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I ur virtue ol * deed of trust executed to mo bj
I nine OH t be ;*->th J*Tof August. ltao, and
I'ir'ifl tu Vfi J ??' Truit Hook No. 81, page 31
I u?e u*' 0Mo ?>UDty. Wmi VlrgmU J
I will. 0"
I woeeed tr> *':l ot public auction to tho higbesi
I Sd i**'. bidder, hi the north fiontdoorof tUe
I ro jit llou?? ol Ohio county, the following doI
*rit*d ri*l ?*tat?. to-writ:
I ut -A ix-rtnln tract of land coaUlalog one
I koBitn-d and Hventyfour and. three-fourth
I /litV * re*. m"reorK-iu?,Bltu?tej la the county
I 1/ ur to *u>i HUi? of Mut V liyla la, on tho
I waters of l ittle WheeUpsCnok, and hounded
I kfollows. fMKlt: Beginning at a sugar tree on
I m- imu* ol a drain and running theuce north
I ji wi.'t - i*>lw u'11 "Kit"oak adjolnlug lands
I formerly owned by Utorgo Dement; thence south
I c "" 1 "?tc* 10 * oak adjoining l?n<H
formerly ovrucd by John Wajt; thence south 7?
I we?t P"'? ,0 "?KW I hf a branch; thence
I down Mid irtticb Hcooialag to tho meanders
V ?iierc<?f mid binding tneroou 245 pole* to
I * ?un#r tree on tue bank of said branch,
tiit-ruo aocordiug to tne meanders and
| Umiuu' thercou poles to the beI
clDUinK, boing tho same tr?u.-t of land convoyed
u toe Mid James ltlue bv Wm. T. Nichols and
wife by d?d dated March 80, 1?75, and recorded
la tkxd Boot 63, page 274, of the record* of Ohio
\ trict of intid situated in Ohio county.
Wt-t Virxinla.sd'olning lands of John Marling
Mlj t: >1. .Muxwi ll, beginning at a stake in said
JlaritriK's line, corner to K. M. Maxwell, thence
with Maxwell's Hue south out 24 cole* to
a itake near a road; tin nee north &>>4 west alji
jn/U' toa beech thence north 3U3 west 20 poles
toaouiie lu Mild Marling'! lint-; thence with
uj,! line south u weal 18 poles to the beginning,
couuiiiiut 1 hi re tiud 2ft square rods, and being
wewicn- propeuy eouvc/td to said James ttino
I tyoarab c. ueg^nno, by deed dated June 23.
I J?>. and recorded In Deed Look 77, page M of
I the records ol ODlo comty.
I id.?a certain tract of land situated in the
I said county of Ohio, aud bounded and described
I si follows, to wit: biginning at a stake 15 feet I
I from the middle of tue new road, ou Dlxou'*!
run; tnuncc uuni??k .W m "w, w.
ner to wild James Itfne; ineuco southwest to a i
ukti l'? Kci from the middle of said new toad;
the nee with Mid ruad and 0:1 n ?ne with the
unit' to tiio beginning, containing one aero,
aor-'.-r :?. *, and being (be ?ame property conrend
t<> mM Jam* Kmc by Margaret B, Wattlum
and htubaud oy deeu dated Jane 1, 1888,
tud r. orded in Deed book 61, page l&oftbo
records of ubio count/.
ttn.?bot No. 10 a* the same la designated on
the plat o( the to aw of l riadelubla, In thecount*
ol Ohio and 8ihiu of Wen virgiuia, (routing
60 feet on the AafJonal road and xunuiug bade
Ijj u-vt lo an alley, being the same property
conveyed to said James Htue by W. f. Hubbard,
trustee, l?y deed dated November 8, 1879, and
rw orded In Deed Ihok O'J, page 341, of ibe record*
of Ohio couuty.
6th.?a certain lot or ground situated In the
town of Mat Utovo, county of Ohio and Btato of
Wot Virginia, and describe I an foUowM, to-wit;
BotciuuluK at a poiut in the line of tbe National
Bo*d at the corner of tlic school house lot;
theme north nV4? west 105 feat; thence sonth
73 went 67 feet; ibo'iw la a direct line to tne
National road, forming a right angle with tho
line of thu Mine; thence following the line ot
Mid ruftd 56 act and 7 Inched to thu place of beglutting.
being tne same property conveyed to
Mid James uiue by Klin Auu Denula and hustotud
bv deed dated September 28, lbw, and recorded
in Dee 1 hook 70, page 108, of the records
of Olilo county.
Said sale will commence at 10 o'clock a.m.
of Mid day, and wl.i be made on thu following
term* aua conditions, to-wit; Oae tlurd the
purcime money cash on the day of aale; one*
tblr l thereof, wtth intercut, In ono year from
Mid date, aud the residue thereof, with interest
in two years Iroin aald date, tne purchaser glv
fag his notes with good security, to bo approved
by me, for raid deferred payments, and the
legal title u> said property to be retaluod by
xne ai a further security uutil tho purchase
money is fully p*id. Possession of mid property
will ee given ou the tlrst day of Aprfl, lstfl. Tbe
title to the ab ive property is believed to be
go.>d, but selllag s* trustee, 1 will convey only
such title as is vested In me by said deed ef
trust. J. ?*. BOMMKttVXiiLK, Trustee.
W. H. IIA1.UB, Auctioneer.
State or We>t Vmuinia,
County of Onio, to wit:
1, Gcorga Hook, Clerk ot the County Court of
laid countv, do certify that band and security
has beet given by the above named trustee, as
required by law.
i.lven under my hand this 28th day of October,
osa-HWAF GEORGE nOOK, Clerk.
The abovo mio ua* ucen eonuaaeu uaiu
BATUBUAY, DfcCEMiJKK, 20. 1WO, at same
tiuic iU'i place. J. B. SOMMKBV1LLE,
Tiua tee.
The above mIo haabeen continued until Tuesday
JanuaryC, 1M)1.htrametimeandplaco.
fel J. B. 8l)MMKltVlLLK, Trustee.
Tho above sale has bceu continued until Tuead?y,
January !I7, 1801, at samo time and placc.
MSTrtua J. H HUM iKRVlLLK.Truviw.
By virtue ol a deed of trust made by Caroline
Helio (sluce deceased) William tfciae and Henry
Heine to me as trustee. dated January .M, lrt?,
record cd in the office of tbo clerk of the County
Court of uhio County. Weal Virginia, in weed
of Trust Book No. 'H, page ?a, I will tell at the
north iront door of tnu Court Houae of said
county, on
8ATUBDAY, tbo Slat J)AY of JANUARY, 1891,
bcc'nnlng at 10 o'clock a. m.. tbo following described
property, that I* to say: All Uw inter
uu, of Mid particn in and to the north half of
lot numoerud twelve iu wjuaro six la that part
oi the city of Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia,
formerly called fclchtetown, but now
called South \N heeling Tr , , ...
flie lufeiest of aaid Caroline Helie In said
property was a dower Intercut aa the widow ol
lltjnr* Heise, deceased, which interest wm extltiRulnboil
by her death; and the interest* to b?
Hold are the uudlvldcd two thirds belonging to
Data William Heine and Henry Heise aa twooi
the three children and heirs at law of aaid Heurj
One-third and aa much more
a* thepurchaser elects to pay in coah on ine
day of rale, tho balance iu two equal installnieuta
at one and two years, no tea bearing interesi
from the flay of ralo to te given for the
deferred payment*, tho title to be retained until
twvmeut U made iu full. _
w. J. W. COWDKN, Trustoe.
