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^ for rheumatism.
guffarnl 40 Yenra nn?l Cured.
W. Alt lay It., Ithaca, V. T
lor otrT forty j*ar? I h**t Uta a titUm o<
ah*t??U?m- 1 ? ptr??4c4 to try It. Jacob#
Oil. 1 ha?? B"<1 two ar.rt a man mora
frt? from rfctuiltlun amr walked oar iUhU.
Mr Itirba that mrr* ant* nit and lam* art bow
i lifhi and llab?r aa In ay you tlx.
Crlppltid Cit?o? Throw Aivny Crulclioai
Cured I'r rmmiviitly.
&M bp PrvfffflstM unit Dealers Eceryuhere.
Geo. M. Snook & Co. '
At Half Price.
At Reduced Prices,
At Any Price.
In fact everything in the waj
of Winter Goods at very lov
prices for the next 30 days ii
order to reduce stock prior t(
Wheeling, W. Va.
Holiday Goods.
Holiday Goods
Wo an- row displaying u lure? and tittractive
xiovk of Populur Articles
Many i?f which ore* oxclubive with us.
We ailviH* uH fitrly mil while the stock I* con
plete. Our price* me the lowest iu the city.
A. L. RICE & CO.
ito JnMiaencer.
OUlcei Not. 9&and "J7 Fourteenth Street.
New AflvortiitonientN.
Wanted -Three Mule*.
lit; 'i:?!:rnii?? Kin.t Ward.
' tockholders Meeting? People's Hook.
Notie?? ljuvcucr A: Kisou.
Kurt i.'riiniutl? Louis A.Shcrlcy.
Ku;>drivs~U?'5 l)ruj? Btore.
Itiunk I'.iMjkantul Stationery-Joseph Graves.
Opeia Huot? MIm Hohinu Vokef.
Furniture and Carpet*?Frew a Bertachy.
liOODS shown with pleasure ai <01
nor X Nut'tkUor's.
Tlmckeraj's Xavrls, Count Talstol'
Works. Altuaula.v's Kiiirland, Unmet
I&ugUiUl) (iililioti's Kuuio, anil utile
standard works in single volumes, at
10JIN W. llfclSJiKLL'S,
. Twelfth Street.
CAXDIliS, Fruits anil ISuts at Couiie
iV sncucKers.
NKW and desirable novelties in Jcvi
elry received dull} from now imtl
C'iirisimas. Do not i:iil to see them, at
Jewelry Store,
Cor. Twelfth ami .Market Street*
J'ltlCKS to suit tlie buyers at Comic
& Suedeket 's.
Just received a complete ami artist!
assortment of Suiting*, l'auitnlooning
ami Overcoatings, which wo warrant t<
make up In Hrstnlass style, and at. rea
souahle prices. Fit guaranteed.
Specialties?Just received, 50 dozci
more ol the best o() cent ? hite Shirt
made. Fancy Flannel Shirts ut 50 cent
and upwards. Full line of our cele
hinted Knit Jackets.
18-1 & laia Market Street.
CHRISTMAS dainties in variety a
Conner & Snedckev's.
CLOSING out Hie most beautiful vti
rlely of 1'liotogi uph Albums ever in th
cily. w< lowest prices, l?y
J- Turclflli Street*
SUPPLY 3our ClirMnins fablo will
Conner Si Siicdeker's delicacies.
ThiniioiiiHer Kt-conl.
The thermometer at Sclinepfs druj
store, Opera Houso corner, yeterday
registered as follows:
7 a. ra i'J I :t p. in n
y n. m v> " i" nu u
J2 iii :w I Weather?CliMijjeabltv
Weill lirr I ii<t tout ion
Washin?ton, I). C., Dec. 27.?Fo
West Virginia and Western Pcnnsyl
vtvniu, fair, preceded by light snow or
the lakes, colder northwesterly winds.
YouiiK MjIvk'm Condition.
The three victims of the explosion a
tho Top mill on Wednesday were nl
doing well yesterday. Young Myles
who was tho worst burned, could sei
out of his left.evpj and was able to talk
his tongue not being so badly burned hi
was believed at first, liis right eye win
completely burned out, and the left is ir
some degree of danger from inflama
tion. The physicians now lmve hopci
of his recovery, although the chancei
are largely ngaiiJHt it.
VroKrcmi ot tlio Tismniinl*.
Tho weather has not materially inter
fend with tho progress of work on th(
terminals of tho Union Itailroud bridge
ContractorsCarev and LeDuko have re
turned t" tin' iiotcl Windsor from i
Christinas visit to their families in Ohio
Mr. Li'Dnke is accompanied by his fain
iiy. Mr. li. l'\ Dunham, of Cleveland
tho chief engineer, has also returned ami
is at the Mel.nre. The work of ilrivinj
piles for tln> temporary bridge aerosstht
creek at the east approach to the tunne
under Mount Wood is nearly completer
ami the superstructure will be begun tu
tiny. This structure is necessitated ir
order to reach the tunnel, the erection
of the permanent iron bridge being post
poned on account of the impossibility o
getting the material out without special
railroad connections which the company
has been prevented from making,
TuKin: will bo n grand bull for tbi
" beneiit of Prosperity Assembly No,
1551, K. of L., nt Turner Hull, thisevening.
Admission 60 cents. All friends
are invited to participate. A good time
i.ocai, Kminis.
.Mutter* of Mlniir Mmtivnt kn nml About tl
This looks somewhat like a white Ne
The Grand this evening?"Prince
of Trebizonde."
(>ooi> shows are coming close togeth
at the Wheeling theatres just now.
Tiikkk deeds of trust were admits
to record yesterday by Clerk Hook.
Tnv: Miennerchor Society will give
concert and ball on New Year's even in
also the Gernmnia Society.
Jacob Smith, the North Wheelii
shoemaker, mashed his thumb so bad
that it had to be amputated.
A. J. Sweeney it Son shipped a lot
machinery for the new plate glass wor
at Kokomo, Ind., on Wednesday.
Tiippk '\vn? n uliclif blflzu Wcdnesdl
, in the residence of William Saiade, <
Main street, but no damage was done.
Fouic more days of enjoyment, a:
then tiie boys will all take the unui
"swear oil""?aud keep it several days
they have luck.
Ox January 1, 18S5), there will be.
eclipse of the nun, and on the 10th
January "an eclipse of the moon, ho
visible in Wheeling*
I{. M. Daugiieutv has been com in
stoned postmaster at Kim Grove, vice 1
T. Chambers, resigned. Tlu^cbangegc
into effect January 1.
Wi.n'KIKld 8. I'owiji.l, aged -10, a
Wynona Mary Hale, aged 'JG, Loth
Moundsville, were licensed to wed y<
, terday by Clerk Hook.
Tiik .'Etna Iron and Steel Compa
are making some extensive repairs di
ing their holiday stop. They will
sume operations Thursday, January 3
Mk. W. G. Uknpkkso.v, of Kbarpsyil
Pa., connected with the nail facto
there, in in the city on business, 'i
, Sharpsville factory shut down this we
for an indefinite period.
