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SwWl'i Specific. If
8. s. s. '?
_________ Ittl
To Smokers. SmokMr.
L. II. Oeuella, of ingbai
T inpair
tb?thl?ajr?tem wa? potooned
with nicotine from 60 jfOU
the etoeaairo nee of to- h63ltll
bacoo in (making cigar- Jjjjg
ettea. He could not iieep, o e c
hit appetite wu gone, ? ?i ?
and be vru in * bid fix |)gTCcerilly.
Ho took 8. 8.
8., which drove out the ""J?
poleon and made a new WBll
man oat of him. 2?3il
TimIIk an Blood and
The o!d or young whoa
do not suit, can consult >
tested for Glasses withoul
n? | ooklft .IauiaIm
V^livioiti wowit W >(l
streets. The only exclusive
New Arrival
Have Room to Displa
Winter Good
Geo. E. Stifei
& CO.
is over,
And we found our atock too larg
nndwe muathave mors room for 01
Spring Qooda, whtoh ara commini
Jng to arrive, and tha large bu
will ba In In about three weeke,
Wa hava piles or odde and en<
that muat be oloaed out at ar
price In the next Thirty Daya. E
avail youraelf of the opoortunK
nd get a allce. No reterve.
Dress Goods
In Henriettas lo ill Colors.
N?w Hljltoh DrtuPUId*.
New Torchon Lnceg.
Vt? are U?r?ji Bead/ lo tfton Boo
Ckccrfollj, u4 Iulta Iupfctloa.
ie, i k co
1132 M?ia Stirfl. i,
7 Bottles m-8
. of S. S. S. ZSt
Cancer oured. Of
f For tturl/.tlvo year? 1 SUCH
nil afflicted with cancer
ou? toroa on ray faco Ca8?8
which prominent pbytl- after
clans failed to cure. Scv- nQOd
cn bottles of 8. 8. 8 nljva|.
cured me permanently.
Am now sixty years old cians
and In pcrfcct health. Un #1
HIBAM bwmxt, "au
|f Orion, Ala. J failed.
Mkln DImmcn Mailed Free.
ECIFIC CO., Atlanta, Ca.
; Thomas
6 eyas need attention, or CMsse
md have their tyea sclentlflcali;
I charge by PROF. SHEFF, thi
I Store, corner Main and Eleventl
i Optical Department In the State
| OHO. ill. hnook ? CO.
C I DrnkoAi /I Avii nn
? DwuruiucriGB
From 2 cents to ? l 00 |i?r Yard
lit Cntiibrlc. Xnltttoflk and Sin l-?
lu Solid WUte, WM lllttk, nm1
Combinations or llltse ?i.d Ullii'l
, Embroideries
*' From the Xarroirift to Hit
WM?*t Mulf?to Mitc'ird unit
Unmatched Pattern*.
s Embroideries
In Fine, IMlcate or HmjShow;
_ Work?In uliort, we lure EiiiS
brolderlts to fult every person
or purpose. The greatest line
ever hIuiw?.
p.cn m
Vll-tV/l IT1I
9 >
} Special Sale
J* Fine White Shirts, my own
;? make, warranted pure Linen
ty Bosoms, made double In front
and double in back, with Patent
Facings In ba k, shoulders and
sleeves, is double sewed In all
seams, and every Shirt iBguarantead
to Fit' Price only 60c.
Genuine Jersey Overahlrts,
_ u/nrrnntoH nnt ahrlnlf. rn.
I ducod from 75 to 60c.
Extra heavy Dark Cloth Overshlrts,
won't shrink, reduced
from $11o 50c.
Extra fine cloth double breast
Shirts, fast colors, and won't
shrink, reduced from$i to 76c.
Jjj Boys'Coed Cloth Shirts, well
made, won't shrink, reduced
from 75 to 60c.
Underwear Below Cost.
One-Price Hat'er and Pomteber,
'! IS20 and I32?^tnrket Slroel,
He JttteUtflenwr.
Offlrai Noa. S3 ami ?7 FourtovntliSlrrcU
New Advertisement*.
Hmiacltecyor*, AttentionMendel A i'-o ?
Fourth p*Kt\
Atuutlon, IVobltM Mntlcfihrloc.
Opera Boute?Tbc Wile.
800 ante* Paper and Knrelopes-Stauton k
Jtotu?~& J.
Cheap Couu-cr-John Priedel.
Two Farmi For *?aJe-MiM Jennie HaUtcad.
The BcaUaraur?ibg Hotel Windsor.
block* and Eonda r or talc.
Klfh hUver nail Kino PoreeUlti-I. U. Dillon
A Co.
Funeral J'otli*?Dutchcr*' Protevtfve AmocIi*
tlon?Fourth I'irc.
Our coilomm will Hud otiP LOW EC
IaI.V ?TUfcli< HOOU ? fldfo nu't convenient
nitrantv io our turulillshmcnl
Hiring iho lime thai Improvement# are
la piofreM ou our Twelltli street front.
To clone our wlatcr wblghU and make
room Tor our Incoming aprlug Block,
PiratfUs* work and lit guarantied. Aln
birgalus in U*der*ear and Ilair Hose.
Wear the celebrated ltce hark Suspender
Tor coiutort and durability.
r lll.Mi,%itNH.
Merchant Tailors and Went* K l'nlshuD
It*I mil 1888 Market Street.
IF ion cannot se? and need spectacle
yon should call on usondluieloiirEyci
tested nil limit charge. We tare thi
finest Instruments and more cxperlcnci
than any other Optician In the State
and guarantee satisfaction or uoncj re
, undMl. JACOB W. UKU?B,
Jeweler and Optician,
Cer. Twelltli and Market Streetf
| Tlieiwoi??icr ttaCord.
