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Onlv One D<
The F. W.BflUMEF
* E-ich member uot only get* iho benefit of ih?
nlubcd wltn a piano for LKMTJIA* TUB M>W
and it will be to yotir lni?'r?*t to r-?ad tuU ad
berthip. *- DONT MISS TH
Five B
That Are
100 Dozen Boy's Shirt
50 Pieces Lace Stripi
worth 10c.
40 Piects Barred Nain:
500 11-4 White Bed
$1 50.
200 Silk Head Rests al
Only 250 pairs left of the
CURTAINS. To-morrow will LACE
CURTAINS you will sa
" " ? ? ?u? Iauiaok
rriCBS as IUv* ao >nu
handed back to
The old or young whose
do not suit, can consult an
tested for Classes without <
Optician, at Lash's Jewelry ?
streets. Tho only exclusive C
M. J. Mcl-iinilKN.
Fine White Shirt*, 81y Own Mnke, Fln?
Linen llotMUtii', Flu e ftlunlln. Shirts ntudc
Double III Fruut nod Hack. Patent Fi?cIngH
Iii ltnrk,SIiuuIdem nMlNlewven. Seauu
all Double Sewed mill Kvery Slilrt War.
muted to Fit* 1'rlce only CO CentN.
Fine White fhtrtc, I'lulied )toMitnn, M)
OwnMnkf, Fine Linen llonotuR, Fine Mu*<
tin, l'iitout FiicIusm, S?'#nm nil Double
Hewed unci Kvery Shirt Wnrrnnted to Fit.
Price only 75 vents.'
Flueat White Shirt*, with the Latent Style
P. K. Hatlu Stripes or Embroidered Uonoium,
Mucin from the Very Pin?Nt Materia), Pat.
?nt Facing* In Hack and Sleeve*, Seam*
all Double Sewed aud Kvery Shirt War.
ranted to be a l'ei feet Fit Price onlj II.
Hue Alglit ShlriitBiy Own Make, Mad*
of llest Huwlln, have Yukei, all Seam* are
Double Sewed and have Plain White or
Fancy Silk Trlnimrd Hohoqih. Kvery Shirt
Warranted to Fit. Price only 00 Cent*.
latent Style* Ftue?l 4-Vlj Linen Collar*,
I for 80 Cent*.
Latent Stjh'M Finest 4-Ply Linen Cuflfi
95 OenU.
M. J. McFadden,
rm ' LKADING a jAjfi
H^One-Prfca Hatier and Fnrnlsher.i T
1390 and 1323 Mnrket fclrref, Wheeling.
***' ^PP??ll? Opera
H EflD/CCrfC^QR-TO ojfocdE
r Piano,
ojlar a Week.
CASH i'RiOK. A G'lafc-U now being formed
vertlfcemeut carefully and appir nt once for memIS
fMER & CO.
Waists at 19c, worth 35c.
2d Nainsooks at 4 3-4c,
jooks at 9 l-2c, worth 15c.
Spreads at 99c, worth
: 39c, worth 75c.
1,000 pairs slightly soiled LACE
close them all out. If you need
va ono-hair by taking advantage
and a present of five per cent
every cash buyer.
i? mi
eyes ne6d attention, or Glasses
d have their eyes scientifically
:harge by PROF. SHEFF, the
[tore, corner Main and Eleventh
Jptlcal Department In the State.
Lace Curtain
1 Extraordinary!
each, for choice from a line of
. several hundred fine applique,
TambourandCluny LaceCurtain
Ends, worth from $15 to
$35 per full pairs.
Call early as our last lot of
1,000 ends were disposed ol in
a day.
To make this sale
doubly interesting, have cut
prices way down on every pair
of Curtains in stock.
Here we are with 3,000 Spring Samples for
Gents' Bulla and Uniforms. For variety and
ntyle wo lead the world. Flta guaranteed. Onethird
UTlng to the consumer.
J.W. FKRRKL, Agent,
trt? Cor. Twentieth nnd Main Streets.
\JC We bare Just rectlred a fresh supply of
titsid, Flower and Garden Heeds frrm Landreth,
Hcndtnon and other dealers. Market garden
era will Bud H to their advauuge tn wmf orders
In early. On recclpt of price we will send Fresh
Bceda Free by mall.
lilt Market 81, (weri ilde) fthwllm, w.V?.
JL li a bright, sparkling, inatrnctl?e famll; ,
Journal. It la orfrfaalT* ererr department I
clean In every lino and suited as It is intended
to Interest end improve orcry member of the
mlly, whether in olty or oonntry.
She gntclliflinccr. ?
Ofllcn ? Noh. iiOuiul 97 Fourteenth Street.
M?? Advertisements,
A Chance In a Lifetime. *
Notice to Contractor*. 0
Fine wishing Tac*]e-8?anton A Davenport. 1
K0 a bade lreee-M. L. Hill.
Healed Proposals._
Wanted-a Sober Young Man. r
The Ifcst War to Save Money. Q
This Magnificent Krakauor Plano-F, W.
Baumcr ii Co.?Fourth Pace. t
For Bale?Holf it Harvey. ?
To Carpenter Contractors.
Lots of Nice Kooda-KwlngBroa.
Public kale?Fourth Pa*e. ]
' * c
Thermometer ltecord. ;
The thermometer at Schnepf'e drag <
etore, Open House corner, Monday, J
registered u follows: j
7 a. TW...,,,,,, 40 I 8 p. ID...MWW...WW 72 J
9 a* Diiiho. 47 I 7 pa hmuummham 70 J
12 m 70 1 Weather?Clou*. j
Indications. j
WABHmoTosf, April 12.?For Western Penn- j
sjlvanla and West Virginia, rain Tuesday, ]
southerly winds, shifting to northwesterly, and (
much colder by Wednesdsy morning.
For Ohio, rain Tuesday, southerly winds,
rhtftiug to north-westerly, and much colder by
Wednesday morning.
? m t
IV yon cannot see and need spectacle* ;
job shonld call on ua and hare joorKje.
tested without charge. We lure tlie
finest Instruments ana more experience
than utj otber Optician in the State,
and guarantee satlsfiicllon or moner refunded.
Jeweler and Optician,
C?r. Twelfth and Market Streets.
400 dozen of our celebrated Fast !
