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The Wheeling daily intelligencer. [volume] (Wheeling, W. Va.) 1865-1903, December 14, 1888, Image 3

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To Loan.
Os Fir*t Mnrtffiurc Security on Ohio Re?l Ki
From one to flv?* ye*r?
Wuiit to buy J- Si
IiuuraUCV Hfid Ken I K*taUJ Agent
For Rent.
r'iiii'liixT aiTu-usK-Doui
J1 iiu'lin v-. itcMnn. ooruer hclmout aud 1
n t.'iir-i ?trwt. Ik-llalie, Ohio. ioiiulroof \
C A K K" >11- Ikllnlrr. Ohio. d,
t?ok rent?a dairy fai
1 ir.iiuiujc M- uer*?, two dwelling h?i
i ilurd mid out-building*. l'o.??o<
rlv.n April 1- For information Hppiy at
nllr< nor: tiyn-t of Wtiiflliiy. di
Jiulf BUST.
gerenU Ofiloct and Kooins.
Lo!k'I?>: Kuoium in Daily n niwi.
jell 11 t'i f.'hnpllne 8tre<
In ltelll} liliii'k, Corner Marl
mill Kourtceutli Streets.
The nit Hull??? the fourth floor, covoi
th? v?h"lr'kiIMIuj.', ami now occupied by
KnUlit-"' >' ?ifur?u. Thin is a large and
lUi; iiiry iiinl well lighted, and niltable for
(oria!:--!!*. public mwtliiKi and the like. If
,,| '.v the venr li will lie furnUhed and r<
r,l t,v wwk ur duv a? may be dolred. 1
brtilHi i he Ik reafn-r known hi ' Lyceum Mu
*:tii honrteeutli htreet. I'okacv
f]r?t iii-xt April.
u:i;iv i.iM??? Nob. Gaud 9 on third Hi
|\i'lli Hi ?'(! ?*.
A!."), oilli '* ItooniH Noh. 1, H and I on neci
I'ii"! "Ion of .No. u at once, and No
mil I April I.
Hi.. merit Hiloon tinder Hcbnepfa I)
. .rc. i"... m hi ii rat next April.
' Tin-entire bulldliiK In Mil.Muntlally conatn
cd. nr: l I i- ill modem conveniences, Includ
riir and natural jcas. ,
T/u,?e r>'"ina will he rented on reoaoua
i.,ri)i?r imrtliMilurM uimlv to
ri'i ,? r,...
: IQOOjnd 1311 Mn(ti -orce
For Sale.
1,i|lit'SALiwo TO 100 BAHUE
j . .ill1 I filler Vlncptr. frtll on or
(lrr? I' IH .M'V. t'oleraln. Ohio. del
jolt SALE.
Two lunjo <Jnr !? ?> Lotn, ?'ontiilnlti? l*rgo or
nirv frame dwelling and lar^e Malde,
j,.1 v r.i with >te?I rooduk), Mtuated
tiic.Nntioiial Pike and I he i'ltri:h Dlvlil
< ! tin- II. .v <i i'ullroinl. tti Valley (?ro?o, W. \
f>vuu miles from Wheeling. Will ?ell
bo.S No. 11.11 Muln itri'i''
:;a .'?<>?andSteelCompany.
:l .Slwn-s Warwick I'hlria < oiijjwuy.
In llonwood Null Mill.
-liar.- UilKhllu Null Mill.
!.'S!mr?nOhlo Valley Hank.
10 .simri-c Klver*i<lc (ilium Company.
lu chare# I'eubody Insurance < ompariy.
1. IHWin. a vent,
no.'I N'o. 21 Twelfth Rtrcel
A fir.t HavmhI, well equipped Jtakery can
purcluucd, together with ihc Kood-puyitiK tn
It til?yn, for? rwu^tmlile sum. A desire to i
In oilivr liHilni'>!> is the reason /or wautl
to H'll. Addrena,
m>* Al. Iv.. thl?ofllct
1,000 ACRES,
Twoinlles from Midd!cboume,Tyler coun
W. Vk., 000 hitch of which In In tine tlinlK?r.
no; l.'KO Market Street
UiiNdhu: Lots on the Old Fair Ground)*, Zati
Orrlmnl, North mid South Front Strccta a
Son ivun street*. ?t very low fl^ure*.
ti roomed House at ISHJ Jacob street
flrii-k House, 77 and 79 Virginia atrt
will M il m'|'iirule or both toother. They ei
Ultnill modern Improvement*.
Seven Koointd Ih>use. 137 South Broadway
p? I property ut tntieh lew* thau cost.
Kour ItiMiiued Cottage for SM5.
Kljcht IMotnel House, North Front st?
river lot; nil in pood condition; f3,:t00.
Five Koomod House, 21 North Broadway; v
mike it pleasant homo.
-it Itoomed Crick House, southwest con
Thirivtldith and Wood streets, at a barga
vi!l |??v i?r investment.
Dwelling iiouacn, largo and small, always
hand lor rent.
ivb 0 O. SMITH. iaa> Main Strac
(St) Tircntf-fonr Lots in Caldwell's Ad
Hon lo tlie City ol Wircllng.
Said l/iu nro bounded on the north by Twei
ninth street, on the cast by Fillmore atroot,
tht Mouth by tho Handbill Homestead, and
the wot liy the B. Ji 0. R. R.
Their proximity to the above named rallr
rtti l.-rs them excellent Kites I or mauufactur
If uot sold In thirty days will be Bold at p
lie auction.
For terms and further Information apply to
liJOO Market Btree
Or Wu.ua* M. Hakdlan,
I'lliS H. w. Cor. rhunUno A q|Ttw?nth Hi
Real Estate.
No. K) Fourteenth utreet: terms cosy.
I No. \y, Mlteenth street, Brick House, 5 roo
bulb tlui.Hliod utile, Illuminating i
natural |tn?.
No ir.'i Knff street, 9 roomed Brick House.
Nn l;(7 South firondway, 7 'ooms, illpmliiat
No. .'.I.', ami '.'JI'J Market atrcet. ,
No. l'-IOautl IUI2 Market Mriet. with (loll
brick on alley; runt* for SI.X9) |*cr auuuin.
No. 712 Mnin utrcet.
No Jr.v. Market Ntreet; ground a full lot.
No. wi riu|ilinc htrcct.
No. ti. Kleventh street.
No. 71"', Market street.
No. Gti /.me street.
No. W Ziinc street.
So. l o Twelfth street.
No. '.u.' McCollocli Hired.
No. Jult MhIii street.
N' At* i! Farm iM itcro* cleared, live mile* v
of M itmuornH. Washington vounty, Obi"
T?lm.| at will cxchuiiKo forc;lt>* prow
S'jjAcrei* on Oml'Hne Hill utid Klin ul
Row. 1'rlce froo.
No. 1^7 Sixteenth street,rooms fl
No. '.v<u U'.MMlti street -
No. :i\n Muia i?trcet. More-room 1
No. Market .?t.. store-room utul cellar..... 1
No. lui'j Market street, store-room ami two
room* 3
No. Market street, third lloor
* v Alley (\ two roontB
No. l, in icur of 211'i Water stro.-t
Ileal K?tAU* Agent, f. S. Pension and Claim
torney. Collector ami Notary Public.
r?r?oiu! Httcntlou given to Kentlng Hot
''olluetlug Itcnta, 1'urchaao nml sale of Real
Ul". i j.roM'i'tite (-'lalniH for I'ouaiou. Hon
Vv Notary Commliwlon tiled lu I'otiilon Ul
iVmlnn vouchor* certified, Deposition? take
lvo?loii elalms; I iced a, I.eitKH Agreement*
ptlier written Instrument* prepared. The
muni 01 Account" u kpi-cinu}-, snu |>iuui|>
turn* marie.
'?? !'! Orrifit; No. Jfll1-' Markft Sthki
Trustee's Sate.
l?y tirtuc of u ?1ee?l of trust raado by D
Kill!. Junior, ami Barbara. hU wife, to ui
tm?tcc, bearing data on the twelfth day of
?*ry. tti tho year olio thousand Olght hun
| ? '! rii:ht\-tlvi>, aud recorded In the ofuWJ 0
' I'-rk oi the Comity Court of ohl?? eouuy,1
\ iiiiuU. Ill Deed ol Truxl Hook No, V?M
1 ?:il proceed to soil ut nubile auction, at
fmnidimrof tho Court flouso of Ohio cot
In WhccllUK, W Va., ou
commencing ? in o'clock a. m? tho /olio1
rlN?d property, that is to aay: All that
hiin piece of Teal estate ?ituat? In the ell
Wheeling, In the county of Ohio, ami Htal
?*'?i Virginia, and particularly deicrlboo a
low*, that U to sav: thirty feel of lot nutnl:
one h'itiJr?*l ami ninety two, situated ou tin
M'lcof i hiipllue ktreet, in tliat part of tbo
ol Wheeling'knowuaa Centre Wheeling, I
all oi the same property which was convey
? ii iinriiiiriHiK uy i>*njri rcci nuu m-ui
Kutwll, ?|NH'i?l comralaaioneni, by deed ?'