The thermometer at Kchnepf'a druj
store, Opera House corner, Jtbterday
registered aa follows I
7 h ta i'.,? 4?? | 3 p, tu 1
'J a. 46 ! 7 p. - l
Uuib 47 | Weather-Fair.
WA8H1KOTOK, Feb. 18,-For Wc*Uru Pcuv
tylvania, fair weather, cxcont local mows ou th
lakobore. Colder northerly wiuda.
For Ohio, (air weather Tburadaj: rarlabl
wlnd?; ullKhllr warmer Friday.
For Wert Vlrginlt. colder; northerly wludi
fair weather Thumlay.
" TUB FKlUilil,i.-*VUlTti WKDIllMi.
On* of Wheeling'* Bloit Vtmrmlua B?llt
ttarrl?a a Vlrsinlan.
Last niglit at 9 o'clock one of the mot
notable nuptial ceremonies witnessed 1
Wheeling fol many a day was perlorme
at the First Presbyterian church, Rev
Or. D. A. Cunningham, the pastoi
officiating. In this Lanten season sny
thing io the way ol a social event is s
rare that this ooe was regarded witi
even more interest than would othei
- wise atuch to it.
Miss Kate White, the lianiUoine an
arcompllshcd daughter ol Hon. ltobei
White, became tbo bride of Mr. Chile
Mason Feirell, ol Virginis, in the prei
euce of one of the lamest and most uol
able gatherings of asimilarcharscter see:
here in recent years.
iue lnviuuuuB wercBunuiuc-muo au<
the acceptances so I'noeral that th
throng of guestB were stated with dill!
eulty. The gates ot the church wer
thrown open at K, and a halt' bout latr
the commodious church was well lilied
and soon after crowded tolta capacity.
& The interior oI the attractive churci
? was very handsomely decorated witl
' potted plants, ferns, roses and other flow
9 ers and plants, the altar being deckei
n with especial profusion,
i At 0 o'clock tli? orzaoist, Mies Emll'
Warwood, bfgin the Mendelssohn Wed
ding March, and to Its strains the bridu
parly entered, as follows: William H
" Castelland Robert Simpson; Genera
Albert Franzheiin and Guy Wagner
William Miller and William H.SliatTei
Then came the attendant*, Miser
I JeniJe Baird and Uussie Hupp
Harry Stallman and Steve Rice, Missei
Fannie Jordon and Minnie Bowie, Jas
Andereon and Robert Lee Powers
Misses Mattia Wright and Louisa Nor
ion, Nelson Vance and Thomas Fox
Misses Virginia Sinclair and Annii
Mesa, William B. Day and Willian
The bridesmaids and groomsmen eep
stated at the alter and formed a semi
circle on the twi sides. The ladles weri
all attired In white Bilk gowns, high cut
ornamented with natural flowers The
1 bridesmaids and groomsmen were foi
r lowed by the Mower girls, .Misses Mattic
Caldwell and Annie Waddle, and follow
ing them came the bride and groom.
Mlsa White naver looked lovelier than
in tier bridal dress of white ailk, made
en train, v shaped.
The ceremony was brief bnt impres
fcive. When it was over the bridal
1 party left the church and was driven to
I the residence of Colonel Whit?, on East
Fourteenth street, where an elegant
wedding feast was partaken of.
Mr.and Mra. Ferrell expected to leave
last nigbi on an extended hridal tour,
hut the delay of railroad traHlc, owing to
the floods, made it imperative to inouif)
thin plan, and they will remain in
Wheeling a day er two.
UICA1. llVbViritti.
Matters of Minor Moment In aim I About
tbo City.
Tub Grakd this evening?"Devil's Mine."
oi'kra HotfE thin evening-Gorman's Miu
strel*. ,
in tho l'ollce Court yesterday Am ell* la
Blanche's house netted tin city 155.50.
Frank Fauoirk was lined ?10 And ootti by
Mayor Beabright yesterday for vloUlion of the
nrdiuAUce governing vaiaiis.
Ditt-ty U. 8. Marsh ai. John C. Pi.vink Aud 8.
Ncabitt. jr.. the well known re*I estate Agent,
luvc fanned a partnernlilp to engage In the rCAl
es'Ato business, under the Ann name of Xeabitt
Si I'eviuc. Both Are cnergetlc and iatell'gent,
and the new tlrm nay beespccted tobeatuc*
ecu from theaUrt.
Yeutkhdav morning a mm named Leuuert
was Arraigned before Mayor Seatirigbt on a
charge of drunkenness. Ho ha* but-ouoarm.
The Mayor gave him hia choice of leaving (tin
eitv or goipg up fur niuety days, and he promised
to leave, but last evouiug he was again behind
the ban. drunk again.
Strangera In the City and Wheeling Folks
A. T. t'liuc, of Grafton, is in the city to-day.?
Mr. David Divldson, ot Clarksburg, is the
guest of Mr. K. Buckman here.
J. R. White and MlsaKmma Walker,ot Charles
ton, registered at the McLuro House yesterday
George Montgomery and A. J. Montgomery,
oil men of Washington, Pa., Are At the Hotel
Gen. A. A. Frautholm got home yesterday
from Charleston, via tho Cneapeake <lt Ohio and
Washington City.
General Agent L<egge. of the 11. A 0. Railroad
Company, has Arrived And Assumed the duties
of hla new position. The flood gave him a tough
Job to atArt on.
Gorman's Minstrels To-morrow Might.
Of Gorman's Minstrels, which Are to appear at
the opera House this evening, the Notion JleraUl
says: There was not a number on the programme
that was not encored. "The Dancer's
dream." And "Twilight in Dixie" Are the two
numbers which teemed to please the audience
moat, the Utter beiog especially praiseworthy I
And full of original ana taking hits. The Messrs.
