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For Rent
1^ hii?Jh? m Koom. corner Belmont and Tbir
*t!?r i itrert, OSjIo. Inquire of W. a
!>,lini il l.. HtlUlre. Olilo. del*
f1 M?in Hircet, *t p-went occupied by J.
UcTrmn. J'i'wwmIoq given April 1.. Enquire oi
J,. V TK'tKK. de7
jioK RENT.
fcrertl Office* aud Koom*.
Lo. Iking Hooms in Bally' Block.
' H. K0BBE8,
M14 1142 Chapline Htreet.
For Sale.
r ui.mnd 911 wiain .
fi J 1.1! liver .No advertlilng oo tlio glau.
Miliumra Hotiwiil. to 4 p. ni? Tue.day.IJo?
J. I'. Mccmrr. dolt*
jpult SALE.
Island Lots.
aolre llulldlug Lot. on Wheeling Iiland (or
? ? .1 loir price* and on eary torma.
m*1t,|u, JOHN P. aiLCIIIllBT.
jiyi: SALE.
t?,i lane Garden I.oW, containing largo ordlJI
ftui and largo iialilo. (both
?7lt roiled Willi ?1??1 roollnfl. idtuated on
5 .sstsi."
No. um Main lllreel.
pun* .V. n? Iron and Steel Company.
a w*rv?Irk
Ilenwood Nail Mill.
. I.*uiihlln Nail Mill.
,.,?.mi,i.i v.lley Hank.
. p^iitn I. HHM I'jllnTIHfir.
1U ?lmfc< I'eubody Iiuurance ilouipauy.
I. IKWIiCAwnt,
ti'V.'t No. 24 Twelfth BtrocL
tjakkuy for sale.
A flr-t'cIiiMfd, well equipped Bakery can be
jwili-?" together with the good-paying trade
it on}*} * far " reasonable hum. A desire to engu-e
in ether Imbues! is tbo rcaaou (or wanting
loH-ll. Addrvan,
no"' JJ. K., thin office.
jpok sale low. .
1,000 ACRES,
Ttt-oini.'M from Mlddlebourne, Tyler county,
IV. V#.. .wi acres oi which Is in line timber.
no? i.to Market 8treet.
Building Lota ou the Old Fair Ground*, Zano's
Orchard, North and South Front Htrecta and
(hiuill I'enn street*. at very low figures.
x <imkI it roomed IlutiMj at 'Oil Jacob street, at
a bargain.
I?,.uI'Ip Brick Ifo'iM', 77 aud 79 Virginia street,
will m>U separate or both together. They cou
lain all modern Ir:i|?rovi?nienta.
. hjven hi.dim .i Himiko. 1.77 South Broadway; a
(?m| property at much 1cm than cost.
Four K""iiit'?i Cotut?o lor f/i">
Klk'ht Boomed House, North Frout street;
river l<?t; all In eood condition; *5,300.
?'lv# Roomed iIuum), il North Broadway; will
make it pleasant houfb.
six boomed Brick House, southwest corner
Thlrty-eltrhth and Wood tit recti, at a bargain;
will p.?v lor Investment.
Inwilliur House*, large and small, always on
bstl'l liT rrnt.
_orh n o. SMITH. imp Main Street.
(21) Twenty-four Lot# in Culd well's A<tdl
tian to tho City ol Wheeling.
8*ld I/ot* sr? bounded on tho north by Twenty
ninth street, on t/j?* t-wt by Filltnoro street. or
tin. south hjr ihr. Handlon Homestead, aua oc
lh?' west by the H. ?fc 0. R. R.
Tiiclr proximity to tho abore named rallrowJ
Hinder* them excellent sites (or tAftuulacturlu*
II not sold in thirty daya will be sold at pub
lie auction. I
For terms and further information apply to
W. V. HOOK <% BRO.,
1300 Market Street
Or William M. Hakdlan,
tt'iia 3. W. Cor. ClupUne A Blxteanth Bt.
Real Estate.
Nn. ?*J Fourteenth street: term* easy.
N<>: I'JO Fifteenth street, Brick House, S rooms,
bath rmiin, finished attic, Illuminating and
IMtlUllI k'UM.
No 11JI Koir street. V roomed Ilrlck House.
No M7 South Broadway, 7 ?ooma, illuminating
and natural1gas, water on tlrst and aecond floors.
So. :':t.ri and 'J219 Market street.
No. MO and 11M2 Market street, with double
brick on alley; reuta for $1,320 per auuum.
No. 7t- Main atreet.
No. -jLtt Market street; grouud a full lot.
No. SSM Chaplluo street.
No. -in Kleveuth street.
No. 7-lUVg Market street.
No. (/ Zme atreet.
No. WZane street.
No. i:to Twelfth street.
No. VI2 Mcfolloeh street.
No. 'Ml Main street.
ni Ao ? Farm wi ai res cleared, five miles west
of M tamoras, Washington couuty, Ohio; la
valued at tl,GOO; will exchange for city property.
2\Acres on Chupllne 11 ill and Jtlrn uroru
Itoad. Price $300.
N'o. 1.17 Sixteenth street, A rooms 114 00
No. M03 Wood* it tree I o w
No. 'JIM Main Htrevt, store-room 10 00
No. wi Market it., htoro-room and cellar-... 16 CO
No. tGt'2 Market Ktore-rooui aud two
roomx .. ...? 80 00
No. vsw Market direct, third lloor 5 to
. No. wjfi Alley C, two room* ' CO
No. 1, lu tear of 'J12 Water street 6 CO
Heal K*tate Agent, U. 8. Pension and Claim Attorney,
Collector aud Notary Public.
Pergonal attvutlou clven to Kentlnff Houica,
Collecting Kcnu. rurcuniio aud Halool Real Ehute.
I proMnutu claim* for PeuiioD, Bounty,
Ac. Notary Commission filed in Pension OBlcc.
1'etulon vouchers certified, Dciioiltlons taken in
Prniion claims; Deeds, Leases. Agreements nnd
other written instruments prepared. Tho Collevtion
of Accounts a specialty, and prompt roturiia
'lew QrnrK: No. Ifil2 M a BHicr Btrkkt.
Legal Notice.
in ilieoillcc of the Clerk of the County Court
of Ohio county. Went VlrKjuta. .
mi me matter 01 mo prouaio 01 me ?i?v ???
mid tcntament of Jacou Horubrook, deccMcd,
with three codicil*.
TIh> objcet o( the petition tiled Id ttii> matter
li to have admitted to probate four eertain paper
writing* purporting to be and con*tituto the
uwt will und tfdtameut of Jacob Horubrook. docwucd,
late of said county. The llrat of said
piper writing* In dated May 7, A. P. 1WW, and
puriNiru to bo the IunI will und tefttamout of the
?ii<l J?cob Horubrook, deceased. Tbo kecotid ol
mIJ paper writing* in annexed to Mid paper
*rltliiK Hn-t above mentioned and ! without
<latf The third of ?aid paper writing* in writU-u
upon the name hall aheet of paper aa the
Ncond ol mild p?t|>er wrifug*, and *ald third
p*l?er writing in dated on the 11th daj ol February,
IMN. Kach of nuid second atid third paper
writing* purport* tube a codicil tomiid lout
will Nini teitament. The lourth paper writing*
purport* tu Ih: a codicil to the wild lant will aud
twuim-ut ami U dated Jauuary 0, Itmn.