Black and Colored Half il?se purchased
before the change ol the tariff1,
win be sola ai me wu Ltrire, -d uvuut ti
S ir. C. llESS ii SONS,
erchant Tailors in.il Hents' Furalahfre,
TThu 1321 and 1328 Market Street.
Mkttin of Moor HuntDt In and Aboal
the City.
Ed Dixon was palled in yesterday by
Officer Bticli, lot disorderly conduct.
J. A. Gates, a plain drunk, was rnn i
in by Officer Jack Desmond yesterday
afternoon. 1
Tim Wheeling steel plant at Benwood
went on again yesterday after being oB
for repairs for a week.
The La Belle Iron company has added
a number of new tack machines to the
equipment of its factory.
Tax members were initiated into the i
Fort Henry Lodge, Shields of Honor, ,
last night. Eight new members were
admitted last week.
Tuebe were a number of ordinary :
drunk and disorderly cases before Tolice
Court yesterday morning. All of the,
defendants were lined and all but two
paid out.
Tiik regular weekly meeting of the
Methodist ministers of this city, was
held in the Fourth Street M. E. church ,
yesterday. Rev. D. L. Ash read an instructive
paper. 1
Wheeling Union Ohapter, No. 1, K
A. M., had a banquet last night at the
Hotel Van Keuren. About sixty members
of the Ghspter sat down to the elegant
spread provided. I
Am interesting and instructive meeting
of all the Young People's Christian
Endeavor Society, of this city, was
held at the English Lutheran church
last nlgbt. It wai well attended.
Tux funeral of Willie, the eon of
Frank Darby, whose death was mentioned
yesterday, will take place at 3 p. 1
in. to-day, the funeral party going out to
the cemetery on the Elm Grove cars.
Jaues L. Hawley advertises for pro- ,
posals for doing a large job of carpenter ,
work, presumably on the structure (or ,
which the foundations are now build- ,
ing at the corner of Tenth and Main j
streets. ,
During the first twelve days of the i
present month there have been fifty- i
two deathB from all causes, which is an I
increase of several per cent, over the i
same number ol days the month before, i
DuriDg the wbole of March there were
but Blxty-nine deaths.
The city of Wheeling has filed the pa- .
Eers in a condemnation suit against
mma V. Miller in which it will seek to
condemn lor the purpose of buildlnp an
abutmenl for tbe Market street bridge, '
lot No. 0, in square No. I), the lot being i
located on the west side of Market street
and next to the creek. ,
Tun electrical railway has been about
as great a nuisance to the travelling public
for two or three daya as it well conld ,
be. Yesterday there waa another grand o
emasbnp at the powei houso, whereby j
the last engine waa wrecked. The power '
bad been off at intervale all day, and e
after the wreck there was a total sue- I
pension for four hours. '6
A oeand gymnaatic exhibition, for I
the promotion of physical cultnre, will
be given by the WheelingTurners April c
22. In addition to (he athletic exerciaes, c
a select musical programme will beren- i
ikred, The programme contains many
striking features in all the branches of t
physical trainiug. The Opera Houbc
orchestra will furnish the music. Seats
will be put on sale to-morrow. d
In Clerk Hook'a Ottloe. n
Three deeds of trust and the following *
transfers of real estate were admitted to n
record yesterday: ?
Deed from August Fisher to John v
Vens. given in consideration of $125, on c
March 10,forlotNo. Oof Thomas Owens's f
addition to Houth Wheeling. ii
Deed made March 30,1891, by William ij
Kueck, of New York City, to Charlotte J
Snedeker, for the south half of lot No. n
107 in Eoff and Chapline's addition to *
the city of Wheeling; consideration,
$5,000. F
Deed made February 9,1801, by Louis ?
Thomas to Joseph Humes, in considers* J
tion of $450, for lot No. 12, in square No. (]
1, in the Eighth ward. I
Deed made April 10,1891, by Mary J. Jj
Cochran, of Allegheny, Pa., to E. M. n
Pearson, of Wheeling, in consideration <i
01 91,110-1 41, lor IOI 11 u. il nuu u [mit ui
lot No. (I of the subdivision ol the Cochran
portion ol the Reed estate oat the '!
National road. ei
Deed made April 14, hy Hannali i>
Hoike, in consideration o( $400, to Ernina jj
Edwards, for lot No. 60 in the town of u
Lagrange. ?
Alfred Caldwell waa yesterday ap- J
pointed administrator de bonis non, of u
the estate of Kobert Campbell, deceased, "
vice Eliaabeth Campbell, executrix, de- j,
ceased. Bond, $20,000; George B.Cald- n
well aunty. jj
IHel ol FueamoDla.
Marv Ritchie, a scrub-woman, employed
at ibe Hetel Van Keuren, died
about 12:30 this morning. She fell sick u
of pneumonia last Thursday and Mr.
Van Keureu immediately called in Dr. T<
E. 0. Morris. On the doctor's last visit
toher, at 7:30 yesterday evening, she u
seemed to be better, and her death was H
unexpected. Friend ?& Son, the county T<
undertakers, were notified, and pre- ?
pared the body for burial. Mary Ritchie n,
bad been employed at the hotel about g<
two montba. She was very reticient as
to her antecedents, but It ia supposed
she hss relatives in Burgettatown, Pa.
She waa about 35 yesra old. j"
M.L Hill advertises In these columns h
a choice lot of shade trees for sale. Call ji
and see them at the St. Charles B otol. Ri
, i ib
To Tonne Mothers
who are for the flrat tlmo to undergo
woman's severest trial, we oSer you, not
the stupor csused by chloroform, with ,t
risk of death for youraelf or your dearly ^
loved and longed-for offspring, bnt
"Mother's Friend," a remedy which
will, if used ss directed, invariably
alleviate the pains, horrors apd rlaka of n
labor, and often entirely do away with '
them. Sold at wholeaale and retail by i!
Logan Drug Company and all drug- L
3 tl(
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. n
n Health, Accounts, Ordinance*, Ball- |
roads and Fire Department?Kali mates of |
A p propria tiou h. j
The Couo^l Committee on Markets
raa called to meet last night, bet no
aoram was secured.