J Ames. John And Georgo Gormen were heartily,
received, seen often and alwaya gave aatlstao-1
tion. Arthur Rigby made a bit in bis mono*
logne on'ertalnmeut. Messrs. Jobn Hyema,
Alexander <araerou And J. M. Sort row contribut
d most acceptably to the tocai part ot the
programme, aud Layman, thefxpressJoulst.aud
Rem. contortionist. added much to the general
No Cwart Yesterday.
There was no amnoa of the Circuit
Court yesterday. In Part II the cue ol
Liwsan va. Samuel Ltugbiin's adrainieiMtor
wu called sgain, hnviog already
coniumed two daja' aeasiooa, hut it had
to be postponed until to-day, owing to
the aliaence of two jurora who were unable
to be preaent on account of the
Hood. ________
Hn ttonntor Mlllh IKwd.
Mrs. It, J. Smith, wife ol the latn State
Senator for thia district, illrd ywterday
at OhaUannnge,Tenn Alt nl hrr none,
inclndinirx Sruitli, ol this city, wtro
at b?r I. uifW*.
A IIoihb Illdvu Hp at Naitiu'i b'mrrj muiI
Nine r?opl* Burnt*).
A terrible explosion occurred In Martic's
Ferry laat nljtht. The frame hottM
of William Kuutt, cornet of httl 464
Penn street* Was wrecked. Natural gas
waa tbo cause. Slue persona were
burned. Mrs. Kuott will die, and a
girl named Grovel la In a critical condition.
The bnlidtcg.a story and a lia'l trtmlPi
of eight room*. In oCuupLu by WillMai
Kudu and H. II. Uroves. The lornief,
who baa a family of eIeveo; llvek in live
rooms, and OroVea <W?flpIe? three.
Along the (UfeSt cloee to the house is a
natural ga> main. The llxxl caused a
break In thUand the escaping gas aieped
throat-h the ground into the cellar,
and working its way through the (1 ?r,
became IgtUtd, and a terrific explosion
took place.
The report was vtty loud, and shook
all of the buildings in the neighborhood,
and the Utah was seen from various
parts ol Martin's ferry. The oaat
, and south side* of tbe building were
blown out and the roof foil In.
i Mr. A. B. Giimore, the 0, L.?V W.
agent, telephoned for tbe tire depart|
ment and all of the physicians In town.
The department Sad the physicians responded
in good time, and tbe injured
people wero conveyed to different places.
Tbe persons In tbe bouse at the time
were Mr. and Mm. William Kunli and
children, John, Amelia, Henry, Lottie
' and Eddie; Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Groves
1 and children, George, Cora and Ray, apd
' Mrs. John K. Thomas and children,
' George and Carrie?making thirteen in
? mil.
" Mrs. Thomas and two children were
spending the night with Mr. and Mrs.
Groves, thty being relations. Mr. and
* Mrs. Groves, Mr*. Thomas and Cora
Groves were sitting in front of the fire in
the front room, while Carrie and George
! Tboraai, George and itiy Grove) were
in bed. Mr. and Mm. Kunu were nieo
sitting iu (rout of the fireplace in their
(root room oi the house, with loar ot
their children upstairs and the baby in
the cradle near Mr. and Mrs. Kunti.
Mrs. Kunlz was carried ent by her
> husband alter extinguishing the names
with blanked and turned over to
e Mathlas Hunker, wbo carried her into
a skill. Mr. Kunlz and others looked
' alter their children.
Mr. and Mrs. Groves were scarcely
able to get ont oi the house, and their
children wore rescued with difficulty.
It required the combined efforts ol etVeral
men to tet out the Thomas dhilit
dten. One of tbem was pinned between
n the foot of the bed and the edge of the
< roof, and it was exceedingly difficult to
extricate him. The clothing of aoveral
of the persons down stairs was ignited,
r, and it wai a hard matter to extinguish
. it under the circumstances.
Mr. and Mrs. Kunu were conveyed to
u the Oity Hall, where they w<re attended
. by Drt. Uewey, Hobensack and McQlenn,
with the asaietance of others,
j The phyeicians say that Mrs. Kunii
.. cannot live over tseuty-four hours, llei
face aud uead wero terribly burned, and
the akin burned oi and into a criap from
>' bead to foot.
Mr. Hunter's hand, right leg and face
were burned.
j Mr.anil Mrs- Utorea and children and
three of Kuntt's children were taken to
I the residence of Joiui Burkhardt, neat
e by. Mr. and Mrs.Grijvesarebnrnedall
r over the head, face and hands, and theii
I daughter Cora, sgeil -I years, was so
' fearfully burned from head te foot thai
3 she will probably die. George Grove
j and Amelia Kunlz were only slightly
.. burned.
j The beads, faces, arms and legs ol
George and CarrieTbomas, aged 11 aud
? 12 respectively, wero badly burned, aod
' it is feared th.it tho former is iiurneu ini
ternally. Tbty were cared I ir by Drr,
1 Williams and Hbuttlewortb, at the reelj
deoce of James Orji?, on Firat street.
The Kuntz house was surrounded by
water and could bo reached only in
' skids. The firemen worked in the
, water at extinguishing the llames for
, two long hours.
t KftlunlUa* Short.
The explosion at Martin's Ferry last
> night may cause tlie cutting oB oi the
' gas front the factories on the Wheeling
' compai} 's line. Tlie company bad two
' men ma'ko a carefnl examination of this
1 very lino last Friday, and nothing was
found wrnrg witb iu It is evident that
' the trouble catae from a breakage of the
J main caused by high water.
One of the StddM' Htorte* un Record.
Taken for a Burglar.
The killing of George Hess at Pleasant
Valley night before lsat, chronicled In
, yesterday's iktilmoxxeeb, was purely
accidental, and tbe story is harrowing
in its details.
