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Nothing Else
We have volumes of evident
is the only permanent
Blood T
l lUfftred for fire jeut with the 11
wont form of blood polios, daring | Bp.
which time I m ittondod
by tbo bwt phyaioi*n?
I could find, and
triod numbem of proprlo- \> x
Ury medicines without " )' ETC
my beneficial rosults. I BBffl
oontinuodtogrowworie li 11 neir Intolll
01 this time, until my ,b? (o, , m|
whole system was do*
Btroyed by the vilo dis- In the cure of Bl
esse, my tonguo and
throat having groat holes caused by it | &
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cure , for contagious
then commoDCOd taking Swift's
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This was over
II <C tw0 yoarf ug0t and 1
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ibis as it Is any effects of the disIn
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Maw Advertisements.
To These Looking for Manufacturing Biles? 7
Pint pa*?
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Fouud?firat page. .
Cotnmbalouera Notice. '
For Kent-James A. Henry. ]
llocLetter Utnp*-?wlnjr Broa. .
Stocks end Bonds For Nile-Thomas O'Brien. I
For Hale Cheap?I. W. Hunter.
Wanted-Kor the United tilales Army.
Wantod-Keliablo Poison. 1
Troaice's Haia?C* A. Muhaofer.
Attention. Knights Golden Eagle.
Notice to Bondholders.
Opera IIouae-RhCft, as Josephine.
without doubt the finest ii <
the em.
The most baantlfnl rarletj of Talen- j
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Thermometer Record*
The thermomoter At Scbnepf'a drag
store, Opera House corner, Saturday,
registered aa follows:
7 ft. m 88 I 8 p.48
V a. m...................~ 41 I 7 p. - 61
12 41 I Weather?Changeable.
7 ft. m...?~.....~~.... 88 I 8 p. 44
9 ft. m 3*j 7 p. m ............... 41
12 m^..... 40 | Weather-Cloudy.
Weather Indication*.
Washington, D. C.# Feb. 8.?{Special Bulletin)?A
narrow tongue shaped area of low pre*
sure extends from the Uuli up the Mississippi
Valley Into Iowa, Illinois and Mluourl. The
I pressure and temperature gradients are so great
that the most severe gales ol bllzxards ate already
prevailing over the entire Northwest, with
now. storms, *ud the znott severe winter is
likely to prevail as rcaultlng ftom these conditions
from the Gulf to the lakes on Monday, and
later prowess over tbo 8Utes east of the Mississippi
Valley oq Tuesday and Wednesday.
tor Western Pennsylvania and Ohio, cloudy
weAiher and ralu or mow Monday; southerly
shifting to northwesterly winds; dcddedly
colder Tuesdsy; cold wave In Ohio.
For West Virginia, Increasing cloudiness and
rain Monday; southerly winds, becoming variable;
colder by Tuesday.;
Matters of Minor Moment in and About
the City.
The gband this evening?" A 8oap Bubble."
A grand mftsk ball will bo given by the
Beethoven Society In Its bftll this evening.
Tin .County Cotomisnloners' Committee on
Roads and Bridges meets in tho country this
Tin Young Men's Society of St. Alphonsus
church will give an entertainment at tholr hall
thli evening.
Tub White Lily Ciub?avc its second anpual
bail at Uectboven hall Saturday night, and It
passed off very pleasantly.,
Tnx Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor
c.I the Prctbyterlsn church will hold a
convention at the Third Presbyterlau church.
Ykstkbday a sealed letter, no address, wis
fouud ou Zano street. The owner can have it by
applying at Williams's drag store, on the
Thieves gained an entranpe Into f. j. Spillman's
house, at 88 Twelfth street, by forcing the
inside catch off the front door. Nothing of
value was taken.
many choice seats downstairs as well as up are
sUil loft atC.A. Houio's music score for tho lecture
at the Opera House to-morrow night by
Henry M.Btanley.
Tub "Water Queen" company, which has
been resting, rehearsing and reorganizing here
for a week, left lor the West Saturday, accompanied,
by the manager, Holamy tfirally.
Capt Delbbvoux has recovered about SMSQf
tho money stolen by Levi Green, tbo colored
! man, from D. M. Anderson, of Texas, In Cartor's
taloon last week. Of this sum 9120 was
I found whero Green had concealed it.
Miss poixocx, the new soubrette of the
"Water n?ueen" pompany. bad a needlo an Inch
I and a half long removed from her nip the other
I night. It is supposed ihb swallow/Ml tho needle
wben a child and that it grtfuafly wprkpd Jts
way through her system.
The perennial favorite. Bhoa, will appear at
the Opera House next Friday evening in her
greatest play, "Josephine. Empress of the
French," supported by William Harris as Sapolean.
ThpM who have not seen this play should
embraco this opportunity, All who havo seen
It will desire fo nee It again.
tub improvements to be made in Wheeling
Park this season are not many, but one of great
Importance is the building of a new restaurant
on the site occupied by the old one. The dlmotions
of this building will be forty by seventy
IIvo feet, and It wilf be two stories hlgn.
