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r>iv rr aado
Uf UUn OiA rt<uvnu,
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7 a. m...?~. _.... 40 1 3 p. m c
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WAtHX90T0ir, Mar 7.-For West Virginia
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atUrc of Minor Moment la And About
the City.
f TKAWMEtmrs were down to two boxoc tort
quarter yesterday.
"Essex, the Queen's Favorite."
The Kiuiezem broko voaterday at the Lalklle
for*?. Work will probably be resumed to day.
The excavation (or the retaining wall at the
northwem corntr of the Market street bridge, U
progrekilng rapidly.
Thc Howlvytown Juniors would like to hear
from any ball nine under twelve years of age,
through this paper.
Thk Macedonian Baptist church will hold a
campme. ting on the Hute Fair grounds on Sun<
day, June 7, and^unday. June 14.
1HKCommittees ou Hall mads, Wharves and
Street*. Alleys and tirades, are called to
meet In Joint seislon to-night, to take action on
the proposed new l'ewlky depot ordinances.
Strang era In the City and Wheeling Yolks
Will llnnn I... I,?>n .IaW In V.~.l fn. ,...
few days.
Mr*. Louis Aimus left yesterday for Cleveland
to rUlt friends.
Charles Kettler, of 8outh Jacob itrcet. member
of the Board of labile Works, is confined to
his Led.
Charles II. Cook, who was hurt a few days ago
while making en excavation, waa able to oe out
Jar W. Kennedy lain the city representing the
well known medical bouse of Chamberlain &
Co , Dea Moines, Iowa.
Mrs. Susannah Mason mow! yesterday from
her old plare, which abe has leased to Albert
Remle, t> Joe Webb's place, which her sons
hare rented.
YraUrday'e Arrests.
Officer Trashier arrested two vsgs and
two disorderlies yesterday. Officer Don.
ley also polled in two trampe. Officer
Wilkie arrested Tom Petty lor commit'
tins a nuisance on the atrcaL Carrie
Palmer's house of ill (una ni pulled,
oil the landlady ,nd four other women
were raked id. Six mule Tialton were
alio arreated.
WE are headquarters for Hosiery,
Gloves, Coretta and Dndernear.
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the Optician, corner Main and Eleventh
The Home for the Aged Transferred
to the Trustees.
And iho Intcrefttlnjr Exerclie? arc
Enjoyed by Many Prominent Peo?
pic-Something about t IicHohja
Ihc Trustee* and Manager*.
fcorn? f?r
^jfcp f the aged, for
( indebted to the
liberality and
philanthropy of Mr. Anton Reymann,
was formally opened yestrrday in the
presence of an unexpectedly large crowd
1 of ladiee and gentlemen, the ladies being
largely in the majority, owing, no doubt,
to the hour at which the excretes took
place. The institution is one of which
the peoplo cf Wheeling may always be
proud, and it will aland as a durable and
l dtting monument of the generosity and
I humane spirit of the founder.
There are very few citlcs of tie population
of Wheeling that can thow such
an institution as "Altenheim," and it
would be a credit to a much larger
place. Mr. Reymann has long desired
to found snch a home, and in his travels
in this country and Europe he visited
many similar homes and examined their
t construction and arrangement In fitting
up Altenheim ho has bad the bane
fit oI this wide oueervnrton, ana uo
spared neither trouble nor money to
make this home aa complete ae any in
the land.
When Mt. Belleview hotel was found
to be for sale, its eminent fitness for the
purpose he had in view was apparent,
and be lost no time in eecuring the
property, and eioco it came into hia
poBaetmon it has been undergoing a process
of remodeling and renovation
y which.makes it practically a new build.
ing, aa well fitted for the uses of a homo
for aged women as if the arohitect bad
in the beginning had thia in view.
The surroundings are as charmiug aa
the wealthiest man could command for
his home. Indeed, the view from the
long porches would b* hard to Burpafs
! for quiet beauty, and the premises them
^^T-<ss*'flLQlwKl 9 7713 ?9 ?' o- i#8
aelvea, favored by nature in many waya,
have been beautified under the supervision
of Mr. Reymann, and with the aid
of the experience and taate of Mr. W. F.
Kriegerand the helpful auggeationa of
tbeladiea and gentlemen into whoae
care the home came yesterday, until the
l moat exacting can find nothing wonting.
