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, Wheeling Mi 3ntri%cnffn
S5^L1SHED AUGUST 24,1862. " ? WHEELIN6, W' VA-' -M
The Tragedy
it hew orleans 01 saturday
jay ltosult in International
Complications With the
Italian Government.
Three or the Men Massacred by
the Best Citizens of the '
Crescent City '
fees subjects of itali-s kikg.
Secretary Blaine's Letter to the J
Governor of Louisiana 1
on the Subject. <
PeMli of tbo Horrible Aflklr?The Hob '
lied bjr IlasloeM Moo and Lawyers? 1
Heren Sen Shot ana un|-i un> ,
to the Mafla?(Jraplilc Account ol One '
of Hie Moat Remark able Occurrences ,
In Aiuorlcan Hhtorf. j
Niw Yobk, March 15 ? Following are I
copies ol two cablegrams tbat pasted be- j
tween this city and Italy relation to the J
lynching ol tbo Italians in New- Orleans (
onSjturday: 1
"Nkw Yobk, MarchJ4,1891. 1
I'Kdt.n', MinUter of Foreign Affaira, Rome.
"Italian preaa ol New York, unani- J
mora in representing the colony, notify ,
yon ol the massacre at New Orleans ol
eereral Italians already acquitted by an '
American jury and demand interven- ,
tion by home Government.
"Italian Pkess." J
The answer was as follows: i
Rokk, March 15,1801. 1
Cirto RamtK. FAUor of the Proffrtuo Hallo Amer- 8
icano, Mew York. t
Your cablegram received. I have al- J
read? demanded from the Federal Government
energetic and promptmeasnres. 1
To Ihe Governor of LouUlao*?He Calls '
Hl? Attention to Hla Doty. 0
w.oBiviiTnv. D. G.. March 15.?Sec- ^
rotary Blaine tonight sent the following
telegram to Gov. Nicholls at New Or- b
MIt has been represented to theTresident
by the Minister of Italy accredited
to this Government that among the victims
of the deplorable massacre, which
took place in the city of New Orleans ti
yesterday, were three or more subjects n
of the king of Italy. Our treaty with 41
that friendly Government, which under
the constitution is the supreme lav^of "
the land, guarantees to the Italian sab- C
jects domiciled in the United States, n
'the most constant protection and secur- 0
ity for their persona and property,' making
them amenable on the same basis as *
our own citizens to the laws of the n
United States and of the several States, b
in their due and orderly adminiatration. *1
"The President deeply regreta that the .
citiwns of New Orleans should have eo "
disparaged the purity and adequacy of
their own judicial tribunals as to trans- h
fer to the passionate judgment of a mob
a question that should have been adjudged
dispassionately and by settled
rules of law. The government of the
United States must give to the subjects
of friendly powers that security which
it demands for our own citizens when
temporarily under a foreign government.
It is the hope of the President
that you will co-operates with him in
maintaining the obligation of the United
States toward Italian subjects who may
be within the perils of the present ex- >
citement; that further bloodshed and t?
violence may be prevented, and that all
offenders sgainst the law may be prompt- Jy
brought to justice.
"James G. Blaine." ^
The telegram was the result of a eon- jt
terrace between tbe President ana we a
8ecr?Ury, about one o'clock this after- j|
noon, Baron Fava, the Italian Minister, n
having previously called on Secretary
Blaine and earnestly protested against &
the killing of bis countrymen, demand- ft
ins at the same time protection for all t
other Italians In New Orleans. J
Boned Willi Due Ceremony?The Scene t
VUtted t?T Mnuy--.Sniutn>?a Happening*. 0
Niw 0kSK**8, March 15.?The city
wore its usual Sunday aspect and thcro
to so sign ol any unusual excitement.
Crowds ol ladies anil gentlemen con- r
tinned to visit the scene of the lynch- '<
in?, although lew were admitted inside
the prison. Steps will be takon t,o to- '!
pair the damage caused and where B
stood the door which was battered in e
will be bnilt a solid wall. * I
be prison officials are somewhat in- '
censed over the censure at their failure '
to make a more formidable defense. ,
> They t?y that they did not give up the '
keys, anil that when tbe crowd broke In
all the officers were found at their poets. 1
Had they fired at tbe crowd it would J
have caused the storming and perhaps [
tbe destruction ol the prison and tbe '
sacrifice of many innocent lives within
and wilhont the jail.
Father 0'I.eary. of the Jeenit church, |
this morning performed the last sacreu
rites of tbe cbnrcb over the body of the
elder Marchcsi, who was shot yesterday, J
au nam mm ior luo ibdobb o? wd .
of the slain. It was an impressive spectide.
The Sicilian snrvlvore gathered to.
Rather in one of the most comfortable .
rooms at the Parish prison and were
given more liberties than usual. They
were sincerely thankful for tbeir escape
from death. Young Marchesi traa seen
this morning and although scared at tbe
pprosch o( anyone, felt quite safe. During
the shooting yesterday Charles
Psterno, who was on the top floor of the ,
women's department, waa seen this :
morning. lie evidently shows signs of
mwital disquiet and the officers of the
prison say that he has been tbat way off
and on since Ms incarceration.
Pieho wss summoned by Coroner
Lemuienier on the outside of his cell :
this morning to give the ages and occupition
of the Indies that were unclaimed.
Hirnse had a brother being buried a
lew cquares sway, but joined the othera
in quietly celebrating tho deliverances.
Charles Matrango, tbe leading survivor,
wanted it announced to the public
tbat Judge Baker declared him Innocent.
He thougbt that the conduct of
the trial bad been a mistake and that Instead
of use of so much money each
nti'q ought to have gone before the jury
on his merits. Some of tbe men nave
been gui.'ty, but anyhow public sentiment
demanu*d tbat some be punished,
is for himself ??was perfectly Innocent
ol any connection wW> .Jb?. C*?T*
and desired attention to be ?*Ued to the
fsct that the court had ordered N* **
initial aa innocent.
All of tbe victims were buried to-day.
Alatcheei, Honasterio and Trahina were
unclaimed up to noon and the charity
wagon took them to Potters field. Fo- mi
litz and Comitse were followed to the tta
grave by a single carriage, and in Bagnetto'a
caae the hearse went alone, lei
There weie no religloua aervicea in theae eri
cases. an
The othera had large and well attend- th
ed funerals. The vigilance committee is an
known to be still at work, and it ia aaid an
that to-morrow will be detective Malloy'e sa
day of reckoning. The jary will also be thi
attended to, but probably through the in
courta as it is proposed to obtain evidence
in the caae of those who were pri
bribed. One of the' jurors is said to pri
have confessed already and that the it'
State had evidence against several before inj
the verdict waa announced. thi
The grand Jnry will indict one juror m<
an Tuesday and more will follow. 1
foreman J. M. Siligman haa taken time aei
by the forelock and gone to Cincinnati. hai
In attacking Mr. Villiere, on his (all- wo
ire to bold the priaon, it should be wa
known that while the execution vx we
toing on, he waa with Attorney General am
Rogers at Governor Nicholln's office en- 1
ieavoring to make provision lor a Oa
defense of the prison, shonld an attack o'c
je made npon it. Chief of Police Gaater wh
lid not think that the msoting was Wi
jailed for any other purpose (ban to aro
,-oice denunciatory opinions ol the jury mo
Aat rendered the Infamous verdict, pet
rhe deputies say that none but thoae be
within the prison could form any idea to I
>f the crowd that waa gathered without
ad the number of weipona that were ,
risible in that mighty throng,
Attorney-General Walter H. ?. Rog- am
>rs aaid to-day in apeaking of yesterday's ma
;ragedy that the question now presented pm
a tno antnomius cioineu wim lansuic- ? ]
:lnn in tbia city and parish is: "Were jie
he laws of the Slate violated, and what ?aI
:rimee have reaalted from each viola- J|e(
Jon? The Krandjjnry is in session and cat]
se have in (nil operation ail the meant cjt,
ind modes of enforcing the laws. I have , j;
ao doabt those charged withcflicial iluty >tl
fill act firmly, justly and fearlessly." or,
Snperintendent Gaster was asked ?]e
that steps he Intended to take in the ,
natter, and said that he conld not arrest thai
he community. Governor Nicnolls Uiir
aid that the Italian Consul has called j"
in him at bis office yesterday morning, pro
ind that he had aaked interference and ??!
irotection for Italian subjects in the
tarish prison, who were threatened with wni
nob violence. The matter bad not [Crl
leen called officially to the Governor's "JJ
.ttention, and besides a call lor the milt- wu
ia would have to como through the !>>
Jevor of the city.
