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(The WMi?0 iHi?
ESTABLISHED AUG US 1 li, loo/- ?? ???? ?-?
A Lurid Hue.
Anion:: Republicans on the Shelving
oi the federal Elections
The Most Disgraceful Legislative
Action in the Annals
ot Congress.
Shameful Deal Made by all the
Democratic Senators and a
Few Republicans.
Tin JuIiisps Nil I tint Gain Their Point.
Krro ('oliu;jn will I13 Defeated in the
House ? Republican Members |
of Hie Hudbo will not En- I
ilorso tlii Botr.ijal of 1
Their Tart/. J
fycic! Munich lo ?V JnttUlgauer, |
wasuisotos, v* 0., Jan. 0.?Comment j
among Republican* in general uponjhe l
shelving and practical defeat ol the j
Elections bill in the Senate yesterday is ,
of a peculiar lurid hue. It is character- j
izetl us among the most shameful nod 1
notorious pieces of legislation for the j
benefit oi the legislators that has ever j
disgraced the annals of Congress, and j
that is saying a great deal, when the
Credit Mobilier is recalled. Senator J
iloar admits the defeat of the bill, j
0;hf ra say that it-may be again up, Lut i
the fact remains that hist nigbt'a caucus I
of Republican Sonators was very alioily J
attended aud.litilo interest is manifested (
one way or another now. t
A few plain facts in connection with \
the vote by which the Elections bill J
wae. shelved yesterday may be noted to \
advantage* fn the first place, it is curious
that nicer all the representations ?
made as to the short opposition said to r
be rampant throughout all sections of t
the north to the measure, it remained t
for the actual negative votes to come t
from one particular auction. Further- j
more, that that section is the only one i
to ho benefited by a certain apecies of c
legislation already in part and expected
in lull with the aid of the votes of a o
DC/lid minority, and that certain species o
immediately takes the place of the de- r
posed Elections bill. In short, if any
one before had doubts bb to whether a
thtyo has been a deal between a few a
Republican Senators and the Democrats fi
on the Silver and Federal Elections bills, ?
.tiuck doubt ezietn no longer. Theru is 1
no more doubt that these few Senators, v
au conjunction with a few Democratic I
.Senators and a number of member.-; of a
lilt; Ik use of both parties, have made a
very considerable thing, financially c
epeaking, oat ol the deal. t
Duckery, of Missouri, ha3 a resolution (c
now be/ore ths House calling for an in- |j
vestigation on ithis point. He is not s
inoro anxious to have it come np than t
Mtijnr McKinley and the majority of d
(he Republicans. Various Senators have
been interviewed as to this same point, *
They have each and all "heard" that a f
pool existed, but the particular one in* ?
terviowed did not have a hand in It. So
it goes.
it may be recalled that the Senator c
Wolcott who made the brilliant speech
against the lilectiono bill iitbosawe
Kentloman who made the equally brilliant
speech in favor of freo coinage at tj
' the Intc sexeion, and who held the de- g
ieat ni tlw Tariil bill over the heade of f(
the Republicans as a threat to hasten
the pasbge of the Silver bill.
The same may be said regarding St na- b
tors Teller aud Stewart; apd it is not g
liki'Iv to be forgotten that each ol these j
gentlemen has more than a philanthrc- 8
nic interest in silver. Yet iu the very
?ce of tlie notoriety already achieved an t
.attempt in made to repeat the move, j
They reckon without their host.
The free coinage proposition is dead J
and with it the l'inance bill. It was j
choked to death by ite friends in the r
.Senate, No greater violence could hav# 1
been done to the free coinage of silver t
'..ban was perpetrated by the silver-pool
Senators when they joined the Democrats
for tho purpose of sido-trackiDgtho
Election hill. Republicans in the House j
who would have voted for coisago in
any shape, declare now that they will 1
.not support it. t I
Speaker Road had assured tho friends 1
ol free coinage that ho would do nothing i
to defeat its fair heariog and an early ]
vote should it corno from the SenUe; t
bat lie in quoted as having said to-day <
that It would not be considered while bo
Jb in tiwrhair. 1
Kreo coinage will pc*s the Senate. It i
will ?7?t ix larj;e majority there. All of I
the em mies of tho Election bill on the
Repabltcao side, most of the Democrats
and some of ijje bert men on tho Jiejuiblican
bide will vole iar free coinage, but ]
it will end there, so far as this Congreea (
jb concerned. (
the committer ac. ainst IT. <
In the jtlrat place there is a majority of J
one against free coinage in the House j
Committee on Coinage, Weights and j
Measures, which will have charge of j
the bill wheu it cornea over from tho
Senate. It was thought by some that
when Mr, Conger, ot Iowa, resigned .
from the chairmanship of the committee
and Mr. Wickhani, of Ohio, a free oin* ,
ujie advocate, buccneded to the chairmanship,
the committee would have a <
majority for free coinage; but not so. <
There ih a majority of onu against free ,
coinage in iiny form. j
The Speaker does not reccgnizo anyone
for any purpose without anoning j
Joat what to be done. Ho would not
Mteoimittt anyone to uolt consideration
of froo coinage.; If any trick like t?iat
perpetrated iu the Senate should be attempted,
it would be declared out of ortuftt
it v. ill not ba possible to i*-5t 1
:r?M> coinage before tbe House by Jf-iir or 1
foul meant?. ,
The conspiracy will not win. 1; may
defeat the Election sbill, but it has djsKuaterl
rouociontious friends of free 1
coinage and they declare that the silver
poo! Republican Senators who have sold
out their party will never realize on
their investment. Sopolpablo was the
irauil, so revolting the scheme, that it
had U;t little cllect upon the silver
bullion market. Silver appreciated but 1
apoint ttuti ^ ball and dropped back to
ts starting point as soon as the feeling
in the House became known in New
t'ork to-day. Judas lso^iot sold out
lor a few pieces of silver, bui ip looks
now as though an attempt to sell tip
cardinal principles of th? Republican
warty for a few "point*" on bullion
would p.rove a boomerang even before
final action upon the trade ia accomplished.
The lamentable feature of tho whole |
transaction is that it will defeat the Finance
bill, which has somo good features.
The Election bill was laid aside for the
ostensible purpose of adopting a measure
to prevent the contraction of the (
currency and put a stop to the hard
times, but it will prove to he the death
knell of tbat measure, for free coinage '
would defeat any propositiou now.
Tho Effect ou 'Clituige.
New Yontf, Jan. The i'oil sbjb:
Silver bullion was almost the only thing
dealt in on the Stock Exchange that was
higher in tbe forenoon. It was up ;
se.on-dgbths in the first hour, owing to
the belief, whether warranted or not,
tbat tho defeat of the force bill bail been ?
accomplished only by a compromlso j
which would at least insure somo fur- ^
[her Oliver legislation to provide for further
purchases of bullion by the Treae- '
ury, if not to have some bearing on the
free coinage question. 1:
'Jilt SENAlt). '
811m Attendance of Seuatarf ?Mr. Teller on .
tlietfwuiclftl 11U1.
Washington, D. C., Jan. 0.?But seven 8
Senators were presentat 10 o'clock when
the Vice President called the Senate to *
arder, and a resolution was adopted re- ?
rjuesting tho sorgeant-at-arma to invite D
tt?n aUi.nJ mnnilinrg fn annual* af. tliolr
own convenience. After the lapse 0/ P
three-quarters of an honr a quorum ap- 0
peared, and the journal of yesterday's *
proceedings was read and approved.
