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A Rare Chanc
Savers Th
Bargain No. 1?One Lot Newmarkott at 1198,
re laced from & to 910.
Bargain No. >-Ono Lot Neirmarketi at 93 OS,
reduced from 910 to 918.
^ .Bargain No. 3-Ouo Lot Jackets at f 198, worth
Bajjraln No. I-Ouo Lot Jacket* at 95, former
Ono Lot Milanpo Drew Goods at 12><c, reduced
from 2&c.
Ono Lot Wool Plaid Cloths at 39c, reduced
Irom 60c aud G5c.
Ono Lot V/i Yards WJdo Cloth at 25c, rcduccd
irom 40c aud SQc.
One Lot All Wool 81da Bind Suitings at 3Cc,
former prlco 7Gc.
One Lot 4C Inch Wide All Wool Black Cashmere
at 60c# worth 70c.
Stone &
5 AND 10 CENTS Por
Yard, Worth Doublo.
We arc pleased to announce
that we have again secured |
several thousand yards of all)
linen Torchon Laces which we
offer at above low prices. See
display of these in north window.
Have also received a
large stock of finer grades
which will be sold at old prices.
flew Embroideries
In match widths, Hemstitched,
Dotted, and other new effects.
M. J. McI'M I) I) 13PT.
Good Heavy Grey Shirts and Drawers,
all sizes, only 25 cents.
Extra Heavy Colored Merino Sbixls
and Drawers, all sizes, 33 cants.
Double Breast and Hack Camel's Hair
SlilrtB, all sizes, reduced to SO contp.
Good All Wool Ked Shirts and Drawers,
ail sizee, only 50 cents.
Best White Merino Shirts and Drawers,
very heavy and soft as silk, all sizes,
only GO rente.
Camel's Ilair Shirts and Drawers, extra
heavy and won't shrink, only 50
cents. ?
FineStripetfMerino Shirts and Drawers,
won't shrink or fddo, all sizes, only
75 conts.
Extra Fine Medicated Red Cashmere
Wool lied (Shirts aud Drawers, all sizes.
$1 00.
Latest Stylo Black Wool Shirts and
Drawers, fnat colors, all sizes, rednccd
from $1 50 to $1 25.
Fine Double Breast and Back Natural
Wool Shirt* and Drawers reduced from
$1 50 to $1 50.
Boys' Whito or Grey Shirts and Drawen,
ail sizes, -3 cents.
Iff. J. icFADDEN!
One-Price Hatter and Farnisber,
1320 and 1322 Market Street,
g tS
andload Malutl.
FrccsbAtr of l.COO additional Winter Sample# I
?more tV.au all Wheeling rewhaata com 1
Wncd-for Genu' Suit*, Overcoat* and uol I
forma luat rw-civcd from Wnnntntkcr A Hromi. |1
of Hilladclpbta." Thirty-thn-u per ccat ureal
Alidflt fu*mjlevd.
J. W. FKRKKL, A tent, I r
ooio Cor. rwonUotH and Mala itreoti ' J
:e for Money
lis Week!
200 Pieces Lancaster G ingliamsat C)$c, worth 8c.I
?C0 Plecci American Indigo Blue Calico at 1
worth 7c.
100 Pieoei Murrlmac Light Calico at 4%c.
100 Pieces Merrlmac Dark Calico at 4^c, worth
200 Piece* Lawrcnso LL. Muslin at 4%c, worth
60 Dozen Celebrated P. D. All Wool BklrU at
81, worth 912S.
40 Roll* Roxbury ana niiaiuu ibi>vsm; ?.?fctlu
at 76c, worth 00c.
25 Rolls Beit All Wool ?x Super Carpets at65c
worth 76c.
GO Smyrna Rugs at ?3 98, werth 85.
60 Smyrna Ruga at 8215, worth 83.
8i)g Intelliflfttttr.
Office: No*.20ami 27 FonrteenthStrcct.
Mew AdrortMomcinta.
Announcement-Q. Mendel & Co.?Fourth
Torchon Laces-Geo. M. Snook & Co,?Fourth
Cleaning up Sale?Stone <fc Thomas?Fourth
police to tho Public?neo. I. Garrlfon.
Lint of l.ettcm lUrmalnlug In fostofllce.
NoUcu-Hcnry 8hecuk.
Chamber of Coin mere ?.
Lost?A tfet of False Teeth.
Fourth utreot M. K. Church.
Flr-t Prwbytcrlaii Church.
White Wax caudles -hwing Bros.
Night school? > binding nuaiueu College.
Diamonds?I. G. Dillon & Co.
Ji. go <* uro. - Hardware, etc.
j JM*ud Lot lor SAltf.
i o Let-O. O. wmith.
I llellalro window OIam fitockjoruto^
Valcuunca-u. u. yuirnuy?ruuuu * ?6c.
HEWi stniHivfi
Wo aro now in receipt of n complete
Hue or Full and V Inter Woolens, cnnsbliog
of OvercoutiuL'H, suitings. 1'untuInouings
mid 1'uncy Votings, which wi*
\l arrant to moke up in llrat-cto dIjIh
at reasonable iirlce.s and lit gnarau'ced.
X complete Ihiu ot (JcntV Furnishing
Hoods hi stock. Seamier Merino and
Fast lilack Half Hone at 25c a iiair.
Hear our cclebrutcd all-wool Knit
Jackets. C. IIKms k so.is,
1321 tc 1HS8 Market Street.
IF ran can tut sou and need spectacle"
yon should call on its anil lrnie j unr lijes
tested without chargc. We have the
llnest instruments auu more experience
tliau anj other Optician in the State,
and (tuuranleti satisfaction or money remnded.
JaCOJI W. (JllUnB,
Jeweler and Optician,
Cor. Twelfth and Market Streets.
Tliermomctur lteoonl.
The thermometer at Schncpf's tlruK
store, Opera House corner, yesterday,
registered as follows:
7 a. m 28 I 3 p, m ft)
? a. w id 7 i>. m - 47
12 in ~. aa | W eailicr?Fair.