Mr. Hum's wife wai ill, and the water
getting into their residence in Falton,
be concluded t3 lake her and thrir chilo
to her f?tber>, Mr. Ball's, at f leasant
Valley. He procured a hack and they
were driven to Mr. Ball's.
Mr. Hess called oat to tbe ftmlly, and
not making them hear, took his child, a
littlo girl, iu bis arir.s, and went to the
door, which he shook to arouse (he inmates.
The door was pulled open suddenly,
several revolver shots and a shotgun
discharged, and Mr. Hess fell dead.
Three times recently burglars attempted
to gain an eotrance to the Ball
residence, uauo one ui vim ouun ciu|iueu
bis revolver at a fleeing burglar, only to
find that two others were in the house,
and as be was defenceless, they escaped.
Messrs. Lake and Will Ball, brothers
of Mrs. Hcs?t took Mr Hess for a burglar.
The shotgun inflicted the fatal
wound, which was an awful one in the
The two young men were distracted
with erief and remorse. Mrs. Hess bas
been in delicate health, and was in a
precarious condition yesterday.
Goroner Schullzt* examined into the
affair and rendered a death certificate in
accordance with the facts. ^
TrntMfer Recorded.
Clerk Hook yesterday admitted to
record two deeds of trust and transfers
as follows:
February 18, by William V. Hoge to
Isaac Johnson and wife, for $250, the
east half of lot 11 in Churchill's addition
to Wheeling.
February l.'l, by Mary J. Hobbs and
W. G. Hobba. bet husband, to Frank
8chmitt, for 91,100, the north twenty
feet of lot 1 in square 2 of Churchill's addition.
Tb* Clark 8?f? Robbery.
In the cub oi Charles Lippincott tod
John Riley, chargwi with robbing Julius
Clark, the saloon keeper, of $251!, Riley
was yesterday honorably discharged,
there being not a particle of evidence
connecting him criminally with tbe robbery.
Llppincott waa held in $1,000
bail, bis mother went on his bond, and
be was released.
Lamustb's Celebrated Scotch Choir
from Glasgow (Original Balmoral), will
give a grand concert in the Opera House
of Wheeling on Monday evening, tbe
2d day of March. Nothing like it has
appeared here. Look out for a reserved
seat, for there will be a crowd. Proceeds
alter expense* to lie given to The
West Virginia Home for Aged and
Friendless Women.
Tun moti|Uito as a public singer draws
well, but never gives satisfaction Salvation
Oil, however, always gives satisfaction
in curing at once ios<ct bites or
any other son* or wounds. Price 25
E. L Rose A Co. No. 51 Twelfth
street, have left a few of the finest of
their elegant Holiday Sewing Machines,
which rhey will offer at prices sure to
inske room for n*w goods in other liner. I
Dou'l uiiss this opportunity.
[Conlimifil /roin First Payr.]
oheiSoOd idea ?i to howiirgo tlie river
really is. One can see up the river two
miles, and down neatly as far. Wheeling
Island (ran this point is a sad looking
night ud a portion o( Martin's r err;
looks as bad. First sttwt Is eorered
(ram It depth ot one to silt feet up to
Uanover street, and a part of the street
above that point and, paHsqf other
fcreeti lire eovered. The alley between
f irst sod Second streets is under water
Irani the bridge to Hanover street, s
long distance. TbeOieveland, Lorain <5t
Wheeling track is out ol sight, and some
ol the telegraph poise below the bridge
are half under water. Many of the
buildings in tbe bottom are surrounded
and somesmallonesare overturned. The
ferry boat "Ullmax" and the wharl bn!
are seen anchored at Washington street,
faraway from dryland.
The forge department at tbe Laugtilin
mill was obliged to shut down oh Tiesday.
The Kast factory oould not go in
yesterday and neither was started. Tbe
Korthwood Glass Works shut down on
rueulsv nliht and the fluckere tester
day moraine. The Eiaon did not run
alter noon. The iMt work done at
Spence, Baags & Co.'a foundry, Hann'i
foundry. McDermott'a tool worn and
Men's keg and box factory and War'
wood's tool works waa on Tuesday
night. Tbe *Ktna and Standard milli
had to ahnt down yesterday. At tbi
Buckeye and Konhwood glass factoiiei
and tbe two foundries men worked ai
night Tueeday moving and getting read;
for tbe'fbod, and many worked hard al
day yesterday. A vast amonnt of wort
was doneattbece places. Fpance, Baggi
A Co. were obliged to owe most o
tbtir basks in boats.
The water entered Birney McEitee'i
saloon on Second street about 2 p. m
He immediately moved upstairs am
opened out on tbe 0. & 1*. railroad tract
as formely, the track being several fee
above tbe kigh water. The high boari
fence put npby the railroad company an<
securely fastened with sheet iron stripe
stood in front of Barney's door when u<
opened op in the new stand, but Mc
Kotee did not mind a little thing iik
that, and quickly made a twentyfoo
opening in tbe fence.
Three or four barns and coal shedi
etc., were caught by Martin's Kerr
men. Three bales of bsy were found ii
one barn. One man saw a Hue larg
chicken on some drift wood and rowe
out and caught It. He will keep tb
chicken aa a reminder of the 'ill ihoc
In the inundated parts there has baei
1 considerable sirkness and some of Ih
sick were removed. At Don Mra. Job
1 Ulrich is tick in bed In the second etor
oi uer reeiueucp. iub water ib wen u
in the lirst story and Dr. Fisher, the a
1 tending physician, was taken to an
1 from the house tn a skill*.