No such demand had been made, rccc
Vhen the consul callod on the Govern- too
ir the crowd bad already started toward
be prison. Mayor Shakespeare says no.'
bat bis aid had not been invoked and ?>><
rhen ho reached his office it was all ,y
ver. He had not asked any aid of the pro
iovernor. "i"
THE SUtUU'lliK ltl DETAIL. 1
low the Blob was Formed?The March to |
the Jail?UroHliluy Down the Doors?SI* y,'cj
clllaus Shot Down Like Hunted Animals. Q( f
Dragged Through the Streets and Hung 8f)0
?- ? *???
~ F ?...
Nxw Onuuxs, March 15.?A mob, ex- "
raordinary in sise, extraordinary in its sno
lakeup, extraordinary in its determina- Jjj"
on, yesterday killed eleven ol tbe ninesen
Italians charged with tbe murder of n
hief of Police Hennessey. It was a jjW
10b led by lawyers and merchants, men Bon
f large wealth and bigb standing. It ?nj
as so strocg that the authorities made J*j'(
0 show of resistance, and succumbed jj
efore it. Indeed, the officers of the law ter
irew up their hats and cheered the mob ertj
1 its murderous work. JjJj
These are the names of tboss shot or jjranged:
Joseph Macheja. }?!'
Antonio Marches!. nCe
Antonio ScafTedi. tbe
Itocco Oeracci. "??
James Carnso. i? s<
Saretto Comitpz. tlou
Pietro Monastero. WW
Louis Trabina. c?b
Frank Romero. on tl
Manuel Polial.
Antonio Bagnetta. vy i<
When on Thursday the jury brought eru
l a verdict of not guilty against six of !ron
le Italians on trial and disagreed as to
tie other three a howl of indignation H
as beard. Tbe press unanimously de- ?iy
ounced the verdict, and declared that ,
he jury had been.bought. The grand tne
iry had already found indictments Sici
gainst two men charged with tamper. Ma|
ig with the jury, and other indict- hoa
lents were expected. den
The jury stood 12 for tbe acquittal of blaj
farcbica, Eacarcada, Uatrango, tbe two (all
larchtses and Bagneto, and nine to
hree for the conviction of the others, tint
line of the jurors regarded with sua- tiot
ioion the three dissenting jurors and' the
ne of tbem expressed the opinion that "
* I Ut tkvnnok. I!it
neBe jurors worn uuiikmh, *u> ?i?vut. 1JU,
at the trial the]' expreaaed their inten- we,
Ion to bring a verdict of sot guilty. B\a
The excitement over the verdict
etched fever heat by night and three or "
jur aecret meeting were held to con- P?
ider the situation. The general feel- Col
Dg wag that a now trial would result in 1
he oonviotion of ill the men. Wide- "'*!
pread rumora were beard, and nearly 1
very well known citigen wu ap- "tic
iroached with the question whether be m"
rould join an organisation to avenge the ^
Boon after the aaaaaaination of Chief
lenneaaey, a law and order committee *".c
raa appointed by Mayor Shakespeare to Pr"
aka charge of tula cue. and to inveatl
n!m tho murder, and $15 000 waa appro. J-1
>riated for thai purpose by the City ma
Council. K
The committee met yesterday after blc
he verdict- The firat proposition waa '?.T
o bold a maea meeting at Oiav Statue ?'
aat night, but the leadera became conrinced
that tbi? would have a bad effect,
is it would be lmj>o?iib!a to- control a
nob at night if one should bs formed, aee
it would get out of the bands of tho rn?u IBjj
bo abould lecd and become dangerous '
o the city. "?
X proposition was then made that a '4'
jody of ahoiin pen should proceed to An
lis Pariah prison at J o'clock in the }??
norning ana force open the gates. ft '?T.
mmm nnt ihnuoht that mucli reaiatance
vould be offered, as only i Uw deputy ""
iheiiffe would b? on duty. Theto'waro ,rr
tnowa to be frlendi o( Henneeeey, who
ironld not retcnt tbe mob's intrusion. ,ld
Thirty or forty plcfed men offered their p01
lervices, bat it was BnalJjr decided that tar
inch work might unto blo?i?l>a<i of Mr
innocent citizens and that It was better
Is act la daylight. A call was then ,
Jrawn up bjr B. U. J'urrar, a lawyer, and
President of tbe Committee of Law and ?:
Order. It wu abort and read w follow;: evi
"All good citizens an invited to at- J58
tend a mas* meeting on Saturday, March
14, at 1 o'clock p. m., at the Clay statue, t|?
to take steps to remedy the failure of an
ioatlce in the Hennessey case. Gome tbi
prepared for action." Sb
Thle cajl waa signed by forty men of pe
high standing is tb.e community, in- gri
eluding lawyers, merchants a?d others. '
Among the signets waa U. 6. tibhe, tb
Commissioner ol Public Works of tbe bl
city. meeting at which this plan
waa decided on ergs held on Neville do
Mreet, fifty cltisens being preMflt. There bl
were* Jj;?e number of guns on hand, all
which the pies present were told would V
beiJutrlbutedtothoseirboneededthem in
this morning. Theae guns, it U under- hi
atb^i came from the armory of oa? of ft
the tilaie mllitii comMOte*. ,, I"
After Jbe publication of the call for * 61
in meeting It iu well understood
it there would be violence.,
The (act tbit the cell had been issued
iked oat about midnight and wu genilly
discueeed in tbo bar rooms. At
early boar it was conceded that
ere would be an attack on the prison,
d the only question was whether the
thorities wonld make any effort to
ppreaa iu The Mayor did not detain
i police and tbe Sheriff did not swear
any deputies to protect tbe building.
A large portion ot the men wbo had
smised to go down and capture the
ison were members of the militia, and
ms generally understood this mornt
that in case the Governor called for
J militia to do dnty he wonld find no
in ready to serve.
(t was also known that in case any
loos resistance was made the mob
d artillery at command which it
nld uae to batter down the gates. It
s well understood that the police
uld not fight to save the murderers
1 would welcome their lynching,
'he meeting at the Clay Statue on
ual street was held promptly at 10
lock. A number of men among
om were W. 8. Farkerson, John 0.
ckllffe and others began marching
nnd and around tbe railing of the
nument. There were fully 3,000
iple witbin earshot, and they conld 1
seen struggling, pushing and ranning i
:he spot. i
!1B. pabkibson's 8F?Cn.