, The bouse ia substantia!, well ventilated
and conveniently arranged, and the
- fnrniaViInn ia taatofnl an/1 nnmfnrtflhln In
i every respect. In abort, it 1b a home in
the beet sense of the word.
. Tho announcement that the formal
' transfer of the home to the Board of
Trustee* by Mr. Beymann would occur
* yesterday was expected to draw a large
attendance to witness the exercises, but
it was in nobody's mind tbst the people
would be there in such numbers as they
did come. Many drove out in private
; conveyances, while the Elm Grove road,
; which had generously placed tho fare at
' the nominal sum of ten cents for the
round trip, carried out five car-loads of
' people at two o'clock and three crowded
ones at three, while on other regular
trains many also went. Long before
' three o'clock the Home was as lull of
people as it could comfortably hold, and |
when the threo o'clock motor arrived it
became a veritable jam.
Those who arrived early spent the
j time pleasantly in going over and in,
spccting tho place, and all wero enthusiastic
in praise of the good taste which
designed and the liberality which made
! possible such an addition to the public
institutions of this community. Shortly
after the arrival of the last delegation
of visiiors.wheaattbe least 500 people
were in the house, the formal exercises
of transferring the home to the Board of
Trustees opened in the large and cheerfnl
narlora. The audience crowded it
almost to sadocallon, and the porcheg
oniBidn held almost as many people,
who listened through the open doors
and windows.
mb. reymann's address.
Mr. Hermann, in milcinc the formal
transfer, made a brief bnt felicitous and
appropriate address. . He said;
Thustees akd
B Bt Lady Managers:
tfm ?e^ SB ?Tuis day has
ry Tr* W been set apart for
JHpj to your care, io be
to c?!l your attei>
lion to tbo /act that, whilst I have
erected a durable, healthy and commodions
building, I find it lakes not
only strong wall*, well ventilated rootna 1
and pleasant surroundings to make a
home, bnt whether it be the humblest 1
hut or a luxurious palace, it lakes a 1
father's care and a mother's love and 1
patience to constitute a home; and 1
when I consider the ready acceptance 1
of this trust, the aaruestueas anil nood
will with which yon havo already en- (
tered into your duties, I feel assured ,
that yon will make ont of this lustitu- <
tion what tha name itself indicates?
"Alienbelm''?a Home for tbo Aged,
and to this end I wish you God speed.
When Mr, Keycnann concluded there
was hearty applause, and ltev. Dr. R. R.
Swope, President of tho Board of TruB
tees, responding, first formally accepted
the traat and then eloiiaenlly digressed 1
to ape?k oI the liberality of the donor, ;
the consideration for the helpless aged 1
Id til civilised countries, and the
thoughts anggcatad by the preterit occa- ,
aion. Dr. Swope aaid:
bbv. dr. ciropl'a umabeh.
In the name aad on behall ol the
TnHteea and Lady Managers I accept
the care of thia inatitution, pledging I
Son, air, that we will endeavor to con- '
not it In apch a manner aa will beat r
secure the purposes you haye la foundinelt.
That purpose?to furaiah a home I
where those whoee life it in the sere
and yellow leaf period may flail tbe
comfort, care and repose that nature
then requires?ia one of the moat appropriate
and deserving to which wealth
can be applied.
Infancy and age, tbongb separated by
ancb a noli of days, and each variety of
experiencea, have yet thia in common,
tbat they ire alike perioda of dependence.
Helpless infancy and almost
equally helpless age moat alike bave
care-takers. And nature baa to provided
that those who minister to helplesrf
Infancy shall, when the inevitable
see-aaw of time depreasea their vital
functions, be in turn minlatered to by
those whom they bave nourished. This
ia not due to any human law, not because
of the personal worth of tbe
parent, bnt ia the reeult of a natural
principle having its basis in tbe constitutional
relation which eziats between
tbe parent and child.
But it will happen aometlmes
through those strange and myaterions
occurrences that mark the order of
human lives that tbe Indian anmmer of
our days comes opon us and finds us
without tbo natural guardians and caretakers
whose loving and dutiful atten
lion and physical vigor should then sup*
ply our lack. Old age is often alone,
and it is a lonelinees that ia dark indeed.
If you have ever found yourself in a
queer city with its hurrying and crowda,
and you felt that there was no heart
there that was in sympathy and none
who felt more than a sentiment of curi*
osity or passing interest in you, you
havo realized something of the feelings
of those who have seen their generation
pass awav and who are left as Dr.
