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On Friday we offer Remnant!
prices lhat will close them out c
BemaaaU 4 4 Manila 8%o
BemaaaU 42 Inch Muilln_ "Vf.
BemaaaU It inch Mmlla 8)$c
BemaaaU 9 4 8heetlag.....~ ....16c
Hem nan u 10-4 8heetlag 170
BemaaaU Bluo Calico .... 4c
BemaaaU l ight iallco.*.w 8>ffl
BemoauU Cocblco Calloo 8%caod4Kc
Bemoan U Robe Calico 4tfo
Bcmnanu Caatoa Flauaol 8Hc
KamoinU Ueavjr Caatoa Flauaol.. 6c
BemataU Gingham 6c
BemaaaU Outing Cloth......... 7&aa<l 9%c
BemaaaU Tickings.... Cc
BemaaaU Cheviot! 8J4oaad6c
Embroideries, Flouncings an
third rnces.
Stone &
I at 6c a yard I
i nt o at. 13c a vard I
. . Lot 3 at 23c a yard I
200 pieces. Every one of
them worth more than
double! See display in
south window !
can be purchased from us for
less money than elsewhere in
the city?most ol them at less
than half price!
Gtiod Heavy Groy Bliirt*and Drawer?,
all sizes, omy zo u?uw.
Extra Heavy Colored Merino Shirts
and Drawers, all sizes, 35 cents.
Doable Breast and Back Camel's Hair
Shirts, all slice, reduced to 50 cents.
Good All Wool Bed Shirts and Drawers,
all sizef, only 50 cents.
Best White Merino Shirts and Drawers,
very heavy and soft as silk, all sizes,
only 50 cents.
Camel's Hair Shirts and Drawers, extra
heavy and won't shrink, only 50
Fine Striped Morino Shirts and Drawers,
won't shrink or fide, all sizes, only
75 cents.
Extra Fine Medicated Red Oashmere
Wool Bed Shirts and Drawers, all sizes,
$1 00.
Latest Style Black Wool Shirts and
Drawers, fast colors, all sizes, reduced
from $1 50 to $1 25.
Fine Double Breast and Back Natural
Wool Shirta und Drawers reduced from '
$1 50 to $1 50.
Boye' White or Grey Shirts and Draw- i
era, all sizes, 25 cents.
One-Price Hatter and Furnisher,
1820 and 1322 Market Street, J
and 1054 tfalnsu ,
Freoabow o! 1.C00 addttlonal Winter aunplet 1
?more than all Wheeling merchants oom
Mued-for Gouts' Suits, Overcoats and nnl
forma lost received from Wanaraaker & Brown,
of Philadelphia. Thlrty-throo per cent saved
and fit guaranteed. perrkl. i?nt
poW Cor. Twentieth aud Maiu urccta >
5 of all kinds of Dry Goods at
Bemnanti 81 60 Blcachcd Table
Linen 76c
Bemnanti 81 26 Bleached Table
Linen- .. ? ..~G2>?c
Bemnanti 81 00 Bleacbod Table
Linen.....'.* ................60c
Bemnanti Bed Table Linen ?..19c and 38c
Bemnanti 12}?c Toll Do Nood ...*... 8c
Bemnanti ZOo Barr'd Nalniooki.....l2>?c I
Bemnanti 16c Barr'd Kalnsooki..*... c
Bemnanti 12%c Barr'd Nainaook*. 7Kc
Bemnanti lOe Barr'd Kaint>ookR.?? 0%c
Bemnanti 8125 Henrlotta Cloth.....7?c
Bemnanti 8t 00 Henrietta Clotb.?..6Ce
Bemnanti 76c HenrletU Cloth......86c
Bemnanti 50c Cashmere* ?JOc
Bemnanti 25c Dreai Goods?.........I2>4c
Bemnanti 60c Gurah Sllki ....i...2to
Bemnanti 8126 Fancy Hllki.M...?.?.60c
Bemnanti 1100 India Silki ..89c
H Laces at One-half and One
% JnMliflettcir.
I Olllce I Noh. "ftnu<l 27 Fourteenth Street.
Mew Advertisement#.
Great Bemuant Halo?Stone a Thomaa?Fourth
Hx Per Cent Gold itondi for u!e.
Jaine* A. Henry?R*al fiUto Agent, P. 8.
I Claim Attorney. Collector and Notary labile.
Knterpris* Baking Fowder.
I Artists' Outflta-Niooll's Art Btore.
I Weill A Llltnahtra?Wholesale tfrocen.
, c. jioratr Wclls-Arcbiuct.
I Election Notice-fhsinber of CommercJ.
J >or Kale?Very DMlrablo Building Lot.
DlMolutlon?1?. Mondoi A Co.
lo-pirLDcrshlp-ti. Mendel & Co.
Opera House? Dramatic Senltaln.
2iavllind'a China?h wing Bros.
Great Hi wna&t s.le to-morrow? Friday.
Hnlo commenccs 8 o'clck. Come
enrij for choke. STONE & THOMAS.
We ire now in receipt of a complete
Hue of fail and Inter Woolens, consisting
of Overcoatings, Milling*, FantalooulngK
anil Fancj VffctlntfB. niiicti ire
warrant lo make up In first-class atjle
at rensonable prices ami lit gnaran'ccd.
A complete line of Went-' Furnishing
blood* in stock. Seamlets Merino ana
Fast Black Half Hose at 23c a pair.
IVecr onr celebrated all-wool Knit
Jackets. (;. HliSS & m*AN,
1821 to 1328 Market Street.
IF yon cannot see and need spectacles
yon should call on tu and hare jourEjes
tested wlthont charge. We lure the
Uuost instruments and more experience
than aojr other Optician In the State,
and ? narantee satlslacliou or monej re'unded,
i - Jeweler and Optician,
Car. TwcllUt and Market Streets.
LOTS of money tared br attending
Dig Kcninani Sale. Head big ad.
, Thermometer ileoorU.
Tbo thermometer at Schnepf's drn/z
store, Opera Iiouce corner, yesterday,
registered aa follows:
7 r. 35; I 8 p.m....... 40
it a. m .. SO 7 p. m............. - 8d
12 *8.1 Weather?Fair.
Washington, Jan. 14.?For West Virginia and
Ohio, Xalraud colder, variable winds.
For Western I'eunsyivania, fair except local
snows on the lakes, colder, westerly winas.
j.OCAij litiAvrim
Alotteri of Minor AXomont la and About
the City.
No attraction at either theatre this evening.
The sidewalks continue 10 slipper; as to be
seriously dangerous.
Tub section men along the Baltlmoro & Ohio
road aro kept busy putting up lee lor the company.
A new steam pump Is being built by A. J.
Bwcuney & bon lor the Schmulbach fcrening
The Liberty did not go near the Allen yesterday
on her up trip for fear she would be quarantined
on reaching Wheeling.
n rr tt?*? tnM Klu I,lnn<1 Drticr ft/)M tn I
Job'n"i/*aifoun}, ofOrouha, Neb., who will tike
(uli cbargo Monday, January 10.