IIk.vuv Schmidt, of North Wlieelii
. yesterdav received a telegram savi
1 r- ? i ii
imil ma jiupiiutv,
j eighteen, was run over and killed on l
Baltimore & Ohio railroad, two mi
from Pittsburgh.
A largb excursion party of people fn
Mingo and Brilliant, with a few fn
Steubenville, camo down to the city y
terdny on the steamer A bner O'Neal, a
spent five or six hours looking about 1
city or calling on friends and shoppi:
Tub proprietors of the Windsor Hoi
having put in an artistic and eomino
ous new entrance on tho Main str
front, arc now adding u neat j?riv
olllco to the facilities of the place,
adds much to the appearance and ci
venience of the office.
Gkorgb Sai.adb yesterday houj
- from a Pennsylvania man one of !
finest setters ever brought to Wbeeli
- Mr..Salade wentout with the doga wli
I yesterday to try him, and the result v
very satisfactory, lie bugged neve
pheasants in a short time.
W. II. Jamison, general yardmastei
the Baltimore & Ohio railroad of B
aire, Ben wood and this city, was the
eipient of a very handsome gold wai
on Christmas from the employes of I
Wheeling & Pittsburgh division, at
x' home at Washington, Pa.
Rbv. Father Dihacus, of St. Alph
sus church, wai made the recipient
the hands of the .St. Alphonsus Sock
- us a Christinas present, of a. beauti
golden vessel for use in administer
notnona iinntinn Mr ( .'i.nriM ( Vlll'T!
made the presentation speed!.
Next Monday evening, December
- the A rion Society will give a concert s
ball. A line musical programme will
rendered, and after that the ladies)
have charge until the Leap Year e?
At midnight, after New Year grectir
the gentlemen will assume control.
The piling foundation for the cil
temporary bridge across the creek
Main street is almost ready to. rece
the superstructure, although the w<
has been badly delayed by the weatl
The bridge will not be ready for use
January i, as was expected, but \
probably be by January L'O.
s Antoni Picixo, an Italian emploi
by Miller <fc McCann on the Wheelin
r Lake Krie railroad, got into a light w
William B. Ward near Mt. Pleasant,
Christmas day and used up the latter
that his life is dispared ot. Picino \
committed to the jail at Steubenvillc
y await the result of Ward's injuries.
The b. & 0. Company is continu
its work of raising an ugly backbone
the middle of .Sixteenth' street. 'J
Hoard of Public Works has taken lc
advice with a view to proceeding to hi
the injunction restraining the cityfr
interfering with operations of the co
' pany on that street, dissolved in the
S. Court.
1 Mr. Caul Siedrecht, living at 2
Chapline street, long a well known c
ploye of Swfeney & .Son, ami later
the Riverside Company, died ni;.
e before last, lie was born in llano1
s in 1829 and came to this country in IS
j lie leaves three children, Till marrii
MM... \| I Unnmn.! ?
have charge of the funeral at '2 p. m.
11 day.
H Tiie elegant building of tho You
s Men's Christ inn Association on the sou
" east corner of Market and Twenth
streets, will be formally opened on N
Year's day. Tho Association's usi
Sunday attcrnoon meeting for men v
be held in the new hall next Sunday i
1 o'clock. The meeting will be made v?
interesting and all men will be w
Spbakino of tho action of the gl
D manufacturers of this district in aband<
ing theirsnmple rooms at Pittsburgh a
establishing sales rooms here, the We
burg Local says: The change was brouj
about l>y Messrs. Uaird and Kntclill'e,
l the Kiverside works of this city, w
have for the last two years been exhil
ing at Wheeling instead of going to Pil
<? is the police court yesterday lv
'? Collield and Fannie Lee were lined
and custs each for drunkenness on t
s street. Mamie Keller, an 18-venr-i
Q girl who was taken out of Ida \Valto
house on Nineteenth street on compla
of her mother, but who insisted ongoi
r back, was sent to jail for thirty da
- For disorderly conduct in Alley C, Frn
i Neiningergot thirty days olrtho hill,
vagrant was "banished" and a ph
drunk lined $l'and costs.
Ok "Among the Pines," to bo prese
t ed at the Opera House Mondnv and Tu
1 day next, the Philadelphia ledger sa;
? "Among the Pines" presents seve
' scenes that take the popular fan.
among them a country schoolhouse, w
i a score of bright children at their des
* and a saw mill scene, with the mill
i motion, ruese weroreceiveu wuugri
- favor by the largo audience present 1:
s evening. The play is finely mounti
3 and has elements that insure its poj
l'itask Woodmansbk, of "Brooksidi
concluded a lease on the McConvi
" Hotel, of Steubenville, Wednesday, a
- will go there to-day to take charge oft
house. Mr. Wooatnansce is a p radii
' hotel man, having been connected
1 former years with the Grant House a
more recently with the Chippewa La
- nii.l tlu> Imnerial of Ste.ubenvil
( The McCon villa will be formally open
1 under Mr. Woodmanvee's manageme
' by a supper and select ball on New Yea
i* night The hearty good wishes of 1
many Wheeling friends go with him
J his now project.
| The surest means to rid yourself
. that distressing cough is, to use l)r. Bui
f Cough Syrup. 25ct*.
(irnnil Seloct Hull.
TheK. G. H. I). S. wtll give their lii
grand select ball, ?t Teutouia hall,
> South Wheeling, 011 Friday evenir
, Deeeinber 28. Admission, 50* cents.
I Toilet Sets, Manicure Sets, Beat*
II Brass #oods at one-half former price
' close at Stone & Thomas'.
W 0
Suggesting Good Names for atl
"* Members of Council. the
In All (lie WariN, Started in the J
u thn
?#; Second?Merlin;;.* in Four AVards *ur
h' bei
LuNt (Evening 1'relJntitmry to au,
'j? Suturduy'* Primaries
of Tho Republicans of the Second ward ing
are alive to the importance of the coming; roe
election, especially in bo fur us it relates jj"(j
to the selection of u good Council ticket. j)eI
There has been sent to every Republican rioi
n,) voter in the ward, ho far us they are *
lal known, a ticket to bo voted at the pri- ?jjf
?if inary eleptiou to be held Saturday, to- piMI
morrow, bearing the names of those refi
of w'1080 names were suggested at the hu^- det
tl, gestion meeting for the First Branch of
Council, the Second Branch and for del* Wj,
is- egates to Monday's convention. This
W. ticket bears at its head the following ^
,c>fl imiMirtaut notice:
"Will you select from the following ,1Jl
ml names a good Council ticket, uud vote the
of for the chosen men at the Republican raz
es- primaries, in Market house hall, on Saturdav,
December 2Mb, .between 5 and .