Holmes pictures it, "the last leaf upon
the tree."
It ia to the credit of the human heart
that it has recognized this condition,
and how it has sought to provide for
some extreme remedy. Homes are provided
by public cr private genHrosity in
all our large cities ?here those who
stand in need may have the ministering
care which thev require.
To-day wo have met hero to inaugu*
rato the opening of an institution of this
character. TVe plan to found here an
institution which shall be for aged
women, a home in every sense of the
most comprehensive word.
I congratulate the friends present, I
congratulate the community on the acquisition
of this haildinu. I connratu
late the donor for what he has done.
His generosity will cariy its own reward.
It bleesee them who will find here a
home, but Jar mcjro does it tleaa htm.
The stone in tbo cemetery will crucible,
ita inscription become illegible, bat this
institution will remain an enduring memorial
and an ever abiding power for
Ha wound up with a fervent invocation
of the bleaniug of the Almighty on
the institution.
At the conclusion of the prayer the
people crowded about the speakers to
congratulate tbeip op their happy re
mark*, And then all went to examine
the beautiful home.
During the day refreshments were
served by the ladies, and a great many
people embraced the opportunity, the
proceeds netting a neat sum as a nest
eg? in the treasury of the institution.
Mr. Reymann has with his accustomed
generosity ottered to bear all the expenses
of tho Home for one year, but it
is tbo earnest hope of the Trustees and
ought to be the aim and determination
of all public spirited citizens to relieve
him of this burden. Philanthropic
people will Cnd Altcnheim a good
object lo rerjiom ber in their wiJIf, or
better still, to remember substantially
in their lifetime. Rooms can be endowed
or inmates given a life home in
the house at a very slight expense. It
is required that an applicant for ad*
mission to the Home shall be approved
first by the Board of Lady Managers,
and then by the Board of Trusteed, and
shall pay an admission fee of $300.
This entitles one to a home there for
Several of the inmates already admitted
have considerable musical taste,
and it *as suggested yesterday by one
of the viaitor8 that a wealthy person
could not do a better thiug than to
present the Home with a piano.
The Board of Lady Managers of the
Home is composed of Mrs. Anton Keymann,
President; Mrs. N. B. Scott. Secretary;
Mrs. Mary Franrheim, Mrs. H.
F. Behrens and Miss Frederika Ocsterling.
The membeni of the Board of
Trustees are Ilev. Dr. R. R. Swope,
President; Dr. A. F. 8tifel, Secretary;
Mr. L. F. Stifel, Treasurer; Hon. N. B.
Scott and Mr. Iienry Bieberaon.
The Matron is Airs. Amelia Hubert,
late of a similar home in New York.
There are already three inmates in the
Home, while a fourth has been admitted
and there are ono or two applications
awaiting the action of the authorities.
Those already in tho institution are Mrs.
Hose Wood, of Martin's ferry, apd two
sisters, the Misses Dyas. Miss Susan
Newhair, of this city, has been admitted,
but has uotyet entered the Home.
There are in tuo uuuao about lorty
rooma. The bed rooms are light, cheerful
and airy, and everything about the
place iu attractive and home like. Alton*
heim will doubilus be a fayorite resort
(or vifiitore,
Entitled to the Dost.
All arc entitled to the beat that their
money will buy, bo every family should
have, at oncc, a bottle of the best family
remedy, Syrup of tfiga, to cleanse the
system when cnetive or bilious. For
sale in 50c. and $100 bottles by all lead*
ing druggists,
Mr*. M. W. List desires to inform ber 1
friends nod other Wheeling people that :
niiv is iocuiea ci in o. is nett xairiy* '
fourth etreet. New York CUy, where 1
she will be glad to ew all who may
favor her with a call. The honae ia moat
delightful, cool and airy, location all I
that could bo deairetJ. Central in every respect.
Have you joined tho F. W. Baumer & 1
Zo. Piano Club 7 If not, don't delay, aa
hia ia your only chance to own a Kracauer
Piano by paying one dollar a week, J
? i
hPIUXU IVruin rrinrdlcss ril mIup. :
(.to. M. SNOOK 4, CO. [
Etc Ibe Huprenie Organiwr at the McLore
Honse lor ill information pertainnp
to the Plymouth Rock Brnefit Order,
Ictive men and women wanted. Hasten
from Htutlerville preferred.
tiBASD Spar Farfeckel Lnnch and
Concert at Henry Eichenberg'a, 1100 McJoiioch
street, Saturday evening from 8
o 10 o'clock.