! A. Slraiiic? Pheiiuuionii la a CtflUrWIilc
Ntibod; Iihm Kxplaluud.
i A curious phenomenon developed i
the cellar of Christian Sc-hnepf's Jru
1 store, in the Biley Block,about l o'cloc
yesterday afternoon. At a few minuU
i before 4 the water began to come i
through a six-inch crock sewer, Asth
river rose the cellar filled U)i to thre
leet. Bsddeniy the brick floor in tb
1 southwest corner gave way. making
ragged bole right in the corner, abot
two and a half feet across. Into tbi
opening the water ran till the cellar w>
. clear. By that time the water in tb
tiver waa at least two feet bight
than the bottom of the cella
tad the pressure caused the eixinc
sewer to discharge the water into th
cellar very rapidly and with conaiderabl
force. The hole in the corner was, ho ?
ever, equal to tho task, and tho wate
from tne sewer passed off through :
without clogging it a particle or in un
way indicating that the eptce into trhic
it ran was limited as to capacity.
It is known that there ouce was a wol
near the site of the Rellly Block, but th
aix-inrh stream with a three foot prei
sure, and a limitless supply back of ii
would in a lew minutes fill it. Occt
pants of the building were conaiderabl
alarmed leal the washing water migb
weaken the foundation.
M'HAI FKOll THIS Fl.uull.
And Flutimm aod Jetsam From the Swolle
The expressmen enjoyed a boom.
Pianos were still being hauled ofl th
Island at daylight yesterday.
Island real estate will boom a'l tin
? ? t. >,? n1n,?1, M|| ho
Lota of people took tours ol ingpec
tloo in the omnibuses yesterday.
Residences on high ground will be
a premium for a brief season now.
Lota of Islund residents missed thei
favorite morning piper yesterdav.
Twenty electrical cirs lined up to
getber make a very imposingarray.
The best guesoera of Tuesday nigbi
were all williug to give it up yeslerdaj
Twosmallthauty houses at the fool
of Seventh street were lifted otT theii
. A great number of the (hod nufferen
[are quartered in the Fifth and Six't
ward schools.
West Wheeling is completely inuL
dated to tbe Cleveland A PMtsburgt
railroad tracks.
About 200 pianos were brought out ol
flood surrounded houses and taken can
ol by the music houses.
bhootiog ?ls off the stringers ol
fences was great amusement for Island
kids yesterday morning.
Restaurants and hotels were overrun
with the homeless wanderers who hau
to hunt board and lodging on short
Hall Siddlerand his son (J iorge op
eratcd the popular Olivette ferry for Uie
bent lit of the II loded district, and it wm
a great accommodation.
Tbe Caldwell APeterson Company
got all i s heavy goods up into the
second story before the water got in. It
took hustling all ulght, but it caved
heavy loes.
About 4 o'clock in the afternoon word
was received la the city that tbe telephone
wires between this city and Bellaire
were down. Some al the poles were
probably washed out.
There was the most motley collection
of gaibage, lubbage and truck of all
kinds on Twelfth street west of Main
last evening tb?t was ever collected toofither
in an Pnnal ansae.
Capt. Fred Kline, ot the Belialre
picket R. K Phillips, when the water
invaded his home, moved his furniture
upetalre and took bis family aboard the
boat till the water recedea.
Charles liobrig, the Eighth waid
batcher, bad eight leet ol water on his
floor. Hit Ice house was also Hioded,
?nd the warm water will rot and destroy
the whole stock. It will be a heavy lose.
The Public Building Square was Ailed
with lines ol bsrrels, boxes, agricultural
implements and buguiesyesterday. They
were removed there from flioded waro
People whose personal property is left
lying outdoors witbont protection, ou
account of the flood, should keep a lookout
for sneak thieves. Htrangers floating,
bout the fljoded diatricls should be
required to give an account ol themselves.
A lady wss heard to remark to a neighbor
across an Island street yesterday
morning before the water not into her
houae: "This is my tirat ti xwi, and I
am enjoying it very much " Wait till
the water gott down and she aeea the
mod on tbe floors 1 .
The flag put on tbe partly completed
channel pier of the new bridge to the
IsUud at lliu time of the last freshet
ires still tlitro at a late hour before day
Uuhl yesterday morning, bat at 8 a. m.
it bail disappeared, and all that waa viaIble
of the pier wu a ripple In the sur(joe
of tfa? river.
An IxTiLUiiaxcati reporter inter- ti
viewed fort*|thr?e reaidente of the
laland yeeteruay ?? to tbe Comparative "
heights of different points in tbe Seventh
ward. Of tbe forty-three, forty J
positively asserted tbat tbey lived either b
on tbe Mgbeet point or on the next to I
tbe blahcat point, and every one of tho?e
who lived on neit to tbe highest point J
bad been invited to move hisfamlly and r
things Into the bouse of aome man on the '
highest polfit. '
Tb? Lmi Kotoi ueO at ?1,000,000?llu?i- i
Date to IU?uu? To-daj.
PmaBUEOH, Pa , fob. 18.?At 1 o'clock 1
this afternoon the flying current in tbe [
Allegheny river reached thirty-two feet i
eleven Inchea and began to alowly recede.
As even the wildest estimate bad >
placed tbe high water at twenty-five '
feet, tbe great damage is due to carelesa- !
neeain removing gooda. With nearly I
every iron mill flooded and closed down,
railroad tracks washed away, squares '
upon squares at etfeeta flooded to tbe
second story and tlionsifnda of cellars
filled, the direct lo-a br the flood cannot
fall less than $1,000,000. The poor llvlog
along tbe rivers have suffered so
greatly that appeals for aid have been r
issued by tbe Mayor of Allegneny. j
The greatest losses, of course, fell upon ,
. -i * 1.-i??? ??,i
I IUO uunu 11/ITU nuvinow ow?ni ??< ??v j
1 riverside establishments oat Peon ave'
nae, where fully three miles o[ cellars ;
1 are filled to the first floor. Added to
' thip, building Inspectors say the flooded
I districts hive suffered great injury in ,
1 the way of damaged foundations.