W, II, Hallkr, Auctioneer. . .. . de29
By virtue ol a deed of trust imido by Mary
Kmrna mhstruth nnd 8. Cbas. Kschitruth, her
husband, to menu trustee, bearing date May 1st,
A. I) 1S.VJ, mid recorded iu tbeolllee of the Clerk
ot Um County Court ol Ohio county, West Virginia,
In Deed of l rust Book No. i?, page S90, I
will proceed to sell at public salo at tbo front
door ol the Court House of said county on
BATUBI>AY,tho7th day of FEBRUARY, 2892,
l*<inul?g at 10 o'clock a. m , tho following described
property, that in to nay:
fficDuuth cnlrir ttiretf(33) feet of lot ntwn*
wren cloven (11) in square uumbercd six {6} in
the City <-f Wheeling ulilo county, West Virginia,
tu that pat t of the Kitld City of Wheeling
formerly known an UJicbJotown.
Being the mao property which was conveyed
to *oe said Alary Emma KkIjs truth by lilram M.
Thatcher by detd dated August bin, 1887, and
recorded In the said clerk's otllce.
Thu title to uic above proroity is bellQved to
be perfect. but selling as trustee I will convey
only the title vested In mo by said deed of trust.
Tkums ok ""AMf?-One-third and as much more
as the purchaser elect* t* pty lu cash, tho bal
atice iu two equal iustallmeutx, payable respectively
lu six and twelve months from the day oi
sale, notes bearing Interest from tho day of sale
to bo Klveu for the defericd paymeuts. tho title
to be retained uutll payment Is made in full.
JX\ C A. HCll AKFKR. Trn >teo.
fpRLr6fEE'8 SALE.
By virtue of * deod of trust mado by James
Smith. jr., to me as trustee, beating date on the
17th day of November, iu tne year 1888, and
recorded la th* office of the Clerk of tho County
f'ourt of Marshall county, West Virginia, in
Dml ot Trust Book no. 8, pages *29.1 and 291,1
vria pr tcecd to sell at public auction on the
premises to bo sold lu the city of Beuaood, in
said county, on
SATURDAY, tbeJitb DAY ot FEBRUARY, 1891,
beginning at 10 'clock a. m., tho following de
Kiribert real estate, situated In tho said city ol
Bcuwood, that la 10 ?ay. all tQat lot No. 89
(thirty-nine) in Schad'a Third Amended Addi
tlon to thu said city of Benwood, botug tho same
property grauiea and convoved to the said James
8muii, jr., by A. J.ciarbo, special commissioner,
- - - - * ^ ~? MiMmlmr. UWg.
uy acei Q?niu um nui ? ?/??
Tutus or HAUj-une-tblrd, <?r u much
more a? tho purcbaxor may olect, nib lu hand
on tbo day ol ?alo, mid tlio balance In two equal
inatallmb.it*. respoc.Jvoly iu nix amtwcivo
mouth fxom tbo day of rale, with intercat.
tho purchaser to Klre his notes for tho do
forrcd Installment*, with security satisfactory to
tho mideriifjrned trniloo. _
lalii am* II.Q4M)WRLt. Tw'en.
jaMes a. mm, j
Heal Estate Agent, U. S. Claim Attorney,
Collector and 5oUrj Public*
Expert in penitio^ o1alm?. No fee unleas sue
coastal. I'orMual attention given fo rentiu/j
bonne*, collecting rent* and account*, purchase
and uio of real oMato. a?<! the general mauago
went of real estate. I collect tents without low,
and owner* of property avoid fttdjropbias loci*
dent thereto. f prosecute e'alw for pension,
bounty, Ac. Pennon vouch^rsoerHfled. jjcpod
tlou? tHkrn tn Pension clains J>i?n1h, lea*?,
agreements, and other written iaatrumeatn prepared.
1 can rave claimant* iu tho city of Wheeling
and vicinity sti ImmcttMi mnnuut ol correspond*
cr.c?. 1 *n have a better kumvbxhre of jour
jwt than an attorney dUtaut from you, who seta
nla Information by correspondence- I am with
you Mid can complete your cue in leai tiuo
than an attorney distant trout >ou can do.
I hare for salo mauufacturln* sites, flue realdencos,
farmi, and real estate of every detcrip*
17, Biiut Ben snto,
Wboelln*. W. Vt.
Vstunts in the moit elegant form
?or THE?
Combined with the medicinal
virtues of plants known to be
most beneficial to the human
system, forming an agreeable
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It is the most excellent remedy known to
When one b Bilious or Constipated
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w> iuum wnuuuiai run
STROP OP x*xon
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struation, Ulceration, J.arceration, Bar
renness, Leucorrhcea, Pruritus, Caucer,
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ible and unmentionable sufferings that
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here, and those who once try them will And
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CAE712 XXSlCmZ CO., Urw Text
??n Ml Rnull PnViL
i JUb Ki'itlU ttuawi viuwM min
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You fed Oral?Do you know what it
moons P You are nervous?Why ? Yuu
cough in llio morning?Do you realize |
tlic causo ? Your sppetita is poor?IVJjnl,
makes It bo? You seem Uko a change I
person to your friends?Do you knc?
whfit is tlio matter, or has tlio change.
been so gnwlunl it haa neaped youi
notleo f
You have ConnuniptloH ?
We do not say this to frighten yon,
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Thorn in ono
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It la recommended by the be*t physician* la Jteropa
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IB ecMt* AP h?U ud 11.00 per BatiU.
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46 Wh( Broadway, Maw York ?
This U the oul? remedy that will carc Nailer'#
Ooniamptlon. For Mie bj 0. R Goeuo. i-oitan
Prog Company and John Coleman ortW taw
Ilje Intelligencer.
office i Nob. **? until} 7 f?urt?fiitl?strrrt.
ICofiyright, 1*91.]
britlali ifatrmiudr.
BpteUd Corrutxmdcnce of the Intallacnecr
London, Exolakd, Jan. 2. ? More
than nine-tenths of all the tremendous
quantity of ale, beer, wine and liquor
annunlljr consumed by the men, women
and children of Great Britain, is served
by women.
There are nearly 200,(00 women tbua
engaged every day in the year. These
are, as a class, the prettiest and tidiest
woihen in the tbree kingdoms. Whatever
their relations to society at large,
they have characters good or bad, man
mrsand morals, interesting or otherwise,
and sou's saved or unsaved,
though the clergy, church societies and
miminnariesneverBeem to have troubled
themselves about the latter.
During the first half of the past ten
years I had opportunity for frrquent
stuoy oi tnese sriusn usrmaias. uunug
the ]nut five yeare, I lmve been able to
closely observe tbein nearly every day
and evening of my life. At first thought,
many may regard them aa hardly meriting
serious consideration. It seems to
ui? tbey are really worth talking about,
Eniclfnh literature is lull of the barmaid.
Prose and poetry are redolent of
ber. Those rare old fellows wbo lived,
or rather slept, "in cbambets" and dined
and wined in public houses while male
ing most of the books which last, all
along down through the seventeenth
and eighteenth centurleB, and even as
near to us aa the first third of the preseat
century, seem to have drawn their
inspiration largely from the bar-room
fount. Indeed, if we will be wholly
honest about it, English literature, the
sweetest and grandest on earth, and the
uniiiot havo ever known close fellowship.