nv 'J o'clock p. in. No ticket is 'set up,' and ;
if- 'Jol(r v?te will count as much as any Pn
re. man's. Do not ruytect thi* important duty!' Mo
Thn iil(?A is u irond one. and could be nm
i vvoll followed by the Republicans of the to i
' other wards. Every Republican is priv- coi
ileged to help select the Council ticket ma
for bin ward and should avail himself of He
that privilege at the primaries. on
It is understood that the Democrats cln
"g. will endeavor to run so-called citizens' be<
tickets in the Kepublican wards in the he
;cd hope of defeating the regular Republican 'J
he candidates, but it is not believed that Pa;
lea their Bcheme will be a successful oue. In tei
the Second ward an effort is to be made wa
Din to cause a disaflcction among the colored da;
Din voters, but after the attitude of the De- bu
es- mocracy towards the colored voters in to
,nd that ward, as shown by Deputy U. ?S. alt
he Marshal SlinHcross and his strikers, rep- l??
g. resenting and working for the Demoe- fan
c,| racy at tlie time of the National election pr<
jjl last month, this scheme is another that is
will not be likely to work. Pa
It The Third ward Republicans held Km
w* their suggestion meeting last evening in
the Police Court room at the Public
jht Uuilding. There was a fair attendance Tin
Jiu and considerable interest was taken in
ng. the proceedings. The meeting was
die called to order by P. 13. Dobbins, the f
k-as member of the city executive committee ?;
..-.I /mm fl.nt u-nvil ntwl Coniiro IliMw-ril tlO
made chairman and J?. .*>. Aliison see- nic
of ,, Oil'
|?j|. For the First Brunch, the names of
re. Nicholas ijchulz and Benjamin Fisher 1{V
tt.jf were suggested. One is to be chosen. I)U
Mr. Fisher later positively refused to be
a candidate. For the Second Branch ^
the following were suggested, three to -b|
be selected at the primary to-morrow:
on" Matt Chew, Archie T. Hupp, Geo. Hibat
berd, Charles E. Vankeuren, Fred Mil- so,
P'; h*r, li. F. Caldwell. Sruiuel Kraft and No
. | Joseph A. MeteaU.
mt> A number of the /riends of Mr. Van- No
,an keuren insisted upon his allowing the
use of his name, and propose to see that
'?], he h nominated. lie is popufar, and N-0
??d would make a strong candidate ami an so
.be efficient Councilman. No,
vill In view of Mr. Fisher's withdrawal,
ds. it lists been suggested that Mr. Metca'f's
gs, name be substituted for his for the First
Branch, and this will probably be done. r
it's For delegates to the convention to be
"at held Monday afternoon, five to hechosen, w[,
ive the following names were suggested: jJla
ork Frank Johnson, W. J. Xcsbitt, John T. jc,
icr. Cowl, Charles K. Vankeuren, Walter Hft
l.w Hn.'Silov. Sumhen McCulloueh. Harrv ?...
viM iiouser, Joseph Metcalf, Ji. T. A Hi.soil pjj
and .Samuel Urubaker. |a(j
.C(] P. K Dobbins wan unanimously re- j,,.
1,^ chosen as the executive committeeman (.[,j
ijj, from the ward, and provision was made (jei
on lor in>? tickets, etc. Stephen Me- jj(
, so Collough was chosen to act us judgo for C(M
vns to-morrow's primary and Frank Johnson ,)a|
, j0 and .Matt Chew were chosen to serve as ,|e,
clerks on that occasion. The polls will jrt
be open from 5 to I) o'clock.
mg 1
ij, tii1i fifth ward mkbtino.
'he At tho suggestion meeting of the Fifth , J
gal ward Republicans, which was also held
ive lastevening.itwasdecided topostponedo
um ing anything towards selecting a Council j
in- ticket until some future time. This was
U. done for good and satisfactory reasons. ,[r
The following suggestions were made, rjjj;
j;51 five to he selected, for delegates to the
convention on .Monday: C. nasseinann, :{
Qf James I>. Stanton, l)r. II. K. Uaguley, j {
,|lt .Samuel Johnson, D. W. Martin, l)r. T. i'1*
!.or O. Kdwards, John 12. Keid, Ueorge Jfarkins,
Charles Okel, William W.Rogers, IS
,(j* Charles Bachuian, William Grewe, James
.jli Larkins,James Kemple and Ksnost Metzto
Wood, who was one of those ,,
suggested by the Fourth ward Hepubli- nn^
"?*? cans for Council at their meeting Wed*
\.!* nesclay evening, docs not live in that J"
. ward and is therefore not ehgibloas a *
eV| candidate. In his place tiic name of J |
I'jjj Thomas F. Owens has been suggested. J,;lt
[t.| THE SIXTH WA(U>. 8j0
ry The Sixth Ward Republicans also mot bui
of- lost night. It was decided to hold the gei
primaries Saturday in the new polling ori
nss P'0(,.L>? ^'e Webster school house. Sug- cid
)n. gestions of names were made to be voted or
n(] lor at the p:. taries as follows: hat
lis- l'or delecates to city convention, II. wh
?ht 0. Myers, W. II. Travis, Win. Sell we rt90f
ferger, Uco. Wilkinson, Jas. Callahan,
)JO A. L. Bowlin, .Tas. S.Travis, S. 0. Boyce }
,1^. and Henry Cicisler. " wai
[ts. For Council, First Branch?Alex. T. Lot
Laird. las'
. Second Branch?"Win. Schwertfergcr, nei
Gustave Medick, AJ. F. Ebeling, Jos. It. .1.1
Travis, H. C. Myers, Chas. lleliubright, gat
."5. in. i lam away, i\. u. >vurK. m
int The Seventh ward Republicans held
;ng their meeting in the Island hose house ?
ys. hail. The sujrgestions made were as /ol- > ,
*nk lows: Delegates?Dr. George J. Caddie, ,,
A Hugo L. Loos, Joseph A. luris, George
liu Wise, Ralph Whitehead, G. O. Smith,
C. E. Irwin, ti. W.Iiaggs, James Watier,
nt. D. L. Pragor. ,
eg. First Branch of Couifjil?Cecil A. IloD- ,,
j.g: inson, K L. Hose and G. 0. 8iuith. e
rni Second Branch?James P. Maxwell, ? *
1 W. M. Marsh, J. M. Bellville, William ft"
ith' Erskine, John Ilrown, Tbotuas Prince fj?
and ltalpli Whitehead. ..
i,i The First ward is now the only one v' ,
L.at which has not held its suggestion meet- I
iist 'in nnother column of this
,(] morning's paper will he found a call for Ij1?
(U_' a suggestion meeting of the Republicans
of that ward, to be held this evening, fy
? ? There should be a large attendance. ^
|'j "Mas. Jones sat at the window all day
i1 as placid as a May morning, and her live .
. s nail children play hide and seek on the
back Htairs." "No wonder! She uses
,!![ Salvation Oil for sprains and cuts."
j'1' Carjii't* Aro (.oIjij; Up DflC
j in tlio Eastern market, hut we must have
t room for our immense spring purchases.