Jacob Yooler's saloon, on Main street in the
Sixib ward, waa robbed Tuesday night by
burglars, to wbom tbore Is no duo.
Ciuiuja Boy was last night arraigned before
gquiio Davis, eborged by "Buck" Tyler with
assault aad battery. The Justice lined him 810
and costs.
By an accident near olen Easton to tho engine
of th~ & Ohio train due here at 8 a.
m. yesterday over iLc main Hue, tho train waa
delayed uutil noon.
"The Bun away Wife" closed Its engagement
at the Grind nut nigbt. The butlucaa w?a good
ihrougbout, and tho play and company were aj
Que ok any over seen at uie Grand.
Tub Cleveland diver went to work yesterday
searchlug at the bottom of tho creek at the Baltimore
& Ohio station for the body of Richard
KnlRht, who waa diowned thero two weeks or
10 ago.
There waa some troublo between a wbito and
a colored man in tho rear of the Hotel Windsor
> est era ay morning, and tbe wbito man waa
struck over the boad with a glass, and Is rumored
to have lost an eye.
The Mingo steel Plant resumed operations for
Mother succosaful tun again yesteraay mortilng.
ho newgaa pioducers crccied by toe emythe
augbliu lUuufacturlug Company, will be flushed
this week, and tbe forge department and
tiall mill will go on next week.
Stranger* In th? city and Wheeling Folks
J. L. Fusner, tbe popular circus manager, la
In the city visitluK friends.
Mra. 0. B. Klbbee, of Cleveland. O.. Is the
guest of lira. 11. J. Booth, on the Island.
Kx-8tatc Senator John IL Douehoo, of Han*
rock county, la among his host of wboellug
T. C. Hurley. T. T. Mansfield and P. W. Burke
no among tbe West Virginians stopping at tbe
New St. Cnaries.
Mr. K. G. Jefforys. Rupcrlntendent of the
itamp vault in tbe Internal Bevonuo Bureau at
Washington, Is here f. r a few days' visit.
Mrs. I'ctcr F.rb*ud daughter, MiaaTlllle. loft
Kterday morning for Lexington, Ky., where
isTlllifl will attend school at tho St .Aloyslua
J. 0. Gray haa been elcoted by tbo Supremo
[.odce, K.of 1\. Deputy Supreme chancellor for
he l)ls rlet ot West Virginia. The choice is an
ixcellent ono. *
M, K. Koran, lmldent ol Dlltrlet 17, Ulna
fforken ol Weat Vliglnla, Ii here, an rcime 10
fte South oq btlilaen connected with hu or[aulzatloD.?CharutUm
T. E. Wilson and Ed Welch, ol Cleveland, O.,
who arc hero searchlcic lor the body of Richard
KtiUht, who Dai drowned at lhoti. A o., dopot,
are stopping at the St. Chartce.
A Dvaarter Jjuekad Up.
Yesterday John Bilby, a soldier in the
U. 8. Army who deserted about a Tear
tgo and came btcic to his home at West
Alexander, was in ibe city, and Capt.
Barrett, of Ibe recruiting station here,
bad him arretted. While he wan at the
nfflw, bundcuOcd, he made a break, ran
down street and down to tho river, and
plunged in. Ho was brought back and
locked up in tho city lockup for safe
keeping until thla morning, when he
will be sent to JeBerson barracke,
Tnsu atJARTaa Jackkts at onu-third
irlccB. Some at l<m Shook A Co.
Tax McLnre House Pharmacy, a
sodel prescription (tore, Open all flight.
Siauku JacKrra cheap. Snook & Co.
READ Stone ft Thomaa' Great Berniant
Bale ad.
IVltnuMd lo Wltecllog for ? Long Time, i
Cvlcb'JiUil at St M*lth?wa Lut Kvsulug. |
Th? MUton-LorlDg Marrtaa*. p
Long before the boar announced lor
opening the doors of St. Matthews P. E. ,
church lut evening a large throng of \
people had gathered In front of the
stately edifice, eager to securc the best 1
seats to witness the most notable marriage
ceremony that has been celebrated
in Wheeling for many days.
The scene in the square about the
church has seldom been eqnalled here.
The carriages, crowded the streets for a
block in all directions. At
balf past six o'clock the marriage
of Miss Lucie Lorinz, daughter of Major
Alouso Loring, to Mr. Oarles 1. Milton,
of St. Louis, took place there. By that
hour the church, which was handsomely
decorated with greens and roses, was
well filled. A number of the ladies were
attired in evening dress, and most of the
gentlemen wore full dress.
At 0:60 the sweet strains of Mendelasbon
were played, and almost immediately
the bridal proctaslon appeared,
in the following order:
Mr. Booker Boblnson, of St. Louis,
and Mr. Nam Harrison: Mr. Samuel
Patterson and Mr. Alex Updrgraff; Mr.
George Balrd and Mr. Vam Hailett; Dr.
Presley Oarr Lane, of St Louta, and Mr.
Walter Bell; Miss Nannie Phel(?, of
Louisville, and Miss Mamie Patterson;
Miss Florence Ott and Miss Sara Cecil:
Miss Rebecca Tyler, of Louisville, and
Misa Lydla McMechen; Miss Carrie
Whiting, of Sewickley, Pa., and Miss
!Ta?ta Hflzlntt.
Tbe maids on the right of the title
were (lremed in dove-colored satin,
draped with chiffon of the same shade,
and velvet butteiflv bows on shoulder
and skirt, gloves and slippers to match. A
short tolls veil i omplt ted the coatnm'.
Tnosu on the left wore gowns of ciraui
satin draped with chlSon of the same
shade, and while velvet butterfly bow
on shoulders and skirt, gloves and slippers
to match, and a short tulle veil
caught with jewel pins.
Then camo the maid of honor, dressed
in cream satin, draped In chiffon, with
garlands of roao leaves, pink slippers
and gloves, and a long tulle veil, caught
with rose leaves.
The bridesmaids entered chained together
by garlands of smllax and pink
and white rote', also carrying bunches of
white and pink roses, followed by the
bride on tho arm of her father.
She was dressed in faille silk, draped
with chiffon, with garniture of lilies of
the valley, beaded with pearle, enveloped
in a long tnlle veil, caught by a Marie
Antonlette wreath of orange blossoms,
her tiny feet encased in white satin
slippers, embroidered in pearls. She
carried in her hand a bunch of lilies of
the valley, and wore diamond ornaments.
The bride was met by the groom leaning
on the arm of his brother, the best
man, at the foot of the chancel steps.
After hor fathergave her away, tbey
entered the chancel, where the rest of
the ceremony was performed under a
beautiful floral arch, Kev. Dr, E. Kuah
Swope, tho rector, officiating.