The Improvement will bo a marked one.
Mb, Wheat, of Wheeling, President of tho
Brilliant Iron and Steel Company, made a proportion
through Mayor Pool to present to Council
that If the town would five the company the
south half of Penn Ptrcet, Wwepn M?fkpt and
the river, the company jrouhl erect a &ar and
sheet mill in addition to their present Wofks.
rho mill will then employ 5po igen.-5feute??ttf
Stranger* In the City and Wheeling Folks
John Lewis, of Wollsburg, is at the Hotel
C. A. Basnett, of Mannlngton, was in thp fifty
F. A. Prichard, of Mannington, registered at
tbo McLuro Uouw yesterday.
Eight members oi the "Soap Bubble" company 1
are quartered at the Hotel Behler.
This evening Miss ftffle Russell will give a
whist party at which only her intimate friends
are Invited.
Engineer Job Abbot, of tbo Terminal Company,
has returned to the city from Mew York
and la at the MoLnre. >
Councilman Worningtsn, of the Sight ward,
waa out yeaterday for the first time, after a three
weeks' spell of sickness.
Architect Bomer Wells and Superintendent i
W. H Anderson left for Washington City Satur- i
day night for a visit of several days on business. '
Superintendent Walter B. Woodford, of the 1
Wheeling A Lake Brio, waa married a few days I
rnjo in London, England, to Mlsa Belle Wheeler, <
df Toledo, Ohio.
lira. Matilda Helakell, who hu been ill for ,
more than a week, waa thought to bo passing :
sway on Saturday. Yesterday she showed some 1
Improvement, but waa not out of danger. \
Tbo Cleveland Leader of yesterday says; Hen- i
ry M. Stanley, the African explorer, arrived at
tr.e Btillman yesterday accompanied by hia
wife, his wife's mother, Mrs. Tennant, anda retinue
of servants, Including his Zasslbar boy,
ialib. A number of people attempted to call on i
Mr. Stanley during tbo day. They were met by '
Major Pond, who baa exclusive control of the I
ucplorer. and if they passed muster, they were r
ul mi tied to Mr. Stanley's preseuco for a few alnutca.
The party <mlv#a in .a handsome i
private oar. which attracted considerable alien- J
lion at the Union Depot. 7 8
Death of Mrs. Joseph Webb*
Mrs. Joseph Webb died yesterday r
nomine at Bve o'clock, of pneumonia. c
She had been tick /or some time, and 5
aer doath waa not entirely unexpected.
She was a woman highly respected for
ier many charitable actual ways giyinjr a
t helping band to those in neod. She ?
eaves three daughters, Mrs. Sam Lets- i
cub, Mrs. Jennie Jackson and Mrs. Q
Emma Mayers. (
~ \
JoarpO M?ir*Dblo? uraVDfd,
A diapateh hw been received by Cormer
Schnllu from Caldwell, 0., aeking ,
.hit the remalne of Joeeph Helfenbine, 1
rhoae body waa lonnd at the end of the
loapenaion bridge, be forwarded to hia
iome. It i> euppoeed Helfenbine waa ?
ratting np the Fewiky track to visit hia ,
liek daughter it (he hoapital, when be *
ell over the bank and waa drowned. ?
Mr. H?U'? ronatal. r
The funeral ol the late Caaper Bell, *
vhich took place yesterday afternoon :
rom St. Alphonaaa church, waa as large- J
y attended aa any aeen here for a long "
[me. The pall-bearera were prominent t
Itlaena identified with the different cor- ?
lorationa and organlxatione of which he "
raa a member. ^
FananU of lira. Jubm lUUllff. K
Yeaterday afternoon, at her reaidence
n the Sooth Side, occurred the fnneral c
I Mrv James Ratcliff. Bey. 0. M. Alord,
paator of tbe Third Preabytsifan
3hurcb, wilted by Rev. h. W. Bur. ol
Del 111 rn, conducted the ceremonies. The
emalue were interred it the Penininlar
rh< city Goanetr* Cummlailoa Fntwu
agilnii ux ChtDfi *'
A meeting o( the Electric .Light Com- '
minion wu held Saturday night (or the (
purpose of discussing recent develop- t
menta in the matter of the electric light J
bill now pending in the Lfgtyature. ^
The attention ol the meeting was jj
called to tho fact that that portion oi tbe r
bill giving the city authority to furniah a
beat and power to private consumers t
had been atricken ont with the consent c
of tbe Ohio county delegation. The g
Senate amendment, requiring the city ii
to furniah light at not leas than cost, ?
and in computing such coat to take into o
consideration the interest on any money i
and bonds need in the construction of a
the plant, did not seem to Truatee Dim- t
levy to be a vary good thing. He de- t
Blared that in a law yean tbe accumu- li
lated interest on the coat ol construction t
would ralae the price of electricity ao
high that the city conld never compete a
with a private company. t
The commlaion Having been informed t]
that a movement was on foot to require i
the city to purebaae the lighting part of s
the Electrical Company'a plant, thus t
putting the city under tribnte, ss stated, i
to the Westlnghouse Oompauy, the lat- i
ter'a machines being used by tbe Wheel- t
ing Electrical Company, which holds t
tue territorial ngma 01 tun nesunxhouae
Company, a message was sent \a i
the city's representatives at Charleston r
informing thorn that the city did not I
wiah to buy and instructing them to op- ?
poae aucb;amendments. In fact, it was i
decided that none other than the e
original bill, free from ail amendment!, i
would bo aaiiafactory to the city.
noBnm uis-BuStitAcroK.