Ox* Dollar a week will get yon a fine
'iano bv becoming a member of tbe F, ,
iV. Baumer & Co. Piano Olnb. Don't *
alia tbe opportunity.
FIRE Appllqte and Tanbsnr Curtain
Indi at 78c each.
UEO. M. SXOOK t CO. '?
1 JANAU^^^j
A Itomautlc Elopement vrlth a Happy Kudlog
over tlic Bifer.
A romantic elopement culminated in a
happy marriage at midnight at Martin'a
Ferry on Tuesday night. The participants,
Olement McLaughlin, a lumber
buyer, and Miss Melissa Scbammahorn,
daughter of a wealthy farmer near Portland,
had planned tho elopement and
were quite succeasful, driving nearly
ten luiiea before the place fixed /or the
marriage was reached.
Em pa 011 Schammahorn'a daughter,
Melissa, is the fourth to elope. She met
Clement McLaughlin, of Birnesville,
several months ago, while he was in
the vicinity of Portland buying lumber
u*n/>rt. An attachment snraci;
up between the young peoplo and* they
began corref pondirg, and Mr. McLaughlin
paid he* a number of visits. At lost
he proposed and was accepted. The day
was eet and Miss Sehanmiaborn began
to make preparation?. Her parents refused
to give their consent, but the wedding
dress, a lovely and stylish lavender
Bilk, was made, and an elopement arranged.
On Tuesday evening Meliaea
care/olJy wrapped her wedding drees
and a lew necessary articles in an old
newspaper and quietly threw thorn out
of the second story window, tiho then
walked out of tbo house and reached the
road in a round about manner. There
her lover was in waiting with a carriage,
and they quietly drove to I'ortland.
Albert Mctaaghlin, ol Marietta, a
brother of Clement, had procured tbo.
linest livery riij in Martin's Ferry, and
was in waiting at Portland with
this. Tbo runaway couple jumped out
of the Portland vehicle and were driven
to Martin's Ferry by the brother, reaching
there shortly before 12 o'clock.
They stopped at the Hotel May wood
1 ?? in tkn n.rlnn liouino
SOU ttUIOUJOIUCU IU kU? { ... .w.u,
already in tbeir poeaeasion the marriage
liccuee. Rev. I. 8. Winters officiated,
and the ceremony ill witoeaaed by only
a f?w persona.
Yesterday morning a brother of the
runaway bride caniu to Martin'a Kerry
on tbe urat train to look after his sinter,
bat she bad gone with ber huaband on
her ^veduing trip, and be returned on
the next train.
Two Dwelling lluuirft iJelow the County
Llnr a re Uurut(|.
Last night about 13 o'clock a tire broke
out in a double frame bouse belonging
to Mrs. Hanke, close to Horkbeimcr's
tannery. Each honee contained eight
rooms. AVithin an hour the dwellings
were burned down, and a double frame
house belonging to Mr. Whiteman was
At lest accounts the Whiteman houses
seemed to be doomed, though :eflorts
were being made to save them.
It is not knowuhew the tiro originated,
and the people were so excited that
no information about the insurance
could be had.
A Good Local YTnrbtorj of Gen. Iloiecranf
nad hUter F,utnlla. 1
Hon. A. T. McKelvey, oi EL Claireville,
tells tbe Imujantcui ou interesting
story o( the war, recalled to bis
mind by tbe death of Sister Eulalia.
Said Mr. McKelvey yesterday; "Few
readers of the history of tbo late war
have an idea of the store of unwritten
history tbnt is treasured np in the memories
of the old military telegraphers.
No branch of the service oOorded equal
opportunities for becoming acquainted
with tbo sccret history of tbe rebellion,
and many unpublished telegrams are
jet preserved by tbe euiviving monibers
of the old telegraph corps, which if collected
and published would prove a
valuable contribution to the bittory of
the war.
"The announcement in yesterday's
Intbllioknckr of the death of Sister
Kulalia recalls to ray mind mi incident
in connection with the battle of Stone
River that bw not hitherto been made
"When General Rosecrans was assigned
to the command of the army of West
Virginia, his headquarters were established
at Wheeling.