I rush was made for the narrow gate,
1 in a minute there stood a packed ,
ss under the statue of Olay. Mr. j
kerioa was the first speaker. He is
awyer, an organiser of the Young
n's Democratic movement, an inde- (
ldent organisation which at the late f
ction defeated tbe regular Democratic ,
ididates and elected the entire present (
j government. He is a man of ability, i
utder who declined the office of Oity
???? ? whan ho pnnlil havu hoH that .
iny other office in the gift of thepeo- ]
. Ho said: i
km hero to say things have come to a crisis; \
l talk la Idle. Action, action must be the
ig nuw. [ rrcmeudoiiH cheers ]. In civilized
munities tribunals are organised and dele- (
d to punish the guilty. Crimes must meet c
rapt puohhment, but whenever aud wher- ?
the courts tall, whenever Jurors are recreaut
heir oaths aud perjurers and suborners are
lent, then is the time tor the people to do i
it the court# and Jurors have failed to do. .
ea of" Hurrah I"' Go on!" "Go on!"" We aro J
iyou!"] 1
a jimceiul community an officer of tho lav }
Mtnuk?u down by a bandoi midnight asnu>? i
The law h*s been defled. Tho time has 1
e when this Infamy must c<ja?e. fcouudrols I
it meet with punishment. Murderers must c
Ive their deseris. Tho Jury has failed. Now.
people must act. I ask you, citizens of New
ans, whtuher we shall suffer this lnfimous 1
lltlon ol affairs any longer? {Cries ot "No, t
'J I ask you to consider fairly and calmly #
t Is to be done ehall it be action? [Cries c
s. let's go." "Leadon?"] C
o're ready, these gentlemen and I here i
ent, to do what ia necessity to lead you *
it shall It be? Do you waut us as leaders? B
remendoua excitement followed. The .
ited and indignant people ahouted to J
:o the Parish prison and lynch the f
liana. That was the burden of scores
arious remarks. Mr. Parkeraon as y
n as he could make' himself beard, i
Are you ready? Are there men J
ugh iiere?" "Yes,, yes, come on, J
I on," came from the mob amid im- ?
3bq excitement Mr, Parkeraon then f
ed: i
icrola oo moro infamous Iniquity in this .
than thin, aud to give you a name in con* J
Ion with it. I'll call the name of one man, ti
klnlckO'Matley. That man had the effrout- 0
:o Hue a reputable newspaper for libel bee
tbat paper bad shown Mm up in bis true *
t. D.iminick O'Mulley is a perjurer, a sub- b
<r and a briber of Jurors. h
[r. Parkerson ended there and Wal- t
Donegre, a lawyer anil a large prop'
bolder, then addressed tbe crowd, fi
dO. Wickliffe, another lawyer and i
;or of tbe Delta. was tbe last speaker, o
Wickliflee said: n
lion tbe people meet in Lafayette square, t'
meet to talk. When tbe people meet uudor ?
shadow of tbe statue of Henry Clay, they
t to act. Tbe time for talk Is put. Within r
walls of tbe Parish prison are confined a
iber of men declared innocent by a Jury of
nurder of Chief Hennessey. Are those men
>free? [Loud outcries, yells aud lmprcca*
h against the murderers here drowned the *
Is of the speaker ]
suMlqc, Mr. WlcJclIffesaid: Shall the exe*
le Mafia tift allowed to cut down our citixens D
lie publlo streeu bfr foul means of aisassina- .
? Shall the Mafia be allowed to bribe jurors c
t murderers go scot free? Are you to stand c
Ilr and powerless, or shall you band togeth- *;
id drive that Infamous band of miscreants r
ithejjity? a
!e was again interrupted by cries oi ?
e're ready." "Come on; lead on to j.
Parish prison." "Death to tho d
lian assassins." "Down with the b
5a." The crowd was yelling itself f
rse. Vary ungovernable was evit
thronghont that immense assem- ,
?e which by that time numbered *
y 6,000 people. J
Shall you protect yourselves7" con- 8
led Mr. Wickliffe. "Self presenra- i
t is the first law of nature. This is J
time for action, not talk."
Let's go, let's go;" "Gome on, Wick- J
come on, Parkeraon, we're ready," ;
o the cries as Mr. Wickliffd con- ;
ded. [
here wu a]q)l of an instant Io the
'm. Then some one yelled: "Shall
getonrguBB?" [
Yes, yea; Ret your guns," said Mr. '
kerson. "Get your guns and meet ?t !
igo Square immediately I"
he speeches had not lasted more than [
sen minutes. j
'lie crowa i>y mis umo nanitiurtju
at G,000. Tbe mob seemed deterled
on qaiet work. At tbe word of
imtgd tbey started toward tbe Parish
ion at a ilojr (rat. Some 200 men
led with rifles mad* tbpif appear:e
as men who proposed to t#|fe (be
ion at any coet,
V. 8. Parkerson wss the Commander.
}. Houston, ei-Oriminal Sheriff and
nsger ol tbe Democratic parol
the State for years. First
gtenant, and J. 0. Wickllffe,
oerly District Attorney and editor
tbe Slide*, 8epog4 lieutenant
jund these armed ipen tbe >soi)
ged, some 3,000 or 4.000 strong,
len they reached tbe prison It was
n that tbe men were organised as i
itary hody.
fue ai>) with guns drew up in front ol
i main gate on Orleans street, other
ads went to Treme, Marti; and 8t.
ne streets, completely surrounding
prison and rendering it impossible
the prisoners to be slipped away by
> Of reqr entrance. It was also seen
it fouieoqe h(d gridently by previous ,
ingement dqmped a of large .
odea beam* on Marais street at tbe '
e of the priaou, where they coqld be 1
iTsnlently used by the mob as biting
rams it it should become neoes- I
y to force in the doors. I
ins woiue naann. 1
fo building waa Ijelng constructed j
pwhere near the prison and It tu ''
dent that the beams had beendumped j
iredqringtheprevioussight,nuto (
uied far tottering pufposee. The
dera of the mob icMe a formal de- i
,nd on Captain Lem Davia, keeper of
) prison, for admission. He refoaed,
d laid that he could not snrresiier
s keys without the consent of the
eriff. He called upon the mob to dierse.
Tbia was greeted with jeer* and
The door was battered with tome of
e-. beams on the street, and finally
oken by ? negro with an a*,
rhe leaden 0/ tij'c (nob stood at the
or, and only fifty men," file Dim) fho
A first volunteered their service*, were
lowed to enter, the rest being kept ost
[to difficulty. The mob first broke
to the visiting tww, where they were
ilted for a law seconds by Uie iron
nee and railing. A demand wu made
r tile Jkejr of the' gate land a Depbty
leriff pretested jt to ope of the men
with the remark that the mob ?u IrreBLatible,
an J It wu lolly to oppoee it >ny
Theinaide gate wu thrown open and
several deputise who were in the lobby
S,ve way to the crowd. Tbe door leadg
into the white priaonen' yard wu
open and the mob crowded through. A
cell just at tbe door wu open, and it
wu crowded with priaonera, who were
trembling in every limb. A deputy
stood in tbe door and informed tbe
crowd that none of thoee in that cell '
were the priaonera wanted. Then the :
mob filed qut into the yard glancing up ,
at one of the cella. On the second floor
a blanched and ghutly face wu Been at '
tbe bara of tbe door.
"That's Scboffedi I" shouted one ex- i
cited individual,and immediatelyaeveral \
shots were fired at the cell. The pria- ,
oner, whoever he wu, quickly dlsap- <
peared. Several more shots were fired <
at the door. i
"Where is the key 7 Bring us the i
key I" yelled another, and a rush wu {
made lor the door separating tbe two J
divisions. The door wu found securely
'(Batter it down," said one.
"Hold," said a young man with a
Winchester rifle. I've got the key," 1
and he held a long key over his head.
Tbis announcement wu greeted with l
sheers. The door wu opened and tbe <
:rowd made a break to get in. I
"Hold on, gentlemen," said Mr. .1
Parkeraon, "We don't want to Bhed any
innocent blood. Who knowa tbe aasuiins7"
"I do," "and I" shouted a dozen men. '
"Let me in. I know them," said one c
leterinined man, and he wu admitted. ?