- *? -O-"- vinlnli.
tYASiuruiTun, ?inu? iu.??w? -?.? .
! fair, northeasterly wind*, stationary temperaturc.
For Western J'ennsylvanla, fair, easterly winds,
warmer, except in southwestern, stationary
for Ohio, sontheo*torly winds, stationary
temperature Iu touibttru, slightly warmer In
northern |>ortion.
ixjuAii imvri'iis.
Matters of Blinor Moment In and About
the Cltj.
Matinee at both theatres to day.
.Tiik Grand this evening?'"Silver Bird."
Orau Hoise this ovonlug?"Undo Tom's
Tub llobbs k!om works 1b running lu flltccn*
pot furuacv to its full rapacity.
Tub electric ponerwuaofl'a wbllo last night,
and can were delayed all over town.
Young meu's meetings at the Y. 31. C. A. at 7
o'clock to-night and I o'clock Sunday afternoon.
it is said that the bnildlug of tho Hank of
Wheeling will bo remodeled In tho spring, and
elegant quartern tilted up.
An eleven*) cat-old daughter of Robert Sun*:
man, who lives on Forty-eighth street, is danger*
oukly ill with spinal meningitis.
Tub u. 8. authorities are after grocery-kcopers I
in Fast Liverpool who have beeu selling oleoinargarli
o without a license. Bo far no Wheel*
lug grocer has beeu molested.
Tjiekk was only ouoco*o In tho police court '
restcrday. liurn I.ce. a vug., who went to the i
hi for fifteen days. Yesterday afternoon Rob*
ert Arlington, a disorderly esse, was run In by
Officer cruico.
An Interesting meeting of colored voters of the
Second ward was buhl last night In the Second
ward Market Hull. G. W. Brunswick presided.
Somo good speccoes were mado, mid tnc meeting
udJourneJ to cuuveiie again Moaday night.
Tiik Now Cumberland JmUpaidtni says: The
Superintendent oi the Wheeling dt take Erie
railroad was in Cumberland a few days since,
aud weut along the lino of tho brick factories
nbovo town, taking in tho lay of the landscape.
Mrs. Scott Hdd.ns, the famous antrosi, has
beuu booked by Mtn>ger Rlcstor for tlie Opera
House, Tuesday: January 2U. Mrs. pjdnotu u
giving a series of drau.aue recita a, and Whealing
people are lucky to have the opportuuity of
hearlug her. the Is a lino reader aud a beautiful
Tup. now heating funucc* being put in at tho
I?a Hoile Irou Works are about ready to bo operated.
They ar.o the Smith patent and are Intended
to be double tho capacity of theold ones.
Mr. Frank Raymond, a nailer iu tho LaBuile
factory, has luveuied a uew feeder, a number of
which liavo been put iu at thu La Belle and
which work very nicely.
Straugori iu the City aud Wheeling Folk*
Mr. tieorgo Vardy U Id Parkeraburg.
J. f. Crce, of Wellaburg, whs down yesterday.
Samuel Smith, ol Berkeley Spring*, In in tbo
Kr*nk M. Grahua, of New Cumberland, li in
tbo city.
i lio member* of the Silver Bird Company are
at the Motel lk'blcr.
MUsLy^a Irwin, who was visiting ber slater
In chicago, la home.
Mia. Teeco, ofBohevuo, Pa., la the guest of
Mrs. John M. Sweeney.
John A. fenuvr.ot BatnwlUo, Ohio, was at
tbo aioLurc yesterday.
Mrs. 8. P. lllidrvth and Mrs. Susan Ilildrcth
have gone to California.
Capt. J. F. Ltrro Is In town, lie registers
from ribepherdsiown now.
Edmuud Stausbcrry, a Cincinnati insuranco
adjuster, Is at the AlcLure Iioumj.
Joseph Cheuront, of West Union, Doddridgo
county, was at the btamm yesterday.
Mnuagor O'Brien, of tho Mutual Life Insur*
ante Company. Pittsburgh, la In tbo city.
? ?. tt?>n.t rhiflw K. Llntril nt Pilf.
mont, wcriTftt the SUmm boitae lout nl#ht." "**
Invitation* have been ??nt out by MliaKtQc
Rum 11 for utxt MouJay cvenlog. for a drive
whtat part j.
Mr. Frauk Tucker, late one of thoeditora of
the (irnphlc, ba? gooo to JluntinKton to take the
position of editor o( the Jftrald there.
Mr. A J>. Cuihlr k hoc* to Charleston, R. C., todar.
where ho win bo?ujpioytd bv Brant A
Kitllcr. who aic getting up a book of historical
aketehvii there.
The flr^t of next week Rev. R. R. Swope, D.
D., rector of H. Matthew'* P. K. church, will
letvefur Cincinnati, where ou Wednesday eve*
nint next ho will deliver a lecture at St. 1'aul'a
P. K. church ou "The Vocation of tbo Teacher."
Have you seen Geo. M. Snook & Oo.'a
cheap cloaks?
A chance to save monoy?read Stone
& Thomas' ad. ,
Tub Vienna Jlread at tho Wheeling
Bakery is made .witb sweet milk.
Cleabiso Up Sale?Jlead titope ft
rhomas' ad.
The Coutral GIimh Work* Committee Hume
from luillaua.
Tho Committee of the stockholders of
the Central Olasi Works which went to
Anderson, Ind., to Inspect the American
glass works with a view to purchasing
It anil removing thers returned yesterday.
The committee consisted of August
Rolf, Peter Cassell, \V. M. Hondlan,
James Leisure, I.. F. Ntifel and Louis
Hchaub. While absent they also visited
Elwood and Muncie. Several members
of the committee were seen, but they
were disposed to he reticent as to their
views of the location, inspected. One
member said last night that the stockholders
had not yet bad a meeting.