A Man Steals tlO From a Mau Who Has
Paid for Ilia Lodging. i
Saturday night Brice Ray, a young
fellow who has been accused of crimes
of a petty character in the past, and a 1
man named Daffy, from WelJaburff, were 1
about town together, and Duffy, at a i
late hour, took Hay with him to the St. l
Charles Hotel pud paid Iot abed ior
him. In the night, it is alleged, Bay
stole from Duffy a $10 bill. He was ar- .
rested yesterday morning by Officer J
M or an and taken before Squire Davis,
who committed him to jail in default of '
bail to await the action of the Grand .
Jury. Ray returned $5 of the money to
Duffy, but denied that he had taken ,
more. f
The Stanley Lecture.
The lecture at the Opera House to- j
morrow night by Henry M. Stanley will
be over in time to allow Bridgeport peo- 1
pie to catch the atreet cars, Bellaire
peoplo the train, North End and South 1
End people the electric care, and the I
residents along the Elm drove road the '
motor for their respective homes. The 1
sale of aeata is going steadily on at 0. A.
House'a mnsic store, and those who do
not care or cannot afford to pay the
nrira (nr BAata in ilia narnnaf nr ilriiOQ
circle will find almost as comfortable
seats in the family circle at $2 and $1 50.
Mr. Stanley is keeping np bis record ol
success everywhere, and It would be
rather discreditable to Wheeling if she
should fail to greet him with an audience
crowding the Opera House to its j
utmost capacity.
Befolutlona of Uaaiiect hj the German
At a special meeting of tho directors
of the German Bank of Wheeling, W.
Va., held this 7th day of February, 1S91,
the following preamble and resolutions
were adopted:
Wuki'.kas, It has pleased God in Bis
all-wise provldeppo to removo from our
midst by death our friend and associate I
and a director of this bank. Casper Heil, 1
Erq.j and
Whereas, In his loss we recognize I
the loas of one of the bank's oldest di- 1
rectors, and one whose constant and un- ;
tiring geal has qdded greatly to the in- 1
teresia of this institution Bince the time I
of ils organization; therefore, be it
Raolud, That we hereby express our <
sincere regret at the loss we have sua- <
tained, and that we extend our heartfelt
sympathy to bis bereaved family in this 1
sad hour of their afliiction; and
RnaM, That, a? tj further mark of '
our respeut and esteem, we, tbe directors
of the German Bank, attend his funeral '
in a body, and that the Cashier be authorized
to forward a copy of these resolutions
to the family of the deceased, ,
and also engross them on the minutes
of the b>?i'i ?nfi have the same published
in the city papers.
0. D. Hubb&bu, President, I
U J. Bayim, Cashier. i
New Sprlug Good*.
100 piecee Lancaster Gingham, CJc. 2
cases North Carolina Cheviot, 6c a ,
10011) White Spreads, 84c. c
390 pieces New Plaid;, Henrietta and c
OBrgtp nt pupuiar priced'
1 case {'laid Ifaiptoojc at fjc, cheap at ;
25 pieces Imported Mouseline de <
L'lnde at 37}c. J
100 pieces Plaid, Plain and Hem- ,
stitched Mulls, 15c, 20c and 25c. r
10 pieces Cream and Black Silk Mull",
45 inch, at 48c.
25 pieces Imitation India Silks, 16c,
guaranteed fast colors. ,
Opening new wraps daily.
II. Eubuxiuir, _
18 and 20 Eleventh street, j
Ask your grwser (or Maryln's Drum- "
mer'd Lunch. p
New Book nod stationary Store* '
Carle Bros, have purchased the book I'
ind stationery store ol J. B. Wilson, r
So. 1308 Market strett, and arp X1
tow In poeaeealon. They intend to ri, ?
ilenlsh the stock Immediately. They "
*111 have a first-class assortment of 0
looks and general stationery. Special .
ittention will be given to office supplies.
