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rpitl'STEE'S SALE.
0| ? deed ol trn.t nude by ceroliue
Br ,trt. 01 ? * (Ilium Helm end lienS^i-etonee!
irii?lie.d?IoJJenturral, Into,
" SKdinwooBotollJio clerk ol be County
fffJtoiBS comity, Wert Vlntahj to yeei
5? ! Book M?-r**c'? i"111?"?
i$ki!? door ol tie Court Houm ol tud
countyi on
?t 10 o'clock a. m.. the following ?le^
""i nronrrty. Ui*t li to wwr: All the inter
Mid ..B'lit* tn ami to tile north half of
r?uiunMiii iwelw I" MM??tttoUi*tr?rt
!S th?dtloI Wbcellnfcfrlilo County, WeeivlrrioUL
iwinwlr celled Alcbietown, but now
^SS^oTw^OwOiit "?l? j? ?"<
,mStrii??? " dowerlvieieuea the widow ol
IKSr ?be. will' " luwinait til tut*
I JSu-I br bi'f end tbe InterteU to be
Sf? "llicuiidltlai>d tivo tlitrdi belonging to
uid WillUm Helie end Henry llefte ei (wool
tfithreo children betrnet lewol uld Honry
"Siiui o^SSb Ono-tlilrd end u much more
i/iirrbiMr Ocw to pey in 1Mb on ihe
Suof tele, the belence In two equel jMteliSJiu
?l ono end iwuyean, note, beerlng 1?.
?rm?t.S COWDKS, Trustee.
IV. II. HAl.l.rn. ,\"rtlfini-er 'ley
Uv virtue of eilcct ol trult midoby Mjry
Emm? nrbitrutb end.". Cbei bcbitrulli,her
fSbend. to ine an tru.tcc, bearing delei Mey"t.
a. i' wwi kwiuni um.wv w. ?. .....
of ilio County Court of Ohio county, Wort V/r*|pih,
In Deed of J iUbt liook Xo. a, page '/JO, 1
will procted to sell at public aale at the front
dour ut the Court House of said county on
SATURDAY, th? 7th dty.ot FEBRUARY, WJ,
beginning at 10 o'clock a. m , (he following doicrlbed
property, that li to say:
Tbe south thirty-tnrco (Hi) foot of lot numbered
eleven ill)hi>/.jiur.? numbered six (0) in
the i liy of Wheeling. ulilo county, West Virginia.
in that part of the mid City of Wheeling
formerly known Kltchietowo.
Belng'tne rarno property which wu conveyed
to 'he ntl'i Mary tminMLsrhstnitb by Jliram M.
TUicbcr by <livd dated August 6tn, 1887, and
recorded In the m1<1 clerk'# olllce.
The title to tne above property li bclioved to
be perfect, but Helli'ix as t run too I will couvey
only the title vented in me by Mid deed of trust. ,
Ti:i:m* ok ^als?One-third and aa much moro
mi the purchaser electa to pty in caali, the balance
iu two equal installments, payable respective
I v In six and twelve months from tho day of
late, notes bcarln: Interest Iron) the day of sale
to be given for the deferred payments, the title
to be retained until payment >a made in full.
jn-i ' A.MllAKKKtt.Tniitee.
rjiKl'SrEE'd SALE.
By virtue of a dcod of trust znado by James
Smith, jr., to me aa trustee, bearing date ou the
37th .lay of November, lu tho year 1888. and
recorded In th? ortise of tho Clerk of the County
Court of Marshall county, West Vistula, in
Deed of Trust Bonk no. 8, ptfeet W3 and 291,1
will pr iceed to sell at public auc'.iou ou the
promkes lobe sold lu the city of Ben wood, in
uldqcStbty. on !
SATURDAY, the llth DAY of FEBRUARY, 1891,
beginning at 10 o'clock a. m., the following dcscriiifi
real estate, situated In tbe said city of
Kenwood, that In io nay. all ttiat lot No. .'P
(tbirtynlne) in tichad's Third Amouded Add I
tiou to the Mild city of Beuwood, being tbe same
property granted and conveyed to the said James
Smith, jr., by A. J. Clarke, spcctalcommissioner,
by dec.t dated the 17th day of Aovetnbor, ISAi. Tkiims
or walk?One-third, or as much
more a< the purchaser may elect, cash in hand
on the day of sale, and the halanco in two equal
installments, payable rcspoe ively in six and
t*eivo month from the day of rale, with interest,
the purchaser to give Ills notes for tbe dc- .
1 wiih UMiiirlipiitlilantnr* in 1
the undersigned trustee.
)*] , HEP. U. CAUWKU*. Trustee.
tsy virtue c{ a deed of trim made by John
Ifrtulou and Mary Manlon; bin wife, to mo u
trustee, dated November 23, l?i>0, recorded in
the utflec of the Clerk of the County Court of
Ohio County, Went Virginia, la Deed of Trust
lioolt So. 'A irffcu V77, I will toll Ht tho norto
front door ol the Court Uoiuo of uM county on
SATURDAY, the 21st DAY of FEBRUARY, 1891.
commencing at 10 o'clock a. m., tho followlug
described property, that Is to my: Lot num
lwed live in sqtiaro numbered forty-two. in tht
town of tioi'th Wheeling, being part of tuts City
ol Wheeling, in Ohio County, wot Virglula.
Tkkhh ok Hai.b?One third and as much more
at the purchaser elects to pay in caah on too da;
o/Mtle the balance in two eijuul instalimouU a
one and two years. notea bearing i uterest from
the day of kale, to be Riven for the deferred pay
menu, the title to bo routined until payment in
made iu full.
W. J. W; COWDKN, Trustee.
W. 11. Wau.kk Auctioneer. jam
To Let.
fitoreroom 1CM Market street.
Eight named brick house. 'M Thirteenth it.
Seven roomed boose, with modorn Improve
bents, 51 -outh York street
nix roomed house, 40 North York street.
Five roomed brick, Urst class property, ft
North Huron street.
Four roomed brick, 2C30 Market street.
Scveu roomed bouse, with all modorn improvement*
ICS North Front streit. f
Eight roomed house, with all modorn im- t
pmvemcnts, KO Virginia street. J
Four roomed house, 2M8 Market street. (
Seven roomed house, /I South Ft-nu street (
St jre rootifwith dwelling, l.Yil Main "treet. ?
Two room, third floor, 12/9 Market street.
Dairy Farm within one milo ol tho olty.
Choice building lots ou OJd Faif Grounds and
Gilchrist's addition from 8350 up.
Building lots corner Market aud Thirty-fifth
Streets. 25x120, KM).
?:uo buys tho ch??ice of lots in Zaue's Orchard
Fine building on Hoath Fenn street, wesi
Side. * our last cliaucc.
a Comfortablo homo, 40 South Broadway, s3,
Kluht roomed house, No. 185 Zane street, lull
iot. ooxiso, u.vc.
Three roomed homo with small storo room,
10 South Broadway, near Virginia, 11,600,
Klght roomed house, lot (<0x400.
No. 42North Front street. Desirablelocation
INVESTMENT?A property wi?h three seven
roomed tenements. In good condition and good
location. They rent to first class people and
wld par pood u teroit ou money invest#!. 165,
107 nud 1C0 North Front street.
FAKMtJ-Sovoral Rood farm*, suitable (or regular
farming, gardening and fruit. '
o. o. smith,
1229 Market St., over Wheat & Handler's Jewelry
?_Jl?2?I!l2________ ?Jill.
Real Estate Agent, U. S. Claim Attorney,
Collector and Notary Public#
Expert in pension claims. No fee unless auo
cestui, Personal attention given to renting
houses, collecting rents aud accounts, purchas*
aud saio oi real estate, and the general mauago
mcut or real estate. 1 collect rents without loss,
and owuers of property avoid tho troubles incident
thereto, i prosecute claims for pension
bounty, Ac. i'eusiou voucuoiagujv'iiuu.
tlons taken In I'ensiou olalus. Deeds, lcawat,
lucrtvucnut, and other written Instruments pro
1 can pare claimants in tho city of Wheeling
aud vicinity an Immense mount ol correspondonce.
1 au have a better knowledge of jour
ca.se than an attorney distant from you, who got*
hU Information by correspondence. J am with
you. and can completo your caso in leal time
than au attorney dhiant from >ou can do.
1 have for sale tnauufacturlug sites, fluo real
donees, farms, and real estate of every de?crlp
? W. Baker & Co/s
III Cocoa
{fin I 't'lJlHM ?"??> WHICH luu
Wfll i I 8 8 R oU ,,na 1)0011 rouJovo^',8
Pi ff M&so/wteJy Jfare
9b4MPIo?mZ it is Soluble.