? In onler to reduce stock we have marked {V
a great many all wool Carpets at 50c per I?
. yard, also <k>e and 75c Hi ussels at 50c per w
yard. Cull early and pet your choice.
Stone Thomas.
? - * ' . . cac
01 Auction TIiIm A'lrriioiin, win .unm niropi, t
l's llrldge Corner. g
I-ot of groceries, liorse, wagon ami liar- ben
ness, one large coffee mill, ten fine tea meJ
canisters, twelve spice canisters, three tenj
rst show cases, three scales, one butter re- r>Oc
in frigerutor, six coffee cans, one stove and ^nt
ig, pipe, all in good condition.
14?> to 1054 Market street for cheap Si
en Hardware, Cutlery and other goods. and
to .1. It. Summervillk, redi
Assignee of S. E. Boyd.
gu Jnrub Ovvrrulc* the Mutton for a
Third Tiiul.
n Wednesday in the Circuit Court
Vollsburg, Judge Jacob on the bench,
opposing counsel argued the motion
a new trial in the case of Van Buren
Baker, convicted of the murder of his
e and her mother, Mrs. Drusilla Mcitt,
at Holliday's Cove.
udge Jacob took uuder advisement
motion, the arguments and evidence
ng submitted when court adjourned,
1 yesterday he announced his decio.
'he motion for a new trial was overed.
and in accordance with the findof
the jury, which fixed the punishnt
at imprisonment for life, Judge
oh formally pronounced sentence on
ker, that he be confined in the State
litentiary nt Moundsvilje for the peel
of his natural life.
i stay of execution was granted to
ible the attorneys for Baker to take
appeal to the Supreme Court of Apils,
to do which in the event of being
iisi'il 21 Iii>U' trinl tlwv Kruno limit nit it
dared their intention.
Ilium l'nynu, L'unvlctt-tl of Cut tint;, (idrn
to tin* Pell.
festerday William Payne, tho colored
n convicted of cutting a member of
i Pittsburgh Ksiwlall Club with a
or, on Market street, on the night of
>Thurman demonstration here, Octo
30, and sentenced to two years' iiusonment
in the penitentiary at
undsville, was taken down to enter
)ii his term, lie expressed a desire
secure work in some shop where he
ild tret pay for over time, and thus
ke money to send to his mother here,
says if the men who attacked him'
the nightof the cutting had not been
jcked in some way, he would have
m killed. Yet he does not admit that
cut the Pittsburgher.
riie announcement of the death of
jrne's wife on the day he was seniced
turns out to he an error. She
3 low with consumption, and on that
y was for a time thought to be dead,
t revived. She has since iriven birth
:i child, and the physicians say that
hough she cannot recover, she may
ger Tor a year. The condition of the
uily, thus deprived of their natural
Hector and the source of their support,
pretty hard, ami it is to be hoped
yue ran make the arrangement he
jircs to and contribute at least a small
ji to the maintainance of his family.
the spring Races.
f rrocrntmnt) .slightly lU-.uri-iiiiKeil liy
tho Hoard.
Vt a meeting of the Hoard of Directors
the West Virginia State Fair Associate
the programme for their spring
icting was re-arranged as follows, and
b more race added?that it? the foals of
>7, to trot one-half mile heats for a
rse of $200; entries close for trotting
lI nacinir races. Mav 'J2. at 11 n. in.:
tries for all running races close May
at ti p. m.:
kiiist da v?May 29.
:N of |MT, to trot '.j milt heats. 2 In 3 8 '.*00
, l? :i:H) cIiimi trotting 4(0
. 2?2:2S jmclnj,' XOO
, .W!'4 rutiiiitiK mile beats 200
SKeoNjv hay?May M.
. I?2:27 claw trotting WW
, h?2:40 pacini; - 400
, c?% running mile beat* 200
tlllltn hay?May 31.
, 7?2:.1T claw trotting 400
, 8?2:25 pacing 600
. ?.i?l mile running heat* :wo
Total.'. *1.500
Mr*. John li. lluiruuiii, Jr. Demi.
I'he hundreds of friends of Mr. John
Hoffman, jr., and liis estimable wife
re inexpressibly pained and shocked
t evening to learn of Mrs. Hoffman's
nth, \vhicn occurred about S o'clock,
er an illness of a very few days, with
lhoid fever of an aggravated anu comeated
character. Mrs. Hoffman was a
ly universally esteemed and admired
her acquaintances, and her high
nracter and gentlo disposition had enlred
her warmly to her closer friends,
r death will be generally and sinely
mourned, and the heartfelt syni;hy
of the entire community is ten eil
the bereaved husband and chilin.
An Old Injunction ,1'urpvtuntril.
n Part II of the Circuit Court yeater,*
Judge Boyd rendered a decision
king perpetual an injunction issued
IKS"', in the irase of theCitv of Wheel
[vs. Hamilton, MeGranaghan & Co.,
training Klevis, Kraft & Co. from proiding
any further.011 a suggestion in
t Municipal Court of Wheeling; and
ire being iu the hands of the Court
(sum of $414 98, it was ordered that
! costs of the proceedings be deducted
m thin, and that the balance he paid
the Exchange Bank in part payment
ts claim against the late firm of Hamin,
McUranaghan it Co.
Tim Contra! (SIiinh Work* Tiro.
rhe officials of the Central Glass Comjy,
after a more thorough examinau
of the buildings damaged by the
; on Wednesday night than it was
isible to make in the night, yesterday
imntcd their loss to he in {lie aggree
$10,000, of which $0,500 is 011 the
ck and stores, ami $3,500 on the two
ildings. The belief now prevails
icrally that t he tire was of incendiary
gin, or at least, if it originated acentally,
was due to the carelessness
recklessness of some intruder who
1 no business in the straw shed
ere the blaze started.
MuhouIo Olulirutlou at WclUhtirc.
festerday in the Masonic calendar
x St. John's Day. The Wellsburg
Jgo No. :5, A. F.dcA. M? celebrated it
L night with an installation of the1
,vly elected officers, aw follows: Dr.
II. Walkinshaw, W. M.; L. C. Applee,
S. W.s G. W. McGleary, J. W.;
uniiui M. Hudson, S. W.; James Lawi,
Secretary; T. II. Buchanan, Treas r;
Aiulr?ftv Nelson, Tyler; Thomas
ifliu, Chaplain,
'ho installation ceremonies were folrcd
by a line banquet at th'o Lewis
use. which was a most enjoyable
nit iu every respect.
Odd Fellow*' Oillvvm.
'irginius Lodge No. 2, I. 0.0. F., last
ning elected the following oilicers:
G., Philip Koso; V. G., George Gran;
Secretary, U. T. Reed; Treasurer,
nrv liiggins; Trustee, George
ttliews; Widows' and Orphans' Uomtce,
Joneph LawsonkJohn II. Stamp,
in Ball.