November 17, and of record In tho olll
tlu*a?rkof the i'<>umy Court ol Ohio coi
Writ Virginia, In IHisl Ilook No. 76. pa*t
ttid <?.uu->o.i to Hie Mid David Kull. Junlo
11. U. Horubrook and wife by deed dated J
li InVi, which last mentioned deed la
?l record lu tht* oflloe of th# Clerk ol tbo Co
Court of Ohio County. Weal Virginia
ItiRNM or KALE?tino-tblrd oi the pun
money, or an much more a> tbe purchaser
t to pay, cjuIi Id band on tbe day of ault
thf vM.HK'In two equal InaUllnifHta, pa
rr?pecilveli lu oue and two yeara from tlu
?i mU\ with Intereat from tbat day, the
i hut-r to give hit notea, witb good MWurll
Hi'' deferred paymeut*. and tbo legal title
retained ai lurtbur accurlty until paymt
The title It belloved to bo pood, but Mil!
truitee 1 thai) convey ouljr auoh title * la*
lu m? by tbu above m?ntloued deed of trui
!>!.' Trw
' ? to the Intkujukncu Job Kooxi, n
*nd 71 Fourteenth utrtet, where you can 1
conu&odated at abort notioa.
-u. .Advice to Everyfcod
lock, who has a dlacMcd Liver la In nt onoe take pro
means to euro it. The function the Liver la :
j?Ilmh <! to Perform, ami on the riyular oxccutl
or which di-nends not only tlio general health of I
=2 body, hut tho powers of tho Stomach, Bowt
itniln, nnd tho wholo nervous system, shows
vast and vital Importance to human
I [email protected](
i?I' ,hould ran tho risk for a dado day of neglect!
tTnn this important organ, but should promptly get a ti
lh? of ?'t CalebrutaJ Liver Ml
,, i duo ny n.uaino BROS., I'ittaburvh, I'*., a
,.!j UM? According to direction* tbejr will euro y
?1_ promptly aud pcrmamntly. Around cach box h
wrupjicr giving full description of tbo symptom*
adlaeaacdLhrer. They can bo had of druggbta.
JQJ-Bowaro of CotnrruvxiTBmwleinBt. Loula.1
FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, P
ICt ?FOll
no' Knowing that the unfortunate bavo btcn Ii
L'Ht posed upon by unprincipled pretender* wl
charge heavily In advance,
W] ^1
on =aa^^H_ w'^v*y' M
Ion \
has adopted this plan: Hint he will charge notli
Ins for advice, consultation or treatment tint!
the put lent pronounce* himself well. Tiikoni.
- CKAHliR iikiso mauris kor mkmc1nk used uui
iso treatment.
Dr. Wilbur, Specialist,
Treats niiccowfullv chronic and long statidlni
, diseases, us those of the Head, Thro.tand Ltltiga
w,t Liver. Kidney and Heart complalnta; invetel
su* nte Dbeaw-s of the 'tmnach that have defied al
inK "ther methods; those fearful dint-awn ol th
Nervous System, arlslne from whatever causes
-crofula, liropsy. Paralysis, Kits. Fever Sore*
? Rheumatism. Neuralgia, Sciatica, Hono Deform
lilcK, Suit KhiMim. Erysipelas, I!end, 111
conditioned Ulcers, cyphillis, Kami I'olypui
Asthma, Hay Fever, Rom? (.'old. Winter Coughs
Chronic Diarrhccu aud Diabetes. All may Im
cured hy this wonderful system, if not 100 f&
ty udvauo d. I lone disease* cuted when nil meth
" imIh Imvu lulled.
Ladles who arc Buffering from complaint* P?
cullar to their bcx can consult the Doctor will
L every assurance of speedy relief and pcrmoneo
? euro without subjecting them to the embarrass
11ik prt-eedura of Hn exumitiMtlou, which in nin
ease* out o' ten I? unnecessary. Tho Doeto
purticuliirly invites all eases that Iimvo beei
ic's given up by other physicians.
>ud iWTho Doctor will romovo ono Tapo Wore
free of charge; also straighten the first case o
i it cross Eyes that presents Itself at the hotel Kitten
?t. Consultation and Examination Free.
BU" OFFICE HOURS?From 10 o. m. till y p. m,
; a Sundays excepted.
Tumor* nnd Concert rmortil vithnul pain or th
... Mrs. Peter Deapot. of Syracuse, a former resl
rI11 dent of Oswego, at 182 Fast Second street, who*
iihiuo before marriage was Ellen Hacict wa
jcr cross-eyed 1' years. Dr. Wilbur miido them i?ei
in; feetly straight in one minute without pain.
Mr. Michael Daly, of Anroru, N. Y., was blini
on eight yearn; wax treated by many eminent occti
lists. nnd spent hundreds of dollars without rt
t- celvlng any benefit. Dr. Wilbur treated hiir
and he can nets as well iu when a boy.
Mr. C. H. McUuiro, superintendent of xh
carding department, standard Yarn Mills, n?w<
,11. R?'? im<lKir' that was paralyzed in both llinlm
ul* could not walk or aland to save her life. Di
Wilbur eure<l her, And iho cau walk as well a
any oue.
ity M1?h Mary Anderson, who live* at the Mttli
oo John Home, Oswego, ha* had female troubles fc
on years, fhe was treated by ptiysiclans in tfyn
ense. Oswego and other places, but grew worn
sad loft 15 jMiui.ds of flesh, ipent all the mouey sb
ins carried with doctors, she has been treatln
with Dr. Wilbur only a (ew weeks and s'nti
ub nhe feels like a new woman,
John Lontz, 1* Weeehor street, Syracuse, ha'
i stone in his bladder since lust May. lie was ut
successfully operated on twice by Hyracuse phj
t sleians. Dr. Wilbur removed it uud the boy i
all well.
Mrs. William Wbellhan. SO Turtle street, fiyn
<23 euse, hud a tumor ot eye for uluo yearn. Di
Wilbur removed it. its position rendered Its n
moval a delicate o|H?rutlou. The duct betweo
? thoeyoand uoso wss nlso closed up, caiisln
teutH to constantly run over her cheek. II
otMMJed a passage and she is now well.
Mrs. W. K. Hlrdsfll.of Auburn. K. Y.. had f
male trouble for years. Dr. Wilbur cured he
m'? /fcbf says he now feels as well ua a girl,
"id Thomas (irnhara, ??Ninth street. Auburn, wi
deaf for tiro years, could hardly hear the loudo
convur-atlon. Dr. Wilbur o|>e rated on lmn an
ltiir l.ltn tu.rmn mm tie ?n hit nnw hiuim
urn. vsiiUpt-T ??r u watch tick.
Mr Jatni'i) Mclwn. of Utlon. N. Y? wvon
1 years hk<? tia?l scarlet fevor, which whji followi
by ncuto ((right's rtiscn&e ot the kidney*, II
swelled all over ami mm blind tor two week
nr. NVIIbnr troatcd him ntid to day ho weaves J
the factory and |m a well man.
Mis- Khtle Kearnes. of til Hroniion id reef, O
wctro, had eight tnok'H on her face, which I)
Wilbur removed without tho use of the kul
and not causing any |>al?.
The alnivortrc only a tew of the many testlra
nla's reeclveil by the Doctor. Many are will
held from publication by request of the partli
r0*' concerned.
: ? The D.ietnr invites correspondence from pe
r,>'? pie at ii distance, but never answers any lette
?V0 unlcm they contain two stamps dcHH?*w
ELYS Qatar rt
5 oo Cleanses thoj
?? No8a,Pa8aaBo,.|^^?SH^
SS All*v? Pn'nar"1K|^ftVER?2 ft.
Inflammation,1^7 Jjfd
Al Heals theSoros.j?* /
mm, Restores t h eBMHp^<^sJB
jjty. Senses of Taste HP
" In and Smell. ^
TKV tho CURE. hay-fevei
rL A particle I* applied Into each nostril and
rr lurecukle. Price so cent* at rinigsrlats: by ma
?? rok'UN'red, 60 cents. ELY BROTH EIW, M Wi
ran street. Now York. JaMtwrA*
- |-|TesT8P?LU?EE
.. an INbKVt HtaiUHtn
Hmtr?r ?a n?*i? ? x??'? i"'"**" "?