No Chemicals
are moil in lis preparation. It lias
more than three limes l/tc strength of
Cocoa inlscd with Starch, Arrowroot
or Sugar, mid In thnroforu far moro
economical, costing lets than one cent
<i cup. It In dcllcious, nourishing,
Strengthening, easily nionsrr.P,
and admirably adapted for invalids
as well as for person* in health.
Sold by Crocors cvorywhoro.
W. BAKER & CO., Dorctostir, Miss.
$1 00 PER YEAR.
IrttttuU in the noit elegant form
-OF Till?
Combined with the medietas'!
Virtues of plants known to be
most beneficial to the human
system, forming an agreeable
and effective laxative to permanently
cure Habitual Constinntian
and tnanv 411? /1a
pending on a weak or Inactive
condition of the
It ii themott excellent restedjr known to
When one is Bilious or Constipated
Every one is using it and all sure
delighted with it.
avHUP op Fioa
tbWaVitlf, MY NEW Yflfi? * '
Both the effect and result when Olive
3lossom is used. It acts gently, yet
jromptly. It is the greatest boon to
votuankind. Every lauy can treat her;elf
and not have to undergo tlie torture
>f instruments from physicians. Olive
Kottom positively cures all forms of
emale weakness, such as Paiuful Men
itruation, Ulceration, Larceration, Bar
enness, Leucorrhcea, Pruritus, Cancer,
)variau and Fibroid Tumors iu their early
itages and the long list of iunumerible
and unmentionable sufferings that
t/Bict the patient. The Olive Blossom
reatment is simple and harmless. The
irst application often gives permanent
elief. Try it, and you will exclaim,
is hundreds of others have: *' Oh, 11
eel like a different woman!" One
nonth's treatment sent postpaid to any 1
mrt of the world on receipt of $1.00;
ilx months, I5.00. Olive Blossom
s forsale by all leading druggists. Any
Iruggist who may not have it can order
t from the wholesale dealer. Do not
\ccept any substitute. Beware of fraudu
em imuuuor.a.
The Celebrated France Paslile Ollvo
Slosiom, is prepared only by The
France Medical Institute Co., Columbus,
0. Incorporated 1SS6. Capital $300,000.00.
Branch Houses : New York, Chicago,
San Francisco, and London, England,
Bold by TiCgan Drug Co., 0, R. Gootxe, W. W.
rwln, W. E. W Ilium*. O. ^reijf. C. Menkoaeller,W.
C. ArmUrlKht. W. H. Williama and
1. W. Helurid: S. W. tfarrah, ami ifalnton <ft
Jo.. Martin'* Ferry: Bowie &Co., Bridgeport;
J. fal. Wyrick, Bellalre; Bt. Clair Bio?? Ben>0041.
atitf MW
ESittle t^fgas<ga
glVER llSp
flick Headachcand relieve All (lie trouble* Ind
dent to a billoiw sUto of tho ?uch at
D'zxinen, Nausea. Drowalues*. Dtetram after
Mtlnff, rain In the 8Ule, Ac. While their rnoe?
remarkable aucccas has Itwn shown In curiof;
aeadach?, yet Carter's Lotus Ltvtn T*tu>
are equally valuable In Conatipation. curing
ttJmulato the liver ontl regulate the bowa!*
rren It they only cured
UP" A fffc
Acne they would bo almost priceless to those
who miter from this distressing complaint;
but fortunately tlielr ptxKlnera does not end
here, and those who onco try them will find
these little pills vnlnablo in so many ways thai
they will not be willing to do without them
But af tor all sick head
a toe bane of so many liven (lint here in wher*
we make our great boast. Our pills cure II
while others do not.
CAitTut'fi Little T.ivrr T>iuji are vciy small
*nd vejy easy to take. One or two pills make
a dose. They are slrlctly vegetable and do
not gripe or purge, but by their gentle action
please all who ??o them. In vials at 25 cents;
five for $1. Sold everywhere, or sent by mail
kllfiB, MBoa, Small fries.
y?U ^^vAILS
You foel tired?Do you know what II
monns? You tiro nervous?Why ? Yi/V
cough in tho morning?Do you realize
the causo ? Your nji|>el ilo In poor?'Wlial
makes It so? You soom liko a clump'
* '? -1- mai, lrnrwv
person to your incuu.t-i^ jv>. -?
what is the matter, or has tho cbangt
been so gradual it lias escaped youi
You have Consumption t
Wo do not Bay this to frighten yon
but it is true. Those are the suro symp
toins of this terriblo disease. Tliere is ont
thing which will check it and tluit is
U la rocommcudod t?jr the bent phjsidanj la Kurof
and Aniorlca.
ft fto MRU and (1.00 per Hot lie.
40 WmI Broadway, Naw York.
Thta Is tbo oalr remedy tbat will euro Kallei
Coniumptlon. For tale br O. R Goatxo. 1/>*i
Pros c-ompany and John OolPiaan ocftVpiw
- glje Intelligencer.
Oiiim: Non. U0unil'47 Fourteenth Struct.
When on my day of Ufa tb? night li fall ins,
And, from tuo wiuda of unsuuned spacoa
I bear far voices oat of darkness calling
Mj feet to i*atb? unknown.
Tbon wbo bait made my home of lifo to pleas*
Leave not its tenant wbea its walls decay;
0, love divlue. O. Helper ever preaent,
lie tbou my strength and stay!
Be near me when all else is from me drifting,
?artb, sky, homo's picture, days of shade and
And kindly faccs to my own uplllttng
Tho loro which aaawvn mine.
I have hut Tfcee. 0 Fatberl Let Thy Hplrit
fio with me then to comfort and uphold:
No gate of pearl, no branch of palm, I merit,
Hue street of thlalag gold
Eunice it if. by good and 111 unreckoned,
And both forgiven through Thy abounding
I flad myself by hands familiar beckoned
Unto my fitting place.
Some humblo door among Thy many mansions.
Some sheltering shade where sin and striving
And Hows forever through heaven's green ox*,
Tl.n rU... ft# Th ..
There from tho muilc round about mo Mealing,
1 fala would learn thu new anil Holy book,
And tlnd at lilt beneath Thy tree* ol healing,
Tho Hie lor which 1 long.
A tttJWMt'S (MSB OiLli.
Ho Got all Interview, but Bcvia Lucky to
Oct Awhj with llll Lire.
"You know I have been in the nowspaper
business a lone time, and I was
never known to shirk, not even during
a riot or blizzard," says an old timer in
the St. Louis Jtepublic. "Well, I came
very near toasing up the pencil a few
nights ago. It was very cold and I liad
to call on Bishop in reference to
some church matters. Taking a car
down town I soon reached tho Btreet on
which the Bishop lived. It was just
striking the hour of 12. But I had to
Bee the Binhop. Well, sir, I bunted lor
the number in the dark for some time.
Not liumng it I waited to see if I could
meet some straggler who lived in the
neighborhood. Pretty soon along came
a nicely dreused yonng fellow in a rather
mellow condition. I asked him if he
lived iu tho neighborhood, and he said
yes. The truth iB the young man was
none other than the Bishop's son. He
told me in a semi-articulate way that he
would go up to his fathers room and
speak with him abaut the matter in
"Reaching the outer door he unlocked
it and asked me to walk in. I stopped
in, he opened tho second door and I
went into the house. Both doors were
dow locked. The gas had been turned
>'il. We bunted lor a match in vain.
Well, tbe you lit: fellow lelt me fa darknets,
utteriDK a drowsy promise to return
soon. I hoard bim stagger up the
stairs all right. He went back several
paces until 1 could detect his (ootstepa
no more. He failed to return. I believe
he fell asleep and forgot all about me. I
o'ond there for about lifteen minutes not
knowing what to do.
"1 rnmle a modest noise. No result.
A more decided noise. The same result.
1 began to walk about, purposely bumping
against the furniture. Then some'bing
happened. I heard a hoarse voice
shout: 'Throw up your hands or you
are n dead man.'
"lip went my hands like a shot.
"Whir, bang, bang?three bullets rattled
over my head. I thought my time
was up.
"Do you know, it seems as if I lived
my whole Ufu over in the few minutes I
was standing thcro. When the gas was
lighted tbe first person I saw was a big
burly negro.