William Tell Ixulgc No. (?, has elected
following officers: N. G? Otto
jchler; V. G., C. W. Wagner; Secrey,
L. P. Salterbach; Treasurer, H.
reus; Trustees, Julius Lohse, H.
nkeHiiller, Christ Glesner.
A Law Firm DUkuIvdm.
in announcement appears in another
mm of the dissolution of the co-partship
between Capt. B. B. Dovener
i .ur. ?iuu ia euhuu, uuult uiu urm
ae of Dovener ?fc Elson. The chango
ps effect December 31. Capt. Downi
son, Mr. Will Dovener. was recently
nitted to the bar, and it is understood
t he will be taken into partLerehip
h his father.
That Karciit of Combination*.
rue delicacy of flavor with true efH
y of action una been attained in tlic
ous California liquid fruit remedy,
up of Figs. Its pleasant taste and
eucial effects have rendered it iiuisely
popular. It cleanses the Sysi,
cures Costlveness, etc. For sale in
ts and $1.00 bottles by Logan & Co.,
on P. Hess, R. 11. Burt and C. Menleller.
ilks. Cashmeres, Henrietta Cloths
all kinds of dress goods have been
iced. Call early for your choice at
Stone & Thomas*.
A Woman Over 70 Years Old ?
Tries to Commit Suicide. l>
' a
And is Narrowl}' llesciied From a til
Watery (?rove?A railing. Mind, J?
Due lu AtfC, t lie Only l it plana- p
(i?ii?*lN Well Cared For.
Shortly after 10 o'clock yesterday fore- t
noon, persons who were in the vicinity ?
of Twelfth street on Water, were aurprised
to see a venerable-looking old B
woman walk as fast us her feebleness I
wouui permit down iweiiui street nnu
down the wharf to the waters edge, jj
where she, without n moment's hesita- j
tion, sprang in. The act caused mucl; t
excitement. So rapid had been the old 11
lady's movements that she was in the
icy river before any of those watching j
her suspected her purpose. A member i
of the crew of one of the boats lying at *
the wharf, named Dan McKnight, saw t
the old lady go into the water,* and he f
nt once jumped after her, and succeeded 1
in pulling her out. Sim was taken to i\ 1
residence near on Water street and her J
clothing changed and everything done t
that could be to fortify her against injurious
results of her cold bath. '
Inquiry showed that her name was ?
Klevison, and that she was a well-to-do j
woman, and over seventy years of age. J
iShe lives with her daugfiter on Charles *
street, m isuenn vista. near mo e/isi enu
of Eleventh street. After she was festod '
and her clothing tlrietl, she was token to <
her home. He .* daughter was much dis- ,
tressed and alarmed by her action, and
said that Mrs. Klevison's mind had
failed seriously, and she was not in a
conditidn to be left unwatched. She has
been showing signs of aberration of ^
mind for some time past, but her malady j
never took a dangerous turn until yes* j
terday. Precautions were taken to pre- '
vent the recurrence of an opportunity t
to seek to take her life. 1
? - i
A HOL T i'KOlM.K. <
Siran?i:rn ill (liu city ami wlnm-llny 1'im*|i1u j
Joseph K. King, oi Parkersburg, was 1
up yesterday. (
Mr. C. Schneider, of the Zanesville J
Pott, is in the city. 1
Mr. C. S. Broun, of Fairmont, was at J
the Hotel Windsor yesterday.
Will liolfman. a typo of Morgan town, s
is spending his holidays in the city. ,
Clarence Fleming, advance agent of (
the Kosina Yokes company, was ai tnu i
MeLure yesterday. t
Miss Sprigs, of Moorefield, daughter *
of IIou. Joseph Sprigg, is the guest of
Mrs. T. 0. Edwards.
Mr. P. T. Alien, of Staunton, Va., is '
the guest of his father-in-law, Mr. George
Adams, at the MeLure.
Mr. Hunter Griflith, of Cumberland, c
Md., a son of the editor of the daily I
.Venn, is the guest of Mr. Harry Whita- \
ker. I
Miss Annie Kennedy, a charming r
young lady of Wheeling, is the guest of 1
the family of W. T. Nieholls.? WelMmry 8
Local. ' ,v
Mr. J. M. Kifismft, a New York nianu- j
facturar of brass goods, having dealings
with all the glass and pottery men of <
this section, is at the MeLure. r
31 r. F. K. Marsh, of Indianapolis, a (]
friend of Gen. Harrison and a member j
of the (i. A. K. and Loyal Legion, is v
among the guests at the MeLure House, t
Mr. Henry Schaub, formerly night ii
clerk at the Stainm House in this city,
now holding the position of clerk in one
of the popular hotels at Marquette, is
spending his holidays here with hisrel- v
atives ami friends. 11
V. 11. Archer, of Parkersburg, Col. jj
Hob McEldowney, of New Martinsville, '
W. 11. Duval, of Wellsburg, and Joseph i
Hall, of Steubenville, the well known V
pension agent, were registered at the
MeLure house yesterday.
The iUkR* Coiulut; HcuellU ?
The arrangements lor the benefit performance
to be given at the Grand on
Friday afternoon, January 11, by Wheeling
Lodge B. P. 0. E., are rapidly approaching
perfection, and all the indi- n
cations point to a brilliant success from 1j
every point of view. The theatre will si
be especially decorated in a handsome t<
manner for the occasion, and elegant j<
souvenirs will be given the ladies. It tl
has already been announced that Mon- \n
roe and Rice, of "My Aunt Bridget," n
will appear, and that Kate Castleton 1'
will sing; also that Mrs. Nellie Sweeney- tl
Palmer will contribute a solo. Yester- n
day a promise was secured from Miss rj
Flora Williams that she would also sing;
from Miss Katie Michel, u favorite with
all who have enjoyed her line voice, r(
that she will sing "iSalva, Regina," and u
from Mr. II. J. Menkemiller to contribute
bis popular specialties?banjo music, 11
comic songs, etc. Arrangements have
also been perfected for a competitive rt
drill between the Junior Plumed Knights L
and the Kenna Club, for two handsome 2silver
cuj?s, respectively the tirat and g<
second prizes. These cups are now on .'5,
exhibition at Grubb's jewelry store, at
Other good features .remain to be an- d
Holiday Hop at I ho Club.
The Wheeling Club gave its holiday tl
hop last night and it was a most notable ti
and charming social success. The hi
spacious rooms of the club in the Rogers T.
building were tilled with as brilliant an In
assemblage as has been seen in Wheeling ic
for years. It was a full dress affair, oT pi
course, and the handsome dressing
of the ladies was so marked
as to make it a matter
of general comment that the party was
the prettiest one in the memory of allyoung
and old. There were several
strangers present and they were delighted.
The music was furnished by the Tl
Opera House orchestra. Supper was si:
served ai inidnigtit at uie uoiei windsor.
Sjrrop of FIk? tli
Is Nature's own true laxative. It is la
the most easily taken, and the most 1.'