A reception took place immediately
after tbe coremony, at tbe home of tbe
bride's father, Monument Place. Tbe
house was beautifully decorated throughout
with holly and roses. Ths bride
received her friends in the ball room,
which wan n bower of beautiful roses
and emilax.
There were at least two hundred
guests at the home, and the reception
wag one of the most brilliant and memorable
events of its kind that Wheeling
society ever graced with Ita presence.
A wedding dinner was served, which
was one of the most sumptuous over
partaken of, and the Opeia House Orchestra,
which occupied a corner in the
ball "room, almost without cessation
pl?yed during the entire evening, and to
its music a great many danced.
The presents were unusually handsome
and uuteful. Among were
the following:
Plates. K. and D, E. Etalnaker, Wheeling,
W. Vu.; silver pickle fork, Frances
J. Jordan; cut glass decanter, Mr. and
lire. Nathaniel Tyler Lane; cat glass
vinaigrette, lira- Armstrong; Worcester
chocolate pot, 4f ra. S. F, Patterson, 36
West Twenty-fifth street: Doulton
cracker Jsr,Richard Crawford Campbell;
Carlsbad vase, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M.
HUdretb; chtna fruit bow!, Mr. Frank
Milton; cut glass rose bowl, pregory
Barrett; Japanese vase, Mr. and Mrs.
Alex Laugblin, Monongahela House;
silver pickle forkand olive spoon, Mrs.
Charles Wilson Milllgan; pine nic-anac.
Mm. J. F. Sweeney; silver pie
knife, Mies Phelps; silver fruit dish,
Mrs. George E. Cooke; after-dinner
coffee spoons. Dr. and Mrs. Alonao
Phelps, Nitta Yams, Miss.; after-dinner
coffee spoons, Mr. A. W. Campbell,
ice cream spoone, Mr. and Mrs. Allie
Howell; (liver olive dish and fork, Mr.
and Mrs. Jacob firubb; pear-handled
knives, John 0. Pendleton t handkerchief
case and handkerchiefs, Mrs. L.
8. Delsplain, 1307 Cbapllne street; lamp
shade, Miss Morgan; 1341 Second street;
cut glaas water bottle, Sr. Presley
Garr Lane; pair cut glass cologne
bottle, Mr. P. Booker Boblnson;
table, Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Milton; clock
and ornainspts, Messrs. George Baird,
Walter Bell, Samuel fjarrison, Samuel
llazlett, Alex upuegreu,
dozen silver teaspoons, Mr. and Mrs. J.
G. Hoffmann; pearl handled fruit
knives, Messrs. A. A. and H. 0. Franzhelm;
royal copper vase, Mr. and Mrs.
Andrew Wilson; silver olive apoon, Mrs,
Mar; A. Franaheim; owo of silver, Mr.
tiam Patterson; jardiniere, Mr. and
Mrs. I. 0. Dillon; Haviland bread and
letter plates, Mr. and Mrs. K. Bush
tiwope; cut glass irnlt bowl. Mr. M. N.
and Miss Cecil; cat glass almond dish,
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver T. Rhodes; Worwater
bric-a-brac pitcher, Mr. and Mrs.
J. S. McCourtney; piece Carlsbad brica-brac,
Mr. ajid Mrs. J. 0. Riheldafler;
vase, Mr. and Mrs JJ. Wiettling; fancy
rose jar, Mr, and Mrs. 0. B. Caldwell;
china individual cream and aunr, Mrs.
Mary Delaplain; royal Worcester
plfher, Mies Josephine and Miss McOube;
Liniogeno tea pot, Dr. and Mrs.
Robert Jeffrey Reed; pair pictures, Mr.
and Mrs. J. D. DuBola; leal doylies, Mrs,
W. U. Hosack; Brulon tray and tongs,
Franklin P. Jepaon; silver berry apoon,
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred B. Carter; silver
candelabra, Mr, and Mrs. George Wise;
silver cheese scoop. Miss Armstrong;
sliver sauce ladle, Miss Ott and Miss
Hizlett; silver oyster forks, Mr. snd
Mrs. J. J. Holloway; after-dinner coffee i
cops, Mr. John A. Howard; cat glass
punchbowl, Mr. John Brenton Oopp;
silver orange spoons, Mrs. Alex Euaten;
gold salt cups, Louis H. White; silver
cream and sugar, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
F. Johnaon, 028 Second street; lace ,
handkerchief, Mrs. Joseph Speidel; cut
flus decanter, Mlaa Rebecca Tyler, 1417 ,
ourth street; party bsg,Mrs. Whiting;
plctnro. Miss Whiting; pictuie, Mrs. |
Amelia S. Woods and daughter; Japanese
panel, Mr. Frank Hosack; Japanese
tea set, CaptUoaack; small table,
Mr. George 0. Wbltesell, Sowickley:
large bread and bnttorjplates, Mr. and
lira. Arneuana mu; norcenercracxer
jar, ; gold cad jfbite chocolate
pitcher, Mr. W. 0. Glenn; fancy ollyor
spoon, Mr. iind Mra. Ohaa. L. Hobbs:
cut glass dish, Mra. B. D, Spllmtn; cot 1
glssadlsb, Mr. 0. W. Thomas, jr.; band- 1
aome vue, J. 0. Keefe; tola cushion, :
Mise Sbircr; cut glasscream and pitcher,
A. S. List; cat glua cream, Mrs. E.
Bnssell;6liocolatepot,Mr.and Mrs. McOalenot;
large vase, Miss Flora Wilson: I
large rase, Mra. Alfred Caldwell: chocolate
pitcher, Mia Belle Caldwell; china
card holder, Mr. and Mrs. W. Delaplalne;
royal Worcester placque, Mr. I
and Mra. W. McMechen; china candle- I
stick, Miss Delaplaioe; sugar sifter, Mr. i
John Glass; manicure set, Mr. Ed. i
Booking; handsome vase, Mr. Ed. !
Wiles; ute-a4ete set, Mr. W.A. Taylor;
candle candelabra, Mr. and Mlaa Hart;
Boyal Worceeter teapot, Misi Laughlln.
Among the stranger? present were the
following: Mrs. Milton, mother of the I
groom, and Mra. Cook, ol Loolarllle, i
4 *,
Ky.; Mlae Carrie Morgan, of Wishington,
D. 0.; Miss Lacy Hart, of 01 arksjurg,
and Mr. C. M. Bart, of Clarks- '
At Wellaborg yesterday afternoon at
2 o'clock Ur. William Campbell Jacob
ind Miss Elisabeth Panll were united in
marriage. The ceremony wasnerformed <
at the realdence of the bride's mother,
Mrs. EUaa J. Fault, in the pretence of
over a hundred guests, all bat a very
few of whom were relatives of the parties,
and those few were very close i
friends. Eev. Mr. Shields, of
the Freebyterian church of Wellsbars,
officiated, assisted by Key.