"The shots brought the Bishop out in
l>ia gown and bis young son with him
Explanations followed. The house had
beeu robbed a few nights before, an d the
negro had been placed in the basement
to watch. He fell asleep. My walking
about aroused bim. He came up eteire.
and seeing my shining hat, which Iliad
forgotten to take off. he banged away at
it. I secured tbe interview, bougbt a
new bat tbe next day, and vowed never
to wait in a dark hall, no matter who
owned the placo."
link i en. ivii nirn/u'Ai
DivuanrAoi uiuubL.
Mr. Pagan resides in Hutchinson,
A New York clothing sign is Taylor,
Cutting & Co.
There were 21,866 dBOtbs in Chicago
last year, 200 being suicides.
A resident of Paw Paw, Mich, has a
receipt for a tax paid by his ancestry in
White onions, eaten raw, are more
and more recommended as a care for
The Metropolitan Opera House (N. Y.)
directors have concluded to abandon
Wagner opera.
In fashionable marriage noticed in the
newspapers the nauie of the bride precedes
that of the bridegroom.
The constitution oi the new State of
Washington limits the session of the
Legislature to aixty consecutive days.
One of the industries of London is the
Belling of sea water, which is delivered
at the purchaser's house for twoptince a
There ire twenty-six monarcnios and
twenty-five republics in the civilized
world, Sixteen republics are in South
The last report of the Illinois su perintendent
of education brings out tb e fact
that there are still in that State 11-f log
school houses,
A funny man suggests that the streets
be paved with wedding cake, which be
thinks ia made hard and strong enough
to lost for all time.
Two Portuguese pugilists recently engaged
in a prize fight of 1,127 rounds.
They fought six hours a day, stopping
at noon to eat and smoke.
Macaulay: The upper current of society
presents no certain criterion by
which wo can jndge of the direction in
which the under current flows.
Thomas J. Tann, of Eiwell, Mich., has
marked the eighty milestone of life all
_ ! t. * t tin /\ninD n KtAtfnln n n/1 ?t(1 Dann
riKUt, uui> uo unua u uiujwid nuu jiooovu i
all tbe lioyo like a professional.
Many "sweated" $20 gold piccos are in
circulation in Ban Francisco. By the
process of shaking them them up in a
buckskin bag soino of tbe coins have
been reduced in value fifty cents.
An eminent German has b?en counting
the number of hairs in human heads
of difierlng colon. In a blonde one he
, found 140 100, in a brown 109,440, In a
. black 102,902, and in a red one 88,740.
Tho members of the United States
Supreme Court have a whist club, a
1 meeting of which Justice Brown attended
for tbe first time on Monday
night, when he surprised his brethren
by his profound erudition, as it were, in
' that game.
John Bobb, of Mings ton, suggest* to
the Ontario minister of education that
all public school children of Canada
should wear outer garments ot the same
' material, thus securing uniformity, and
' chf eking tbe disparity between the rich
3 and tbe poor.
Gold while in circulation is bandied
lees tbon any nthor niedinra. It is
anally kept in the vault* o( backs (or
demand rarely made, and (or this reason
tho loss by abrasion is bat abont one
halt o(1 per cent in twenty yean. In a
. $20 gold piece, tbe standard weight o(
which is 616 grains, tbe Government
allowance (or lose of abrasion is 2.68
? Ten years agoa Detroit man was killed
in Rio de Janeiro. His body was era'>
I Mimed and placed is a vault, Two
? yean afterward the remains were ship'
9 ped to Gowanos, Long Island, and burg
led in a cemetery. In 188(1 they wen
taken up and expressed to fianta Bar
ban. Oil., and last week the body wu
sent tbeoce to Quebec.
Of all big eiiicH Berlin probably gets
the most vegetables from a distance.
Her winter caulillnwers come from Italy
and Holland, brr new Dotatoea from
Malta, ber beana from North Italy, her
pickles from Holland, her oniona from
Kuasla, Hungary and Egypt.
Tbe pnailer ia a table utensil witb
whoee nee the majority of bachelors may
be unfamijiar.forltiauaodonly byemali
children. It baa a handle like that ol a
email spoon. Inatead of a bowl it has
across that end aad at right angles with
it a little ibield-abaped piece of silver
witb the ends cnrvediligbtly forward, so
that the food cannot elide off tbe aides.
The origin of the National Marine {
Band at Washington Is curious. Nearly
100 years ago a Yankee captain kidnapped
a strolling troop of mnsiclans on
tbeaborea of tbe Bay of Naples and
brought tbem to this country. From
tbls handiuLof Italians tbe band was de- :
veloped. The descendants ol these
stolen Italians are now among the
wealthiest people of Washington. Some
of them axe prominent lawyers and
others have their names connected-with
the best-known hotels and the largest
real estate offices in the Capital city.
Ice 11 y the barrel.
ilortjanlown Pott.
T. K. Evans and E. M. Grant have
adopted a novel scheme by which they
expect to secure a supply of fine ice
sufficient to cool the palates of Morgantown
next snmmer. The gentlemen
have already secured over a thousand
empty cement barrels and employed
two men whose duty it will be to place
the barrels in a row and commencing at
tne end, armed with a hoee, walk along
the row, allow half an inch or inch of
mountain dew to flow into each barrel. '
By the time the end of the row is a
reached the water in most of the barrels a
is frozen solid. The work is to be kept .
up throughout tbe night and duringthe a
day when the temperature is low 1'
enougb. When all of the barrels ate e
tilled with solid ice they will be placed
In a pile in Mr. Evans' lot back of his <i
residence, covered with saw dust and a c
shed built over all to protec' it from rain i
and sun. This is the ilrst time ice was
ever barrelled in Morgantown and tbe *
elan bids fair to be a perfect success,
when old Sol commeniws to get in bis *
Que work and there is a demand for the J
congealed fluid it will only be necesiary
to rollout a barrel, ko.ock off the atavee ?
and Baw the ice into suitable cakes. ,
To . (1
Purify your blood,
Build up your nerves, g
Restore your stren j?tb, t
Renew your appetite,
Core sctqIaJa, salt rheum, a
Dyspepsia, sick headache,
Catarrh, rheumatism or malaria? J
Take hood's Sarsaparilla,
100 Doses One Dollar. 7 J
Husband uuU Wife. J
have more than once been saved by the ,
timely use of Kemp's Balsam for the ?
throat and lungs, after all other remedies <!
have been tried in vain. The Balsam
atopa decay of the lungs and cures {
influenza and acute and chronic
coughs. There is no other medicine in
the world that acts so promptly, eer- i
tainly none that does its work eo thor- c
oughly, as Kemp's Balsam. All drug- c
gists Boll it. Largo bottles ouc. ana ?i. 3 o
Tug Olive Branch hasalways been used 1
as an emblem of peace and good will. c
When the dove returned to the ark with r
the Olive tivig in iLa month it brought J
joy and peace to Noah and his fimily.
The mission of "Olive Blomosi" is to
carry joy, peace and health to suffering
women. i
Sold by Logan Drag Co., C. R. Goetze, 0
W.W. Irwin, W. E. Williams,0. Schnepf,
C. Menkemeller, W. 0. Armbrigbt, W.
H. Williams and M. W. Heinrici; J. W. 1
Darrah, KolBton A Co., MartU's Ferry; c
Bowie & Oo., Bridgeport; 0. M. Wy- S
nek, BeJlaire; St. Clair Bros., Ben wood. f
A striking countenance is not always
an evidence of brains. Conai <er the
William goat, for instance.?lndianopolit S
Journal. 11
A Snie Inventmont
Is one which is guaranteed to bringrou S
satisfactory results, or in coso of failure r
a return of purchase price. On this safe l
plan you can buy from onr advertiaed J
druggists a bottle of Or. King's New Mb- d
covery for Consumption. Itisguaran- ,
teed to bring relief in overy case, when ?
used for any affection of throat, lungs or {
chest, such as consumption, inflammation
of lungs, bronchitis, ssthma, whooping '
cough, croup, etc., etc. It is pleasant
and agreeable to taste, perfectly safe, 2
and cau always be depended upon, J
Trial bottles free at Logan Drug Co.'s
drugstore. 1
VAN ilOUTKNS' U0COA?xuru, ouiuuio,
Economical. mwfaw?5 i
Findlay, Ohio, May 2,1S0O.
J .hi. Loott Red Ctovtr Co., Detroit: t
Gentlemen I have been udng your c
Fluid .Extract of Red Clover for conBti- <
pation, and find it a truly vxmierful mid- .
trim', in fact does more than yon claim I
for it. I cheerfully recommend it to any c
one suffering from that or kindred coin- '
plaints. Youis respectfully, ,
Frederick Luuen.