Jon Hm Ar f/rrvt Affft'tom, F\it, ?pitri+p, rtfi
(Irotl If Uk?? M ?>?' ? <> **
[ till- Hxrit rfn?? MV Tr??llM nd IS lri?1 bollU fTM M
kVM* I
inljr. i "" ???
inc Sip medal, parib, iff
y^o'i ttft BAKER'S
S ?u.BrtMCl)?
dty Warrant*! atnolulrly j>?
>elUK from which tho e*w?
W*A? mrjvk\ Oil hu bm rnnorcd. It ha*//
iiitoli nl i Hu tima ,he i,r v<h ot Coco* rol:
CO of /toll II PVU wlth 8uuth? Arrowroot or fioj
IHf If Blift ??dutherefore farmoroecono
ir h? 111 III ft m <*! >**lixo Uu than om een
iH'nu- nrg w p 9 DR fup' u u <,pUe,OM' R?url,hl
duly Hh II DIM aUvngthMUng.caally digested.?
unty 2V 11 il fJIL admirably Adapted for lnvaUdi
U II lUUM wrll m for pfBonw In healthmar
Sold by flroma trwiflw
i. BAKER & CO,, Dorehester, Mai
pur- 1 1 11 *
J: to Professional Cards.
Ing m vT
]*. AJ?D
General Insurance Agent,
U1S Market St., Wheeling, W. V
<8, ?TCollection* promptly attended to. In
of. 7b anew tollcltod In wheeling, and In all part
M ao- Weat Vlrelnla. t'au plaoo Imuran oe at loi
fatal and in beat companion aplfrM
- f 1n Intelligencer,
omce j No?. *JA and *7 Pouri?nth Htrnt.
Great deeds are trumpeted; loud bells are rung,
ion And men turn round to see
h" TLe high peak* echo to the peana aung
? O'er souie great victory.
And yet Kraii deed* uru low. The mightiest
Kind opportunities but now and tbeu.
? tihall one ?lt Idle through long day* of peace
^ Waiting for walls to scale?
T Or lie in port until some"(iolden Fleece"
J% Lures blm to face tbe gaje?
1'bvre'ii woik enough; wby Idly, tbun, delay?
ng Lilt work counta most who labora every day.
Ik, A torrent sweepa adown the mountain's brow,
nd With foam and Hash and roar.
ou Anon Its strength is spout, where is It now?
i a Its own short day la o'er.
of But the clear stream that through the meadow
?0 All the summer on its mission goes.
9 Better the steady flow: the torrent's dash
? Soon leaves it* reut track dry,
,_ The light we love is not a ligli tiling Hash
E From out a midulgbt sky,
uui me awcci Minsniue, wuobo uniainng ray.
From the calm throne of blue, light* every day.
The sweetest lives nre those to duty wed,
Whose deeds, both great uud umall.
Are close-knit strands of one unbroken thread,
Where lovecnnoblet all.
^ The world may souud uo trumpet*, ring no
^ bells,
The Book of Life the ubinlng record tell*.
n> QLErK "iKTlNG^
10 There are 3,000 postmistresses in tlie
They have arrested a man in Philadelphia
for stealing curbstones.
A citizen of Topeka was amputated <
the other day from a fifty-six pound 1
A man in Trance lias imported a carload
of sorghum cane seed from Sterling, *
Kaa. J
Of tho 200 goldbeaters of New York
not one is a woman, while of the 1)00
goldcutters not 0110 is a man.
A ben which is said to have hatched 1
urwi .l-U .
eggs it) one of tlio curiosities of Within- t
cooche, Flu. ,
Frank Nolan, a workman on tho Bon- n
uington (Vt.) monument, fell n distance '
of seventy feet, but emerged with a few y
bruises. i
When on infant, fifty-four years ano,
Bernard Meyer, of Omaha, swallowed a
needle, and It has just escaped from under
his left shoulder.
A Chicago paper, in trying to refer to
"the late lamented," gets it: "The laU* p
lieutenant," and what makes it worse is a
the fact thai it was a woman. ^
Ernest Geyer, better known as "Gen. I!
Tom Ponce," a dwarf, who has been ex- "
hibited in .Europe and America, died of u
'j old age last week at Cleveland.
r The holiday shopper is like an ant at li
'* work in his hill. He is always going
with all his might somewhere, uml
whenever he gets to wherever ho is goff
ing he starts back.
' Chandler Jones, a burglar, wasidenti1
fi*d at llazlehurst., Ua., by tooth marks
* left in an apple where he had committed p
i| a robbery. One of the prints was of an
* ingrowing tooth.
" Why, Allie, dear, is that the way to j1
'? begin yourdinner?" asked a mother of J"
b her little daughter, as sho began with ?
r the pie. "Well, I declare, mamma, i 11
' was going to eat my dinner upside down, )s
wasn't IV" 11
'J An eccentric Methodist preacher in
, Madison county, Tennessee, delivered 01
e an address on a certain occasion and di- 11
J vided his subject into the following three ^
heads: First, Will-ability; second, Do- ai
a ability; third, Stick-ability. r*
'[ The poBtal card factory?the only one 1
in this country?is a part of tho Rreat
establishment of tho Fort Orange Paper .
,, Company at Castleton, near Albany.
These works employ 200 hands and oc*
cupy a tract of thirty-live acres of land.
A wanderer somewhere in the wilder- t(
* ness of New York has a ring whose like jj
b is not to be found in any cpnalrv. as it |,,
is set with five diamonds, respectively o
. red, blue, brown, canary and coiFco color 0
^ ?colors which it is out of the jeweler's
; power to match. n
'' A Boston shoe house advertised for a h
c foreman in one of their factories, clos- p
* ingthus: "Address, stating experience o
p| and salary expected, box 3,211, Boston." tl
* They received an answer, superscribed: ti
"Suiting experience and salary expected, 1.
ir box 3.211. Boston." d
t- . - . ?? g!
?* Kant ltullroiulTiiuo.
j, H'arhinatou, l'a., Reporter.
? The fastest time over made on tho 0
,j Wheeling and Pittsburgh division of
i- the B. & 0. Kaiiroad, was run between
[ Coffee's station and Washington Saturday,
the fltli, by Kugineer Harry Bolton, J'
i- engine 010, mail train No. 4. The dis- 11
[ tanco is live miles. It was run in six 0
n minutes and stopped. Train No. 4 was o
g delayed 17 minutes at Wheeling and ar- ?'
v' rived at Pittsburgh on time. The second
u. mile was made iu 58 seconds; the third 1
r. mile was luade in 51) seconds. This 8
time equal* any made by limited mails J
on any road in the world. Conductor (
il Sen air, Jerry Knight and Engineer Bol- w
H ton kept the record. 1
!| American Pnpcr the Ho?t. 1:
' > .V. 1*. PrtM. H
!i Not long since Mr. Tiflauy said that '
when he began business nearly all the u
J" stationery lie sold was imported. To- J
fc day, thanks to tho tarill, tho finest *
uraucB of pajier are made at home and '
[J; imported stationery is tho exception. 1
? Amnrinnn Htutionerv is trood CllOUirll for [
the Pros and ougfit to be good enough J
? for the most exalted American. It is (
onlv Anglomaniacs and superlative
. dudes, who have more money than
| braiiiB, who would import their note j
paper. Meantime it might bo well to ?
remember that "English note" and
"Irish linen" nnd Cihugow "linen" are
merely brands of paper, all of which are t
manufacturwd in llolyoke and other
famous naper towns by good, honest,
protected .American labor.
Moral of lit* lllruiliigluuu Trugmly.
Chicago Inter Oct (in.
The midnight tragedy at Birmingham, .
Ala., carries a wholesule moral. The law j
.1 of the laud is supreme. Neither An=
archist or vigilance committee?the two ,
( extremes of lawlessness, the one seekjg
ing to destroy law altogether and the (
,11, other to execute its functions by un- .
?" authorized persous and methods?can .
L prevail against the Sheriff of the county,
provided he be the right man in the
right place and that he be furnished, as
the Birmingham Sheriff was, with proper
weapous of defense.
Mnjor McKlnley In lllght.
Akron Deacon,
Whether he is correctly "reported or
not, there is common sense in the warn
inif nftriluitoil fn tfoKinlnv nirflinut thn
talk of the Republican party being now
? insured for twenty-fivo years of power,
and that if the party is to win again in
18U2 it will be upon what it does beatwecn
1888 and tlmt time. Right here
in Ohio, for instance, it would be very
1 easy to turn the State over to the Pemocrats
at tho next election by too much
' <* faction feeling.
m ,
[JJ Persons, and especially children, are
i a subject to this agonizing complaint,
nj which often comes on suddenly in the
u>6 night and without any previous warnia?
ing. Simmons I.iver Regulator should
always be at hand. A single dose will
. generally allay the pain, ft never fails
g in giving relief. It is harmless, and can
m be civen with safety to a child of the
aa tenuerest age. mwfaw
IllUklcn'd Arnica 8#lre.
