I
[l.s.] vctuber in tho year of our Urd
0110 thousand efoht hundred and |
eighty-eiyht, and of the .State the H
By the Governor.
15. W. Wii-sos. I
Hiienuy S. Walk kit, Secretary of State.
A. Young Mw?*h Hululrie,
Richmond, Va., Nov. 18.?William K. I
Shine, a youug man, 28 years of age, coin- I
mitted suicide to-night by shooting liiin- I
'self through the head with a pistol, Rt 1
| the St. James Hotel, lie is Haiti to be a 1
Virginian, a resident of Hrooklyn, and a \
traveling salesman for the shoe house of
Pollock & Cook, Baltimore. No cause
is assigned for the rash act.
A Stormy
Nkw York, Nov; IS,?The cimimter
Etruria, which arrived at her dock this
afternoon, nxnoi-ioncn/l nun of !.?
passages in her history. Tuesday last a
tidal wave swept over the big steamer,
and one man, a sailor, was killed. Five
other were more or loss severely and terribly
shaken up.
From Rev. John Miithcivii, 1'nntur M. K,
Church, Suuth, at MutitRuiiiorjr, A In.
"Darbys Prophylactic Fluid is tho
only medicine kept in my family. Wo
can use it for almost everything?bums,
bruises, cut?, stings, ear-ache, toothache,
sour stomach, etc., etc. My children,
when hurt or bruised, always call
at once for Darbys Fluid. |We cannot
get along well without it. It is so valuable
for its prompt relief of pain from
all kinds of injuries, and aiso is a powerful
Antiseptic and Disinfectant."
? u wr.m*.
General Notices.
To Natural Gas Consiimors.
I On and after November 1, ihks, tho ofllcrof
the Natural (Sax Company ??f Went Virginia will
l>c open for tlie Iran Mellon ol buainea from 8 ?.
m. until c p. m. tic.n
Tho Arm.of Henry Jacob* Si Co. lia* this day
been changed lo Jacobs & luenbvrg, the i?rt??n
remaining ax they were More.
I lull 1 ft IcVKIUtMl
I Wukklinq, October lift, 'iwy t
On First Mortage Security on Ohio Ileal Kstute.
From one to live yearn. _
Want to buy 12 blmrcn IIrMffi'|*ort Hank Stock.
Iniuranco and Real K*ttte Agent.
noli Hrl'k'i'P'Tt. Om_n.__
Boots and Shoes.
Boots and Shoes
of Good Quality. Durable mid Reliable, Good
btylcNuud low prlccs.
Call and bur and nave money. All koo<Jh war*
ranted. Heel Mates put on Rubber Hhoe* Knur,
ivhleh will Rive them double the wear than
without them, at
(ROOtM1 1IUM-K.)
0K3 1121 Main Stroot.
r?nno>t> r^r\r>f\A
crro o uuwn
"By a thorough knowledge of the nat^l '**
which govern the operation* of diction ana
nutrition, and by ft careful application of to?
fine propertle* of well selected < won.
ha* provided our breakfast tattle* with a ???>
cately flavored leveragewhich msysaveuiimaiiy
heavy doctors' Wild, it is by the ju<!i? J??'?? u")
of such article* o! diet that a cotwtluulon may
be gradually built up until strong enough t? reslat
every tendency to dlsca^-- Hundred* of iu?*
tlo tnaljullen are floating around u? nady to> Attack
wherever there l* a weak point.
escape many a fatal shaft by keeping ourwiw*
well fortitie<l with pure blood smi * properly
nourished frame."?civil Service (iaxcttc.
Made simtdy with boiling water or milk. RoM
only iti half-pound tins by Groccn, lateled tno?JAMES
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And I propose cloning out my entire?V>ckof
Goods wiUiiu the next Ninety Diys. The I"?
if ihe bridge ha* to damaged traili; i" ' * P'??
Wheeling tbat I am going to leave that m< tion
of the city. *nd for that reason will *.'11 *t ?
sacrifice all my stock of
dent's Furahhlng (iiwd.",
VuIIhch, Seckirearjldc., (If.
Prlcei tre marked ?w?y down to the I'urtltw
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Thli I* your liwt cb*nr?; for ? Imrirnl" it ?c
old rellaulc stand of the oldest Clothing Jl1'
chant iii the city of Wheeling.
oclfrxwr No. 2IOO Main Street^,
Neatly and promptly executed at the
Daily iktiujoenck* Jo? omcs, .
Noa. 26 and 27 Fourteenth >&*>

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