Dr. Cunningham, of Wheeling, and Bey.
Mr. Wood. Mr. Bam J. Jacob, a brother
of tbe groom, and Miss Bob Panll, a
sister of the bride, were the attendants,
while Singleton Panll and Bebecca
Paull, two small children, also waited on
the bride. The presents were numerous
and exceptionally tasteful and handsome,
and in all respects It was a most
beautiful wedding. The guests from
Wheeling, who were numerous, went
up and returned in a special <ir.
Yesterdsy morning at 0 o'clock Mr.
Daniel Ebbert and Miss Mamie O'Hars
were married st the Osthedral by Bt.
Bey. Bishop Ksin. The groom is very
popular among a large circle of acquaintances,
while the bride Is tbe chsrmlng
daughter of Mr. Cornelius. O'Hars, an
old and retired resident of the bout Side.
I St. Alphonsus church wss the scene of
a very pretty wedding at 9 o'clock yesterI
j i__ ?1 * ? VMfth ntta
us; uiuiuiuy, hudu m mouhiiiu wuiw ,
became the wife of Mr. Edward Vockler.
A reception wag held at 7 o'clock last
evening at the residence of Mr. Loula
Vockler, 2056 Main street.
. Mr. Thomas H. Jonea and Miss Florence
V. Chapman were married yesterday
afternoon bv Bey. D. A. Cunningham,
D. D., at his residence on Fourteenth
UK DllhVf UtT IT.
A Blaa draw* ? Ravolvar to Compal m
Lltlla Dunatlon.
Yesterday a man who says his name
is Joseph McCoy and that he is a cigarmaker,
was arrosted by Chief of Police
Dolbrugge on a charge of carrying concealed
weapons. He will be arraigned
in police court this morning, and possibly
sent from there to a justice's court.
Yesterday morning this man and another,
name unknown, went into Don?hoo's
jewelry store and asked the clerk,
Charley Schempf, (or a quarter. When
refused, he drew a revolver and leveling
it at Schempf told him if be did not produce
the quarter ho would blow his
brains out. Schempf made a quick
grasp, and snatched the gun from his
hand, whereupon both men left,
McCoy was arrested lster. Ho says be
is not the man, and that it is a case of
miataken identity, but Schempf identifies
him positively.
Wattlns seta off Eanj.
?. A. Watkina came into the Circuit
flmirf vMtarrinv and withdrew hie
motion (or a new trial on tbe charge of
indecent assault on a girl, ot which be
was convicted on Tuesday. Judge Faull
then lined him $10 and coats. He paid
the fine and promised to pay tbe costs.
Other Cases In Court.
In Fart I of the Oircnit Court yesterthe
case of Martha A. Miller vs. James
P. Rogers, trustee, was referred to J udge
Cj. E. Boyd as commissioner.
Ih'thepaae of Q. Mendel Booth Co.
and N. Xuhn vs. Harriet Watson, et al.,
a motion to set aside a decree formerly
entered was docked.
Tbe case of Joseph Robrecht vs. W.
B. O'Neil was continued.
In the case of Frank Walter vs.
George W. Woods the demnrrer lo the
complaint was argued and taken under
Tbe case of tfee fxmj Keaoh Stave
and Barrel Company vs. Wilson & Dunlevy
was continued.
In the case of Bentley vs. tbe Franklin
Insurance Company leave was given
the plaintiff to file a new reply before
January 19.
In Recuse of August Rolf vs. Wllwas
confirmed and tbe f|ini}s ordered to
be distributed.
Tripled Born Vaiterday.
About 4:30 yesterday morning Mrs.
John Dix, who live# with her husband
on Water street between Eleventh and
Twelfth, gave birth to two boy babies
and one girl. Jfrf- Dix and tbe children
are all doing well and' tbe babies are
hearty and well formed. Mr. and Mrs.
Dix have been married about thirteen
months. Dix is a puddler in tbe Belmont
mill. *
A Metropolitan Idea* .
" W Canmnn* nvnnviatA* nf (tin i
V>>( *" *' us; iiiuui | iiaw^iiutui vi luu
Mcl.uro Popae pbsrpacy, will hereafter
keep thai popular drag store open
all night, in charge at night o( Mr. B. L.
McLain, a registered puarmaclat of years
of practical experience. Thia is a good
more and ought to be appreciated by
the public and made profitable for the
enterprising proprietor.
A Freight Car Bobbed.
Tho police were yesterday notified
that a box car on the Ohio River Kailroad
had been entered the night before,
while-it was standing in the yard here,
and a box of gam boots, containing
about fifteen pairs, and a ten quart box
of cranberries stolen, There is no cine
to the thief.
Bent op for a Year,
Ann Ooetello came back to town lately.
Night before last she got into an altercation
with somebody and was beaten up.
Later somebody else struck her on the
bead, cutting her badly. She was taken
before Squire Davis, who sent her to
jail for a year.
. . .. It?:
Death or an Afed firMrs.
Hannah Hammond died at the
reaidence of her son, William Hammond,
near Wellsburg, Monday night,
aged eighty-six years. The funeral will
take place this thia afternoon at 1
An Old Favorite's Return.
Next Tuesday evening Mrs. Scoot Siddons,
the famous accresa and elocutionist,
will render a choice programme of
selections from Shakespoare and other
writers. She will doubtleM attract a
large audience.
A Stagnated Iuduntrj.
There was not a case in the police
MAMMfc MnatAMflaee T afrow Itl fllA flaw HAAV
LUUJ t ;wwiu"ji uihm *1* nun u?; j?w?
old Barney Brady turned np drank
again and was lacked up for sate keeping.
Obief Delbrugge locked apt man
(or carrying concept d weapons.
Boy cloaks from Geo. M. Snook &
Oo. Money saved.
Tni McLare House Pharmacy, a
model prescription store, Open all Night.
E. L. Rose & Oo., Ko. 51 Twelfth
street, haye left a few of the finest of
their elegant Holiday Sewing Machines,
which they will offer at prices sun to
make room for new goods in other lines.
Don't miss this opportunity.
Niwvamrs at ooo-thlrd prices,
Some at lees. G*o. M. Skook A Oo.
Dallj Kzeoralon to Clneinnatle
Until further notice the Baltimore &
Dhio Railroad Company will sell excurlion
tickets from Wheeling to Giuoiniatl
and return at rate of $1016. Tickets
ralid for return passage until February
I inclusive.
All cloaks at cut prices. Shook 4 Co.
BEST Bemnants go quick. Eetrly (
nitn' get chblcf. Cone early and i
ttoid the rush. STONE * lHOiiS. i
\ Rldlraloui Sequel to ttia ScaroofMonday?Three
Fhjaiclan* Fronoonce the
DilMMO Itch#
Wuiiuno, W. Va., Jan. 14,1891.
Capl Prtd. Kimplt.