Mr. John M. Carle, one of the firm, is
veil known aa a former traveling soles- "
nan for Measr#. Barnes A McGregor. 11
.... . i. . j _ P
Somothlog New. el
The Marvin Bakery has lust placed its
ateat goods before the public. The J11
lew Graham Lunch is selling like hot "
ukes. It Is the finest goods they ever *'
nade. Always ask for the Marvin "
iraud of Cakes and Crackers. They are f(f
old throughout ^HJeripa. ?j
Ir your eyea tire or head achca when ''
eading or sewing, consult without CJ
barge Prof. Sheff, iho Optician, corner re
lain ana aieveum eireeu*. uwr^w "
! i st<
Prevents Pneumonia.?The prompt
im of Ohamberlain'a Cough Remedy
rill prevent a {eyere cold from reaultdk
in pneumonia. Bear this (act in 6)
ilnd. For sale by W. W.Irwin, O.K. si
loetie, J. Klari. 0. Schnepi, >V. E. o'i
ViUiams, M. W. Heinrici,druggists. inw bu
We use no water In Vienna Bread at {J
be Wheeling Bakery. *'
Another GolMalty, let
Another (rightful calamity, the results
(which can be attributed to the heavy Bl
now atorm o( Tuesdsy and Wedneeday, 3'
craned on Main street, a tew doors n?
bove Twelfth, yesterday. TbeappallinR w'
units o( this act of Providence waa the Pr
nlargement of the out and the total de- 101
traction of prices at Hoff's shoe store,
11143 Main street, and the people are tbe
ene(acton by It. Call and examine the in
oods and ascertain prices and yon will Ml
e convinced of tbe truth. A large stock ,h
( rubber foot wear is fcept on hand to ?
leet such emergencies si we are now Jn
rought to (ace and their prices have not
one tip.
Am your grocer (or Marvin's Soda ,'
rackets. g
L.P.6ooDiellsdrygoodsthecheapest. he
i Tnvallog Ml?in?a Vubei a Worthies*
Draft for ?t40.
The Manning ton Timet of Saturday
as the following Interesting etory:
David Nesbltt la a traveling salesman
9 the employ of Nelll & Elllngbain, of
Vheeling, and is one ol the moet obligate
gentlemen to be met any where. In
let, be is so obliging that his generous
mlt caagbt him nipping a week ago
On the day mentioned he was here
oing business in the interest of his
rm and met James W. Anld, who repeeented
bimsell as an oil man and
sked Nesbltt to cash a draft (or $348 for
lim, as he needed the cash. Nesbltt,
ipon being assured that tb? draft was
ood and that Auld bad $0,000 or $8,000
n bank in Washington, Pa., cashed it
rithout a mnrmnr. The draft was made
n the Citizens' National Bank of WashQgton,
Pa., and was a sight draft psyble
to J. B. Knotte. Mr. Nesbltt
nrned the paper over to his Arm and
hey in turn banked it It was not
?ng, however, nntii it came back pro ted.
Anld was then communicated with
- ? ? #- -en:
uu Be wrote & leiwsr tu ncm ? oiuu^iftoi,
saying be regretted letting his
irnlt goto protest, but that he waaobllgdtouoso
to save himself. He then
*ve a check, in exchange for tbe draft,
rith the assurance that the money
ronld be found awaiting the presentaion
of the note. This check also went
o protest and the Arm at once decided
0 investigate.
Mr. Neiil and Mr. Nesbltt came from
Wheeling yesterday and hail A aid arested
and brought before the Mayor,
ie was placed under$500 bond and will
ippear for. trial to-day,. AUld has been
n town abont three weeks and repreents
himself as a leaser. He is the
icapegrace son of respectable parents in
Washington, and this act is looked upon
is theresult of a druuaen spree.
liked bj tbe Trades Anaombly-A Long
nod Bony Session Yesterday.*
President O'Leary presided over tbe
'egnlar session of tbe Ohio Vslley Trades
ind Lsbor Assembly yesterday. The
attendance was large and the session unisually
long, the time having to be exended.
On the recommendation of the Plasarera'
Union three men, W. P. Murphy,
}. B. Murphy and D. McKinley were
ilsced on the black lilt.
The Legislative Committee reported
.hat numerous petitions for a ballot reorm
law were in circulation and were
leing freely elgned. Several bad been
lant to Charleston.
The same committee reported back for
the consideration of tbe Aesembly
House Bill No. 33, for the consolidation
of the two street car lines here. The
Assembly alter full discussion approved
the bill with the exception of the clause
giving a porpetnal franchise. It also
approved the pending city ordinance
creating the office of Inspector of Foods
and prescribing hie duties.
After some discussion of a report from
the Brewers' Union concerning the relations
of the employes of the Roymann
brewery to the nnion,action wss deferred
to a special meeting to be held hereafter.
The Secretary read thecorsespondence
he bad bad with President Cochran, of
tt>ATTnlA? D>!/lna Hninnsnv In MfaMnao
U1S UUIUU Wliugg WUWKHHJI ? uvtwaiuv
to the tolls on tlie bridge. The understanding
of the Assembly is that toll is
to be charged at the rate of one cent a
trip, or 25 cents a month for a family,
but action wat deferred until further
and more definite correspondence.
The following was unanimously adopted
after some talk in which the Farmers'Alliance
kick on the appropriation
referred to was severely scored:
Whbrxas, There is now pending s
proposition before the Legislature of
west Virginia to make an appropriation
for the world's Fair to be held in Chiisgo
in 1803, and
Wiisrius, We beliove it would be to
the beat interests of the trade of this
State that a creditable display be made,
ind realizing that it could not be better
loue than by a liberal appropriation for
he purpose, therefore bp it '
Kaultfd, That the Secretary of this
issembly be instructed to writo to the
iwo Senators and four members of the
tfoose oi Delegates from this county,
equesting them to favor an appropriaion
on the part of this State in-a sum
lot less than $100,000.