Several men entered and the corridor '
vu found deserted, with tbs exception
if one person. This was an old negro '
"Dey are upstairs, bops, she said, In *
inswer to a question. Tbe seven men 0
an upstairs Before they got balf way *
lp a door wu slammed and footsteps r
vers heard running along the gallery. 1
Not a word wu spoken, but a balf P
loien men qnlckly ran tbe length of the ?
rallerv and anietlv descended the stairs.
Theae six men did all the shooting. o
They found the prisoners crouching "
n the women's department. Sunseri ?
ind one ol the other IUllsos sired their 11
ivea by concealing themselves in a dogloose,
where they escaped attention. J>
ianserl weighs over 200 pounds, bnt ?
nanaged to make himself small on this "
Gaepardo Marcbesi, the boy prisoner,
vaa saved by some of the inob who took
nercy on his tender years. He was conHaled
between two mattresses. The 6
ither Italians were scattered around the si
>ard. When they saw the mob they v
?t uo a yell for mercy. h
Suddeolj a voice said: "Give it ?
hem," and instantly three guns and a tl
listoi belched forth a rain of leaden bul- it
eta. n
Gerachi, who ia lame and who was N
ast of the Ueeing men,received one load K
n the back of the head, and turning a b
omplete somersault, fell on bis face and p
lever moved again. Then Monaster! k
nd Jim Oaraso fell. Their backs and
leada were litterally riddled with hoi- tl
Bts. Romero, with a cry of anguish, ei
rouched down on his knees, with his tl
lead almost on the ground. He was gi
illed in that attitude. He was the w
nly one who had his hat on, and not- tt
rithstandlng that it was riddled with w
lUllets, II never leu ma iieua. nm
lick frock coat was torn to ahreds by rt
be bulleta. >]
The crowd od the outside heard the U
ring and cheered without knowing st
rbat had been done. Finally someone it
ame to the uqor and announced that
ioat of tbe men had been killed, but al
bat Mocheca, Marcbesi the elder and p
lagnetto would be brought from tbe w
riaon and hanged. m
awful scene*. "
It had been intended to take Mocheca, ?
ho waa regarded aa the leader of the jr
talians, outaide and hang him, bat in d<
aeanwhile another section of the mob h
ad broken Into the cell where he waa "
on fined. He beard tbe men coming, 0|
uahed from his cell, which waa open w
nd toward the chapel, bit was finally
ornered in a gallery of the condemned
riaon. Here a young man bit bim oyer h
be head with a rifle, which made him s(
osenaible. It waa reported that he waa in
ead, and the crowd wu about to leave
dm when aome one suggested aa an exra
precaution that he be diapoaed of. A
inllet was fired through his brain.
It being impossible to hang Macheca,
t was decided to lynch Polisii and Bagletto.
The mob on the outside had
rown impatient and demanded victims, m
'he sheets for squares around were ft
died w|th people, ^a)ong ^hom were a
lumber of woifleo and pblldreq. The "
ngry orowd wanted vengeance on all SI
he nineteen Italiana, and showed some th
ippoeitiou when it waa annonnced that t|.
inly four had been killed, which wbs j,
he first information given to the mob.
A loud demand waa made that tbe ql
iromiae to lynch aomo one ahould be jr
lent. 4' !l o'clock, a few mlnutea t(
liter tbe shooting. tbe (ids floor of 0|
HaraiS street was pushed open and J
leversl armed men appeared poshing ?
teforetbem Poliaal.tbe baif-craied Si- q
illiau, who oflered to tars State's evi- j,
lence, bnt who went oraiy while doing p
10. He waa ghastly with terror and was j
ividently mad. He waa without coat or j(
lat, wore a red flannel shirt, and hia
leep black hair waa disheveled.
The crowd called to the armed men to
vncb him, and be waa dragged down to o
he cornet 'of' Mafaj? and flt. Ann
treet. The crowd was ad denae there
hat it waa difficult to force a way j,
hrough It. Some portiona of tbe
indience were women, and from tbe '
..Innnlaa non> man and nmAn vat/*hf>d ifi
he scene with opera glaaeea. ti
At the comer waa a gaunt lamp poet. t|
Someone threw ft rope across the heads
)(The cool iai ioll^ct?i| pon who were P
lushing the prisoner jlong, and wW ?:
,be corner wu rewbed ? map epaled '
he post and threw the rope around it. Jj
there waa already a noose at the other *
ind and this wis hastily and Imperfect- "
y adjusted about the neck of the Ita- 0
In a conple of seconds atrong bands (i
Irew it ap, and aoon the body of the unortunate
assassin waa dangling from the jj
As soon as it wu high enough to ipajte ?
he range of shots go upward and oyer i,
;he beada of the people, a doien reports ?
ring out and the blood gushed from i\
Poliul'a face and many enota literally {,
riddled his body. Then the rope with c
which he bad been hanged was wrapped c
lecurely about tbe post and Poliaii'a
jody waa left hanging in the broad glare
of the daylight.
Several police officers watched tbe (
mo)) from a distance, t^ut a*id nothing. f
WlUutMmolj returned from tfcenrtytn S
they cheered it. The greater portion 01 5
the crowd had congregated on 81 Anne I
street, which is in the rear of the prlaon, t
to wltneaa the lynching of Pollsxl. Tbe
latter waa still quivering when tbe cry >
went up that tbey were lynching another
man on the other aide of tbe J
prlaon In front of Orleans street, where- '
upon the entire mob surged In thst
direction. It was found that the man
Wbo waa being brought out waa Antonio .
Bagsbtta, one o| tboee acqoitted'ytsterday.
He was suffering (torn# wound f
and waa probably dead whan he was I
lynched, or nearly ad. I
Two men carried him to the park on 1
neutral ground in the centre of Orleana I
atiM, on %hich are several rows of i
trees. Borne one ascended a tree and
threw another rope around a convenient
limb, whenBajmetto waaawungup.
It was Been that he waa shot through the i
head and already dead. i
The whole affair occupied barely 45
minute*. It was 10:20 when the mob
reached the Pariah prison; it waa 11:08
when Bagnetto, the laat victim, was 4
strung up.
d1bpzbsing4hk mob.
Mr. Parkerson mounted the sill of one j
at the windows and addrtaaed the immense.'crowd.
Hi* preaenoe waa the ai?- ?
aal for tumultuous cbeerioff. He aaid:
Fellow Citizens-After the law had fulled B
rod Justloe bad been thwarted by* corrupt Jury i
rod tbe hired agents of the murderera, the clti- 1
eodh uoder the leadership of my aasociatea. have p
this day taken the law into tpelr own hands y
rod meted out swllt punishment to tbe assassins
Mrbobave eoloog Infested and dlsgrtoed this
jommunity. The men who killed Heunessy are 8
lead. Some died within the walla of thli prisou b
rod others upon the street before our eyea. .
Lynch law. gentlemen, la a terrible thing; but 8
the Mafia mnat oeaae in New Ofleana from tbli n
noment and forever. Tbe responsibility for n
lo-day'a tragedy rest* with the. Infamoua. Jury
that acquitted the murderera. Toe people, how- ri
iver. demanded that these murderers should be a
punished with death, and wo'have ex&ntcd fj
ihelrwlll. Mow this affair must end here, and .
fyou have confidenoe la mo you will also dls- *
>erse and return to your homes, resting assured a
f there are any other matters to be attended to w
hat they will receive our attention.