And even a little stress should be
laid upon the matter, we owe to the
vt-ry presence of the barmaids of those
days preservation of thesweetest fancies,
the most sparkling humor, the most
charming situations, and a no mean
mini her of the most chaste and pathetic
incidents known to ballad poetry and
fiction. This is not defensive of the
oarumid. it is merely historic of her
i fleet on and presence In literature. And
I havo often thonght because it was no;
because ttfe public housa of old and the
barmaid of old became British institutions,
unconsciously though uuiversally
grounded in the human heart, they
>,? *<? h,??f<ifrDrl flloiKoallnn anil ilunav
On this line, there ore two things
About the British people which we in
America utterly fail to comprehend.
One in the Briton's passionate loyalty to
anything sanctioned by prestige and ,
aanctitied t#precedent into the status ,
of on institution?a .British Institution.
In general, all the more honor to hint ,
for that; for in steadfastness and loyalt>
o a nation's own, are preserved all good ,
things, if a few bad ones happen to re- ,
main. Another is, the average Briton, ,
high or low, is a being who will retain ,
and sustain all "rights/' good or bad, ,
which literature, society, precedent ana (
Kovemment have marked out for him, j
with a pertinacity and bravery which ,
puts to beggarly shamo the indifference
of most American people to all manner j
of governmental, monopolistic and other ,
encroachment. ,
This may seem going a long way for ,
trivial sequence. But it ia undeniably |
true that because the barmaid was long ,
ago elevated into a British Institution ,
through English literature; because the
older any sentiment or thing, barring the ,
barmaid herself, is in Britain the more |
endearingly it is prized; and because ,
your British noblemen or workmen will ,
have his wine or "bitter" from the hand
of a tap-room divinity, whether all the ]
world like it or not, the prototype of the ,
American "bartender" is here nnkuown, {
and 200,000 women serve 20,000,000 Biit- ,
tab people with their brews and spirits
to-day. There are other effects, such aP
the rapid national increaao in the con* 1
Humption of liquors, the increasing 1
power in politics and legislation of the
liquor interests; and, worse than all, the 1
startling increase of liquor-drinking by J
dll clashes of British women; upon each
of which vast and sad volumes miyht be !
written. But the great host of British
oarwaids is what the British people
liko and will have; and, being accounted 1
for, it only remains to speak of this particular
class as it individually and col- (
lectively exists.
KuraJ England is a thing of the past;
and there never was a rural Scotland or j
a rural Ireland where the sweet old inn 1
and the sweet vonng barmaid were
havens and aud objects of material and
ethical delight. With the end of the 1
coaching days was an end of the inns,
aud with them, long; after the old Lon- '
don type had gone, faded away the
cherry-cheeked Bubo of the rural hos 1
telry. To be sure, if you are a genuine !
tramp, who will seek odd nooks of 1
provincial England and Scotland for 1
very love of adventure, you will now 1
and then still find a gentle being in cap !
and apron, whose very preaence behind
the cupboard-like bar fills your mind ,
with all manner of chivalrous fancies,
until the whole locality takes on a mag- ;
ical seeming no of sunshine and flowers. <
But if you remain long enough^ you find
that even this rural rarity is already 1
tainted by modem unrest. A farmer's ]
daughter, the child of some castle gamekeeper,
of a widow lodge-keeper or ol
some underline of the manor demesne, 1
aha has already her ambition fiexd on
Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool or Lon
don, or even the bright, busy railway
refreshment rooms; and a year therea'ter,
you will find ner, saucy and pert,
straight and lofty, sage and calm, one of
the great army of public house barmaids,
at "fourteen bob a week and found."
Probably one-half of the wbolo are recruited
from this source. The other
half aro from the eternal overplus of
city-born girls, who, without positive
immoral tendencicB, have overborne restraint,
and with much vigor, without
sea; in sentiment and that roving consciousness
springing from the true virtue
of the glory of her aex, have forced their
<futr tntn thia monnnr/if lifafifid omnlAv.
" "J ? ? F?J
Koine curious facta have developed on
certain interesting lines in my iivn jeers'
study of these peoplo in England, Ireland
and Scotland. As a rule, in my
wanderings, I bavs sought tbe humbler
i class of inns for honsing; not only from
motives of comfort, but as best furnishing
various and vagarious forms for
cbmacter study; inns on a par, ai nearly
hs can be compared, with our American
holds of the "second class." Coming
again and aiain to many of these, I have
secured such friendships and confidences
as gained for mo, in many instances, the
agreeable position of "one of the family"
with the inn's host or hostess. .Not
being fitted by inclination or habit for
honora in front oi these ban, which I
have always found gains respect trom
even those who exist by them, I reached
many a snug corner within them.
There, in the landlord's or landiady'a
chair of honor and state, while apparently
riading jpy mail, or scanning the
? I I>oba hfiAn ftivnroM nfc nil hours
papcfBf * ?JW?- ....
of the day and night with pictures of
life In British "Pubs," aa tbo bar rooms
attached to inna and restaurant* are hero
Universally called; and, during their
motuenU of real between customers' demands,
1 have reaeivefl from British barmaids
themselves innumerable kindly,
honest and altogether womanly revelation!
aa to tbeir previous condition, wltb
the mode and motive of tbeir Uvea.
One of tbe first aeries o! careful Inquiries
made waa in reference to tbe
sources of supply of females tor this vocation.
Who were these bright, handsome,
graceful women 7 What manner
of social condition was that out of which
they came 7 How could 200,000 women,
apparently fit to grace respectable and
refined liotnea, assume inch queation*bio
employment M thin of Uii'ir own volition
7 Of what (toll, iu tlie guise of
woman, with <11 of woman's wit, selfpoise
and winsoineutes iu phjtical
graces, could so vuit and anomalous a
a class be created? These and many
similar speculations along with ceaseless
personal inquiries resulted in the
folio wing facta and figures being scattered
through my note {(bolts. I do not
know whether theee aversgns on about
1,700 will hold true with 200,000. They
at least serve as a basis for reputable
conjecture; and bring the subject, in its
entirety, home to all who give thought
to sociological questions with unusual
JMughtere of farmers, villagers, and of
various employes on estates of the British
nobility, 700; daughters of small
tradesmen, 214; publicans' daughters,
sisters and other female relatives, 1B7;
factory-girls, 34; seamstresses and milliners,
83; divorced wives, 11; schoolmistresses,
72; drapers', and other,
clerks, 30; telegraph operators and postal
employee, 3; actresses, variety and
otherwise, 13; cusliiers, 28; csnvassera,
14; unsuccessful singers and music
teachers, 44; mission workers, Sunday ]
schoolteachers and "Salvationists," 57; t
photograph colorlstsand "artists" gener- t
ally, 11); literary persons?801 whom 1
baa written poems, 0, pamphlets, 4, bal- H
lads, and 2, books, all ol which "bad i
been published," the balance of whom c
might be classified as ''human various" t
?31); while 13 had been domestics; 18, t
scullery maids; 7, governesses; and 53, o
as nursery maids, originally bad the ?
molding of the minda and morals ol the
British youth,
I took these figures to a very noted
English thinker, leader and writer, a f,
inau whose name is a familiar one in c
every newspaper and household 1;
throughout the English-speaking world, g
tie examined tbem carefully; 8-emed i
lost in reflection for a time; unil gave hfs b
viewa regaruing the sociological study in t!
rapidly-propounded return questions, t
after our true Yankee f shfon. 1
"You bavo a great many women in r
America at the present time known hh i
'ugitatoro' and 'reformers,' have you not ? e
And has not each one u mission or p
aclieme, ora divine call, togailop, plunge \
and cavort about, shrieking out ail man b
ner of notes of warning regarding the a
enslavetnentof her sex?