The above is but one of many such *
lettera we are receiving every day. If
yon are ailing try Loose's Extract Bed
Clover, liitdoesyoubalfasmuchgood .
as Mr. Laden, yon will be well repaid.
If it does yon no good after faithful trial
return the bottle to druggist you purchased
of and he will return yonr money,
as such is our instructions. Only try ft '
is all we ask.
For sale by Logan Drug Co. daw 1
Sick Hemlnche. |
Loose's Red Clover Fills enre Sick j
Headache, Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Con- ,
stlpalion. 25c per box, 5 boxes for Jl. i
For sale by Logan Crag Company, daw !
*" |
t>lle>, Pllef, Pltof.
Loose's Red Clover Pile Remedy is a
positive specific for all forms of the dis- {
ease. Blind, Bleeding, Itching, Ulcerated
and Protruding Piles. Price 60c. :
For Bale by Logan Drag Company. daw
Baeklen'a Arulca Salve.
The best salve in the world for cuts, ]
i?j??? nor<>n nif>Ara snlt rhanm. fever i
sores, tetter, chapped bands, chilblains, j
corns and skin eruptions, and posi* tively
cnreB piles, or no pay required. It (
is guaranteed to give perfect aatisfaclion j
or money refunded. Price 25 cents per |
ACME \ [ ;
OtmraoriwMhtfiMTi \ jgjr \
oMnn with X
EVERY Housewife
EVERY Counting'Room
EVERY Carriage Owner
EVERY Thrifty Moc(i?nle
EVERY Body ablo to hold a brush
should Dan
1 Wiu STAIN OLD * Nfw funwtivffr f -J"*1*..
WlU IftlN QuilANtCHINWMt ] "Ty, "
WlU. ?TAIN TtNWAftl 1
, WlU. taiw YOUR old ?ABM era I
Will (tain basvsCoaom I nme?
wooMSMiiB riiicta ?
. i B
Or All Kinds or CommodlUea HnuJlcU in J1
Wliouiiug. j]
WilKKMNU. TUOmUv. Jail. VO. f M
The local wholesale markets show very Httla {J
chango from last week. Wheti and grmu are 4
pleat? and prices show no change, lu tho gxo- m
eery market, augar shows a alight tondeaoy to*
ward* increasing itreagth with a alight advance ft
in price. All other lines remain unchanged ar
both in price and demand. Butter is a little ?1
atrongor and rgga are a little in advance of last M
week a Quotations. at
onaitf, tloub axo run. g{
Sixty pound wheat still brings 96 cents among c'
tho local millers, and other lincaahow no change, a
Grain? Wheat, alxty pound test, ?5o per fl'
bushel. Corn G5a75o per bushol ' Oats. 65e per Ti
bushel; old 45%c. Bye &c per bushel 27
J'iour?fauvy roller mill winter wheat, wood m
|500 por barrel: paper UBi per barrel; spring j$
wheat Minnehaha <5 CQaO 25 per barrel. M
Faul?torau fJOOO per ton; middiinga 12000 2C
per ton. Hay, balod 810uo per ton; looae fttuO
per ton. a|
Surtra show Increaaed atrength and the do* ?5
mandonotberlincalaatrongandacUvo. * '
rttce?Carolina Head 7c; Carolina choice 7c; ?.
Carolina prime <%c; Loulalana prime 6c; ?}
lava Pearl OHo; broken 6c. *,
$yruf>i?Cnoico augur ayrupa 32c; Honey ?l
Drlpa 3m; Vermont Maplo Drlpa, Avesal
Ion k cxi, 75c; ten gallon kega 76c; hall bar
asus ?
UapJo (10gallon koga) COo: Bixby Maple (5 gal- f;'
Ion ki*i) 03c: Blxby Maple (Quart cana) 30c.
JngarHouae (dark) SOc; (2c additional to ball
larrola). New crop New Orlcaua Mobuaca "
shoicetfc: prime 40c; falrSBc; mixed good. New *
?rlc*c? 37c; baker'# good ?c; absoJuteJj j"j
mro maploayrnp, gallon caua, II 10; ft gallon P*
ana pure maple fl 15 per gallon; X glilon cana ;
mro maple. 91 'JO per gallon _ v\
ProvUum*-UtfNb. C. bami lOo; medium 6. C.
tam* 10Wo; amiuJ lDXc; 8. V. break/aat bacob i
c; 8. C. abouldora Ofic-, aldea 7a7)?c; bacou {
bouldera t%o; bam beet 11c; ordinary beef 10c. '
jmi^uica^jork5lbpiooca 118 00; bean pork Jg
ian^Pure refined, in ticroo 7Kc; 60 Jb. Una .-J
%c; tin palla,3 lba.. 8J$c: tin palla, 5 lha., &Xp; 48J
In palla. 10 lba., 8ftc: tin palla, '20 lba., 8)40; . J
Ill ?1U, W lb... 8c. tbicatio Inrd Vfi lew. Ju.
auflor?Cutloal7Kc*cubca(%c; powdered Cj*c: f
ranalatedatandara^jo^tandanfoon/ocUoaera' i
L C%c; Columbia A tic; atandard Wludaor A ,
b; Amerlcau A Cc: white extra O 6%c; atand
rd yellow ft He; American 5%c. ,
Coffu?Ureen cotlijo?fancy (ioldon Rio 23c . i
incy groen 23c; choice >creefl 22c; roaatinggrade# u J;
)c; Java 26c; roaated In pack agea?Ohio Valjy
Rio 2lHc: Pan Handle 24Ws; Arbuckle <1
O.'a roaated Wfi. Bulk roaated aVfi; Old Gov- V
rumentiava roaated85o: "A" grade Rio 23c. v
Tiat?Young Hyson per ib., 2Aa50c; guupow- 1
or, 25a76c; Imperial, SfiaftOc; Jttp&u, 23a70ci \M
loloue, 22a?5c; Souchong:, 22a65c. r ui
Caiuiia-XM, full welfEht. 11c; Parafflue, pei 81 <
b.. 12c; mould, per act. 10c. an
Klnrpar?Choice cider, lttaMo per gal.; atand- rui
rd city brand*, lOallc per gal.; country UU15c An
er pal., an to quality. aM
Checte?lB quoted aa Jobbing at 10J$c for prime 53c
realern; ilo for full cmun; Bweltxer 12al2Xc. 1
ccordlng to quality; Liwburger, 18c; factory, fin
Oo ysi
FUh?No. 2 medium mackcrel, 16 bbla, new. ?tr
0lba.$8 60; No. 3, W 50 for 1Wlba. nt
skos?i imoiny n w pur nusuoi ; ciover, amau H:<.
L'C'I, SI 50. clii
. viit?Sa. 1, per bbl, 8100: extra per bbl., 916b; f?u
[airy, fine, 8-buabel Hack*, f 160 per sack. Co
Hvcet Cant?l lc per lb. ,
Council Good*-Gallon apples. 83160per dozen; A?
milliard 3 lb. taoie pouch, 82 Gu to 82 76; SH
ilo peaches, a lb., 82 to; plo pcachea, 6 lb.,
2 75; No. 8 tomatoes, new, 90c to 810U;
orn, 81 10; 2dgiado 2 lb., 81 00: strawberries. fjf.
lb., 81 10; blackberries, 2 lb., 81 10; rasp Xn
torries, 2 lb., 81 00; Damson'a 2 lb., 95c; ?
lma beans, 2 lb., 90c; covo oysters, 1 lb., light, ^
6c: do 1 lb., full weight, 81 20; string boaus, can
: lb., 75a80c: succotasn, 2 lb., 90ca81 25; early au
une peas, 81 60; Pre neb pea*, 82 60; pine Oa
pplea 81 60; Morrowfat peas. 2 lb., 81 80; am
looscberries, 2 lb., 90ca8100; 8 lb., sweet potaoei,
82 CO.
hoo<lai JTare?No. 1 tubs, 88 00; No. 2,87 00; j
to. 3,90 00; 2hoop palls, 8125; 3 hoop, 8160; sin- 525
le washboards,81 CO; doublodo 82 50; fine crimp TC?
iouhle do, 82 75; slugle, 82 50. ihl
Oil? Lard,western extra strained, 7%c; carbon <31
10,7c; carbon 150,7kc; white miner*' best,45c; aw
rhito minors'No 3.44c. gj,,
This market will stand good strong shipments C
f made regularly and Quick. The flomand is bu
xuected to Improve rather than fall oir. we
Waiter?Country choice, I5al7c; creamery 121
boice'BOo; country good, 12al6c; country lair, mc
*?o. mi
ftff?-Kre?hiu case, 27a28c per doxen; fresh in 7.U
rreia. 2Ca27c. nai
roultrv?Llvochickens.old,perdozen8300a3C0; 81
hlckens. spring, per dozeu, 82 00*3 00: geeso c
?r pairOOcafl 10. By pound life?Turkeys. ltMllc. ma
Ihlckcns, beus. per lb., 8c; chlckeus, old cocks. pt<
c; spring chickens, per lb., 7a*c. Ducks, young h<u
tx lb., be. Ueeto, full feathered, per lb., baGc.