At this point the crowd demanded the
>uniahment of O'Malley; who ia accused c
>f bribing the juryr- Mr.Parkerson then Q
aid: 1]
If you have any confldenco lo mc and my uio ,t
lUlea?(Yea; we have, lolled the crowd). Tlieu.
ny fellow citiatns, go quietly K, your boim*. "
,od 1 nrominyou that air. O'Hallej will beat- t
ended to properly. . t a
When Hr. Parkerson hid finished his Is
peecb, tbe throng broke Into the wild- la
t kind ol cheering and lilted Mr. Park, at
reon opon their abonldera and bore
dm away Irom tbe scene. Then they
laraded back to Olay statue and Mr.
arkeraon again spoke, advising the m
leople to go quietly to their business t(
nil homes. Some of the ciowd marched
ut to tbe common, passing O'Malley, "
fliom they wished to lynch. O'Malley .T
etnained at his office until 10 o'clock, "J
then the mob started for the Pariah ?
rison, but he left noon after and esaped.
Hia wife took refuge with Mr. ^
ionel Adams, ex-District Attorney and {
ounst'l for tiie Italians in the case, and "
lost of the attorneys for the defense T,
eetned it advisable to seek places of re- ''
W- jn
Of the eloven men killed fonr bat)
een acquitted by tbe jury, three had
ail a mistrial and fonr had sot been ?
The indignation againBt the jury was
Imoat aa immense as against the prisonrs.
Seligman, the foreman, a jeweler, n(
emed to be one of the moat troubled
ictiuiB. Tbe Stock Exchange, of whicb ?
e was a member, met to-day, and be U;
as expelled. Finding the situation *
ireatening and believing hia life was
i danger, Seligman started for Cincinati
and went to tbe New Orleans A a?
lortheast train depot to take tbe train,
le was arrested at the depot and
rought back and locked up in tbo Fifth
recinct station, on what charge ia not tel
nown. Ot
When Mvandias, another member of er
>e jury, who ia employed by the Sooth- t0
rn Pacific railroad, went to his desk in \\
le office this morning, the other clerks tli
ive notice that they would no longer p,
ork witli blm and that either he or j0
ley would leave. The other jurora th
ere treated in much the same way. ?||
The Italian Consul hastelcuraphed a Th
port of tbe entire matter to tbe Italian
linister at Washington. Me claims
tat three ol the men killed vcere Italian i
ihjects, and the riot ma/thus lead to
iternational complications. 'e
At 10 o'clock a mass meotinft waa held mi
. Clay statue. There were over 4,000 Ri
riaoua present, l)ut do rifles or gune wl
ere seen. Two abort speeches were bo
lade by Meters. Parkerson and Wick- ab
Be, who adriaed the crowd to go home
saceably and cause no disturbance, tw
he police are woll able to keep the mob be
i order, as there iB a large force on aci
uty tonight. By 10:30 o'clock tbe mob wi
ad everywhere dispersed, and Canal
reet was quiet and deserted.
The coroner's jury made no pretense 1
t saying who fired the shots or who Ci
as responsible. , mi
Selijjmau was expelled from the bnsi- .
erg and other organisations to which "
s belonged, and the cotton produce, !,
ock and other exchanges parsed resoitions
approving the acts of the lynch*
? ? th
rem the Italian Government Cebled to hi
Rous, March 16.?The Italian Governent
has instructed Baron DeFava, the '
alian Minister at Waahington, to pre- <*e
nt a vehement protest to the \Jnitpd "(<
aten Government against the action of
ie mob in New Orleans yesterday, and
le United States Government has prom- fr(
ed to make an investigation. 4,
Baron DeFava, in a dispatch to Mar- mi
lis DiKudini, the Italian Premier and rfj
nreign|Miniater. slates that he has prosted
against the ioaction of the local
Ucjjla in New Orleans, and that Mr.
Iaine,'the Au)er|cap Secretary of State, ,,
(pressed horror at tbe acts Of the New 1
rleans mob, promising that he would 8?
nmediately take tbo orders of the to
resident in the matter, and that the te
ecision would be communicated to the go
Alian Government. iti
f the K?w Orleans Maimers?A Strong
CHip+ap, Iti,. March J5-?4t? meet- Btj
ig of the Trades and Labor Assembly j,
lis afternoon "Tommy Morgan," Socialit
candidate for Mayor, offered aresoln- hi
on which, after being discussed for 0
iree honrs, was finally adopted. Tbe atl
reamble recites that laws have been F?
nacted for the most eevere;punishment
>r all acts of violenco committed by out- fl,
aged labor, and vhereaa yesterday: in V.-.
be city of New Orleans prominent pro- i!
ieslonal, business and pablic men, Jv
penly and deliberately organized a mob ' '
round tbeu and with their co-operation Z.[
mrdered eleven unarmed defenseless
rieouori la (be jail ol tbat city: there*
ire be it '
Raotud, Tbat tbia body demands
bat tbe same principle and lava tbat I"
are been atrictly enforced on tbe work- ot
ig people be now enforced on these ao
inrderersforthB reaaon that if capital- to
itfc anarchtam tje hoV prevented by the [h
ayereet punishment the rulihg plain in th
liiacaae will practically lie above tho oi
iw and the discontented laboring J|
Issses aubject to the aame kind of th
spitalistic anarchism." hi
Another Italian N??apap?r Opinion.
Naw York, March 15 ?The Chrvtoforo
Colombo to-day says editorially that the ^
(ate of loujsijna mijst answer for the
mrder ol the eleve'u Italian* to tbe J
tallan colony, and that the federation ol
be United States is responsible for the
ame murder* to Italy. The question is
The newspaper expresses tbe hope fj
hat the Italian Foreign Office will So
ta duty.
Pittsburgh ItalUu Kxeltal.
PjTTsHcaon, Pa., Msrch 15.?The j]
arg'e colony of Italians here became p
jtfktly excited at the news from New ft
b?r^r.rit^tudi,K i
kola meetings in the three Italian f<
baits tarty In the week, %here t!
action would be taken oil resolutions li
appealing to tbe Government to poniah c
the lyncher?, should the Stats refuse t
take the matter np. The Msfis had lei
supporters here, and bat $100 waa cot
tribated to the trial defence fund.
U sOhlcaco UaiUol-SaoM Strong UOai
uen are Had*.
Chicago, III., March 15.?A largi
epresentative meeting of Italians wa
leld here thia evening. Dr. Volini pre
ided, and in opening the meeting de
Ivered an impaaeioned address. Hi
aid, "Ibis murder calls oat for satisfac
Ion. If justice be not rendered full and
irompt our native land will speak eves
rith the voice of her sans."
Other speakera followed in aimilat
train, which was greeted with approval
j the audience. Dr. Volini suggested
modification ol a proposition formerly
lade to demand of the Italian Governlent
immediate cognisance of the outage
and proposed that a committee be
ppointed to co-operate with committees
:om similar bodies to draft suitable reactions.
The suggeetion waa adopted
nd the committee appointed. Mr. I?dinti
presented the following in the
>rm of a telegram to Secretary Blaine:
"We.Italianeby birtb, Americana by
boice, assembled in mass meeting,
naniinouely protect against the cowardr
and lawless act of the New Orleans
10b, aided by the tacit consent of. the
>cal authoritiee, and demand of the
ederal Government satisfactory repar
Linn thn Rnvurn nnnifihmitnfc nf fha
?ders who were active in breaking the
we guaranteeing'the right of citizenlip
and hoapitatity.
