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(Sclfnh/e Jftwrsfnr.)
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food such m you require during tlio Winter.
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Do not throw off your Winter flannel* too o
wly. It U better to mi(11th little Inconvenient,
than to tako cold. C
If you feel tiro I, fovnrlah or nverdimtod. do
not ro?h o(rnnd tnkw "HprlnK medicine*." Coil
yntirmdf down nod In thin way help your lyitcm
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II you feci bot nnd tblnty, do not drink large
quatitltl*** of water or other "Ion*" drink*. It l?
much betler to tnko a lltllo pure whlikcy nnd
water which will quench the (hint, tone the
nyMcm, and fortify ajtHlunt <ll?ea>e.
KememlHT that only pure whl'kcy should f
over ho tnken Into the nyiitetn.and that tho leadIngchomlnt*
nnd RCleuiUt* of the pre out tiny
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Thermometer ilecoril.
Tho thermometer at Schnepf's drug
store, Opera llouso corner, yesterday,
registered as follows:
7 a. m 44 I 3 p. m M
tf h. m 60 7 p. m ftl
12 m.. ? j Weather-Changeable.
WeiHlior Imltcnttons.
Wahhinqton, May 7.?For Western
Pennsylvania, fair except preceded in j
Bouthem portions by rain; warmer, yaria*
ble winds.
For Weat Virginia warmer, fair, preceded
by rain, variable winds.
Mutters of Minor Moment In and About
tint Citr.
J. W. Makti.v, a traveling man, stopping
in this city, was arrested and locked
up last night for indecent exposure
of person.
OmcKit Moras arrested Joe Keim
and James Caliill early this morning for
lighting near tho Pittsburgh, Wheeling
& Kentucky freight depot.
The men at the Atlantic Engine house
put out a small ble/.e in the roof of tho
Emblem row on, Kofi', street, near
Seventeenth, yesterday morning.
OmcBK Gans arrested James Alexander
last night for carrying a concealed
weapon; Lukins brought in a plain
drunk, and West arrested Chris Cline
for drunkenness.
Tiik Wheeling Wheelmen will meet
this evening on Market street in front of
their former quarter?, and tako a short
run on the principal paved streets, after
which a meeting will be held to hear
the report from tho Committee on Track
and Quarters.
Strangers 12 the City and Wheeling Folks
C. E. Trussell. of Las Vegas, N. M., is
at the McLure Iiouse.
Miss Lydia McMechen is at Cadiz,
Ohio, tho guest of Miss Alberta Hogg.
Mrs. Brittingham, who has been quite
ill for tho past week, Buffering from an
attack ol grip abowa no signs of improvement.
A number of Grafton citizens were in
the audience last night, the most prominent
being Prosecuting Attorney L. M.
La Follette, J. W. Davidson, P." J.Tracey
and several others.
Welleburg was represented at tho Op?
era House last night by eighteen persons,
including Prosecuting Attorney II. C.
Hervey, Dr. B. E. Harden, M. A. Jones
anu oiuer prominent citizens. inoy
cotno down at 15:45 p. m.
Mr. Booth, Madatno Modjeska (the
CountessBozenta)andMr. Artnur Chase,
their manager, an^ the company arrived
from Znnesville on the Pan-fclandle yesterkay
afternoon. The stars and Air.
Chase occupy their private car on the
tour. They leavo at 7:20 this morning
for YoungBtowu, via Pittsburgh.
Quito a delegation of Phillipians were
in the city to see America's greatest
tragedian, among them Messrs. Alston
G. Dayton, ex-Prosecuting Attornoy,
Mr. Charles T?ter, Circuit Court Clerk
Isaac Johnson, Cashier G. W. Gall, of
the Tygart's Valley Bank, and Mr. William
Williamson, a leading merchant of
Barbour county.
Among the Fairmont people in the
audience at the Opera House last night
wero Messrs. Clarence L. Smith, Clerk
of the Circuit Court of Marion County;
Steenrod Thompson, of the Monongahela
Railroad Company; Frank Watson,
C. W. Watson, ex-Prosecuting Attorney
W. Scott Meredith, Mr. George
Morrow, 3Irs. Allie IIaymond, Misses
Gypsy Fleming, daughter of tlio Governor,
Alice Ohleyj sister of the Secretary
of State, Nannie Cameron, of the Stato
Normal School, Laura 0. Dunnington,
Sue Hall and several others.
Tly New llrldgc.
I'itlfburgh Dispatch.
Jolly .Brothers have been awarded the
contract to build the sub-structure of a
bridge from Wheeling to Wheeling
Island and from thence to Etnaville, 0.
The cost of the atone work is $145,000
and the total cost $552,000, accordiug to
specifications, but it will likely be considerably
more, as is generally case.
The bridge is being built by an electric
railway company, the 6tock of which
is held by Pittsburgh and Wheeling
people. Work will begin at once.
Opera llouso Orchestra Conccrt.
The annual concertof the Opera House,
orchestra takes plato this season on Monday
evening, May 12. These concerts
have in the past been the musical events I
of their several seasons, and this year
promises to be no exception. Miss Anna
Lang, Prof. Herman Schockey and a
dozen of Pittsburgh's prominent musicians
will assist the orchestra on this occasion.
Tho orchestra will comprise
twenty-five pieces and will bo under the
leadership of Prof. E. W. Spoil. The
salo of seats commences Saturday, May
10, at House's music store.
Tho 1'ullco Court.
In tho police court yesterday Lawrence
Clark, tho Third ward garbage contractor,
was fined $L and costa for neglect of
duty. Manion, the Island contractor,
was not found. It id said that he is
merely a nominal contractor, and lias
really nothing to do with tho work.
Three disorderlies were .fined, and Godfrey
Faatz, for being drunk on the street,
was given fifteen dayo ou the hill.
Tritnsfer llocorried.
Clerk Hook yesterday admitted to
record one deed of trust and a deed
made September 17, 1SS3, by William
Porter and wife to Malcom Lowry, in
consideration of $300, for one-fourth of
an aero of land three miles east of
Wheeling, on Edgington lane.
A grand excursion will be given by
tho Beethoven Singing Society on the
new Steamer Liberty to Steubenville.
next Sunday. Round trip tickets only
30 cents.
llurUngtou ltoute?Home Scckem'H Excursions.
The Burlington Route, 0., B. & Q.