It l? "ought to have admitted to probate th?
wM four paper writing* as and for the lout will
and twiament ?f the wild Jacob Horubrook, dC'
ceiiHsl. with three codicils.
it appearing from tho naiil petition ant!
n atlldavii tiled with me lu my ofllco that India
H. Kcllv, John G. Kelly, John bheuerd, Kdwortl
shepeni. Harriet Sheperd, Adaftheperd, William
Klllcn and Krtwln Horubrook, are uon-n>idcnu
?'I the Mate of West Virginia, it is ordered thai
they appear at my otllco lu the city of Wheel
I'm. lu the county of Ohio, in tho State of Wem
Manila, lit tho Court llou*o of *ald county
within one month after the Unit publication o
thU order, that I* to nay, on or In (ore the '26tl
day ol lumber, IS!*, and do what in nocewar]
to protect their interest* In the raid matter.
tiivin under my hand at my ofUca In the clt]
"I Wheeling, tbU U3d day of November, A. U
I lerk of the County Court of Ohio Count', Btat<
??f We?t Virginia. noj'tu
Auction Sales.
For ?#May Presents
op s
Pwcmm many ImporUat Advanta^ea over all in
other prepared Kcodo. ci
Af*/?ff ?/?/ FOR IT.
Make* Plump, Laughing, Healthy Babies.
Regulates the Stomach and Bowels.
Sold by DruflKbrta. ?5c., 50c.f Bl.OO.
Baby Portraits.
A Portfolio of bcantlftil baby portraits, printed
on fine pinto paper by patent photo proccei, teat
five to Mother of any Babv born within *?.r
Every Mother wants thefio'plctuna; send at once!
Giro Baby's name and ago.
WEllS, RICHARDSON ACQ., Prop., Bsrilngtse,Vt
It's Easy to Dye
|_ Superior
Strength, Ao
ifcyfgft. | Fastness, wBeauty,
f i Simplicity. ?"
Warranted to color mora goods than any other , "
dyes over made, and to give more brilliant and l)U
durable colon. Ask for the Diamond, and toko ?h(
ho other. 36 colors; 10 cents each.
WELLS, RiCHAROSON A CO., Burlington, Vt
For Ollding or Broming Pancy Articles, USE car
Ool4 Sliver, Bronte, Copper. Only to Cents. B.w
? del
J. S. Rhodes & Co.
'? ed
-ujqf lit)
The largest stock in the <tai
State. Correct styles and low
prices. Dil
Ladles' Cloth Newmarkets. w.
Ladles' Cloth Raglans. Lhl
Ladles' Cloth Jackets. ,mJ
All tlio Ikniritklo Stjlca ol j
/llAnlrn 111!
IJUIITO & uiuaiii)
In endless variety, to fit all pr
ages, lrom 4 years uwards. (urj
New additions made daily in oh
Ladies', Misses' and Children's 1
Cloaks. ^
no3 I'r
Stationery. nit
Announcement. ."'I
So. i? Twelfth Street, Jan
11 in now on exhibition a stock of New Goods ni(
elected especially for the coming Holidays. bll
Vliltora will bo profited by making early selec- su
tlom anil avoid thocrowdsof the last two weeks. flu
Purchases will ho taken caro of until the tlmo ap<
appointed for deliver)'. dc5 tic
To Subscribe for Yoor Magazines, z
Come volumca commencing with November, . n
and other* the January numbor. ,
Holiday number* uow In, or to arrive in a fow o t
days. , frc
Leave orders for London hew*. Giurinc, n
n.un in ftitdv iIikkvd'm Yaic Tiut. Ae.. tn "
insui e'gcufng copie*.'" Edttionsllmileii. ' to
Stanton & Davenport, 8J
no2l ISO! Market Btreet. S''
Arc now being recetTOd for All of tho popular
Papers and Magazines, which are furnished at P?
publishers' lowest prices, and delivered any* Gi
where by mall er carrlcr. Christmas numbers n.
are now arriving. Please hand In your orders.
C. H. QU1MBY, in
Bookseller and Newsdealer, ni
Dentistry. "r
"only~ten~dollars ' $
(?IO.OO) 111
i ??? i?
! 1050 main Street. ?
! Photography. ?
J rj^oTTFlTrUllUC! J
\ Those desiring to make a handsome Christmas
1 Present, In the shape of a Portrait, would do
, well U> give us their orders early in the season
' so as to avoid unnecessary haste In execution.
' We are making Crayon Portraits at about one?
half our formtr price. CI
e v WM. MYLEB A 80H.
, Johw W. Mv?.r?. Portrait Painter. ocl2
- - DiinTn/inipUH ^
ruwivui"""? 0
j Only $3 00 Per Dozen J
lfn. 43 Tirtlfth RtT?t P
I I I I I ! c
Farming Implements. "j
! t^eeiTMITLS.
MI I.Us combined with Powkr. These are the I
best nil purpose Feed mils for the farmer to buy e
to ruu by horse power. They grind euro and
, cob together. alio any of the smaller grain, and F
i, will grind fine onuufh for meal, Call and see
? dc* ?hwlln?. W. Vt. (
Musical Goods. c
Pianos Tuned ind Repaired .
??T- I
del f. W. BAUMER * CO.
II)t Intelligencer.
Bo? t Mob, xa uuU *7 r?mrteeutl? &ire?(.
- - ?
lhKid Excerpt from u Joist Poem by Two
Poetesses of Passion.
\icaoo Hail.
Amelle Ulvcs-cbanler and Ella Wheeler Wilis
are reported collaborating on a dramatic
Kits which is to be prlutcd on asbestos paper
Ith Incombustible Ink. Proof sneets are not
tout, but tbeappeuded excerpt is said to be
the nature of a mild "starter" to one of the
"Ye gods and njrmpbs who
Ere on high Oinnpus mount
Did dwull and love In
Years sung, storied or beplcturod
Hjr tbe bands of masters of
Tuo year* agone,
1 now Implore you
All your passion lend aad
Fire me to tbe beat of
jioKon giiuia, mat x
May meet my love aud blm
Surrouud, encircle, and o'urawoop
Id one hot fUre of glowlug,
burning klaaea.
Let my llpaaluand
Boil aud bubble forth,
Steam with belt, and
Let my armit
11 la neck encircle u a coll
Of burning braaa at inCaudencent
To dratr blm Cloaer, clnge,
Yea, more, toarorcb
Witb ull the fearFul
ardor of careaa*
Ka aa from out
A very bell of, burning
llrimatone, bubbling
O'er in love.
oldeuta and Incident* lo Went Virginia
and Vicinity.
rudge Okey Johnson will locate in
ashinjjton ior the practice of law.
West Virginia will Lave after January
it, 1881), two Judges named Campbell
J two named Armstrong.
ion. S. B. Klkins says his scheme to
ild a railroad direct from Pittsburgh to
> interior of this State will be a suc3.
^n Ohio River train had a narrow es>e
from a severe wreck lost Wedoesk\neur
Gleuwood. While crossiug a
itch the rails spread, letting the tea
and front trucks of the baggage car
the track. 'They were slacking speed
let a passenger aboard, consequently
evere accident was avoided.
it Elkhorn precinct, McDowell connone
of the Democratic commissioners
election, appointed by tho court, failto
serve, and a citizen of North Caroa
was sworn iu his place. A day or
:> after the election this commissioner
ilied to the President of the Couuly
urt for his pay, saying that he wanted
go back to his family in North Caroa.
He also voted there, as doubtless
eral other tar-heels did.
esse Carpenter, tho inhuman fiend
0 committed an assault upon tho per1
of Mary Morrison, the 0-year-old
jghterof "Bunyan Morrison, of Webr
county, was captured in Calhoun
inty by J. D. Trumbo and Thomas
Ion several days ago, and lodged in
i Braxton county jail to await tho aen
of tho graud jury. The feeling in
abater county is very strong against
> man, aid if he was in their power it
nore than probable that they would
ike short work of the matter.