The presidiug officer laid before the U
senate a communication from the Secre* \
sny of the Treafmry asking for an ap- J1
aropriation of $50,000 for tho repair of ?
be custom house at Chicago. Morning f
meiness having been concluded the J1
tenate resumed the consideration of the J(
financial bill, and was addressed by
Mr. Teller. ?
After defending hla position in voting b
or the motion to consider tiieoilver bill, 14
tfr. Teller then proceeded to criticise
tfr. Sherman's Bpeecli. Tho Senator l(
rom Ohio bad occupied bi^h financial P
>ositions in this country. In certain
ections of this cpuntry where the ?
ilmighty dollar was all powerful, ami
vhere the greatest ignorance existed
ipon financial questions, save upon 61
|K?8tiou8 of diacaunt and exchange, lie W
vas a financial oraclo. He did not wonler
the American farmer was dissatisfied
rich tho Republican finance system, f jr J?
hey wanted freo coinage. ?
The Senator from Ohio had told the ai
lenate yesterday that free coinage could Jj
tot be enacted into law. If Senators
lelieved that free coinage was ep*ential ei
0 the welfare of the country, it van ?'
heir duty to voto for it. Tho other vi
irancb of Congress could pass it or de- P>
eat it. The President could sigu or do- ll1
line to sigu it, as be saw lit. re
Mr. Sherman scid he would, at some 01
?..?? rnrJtf onr.in n( Mr. Tftllar'fl
bservatlons, but he did no? euro In do so Jj|
Mr. Morrill then addressed the Sen- j(a
te. He was and ever had been eineerely 1
nd heartily disposed to support any Ll
air so4 reasonable measure tending to ?a
dvaueelba Qjarlcet value of silver : but P?
t appeared to him that his silver friends PJ
Fere asking too much 'and iic hod to <?
inlt before plunging into a shoreiesa &
jxd bottomless sea.
Mr. Vest argued in favor of the free a
oinage o? silver aptl went on to allude
o the statement that ho Jjad recoived a
etter from ex 1'reaideut Cleveland re- ra
anting some of his views on the siiver 80
luestion, and s:iid he had never had a
etter from President Cleveland on the m
ilver ^6cJ:jon,and had never had more Qf
han one eonyeriHit'on with him on that ai
ubject. PJ
Atthecloso of Mr. Vest's mgaiks, PJ
he Senate, oh motion of Mr. 8herm*a, la
pent into executive ettfajon and soon A?
latucd froiM tI?o Nicaragua Treaty, Jart
Kiule 1'ubllc. fjj
Wabkixotos, Jan. 6.?Tho complica- lii
ions between Nicaragua and Costa Rica re
rowing out of a boundary dispute at- m
jotinj; the Nicaragua Canal Company's
onceasion wero discussed again to-day n.
y the Seuate in secret session. The
enate made public the treaty, signed
)e comber 1, 1884, providing for the con- ui
truction of an inter-oceanic cana) across ]a
he territory of that republic. Thy let- Tj
or of transmittal was signed by Presi- 11
tent Arthur, and is a strong argument Cl
u demonstration of the necessity for the di
anal for political and commercial rea- C
one. The startling information is con- 0|
ained that this treaty (which wee to ?j
javo been ratified within two yt?<*rs, but p(
lid not obtain ratification) bound the p
Jnited States and Nicaragua to build
ho canal. j(1
llolUUC* to AtlSWfcr. rj
Washington, D. 0., Jan. Q.?'The
tfuuso Committee on links to-day ez- fli
trained under Oith Messrs, Stevens and P
Henderson, correspondents of the St. fx
Ltfuis Globs Lpnoprat, with roference to a|
sports in newspapers that Senators and ai
Representatives were intcrFsted in u y
lilver pool The* correspondents de- ft
slined to give auy information. C1
No decision was reached bv the com- c
iiitteeasto what to do with Mr.Dockery'a j
^solution providing for an investigaion
/ li
Til. Cntiln.t tt.rilnjr ^
Wasuinutox, Jan. 0?The Cabinet e
jieeting to-day considered the Indian
lueatioc, cpptcially with reference to t<
3en. Miles' propeltion to relieve In*
liau agents of charge o.f the agencies,
jear tho scene of the troubles, inJ re- ,,
}lace them with ofllcersof the army. '
fecrotary Noble is known to bo earnest- C1
,y opposed to ouch a plan, and its accoin- Si
alisument ia tbvre/ore a matter of doubt, b
? ' o'
Went Virginia I'mulooc. t<
i^cial Dispatch to the JntcUlocnccr. I?
Washington, D. C., Jan. 0.?West J
irirrfnia neneions? Original ? Duncan .
3anninghaui, W heeling. I ncrease?
Jsorge A. Cupctt, Punter's Mills;
James W. Hutveler, Martineburg, He- c
juuk?A. M. Ciason, Barter's Station;
Diion If. (Cine, Topin's Grove. Heia*ue
and Incressc?Andrew lljbinson,
Wilsonburg. L
' si
The 1'ostal C!frk?' CommUtf*. j|
Wj^iiisaTOM. D. 0., Jin. 0?About u
twenty-Ant parsons representing the y
B,000 railway postal clerks in the United
States appeared beforo tho liouie Pom- tl
i?l?tes ou Poatofllct'a uud I'ua: KoaJa to- U
da; to urge the committee to rnaku nn I
effort to pecnro ronaideration in the C
House o( the hill reported at the last tl
waaion to reclaaaily and fix the salaries p
of railway postal clerks. >
WnatB n Clmr.ga or V?nun. e
St. Lovia, Jan. 0.?a special to tho *
M Diipatch from Jefferson City, Mo., J
says that the cue of the ex-State Treas- ?
utcr Nolan, who ia charged with em- n
beuling State fnnds, waa called in tha c
circuit coort this morning. Nolan's at- jj
torney's preeontwi affidavits alleging ii
prrjndice on the part ot presiding J udge u
Awards, and that the latter will not n
Word Nolan a fair trial. Judge Ed- L
wards will render ? decision to-morrow, j s
New York and Pennsylvania Assemblies
in Session.
V Partisan Document-Denounces
the Election BUI-Gov. Beaver's
Recommendations ? A Dud
Speaker Choson In Nebraska
Aliuny, N. Y., Jan. 6.?The Assem>ly
was called to order at 11 o'clock this
oorning and immediately elected its
Ulcers. For the first time in many
ears the Democrats controlled the body.
Vm. F. Sheehan was elected Speaker
eceivin# ?? ? votes against 50 cast for
lilo Acker, tho candidate ol the Bepubicans.
Mr. Sheehan briefly addressed
he Assembly after which tho many
ilicers were elected in accordance with
he programme. The.Governor's mesago
was then roceived and read.
Gov. Hill, in his anuual mc&aflge to
ho Legislature says: In entering upon
be seventh and last year of my service
a Chief Executive of the State, I. will
otatiectto conceal my gratification at
be fact that fur the first time during the
a&t ueveu years, is the popular branch
E the Legislature in political accord
rith the executive.