Railroad, will sell on Tuesdays, April
22d and May 20th, Homo Seekers'
Excursion Tickets at Half Haiti to points :
n tho farming regions of the West,
Northwest and Southwest. Limit thirty i
lays. For folder giving details concernng
tickets, rates and time of trains, and i
or descriptivo land folder, call on your :
icket agent, or address P. S. UuBtis,
General Passenger and Ticket Agent, 1
3hicago.Hl. I
mm mm e;
?_? bar
Vlr. E.W.Wells, tho Architect, p,c
Drowned Yesterday. ?
And Ono Man Ih Drowned ami Three
Other** Narrowly Kacnpo?Tho |j)f
Moat Kxclting Occurrence In ojiI
Wheeling In a Long Time.
Ono of tho saddest Occidents ever |n'
chronicled here occurred yesterday afternoon
about half past live o'clock. Tho gtn
nnptlm yacht Gertrude enpbized near tho uu
landing at tho foot of Fourteenth street ^
and all the passengers on her were (ij1
thrown into tho river. The accident was tin
caused by a lady's dress catching in the dii
pulley of the tiller rope, holding the rope
so that the tillerman could not coutrol ou
the rudder, and tho yacht struck a bar^e
ii iiiiarlnrlnir lilnu* ami .tin nn ol.nliflit
U<|UI???II?A ?"? ?? ?? U1( DVtHltjlll,
turning over tho boat bodily. Tii
All tlio occupants were thrown iuto
thu water, but most of them escaped at
oaco. or
The only person known to bo drowned Wi
is Edgar W. Wells, the well known to
architect. It is possible, however, that to
several others wero lost, as the wholo w
number known to have escaped is fourti'i'n.
I Mr. William T,English, official scorer P(
of the base bull team, Air. William Mc- t0
LaughUn and Mr. I). R. lirookB wero
taken from the water unconscious, but [>'
were resting easy late last night. Those yj
missing aro not known by name if, "
which is almost impossible, any are
missing. All may have escaped, but got ?l
out of the water without being observed
and gone to their homes. Jj
News of the casualty spread with incredible
rapidity, and iu a short time ol
the bank of tho river was densely lined Jj|
with people. Those whose friends were ^
at the ball game ou the Island. or who Jj
knew that friends wero in tho habit of BV
crossing in the yacht, were much alarm- a,
ed, and the extravagant versions of the *?
affair which were circulated added to the
distress of those whose friends had not
come home.
The first story was that eight or ten C1
persons were drowned. This soon nar- *<
rowed down to live, tho live being Mr. J
wuup, iur. McLaughlin, Mr. urooKs, Mr.
English and Mr. GeorgoGillin, acarpen- ^
ter workinsr for Klieves, Kraft & Co. All J11
of these but Mr. Wells llhally turned up. j*1
That Mr. Wells was drowned seems ?l
unfortunately beyond question. One of {*
the men who saved Mr. McLaughlin
say's that he saw two men sink about the
same time near the mouth of the creek, 0
and a little farther out in the river. He 8'
thinks he caunot be mistaken, but if w
there were two drowned no clue to the P
identity of the second mau could be
found last night. - ^
The Dctalli* oi tlio Accident Taltl by the ^
Itt'HCIICll. jj
It was about 5:u0 p. m. when the accident
occurred. The game of ball ou the u
Island, between the Wheeling and J!
Springfield nines, had just been finished,
and as usual there was a rush to the
naptha yacht furry landing on the Island
shore. g'
The two yachts, Gertrude and Hazel, r(
the former the property of Mr. I. G. fi:
Dillon and the latter of Capt. Aea Booth,
left the Island almoBtat the same time.
Both were well filled with people, but ?
neither overcrowded. So'far as can be j..
definitely ascertained, there were sixteen
passengers ou tho Gertrude. She
will comfortably seat eighteen or twenty. aj
, The following names are believed to di
he those of all the passengers on the it
f2**ir, 1/1n nn/l ?1io n t* lr
uuti uuv| mux* vuu vow uifc" vjii-iuviiij;
her, in all sixteen persons. There were ?i
passengers and witnesses who insisted tl
that there wero at least nineteen persons, o!
and perhaps twenty, but if thero were
more than those named below, none of ]*
tho survivors could namo them, nor m
wero they heard of after the accident, tl
while tho fact that no person has been sc
reported missing conflrnjg the belief that hj
nobody else was aboard. gj
W. H. Saddler was in charge of the w
yacht, and George Engel was running cc
tiie engine. Saddler was in the bow and a
Engel next the eugine on tho larboard g<
side. u
Two ladies, Mrs. John II. Mendel and i]'
Mrs. Charles Hornbrook, sat one on ac
each side next to Mr. Saddler.
On the starboard, or south side, as the
boat crossed, sat in tho order named? .
Mr. D. It. Brooks, the well known con- .
tractor. h
,T. Sawyer, pitcher in the Wheeling e^
base ball "nine." fe
William Kratz, a carpenter living on sa
the South Side. h:
Will Scheehle, a bar-tender on the tc
South Side. fr
William McLaughlin, the well known ui
saloon keeper. hi
On the opposite side sat, in tho order g<
hero named, from bow to stern: rt
Henry Nan, a saloon keeper at tho
corner of Sixteenth and "Woods streets, sc
William T. Euglish, book-keeper at re
Smith's brewery and official scorer of w
the Wheeling ball nine. 1 at
Joe White, left fielder of the Wheel- sc
ing bull nine. hi
Lytle, a catcher in the nine. h:
Ollicer Joe Daum, of the city police tL
force. > "01
George GifTin, a carpenter employed sn
by Klieves, Kraft & Co., who lives in the bi
Eighth ward, and recently came here hi
from Cambridge, 0. at
E. W. Wells, the well-known architect, L
a member of the firm of Klioves, Kraft <k pi
Co. iti
/\ in
/ \ ca
-/ V ti,
/ \ hl
0 16 xr
" ? ^ ,r
0 15
<> o
O 14
Jo 0 ,t1 to
? ir ::
r\ ll" y"
UOl |0;IO ff]
\ ot I n
' 0. E. Engine. \y]
1 Pfldlcr. 9 Weils, Z,
2 Mra. Jlfjrubrook. 10 Eugio.
3???,,, 11 Mcliushlta. ob
< Kucllih. V; Schcclc.
a ^ litto l:l Ittau.
f, T im I.. r"
n aiwycr. .
