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Real Estato.
T<n roomci l-rlck homo. M Thirteenth ?trect,
onlr? ft-winlnutM walk to the buatncM centre
?f the ell/. I'rlcv liMM.
Tin roomed l.rlck homo on Houth Penn itreet.
Gowl location. Lot u'? feet front on Perm utrcet.
^KLc'ht roomi-l brick homo, with all Uto Iraftforrnwut'.
l.otWood location ami a
roM houM.-, la jcrfict repair, 66 Ohio itreet.
^uood?lx r iMfl fniaiohouio at 133 South
Bn4j*?y. P"IV
ail roomed frjaio dome, lot 170*300, at 2U,
Twenty nlntti itn-et, fl.'.IV.
Kir# roomed dwelling, '.'1 North Broadway,
'lTbre?' roomed brick homo, 70 South Huron
itneL JI.liTV
l>lo? I ?? Market itreet. Will pny u
^SuIiScho'iti', ' i ."tin* mch, at Non. 10 ?ud 12
jomb Urosdwny.I 'f ?!'* ' A good 10 per ceut
?,r> iTlck bulliliiiK.itoieroomoii first
<*: *" 1 t,l,ri1 11 !"ri dwelling rooms,
ji* Main street. ''f' '' ? ' 'W.
inc# (lmiliio : r i-.'i i hum), W and 'J7 North
Huron Meet Mstuui hu?I arilflcUl gas through*
cnu will i?i)' l.'Mi'rcoiitiw Investment.
Mrcn momed ilneUing at No. 4J North
rm\ atrtx-t. lotW*IW?. I'rlco fl.WO.
Ten rwtned brick oil Kliveuth street, 1-1,500.
\ (rult form. within sight of thin city, con*
uinlnic .'ll? arte*, with all the inost productive
nj w)H'K vnrl-ilo* of fruits. Just In their
prime- At a ureal bar "i?i,
1^1 .iTSxI^i. S.iiuh 1'oun, west side, choice
;w'iri>, North Huron, old Fairgrounds,
*L?t IoJjIA uiutbratt coracr of Main aud
7?f!itr >evcinli street*, SI NX).
t/tCU'iriftHv-: ?;or;jer.S^uitj York and Virginia
'I' ..'olbieh street, near Thirtieth,
ttVuwti itrout, old Fiilr grouuds,
*1"'. uiirtwiith street, lor JI-IO.
iiii >1.11.n, So'U'i Huron ?troot, 1300.
I... ,North I rout street, Sl.hOO.
I iti.ul'". Fifteenth Mnwt, 9i,|(Xj.
LoMuti Kr.<-Mrvtt. I'M ?-nlr grounds, MxlJO,
|a /h:ic'i Orchard, from I.VJ up, accord*
Ins to lucaliull.
f.,t .1.10 Fourteenth street, near
ieho.il Mm'.: ....
Lot ivun f,..cct, 81.->0.
Lot north M** ??'trtwiitli street, cau build on
injr fHtrl of It, ?!/e t/jxl.u, J-00.
Farm*. Ihtko umI mimiI. Great bargaloa in
(iooJ M"< ** nl'Ai.y* oti bntid for sale.
I'O&KSSION Al'ltlL 1.
No S'-.*7 Chapllne street, 2 rooms S ?f? 00
.Sajta Allt-y i- - a uu
im Fifteenth street 17 oo
turt ... 32 00
So I'i Km.tt.rjith i?lrevt It Ot
No. .*>' K??:: ?tiret 15 00 I
Ni atrict lit 00
No. X* Mailt ?lrivt ? 18 U)
No.-" Mtiu strict - 2U 00
No 1M Mailt >lr?-vt 20 OO
No .jil Main >tic?t. .... JW 00
NaSDMalnairwt .. 'JO 00
No vil ?" "?' Hreet ? .... 'J i?
F-j-v tu'i'o rirtr yI Kuurtt- nth street S Oo
>1 i'17 M?rki t?tri^t,?torc room uu<l cellar ?.' 00
Marketstreet. -'Italia 20 00
25.uic>anu,on Ml<Mlg Wbcellm; creek,
{.w i*r annum.
SfeSOl Main street $ 9 00
I?o rixiai*. (new pnper) rear of Mission
;nM)' e'choul, Kuhteenth bticet 6 00
How nortlunst corncr of Centre and Marshall
Mrttli, Fulton. \V. \u. ^
Delrable rMltleace on National road, east of
Eta lirove. (intunil 'J'/i nrres.
i' ten? Farm at lilcuu'a Kim. Will exchange
forcity properly.
00 AcrcM?f l.nnd In Miinthull county, W. Va.
Wlllexrlwi-Ke lor i?!ty property.
No. PiTitL'lltli streut.
No. .\'1> KnlT Mtfct.
So. ??.'1 Chapllne street.
S?.~W Main ftrctt
><r*J.ca?t corner ol Mula- ami Twenty-first
Ni VOW huiI 2TiUj Wooils street.
Stay other lurcalns In Heal Estate.
Ha Estate Ai;out, II. S. Claim Attorney ami Nout
t'lil.ilc. So. li.l-' Market .Street. fclO
Na.il New Jersey etr-et, G rooms .....815 00
Na.'l Niutli IVuu sttcet, G rooms .. 20 00
>V.u) Teal street, 3 room's...'. 8 CO
m:w, ;; r.? >nn -.. 8 CO
Sj. lua toir sired,rooms 12 oo _
Sa.:i!'j Jlisin 't..;?room* and store room- 25 00
Rt*;lencentKI:n (irove, 7 rooms 25 00
KaiJtncc at Kirn itrove, 10 rooms 20 83
EaJdcaa'iit U-dtherwood. 0 rooms 15 00
SxJIfl Msiu st., 3 rooms ami store-room... 13 00
Sfcilut Main street, 4 rooms, 2?1 floor? 12 60
So.iltli Main street, I room", 3d lloor. U 00
Houwof 5rootnr. on ?outh Kim St., Island 12 50
So. 119Thirty-third strfcet, f? rooms.- 9 00
So. 121 Thirty-third street, 0 rooms 'J 00
So.vis Market street. 3 rooms, 2d lloor 5 00
So. ttO Market street, ."rooms on 3d lloor.
So. Ull Market it., olllce rooms on 2d floor.
Sarcoma. lsx.Vjfeetou Washlneton street,
Martin'* Kerry, 0 10 00
So. 1110 McColloch street, 10 rooms- "25 00
?SiJ will buy a lot on the Old Fair Grounds
addition, on WlieeliuR Islaud.
I IlIW.imtT Xt T.4Tn*
.? ?,??? I. IV LAJLUM)
Real fcute. Stocifi & Fire Insurance,
(Sisters of the.Visitation.)
A K\m\ ol more than national roputatlou,
offers exceptional advantages for thorough cduatioa
of youni* ladles in all departments. LItfiry
ol *ix thousand volumes. Fine phlloMiiblml,
chemical anil aMiououilcal upparatus.
MutU-nl department spcciallv noted. CorpHOf
'Uiio twcliirs trained by a learned professor
from I'onstrvntory ol Stuttgart. Vocal culture
" cording to the method ol the old Italian masten.
lA-siloti unsurpassed for beauty and health.
Ten acres ol pleasure grounds. Hoard excellent.
ror catalogue*. and references to patrous In
ft.l tie principal elites, address
Plumbing, Cas & Steam Fitting.
Pluml)iQg,Gas aadSteam Heating
Brass Valves and Cocks,
Coke Oven unil Mill Supplies.
His and 14IS Market Street,
Succeuors lo Thompson ? Illbberd,
Piittlcal Plurata, Gas & Steam Fitters
taciiTiu-.Natural Gu Bupplie#, Stewa
mi&y aEj Ventilation.