To-night tbe rlrer has fallen several
' feet, and trade and street car lines Will
j op-n to-morrow. The damage to
1 railroads has been generally repaired
' and all trains are running slightly b
* hind time. Reports from all np-river
j points show rapidly declining waters,
1 and people are returning to their homes
' to ligare up and repair the damage,
B which, in every case, is far greater than
? was expected.
t AT .IPU.VbTmvX
. A llody froui the Flood at 'Hit Unearthed
' liy the Flood.
0 Johnstown, Pa., Feb. 18.?It is found
e that the foundations of many houses are
^ undermined. The bones of a flood vie?
tim were found at the point to-day, liav1
ing been washed Up by the waters,
e They were (alien to the morgue and
n then interred in the ''Unknown plot" at
y the cometery. Street cars are running
p again, and it is expected that the Cam,
bria works will resume operations to"
morrow. The ruoet serious loss is the
destruction of bridges.
YouuK?to>vu'a Vlouili
VnifvisttTowM. O .Koh. IS?The a toad v
II - - ? ?
rlso in tho river during the past twentyo
four hours has caused the lower poris
lion of this city to be submerged and
k many industrial establishments are
threatened with iuundation. North and
south of here railroad tracks are under0
mined and great damage will be done,
e The city was shut out from railroad
0 connection.
'? Cincinnati'* Prospects.
J Cincinnati, Feb. 18.?The river has
been etation*ry here all day at 41 feet i)
inches, but the upper river flood will
begin to reach here by night. Only
cold and clear weather lor the next
r week can prevent a disastrous flood.
b The Flood Ut ParkernbutR,
e Special Dlrpatch to the MeUlacncer.
e Pabkbiwburg, W. Va., Feb. 18.?At
~ 7:30 tonight the river is 37 feet and rfoit
ing 3J inches an hour. The weather is
v cool. All cellars on lower Ann street
h are flooded. No trains are running on
Ohio River Railroad. Goal and oil cars
II were borrowed from the Baltimore and
e Ohio to run on the trestles to keep them
3r in place. A large nnmber of families
l, are moving. The Ohio is backing up
i- the Kanawha so swiftly that a great
y current is found up stream. Not much
it damage has been done hero so far, but
everybody is apprehensive. The suburb
of Riverside is in great danger and
the mills are all shut down.
n Coming Up at Loulnvllle.
Louisville, Ky., Feb. 18 ?The river
is rising at a rapid rate and the situation
e is already serious.
Take Up Your Carpet*.
9 Cmpton, Ariz , Feb. IS.?The Frisco
river is booming aud threatens to wash
the town away. The river is rising a
foot per hour. Continuing six hoard at
t that rate the town is doomed.
' whether on pleasure bent or bueinera,
should take on every trip a bottle of
- ? I*i-_ ? i. ?? ??..i?nalln.in
QyrU(J U1 X11 (JO I no lb WW UIUJH I'lcamuu;
nud effectually on the kidneys, liver ana
I bowels, preventing fevers, headaches aud
' other forms of sickness. For sale in 50c
and $1 00 bottlea by all leading druggists.
Jr. 0? 17. A. M, Kxcurston.
For the meeting and parade of the Jr.
' 0. U. A. M. Societies at Wheeling, W.
Va? Saturday, February 21, the Balti*
more & Ohio Company will sell excur'
aion tickets, at one tare for the round
1 trip, from Uralton and Pittsburgh and
intermediate stations, good returning,
! until Monday, February 23.
Java VolTc* Cheap.
f Real Java coffse costs 28 cents a pound,
I but Marvin's Java coffee cakes, the
daintiest and best cakes made, are to be
, had for 10 cents a pound. Your grocer
keeps them; you will be delighted with <
^em* T4T^ 1
Moth Bit* should bear in mind that '
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is harm- .
less to children. It contains no injurious
substance. They incur no risk
when they give it even to babies. Then
long experience has shown that it is
especially adapted (or tho cure ol
coughs and colds incident to childhood.
It cures them promptly, and is pleasant
and safe for them to take. For Pale by
W. W. Irwin, 0. R. Goetie, J. Klari, 0.
Sohnepf, M. W. Heinrici, John Coleman,
W. E. Williams, C. M*nkraUler, W. 0.
Armbrecbt snU 8. L. Brice. daw
Cinderella'* Hllpperi
Cinderella and her slipper are well
known to the little tolas of to-day, and
another thing that is bfcoming even
more popular is Marvin's Cinderella
cakes. Von should sen them, the
daintiest prettiest little things on tho
market. You can get them Irom your
grocer for lire cents a glass. Don't forget
tliem. They are the nicest things in
tho world to put in yoor school Inncb.
Fob tiik Ciiilubk*.?Chamberlain's -
uougu KnujBciv is a grew lavoriie witn i
mothers for tbelr rhildren, as many of ?
them have learned from long experience
in the use of it that it ia reliable.
It promptly cures ibeir children of
coughs and colds, prevents them from
having the croup, or cur:: them of
croup. They have alto found that there
Is no danger in giving it even in large doses,
and that It is pleasant for them
10 lake. For sale by W. W. Irwin, C.