7 Dmim 15 Brooks. DO
S Ulflla 1g Mrs. Mendel. eat
now it occurred. an
When tbo yacht neared tho eastern
shore it was necessary to steer her be- ye
tween the south end of the Cleveland, Tli
Lorain <k Wheeling Railway Company's wl
wharfboat and tbo bow of the sandboat ho
Fay S., moored just below with a flat- Tli
boat outside her. Tho boat worked all Mi
right until it was time to curve into tho Stu
rather narrow passageway to her land*- hai
ing. Then, for Borne reason, the rudder ovi
refused to work.1 Shi
Englo pulled tho tiller-ropo hard, but the
it was fast. It afterwards developed
that Mrs. Mendel's drcBs had cotton
against one of the pulleys through Of
which the ropo works, and being drawn eas
in, clogged the pulley and caught tho Syi
rope fast. nat
Sawyer, tho base ball player, yelled to wh
Eogel to shut ofl tho power, but tho anc
utter was too much occupied at thp ropp
iced, and tbe yacht craahcd with full
se against tlio largo barge lying
innt the Fay S. ller bow ran lip the
go's side, aud the boat turned comtely
'adler, Kngel and Home of the passen- I
a who had prceence of mind enough I
spring upon the barge when the '
:ht struck, immediately went to work |
cuing those who were in danger. .
o two ladies were gotten outupou the ,
turned keel of the Gertrude, and from '
it delicate place to tho barge aud ]
lore. Young Scheelo found ono of
s ladies clinging to him, but was soon 1
ieved and got out safe.
All the other passengers wero soon
ten from tho water near the yacht
uling but Mourn. Wells, Brooks,
iglish aud McLaughlin. They were
m to float oil'down the river, Binkiug
d rising ut intervals.
All the passengers of the other yacht,
i) Hazel, at once sprang out, except
inrles E. Van Keureu, Tho crew of
a Hazel ran her down tho riveraBhort
itance in the hope of rescuing uny of
o other boat'u passengers who might
11 bo in the water, but this was witht
to Awful Kxtturluiiou uf Sir. I'ucllah nuil
Mr. English went under tho bargo at
ice. He came up below, and near him
as Mr. Brooks. The latter atteraptod
hold Mr. English up, but was himself
o far gone. Joo Kay, a young man
lio-works at Meyers & Katclifl 'b hotng
house, waded out nearly up to his
;ck in the water, and extended a stick,
Mr. English, who had barely strength
lough to catch it. Uo was drawn safeadhore,
and became unconscious aa
j landed. He was carried up to the
otel Bohler, whero ho received every
teution, and Dr. Charles Frissell being
immoned, soon brought him urounu.
e remained in bed at the hotel until
jout 1) o'clock lust night, when he was
tken home in a carriage, still weak and
I, but out of danger.
Mr. Brooks was able to clamber out
; the water, and Mr. J. A. H. Parsons,
issing in his buggy, took him to his
orno. Many people who did not know
ir. Brooks or Mr. Wells, but recognized
le former as a contractor and builder,
lpposeiL him to ba the missing man,
id hence the persistent report that Mr.
Tells was safe.
Mr. Brooks says ho saw another man
irried past in the swift current just aa
lr. English was saved. This may have
sen Mr. Wells, or possibly Mr. Mcaughlin,
who was carried down to the
louth of the creek, where parties on
sard tho houseboat Glass City rescuad
ira. He wa^ exhausted, and in another
linute must have gone down for the
,st lime.
A colored man who was at the mouth
f the creek is sure that he saw two men
;ruggling in the water after McLaughlin
as taken out, hut tho most probable exlanation
of tbis is that he saw Wells at
yo diflerent points.
Expressman Wiucber says ho waa on
io wharfboat, and saw Wells swept
own by the mad current At that time
e was paddling, and seemed able to
eep afloat. As his clothes became
eavier, however, he must sink.
There win a'story that a man had gone
nder the barge aud not come out, but
lis was either Mr. Gillin or McLaughu,
both of whom were saved,
tuk 1>k0wne1> man.
Tho death, under these horrible cirjmstanceB,
of Mr. Wells is peculiarly
id. He wub in the prime of life, had
:ached a proi;d posjtiqn in hjs profeson
of architecture, recently oompleted
handsome residence in the Fifth ward,
oe of the finest in tho city, and was
ist entering upoi) a career of usefulness
ad honor. Mrs. Wells, the bereaved I
ife, is an invalid.
Mr. Millard F. Wells, of the River-j
de glass work?, at Wellsburg, camej
d\vu on the Pau Handle train yesterly
afternoon to attenc} the J3ooth-Mod:aka
performance at tho Opera House
,Bt night. He was on tho wharf soon |
iter the sad accident occurred, and
lere learned with shocking abruptness
[ his brother's awful fate.
In another column the firm of Klieves,
Iraft & Co., qf whigh &Jr. \Yells was a
leraber, advertises a reward of 1100 for
le recovery of his body. He is de:ribed
as about 5 feet and 11 inches in
eight; weight 190 pounds; wore small
?Je whiskers aud mustache; hair black;
as dressed in q ljgljt sujt, gj-ay oyerjat
and white shirt; had on his person
small open-faced watch. He was a
jnial, popular man, widely known and
niversaUy respected. His untimely
!?aUi will cause sincere and general
Mr. Biooks says he was almost cxausted
when he came up near Eng3h.
When he started for shore, howler,
and felt the bottom under his
et, he wasencodraged, aud could have
ived at least one man who went past
Liu had ho had a plank. Ho Bhouted
i a man above to throw a board down
om a pile near, but his rcquat was not
nderstood. Had he secured a plank,
a said, ho would have beeu wllliug to
) back into the current and try to
iscue somebody else.
iur. .bngiiBii wan one of the moat
svorely used up. To an Intelligencer
porter who called shortly before he
aa taken home he told an impressive
ory. He said he was perfectty con:ious
when he came up, and cleareaded
enough to have gotten out enfo
ad it not been that he came up beneath
le barge. He tried to scratch his way
it alon^tho bottom of the barge, but
ink, and coming up, again struck the
irge. The fourth time this happened
3 gave up all hope, but a moment later
oqo again and saw tbo linht of day.
ike a Hash the dense, black mass of
jople along tho high bank impressed
self on hia sight; Then he started to
nk again. lie heard somebody shoutg,
"Here, catch this!'* but could not
.tch anything. Soon a stick was
ruBt into his hand, and mechanically'
3 clasped it. When he came to again
) was in bed in tho hotel.'