"Old Rosy,' as he was familiarly
called, was a devout Catholic, and durins
his brief stay in tho city was regular
in his attendance at all the various services
of the church. It was (Jrobably on
one of these occasions that he formed
the acquaintance of tho gifted
and devoted Sister Eulalia, who
was then, I believe, stationed
at tho Convent of tho Visitation.
That he entertained the utmost faith
and confidence in the piety and patriotism
of this good sister the itory will
"The night before the battle of Stone
River I was seated at my instrument in
the old telegraph office, over tho boat
store, ia Wheeling, receiving press reports.
About midnight theru was a
brief interruption, in order to allow
Louisville to connect, by rene&ters,
Murfreesboro and Wheeling. When the
connection was made there was a hurried
call, and in response I received the
following brief dispatch:
'Sitlrr Xulalia, Content of VUltatlon, Wfitt ing, \
IK. I'm.;
'Pray for a victory for this army.
'[Signed] W. 8. RosccHJiiia.' 1
"The fallowing day tho sanguinary
battle ol Stone River was fought. The '
world knows the result. The boastfal
lud confident Brag? was forced from hie
fortified cily, and the victorious Koso- ,
crane made Murfreeaboro bis baae of (
$100 in oneyear or $600 in five years
it actual coat of production by Joining '
Plymouth Hock Benefit Order.
FINE Drew Patterns at reduced 1
prices. UEO. M. !>.\OOK&CO.
Tub King's Daughtere entertainment *
Friday evening at Centre School la ,
liven for the benefit of the Uoapital. j
these young ladiea expect to furnlah '
he kitchen entirely, and ought to be J
tnnnnrftped. I
FIXE Curtain End*. J9c each,
UEU. M. -NOOK ft CO. J
. - a
Piano* for 8*1*. p
One 6 octavo, Cbickerloi, $2.5. ?
One 0 octave, Graham A Co., (10,
One OJ octave, Hanger & Pt-Ursun, $00.
One 0 octave, Chlckerlnc, $123.
One 7J ocuve, E. Von Mindea, $150. =
One 7 octave, Weber, $178.
One 7 octave, Steinw*7, ?300. Tbo
above piano# are in perfect con- 1
litton and are offered at apecial bargain a.
1310 Uarket street ?
1 u
INDIES' Shirt Walata la black, white
Ad faaclci. VEO. 1. SJTOOK ft 10.
MAY 8 AND 9.
Bmoul E?a*ai??xi Fsthaobdisabt
Of tho Mo*t DlitlnguUbed Living Tragic
Actre*, Ma-lame
Moat ablr anpportod by her oiro large and ex*
ceJJent coraruur In a complete and
elaborate i.rcw-ntatlon on
IIAKYK8T 310 0X.
ITilb lbs same snrerb oat and prccUeljr ai prethloA
during her recent rumarkably aucccaafnl
Higetceat at BjiUiu. New York ana Cincinnati.
Prlcca?Reaerved Scata, II: AdxnlaMon, 76 and 80
?ni?- Matinee Prlrr*, Kewnred Beau. 75 ccnta;
.dmlMlou, to and 2S cents. bale of seats oomicncea
Wednesday, May C, at C. A. Houto'a Music
Personal mod General Mention of Interest
over the River.
There are 203 cum on tho Belmont county
Common I'lcas Court docket.
A valuablo dog vu stolon from tho residence
of C. W. Swarti on Tuesday night.
Mr. and Mrs. James Ruuyon have a new girl
baby ut their homo !u Sou in Fourth street.
The Dennett Comedy Company opened a three
nights' engagement at tho Opera House hut
Mi?s Dora Cook la entertaining Miss Nelllo
Ferris, of Columous. at her home, corner of
Hickory aod Fifth streets.
Col. D. U. Taylor, of tho Guernsey Tim/s, got
the red ribbon at tbo Kansas City Congress lor
the best fire mluutes apeech ou tho tarilT.
Hi nator J. W. Nlchol Is talked of as a candidate
for Attorney General at the Republican Bute
Convention. He says ho la not a candidate.
At the last meeting of the Belmont county Infirmary
Trus'cca the Superintendent pni<l in
fiou proceeds from the larmof that institution
Kev. H. N. Campbell loft yesterday for Kock
Hill to aMflstlu the installation of Her. Mr.
Alexander at pastor of the 1'rtsbyUrlau church
Tho funeral of tbo late John Theaker at Farmington
yesterday was v?'ry largely attended.
Ilev Messrs. Crawford. Updegtair and Fringle
o 01 elated.