"I congratulate you and theptoploof
10 Stute that, notwithstanding the ex*
itenceof an unfair and unjust apporonment,
the popular vote has at last
>und exprepsion in the selection of one
louse of the Legislature which is in
armony with the sentiments of a ma>rity
of the people "
The first paragraph of the above is acspted
&b an official announcement that
e will not be a candidate for a third
The Governor calls on the Legislature
>pjrovide for the enumeration of the
sopla of the State in order that "a fair
iid just apportionment may follow in
no time." He advises a general reviam
of the excise laws, to the eud that
iey may be uiore easily understood aod \
iforced, but expresses the opinion that
10 present license charges are high
aough. In that portion of his menage
3'voted to "the interests of labor" the
overnor advocates compulsory arbitraon
of disputes between corporations
id their employes. Lie calls the attenon
of the Legislature to the fact that
icre is at present no law regulating the
np'.oymeut oi 'Tinkerton's detectives"
iring labor strikes and suggpsts the adsability
of framing a statute either to
'obibit the employment or to define
io lunctons, regulate tne duties ana a
strict the powers of such "detective" t|
ganizatious. j,
The Governor denounces the "Elec- ^
uns bill" and says that the United c
ates Senate is ignoring pressing legis* ^
lion |n order to push through this [(
evolutionary me^re." He urges the 0
legislature by resolution of othervl8e(
may bo a::on beat to expreaj so emiatically
its condemnation of the pre>9c<l
legislation that the united voice v
New York's representatives in Conoss
way be secured from the State and
ocoiiiaUy, the evil effects of so unwise
law." , 0
Ho recommends ouch legislation uiw 11
)eral action as will enable tho State to b
ake a proper exhibit of the State's re- u
lurces at the coming World's Fair.
Immediately upon tho reading of the
eesage in the House, Speaker Sheehan '!
ipointed tho Gommittoa op JMyilegea 11
id Elections. The oommitloe was emjwered
by resolution to sit where it P
eased and send for persons and papors P
. order to investigate the claims of 0
intesUat? to the so \le of seven Repub- n
:an8. This committee will be the 0
irdest worked commjtteein tho Eooae, j]
id \i it endeavors to unseat lly-pub'.L* *
ins before a 4w>iaiye yofe io reached oh J1
10 *TMtod State* fjeijatorobip, it will 1
ive uo timo to ??ate. It is not ba- ?
fved, however, that the committee will
ach any definite conclusion till tho
iddle of the session.
ilob I*. Thompson Chosen Sponker?Gov- '
ortior licnvnr * 31chsb?. c
TTi vniRunn/i. Pi.. .Tan. fi?Thft hinn- ^
al session of the Pennsylvania Legia- f
ture began at noon to-day. Caleb 3. 5
tiorapson, of Warren count}', the cau- f
is nominee of the Republicans, was
lly elected Speaker of the House, re*
living 125 votes. George W. Skinnor, 1
Fulton county, received sevontyght
Democratic votes. Senator Beres
unrose, of Philadelphia, was choaen v
resideut pro tern of the Senate. I
After organising both Houses ad. .
mrned until .'J o'clock, at which hour 1
ley reassembled and listened to the ?i
Hiding of Governor Beaver's message h
Governor Beaver in bis ahnunl men* .
ige to the Legislature advocates the fl
nsaage of such laws in regard to thebal?t
as will secure to every voter freedom t
om dictation in casting his Vote and j
bsolute certainty na to its being counted ^
j cast, and expresses the opinion that *
jere cau be no danger of going too t
tr in either oi these directions. He
ills upon the Legislature to organise a v
vnmlseion to supervise the parr which .]
' nnsylvania shall take in the World's
air and asks that liberal appropropria- ,
on be made for the ereciiou of suitable t
uildingaaud for stimulating iu every
roper way a completo and satisfactory :
xtiibit of the State's industries. .
The balance of the message is devoted
) purely a State matter. !
Don Camerdtf Urn Gbofco. *
Haurisbcuq, PA.,Jan.G.?The Hepub* c
cans have decided to-night that a joint j
iucusj to select a candidate for United t
tales Senator to succeed Camerou shall
h held to-morrow as soon after 12
'clock as possible. The arrival of Sena>r
Cameron from Washington this after* .
ooji had much to do with this decision,
here seems tq he no doubt that Mr. .
ameron will practically he the ynan- j
uni*j filinlm r.f tlifl PAIKitlU.
- ]
uuiumjbuiuKi: ,
oDTCoea In Adjourned daMlou?The (lov- j
eraur'e Stealage.
CoM'MRt'8, Ohio, Jan. 0.?'The Ohio
eglslature convened In adjourned seson
at 4 p. m., and listened to the read>g
of the Governor'! meu);e. It says I
l'at iiiera trill be an income for tho next J
ear of $3,600,001*, ami an estimated ex- ,
enditure of $4,000,000: consequently .
iero will be necessitr for care fa malt- I
;g appropriations during tbe session. i
le retomiiioudj the Federal plan of i
tovernment for cities baaed on
be State organization, with the
rivilKte of changing every twenty
ears, and that an amendment to the :
onsututlon permitting thIt form of rovrnment
be saumitte'J to the |ieople in
dvauco of a constitutional conception:
[ commends the Australian ejatem of !
allot, aljo a primary election law;
reommenda thai .an investigation be
lade of the workings of the i't tte Board
f Public Works and tbe Canal Comjlaajon.
and that the boardaof all State
iistitutions be Increased in number '
nd made uon-pantsanj rcpom- i
iirnda that tho imperative athool i
ooic law of lost winter be i
o adjusted as to be; practical, and that I
provision be made (or county superintendence
ol the schools; recommends
the depository system for city and county
funds so that money will not accumulate
in the treasuries, and that there
bo a revision of tho law relative to the
compensation of county officers. He
recommends that Ohio erect a monument
to her soldiers at Cbicamaugus,
similar to that erected at Gettysburg.
Adjourned untii Thursday.
lUpulillcatm Gain Senator.
Coscoun, N. H., Jan. U.?'The closing
arguments in the proceedings against
House Clerk Jewett wore made to-day,
end the court decided to dismiss the
cases against him ou the grounds of
want of jurisdiction. This leaves tho
roll in hands, which will result in a
gain of a United States Senator and
eloction of a Republican Governor,
is'oiliiuc Done.
&r. Paul, Jan. fl.?The caucuses of the
morning could effect nothing through
their conference committees, and no result
is probable from the balloting for
officers of the State House of Representatives
to-dsy. A deadlock of several
days is among the probabilities.
A liud Man for tweaker.
Lincoln, Nbb , Jan. 6.?Tho Legislature
organized at noon to-day, the i
Farmers' Alliance having a clear wnjori- I
ty and electing temporary officers without
trouble, i'he temporary Speaker is !
without education or experience and u 1
turbulent fletBioniscoo&ilentlyexpected. '
... I
Comeii a Claim Agutn?% the Defunct (
Chicago I5nnk, \
Chicago, Jan. 0?The developments c
ibus fir in petition* for relief by deposi- J
;ora iu the suspended bank of 6. A v
tCean & Co. have shown that wide- t
ipread and diversified interests were involved,
but it remained for Mr. Rosa
raylor, of E\ranBton, in a petition filed ?
a the County Court tills morning, to J
ibow that tho savages of the far-oU j
3ongo have both a temporal and eternal ..
nterest in the eollapae. It cornea about *
u this way: Missionary Bishop Wil- v
iam Taylor, of tha Metbociiat Episcopal a
Jhurch, has established a large number j,
if missions in the Congo Gauntry. Last w
'ear he returned to the jLfnUed States
;ud spent sou?e months iu raining money n
or the support of these mission?, lie ,?
aade Brother Kean treasurer of tht ?