> Hoys in the Yncht? How tho Story
One of the last of the untrue reports
bo abandoned by those people who
ilieve in exaggerating such casualties
is that two small boys were in the
cht and were drowned. Parents
:ioso small boys were not at home
jre alarmed by this report, and when
was stated that with Mr. Wells', Mr.
lglish's and Mr. McLaughlin's hats,
len they were picked up in tho river,
ire two boys' caps, those cans were the
ject of everybody's quest.
A. 11 the passengers and the two men
nning tho yacht declared there were
boys in the boat, but this tfid not
isfy anybody, and the report grew
d spread.
rhe fact i3, two caps were found?one
)lack cap for a boy of probably four
aro, and the other a larger plaid one.
ey were found ono within the other,
?ieh led to the suspicion that aomeily
on the boat had bought the'caps, '
ia was confirmed after the accident,
a. Hornbrook, who waa taken to the
imm liouse when rescued, said she
i bought tho caps, aud had then gone
3r to CQll on Mr. I. G. Pillon'a family,
a returned on the Gertrude, and lost
i hats when the boat capsized. ^
A I'loiutlng Soma <
health and atrength renewed and of
e and comfort follows tho use of
up of Fics, as it acta in harmony with
,ure to effectually cleanBe the system 1
en costiye or bilioua. For aale in 60c 6
I $100 bottlea by all leading druggiata. .
. :
1 Close (initio nt the Itlnnd Park Yritcr*
dny?Other Contest*.
A small crowd was present at tho
Island park yesterday afternoon to sae
;ho second gamo between tho Spring*
lolds and tho homo team. Tho fuw who
wore present, liko those of tho day .before,
saw a very pretty exhibition of ball
playing. Wheeling excelled at tho bat,
ind this was why thoy won the victory*
rho samo clubs play this afternoon. Following
is the detailed score:
WKUtTLll. H H o. K K. WUliMMU. U ?. ?. X V'..
Mnckey.r... 1 a 0 o 0 Lytic,r 0 0 e f 0
Dally, 1.-... 0 I It 0 OUk'H'lvlu,? 0 0 7 V 0
Uymi, I c 1 r> o o o?borno, in u a i c i
Under, c.... o I r? o oo'lirioa.s.. o i o f o
lk'tu. a o (i a i White, I.... a i o i' o
Hteuon.ra. o > o u o/.Hitler, e.. 0 a ft 0 0
Ul?cr,2. 0 0 i <- 1 Armlto*o,l u l 13 o 0
Mumy.?.? t o o a oKltw'M.p o o v n
WuUun, p. (> o o r? o My?r,3 1 1 l f 0
Total* 1 ?; T. TnUU 3 U 27 ID a
Wbcedus 0001 0001 1-3
BprlORllvM... OOIOOOUU 0? 1
Karned rum, Wheeling 2. Two law bit,
Htrncknut, by Fitzgerald 3, by Wnt?ou 3. lilt by
bull, Wat sou 1,- Double plnyn, Iliscr to Dull}'.
Time 1:10. Umpire, rccplci.
Akron Win*.
Spcctal DUmtch to the Intelligencer,
Akho.v, 0., May 7.?Akron won a closo
gamu from Canton to-ihy. Light hitting
and good fielding were tho features:
u. u. E.
Akron... 0 fl ft
Clinton - l '<*
Ihitterle*-Abr<w, Vrtiidommcle ami Hwccttcr;
Canton, Williams uud Collin*. Attendance U'>0.
VouuijKtowii Will l'roteat.
Special Dltpnlch to the Intelllncncer.
Younostown, May 7,-r-Tho Youngs*
towns wero" practically robbed of tho
game with the MansQelds thia afternoon
through a rank decision of tho umpire
in the fourth inuiog. The game waa
played out under protest and tho matter
will be referred to President MeDermitt.
Score?Mansfield, 4; Youngstown, 0.
Trl StntO'Uicnta,
On Monday Canton defeated the
| AkronB to 2.
SpringUeld plays her last gamo hero
this afternoon. A largo crowd ought to
be present.
Yesterday chronicles tho first fatal
accideut that has occured in tho ferry
business to tho Island.
To-day is ladies day at tho Island
Park, when the fair sex will bo admitted
free. This will obtain every year.
Sawyer and Lytlq will be W'heeling't
battery to-day, nod Scbeible, the lett*
bander, will toss the ball for Springfield,
A Clmnco for nil to Kxpreas tiller l'referenco?tlio
Moot 'Topulur to lleceivo n
Costly Present.
In order to ascertain who is the most
popular commercial traveler representing
a Wheeling house, on the road the
Intelligences invites all its readers tc
express their preference. A coupon foi
the purpose will be found below. Thin
may be mailed or left at the office, or as
many as au envelope will hold can he
mailed at once. Voters should, however.
bo careful to see that the postage ii
fully prepaid at letter rates. Every person
bus an opportunity to do a good thine
for his best friend among the genial
commercial travelers.
The most popular man when the
voting ceases June 30 will receive
his choice of a IKo insurance policy
for ?1,000, with the premium paid
up for one year, or an accident insurancej
policy" for $5,000 for one year,
the policy to be written by Sweeney A
Edwards, general agents of the Equitable
Life Assurance Association.
Qelow will he found an explanation
of theoontest. Anybody can vote, and
each as often as he sees tit.
1. Anyoeijon inauybiutecxn voto as often as
'J. All the blanks In the coupons must be filled.
3. No vote will be counted w hick Is not written
on a coupon cut from the Intelligence!:.
4. Tne contest will close July l. Votes received
after that day will be destroyed uncounted,
fj. Any traveling salesman (or u Wheeling
j Uo\;s{t uiay voted tor.
I For the most popular Commercial Travel|
er representing a Wheeling house,
M* tinoiCK isber
resenting the fium of?
j My name_isMY
ADDltKSS las'^*
: '<?
Voters should 1111 out thin coupon, ?oal lu au
envelope, and address,
intelligencer office,
Wheeling, W. Ya.
Vote early and often.
This ami impure blood' is made rich
and healthful by taking Uood'a Sareaparilla.
It cures scrofula, Bait rheum, all
blood disorders. 12
TuiMBeethoven Singing Society will
give a grand excursion to Steubenville
next Sunday.
The Grentuiit OlTer Yet.
Five barrels Christians Best Flour free
to person guessing number of sacks sold
at retail from May 1 to July 31, inclusive.
Every sack entitles you to a guess.
Late SyMtcui! Lnto Sj ntcuil
Learn the late system as taught in
Hallorau's Commercial School. Terms
only $15. You learn all the old systems
as well. No. 1300 on Market street.