[ effective remedy known to cleanse the ci
System when Bilious or Costive; to dis- oi
|pel Headaches, Colds and Fevers; to at
Cure Habitual Constipation, Indices- cc
tion, Piles, etc. Manufactured only by d<
| the California Fig Syrup Company. For cl
sale in 50 eta and $1.00 bottles by Logan tl:
A Co., Anton P. Hess, It. Ii. Burt and tli
C. Menkemeller. =
Cloak Department.
| We must have room. Cloaks at your
own price at Stone A Thomas'. h<
"Milk-End!" The smoothest, strong- St.
est. and most elastic.
^ hi
Bottom prici. on a full and complete h?
line of Hardware and Mechanics' Tools 1,1
at 1054 Market street. Buy now while
the stock is complete.
J. B. SoMMKnviLLE, Assignee.
Wnv do quick workers want "MileEnd
?" Its freedom from knots.
"For want of a nail, a shoe was lost;
for want of a shoe, a horse was lost; for
want of a horse, a rider was lost." .
jjever neglect small things. The lirat To
signs of pneumonia and consumption 8'?
can votitivdy l>c checked liy Dr. Acker's
English Remedy for (consumption. 0. an
H. tioetzo, R. B. Burt, C. Menkemeller, I
Logan tfc Co. 9 tl?
* TV*
L. S. Good Bells dry goods the cheapest. &!
Itt CtmjiUnu Sir vol M. II. Ulul the t'? 1*.
SchouU' laiAl MkIii.
The Sabbath School in connection
ith tlio Cbapline Street M. K. Church
eld its annual Christina# entertainineut
nd treat last evening. The church was
lied, of courue. A fine musical proram
me was rendere J. Miss Alma Coner
directed it, and performed the intrumeiitM
introduction.* John Clarke
endered a vocal solo, "Three Cheers
:?r Snow." The main feature of the
rogramme was a cantata, "The New
anta Claus, or the Old Candy Man,"
rhich was nicely given, the role oI Santa
*ing taken by" Charles Dowler, the
hree Maiji by Messrs. Dunn, West wood
nd King, and the I'rial by Mr. Jackson,
'here was also a chorus, "What is Keeptig
Santa Claus?" by eight girls; a vocal
olo by Tillie McNamee; a recitation,
xmefellow's "The Three Kings," by
iallio Handy; a doll song by six little
;irls, with violin accompaniment by
saac 1'reese; a vocal solo by Mollie
Iaudy; a recitation, "Santa Claus and
he Mouse," by Howard McXaah; an
in the finale every pupil received a
(onerous eharo of candy, and the pastor,
iev. Mr. liilieldaffer, was made the reipientof
a suit of clothes, and Mrs. KileldatTer
of a Hymnal.
The annual Christmas treat and enterainmeut
of the United Presbyterian
Sabbath School also took place last night,
'receding the distribution of candy,
mts, etcC, a pleasing programme was
endered, consisting of choruses?
'Christmas llells," "Koek-u-bye Baby,"
'The Heathen Boy" and the Lord's
'raver?by a picked chorus from the
chool; vocal solo, "1 am King oti Laud
md Sea," by Harry Sweeney; a recitation
jy Earl Burr; duet, "Love's Old Sweet
50*ug," Dr. J. II. McCluro and Mrs. W. J.
IV. Cowdon; recitation by Miss Lizzie
IClkington; song by George Thompson;
.ornetsoloby Dr. J. II. McClure; after
ivhich a good social time was had by all.
Too Much ClirlfttuiHH Turkey.
Col. E. B. Bowie, Secretary of the
Etna Glass Co., was made an innocent
/ictiin the day before Christmas, says the
Hellairc Independent. A gentleman in
Indiana, from whom the glass men here
my someol their material, hud indicated
o Mr. Bowie that he would send him a
lice fat turkey for Christmas, but said
lothing to him about others. On Monlay
the Express Company telephoned
Hr. Bowie that there was a box for him
iitheollice. He said he would call for
t, but was informed that it weighed over
00 pounds. Realizing that lie could not
:arry it and without having even seen it
10 ordered the box sent on to Wheeling,
lis 8i? -prise can better be imagined than
old, when on receiving the box at his
lome on the Island he. found ten turkeys
J... 1 r??.V..u?
UUIJH iiiaiivci JW-IIJ, ? uo? ??"U
o on until lie reached the lu.st one
narked "Bowie." The joke came in in
Jol. Ed's packing the other nine tur;eysto
Bridgeport in order to get them
0 Bellaire in tune for Christmas. There
rosno word whatever given him ns to the
ontents of tiie box, beyond the fact that
t was marked poultry and addressed to
The Opera Computiy.
The Kimball Opera Company presentid
at the Grand last night "The Queen's
^ace Handkerchief." The presentation
vas in many respects the best ever seen
lere, the fine music of the choruses was
lever heard to so great advantage, and ,
he costuming was as bright and liandome
as any production ever seen here.
>'oine very "line marching was seen in the
hird act. The principals were all adnirable.
This evening the company will give
The Princess of Trebizonde," an opera
arely seen on the stage owing to the
lilHculty and expense attendant upon <
Is production. It is an enjoyable opera
1 ith the added charm of novelty, and |
he company can be relied 011 to present
t to the best effect.
How to (iiiln V!ugh mid Slrengllia |
Use after each meal Scott's Emulsion
rith Hypophosphites. It is as palatable
.s milk, ami easily digested. The ralidity
with which delicate people imrove
with its use is wonderful. Use it
ml try your weight. As a remedy for
Jonsumption, Throat afl'cctious and
Ironchitis, it is uneuualed. Please read:
I used Scott's Emulsion in a child eight
sonths old with good results, lie
ained four pounds in a very short
imo."?Tiio. Pmm, M. D., Alabama.
A Word About California,
The Western railroads have recogized
the importance of California travel
y placing fast and improved trains in
urvice and endeavoring in every way
) remove the tedium of the* ioHg
Durney. If you contemplate a trip to
lie Pari tic slope this winter it will bo
ell for you to communicate with the
earest passenger or ticket agent of the
'ennsylvania Lines, who will give you
10 fullest information about all the
Mida and sell you tickets at lowest '
Ues via any route yon may choose.
Cloaks at one-half former price. No
iasonable ofler will be refused, as we
lust have room. Stonf. A Thomas.
olWluy Kxciu-mIouh via l'ouunylvanla Lluon,
Excursion tickets at low round trip
ites will be sold by the Pennsylvania
ines west of Pittsburgh on December
I, 25 and .'11, 188$, and January 1, 1889.
>od returning untii Thursday, January
18S1). No tickets will tie sold to
lulls for less than 25 cents, nor to chil- ?
ren for less than 15 cents.
To JIothtT* HuntingSultahlw 1'rMtuiilH.
Wo respectfully ask you to examine
le World Type Writer, a perfectly praecal
writing* machine for $10 (X). It is
iglily recommended as an educator,
he privilege of returning during the
alidav week anv writer that does not
iterest and please the partv to whom A
resented. Enw. L. Hose a Co.,
55 Twelfth street.
Fancy holiday goods nt half price at
, " Stone & Thomas'. \j
I'olut.H About tlio ICIver.