The committee would no: present a formal
report, because there were scarcely
any two of them who were exactly
agreed, Several of them favored removal,
but not all thought Anderson
the best location or considered it wise to
purchase the American works. Other
members of the committee were opposed
to removal altogether. Wben there is a
meeting, the committeemen will make
individual statements of their ideas, and
. j.j .. ?
It IS reKHriiUU UO ciUGuicy uwuunu.
whother the stockholders will vote to
The Anderaon. Ind., Daily Democrat
of last Wednesday has the following:
Representatives of the Oontral Glass
Company of Wheeling, W. Va., who)
have been in the city for the pant two j
days, went to Elwood this morning to |
look at the factory sites at that; place,
they came to Anderson for the purpose
of inspecting the plant of the American
Glass Company, which is to be sold Jan*
uarv 17. They seemed to be pleased
with the Amorican Company's plan, and
will report to the stockholders, who will
bold a meeting Friday at Wheeling, to
decide what to do.
The Central Glass Company is one of
the largest glass manufacturing firms in
the United States; their idea of corniug
to Indiana is for the purposo of obtaining
frro fuel. Within the past few
weeks the price of natural gas has beon
raised in that portion of the country, so
that it is veiy expensive. They bavo
gone to El wood to-day upon the special
invitation of 0. F. D*ai, of the PanHandle,
who is largely interested in real
estate at that place.
Cai>U Frank Healjr In Gtvon a Iliurisoiuo
(Jolri Uitilga by III* Frieuris.
The momboMaf tho Mark T train Rod
and Gun Club, accompanied by some
eighty friends, repaired to the Atlantic
Engine Houao yesterday afternoon,
whore they were met and shown the
workings of the Dspartwent by Chief
liealy. In exactly eighteen seconds
from the time the alarm sounded the
horses were harnessed.
The crowd then repaired to the upper
story to inspect the bunks and the
Chief's apartment. Here Chief of Police
Louis Delbrugge, in a few appropriate
remarks on behalf of the Club, presented
Chief Healy with a handsome aud elaborate
firo chiefs badge. Capt. liealy
was so surprised he could not give utterance
to bis feelings, but he wttu helped
out by Jesse Fesner, of Jiellaire, who
thanked tho donora in n neat (speech,
promising on Healy's behalf that he
would prove himself capable for the position
and would show to the Wheeling
citizens n good administration.
Noah Zane and Vice President Jimmy
Travis each made a few remarks and
with many good wishes to the new
Chief the crowd adjourned.
The badge is of solid gold, and artistically
engraved, and was desigued by
Messrs. Wheat & Iiaucber, of this city.
The inscription is as follows:
"Presented to Chief Frank Healy by
the members of tbo Mark Twain Hod
and Gun Club, January 1G, 1891."
The members of tho club wjshitctated
that notwithstanding an erroneous impression
in the city, it is a non-sectarian
and non-political organization, gotten
up only for recreation. The membership
is about ovenly divided as to creed and
a a ... ? Uli..Ifflnn
Dr. "Vim Wegener, of Bridgeport, met
with a painful accident yesterday with
a pair af runaway Texas ponies. He
bad made a call ut McDonald's, on the
Cadiz road, and the ponies being norrous
ami irritable, started just as he.
was getting into the buggy. The Doctor
was thrown forward over the dashboard
upon the buggy tongue, and before
he could extricate himself from his i
perilous position, the ponies kicked him I
in the left side, breaking tbroo of bis
ribs. He was brought to his home, aud
Dr. Charlfls Frissell, of this city, summoned.
He dressed his hurts and mado1
him as comfortable aa possible. Alter
the Doctor got away lrom the ponies
they ran like scared rabbits down the
Eike to Bridgeport, demolishing the
uggy. They were caught in Kirkwood.
The ponies hare run off before,
and have been considered unsafe.
Public 01 (uk Meeting Suudajr.
The work which has been* dono by
Sir. b'awyer and his co-laborers at the
Mission on Market street eon hardly be
appreciated by the outaido public. In
order that something more may be
known about it, a public meeting huB
been arranged to be held at the Opera
Houee, on Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock,
at which time Mr. Sawyer will give a
full report of tho work. It iB expected
that soino of the city pastors will also
mako short addresses. The .Kilean
male quartette, Mr. J. H. Parjter leading,
?.21! I. >nn ultn.Mfi ?f *Ua miiniii naatafuil
I Win im*D bUWLD Ul ?UU ujuufuI URSIBWU
by Mr. Harry Kaaley with the cornot.
Ibis will be o very entertaining meeting,
and a cordial invitation is extended to
Nothing Mtw In t(:e Itch Caae.
There ^ere no new developments in
the alleged case of smallpox at tho Peninsular
cemetery yesterday. The Bhed
ordered to be built over the tent is
making rapid progress. The Alien made
her first trip ycstordiy since alio was
quarantined, leaving here just before
noon. Tho father o! the patient,
Mr. Williamson, is still here, but has
taken no legal steps to get the custody
of his boy. The question is how long
the case is to bs maintained at the city's
expense. The subject is still a topic of
j general discussion.
The South SI do Hank.
After mgny vexations delays, the
South Side Bank bos ct last gotten into
its new quarters, built and prepared
especially for it on Sooth Jacob street.
The room has been fitted up with a
splendid burglar and tire proof vault and
in it was placed or. Wednesday a fine
large safe. Tho office is one uf the most
convenient uuu euuimuuiuuo ?ur mu pur
poso in town and the bank atarta off
under the most favorable auapicca.
In tUa Circuit L'ouit.
Louia M. lilery, a native of Switzerland,
and John Cousor, a native of Germany.
were yeaterday admitted to citizenship
by the Circuit Court.
A final decree was entered in the coco
of William McAdame va, Elizabeth
Cbarnock, et al., diatributing the proceeda.
The chancery case of the Albuquerque
National Bank va. Wilson waa argued.
"Sllrer Bird" nt [Mr Ornnil.