The best salve in tho world for outs,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
1 corns, and all skin eruptions, and positively
cures piles, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfac*
tion, or money refunded. Prica 25 cents
?ur- per box. For salo by Logan & Co.
Ot I I
*" "Milk-Ekd" Crotchet has no equal.
A fiood Piece of Beading for Thoao Who
Love Home.
"I've been watching an old-fashioned
girl' for quite a long while," says a writer
in the Fitchburp Sta/int/, and I want to
tell you something about her."
Her dresses, etc., were made in modern
style; but, bless you! she was so old-fash|
ioned that she arose in the morning when
her mother did,helped set the table neatly,
and cooked one or two dishes daintily,
her "own self."
Klie had "graduated*" yet she did not
think because of that fact that the kitchen
was not good enough for her, 0. no!
8ho was so much "behind the times that
she actually washed thedishes, made her
bed, dusted, and then began preparations
for the pudding for dinner. Now wasn't
alio absurd, when alio (following the ,
accustomed rut) should have been lying ,
ou the parlor sofa with the latest novel
in her hand and her pug dog beside her?
When her little brother came in crying ;
because his kite was broken instead of ,
calling him a "horrid boy," as is the ,
fashion to do in some houies, she help- .
ed with her own hands to mend it. IIow
could she he in such small business? }
After dinner had been cleared away |
she produced a small work basket and
proceeded to mend the family stockings. t
Shocking! After her task was completed ,
Bhe accompanied her mother on a shop- t
ping expedition, and although she met
many fine-looking gentlemen, she did
not llirt with any of them, for don't you
know, she was ho antiquated she would
have been shocked at the idea. As if f
it wasn't elevating to the intellect to be '
)ii the watch /or some masculine person I
to fascinate! J
The girl of whom I am telling you Jl
was pretty looking, with a bright, f res Ik
?i-.:.. t I.1
""IUI 1U HCI lake, UlUU^IIk UM >/,T ^IVUIJ .
>f exercise in the open air and in the J1
kitchen. But I can't begin to tell yon '
naif thin queer girl did, /or you know J
ihe was ho old-fashioned that she did j!
iv hat ever good deeds came into her heart 1
:o do; and Jjer heart wassuch an an- *
ique affair that only pure, noble ('
houghts entered it. Her home was 1'
nade bright and sunny by her presence. 11
ind yet she was not so perfect that she P
'died young." 0, no! She lives to-day a c!'
rirl who has "no secrets" from her !*
other! l>
. ? H
How to ChIii Jflmli nuil .Strength.
Use after each meal Scott's Emulsion
;ith Hypophosphites. It is its palatable w
t* milk, and easily digested. The raidity
with which delicate people imirove
with its use is wonderJul. Use it W
nd try your weight. As a remedy for ...
lousumption, Throat affections and
ironchitis, it is unequaled. Please read:
I used Scott's Emulsion in a child eight
lonths old with good results. He
iiined four pounds in a very short
irne."?'Tno. {'him, M. L>., Alabama.
UU?l?U ol
m 01
What makes our homo so hanny, *<.
o\v? Because Ma uses "Mile-End, 1 \\
ow. 1)1
? bl
Tho Hog Trust will make the lover of {?
ork chops bristle with indignation. U]
I have been badly troubled with ca- tl
irrli from my earliest recollection and C1
a\e tried everything imaginable for it, jJj
ut never derived any permanent help' to
ntil 1 used Ely's Cream Balm. It is S<
orking wonders.?A. H. Viets, Super* i>
itendent PubliCSchool, Coleman,Texas, pi
Ely's Cream Balm has completely 'h
ured me of a long standing case of ca- U
irrh. I have never yet seen its equal gi
9 a cure forcoMs in the head and head- ee
che resulting from sueh colds. It i? a
imedy of sterling merit.-?E. L. Crosly,
ashvllle. Tenn. mwkaw tii
' A
You can never judge a man's sorrow li:
y the sighs of his hut band.
??? C
Tho Vordlct llnntiunoim. \(
W. D. Suit, Druggist, Bippus. Ind.,
is tides: "I can recommend Electric ol
litters as the very best remedy. Every ct
ottle sold has given relief in every case. M
ne man took six bottles, and was cured
f rheumatism of 10 years' standing."
.brnlmm llare, druggist, BcHville, Ohio.
Iflrms: "The best selling medicine 1
ave ever handled in my L'O years' exerience,
is Electric Hitters." Thousands
f others have added their testimony, so M
aat the verdict is unanimous that Klec- 111
ic Bitters do cure all diseases of the JJ
iver, Kidneys or Blood. Only a half %l
ollara bottle at Logan & Co. s drug
Lore. 2 w
* * of
Somo grocers' 'scales never Jearn the {"
rror of their weighs. Jjj
* ir
Doc* It l'ay T C<
Throe-fourths oi our people are troub- J}!
jd with Dyspepsia or Liver Complaint ti
a somo form or other, which by nature 4
f the disease has a depressing influence w
n the mind or body, preventing them
rom thinking or acting clearly in any "
mtter of importance. Indigestion, com- (J
ng up of food after eating, dyspepsia, w
ick headache, acidity of the stomach or "
ny derangement of the stomach or liver $
upon which tho whole action of our m
ystem depends) are speedily and ellec* l"
ually overcome by the usettf Green't
Lugtut Flower. The most stubborn cases
luve yielded to its influence, as tUou- 0
ands of letters received will testify, u
'he immense sale of this medicine is [j
nother guarantee of its merits, (over a A
uilliou and a half bottles sold last year.) a
lo we ask, will it pay you lo sutler from g
,ny of the above diseases when you can ^
lave immediate relief in the Augxut
Flower. Three doses will prove its worth. c
t is sold by all druggists and general [i
lealers in all parts of the world, daw E
A girl always wants a fellow to tie a
rue-Tover's knot when she gets him on
he string.
A Woman'* DUtoyury.
"Another wonderful discovery has
>een made and that too, bv a lady in this
iountv. Disease fastened its clutches
ipon her, and for seven years she withitood
its severest tests, but her vital orpins
were undermined and death {J
seemed imminent, for tnrco monins r
ihe coughed incessantly and could not (>
deep. .She bought of us a bottle of Dr.
King's New Discovery for consumption,
ind was so much relieved on taking the
Qrot dose that she slept all night, and
tvith ono bottle hus been miraculously
ured. Her name is Mrs. Luther Lut*.
rhus writes W. C. Uamriclc <fc Co., of
Shelby, N. C.?Get n free triul bottle at ,
Logan & Co.'s drug store. 2
SniLon's Vitalizeri8 what you need
for Constipation, Loss of Appetite, Dizziness,
and all symptoms 01 Dyspepsia.
Price 10 and 75 cents per bottle.
Croup, Whooping Cough and Bronchitis
immediately relieved by fclhiloh's
Tub Rev. George IJ. Thayer, of Bourbon,
Ind., says: "Both myself and wife
own our lives to Shiloli's Consumption
Cure. Sold by W. E. Williams and C.
Mpnkpmillrr. kqw
1> Dr. BULL'S facilitate* Seething auu
KlDV CVDIID rcitQUtMtiwBawds* A*
JjADT 01nllr alldrcgeUU.Prlotgscti.
imiMllllia M w 1
Qlll I ?C Cures Coughs, Colds,
DULL w Hoarseness, Asthma,
Bronchitis, pAI |A II Croup,Incipient
Con-bUUbn sumption,
and relieves Cons"mp- CV D|in
tive Persons. 25 cents, g | nlll
tunrc I'/iors cubeb ciatsinch t<>7ciSMOKE
frtn 10 C?. lUMlnnMU,
Never put cold bridlo bite in yoi
horses' mouths. If you have no othe
way of warming them hold them in yot
hands a few minutes.
The stalls should be aa dry as It is poi
sible to have them. A horse will sufle
it he has to lie upon a wet or even
moist lloor when the weather is cold.
The crop acreage of the United Kinf
dom is practically at standstill. The it
crease from 1878 to 1888 was only frot
47,326,615 acres to 47,876,814 acres.
While prospect* point to good price
for good fat sheep late in the win
tor there is seldom a winte
when mutton can be made cheaper thai
this one. Feed is plenty, the season s<
far is mild, and everything is in tin
feeder's favor. The man who has thi
stock can make mutton at a minimum o
Within less than threo months thi
Fiftieth Congress will have linished iti
work. The session bids fair to bo verj
i)uny one, ana its nours win iiKeiy u?
fully occupied up to the closing. If
.ben, legislation affecting agriculture ir
my wuy is desired must be pushed witl.
igor to receive attention. The Fifty
Irst Congress, unless an extra session h
railed, will not be ready for business foi
i year yet. aud anything desiring to bt
lone before that time should be done
tow. Those who have anythiug tc
>ress upon the attention of their repreentatives
should lose no time.