Sir. Samuel Dent, of Baltimore, n
ung man, brakeman on the 1st Divisi,
No. 1)8, B. & 0., coming west lubt
esday morning, was thrown off *J1|U
b at uriujtuuiiuuuf>tl ensued |
ir hours later. Ttt* uraft rod gave
y and tlio truck* came out, throwing
3 car oyer. The young uian was terly
mangled. Ho was taken to Marsburg
and his remains sent homo to
ltiuioro Tuesday afternoon. The
lequon grade is a death-trap for the
ikemen. The engineers are not careenouirh.
Slacking up and puttiug on
am suddenly throws bralceineu oir
iir balance. He was twenty-two years
1 and unmarried.
[)n Tuesday last Mr. Henry Smith,
lose home Is on Indian creek in Mooj
oounty, was brought to this City
charge of friends, in a state of total
irration of mind. On the day before
left his home in a wagon, saying that
was on his way to the city of Washjton
to witness the inauguration of
csideut Cleveland. At the stock
rds he was overtaken by friends, who
er a considerable struggle succeeded
tying him. It is Baid that Mr. Smith
mt crazy on account of the election,
. i.:.... *i.-?
ailing tuum iimuto iiiui w ^ci> vu hi?
'A at Lowull except upon the promise
it he was to bo taken at once to the
mguration of Mr. Cleveland.
The people of Heedsvilie, Preston
unty, were shocked lust Friday mornon
hearing that Charles Sharp had
an attack of mentul aberration cointted
suicide. He came to Keodsville
it spring from New Jersey, his native
ite, and joiued his father and step)ther
who resided there. Ho wus a
lcksmith bv trade, and during tho
miner worked in Kingwood. The
dden death of bis father two months
o affected him seriously and from that
do he grew melancholy, and during
e past week fanciful, laboring under
o hallucination that the people of!
i ?.?.i i ,
[UgWUUU WHIJU-U MJ IlUUg tlllll nuu
rry oiT bin father's remains from tbo:
metery, livery eflort was made to
eak his melancholy, but to do purse,
and last Friday morning at 0
. lock, while his stepmother was absent
>m bis room, be took a revolver from
bureau drawer in tho room, returned
his bed and shot himself. The deused
was 30 years of age, industrious,
inest, upright and uumurried. He
is no relatives in this county except a
jpmother. He bus a brother, Thomas
larp, living in Keyser.?IK. \ a. Argut.
About two weeks ago two men went
to the store of Daniel Boone & Sons,
Indiun Creek, Summers county, and
esented mi order apparently drawn by
iles Ballingee, which was paid. Mr.
)ono suspected something wrong and
imediutelv notified Mr. Ballingee, who
onounced it a forgery. Complaint was
once made before Justice Tom liiljgee,
of Talcott district, this county,
iu n warrant wus issued directed to
tines 11. Crawford, snecial constable,
tio man who presented the order gave
s name as Joseph Williams. Before arsis
could be made he and his chum,
r>m Moses, escaped to Giles county Va.
he officer and a posse followed them
id after getting them back into this
:ato arrested them and brought them
;f?re Squire Ballingee, who, for want
! jurisdiction, committed them oyer to
, M. Ballard, a justice of Monroe coun'.
It developed that these parties had
immitted three other forged orders on
iflerent parties in Summers and Mon>e,
ono of which they had in their pos ssion
when captured. In default of
ail they were sent to jail at Union to
wait the action of the grand jury.
Seventy million codfish are annually
night oir the coast of Newfondlant).
Lard rankB sixth in value in the list of
hmerican exports; $-10,000,000 worth arc
x ported annualy.
Colorado has $1,000,000 acres of coal
inds within 00 miles of Pueblo, with
eins from six to nine feet in thickness,
ue quamy m ounminous.
Charles Tappan has invented a liquic
reparation which, being applied to the
arbons, increases the intensity of a 2,001
candle power arc light to a three-folc
A smglo gold dollar can be made inU
, sheet that will cirpot two rooms 16;
eet square. It requires 1,400 thickness
s of gold leaf to equal a sheet of thin pa
Mr, and 280,000 to lorm an inch. 7
The United States is perhaps the great
at consumer of lemons in the world
)ne hundred thousand boxes, it is ea
imated, are used every week. Each bo:
sontains from 300 to 375 lemons. Net
fork is the principal point of distribu
The cowboys of northwestern Tew
ire becoming very profiicent in lassoin
t>ears. Around Fort Davis the "sport" i
extremely popular and last week B. C
McCutcheon, the champion roper,"afw
lassoing a black grizxly led the animal
quite a distance, when be met two other
. cowboys. They also roped tbe bear and
' McCutcheon then dismounted and killed
i it.
The following are the endowments of
some of the principal educational institu'
tions of the United States: Girard college,
$10,000,000; Columbia, (5,000,000; John
Hopkins, $4,000,000; Harvard, $3,000,000;
Princeton, $3,600,000; Lehigh, $1,800,000;
: Cornell, $1,400,000.
The metropolitan characteristics of the
American people are noticeable in the following
statistics: In 1790one-thirtieth of,
our populationjwas found incities; in 18001
one-twenty-fifth;in 1820, one-twentieth;
in 1850, one-eighth; in 1800, one-sixth;
in 1880, two-ninths.
When tho hyenas of Barnum's circus
at Bridgeport wore being fed recently a
sudden rush to tbe side upset their cage,
pinning down in perilous proximity to
their oharp fangs tlie keeper, who was
feeding them, and who would have been
killed but for the fact that his comrade
brought two elephants to the rescue,
and they quickly tossed the cage aside.
They say of Colonel Dupree, of Georgia,
that during the lato canvass he went up
to a perspiriug farmer, who was plowing
with a stubborn ox, and offered to take
his place while the plowman went for
water. The offer was more than accepted.
for the farmer stayed at the house
till dinner, and the candidate plowed
three hours under the hottest sun of the
Th? Latest Addition to the Lint of Clues
to tho Murderer.
' CiiicAdo, Dec. 10.?A morning paper
! publishes a story to tho effect that the
latest and most definite clue to the
whereabouts of W. B. Tascott, the sup- ,
posed murderer of millionaire Snell, has
been furnished by a cabman of this city, i
named Tom McCaffrey. This man ;
Bought to enlist in the regular army iu i
July last. He was rejccteil ou account
of having lost a linger; but, while at the
recruiting olflco, a young man was enlisted
under the name of Henry Schenz;
that Schenz was sent from hero to Jefferson
Barracks, at St. Louis, and when
properly drilled, transferred to a regiment
in Washington Territory, where
he now is. The story goes on to say
that an examination of the books of the
recruiting office confirms this statement,
and that the description there given is
tho closest yet received of the missing
murderer. " Tho number of Schenz's
regiment is withheld, for obvious reasons.
A rRUAlI.NKX'l' iMX~jjEAD.
Mother Superior Alary Fruucen DoSallo
nt DiiTonfiort, luwu.
Chicago, Dec. 10.?Mother Superior
Mary Frances DeSallo died at Davenport,
Iowa, Saturday, in her 79th year.
She was well known all through tho
country. She entered the house of tho
Sisters of Mercy at Pittsburgh in 1834.
and in a few years became Motb^r sul
perior. In 184(i she was sen* Chicago
whtro bI.o esublinhcd -",,<1 conducted a
hospital anu orp>*^u at,y|Um until 18(55.