"Standing room Only" waa what the
patrons ol the Grand found lut night
when the cnrltin went up. Miss Dais;
Beverly nnd her company appeared in
the beautiful Western drauia, "Silver
Bird." Miss Beverly la the title role,
allowed lieraelf to be an artist of raro
ability. Mr. W, J. Brown as Wjld Wen,
Mr. Oicar Trayte aa Carlo iloi.it, Mjsa
Clara Turner aa llealrict, and Little
Pansy aa Young Eagle, were all good in
their parte, especially the latter. OITthe '
specialties, the New York Mirror Qoar. '
telle Is the best ever seen here, while
the Bell Sisters and Messrs. Boyd and
Weston were exceedingly good. The
company will give a matinee (or lailics
and children tbia afternoon, and nloee
ibelr engagement to-night. Heuta at '
The oconery carried ia by the late
Matt. Morgan, who died recently while {
Sainting scenery at the New Madison ,
ijnare Garden, New York. Among the
eta are tho famous Bine Oanvon of 1
Arizona, the Gave ol Plunder, Priiraatic
Bonfire, the Railroad Train. Monte Carlo i
a liuuv liiminnd.
The Drowned 91ao fnuud nt New Blata- 1
moras wan Frauk Mauley.
Murray Stanley, a young son o(
Frank Stanley, who diaappeared from
hla home here last November, and
Jatnea McTigbe, a brothor-in-law of the
missing man, went down to New Mat*moras
yesterday to inquire as to the
man'a body found near there recently.
The description given by the Coroner
was so close to that of Stanley that his
relative! were almost certain that it trns
he. When his eon and brother-in-law
returned to the city last night they Bald
they had no ditQculty ia identifying the
body, and that it was Stanley's, articles
taken from bis body left no room for
When the body was found the neck
was broken, Uos this was done can
scarcely be even conjectured. Th?re
??? ?? nrltflnn/l ?nnini> iliot. RfnttluV
had a quarrel with some person on Market
street the night before his disappearance.
Thero was a story that Stanley
had been beaten insensible and
taken to a boat houso. This could be
traced to no foundation, but nothing is
more evident than that a man with a
broken neck could get into the water
without the instrumentality of some
other person.
Something to Look back to.
It has been but a few days since it was
announced that Henry M. Stanley and
wife would visit Wheeling February 10,
yet alrtady the interest manifested indicates
the greatest event of the kind ever
known in Wheeling. This is but natural.
Stanley is the greatest of living explorers,
and few dead ones enjoyed as great
famo. Had Livingstone ever appeared
on tho platform, what an ovation he
would huve received, and with what
pride would people now recall that they
Lad seen and heard him. It is much the
same with Stanley. He is in tho prime
of life, and says hio work in Africa is not
done. As he goes on in the future making
history, it will be a source of prido to all
* L!_ 1 ... in in k#?
WliO IIBBT mm uuro couiuai; iv, iaj uu
aule to say that they heard him tell his
own story of the expedition for the relief
of Emin, and the marvelous discoveries
ho made. It is a thrilling story,
told by own hero.
Tratmfcrtt llecurtlod.
Olerk llook yesterday admitted to
record one deed of trust and transfers as
Juno 3,1880, by Walter Daggan and
wife to Thomas McDowell, for $130, lot
98 in Jacobs' addition, on Kail road
January 16, by Thomas McDowcll to
Cornelius 0'flare, for $180. lot 08, on
Railroad street.
January 9, by Nancy Rodders to Linda
Cox, for $130, lot 40 in West Liberty.
Januarys,by Rebecca W. JJundy to
James II. Lancaster, a deed of correction
for lot 104, on Maryland street, Island.
January 12, by James H. Lancaster
and others to George W. Lemon, for
$2,000, lot 104, on Maryland street.
Jauuary 8, by II. F. Behrenaand wife
and Joseph Speidel and wife to Charles
Gegner, for $800, lot 0 in Behrens &
Speidel's addition.
Fuct?Soeue, Wheeling.
Lstblligeargil reporter to street car
conductor?"Pat, are you going to vote
for 8eabright and Delbrugge?"
Pat?"Why. to be Bure. A'int they
Reporter?"Pat, I thought you were
one of the respectable Irish."
Pat?"Sure an' I am. A'int Seabright
and Delbruggo as good as inoBt Dimuieerat
Reporter?"Pat, would you vote for
the Df vil if ho were on tho Democratic
Pat?"Icdada I would. I wouldn't a
used to, bat I've been fetched to it gradually.
I've voted for iverything but the
Divil an' I'm fixed for him now.",r.y^
4uother Small Asslgument. v
A deed of assignment was yesterday
rtcurueu uy wmcu auhui jhhuium iruunfers
to L. A. Rolf all his clock of goods
and the fixtures in bis confectionery
store at 22D8 Main alreet, and all his
other personal properly except 8100
worth of personal property, to bueoluby
said Rolf for the bsutfit of Eislen's
creditors. The following debts are preferred
i Dovener A Wiedubusch, drawing
up the transfer, $25; then the costs
and commissions of the trust, and rent
due, and after that all debts are to -be
paid, in full if possible, and if not, then
pro rata.
"What shall I do!" Iho maiden cried.
"He will be here to-night and my hands
are chapped; however I have a bottle of
dalvation Oil."
Old remedies under new names are
being constantly introduced to the public,
but Dr. Bull's 'Cough Syrup still
maintains its pre-eminence.
The McLure House Pharmacy, a 1
model prescription store, Open all Hiijht.
Cloaks at your own prices.
Geo. M. Snook Jt Co.
Tiiiok is no water used in Vienna
Bread at the Wheeling Battel]'.
All cloaks at cut prices. Ssook&Co. <
Henry Scuenk has purchased the '
saloon of Henry Schwartz, on Market 1
street, and will in a few days be prepared
to serve bis friends in the best ol
Orders for pure Rye and Bourbon
Whisky promptly filled at Laity's, 2100
Main street. ^
Read Stone <fc Thomas' ad.