KuglUb PreaH Oplulooa,
London, March 15.?The Neat comenting
on the lynching of the Italians
;Kew Orleans aapai "Italy's indignaon
ia shared by tBe whole civilised
orld. In nearly all such cases in America
ie disease, corruption, is at the root
the evil. The Americans are at
ice the meet patient and the
ost impatient of people in the
orld. when they have grown tired
any grievance they move to their rerage
with the swiftness of a hawk,
tie people of New Orleans could have
on discovored which of the jurymen
the Italian trial had fingered the murirer's
gold, ana it would be better to
lep the jail intact for them."
line 1'mt aaye that Saturday's occurnce
in New Orleans will form a deorablc
page in American history.
Ofllclkl Action to be Taken lo Home*
Romk, March 15.?The iilforma deinnces
the New Orleans lynching as an
itrage and aaya it is a dlsgraoe to the
nited States that suoh acta are possible
ithin its borders.
Signor Breganie will interpellate the
vernment in parliament regarding the
Held for Murder.
Mt. Stirling, Kt., March 15.?Yesrday
at the examining trial, before
>unty Judge Louis Apperson, of John,
, Frank, Charles and John Wiggingn,
jr., charged with the murder ol
m. Ferguson and B. K. Watts, by putDg
aiaenic in the collee at the home of
jrguion, on the night of the 5th inst.,
ihn Wiggington, sr. snd jr., were disarged
and Frank and Gharlea Wig[lton
were held over without bail to
e Juno term of the Circuit Court.
Murdered Hla Emnloiir.
Cadiz, March 15.?A lead ol eight
are' standing ended yesterday in the
lrder of William West by Nathan
lby. Ruby evaded arrest until to day,
if a be was lounil in biding at aneignr's.
West was a farmer, and lived
ont two milea from Ibis place.
West's body was found yesterday with
0 bullet holes in his body. Ruby had
en an employe of bis victim, and was
cuBedof being too attentive to West's
Pardoned to lie Married.
CoLOMBca, 0., March 15.?Governor
impbell yesterday pardoned Miss Wilstta
King, who was serving two years
tbe penitentiary for innrder ol her
[ant. The pardon was granted with
e understanding that she be immedlely
married to L. B. Leobrono, her
per and the father of ber child, and
e marriage was held before the pardon
pers were delivered. The two went
Perry county, where Lechrone has
s business.
A Hag or Swmg.
OutvKLAiin, 0., Msrch 15.?The resince
of James H. Robison, 874 Qakdale
eet, was burglarised about ) o'clock
turday morning.and jewelry valued
$1 500 taken. The burglar was disvered
just as he was leaving by the
>nt door, but he made good bis escape,
mong the valuables taken were a diaond
cross pin and several diamond
igs and and a set of diamond ear drops.
Foretold Ills own
SfRiNariELn, Qujo Msrch 5.?Ohrism
Johnes, a seven-year-old lad, in
log home from school Friday at noon,
Id several playmates that be would atnd
school no mors. The boy was in
>od health at the time, but was
ricken down a few hours later and
ed at 4 o'clock this morningof Inflimstion
of the bowels.
Denting H?r Own Beoord.
Nkjt Yob;, March ljj.?'The Qteatpip
City of Mew York arrived here toty
after a remarkable trip. Her best
evious record Is 5 days, 21 hours and
1 minutes. She made this pssssge in
days, 2 hours and 10 minutes, but
earned 111 more than she did on her
cord trip. Tbis was on account of the
9 off the Grand ^anks, wbiph forced
ir tg take 'a more southerly course
an usual. On Marth S she steamed
i2 miles; March 11, 601; Msrch 12,
e ._j __ ir L in mo t. i. rJ
i, nuu uu itinrcu jo, ova. n is mia
at no other steamer hu aide a recti
ol oyer 600 milea for fonr days of
sr passage.
Captured wild liter*
DpapqcK, lotyA, March 14.?While
itroliing his beat, down town, the
her night, Policeman Rider was
nnzed to have a handsome deer run op
hfm. He procured a rope and lajsqed
o unlrual, ab4 attempted to take it to
e station house, when it daahed away,
ving the officer a lively turn about the
ty, finally escaping across the river to
is wilda of Wisconsin, from whence It
id wandered.
Tbe PoeMl Clerk Dud.
Canton, March 15.?W.' T. McLaln,
le postal clerk injured at theljavarrg
fttclf Tbijrtjay, died at that place to,
ly from hia Injnriea.
The Coroner waa called to hold an injest.
Allegatlona are made that the
isponaibiiity for the wreck may be
laced on the railroad company for not
taking repairs known to be necessary.
Leavei the Seforaed lined.
On. City, Pa., March IS.?Rev. 0. B.
Illltgan, if the East End Reformed
rnbyterian church, ol Pittsburgh, has
irmally accepted a call to the Beoond
[reejjyterian ??nreh-of this city. By
his itep tie withdraws from the Re>rmed
Presbyterian Church and it is
bought that hia example will be foljwed
by other m In latere of tbe reformed
jl THE fflTO CM,
A Fitting Close to the Sessior
of the Legislature.
- With a Testimonial from fIIh Native
) Slate for Hit Heroic Conduct at
Samoa?Gov. Fleml ng'a Spoeob.
I Quiet Follow* Ailjourument .
' Special DitpaUk to UubUtlliatnctr.
Cuarlkston, W. Va., March 15.?
. Lieutenant R. M. G. Brown, of the
United States Navy, who by hie bravery
saved the lives oI (oar hundred people
daring the Saaioan storm, two years ago,
and who has been the guest of the West
Virginia Legislature for two days, was
at noon yesterday presented with a very
handsome gold-handled sword by both
Houses of the Legislature in the hall o(
the House of Delegates. The presentation
speech wss made by Governor
Fleming, and responded to by Lieutenant
The Governor said: It is my pleasant
uutj m luiuiau; UIDOCUII a wuwu ui
West Virginia this handsome and suitably
inscribed sword as a testimonial 0/
the State's recognition ol gallant and
heroic service.
I need not reconntin detail thegraphic
story of the disaster at Samoa in March,
1880. The United States frigate Trenton,
Sag ship of the Pacific squadron,
was among the storm-tossed vessels
in the fatefnl harbor, Bndderless,
saillessand propelierlesa in the height
of the storm, she was drifting on to her
doom upon the reefs. At this critical
moment the nerve und ready invention
of one man, in rank only a Lieutenant,
but by virtue of superior ability in that
time of danger the recognized leader
and real commader of the Trenton,
proved equal to the supreme occasion.
Ordering his crew of four hundred Into
the rigging, he scoured In the form of
massed humanity Just the requisite sail
to drive hia ship ciear of the reefs and
back into the open water, saving the
Trenton from destruction aud her four
hundred and forty souls from death by
a method as novel as it was daring.
But it w?s not by thia conspicuous
performance alone that this navigating
officer, H. M. G. Brown, of the Trenton,
won distinction In the awful disaster at
Samoa. After the Trenton struck the
steamer Vandalia, he alone of all the
officers of the Trenton remained on the
bridge during the height of the storm,
giving the orders that reached the Vandalia's
crew from the sunken steamer's
mast. Indeed, throughout the whole of
that terrible disaster the deeds of Lieutenant
Brown were characterised by
heroism and gallantry that added real
frlory to the American Navy and chalenged
the plaudits of the Natiou,
Lieutenant Brown, on behelf of the
State of West Virginia and by authority
of ber Legislature, I have the pleasure
of presenting to you this sword in recognition
of gallant and meritorious servii>M
natfnrniKrl l?v vnu in lha linn o(
duty as an officer in the navy of the
United States.
Poetry has canonized the momory of
the gallant "Six Hundred" that "rode
Into the month of bell," and history has
Immortalized one of her brightest
pages the "three hundred" who fell at
the gateway of Greece. This snord, the
gift oi your native State, will, so long as
It has lorm and remains intact, be a testimonial
of yonr intrepid deeds and brilliant
achievements and a warrant to
honorable fame.
