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OX33 isarjOY?
Both Ifco icethod and results Tvhen
grrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
ciit! refreshing to tho taste, and acts 1
cosily yet promptly on the Kidneys, I
Liver a;?l Bowels, cleanses tho sys- '
tera c:7ectt:ally, dispels colds, head- J
trios and fevers mid cures habitual
conatipstfan. Sjrup of Figs is the
coiy remedy of its kind ever produced,
plcasinrj to tho tasto and acceptable
to tlio stomach, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
cflects, prepared only from the most
healthy ami agreeable substances, its
many crcelient qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
poplar remedy known.
Qyrup of Figs is 'for salo in COa
sad Si bottles by all leading druggists.
Any reliablo druggist who
may not li.ivo it on hand will pro
cure it promptly lor miy ona wno
irkhes to try iu Do not acecpt any
sah m.vcisco, cal.
toutsmu, kv. new rornt, n.y.
Microbe Killer.
Tic Greatest DiscoYory of the Age.
ki:vi:r. hkonciutis. rheumatism.
la short, nil forms of Organic and Functional
dl'i'iiM'f. tjio curcs elTccicd by this Modieino i
iru la many caaea
Sold only in Jugs containing One Gallon.
ri.H r. JUiii.r. nvn.iiJMw?u n iwjurenv
when Health and Lite ?*nn be obtained.
For sale by all lUitaU Drucgista. Trade supplleU
o&viuw For.ic AUENTS.
Db. E. C. West's Nerve and Bruix Tpjjatvxst,
a guaranteed specific for Hysteria. Dlalne*.
Omvnlslons, Fits, Nervous Neuralgia,
ncftijache. Nervous Prostration caused l>r the
we ot alcohol or tobacco, Wakefulness. Mental
lty>rcsiIon, Softening of the JJrain, resulting In
inunltr nud loading to misery. decay nud death.
I'MMMne OM Age. Barreuness, Loss of Power
In either sex, Involuntary losses and Spermatorrhea
caused by over exertion of the brain,
tcMnbusoor over-lndulgcnce. Each box coutains
ono month's treatment, SI 00 a box, or six
(or $5 u), sent by mull prepaid on reeclpt
o! price,
Toeurcray ease. With cacb order received by
Us for fix Imiscs, ancompanled with $5 00, we will
wail the inircluwer our written guarantee to relan-l
the money if :\nt' treatment does no: efl'cct
k curt, ttunrautces Issued onlv bv
So> Affjn?*. MfLu in'# Block, Corner Market and
iro!)'!i nr>i-is. Wheel Int.'. W.Va. JalQ-nhmw j
^Sg^ooi's Cotton Root
Ksy SSi A recent discovery by an old
Bra ar&3 <A physician Socckuskiu.i.y
nwl fCi W 7 L'sr-1' MONTI! I.Y BY THOUSANDS
wn Or T.AD1KS. la the ouly per\
fectly safe nrnl reliable medlvftf
Ine dlioovered. Bewaro of
unprincipled drugglits who
oiler inferior medicines in
place of tlm. As]t tor Cook's Cotton Root Compoind.
take no substitute, or indole 51 in letter,
we will wml. soiled by return mail. full
wlea particular* iu plain envelope, to Indies
No.'.? Kiibct Blp? k. Detroit, Mich.
soli m Wheeling by LOGAN DRUG 00.
WEAK MEN, your attention,
19 CAU.?t> TO Til?.
? (S& Gray's Specific Medicine.
<$yi^Ncrvous Debility. Weakness of
saituA ai.j dim Body and Mind, Spermatorrhea
84 itnj'otency, and all diseases that arise from
over !inhi!c?Tice And self abuse, as I.o.is of Memwntiul
Power- Dimness of Vision, Premature
ow Age, ami many other diseases that lead to inHWty
or Consumption and an early grave, write
w?nr pimmphlot.
Ailr-.ii (,\.\v MEDICINE CO.. Buffalo. K. Y.
Tot Specific >jidicine is said hv all druggist* at
?i p>r va^iujo. or ilx poclMgca inr>?. ?>rhentb>
B?i on romiii of monev, and with every * > ?rd?f
WE GUARANTEE a cure or money roTOttftvl.