The Committee on Health met and
ecommended to Council, for payment
ut of the contingent fund, bills for retain
on the crematory, amounting to
>685 40
The following estimates for the appro*
>riation for tke ensuing year, was re*
ommended to.Council:
IdvortUinfl and printing ~j0
Jrematory repairs...... 200
;rfctnHiory repairs In progcoM....?.~ ..........
ianitary Juspcctors 3U0
Uitnoval of garbage 4,8j0
telephone rent ............. 30
Salary ol Health Otllcer l.OUO
Salary of Crematory Superintendent 720
Salary of Aulalant Crematory Superintendent
....... Wfl
epidemic contingencies ............... 383
Ml?cellaueou?...... 121
Sow crematory and real estate 4.0LO
JuUtandlDg bills.......... 460
Total ? 113,400
The Committee on Ordinances met
ind recommended to Council that the
regular ten and fifty cent levies be made
I ir the uBual purpose s The usual licence
ordinance was also rmotnuiended.
The Committee on Accounts met and
ordered all checks and vouciihrs issued
from February 1 to April 1, cancelled,
rhe committee finished the inb ?r cf ex*
amining the books of the Gity Receiver
and City Clerk, iiuding tbu accounts all
The Committee on Fire Department
also met. and paajod bills amounting to
Two bills amounting to $46 50, for repairs
on the Cbemicil engine-bouse
were presented. Members of tbe Committee
claimed that these repairs had
been ordered without authority from
the committee. It appearing* that more
work bad been done on the Chemical
boos*, the two bills offered were laid
aside, until all the bills for tbe work
?hall hava been presented.
Richard Kenney, hostler at the Vigilant
engine house, sent in his resigns
Hon, which was accepted. The appointment
by Chief Healy, of William Kenney,
was confirmed. The appointment
of John Hefner, extratnan, in place of
William Brast, was also confirmed.
The Chief was instructed to purchase
a fire alarm box to be placed at the corner
of Market and Twenty-seventh
The following estimate of the ensuing
rear's appropriation was reported to
ialaric*, - .. ? 116.881.01
Feed l.CMI
Sine - 1W
sulphate of Copper W
Medicine uud Veterinary, K0
Ice ......... 7&
Whitewashing,.... ~ - 60
llorbc Shoeing loo
Itepairs on Apparatus Sot)
Telephone Kent, I'-1"
Wires on the \V. B. B. Co.'* Bridge. 100
Advertising and I'fintiux W
Harness and Repairs "'>0
Hones ...- SCO
Llum Coats 100
Repairs to llousaf, bar pots, etc l.VO
[ioatinaen1 Fund 40u
S'ew Kiro UuRine .. 4,iou
ToUl ~ $2C,QW.04
Mr. Horstman suggested that Wheeling
merchants be allowed to bid on the
!4um coats ordered by the Department
The Committee en Railroads also met
to take action on the request of the
Wheeling A Elm Grove Railway Company
for permission to lay a switch on
Sixteenth street along side the switch
now in use. Mr. James P. McAdame
was present and protested against the
granting of the privilege. Mr. Mc
Adams claimed that Sixteenth street is
the best street in Wheeling, running
East and West, and that the laying of u
switch would damage its excellence as a
main, thoroughfare. Mr. McAdams's
protestations, however, were of no avail
ind tho ordinance went through, meeting
no obstacles in its way. In tbe oriinance,
the Committee reserves the
right, that Council may repeal the
)rdinanre at any time and upon giving
h? imHwav moidinv AO Hava notico it
nay rernovo the switch if it has not been
removed by the company.
Iho Hoard of County Commissioners DIhtrlbutes
the Ycar'a Receipts.
Tho Board of County Commissioners
[net yesterday and passed upon the business
before it.
The annual Appropriationjordinanco
Fas passed. It contains the following
County Jail, $-1,800; Court House, 12,500; Poor
tousc and farm.ffl.OOO; contingent poor fund,814,U);
auetsmeuts. 82,225; birtbH, dentin and marlages,
3100: sinking fuud,4>4 per cent bonds,
2,?00; sinking Juno, G per cent bonds ttf.000;
aurt expenses,82,000; deal,dumb and blind,8100;
lection expends, 8100; Inquests, (100; lunacy,
'200; IntcrcHt, 820,000; law library, 8600: local
ward of Health. 8200; misdemeanors, 8500; per
Hem, 83,000; priutlug aud binding, 8800; staionery,
Judges Circuit Court, 82,000 ; 8hcriff.83C0; Clerk
lounty Court. 8300; Clerk Circuit Court, fl.Oou;
llerk Board of Commissioners, 81.200; ProsccutAttorney,
81.200. Librarian Law Library,
2M): Hlierlfl'R commiHloni, 97.500; taxes refundd,
8o00; water rent, 83:5; witnesses aud Jurors,
Bom's II11I. Springer's and Bunh field's, Trlaelnhla,
887 00; Chapel run and tipriuger's, Trl
del phi*. 8263 70: Greggsville. Clinton aud Poto
isc?1st division, Rtcbland, 8787 45: Greggsrille,
'llntou and l'otomac-2d division, Liberty,
M7 40; Kelly's ham aud Dement cemetery,
Crhland 837 tw; Kelly's barn ani Dement cemlery,
Liberty, 8 j5 92; Laldley's Ruu to Penusylama
?taio hue, Triadolphi*. $107 to; Middle
k'het-llng crock, lower euii, Trladclplila, 8351 CO;
ilddle wheeling creek, upper cud, Trladt-lphla,
47 W; McUraw'n Kun to O. C. iSe 1'. road, Liber
r 8351 CO; Monument and Dig Wheelng
crcek, Triadtlnhla, $44 9?: I'ouuo's
lun, Kich'and W5 UJ; Peter's Kun,
riadclphla. 8351 60; Peior's Hun, Richind
81 HI 85; peninsula. Washington, 8650 25;
iver road?1st divlalon, Richland. 8527 40: Rico
nd Castlemau'a run, Liberty, 8*0320; Ptono
hurch. Trladoiphia, 870320;8bort Crcek?North
ork, Richland. 835100; bhort Creek?."outh 1
ork, Richland, 8^63 60: bhort Creek?Main
lem, Richlaud, 88701; Valley Grovo and middle
'hetling creek, Liberty, 8175 80; Wheeling,
-est Liberty ami Bethany?1st divMon. Trla
elphlaand Richland. 8 U'?t GO; Whrellng, West
Iberty and Bethany?'2d division, Liberty,
175 80; Wheeling aud Kim Grove, Ritchie,
112 81: Wheeling and talrmont, lHtchlc,
i,863 48; West Union and Roney's Point. TrlaL'lphla,
?;w 20; River road-2d division, 8175 80.
skcoxd CLAW,
Boggs' 1III1. Springer's and Bnshflclds, Richmd.