In ttiat^ yp7.V she was sent to Independ?<nco*.
to establish similar institu..ons
and remained there until 1882,
whiMi she wjw transferred to the charge
of Davenport asylum. Her death was
tho result of a severe cold contracted
while personally supervising tho construction
of an addition to tho asylum.
(Silly Decluren 111m Iunuconoo.
Paris, Dec. 10.?M. Numa Gilly has
written to M. Laguerre, who declined to
defend him in the suit brought against
him by a committee of tho Chamber of
Deputies, denying tho authorship of the
book "Messrs. Dessiers," and declaring
that ho was ignorant of its contents. He
says that when lie first heard of the
book he telegraphed to tho publisher, ,
warning him not to issue it with the I
authorship ascribed to him. He denies
that he is responsible for the work, und
| declares it was published in his name
despite his express protests.
Do not consult anybody, but invest
twenty-live cents in a bottle of Salvation
Oil. It kills pain!
When a man marries his protty typewriter
he might as well give up the idea
of ever dictating any more.
PIIm! Pile* I Itching Plies.
Symptoms.?Moisture; IdIcuhc itching nuil
stinging; moat at ulght; worse by scratching.
If allowed to continue minora form, which
often bleed and ulcerate, becoming very tore.
Swaynk'h Ointment stops the Itching aud
bleeding, heal* ulceration, and In most cast's remove*
the tumors. At druggists or by mail, lor
IW) cent*. Dr. Siwayne & Bon, Philadelphia.
Kcxema, Itchy, h??ly, hktu Tortures.
The simple application of "Bwaynk's Oint*
mew," without any Internal medicine, will cure
any coae of Tetter. Bait Rheum, Kln*worm,
Files, Itch, Sorvs, Pimples, Kcxetna, all tk?ly,
Itchy Hkiu Eruptions, uo matter how obstinate
or long standing. It Is potent, eflectlve. and
coiu but a trlUe. Trhaiw
Upholsterers do not believe in free
wool because they are constantly putting
tacks on carpets.
Two-thirds of all deaths in New York
City ant frotn consumption or pneumonia.
The same proportion holds for
most other cities. Delays are dangerous.
Dr. Acker's English Remedy for consumption
will always relieve, and may
ur* n u ? u Mnrt
C. Menktimelier, Logan & Co. 4
snilou's V italizer ib what you need
for Constipation, Loss of Appetite, Dizziness,
and all symptoms of Dyspepsia.
Price 10 and 75 cents per bottle.
Croup, Whooping Cough and Bronchitis
immediately relieved by Hhiloh's
The Rev. George H. Thayer, of Bourbon,
Ind., says: "Both myself and wife
own our lives to Shiloh's Consumption
Cure. Sold by W. E. Williams and C.
Menkemiller. kow
Having detected a man in a falsehood,
one can truthfully say he has no doubt
as to his veracity.
Uoei It Pay?
Three-fourths ot our ucople are troubled
with Dyspepsia or Liver Complaint
in Bomo form or other, which by nature
of the disease has a depressing influence
on the mind# or body, preventing them
from thinking or actio# clearly in any
matter of importance. Indigestion, com
ins up of food after eating, dyspepsia,
sick headache, acidity of tho stomach or
any derangement of the utomach or liver
(upon which the whole action of our
system depends) are speedily and effectually
overcome by the use ol Green't
August Flown. The most stubborn cases
have yielded to i(s influence, as thou'
sands q( letters received will testify.
The immense sale of this medicine is
f another guarantee of its merits, (over a
j million and a halt bottles sold Inst year.)
80 we ask, will it pay you to suffer from
I any of the above diseases when you ca?
, havo immediate relief in the August
Flower. Three doses willprove its worth.
It is sold by all druggists and general
i dealers ip a)l parta oHue world, daw
| A "railroad trust" seems to be all
right, for at present there aro very few
railroads that one can trust
) a sad story.
I The child coughed. Tho mother ran.
No remedy was near. Before morning
* the poor little suflerer was dead. Moral:
Alwaya keep Or. Acker a tnglish Remp
edy at hand. C. R. Goetie, K. B. Bart.
[. 0. Ucnltemellcr, Logan A Co. 5
{a * * *
t Bucklen'i Arnfcn Salve.
v Tho beat aalve in the world (or cuts,
bruilea, nret, ulcera, salt rheum, lever
oret, tetter, chapped handa, chilblaina,
a corna, and all akin eruptiona, and poalg
Uvely cures piles, or no pay required,
a It ia guaranteed to givo perfect aatiafac>.
tion, or money refunded. Price 25 centa
ir per box. For aalo by Logan & Co.
Th? Feature* vt the Money and HUwk Mar*
New York, Deo. 10.?Money on call easy at 1
to 3 per cent; last loan clonal offered at 1 per
cent. Prime mercantile paper percent.
Sterling exchange quiet but stronger at }l tu'/i*
4 MX. Ual?a aw.usu shares.
Toe stock market was on a lower lerel all the
way out to-day than on Saturday, pri< es dropping
from Yt to 'J'4 per cent In the forenoon,only a
portion of which was regained in tbp afternoon,
although a few stock* showed marked strength
and closed higher. Thu market opeued with a
spurt of activity, and the transactions of the first
hour were nearly ouu-baH of the business done
during the eutiro day. First prices were from VA
to yU per cent lower for the majority of tho list,
while Lackawanna and Now Eugland with 1 per
corit and Mlasouri Pacific with lk, wore exceptional.
Missouri Pacific followed this up with a
further drop of 2 per cent and Manitoba. Cotton
Oil, Atchison and the others followed. The ]
weakness, however, was nearly over by 11 o'clock
autl before noon prices were again up on the
grade. The market cloaed active aud strong, gen- t
orally at small fractions from the opening figures. 1
lUllroad bonds heavy: sales 81,0SI.0UU.
Government and State bonds dull and steady, i
U. H. 4a reg 127W|Naah & Chat 80 1
U. 8. 4a coupon laJJt New Jersey Central HfM
U. . 17V 1UIIUCIII IM'lliU... >1/| .
U.H.4Sooupon 108 do preferred - Mk 1
Adams Express 143 Chicago it N. W 103)$
American Express~llo do preferred 136
Canada Houthera... ftlk New York CeutmlJOCfc
Central Pacific Ohio A Mississippi. 1% i
Chesapeake AOhlo. 17 do preferred ...
do first preferred. 14>i Pacific Mail 35% c
do second *prefd. 15 Pittsburgh- 155}$ *
C. C. C. A 1 ....... 62 ft Reading - AU\ r
Denver A R. 0 15k St. L. A S. F 24
Erie '.:5ft do preferred ?WJ4
do preferred 58 doflrstpreferred-llO!-;
Fort Wayne -161 C. M. A St. Paul.... 6ok
Kansas A Texan 13j* do preferred IW%
Lake Erie A Went... 16^ Texas Pacific ... . 20% .
do preferred 48 Uulou Pacific 62;, 1
Lako Shore vj'-i United Statea Ex.... 74 I
Louisville A Nash- A3h W., St. L. A P .... VAC 1
L.. N. A. A C ........ 37 do preferred - Jfljfc
Memphis A Chan... <>3 Wells-Faruo Ex 140
Michigan Central... 85 \Yextern Uulou JS2)f
Missouri Pacific..... 68%
HrendstnfTa anil Provisions.