The aword is very handsome, and is
embellished with appropriate setting
and mountings, and bears the following
"From his native State, to Lieut. E.
M. G. Brown, U. S. N., in aocordance
with a joint resolution of the Legislature
of West Virginia, passsd March 12,
1091, for heroic conduct and brilliant
seamanehip on the flagship Trenton, at
Samoa, March 16,1880."
Tbe Knott-Traoj AJT&lr?personal Matter*
of lotoreat.
Special Dispatch to the InUUiqavxr.
Charleston, W. Va., March 15.?The
unfortunate'occurrence between Senator
Knott and Mr. Tracy last night is
universally regretted bore, bat sentiment
is generally favorable to Mr. Tracy
and there are many expressions of surprise
st the course of Senator Knott, and
his refusal to make proper amends isadveraely
commented on. Tracy was only
acting in the discharge of his duty and
Knoll's action could be placed In no
other light than tbat of resisting arreat.
His conduct has certainly not added to
his list of friends.
There was a general exodus of members
to-day, although many left yeeterday
and a few remain until to-moriow.
Delegatea White, 8impson, Corcoran,
Senator Whitaker and Hone. T. 8. Riley,
J. B. Sommerville and others who have
been here among the lookerson, left for
their jhome this morning accompanied
as far as Parkeraburg by the Wood county
delegates. Mr. Pugb, Mr. Garden,
Mr. Stowart and Senator Campbell and
wife are in Norfolk and will return home
in a few days. George A. Howard and
wife accompanied tbem east. Delegates
Hanen, Shaw and others left to-night.
Senators Moiris and Parkes will leave
The session has been rather remarkable
for general good feeling among the
members except for one of two outbursts,
which soon blew over. Senators
E. W. Morris and Gen. Watts are particularly
Urm friends and althongh as
far apart as the antipodes politically,
personally they have warmest of feelings
for esch other.
Delegate Randall, of Harrison county,
is mentioned as a candidate for member
of the World's Fair board, although no
petitions were circled in hia behalf.
He baa strong backing and hie prospects
lor appointment seem (air. Mra. Judge
Lucas and daughter will leave for home
a^ore V'i'*?er to jWHS 6.
N*w Yobs, March 16.?A London
cable aaya: "The Koglish Minister at
Rio Janeiro baa failed in hia negotiations
concerning the most favored national
treatment of British trade by the
Brazilian government The American
reciprocity treaty, which haa been so
ably negotiated by Mr. Blaine, (a expected
to operate yen seriously againat
Manobestefgoods and in favor of American
product!. Lord Salisbury may remonstrate
against thia aitnation, but he
can do nothing more, and th? United
States baa firmly secured the Sraxlllan
field for commerM."
Sonntor Jurat's Ifiinnral IMnleM.
Vatnonoo, Oil., March IS.?The
funeral services were held lo-day over
the remains of tbe late United State;
Senator George Hearst. The aervioea
were conducted by the llev. W. O.
Joule, of Grace church, and the building
waa crowded to the doors. Among
the pall bearers were Gov. Markbam,
Mayor Sanderson and Chief Justice
Beatly. Senator Herat's body will be
placed in the vault ol the late United
I Ejtatea Senator Utham, at Laurel Hill
a Million DdIIkt Vlrt on BtlonUr Hon
Syracuse, M?rc!i 15.?Syracuse nevei
1 opened its eyes on each a ipecUcalu
drama U roused her from her morning
lumber yesterday. Hardly were the
early risers astir when the whole popu1
lation was suddenly roused by cries ol
"Fire I The Hogan block Is going, and
all Fayette street is going!"
The first show ol fire was at 0:30
o'clock. The fire soon spread to the
north side of West Fayette street, and
Chief Reilly quickly sawthat the threatened
destruction was too great for bis
apparatus to fight Ho wind Oswego
and Borne to send sld, and he had hardly
done so when the danger was suddenly
doubled. Fire and smoke burst without
warning from the top of Roscoe
Brothers' five-story block in East Washington
street, four blocks awsy.
A flying brand from West Faystta
street haacaused it, andbefore the overworked
firemen could sond relief this
second fire was also beyond control, with
only a single stream playing upon it.
At 8:30 o'clock a fierce conflagration
was raging in two upper floors of the
Yates mock. A moment or two later
there was a tremendous crash, and an
immense volume of smoke was thrown
out from the burning building, which the
flames rose high above the ruins below.
A cry of horror went np from the
crowu and everybody felt that a man was
lost. The wall for about the distance
from the Montgomery street corner to
the Koecoe building had fallen in, crushing
the floors below and bringing them
with it to the ground. When the smoke
cleared away, as it did in a moment or
two under the sweeping action of the
Uames, tbe man was Ken In tbe act of
raising a window, which he Immediately
closed and as quickly railed attain.
The lire was raging all about him, and
the feeling was that he was doomed beyond
all possibility of escape. He was
not aeen to emerge from any other part
of the bailding, and It la thought that
he perished in the flames.
About 9 o'clock the Oswego relief
came by special train, having made tbe
run from LamaoBS, 10 miles in 17
mlnntes. Half an hour later the Utlca
engine, with a hose cart aod company,
came in and brgan playing ou tbe Washington
street Are.
The flames, urged on by tbe gale,
were hardly checked by tbe firemen
and two locomotive fire engines from
the Central (hops were eent to tbe
Vanderbilt house corner. They probably
saved tbe hotel. Tbe whole loss is
estimated at $1,000,000.
Bcfor* Ooo In QueuohMl, Another Starts.
Total Lou *1,000,000.
Syracuse, N. Y., March 15.?At 5
o'clock thla morning, before the firemen
had left tbe scene of tbe disasters of tbe
previous day, fire broke out in
tbe St. James Episcopal Church
and having destroyed the structure
spread to and destroyed the
McLennan flats next adjoining, owned
by 1'. M. McLennan. The Misses Curtin,
two sisters living in the fiats, were
taken down on ladders. It Is believed
one woman was burned up.
The Staodard Watch Company occopled
the whole ground floor of the McLennan
It is estimated tho loss bv fire In I
Syracuse in the last twenty-four hours
will aggregate over $1,000,000.
Or Fuur Hundred luniAtes, Six Parish to
the Flame*.
Nashville, Turn., March 15.?The
Central Insane Asylum, situated seven
milos from this city, is almost a mass of
ruins. Beneath it are the charred bodies
of half a dozin of the untortanate inmates.
At 10:45 Friday night Watchman
Fitihugb discovered a tongue of flume
breaking through the western main
wing of the building. It reached from
the ground through the second and
third stories and cut off the few rooms
thBt were behind it. fn a moment the
alarm was given, and the <100 inmates of
the institution were thrown into wild
commotion, There were twenty-eight
in the wing when the fire was discovered,
and twenty-two of them were
quickly removed to the main hall, tbe
other six being left to their fates behind
tbe impassible wall ol flames. Tbefollowing
are the names of the patients, all
males and white, who perialied in the
dimes: J. 8. Johns, of 8utherford
county; J. Bert l>exter, ol Wilson;
Blue Preston, of Cannon; John Kelly,
of Wayne; W. II. Beastry, of Hickman;
B. F. Hollowel, of Davidson.
Narrow Escape from ? bad Fire In Chicago.
Ciiicaoo, March 15.?Panic reigned for
a time in a portion of tbe Sherman
House yesterday morning. Tbe Are
which disturbed the slumbers of tbe
guests bad its origin in the wholesale
drug house of Humlston, Keeling & Co.