887 DO; Hat tie Run to G. c. & 1'. road, Liber\
830665; Dixon's Run to G. C. ill P. road. Lib ty,8175
80; Elm Grove and Hoggs' 1II1I, Trladeltiia,
8263 70; Gilinoro's Crosslrg to fttterson's
ill, Liberty, 8263 "0; Glen's Run and Cherry
ill, Richlaud, 8527 40; Long Run to Csstlo- ,
inn's, Liberty, 88700; McCutctioon's to Buchan
in aim, irmufipiun, s.-ii w; Jicumw b ?w?i 10 '
lco and W? Liberty, m W: Ulce and Wold- I
an'a, Liberty, 1175 so; liouey'* Point to B. 8. A ?
Triadclphia and Lli*riy, #175 M: Kclllf and ,
ul&plftlnfc. KtcbUau. inswu; stuuiute * towm 1
lexander, Liberty, |S7 uo: Waddle and Warden's
an, Richland, f&rcO: Wc?t Liberty and liarjy'?,
Liberty, 9268 70; Wcat Liberty and ChhiIlan'a,
l.lbcrty. 1131 85; Wheeling and Ridge,
itchle, 1315 ?J; Wheeling and Kim Urovc, Irl.
lelpbia 11311?: Brovn'a Run, Hichland, |48 96;
rown'a Kuu, Trladelphla, 143 85.
Frailer'a Run, Kllcble, $1395: Morgan's mill
Brooke couuty line, Rlcnlaud, t87 90: McCain*
on'a, Liberty, $13 93; Shanghai, Liberty, |S7W;
resile worka to Rodger's, Liberty, $37 90.
Boone and Hedges, Richland, 1175 80; Highud
achool houie and McColloch, Richland,
3 95.
>ul for roadi and bridge* ?.! 15,000
intirgent road and bridge fond.
igineerinit - 1.W0
bw jail altu and building SO.OCO
:neml contingencies - 4,710
Total appropriation*-...^ -1143.000
It i8 cBtimatcd that tho repelpta fpr the
jar will bo;
ivy, 60c on 1100 valuation, ^J0,2fi0r000?f 101,2V?
til road taxes......? ? 2,700
iTidend on |?., W. k Ky. rajlroad jux-k- 7 227
tereaton 1'., W. A Ky. bond*. L|20jt
iS^'ioBhcriifahai'i"]^^rZZ-Z M-'S1 \
Total ...iiu.ooo
Licensee were grantod to Frank \V?1ra
and William Stamm to keep naloona
; their reapective placed oat the
ational road.
Htock to IS* iHHlti
A meeting ot the atockholdera of the
'heeling & Elm Groya Railway Commy
wat held in (he Company e office
Mterday afternoon. Jn acfordaiiw
ith the advertised intention, a resolnin
was offered authorising the <liiecr?
to Isane 4000 aharea of preferred o
ock. The resolution was adopted and d
inch part of the stock as the directors
may aeem advisable will b ^ isailed. The
money raised by this means will be
used,it is understood, to pay .off all the
indebtedness of the road and to com*
plwte improvements already commenced n
and to farther extend the line and im- 4
prove its facilities. y
Or the Clrcalt Coart Began?The Grand
Jury. g
Yesterday morning the following gen- 0
tlemen were selected to serve as the j
Grand Jury for the April term of the t
Circuit Uourt:
W. U. Rinebart, John Baird. William
Pollack, John Wright, H, Menkemeller,
0. Steinraetz, JaindesReed, Jaraea Dunning,
Joseph Graves, Nicholas Scbultx,
William Eliingbam, Christian Fioto,
Patrick Kennedy, Peter Bachman,
AugBst Matthews, and W. R. Donaldson.
After the jury was sworn and charged
by the court, Mr. Walter Rinehart was
elected foreman, and work was begun
about 2 p. m. Seventeen cases were
acted upon between that and 5 o'clock,
when the body adjourned until this
Neither the Garrison nor the Kingry
murder case was brought up. There
are jast fifty cases to be acted upon, and
the jury will be busy all day to day poi
slbly and to morrow.
The docket in Part IL before Judge
Camphill will be called Thursday morning
at8:30 and in Parti, before Judge
Paull at 2:30 p. m.
Strangers CJty ami Wheeling Folks ,
Killie Bader is laid up with typhoid i
AlonzoOharnock, of Parkersbnrg, is
in the city.'
Dr. A. T. Stlfel is confined to his bed
with pneumonia.
Charles Carson, who is employed at
Hobbs's Glass House, Is on the sick list, i
M, J. O'Neill, advance agent for Fore- '
paugh'd circus, was in the city yesterday. ,
Mrs. Jessie Bergor, who has been con- I
fined to ber room with the grip, is convalescent.
Mrs. Clarence Irwin and daughter,
Mies Bird, ate in New Castls, Pa., visit- ;
iog friends.
Mrs. Henry Brues, of North Front
street, is confined to her bed with ty- 1
nhnirl fov'Atv
George W. Atkinson Las returned
from a tiip to Washington, D. 0., and
Mrs. Wileou Humbird, of Cumberland,
Md., is the guest of Miss .Belle AleCube,
of the Island.
Mieses Ida logman and Mollie McGuire,
of Fairmont, were at the Windsor
Hotel yesterday.
Miss Jessie Hornbrook, of New Martinsville,
is visiting Miss Carrie Franzell,
of 8outh Main street.
H. B. Deene, T. E. 8anders and Miss
Emma Sanders, of Parkeraburg, were at
the Btumm House yesterday.
Miss Dolly Kline, of the "County
Fair" Company, is the guest of Miss
Emma Kline, of the South 8ide.
I C. FI. Tolson and W. P. Mahoney, of
| New York, wool buyers, stopped over to
see the city on their way home from the
H. J. Bondy and C. "W. Archibald, of
I Parkeraburg, and William Johnson, of
Paris, were at the McLure House yesterday.