Tho vegetable market is more likely to change *
la tono frequently than any other Changes pe<
ome rapldiy and cannot bo foreto;d. coi
Oh tons?#176 per busbei: 8175 per barrel. du
twet roiatutt?ii 75*8:176 a barrel. stc
i'otatoes?81 20 per bushel; supply good, do- 7:t>
aand modtmie. 0 0
Tropical fruiU?Lemons, 83 23 per box; c
rnnges, Florida. 82 7oa3lO per box; bananas, est
100 to 82 00 per buncb. 000
VeoetabUt.de.?Cabbages, 8150 per barrel. Ap- i.vi
lea 86 OOaB 50 per barrel. ^
CranUrrto?Suw fresh plckod. 83 50 a box. t
Game?Rabbits. 8100a! 26 ner dozen: souirnsls. am
125 per doreu; venison, by the carcass, 10c per r
t>; saddles, 12al5c. du!
Root* and Boris?Ginseng, dry, per lb.. In
lemaud, 82 75a|3 00; saiuuunui bark, per lb., 1>
%a3c; sassafras oil, per ib.,40o50c; May apple stci
oot, per lb.. 1 yellow root (golden seal) per Tit
b., 'JkaOc; blood root, por lb., 2c; Seneca snake
oot, per lb., free of ton, 35a4i)c;Wcst Virginia
nake root,per lb., 2&alttc; pink root, per lb., ?
[no, 80a8Sc; elm bark, per lb., Ia2c. ncl
Dried /'ruto?Apples, choice bllced, pci lb.,
a9c; apples, Ohio and West Virginia, quartern,
lb, 8c; Blackberries, per lb., 10c; Cherries, r
>ltted,pcr lb., Haific; Kaspborries, per lb., 20a25c. ,,Y
i/?xiu?Prime now hand nicked, medium, aa
2 U0a2 50; prime, new hand picked, navy, 12 2Sa
: GO.
Wool-Fine washed 80a32c, fine unwashed 20s
2c; medium washed 30a32c; medium unwashed /
5a27c; coarse washed 80a32o; coarse unwashed Of
5a27c. p) i
t^df~*iJdUo clom' ***lb" l8al7c; rurc bo]
AwAwblte, mixed cotton, per lb., laljtfc; W
,11 wool, per lb.. Kal^c; mixed, por lb., lal>4c. n?
Siitu?Walnuts lOa&o per bushel; hickory* u.
tuts 8150a2 00; chestnuta S3 00. D1(
Wheeling Uvo Stock Market. ert
Goodhue & Thomas report the supply of cat- ctl
lo fair with proportionately good demand, ?l,
lond grades of five stoca of all kinds are *u!
ranted. CO.
CMc-Kxtn, 1,000 to 1.200 lbs. 8.C0aJ.85o; m?
WW 900 to 1,0001110. 8.40aSHc; good, 800 to 000 fv.
lis. 3^sa40o: fair, TOO to #UC lbs. &?8?c;
omraou, COO to 700 lbs. 2%aSc; bulls, 2J4a2)?c; ?0
:ows 2a2&C IV,
UoyK?Extra, 8.G0a3%c; good, 8>{a3.G0c; comnon,
SaSfcc. ' Fri
S/ifw^Kxtra.toiSc; good, 3%%4o; common, 2a lei
Ctow^ao&o00: calves,4a5c. ^
rbe Features of the Money and Btook
Markets. Kd\
New York, Jan. 20.?Money on call easy, a
anglng from 2% to 3 per cent, last loan 8 per 1
*nt, closed ouerea at s per cent. rrirao mer- . i
?ntilo paper Cos per cont. Sterling exchange
julct and steady at ?4 MKM W. Bales 138,910
The f trek market to-day -was very dull and
cfttarelcM, Uie trading being left almost en*
Irolv la the hands of the room trader*, who bong
bearish hammered stocks during Llio foreloon,
and later triwl ti cover tho short* In tho
orenoon. The bulla seemed to be discouraged
>vtr the altuatlon of financial legislation at
iVashlngton, and declare that if the represonta*
lives of tho farmers of tho country are to manage
It* ilnanoea, the business will be k?pt in au unlet
tied condition. florao little animation waa
ihowu In Union Pacific, Now England, the
iraogeraard lnduatrialarelieved the monotony.
>ut the dealing wore otherwise entirely devoid
>f Interest. The dual changes are irregular, with
lot a single ono ol nolo
ThoPo?tsays: The general sentimont lain
favor of better prices for American railway
tecnritica, because It looks as though money
tvwuid bo abundant for Interest paying in In*
vestments this year, even though it may not be
10 for dlaoouuta of commeicial paper very soon.
But for the present speculator do not tako hold u
)f stocks owing the doubta about to tho effective- n
nets of tho now Western' Traffic ?sM>cia!lon. V
rhere w 11 ho apparently Itttie activity in the ftl
itock market until there If a clearer prospect for f;
he settlement of those questions. Fo for as tho "
prlco of silver may bo considered an index of tho !
Feeling of speculation (who having such largo c
utorestaat stake would naturally bo well In- o
formed) It does not lndirato auy very ilatiering ?
;>ro* poetsof a frooc insg* law; ltraugod from
Im to lA per cent lowor to day than yeaterdny,
md ali day waa just 1 point lower than it was a
vock ago. I
Hail road bonds dull; sales 91,180.000.
Government and Siato bonds dull and steady.
U. 8. 4n reg~ ~...K'0 OhloAMississippi.
[J. 8.4s coupons?...120 do preferred 85 fa
J. 8.4%s rcg.. ........103 Oregon Improvo'u 25%
17.8.4ks coupon...l03 Oregon Nav 7a
Pacific 6 ot'? 110 Oregon Trans.. 16><
Adam* Express HO htctflc Mail.. X4
American Expreas.H'2 Pittsburgh-- 149
Canada Pacific-? 76# Pullman Palace-...U?K
Cauada Southern... 60 Ileailiug.M...?M.MM..
Central Pacific- Kocfc Island- 7^
Chesapeake & Ohio 1H% 3t L.&8*a Fran.... ? Q
do first proierrtu 40X ?. mm M>4 V
do second pref'd 80 do preferred- 110
Cht.Bur.AQulncj- 90?; St. Paul A Omaha... 24
Del A Hudson. .....1S4M do preferred. 80
Dul.,Lack.A #e?UM Tenu.OoalAiron...? .
Denver A H.G.. 19k Texas Faclflc....... 1AK Ar
Krie^i 30H t'nlun Pacific....^.. 4&H
Fort WayneM....MM.l4B U. 8. Kxprcs* 69 .
Illlnola Central V9U W., St. L. A P. . 10 N<
Kanau A Texas.-.- \&\ do preferred. 'JO
LakoSboro 107% Wella Forgo EX.....140 f
Louisville A Nub.. 77H Western unlou 79W s?
Memphis <* Chas? 40 Am. Cotton 011^. -Jl?.
Michigan Central... 91 Colorado Coal..^.... .%>{
Missouri Pacific.... Iron (Jilver 100
Nashville A Obatt- W Quicksilver.
New Jersey Central. 114 do preferred- 88
Norfolk Aw.pref'd WJ; -Wro.............. 7
Northern Pacific-... a Rlchm'd A W. P. T? 18 do
preferred 7ift Atchison ?......... Xft.
North western......106 Cbiauo Gas?....... W* I
do preferred. 131 I^ad Trust. ?
New YorkCenUaUWHSufar ?
Draadstoft sod Provisions.
Nsw York, Jan. 20.?Flour, receipts 82,000 C<
packages: exports 12,000 barrels: market unsettled.