"dull do no* these females sound timbrels,
beat tom-toms, and override every
uuuK eaiauusneu, lenuer ana Bacreo, in ^
ttn effort to attract attention to them- B,
Helves, until the grind true wives and c,
mothers of your country are whipped tj
into partial endorsement, the clergy f{
bullied into silence and your editors, 0
through a forgivable chivalry, influenc- b
ed into leading then a quasi support?
"Well, air, precisely the suae female,
or lather unfemale, qualities, which, ci
through these mental harridans, are oc V
uumplishing the gradual unsozing of fi
American women, and tho revolution- w
izing and destruction oi the American it
tiome, are at' the the root of our cursed ?
barmaid system. It is simply a differant
torm ol expression of the samo erig- V
inttl evil?a female nossion for some 0
manner of notoriety. Your over-shrewd E
ind under-principled American female D
who cannot endorso home-making, B
through the pretense of some heaven in- ri
Jorsed mission, at once enters upon a
jareer of home-breaking. She poises
ind poses, higgles and wriggles along a
tamut of'isms' and 'ista' from female pi
iuiTrage past a score of reforms to Ohris- J,,
Jan Science, theosophy and spiritualism a1
into the capacious bosom of the Over- p
Soul itself, meantime pausing anywhere
jubt so long as Bhe may continue a dieurbing
element; ever thrilled and ecstatic
over any manner of notoriety conducing
to what she hysterically imagines
has become a 'career.' Our barmaids
ire just that sort of male females; proud
af tap-room publicity; eager for tawrdy
notoriety; consumed with ambition fjr
\ public career. But we are the most
[oriuoate nation. With us, rigid and
nealthful social limitations force these
characters into a proper place at once.
Your female birds of prey dtfile and
[atten upon your tenderest and most Haired
social and domestic institutions. H^are,
impinge only upon our lowest n<
national weaknesses." p
Many will consider this British corn- to
parison and estimate of our suffering ?
iisterhood as a very severe one. Some 81
will be ungallnnt enough to regard it as ce
in unjust classification of British barmaidH
themselves. As a rule, i have
[ound them hard-working women. Few b;
iver know a holiday. They are on their d>
feet from twelve to Bixteen hours per ei
lay. Whatever their natural tendencies,
ihcyare perforce honest. Tho British
?nr system is entirely different from Al
)ure, and still retains much of the flavor **
)f the old custom of the publican and P1
ms wife sitting in their own private c0
room and serving customers with
liquors through a little shelf-bottomed tb
window; while tho publican, his wife, 10
r some member of his family, is never ?{
ibsent from the bar during business B.
nours. This is much protection to thv tii
[jeraonality of tho barmaid. Though ff
you may regsrd her as lost to all moral 0r
jense, and tlio significance of words,
ihrough the endless repetition of in- Jjj
famous language in her presence b* c.i
irunken brutes, brainless cads and w
tlcver roues, in tho main slio remains
tneaaureably free from rough treatment,
rtie modern British bar is practically a
wailed extension of the ancient British if
bar window. There is no access to it te
from the public room. It is as high as
j-our chin. The barmaid herself, be- m
uind her silver beer and ale pumps, w
stands two feet above you, a charming
study in black, white and carnation?a
hlnnb nprfirt. illtino trnvn a <1ninlv i.
white apron, the (jtory ai tbe roso in, or <j>
on, her cheeks and lips. 'I(
She It, in (act, just as most men love "?
to see woman; suggestive ol domesticity
in her raiment, charming in figure and
lace. But after a day and evening of
banter and wiles, through which acorn T
of pockets bare been emptied, brains
beclouded and her master farther enriched,
the highest and lowest are re- n
tuorselessly shot from sight of her smil- a
ing face. It is a sad, wear itd, tired face a
now. She is prauffcally a prisoner iu
there. Sbe lives with tbe publican's si
family. She goes to a room not fit for a
dog's keeping, snatches a few hours' ,t
sleep and is again st berpoat behind tbe ri
bar to cheer and wheedle tbe trembling })
drunkards of tbe early morning hours. ,j
tier meals are snatched between fero- fc
cious rushes of customers at tbe bar. J?
She must know everybody ibecognizant ?
of something about everything; have a n
soothing word for tbe rnm-bedeviled
tempers; placidly listen to discussions '
of herself like those upon an animal; el
accept direct and Infamous ineult with J
invitation in her eyta and honeyed *
words npon her lips; sympathetically p
receive confidencesof the most sacred or ?
damnable character; in brief, to tbe end
ol her days, remain a marble Venus lor
tbe worship and slavery of Bacchus' o
crazed and maddened victims.
For all this she receives from six to Jj
twenty shiliiugper week and "keep." J
Rome masters provide gowns and aprons, a
Tbe inconceivable degradation of her i
calling can only be hinted at in the c
statement of fact that there is but one c
place in Great Britain?at the refresh- c
ment bars of leading railway stations?
where refusal to Berve one who insnlts '
ber would not lead to her immediate dls- j
ijharge without "a character." Tbe low- t
est grade in ber vocation Is among the t
sailors' "Pubs," in the slums of Maryle- \
bone, Liverpool, and East End, London; i
the highest, in the gorgeous London [
West Kud cafes. What become of them 7 i
Many die at an early age of long die- j
eases, the result of their foul environ- ;
ment. Few drift Into the unnameable ,
classes. Ever seeing tbe worst side of j
men, they are armed, though roughly, *
against temptation. Some become man- :
aeeressea of inns, "Pubs," of railway
refreshment rooms and cafes with >
a bevy oi younger barmaids under them,
ol cheap museums, and all manner of enterprises
at seaside resorts. Many marry t
reputable men, but drift back into their >
old Uvea, English nobility's ranks have J
been recruited from their number j and 1
recently wealthy young .American of
Baltimore wed one of the most beautiful
and good of their kind in the three kingdom*?as
Irish barmaid at Cork. No
honest man can apeak of them unkindly
aa a class. The power behind them is responsible
for the evil they accomplish.
That la incalculable. Because of their
presence, countless Britisb women Unit
it easy to become drunkards. Because of
their sgreeability, sympathetic kindlines
and outright blandishments, all
grades and conditions of men are more
and more enriching the British dram
shop with all tbat ebotold preserve and
sanctify the Britisb home,
Edoar L. Wakixax.
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la a constitutional
Disease, and requires
A constitutional remedy
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top,i decay of tbe lanes and cares t
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be world that acta so promptly, cer- i
ainly none that does its work so tliorlugbly,
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ack, bnt the majority from deficient
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bu spirits up," thus wasting money,
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"The pen is mightier than the sword," ?j
it tbe trouble with the American In- re
ian is that he will not stay in the Govninent
reservation pen.
Disorders which Affect the Kidneys
ro amon* tho most formidable kuown.. DI?