Mrs. Buy. J. A. Ewing, of 110 Fifteenth
street, is recovering from the
grip. She was able to be out yesterday
for the first time in five weeks.
W. M. Kincaid, of Cameron, A. M.
Crow and K. Baker, of Littleton, D.
Abersold, of Proctor, and J. 11. Sharp, of
Wotzel, were at the Hotel Behler, yesterday.
Every member of tho family of Mr.
Will Fee, the assistant city clerk, is laid
up in bed with some disease or other.
There are now in tho house six sick
Mr. John Elliott, an old resident of ]
North Market street, and for several ,
years blind, returned home from treat- j
ment in a Baltimore hospital a few days {
ago with bis sight restored.
Mr. John T. Cowl and G. B. Jones, of
the postotlice force, who have been laid
up with tho prevailing malady, are con- 8
valescent Conrad Wassaman is now
laid up with catarrh of the stomach.
Mrs. Mary B. Metcalf and herdaugh- 3
ter, Miss SueG. Metcalf, who have been '
the guegts of Mrs. Joseph H. Wood- 8
ward, of Birmingham, Ala., left that
placo yesterday for Hew Orleans lor a f
two weeks' sojourn.
The axuhologlcKl Fatea.
"ftotrtewliere upon the unknown shore, i
When) the streams oI life their waters pour,
There alt Ihrecatawra.evormoro .
WeftYiuK ? allkeu thread." '
Lovers of classic paintings are familiar
with that famous group; called the d
"Three Fates." Fate seems cruel when
it deprives women and girls of health, d
But in Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
they find a cure of untold value for <
nervous prostration, sick headache, bear- "
lug-down pains, bloating, weak stomach,
anteversion, retroversion, and all those
excruciating complaints that make their P
lives miserable. All who use it praise it a
It contains no hurtful ingredients, and 4
is [uaranlud to give satisfaction in every f
case, or its price ({100) will be refunded.
Everrti-idy Kuta Crackers. ?('
The Pennijiltnnla Grocer, g
Everybody eats crackers, and conse- Bl
quently anything relating to their man- 0
ufacture and sale Is of general interest. T
There was a time in thu history of the ]
business when crackers wero all about
the same. One brand was just about as
good as another, and none of them were P
good enough to be of any very great tr
temptation to a delicate stomach. That w
lime has passed. It was a good many k
years ago. The crackers of the present h
Jay anil generation are as different as n
day from night. There are good crackers ir
ipd bad crackers; fresh crackers and hi
stale crackers, and of the whole lot, pi
)Ule crackcrs^ru the worst.
There are some grocers In the country
who sell stale, unpalatable crackers be?use
they can get them cheap and
nake abigprolit on them. Tbey tbink JP
heir customers don't know the differ- *
nee, and by and by when their cracker "
:rade is all gone, and they don't sell a fc
}0x in a wees, they look surprissd and 18
isy: "Funny bow people's tastes JJ
:bange. They don't care lor crackers 'r
my more." w
Don't thsy thought People don't M
:sro for stale, unwholesome crackers, p'
hat's true, but they do oare for a cracker >
hat is pure and freab, and altogether <Ji
lellghtfulas an article of food. The ?t
tfarvin factory, on Liberty street, Pitta- Rl
mrgh, is scarcely able to nil its orders. c0
t is turning out more crackers to-day 111
han it ever did before, and the trade is
.till ?Willi in UQ ttU almnlu. K
IUI1 |(IUITIU>| II ? ? u??r.v
raongh. Marvin's crackers ' are ?
he beat that are mode. People who uae "
hem once Invariably want them again, br
ind tbegrocer who so|lq them qlwqys
|nds that they not aply prove a good ...
ource of revenue to aim, but make big ,[
tore popular with the people.
Marvin'acrackers are made by skilled
lakers. of the very purest agd beat maeriala
obtainable; they are aant oat from 9
be factory freah from tbe ovens, and
ire never rendered unwholeaome
ind unpalatable aa well by beng
stored in a warehouse for
i month or two waiting for ordera.
rhe orders are alwaya waning for the F
rackera. Always aak for Marvin'a tf
rackere at your grocer's. If you are not
lready familiar with thedi, try them
iid bo convinced of the trutb of all that !?
aa been said about them. You'll never P ,
egret it. 9
Go to Ktiraer & Co. for Wall Papers '
I all kinds. 30 Twelfth street, second
oor from Market street. I U
liriclit, (IimmI Ituf Lohn a Foot on (lie Jt
Kim drove Lino.
While coming into town on the 8 a.
i. motor on the Elm Grove road yesteray
morning, Charley Bhallcroaa, a tenear-old
aoo of Isaac Shallcrora, met
rith an accident which will render him
. cripple (or life, He and bia lather,
rho waa injured no me weeka ago on a
iouthern railroad, have been at the borne
i! bia uncle, Mr. Albert Sballcroae, at
icho Point. Charley was on bis war to
own to get some medicine for hia father.
iVhen near Frank Waltera's, he atempteil
to go from oue of the cars to anitber
while the train was In motion, and
n gome way alippod between the care
n anch a way- that hig left f jot came
ipon the rail and was maahed by the
fheel. The front bones of the foot
vert) mashed badly and laid bare. The
ittle fellow waa picked up and brought
;o Wheeling and taken to Dr. R H. Bulard's
office, where i)re. Dickey and
Bullard amputated the front part of the
'oot. At tlrst an effort waa made to save
he foot, but the bones were fouud to be
io badly mashed that the front of the
oot was taken oil hick to a line with
he ankle.
Charley Bhallctoas is epoken of liy
hose who know him beat as a very
inlet, orderly boy, not given to mia:hievou<
pranks, and his accident waa a
natter of stirfriee.
& Good Qrlat of Ntvra from tli? Glnaa City,
romousl Notes.
Mint Ellen Marling (lied Sunday ni*ht of the
{rip, in hit mxtyuiutli year.
Messrs. Flood and Blslion leave to day to work
In the Hammond, ind.. mill.
A small child of Mr. and Mr*. John Jones was
burled in Rose Hill cemctery.
Major Cole, accompanied by Rev. L. W. Birr,
dialled rt heeling ministers yistcrday.
Flvo or six saloon keepers sro to men at the
Mayor's ofllce this week lor selling ou Sunday.