Nothing else vsis done of interest to
he general pnblio.
Ijhn Column Ooec to the Pea-IIabeaa
Corptlj frocetdlori.
Saturday John Connors, t^e escaped
lurglar recently rearrested, was araigued
before Judge Panli, Identified
is the ssme John Connors nnder senence
of five years' imprisonment and
emanded to jail to be sent to Mounds'ille
to serve out his term.
The application ior a>rltof habeas
orpus in the case of John Michael,
iharged with stealing about $126 from
lis father's boarding house in Al|ey D,
letween T^enty-sipoufl ?n(l Twentyhjrd
streets, wss up before Judge
dull, and after hear'BK evidence
be prisoner was remanded to jail and
he case taken under advlsemoni by the
V\nrf until fn.mnrrnw.
The Soap Hubble Tn,o!|litThe
<4 rand vill lie opened to-night lor
he first time in a number of d*j? by J.
I. Dobbins'* oomediua in the funny
mil oil comedy of a "Soap Bubble."
'he play is almost entirely ne?, with
ew performers and a host ol novel and
efined specialties. Charley Young spears
as tbe barber. All fearce, who
rashere with theKlndergarden company
ut season, is with this company; also a
umber of other well known celebrities
bat we hare not spice to mention,
eats are now on shiest Weir's,and the
ldicationi are that the Grand will be
rowded to tbe doors to-night.
Annie Ward Tiffany.
01 the "Step Daughter," to be given
: the Opera Bonse Wedneday night,
is Brooklyn Union says: There is
lenty of scope for fqn is well as the
nployment of serious and sentimental
ituren, ind all bare been excellently
tilited. There is not a dull moment
om the riao of the curtain to Its fill,
id from the melodramatic standpoint
le play altogether ranks among the ex plionaiiy
good. Besides its merits in
self it bad tbe advantage of being ihort
igbly vdl played. As the faithful
ishwomin, ftgjy lagan, Miss Tiffany
ptnred tbe audience at once, and was
peatedly called beforetheourtain. The
le of sests opens at House's music
ore this morning.
Par* Fun and Hollaed Wit*
Seats for Burdette'e lecture it the
xn House next Thursday will be on
le at Baumer'a mule store it nine
slock this morning. The Chimgt Trine
says of the genial humorist:
There is no difficulty in telling where
e laugh should cone in. It finds its
7 at the proper place without any
omptlngs of its owner. Indeed It is
ipoeaible to prevent its breaking qqt
to uproanus cichlnngtlons when Ur.
irdette Is at his funniest, and that is
nrly all the time. There is a perpetual
iwof drolleries from his imagination
blch amues one at the extraordinary
olificneeaand Inexhaustibility of the
Gloomy for Bright*
Lorenzo D. Bright, who was arrested
Wheeling by a deputy marshal aome
ne alnce for sending obscene matter
rongh the mails, waa sentenced to two
an In the penitentiary Saturday by
.dp Jackson at Parkenbqrg.
A rlMMnt Party*
The Young Folks' Cotillion Club waa
sasantly entertained Saturday night
Miss Lydia flood, at the residence of
i mother, 1513 Jacobs street. About
fifty guests wen preeent and dancing
wasiadnlged In from seven to eleven
o'clock, when refreshments *ere served
In tbe dining-room. The company dispersed
it halt-put eleven.
Work FmraH* Slowlj at LUt HrftTli#
Tunnel* Tcdloua Work.
The work on the Ohipline hill tnnnel
of the Wheeling Bridge and Terminal
Company has not been progressing very
(aat lately. When the tnnnel waa first
commenced, work could be prosecuted
with more rapidity, bat tbe (artber the
tunnel penetrates, with so much more
difficulty and consequent elowneas does
the work go on. Tunneling is going on
day and night, and yet no more than
about ninety feet per month, on eacb
heading, can be completed. The workmen-on
eacb heading will meet about the
middle of April, aa there remains over
400 feet of work to be completed.
It is the intention to arch with brick
several hundred feet of each end of the
tunnel. The contract for tbe brick work
haa been awarded, but work will probably
not commence until tbe tunnel
work proper bas been completed. As to
tbe other work on tbe line, the miaonry
on the south aide of the creek will soon
be done. Tbe stone work on the round
house and turn table, out at the Peninsula,
is nearly flniahed. The arch and 1
culvert over Coal Itun is nearly completed,
and tho retaining wall along
whitaker'a Mill will be done before tbe
last of the present month.
A large gang of men is at work on the
north aide ol the creek, back of the gas
works, digging out tbe foundation for
the pier ana abutment to be erected.