Nxw Vobk, Dec. 10.?Flour. rccelpta 40.7j0
packages: exports 4,0117 barrels and 9,816sacks;
market dull and heavy: sales 11,wo barrels,
low extras $<3Ua4 00: winter wheat, low grader, U30a4
(JO. Wheat, receipts 18,KW buaheU; aalet (
1,301,000 bushels of futures aud 500 bushels of T
Hoot: spot market dull: ungraded red 87>$c; op* ]
lions moderately active ami strong; No. 2 red
DccembcrStoical closing at Si &'?X: Jan- ti
nary 91 Oljial 06, cloning at SltW!<: February
II 0tV)?al 07% cloning at SI U7}?; March SI U7J*a [09Honing
at SI 09&: ^n>' 81 loiial 12, closing
at June flQOftri U\{, closing at
Fill#. Uyv Hull and bwry. Mojkiiof(irnla In
Ho re and afloat December 8: Wheat. 9.556.985
Jiuhcls: corn, 1,727,378; oats,2,099,173: ryo, 69,272; i
mrli-v 1?H.S7il! mult. IMD.ll'J: 25.01'J. Itiirlpv
lull. Corn, receipt* ttl.VOtf imahela ; exporu 1T7.?7
buahela: iuiIi'n 1,272.000 butdiel* of future*
lihI 151,000 buihel* of spot: snot market modirately
active; ungraded mixed 37%att%c; opiou*
active; December 4t>Jie; January 47c;
February 47c; May 47>jc. Oat*, receipt*
02,000 bushels; export" M busnela: Males
80,000 buahela of future* and 121,100 bushda
of ?|>ot; mnrkct moderately active:
;pot No. 2 white 35c: mixed western 29>?a32c;
rhlte do3la4l!?c. Hay and hop? quiet. Coffee,
toady and JUnCO point* below fcuimtlay . Dcitra or
I.'40U15.&V;; January l.V>Ualfi.75c; February
i5.30al5.7Ac; March 15.a0al5.8.'ic; April 15.2U
18.85c; May l.YHOalC ftV;: June ir>.4.'talC.(toca July
.VtlTwlGOOo; AuKUKt 15.40alU.00c; September and
Jctober lfijOaltUNs; spot lUo steady at 17^
iUKar, Inactive and tlriu: rctlucd iirmand f.odirately
active. Molamex and ricoBrm. 1hij0w
itronjf. Koaln quiet. Turpentine u?*"ict Bwi
amy; we*teru 23e. I'ork way: inr^?j, 75^500
Seel steady. Cut meats lino* nleJdiHl bellies
ftaQfe: do ihoulder* 7&>. i^RicrS
Tii hU'hiii Mu?: ltawmV',rS.JjC; junnnryMoc:
'obruary. Mwuli, >;?rn M?y ami Juno 8.20c.
luttor quJtU WCiem dalnr 14n2fic:do cmimery
WOo. Cb ^ flrUi; western lOallJic.
WV.'aoo, Dec. 10.?In wheat a fair bualnca*
"j transacted and the feeling a trille unsettled.
L'orn waa rather quiet. Oat* were *teady. Frorialona
moderately active. Flour firm and unlimited.
Wheat, cash No. 2 spring tl 4al CMM\
So.:: apririg wnitic; No. 2 red fiotaiot1.;; December
fl Wfc: January SI l>lul(V>%; May SI W1/,
\\ 10%. ('limine nt 81 lOS. Corn, c?*l? No. I,
December and January 3i%a34%c; May -TT^c.
Data, eaah No. 2, December and January 2fl)$c:
May 29KC. Bye, No. 2. Me. Flaxseed. No. 1,
ri m. Timothy seed St &4. Me** pork, cash,
H337J<ai3SO; December S1337>$: January S1347>,;
\i4i- ai!(M7U. Ijinl <>hnIi nnil I)b omlM'r H.07Vce:
January 7.87)?a7.97j$e, closing ut 7.1)7}?c; May
S.uuiih.iuci closing at ?10c. Ik' on, short ribs S
".mhiT.Hk*: shoulders 7.u?7 12j.4o; Hbort clear
7.37Sa7.60c. Whisky 8120. Sugars, cutloafh5iic;
imuiulated 7%e; standard A 7x?c. Hotter dull; fancy
Elgin creamery .TJaiMc; choice 27a28c. Eggs
(lull nt 2iJ$c. The ioliowing Is a statement nl
the visible* supply of (train in comparison with
(hut of one week avo, an reported with the Board
of Trade: Wheat. 80,570.01 ft bushels; Increase,
488(000 btishois; corn, 0,670,.111 bushels; ilet*rei(iie,
480,000 bushels; outs, 7.VJ1.-VS0 bushels: Increase,
2!>,000 bushels; rye, l.fitO.uiS bashels; decrease,
11,000 bushels: barley, 2,235,305 bushels; decrease,
U"t,(KX? bushels.
Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 10.?Flour lmrely
steady; Ohio, ludlauu, St. Louis and Southern
Illinois clear ft 7fta.,?25; Minnesota clear 84 Ctia
5 60; do patent SGA0a7 00. Wheat weaker and
lower; ungraded red 9107; No. 2 ml December
81 00*01101: January $1 OlJ^il 02; February
11 ftffiSl aiJi: March fl 0154; May fl ffXalOBK.
Corn lower; old No. 2 mixed52c; new uiigraded
yellow 42kc; options dull; No. 2 mixed Decomber
4H?iu43%u; Jauuury 43!4aWKc;- February
Italic; March MultSc; May 4la45c. Oats, cash
lull but steady;'No. it white futures dull;
December .U^aSl^c; January S&%o35}*c; February
aud March May '.fr/tuM'//:. Duller
dull; Pennsylvania creamery extra 33c: do
prints 35c. Eggs dull; Pennsylvania firsts 20c.
Cincinnati, Dec. 10.?Flour steady. Wheat
steady; No. 2 rod SI 01; receipts 1,#? bushels.
Cora active; No. 2 mixed S9h40c. Oats quiet:
No. 2 mixed 28c. Rye dull: No. 2, 54c. Pork
linn at 81400. Lard steady at 8.0()c. Hulk meat*
steady; short rib7.40c. llaeon quiet; short clear
D.OOc. Whisky quiet at fl 14. Butter, heavy:
fancy creamery :ila.T?c: good to prime dairy roll
18a20c. Linseed oil steady at 55a57c. Sugar
ft rin; hard reft ned 7> ja8Wc. E?gs steady at lHKa
1!H*. Checso steady; choice mild Ohio tlat 10>^a
He. .
Hai.timork. Md.. Dec. 10.?Wheat, western *
dull; No. 2 winter red spot and December 98&c; *
January 9!%UK)%c; February fl 0l)i. Corn, west- /
era weak; mixed spot and ycar42ai3c; February 1
43J<M3Jic: steamer spot 4u%cu Oats steady aud
llrm; white .liable; dotnixed 2fia30c: graded No.
2 white 311<a3lc. KyodullatC2nOtc. Ilay steady:
prime to choice timothy 81700al8 00. Mess pork
sieauyai oi" .w. mmcr ? uu i?^v..
2la'J4c; best roll 20u21c; creamery 30o35c. Egg*, .
22a2lc. Co (Tec llrm at 14>$c.
Toi.kdo, 0., Dcc. 10.?Wheat Arm and higher; 1
cash 81 02al W; Mny 81 0?>i. Cora lower: cash
Mc. Oat* dull: cash 27c. Clovercecd very dull;
cash 85 10 asked. _
Chicaoo, Dcc. 10. ? Cattlo? Receipt* 10,000
head; shipments 8,600 head: market stronger; .
choice beeves 85 OOn.'i .ri0: steers 83 (X)u4 8,'t; slock- 1
era and fcoera 8190a320; cowa, bulla and mixed
8125*2 90; Tcxaa cattle 81 40*3 25. Hop-liecelpta
'JO,000 head: shipment* 4,500 head; market
alow and CalOc lower, mixed 8510a5 30:
heavy 85 16a5 45; light 5 <Ma5 .kip* 83 OOal 90.