und. which amounted to about $12,000, 0
ud Keau deposited it iu his bank. Iu y
Jov-mber he drew a draft on London
or $3,000 of this amount aud left for the Q
cene of his labors. The remaining J*
9,000 was still in the btnk when it
liled and perhaps tho $3,000 alno, as it
j not known whether the draft was
ashed before the failure. Mr. Taylor, .j
f Evans ton, sets forth iu his petition
bat the money was a trust fund and
hould be made whole out oi the assets;
bat relying on this fund Bishop Taylor *
ired a lot of inisdionaries to go to Africa, J
rtioae transportation cannot now be so- J
ured, and bought a lot of supplies in
tow York which cauuot now be paid :
>r. The court will listen to arguments
n the petition on Friday morning. Qf
THE coiimy [J
ITlll Issue 63,000,000 ot Preferred Stool: U
ait n Mensure of Relief, U1
Pittsburgh, Pa., Jan. 0.?The Boftrd lj
f Directors of the Westinghouse Elec- V|
rln aud Manufacturing Company met
e'ro this corning (n order to decide fr
pon the issue of preferred stock to the tu
mount of S3,OOO.OCO. The following Q,
Bsolution was passed in reference to m
his stock: m
\'Th{j$ the stockholders of the com- F
iany be rV^ueited- to e^^scrihe for the 1?
referred utocfc to the attest af at'iefrt at
n* shara for every two shares of com* it
uon stock, and that they shall have the di
ption of either paying ten dollars per 0I
lonth for each share until tho total of U;
fty dollars a shore has been paid or ra
wenty-flve dollars a share in cash and ai
he surrender of ono chare of common Hi
topic, TJ;is option termiriafeo t>n Jac- n
tary 26, lfo. n
What the Kuiploje* Did.
Pittsburgh, Jan. 0.?Representatives y
if 1,200 employes oi the Westinghouse ii
Clectric Light Company met to-night, to ci
onaider tiis prnpoeidon to work for tho '
:Oujpally lor irau pBy. v*3 jiecjueu
lot to act as a body, but to clrculato '*
lapera among the men, each signing bis 11
lame apd iba B-J& be in pilling to wotfk ?
or. This will be done &t vuub. *
t>t'T uy'nuar J
,<>* Scores n Victory tflve Hundred |*eet d
In the Air. li
Maysvillb, Ky., Jan. t}.?A romantic o
reddiug took place at Port Carbon,
>enn., on the coming of the new year. Q
Jr. J. F. Suit, a prominent citizen of
iardia, this county, being one of the
ligb contracting parties. Mr. Snit is a i
Cnigbt Toinplar, and eighteen monthc 0
go attended tho grand triennial ronlave
at Washington City. While w
aking in the sights of the Nation's Cap* <j
Ml, he ascended tho Washington moil* a
iuient, There, ou thy top gallery of l<
he structure, 500 feet above terra ilrma, w
>e met Miss Maud Heeljner, of:J?ort c
Carbon, !pio two were attracted to 0
inch other by some irresistible magic. ^
L'he bachelor merchant, who had re- tl
listed the smiles of Kentucky beau* ^
ice, was at last smitten. It seems
,o have been a case ot love at first a
light on tho part of each, Before part- 8j
ng they exchanged cards and a corre- [
ipondenco followed. He proposed, was n
iccepted and insisted on an early mar isgo,
but the happy event was not con* 0
lummated until December 30, it being a
>ne of the brightest in the social annals ^
)f i'ort Carbon, fbe ?room and his 0
ovely bride are now coxtly housed in ^
heir "old Kentucky home."
Pjnntnlte Uipluilon, ^
Altoona, Pa,, Jan. 0 ?A terrible ex- j
it(winn nf flvnamifn fnnlr nlaon nf tho
itono quarry at Tyrone forgo this morn- P
ng, in which two Hungarians were had- "
y injured. It seems that a drill hole ,
13d been DUeilon SJomlavwith i)yna- V
inito and for nemo reason failed to ej* '
jiode, and this morning the men were S
ingaged in clearing ont the charge when '
in explosion followed.
A 8m?llpux8cnre.
Austin, Tax., Jan. 0.?Smallpox is on jj
;he increase in Texas and at ono or two t
joints it appears to be assuming an a
ipidemic form. Gieat alarm exists \
tbout Temple Baton and other towns, i
rad the Governor has prepsred the Slate r
Health Officer from Houston to this j
Ity aud his headuuaitctl Will l;a here
antll the disease abates. "" ?
The Coal anil Coke Fnmlo*.
Hollidavsociu), Fa., Jan. 0.?The ,
rolling mills of McLanahan, Smith & Co., s
: f the Portage Iron company, Hollidays- '
:|org Iron company, and fnrnacea N'os. 1 c
and 2, of the Cambria Iron company s
here, Lava c!n;i"! down on account of c
the coal and cuke fathlne.
Artin Crunch I
UauA.it, 0., Jan. 0.?John Cranch, 1
iged $4, died this morning, lie was t ?
:elebratcd portrait artist in Woshington
and Kew V ork. lie has painted portraits
of many notable persons of America.
The Charge that Women anc
Children were Shot Down.
Between Gens. Miles and Schofleld,
Ttao Wounded Kneo Battle liesuits
In n First Class Scandal.
Itidiau War crowing Serious.
Washington, V. 0., Jan. G.?The fol<
lowina correspondence in regard to Col,
Forsythe'a ease waa made public to-day.
Under date of December 30, General
Sehoiield telegraphed General Miles expressing
the belief that be would scon
be master of the eituation and asking
that his thanks be given to tho "brave
Seventh Calvary for their pplendid conduct."
Gen. Miles tolegraphed Gen. Scofield
as follows:
"Your telegram of congratulation to
the Seventh Calvary is received, but as
theaetfon of the Colonel commanding
will be a matter of serious consideration,
ind will undoubtedly be the subject of
investigation, I thought proper to advise
"In view of the above facts do you wish
pour telegram transmitted as it was
;eni? It is stated tbat the disposition
)f 400 soldiers and four pieces of artillery
vaa fatally defective, 4? a large number
if soldiers were killed aud wounded bv
ire from their own raukn, ami a very
argeuutnbar of women and children
vere killod in addition to the Indian
Gen. Sobofleld telegraphed in reply:
"Tne Secretary of War directs me to
ay: 'The President has heard with
;reut regret of the failure of your efforts
0 secure the settlement of the Sioux
lifficultiis without bloodshed. lie sugems
that possibly a watchful observaion
of the hostile bauds that would preent
their breafcing into the settlement,
nd give the Indians time to recover
rom their present excitement woulJ be
roll. But he leaves all this to your bet*
sr information and discretion, and
rould not have yoq omit anything that
1 necessary to protect the settlements,
lo hopes that tne report of the {filling
i women and children in the affair at
founded Knee is unfounded and ciijuta
that you cause an immediate inuiry
to be made and report the result
> tlio Department, it there is any un>ldierly
conduct you will relieve the
iBponsible officer, aud use the troops
ugBiei tbere so as to avoid its repetion.'1
General Miles replied January 3:
"The directions oj the president and
aurselfis just the ac'-ion I had anliciaied
and taken. I coutider it v*ry imjrtaut
that the Ave officers that 1 re>mmend
be placid in charge of the
ve agencies. Please inform me if this
approved or disapproved, i have a
cry great amount ot information conjrning
conspiracy. It involved all the
ibes in the Northwest, apd the \rild
ibes in the Jiidwu territory. Sitting ,
all would have been the bead and the
love was to be made in the spring, so
tey expected to strike west to wnere
10 ghost delusion originated in Ne- :
General Schofleld received a telegram
oai General Miles, January 5, as
m1q accordance with your telegram
id the President's order 1 have detail*
1 a board of officers consisting of Coloel
Carr, Sixth cavalry; Major Kent,
ourth infantry, and Captain Baldwin,
ifth infantry, to investigate that affair
'Wounded J(.neo. 4 a this in conform,
y with the President's directions, and
>es he direct that it constitute a court
f inquiry with power to take testimony
nder oitb? Colonel Forsythe's comland
consisted ol twenty-six officers
ud 453 men. Eighty-two Indians and
xty women and children were buried
ear the (.round. \ ha^e relieved Cojoel
forsythe from command."