Auotber Calamity.
Another frightful calamity, the results
o! which can be attributed to the heavy
snow storm of Tuesday and Wednesday,
occurred on Main street, a few doors
above Twelfth, yesterday. Tbeappalling
results of this act of Providence was tbe
enlargement of tbe cut and the total destruction
of prices at Half's shoe store,
at 1143 Main street, and thopeoplo aro the
benefactors by it. Call and e?iiniino the
goods and ascertain prices and you will
be convinced of the truth. Alargestock
of rubber foot wear is kept on hand to
meet inch emergencies as wo aro now
brought to facc and their prices have not
Newmarkets at one-third price?.
Some at Ices. Geo. M. S.vook & Co.
vienna Bread at the Wheeling Bakery
is beet tor family use.
Tim Mcl.ure Boose Pharmacy, a
model prescription store, Open all flight.
p )
Money savers?read Stone & Thomas'
E. L. Rose & Co., No. 51 Twelfth
street, have left n few of the finest of
Uieir elegant Holiday Sewing Machines,
which theywill offer at prices sure to
make room tor new goods in other lines.
Don't miss this opportunity.
Attend Geo. M. Snook & Co.'s great
cloak sale.
Kxournlon to Clnclunatl*
The Pennsylvania lines will sell exenraion
tickets to Cinoinnati at the rate
olSlO 15, Rood returning until February
3, Inclusive.
Children Cry forjtycherjs Cwtoria.
1 PnUuo Car Porter I'lill* off iIihJJ,4U
Hi Idgu ttud Dies ia it Vt\f Minute*.
Early yesterday morning, when the
Cincinnati express, east bound, stoppec
it Beilaire, R. L. Bibletts, a colored por
:er on a Pullman car, discovered thai
Mr. L fcj. Wood bridge, who bad gutter
off at Beilaire, had left a mileage boo)
in the car. He ran to the car platform
and leasing well out from the car anc
looking toward the rear of the train
called to the baggage man to come anc
got the book. While ho was in tha1
position tho train gained coosidorabh
headway and a post at the ontranceo:
the bridge struck him, knockinghim of
the platform and over the railing. Ii<
fell about a hundred feet to the frozex
earth near the water's edge, killing bin
almost inatantly. He struck the groum
on one foot, and hid shoe was drivex
into the frozen ground several inches,
When those at the station got to him h<
was still breathing, bnt died in a fev
miuutea. The remains were taken t<
the baggage room of the station, when
a coroner's inquest was held and a ver
diet of accidental death rendered. Sib
lott was a resident of Cincinnati and th
remains were sent there.
An laKtUutlon of which Wheeling *houli
be Prouil.
To the Edltoi oj the Intc'.llqaiter.
Sib:?-There are a number of improve
ments introduced in these days, whicl
add much to the comfort of the travel
ing public. Among these, an importun
step in advance is the establishment c
hotels on the European plan, wirti ret
taurants attached, aud without tne at
coinpaniraent of barn, billiard rooms o
other gaming. These aro now found ii
all the large towns and cities, am
Wheeling can boast of one which is i
The writer has been travelling for flj
teen years, in /our atatea, stopping ii
country towns and cities. I tiud no nei
hotels that surpass the Hotel Vac
Kturen, at 40 Twelfth street, in Wheel
iDg. Tne rooms are nicely fitted up ii
all respects, and the proprietor pride
himself especially on clean beds am
good order, while the table is provide
with the very bnattho market has, got
ten up in eucb an appetizing and ctioic
manner as is not always found in a mor
pretentions hotel. Ho ulwayB gives pel
feet satisfaction, and such order an
decorum ar.i seldom seen. When
man settles the moderate bill he is sur
to conclude, "When I come this wa
aguin I will stop right here."
A.O. Mautin.
A I'leualng Seiiae
of health and strength renewed and <
easo and comfort follows the use (
Syrup of Figs, as it acts iu harmony wit
uature to effectually cleanse the systei
whon costive or bilious. For sale in 5(
and $1 bottles by all leading druggists.
400 piece* Embroidery from \ inch t
40 inches, price 2c to ?1 98.
250 pieces real torchon laco, j inch f
U In(illi*B Wiuu i luoh. ill our tc pauurus.
200 pieces silk cord rucbing 5c a yar
or 25c a box.
2,000 pieces muslin underwear froi
19c up; we invite your attention to lb
make and linieb of our underwear, as w
believe wo aro the only house that hi
ever placed these goods at ouch poputa
ftrices in this city. Wo will opeu in
ew'days noveltlfs in our ready mad
department that will be worthy of you
inspection. H. Emshkimer,
IS and 20 Eleventh street.
The Vienna Bread at the Wheelin
Bafctry is made with sweet milk.
Thuek vil'akteit Jackets at oncthir
prices. Some at less. Snook <fc Co.
The UoHtln tlio World.
J. B. Loughran, ex-Mayor of Norfc
Des Moines, and the Locust street mane
facturerof ateam engineo and boilen
said: "X had a severe attack of la gripnc
I used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
and applied Chamberlain's Pain Balm l
my breabt. These remedies were jas
the thing in my cace. My child ba<
croup some years ago,and we used Cham
berlain'e Couj;h Kuraedy with perfec
success; since thou we have never beei
without theee medicines in cur bouse
I bad a cousin who was a printer am
was employed in this city, where the]
were printing circulars forChamberlain
He had a deep-seated cold and a terribh
cough, and while setting up the copy In
made up his mind to buy a bottle. Ii
cured his cough, and that was the firs
time I ever knew anything of Chamber
Iain's remedies. I have been stronglj
in their favor ever since. My own ex
perienco and that of my family con
vinces mo that theee remedies are th<
beat in the world. That may be stroDi
language, but that is what I think.
For sale bv VV. W. Irwin. C. K. Goctze
J. Klari, 0. 8chnepf, M. W. Heinrici
John Coleman, W. E. Williams, 0
Menkcmiller and W. C. Armbrecht.