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allowed to continue tumors form, frfttch of- (
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lie Featarrs or the Money and Stock
Markets. <
niw York, Jan. 10.?Money on call easy,
mging from 2 to 3X percent, laat loan S per
int. closed offered at 3 per coat. Prime merLntiie
paper CKaS per cent Sterling exchango
*tivo and weak at *1 84?M 87^. Bales 301,909
larpn. I
('he stock market to-day wm still lest active,
in on the whole clInplAycsl a greatar resistance
> the hammering uperatlonK uf tiio bears ihsu ,
mterday, in the early tradinir. after a general 1
- weak opening, New England and Chicago .
as bw:mmo utrouR f rat urea, and the strength in
ieso properties, with tlio wurked demand for {
>telgu house*, helped to rally the list sharply <
efore tho close of tlio first hour. Missouri IV t
lilc, the Vtllards. 8ngar refineries and J.icka* >
anna shortly bocarao weak when the bears reowed
their hammering operations.
There waa another drivo at the list In tho ?
(ternoon, which forced prloes off still further. lie
general Hat, however, was only slightly
tiangod, and tho market closcd active and
;rooR. liightly under first prices. Final changes ~
re generally small loaaea Wheeling it Lake
Irle Is down *2, Sugar IJfc and Union 1'aciUc 1
cr cent.
Kailroad bonds moderately active; sales
Government and 8late bonds doll and steady.
'. 8.4s reg- 120 OhioA Mississippi, 18j$
8.4s coupons~...13) do preferred 8&
:. B.4K* reg ~.1OT Oregon Improvo't. 24*4
B. 4Xa coupon...l03 Oregon Nar 80
scificwioi'TO- 110 Oregon Trans Jb% 5
dama Kxpr?>ss......l40 Pacific Mall.... 83%
merican Express_iri Pittsburgh^. 160
anada Pacific.. Pullman Palace-...190
auada Southern... &o Reading..........31%
?utral Pacific*. 30 Il?ck Island-.....-,. 09ft
hosapeako Ohio iSj^rft L.& San Fran..,.
do first preferred 47 St. Paul
do second pref'd 31 do preferred. 110
hl.Bur.ifcQulccy-91 St. Paul A Omaha... 24
I>1 A, nnrfMfl l<tl5. .1,1 nn>r?M.I ill
el.. Lack. ? *esU37fc Tenn.Coal & lion... 37* I
onver & R. 0....... lVh Texas Pacific lfift |
Irie ..._? 19h Union Pacific WA I
ort Warne 14?J U. 8. Expronn CM fJ
UlnolsCentral?102 W.,Bt. L & p lo'i J
[&niax & Texas...... I-",* do preferred 19)4
akeSboro 107V? Wells Famo Ex.....13*
-oulnrllle A Niuh.. T7& Western Union...... 7?J4
lemphls a Cbss...; 40 Am. Cotton OIL.... 21
Ifchlgan Central... 91 Colorado Coa/ .... M)i
liuourl Pacific. ... iron Mirer.... 120
wibvlllo & Cbatt. is Quicksilver GH I
ew Jersey Central, in do preferred- 38
for/olk tic tV.pref'<! 56 3u!ro 8
orthern Pacific? ft Rlchm'd <fc W. P. T- 18
do preferred- mt stcfilson so*
lortbweatern .106)* Chicago Ota-.. 43%
do preferred 135 Lead frnsu...., 2??M
lew York CentraLloffi 3ngar 78%
Breadstuff* and Provisions.
NiwYobk. Jan. 16?Floor, rewlpu 22,000
lecksges; exports 7,000 barrels and 18.0UU sacks;
oarket moderatclractlre; sales 19.000 barrels.
VheaU receipts *1,000 bushels; exports 48,000
rushels; sales 2,360,000 bnsbe's of futures and
06,000 bushels of spot; spot market lower and
I unioUlcd: No. 8 ml 99katl 00: ungraded red
OTKafl 06%; optloni vrtriuc and lower; No 2
red January II 05; February |i (HJial KAin
11&H: Marrhll 0&fc: Ma* $1 (BJialW^al <*-*;
Jane SI 01%; July y?fca?Sa{>7Ti<c; August to'ic;
January 97; ic. uyo quiet: wemern 7Gawc. Hurley
firm. Corn, receipts W.OOO btmbola; exports 2,*
600 bushels; sales l.'JQO.OQO boshela of future*
and4,twu bushel* of apot; apot market lower; j
ungraded mixed 69*CIc; Jauuary M'4c: Febru*1
ary May 0?t*. rccnlpta :n.000 buahola;
aalea li?,0uu bushel* of future* and
97.000 bushels of apot; market dull
and lower; January fiOWa: May fiOMc;
apot No. 2 whit* ole: mixed wcatern 49atoc;
white do 5'2a68c: No. 2 Chicago Mr. liny quiet.
Hops firm. Coffee aleady and f?a20 polnta up;
January Ifl.'flc: February Jfl.2&al6 abc: March
16.cjai6.0fto: May 15 >0al&.55c; Juuc 15 35c. July
15 20*15 /6c; spot Rio steady at 10c Bugar flr o.
MolaMca Urm. Rice fairly actlre and linn. Tal*
low dull and steady. Roain steady. Turpentine
quiet. Egga quiet; western 20?2fi%c. Hides
urm and quiet, fork quiet; old mesa tlOOOa
1100: new meaa til 50*12 00; extra prime 9?5'ja
10 60. Cut meat* Ann. Lard dull; western
team 901&; January and February 101G; March
10 20: April tG 40; May 10 47. flutter quiet;
wcaiern dal'y 12a2rc: do creamery l'jaste; K gin
29c. Cheese strong; Ohio flat* Oaifcc.
ciucaho. Jan. 10.?The wh<at market was
gain weak; not lmmeolctely at the openlug.
but within a minute or so thereafter. The price
of May wheat wa* started at ?'}&. but noon
weakened and declined Kc. a fter a short period
Df hesitation aa to lis further courao It decllued
to 95c with very trill ng rear dona on the decline.
Th*-re waa a r-eurerv to Db%o irotn the low tal
figure, ann upou the report that toe West log
tiuuMj dnaticlal tr.jublea had culminated In
their fillure. there waa another break to 03c,
UJd followed br * reaction to !??? .
The corn market was weuxaud made further
u?iu? weak and lower.
There was * fair amount of activity Jn the
provision market.
Flour steady and unchanged.
WiiKAT-CMh No. 2 spring 89)fo; No. 8 spring
i5oJMo: No. a rod Me; January w^'ah'Jj^MO^c;
ilar Ma'J6%ay5%e; JulyOjfcaUiJfrlJlc.
Corn?Ca?h Wo. 2 47sn; January 47?4a48)4a
?o; February 43H?4fla4*&c: May M&fiifit&lKb.
Oats?Cash No. 2, 4'ij?a4Qyo: January 4Ja
2fia4 */&\ May 44>ia45Ha44jic; June 4a^a44^a
Hy*??No. 2,71c.
FLAX1U1>-?1 19%.
Mess pork?Cash 8l02Sal030; January 11030a
D4UalO 80; February |U) 30*10 43al0 35; May
10 82%atl OOalO b'H.
Uari>?''a?h r> ho; January *5 80; February
582&; May |022Hi0 8 aS /5.
ho t Hum GVn 11 <5aA 00; Jannarv t5 00;
obruary |5 02>i: MayS3 4?Wa5 50a&42}< J
Biioulohw-h jo4426; short clear fftarf 30.
WUlHKY~|l 14.
Others unchanged.
Baltimore Md., Jan. 16.-Wheat dull and
wiler; ?*o.2 wlufr rod spot and JanuaiV^c:
lay SI 02al 92%. Com. western caller: mixed
pot and January f?X?MXo; May M%a&7c;
teamorcfi^e. Oats lower; western white fila
c. Kye nominal at 7?)<a c; good to 'air 77a i
so. Pay Kirady; prime io chlce timothy 810 Ma
150. Provision* nominal. Hut tor Heady: crenm y
fancy 27*280: fair to ebolce 2ta?le. Eggs
aaler; frethSGarfc. Coffee tlrm: Kioltt^c.
Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 16.?Floor dull.
Vheat du.l; ungraded 8' 0*; January WftSKMc;
pebruary 81 0>Jfal t J; March III Ctt?xal 0J Apr!'
102% Corn steady: No. 2mixc<l January and
'ehruary &9*M)%e; March 6UJu-; Auril bt&tAOc.
>ats lower: No. 8 white frjc: No. 2 white Janary
&QXmMMc; February MJtfe; March MMc;
iprll 61%a&%c. 1$utter dull aud wtuk; Penudrama
prints extra U9a38c. ?g*? steady; flrats
Cincinnati, Jan. 16.?Flour steady. Wheat ,
uy: No. 2red W%c; receipts 2.3-jo busboli: shlo- (
tnnts I OWi hiubela ffn 'J mixer!
ic. Oat* steady; No. 2 mixed 47>?c. Provisions
safer. Whikk) firm at 91 u Butwr *tt*n}y
ugariirong. Eggs quiet at 22c. cheese firm.
TolAo. 0., Jan 10.?Wheat doll and Arm:
tub and January 05c: Msjr !* ;<?: July vie; Au- r
u?t QrJic. COroJikadr; cash 6i#c- .May Mitfc.
at* quiet andsteady; cash4Cc; No 2white47&c. n
loverseed active and o&sier; caah 81 45; Fob- ?
lary and March ft 60. q
Lira Stock. C
Chicago, III., Jan. 16. ? Cattle ? Receipt*
I.COO bead; sblr-menta 3,C00 htod; market
,rong; steers, prime 830*aS 10; export steers
25*5 86; c?mrooti to cholci steers 83 v6a4 76; v
ocke a 82 0Pa3 25. Hogs?Receipts 30,000 heart;
llpmo'its 8.000 head: market a shade lower;
mph and common 83 *5a3 60; prime mixed and c
ickors 83 05o3 75; llRht 8170a3 75. Sheep-Re- ll
dpts7,000 bead; shipments X,000 head: market
ow and lower; natives 8-1 00?5 25; wesierus&l 10 .
>05; Tcxtns f!40al 76; lambs S?00a6 00. |
East Liberty, Pa., Jan. 16? Cattlo?RccelpU I
10 head; ihipments 3u0 bead; nothing doing. I
ng??Recelnu 2.8*0 bead; sblpmcnisa.'tdO bend: J
larket steady; 1'hiladelphla* 83 80*8 85; mixed
I 75a3 30; heavy Wkors S3 00*3 70; light York
s S3 40a360; pigs SJ09o3 2.'>. Bheep-Reeflpis
6 0 bead; shipments2,800 head; market fair at
Qchaugtd prices.
Cincinnati, 0., Jon. ifi.?nogs icorco and r
tabor. commou and light 8300*3 t>0; pocking H
id butcbo;?$*fi5a385; receipts 3,WOhead; shintents
1,800 head,
Phil a dki. ni f a . ^a., Jan. 16.?Woo J, improrcd
;m?nd and prices; Ohio. Pennsylvania au
esi Virginia XXand above 82oS4e, X 80a32c; I
odium OTa88c; coarse 85a36){c; New York, Mich *
an. India-? and western floe or X and XX
a2Uc; medium 80a37c; coarfto 80c; lino washed "
jUlne X and XX *4a37c; me<1lum washed
tmblngand delalue 40a?2c; coarne do S7c; tonla
do do Xh#?c; tub-washed t-holeo S7a40c: "
lr 35aS7c; coarse 88aSSe; medium unwashed
imblog audrtelaluo28a3lc; coar?u do 27a28c;
on una 18a28c; teirltory 18a22c.
New Yohk, Jan. 16 ?Wool mora actlre; do
Cille llecces 82a37c; pulled .Caaac; Textw I7a24c.
Petroleum t
!cbw York, Jan. 16.?Peirolcnm opened wm?k.
ndur the priH.uro of a number of *el!liijt order*
omthewt Ht. la tno afternoon a Mlichi rally
xjurred, but later the market sawed oil* atid
o>ed steady. fenus* Ivauia Oil spot owning
id highest, lowest, cloning at 7-IUc February
nl ilk opening at ?j%c; highest lowest
kjic;clo?lug at 73&C. Ko Lima; sales 8A<KU bar- ?
On. City, Pa , Jan. 10.?Opened at 78c: highest 2
tia lowest 7J%c; closed at 73^c;m1cs lh7,(XX
irrels: carrying 15*500; clearances 166,tOO bar fi
ils; runs 137,:u? bands; shipments 93 252 bar
ils; cliarters 11,111 barrels. Iluckeye, no sales;
tub 39 91M barrels; shlpmenta :?,733 barrels.
hradkohd, Pa.. Jan. 16.?Opened at7Sc; closed
highest 73%c; lowest 72Xc; clearances f
!2,0u0 barrel*. \
PmftBOftOH, Pa., Jan. 16.?Nothing doing; V
wood at 7llc; closed at 7J%c; highest 7J%c; lowit
axetni. ^
New York. Jan. 16,?1'lg Iron no tot. Copper J
luilnnl: lake 114 69. Loiul dull and easier; v
imestlc 1467X. Tin dull; atraltj920'JO. *
Cincinnati, 0., Jau. 10.?Cotton steady; mid- i
Hug ?Kc. a ^
Many Persons nro broken down
from overwork or household cares.
Brown's Iron Bitters rebuild*tho
system, nida digestion, remove* excea olbile,
and cures muliuiu. Oct the genuine.
)h 11 riren Cry for Pitchers Castorla
fhA 1 Al B? nnd other mmtIhIp3
SHOE iaavsbs tinted,
and ko stamped on bottom. Addtrim
W. L, UOUtiLAH, llrockton, IUn?*. Hold by f
tone'n On nil tflio* Store, 1048 ftlnln M. *
Ipnkfmullcr .?n?*?r, ?B1 Mnrki-I.JudTTliJ j:
1 o
Baking Powder
"-'nrrurn 1HR WM6MTIT1IBWTW I
Themont f&moni And well-known Hotel In .
the city. Bpecitl r?tci by the month. The cnl- 1
ilne n|tule?* by none Homelike audconveu- ,
eat toall public bonding*. Send
two lUtnpn lor guide to?
O. O. S* APlES, Proprietor 1
mathem atical instruments.
All Sice ro? Xmai Pubuucti.
:omplete stook on exhibition At
Users of NATURAL CAS ft
to their advantage to ABAND
burning It under their boilers
Manufactured In sizes from 2 t
antee cost of running with Natt
n?ii>.TM Thirty-Third and V
j "Kings arc but men, but all m
: when the King of Holland says,
12,1889, that he is greatly plea
I and, entirely unsolicited, grants
! right of styling their works the
!; nificance attaches to the act
j! not "every inch a king."
.1. 8. RHODES A CO.
i c unnMs^fift
Our entire stock of Combilation
Suits, Scotch Cheviots
ind Robe Patterns marked
luwn to about half price to
:lose before stock taking.
$15, $17 and $18 Suits,
:hoice gio,
All Wool Combination Suits
rom $3.25 to $6.00
Our Remnant Counter now
eady?If you can use short
:nds we will save you money. ?