Dub Bis:?At your request wo have
examined William Williamson, from
your steamer Matt F. Allen, and have
given to Dr. Garrison, Health Officer,
oar opinion that the case la not one ol
S. L. JzraoN,
J. H. Pirss,
W. li. SlATHSEH.
The above ia the report which three
leading physicians made yesterday after
a careful examination of the boy at the
Peninsular cemetery, sent there Monday
after Dr. Ulrich and Dr. Garrison
had decided that he had smallpox
Captain Kimple, who is one of the owners
of the Allen, employed these physiciana
to go ont and examine the caae.
Many of the people who taw Williamson
on Monday said he had not smallpox,
and a physician of this city had a week
beloro examined blm and prescribed for
the itcb. a disease of the skin. Hence
Oaniain Kimble's step yesterday.
Dr. Jepson said last night that he
thought Drs. Dlrich and Garrison bad
aome grounds for their opinion, since a
part of the eruption certainly some what
resembles smallpox, and their error,
granting that one has been made, was
on the aide of the public safety.
The fact that the boy never bad any
fever, complained of no Biclcness ol any
Hiiil- had ? a.iml annatita and in everv
way seemed to lie in a condition Inst tbe
reverse of that of a smallpox patient led
many people to denv that (t was that
disease that ailed Williamson, but the
average citizen was content to take the
judgment of Drs. Ulrich and Garrtaon
When the three physicians who signed
the above report were about to leave the
tent at the cemetery yesterday, they told
Dr. Garrison, who was alao'present, that
the diaease was not the smallpox Dr.
Pipes ssid he would not fear to take the
patient home and let him sleep in his
J>r. Garrison persisted in tbe declaration
that tbe disease was smallpox, and
salditwaa bis duty to continue to care
for the patient and protect the public
from contagion.
U. S. Snrveyor cl tbe Port l'aris Bald
last evening that he would telegraph
ibis morning to Surgeon General Hamilton
at Washington and ask his advice
about the matter. If he directs Captain
Faris to as3ume charge, be will have tbe
bov taken to the hospital.
The denoument last evening caused a
.good deal of amusement, bqc there is
also a serious side to the matter. The
loss to the beat, tbe circulation of stories
that smallpox prevails bere, aud the
needless severity of the treatment of tbe
boy are bad, and the expense to which
the iity was needlessly put is another
Yesterday all the public school pupils
were notified that they mast be vaccin
The Bellalre Indcpmdcnt of lost evening
Bays: The Matt F. Allen, the boat
about wbich Wheeling created some
excitement or scare by arresting tbe
cabin boy oa a small pox patient, landed
at the Pittsburgh Coal Works this morning,
having been refused a landing at
almoct every point along the river.
Some places they were out with guns
ready to shoot, and thus tbe boat was
kept afloat until Bockenshousene permitted
them to land. The captain
claims it is only a case of bad itch and
that the big scare is the result of competition
in the boqting business, Uut
when the report spread over* town there
wasa good deal olUneasiness manifested
in somo quarters. Tbe city Board of
Health couldn't apt and tbe Townahip
Trustees were called together this afternoon,
but they did not respond.
A Card from Dr. Ulrloh,
To the EdUor of ihc IntcMqcnrcr.
Sib:?As there have been some reflections
made, indirectly, on my conduct
aud oq my diagnostic ejiill in fejjvd to
the case of smallpox now in quarantine
under the careof tbe City Health Officer,
I desire to say a word or two in my vindication.
I do not seek controversy,
and will sot engage in any unless direct|
ly attacked. 1 will relate the case just
as it occurred:
Qn if onday afternoon the yoj)ng man
came to to my office presenting papers
recommending him to lie admitted to the
Hospital as a marine. He ahowed me
the left hand and when I saw it I exclaimed,
"You have the smallpox." The
other hand was filled with papillae and
vesicles, the first and second stages ol
tho disease, Tbe face T?? clear, but the
body was iiBavily sprinkled with the Incipient
form. As them are no provisions
in the marine service {or treating such
cases at this port I was compelled to
tarn the case over to tho City Health
Officer. I addressed the following note
to him:
/Jr. Garrison:
I send you a case that appears to me
to ije smallpox. If you apee with me
in your diagnosis tako charge of liim. If
Ion differ from me, tend him back and
will see what can be done.
Yours Ac.,
0. F. Ulrich.
I purposely expressed it in a donbtfnl
manner, because I dijl not wish him to
be influenced by me: although I was,
and am yet, ponyinced that it {9 smallpox.
I do not wish to reply to the illbred
assertion made by one pbyaiclan,
that I don't know smallpox when I see
it, but will simply say tbst I went
through one of tno most fearful epidemics
of smallpox that has been known
in modern times, in the city of Louisville,
J?y., seventeen or eighteen years
ago, and ought to know something
about it.It
has been said that, as Marino Surgeon,
it was my duty to take charge of
tbe case. The regulations by which I
am guided distinctly say that the expenses
of marines woo are subjected to
quarantine by the city authorities will
hot be paid out of the rpqrine fqnd. Oar
hospital will not take them. Now, what
could I do ? Quarantine him at my own
expense and treat him? No sane perton^ronld
expect this" of me. Why, it
would swallow ap my whole year's salary,
besides raining my practice for tho
time. Even if I had been in donbt as to
tbe nature of the disease, was I to ran
tbe risk of contaminating the entire
community by placing him in the hospital
or permitting him to run at large?
I do not interpret my responsibilities as
a cilia an and a public officer in that way. ,
0. F. ULRICH, M. D., A. A.,
Hurgeon M. U. S.
IFTittUny, January 14.
A Card from Dr. Garrison,
The bov Williamson, who is suffering 1
[ram smillpox, Is doing nicely. No
change will be made in the care of the
Mae other than a redoubled vigilance
upon the part of the Health Officer.
Agreeably to the instructions of the City
Council more comfortable quartern will '
be erected aa aoon aa possible. It la expected
that auch quarters will be pro- 1
ridedin two or tiiroo dsyj. In the
meantime all persona not protected I
should be vaccinated. I have eecured 1
i limited supply of virus, and will vaccl- 1
late free of charge all persons who may !
nreeent themselves at my ofllco in tbp
3ity Building after 11 a. m. to-day, and i
will remain there for that purpoae *11
Jay, ot until inch time as my supply of '
natter ahall be exhausted. Knowing !
that I would be unable to accommodate '
ill, I have secured tbe services of Dr.
(7. D. Clinton to vacclnato the children
>f colored citisena, and who will occupy .
>ne of tbe committee rooma in tto '
aullding on the second floor. Provision
will be made for regtatratlon of all pernna
so vaccinated.
Oso. L Garrison, U. D.,
Health Officer. 1
A Pleailog Seme
>f health and strength renewed and of
saae and comfort follows the uae of ,
jy nip o( Figs, is it acta in harmony with 1
nature to effeetually cleanse tbe system
when costive or bllioaa. For sale in 60c
and $1 bottles by *11 leading druggists.