1J11 MARKET ST., Wheeling, W. Vft.
promptly aone at moat reasonable
tyM- HAKE & SOS,
Ptate, Gas ana Steam Fitters,
_Xil ttotv (to;ic j romptly at rea*onablo prlooii
_jCornico and Tin Roofing.
Galvanized Iron Cornice
tin ROOFINd.
mnistev cos before contracting,' MI am J
? pm* to sivc bnrnnius lu that lino ol work.
. ' ?. l\ CALDWELL,
r' for. Main and South
J!l^sofurnishing Hardware.
Wo Soil tho ticnuiuo
??? powerful light Kiulo by any Stand
i-ntap; ss camlle power.
-i-? 1210 Main Street.
TL.s. - T"t "GRAND HANDS,"
i Wtvu.0?^lu existence, aro adjustable to
ik.!?*1 ?' .l**Pct. Call anil examlno
WC!n at the Hardware aud House
, Furnishing Store of
' J 1312 2iarkot Street.
A Momory Picture From "Way
Back in the '50's."
Mlnnr'H Morning Sabbnth TIioiikIiIm.
llow He Adorned IIIiUKelf?Where [
Ho Went?Httnriny Devotions*.
More l*oker Than I'ralxo, j
Copi/rtyhtetl, 1889, by the Author,
-ilk F
Presents in the most elegant form
?or THE?
Combined with the medicinal
virtues of plants known to be
most beneficial to the human
system, forming on agreeable
and effective laxative to permanently
cure Habitual Constipation,
and the many ills depending
pn a weak or inactive
condition of the
It i? thetnost excellent remedy known to
When one is lliliout or Constipated
?80 THAT?
Every one is using it and all are
delighted with it.
Sick Headacheaud relieve all the troubles Incident
to a bilious state of the system, such as
Dizziness, Nausea. Drowslnoss. Distress after
eating, I'aln In the Side, Ac. While their most
remarkable success has l>een shown lu curing
Headacho, yet Carter's Little Liver Fills
are equally valuable in Constipation, curing
and preventing this annoying complaint, while
they also correct all disorders of the stomach,
stimulate the liver and regulate the bowels.
Even If they only cured
Ache thny would Ihj almost priceless to thoso
who suffer from this distressing complaint:
but fortunately their goodness does not end
here, and those who once try them will find
these little pills valuable in so many ways that i
they will not 1>? willing to do without them. ,
Hut after all sick head
is tho bane of so many IIvm that here Is where
wo make our great boast. Our pills cure It 1
while others do not. ?
Carter's Little Liver Fius are very small i
and very easy to take. One or two pills make
a dose. They aro strictly vegetable and do '
not gripe or purge, but by their gentle action I
Elease all who use them. In vials at 25 cents; j
vo for Jl. Sol J everywhere, or Bent by tnnll.
CASTES laaicnns CO., for Icrk.
MPi Snail k, Small Fries, '
"Safe and Certain" |
IS the testimony of Dr. Gcorgo E.
Waller, of Martinsville, Va., in 1
reference to Aycr's Pills. Dr. J. T. I
Teller, of Chittenungo, N. Y., says i
' Aycr's Pills aro highly appreciated.
They* are perfect in form and.coating, i
nn?I their effects aro all that the most ]
careful physician could desire. They .
have supplemented all tho'pills former- !
ly popular here, and I think it must bo '
lone before any other can bo made that
will at all compare with them. Thoso I
who buy Ayer's Pills git full valuo." . |
"I regard Ayer's Tills as one of tho i
mnat rnllnliln irnnnrnl rnniiiillov of (illf 1
times. They lmvo been in uso in my ,
family for various affectionA requiring a
purgative medicine, anil have given tinvarying
satisfaction. Wo liavo fouml
them an excellent remedy for colds and '
light fevers." ?W. It. Woodson, Fort
Worth, Texas. *r I
"I prescribo Ayer's Tills in my practice,
and tind thorn excellent. I urgo
their general use. in families." ?John
W. Brown, M. D., Oceana, W. Va.
Ayer's Pills,
rnerAnKD BT
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass.
Bold by all DruggUls and Dealers In Medicine.
f _ 1
J4* The Cod
That Helps to Curo
\Ti Tho Cold.
I The disagreeable
11 ? tasto of the
is dissipated in
Ol' Pure Coil Liver Oil witb
The patient suffering from
iinvfiin'i'iki rikii<!ii foil* An
iVvASTI\r.'uiSi'AHE*,"*nrny'take Tho
;romody with* na much satisfaction as ho
;would tako'mllk. Physicians nro jirracrlbM?K
ltovorywhorc. It Ih a perfect emnlnlon.
} cm! a nontlcr'ftil ffri.li producer. Tahe no other
no2,iy\vr,i\r E"'s
CloansQB tho
Nasal PoosaBos.fS^f^/Wti Nt*n
I Inflammation, rfl/uT ?"m\ iyg:
Heals thoSores,^?^
Reatoroo.thp fpLjSenses
nnd^Sme". ggg^g^g
TltYTHE CUBE. hay-fever
A particle 1? appllc?rinto ouch nostril and la
agrceablo. I'rlce 50 ceuU at DninUUl by mall,
registered, Mccnu, i.L\ BftOTHKUS,
ecII-mwtaw Ml Warren ?trcet. Now ^ork.
la a Safe, Pleasant and Rollablo Preparation of
Pino Tar.' Glvea lnstanfrolief and"flual enro In
the wont owe*. v- ' . . - .
Atk ynnrDniaaUt or .Qrooor lor 1L i?*20
i ri/iKUOt 'ssir, aa^fs'nsa?,!
the MARSTON CO.. 10 park Place, New York, N. Y.
tho cabin window and through the
chinks of tho cabin wall.
It ia tho same sunshine an that of tho
weekday. Yet as tho minor wakes and
realizes that it is Sunday it has a different
appearance, and conveys a different
impression from that of the weekday sun.
Everything seems more cjuiet, moro restful,
and even more staid aud serious.
There belongs to it and to tho landscape
is he looks out a flavor of far-away easti-rn
Sabbath bells and Sunday morning
Uuiih and longer family prayer than
usual and Sunday school. But there is
not a church bell within ten miles, and ,
:here never will bo oue heard on this ,
Hat. There is not the least approach to
ihurch society or religious 'organization ,
Dr observance. Tliere is not, so far as is
known, so much as r. man in tho least ,
religiously inclined. We are a hard lot.
So work on the claim to-day. The pick
ind shovel will rest whero thrown Sat- ,
inlay afternoon, and only a trickle of ,
yellowish water from the reservoir will
leep through the long line of sluices initead
of yesterday's muddy purge rushug
through?earnl, gravel and grating
pebble and bowlder.
But there is work of another sort to be
lone and a great deal of it. After break'nst,
shaving. Tbat small mirror of most
mperfect glass, whose reflection distorts
he features, screwing up one side of the
ace ami enlarging the other in an uujatural
fashion, is suitably adjusted. A
rniell of soap privates the air. lie lathers
uid shaves and relathers aud reshavea
vitli a tedious and painful precision, the
tvhilo making faces at himself in the
;lus* as he brings one portion of his
. ountenanco after another more directly
luder tho sweep of the razor. In some
:aseo he comes off with a few scratches
)r leaves a hirsute oasis here and there
)f uncut bristle. Llaek pantaloons, a
A'hite shirt, a ftlt or straw hat, a linen
luster and the Snnday boots. This is
'lis dandy outfit. In his pocket is a
juckskin purse, once yellow, now faded
.o a dull gray, holding gold dust, a few
junces moro or less, perhaps live, perliapa
ten. ,
it is the company dust and is to be
>old and turned into bright, yellow gold
pieces. And why all this preparation?