Poles are Strang all along the north side
of the creek ready to be driven. On tbe
whole, the work is being conducted
with all possible rapidity, and will be
nrnufintiiri mtmh faalor no innn aa tho
weather Bottles and nature interposes no
more delays.
Church, Industrial, P.rtor a\ and Sllftcellaneoas
The Belmont brewery U eacloied.
Will Edwards will more to Alabama to-day.
The Laughlln mill li making large shipments.
Miss ?lla Conoway U visiting friends at Toronto.
George Cbessell has taken a position in Columbus.
The flrotnen at the iAUghlin mill got the advance
In wages they asked for.
The attendance at the public schools 1s Increasing
since the measles are on the decline.^
The rollar skating craze dies bard In Martin's
Fern'. The rlnk was crowded on Saturday night.
Ed. Anderson was arrested on Saturday night
on an old charge. Two plain drunks were also
run in.
Miss Hattie E. Lowo, or SteObenvllIe, spent
Saturday and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. B.
Mrs. J. Y. Patterson returned on "sturday
nlaht irom a (our weeks* visit with friends in
Mr. Ed. Haugbton and Mr. T. W. Shrove will
represent the Martin's Kerry Y. M. C. A. at the
convention at Springfield this week.
Fire acrea of tbo lands included in the Fair
Grounds at 8L Clalrsville are advertised for tale
by the sheriQ under a dccreo of foreclosure.
One member of iho family ol William Clifford,
of Clark's addition, is suffering from a broken
lex. one has the pneumonia and another is quite
Bcr. Mr. Dowlor, of Wheeling, occupied the
pulpit in the M. E. chnrch (yesterday morning
and evening in tho absence of Kev. I. i. Winters
In Jefferson county.
James Eboilelu, who baa been quite 111, has recovered
sufllclently to go on a visit to Columbus.
Pat. Dully still has charge of his train on the
Cleveland <& Pittsburgh road.
A large number of Martin's Ferry people havo
been subpwnacd to appear before tne grand jury
tills week. Several sport* aro off on a little sojourn
until alter tho meeting.
According to the population of Belmont
county, the salaries ot the Probate Judgo and
Clerk of Court will bo 82.700 each, and 10 per
cent of the collections, and that or the Auditor
<3.000. If the bill regula'lng salaries pauses tho
Legislature. _
Ask your grocer for Marvin's Eagle
Baiter. _____
Junior O. U. A. M. Excursion to Wheeling,
W. Va, on the IS. & O.
For the meeting and parade of the
Junior O. U. A. M. societies, at Wheeling
W. Va., Saturday, February 21,
1801, the Baltimore & Ohio Company
will make a rate of quo fare for the
roqnd trip from Grafton and Pittsburgh
and intermediate stations. Tickets pood
returning until Monday, February 23,
on regular trains.
Ask your gPscer for Marvin's Vanilla
Movueiu should bear In mind that
Chamberlain's Cough Kerned; is harmless
to children. It contains no injurious
substance. They incur no risk
when they give it even to babies. Then
long experience bas shown tbgt it is
especially adapted (oj (he cure of
coughs an4 polifs incident to childhood.
It cares them promptly, and is pleasant
and safe for them to take. For sale by
W. W. Irwin, 0. R. Goetze, J. Klari, 0.
Schnepf, W. E. Williams, M. W. Heinrici,
Druggists. j>?w
Have you tried 'the new 'Tone's
JuBilee" at the Wheeling Bakery? It is
just what you want. '
For inii CniLixtE^.-r-OhambeFlaiu's
Cough fle^edy is a groat favorite with
mothers for their children, <u many of
them have learned from long ezpf^.
ence In the use of it that J* reliable.
It promptly cuie? ^eir children ol
coogha j?u colds, prevents them from
Having the croup, or cures them of
croqp. They have also found that there
is no danger in giving it even in large
doses, and that it is pleasant for them
to take. For aale by W. W. Irwin, C.
R. Goetse, J. Klari, 0. Schnepf, W. E.
Williams, M. W. Beinrici,druggists, daw
Ask your grocer for Marvin's XXX
Ginger Snaps.
?. L. Rou & Co., So. 51 Twelfth
street, have left a few of the finest of
their elegant Holiday Sewing Machines,
which they will offer at prices sure to
make room for new goods in other lines.
Don't miss this opportunity.
Tux Vienna Bread at the Wheeling
Bakery is made with swest milk,
Obdib? (or pure Rye and Bourbon '
Whisky promptly filled at Lally's, 2100 a
Main street.
i i i1 i I
Dyspepsia '
Makei tho Um of nuuy people miserable,
and often leads to s?lMcstructIon. Distress
after oatlng, soar stomach, sick headache,
heartburn, loss of appetite, a faint," all gone "
feeling, bad taste, coated tongue, and irregu,
laritjr of the bowels, are
D18tr088 some of the more common
After symptoms. Dyspepsia doos
Paflncy not get well o( itself. It
tail rig requires eareful, persistent
attention, and a remedy like Hood's Sarsaparilla,
which acts gently, yet sorely and
efficiently. It tones the stomach and other
organs, regulates the digestion, creates a
good appetite, and by thus ftlnle
overcoming the local symp. U
torns remores the sympa-HeaaaCllO
thctle effects at tlio disease, banishes tno
headache, ant refreshea tlio tired mind.