A vory enjoyable social was given at the residence
i.f Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Charleston, on
Third street, on Tuesday evening, by the senior
aud Junior classes ol the High fcehool.
Tho new Council, of which Cant. L. >V. Inglebright
fs President, will hold the second meeting
to night. If /fitnaville desires to be annexed
the requost should be sent in at this meeting.
At tho cAucluilon of tbo examination of tho
thirty witnesses In the case of tne Pennsylvania
Compauy vs. Harney McKutee. on Tuesday, he
hearing the argumonts was postpoued ten days,
Harney says ho.will wiu.
Stage or Water nod ;u<i?fm?uli of UoaU.
The K.ver InturenU.
TUoriver iva* falling last night, with 4 feet 4
lncboi la tne Chanel,
Tbe reports from above were:
l'liuburgb-U feet 3 luahts aud stationary,
Tbe Hudson aud Bscbelor are both laid up at
The H. K. Bedford left for l'lttabnrgh yesterday
at aa. tn.?The Courier got away for Patfteraburg
at 11:3U.
Toellou ilur'ebollor Is having a new sheet
put on, aad the expects to leave for I'arke-nburg
to-day at 11:30a. m.?The Matt K. Allen will
get away for Pittsburgh at 8 a. in.
Oupcr Ciller pilot of the Coahoma, returnod
to Wheeling yesterday. He nays she Is hard
pcroumt at Letort falls, about 150 miles tlila
kltio of Cinciunati. and cannot get away before a
rls\ Iti trying to pull her off the Congo ran
aground, but havluK 400 tous of freight aboard,
got off the bar by transferring ner load to a
couple of barges.
There will bo no more packets rumilng be
twcco Cluclnuatl and l'ltuburKb uutil tbc rlvtr
rluc*. Tbc big beau are laying np at Pittsburgh
or Cincinnati. with the exccniiuu of ibo fcotla.
Tbe Utter hurried out from Wheeling at 1 p. m.
.unlay. There la tone fear that abe will not
make tbe Davla Inland Oaui before the wlnlctH
are taUcl. If abe arrive* too late rlie will have
to Uy up below the dam until tbo water flowi
over tbe walla.
llcaolnUons or lietp?ct.
At a tpeoial meeting of Local Union
No. 0, A. F. G. W. U., the following
r^polutioaa were adopted:
Whereas, It baa pleased tbe Almighty
in Hit) inlioite wisdom to remove from
onr midst brother John Zoeller, whose
death we deplore, but we bow to Him
who knowetb all thiuga best; therefore
be it
Resolved, That in thedeath of Brother
Zoeller we have lost a trusted brother
and an able workman of this Local
Resolved, That herein we convey to
tho family of the deceased our sympathy
in their bereavement.
Resolved, That & copy oi these reeolations
be presented to the family of the
deceased, nUo placed on the records of
the Local Union sod published in the
daily Inticlligkm'kr and Krister.
Robert Pkkari,
J ghk Cook,
Louis Guntiieb,
The 6ecret art of beauty ifen not in
cosmetics*, but is only iu pure blood,
and & healthy performance of the vital
function?, to be obtained by uain# Bur*
dock Blood Bittora. daw
Will soon be all the rage. What?
Tho Plymouth Rock Benefit Order.
Wk are arwnit'tDK a Piano Club, to
consist of 850 members, each member to
pay one dollar a week for 360 weeks;
one piano to be furnished to some one
member of the club each week until
every member has been supplied. This
in a rnm nnnortnnitv. Dnn'f mim It.
F. W. Baumkr A Co.
BEAUTIFUL Ueaigna In Challlrs,
Scotch Ulngliams ami Outings.
A kb von with tia ? We are all going
to joio the Plymouth Rode Benefit
You inuat not forget that aside from
attaining an elegant piano at the rate ol
one dollar a week, I be F. W. Baumcr &
Co. Piano Club furnishes its members
with a line Kraknuer for $350, which
cannot be bought at retail for less than
$125. There are other equally important
advantages that will be to your interest
to know. Send for a prospectus. ^
i i i-i. qmcK mr moae lino Cnrtaln
Eada at itlc each. :
l-EO. X. SNOUK k CO.
With the opening of the wheel season
Edw. U Roue A Co., who carry a lull line
>i the lateat Columbia, Victor and
medium grado Bicycles, are prepared to
urniah n few rare Itaryainn in secondhand
Safeties ol the heet makea. Those
ntereited ahosld call at once.