An international gathering of men inerested
especially in agriculture would
>oa novelty; but such a gathering in
iroposed in connection with the Paris
Exhibition of 1881). The meeting is to
?e called an International Agricultural
'ongress, and is to be held September
2th to 20th inclusive. Among the subnets
to be disclosed are the following:
1) The Agricultural Crisis in Different
,'ountries, its Intensity, Causes and
Remedies; (2) Loan Societies for the
tunil Districts, Lund Hanks, and Conolidation
of Scattered Parcels of Land;
5) Agricultural Education and Agriu
I turn I Stations; (4) Industrial Farmjg
an.l Agricultural Industries. This
oints to Hoinething practical in the outline,
and it is certainly possible that the
eliberations ami conclusions of such a
odjMuay be of value to the agricultural
hen lluby wan Mick, we gave her Cuxtoria.
hen she was a (.'liihl, she cried for (.'astori*,
hen she henune MIm. i>hc cIuiik to Castorla,
hen bhe had Children, the cave them Co* tor I a.
Advlct* to Mother*.
Are you disturbed at night and broken
' your rest by a sick child suffering and
ying with pain of cutting teeth? If
i, nt-iju hi olifu uuu it'ei u ikjiuu oi 1uks.
'inhlow's Sootuinci Syrup fokChiluen
Teething. Its vulue is inealcula- j
lo. It will relievo the poor little sufrer
immediately. Depend upon it'
others, there is no mistake about it. It
irea dysentery and diarrhoea, regulates
ie stomach and bowels, cures wind
lolic, softens the gums, reduces the iniiwnation
and gives tone and energy
i the whole system. Mra. WinslowIj
jothino Sykui' vor children tltrth;o
is pleasant to the taste, aud is the
ascription of one of the oldest and
.'st female nurses and physicians in the
nited States, and is for sale by all drugsts
throughout the world. Price 25
into a bottle. uwimw
Ark you made miserable by IndigesDn,
Constipation, Dizziness", Loss of
ppetite, Yellow Skin? Shiloh's Vitamer
is a positive cure.
Why will you cough when Shiloh's
nro win give luimeuiaie renei. rnce
1 eta., 60 eta. anil $1.
A Nahal Injector freo with each bottle
Sbiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50
fnta. Sold by W. E. Williama and C.
enkeDiiller. daw-how
Im Fen hires ot tl?? Dluuey nnd block Mnr.
New York, Dcc. IS.?Money on call easy at 3
per cunt; Inst loan 3 per cent; closed offered
2 per cent. Priino mercantile paper 4%aG%
r cent. Sterling exchange quiet but firm at
M^a-I Sales of NtockH ltVI.&ll shares.
To-day's stork market wo* less Interesting
an nny of it* predecessors f<?r the twit few
ueks, being more thun usual under the control
the professional element, which seesawed
lees up and nowa several times, with their
nirish inclinations showing iu the downward
1ft of values. The opening was (|Uletandat
regular hut generally Iiigher figure* and Jersey
ntral was conspicuous with a gain of % per
>nt. This advantage won further increased Ja
le early trading, but the temper of the siteculoan
coon underwent u chunge, and Hlchmond
West Point preferred an<l Hock island became
inspicuou* for the deeliues.
liefore noon there was a full recovery, howrcr,
aud the best prices of the day generally
ere reached In the afternoon the murkct repsed
into dullness, and while there was o genul
downward drill to t>rice? the movements
ero small and unimportant until the last hour,
hen inure weakness was developed aud the mari't
closed quiet but heavy to weak generally at
actional losses f.?r the day. The aciivo list Is al
ost invariably lower. Hlchmond A West I'olnt
referred Is down 2 per cent and Hock island l,'-?.
i tali road bonds dull: sales 9857,000.
Uovernmeutaud Stuto bonds dull and steady.
bonds *hi> stock, hvotxtjomh?closed bid.
. 8. in reg 127U Nash Si Chat. 81
. 8.4s coupon 128% New Jersey Central U134
.8.4>$?rcg low), Northern Pacific.... 24%
,8.4%coupon liwk do preferred - 68k
dams Express 14:i Chicago Si N. W 1W%
mericati ExpresiullO do preferred 13G&
atiada Southern... New York Ccntral..lW7Ji
L-utrul i'acitic S4 Ohio Si Mississippi. 20%
hesapeaWeJiOhlo. l"| i do preferred - Nl
do first preferred. 14% Pacific Mull 35
do second prePd. I.Vh Pittsburgh 155J
. C. C. A 1 M Head I iik - 4C^
Oliver & H. 0 1C St. L. dt 8. F 24*i
rle 25% do preferred - ?* ?
do preferred Co do first preferred..! 10}*
ort Wayne -151 C. M. & St. Paul.... ?&,
[ansasikTexas iH'i do preferred -Ml
ake F.iieJc West... Ifik Texas Pacific.... 2t%
do preferred - 4UV? Union Pacific 62
ake Shore United StutcsEx.... "4
oulsvllle Si Nash- M W.. St. L. Si I? 12%
N. A. ?fc C ........ 37 do preferred - 23Ji
le in phis A Clms... Ml Wells-Fargo Ex 139
lichlgun Central... 85 Western Uulou 82; u
Ussouri Pacific-... 7a
HreiidatufTa mid Provision*.
New York, Dec. 13.?Flour, receipts 21,000
ackages; exports 2,215 barrels: 2,837 sacks;
narket firmer and more active; sales 14,1W) burels.
Wheat, receipts42,277 bushels; sales 3,800,i)0
bushels of futua-saud 16, ooo bushels of spot;
pot market strong; ungraded red 91 0G%; No. 2
hieago 11 13; No. 2 Milwaukee 91 cai*\ options
lore active: No. 2 red December 91 i&uu
losing at 91 (6%: January 91 07ul 07y., closing
191 0"<}i; February 91 08Vo?l W, closing al
1?f\V. March 9110)4; April |l U%\ May 91 P-'Kb
13)closing at 91 rJjij; June |1 l'Jk. Hurley
leady. Corn, receipts 66,103 bushels; exports
98.814 bushels: sales 664. UA) bushels of futures
ud 152,000 bushels of spot: spot market uioder*
tely active; ungraded mixed J7a47,V-*: options
lull; December 46>$c: January 46kc; February
i)'4*t7f, closing at 46%c; May 46a46*{c, closing
X 4ftVic; June Oats, receipts 83,WW
mshels; exports &J0 busnels: sales 25,001
lushels of futures ati'f 117,000 bushels of stxit;
narket moderately active; spot No. 2 white
.' c; mixed western 2y>Co32c; whito do 33a4Wj.
lay and hops quiet. Coffee, steady and H0a4C
Mints down: sales 108,000 bags; Dei-ember 14.Uou
; January 15.uni15.3&0; February ir>.15o
540c; March la.'JHil '.Wo; April 15.2Ual5.Vic; May
5.iSal5..V>c; Juno Jik.KalA.GUc: July |i.V45al5.Wc;
I u gust 15.45a15.G6c; September 15.45al5.G5c; Oeto
Kir 15.65c. Sugar, steady; refined firm. Kyu
irin. Tallow unsettled; city steam GJ^c. Rosin
iniut. Tur|a>ntlue firm anu quiet at 46c. Eggi
Heady: western 22J4a23c. Cut mcati qulut
Ijiril weak; western steam n.45c; Deooniber o.3'o
lanuary8.20c; February 8,23c; March 8.30c; Apri:
L25p; May tt,;<2c; June 8,26c. ltutter*eiuy ami
inlet: western dairy liavtc; do creamery lOaaic.
:hee*c ?wiy: vroicrn Wk\\yAo.