Sheep?Kcceipt* 7,000 head; shipments 1,000 head. ,
murket alow, weak and Inactive at 85 26: weatcrua
82 85a1 50; Texaus 8i 30a3 40; laiuba 81 00*6 75.
East Mbkkty, Pa., Dec. 10.?Cattle?RcoelpU
3,097 head: shipment* 1.720 head; murket alow
at loat week'a prices. Hog*?Receipts 6,'.<00 head;
shipments 6,700 head; market firm; I'hlladel- i
phiaa 85 ;>0; mixed 15 40a5 45; Yorkera 85 40*5 46; 1
common to fair 85 25nf? 35: plga 81 H)a6 00, Sheep
?inbelpta 1,100head; shipment* 3,000 head; market
firm on good; shade higher on other grades
and alow at unchanged prices.
Cincinnati, Dec. 10?Hog*, llrm; common and '
light ?1 GOaVXi; packing and butchers 85 25o5 40:
receipt* 0,800 head: shipment*2,000 head.
Naw York, Dec. 10.?Petroleum opened firm
at ks^c, but became Ntrong after the lirat aalea
and advanced to flOjfc. Heavy soiling ordera
from the W??*t then turned the market and It
declined aharply, closing weak at 89}?c; total
aalea 197,000 barrels. /
On. City, Dec. 10,-Pctroloura opened at 89^;
highest 90%o; closed at SOfa: lowest 89j?c: aalea
1,310.000 barrels; clearance* 1,768,000bantu; tuna
GO,00. > barrels; shipments 100,491 barrels; charters
9,921 barrels.
Bradpohd, Pa., Dcc. 10.?Opened at 89j^c;
closed at 89c; highest vojJ$c; lowest 8Sj?c; clearancca
1,180,000 barrela.
PirranOKOii, Pa., Dcc. 10.?Petroleum active
anil firm; opened at hy^c;clo?ed al 89>ic; higheat
lW^c: loweat 88j?c. I
IVranoUU t V I?, Tllu. Kl.niUlllH.I ?t
highest90tyc; lowest 80)jo; closed *t tWJic.
Cincinnati, Dec. 10.?Cotton firm; middling
Lnvnruir cnrni XAwrr Complaint.
"A"UU1 rulinua Afftetioif and
fCo*tiv<n*si. At drmgUf. Prlo? t5 cH.
(Prle* oalg 28 ants, foil ft# *1! trvggbU)
Reliant quioktf Rhaumatitm, Ktu
ralgla, Swellings, Brunei, Lumbago,
Sprains, Headache, Toothache, Cutt,
Burnt,Scalds, Sores,Backache, to.
7urlt,iAnarsnuet. r?? tniTfiMm t*CHEWMlttl-frk*
IOCU. Atuumtkt*
cube K.is?ng?s;
iZSvZlr nlhU&MOBE TMiTanT-MH > ? <?/
In Miln na (IlUiH, TiwIMm, i*4 CmkIHm.
Houae A Herrmann's C
Maybe you are contemplat
yourself sorely pushed for the 1
If so, you are the person '
Now, we have a complete
Draperies, Stoves, and in fact
nishing line, which we have bou:
By our system of equitable
thing you may need, by paying
ar month (we ask no more than
meet) at as low a figure as othe
This will enable you to m:
Present and not find yourself pi
Our stock is complete. In th
Ne have a complete line ol Kee
ita.vds, Tables, Sideboards, Si
sther articles you may need.
Give us a call and examine
Cash and Cr
X300 Mai
We have also added to oui
joods a complete stock of La
'lush Coats, Modjeskas and Jac
markets, on Easy Payments.
/,tfl 1's9U?llb<con??c'
\ ^SrsR:??n?
1 s?* r,mt> aoi, windG
\ s^Slfe
1 ^.UdHooiv^oi ??ir.
I Thus the (* Mustanj
Makes MAN or BE
Pearl-Top Lamp Chimney.
This is the Top of the Genuine
Pearl Top Lamp Chimney. .
All others, similarare imitation.
Insist upon the Exact Label and Top
For Sale Everywhere. Mace omly by
"EB. A. MACBETH &.CQ., Pittsburgh. Pa.
Numbing, Gas & Steam Fitting.
}eo. Hibberd & Son,
8QocoMon to Thompson A Hibberd,
>1 1 /i._ o. ni._ TJ'ii.
'iQDiDers, lias a uieam rmers,
SPECIALTIES.?N.tunl ?u SuppllM. Steus
letting and Ventilation.
1814 Market Street,
VAII work promptly done at most reaaoniblo
Plumbers, Gas and Steam Fitters,
All work done promptly tt reasonable
. Brntlast Cocoa.
y Warranted absolutely purt
Cocoa, from which tho exccaa a
Oil bo been re moved. It baa/Are
timet the Hretgth of Cocoa mlx?*
with Starch, Arrowroot or Bugax
and la therefore far mora eeonoml
oal, coding lot than ont cent a
cup. It la dollcloua, noortahln?
atrengtbcnlng, caalljr digested, art
admirably adapted fot tavalldaal
well aa for peraona In health.
Sold by Qroreri ererywhara.
W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mast
"Br a thorough knowledge of the natural lawa
which govern the operatlona of dlgeation and
nutrition, and by a careful application of the
fine propertlea of well aelected Cocoa. Mr. Eppa
nupniuuiu uui unm?iuat lauica mw ? u??"
cately flavored beverage which may savo ui many
heavy doctors' bill*. It Is by the Judicious uae
of such art Idea of diet that a oooatltutloo may
be gradually built up until strong enough to resist
every tendency to disease. Hundreds of subtle
maladies arc lloating around us ready to attack
wherever there is a weak point. We may
escape many a fatal shaft by keeping ourselves
well fortified with pure blood and a properly
nourished frame."?Civil Service Gasctte.
Made simply with boiling water or milk. 8old
only in half-pound tins by Grocers, labeled thus:
JIUDQ PDpC A ffl Kommopathic Chemt)AHDJ
Brro a Lu,, uta, London, England.
China, Glass and Queensware.
Dinner and Chamber Sets,
which will be told at rery low prices. Don't fall
nog Ilia Mulnm. ?ml 1iaDW?lcrSI
Steamship Tickets.
Drafts on Money Orders to all parti of Europe
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n. f. BEHKBK8,
European titesnihip *R?cjr.
del 2Q7 Market Street.
lash and Credit House.
:ing making a present, but find
eady cash.
ive want to reach with this ad:
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: credit, we will sell you anya
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ike a very useful Christmas
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,e way of useful Holiday Goods
d and Rattan Rockers, Hallicretaries,
and a great many
our system of credit.
edit House.
In Street.
r full line of Housefurnishing
dies' WRAPS, consisting of
:kets, Cloth Jackets and Ncwmmmmammma
di 1
V and every ,
"Jin Sbouldtf ^Jjtchcs 1
^ew'sand^^'ttbcsw \
conquers pain, I
AST well again! S
Groceries, Etc.
m. reillyT
Srocer, Pork Packer,
Celebrated "Strawberry Hams,"
fos. 1309 AND 1311 MAIN STREET,
My own Cure of Choicc Smoked Meat* dolirircd
dull j from my Pork Houmjai UaucLcater.
Aminmi fmAfrnmrco
Headquarters for
Taylor's Patent and Famll., Flour.