Come nml See' iu Our New nn?l Hand*
some Quartern, CI Twelfth Street.
We can show you moro Bicycles, and
better Bicycles, than all other dealers
combined. The Victor. Safety is finer
than ever. Don't fail to see it. We are
trading in comparatively new wheels of
other makes for the Victor. Why is it?
Simply because the Victor is best. Don't
lose money % buying a wheel without
examining the Victor. Buy the best in
the start. It is the cheapest in the end.
Call and examine our stock. .Overa
dozen makes of Bicycles.
~ Edw. L. Itoss Co..
flew Store, 51 Twelfth street.
Ouit offer of five barrels flour free is i
only .with Christians Best. If dealer of-1
fers" our guess card with any other flour
don't take it, as it will not be recognized.
Spring and Summer.'
Large line of Scotch Tweeds and all
tho novelties in woolens for men's wear,
which we are prepared to make up in
the beat of style and fit at reasonable
Flannel shirts at GO cents and upwards,
and Bizes to 20 inch neck and 54
inch body. Received fifty dozen more
of our celebrated 35 cent Half Hose at
G. Hess & Sons',
Merchant Tailors and Gent's Furnishers.
1321 and 1323 Market Street.
Marble anil Granite.
If you intend erecting a Monument,
Vault, Marker or memorial of any kind,
\ni\ want first-class work and low prices,
:all at office of L. A. Moore, second floor
McLain's Building, 1205 Market street.
Christians Best is not only tho best
latent flour in the marketj but has no
luperior jn the world. Try it.
ChildrenJCry _for_Pitch er^s. Cagtorial
Supported by a Fino Dramatic
Company, Play
That 11ns Seldom llcen Surpassed?
Shyluck nml Portia as They "Wero
Never Scon Hero lie lb re.
Shakespeare's Version.
The llrst rendition of tbo entire six
nctB of Shakespeare's "Merchant of
Venice" over seou in Wheeling, won
given at the Opera Houbo last night by
tho following cost:
SUYLOCK ?.,Mn. I'd WIN I loom
l'oktia Mmk. Mon.ir.-KA
Aulonlo, tbe Murchuui of Venice,
, , , , , Mr. Frederick Vroom
lUurnnlo, Friend lo Aulonlo Mr. Otli tiklnticr
(irnllano...) |?ri,,n(ig t0 ..... Mr.Cbas. Hanford
Ixirunxo..., aiiiiiiiIo ?.Mr' UwrcncelUnlejr
HoUnlo f A"1' 110 ?Mr. HerbertII. l'attco
H&ltrluo... ? 'l"(\ M.Mr. Charles K whin
8nlorlo...r. ] "Mrtolo Mr 1{ink|0 J)llw|,
Duko ol Nonico Mr Jameii Titylor
Tubal, t rleiul to 8byloek...Mr. ll-aumontHuilth
Luuncolot Uobbo, Servant lo Shylock........
.... .. Mr. Owen Fawcott
Old Oobbo, l-athcr of Launcclot..
... . Mr. Men. U. Ilojtcri
Itallhazar, Servant to PortlOlr. Kdward Vruom
stcpiiano Mr. Oliver Flake
Leonardo, bervant to Hassan I o
vi . v *,r' !Jo,rI'
* win# *tivuu Dim \.uui|>aui<ui...w
MIm Anna K. I'roctor
Jessica, Daughter to8hylock..MI?i Malria Craven
Tho audience filled every Beat downataira
and comfortably crowded tho rest
of tho house. It was notablo for tho culture
and refinement of those present, the
unusual number of out-of-town auditors,
and the close, critical attention and discriminating
if not vociferous, applause I
which it bestowed.
The croking of thoso who eaid Mr.
Booth would not'make an honest effort
in u "ono?night" town was set at naught
by his finished and masterly rondition.
Madam Modjeska, although not in perfect
health, also gave a characterization
of Portia which was worthy inato to
, such a Shybck. Finer acting was nevor
seen anywhere; nothing like it was ever
enjoyed in Wheeling before.
Of tho company, it is enough to say
that every member was worthy to play
in such a cast, while the attention given
to staging, costuming and tho little de?
' tails which make or mar a perfect whole,
tnado tho performance all that the most
i critical could desire.
Manager Wester deserves the thanks
, of the community for giving local
theatre-goers the opportunity to see eo
memorable a dramatic performance, and
, it is to be hoped that the popular rek
ward which crowned his effort will encourage
him to repeat it in tho futuro,
, ' Coining AttraotlouH,
The next attraction at the Opera House
, will bo Madame Janauschek on Friday
and Saturday evenings and Saturday afternoon
of next week. After that
Manager Riester has but one important
i engagement booked this season, that be*
! ingthe Casino Opera Company, on Fri,
day and Saturday, May 1G and 17. His
season bids fair to close in a blaze of
, glory. .
?j;lcct by a Sheriff.
[ In Part II of tho Circuit Court yoster'
dav the case of Chnrl?>o
of Stealing a horse from John Duncan,
was continued till the next term on account
of the alienee of a material witness.
The witness lives in Jackson
county, and a eupcena was sent to the
Sheriff there, as the law directs, but he
did not respect it enough to ever acknowledge
its receipt. His neglect of
duty may cost him something.
Michael aud Mary McLaughlin adopted
as their own child, with the sanction
of tho court, an infant child of Flora
Stoue, of Linton s Mills,' Ohio. The
child was named Michacl William McLaughlin.
In Part I in tho matter of certain U.
S. bonds belonging to the estate of the
late Thomas Hughes, tho property was
permitted to be transferred to Maryland.
In the case of Alveride Soles vs. S. A.
Wilcox and James Rine, the defendants
were enjoined from selling the property
of the plaintiff.
Jlctfult of tho Municipal Elections in tho
Ilousiur .State.
Indianapolis, May 7.? Municipal
elections were held throughout Indiana
In Valparaiso tho Republicans elected
the Mayor ahd Treasurer, tho Democrats
electing the Clerk and Marshal
The Republicans elect two Alderman
and the Democrats one, leaving the control
of the city still in the hands'of the
In Lafayette, tho Democrats were successful,
securing four of the seven Councilinen
and also the Water Works Trustee.
This gives tho Democrats full control
of tho city, government. In Terre
Haute the Republicans elected five out
of sixQounelimen.