Sealskin Jackets cheap. Snook <Se Co
Tuere ia no water mod in Vienni
Bread at the Wheeling liikery.
A Fatal SlUUke,
flijuiciiinn make no more fatal mis
talto than when they inform patient!
that nervous heart trouulea como Iron:
the stomach and aro of little conse
uenco. Dr. Franklin Milea, the notec
Indiana specialist, has proven the con
trarj iu hia new book on "Heart Dis
ease," which may bo had free at tin
Logan Drug Co.'s, who guarantees and
recommends Dr. Miles' unequaled Ken
Heart dure, which has the largest Bali
Qf any heart remedy in the world. Il
surea nervous and organic heart disease,
short breath, (iuttetUc, pain or tender
iieen in the side, arm or shoulder, irregU'
lar pulw. fainting, smothering, dropsy,
ate. Ilia Restorative Nervine curee
headacho, fits, etc. tthsaw-2
Vienna Bread at the Wheeling Bak<
?ryia bestfor family UBe.
Fun and plush capeB cheap.
tut1m3-9 Geo. M. Snook & Co.
r-? ?
I,. K. Goon pnlla dry anniln til" eheanwt,
Many peculiar points mako Hood's Sar?
lanarllla superior to all other medicines.
Peculiar In comblnallou, proportion^
and preparation of Ingredients, VT(fc
Hood's Sarsaparllla possesses Jr*SSf^
tho full curatlvo valuo of
ucafc auuhu 4?iu?ui?y v*
Uio vegetable king-^r -/O^/doin.
Peculiar In itsstrength
and economy?Hood's 8arsaparflla
is^r(fc4r^^th? onlyucdl*
clno ot^r ^^/wblch can truly
besald,>^J?> "OnoHundred Doses,
On* jr (Qk Dollar." Medicines In
XJDlarger and smaller bottles
^\vroqulro larger doses, and do not
> ^Tproduco qs SQ<4 results as Hood'si
^Peculiar in its medicinal merits,
Hood's SarsaparMa accomplishes cures hltbcrto
unknown, and has won for ItselfV.
tlio tltloof "Tbo greatest blood>r*fc
purifier ercr discovered."jT
Peculiar 1 nIts14goodnamo S'kCi*/[t
home,"?thcro Is now S VW^nore
of Hood's 8arsaparllla^r ^ sold In
Lowell, whoreKS^rltIsmado,
than of all^ ^^othcr blood
purlflors.^^? ^y^TPccullar In Us
phenomo- S Maal record of sales
ahroad^^r >?yXao othci preparation
has jver attained such popularity
in so short a time,
^^and retained its popularity
VSJ^rand confldcnco among all classes
/of peoplo so steadfastly.
Do not be induced to buy other preparations,
but be sure to get the Peculiar Medicine,
Hood's Sareaparllla
BoldbjralldniftUU. fl;alxforf5. Prepared only
hj a L HOOD * CO., Apothtcariea, Lowell, Him.
100 Doses One Dollar
. AllHortaof Local Stmt uud tiosslp from
the OIim City.
i John Cratty, of the Fourth ward, U the guest
of hii father, at Fiudlay.
I The Matt F. Allen did not land at Bellaire on
. her down trip ynterday.
l Tho steamer Hudson took a big lot of glass
1 hero yesterday for the South.
I Mr?. Andrew Kcderur U suffering with au
. acute attack of the grip, which has settled In
1 her throat.
, Milton Moore Is furnishing the sawed lumber
[ for tho trestUng and bridges of the P., 0. V. &
1 C. railroad.
[ The marshal cspturod a boy named Lawrence,
[ aged only fourteen, from Pittsburgh,aud has art
ranged to send hioi home.'
) M. P tlelsey hss a contract for furnishing the
f La Belle mill, at Wheeling, with cordwood, aud
r is ahlpplug it from i'luch ituu.
Warren Springer is lying vory low at his
' Fourth wan home, tho doctor bavlux given up
l all hope. Consumption U the trouble.
l The B.&0. ice houses hero aro being filled,
i Tho ones hero and at Zauesvllle will have had
* stored in them in a few days loo cars of lee.
A Martin's Ferry box factory has the contract
' for furnishing boxes f ,t some of tho^bushouies
) here. One car per day Is required t<r keep them
j going.
, John Itaukln. of this city, left yesterday for a
trip lu the interests of J. c. Dent ?St Co., whom
a he represent!, to Toledo aud northwestern
. points.
i. Mrs. Lizzie Gallagher, aged twonty years, died
g I yesterday of oouiumptlou. A husbaud and baor
boy surrlve her. Tne funeral will occur tnli
afternoon from the residence of William Turn'
bun at 2 o'clock.
il A man named Kidder, formerly of Burr'i
Mills, left bib wlfo live years ayo. The wife now
receives notice of a divorce suit brought by him,
saying sho ran away from him. Deposition!
). will bo taken and senton to Michigan, where be
Ij now is.
A young gentleman school teacher and o
voting lady school teacher of <mlth township
t have crcatcd somewhat of a sensation in their
if respective neighborhoods. Both aro ol good
. family. A baby was presented to blm the other
| da^r, and marrlago or prosecution is to be the re
r Mrs. A. Kinker, wife of J. W. Riuker, tho gro
a cer, died at her homo iu the Fourth ward ye*
i terday mornlug after along sickness, having had
J a complication of discates. No funeral arrange
a monts have as yet been made. Oue daughter
lives at Monrocvllle, Col., ono at SUverton, Col.,
and ono ut Ubrlchsville, 0.
J ilAKTl.Vs' t'EUUY.
i- A Ollnlnter'a Farewell?Tim New ISreweryPersouals,
a Don't fail to see the great roller.skating raceat
a iho Lafayette Rink this (Saturday) ovoning.
J The forge department aud mills oue two an<!
j three at tho dtuudard mill will be oil* next wcei
^ for ropatra. .