Won Rcconot of counterfeits., wo nave
HofteU tli.- Yellow Wrapper. the ouly genuine.
j*w to NWellng and guarantees b>
lOflAN DRUG CO.! Wholesale and KoWll DrugHrylgi
Corner, Mala itrcot. qp2MTS.?rOH
v* Liquor Habit;
BKim Mm ma?/SBIfTOK? cuxe,
NHMKeSSOIDEH specific.
It can br ven t a c o ff'-c. lea, or I n r.rt Icic* of f oca.
J'tbiiatw,,. brmwledco of ratlont If necessary;
h&r\al?M *no "Witt effect ^penaa*
???\ La jt' p. rates ao <jul*tly and wUh auca
J-fUr.ty W:\\ xi^o patient undergoes no lne#n*
*rniin??.i, and (Ooti us coroplctn refornmtluu u
t -C. <j p*k? book fe*?. To tm bad ol
: <\N DRUO COMPANY. Main Street.
JW^mtS Wheell?ff- W. Vo.
ICbto BILIOUS and fl
5 Nervous ILLS. H
8 S5cts. a Box. B
Free, Free, Free Trial 1
electro nervine
Cures Permanently
oJ the Nervous System, either Acute
, ;V1,1 c'&?r sex. It HKSTOiuai Impaired
Is*,.'1,; Checks nil Forms of \Nnlto or
H ,Vv-' >tro!iR ilio Weak. Full picknm.
Trial package, 12e. (Willi boon),
* .arciy sealed ou receipt of price. A<\<]rc?s,
m v? ~ Pit G. F. ADAM,
*l >o. 3701 Cottage drove Ave., Gbicago, IU.
Loit to View.
Clothier end Furnisher.
IIo did not run awuy to Ma
And come back nevermore;
lie ww not ?plritcd away,
LUco Chnrk-y ltoaa of yore.
Oh.no. llo bought a new box-coat,
Of hrge and ample mean.
And kI nco the day ho put it on
He baa not once been w?en.
A Sign or 8]>ring.
The surest sign of Spring no fair
That we've msqd ye(
Is this sign, hung up everywhere?
? amraumi
The clerk irlio has b?n hired
Grows ttraiige, beyond a doubt;
For when he 1ms been flrod
lie wya ho U put oat
We feel that fote I* ever rlpo
To mnko ouo's bosom i;riuw
Each lime we goto light a plpo
And llnd it will not draw.
Apple Tapioca Pudding is a dolicious
dainty dish when served properly; it is
best when served a faw hours after it is
Cooked. Soak half a cupful of tapioca
over night in three cupfuls of cold water.
Cook tlio tupioca in the same water the
next morning for an hour, aniVtlicn stir
into it hitli a teaspoonful of salt, half a
cupful of sugar, a tnblcspoonful of lemon
juice, and full quart of pared, sliced and
cored tnrt apples.
We herewith give the recipe of American
cream, which lias been requested
several times: Dissolve half a boxful
of gelatine in a quart of milk or cream
anil boil over a hot lire when dissolved
Stir in the yelks of four eggs when this
lum boiled, and four table-spoonfuls of
\vl\Uft tUrtn 4 (i*aivi +\wi ni
ami stir into this tlio whites of four
eggs beaten stiff, with four table-spoonfuls
of confectionary sugar. Flavor to
tase with vanilla or a littlo oil of almond.
Keep tor a few hours beforo
Molded Calf's Head.?Cut thin slices
from n previously cooked calf's head;
also hum n good cut oi cooked ham.
Boil half a dozen" eggs for twelve minutes.
Jireak the shells, ami cut the
yelks into halves, thejwhite into rings.
Season the meat with pepper, salt, nutmeg,
and a pinch of mace. Spread over
it a tablospoonful of finely chopped
parsley. Lay the yelks and whites of
the eggs round a thickly buttered tin
mold in a pattern. Then put in thoveal
and ham in altcrnato layers, with egg
between, here and there; continue this
nntil the mold is full. Pour in half a
pint of melted meat jelly.
A dish which is liked by the hungry
and the hearty is made in this way":
Take somo thin slices of cold roast beef,
brown them in butter, warm some cold
boiled potatoes which you have chopped
fine and seasoned wall. Heat also cold
boiled cabbagc chopped fine. When
these are all hot placo a layer of meat
in a warm vegetable dish, then a layer
of potatoe, then of the beet, then of the
cabbage, and so on until the dish is full.