M. It. Seal, of the 11 Z. .t n. railroad, and Mr.
3. Tboruberry leave to day for a business trip to
J. C. Hlay, a resident of Mrado township, was
irrested yesterday byOUlccr Nagle on acnarge
)f bastardy.
W. R. Daily and family loft vcalerdsy for W?.
10m a tree-1 Station, Cleveland, to m*ko that i
place their home.
A wreck at industry on tho C. & I', railroad,
:auted by a cut landslide, delayed trains aeveral
aours hero yesterday.
Mr. James Lancaster, who has been sick quite
i while, was reported better yesterdsy. Ills son
Charles Is now very ill.
J. W.Oberman leavea to day for Butto City,
Montaua. to look after Home mining interests
there. Ho will ba gone about three weeks.
John McNatnee, who was killed at Martimtiurg,
W. Va., ou Saturday, was the father of
lamta McNamee, of this city. also a railroad
The Rod and Gun club left in (kills yesterday ,
for h several days' hunt up tho river. Messrs
Maiuii, Komple, Wills aud Marsh will try their
Tho Italians gave up their job on the railroad 1
tici at the upper wharf, aud a gang of white men
lave been engaged. One white man can do
twico aa much woik In one day as-au Itallau. <
Hubert McClelland, of Wcllsvillc, timber and ,
He man, has come down to inspect railroad ties
for the C. & 1'. railroad company. Their con '
tract is for CJ,000 now, and he will be kept busy i
!or some timo.
Ever since tho flood, Assistant Manager Sand:re,
of the Bellalre Window tilass Company, aud I
i gaug of men have teen busy cleanlu* the mud I
rom the b. xcs aud alass, one tier of boxes hav- 1
ng been caught in tno water. They am about
hrougbnow. About 10,000 boxes were hand ]
.d. i
Several mill men here have rented summer i
vsidencesout the B. O. railroad aud are raov- <
ng their families. A three roomed house aud i
no acres of grouud can be gotten tbinceu miles
vest of hera fur 8150 |>er month, aud those <
who are onto the racket are moving to stay until
Robert P. Blggart, Assistant Chief Central >
frame Association Iuspretor at this poiut.has i
eslxnoo.aud will go up lu I'euusylvauiaaud
lugsge in the lumber and f irming business with ,
ibr.nher. One ronton assigned for the.chauge
a thai tho cllmato of this locality is injurious. '
Je has mado many frlcuds hero, and all sin ,
rarely wish him success iu his new venture.
Through the kindly courteilca of Judge R. H.
Jochran, of the Wheeling Bridge aud Terminal I
Company, the Chautauqua Circle here have <
>een furnished passes far the entire trip over I
he Terminal Company's lines, and will ?o '
hrough the big tunnel ou a geological tour and
jxamuio the various strata of rock tbpre. The
:iasB will leave here ou the oue o'clock boat,
fnoy are requested to meet at the otllc* of tho
iuchey Savings Company and from there go to
he boat. The tslp promises to be avorylnsnoIclal
ono to all. and uuder the guidance of the
terminal people there la no question that it will
>e plc-isaut.
Dry Goods.
New* York, April 18.?The order trado io
voolen and wonted drew goods (or fall delivery
*as very fair and lu good shape. Cotton tlauuel*
iro not quite bo active as uaual at tills period.
Ml plain coitoos, lu fact, are aulet, wboincr for
ireieut or future account*. The market conJnues
itcady aud prices unchanged.
ling. of Water ntul JUoveuntnu of Uonts.
The Klttr Iulero.t..
The marks on the landing indicated
a foet 8 incbtre lost night. The river
vas rising slowly. The reports from i
ibove were:
Morgantown?8 feet 10 inches and ,
ailing; weather clear.
Warren?3 feet 1 inch and falling;
feather cloudy.
Brownsville?12 feet G inches and fall- '
ng; weather clear.
Pittsburgh?11 feet G inches and fall- i
ng; weather fair.
The Joseph Nixon took a tow of coal "
own. i
The Charley Brown passed np yesteray
with a tow of empties.
Ed. Marks, engineer on the Ben Hnr,
-ft the host vesterdav to go to his home
n the Island. Ho is very sick.
Yesterday the Matt F. Allen left for
'ittsbnrgb at 0 a. in.?The Andes got
way for the same port nt 3 p. m.?At
in the afternoon the Ben Uur left for
The following boats are on to-day's
:hednle: The II. K. Bedford will leave
ir Pittsburgh at 8a. m.?The Keystone
tate is bonnd for the same port at the
line hour.?The Hndson is due here
n her way up to Pittsburg at 8 a. m.?
he Courier will go to Parkersburg at
1:30 a. m.
i? c
Sjroiiof Klg?, ?
ruUUCPil iruui iiiu iiiauiivu iiuu uuwj- a
ious juice of California figs, combined r,
ith the medicinal virtues of plants y
nown to be most beneficial to tho o
umsn syatern, acta gently, on the kid- t>
uvp, liver and bowels, effectually cleans- >
ig the system, dispelling colds and u
eadaches, and curing habitual consti- ?
?tion. w
Don't Neglect a Cold.
om The Sew lfattn Seu*. Yi
"Perhaps the best advice that can be
ven for the. bothersome influenza is,
lon't neglect a cold.' In its symptoms, I
least, the influenja is an aggravated t
lid, and the only danger attached to It
that by its weakening effect on the
stem it may invite other and more dis- _
easing maladies. So in the first place, Z
raid catohing a oold, but If you do 1
itoh one, then stay at home and take I
,re of iU'1 To the above we would add,
intll entirely well," as the greatest
ingor is just when recovering from the X,
sease, ano 11 unamueriatn s uoagb
smeily is taken aa directed (or a severe
ild you will not find it necessity to re- J'
ain at houie l>at a few ciaya. Fifty m
nt Uottlca for ule by W. W. Irwin, 0.
, Goetie, J. Klarl, G. Schnepf, M. W,
einrlcl, John Coleman, W. E. Wiiims,
0. Mrnkpniiller, W. Q. Arm- >1
echt and 8. l Brlpe. ttiibiw J,1
ORpsm for pare Bye And Bourbon go
hisky promptly filled at Laut'?, 2100 "
ain etfe^t. "j
?m* ? mi
If yon want good Wall I'apen at low Pc
ioea go to ]
G*o. E. Kdrnsr 4 Co.,
Painters and decorator!,
SO Twelfth street t
i i
Blejelcn. W
With the opening of tho wheel season |
Iw. I?. KoseiCo., who carry a full line
the latest Columbia, Victor and
;dinm prude Bicycles, are prepared to c
rniali a few Tare bargains In second- I
ltd Safeties of the best makes. Those ?