'to go to camp." Camp is tiireo miles
iway over the mountain yonder. A
group of ramshackle cabins, alternating
with saloons, three grocery stores, a
hotel, an express office and a justico of
the peace, all in a hot gulch, with hillsides
long ago swept of trees, scarred
with cuts and streaked with patches of
dry yellowish ledge. "Camp" to him
has all tho importance and interests of a
great metropolis. . It is tho ci?uter of |
news. The stage passes through it on |
the way to a larger camp. Two boss (
gamblers reside there. There is a faro I
game on occasions, n biltiard table with <
11 mountainous sort of. bed,-where the |
halls roll as they please;and after an ec- i
:entric fashion of their own.
.The camp - is for,.hiui tho first nerve .
center of civilization and tho only.outlet
to tho great world which'he has left. '
You, fresh-from the great city, regard
Lhis dilapidated place "as an nut of the
way corner; but to him, living on his ,
remote list, with but two cabins in eight ,
for as many miles, camp ia a place of importance.
rle repairs urot.to the Magnolia. lie
hits long: in imagination seen it- from
itfar." How cool is the big barroom. The
landlord keeps the;floor well wet down.
Thai Magnolia floor is one of the few
places where water, unmixed with other
tluid, is useful, and grateful. How comforting
and soothing is the first drink.
A long drink in u long tumbler, with
plenty of ice, soda water and whiBfcy.
If heaven bo anywhere as u material
locality it is in that first cool drink after
a three mile July tramp over the kiln
dried hills and herbage of the California
foothills. The Magnolia is the social
heart center of camp.
There he finds the doctor. Tho doctor
drinks with him. The doctor drinks
with everybody. There too, is the justice
of tho peace. The justico drinks
with hinil Tho justico holds his court
at the Magnolia. Tho proprietor of the
Magnolia is tho camp constable, and between
drinks during trial calls viva voce
tho witness in the case. Thojudge
urinKa wiin mm. xno juugo generally
drinks. The principal camp gambler is
at the Magnolia. He takes alight drink.
Lie is*u wise man and knows the advautage~aud
profit of keeping a cool head.
The regular camp drunkard sits in the
reaririono of the arm chairs back of the
billiard table. He looks so humble, so
Vl-Vpectful?and-go dry, that our miner's
heart moves to pity and ho "asks him
upV! II? complies, but not with undue
haste. This treats of the era between
185G and 1870. The camp drunkard had
notrili'eu so "lost his grip" as to bo unmindful
of a certain slowness, deliberation.aud
dignity befitting a gentleman.
JBut when ho does arrive at the bar he
tak'es a "four-fingered" drink.
They stand in a row at the bar. The
barkeeper is mixing the "long" and the
shoit '.drinks. Each man waits, says
nothing aud eyes every motioulof the
bartender.' The silence is impressive.
ready. Each glass is grasped and
raised? and then from each to each, and
'more than all, from nil to the drink
donor, there is a nod, that incautatory
phrase is uttered, "Well, hero's luck,"
and tlio poison is dowu. As it rasps,
[they Call "Ahem |" with varied degrees
i of modulation. But this is a careful and
prudent miner, and he now repaire to
the store. There his dust is weighed,
sold, and the week's provisions ordered.
Ilia combined partners' "divvys" are
nut aside in a lump and safely stored.
Now tho woight is off his mind, lie returns
to the attractions of camp.
;>ThcSe are not numerous. There is the
Magnolia, the Bella Uniou, the Court
jsxcnnuge, me post ?uu e&|irt'&a uuicu.
ThereTare the "boys." Ho learns the
news !of the county or district. The
MOtint Vernon is paying $4 per day.
Long jShortman has gone on another
spree and hasn't done any work for the
last ten days. . Jimmy Mcfteij hns sent
for- his wife's sister. She is unmarried,
Sullivan has had; another! row with his
wife and she lias' complained to the
authorities. Sam Gedney is going to
fun for county clerk on the Democratic
ticket. Bob Delmarae lost $200 at the
game the other night, A San Francisco
companv have bought the Crazy gulch
quartz: lead and will put a ten-stamp
mill on it. The schoolmaster wan drunk
last Friday night. Ford shot at McUi Ms
the other night, but did not hit him.
Thero is scandal and talk concerning the
French woman who keeps the peanut
stand, and tlio justice of the peace. 1
The Wiley girls, two sisters, who havo 1
recently moved into camp, are making 1
a sensation, and their small parlor at 1
times won't hold the crowd of semi*
bald and unconsciously middled aged
miners aud others who are calling on
them withpossiblo matrimony in pros- '
pectiro. J
Thev may pass along the street about <
the middle of the uftornoon, and such J
"ragging out" was never bocu before in J
this camp. The curious have in vestigat- \
cd the tracks made by their little gaiters <
in the red dust of the upper road, aud ;
report them the smallest feet ever seen c
in Jthis section. Hilly Dovins, of the J
Blue-jay claim, is thought to have the ?
best show with the eldest, and Goldber* I
ry, of the livery stable, with tho young* J
est. No. He w'on't let his best horse (,
and buggy to anybody now, and lakes ?
her out riding three times a week. But 0
I they're snappy aud uncertain, and no
nouy can count on tlieui lor a certainty.
So runs the week's nown, which ho picks i
up with uuntlry drinks. 1
He enjoys tlie luxury of a hotel din- }
ner?a dinner he is not obliged to pre* ;
pure with his owu bauds?a decidedly j
plain dinner iu metropolitan eatimfition, [
but to him, commencing with soup ami c
ending with pie, a sumptuous repast.
It is moonlight, and lie lakes hia way f
back by the old trail home. ,01d not in i
years, but iu association. It is but the
track of twenty years, or bo, vet for him {J
how old is it in thought. How many, j,
many times ho has traveled over it.
That poker game is going on in one ?
corner ofthe Mngnolia. The "hard case" l
from over the hill is trying to beat it. J'
He has been so trying every Sunday night J]
in that same saloon and iu that same cor*
ner for the last twenty years. He has
grown old in trying. It has kept him
poor, yet ho thinks ho can play poker. ^
He is encouraged in this impression by bi
a considerate few. Ho works for them. 4''
They "scoop him in" regularly. Ho will
go homo to-morrow morning, aud during u*i
tbo week wash out a conplo of ounces
moro for the benelit of "iScotty" and J\
"Tiirna ?
It is 11 o'clock ami timo to go borne. Jj
That three uiilo walk is before bim; be Bl
has taken as many drinks as in prudent, oj
possibly one or two more. The camp
saloon revelries are beginning'to quiet Si
ilown. Most of the prominent drunks ?'
have fallen in the cau3e. The chronic
ilrunk of the camp is talking at the bar. ar
But he will thus talk all night; he never la
stops talking?or drinking. lie had been
here more or less drunk ever since 1852.
Llo is phenomenal and not a standard for
ordinary in tempera tea. Almost every ^
samp baa known such a druukard. Homo ic
few not born to die. It would be mad- u<
uens to compete with such.
So he set out on his lonely walk. Of t.s
liow much has he thought while plodiingoverit.
Here the same big buck- }"
'ye brushes against bis face as it did in ((li
;he "spring of 50," when he was twenty
rears younger and had a sweetheart in ^
lie "States," whose memory was fresh c.i
ind warm. It has ail died out since. ??.*
The letters became less aud leps, the .vj1
rears more aud more, and then all came * J
o a dead standstill, and he received the .so
,Milage paper, and there, appropriately
jelow the column of deaths, he read of Jj*
ier marriage, whereat he went to camp v?
md plunged wildly into all the concert *?>i
laloon could give, aud made things howl
tnd boldly challenged the chronic poker iir
auie aud won. rai
The trail turns suddenly. It has run "y
jver the rocks bv the river, its trail at w<
lines for many feet almost illegible, a 2!!