Wheat, receipt* 8.400 bushels; exports 83,000
basbelM; iaie? 2,911,000 bushels oi futures and
1,000 busheli ot ipot; spot market higher; annul
ed ml |101 Wat (Mi; No. 3 rod tl 00?4; opodd
strong aau higher; No 2 rod January
10?? February ft WJ<al UW^al QStf; March
I Wkal 06j{ a I May l> ??*?! wto 03*,';
illy OT4*c. Rvo steady. Barley firm; No. 2
!il?aukee td^ci ungraded tvrslern 7bc.
Dm, receipts 10,000 bunbols; export* 60.C0U
uxhols: sales 472,000 buhhels of future* aud
.'wo bimtiHin of spot; market?iuiet; uugntded
ilxed MaClkc; January 00c; February VJjfc:
ay 68%c; July W^c. o*ts, receipts70.UX) buans;
exports 811 bushels; sales 195,UU0 bushel* of
iturns and 141.000 bushels of spot: inarkot more
ittve: January 51$#: reuruary ftifcje; May dike;
tot No. J whit? on^aUHu: mixed we?teru 40a
0; wblto do&2a&8e; No. 2Ch1cag.? Wc. Coffee
oady aud unchanged, tougar y/i higher: C
<c: extra C 6J4c; whlto extra GS%o: yellow
U5Uo; off A 6jwo; mould A G'/jb: siaudard A
5-lfle: confectioners A 6c: cutlo*i (%c; crushed
?o; powdered 6Ke; granulated and cubes 6Ka
716c. Molasses firm Itice llr?n. Tallow dull,
arpentlno quiet at 40Uc. Eggs firmer; western
%c. Hides dull aud firm. Fork quiet. Cut
eatafiru. Lartl tlnn: western steam 80 07 >4;
innarv 8005:FobruarjrfG(0: March 1621; April
32; May |G 89. Buttvr weak; western dairyl'Ja
c. Cheese llrm; Ohio llats 7>jai^c.
Ciiicaoo, Jan. 20.?From dccided depression
. the opening the wheat market, recovered a
ttle Interest in the early hours and gained a
wddeal later ou. The eabks reported the
uglish markets at Loudon and Liverpool weak
id lower, and although the opposite condition
affairs would have hud v?ry little effect lu
lengthening tho market, controlled s<? thorJghlj
by tlio bearish auutiment, this declining
uaeacy In Kugland was the cause of a per/ect
?h to get rid oi b>n* wheat aud sell some short
theopeniug. William Uunu hadadUpatch
am Antwerp auvising uatnave to mo puiu in
jrope from front ond accompanied by an order
buy. Numerous Sew Yurie mtthnge* oonyed
the same InformiitloD a* coming to the
tillers la their European cables. 1>o*e Items
vo the ahort* a bad half hour toward the close
>d eluMNl the market with asnapat the highest
Ice of the day.
Joru market was du 1, with llttlo change In
Jots'wero bullish from the start.
Elogs, moderately active aud lower.
Hour nominally, unchanged.
iVhkat?Cash No.2 Spring M^cjNo. 3 spring
iS8)io: No.2 red Ul*<c; January;
it Wayi^ljZc; July 8S!ia!W^a!W>ic
Jobn?Cash No. 2. l&tfc; Jauuary 47>4-U8Ka
i{ February JTj^alftH'Jc: May
)ATS?Ca?U No. A 4l>vc; May
ue ?H*45a4t%C.
tYK-NO. 2, TOO.
'LAXSKD-ll 15.
dKM pobk?('ash and January tlO lOalO 16;
bruary 10 15; May tiu 00*10 75al0 75.
jAKD?'Ca*b, Jauuary and February 93 70a
2%\ May l2Ha017UnG 17>*.
hoot Kins?Cash Si <*u <ju; January SI UOf
bruary $4 ttO: May S5 ?7 tfa5 35*5 35.
Hioui.D?R?-St 15*120; suortclcar 15 05a510.
Hbers unchanged.
Jini.4PEU,iiu,l'A.,Jnu. 20.?Flour unchanged,
mot quiet; No. 2 red Jauuary MaPj&c; Feb- :
try SlOOaltOX; March KUalWft; April
Mil Ol'/i. Com quiet.; steady; No. 2 mixed
i yellow hOc; So. 2 mixed Jauuary nod Febtry
6V',4".; March aud April c. <tats
n: No. i whltoiwc: No. 2 white January Mi
; February 61)(a51%o: March 52a62)fc; April
i. Engs firm; Fenusy lvaula firsts 2ito.
Ultixohk, Md? Jan. 20.?Whoat western
u; No. 2 winter red spot iMJ 4*93^0: January
t&iftc; May SlirJ^ol Q?% Com western
ong: mixed spot and Jauuary 58%e; May 67
k;. OaU quiet aud steady; westorn white 51
ic. Bye unchanged. Hay slow and uninged.
Butter quiet; crcimcry fancy 28c;
rt'i choice 21?2lc. Eggs llrw; freali 26i27c.
(Tee firmer at l'JiU)V{o.
Iiscin.nati, Jan. 20.?Flour steady. Wheat
ll; No. 296c; receipt 'J.8H0 bushel*; shipment*
X) bushels. Com, No. 2 mixed Mc. Oau
mlr Nn 'J. mlxotl 17ft. Itvn firm nt IF*
irlslonsunchanged. Whisky steady at 81 14.
tier, sugar and cbee.'c Urin. Eggs steady at
'olkdo, 0., Jan. 23.?'Wheat active ati<l higher;
haud January 8IJ$c; May u7j4c^uly
gustfeOc. Coru active aud firm; cash 51ai^c.
la quiet: cash 46c. Clovers?**! activo; cash
\ January 84 3o; February ?4 40; March 81 4b.
Live Stock.
East LibwIty, Pa., Jan. 20? Cattlo-Rcceipta
head: shipments 900 Head; market dull at
itorJay'a prices. Hogs-Kcceipts 2.350 head;
pments 1.230 ho4d; market (air; Philadelphia!
to*4 00; mixed 93 NJn3 J>; heavy Yorkers $3 63a
D; light Yorker* & 50a3 00; pigs 82 75a3 25.
Bcp~i<ewlpts 1,010 head; market firm at yesday's
Ihicaoo, 111., Jan. 20.?Cattlo-Kocolpta 7.000
id; shlpmonts 2,MX) head; market slow and
ak; steers8175a4 15; cows SI 00*285; Btockois
Xhut 00. IIogs?Receipts 37,000 beau; shipinta
8,000; rouah and common {3 40a3 50; primo
xed aud packers 83 *5a3 UJ blreep?Receipts
JO head; shipment* 3,000 head; market steady;
Uvea 83<tta5 25; westerns 81 21*4 00; Tex ana
ra4 75.
Cincinnati, o., Jan. 23.?Hogs in good demd.
higher: common and light 83 00a? 75;
:king and butchers 83 G0a3.85; receipts 3,700
id; shipment* J.GOO head.
tew York, Jan. 20.?The only trading In
Lroleum to-day was iu February option These
itracta oponed weak on reports of now pro- ,
ctlou, but rallied on local buying and closed
ady. February option opened and lowest
;c; highest74>ic; closing at 7J%c. bsalea 108,*
' barrels
In. City, Pa., Jan. 20.?Opened atTl^c; high74/?c;
lowest 73c; closed at7J)?u; sales 10C,*
barrels; clearances 1G8.00 barrels; charicrs
*73 barrels; ahipmenta 70,593 barrels; runs
"33 barrels.
iBADFonn. Pa., Jan. 20.?Opened at 7#*c;
sodat73!<c; highest 71)4c; lowest78c; clear;cs
164,000 barrels.
'irrsBDJiOH, Pa., Jan. 20.?oil market very
LI; only one sale 73yc. .
'lit York, Jan. 50.?Pig Iron quiet. Copper
t&T Ht 81-1 Ml. Leail cosier; domcttlc 3U 50.
l Qrmcr ?t $JH0.
rsw Yobk, Jan. 20.?Wool firm: domestic
KCiStelfiu; pulled'.'Caaic; Tcxa* ITiCIc.
incinnjiti, o.. Jan. 20.?Cotton quiet; millon
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H1DV CVDIIQ rcKUtatos thfl UowcH. At
Until OlHU"a?dru?l?ta.PrlcaMcl*
I 'C Cures Coughs, Colds,
)ULL d Hoarseness, Asthma,
ronchitis, A Al ip II Croup, Inci*
tent ton-gyum I sumption,
id relieves Consurop- Q||0
ve Persons. 25 cdnts. Q g flllB
un re lange-3 cuate'ctom ntn for~caafUAC
tarrfi, Prlc* 10 Pit. At oil druqg!ttM>
the Best Household Bemedy Extant ,
It ii a positivo core for
And All Skin Diseases,
i invnlunblo remedy for Wounds, Barns, Swell*
I riffs, Soros, Croup, Bronchitis, etc.