CniCAOO. D?<\ 13.?Wheat traa mrongcr to-dai
ind a good KpiM ulatlvu buMiicna wiu trunwictcd
'orii atcody and higher. Out* quiet. I'rovUioui
inixlcruU'ly active. Flour firm and unchanged
Wheat, ca*h No. 2 upriiig SI ib>?; No. 3 aprin^
II uual Ui; No. '2 red 91 of>yt; December f 1 06k
lanuary 11 Ofi^al 07>.?. closing at 81 07k;. JJaj
|110J**1 lift, cloning at 51 ll'i. Corn. cwhNo
t, l>cvewber aud Jtinuun 3fyiSVUc.; May STJic
Data. caiib No. '2, Dctrt^ber and Jauuary J0;?c
Itye. No. 2, Wc. ltorloy. No. 77c. KIaxa?ed
H M. Timothy aevd ft 50. Mom pork, cut
ji:i Main 62}{: December 913 47k; Januarj
113 W; May913U7k. I-ard, ciuh anil Decern be:
u.lOc: January 7.Ujc; May Xtacou, ahor
rib* 7.10c: (boulder* 7.lwa7.1jj<jc; ihort clea
*.37!?i7..'Oc. Whlaky 9> ?. ?ug?r?. cutloalm
^c;rranuwiea /^c; umaara A uauc
pmt: fancy Klvin crmmery aiaXki; choice went
pp 'Av'JTt; lancy dairy'.Mai'v. Kggadullat 21c
Cincinnati, Dec. 13.?Flour dull. Wtoea
dull; No. 2 red tl (M. Cora steady: No. 2mix*
86c. Oat* steady; No. 2 mixed 77*27Sc. Ry?
ilull: No. 2, Mc. 1'orktlrm ut 11 1 (UaH 25. Lur.
firm at 8.00o. Bulk nnu and bacon stead,
uud unchanged. Whisky steady at f 1 H. IIui
ter. sugar aod cbeeae Arm. Era steady a
Baltimore, Md.. Dec. 13.?Wheal, wester
firm aod higher; No. 2 winter red spot and IH
cember v>,'?cafi 00; January |i oi?4; Pcbruar
il ui'^ai uis. corn, weaicrn quiet aud steadj
mixed spotttl'c; January 42ftai3%o: Kebrutr
48}?a4S)te. Oau firm; we?teru white 32a.iv
do mixed 29a31c. Rye quiet at 63c. llay tlrm
House * Herrmann'i
I Cash Prices.
: Holiday
r ??*
0 We will sell you ($10) t
1 one dollar cash and (50) fifty
' ($20) twenty dollars wori
a one dollar per week.
9 A fine line of goods suitat
3 consisting of
j Plush, Polished and Mar
Plush, Reed and Rattan
Music Racks. Clocks. Di
And a full line of Housel
Mammoth Furniture, Car
1300 Ma
X^Also a complete ass
sisting of Plush Coats, Jacket
and Newmarkets, on easy We
Cash Prices.
J* ^vtCS J-11"9'
X pe?ctt???w vcf
1 iLutitly- S^fcontra^i
Burn*i v,y an out1* w
I c?n be ^ ,t n?r**,-J
1 tiimenta !*: crrcW
Thus the '* Mustai
Makes MAN or B
Sewing Machlnes"SATe
Wo aro BolllnR Revving Machines nt Rrcatly
dealing direct with uh you wive the agent's conn
made. Wc handle the
Standard, White, Howe, t
We will nell on time ami lease Machine*, i
meats. Call* write or telephone us for jmrticula:
Needles anrl attachment* for all Machines.
EDWARD L, ROSE & CO., 65 1
wis Where Wq Have Be
prime to choice timothy SI" 00al8 00. Hulter dull
and easy: wwtcru packed and t>est roll 2Ua24c:
creamery 28a32c. Errs steady at 22a23c. Coflec
quiet; Hio fair at I7j^c.
I'liiLADRLi'iiiA, Pa., Pcc. 13.?Flour quiet.
Wheat dull: No. 2 red December 81 ois/A: .anuaryll
txifti; February SI W%ul 0.V, March 81 OT^a
I UOU: May $> W>^al 10. Com demand liROt;
new mixed 33%c: new No..'(mixed 37c: No. mixed
December 42%a43}?c; January 42%?43Kc;
February 43a43^c; March 43%a44c; May 4to4fic.
Oats, dull: No. 3 white 33%c-;No. 2 white3T>}{c;
futures quiet: No. 2 December 34j*e; January
MVjMUjc; February, 35j4a35}ic; March 3&)$i30c;
Slay 35?ja3fij?c.
Toi.kdo, O., Dec. IS.?Wheat firm and higher;
cafch 81 OlHal U^; January fl 04%; May
SI USJi. Corn steady: No. 2 3o){c: May 37%c.
Oats nominal; eiiMti 27c Cloverecod steady:
cosh 8i 00: February S*? 17*4;
Chicago, Dcc. 13. ? Cattle?Receipts 11,000
head; shipment* 4,000 head: market steady;
Christmas to 75; Ue*ve? ?t lf>a5 25; stem 00*
4 2a; blockers and feeder* 31 40a3 lo; Tuxanr gi 40
h3 'JO. Hogs? Receipts 20,000 head; shipments
1.000 head; market mow nnd steady; mixed and
light fti KM 36; heavy to 20a5 -45; Hkips 83 40a4 00.
.Sheep?Receipts 10,(KM) head: shipments 2,000
head; market dull and 10a20olower: natives S3 00
a4 #0; western 83 25a 140; Tcxans $325a.>40; lurnbs
13 73a5 75.
East I.ibkrty, Pa., Dec. 13.?Cattle?Uccclptu
1,260 head: shipment* l,21ti head: nothing dotug;
all through consignments. Hogs? Itecuipt*
3,500 head; shipment# 3,500head; market Ilrin;
Philadelphia* to 40a5 60; mixed to I0a5 45;
Yorkers to 45a& .'-0; common to fair to30ar? 35;
pigs 85 '25o5 W), Sheep?Receipts 1,200head: shipment
1.G00 head;nothingdoing on account of
nothing on sale.
Cincinnati, l)ec.IS.?IIor* more active ami
higher; common and light $150a525; packing and
l)iitcliem to 10*5 JW; receipts 6,010 head; shipment*
2,000 head.
Nkw York, Dcc. 13.?Petroleum opened excited
at90}6c, %c above last night's closing, and
In first minutes sold'all the way from yo??c to
'J0%c at almost the same lustaut. The market
soon (|Uli'tc'(l down, however, and tno price
sagged off to 89>te hut rallied later nml clo?cd
linn ut 'Ju%c; torn) Male* 1,6M),OOU barrels.
On. City. Dec. 18.?Petroleum opened nt DOKc:
highest wjin; lowest H9?c: cloncd ut 'JO%fi: snlc#
l.ulft.ouo barrels; clearance* 21-\UU0 barrels; char
t?*rN 2,222 barrels; shipments 65,238 burrelH; rune
M, 102 barrel*.
Pittsbwhoh, Pa., Dec. 13.?Vctroleum ectlvt
and liriuer; oj>cneil ut VO^c; closed at
highest Wjic: lowest w^e.
Tituhyim.k, Pa., Dec. 13.~Oponed nt 90}$c,'
highest ?0%c; lowest Kl^e; closed at 90*ic.
New York, Dec. 13.?Copper weak; Inkc 917 20
Lead quiet aud steudy at ?1 '1 in quiet
wtraltaff.'l M.
Plumbing, Cas& Steam Fitting,
GeOSberd & Son,
Successors to Thompson & Illbberd,
Plombers, Gas & Steam Fitters,
SPECIALTIES.?Natural Gu Hupplioa, Btcaxj
Elutlus and Ventilation.
; 1314 Market Street,
?r All work promptly done it mart ret*oo
r able price*. _ mya
; VyM. HARK <k SON,
r Plumbers, Gas and Steam Fitters
. AUjirortMtonepmmp^
r Photography.
' ThoM desiring I. mkke * h*nrtv>mc Chrl*te?
Present, In the abxpe of a Portrait, would 4
well to give ua their ordera early iu the aea?o
t aoaa to avoid untiwaaary hnate In executlor
J We are making Crayon Portrait* at about ?n<
t halt our former price.
1 WM. MYLE8 4 BOS.
y Jonv W. Mruc*. Portrait Painter. or 12
j Only $3 00 Per Dozet
>; No. i2 Twelfth Street.
i Cash and Credit House.
Cash Prices.
in dollars worth of goods for ($i
cents per week.
th, (?2) two dollars cash and ($1
.i? r~_ urw rnav dbfccmtc
;ic IUI nuuiL/ai i ixijui-.it a
ble Top Tables,
Rockers, Easels, Oil Paintings,
nner, Tea and Toilet Sets,
urnishing Goods, at
pet and Stove Credit House,
in Street.
ortment of Ladies' Wraps, cons
and Modjeskas, Cloth Jacket:
ekly or Monthly Payments.
Cash Prices.
y ITIiu..
need ! It banishes an j?_
n, Lumbago, Sciatica, NeuMuscles,
Diseased Tendons, 0
uts, Bruises, Sprains, Strain, 0
3ack and every aiimest that
lofee, Cattle and Sheep* JH
Worm, Shoulder Rot, Hollow ngg
}isease in Cattle, Scratches in
Galls, Sprains, Spavins, Swin- Bj
3, Lameness and Soreness, Dis- fly
Saddle Sores & Galls, Blotches* B
lir and everything curable by cx-^ AS
it in vay thoroughly. B
-Edw. L. Rose & Co.