" I havo licoa troubled with dyspepsia. I
had but little appetite, and what I did eat
1J__ .. distressed me. or did me
near! Uttl( s00tL xn an hour
DUm after eating I would experience
a (alntMMf or tired, all-gone foiling,
as though I had not eaten anything. My troa. hie,
I think, waa aararated by ay Inutnesa,
which la that o( a painter, an4 (ton being
mora or lesa abut pp In a
room with troah paint. last
spring I took Hood's Bam- otomacn
rflla?took three bottles. It did me as
Immense amount of good. It gara me an _
appetite, and my food relished and aattaSed r
the orating I bad prerlonsly experienced."
QxoBoa A. Pan*, Watertown, Haas.
Hood's Sarsaparilla I
BoldbyalldraalfU. fljilxforfs. preparsdenly ol
bj C. LIIOOD 4 CO.t ApothtcArl?a, Loirell, Ui? u
100 Doses One Dollar
Absolutely Pure.
cream of tartar baking powder. Higheat
ot all In leavenln strength.?V. 8.
QorwrnetU Report, 4*0.17,1889.
IrtOywFAir ^
All Sorts of Local Newn nod Gossip from
the Glass City.
l'robato Judge L H. Gallon steps down and ont
J. 8 Glll'a sons were busy shipping pots on
Out of thirty-flvo prisoners In tho county Jail
eighteen are from Bellalro.
The Florida car, after a very successful three
days' stay here, leaves this morning for l>enniaon.
William Boyd, aged ninetv-oue yean, father
of Coroner A. M. K. Boyd, of this city, died at
his home west of the city Saturday night.
Two hundred and thirty-six tons of pig Iron
were turned out on rriday at tho Bollaire blast
iurnace on Friday. This Is one of the biggest
outputs for somo lime.
M. P. Ifelsey. who dl?i not appear before the
Srnnd Jury on time, was given the customary
ne. Bellaire RamblcnTaru anxiously awaiting
tho result of the grand jury.
Morgan Stldd, a man who always has fun
when be strike* Hellaire, claims tlut be \>u
held up by h bighwaymau here oue night Isst
week and that he knocked the feliow down. Mr.
Stldd halls from nearCentrevllle.
Two Bellalreltes, as witnesses bcloi? the Grand
Jury on Friday, were placod behind the ban,
ouo for profaulty in the court room and one for
beirg boisterously Intoxicated. They were
both fined heavily.
Charles Meyer, "Butcher Charlio," aa he was
familiarly called, atusmpted sulchlo at the
County Infirmary last week. Ho got a razor
from the barber shop there and cut hia throat
from ear to ear. He Will die, as the windpipe
wu almost severed.
At the B <k 0. wreck noar Marbletown, 0., on
Friday Isst, were several cars of Hour In sacks.
They were gathered up almost Intact, and during
the heavy rains of Saturday wore run down
and into the round houso. This flour the com*
pauy will not lose.
The B., 7.. & C. IUllrcad bad a wreck last week
near Armstrong's Mills, in which a passenger
comb rolled over. Tho coach wan filled
with passenger* Goorso Robinson and wife had
ribs broken. Conductor Swain was the worst
hurt and may not recover. Tho other passengers
were all more or less injured. A defective
rail was the cause.
By $ new arrangemont, fivo days per week Is
all tho steelworkcrs will make this season; the
doubling up of the cupola capacity will make
as much steel as by the old way with six days'
work. The men will make as much money aud
as many tons of steel under the new rule as bofore.
The repairing is to be done on Saturday,
and all Sunday work, as far as practicable, will
be abollthed.
John DuBoIs, living In Gravel Hill cut, who
has been congratulating himself on not being a
loser by tbo thieves recently, went out to feed
bis chickens Saturday morning and found nothing
but the heads, lie afterwards made some
inquiry and found and recognlzcd tbo chickens
in a grocery store down town. The people who
sold tbeui were strangers to the grooer, but
could be readily recognized sgaln.
whether on pleasure bent or business,
should take on every trip a bottle of
Syrup of l'igs, as it acts most pleasantly
aud effectually on the kidneys, liver and
bowels, preventing fevers, headaches and
other forms of sickness. For sale in 50c
and $100 bottles by all leading druggists.
01 course it never really does wow ?Voea,
but when it snows, Rood shoes are needed; lor
that matter Good Shoos arc needed when 1?
doesn't snoit. a* we kccp'uoibiog bat O'T.n
SHOM, JOU will and It To sou I liwjjWi vo
flitt Jl.l.Sfl'Ji?. thing lor ill
Hindi o( wctllur ?ud ,1,,^, 0l jtou 0ur
Mcu'd $2.00 Calf Shoes,
Lidlm' $1.75 Dongola Flexible,
And Children'! School Slioca
fe5 Shoe Bellers, low Main 8 tree t.