In Craw fords vi lie, owinir to the dp
cided stand the Republican Council has |
taken against the saloons and gambling,
the Deinocrata put a full ticket in the I
Held and secured two Councilmen. In
Fort Wayne the Democrats elected
eleven Councilmen, Independents one. |
The new Council will stand eighteen
Democrats and two Republicans. In
Covingtou high license .won a victory by
the election of four Councilmen. In
JelTergonville the Democrats elected tho
Assessor and four out of tlve Councilmen.
In New Albany tho Democrats
elected five out of eight Councilmen?a
gain of one. In Locansport the election
resulted in the selection of ono Kepublican
and four Democratic Councilmen.
In Goshen the Republicans elected the
Mayor and Treasurer, the Democrats the
Clerk, Maruhal, three Councilmen and
Water Works Commissioner.
High license and various other local
issues complicated the contests in many
places. .
-TnE Beethovon excursion will leave
LaBelle landing at 7 o'clock and upper
wharf at 7:30 a. in., to Bteubenville, next
"Why buy other patent flours whon
you can buy Christians Best at same
price, with chance of getting five barrels
free. -
u. d. uooi) sens ury goods the cheapest.
Martins I'errys Matter.
Tho work ot driving piles at the Union Bridge
wan finished yesterday.
Frank Ervln ha*|accepted a gooa paying position
in tho Top" mill. \
Itoscoo T. Ong will move Into his new building
on Droadway this week.
"On the Frontier" to night will bo ono of tho
very best shows of tho season. Go and have a
good laugh. ?
A steam hammer weighing about fifteen tons
for McDermotts tool works arrived yesterday.
Tho works will start soon.
Don't fall to take In "On tho/Frontier" at tho
Opera House to-night. Thero are about fifty
i people in the company ana It is first class. Lois
I of Indians, soldiers, commediaiiH and pretty
girls. Prices as usual. 0
The new municipal administration took
charge jesterday. Marshal Westwood and his assistants
scrubbed out'thc city building and Issued
a maul feito that there should bejno more loaflug
about thu building. The new police force consists
of Kuguuo luanchard, William Bowman,
David Gognoy and George Murphy.
The nail factory resumes to-day.
John Stroblo is now the Fourth ^ard policemuu.
The City llall has been neatly painted and
Somo miscreant broke off one of tho treeiln
the park.
M. P. GUtfelter, tho blacksmith, burled allttle
sou yesterday afternoon. ,
J,. 8. Woodbrldge is In Chicago attending a
Window glass manufacturers meeting.
Cleveland A Pittsburgh railroad carpenters aro
extending tho platform sheds as far down as tho
curb on Thirty-fourth street.
Engineer of Malntalnanco of Way, W. If.
Seriven. of tho Clevolund ii Pittsburgh railroad, ,
accompanied tho road viewers, Messrs. Lodge,
Drown. McConsghey and Chalkley Uawsou. tho
aurvcyor.-alonK tho route ot tho new pike from
Acre to Bridgeport,
Fair W?*#o llcaiill** Which lterlto Nursery
Tho ventriloquist's occupation's gone.
Hereafter Instead of "throning his
voice" tho man with tho dummy liguree
will simply turn a little crank In the
hack of each and from its ltpa will iaauo
tho flounda.
Sir. Joaeph Graves yeaterday Invited
an [NTiLUnKNciR man into his store on
Twelfth street, and taking from the
window a large, llajon-halred, red
cheeked, hlne-eyed doll, whose white
gown with hluo trimmings would have
made any diminutive miss's eyes dunce
with delight, Mr. Graves set It up on a
desk, and ad|ustlng a little crank, like
an old-fashioned watch key, to a square
projection in tho hick, began to turn.
"Twinkle, Iwlnkle, little ilnr,
How I wondei wlmt you arc,
Unahovo tho world no IiI?Ii.
I.Ike a diamond In the iky!"
rrcited tho doll, with correct intonation
and induction, and in n line voice somewhat
liko tho artiticial tone of a very
small child on tho stace.
Over and over it said tho lines, and
though the voice whs rather shrill, it
was more like tho real human voice than
the average voice sounds through the
telephone. It is very probahlo that one
famll)ar with the^ voice reproduced by
the mechanism in tho pretty doll would
recoguize it if he heard it here.
The doll is one of Edison's talking
dolls. Inside it is a diminutivo phona*
graph cylinder. The first onus seen by
tho public were put on exhibition
1 throughout tho country yesterday. Mr.
Graves got two, with Uitl'crent recita* I
Itions. Tho makers exactapledgo.thr.t|
no doll will be sold for less than $10. ,
Ilallroaul Truck* to Crosn.
Judgo Cochran, President of the
Union Bridge Company, aud several
ollicials of the Pennsylvania Company,
bad a conference hero yesterday afternoon
relative to the crossing of tracks
at Thirty'third street. Judge Cochran
furnished tho other party a map of the
proposed routo and tho matters involved
were thoroughly discussed, but no ilnal
action was reached, the Pennsylvania
people desiring to give tho situation
some consideration.
The Importance of purifying tlio blood can?
not bo overestimated, lor without pure blood
you cannot enjoy good health.
At this season nearly every ono needs 'a
good medicine to purify, vitalize, and cnrlch
the blood, and wo ask you to try llood's
DoniUnf Itstrcngthcns
rcv/Ullcir ^ builds up tlio system,
creates an appetite, and tones the digestion,
while it eradicates disease. The peculiar
combination, proportion, and preparation
of the vcgetablo remedies used give to
Hood's Sarsapariila pccul- -j--. l+eplf
lar curatlvo powers. No ^ Itocll
other medicine has such a record of wonderful
cures. If you have made up your mind to
buy Hood's Sarsapariila do not bo loduccd to
take any other Instead. It "Is a Tccullar
Medicine, and Is worthy your confldcnce.
Hood's Sarsapariila Is sold by all druggists.
Prepared by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.
100 Doses Ono Dollar
New Advertisements.
"$100 REWARD. '
Drowned, at Wheeling;, W. Va., May 7,1800, E.
W. Wells, height, about 5 feet and 11 Inches;
weight 190 pounds; woro small side whiskers
and moustache; hair black; was dressed In a
light Bult, gray overcoat and white shirt; had
on his person a Braall open-faced watch. A reward
of 8100 will be paid for the recovery of his
Wukkmno. W. Va. my8
Ladies' and Gents' Fine Shoes.
ap!2 Ko. 1111 Main Blroot. Wlioollng. W. Viu
$2 00, $2 50 and $3 00,
And you will be convlnccd that for Style and
Fit that they are not surpaiBCd by auy In the
ap-t Rogm' Block. 1123 Main Street.