Headquarters for the Celebrated
Alaroma Coffee.
8ole Agent for Dupont'i 8porting, Mining and
Blasting Powder. left
Armour's Creamery Butterinc!
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Fresh Mountain Buckwheat, Jiut recelred direct
from the xnillii.
Atmore'a Mincemeat and Duffy'i Sweet Cider.
Try our Pure Tcm nnd Fresh Routed Coffees.
Conner & Snedeker,
Cor. Market and Fourteenth Streets.
Near Wheeling, W. Va.
(Bisters of the Visitation.)
A school of more than natlocal roputatlor
offers exceptional advantages for thorough edr.
cation of young ladies in all deportments. Li
brary of six thousand volumes. Fine phllo
ophlcal, chemical and astronomical apparatus.
Musical Department specially noted. Corps c.
( lano teachers trained by a leading pro(eno>
trow Conservatory of Stuttgart Vocal culture
tnoording to the method of the old Italian nus
Location unsurpassed lor beauty and health
Ten acres of pleasure grounds. Hoard excel lent.
For Catalogues, and references to patrons in aiJ
the principal cities, address
Washington School of Elocution
Mm. M. BTEVENB HART. -..Principal.
MM "M-? Bt., N. W., Wamuwotow, D. C.
Sixth Annual Benton begins Wednesday, Bei>
tcmbcr 28.
Coarse of Instruction embraces Klocntlon.
Prartical English and English Classics, Latin,
Mathematics. Modern Languages, Vocal and In
urumental Music and Physical Culture.
The Principal Is anlited by an efficient oorps
of tcaehers in each department.
Graded Classes for boys and girls dally
Adult Classes and private Instruction given In
the evening.
Diplomas awarded. A limited number of pu
pits accommodated In the family.
For circulars and references apply .to Ihtxlu
ooycia offlce. au*1
Stammering Cured.
System based noon nature's laws. No Sccnxcv
-no tucks. Byatem explained to those Interas
Testimonials from pbyilclsna, educators and
patrons, who have Revived benefit from the
method of lnatructlon. Address
Mm. M. 8TEVENH HART, Principal,
Washington School of Elocution u>d English
KM M. Street, N. W.. Washington, D, 0.
Students boarded In family of PrlndpaL
Professional Cards.
General Insurance Agent,
1S18 Market 8L, Whoeling, W. Va.
W^ll^onsprompUy attended to. Insurance
aolldted In w beefing, and In all perls ol
Weal Virginia. Can pUco Insurance at lowest
rates and In boat ooaspaniea. aplG-M w
TRAjyu-Ao and afu?r Nov. 1*. 1888-tX
fSANATION Of RSVUUCMCK Maui. 'Daily. t?Vn*
day excepted. jMonday excepted. JSatuirfar
excepted. .|8unday only.?Eaitern Btandjra
U.?O.H. K?Ka*t. Depart Arrive.
Philadelphia Limited^......... 8:?am o:0Spm
Mall and Kxprtaa *6:10 pm !./:? pm
Cumberland Accom.. 8:10 am 6*0 pm
Grafton Aucom 5:10 pm *9:45 am
Kenwood Accom..... .. 5:35 am 0:2> am
Moundaville Accom 12:01 pm i:40pa
Columbut Aocom *8:56 am tG.2ipm
Express (Chicago and Col}.~. *10:25 am *6:20 pm
Chicago Kxprew......... ? *3:40 pm 8:65 am
Chicago Limited - *8:i0pm ?u:CCam
Columbia Aumn~ 12:20 pm tl0:4<> am
Cincinnati Limited - 211:15pm ?4:A&am
St Clttlrnvillo Aocom.. ... f8:55an< flOMOam
8t CUlntrllle Aocom.?...... 2:20 pm fi .-to pm
St Clalrvrtlle Acoom.. f?:10pn bxuum
Colurabuaand ( Inolunatl.... "12:45 am
W., P. A 11. DIT.
Washington and Pittsburgh. *5:00 an *10:15 am
Washington and Pittsburgh. *7:8a.an *11:10 pm
[ Pittsburgh & Phlla. Kx- 0:30 pii
Washington and Pittsburgh. fl:45pu fl2;4^pm
Ww^ln^ton- 15:30 pn f8:l0am
Pittsburgh...... t7:2oam K:'A pm
Pittsburgh ?nd Sow lor*.... tl :35 pm fs:45pm
Pittsburgh i nd Sew Yoit.... f4:20 pm fll :uu am
Pittsburgh & e*. Y. Ex 9:40 pm
Kxpresft, un. aua si. ujui*. T7:ajan<
Express, Cln. aud St. Loula. f?:40pa? hk2Upm
Uxproa, Bieubeuvlllc & Col. 11:25 pm f3:45pm
8teub?uvillo and l*uui?ou. f4:20pm ?
PitUb'gb, Clew. JcCuicdgo.. 6:M Aii> f8:47pm
MartlnT? Furry 7:? am 6:4ft pm
Su-ubenrillc Accom t?:33au 1:88pm
PilUburKli and New York.... t 1:28 am t i.-iBam
CleveUudandfbicuo...^. tt:12pn> f8:ft3am
PlUtburyh and New York.... 4:29 pm 5:u7 pm
C., L I W. B. B.
Exprom, Cleveland. E. & W- fl2:85pui \9:V- pm
Mawdllon Acoom t6:12 pm fll:2bam
at. ClairaviUe Accom f7:56am ty:8vam
St. Clalrivlllo Accom 110:25 am fl :82 pm
St. Clalnvllle Aaiom f2:10pm f6:84pm
St. Clairmrllle Accoiu 6:25 pm 8:00 pm
Local Frclkbt and Accom.... ftjflOam t7:&P*a
Ohio ulvor KailroitU.
Ihuneujfcr - *7:35 am *11:00 am
Pauenger ~ ?... *12:15pm ?8:20pm
Paancnger *4.W)pm *8:15 pm
" M* ; -I- ?
i>.. u, luuiruau.
Bell aire & Zane*ville Through Paweuger leaven
Bellaire at8:40a. in., arrives at Bellaire at 8:3W
p. m.
Woods field Pamenger leave* Bellaire at 4:20 p.
m., arrive* at Bellaire at 9:25 a. m.
Summerfleld Accommodation leave* Bellaire
at 12 25 p. m.. arrive* at Hellalre at 11:30 a. m.
T On and nfier Saturday, October 13, 1888,
trMltu on the Wheeling & Kim (irove Railroad
will run an follow*:
Leave Wheemno:
6:30 a. iii.,7:00n.m., Da. m., 11:00a. m., 1:30p.
m.. 3::w p. m., 6:20 p. m., 7:00 p. in., 0:00 p. m.
Leave Wiieklino Park :
6:10 a. m.,7:46a. m , 10:00a m? 12:30 in.. 2:30
p. m., 4:2>l p. ni., 6:10 p. in., 8:00p.m., 10:00p.m.
OS SUNDAYS?Until further notice train* will
ruuaa toUnwn: Leave the city at 8:00 a. m., and
run every hour until 9:16 p. m. Leave Wheeling
I'ark kt 0:00u. m , and run every hour until 10
J. in. Kxcopt church train will leuvo Park at
:-ir> h. m. ami city at 12:15 p. m.
no24 C. IIIRflCH,8up't.
Baltimore & ohio railroad?
Departureol tralnslrom Wheeling. Bchednia
in ellect November lo, IwH?Kaateru time:
Kxpresa for Chicago and the Northweat, 10:3? a
m, 3:40 pm,8:10 pm daily, and 11:15 pmdaUy/
except Saturday.