/ague, smoothly worn streak over the pledge
and Iooeo'bowlders, polished and so;
itrewn with new white sand and pebbles
by some unusually high freshet.
But here the shelving bank suddenly oi
eases. .It becomes a precipice. Up "?
the hard worn bank in the red earth he 2l,
iliiiiba forty, fifty, sixty feet. It is ?h
ilosely hedged with cbemic.il. Now be ?u
emerges near the brow of the high,
rocky bluir. In all its moonlit glory ^
mrges, bubbles and roars the river be- iir
low. Its yellow muddiness of the day
is now changed to a dark shade of jjj
brown,with tremulous silver bars. Night iii
iind the moon are the artists. J?
Phentici: MULFOKD.
Tho Only GimrnntutMl Curo ^
for all blood taints and humore, pimples, w
blotches, eruptions and skin diseases of *
svery name and nature, ia Dr. Pierce's ^
aolden Medical Discovery. A certificate iw
af guarantee from a responsible buisness p1
liouse warrants it to benelit or Cure, or
money refunded. n,
Chronic Nasal Catarrh positively cured ^
by Dr. Sage's Kemedy. 50 cents, by it;
druggists. | gj
A New Milford girl has made a wager al
with tho young man to whom she is ^
engaged that he cannot raise a respect- u
able mustache within four months. It j~
will tickle her greatly if alio wins, and vJ
more or less if she losep.
Miirvulomt Kudurnnce. f ^
The vast amount of labor performed ci
by the heart in keepiug nil portions of {
the body supplied with blood is not u
generally known. It beats 100.000 times, "i
und forces the blood at the rate of 108 'L
miles a day, which is 3,000,000,000 times $j
aud 5,150,SS0 miles in a life lime. No
wonder there are ao many heart failures. I.
The first symptoms are shortnees of jj,1
breath when exercising, pain in the side $\
or stoiffacb, fluttering, choKing in throat, jji
oppression, then follow weak, hungry k
or smothering spells, swollen ankles, etc. a.
Dr. Franklin Miles' New Hkaiit Cujie is 4
is the only reliable remedy. Sold by
The Lpgau Drug Co. mwfaw-1
Soino of our exchanges are devoting J;
considerable space to telling "How to a
Eat an Orange." Persona who have Sj
been eating them with their ears should read
it. h
X .-crnp of Piipur Savos Ller Life. y,
It was just un ordinary scrap of wrapping
paper, but it saved her life. She a
was in the last stages of consumption, s:
told by physicians that she was incurabio
and could live only a short time; h
she weighed less than seventy nounds.
On a piece of wrapping paper elie read of
Dr. king's Now Discovery, and got a
sample bottle; it helped her, she bought J,
a large bottle, it helped Uer more, boughi H
another and grew better fast, continued
its use and is now strong, healthy, rosy,
plump, weighing MO pounds. For fullei d
particulars send stump to W. H. Cole,
Druggist, Fort Smith. Trial Bottles oi
this wonderful Discovery Free at Logan I
Drug Co.'s drug store. 4 i
A beautiful' young lady became so ti
sadly disfigured with pimples and \\
iblotches that it was feared she would die t;
of grief. A friend recommended Ayer's I
Sarsaparilla, which she'took, and was ti
completely cured. Sho is now one of Cthe
fairest of the fair. daw j
"Stop"?Nuturo lias u Cure. ?
Eaton Kai?ii>s, Micii.?j. M. Looeo
Red Clover Co., Detroit.?Two years I
was afflicted with a very severe attack of
Erysipelas. After two physicians had
need their treatment for several weeks
and I continued jiving blind, and iu
j their,dinijuosis concluded that thero was
no earthly help or hope for me, I gave
up, having tried all the remedies I knew
or heard of. My neighbor, Mr. Miller,
came in to seo me oneulay, and said try
Loose's Extract of lied Clover, ns he had
known of its working remarkable cures.
I told him I bail-lost hope, that nothing
would do iuq any good in this world.
He insisted, and taking his hat went
to tho drug store and bought me one
bottle and urged me tc jry it, which I
did., Ten days afterwards I sent for
Two More Bottles, and it was "wonderful
how I improved. 1 continued using it
and to-day I am better than I have been
in years. No. sign,of Erysipelas has
shown itself and I heartily recommend
it to suffering humanity as the greatest
and best blood purifier in existence.
Yours truly. Henry Marvin.
i For sale by Logan Drug Co., Bridge
corner druggiata, wheeling, w. Va. daw '
Fuuturon of tlm Money and Btou)
New Vci.k. l\'?. is < (? ,mIi cn?y
ranging from U to t pur tout, hut 4J*u y per tout
closed offered at 2% per ccuii. l'rlmo mertantlh
paper4^aCX per cent. 8terllng Exchange qtUel
rnd Arm at ft &!%a! 87. galea were 200,407 shares,
Tho stock market to-day, except In tho lint
ulf hour, aud tho last forty-live minutes, wu
Intensely dull aud stagnant, without feature ot
noYement oflmportnnco outsliloof a fcwspo?
:laltlea. Louisville A Nashville was tne only
itoclc in the regular list showing any aulmatlou
>r movemeut at all, and seconded by tho Trusts,
dl of which were strong, though only sugar was
ictlve, gave tlio market what little charuoter It
assessed. The Impression that tho liavemeycrs
vcru buying Sugar sent that stock up over 'J per
lent farther, ana It reached W/Ji before tho uj>rani
movement wmb checked. Louisville A
I'asbvtllo touched wj,. Among tho ftpecioltlei
;ieveiAti<l, Columbus. UlneluuAtl A St. Lou In
.ud Wisconsin Central <ll?plny?.Ht more a til in alou.
After nooti tlio dullness began and the
trong stocks of tho forenoon wont buck slightly,
nckuwaniiu and Heading being tho most prowl*
lent. Thoeloso was fnlrlv activoaud heavy at
itMiut first figures. The out iv Important change*
or tho day were adVAticca of 1 >? per cent In Sugar
nd IiOiiIhvIIIo a Nashville una a decline of 1 per
Hill in Chicago Gas.
Railroad bonds dull; lutlea 91.lfU.Q0O.
Government nud State bonds dull and steady.
J. H. 4?reg 1W Nimh. A Chat. lw
J. 8. 4s. coupon l-l NowJer?cvCentral.ll7k
J. H. '1%* reg lWJk Northern racllla.... JUV*
I. a. cou|K)u...HMs do preferred- 7<k
Ulams Kinross 153 Chicago A N. N\'?... 1WV<
Imerlcan Kxpress-116 do preferred -14.!'..
lauadii Southern... Wk Sow York Central..lOG)-j
Jentral Pacific Ohio A Mississippi. 'l\y\
Ihesapcake A Ohio do preferred K\
do tint preletred. Ct-H Pacific Mall
(Id second prof'd.. Il'k Pittsburgh- 1.VI
louver A K. 0 ir.s (tcadfug -. lOj-;
:rlo St. L. & H. F 17
do preferred Cl do preferred.
'ort Wayne 1W do first ptefcrred. M
Lausiui A Texa* 0. M. A St. PhuI OKji
jiko Krlo A West... la'^ do preferred -lUJi
do preferred G3'* Texas Pacific 2U&
ako Short) lffvV? UuIon Pacific
loulsviilo A Nosh.. V)yg United States Kx,... M
.. N. A. A (J -17 \V? St. L. A 1' 1U
lotnnhls A Chas...-M do preferred 87J4
llcbigauCeutrul... ui Wells-Fargo Kx Mo
Ilssourl Pacific.... Western Uulon Wj<
llrcndstuflH und Provisions.