Gen. Sebofield replied;
,4I am directed by tho Secretary of
Par to inform you that it was not the
jtention of the President to appoint a
mirt nf innnirv. nnr to nrdur thin
mo, in the midat of the campaign, any
irther inquiry than you could yourself
jcjfo without the necessity of a court,
iepurposs being simply to determine
'hether any otflcer had been so far dire;ct
in duty aa'to ma^e it ncc^ary to
Dilevo hi(h from command. You wore
spcclcd yourself rtrat to inquire iuto
lie facts, and in the event 0/ its being
i#clQ(jed that thero had been unaoldierf
conduct, to relieve the responsible
It'oorul Miles Sujs It Is 80?Amused at
Forsjthv's 8u*penM ?n.
Pink Rjdoe Aoenct, S. D , Jan. C.?
'ho situation bere is increasing in eeri snces.
Short Bull.* tho loadiug hostile chief,
rho has diatinguiabed himeelf all along
uring this trouble by never for a inoicnt
considering any of tbo overtures
joking to an atuieat>le eettleraeu , but
ho has steadily stuck to his lair in tba
lad Lands, has no# assumed commnnd
f the great body of bcuuhs. List night
e told our spies that be would take
lis Ageucy if it cost eyery >arrior ho
General Miles is thoroughly conversut
with all the facta, and sajg that the
ituation here is exceedingly critical,
here are less than- COO soldiers here
ow all told.
The announcement of the suspension
f Colonel Forsytbo came like a flash,
nd created amazement in some minds.
Ilftcial mouths are closed to all inquiries
n the subject. It will probably become
uown to tJ'tt general public, however,
iter oa.
The unfortunate disposition o! the
roopa making it impossible for thf m to
ocrcav-firiug without the reault of kill*
i?g one another, constitute a pirt, oud
oesibly the greater part, of the foundaion
for Colonel Foreythe's suspension.
Major Whiteside, Colonel Carr and
laptain Baldwin, the latter of the Fifth
nfantry, have iieeu ^elected as a Board
f Inquiry into Colonel Fqreythe'a'quae,
'he hoard will Bit as soon aa possible
ndthe sessions will probably bo open.
Jack Red Cloud and a small party of
riendlies came in from the hostile oamp
ist evening. They asked that the Inliana
now at the agency be sent out to
ielp the Indiana who flsd from the
eency on tho night of the battle of
Vonuded Knee to get away from the
lostiles. The authorities look upon the
equest with distrust, and reserve their
Father Stephanie, the Jesuit mission*
-? k... '/>- *i??? i.' io? ll^hmuih }.?
ryp una icte iui iu? ?-?m -emained
here but forty-eight hotira a:
a, be is authoritatively said to h#ie
uccessfullydrawn upon some of the beet
ourcea of the hostiles. As ho wna lesvng
heBaid to the correspondent: "I am
onvinced there will be more bloodshed,
nd that the greatest light is yet to
Kegarding tho condition of Father
Iratu, who was stabbed at Woandod
Cute, father Stephanie said: "We can
ell nothing about how he is coming out
f it. I would give very little for his
ife as matters now stand with hint."
O'Uerrd to iJio Vrout.
8** Fatstcisro, Jan. fi.?(ien. Gibons
bu received orders from Washing
[ton to have two companies of the Fifth artillery
an'1 two companies of the Fourth
cavalry to bold themselves in readiness
to start at once for the scene of the In|
dian troubles in Dakota.
Troops Near Woumtrd Knrti Creek llnvo
Another .iklruilib WUb the lUdi.
> St. Louis,. Mo., Jan. (J.?A special
fron the camp near Wounded Knee
, Creek, 8. D., gives the particulars of an- j
other engagement which took place at
that point yesterday. A detachment of
thirty men had been Bent out from the
camp to meet a wagon train with supplies,
and when ten miles out the
wagons were found to be besieged by a
band of one hundred Indians. On seeing
the troops approach the redskins
scattered in all directions, but immediately
returned to the attack on finding
the small number of men in the detachment.
A courier was sent back to camp
for reinforcements, but in the meantime
a lire was kent up on both eidfs. result
ing in the wounding of one soldier and
tlits killing and wounding of several Indians,
the exact number of which could
not be ascertained, as the reds carried
their dying and wounded away. About
three hours after tho courier's departure
troops were eeen coming at full gallop to
the rescue. Aa tho troops approached
me Indians scattered in all directions,
and troop F pursued them, but abandoned
the chase on account of darkness.
Tho wagon train was escorted to camp In
Tho Turtle Mountain llejerratlon In a
f>tn to ot Vareat.
Foet Tottk.v, N. !>., Jan. 0 ?Rumors
are rife hero that the 3,500 Indians on
tho Turtle Mountain reservation are
liable at any moment to inaugurate a
massacre of settlers living along tho i
I North Dakota borders. This buad of rod 1
men, among whom there is a largo num- ]
ber of half-breeda, havo been ugly for a 1
long time, aud several times have given
trouble. The troops at this fort are
ready to do anything in their power to ?
quell an uprising, but their power to do
is limited, owing to the fact that the
garrison is made up of ouly one company ,
of lees than 100 men. Company B, loth
infantry, is stationed at Fort Pembina, c
aud will be called here in case qf an oi;t- e
brea|c. j
The immediate cause of the trouble
outside oi the general unrest among the 1
Indians iu all parra of tbe northwest, is ?
the failure of the United States Commie- I
sion to remove the Indians of the Turtle *
Mountain reservation to White Earth, j
Minn., to which point they aek*d to be 1
And Mny At'urli the ll?*til*a? A ltuttlq
Set*nm Certain,
Omaha, Neu., Jan. fl.?A special from p
Pine Ridge says: EveryVhing now points tj
to a battle between the hostile and the tj
friendly Indians who desire to leave u
hostile camp and come to the agency, y
Red Cloud has signified his desiro to g
return to the agency but lio is nearly b
blind aud no one \yill volunteer to lead b!
bini in, for the Brules threaten death of b
the ilret person that attempts to desert e
the hostile band. The older Indians h
want to come In, but the young bucks ?
insist on lighting. The cordon of troops
is drawing tighter aroutul the hoatileB.
The hostiles are on guard night and day.
Fires are being burned at night to pre- w
vent any orje (rom eacaping fvom their j}
camps, general Miles haa sent a ptaw) T
commission to the hoatiUs, if they still ^
refuse to come in their camp will be J
bombarded. Machine aud shell guts
are bring placed on all sides ol the u
camp for this purpose. General Miles is 8<
fact becoming impatient find It the ?
Indians do not obey the order to come i
in he will attack them.
The Alt nation Demand* It.
Washington, Jan, G?It is stated at
the Interior Department that the War
Department officiate to day received a ^
telegram from Qen. lliles urging prompt c;
approval of his recommendation that the ,
Indian cg-jnta at the South Dakota agen- 11
cies be superaeded by army officers and c
stating that the situation demands that u
the changes be made at once. #
Secretory Noble declined to say any- ^
thing upon the subjtci when questioned #t
to-day, but persona very cioae to him
*i,? uuAvntnM) ?.iii .,i?..-?..oi., l[
n-on? njiib wvicuuj Mill viguiuuoij _
oppose tho adoption ol Gen. Miloa' plan
on the ground that It inevitably would *
result in undoing all ov nearly all 61 tlie
good that lias been done in recent years r
towgrd the mateiial advancement of the
Indian tritjea in the Northwest. Tl^e .