? 0:
'icked up on Our Eastern Trip.e
25 Letter Copying Books, 10x14,1 COO Pages.
25 Letter Copying Books, 10*1 J, 7C0 Pases. I
75 Duplicating Pockct order Books. M
.00 Large Composition Boojcr, extra floe paper,
large alie.
00 Quires Crown Blank Book?,
And oilier n*nnll lota cccured from raanuLcturcrs
clos ng out certain lines of goods.
Stanton & Davenport,.
IflOl Market Strpeit. j?5_ 3
A good Mipply of the Cheap LIbrarlea on hand, m
'he Pittsburgh Daily Dispatch lttoperweok, 10
!Oo Including Sundays, delivered anywhere. si
0. H QUIMKY. a
3rocer Pork Packer ]
awd cubrb of th1
PesTiar s
FLOUR?Chrimtu Brw.' "Crown" Bnuifl. '
(lone*polls Patent, Tajlor'i Patent and "Bert '
Tunily, Williams' choice Oblo Pamllr, and
iany otber choice bread* of family floor Id p,
lock and continually receiving. A
ArbnckloV ' Lion," and my own roaat of "
Old Woman," "Hone Head." and Ioomj roMt. "
??-8ole Agont for the Celebrated DnPont u
owder Mill*. A full lupply of Rifle, BlMtlng U
nd dportfng Powder of e?ery kind constantly
d magazine. Order* solicited from dealer* nly.
Also Patent Hemp. Cotton and Water*
roof ftilety Fum. my2
ffiholesale Grocers'
and dealers ik
' A
Jogilsb, Portland & Cumberland Cement, t
i Q
1*1 inrmsiur r-cti lai
Miami Powder, Dynamite, Fuse,
Contractor! and bnlldcm will aave money bjr
[citing price* from uibef. reourchMln*.u*# "
ire the ovur boate In ttio city tb?i carrlee a
ull line of ftbovo good*.
For Snow Podding, Joiifw, Creams, Blanc
|ro,?l..tn p B|[ .
217 Market Street, or corner Jacob and Thirty* n
eighth Streets. n
Twentr ?lx r?celnt? lo etch t?<*?go. *
Wire Work for "ullders,,
Wire Work for Ctmeurlct. Wire Work for
Bound, win Work of nor; DotrlpUon.
MeshoH 147. W. a ALLISON.
>r Power Purposes will find it
ON the expensive method of
and substitute an
o 100 Horse Power. We guarjral
Gas not to exceed THREE
PER DAY. Address for full
Schumm & Co.,
/alnut Streets. Philadelphia.
' ,
en arc not kings. Therefore, !
as he did by deed of August ;
sed with
i the manufacturers the sole !:
Royal Cocoa Factory, a sig- ;
which would not were he !
~~~ MsrnTFABia, m.
? W. Baker & Co
11 Cocoa
ra i l \mtvom tl>o ?xccm ot
iff} ''' M HM oil Iium been removed, id
w|i MiXAbHolutely J?ure
maiul it is Soluble.
Mn Phominalc
iiu uiieniiuuiM
are used In Its preparation. It lias
inoro than three times the strength of
Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot
or Sugar, and is thoroforo far moro
economical, costing iess than one cent
a cup. It is delicious, nourishing,
strengthening, easilv dioestjid,
and admirably adapted for invalids
as well as fot persons in health.
Sold by Grocers everywhere.
W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass.
"By a thorough knowledge of the natural laws
hlc.li govern the operations ot digeatlon and
utrltlon, and by a careful application ofthe
no .properties of well-selected Cocoa, Mr.Epw
jli provided our breakfast tables with a dollitely
flavoured beverago which may save us
iany heavy doctors' bills. It ? by the judicious
so of such article* of diot that a constitution
lay be gradually built up uutil strong enough
) resist every tennenoy to disease, hundreds
f subtle tnautdltsare Hosting around as ready
> attack wherever thoro la a weak point. We
i*y escape rranv a fatal shaft by keeping ourslves
woll fortified with pure blood and a proprly
nourished frame "?"CivU s&vice Gaullt."
Made simply with boiling water or mil*. Sold
nly In half-pound tins, oy Grcers labelled
ius: jame8 bpptj&co.. a
Bonxvovtihic Chemists. London. England
Faith is Wealth!
Dr. E. C. Wests Nurvb and Braim TrsaTkst,
a ipiarsntced specific forHYiteria, Dlzriens,
Convulsions, Pits, Nervous NemalRla,
radsche, Xervous Prostration causfd bj the
to of alcohol or tocacco, Wakefulness, Mental
cprcflHlon, Po'tening ol tho Brain resulting In
>samty and leading to misery, decay and death.
remKturc Old Age. Barrenness, Low ol Power
i cither vx, Involuntary Lo?scs and gprrmattraccacaused
by over txertion ol tho brain,
ill abuve or overindulgence. Each box contins
one month's treatment. SI 00 a box, or '
x boxes for 85 00, tout by mail prepaid on ro
slpti of price.
o euro any case. With each order received by
s for six boxes, accompanied with ff? 00, wo will
;nd toe purchaser our written guarantee to ro
ind tho money if the treatmeut does not eflect
cure. Guarantees iisued only by
ileAcents McLsJu'sBlock, corner arketund
rwelfth streets, Wheeling, W. Va. JalO TThsAw
Weakness, ulcers, Tnmoru, Sores*
bioeMOC. lilood Poisoning, Sale lib cum,
lUnrrh, Erysipelas, IihoumatiBm and all
loodandHkln DI?mum. Prick ft. per Pint
otile. or 6 Bottles for f 3. t lb can Solid Extract
'ETROIT* MICH. wM by all druggist*
Solo by Logan Druo Co. 1c3
gnaranteod Oar? for PUos of whatovor
ind or dcgroe?External, Internal, Blind '
r Blooding, Itching, Chronic, Recent or
[eroditary. $1.00 a box; G boxes, $6.00.
ont by mail, propaid, on roceipt of prioe.
to guarantee to care any case of Piles.
fuarantecd and sold only by
McLAIN BROTHER*, Druggist*,
Twelfth and Market 8U., Wheeling,W.Vo.
JalO iuw
auiMwetw muf/sevrMearte
It can bo given In coffee, tea. or In articles of food.
Ithont the knowledge of patient If neemiiry:
I* absolutely barmleM and will ctToct a pertnaent
and npecdy cure, whether the pntlent In it
lodrratodrlnkerorcnali'ohulirwreck. ITNKV;il
FAILH. Itoperatc* no quietly am? with atlch
frtalnty tb.-.t the patient underflow no Incon*
entenctt, ancj aoon bin complete reformation It
Hooted. 48 pure book free. To I** had of
LOOAS DRUG CO., Wain ntreet.
anan-TThaa Wne-llng w. Vq
mmu I MnndTTHhOceyBablta
Ull MjH cured at Uatuo wit/.Ir
VBUxllAX Whitehall bt.
Third and Main atrueU. Apply to K.