> Ready
reduced price*. We employ no CanriuMcra: by
alualuu, an J secure the very beat Sewing Machines
Jew Home and Automatic.
ind will rIvo liberal discount* for prompt pnyrs.
All kinds of Machine* repaired.
rvelltb Street, Wheeling, W. Ya?
an for Twelvp YonrB.
"The Gladstone" Lamp.
"The Gladstone55
jgjSnif in t?m flncat Iftmp In t!:o
world. . fives a pure,
jolt, brillinut tviuto
"rIii ot b.1 contllo
Ci v *vK^vS xi- -a power,?a warwous
l"-yforF\ *) 'lj>hty/r0,,t onltrutru
ipoMtidofrom keratoao
oil* yet 16 lsthcro.au 1
Swing la Bollovicff
It ncvor "needs 'trlnv
So u\'.
flame, nj> ^nnnoyar.co
not ?xi?lodq.
then. bwldo nil tin- a
nrtrnntiurc*. think of a lamp nlvintr a clear, whi.o
Haht, IO to ?U tlmis tint tizo anil tiriUluiicy of
Thlt V^ad'atum? fa mado of hfohBrsdo,
hard rolled mctol (nil part* int?rchniiKcalilo,t
nud In elegant dealjftu for Dining or Parlor Tali'e,
tho Study. Drawing room. Hull or Chamber. Hn.
Jfihcd la cither Gold bronze, Nickel or Autlquo
hmiizn. Every homo ulioiild Imvo It.
IlIuKtrntod price IWt will Ih) iicut yon on receipt
of a postal card. Single lam pa i.t wh<>tr*otc vrlre.
with or wltlout porctjlnln aliude, .corcfully boxed
nnd w,\it l?j oxpnti to
wiv part of tho count. . fJ&S ?*?
Hrrinu." AddreM ? CiL \ftt
( Imfatouo lr.tnpCo.tW"<fEyKgrfg_c>
10 Ifw t 1 Jth He., Now
York C1I7- AllvoAltcnt
wanted in every town io 4Tf., \\T ' 1
ell thc*o lamp*. rfir-a-ftWffWMft *
Near Wlieollnu, W. Va.
(Sister* ol the Visitation.)
A school of mora than natlocal reputation
jffoii exceptional advantage* for thorough odu
cation of young ladle* in all department*. Ll
irnry of nix thousand volumes. Pino phllo
; ?ophlcal. chemical and astronomical apparatus.
Musical Departmentspecially noted. Corpse.
piano teachers trained by a leading profesau>
trow Oowwrvatory of Btuttcart Vocal cnlturt
! iccordlng to the method of tbs old Itallau mat
Location unsurpassed for beauty and health
I i en ai re* of pleasure grounds. Board excellent.
Kor Catalogues. and references to patrona In an
rbe principal cities. address
Washington School of Elocntion
i and oratory.
Mm. M. STEVENS HART Principal
ftM "M ' St.. N. W., WaSHlNOTOM, D. 0.
Sixth Annual Bc?lon begins Wednesday, Sep
letnbtr "28.
J Course of instruction embraces Elocution
Practical English and English Classics, l-atln
Mathematics, Modern Languages. Vocal and In
struinental Music and PhyMuai Culture.
Tbe Prluclpal la assisted by an efficient corpi
of teachers In each department.
Graded Classen for boys and girls dally
Adult Clauses and private 1 tit truetlou given ti
me evening.
Diploma* awarded. A limited number of pu
pill accommodated in the faintly.
For circular* Hid refcrencca apply toIJCTWJJ
OKMCtK offleo. a ?31
, Stammering Cured.
Bjuvem baaed upon nature'* law*. So Hkcrici
-No Tmckb. system explulned to thocc Inter
Testimonial* from pby*Ic!nn*, educator* am
patron*, who have received beucflt from thi
method of lnatructlon. AddrcM
Mm. M. 8TEVKN8 HART, Principal,
Washington Bcbool of Klocutlon and Kuglla)
? """"Si U. Struct, N. W.j Washington, D. C.
o Student* boarded In family of Principal.
i. ^
Farming Implements.
MILLS combined with rowan. Theee are th
be?t all purpoae Feed Millf* for the Urairr to bu
% to rua by hone power. They *rlud corn ho
" cob together. al*o any of the umaliwr grain. an
will icrlnd line enough for meal. Call and *?
ua, or write for prlce#nd circular.
H. K. OlFKKN it CO.,
defi 1630 Main Hi, Wheeling, W. Va.
~ A rrival and depaktuke of
TRAINS?Oo and after Nov. 1?. Ex
excepted. fMouday excepted. |bat??tay
excepted ISunday ouljr. "Saturday only.?
Eailern qti?n * M^e.
k II. CO.tt. H.?tkArt. Ut'i-aiU Arrive.
^ Philadelphia Limited. *9:0^ pm
J Mall and Express 5:10 pm |>m
^ Cumberland Accom- ?:loan MOpm
Qrafton Accom........ ft.iupn *.?:46 dm
Beuwood Accom...- - 5:;;'>au
Mouudsvlllc Accom l-'rOl pw 1:40 pm
Columbus Acorn *8:86 am ff. 2'pm
| ExpreM (Chicago and Col).... h>:2'> am 6:20 pm
Chicago tiprvM_........ *3:40 po> am
t Chicago Limited UMOpn am
Columbufc Accmu... ftllMpD' 110; 10 am
Cincinnati Limited |11:15 pm * :M am
Bt. Clairsrillo Accom (?:. >.> hi HOMO am
St. Clalrsvllle Accom '2:20 pn tl .Wpm
\ St. ciainrille Accom .Viopu 6:.o ?.m
J Columbu* and Cincinnati.... t3<San
llellal r- Ace >m ...... 'll :16pm
W., P.AB. PIT.
\ Wuhlugiou aim nuaburgb. *6:00 ai -10:16am
) Wdahiugton and i'lltDburgh. *7:30*1 *ll:lCpm
Pittsburgh Jt 1'hila, Ex. ?6:30pi flUKpa
Wellington and Pittsburgh. fl:46pt 112:46 pm
Washington.. ft:#} pi f?:coam
i. P., ft st. L Uy.
PUfahtirwn t7:'2Uanii tfl.'A. lim
FiiuburKi. md wv ?uik... fl:35pm j?m
pituburxh i nd New York... fc:'20pm fll:aam
Pittsburgh A N. Y. Ex VMUpiu
EzprOM, Clu. aud St. Louii. f7:'JUai f?:bOam
Exprem, Cln. aud St. I?ouU. h:40 pi h>:a) pm
Erpreu, Steubunville di Col. }l :35 pn n?:4h pin
8teube'ivlll<* -?n<l iW'iiuUou. U:fl)pUi ...............
PitubVu, cluv?. & cuIc*ko. 5:60 an f8:47 pm
Martin a Kerry " an p:4.'? pm
Steubeuville Accom v::?ni< fl :28 pm
Pltuburgh and Now York.... t I:v2atn w:.A?m
I Clevelaud and Chictfu ...... t2:12pm tfiMum
' HiiUtburehand New r?'k... 4:'JVpm |5:&7pm
O., L. A W. B. O.
Kxprww, Cleveland, h o* V? .. (U:&>pu. pm
Mamiilluii Accom.................. t6:l'Jptn tll:?'?ara
St. Clairnville Amttn f7:Miui> aui
St. Clairavllle Aceum fl0:i'?air. fl:S2pm
St. Clalraville Aocotn f?!:10 ptu t&:34 pm
St. Clalraville Aoruiii 6:lS? pu. ti.lv pt?
Local Freight and Accom-... &:K) an t7:30p:a
Ohio Ktver Hullrtmu. j
. Panenger....... ...... ... *7:85 ami UiOuam
Pawn'UKer '12:16 pm *3:^ pm
. Pancuger "430 pm jmi
"'""''I!' I ^
It.. Z. AC. ilullroiwt.
Bella! re A Zancsville Through i'aMcuger leave i
Rellalreat 8:40a. m., arrive* at Bellairv at 51:30
p. m.
V\ ixxlhficld I'HMvtiKcr leave* Bellaireat-i:20p.
. m., arrive* at Uellaire at 8:25 a. m.
Suuimerfleld Accommodation leaven Bcllaltu
at 12 l't p. m,. arrive* at Bellalr^ at il::i0a. m.
TT Ou and after Put unlay, October 13. law.
intlnHou the Wheeling ?Ji Klin Grove Itallroad
will run u? follows:
Lkavk Wiikklinu:
a. in., 7:lWa. m.. On. in.. 11:00 a. iw., 1 ::t0p.
m.. 3::*? p. in.. 5:20 p. m? 7:uo p. in., 9:00 p. in.