Patriotic Orders Ask Legislation to Punish
Iniolts to tbe Start and Htrlpih
A meeting of representatives ot tbe
Tarioas patriotic orders in this city and
Ticlnity was beld in G. A. R. hall last
night lor the purpose of formnlating and
presenting to Coagress a petition for
laws to protect the American flag from
insults at the hands of any individual.
The orders were well represented, and
the following petition wss prepared and
will be presented to Congress at once
through Representative Atkinson. The
Oblo councils represented will present a
similar petition through their Representatives.
Bon. George W. Atkinson sent
a letter expressing regret that be could
not be at tho meeting and promising to
usx his influence in Congress.
To Iht JTonoruile Senate aiul How o/ Bepmtata.ticei
of Uic UniUditalii:
We, the undersigned committees of
the several patriotic orders of Wheeling,
West Virginia, and vicinity, respectfully
petition your honorable bodies to enact
laws for the nrevention of the desecration
of the Uoited States dig in any
manner or form, nnder any and all circumstances.
This was signed by representatives of
Washington Council, No. 5, Jr. 0. U. A.
31.; Wheeling Council, No. X, Jr. 0. U.
A. M.; Friendship Council, No. 21, same
order; Ritchie Council, No. 22, same
order; Lincoln Council, No. 28, same
order; Standard Council, No. 3D, Jr. 0.
U. A. M? Martin's Ferry; Ohio Valley
Oouncil,No.23, Jr.O U. A. M., BslUire;
nr ._l.i_ . #1 II V_ T A IT 1
tybsuldglou uuouc1i, u. 1, \J. u. a.
M ; Enterprise Council, No. 5, 0.17. A.
VI.; Washington Camp, No. 1. Patriotic
Order8one nf America; Holltday Post,'
G. A. R ; U. M. Grant Camp, No. 17,
6onaoI Voterans.
The Eoonotnlen Introduced by Mr. Dunnlog
la the Fire Department.
A gentleman, who has been looking
over the city financial reports for aeveral
j-etra, yesterday called the attention of
the I.ntxu.iaE!<c?Rtoafactahown therein,
which reflects distinguished credit on
Mr. J. A. Dunning, and certainly his a
bearing on bis fitness for any city office.
In 1882, the last year of Bill Ecclea'
administration, the last Democratic chief
of the fire department, the expenditurea
of that department wero $30,1813 04, and
the receipts nothing.
In 1883, when Mr. Dunning first took
hold, the expenditures were by him cat
down to $23,410 iO, and there waa received
from sale of old material and the
like $380 38, Ioaving the net expenses
$22,029 82, a saving to the city oyer the
taat year of p.omccratic administration
of that department of 53,100 82.
This is a pointer which the tax payers
should bear in mind at tba prosent
Mr. Duunlufi'fl Kooord,
To the Editor of the InttUUieneer.
Sir:?Your correspondent's communication
of yesterday concerning James
Dunning meets onr hearty approval. He
is a good cititen, and that is the foundation
of a good Mayor. He is conservative
and not cranky on any subject, but
bo knowa bow to pertorm bis dunes and
both Ikmocrnta and Republicans acknowledge
his worth.
He west in as Chief of our Fire DeEartment
a uiu of moderate mens, awl
e leaves that position with an excellent
reeord, without any investigating
committee after !4m. ot evon the breath
of suspicion against him. He is to-day
a man of moderate mens, well respected
by all classes. There can he so reason
why Mr. Panning would not make a
safe Mayor for this city.
Tiirbb Democratic Friends.
Whaling, Jan. 14.
Effect* of Democratic Bale.
2b the Editor ot the Intelligencer.
Sib:?I read with great pleasure "A
Tired Taxpayer's" remarks in yoqr today's
ijsue. I am a Pemoiirat, hut there
ia a time when partisanship should cease
and it certainly shall with me this election.
My taxes have so increased that
I have about concluded that it will be
best to get out of this city. I judge that
"tired taxpayer" must be a stockholder
in the Central Gloss Works \vhicb wants
to get opt of the r?tch of (he city sharks,
or may lie be helped romovo the "RiverBide"
from this great uity of fino financial
management (?) Yes, "tired taxpayer,"
we will make these city gentlemen
"tired" before we are through with
them. OldJCasuionxd Citi k.v.
IffMWVjigU .
<:Uticie Tow'* Cabin."
Of Stetson's "Uncle Tom" Company,
to be given at tho Opera House Saturday
afternoon and evening, tho York,
i d, Oatetir aaya:
There was an unusual audience at the .
Opera House last evoning to witness
"Uncle Tom's Cabin," as interpreted by
the Stetson Company. All the accessories
were present tor producing the
piece in the most approved style, and
they were highly successful In pleasing
the largo audience.
"A Urals Muulcej."
Hoyt's farce ras given st the Opera
House last evening to a packed house.
It is lull of rearing fun, interspersed
with catchy music. It is very much
like other Hoyt plays, only moreao, and
there are six or seven fine looking girls
in the company.
8beep llrRlitry,
The annual meeting of the United ,
States Merino Sheep Registry Associa- ,
tion will be held in Steubenville on ,
January 2j and 28, the Executive Com- ,
mittes meeting on the 27th and the as- ,
sociation proper on the 28th. ,
Most men, otherwise strong in body '
and mind, will become unhappy and |
break down when afflicted with rheu- '
mstism. If they would only try Sal- :
vstlon Oil they would fiqd relief at {
once, frlce 2tj cents.
Thousands of bottles of Dr. Bull's
Cough Syrup have beeu sold by W. H.
Brown 4 Bro., Baltimore, Md. c
Have you seen Oso. M. Snook & Co.'s
cheop cloaks? ?
The lieu In the World.
J. B. Loughran. ex-Mayor of North '
Qes Moines, and the Locust street manu- J
factnrerof steam engines and boilen,
said: "I had a severe attack of la grippe. J
I used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, J
and applied Chamberlain's Fain Balm to u
my breast. These remedies were just
the thing in my case. My child had
croup some years ago,and we used Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy with perfect ]
mccess; Bince then we have never been J
without these medlcincs in our house. B
I bad a cousin who was a printer and S
was employed in this eity, where they H
were printing circulars for Chamberlain.
He bad a deep-seated cold and a terrible
cough, and while setting up tbe copy he '
tnaue up nis imuu mj uuy a uuiue. it
cared his coagh, anil th?t wu the first
tirpe I eyer knew anything of Chamber- "
Iain's remedies. I nave been strong!;
In their favor ever since. My own experience
and that of my family convinces
me that these remedies are the <
best In the world. That may be strong v
language, bat that is what I think."
For sale by W. W. Irwin, 0. R. Goetie,
J. Klarl, 0. Schnepf, M. W. Helnrici,
John Coleman, W. E. Williams, 0.