The fire caused an explosion, which
blew oat the iron shutters and sent the
fltmes to tbe roof and basement. Myriads
of barning embers fell in the court
over tbe great glass skylight about tbe
offices falling like a rain ol fire past the
windows of the inaide rooms. All tbe
guests occupying rooms on the side of
the hotel near the fire were soon aroused
and moved out of their rooms to other
Hooley's Theatre caught fire several
timee and the flames were with difficulty
extinguished. The loss to tbe theater
by smoke, which poured through the
windows, may be considerable. As it
was, the streams of two engines were
continually directed against the smoking
and blazing rear halls of the play bouse.
The lo? will aggregate $100,000.
Child Badlr Barovd, *? '
Mkcqanicsburq, 0., March 15 ? Mrs.
Edward Smith stepped out to a neighbor's,
leaving her little daughter Tillle,
aged about three years, pitying In the
houae. The mother hail been gone but
a abort time when the child procured a
pint ol ooal oil and threw it into the
stove upon a maae ol live ooila. The
tl>me< leaped out and oaugbt the child't
clothing. Toe little girl waa terribly
burned about the (ace and body.
Ului Works liarucde
Fikdlay, 0., March 15.?The Llppincott
cbimney-giasa works waa totally destroyed
by fire tbia morning. The fire
originated in tbo dry-home, and waa
cauaed hy increased pressure in gaa.
One hundred and sixty men and bov?
are out ot work. The total lota on lietor^
and warehouse will reach $30,000;
a peaa\l%r Accldsul.
Cf?rWK? Km
An accident occurred on the Uonongah
railroad Monday morning, very aimilar
to the one which canaed the death
ot Hiaa Fleming at Pltuhsigh several
weeks ago. Aa the liorth-bound train
waa coding through the cut along the
tiver, below where the bridge croaees,
a large rock became looaened arid lell
upon the rear coach, crushing through
the window and breaking the aeat npon
which it lell,' fortunately no one occupied
the tfat at the time, but the occupants
ol the car were thoroughly (right$ned.
Bkcium's Pius cure Sick-HeadWhv.
. The Coming Meeting of the
League at Cincinnati.
Ha la Not a Candldatu for Re-electlon?Oon.
Gaff a 1'oaslblllty.
Other* Mentioned?Thuraton
Don't Want to be a J mine.
Cuicaoo, Marcb 15.?In National politics
the approachlBK annual convention
ol the Eepnblican League of the United
States, which la to be he|jl at Cincinnati,
ia assuming more than the oinal dlooos-.
alon in political circles. Judge John M.'
Thurston, of Nebraska, President ot the
League, was at the Grand Pacific Hotel today,
and said: "It is simply Impossible
(or me to permit myself to be re-elected
to that high office. With the assistance
oi secretary A. U. Humphrey, I have
kept up the League's organization
throughout the United States, and the
League la no* In shape to commence an
active campaign (or 1892."
Judge Thurston being asked aa to who
would likely be chosen as the next pretident
of the league replied: "I have
heard suggested the names of Ex-Senator
Spooner, of Wisconsin, Gen, GofT,
of West Virginia; Edwin S. Stuart, tho
young Republican Mayor of PhlladelShla;
J iius" Blanchard, ot New York
ity; W. W. Tracy, of Illlnoia; Mat.
Reynolds, of Missouri, and T. ?. Byrne,
of Minnesota. Any one of these gentlemen
would fill the position ably and
succeaffully. I know nothing of the
report that President Harriaon proposed
to tender me one of the Circuit Judgeships
under the recent act of Congress
except what has been published in the
newspapers. But I would not accent
any federal appointment. My family
have the first claim upon my services,
and however much it would be in line
with my own wishes to occupy an honorable
pesition upon the bench, I could
not oak my wife and children to Bhare
iu the respectable poverty of the place."
Judge Thurston declined to state his
preference, if any he bad, regardingwho
was his choice for next Presidential
nominee upon the Republican ticket.
They Are Met on Shipboard by the Amerl>
can l>e\fcgatton.
Nkw Yonx, March 16.?James o'Kelly,M.
P.; John O'Connor, M. P.; W.
H. K. Redmond, M. P. and Henry Harrison,
M. P., delegates sent to thla country
by Mr. Parnell for the purpose of
raising funds for the Nationalist movement
arrived in New York this morning
from Queenstown. An addreea ot
welcome signed by Michael Breslin as
Chairman was presented to the delegates.
The address spoke of them as
the "representatives of Irish nationality
as endorsed by Charles Stewart Parnell,
leader of the Irish Nation." The Parnellltes
responded severally, hopiog,
they said, that their mission of getting
cash tor Parnell and his men might he
successful. Mr. Parnell'a collectors
were driven to the Hoffman House
where they occnpy handsome quarters.
Row at an Aatl'-Parnell MettUng.
Dublin, March 15.?At an anti-Parnellite
meeting held at Newry today
there waa a scene of great disorder, the
Parnellites doing their utmost to break
up the meeting. About 5,000 persons
werepresent. The disorder began when
resolutions denouncing Parnell were
put to the meeting. Several personal
encounters between opponents and supporters
of Paruell took place.
tl- ? ? ? ?
Bubnos Ayres, March 15.?The bin kg
opened at 9 o'clock yesterday morning.
There wu a slight ran on the Provincial
Bank, bat the run wu soon allayed and
confidence wu completely restored.
The subscriptions to the National loan
are estimated at $40,000,000.
The relations between the Government
and the private banks are of a
friendly nature. The 2 per cent tax on
private bank deposits is no longer enforced.
London Slock Condition*.
London, March 15.?Discount was
steady during the put week at 2} for
three months and 2 for short. The atock
exchange early in the week was full of
activity. American railroad securities
were slow. There wu a tendency to
improve, in response to New York, but
the market was listless.
* '
Good Grand Jury Work*
Athens, Ohio, March 14,?A apecial
grand jury, impaneled Thursday, arose
yesterday evening, reporting, among
other indictments, the following against
participants in the recent priia
fight at Nelsonville, in which Arthur
Majesty, one of the principals,
lost his life; David Seville, the
other principal, for manslaughter,
prize fighting and affray; Tom Macey
and Keii Hennesy, bis seconds, for manslaughter,
seconding a prize fight and
aliray; Frank McHngh, lor relereeing a
priae light and affray: John Hall, one
of Majesty's seconds, for seconding a
priie tight snd affray; Mayor Berckley,
Marshall Beatties and Policeman Viewers,
ofllcers of the village, and "Doug"
Nelson and Elmer Kosser, proprietors
of the ball lu which the fight took
place, all for engaging in affray.
That liliturla Hrick.
Pmi.Ai5ii.raiA, Pa., March 15.?Geo.
G. Merrick, of Denver, yesterday again
preaenUd his now famous silver brick to
Superintendent Boebyahell, of the Mint,
for coinage. This second premutation was
made necessary by the death of (Secretry
Windotn, so decided by the AttorneyGeneral
that the suit must again be
filed. Colonel Bosbyahell, as he did before,
refused to receive the brick snd
tffltfa Mr '
u? TTUVWOU rriUHHl giv?
log the ressons therefor.
logalll on the Nominee*.
Bosto*, March 15.?Kx-'oenator If
galls, ol Kansas, when asked yosterday
who would be thtt opposing candidal)!
in 1802, repHad: "Cleveland will 1)3 the
next nominee of tho Democrat*, no flutter
what position be may take on the
tariff or allver questions. I believe that
Mr. Harrison will be renominated, and
is entitled to it"
To Wed a Lord.
Niw York, March 15.?A ipeclal London
cable says Mita Geraldine Uimar,
the American actress, is not to wed Lord
Graven alter all. Her engagement to
Ivan Oarvil, the well known musical
corapoaer, was pnblicly announced from
the stage of the Lyric Theatre last night.
MlltVt Mem Ud Liver PUIl
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