Scientific Optician !
'rcsbyopla, Mropl?,A?Urmatifin and all ktndiof
defective timon of the old oryouni oorreete?1.
Spectacles or Eyeglasses accurately adjusted.
Vlth J. A. LASH, the Jeweler.
wff 'monlvtiscents ^
[email protected]:
ccbman^mcrican bemedtco.
i.. aasbsgsssflta
B^wr. AU VSE
^&sst?a9Av?r.HeAijitfut. i
phe greatest display on !
Frw *bow of 1,000 additional Winter Samples
more than all Wbeellnc merchant! com*
Ined-for Gents' Suits, Overcoat* and unlmi
lost received from U antmaker & Brown.
l1^i^1^. "t u"n w * "s?a
nolO C9f.
" m-' ' nwiiHirW iUl Own. I
EiVtJfJ UUBllicru uiuvb uw ,?
Modern enterprise, puah and energy, eeem strangely oat of place in i M. I
inn room where the iarnltare li u old u the methods of batineet To k
brent of the times yon need comfortable office furniture of modern tyfe. i,*
the manufacturer needs the latest tools, the (scientist the litest books aodi5
physician the latest remedies.
The appearance of your office ia an index to your commercial nna^i.
Strawa show which way the wind blows. Don't lag behind in the otlSJ
office furnishing. It is but the spending of a few dollars and your ol&ctla
present a very different appearance.
Secure our prices before purchasing elsewhere. We hare an entir. j.
partment devoted to office furniture. *
Minintf and Mannfar.turinf (In
Authorized Capital, $2,000,000. - - Shares, $28 Each
Pro?lil?nl, CHA8. A. WEAVER. President Uaiilull County Bant, JtonnJnrlllo. .,
Flrit Vice Prflldent, Hon. JOHN W. HAOON, ol Wublugton, U. C., Onll?l Statu Coufc
ioocr of Internal Keveuuo.
Second Vice President, CHA* O. McCOLGAN, of B?ltimore, Presidont or the Chai. C.KcC*
can Company, of low York, Philadelphia and Baltimore
Treasurer, HIBSON LAMB, of Wheeling. *V. Va. Cashier of the Bank of Wheeling.
Secretary, JOHN W. BUBCHINAL, Editor of the "MoundsvlUo Herald."
HON. WILLIAM O. WOBLEY,of KIngwood, W. Va., StatoPenator.
J. N. VANCE, President of the Jxchance Bank, aim or the Riverside Iron Works,M'httltBt
LOUIS C. STlFKL, Proprietor of ihe Wheeling Calico Works.
ALFKKD PaOLL, Bocrour/ of the Underwriters IniuranceCompany, Wheeling.
CHAS. C. SleCOLUAN. I'retIdent of the thus. C. McHolgan Company, Baltimore.
J. th.KNN COOK, of J. ?ilenn Cook & Co., R. ?. Brokers, Baltimore.
M. V. RICHARDS. Land and Immigration Agent, Baltimore A Ohio Railroad, Baltimore.
CH AS. A. WEAVER, of the Weaver, Bardall. Humphrey Manufacturing Company.
J. B. HICKS. ex-Sheriff of Marshall County.'
J. F. LEUGE, Baltimore A Ohio Railroad, Shepherdstown.
* DEPOSITORIES? Bank of Wheeling and Marshall County Bank.
TRANSPORTATION FACILITIES?Baltltioro & Ohio and Ohio River (Pemmlviali m\e*
railroads, bcilde* the Ohio Valley, now building, aod Ohio river steamers; United States ftprts
Company and Adam* Express Company.
NATURAL OAS AND OIL?Already discovered and to bo developed.
CHEAP COAL? From 30c to II25 per ton P. O. B.
CLAYS?"FIro" and "Brick," Boildlng Store, Timber, Furnace and Building Fand*
A valuable lot given to every purchaser of ton shares of stock.
Liberal Inducements to.manulactuiers. For full particulars, prospectus, Ac., apply to
General Manager, Moundsville, W. Va.
AgentB for Wheeling?Roir & flirtey, B. G. SUlnaker.C. A. 8oluitfer k (t
Ag>nt for Martin's 1-VrrT?Joi. T. Hamw.
Our Extensive Experience Suggests Economy to Housekeepers.
No, 1136 Market Street. ^
tx> No. 1138 Market Street.
_v ' fl!"
Our Credit System Enables Ton to Make Home Comfortable.
Hire you ever hid I struggle with a bureau? Hive you ever M "'S I
counter with a dnwer thit refused to open? II von have, you cerUinly ? H
went another exporience ol th?t kind. Yon will be aiionlshed when wef'1
that a baraan that is obstinate about each things ootte Jast as mnch m on? E
conducts itself properly. It ia all a question of workmanship. You will?"
rqually astonished when yon look at some ol our prices. They "e ??U M
cedented In the history ol the iornltnra trade. And ou sncli term??%
werth of goods, fS cash aid |i per week) $10 worth, $1 cash and 60c per

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