Lkavk Wiikklino I'akk:
t'ciuu. m.,7:4&?. in . 10:00a in.. 12:I? in.. 2:30
p. in . 4:2n p. in.. C:10 p. m., 8:00 p. m.. 10:0i?p. ra.
l)N SUNDAYS? Until further notice trains will
rnniui follow*: Leavu theclty at8:UUa. m.. mid
run every hour until ?:15p. in. Leave Wheeling
l'?rk at 0:00 a. in., and run every lionr until 10
p. in. Kxo'pt (hutch train will leave I'urk ut
0:15 n. ui. and city at 1-.15 p. in.
no2l C. HIRSCH.Sup't.
Departure of trains from Wheeling. Hchtdu.e
In efloct November in, lsoK?Kaatero time:
gxprena tor Chicago iud the Northwet*. 10:5? iv
m,S:lOi? m,K:IOpm dolly, and 11:16 pm dally
except Saturday.
txprtw. for Cincinnati and St. Loui*. 10:25 a m
daily. 11:15 p m daily, cxcept Haturdny.
Columbus accommodation. h:Ui iu. daily.
For Columbus, 8:55 aud iu:2& a m daily, and
II: In p o>, <laily, exedt t Saturday, and 2:20 p m
dally, except Hunday.
Kx press lor Washington, D. C.t Baltimore.
Philadelphiaaud New York, via Grafton, H:55a
in aud 5:10 p m, daily, via Pittsburgh ?i:?w p*
For Pittsburgh and Washington. l*a., 6:00 a m
daily; cxprcM, 7:.s0a tn, daily, l:to p m. daily
except Hunday. Additional way train for Wa>bluffton.
I'm.. 5:30 p ia, dally except Sunday.
For i'ltitburxh. Washington, Baltimore end
Philadelphia at ti:?? p m dally.
? olumbuaand I'lnrinnaU, 2:ft a ui, Hunday
For Moundirille. 8:10 a m. aud 12:'0 noon,
dally except dundar. > l 5: to p m, daily.
Graiton accommodation, 5:10 p m, dally.
For Cumberland. - lo a in. dally, except Sun
For Ht. ('UlrnTiUr, *:M a m. 2:20 p m and 5:10
p rn. daily, except Sunday.
Kxpret* train* arrive ?rom Chicago, and
9:50 a aiand 6:20 pm dally, and 4:55 a m dully
except Monday.
Exprtwk trains arrive Irom 8t. LonU and Cincinnati,
4:55 a m and 0:20 p m, dally.
Express train* arrive from Philadelphia, lialtimore
and Washington. D. C., via lira/ton, 12:35
p in and 0:0b p m dully; via. Piibtbi'rgb, lu:lb
a. m. dally.
Trains arrive from Columbus, 4:55 am dally,
aud0:20pmdaily, and 10:85 am dally extcrt
Truins arrive Irom Pittsburgh, 10:15 a m daily,
aud 12:45 p m, caccpt Sunday, 0:55 p m and 11.10
p m daily.
Traius arrive from Washington, Pa., 8:00 am,
dafly except Sunday.
Train*arrive from Moundiivillo, 9:45am aud
1:40 p in, dally exccpt Sunday.
Trains arrive Irom tiralion, v.45 a m, and 12:35
p in,dull).
TraiUH arrive from Cumberland, 5:50 p m, daily
except Sunday.
Trains arrive from St. Clalravlllc. JO: 10a in, and
1:40 aud 5:50 p in, daily except Suuda).
Kellalre accuuunoduiioii 11:15 p. m., Saturday
Burgage called for and chccked at hotel* and
renideuee* on orders left at ticketofllce, 1200 Market
street, and at depot.
CH ah. o. SCULL. Gon. Phm Agent.
W. M. CLEMENTS, Manager.
Ohio river railkoad.-time
Table taking effect May 27?liM. PaMieiiger
traius will ruu as follow*? Central time. All
trains daily exccpt those marked thus t which
do not ruu on Hnnday.
BOUTli iiulM). fNo.7 No.ft. tN'fNo. 1.
a. m. p. m. a. m a. m
Leave?Wheeling 3:30 11:1. C:35
lien wood, opp. liellairc 8:4.. 11:3 0:50
Moundsville 4:05 11:4. 7:10
p. m.
New Martlnsvlllo 6:lv 12H 8:15
Wllllainstown 7:uu 2:1' io:10
l'arkersburg 5:16 7:30 2:4 11.00
v.vo.i.vaai1 r.r. i'i M -fl
Mk.m>u City 8:00 5:& 1:35
Clifton .. .... 8:tt' 5:4' l:4C
Arrive?I't. 1'leaiauu.... 6:1 -!:1&
(Jalllpollh Fcrrr 9:U C:? rM
Gnyandottc lo:;w 7,.*' 4:00
Huntingtou 10:45 8:05 4:17
p. m.
Charleston 8:ao io:(fc 8:3G
I ron to n *... ?':06
rortxinoutb a.m. 7:1C
While Bulphur .. 5:0u
p. m. a. in.
Stannton :i:v 0:20
NOHTH BOUND. No. 6. No. 4. tNo.i! INo^J
a. m. a. ui. a. ni. j>. ui.
Leave-Huntington 10:00 5:10 3:15
Guyanriotte i0:ih 5:S> 8'28
Gallipolla Ferry 11:? 7:0t- t:?J
l'oint rieiuant.v....? 11:45 7:2 5:07
p. m.
Clifton I2:i?j 7:55 6:86
MaM>u City i2:2.r? ?: *? 5:4C
Ravemwood 1:4.', 0:H> 7:00
I'arkertiliUrR 6:00 8:1/. 10;i' 8:M
WUiUunstown- 0:ao 8:4.'. ll:l'New
Martinsville 8:15 5:37 &:i
MouudHVille 9:25 C:4? 1:4
Ben Wood 'J:1.1 7:00 2:lt> ....M
Arrive?Wheeling 10:00 7:15 2:30 ....
Leave Wheeling via. p. m.
P. C. A St. L 12 8:20 ....w
Arrive?Cleveland- C::m> 6::i" .......
Pittsburgh 3:"A>
a.m. a. m
Philadelphia 6:25......... 5:2
New York K:U) H:U .......
h. in.
Chicago - 11:K> r>:? .......
Through tickets aud baggage ihuckid lu mi
W. J. ROBINSON, Gen'l Pum. Agont.
Parkeraburg, W. Va.
Fitxn Hihxxan,
, Tniv. Paw. Agent. Wheeling. W. Va.
LOUJH RAILWAY CO.-Panhandlo Houto
Under Kbodttleln effect August 5, lw?. traina
leave Wheeling, Out ml hUtnunni uu>e ? ur
rtteubenville, Pittsburgh and the K?uit. n. tn.,
rz.a p. m..3.v?i?tn. and8:40 p.m. ForCotum*
bun, Cincinnati, ludlahHixdiN n>d 8t. Ixiulab^o
a n>. and ?:?0j?. in. for Columbus wtid Chicago
i 12.35 p. in. Trains arrive at Wheeling at h:M
I n. ni., 10:00 a. in., 2:45 p. m and h:20 p. m.
Traina leavinx at 6:i!0 a. m. and nrrivltiJ 8:20
p.m. run solid between Wheeling and I'ltta,
tniryh. All trains dully except KumiHy. au7
J HA1LHOAD.?Under achedule in efleci Nov.
IS. IVsh. Train leave Bridgeport, (Antral Kt?md?
ard time: For Pittsburgh. <'blown nud Cieve
land, 4:50 a in. For Pittsburgh, 10:22 n m. her
Chinuto and Cleveland, 1:12 p m. For Pittsburgh
and New York, 3:29 p m For Vteubenvllle. b:33
A IU. rot .niiriiii n r rrrj, u.tou m.
Train* arrive at llridKcport at 7:53 am, 10.18 a
m, P nj, 4:45 p m. 4:67 p m, and 7:47 p a.
' ""u>
CAPITAL...? ....1200,000
. J. N. Vasc* ? ? PrwUlont
L. 8. DtLkruxii? ?-"Vlce-Frwidenl
, mmcctom.
: J. N. Vancc 8. llorkheimer,
J. M. Drown, W. hlliiiKham,
L. 8. In-la plain, A. W. Kcllcjr.
John Frew.
> Draft* Iwiueu on England, Ireland Scotland
and all poluu In Kuroj*!.
J011N J. J ON KB, caahter
CAPITAL. ?? .4178.000
~ WM.A.hrr lent
WK. B. Mm no* ?Vlo^lTwdSt
It Drills oi Xust&Qd, Ireland, France miA Qtf
o nuny.
11 fa- A-.,1*?1*- Wn.B.8lmp#on.
* v u -John K. Bouford,
n"21 _ F. r. J EPSON, Cullldj.

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