Egger, Warrick & Co.
Ten plecea 46 Inch ALL WOOL SERGES at
FIFTY CENTS, actual valuo 75 cent*. This lot
cannot last more than a few day*, and no substitute
of equal value can be bought.
Twenty-five pieces 36-inch
AtluCjSold crcrjwhore at 25c.
Black- Silk Warp Henriettas!
Our H 00 and tl 25 Pricatleys and other makes
are bcantie*. We alio haYC dedided bargains in
all KIndi of Drew Goods.
aioaain. jiniiWDUDM, AlDatTOSS, Henrietta*,
isaaruin'nM ">* Griped
Onr Stock of White Goods.
I-ncc Cnrtalni, Draperies, Ciuhn, T.klo
Diimiislts, and N.pktns wai UQTerlarger or better
uior.ed than at thU tlrno. '.MHO All Linen
Towels lit W/j(\
We do not advertise or sell wlnblo Roods at
coRt, nor limit jou in quantity when goods are
advertised at coit or less. It 1* ouly nu eicuso
ror?nextrava?ant price oa auothcr article.
Quality of *nods ihould be the first consideration
and on that we never got left,
Egger, Warrick ,4 Co.,
Teas, Coffooa, Splcaa, Etc. To tho Ladles.
Atlantic Tpa
rl LIliilLlVJ I vll In Carpeta--that kail grades of Ctr. M
1 pctB? now styles and new elTecta wu ir. |
*r>r\ running in now whilo tho bmailer cod. I
UU| cornB nro still tinkering with the old an ! H
4 ? a. already forgotten pntterna-we are bu?* B
lea Importers & CoflCORoaStCrS. piling un now goods wherothe oModm SB
used to be?Every dny ndils eomethlm 13
to our already exteneivo Rtn*k?Th? H
Wo hare about completed our ImptoramimtB nol.r(,,rll?i0ll to?dav is beautiful nn.i KW
and can no * claim wlibout any cx?*<or?tlou JBgrcgaiion i^n\ ia uinuuiui uml n. Ba
that we hare the largeit and best equipped lea tromely choice?'No purchaser can fancv r fl
atid Grocery Hnuw in the utato. The uet tnat anything tluer?tor GO cents yo\u?nW, V
wobuy lor eaah In l*r*o quautlllea Iroin lUat nflrnn#fl ?iin? wj|| V011 KI1 UQ.T
hanrti li a RuarantAo that our itock ti ALWAYd wrpoiB inni win coal )ou bO cenu 1
FitKjit and l'Kiu&j Low. ejaewbere?*or 30 cents we oirer ,
_____ choice selection of tho moat reliable ' I
. mills?Our shelves nro aglow with Cir. 1
B fi-? S A Gft pets in pretty,# bright patterns-1 WrfM I
" in tho mode of manufacturing liosraig^j I
Our Tea department la a apodal feature of onr the standard, while competition pij||i I
hou?e. Our atoca in lanse, eomprUInK tin down tho price?Ilenco you can lin. 9
urulva and varletleaof Old Country Tcaa, Bonu* , ? , twenty in?r ( ?ntrliiwit?.?n
luo Araam l'eko.Cawr. Congou. Imperial Gun- ,rom wn. J?. *eniy I)tr Willtnennerthin :
^owUer. llatkot Klrcjl Japan, Ivor ,*P.*VJ )'^U COUld last spring?\\ 0 wish you nr>t fl
..U. ?vj'v?, vu.uii* niiu r.uKiiPu i""-*'"" io lorRtoi iui8 met?it ia well to VcDietn* !
o itjo moat Imulloui uitc* c*o ?uitw. our ^ ^ jcal fiomi? denlers way nak I9
SS:Tffi&fSMlSSSi'Sffl? y,e?r'8 Prices lor U.i? yem'ji wd.-T.l, $
"or ciirop M tho jm.feulnn.l ilio|ipir. WK ([mo to look tliroURh our Gurnet dtpwt- 9
HaVK OSB tfhli-K r'OB all. ment, eituniino our ?took miu sra thit
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? - ever, tor woVo ollerlui; speeinl <lnvtain E:
rf"N<r?fc~gi >Hi SB*1 - nil Rrmiea o( Carpets?in met, pricn will ! 4
^bo nwny ilown in all lloor covciinp V;M
Our OiITjou are nil routed In tticlr natural jur[D(> this week.
Wu'vo run ahead ol our reputation In H
TT_ nr-nnno general ii0UBefiirni?liiti>j8?I'lirlirulvlr &
CLUB ORDLKb win furniture?Antlclputlnjieverv*?m BB
laud now ideas constantly arriving WM
Our tacitltici for shipping tolfaraljtci living places us in a position to display an ? W
out ot tho city cannot bo. excelled, woiuvoa oortnient of uoods vet unrivullml Klfl
vxsirszTJ&aL sswrsys <&VW ??.i ??"t Ji
thoujrhtho writer wandealing with us in penon. week we ll display Bonio very choice r>
Wo ask you toKlvousa trial order, and wo aro cjollil Oik (Jhninli^r Kniu.? EBB
confldent It will prove *o satisfactory a* to gain ?)lis in ooiiu; uak: u aiiiuw Mi U *1 | |
y?u lor a permanent customer. prices well worth remembering?l?nr^ k9
Heavy Oak Suits that sold resularly for 1tm
$40 00 we'll otTer as low as $:>0 00?These | 1
Spices Fresh Ground Daily!
r far-fetching ones?Tliey are goods you pi
could not buy from the manufacturer at ufl
Standard A Sugar, 10 lbs for..., #100 0ur price?They are goods you will not f?l
GranulMcd Bujar, is lbs for i 100 foaue an opportunity to buy again even $ ]
LlfthtDrounSuirar. 18V? lh*fnr....1 OO t "
- - ueru ui mow ugurcB?'iney are |?oods f;1
Beat Standard Tomfttocs, Oo, a cans for-... JJftc that bear the hupriut of hi^li standard, (j'l
Tablo Peaches, heavy syrup, per can 1#? and if you are not thoroughly pleased r4a
Best Apricots, per can 21)0 with them send them back at our ex- jl
Cholcc Canned Peas. (I^'c, 4 cans for "5c penec and get your money?What you Ujl
Blackberries, <JK<>.-1 cans for - ? 2f?o |jUy hero you will always find as repre- t||
Stririfj Beans, (J^c, .1 cans for ... "5c Bented?What buBini'88 wo do ia doue Hi
CannedSalmon,netcan? lftc ?? ?