Nuwr Youk, Feb. 13,-Flour, receipts 8,000
icks: exports 2,000 barrels and 22.8w sacks;
urket weak ami moderately active; sales 17,too
irrvl*. Wheat, receipts 14,005 bushels; sales
IHO.WiO bushels of futures utul 70,000 bushels ol
>ot; spot market dull and heavy; ungraded red
!o&l%c: No. 3 red WJ^e; options fairly active
id %a%e lower; No.2 red March 8l%uM5c. elosig
at Si^c; April closing at fv'iu; May
l^c; Junebl/'iaSSS-ltic. closing ut Mj^c; July
yiuKlljc, eloping at &%<;: August 8Jc; rjeptemr
closing at ttfjic; December Nic.
yo steady; western bCdo'Jc; Caunda 57*
c. Hurley steady; western 4fcatWo; Canla
6ya7.'?c, Corn, receipts 17.f?.000 bushels:
iports 8'J.OOO bushels; sales 1,'>11,000 bushlesof
lures and :I27,000 bushels of spot; market
live and Irregular; ungraded mixed 2liU>7Xc;
arch dosing at 35-J?c; April 3tij?a
YtU closing ?t oG>?c; May ?7>ic; June 37J-4e;
lly Me. Gats,receipts 112,000 bushels; exports
2,400 bushels; sales 175,00.) bushels of futuics
id 111,000 busuels of spot; market easier aud
s<t active; February and March 27)?c; April
%y, May 20)?c; sjtot No. 2 white 2^a2Uo;
ixed western 2i i^i2Uc: white do 2thi3lj?u: No.
Chicago2ye. Hay quiet aed weak; shipping
e;goo?l to choice toa&ftc. llops steady utul quiet,
tll'eo steady and 10 poiuis down; February
.ooal6.t?5c; March, April, May and June 15.'J0n
.OOc;Jui> Io.bSc; August 1 j.75a!5 feoo; ceptcmber
:tober and November 15.70c; December 15.00a
05c; spot. Hlo llrm at H)J4c. augur llrm; re lined
good demand; C 5%alr;ie: exiM C6J?c; white
.tr.i C 5%uGc; yellow frj.e; oil'A 5%c; mould A
a-J; standard a ti>^c; confectioners A O^c; cuttf
7%c; crushed 'i'A".; nuwdcrcd 0%c: gran tiled
o%c; cubes Molasses llrm. Tallow
lict. Kosln and turpentine firm. Eggs quiet;
. stern li'ljc. l'ork quiet;old mess 5lo25al0 76;
iw do Sl'J o0; extra ?j 25a'J75. Cut meats slow,
trd steady; wejtcrn stemi 0.20c; February
r>c; March 0.17c; April 0.22c; Muy 0.27c; June
We; July 0.40c. Mutter active aud steady;
gin 2s&c; western dairy 8al7o; creamery 12a
'/jc. cheese llrm; western Salle.
JitiCAGo, Feb. III.?Fluctuations in wheat were
mewhat larger tluu yesterday and prices were
wcr. The oi>ei:lug was rather dull and prices
sed oirHu, influenced some by line weather
>1 weak cable?, then ruled stronger, prices aduclug^c,
bm the firmness was only temporary
r the tueliug again became easier and the
ir?et closed ubout e/ac lower than yesterday,
irn, moderately active- with the feeling a lilt.e
mer. Oats active, but unsettled, and prices
uket wm llriner. Flour ?lu<l ami unchanged
bunt, cash So. 1! spring 74)iii74No. U spring
r, No. ' ! ted 7.'>Jjo; February Tli-^rtToC, closing ut
!4c; March <?n.Sct clu*lug at 7V);c; Juiy "ti)/ga
>ie, closing at "byifi. Corn, cuah No. '2 aud Febary
iWo; May W/jtW/f!, closing at
J ul v :tlc. uau>, cash aud
bruary :0%a2U%c: Muy JlJ^aiM/i . closing
illi^e: June 2uJ4u-l)4c, closing auo^c. llje.
>. 2,4'2o. llarlev, Ooafrc. Flaxseed, gl :v>. Tiuiby
bctd. 2t -1). ?Mes8 jiortk, ca>n, February
,a March J'jtun'j 75; May S'JU->inlOOO. closing
{low. Lard. cash, Fonruitry and March
ioiw.s^c; April s.'jic. Short ribs4.?2J4al 77^0.
ort clears o.lftu.lO. Whiskey {511).'. tiuijars,
t loat 7a7)?c: granulated GJic; staudard A
Uai.tijioke, teb. 13.?Wheat, western steady;
>. 2 winter red spot aud February S'.'e;
urch SI yC; May Si^-gaSi^e. Corn, western
mer; mixed spot ami February StiJ.Jc; March
l^a;iC%e; April 36>{o; May 5>u%e; June 31c.
ti? firm; western 31c. lt)o libber at Gikitee.
ay dull; prime to cho!ce timotuy Sl'J 50al3 CO.
liter scarce; western packed lCa21c; best roll
ulSc; creamery iWa2Sc. li^gs steady at lie.
>il'ec quiet; Klo W}Je.
1'n ii.ai>kt.i'iii, Fa., Feb. 13.?Flour weaic.
heat Arm; lair to good milling 78aS3c: prime
fancy western a7a'J^c; No. i! red February 7^11
J4c; March aO^aSlc; April Hl)4a&!c; May
e. Coru moderately active; No. 4 mixed 3-'c;
d. - high mixed 3G*4c; No. - mixed February
u:WijC; March 3G%e; April 3t%a36%c; May
%a3<c. Oats llrm; No. -i white February '.ya
y/i; March. April aud May*je^ics)c. Kggsqulet
it steady; llrsts 15c.
Cincinnati, 0., Feb. 13.?Flour steady. Wheat
mer; No. 'i red 7S%c; receipts "J,Sou bushels;
lpinenls 500 busLe s. Corn llruier; No. '1
ixei 31Xa3".2c. Outs dull; No. 2 mixed - l^a'ijc.
ye dull; No. 2,17e. I'ork quiet ut SiO'.'&. Lard
O) utv.iw. num. UIVUW UllU DUCOtl (pllCl UlHl
ichnnged. Whisky liria at SI Cr.. tttitter, sugar
id cheese steady. Eggs weaker at 12c.
Toi.kdo, 0.,Feh. 13.?Wheat active ami lower;
*h 77c; May fcU%e: July 77^c; August 77>Jc.
>rn dull; cash 3uc: May aij^c. Oats quiet; cash
x/ji. Clover seed active aud steady; cash
a7>a; February uud March S3 25.
Live Stock.
Chicago, Feb. 13.?Cattle, Keceipis 15,000head;
lipmeuta -1,0.0 head; market slow nud lower;
loice to extra beeves Si SUu'i 20; 6tecrs S3 00a
75; Blockers and feeders iua350; .Texas S2 bOa
50. llogs?Receipts 20,000 head: shipments
,000 head; market strong aud a shade uightr;
ixed S3 80a 100; heavy $3 80*160; light ;;li>0a
10; skips S3 0i?a3 70. Sheep?Kecelpts'J,000 head;
lipmeuta 2,000 head; mnrkci steady; natives
; 60a5(W; lambs $jlWaC7;?.
East Lxbe&tv, Pa., Feb. 13.?Cattle?Receipts
*03 head; shipments to head; market nothing
Ding; all througa. llogs?Receipts 3,100 head; |
lipmeuts 5,2(W nead; miirket slow; medium
I30al 10; heavy SI -Mal 25; Yorkers SI -Oal 30. |
licep?Kecelpls aud shipments 1,200 head; marct
dull aud unchanged.