Menkomillcr and W. 0. Armbrecht.
REMNANTS all kinds Dr-js Koofs it
rices that * 111 cks? ilii-mqalek.
STONE * raoMAy.
Orders for pare Rye and Boftrbon
(Vbisky promptly filled at I<ally'e, 2100 ,
Main street
Fur and plash capes cheap.
tutbas-9 Gas. U. Shook 4 Co.
ChUdren Ciy forj'ltcher'a Cwtoria. v
Council Meeting?The Tertnal ComjiiUJj'a
Depot?Other Notes*
McDurmott's tool worka is oil this wook, for
ite flrat time.
Mlsa Carrie Delfx, of New Brighton, Pa., Is visting
frieuda here.
Prank Zink and Robert Zink will return from
Jlncinnatl ihla morulug.
Mra. William Pogh has returned from a two
reeks' vialt In Pennaylvanls.
Mr. F. A. Drummond, of the Barneirille EnterirUe,
waa In the city yeaterday.
The wafoa ahop of f>. H. Bonders wa? burglarized
of aoiuu tools etc. on Tuotday night.
?Mr. Kinley Taylor is building a two story
ramc dwelling on his lot on Clay atrceu
A number of llartln's Ferry people took in
'A Braaa Monkey" at Wheeling laat night
Cromwell ilarbourt, Kiq., of Alt Pleaaant,
rialtou h!a ion, atr.ti. P. Harbourl, yesterday.
CapU Jamea Ehcrllne, of the Cleveland &
Pittaburgh road, is recoTorlng from a tovere
lick apoli.
The Farmer*' IniUtuto will open in the Opera
Uou?o to-day at 10 a. m. There will be three
teadoos dally.
A lot of nice paper was pnt up yesterdarfor
A Royal Paaa'1 at the Opera Houae next Tuea*
lay otenlng.
Charley Hoylo has decided not to return to
icbool at Oberliu, and will attend the Wheeling
Uuxlueaa college.
Lyman Rlnehart and EmmeU McDowell, who
ire very faat roller akatora, will runarace at the
Lafayette rink on Saturday night.
The repairs ft the Laughlin mill can not bo
Bnlahed oy next Monday, from every Indication,
conaeaueutly tho mill will hardly bo able to re*
sumo that day.
A floe new engine, built ftt Speace's machine
shop, ii being put In 8pence, Boggs & to '?
foundry. Work ?rill bj resumed next Monday
[f everything la ready then.
Last evening Arthur, thofour?ycar old child of
Mr. aud Mrs Jaaio* Campbell, living on Seooad
street, Ignited tho lambrequin whUe playing In
fro it ufine grate, cauatng aomo excitement.
The pastors of the different churches and the I
Board of Directors of tbo V. M. C. A. will bold a J
conference at tbe V. M. C. A. roams next Tues
day evening Irom 7 to 9 o'clock, with reference
to christian work In the city. Refreshments j
will be served.
Walnut street, between 8econd and Fourth
streets, 1* boles graded. When the work is done
the street will look much botter aud ihe grade;
will be much easier on teams It has been next
to impossible for hones to draw heavy loaded
wagons up this grade.
J he depot of the Terminal Railway Company
will bo on tbo southeast corner of llauovcr and
Sixth streets. The plans have been made, but
tbo contract has not been made as yet. Tho depot
will bo a credit to Martlu's Kerrr. Tbe location
la tbo ver) best that could have been made.
It is central and the opening of sixth street will
make it all tho more desirable. It la understood
that the contract will bo let In a few days and
work will bo commenced as quickly as pmslbie.
All roads crossing the Uuiou Bridge will occupy
the depot and pssscngcrs will take trains at this
Considerable business was transacted at the
regular mtutlng of tbo City Council ou Tuesday
evening. Tbo a>sesMng ordinance for tbe opou
ing of Seventh street was pas?ed, aud aiops were
taken tn have Sixth streoi opeued. A committee
was appolutod to look up tho matter of improving
tne the alarm system, which it Is be
lie vol will recommend an electrical systam. A
committee was also appointed to dosiguate the
number oI electric llihis the railroads shoutd
Eut up. The committee will probably *sk tho
L. 4 W. to put up Uliccu, tbe C. &. ?. four
teen and tbe Terminal eight. The lUat* of the
>-econd additions to the city by Wood & Rail and
Bell <fc McSwords were accepted.
All Sorts of 1*00*1 News aud Gossip from
the Glass City.
James Pollock and wife haveg)ne on a'two
wetks' tiip to PUtsburgb.
Everything is moving smoothly at the Heel
plant, and tuo output lii being thipped as la&t
W. A. Hsllott and family, who moved to Vlri
den, 111., bavo returned to tho Ohio Valley to
Tho slip at the Narrow*, on the pike, keeps a
gang o( UelUlro, 4anesville ? Ulucluuatl men
at vrork all the time.
Tho funeral of Alfred Schram takes places|thi?
afternoon at* o'clock, his brother having arrived
from Canada yesterday.
Several Dellalre Masons attended a meeting of
the fraternity at Wollsville, 0. on Weduesday
night and were royally received,'
A great deal of {nt&ttst is taken hero in Stanley's
romins visit to Whe. ling. Ik I la I re peooio
Will no doubt turn outwell to bear Mr. Stanley.
Geu. A. J Warner, acoompauied by Chief Engineer
McConnell, of tbe V., 0. Y- & C. railroad!
were in tbe city ycaterday aud took a trip down !
over tho lln$.
The wash bouse of Mrs, Fred Over, on Graco
Uill, was entered by thlovca and the wash for
tbe week takeu. Homo of Mrs. Dunaway's
clothes were also taken.
Dellalre dealers in hides, pelts aud furs are on*
Joying a big business now a-days. A hundred
ur more stunk hides jtdorniug their warehouses
and stables makes - the neighborhood very
Nearly tbreo years sao a lady called at the
homo of B. larger in this city and leit a baby.
8fee jvaid for its keeping and left under the name
mysterious circumstances. No namo was given,
and the afloir created somewhat of a sensation.
This week a closely veiled lady called at tbe
bomoof Mr. and Mrs. Merger, and c.almed the
cbilu. In tho meautlme, however, tbe old
couple bad adopted It. Tho mother got a writ
of habcairorptu, the case wax tiled before the
Probate Judge, and she got tho Child and took
it to bcr home in Columbus fcho claims now
bpr name Is Mrs. Maggie Arthur Tho llUl" oue
parontS' C' " ? UkflU m *"* "OP1?4
Bouo change? Are to bo made. tsklng effect on
oniuruav, at we uaiuuioro <b onio otuco core.
Caabier Btrobl resigns, and J. W. Gardner, of the
discrepancy department, ukes hla place. T. M.
keyser, for many roara oao of the trustod men
of tbo Ireign t department, rcalling. J. It Darrab,
the east bound billing clerk, aucceoda Mr. Keyser.