Do this as speedily as possible so as to
send it hot to tlio table.
Mayonnaise of Lobster?Empty Jthe
shell of a fine lobster, and.cut the meat
into pieces an inch square. Pound tbo
lobster spawn and spread it over the
lobster, which should bo heaped upon a
flat dish. Lay slices of cucumberon the
fop, and pour a mavonuaiso sauce over.
I mil- i- - 1 ?i,f
-liiJB nauuu must i'u uiuii^iiii *?* u
mouthed pickle bottle.
Ginger AVine.?Boil seven pounds of
sugar in four gallons of water lor a quarter
of an hour, skimming well. When
cold squeeze in the juice of two large
| lemons, and boil the peel with half a
J ton iid of ginger in three pints of water
or an hour. When this is cold nut it
[ with the rest into a cask with two
spoonfuls of yeaskn quarter of an ounce
of isingtass, and two ounces of raisins;
close it up and let it stand seven weeks
before bottling. This is recommended
as an excellent stomachic.
A treat for the children can bo made
in place of the conventional pio or pudding.
-Make a crust, as if for roly-roly
pudding or baking powder biscuit,
(using, however, juat as little baking
powder as will answer, and a few experiments
will convince any conscientious
cook how little may successfully
Jill the place of the much she is often
tempted to use); roll this dough about
as thin as if for pio crust, then cut in
slnall squares, heap berries or preserves
of any kind, after draining the
'"A-" il Iinnit fliorn U'liUllOnflffOS.
and fold mid press closely together, so
that them will bono waste of jiiice; then
put them in a deep tin baking pan, with
ii little lump of butter on eiieli one, a
little water also in the pan, anil scatter
some sugar over each littlo pudding,
when these are done, serve them warm
with a not too rich pudding sauce, or
they may be eaten cold without sauce.
lUutloic of Inturost for tho Intclllffoncvr'n
Farmer ltcmlcr*.
The past season lias demonstrated
that there is no such thing as a bliclitproof
pear or curculia-proof plum. Hard
work, close attention and preventive
measures alone will prevent such injuries.
"The best land you havo got is not too
good for strawberries, but any, land that
will raise a tirst-class crop of corn or potatoes
will raiie a good, fair crop of
strawberries," says a prominent berry
Any kind of food which will sooner
or later creato so much fever in an animal
that stiffness or founder is brought
on, cannot bo the best kind of food to
depend on. Such is tho caso always
with corn.?F. 0. Curtis.
An Iowa farmer woman writes: "Tho
creamery has been tho longest step out
of the old into the new. It has taught
us to skim tho milk before it spoiled,
and to havo sense enough to stop churning
before we spoil tho butter.
The smaller the Item tiie more icnco
required and the rnoro UukI taken fro ill
cultivation. The more oblong the Held
tho more fonoe required to molose n
eiven area; conversely, tho nearer a
square is the field tho loss fence is required.
In preparing milk for delivery to a
cheese factory it sliouia, immediately
nflor (training, be thoroughly aired by
pouring, dipping or stirring. 'fhia treatment
is a* nencilcial for tho morning's
milk as for the evening's, and is even
more neeefsary when tho weather is
cool than when it is warm.
In the United States, Holetein-Friesian
butter has repeatedly competed
with that of othor breeds, including Jerseys,
and lias been awarded tho highest
prizes. Not only individual cows, but
entire herds of llolsteins have defeated
Jemeysin making large milk and butter
records, and many of these stand at tho
head to-day.
To propagate black raspberries tip tho
ends of the canes in tho ground. They
will take root. Then cut off tho ground
portion and allow tho cane to resume it*
upright position. The rooted portions
will send out a young plant. Tho red
raspberries propagate themselves by
| sending otft numerous shoots, or suck
err, which may be taken tip anil transplanted
in other locations.