Cincinnati. Feb. 13.?Hogs lower; common
nd light S3 GOal 10; packing aud butchers S-l 00a
15; receipts 3,000 head; shipments 1,850 head.
Kkw Yokk, Feb. 13.?Petroleum opened strong
1811*%, but after the lirst sales became weak
nd declined to SI 03%, closiug steady at SI 05%.
tock Exchange: Openiui: at SI 00;$; highest
i0t>%; lowest SI 05%; closing at Si 05%: sales
t3,0iw barrels.
OilCity, Feb. 13.?I'ctroleum opened at 51 0tVJ4;
ighest S10C/4; lowest SI UG; closed at ?l 00%;
lies 255,000 barrels; shlpuiculs 00,101 barrels;
lMBfVI.KIl hnrrids.
Buadkohd. Pa., >eb. in.?l'ctroleum opened
l SI 00%; closed at il t?; liiguert 51UG%: lowest
1 0%; clearances "JOl.tWU barrels. ~
PrrrsnunoH, Pa., hub. 13.-l'etroleum dull but
teady; opened ut SI Uijft; eloseU at <1 t)G%;
Ighest SI : lowest 1 ui.
Skw Youk, Feb. 13.?lMj; Iron quiet. Copper
ult und nominal; lake SU.,00. Lead quiet
tS3bO. Tin quiet; strait* Sio 10.
Cincinnati, O., Feb. PJ.?Cotton steady; mid* i
liuR lQ&c.
Auj l>riiKcibl
n the United States will recommend
Slixir of Dates if you need a gentle and
eliable laxative. If your liver is inncive
you can't hope for good health
util you "regulate tlfe regulator" by
aking* some eafo remedy. Elixir of
)ates is just what you need. Givo it a
rial. Sold in 50 cout bottles by 0. It.
ioetze, W. W. Irwin, John Laughlm.
xjgan Drug Company and Goodwin 6c
k?., wholesale agenta.
^ Dr.BUL.L.'3 facilitates Tceilibiff and
dUdnicdRts^riM 55 eta.
Pill I 'C Cures Coughs, Colds,
DULL O Hoarseness, Asthma,
Bronchitis, A ft 19 ft JJ Croup,Incipient
Con-lijjy 4251 sumption,
and relieves Consump- C V D ! ID
live Persons. 25 cents. <?) 1 O U T
xarrh, Pries 10 Cts. At atl druggist*.
, Washing / X
Clothes (
! orcleaninghouseV ?\?C/
with ordinary soap
is like rolling a
heavystonouphill;it '^\ |^v\
takes main strength^ ' \ VrT,|
and a good deal of it. \ .N. 0]^*wV
The same work done V H^\.y7'
with Pearline is like "v %xV | \
rolling the stone ^ / I I A
down hill?it's easy; \ \ || jj
uuick; true; goes right to * \ \1 jjk
tne mark; and with very \ \ X
little labor. All dirt must go ?x\ \ \
before PEARL1NE. It robs \ \ ' I
woman's hardest work of its v. <f"\
drudgery?(a praiseworthy theft, by . jflrL
the way). The Question is?does it or
does it not hurt the hands, clothes or paint? ' '
We tell you it don't?but we are interested (as well as
you)?so ask your friends who use it; you'll find most
oftnemdo; the annual mnomnt!"- ? '
..wHiiiukivil 13 ClJUill to QDOUt
three packages a year for every family in the land. But
better yet?get a package (it costs but a few pennies,
and every grocer keeps it), and try it for yourself?
your gain will be larger than ours.
v-y-yts-% Peddlers and some unscrupulous grocers are offering
W7 d imitations which they claim to be Tcarlinc, or " the
? V Ctl same as Pcarline." IT'S FALSE?they are not, and
besides arc dangerous. , JAMES l'VI.E. New York.
" ? 5
?S0?j&8 Qi5&RTERg,ElETAti. AT 5 cts.
ooo&b Halves, Retail at 10 cts.
QQ0K8 Pouwds, Retail at 20 cts.
Sold by aH Grocers. Try a Pound Can.
For WeSstrailKSSfj^^t^^DlsordereTliver.
sold by all druggists.
Prepared only by TIIOS.BEECHAM, Stllelens,Lancashire,England.
B. F. ALLEN & CO., Sole Agents
Who (if your druggist docs not keep them) will mail Bcccham's
Pillion receipt of price?but inquire first. (Please mention this paper.)
for Infants and Children.
"Caatoria is bo well adapted to children that Q Castoria cmra Colic, Constipation,
iU do. uxroro si, wookljn, N. Y. | WllHout lnJarioua medication.
The Centaub Company, 77 Murray Street, N. Y.
Bell'sSoapona. Medical.
toolLes. ' :
WHITE HANDKERCHIEFS, 77. ?7 . ? ,rB" '
wh!t1 pinllowscase1" Wost Effective Combination. ,
WHITE CURTAINS '* This well kuown Tonic and fcVrvlno Ispalnln?
wu rr rm i aoc ' trcat reputation m acure for Debility. 1
WnITt CULLARoj sin, and Ni;il\ ()1!S disorders. It relieves all
luuiTr oumrp ? ?? ?
VI III I- vjinn i v?j buu iiriniiiiiicii condition* or the
WHITE CUFF** lem: Mrenfiheiw the Intellect. #nd bodily functloni;
cwcnv/TuuiM build* up worn out Nurvrft : nidi<l!i:e*tinn : reWHITE
EVERYTHING. tune* Impaired or lost Vltxilltr. nml hrlncJ back
Ttv TTSrwri. BTiT.T.'f* youthful .irencth ?n<l *lcor. It li pleaunt to the
__ * tut*, and t:?ed regularly brace# the >)Mciu again*
P?\ iwa B H E9 vU-dtpmilni; Influence of Miiluriu.
, Tho oroat Washing Powdor. |L, 0 S ^ 'nerve "estS ,
R. W. BELL MFG. CO., Buffalo, N. Y. H*?? "J i/!22
?Mnm ??? ! ? ilw???? NMlNrAi-uiu.r it taken at directed. .Vj/jj af.tr fir a
In nilfir inii?MMyi^ nMifajr-# ?u?. Treatltoand |2tn?l bottle fre? to Fit
1 - ?Mpatientt, they najrmj ercr?ieh*nfet en bot when
nriicrfrloh BBrectlrtd. Kend name*. ]'. O. andeiprtM addre?? of
tso afflicted to Dr. KI.INC.tnl Arch St. Philadelphia, Pa.
? 6c* DrufljUti. BUKAKU Of IX'ITJ 77.VU FHACD3.
L/lBflBBi W tru [*S>-rHy "*^\l^:;tl?rl-'^rrM..tflda*ibyI?r? I
vf * j/llnrnc'i...! f iii.-.'.f;ir:iicllc ll?lt
715 4h>] ri 1 >110^01 ?r..iiiiarniiit-cdtho
Hfflra 39.\w 31 **?.l LP J t #WBBH ?'i?iy ?n??iu tti? wi.ri | feueratlni;
P^^/vyT^eSAeAafeAgpfesiiLgBBiaia r svnilnunita /T.Vji <<j<r Miantiio
UfJlH CtHSJ ,T,^ 11 , B 'IVJyTW.v**" cwrrrtf. K-Jrtitll.'r. I'.juci fal. iiurnblo,
I 0 I IrffiH?J I 13 /? <"onsXortebln nut JJltrrtlvr. Arc-Id (mud*.
I I _ 1 1 b I I 1 * ErJa m ' A 1 A * 1 1 I n ort-rn.ooorimd. t>Ml?tan'pfi>nian.i.blct.