Yesterday a nl"e yearold son of Mr. Petei
8 Hell fell on the fee while skating aud cut a large
e gash in his head.
. Mr. L. Ppeuco was presented with a larg(
(i ofllce chair on the occasion on his sixty-secoui'
birthday on Wednesday.
a Kmmett McD.iwoll, champion roller skater o
'? tho world, and Lyman It Indian, another chum
y pion, will run u race at tho roller rink, to-night
Mrs. Harry North wood entertained 'a party o
twenty friends In a dunning manuor yesterda;
sfieruoon at their elegant new home on Broad
Last evening Mr. J. M. Lytlo received a checl
>f from the Odd Fellows' Mutiul Beuetlt and Accl
.( dent Association for Mr. Jacob Am, who luu
" been laid up llvo weeks.
h Rev. James Cop*, who hai chargciat Ti'ton
n ville, Bush Kuu, Warren ton and New Alexan
)c (inn, was in the city yesterday. He has grown i
beard and looks much older. Ho Is having ex
celleut success for his Hrst year.
Mr. Jesse Buudy, a well known young man o
0 Coleralu, who has been clerkiug iu Maul's stori
at Coleraln, died yesterday mornlug very sud
. denly. He was in bis usual health on Thurs
u day. The deceased was twenty-two years ol(
and was much liked.
d Rev C. M. Conway will preach his farcwel
sermon in tho raptlst church to-morrow even
ing. Ho will novo to Union City, l'a., on Wed
Hi-sun}, wiivrv mi >?m uuuvvr inn luiruuuuiurj
ie sermon to morrow* week. Mm. Coinvay leavo
u o day to visit her paruuts at i'orkorsburg, W
18 Va., befoie going to Uulon City.
r Brick masons are working on tbo fourth stor]
ir of tbo Uelmoni brewery. ^'*io main buiidlui
a will ba one of iho bust in M?rtln's Kerry Tin
t? brewery will bo ready to ?tart about March 1
Yesterday seventeen large ca>ks were purchase*
" from the schtnulbach brewing Company, cacl
having a capacity of l.ttO gallons.
Mr. Edward McComb and Miss Cassie Chand
ler, popular young people of thU city, wen
quietly married hi tue residence of tbobride'i
6 purents, Mr uud Mrs Joseph Chsudier, or
rhursdsy evenjBK Rt ? o'clock, by Rev. I. S
Winters, pastor oitlio M. li. church. Only a few
j relatives and friends were present.
Bridgeport JBrlifs.
G. W. CuKlok, of Rush Run, was In town skak'
log hands with friends yesterday.
l Bcott it Mc'irew havo begun the erection of t
u new carpenter shop on the vacant lot north oi
L- the Diamond Flour Mill.
I, Protracted meeting at the M. E. church is bfr
? lng wellattonded. a few conversions buve bcon
, made and it Is hoped that more will follow bo?
foro the meeting closes.
0 The I 0. O. F. lodgo here, which has owned
t the old building used by Scott A McGraw and K.
j 11. Clnylsud for tho past two years, will tear the
front out tbls spring and putluono of more
modern design. They will tben remodel tho
t uulJdlug and give it a general overhauling, and
} will also add a third story, which will be used
for lodgo purposes. This Improvement when
completed will add greatly to tno appearance of
1 Hank street.
| Bnhy AHUctcd with llad Sores and
Ki options. No Keller. Permanently
Cured by the Catlcurn.
' Durlug the summer of 1M9 my eighteen
5 months* old Infaut was ro afflicted with crupI
lions that ordinary domr!<tlc romedies failed to
> give any relief. On his hips would often appear
the seeming track of a little warlike worm, and
on other parts of his body bud sores camo and
, remained till 1 procured tho Cuticura Kkmicdies.
For some time I used the sosp and salve
' without a blood mediclue. but thoy did not do
so well as when all were usod together. It bus
now been pearly a year sinco the eruption was
healed, and 1 very in?ch feared it would return
with tho warm weather of this year, butthosnm
him. Mm*. A. M. WALKER,
1 % Carsonvllle, ua.
Sore from Waist Down.
I bud threo of the best pbyalclans In Padurah,
anl they did me no good. I tued your Cuticura
- Heuuhbb, a d they bavocurv4 mo aound and
) well. I was sore Horn my waist down with fo.
wma. They havo cured mo with no algn of ro*
1 turn. I owo my Ufo to Cuticura, for wrhout a
* doubt. I would have bcou iu my grave had it not
I b^en for your remedies. Allow me to return
myaiucercat thank*. W. H. UUALL8.
Paducah, Ky.
! Cuticura Remedies
l If tho thouaanda of little bablea who have been
r cu-ed of BgoLlxlcg lichlnir. burn<nv, bleeding.
. icaly. and blotchy sklim and scalp disease could
write, what * bom of lotters would be roreived
? by the proprlct'ira cf the Cuticura Rimidiu.
. Few can appreciaie the agony tnea* llttlo one*
sullc. and when thcac *reat ronudloa relieve In
a bIiirIo ai<pl Ion tbo moat dUtreaalng ernrnaa
and Itching and burning *kln diaeasea, and pelut
, toaapcedy and permanent cure, It In positively
Inhuman not to use them without a moment's
1 delay.
Sold everywhere. Prlc*. Cuticura, 60c; Soap,
2Vs; Kwolviict, II. 1'rcpared by tho PorrrR
Drco and Chemical Cot i*oRATioN,Roaton,Maia.
forrHow to Cure Bkin Dtacaaea."
D X D V *Q Hkln and Pcalp purified and beautified
DflDl 0 \,y Cuticura 8o*i\ Absolutely wure.
Aching Sld'i and Back. Hip, Kidney.
> fjCS# and Uterine Pains, and ttbeuraatism
' ^rllrved in one minute, by the G'uti.
Antl-Faln Planter. The ttrei
and oniy Inatantarroua paln-klnlng plMter.
<sj^r BV
^ ^ ,fthlr,?fri990 j
A iiAlffi.