[created ahoold call at once.
L. S.Goon sells dry aobda the cheapest. J]
lildren Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Urttn'a Ferry't Council nod Oily Solicitor
Differ?Tho Dog Poisoner at Work*
There ia a difference of opinion m to who will
ay the f5,090 for the flro alarm ayatem and the
mprovement o( the Fire Department, The
llty Council recently ordered the expenditure
if (hat sum for the purpose named and it was
?neraily supposed that tho city would par for
t. City Solicitor K. K. Sedgwick s?ys that the
tep was illegal, tho city has no right to pay tho
noaey and the Couociimen who tassed the resoution
are personally responsible. At a meetns
of the City Council lait week City Solicitor
ledgwick was instructed to prooare an ordln- mm
iuce providing for the l*aue of fj.000 bonds to
>ayfor the ImprovcnMiutau l ho refused to do
in fnr the reason that ho Holds that it Is wholly
Uegal. He says that the provisions of the muncipalcodo
point out tbu only cases in which
council, of lis o#u motion, can latue and bell
>ouda of the corporation and that the/ do not
?ver cases of this kind. Section b,832, rerlsed
statuses says that whenever it
s derided by the voters of any
;ownshtp or municipal corporation to make any
mpiovoment cf a local character or to cover
my deficiency bonds may be isiued. Section
KW provide* tho manner of payment and sec;lon
iflW? a*ys: "Before suy bonds are issued or
mx levied, as provided in the next two preced
.tig tortious, the question of issuing tho bonds
ihall beaubmittea to the voters of the township
>r muutc pal corporation at a geucral election.
When Council first talked of the matter City
Solicitor Sedgwick prepared an ordinance proriding
for a vote, but Council failed to make any
ise of It. There being no money in the treasury
[or such purposes at tho time tho Solicitor says
It was void as agaluit the city, but binding on
iho parties making the contract. The cost of the
-v--m Minm i-*? ui\ ?nrt th? remainder of
iho Si,000 la to bo used (or the purchasing olabuW
ofl nozzles and additional hose. The contract
[ortlio former wm let to the Gamewell oompany
with tho city's beal alllxed and it ii claimed that
this makea the company perfectly safe. Tho
pole* havo becu furalshea by the telephone
coinpauy in consideration of their fraucbisoand
the um? of the poles for teiepboue wire* where
needed, auil tho Are alarm wires are to go on
tho telepnone polea whore they are now up. tho ;
city to pay for tno hauling and setting of the J
now po'es, nuraberliig about MO. The City 80 I
licltor holds that thla la also illegal and the city I
haa no right to pay for tbo hauling and placiug '
of the poles, which will cost several hundred
dollaia. The jwlof, if purchased by tho city,
would have coat a considerable sum. but tho city
under the arrangement made, had no right
to order them, so Mr. tfedgwlck claims. Ho
ha\h that nearly lOOcUlxens have suggested that
ho enjoin (he city from tbo payment for the
hiulluK aud setting of tho poles. The fran*
chiae of the telephone cmpouy expires next
The puddling department at tho /Etna mill was "
off to aay.
Mrs. Dr. J. M. Blackford is spending tho week ~
with St. Clalrsville friends.
Mrs. 8usaun*h Cochran is quite ill at the homo
of her sou, John 8. Cochran.
A social will bo Klven at tbo V. M. C. A. to*
morrow evening by the Juniois.
WanteJ?Man to work by the month on a farm
near town. Addrm I'ostoiUcc News Stand.
Asa Devault has purchased the .1. T. Haucs
property on the county road below B. Exley's.
Jamca Delaney at)d Kmmett McDowell will
Bka'e lu the Lafayette rink to night for a purse
of IJJO.
Will Wlnttra re'urnoJ to Delaware yesterday
where he will graduate In a class of ninety members
In June.
Tho east factory at tho Laughlln mill was
drown off yesterday afternoon by the breakage
of thedrlvlug belt.
Al>out thirty dogs, among them valuable and
Inoffensive ones, were poisoned in the Garden
Spot on Tuesday night.
LostnlKhtthe Chautauqua Circle was enter
tallied by MImi Jessie Williamson at her home
on North Fourth slrcot.
A spcclal meeting of tho city council will ibe
field to-night with reference to tho tiro alarm
bill, tho supplying of Bridgeport with water,
md other matters.
Everybody should attend the great race at the
Lafayetto rink to nlRtat. between Kmmett McDowell
and Jamo* Dolaney The purso will be
1200,810 to tbo loaer, and the race will be for
stood. *
Mrs. G. A. Greeufleld withes to say to tho
public that she has lu omplnya flrat clasi trimmer
and maker who ran speak both Knitliah
ind German. Hho Is now re-tdy to do all kinds
if work for ladies and children in the way of
Martin's Kerry needs tho flro alarm system.
The poles arc still being distributed, will be put
up and the system completed as >oonas possible.
Tho company Is not dolnir this for nothing
and If the city won't pay tho bill it will try the
Tho suit to dlssolvo tho atUchmont in the
ease of \V. II. ShHcffcr vs. Jacob Lotz came up
resterday morning and occupied tho entire day.
Sir. Lotz was represented by J. C. Tallmau and
1. C. Gray aud the plaintiff by Geo. Duncan,
IV. B. Francis and Edward U. McComb. Squire
Keller, before whom tho case was tried, reserved
tils decision until 2 o'clock today. Mr. Lotz
jlalms that tho aflldavlta under which tho at[achmon^MmMMiue<n^^
{Jf are cured bij
rflarrnU -
Directions w\U\Jc\ bumjf
WoUnds, CIjts, Swellings <
THE CHARLES H. VOGELER CO.. Baltimore. Md. |
3f valuable real estate, corner Main and Twentieth
atreet*, known at 11)il and 1923 Main street,
[f not sold btforo. at private s?le, I shall offer at
puMIc rale at tho front door of the Court Home,
it Wheal In?. W. Va., on 8ATCRDAY, MAY fith,
1891, at 10 o'cloek a. m , the above mentlonod
property, consisting of a lot 48 feet, fronting on
Main airoot, aud running back 127 feet on
rweutletb street, as ahown by a recent sunroy \
nade by the olty surveyor. There 1* a lance L
lubatantial double brick store-room and dwellng
on lot, containing twenty-two rooms, silta>lo
for hotel, stores or warehouse, or with
illsht alterations, a Rood manufacturing site.