Brj4/l ] MAS ai>o !:i.i:?!Titio nni/rs rou ni- i:ahch.
?8, H0RHE?REM0VEB t.? ,a0 Wauasii Ave., Chicago.
pay the ft hove reward for any
wve of Liver Complaint. Dynpcpsla, Sick Head- 1
.fell ache, Indigestion, Constipation or Contlvene*?
wo cannot cure with \\ ckt'a Vegetable Liver
-r-r^??r_, . ? ??rtTmfnniv, Fllln, when the directions arc strictly complied j
Pullman. Tourlat Slncnintr Car* frn counterfeit* iw<l imitation*. The genuine tnannSSnJ ?-???
5J!ZX?? SS?*v?]B Qtatured only hy John C. West 4 Co. Hold by '
Chicago t? Son Francisco and tho McLAlS BEOTHEM. cor. Morkel and Twelfth
Paclflo Coast. atreoU. Wheeling. W, V*. ?fiVMwp.*tr
For tho accommodation of purchaser* of Kkponiv *tm >t> ? mm nnMina?
CtaMTirsRTaaodotbon. the CHICAGO. KOOK ?HBH HUH fcP 0 Fuj PP PiH
? l>ACIPIU lLUMVAVnnol raT. i 81 KSPflK EOT B" M
nlns excurMonH In ttillman Tonrlat Sloping Car* B if Wl? BflBSaUU i
(D?rnonally coudactcJ). Evkut Keoomh T^ri..T?.v
from Ctitcajro to Orejion and California via Denver . .
Even* comfort and convenience assured at a great faffcring from the effect* of youthful error*, early !
reduction from mmlar flrnvclaM rateu. locay,wa?tlnRTveaknea*,]o?tinanhood.efo.,Iwlll
AddrobB. for Jull iP?rUcula?. lend a valuable treatlae faealed) containing fall
' 8*" Jnil V ( ^n iii^!^rh?r?DoJ^ ,LfilAlft* reticular* for homo cure. FREE of charge. A
J0UN' ??n- Chicago. ipleadld medical work; .houldlS read by ever7
felO M w.t K man Who la ntrrcma and debilitated. Addreaa,;
3LESS DYES'"EST ^r0f* ^ ro^VLEn* Woo<lujl? flora? .
BLACK STOCKOGS. China, Glass and Quoensware.
in 40 Color* that neither ~ "
it, >Vn>U Out Nor Fade. - /^HEAP
Bold by Druggists. Alto
PeerleM Bronre P*int??^ color*. COUNTER !
}w! ?ut "? th0 "CI1" crc&t ?
pHI rlotr of Uooil? rcgttrillck. of coil. nbich muit
Peerless Shoe 4 Ha/no. Dreiiics be sold 10 male room.
1'eerl.ss Ess color* JOHN FRIEDEL,
miSKWMVr ]I8 1112 Mllli BlfCCt.
XjL TRAINS?On and After Not. 24,18K9.?Kx?
PI.AMATION of Rifxrx^cx Mahkr. Dftllr. (Sunday
excepting jMoudar excepted. JKaturday
wcepled. |Hunday only. "Saturday ouly.?
EjjUtii Htaudard time. _______.
B.& 0. R.R.?Jfain Line, KaM. Dopart. Arrlte.
WMh. C'jr, Bait, I'hll.A N.Y. *4:35 am *11:06 pm
Wuh. (J'y, Bait., J'hll.A N.Y. 2:? pm *12:45 am
Wuh. Cy, Bait., N.Y. 11:50 pm *v:30am
Cumberland Accom. ...... (7:?iam (5:30pm
(irafton Accom *2:26 pm *12:45pm
MoundiTlllo Accom (7:00 am 1V:06am
H.4 0.R.R?C.?40.ZMt'.,\Vc?l
For Columbui aud Chicago. *8:36 am *12:45 am
Columbui, Cln. aud Chl'io... *10:06 am tiilupm
ChlcnRo lilmlUHl *10:10 pm *5:30 am
ChicagoKxprcM 14:15pm tll:00am
Columbui, Uln. 4 St. Lou I*. *10:16 pin *5::? am
Columbui Accom* 14:16pm (11:00am
Ht. Clnlnrvlllo Accom* .... (10:06 am (ll:iuam
SL Clalnvljlo Accom.- (l:46pm jl:.i6pm
SL Clalr?rll!e Accom (4:16 pm (0:10 pm
B.O.A O.R.R.? HU\tItB. Mv.
For Mttaburgh *5:40 am *10:00 am
muuurgt) *7:20 am *6:Upm
PltUbursh and EuL. tii'JOpro *10:10pm
I'llUbuncb tl :40 pm fi2;:opm
Wiahlugton, Pa., Accom t?:l0inu
P., 0. A BT. L. RY.
Plimburgh t7-JJpam J9:20pm
Pittsburgh and Now York.... )3:4Apro
Plttaburgb andNew York*... t4:'^0pm tliiOOam
1 Pittsburgh A N. Y. Kx 9:40 put
Kxproas.Cln.iind81 touli... t7:20 am t?;b0am
Kxprcw.Cln.andSt.Louu... j'JMOtmi j'Ji'JOpm
1 KxprMi.titeubcavlUo ACol. f 1:45piu t3:-15pm
StcubouYlllo A Demiisuti..... 14:'A>pui
C. A P. tt. U.
Pittsb'Rh, Clovo. A Chicago- t5:60atu 18:Upw
htcubcnvlllc Accom t'J:33am h:2dpm
l'UUburgh nud New York.... tll:22iuu tlt'.lbam
Cleveland and Chicago ?... U:1J put tH:M tin
PltUburgh nud Now York... fS:M pm 15:37 pm
Kiut Liverpool 47:14pm 112:12 am
C., L. A. W. K. B.
KxprcM,Cleveland, K. AW. fl-'ilspm 13:19p?
M.u.slllon Acctiur 15:12pm |ll:S3am
St.Clitlrevllle Accom t?:uuam 19:35 am
Wt.CIMravlllo Accom IlilGJpm \
St, ClalrM'lllo Accom t2:i9pui pm
St. Clalrvvllle Accom 8:21 pm b:U3pm
Local Freight aud Accom.... 1:13 pm 112:05 pm
101110 HI VKlt U. H.
Pu?enger *7:00 tm li!lo?m
rassenifcr - I \l:3U ami *3:55 pm
rmmiger.- ~..| *4:15 ptn| 8:45 pm
B., Z. & C. KA1LKOAU?Central Time.
Bellalro ?fc Zatiesvlllo Through Passenger leaves
Bellalro at 0:10 a. in., arrives at Bollalro at 8:45
p m,
Woodiflcld Passenger leave* Bellalro at 4:10 p
m., arrives at Ucilaly; at ?:r>0 a. ni.
tiuinmorflelil Accommodation leaves Bellalro
at WflO p. m.. arrives at 11:00 a. in.
On kuiI alter Monday, October '28, 1889,
trains on the Wheeling Jt him Grovo Hallroad
will ruu as follows:
Lkavk Wiikelinq.
5:S0 a. m., 7:00 a. m.,9:00 a. m., 11:00a. m.,l:30
p. m., 3:30 p. m., 6:'20 p. iu., 7:00 p. m.,9:00p. m
6:10 a. m., 7:45 a. m., 10 a. m., 12:30 p. in., 2:30
p. m., 4:'20 p. m? 0:10 p. in., 8:00 p. in., 10 p. m.