Tbo Taiuo of a nhoo ia largely measured by the
wear you MM get out of 41, but ihero la aoxnethlDg
eUo to bo comMered. If that wero tbo
only point, rboca with Iron beel? and aolea
wrul<i be mado But durability la only one of
the quallUca to be borne In mind An id fitting
boo la an Instrument of torturo, and a aboe
whlcb doea not look well la in eyo aore. Get a
ahco that will protect and aid tbo foot Inatead
of being a detriment to It. You' can caally be
deceived, but tba? will be became you bare
been unwUc in yu* rclectlon of a place for
pnrchaMnR. Yon will run no rlaka if you will
allow ua to fit you.
Wo fit feet correctly In Btyllah and Durable
Bboca at a moderate coat.
Alexander & Co.,
8BOIia?LLKK'<, 1048 M?ln Blunt. M
And Rubbers of BestMakes,
-si Not Snucu Ik Qcautt, i=?
M26 1128 Ualu Street, Roger'a Block.
WE desire to announce to our friends
and the public generally that we have
associated ourselves in business under the
firm name of G. Mendel & Co., for the purpose
of conducting the Furniture, Carpet and Undertaking
business in all its branches, and respectfully
solicit a continuation of the very liberal
patronage extended to the old firm.
We have already added largely to our facilities,
and are now in a position to serve you
promptly with the very best goods manufactured,
and trust you will look our line over
carefully and find it an object to have us supply
your wants. Mail orders will be acknowledged
and given prompt attetion.
h. c. franzheim,
g. ed mendel,
m. kirchner.
t ON furniture,
i carpets,
EASY stoves,
; PAYMENTS. heaters.
| -THEi
Wheeling Instalment Co.,
; "i h
' 1136 to 1140 Market Street.
i Store Closes at 7 O'clock, CHINAWARE,
bed. ^
The occupant of this bod is in no danger whatever. The guns which are
trained upon It are of the heaviest calibre, but Undo Sam has no cannon balls that
can produce anv effect upon it. No wonder the sleeper remains undisturbed. Of
course he would be in danger if he wero reposing behind a target of ten inch steel,
but having purchnsnd the bed from HOUsE & HERRMANN be understands
its quality well enough to know that he is perfectly safe.
House & Herrmann,
On Easy Payments.
16T A foil and compute block of the best the market affords iu each line,
? o ?
J. L. BALLARD, Manager. jag
Scientific Optici&n I no. <& Fimcm strut,
-MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15.VotiSii'liiKincArr,!
> ('ORKir. ?,... J UL1UR HOOBE.
I^byonlA,MvopU,^UamitUmAadAllMnd?Qt Thorou*h, *yiiom?tlo initruetion in all bnmchca
Sr k vraSwinwmiotfrelf?, YH'0.*"!1 ?'U|7S'- formald?t*mn?nt
Iorth,_lrMnln,or Towl,, . k,md?omi
_ _ *i??QHigcs in Modern Languages.
With J* A. LASHf thO JfiW0lOF? for CtUlogue. For further Inform*.
^9s^e9====^bS====Ss=^=9 t,on PP1* Wednesday, September 3, to
V Ho. 46 Fifteenth atreet, Wbeellnc, W. Va.
j^to^uuSrr!>%.ar!wibuihT^ f^ATALOQUES, LISTS, CIRCULARS
gggsw- w^sur4 u -d rM??csr^
jEt liUUaiketiUML No. 2S tad a7 JourMtath utrMl
Children's Cloalcs ana
Ladles' Newmarkets at
$15.00 Cloak at 85.00.
$12.00 Cloak at 84.00.
SO OU Cloak at 8)1.01).
$7.50 Cloak at $2.50.
&c. &c. ic.
N. B.?These goods will not be
sent on memorandum or exchanged.
Great Bargains on our Rem
nantCounter In
KG G10 It, WAIlltICK & CO.
Gleaning Horn
After the Christmas rusk
we are now house cleaning,
so to speak.
Ours is a clearance safe
that will put money in your
pockets. Positively 110 goods
will be carried over if extraordinary
values are any inducemt-nt
to buy. We have
sacrificed the prices to push
the goods out fast.
Entire stock of Remnants,
the ends of the best goods
sold during the season, the
largest accumulation we ever
had, will be sold at onehalf
regular price.
In Cloaks and Wraps, as we
nave no room to carry mem
over, and at these prices you
can afford to buy them.
* 1132 Mntn Strwt. it}
14-16 A 1418 Market Bt, Wheeling, W.Ti
vJT 6uccoeaore to Thompson A lUbberA
Practical Flombers, Gas & Steam Flttts
Hr?ciALTn?? Natural Gai Bnpplitc, Btua
Ho*ting and Ventilation.
1&14 MARKET ST., Wheeli**. W. Tl
All work promptly done at moat reasonable
prloea. 1?*
Plumbers, Gas and Steam Plttere,
All worlt done promptly at reaflr,ni>M? rrfr?
Galvanized IroiCotiti
Tin Roofing.
Special attention given to all kinds of
I Ibon and Tin Work on buildings. Also Sim
and Fblt Roofing.
Call and get prlcca before contracting m I ?a
prepared to give BARGAINS In that Hue of wort.
lAlft <V)rn*r Mn!n ati<1 rtrMft.
I ^
1 8orness After: Practice^
pfe t e(y ReliSVEo
ATDRUGGisfs 8c Dealers:
ufcnnvuv n>wi.niUnN w- I
wcWvw?c.us>. 1
CAPITAL... 173,000.
WK. T? ii ttiiei
Wm. B. BmnoM^ ; Vice I'rw^
Draft! on England, Ireland, Franc? wd
?* A:,?*"' Mortlmrr Pol'.if*.
J. A. Miller, Wm. It. 8lnl?"?.
J. U. Atklnaoa, Jolm K. BoB/onl.
VI""' Km*""""*
Juob 0. Thomas.

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