{old by all dracists at 50 coots por box. Send
wo-ccnt stamps for frco samplo box and book.
All Nios rot Xmam rnxstsn,
naplete stock on exhibition at
deli 1322 MARKET STREET.
> Sick Headache, Weak Stomach, Impaired <
$ Digestion, Constipation, Disordered Liver, etc., >
< ACTING LIKE MAOICon the vital organs, strengthening the (
c muscular system, and arousing with the rosebud of health <
f Tlie Whole I'hjrtical Energy of the Human Frame. <
( Beecham's Pills, taken as directed, mill quickly RESTORE <
( FEMALES to complete health. \
) Price, 25 cents per Box. >
) Prepared only by TH08. BEECHAM, 8t Helen* Laaouhire, England, (
) Ik F. ALt.ES CO.. Mr Ayntta for Vnlttd Hintn, 363 A 367 Cnnal St., Km >
" \ York, who (if your tlrugyM docs not ktrp (hem) wilt tit alt Jtrrcfmm'* IHll* on )
- - .
Tor imamo ana mniumn.
'Cftftorl?ijao*el] adapted to children that I Cutorta ran* Oolie. OosMlpatioa.
irecomraeiidltaaiuppriortoanjjmjicrlptioa I g??? Oaomtoiw)."
IL JL AMim, ILD? I lOU^oma, ?iw? ^*p, pnMOW a>UJBo.
OiloclBt., Broutljn,T I without lgjnrtoM tattUcatto.
Ths Outtaub Oohfaxy, 77 Hnrnj Street. 5,1.
Bradford, McKean Connty, fa.
Branch ? Office and Salesroom
150 First Avenne, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Constantly on hand, both at Bradford and PHtsburgu, tne largest stocx 01
Drilling and FisMiig Tools
And all onr own Justly acknowledged roperlor nrnke Our facilities for promptly filling large or
dera aro unanrp&ued, aa we manufacture and deal Iti everythlug In the.
way of Oil and Artesian Well Supplier
Ne w Electric Engine,
And beoome convinced that it aaUtantfatce oar claim that It la the beat in the market.
N. B.?We are once more In the field with the largeat stock of
In OUdom. Beoond-band BOILERS, ENGINES, TANKS. PIPES, TUBENG, CASING, etc., eta,
at a larse discount from the price of new.
Three thousand eight hundred wjcond-ftan.1 hollers end engine* sold in the lutMveo yean
without one mishap or word of fault being found.
Estimates Furnished. Correspondence Solicited. _
??iIK#I-t?I7 PA.9
Malleable aid Grey Iron Pipe Fittings
BHANCH office ; I?
953 Uibertv Street,
Other t ranch itowi at all tbo principal roioti in PenntylTtBia, Kcw York and ObloOil Fields. 1
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
QCIQI18 Quarters,Retail at 5 cts.
POORS Halves, Retam. at 10 cts.
COOSCgi Ppunpb, Retailat2Qcts.
Soi<3 by at3 Grocers. Try a Pound Can.
Gattg IroaCornict ffigjgggjM
AND J.!?. Vinci President
Tin Roofing. "1^u^Sl"?l*PwM'1
J. N Vance, Geo. RBtifal,
Upoclal attention glren to all kinds of flnnet f M. Brown, Wa. Ellfngham,
Irow and Tix Wouc on bnlldlnga. AlaoBriat L. H. IX'laolaln, A. W. Kcliey,
and F?lt Booking. ?j0,.n. T*w: _ .
Call and get prtoea before contracting, aa I am l"u.ed on England, Ireland, Bootland
prepared to giro BARGAIN 8 In that line of work, and all point* in JCnrope.
Ji'Uff J. JONKH Caabfer.
n. P. CALDWELL. n A vr nv vnv num if? t t pv
t,t? .V, , ^nth .lr~l. |J ?
============= CAPIIA1...?_..,76,000.
Railway Time Card.
Arrival and departure ot tralna on and after
Nov. 10, 1W0. explanation op Rspkxxmci
Maui: Dally; fBunday excepted; {Monday
excepted; |Saturday exoeptbd; H tin day only;
?8*turt ?t only. Eastern Htanrtaid time.
liKPAMt. H. l>! K.K.?MamHne, Eaat ARJUYS.'
WMMh.C'r, Bm)l. fhll.&N.Y. *11:40pm
-2:80 pm Warh.Cy, Bait., Phil.A M.Y. *12:45 pm
12:U& am W?ah.Cy,Balt..Phll.dN.Y. *8:45 am
f8:00am ......Cumwrland Aceom. t5:oftpm
2:90pm M..~~~.UraIlon Acwm 12:43pm
M.-OO am ..M.Mouudirlllo Aocom f 12:43 pu
# 80 nin Monndrrllle Arcom..~... t 6:05 iim
Dkfaut. a.fii U.K.K.?C'.dralHr.,Woat akjut*.
7:60 am For Columbu* and Chicago *12:M am
11:06 am Colomhua. Ciu. and Chloago *6:10 pm
10:44 nm Chicago Limited...^. *5:oOam
210:40 pm .Columbun, Cln. a St. Loula. *3:40 am
t4'80pa ... Columbu* Accom........ til:U)am
1:06am ^.BUCialrsrllleAcwn: fll:00am
f 4:80 pm ......Bt.cUir*vllle Accom-.... fC:10pra
|2:aoain|Colwmbnaife Cincinnati Ex. -
dbpaht. b.&u.k.k.? AaaivaT
5:40 am ~....~~For PltUborgb....MM.. *11:00 am
7:30 am ..^..........PltUburgb....... 6:66 pm
6:20 pm ......Pittsburgh and Eait....... *19:80 pm
tl:40pm .............Pltu>bur>;h fl'JMij.m
Plttaburxh ... |2:?jam
l.vao pnj... Washington. Pa.. Accora...! t?:60 ?ua
DbPAKT p.. c. & bt. u Ky. ABaiYC.
{7:20 am . PI ttabunb. ffl:20pm
1:86 pm J'ituburgh and New York, fs :45 pm
(:20pm -Pittsburgh and New York. filrtWam
9:40pm ...Pittsburgh and N. Y. Ex
[7:20 am Bxprem, Cln. and St. Louis am
?:40pm Express, Cln. and fit. Louis tt:90pa
1:85pm Express, StoubcnTlllo&Col f3:4>i>m
I .<*1 nm QlaiihAtivlllnJ' lidiinUnn
l)U"Jk*7. V. A t. H. It. AMBIT*.
16:60 am .Pltubg'h, Cleve. & Chicago 19:15 pm
19:48 am .^...Steubenvlllo Accom....... l:lt)pm
111:12 am .Pittsburgh and New York- t 1:12am
fJ:00 pm Cleveland and Chicago.... 9:00 am
fi?:44 pm .J'ittibuixh and New York. 6:62 pm
*7:11 pml ? East 14verpooL....~~ j|l2:12 am
u., L. & *. &. R. _ ARMIV*
112:18 pm Express. Cleveland, E. St W. 13:19 pm
16:12pm Mssslllon Amtm......... tll:33 am
fvooain ......St. UaitsrlilQ Accom 19:85 am
tlo:88am Bt. Clalrsvllle Accora fl:16pm
f; :19pm Clttir?Tllle Accom {6:80 pm
6:21 pm .St. Clalnrvlllo Acoom? 8:03 pm
1:1* pm .Local Freight and Accom. If 12:06 pm
DiTAUl. OUlU UlVKK It. R. A&aivx.
7:00 am ....-.^PiuacnBer?...... 11:06 am
11:40 am ...............PanRenger............. *8:86 pm
?4:hqpm] al.HM..PawicngerMMf.?.,.t.J ?8:00pm
LiAVt B.t Z. A C. RAILROAD. abjuvb
4:?o pm _BeUalrc and ZanesvlUle.M. 10:20 am
7:00 am Mixed Train. -..,1 8:16 pm
Leave Whoellng, Dally Trip, City Tlme-6:C0,
8:80,10:00 and 11:46 a* m.; 2:00,4:00,6:00 p. m.
Leave Wheeling Sundays, City Time?8:00,
10.00 ?nd 12:00 a. m.: 2:00.4:00.6:00 p. m.
For Cincinnati* LoulavlHo, Memphls.
St. Louis. New Orleans,
and Intermediate Points.