UiOTIIEIl lot o'r line Cnrtal'. Ends,
!9c each. (if O. M. SNOOK ? CO, ;
Go to Kurner & Co. for Wall Papers
if all kindH. 31) Twelfth atreet, aeoond
loor from Market atraet
Keymasn's Celebrated Lager a apecflltv
at Lally Sample Roorna, No. 2100
Promptly and p?rma- t]
itnUf carca all forma of
ftrvov* Weakntrt, Emit- ai
[onj, tyematorrtoi, /m- Ql
otrncy, nnci aU fffcrfi 0/ WilV^l
llmw or Kxerrtei. B?eu Al b(
rctcribcd over 35 year* AUSTlk^
a thouaaodaof caaaa; i? IVa^C lc
he only Mum* anii ?
onion xbpicikb kmowk.Ttotore tad After.
tafcdruKgiita for Woou'n i'll mmioiu.n*; h be
tferw tome worihlow medicine In rlaco of thla, ?<
sate hi* dlaboncat itore, inclono price In letter,
nd we will ?end by return mull. Prl<~, one *
*cka?e. ft; ilx, *>. One will p'ttue, Hz trU( b(
tire. Pamphlet In plain ecaled enrelowv 2
ttmpa. Addrea, f|
1H Woodward aVe, l?etrolt. Mich. _
Bold In W'hrdlloa by LOUAN DRCU CO. T)(
Here we are with ?,00? Spring Samples for I
enu' tiults and Uniforms. For variety and A
;yle we itad the world. File guaranteed. One- fl
ilrd taring to the consumer.
J.W. FXREXL, A tent,
(e2C Cor. Twentieth and Main Streets, a
"One of the best usee men can
In beeutlfylni
More New Styles
lections an
?THAN *v*i
an unequaled
Parlor Suits, I
Chamber Suits,
IMninrf Daatti Ennnii
viuiiig uuuw mini
G. Mendi
No. 1124] A
Wo haro just added many i
line of OAKPRTW !
Most People are Fo
Those who have never given tt
aid or this a remarkable staterr
little and they will sustain ou
your appetite Is not as good
relishes, and you want them
very salty, or very spicy. It Is
It Is with your appetite. You
you can make this do and can
enter a store and see some ar
as a good dresser It takes sot
you to buy. Wo show " EXTf
our large store. No matter ho\
to pay for a thing, you want t
from what your neighbor is w
extremely stylish. We show n
stated, but Immense varietiei
apparel for Men, Boys and Ch
n ni i\ini
34 AND 36 TW1
For the Little Ones I
House & i
No. 1300 IV
That's where good Suoza Renerally j
re in demand. Not that good Snoia
re acarce. On the contrary, thoj're
ot only plentiful but rheap. Yon can't
i too good to jronr feet. They carry ]
le whole weight o[ yonr body wlthont
T\A?II ? -
< u v pui tuem into material that wm
*ver intended for tender feet. If yon
?nt something that will look wall and
) a pleunre to wear, try onr
ILFHARD WBLT for IB! at $3 65 ?
for LADIES at - $2 50
iEXAHDlR ft CO.,1
p31 1040 Mala HLr??L #
stock ^
make of monty l?to?*Bend It
X hit home."
5, Handsome Se
d Novelties
Mry Fnrniture,
Hall Furniture,
tore, KitclenFaruitnie,
EL & CO.
flain Street.
lew patterns to our already large
nd of "Ex-tremes."
10 matter any thought may content,
but let them reflect just a I
r assertion. Say, for Instanco,
as it should be; you resort to
extremely sour or very sweet,
with your other wants just as
have all the clothes you need,
make that do. All at once you
tlcle which pleases your taste;
nethlnK "EXTREME" to allure
>rMCCII In ?1I -J *
binkiw mi mi uuparimunis 01
v much your purse permltsyou
:ha latost; something different
'earing, If possible something
ot only "EXTREMES," as just
i of new and tasty wearing
e Have a Full Line of
ddi Jinroi
lain Street.
GEO. K. 8T1FEL & CO.
India, China and Wash Silks
in all colors and choke styles.
Black Silks, Grenadines, Pattern
Suits, Combination
Suitings and Light Dress
Fabrics in ail Styles.
Special in White barred Nainsook
at 5 cents per yard.
}E0. E. Stifel
& CO.,
1114 Main Street.

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