Express for undunatl and 8t. Lou la, 10:25 a m
daily, 11:15 p ui dully, except Saturday.
Columbus accommodation. 8:65 a m, daily.
VorColuinhu*, h:.V?tuid io:'^5 a m dally, and
11:1ft pn.,daily, cxcirtSaturday,and 2:20pin
daUy, cxcept Sunday.
Expresa lor Washington, D. C., Baltimore.
Philadelphia and New York, via Grafton, 8:66 a
m and 6:10 p m, daily, via Pittsburgh 8:30 p. m.
For Pittsburgh and Washington, Pa., 6:00 a m
dally; expre**, 7:30 a m, dally, 1:46 p m, daily
except Sunday. Additional way train for Washington.
Pa.. 5:30 p n?. daily except Sunday.
Fur Pittsburgh, Washington, Baltimore and
Phlladolphia at 6:33 p m daily.
Columbus and Cincinnati, 2:45 a m, Sunday
For Moundsvillo. 8:10 a m. and 19:00 noon,
dally excopt Snnday, ae.16:10 p in, daily.
Grafton accommodation, 6:10 p m, dally.
For Cumberland. 8:10 am, dally, except Bunday.
For St. Clainrville. 8:65 a m, 2:20 p m and 6:10
p m. oally, except Sunday.
Kxproaa train* arrive f*om Chicago, 6:66 and
9:60 a maud 6:20 pm da Ur> and 4:66 a m dally
except Mouday.
Expresa train* arrive from SL Louia and Cincinnati,
4:65a m and 6:20 p m, dally.
Expre** train* arrive from Philadelphia, Baltimore
and Washington, D. C., via Grafton, 12:86
pm and 9:06 p m daily; via. Pittsburgh, lU:lt>
a. m. dai>y.
Trains arrive from Columbus, 4:55 am dsllr,
and6:20pmdaily, and 10:35 am dally oxceyt
Train* arrive from FltUburgh, 10:16 a m dally,
and 12:45 p m, cccept Sunday, 0:55 p m and ll;*0
p m daily.
Tralua arrive from Washington, Pa., 8:00 am,
daily czctipt Sunday.
Train*arrive from Mnundsvllle, 9:45 am and
1:10 pm, dally cxcept Sunday.
Train* arrive irom Uralton, 9:45 a m, and 12:35
p m.daii).
Train* arrive from Cumberland, 5:50 p m, daily
except Sunday.
Train* arrive from St. Clairsvllle. 10:40a m, and
1:40 and 6:50 p m, dally cxcept Sunday.
Btwgage called for and checked at hotels and
residence*! ou order* left at ticket office, 1200 Market
street, and at depot.
C1IAH. o. SCULL, Gen. Pan Agont.
W. M. CLKMKNT8. Manager.
Ohio river railroad.-time
Table taking effect May 27,1888. Passenger
train* will rnn a* follow*?Central time. All
trains daily except thoso marked thus f which
do not run on Sunday. ____
BOUTU BOUND. |tSo.7|No. 6.|tN?.3|tN0.H
R. in. p. m. ft. m. ft. m
Leave?Wheeling 8:30 11:15 6:86
Kenwood, opp. Bcllalre.... 8:45 11:8 6:60
Uoundsville 4:06 11:4: 7:10
New Martinsville 5:iv *12:4. 8:16
WilllaniHtown 7:00 2:1> 10:10
Parkcnburg 5:15 7:80 2:4/. 11.00
RftveHnwood 6:4.'. 4:1.'. K!:20
Mofon City.................. 8;0L> ......... 5:3.'. 1:85
Clifton ... 8:05 5:41' 1:40
Arrive?Pt. Pleasant..... 8:40 6:1.'. 2:16
Uftlllpoli* Ferry ? 9:00 6:3.'' 2;82
(hiynudottc 10:83 7;60 4:00
Huntington 10:45 8:06 4:17
Chnrlcrton - P3:2U 10:03 8:2C
' Irouton .... <:06
Portsmouth a. m. 7:10
White Sulphur 5:00
p. m. ft. m.
Staunton .. ? 3:3' 9:20
NOKTM UUUND. No. 6. No. 4. fNo.2 tNO.8
11. m. ft. m. ft. m. p. m.
lx?ftVO?Huntington 10:00 5:i& 8:16
Uuyandottc 10: ih 6:lto 8*28
(iftfllpolls Kerry 11:85 7:U> 4:60
Point Pleasant. 11:45 7:2b 6:07
p. m.
Clifton ... 12:20 7:55 6:86
Mason City 12:26 8:0u 6:40
IUvenswood 1:45 9: If. 7:00
Parkuniburg 0:00 8:15 10:45 8:80
WILllamstown 6:30 3:45 11:15
New Martlnirlllo. 8:IS 6:87 fcSi _
MoumUvlilo 9:25 0:44. l:^
Kenwood 9:46 7:00 2:0a
Arrive?Wheeling 10:00 7:16 2:90 HMMM.
Leave Wheeling via. p. m.
P. C. & St. L 12:8.'. 8:20
Arrive?Cleveland.- 6:30 6:80
Pittsburgh 8:20 5:W
. m. ft. m
Philadelphia....... 6:25 6:25
Now York 8:00 8:U>
Chicago... 11:80 6:90
Through tlckcta and baggage checked to all
W. J. ROBINSON, Ocn'l Pan. Agent.
Parkoraburg, \Y. va.
FBKD llliNKXAir,
Trav. Pa?a. Agent. Wheeling, W. Va.
LOUIS RAILWAY CO.-I?anhandlo Route
Under achedulein effect Auguat ft, 1888 train*
leave Wheeling, Central Standard time tot
Stcubenvllle, I'lttaburghaud the Kaat. 6:'j?a. m.,
12:8. p. m., 3.J) p m. and 8:40 p. m. For Coiurabua,
Cincinnati, Indlanapolia and St. I^ouln A:*^0
a in. and 8:?0 p. m. tar Columbu* and Chicago
12:36 p. m. Tralna arrive at Wheeling at bioO
a. m., 10:00 a. m., 2:45 p. m. aud 8:20 p. m.
Tralna leaving at <5:20 a. m. aid arriving 8:20
p. in. run nolld between Wheeling and I'ltta.
tmrtth. All tralna dnlly eitrptKumiay. an"
J RAILROAD.?Under tchcdule lu effect Not.
18,1888. Train leave Bridgeport, (Antral Stand*
ard time: For Pittaburgh, Chicago and Cieve.
land, 4:50 am. For I'lttAburgb, 10:22 a m. for
Chicago ami Cleveland, 1:12 p m. For Pltuburgb
and New York, 8:2V p m For Steubenville. 8:33
a m. For Martin'* Ferry, 0:4ft a m.
Tralna arrive at Bridgeport at 7:58 a m, 10.18 a
m, 12-.28 p tn, 4:4? p in. 4:&7 p m, and 7:47 p a.
CAPlTAl^....^. *300,000
J. N, Vance ...
L. 8. VklatiMX Vlce-Preaidenl
d micro kr.
J. N. Vance 8. Horkhelmer.
J. M. Brown. W. EWngtoam/
L. 8. DcUpUin, A. W. Kcllej.
John Frew. '
Dmftii lnueu on England, Ireland Scotland
and all point* In Kuroiw.
T>ANK OF THE ftWTft ViT f v\r
Wm. a. I?rrr .. PttmiAmt
Wm. B. HmnoK. WStilmSSt
01 Xn*land, Inland, Franco and Gar*
?.SWSw1 vlclorRoKnbu,?'
???1 F. P. JmoM. CuMtf.

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