Secretary will atoqtiy maintain this
position. ' J
ProupvotM of n Surtuudcr. t
Washington, D. 0., Jan. 6.?General t
Schoflfld bflfl received the following tol- ?
egram from General Miles, dated Pine 0
Ridge, S. D., January 5: r
"In answer to a communication that I 4
sunt to tho hostile camp yesterday cay- v
in# that five men could ccmo in and ?
learn what I expected them to do, the w
following named men camo in: fli{* w
Road, lie Dog, Little Hawk, Jack, Bed o
Cloud and kUgh Hawk. Tho proepecta ii
are at present favorable that the vfhole o
camp may surrender, but T do not win|\
to anticipate. Thero'an*nc uhan*ea in
the condition o? tfoopa."
' *-? i?
gjmpatli) for thn JUunbor CotnpAuy.
Canton, Ohio, Jan. (|.?Public sym- .
pathy is freely expressed here f jr the "
Dueber Watch Case Manufacturing ii
Company over the tlnancial embarrass- 1<
ment that led to tho present assign* c
meut. A meeting of the Board of Trade fc!
was held this evening to ascertain the J:1
condition of atlaira and extend needed J
aid if any looking toward resuming of 1
operations. Manager Moore said the
hanka were disposed to "put no obstacle
in tho way of an early resumption of
work, and he thought the suspension u
would be but temporary. j(
ttaddler) Hi iu t- uii?. - p
pjiiladuli'iiia, Jan. 0.?The firm of 1
Geo. Dobkeim 4 Co., manufacturers of J
horse blaakcta, and wholesale dealers in
saddlery ware, is temporarily embar
ribm'u anu ui\i cmieu u uiei'iiug ui iuu
creditors to be helil on nc.\t Friday. It
ig generally believed at 1'illay'a meet- li
iog a as'ialactory settlement will be t
reached Mid tbe Arm trill continue its t
bnainess without interruption. t
Dulrj Cumjiuii) r?ill?.
Pittsburgh, Pa., Jan. 0 ?The Sewickley
Dairy Company baa made an assign- (J
ment for the benefit of Its creditors. The t
action was precipitated by executions ?
Against the compaur issued yesterday j
i,/ several atoc.J;holders iqr money ad- f
vanced fo the amount of $12,000 The r
capital stock of the company is $400,000. j
Champion Skater,
Amsterdam,Jan. G.?'"Joe" Donoghue, t
of Newourg, N. Y., amateur champion
of the United States and Canada, won
the half mile iuter-q*tiontl gating rdce
to*day amid considerable applause lie
cove led tlie difatanc* io 1 minute, 2"? sec* 1
onda Prjnoghne also won the two mile i
race in 0 minutes, 10 4 5 seconds. j
otijeu preparation combines the i
| positive economy, the peculiar merit 1
, and the medicinal power o( Hood's Sax- 1
' saparilla, 0 1
Over a Dozen Men Killed in a
Skip in a Mine Shaft.
Names or tho Victims ?Tho Same
Miue at which Sixteen Men tvero
Killed Several Months 'Ago.
J Bodies Not Yet Recovered.
San Andreab, Oal,, Jan. 0.?An accid?nt
occurred about noon in the north
shaft of the Utica mine at Angels camp,
which resulted in tbe death of ten or
twelve men. The skip with the miners
aboard was coming up for dinner.
When within 150 feet of tbe top of the ,
shaft, the cable parted at the reel, letting
the men and one hundred feet of cable 1
fall to tho bottom of the abaft, a distance
of 450 feet.
The names ol those killed are: Joe I
Garter, William Case, Dan Dennison, '
Tom Conovich, John Demaris, Dave ]
McCann, P. Trupich, J. Bristano. Four j
of them are married and have families.
The bodioB presented a sickenim? aicht. (
being fearfully mutilated, one being j
found without any head and another
with half body and lower liiubs. The
sump contained about fourteen feet of
water. A
Four bodies have already beeo re*
covered, three of which were recognized
as those of Joe Carter, William Case and t
Dan Ddnnison. It iB but little over a /'
year ago that a cave-in occurred in the
*atno mine, burying sixteen men, and j
the Blow work of recovering their bodies j
bad barely been accomplished when this
second disaster took place. w
Cwo Uloubenrlll.i Jluu Killed?One Man P
Dad); Injured. d
Ooshocto.v, Ouio, Jan. (i.?Tho west
>ound Handle passenger train at 5:30 n
I'clouk this evening, about one mile b
loatof town, ran into two handcars con- si
alning twenty-two workmen. Two ''
oen, John Outran and Boljsrt Davie, oi ?
iieubenvllie, were instantly killed. Ii
,-aptuia Burgt'sp, of Allegheny, received tt
ujarles irom which ho cannot possibly di
ecover. The other inon saved their ti
ives by jumping.
WiacK o.\ 'Jllti c. A 0.
l Train Gee* Through a Trestle?Two Men
Lexington, Kv., Jan. 0.?A special
tates that the 0. & 0. express, due in !
liis city at 5:45, wont through a trestle Jfl
l?ree miles east of Stepstone, and Engi- bj
eer F. A. Hilburn, of Huntington, N
tr v- v i ~r irn tt
T. i a., nuu 4ja? iuux^ciij ui xv??* 1
ore, Ky., were killed, Hilburn's 1
oily was found and removed to a m
leeper. Tho body of McNeil could not ol
h found, and as the engine, tender and ju
xpr-eos were burned, it is supposed that ja
is body was consumed in the flames^ QT
ione of tho passengers were hurt.
Falul Uolllslon. 8t
Pawnee City, Nbij, Jan. 0?There m
:as a heavy end ccillinion this morning ei
etween two freight trains on the Rock in
eland road, near Berne, Kas. Engineer w
[eil 8mith, of tho westbound train, was 1>J
illed. Engineer Thomas Halsey, fire- Q
\*n, and Conductors Willtfna and lian- of
an were injured, but none fatally. A di
reat amount of property is said fo have
een destroyed. vi
. ? sb
[r. I'owdorlj'a I.etter to the Induatrliil
DrgmrxattoDft?IlegttJtltn? this S ew Party. Q
PiiiLADEi.i'uiA, Pa., Jan. ii.?General
Iaster Workman Powderly has issued a
ircular letter to the industrial organiza- \jC
ions of the United States asking their 8C
o-operation in a National reform indus- Sa
rial conference to bo held in Washing- *n
3n, February 23, March 25, or July 20,
be date to bo fixed by vote. The con- u
arenca is to formulate a "political platarm/'
such as industrialists could favor ..
tllie polls. ??
In the circular Mr. Powtfefly embodies
he repci t of the committee on political
ction, wtiich was presented to the last
ienerul Assembly of the Knights, and
rliich received the deairo of the order
?.?? *!..> 1... 1...JU ??.? to
uuv vuo jtmviuiiu wo vtuuv upuu vuu i:
iriuciples of the Knights' preamble?
ho principles of which are the reserva- ?
iou of poblic landa ?01 actual settlers, .
bo establishment of a national monetary
ystera without the intervention of
iduks, an-1 the governmental operation
f ail telegraphs, telephone* aud railoads.
?Mr. Powderly says further: "I shall
oto for February 23 for the reason that
ro will bo enabled to meet and confer
fitb the ne^ly ejected Congressmen T.
rboowe their elections to the laborers ^
f the Held aud city. It is not a gather- da
jj? or conference of thoae representing st?
no idea or flec^on alone." w.