In, Betting ont shade trees along the
roads use the walnut or hickory, as the
nuts can bo made a source of profit, i
Even the persimmon will he found ,
worthy of a trial, nnd. especially as it in '
a tree that docs not draw heavily ou tlie '
soil. ,
Corn lias (! per rent of fat forming
clement, and wheat hut little over 1 per
cent The seeds of sunflowers, castor
beans, etfc., contain oil varying from 10
to <il) per cent. But fat is required only
for special purposes?heat in winter, or >
weight ou animals intended (or sale. It J
is the flesh-forming foods that are really .
tho most valuable.
Professor John B. Smith, of the New ;
Jersey Experiment Station, bolieves
that the peach lonso which infests the
roots of peach trees, is responsible for
much ol tho so-called "yellows" that ex- j
ists in the State. Potash, in the form i
of kainlt, due into the roots, he believe* J
to be a remeiiy and at tho same time a '
fertilizer, Tobacco dug in has a similar )
effect. I
Professor Farlow, pf Harvard Fniver- (
sity, has discovered that simply paint- j
ing black-knot in plums, with a mixture
of rod oxido of iron in linSeed oil, has
not only prevented tho spread of the [
contagion, but has stopped the growth j
of tho diseased parts, so that the knots t
have crumbled and fallen away with J
the least possible injury to the tree.
If you want your young chicks to
grow "feed them often and keep the lice j
away. How? Dust your hen thorough- i
ly with good insect'powder, clean out
and whitewash vour chicken coop, rut j
a little cliafl' on the bottom and sprinkle :
kcroseiiQ oil on it, rub a small piece nf !
bird on the neck of each chick, and we "
guarantee you won't have any lice for u ?
Ifog wallows, duck puddles nnd oilier
filthy places should liever he allowed,
as they aro sources fropi which various '
forms "of fevers arise. If tlia hoK must J
have a place to wallow in, make a j
wooden frame and keep it wet for the 1
purpose, only be sure anil clean it out J
twice a week. A trough of cicar water li
is best (or ducks where there is uo run- >'
ning stream.
Good Sense!
IKsease is largely the result of impure $
blood. To purify the bJood is to cure j
the disease! As a blood purifier and
vitalizer Br. Tierce's Golden Medical 5
Discovery stand head and shoulders
above any other known specific! Its
power in this direction is nothing short
of wonderful. Guaranteed to benefit or
cure in every case or money refunded. !
Never loan your watch to a musician,
ho has too strong a predilection for
keeping time. 5
J'lemniil, Elugultt, Ilcllrihle. I
For biliousness and constipation, take v
Lemon Elixir.
For fevers, chills and malaria, take ?
Lemon Elixir. j
For sleeplessness, nervousness and t
palpitation of the heart, tako Lemon t
Elixir. i
For indigestion and foul stomach,
tako Lemon Elixir. "
T? \\ -J-I I 1 ?? I
x'ur an bu'h iiiiu Jiu vuua uctiuuvuus) ^
take Lemon Jilixir. i
Ladies, for natural and thorough or- t
panic regulation, take Lemon Elixir. 5
Dr. Mozley's Lemon Klixir will not j
fail you in any of the nhofo nniA'ed dis- )c
ease's, all of which arise from a torpid or
diseased liver, stomach, kidneys or i
bowels. * t
1'repared only by Dr. II. Mozlcy, At- J
lanta, Gn. ' " J
60c and $t per bottle at druggists. (v
Lemon Hut Prop*. ' t
Cures all couglisT colds, hoarseness, 1
sore throat, bronchitis, hemorrhage ami c
all throat and lung diseases. Elegant, *
reliable. !]
25 cents at druggists. Prepared only :?j
by I)r. II. Mozlcy, Atlanta, lia.?\ math 1 [
A National liven*.
The holding of the World's Fair in a r
city scarcely iifty years old will be a re- j
markablo event, but whether it will <j
really benefit this nation as much as t he i
discovery of the Restorative Mfcrvinc 1
by Dr. 1' ranklui Miles is douotutu This Jj
is just what 1 ho American people need
to cure their excessive nervousness, dyg- >
pepsia, headflche, dizziness, sleepless- J
ness, neuralgia, nervous debility, dull- ,
ness, confusion of miii'd.'etiC It acts
like a charm. Trial bottles mid tine 'jj
book on "Kervous and llcart.Dtacffas," \
with unctyualcd testimonials, free at the
Logan DrugCo.'s. Jt is warranted to contain c
no opium, inoiyhint. or dangerous drugs. 1 ?