The river is still rising at this point. 0
lie levee gauge at dusk last evening
lowed a depth in the channel of 0 feet "
inches, a rise of nearly one foot in
renty-four hours. The Scotia passed J*
[) at 4 o'clock yesterday morning, and n
io Hudson passed down two hours
ter; both had good freight trips. The fl
ouis A. 8Uerley is <lue to-day from Gin- u
nnati, for which point she will leave
i her return trip to-morrow afternoon .
. 8 o'clock. Cant. Torn Hunter is in
unmand as usual, and Charlie lieeves
)es the honors in the office in the Bame
ever manner that has made him and J1
ic boat so popular. The Ben Hur is ''
lis morning's 1'arkershurg packet.
[? the Oriental Habitation, knowing that Rood I,
;alth cannot ex bit without a healthy Liver. ?
When the Liver In Torpid tho Bowels are SlugHb
and Couftlpatetl.and the Food licit In the
nmach decoinpotlnt;?iMibonlng the Mood. w
Frequent headache ensue*, and a feeling of r,
wltude and deni>ondeDcjr Indicate how the
tiole Kyutetn U deranged. No agency on earth
i* restored aa many |?eople to htnltu and liat>- r
new by giviug them a healthy Uvcr aa
jrSfnmm i
^r*i id? Bj
A?a general family remedy for DyKpcpiIa.
rpld Liver, CoDMlpntion, otc., J ataxy* uno .
nmciiiH Liver Regulator ami have never bc?u b
appointed in the effect produced. It acemt to ni
n perfect euro f??r all dlMwen of the Mmnach ?,
d Bowel*."?W. J. McEutov, Macon, Oa. ftl
Sxamlno to mo that you get-the genuine, ?11?*
iguUhed frmn nil fraud* and Imitation* by our tt
1 Z Trade-Murk on front of wrapper, mid on ??
J ?Idc the ?*al and nlguaiure of J. U. Zellln 11
Co. dv3-MVrF4W W
Flr.o Diamonds?1.
our g:
rr t\ill/
Persons expecting to p
Diamond line will find it totl
Establishment and see ou
WHITE GEMS." We sell t
margin above net cost, and
be worth money to those rr
1223 MARKE
Lecture?Cupiil'M Coitem-Hiio Uugi-l'er* "
MOIKll (iosolji, Klv,
I<Ja De vault is on the sick list. J
Water runts are due January 1. v
James Ralston arrived from the West
yesterday. q
Capt. and Mrs. II. W. Smith are vis- y
iting at Cadi/. j>
W. C. I3owe*| of llarrisville, was
here yesterday. . p
Mrs. J. A. Armstrong 1ms returned
from Tiltonville.
Andrew Gottschalk and A. W. Kew
are at Cincinnati. 1
George Strain is spending the holidays
at Smithlield. ^
James BavlesB is visiting friends at
Findlay and Fostoria. j
Miss Mary Anderson, who has been j,
quite sick, is improving. %
Janice and Joseph Gordon, of Canton, I
are visiting relatives here.
Mr. I. II. Cook, ??f Iowa, has returned 1;
after a pleasant visit here. I:
Miss Sadie Elliott, who has been on >'
the sick list, is convalescent. J1
MJao IW? t? .mtiirt-ii nine Miuo ,J
Kiln Tweed, in Steubenville.
The P. 0. news stand lias bail an immense
sale 011 "Robert Elsmere."
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Crossley, of Mingo,
are enjoying the holidays in this city.
Miss Mattie Lowe, of Steubenville, is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Gillespie.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Gilmore returned
yesterday from a pleasant visit at Shelby,
Belmont county has something like
100 miles of railroad, and more being
Mr. John A. Nell', of Warnoeks, is the
guest of his son-in-law, Mr. Joseph N.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Huughton have
returned from a pleasant visit at Steubenville.
.School will reopen the Wednesday folowing
New Year's, and not the following
"Nevada" at the Opera House to-mor o\v
night, for the benefit of Manager
Miller, will have a packed house.
Miss Mattie Warwood, of Warren, 0.,
ormerly of Martin's Ferry, is the guest
>f her cousin, Miss Krnily Warwood. l,
The forge department of the Laughlin
nill shut down last night for a week or
io. The factory will work till Saturday.
Mrs. G. A. Greenfield and son George
ire visiting friends at Cardington, 0.,
vhere Mrs. Greenfield formerly resided.
Mr. Harry Shuttleworth returned to
[Markslmrg yesterday, after a pleasant
,'isit with his brother, Dr. W. B. Shut,le
Cupid is cutting high capers at Mt.
?leasant. There were three weddings fu
>ut there last night, namely John kail
ind Miss Linn, W. B. Frances and Miss 01
fulia Mitchell and J. F. Chuflfy and Miss B
Uary Barkburst. ?>
Dr. C. K. Bolton lectured to a largo .
ludienco at the Opera House last night.
>n "London, the World's Metro pons. f.j
rho lecture was beautifully illustrated J'J
>y a very large number of views of 1
amotts persons, cities, cathedrals, ruins, !u,
mintings, statuary and landscapes. Cal- 11
:iuin light was used and all present left
lighly satisfied with the lecture.
Martin's Ferry has quite a number of
Ino dogs. The Jewel Kennels, A. L.
Vilson, manager, owns pugs "Little n:
ewel," "Little Trinket," both imported
nd prize winning "Betinna;" white cc
oodles "Hex" and "l'earl;" Irish water
paniel "Beauty;" all are pedigreed and UJ
egistered stock. Louis Praebt owns ,n
Dash," an Irish water spaniel, and Wiliam
K. Thomas a collie shepherd.
ill Sort* of Locnl New* and (Jonnlp frum
tlm (ilium City.
Mrs. John S. Sullivan left on a visit to
Baltimore last night. vj'
Mr. and Mrs. F. Litton are in Pitts- |il
urgh among friends.
William A. Wise is shipping a nice lot
f apples to Delaware, 0.
A huge time was hail at the leap year fr'
all last night at the Elysian. an
James Coulter and Milton Kamage, of ^
air Hill, were hero yesterday on busi- ' "
iess. .
J. A. Greenfield severely mashed a j?,
nger on ono of the boats lying at the
pper wharf. jri
T T,Wnnl-in n?>i.i tfo.l vMtohlao fmm
in Grand Island home a box of handome
The steamer Telegram brought up a
ico lot of apples for Philadelphia, ra.,
roin Clarington.
The Fantasma of singing flowers was ,
ideed a novelty here and the large au- n(|
ienco room was paeked.
Chris. Kberle's young son cut his knee 8i,
adly with a hatchet yesterday and is j.-,
lid up, not able to walk. (/u
Rev. John Win has been presented ur
rith an easy rocker and set of dining- (J<
!>om chairs by his singing class. jx.
John Jacobs had his wrist severely
ut by a cylinder yesterday aud will be
IF several days in consequence.