Will leave Wharfboat, foot ol Eleventh ilrcet,
dally, Monday, Wednesday and Friday
STMnlnH fntliiwa*
mm* . Blcmnor " KKYSTOKB STATE,"
iaMBmtT. 8. Calhoun, Muter: Chaa. Knox,
NHi Clork, every Saturday nt H i. m.
- Steamer "HUDSON," J.F.Ellison,
1 nBtfiJ* Dau Lacey, Clerk; every
ASBBfeA Thursday at 8 a m.
. ITS' ^ Steamer "HA i'CHKLOlt," Geo. E,
O'Neal, Jfactor; J/a *. Huntington,
mmmmm Clerk; overy Tuesday at 8 a. in.
m _ Steamer "SroTIA," John M.
finS Jt Phillip*, tf Mter; R. H. Kerr, Clerk;
^ 1 every Sunday at 8 ft. m.
Fint-clasa fare. Wheeling to Clnolnnatl. 90.
Round trip, *10. Meal* ami state-room In*
eluded. 'llcktita transferable ftud good until
used For frekht or passago apply on board, or
telephone No. 34a,
V? R -Al). On and after Monday, December
1,1890, trains will run as follows, City Time:
*5:00 a. m., 7:00 a. m., 8:00 a.m.. 9:00 a. m., 10:00
a. m.. 11:00 a. m., *12:01) m., 1:00 p. m.. 2:00 p.
m..3:00 p. m., 4:00 p.m., 6:00p. m., 8:00p. a.,
7:00 p. m., 8:00 p. m., 9:00 p. a.. *10:45 p. m.
Lsavc Slk Gmotm.
6:00 a. m., 7:00 a. m., 8:00 a. m., 9:00 a. ta.,
10:00a. m., 11:00 a. m., 12:00 m., 1:00 p. m.,2:00
p. m., 8:00 p. m., 4:00 p. m , o:00p. m.. 6:00 p. u?
7:00 p. m., 8:00 p. m.. 9:00 p. m., 10:00 p. m.
Dail? eicent Sunday.
SUNDAY?Church tralrs leave Elm Grove at
9:43 a. m. and Wheeling at U
del general yaoagof.
Departure and arrival of
j&Stfi&SSJfoL. trains at Wheeling. Ea*tCr?
lJin0* Bcbcdt"? 111 eI"
BB'S'V For Baltimore, Phlladel*
GKaiM2^RtfP,ll& and New York, 12:05 a.
m.,4:56 a m., 2:80 p.m.dall y.
Cumberland accommoOngju^OOi.in.daUj.oxeept
Grafton Accommodation, 2:80 p.m., dally.
MoundavUio Accommodation, 8:00a. m., and
. 2:80 p. m., except Sunday.
From Noyr Tort, Philadelphia and BaUlmoxp,
8:45 a. m. and 12:46 p. m. and 11:40 p. m., daily.
Cumberland Accommodation, 6:00 p. m., %x^reUonAccommodation,
12:46 p. m., dally.
tfoundsrllle Accommodation, 8:45 a. m., 12:45
p. m., dally, 6:05 p. m., except Sunday,
For Ohictgo, 7:50 and 11:06 a. m. and 10:46 p
I m. dally.
Cincinnati ExpreM, 7:50 and 11:06 a. m. dally
and 10:40 n m., daily cxcept Saturday, and 2:83
?. m. Sunday only.
; Columbus Aowmmodatlon, 4:80p.m., except
I Sunov*
I at. oUsIravllle Accommodation, 11:00 a. a.
| and 4:80 p. Hi., except Sunday.
| Aaniva.
Chicago Express, 12:56 and 5:40 a. a. and 0:10
p. v. dally.
Cincinnati Expresa, 6:40 a. m. and 6:10 p. m.,
Columbus Accommodation, 21:00 a. m., dally,
except Sunday.
St. cialm'Uio Accommodation,11:00a, m. and
6:10 p. m., dally, except Sunday.
For Pittaburgh, 6:45 and 7:20 a. m., dally, 1:40
p. m., dally, except Sunday.
For Pittsburgh and tbo Kant, 6:70 p. m., dally.
Washington Accommodation, 6:80 p. m., daily,
Axcfiiit flundav.
From Pittaburgh, 11:00 a. m.t dally, and 12:45
p. tu., daily, except Sunday. 6:55 and 10:80 u.
u.. dally, and 2:30 a. m., Sunday only. r
WamnuRtou Aooommodatlon, 7:50 a. m., daily
ex cent Sunday.
tttblo UilnR effect January 11.1891. Vanaenger
traina will run hi followa-Central Time.
All tradaily creept ihotv marked thai f,
| which d.-) not run on Sunday. ^
Leave? a. m. p. a; a. m a. a.
Wheeling 3:80 10:4( 6:80
Benwoo<i......M.^.~ 8:45 10:65 6:15
Motmd*Tille~.~.~ ? 4:05 11:16 6:82
Xew Martln?villc.....~.. - 6:20 P12?6 7:17
WKliamatown 7:U 2:0b 9:83
mUraburK....?5:45 7:4'. 2:f 10:10
Bavent?wood...,...~. ? 7:05 4:05 11:60
I hUtoa CHr*. -? 8:ff 5:15 P'l!c8
Joint rleaxawu 5:15 1:47
<Galllpolia... 6: 2 2:05
ttuntlugton....~ 10:46 ........ 7:4b 8:46
Charleston,Tla*K* A 0> 8:K 8:50
I 'harleaton.via. C.AO. 8:22 12:60 11:00 |
~ NORTH BOUND. No. 2 No. 4 NO. 8 NO.tJ
7Z to? * m n. m. (i. ro. a. m.
CnL wwton, via. K. A O. G:i& 11:56 ...JT.
char feton, via. 0. A O 12:60 10:lt il:25 .
rrlv V- 'p. m.
Hrnti Xton... i ?:?j "M 1MB
11Hira iAi m. p m
Huntln t?oo? - ?? ?:? W
CJalllpoi ?? ' '' J JJ
tvimrii **iii o m """"
Mumicnr-? 7-K.I i'" oi SiS-?
K*tod**O- M. 9:ro| J:. 53? "'?S
Ivkerabu.T- i":,n v ^ i 2
w?u?m.io ? ij:S i:i ' *'?
Now H.rtlli ?T?iS^ " ,:S I*
)loand?vlU?..? j.'Ul }:? ? '
i?cnwood 2 /. ,:r, ?:*J
Wheeling ,":5g
Tflrnnph ffn|-rm m. i ' * "" ?
?- VUt'CKOa 10 m
For rates Anil otbnr In formation address
W. J. ROBINSON, 0. P. A.. 1'araersbnrg.
A.J. BANDY. A. 0. P. A., Furkcrabnrg.
J.q.TOMLIKHON. I'm. Acout.WheeHugtW.V*.
? Central Standard Tlmo.
snnsulvania Lines.'!
From Bridgeport Station
Train* via ihn Cleveland Ac Htwbanrb Bail*
road leave Bridgeport (or Fittaburgh. Chicago
and Cleveland,4:ftOrt. m. For Pittsburgh, 1002
a. in. For Chicago and Cleveland, l ;00 t>. in. For
PltUhurgb and New York, 2:44 p. m. Vor Bwu*
benr Jllo, 6:48 a. ni.
Trains arrive at Bridgeport at 6:00 a. tn., 10:30
a.n.; 12:10p. a , 4:W p. in., and ?:!& p. m.
On Baturdav* only?For Kw.t Liverpool, 6:11
p. in.; irom Kaat Liverpool, 11 :12 p. xn.
Trains Tia tbo PltMbuwh, Cincinnati A fit.
Lonia Railway?Pan Handle Hnti'c?loavoWbeei
lug (or utenbcnvlllo, Fiiubuigb and tho fc-wt,
6:2U?. m., 12:tt v. m.f 3:? p. m , and ?:40 p. m.
For Columbua. C'luciuiiatl, fndlAnapollsand Bt.
Loult, 6:20 a. m. and 8:10 p. m. For Columbna
and Chicago, 12:3'< p m. 1 mini arrive at Wheel*
ingat 8:&0 a. m., 10:09 a. in., 2:45 p. xn. and 8:20 p.
jn. Train? leaving *i6:;i>a. a. and arriving at
8:20 p. m., run tolid heiwccn Wheeling and
Pltwmrgh. All train* d*Uy oxrent Pnnrtav.
ntsiNHss lauds.
17, Rziuy ?uni>mo,
Wheeling, W. Va.

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