Mr. Piper, the day bagaagemastor, will go
on night, tbo night man having quit. Mr. OUdoawill
be day baggHxemaster. A man from
Newark, 0., will auccced Mr. Darrah. and the
preaent car servlco man will be succeeded by a
new man, Mr. Ulow having resigned, tho
many changes aro made with a view of cutting
down expense*.
Tho Patrons of Toil will hold a county conreutiqn
at the court House tho *J5th Inst.
Moundiville i>ooplo take aa much Intorost in
tbo butnley leelura at Wheeling, February 10, aa
though he were coming to Moundsrllle.
Tho ayndlcste whlcb baa been taking optiona
an property in tho city and anburbs will meet
tiero to day to consider whether they will tako
the properties. Moundsvllle's future depends
largely on what tbo syndicnto may do. It la
[eared, however, that much of tbo property boa
been placed to high, althoug everybody is hoping
tor tho best. Home monoy Is being made by
local speculators in city property.
Cloaks at your own prices.
Gio. M. Snook & Co.
Aootuer Calamity.
Another frightful calamity, the results
)f which can be attributed to the heavy
inow storm of Tnesday and Wednesday,
jeeurred on Main street, n lew doors
tbove Twelfth, yesterday. Theappalling
esults of this aot of Providence was the
mlargement of the cnt and the total deitruction
of prices at Hoff's shoe store,
it 1143 Main street, and the people are the
jenefaclors by it. Call and examine the
pods and ascertain prices and you will
)e convinced of the truth. A large stock
)f rubber foot wear is kept on hand to
neet each emergencies as we are now
)ronghtto face and their prices have not
[one up.
Attend Geo. M, Snook & Co.'s great
L. R. Goon twllw dry gnodw the cheapest;
The oo pertncriihlp heretofore oiliHng be*
wrcon Hugh 8terllog. 0 Ed Mendel end Michael
[Irohner nndor tan Arm nemo of 0. Mendel &
0., vab dissolved by nimual consent on Jen*
ery 3.169', Hugh 8terllnc retiring.
The nndenlgned htvo thli d?y fonnd e coertnerabtp
under tho lira neme of a. Moedel
: Co, end reapectfnlly mi acontlnoeUon of the
betel petronego cxtondcd the old firm.
0, *D MEN DEL.
\-Kttlina, W. J?'5
Scientific Optician I
Srscx au?t or thb RsnucTiov or thi Etb.
raabyopU. Mrople, Aetlgmattom end ell kladiof
BPWUOM orZiotlum usnnMridjnilad.
Vlth J. A. LASH, the Jeweler.
We have jut completed Invoicing.
The reeult is very gratifying to us. Not
bo much for its money Item value as the
fact that the year jolt closed haa made
for u8 thooaanda ol customers, showing
an increase far beyond our most sanguine
expectations. We feel grateful
toward'every patron for the part they
havo taken in supporting our honest
and successful battle against high prices.
At various times would-be competitors
havo tried to mislead the public by aseerting
that we could not possibly sell
goods at tho prices we advcrtiae. Thla
I >->? JI?t 1 I..! . ??
part has materially strengthened us,
and while we appreciate the result of
their conduct, we cannot but pity the
spirit that prompts such methods. We
fear no competition. We are not afraid
to advertise prices and the reputation of
our house is a sufficient guarantee that
you will find every article we sell to be
just what we say it is, and *t just the
price we advertise. Victory always inspires
confidence. We therefore enter
the promising year of 1891 with renewed
viior with a determination to
beat our record of 1890.
We will pay freight ou all orders
amounting to $10 and upwards (sugar
excepted) to any railroad station 200
miles from auy of our stores.
Standard A Sugars, 17 lbs 00
standard Granulated Hngars, ltflbs ior* 1 OO
Light Drown 19 lbs for.^. 1 00
traltauna Prunes, 12>{c,2 lbs for............... aso
New English Currants. OKc, 4 lbs for.. *flc
New Vale tick BaiBlns, 10c, 3 lbs for....... S8c
.iew Lair Valencia Italslns, 122 lbs for aBo
London Layer Baislos, 2 lbs fur 25c
New CalKornia Prunes, per Ibm^M ........ Wo
French Piunes per lb l5o
New CaliforniaGr?pcs. per ? MIM ........ 8c
Standard omatocs, 3 lb can*, ^ Cin Oo
Standard Sugar Corn, per oan.....m?M.MM, Oo
Baiter's Kugar Corn, per can...... 10c
Standard California Peaches, heavy syrup,
per can... ............ 80c
Btandard California Apricots, heavy
N ew Cafrlo/nla'B^
por oan... a?o
Sew Peas, efto, 4 cans for - B5o
New Beans, u>4c, 4 etna for an c
Mustard 8araines,^c, d cans for ano ,
oil Sardines, to,b oans for......... afio
Canno Salmon, 12%c, 2 cans for ano |
Threo cent Bar 8oap, 10 bars for.....^.^. aBo
ivc-cent Bar Soap, 7 bars for........ ano
Clothes Pins, per do*-.. lo
atlan??~tea co,
1119,1111 and 2209 Market St.
19,21 and 28 Twenty-Third St.
We Lead, Let Those Bho Can, Follow!
Wheeling Ins
1136 to 1140
Store Closes at 7 O'clock,
Tho occupant o! this bed Is in no di
.mined upon ifrare oi the hoariest calibre,
an produce my effect upon it. No wondi
xmrse be would be in danger if be were re
sut baying purchased the bed (rom HOU
ts quality well enough to know that he la
House & H
On Basv 3F
1130 MAIN
one week;
All Children's Cloaks and
Ladles' Newmarkets at
$15.00 Cloak at fl.no,
$12.00 Cloak at $4.00.
?1? 00 Clo?k at 8S.00.
$".50 Cloak at $2.50.
&e. ic. Ac
N. B.?These goods will no'd#
sent on memorandum or e*
Great Bargains on our Rem
nant Counter In
Cleaning Hoi,
After the Christmas rush,
we are now house cleaning,
so to speak.
Ours is a clearance sale
that will put money in you:
pockets. Positively no goods
will be carried over if extraordinary
values are any inducement
to buy. We have
sacrificed the prices to push
the goods out fast.
Entire stock of Remnants,
the ends of the best goods
sold during the season, the
largest accumulation we ever
had, will be sold at onehalf
regular price.
In Cloaks and Wrap.1;, as we
have no room to carry them
over, and at these prices yon
can afford to buy them.
?B, WARM 11
1189 Main Slrwt. g
^bUXIUVlit VVij
Market Street
CI *~vr"
Bis, -j'
inger whatever. The guns which 2
but Uncle 6am has no cannon b*"1 *r!
>r the sleeper remains undisturbed. J
posing behind a tai*?t of ten Inch m
sE & HERRMANN he uodenW*
perfectly safe.

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