KQOY. 1106 Ma'u atrget dol
For pent-three six roomed
honao*. one ou Booth York atreet. Foetcalon
glveu February 1. Inquire of OKLOFF
; ZAWJC. mq as N?uth *enp $lr*eL Ja9
FntiDOMH, Pa., Jan. 3,189L
The underlined trill rewire propouU until
the 24th Inat. for the aale to them ol 11 OOQot the
First Conaolldated C per coat Mortgage Bonda
ol tbo Plttabnrgh, Wheeling & Kentucky Kail'
road Company, tor the parpoeee ot the ainkJag
Fond, aa provided by the mbrtgage lecurlng
aaid bonda, dated January 1,1881.
jat-a Truateea
r So. 88 cud 3V in block No. 2, Old Fair
Ground addition. Siie 3l>xl2Q. Must be void
for cash at once. BOLF A HARVEY, 1811 Markft
atreet. JalO
Having decided to permanently retire from
biuinrai, 1 otJvr for asfe my Boot and Shoe Btore,
hi tutted at No 212b Main atrcet H'cntre Wheellntr).
Will alao leaso the premiaea for a term of
yea is. Fosaesalon will be ulren from the flrat
dar of April, 1691. For further particulars *ppij
totheundersigned on thepremises
IS aharcs Junction Iron Company.
&o anaios Beiiaire Nail Works.
20 aharcs LaRclle Nail Mill.
15 shares Dollar ratings flank, of Bellalre.
5 shares Taylor National Bank of Texas.
25 shares benwood Iron Works.
A shares Bison Ulsss Co. ^
R. 8. IRWIN,
Ja8 Broker, No. 24 Twelfth Street
A lot on Eoir si root between Eleventh and
Twelfth street*, on which are aome ordinary
buildings, renting for |23 per month.
J4S 1410 Main street.
LOT, corner Mtrkct and Twentyfourth
itrcetf; desirable for manufacturing site.
BEVEN ACRES near Elm Grove; desirable for
dofl i?ro Market Btreet.
Containing thirty-four acres, rich soil, good
Improvement*, fine orchard o! choice fruit,
good dwelling house and good barn. BJinaied
clone toot tiZalrsville, Belmont county. Ohio.
Cheap and easy terms.
Insurance and Be*) Mate Agent.
de4 Bridgeport, Qhlo.
Knabe Square Piano
dpi 1310 Murtef.tiwt
Tbat desirable property, 1921 and 1921 Main
street. Wheeling, *yliable for dwellings, store*
or boarding houaes, or with slight alterations,
would makeagood manufacturing site, bond,
dry cellars under both houses. Shipping fa*
cliitloi unsurpassed, for terms, etc., call on or
address J. J. FADER.
oolO Wheeling. W. Va.
run unuun
Terjr Desirable Building Lot
On North York street, opposite Capt. Thomas
rrlnco'n resltfanoe: fine view; high ground;
C7 lent/rout, > inning back to river, on lino of
now electric railroad.
A hix roomed bouio at 600 Markot atrwt,
Containing tho Virgin Forest, Coal and other
valuable minerals.
0. O. SMITH.
jaU 1229 Market street.
20 aharos Benwood Nail stock.
12 shares Ice and Btorago stock.
15 shares Belmont Nail stock.
rial otat*.
House 1207 snd 1200 Main s^eet.'
Boutn Cbapline atreet building lot.
Lots 1. 2 and 8 Gilchrist's addition, South
Front streot.
South one-half lot AS North Main atreet.
House 818 Nottb Main street.
Secretary W. T. & T. Co. aud Broker, Room 1,
Belliv Bailding. Market street. Telepono 669.
A limited number of Wheeling Bridge & Terminal
Railway Company six ptr rent first caort*
fa*e Bltjr rear tfoid Bonds are hereby offered
or Halo Theso bonds are secured by a deed of
trust ou tho Bridge Terminal tracks and other
property ol this company, and are believed to
do a good, me and pormment investment. In*
tereat payable half yearly. A pply to
GEO. tv. ECKIIAKT, Jit.,
Caxliier People's Bank, or
00% Real Futate anil 8tock Broker.
For Rent.
No. 2900 Eoff dt., storeroom and dwolllng-llfl 00
No. 2tt2 Foff street, 6 rooms 20 00
No. 87 Ohio street, Inland, 0 rooms ....... lb 00
No. 2117 Main street, storo room .... 25 00
No. 83Pouth Front street, 7 room*- 421 00
No. 23G9 Botritrcot, 6 rootBR. 16 0U
No. ai03 Main street, 2 rooms.. c uo
No. 2161 Main street, >toreroi>m... 00
Six room Irarae, Le*tbcrwood...~. 15 00
No. 2AK Eoff street, U ruoms...^ .... d S3
No. \%% FourteenUi street. 0 room*. 20 00
No. )>5 unlo htrcot, 6 rooms ...... 20 00
No 74 New Jofsey street. 0 rooms 16 CO
No. I&fl McCoilnctist., 7 rooms d storeroom 25 00
No. 2400 Main street, 12roomi... ...... 60 00
No. 1089 KotT street .. ...... 12 CO
tore room ou Twenty first st near Main*. 10 00
stable. rearo 148 >1/teenth atrfet a 00
No. 1814 Market street, office rooms.
No 1321 Eoff street, brick...... ....tt.COO
No. 182Zano street. 6 rooms 2,000.
No. 2 Vlrtlnla street, brick.. 7,0i0
No. 1107 McColloeh street, 7 room* 8,000
No. 104 Fifteenth street, brick .. '2,600
1914 Marfcet street.
tourists tickets south
VIA ??!*
THE only lino running through Pullman
Buffet Drawing Itoom and Hooping Can
irom Cincinnati to WrmijiRham and Montgomery,
Ala.; Thomatvllle, Ga.; Jacksonville,
Deals, Wild wood and Tampa, Fla., without
Tlirough Buffet Pleeping Curs between Cln?
cinnatl aud Memphis and between tincJnnati
nud Now Orleaus without change.
Double daily train service In cach direction
between Cincinnati and Memphis, between Oini
lnnatl and New Orl?sana, au?l between Cincinnati
and Florida, with equipment and speed
uncico'led. If jrnu are golug to Florida, Mexico
or California take the L & N. K. H. For further
information addrcsa
de23-Ttu< Dir. Psss. Agr.. Cincinnati. O.
? Central Standard Time.
annsylvania Lines.
Prom brldseport Station
Trains via tbo Cleveland & Pittsburgh Rail*
M\a<4 Inava hrldmnnrt (n? l?|H?hn??li (ihlMM
and CleveI*nd, 4:fitfa. m. For Plttaffurgb, loTll
*. n. For Chicago and Cleveland, 1:00 p. m. For
Flttaourgh and New York, 2:4ft p. m. For 8teu?
benville, 8:13 a.m.
Train* arrive at Bridgeport at 8:00*. m., 10:90
*.m.; 12:10 p. m ,4:62 p. m.,*nd H:l5p. m.
On Saturday* only?For Ea*t Liverpool, 6:11
p. a.; lrom Eait Liverpool, 11:12p. a.
Train* via the Pltulmrsb, Cincinnati A St.
Loul* Railway?Pan Hah<1Io Routo-leaveWbeel
Iw for ftfubearlllo. Htfhargb and the K*?t,
G:2u *. m., 12:36 p. m., 8:20 p. m , and 8:40 p. m.
For Columbu*. Cincinnati, indlanapoll* and 8t.
LouU, 0:20a. m. and 8:40 p. m. For Columbus
and Chicago, 12:86 p a. 1mini arrive at Wheeling
at 6:bi) a. m.. 10:00 a. m? 2:46 p in. an?l 8:20 p.
m. Train* leaving at 6:20 a. co. and arriving at
8:20 p. m., run aolld between Wheeling and
Pltubiirgh. _AHtrainn1*Hy uropt Ppn***.
AdrertlM In Uu IKTKLUUKKnrt,

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