11 Uoelxe, J. Klari, C. Schnepf. M. W. 1
Helnricl, John Coleman, W. K. Williams,
('. Menkemiiler, W. 0. Arnibrecht and J
8. L. Brloe. mw
Puvian Pukuuosu.?Ths orodipt '
use of Chamberlain's Cough Kemedy will
preyeot a sever* cold from rasoltins
in pneumonia. Bear this fact In
mind. ww
L.B.O?on aells drv good* the cheapert J
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
ll Sort* of Local N?wn and Uoaaij) froSfl I
the Oloii City,
MIm Palsy Dobbs, of Wheeling, is visiting at I
10 home of Adie Me Silica. I
.( men Johnston left midday for Wheeling, J
Lure bo will work for Pica Mausituid
iit. tit try Alexander, of the Washington,
? , iter.etc ami Rtmuur was l'i the city yeiter y
on his way to Woodaltold, where he and bis
rother James hive Just closed tue rmchaie of
Ac Sv'rlt i>J Democracy. They paid fy.OOO.
I'crry Ifamsley and his wife, Jennie Hamsley,
rem recognized to tlo Common Pleas Court by
uulre Koeder In the ?uin of WOO each* upon the f
barge made by Coroner Boyd (list tUeir neglect I
i'd besn the cause of the death of their flttlo J
tren-year old daughter.
.Yciitcrdair morning at a quarter to I o'clock
lartiial tSi*ppan1. who has been keeping a
barp lookout for tfoofes, fiurprised one of that
mterDity breakiuir into ttio i?oro ft App'e
lion, of Rellalre. He mado a desperate atompttoget
away. The Marshal called toblm
a surrender, and on his refusal shot him, the
hots taking oSect in his arm and breast. He .
ras taken to the tit. Cloud Hotol, whefc bo Ilea I
aacritlcal condition. Ho gave his name as V
Hilt Adams.
An Elegant Old Fiuhtou.
The real, genuine, old-fashioned oat
fater crackers have been made in Pit'*Hugh
ever since 1815. Your grandnother
know what they are better than
'on do. They are the daintiest, the
>est water cracker made. A6k yoar
frocer tor Marvin's old-fashioned water
lacker and insist on having them. tatIi
A 51 Jit cry KxplajB.lt.
Tli? papers contain frequent notices ol (
ich, pretty and educated ulrie eloping .
villi negroes, tramps and coachmen. '
flie well-known specialist, Dr. Franklin I
Kiles, says all sucb girls are mors or leu i
lyiterical, nervous, veiy impulsive, nnjalanced;
usually subject to headache,
leuralgia, sleeplessness, immoderate crying
or laughing. These show a weak
nervous system for which there Is no
remedy coital to Iiestorative Nervine.
Trial bottle* and n floe book, containing
many marveloaa corea, free at the Lojjsd
PruK Co.'a, who alio anil, and guarantee
Dr. Milea' celebrated New Heart Cure,
the liueot of heart tonics. Cares nattering,
short breath, elf. 0
Additional .Markup*.
Nkw Yoik. Feb. 18.?The Hock market to day
wu again dull and leUnrclcss ouisldoof a lew
stocks, but weakened in (he afternoon aid doted
generally lower. The speculation 1* Mill entirely
of a professional nature. The gouerai list do
vt loped tome streagtb upon the covering of
short wiles of yesterday, tho Villarda being
notable among tne usually active flocks, dullness
and stagnation, however, unread the entire
list, and the announcemcut of the suspension of
the American Loan aud Truit Company caused a
pressure of long stuck upon the market, and
while Burlington and Hock Island were driven
down, the general list responded to the lots in
these shares by slight doclines only. The m?rket
ilually closed dull and steady at about the
lowest pr'cef, but generally within slight fractious
o( lost evculug't figures.
Iltilroad bouds lets active. Bales $927,(XX>.
Government aud Stata bonds steady.
Nkw YokK. Feb. 1" ?Wheat. No. 3 red 98c; ungraded
Si Hal lik: No. 2 red February SI 10*:
March SI 1&??*1 llK: May Si 0^1 07%; June
Si dial W%; July SI 00k: August W>ic. Corn,
uograded mixed ftfaWo: February C2k?00c: May
tiOc; July MJic. Oats, February Marco
163c; May 5l?ic; spot No. 2 white Me; mixed
I western 51*5lkc; No. 2 Chicago Me. Fork quiet;
I old mes*S?4Sal045: new mess 110 Wall 26; ex'ra
prime $9 000976. Cut meats quiet. Lard wiak;
western steam S7 93; April $6 JO; July JO 2C; August
fti 40.
I Cincinnati, O., Feb. 18.?Flour steady.
I Wheat steady; No. 4 ted fv 00; receipts 0,000
| bushels: shipmeuts 7 600 bushels. Com
stronger; No. 2 mixed Hke. Oats ilrmcr: No. 2
i mixed lS>io. ttye easier; No. 2, 87c. Whisky
| steady at yl U. Provisions lira. Butter, sugar
| and cheese steady. Kggs firm at I2}?c. .
Cincinnati, Oiuo, Feb. is.?How iu good deI
maud and hither; common aud light S3 2tai 05:
l packtntr and botchers S300a'J85; receipts 1700
head; shipment* 7G0head.
| New Youtu Fob. M.?Fig iron qrlet: AntedI
can $15 fiOalS 70. Copper nominal at sn 26. I<ead
steady atSl30. Tin firmer; straits 119 90.
Cincinnati. O., Feb. 18.?Cotton steady; middling
/.a t&l
Of course Jt never rcsllf dor* mow fhrw.
but whoa It mown, rord tlx en ui? uw?*?<l: inr
th*t innttir Hood frhoVs lie needed whin H
doesn't snow ah we keep tiotlil' it but <?iOI>
8110X4, jou will tltul It to jout KhRiitsftc to
call on ur, whether J< l? knowing cr tlio ' toil l?
Rlnyli'p Wo have tin currfr.t tliiuc f>r .nil
kinds of wentUcr mid all kinds of Icct. Our
.Men's $2.00 Calf Slio^,
liidies* $1 75 I>o?gnJa FlfxUsl-,
An<l Children'* Srhtnl SlionH
fc5 Hho? Hollers. lOlU M?tn Strfft.