The Uulted Mine Worltora, Wi
CcLVMaua, 0., Jan. Q.?A call was
jaued to-day from the headquarters of "
bo United Mine Workers of America m
a thin city for the annual national con- t'n
ention of thHt organization to be held bt
q Columbus February 10, 1891. The A
ending questions to come before the hi
onveulion will bo the scale of prices, fo
creens, cash paymouto and especially
lie eight-hour movement. A Secretary'ressurer
is to be elected to succeed
loberi Walsh, resigned.
Fixing the Scale.
Jolikt, III , Jan. 0.?The Scale Com- cU
littce of the Amalgamated Association *a
3 in session here fixing upon a scale of
rices for the current year based upon u,
ho prices for raiia. The scale fixed ji
pon will epp.Iy to the works of the Illi- hi
tcia Steel Company here and Chicago tjt
ndaiyay View, Wis, aI
Four Hundred Mnn Oar. jj'
r. _ n. T ... n P I _*
Cl'ltANTU.N, I A., JttU. g.?ruur uuu- (jj
Iruil men have been laid nil at the Scran- 0|
on Hteel mileg Hud will be paid off. w
Jullness in tlio stuel trade ia said to be c(
bo cause.
Tb? Huaiio' lianDu on a nigh,
Vi'ilkffitnirre, Pa., Jan, 8? Tho Sua- u
[uobanua rivet is rUlng very high at
hia point tbio evening the water being
Ifteen feet above lair watermark. At j
M^mbuth, an ice girge ia forming and r"
arcing the water back over tho wide ex- lj
mnse of low lands botweou this city and
iiogston, submerging tho highways. J.
?ne weather is very severe and the '
;urge will probably romain a menace to k
ho inhabiunts of the low points.
Tuo tyt;t?r at Cluclunati.
Cikuk.iati, O, Jan. 0.?The Ohio
iver reached the summit of ita present t(
isu last night when it marked 48 feet 8 a
nches. It bad fallen at noon (our h
Dchesand was steadily receding, both tl
iere and at all points above. No dam- a:
ige bos been done here, except the F
Hooding of a few cellars and first floors a
in a portion ol the city near the public. a
landing. 10
Bjr the Supreme Ottlcers of tho Knight* or
the My?tlo C'Imiu.
PiiiLADSLPiiiAi Pa., Jan. 0.?The Vice
Chancellor's chamber In Camden yesterday
afternoon was crowded with members
and officers of tbe Ancient Order
Knights o! the Mystic Chain.
The occasion was the trial of John
Stanley, of Piedmont, W. Vs., Supreme
Commander, and Charles Stanloy, Vice
Commander of the order, on a role to
ehow caase why they; should not bo committed
for contempt in refusing to obey
an order of the court restraining them
from organizing a Select Castle In tbe
State of New Jersey.
The plaintiffs in the case, who are the
Select officers o[ the New Jersey Department,
were all on tbe stand against the
Supreme body. The story told by them
was to tbe ofleci that the Supreme Commandery,
alter issuing n call lor delegates
in Camden, beard of certain Court
proceedings and refused to go to Camden.
They subsequently were served ,
with the restraining order, but notwithstanding;
they went to Trenton and organized
the select body.
Tbe defendants deuiod these state
mento, and Chancellor Green decided ,
that there wag no reason why he should .
xramit thorn for contempt, as they had ,
irganind the body previous to being ,
lerved with the court's order restrainon
them from doing the samo.
The original case, on an order to show ,
:auB? why the Select body,.now sue- <
ponded, should not servo, was taken up .
L Swindler Fools tho Polioe bj Having 1
Kllniielf Shipped In a Trunk. r
St. Louis, Jan. 6.?For aeveral weeks 1
be police officials have been searching K
}r a man named Oiunston, who was
ranted on a number of charges of swin*
ling. He had been working tho bogus
iarnond racket, selling paste gems to 0
nsuspeciing grangers at night, repre- C
anting that he had stoleu them and *
anted to realize very quickly. His lj
peratious wero so extensive that the b
olica were instructed to make extraor*
inary efforts to catch him. Oiunston tl
y sorae means got wind of the orders, q
le was afraid to leave town by the ordi- ?l
arv way, m he knew the depot and tt
riuge were guarded. Being a very s<
nail man, he secured a large trunk and p
len took a friend into his confidence, si
ho next day the trunk, in which he d
as snugly ennconced, was checked to
idianapolia. Nothing was known of
le fate of the lonely voyager until tony,
when his friend received informaon
that Oiunston had arrived safely. ^
m COhi'ftE it
felting for Hli Mother, who Is Coming to g|
Visit Illtn. fl]
Evanbvillk, Ind? Jan. 0.?A quarrel
jcurred in the lower portion of this fr
ty between John Stuard, a well known JJ
ice horao trainer, and John Kuesell, a ,j
akemau employed on the Louisville &
aabville Railroad, which culminated by ^
io latter shooting Stuard through the 61
)dy, killing him inetantly.
Stuard and Russell had a fight a moent
prior to the shooting on account
; Joe OlarK, proprietress of a house of tt
1 faine, who was Stuard's wife. The hi
tier hail beaten the farmer nn hadlv. ..
id upon Rosoell crying "Enough" ,
:uard left bim anil started across the "
reet to a saloon. 1
When nearly across Russell com- R!
enced firing at Stuurd, onoBhot passing '
llirely through his body, killing bim '
stantly. A (tor doing the shooting he ,,
nlked through Clark's house, leaving
j tbe back door, and wasfoundatll!:].1)
clock this morning at a physician's
lice having the wounds in biB head
eased. ra
Stuard has a mother living in Henry A
lie, lad., who notified bim to-day that |?
le would arrive in the city to morrow \\
visit bim. a[
a school mmity suicide. j,re
b Pol?on nud a Kulfc?Carries Out F
Hl? Frogrnmmo.
New Bloomfjkld, Pa., Jan. 5.?Xbo
>dyof Chester F. Harling, the young B!
hool teacher who disappeared last
iturdrty, leaving letters expressing liie
tention ta commit suicide, was found
sterday at the bottom of a lime kiln, ca
9se beside the Windy Hill echool st:
"tune. hf
An empty two-ounce bottle that had
mtainod laudanum, waa found by his J
Je, the arteries of each wrist had been in
vered, and a Raping wound was across at
e throat of the corpse. Hurling had ?'
'idently inflicted the wounds, drained ir<
e bottle and leaped to the bottom of eu
e 10 foot shaft, whore the body was m
scovered by the searching party. B;
Harling was well regarded and the en- w
e community is shocked at his tragic at
lath. It ia uenerallv believed that ne 8t<
u insane.. j?
10 of the M[ea Injured In tbo KJgar
Thomiton Blot la Demi.
PiTTsuouGif, Pa., Jan. 0.?-A murder ju
is resulted from the riot at the Edgar ?c
iomp8on Steel works on New Year's P<
iy. Michael Qainn, a boas in the M
3ck yard of the furnace department
ho was injured in thy affray,
ed this morning. The other
nrktnen assaulted will recover, to
ifty-lour Hungarians have been hi
rimed bo far for participating in the .
at. and other arrests art) being hourly ?
ade. Two furnaces were started up . J
lis morning with new men, and all wil)
? in operation again in a few days ,f!
Itbough no further trouble is appro
?nued. the guards will remain on duty q
r the rest olthia week at least.
U our.
a Opportunity for some Smart Person to
Htait the Wheels In Hit Head.
Hcstinutoh, Liu., Jan. 0.?It is eel 'I
lm that three weddings occur in one ^
roily on the tame day, but suchatranB:tion
took place at the Funderbtirg 5'
laidrnce in Bock Creek Township. The
rbt couple united vera Madison Mrwain
and Mrs. Mary Fundernrg.