Mr. Ward, of the firm of .Stewart & if
^'ard, has completed a fine iron fence gj
round his Fourth ward residence. i,u
A T,i: . <i.? in'
jjcuiituiuu in iu'u.uui m:iit tin: win:- (
3tanes of the different glass houses here ' t
turkey apiece for a Christmas present.
Parties are excavating behind the ^
Cleveland & Pittsburgh depot for the *?-.
and, and quite a hole hits been dug n",
James Crosby was given $10 and costs or
y the Mayor for assaulting 0. Jeffers, 001
[id in default of payment was taken to
t. Cjairsvilleto jail. . 1
John Luellen, a steel worker, was col
opped the other night troiug to his Kn
ome in tho Fourth ward, and when he abi
ould not give up his money the high- C.
C. Dillon & Co. 1
JE 1
iurchase anything in the
heir advantage to visit our
r stock of Fine "BLUE
hese goods at very small
will give advice that will
laking investments in this
)N & CO.,
,'nynian structc iiira on me nose, breakng
it. The man was unknown.
James McGeorjge, of the Stamping
,'ompnny's machinery department, i.< I
uite sick at his home in the Fourth
rani with bronchitis.
Michael Dorsey, the postmaster ;it
laptina, has been in the service for M
ears continuously and is the oldest
ostuiaster in the country.
The Cleveland & Pittsburgh folks Wan
moving souu* of their traps yestcray,
and in all probability will occupy
heir new offices by the first of the year."
The Superintendent of ti. Children's
lomo of this county and his wife reently
took eighteen little < to Kuans,
where good homes \ve,e .r.-iuv i for
The Clerk's Assembly pn nted T. .1.
*awn, a retiring memb.-r, with a gold
leaded cane, and the Knights of Labor
ave him a gold pen and h..1 i? r. .Mr.
.awn is going into Im.uiu - *-i vlmre.
J. W. Shanafelt was n .-hippiug his
arrows, tools, etc., from Kush iiun and
'ortland to Newton, Atii. ns county,
esterday, where he has another twelve
lile contract on a new railroad being
ui It there.
T. J. Burgis, of Lorain, i- visiting
iends in town.
Miss Minnie Hall, o; SteuWmille, is -*
lie guest of Mias Annie Chapm.tn.
iimiu.ui i/uiir.iu iiiuui' M > -iri,ia?
oiii Iiellvlew, I)., where In- has !? a
i^itinir friends.
Georgo Morrow, of Ka>,t i.iv?-i
ho has bo<!Xi visiting relatives 1iere, re*
irned homo yesterday.
Miss Minnio Alexander returned lioiw
om Steubcnville yesterday, after a very
leasaut visit with friouds there.
Miss lletta Rodders r'ctuinet! y?: t? r?l. y
oin Toronto, where sli has been tin'
nest of relatives for si* vend days.
J. K. Clark, who hits been conlin i to
is rooai by u severe attack of typhoid
iver during the past mouth, is eonvascent.
Oscar Tovvnsend, Gei'eml Mana^i-r,
id J. L. Green, of the C., L. V.
ere in town yesterday looking after ti<?*
mijmny's interests.
IJuill Showalter and wife, aft? r a v.-ry
leasant Christmas visit to (I. \V. !<
toloinew, returned to their home in
ngola, N. V., yesterday.
Nathan Dottier, of Detroit, spent k?'v al
hours with Bridgeport friends. II*as
en route to Baltimore, where In* v. .
itablish himself in business.
Alf McFadden, the soug and 'lam
list of minstrel fame, pnssi 1 : r?#ugh
wn yesterday en route to Chi .:,' ,
here he will join his company.
Cmiiitorfoltern Cniiltuml.
New Your, Dec. 27.?Three (uuntt'r*
iters were captured.by 1'iiiu
Beers this evening in their 1 ti in
rooklvn while engaged in ti.* ^ *
making counterfeit silver -i -llar.-.
lie men are William (iiii n, < ;
d, of No. 1-1 Henry street, tni-tVity;
it rick Kenny, -1.3 years, of ;!7 Uowery,
lis city, and Timothy Cut-aidy," ID year*.
(K) I'earl street, Brooklyn. .\t the
st placo they w ire found at work 1?ind
barred doors. A complete outfit
counterfeiting implements surround*
1 them.
Illotvu I'ji by If) niiiiiltii,
li AKItlSONHl'lUi, V.\.t Dec. 27. 1-ii
ght a house in the eastern part of tl
uinty, in which a number of colors!
iople were holding a party, w:m Mown
> by dynamite and several of the inates,
it is said, fatally wounded. >'o
irticulais are given.
Filed a Divorce J'otillou.
Colujmus, 0., Dec. 27.?Mrs. Churcli,
ife of Colonel Church, sup'Tintcndeiit
transportation of the I'an-ilundle
ilway, to-day tiled a petition for ditree,
alleging cruelty, failing t-. j.r
de and adultery. An answer lias been
ed to the charges.
Catarrh Curt'it.
A clergyman, after year-i of Hifl?-rim:
Dm'that loathsome di.-< - . t'.ii.irrii,
id vainly trying every known i
last found a reeino which ,..>jm,My
.redand saved him from dr.a!.. Any
flerer from this dreadful i
g a self addressed stain] i
of. J. A. Lawrence, 88 Wan. -'r- r
.? Vn-I- /'U,r ...III i,.. (],. J., .!
ie of charge. mw.u'-kow
How could we get along witii"iit our
'lilc-Knd ?" Couldn't.
Cough in the morning, hurried or <JiJtilt
breathing, raisin*' i?hltvi:i, ti?'MH8
of the chest, quickenH i1'88
in tho evening or
I or any of these iiiim : * '
iges of consumption. I1 '
iglish Remedy for <rou.^ti i
re these fearful symptoms,
tder a positirr guarantee l?v < .
)etze, K. Ji. Burt, C. .Menki
)gan & Co. 10
INICh! Pllcii! liclllltl.' I'llltx.
lYMiTOjm.?Moisture: Int
(iitIiik; most ?t ul?ht; w..r." ! >
allowed to continue nun'''- i> '
> n ble? I and uli < r
AYNK'M OlNTMKNT Mops tin- M '
ft'dlns, hrulf* ulceration, ati'I in n _
>vc? the minora. At druggist* or :
cent*. l)r. Svrayue ?fc Son, Philadelphia.
l'< Ilcliy, Scaly, Skin Torture.
rile simple application of ">? ,?v.' /. '
nt," without any interim! medicine.
y cmc of Totter. Suit Jtlieuin, Hi
cm, Itch, Sorct. I'ltnplct, Enema, i n
liy Skin Kruptioun, no matter how i>r
long standliif. it i* potent, effort
4* but m trifle, _ 11
women io?o uieir
(Is undermine their life. Heglish
Remedy for Consumption i
white euro for colds. (' K- 1'
Menkemeller, Logan A Co. 1U"

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