TJjo llutchors' Pro'o-tivt* A^oolaUon will meet
this cvetiltut nt tno Hide a"d Tallnwr Hoiim.', corner
NcColloch snd8lxtM?ntn Ntre??u, st 7 n'clork.
in roakt arrangement* for titutidiny the funeral
>f (ieotce XIok.
)tf order of tho Prcftldeiit.
fall' CJUBUM i.oi:*h.ki;. ?
^n^uXW'1. j
jngyllMlN U TE St?
[If invested WiOV- bottle ?of
-tub Brsr
Iffl'sf'Sl :
an Twelfth \ J II
nilOM??la>i. ?
Preeattowof I.G00??!dltlmml Winter Pamp let
-more ihun aJl WbtelluK merrbiuiia com
hted-lor Cent*' Orcnvnu an.! unl 1
irm? iuit tm Itod <r??u WcuttMkcr & Hum*o, I
! VhlUdel^nn. Thlily lbrcf ptr root *?. ?} I
n4 fit vvAinnibi1
J. w. Ki'HHKi., ftceni,
oolO Cor. rneulielU tad Main utittu
Somethiog Nev! SometbiDg C
Without IiemoTlng Them F
Rie Electric
It Cleans, Without Injury,
'et, Ingrain and Rag Carp
Curtains, Flannels and Wo
ill kinds, Plush Goods, Ma
3aintings, Picture Frames, V
ains no Injurious Ingredlen
No. 1124 MAIN
Mining and Mai
Aottiorized Capita], $2,000,000.
I'rcsidiot, CHAR A. WEAVER, President Mat*
First Vice President, lion. JOHN W. MASON. o
loner of Internal Revenue.
Scoond Vice President. OHAi C. Me'JOUJ AN, c
gan Compfojr, of Hew York. Philadelphia tnd BaUl
Treasurer, GIBSON LAMB, ol Wheeling, W. V%
Becrctarjr, JOHN W. BURCIIINAL, Editor of 1
J. N. VANCE. President of tbo fxchiuge Bank,
I-OU18 C. 8TIFEL, Proprietor of the Wheeling
" "o?" Oant i BMfntaM nf iKn Dnilnrwrllai
OBAS. C. McKXJI.UAN. Preildent ol the Chaa. O,
J. ui KNN COOK, of J. olciin Cook & Co., R. K,
M. V. RICH4BD3, Land and Jmrnlffrttlon ?*et
I'll AS. A. WEAVER, o! the Wearer, Ilardall, Hi
J. B. U1UKB. ex-sheriff ol Harahall Cunnty.
J. K. LEUGE, Baltimore A Ohio Railroad, Shepti
DUPOglTOKIEfl?Bauk of Wheeling and Iftnhi
railroads, betide' the Ohio Valley, cow building, at
Company ami Adami Exprwt Company.
hATOBAl. OAS AND 011.-AIrtady dheoyerei
CI1EA1'COAL? FromSOe to tl 35 per Ion K. 0.1
CLAYS?"lire" and "Brick," Bni'dlr* t tote, 1
A valuable lot firm to every irarehaaer of tea '
Liberal Inducement* to mnuulictureia. Kor fl
J. I
General Mai
Agent* Tor Wheeling?Rolf & lhrvej,
Agent for Martla'a Ferry?Jon. T. linn
On Extensive Experience Sagges1
No. 1136 Market Strc
| COM Pi
[>? No. II:
Our Credit System Enables Tod
Have you ever bsd * struggle with
oublf r with * drawer that refused to oi*d
'ant another experience o( that kind. Yoi
bal a bureau that is obstinate about each tl
[inducts itself properly. It is all a i|seatlon
>iually astonished when yon look at sou
tdented in the history ol the (ornitnre
rorth of goods, $2 cub sal). $1 per week; $
[* MKNUKIifttn.
beap! Something Good!
rom the Floor, with
VIVUrllUVl i |
, Brussels, Moquet, Veliets,
Kid Gloves, Lace
dens, Fine Fabrics of
rble and Glassware, Oil
food Work, etc. It conts.
:l & co.
mfacturing Co.
LE, W. VA.
Shares, $25 Eicti,
2 R 8.
ball County Bank, MouudsvJlle.
f WMhlugtou, 1). C? United SIkIGd Comal*
if Baltimore, President of the Chae* C. McCol>
. Caahier of Uio Bank of Wheeling,
he "Moundifillo Herald."
i. Va, State Puna tor.
alMtuf the Bivert>ide Iron \Vorkf,l\bccUB|.
Calico Work*.
a InauranccComi*ujr, Wheeling.
, AluColgan Company, Baltimore.
Broken, Baltimore.
it, Baltimore & Ohio Riilroad, Baltimore,
imphrcy Manufacturing Company.
ill County Rank.
b Ohio and Ohio Rfter (Pemw lunli
id Ohio river steamers; United States Exprtu
1 and to be developed.
rim he r, Furnace and Building Paud.
hareaof ftock.
ill particular*, prospcctui, Ac., apply to
riager, Moundsvllle, W Va.
B. E. NUluaker,C. A. Scluefer k Co.
ts Bconcmy to Housekeepers.
,et* 0<]
?1T1L-i1 T I | 1
ANY l[
38 Market Street.
to KoXe Htme Cemf- riebtr
bureau ? Have you fver had<*1*
? If you have, you mtainlv don I
i will be astonished wln?n we tell yon
dogs costs just rh uuich hn one that
i of workmanship. You will al?' to
io of our prices. They tre unr-retrade.
And on such terms-*,"
10 wortb9 $ I cauli end 60c |?er w*tf? h

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