Next came Edward Funirburg,
son of the former named bride,
id Nellie Mcllwain, daughter of the m
ret named groom. Then James Gray A
id Utile Funderbnrg, the latter Mary s ac
lughter, took the solemn and binding A
iligation. Will somebody please tell re
hat relationship the lire; named si
tuples bear to each other? ot
Blim'ui IliUi. c<
? Will start ou an Important Million ?
Among th. Indium. r!
Lincoln, Nio? Jan. B.?Colonel W. /r
. Cody (Buffalo Bill) arrived in gi
incoln in response to a tel- b
iram from Governor Thayer, of ii
hose staff be is a member, and *111
ave on an important mission ami ng n
le Indians on behalf of the govern- ai
lent. The latter declines to mcke
nown at present the nature of the mis- a'
Thrt* Towns yonxnoiipwl.
San Antonio, Ikxas, Jan. 0.?Three n
>wdb have quarantined asninsl Kan n
ntonio on account ot small pox. Agents a
ere do not sell tickets to (Sao Jlarcoe on n
is International <Sc Great Northern road
nd Luling and Fiotonia on the South
aciflc unites a tiualth certUU^to it
bown, and no one from Has Antonio le li
llowed to get oil at those places with- c
ut showing a certificate, 1
BUM} ffl CASE.
Lord Salisbury Considering Mr.
Blaine's Latest Dispatch,
Not at all Flattering to tho Secr.'tai y
of Siatc-The I.atter's Course Kn(lomcd
by Washington Statesmen
--- Foreign Xewa.
London, Jan. ti.?Tho l'rcu Auociation
of this city announces that Lard Salisbury
Is engaged in the consideration of
the lortypage dispatch received from
Mr. Blaine December 30, the latest dispatch
received from Washington. It
iloen not contain a definite acceptance
of Lord Salisbury's proposals for arbitration
on the main question, that of
' he right of British fioalers to catch saala
in Bullring Sea. Thn Prrta Association
uys that Mr. Blaine discusses only tho
mosidlary point?on the time of closing
.tie sealing. The rreu Auociation adds
that Mr. Blaine has not replied to Sir
lullau Pauucefote's noto of Jnne las',
n which tho latter says Her Majesty 's
[overament must hold the government
)f the United States responsible for the
consequences arising from acts of intererenco
with British vessels contrary to
he principles of international law.
The I'mw Aaocialton also states thaf
10 preparations have been made to ail;
aont the British llaet iu the North Pi;ific
ocean, as each a step might be n orded
as a mention.
rieaned With IlltUue'a Ciurac.
Washington, Jan. <3.?Several prom:*
ent members of the Foroign Relations
tommittees of the Senate and Home
peak in high terms of Secretary
Elaine's masterly letter to Lord Sali6ury
on the Behring Sea controversy.
Th'oy regard the position assumed by
je administration as impregnable. The
uefitious which tho Secretary is willing
tiould be left to arbitration involve all
le material points of the controversy,
) that if Eaglaud is anxious for a
eaceful solution of the matters at issu*
le now has an easy way out of ths
UrlUah Preaa Oplulona.
London, Jan. 0.?The Pall hfall Gazelle
lys: "Mr. Blaine obviously means to
y more "bounce" for tho sake of makig
political capital. We are convinced,
owever, that the Americans will not
ipport Mr. Blaine. It is imperative to
rbitrato tho matter in dispute."
Tho Globe says that it attributes th? ,
iction to Mr. Blaine's "bragging spread
igleistn," and it is of the opinion that
in view of a possible, though unlikely,
isplay of American force in Behriug sea,
reat Britain ought instantly to strength1
her Pacific Bqiiadrons,
Canuoa Not lufurui<xl?
Ottawa, Ont., Jan. 0.?It is stated on
le best authority that no ollicial news
as reached hore as to whether or not
\t. Blaine has replied to Lord Salt'siiry's
oiler to submit the Behring Sea
lestion to arbitration, or aa to the exacted
nature of his reply. Neither is
lere any information of dispatches re
inuy received respecting trio probable
ition of Her Majesty's fleet on the
eUring Sea next season.
Can't S?o iIim Point.
Paris, Jan. 0.?La. licpubliqur Franlite
to-day, commenting on the alleged
merican intrigued to annex Newfound*
nd, says that it doubts whether the
Washington government, however
lxious to eliminate European powers
oni the new world, can consent to sept
h heritage so embarrassing as th&
rench shore fisheries.
KKblBTlNQ i-VlCim
lotlng Among t tin StrlKitij; ltalfroai! Hea
in Scotland.
Glasqow, Jan. 0.?'The disturbances
used by the evictions of the railroad
rikers from tbo company's quarters
lvo not yet ceased, in spite of the
eaenco of large forces of police. Riot*
g was resumod to-day nt Coal Bridge,
tout nine miles from here, on the
onklan canal, the chief center of the
on manufacture in Scotland. Ata?
.rly hour this morning the strikers
ustered about the dormitory at Goal
ridge, occupied by the non-union men
ho have been employed in place of the
rikers. After pelting the building with
ones, the rioters made a rush forward
id stormed it in the most improved
shion. The police on duty made a
illunt defense, using their bntona fraelv.
During the conflict a uumber of tb*
)lice and u still greater number of the
rikers wero more or less seriously 1lircd.
The rioters were finally repuls1
juBt as strong reinforcements of
)lictf and troops were being sent to tlm
eneof the collision.
The Pope to I'reiildeut CatboK
Pauis, Jan. g.?In an aatograph letter
President Carnot, tho Popo says that
3 sympathy for the bereaved Ernprosa
Austria creates for her tho first claim
ion the golden roao in his fatherly
urt,yet hu adds that i( Providence
tares him auother year ho will not fail
rccognia* th? admirable Christian
lalities of Madame Carnot.
PrtrnoU Leaven UuRlant'.
Loudon, Jan. (1.?Jft. Parnell, accommleil
by his private gscretary, Mr.
cnry Campbell, M. I'., Mr. Timothy 1).
arrincton, M. 1*., anil Mr. Vincent
:ully, left Charing Cross railway maim
to-day by tho morning train lor
ulkefttony, on bis way ,to Bouloi neir-Mer.
Tit. Conf.roues In France.
boulooki-Stu-MKlt, Jao. U?Mr. Parill
bad a consultation with Mr. O'Brien
mediately alter bin arrrnrtuere.
Iter a confereucB ot half an hourtn
ijoarnment wuu taken for Innchetn.
iierwards Meaara. Parnell nnd O'Brien
aumoil their talk, remaining io >oniliatlon
for an hour anil a ha!'. The
her members of Parliament In the
irty were then invited to join th#
inference and the whole p.rtv reained
in deep consultation with closed
lore until nearly inldnicht, when
ieesrs. Redmond and Gill emerged
om but) t-juicrciiia room* TH0 two
mtlemen were immediately fiiri ounded
V tbo waiting report* to whom tbey
parted ibis information:
"The couBUltatfon bt twi?ftn Mr. ParBll
and Mr. O'Btien is mill prodding
ad wil. be continued to-morrow."
The outcome of tbo conference Is
nraited with intnnpe interest.
Milliner; 1'Hilur?,
MontrsaI'i Jin. 0 ?Tn<b whotoaln
illlio-ry houau of J. A. i\?trtr?on it Co.
tide an wixiunmcnt. 1/ahilitina eatii?ta
1 ai $250,(XXI. No nuument oi the
Anmrw r t re. en Dael*
P huh, Jan. 0.?M. Ducrui h?(s'cw1sn
jail it. Ferry to fight a duel. Th?
li I lengs Li tho iw alt of ? letter wtiiik
L Kerry wrote lo U Huliu,

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