SUN DA IS?Leave the city at8:G0a. m.. and
run every hour until 0:00 p.m. I.earo WheelIuk
Park at 9:t0 a. in., and ruu ever)' hour until
10.-C0 p. in. Except church train will leave l'ark
at 9:45 a. in. and city at 12:15 p. in.
octf. C. HHWCU.Sop't.
Ohio river railroad.-time
Tahlo taking etrect. November 21, 1889.
Passenger tralus will run as follows?Ceuttal
Time. All trains dally except those markea
thus t which do not run on Snudav:
south sound. fNo.7 No.ti. fNo.S No. 1
lkavk. a. in. p. m. a. m. a. m.
Wheeling 8:15 io::su 6:00
Benwood ~ - 3:35 10:45 6:15
MoundsvlUe ....... 3:50 11:05 6:S2
p. m.
Sew Martlusvllle 6:0u 12:05 7:37
Williams town 6:55 1:40 9:33
Parkersburg 6:45 7:80 '2:25 10:';5
buvenswood ~ 7:13 3:48 11:45
Mmod City 1... 8:33 4:15 P'l:W
Clifton 8:3* 4: v.- 1:10
i't. Pleasant 9:15 ........ 6:0.'< 1:45
aallipolis .. 9:35 5:01 2:05
Ciuyaudotte 11:02... 7:3l> 3:27
Huntington 11:15 ........ 7:45 8:40
CharlcHtou, vln K. A 0 8:50 3:50
a. m.
Charleston, via C. 4 0... ...... 3:00 12:53 11:00
White Sulphur 8:2C 5:lh ......
Staunton 12:03 8:28
p. m.
Anhlaud 12:30 3:1* ..........
Portsmouth 1:32 4 :U7 ........
Maysville ? 3:10 ....... 6:37
Cincinnati 5:10 7:35
NORTHBOUND. N0.2.|N0.I. K0.8 NO.
j.zxyx. p. m. a. m. a m.
Cincinnati . G:!Xi .. 7:35....^.
Maysville 8:25 9:41
Portsmouth . 9:51 11:21) .......
p. m. .....
Aehland.............. 10: lr 12:31
p. m.
Staunton 4:0G ?2:10 .....
White Sulphur 7:43 b:4.!
Charleston, via. K. AO. 6:45 ... 11:55 MMMM.
Charleston, via. C. & O. 12:53 1U:18
arrive. p. ni.
Huntington..... 2:30 11:45
LEAVE. a. m. p.m.
Huntington 10:00 72:30
Quvandotte 5:15 10:15 2.43
Claflii>ollH 7:10 11:40 4:10 ..
Point Pleasant. 7:80 P12:oi 4:30
Cllttou .. ........ 8:05 12:35 5:00 .......
Mason City 8:10 12:41 5:0b
R&vcnswood 9:25 2:00 G:25n.m.
Parkcraburrf 11:10 3:30 8:u0 0:00
Wllliamstown... 11:45 4:03........ 6:?0
New Martinsville ... 1:27 6:55...^.. 8:25
Mounilsville 2:25 7:10 9:35
Benvrood . 2:40 7:30 9:55
Wheciing 2:55 7:45| 10:10
Through ticket*, and baggago checked, to al
. ?. .niua .uii uwicr nuormauonauilres
W. J. ROBINSON. 0. P. A., Parkersburg.
A. J. BANDY, A. 3.1'. A., Parkersbunt.
W. H. OSBOHN, 8. T. A., Pomeroy, Ohio.
Baltimore & oiiio railroad?
On and after November 24,18S9, trains depart
and arrive at Wheeling as follows?Eastern
For Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York,
1:35 u. m., 2:2.r> and 11:50 p.m.,daily.
Cumberland Accommodatiou, 7:30 a. m., ex
cent Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation,2:25 p. m., daily.
Moundsvllle Accommodation, 7 :<X> a. m., dally
except euuday.
From New York, Philadelphia and Baltlmoro,
):30 and 12:45 n. m. and 11 :U> p. m., daily.
Cumberland Accommodation, 6:30 p. m., exMpt.S.ujiday.
uraltou Accommodation, 12:45 p. m., dally.
Moundsville Accommodation, 'j:00 a. m., except
For Chicago, 8:35 and 10:05 a. m., 10:10 p. m.,
Jally; 4:15 p. m., dally, except Sunday.
Cincinnati Express, 10:05 a. m. and 10:15 p. a.
Columbus Accommodation, 4:15 p. m., except
Ht. Clalmille Accommodation, 10:05 a. m. and
1:45 and 4:15 p. m., except Sunday.
Chicago Express, 12:45,5:30a. m.and 0:10 p. m.
Cincinnati Express, 5:35 a. m. and C:10 p. m.
Columbus Accommodatiou, 11:00 a. m., dally,
ixcept Sunday.
St. Clalrsvlllo Accommodation, 11:00 a. m. and
1:35 and 0:10 p. m., daily except Suuday.
For Pittsburgh, 5:40aud 7:20 a. m. daily, and
1:40 p. in., dally, except Sunday.
For Pittsburgh and the East, 0:20 p. m., dally.
Washington Accommodation, 6:35 p. m., dally,
axcept Sunday.
From Pittsburgh, 10:00 a. m. dally, and 12:50
p. m. dally, exccpt Sunday, and 0:55 and 10:40
p. m., dally.
Washington Accommodation,8:10a.m.,dally
except Sunday.
?Central Standard Time.
From Bridgeport Station.
Trains via the Cleveland <? Pittsburgh Railroad
leave Bridgeport for Pittsburgh, Chicago
Mid Cleveland, 4:50 a. m. For Pittsburgh, 10:22
j, m. For Chicago and Cleveland, 1:12 p. m.
For Pittsburgh and New York, 2:54 p. m. For
bteubenvlllc, 8:83 a. m.
Trains arrive at Bridgeport at 7:53 a. m., 10:22
a. m.; 12:28 p. zn.,4:37 p. m., and7:52p. m.
On Saturdays only?For East Liverpool, 0:14
p. m.; from East Liverpool, 11:12 p. m.
Trains via the Pittsburgh. Cincinnati A St.
Louis Railway?Pan-Handle Routo?lcavoWheelIng
for Sleutenville, Pittsburgh and the East,
S:2Qa. m., 12:45 p. m , 3:20 p. in., and 8:40 p. m.
For Columbus, Cincinnati, ludianapolls aud St.
Louis. 6:20 a. m. and 8:40 p. m. For Columbus
md Chicago, 12:45 p. m. Trains arrive at Wheeling
at 5:50 a. m? 10:00 a. m., 2:45 p. m. and 8:20
p. in. i rains leavmij at u:'j) a. in. anil arriving
itH:'20p. in. ran Kolld between Wheeling nuu
Pittsburgh. All trains dally oxoeM Miindwv.
Kanawha a ohio railway.
fllOBT. W. Kkllxy, Receiver.] *
(Kanawha Short Lino). Schedule In effect
February 3,168'J, (subject to change without notice/
Trains leavo Wheeling 10:30 &. m. rla
Oblc itlver Railroad, arrive (jbarlcstou 8:36 p.
lug 7:45 p. m. via O. R. R. R. Leave Charleston
12:30 p. m., arrive Wheeling 3:U p. m. via Columbus
Mid Pan-Handle, dally except Bunday
"Central Standard Tine." Suudaraouly, trains
leave Charleston 8:00a. m? arrive Wheeling 7:45
p. in. via 0. R. R. R. 6
apll GEO. J. KRMWCH. Q. P a.
Professional Cards.
1318 Mum Strict, Wheeling, w. Vt.
?^1.l.^S.U.on?t-Prof?Puy to. Insurance
tn wheeling, and In il! pirt, ol Wat
St.. n pllcf ln?u?nw >t loweit ntc?
?nd in beat oompanlei. aplfi-MW

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