Jood collars under the whole nouae. For furher
information call on or addrcni
W. H. HALLEK, Auctioneer,
apl.1 ^1921 Main Kreet. Wheeling. W. Va.
II feet could tell a story of their wrongs tome
f them would speak pretty plainly, fchoes wero
iot designed m Instrument* of torture; they
ro made for the purposo of protecting tho feet d
nd not with tho'.Idea of torturing tbem. If I
ou feel a sense of relief wben you aro taking \
IT a shoe, yourmay know that a mlstako hss
een made somewhere. Comfort a* well as
lapelineu is what jou are after, and. this you
rocortaia to obtain from our =
.The moat practical Shoe mado.
re carry them In plala French Kid and Cloth
Tops, A to K. I
ap8 1040 Main Street.
'he He? Music Palace,Ll
403, 455, 407, 400, 401, 403 I
aahington street, in the exact trade centre of c.
Mton, ia the present central establishment of
id includes ati elegant large Tetail store of 70 ,
et f[ont,o JParlors of ?reat_beauty, and :
muj uiiwi numuuiui nuu ouiccfl nuvoiCU u/J
the storing and ?alu of the largest stock of *
u?ic on tho continent, and of every known &r
md, Orchestral or otker Instrument. A,
rheHtnri,'. from it* situation, Is aoceMlblA to a?
1 romjc lovers lu lantern Massachusetts, and,
' Its universal aystcm of advertising, mulling I
list* and catalogues. extensive correspond- _f
oe, and prompt mailing and expresalng of W
o3h ordered, prao' icallr lunds at the door of
ery village homo, and la a neighbor to all the |
Utercd farm houses o* tho whole country. Cll
Correspond freely (or lists, Information or of
us leal adrlce. ______
>R CHILDREN. Motion f*on?? [25c. 1228dog.1 '
lord man. Golden Bo*t [Mtoj Mim chant. St
CML81NGHG. College 8ongs (60c) 00 tonga,
KO.OOO sold *i
HO COLLKCHO>fB, Bong Claaalca, Vol. 1 1
II.] SO SQnft. Cholco Hacrol Solos ItL] 84 CO
AhS)'COLLECTIONS. Popular Piano Collec- t
Ion JJL^plecea. Popular Dance Collection *
Malled*po*Tpald op receipt ol above prices. ^
H. DITSON A 00.. /
67 Broadway, Kew York City. wrtf-MThaw c|^
Choice Designs. Hon
fully Finished. Lowest ]
The most beautiful go<
lag. Furniture for ever
that you'll find it to
inspect our stock.
Parties expecting to
make their selections n
We will store the (roods
G. Mend
No. 1124
16r The Largest Stock ol
IIOU8U & irmiltMANN?Kllltf
T'l^e k?Tesfe'U/ri
)oos not Compare with the I
nd FURNITURE we are no
itifel a Co.'!
Table and Stand Covers,
.ace curtains:
All the New Styles and Colon.
jEO. E. Stifel
& CO.
n ew
Choicest line of Drees Goods.
Iks and Dress Ginghams ever
ihlblted In this city.
We have taken special pains
tile In the Eastern markets
id have secured some elegant
islgna and bargains.
five pieces Black Faille Silk
76 cents, worth $126.
Tlve pieces Black Qros Grain
Ik at 871-2 oents, worth 8125.
?lve Pieces 20-Inch Black
irrah at 60 cents, worth 85o.
Ten pieces Plaid 811k at 50
nts, worth 85 cents.
3ne hundred 26-Inch Oxoted
Gloria 811k Umbrellas at
, worth $1 60.
tnd hundreds of other artl>s
equally as cheap.
B, wli & CO.,
11&2 Street. mil
,et Us Show You Somo
estly Constructed. BeautiPrices.
Work Guaranteed.
)ds ever brought to Wheely
room and so reasonable
your interest to call and
purchase, will do well to
ow while the stock is full,
free of charge until wanted.
EL & CO.
Main Street.
I Carpets in tho State, nai
Latest "Wrinkles" In CARPETS
w selling for Spring on EASV
A/ Herrmann
v-?w * M. WI lliuiill)
No. 1300 Main street
, InstalmebI
[ 1136 to 1140 Market Street.
? Houflo cleaning season?IIonstkKp>
era, tradespeople's, storekeepers', ererj*
body's baay season?Spring is f?t if
proaching. We are busy as bees pre*
paring to display a moet extensive line
of Spring Goods?We're not yetrwdf
to show our entire stock, and will no!
be till every nook and corner in every
department of onr building is tilled villi
tbe most choice and desirable goodi
[ that can bo bought. We've purcbMeJ
an immense stock and with it we have
an assortment nnequaled at prices inapproachable.
Our preparations far surpass uj c!
our past efforts?and while every department
is not to our satisfaction v
ranged for Spring Showing?yet muj
i are filled to overflowing. Welisve^
to show that have no duplicates in ti?
city ? Exclusive ? Modern ? desiriM
goods?Our store is the ackuowledjtd
emporium of style?The headquarter* of
Seasonable Novelties?The depository of
choice manufactures in Furniture, Ctf*
nets and general HousefurnisbingUoodi
?No connoissenr can consistently omit
calling on ua before purehasinjf?WW
is "a la mode" in housefurnishings cc
be seen here,
Oar credit system enables yoa to biit
home comfortable?It affords yon i"
roundinga you are en titlod to?and whiti
with such a system as ours within yotf
reach?you should no longer deny yourself.
Millionaire and mechanic are ca
the same footing here?1/ you haves'
the ready cash you are eh welcome
yonr pocketbook was overflowing- I
Don't hesitate?Como here, money or ft
no money, we are prepared to credit yos I
?We give you time to pay?an oppw* I
tunity to make home comfortable. I
| U30 to 1140 Markot Street. I
Brt JOB. n. JlcAKDUi, JUMP'- I

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