??- uuiy uu u oasis oi "(ruii)ini represen* H!
xxx sugar Corn, C j, 5 caus for 25o tation''?Goods "must be as represented |
Baker's Com, i> cans tor. 25c when sold by us.
Mueianl Sardines, Oc, 3 cans for. ? 25? WHEELING INSTALMENT CO.
Oil Ssrdlnes, Go, 5 can* for ... 25c _
CboleoCan Apples. 10c, it cam lor 25c Baby CarnagCB aro with us a hobby?
Hominy, -Jo per qt., 7 qui. (or ~'5c We show more Carriagea tbau all tlie
Navy Beans, 8c porqt., u^qts. for SBo bouses m this city combined can sliow
Bird Seed, -1 packages for 2r>o ?Carnages nro piling in upon us bo fust
corn starch, 0>ic, 4 lbs. for. 25c that wo hardly know what to do with i ,
Largo Lump 8i*rch,3Xc, 8 lbs. for 25o them. Tbo manufacturers never wait to
Rolled Oats, r.c, (111)!. for. 25c know whether wo have room forthemor
Tapioca, 80, a%lbs. for. _. "no! not?They simply know we've con- '
Good Carolina Rico, <lc. -IX lbs. for 2r?c | traded to take their entire productions
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ButterCrackers,u^c,-iibi.for i-Bo'can?To relieve tho overcrowdingconGinger
Knaps, uc per lb., a lbs for 25o dition ot our slorc we'll oiler some BtuuKcw
Turkish Prunes, Tc, .1 lbs. for. 2So niog bargains this week in Carriages.
Best California Prunes- l()o WHEELING INSTALMENT CO.
Klvo cent Bar Soap, seven bars for 25c Anothor lot of goods to bo moved quickly
Three cent Bar Soap, ten bars for 25c hy a drop in prices is our extensive line
of ltcfriizerators?Mora k^vIh nml nmilitv
* m /v combined is hard to find in these uoods
A TT IHTTfl rjlTJI * fl/\ outside of our lino?The Refrigerators
H I Im II Mil 8 hi A 111) we show have a world-wide reputation
niun.il ii\j iun vv? 5 _They aro tl)n very l)tat for tllomy
11 .... ? j ftnnn if i in least money?We show them in all sizes *
111)9, 1111 ana 2269 H&I&et St., and entirely exclusive desinns?Ut-fri?- |
eratora that formerly sold at ?13 00 we'll
19. 21 and 23 Twenty-Tbird St., letgothiswoekatonlv$9IK>?Tlioaaiiw J
general reduction will be made on oil g
WHEELING, V. YA. j sizes?II you have not alieady an ac ||
count with us come and open one?We'll J
? , bo pleased to show you where we can j
s* Fo?rtl1 o. Bavo you money?You don't need much
Cor.Market&FirtnSt., Ea?t Liverpool, o. j money to buy troods here?Our inEtuI* |
Marietta, o.1 ment system will enable you to pay in 3
OJ Baltimore bt, - - Cumberland, Md. eagy payments
me Leaa, Let Those Who Can Follow.1 JOSFPH H. mqa um > . - Mnnagpr. 1^':
Stone & Thomas?Dry Gooas. P
TI7U APU Till? DEAD! U who will furnish you more 1
VM JCl AM} IfllS r liUl LCl ior a $i bill than you can get |
elsewhere for $i 25. We propose making this the jsannkr |
month of the year. "Undersell All Competitors" is our motto |
this month. Come and prove it. Read our price list:
Domestic Dry Groods
10,000 yards 4 -1 Onblcacbcd Muslin Bt ? I >$c, worth 7c
10,0(10 yard* Cheviots aud Glngbamsat... -1 Uc, worth 7c
10.00U yarJs ludltfo blue Calico Bt .. ... JJc, worth 7<:
ft,000 yards Mcrritnac Ltgbt Calico at. -1 worth Uc
10,000 yards Lancaster Ginghams at worth Sc !4?
r?.non vpr-u t ???.? ? -
v?,w?' "_r "'v""1.1,k,"ui,b ? ?^c worth Do
1,000 yards Drew uitiKhams at - ...H'2e, worth I lu
B.OOOynrds Zephyr Cloths at Oy.c, worth J^c
^>000 yards Crashes at I> fa, worth So
?>0<) yards Unbleached Table Linen at 1 7c, worth iifiu
??00 yards Unbleached Table Linen at ?....5J0;, worth -1."??
_ BOO yaws Red Table Linen at a i??, worth :s:tu
1,000 yards Renfrew Table Linen at ~i:tc, worth 5Bc
XJress GrOOCis and SillSLS.
SB pieces All Wool Cashmeres at UOc, worth BOu
;0 pieces -IC inch wide Henrietta Cloth at...; .50i?, worth 7T?o
50 pieces IC inch wide Henrietta Cloth at Olio, worth 1 OO
B?? pieces -Winch wide Henrietta Cloth at HWc, worth 1 y.r?
pieces Mohair Hrllllautine at worth 55c
10 piece* Mohair Brllllautlno at 1 He, worth 0
BO pieces India Silks at -lSc, worth I <>0
BO pieces Furah Hilks at ?0c, worth ?0w
8! 5 pieces Pol (lu SoieSilksat US&o, worth I 00
BO pieces All Wool Cloths at .. Me, worth iiflo
<10 pieces All Wool Cloths at .. 1 he, worth ilBe
~0 pleccs Striped and Plaid Cloths at i!!k\ worth 'Mx/ja
Examine our stock before buying. It will pay you.
P. S.?Come ix the Mousing and Avoid the Rush.
nouso at Herrmann.?Housofurnlshing Goods.
Our Stock / ^
comprises Furniture, Carpets, / !
Oil Cloths, Mattings, Re- 'vjv
frigerators, Baby Car- /
riages, Coal, Gas and / N. J
Oil Stoves, and every / a \/
thing necessary / / ?'
r i ^
luruuuseiurnish- / /
ing purposes. / /
/ jsss$ t / ln'stai.mf.nts i
/ / and allow vou to
/\Y / pav weeklv. semi- m
/ / monthly or monthly.
/"X >*. / We deliver all goods
free. Remember we do
: / not exPect y?u t0 pay when
V / sick or out of work. |

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