Slclc Uomlnrlic.'
Looso's Eel Clover Pills cure nick
licndnche, 'lyfpopai.i. indigestion, constipntion.
23c per box, 8 boxes for SI.
l'ur sale by Logan IMMg Co. Mw
When Baby M sick, wo Rare her Contort*.
When Bho was a Child, she cried for CaAtoria.
When ?ho become Miss, slio ciunf to Contorts.
When the hod Children, the gave them Coetoria.
Miles'Nerve mul Liver rilts
net on a new principle?regulating tho
liver, stomach anil bowles through the
verm. A new discovery. ]Jr. Jliles' t
Pills speedily cure biliousness, bad tasto, 1
torpid liver, piles, constipation. Due- 1
minted tor men, women, children, j
smallest, mildest, surest! Fifty doses i
25 cents. Samples freo at tho' Logan
Drug Co.'s.
File*! PUos) ltrlrini* I'llcft. J
Ooumnii.i?rn ItchlllC (lTlfl
ntlnglng; most nt night; worse by scratching, r
If allowed to continue tumors form, which of- t
ten bleed and ulcerate, becoming von* Bore.
SWAViff.'s OfNTMKNT stops the itehlng ana bleed- ,
iuk. heals ulceration and In most cases removes 1
the tumors. At drujrgi.it* or by mail for 50 cents.
Dr. Stvayue ?? Sou, Philadelphia.
"How to Cure will dktn J>I?usim,"
Simply apply 'Swayxr'8 Ointment." No Internal
medicine required. Cures tetter, eczema,
itch, all eruptions on the fa<Je, hnud*. nose. Jie.,
leaving the skin clear, white ami healthy. Its 1
great healing and curative powers nre possessed
by no other remedy. Ask your druggists fur
swayne's oi.vtment. stjuttw
It is always the jaded and wcarv einnor
who declares: "Now I'm going to
swear oiT."
A Sen Sick PnMcnger,
On tho ocean, cares little about a itorm. He In
positively lndlfl'crent whether he is washed
overboard or not. Hut, set right by a wineglass*
- ? - e? x, ni,?.n v.*
1111 Or IWO ui iiUBivticr ciuuincu uv
eels renewed Interest In his porsou&l wvfety.
This fino correctivo neutralizes in brackish
water?often eompulsorlly ilrank on shipboard,
to tho grievous detriment health?tho pernicious
Impurities which give rlsi" to disorders
of the stomach, liver and bowels. To tho mariner,
the tourist, the Western pioneer and miner,
the Bitten is invaluable as a means of pro*ce?
Hon against malaria,when its seeds ?t? latent in
air and water. To the effects of overwork,
mental or manual, it Is a most reliable antidote,
and to the debilitated and nervous, it ftQbrd*
great and speedily felt relief and vigor.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Hie Feature* <>l .the Money and Stuck
New York, May 20.?Money on call ensy, rnnping
from 2% to I per cent, lost loan closed oftcred
it a percent. Prima mercantile paperSn" percent.
Sterling exchange $1 &l%ai 87'*. Sales of stocks
ivere311 shares.
The dominant factor Is still the export of gold
ind to this uncertainty is due the apathy of the
leading operators, who havo been no lately ar'ayed
upon the bull wide. The opening this
norning was strong on a eoutlntiatlon of vesterlay'a
spurt and the demand from the foreigners,
riio extent of this buying wua no measure at
l?t und thy upward movement was resisted
iVlth vigor until the afternoon, when tho local
bores became frightened and began to cover
vlth a will. The strongest were Missouri Pacific.
Grangers and the specialties. The market closed
troug and active at tho best prices of the day.
Ouisvillo ?fc Nashville is up 2' ?, Missouri Pacific
tnd Union Pad lie ljf.lSt. Paul and Roek Island
% i>er cent.
itailroad bouds dull: soles 8715,000.
Governmont and State bomls dull and boavy.
J. 8. ?to tvg. llskfKeW York CeatniL.120%
i. S. 4s coupon llStt Ohfo?& Mississippi- 16%
J. S. l.ty reg 100 do preferred .. 85
3.8.4%? coupon ...101 Oregon Improve't..
'aelflc to of 'W Ill Oregon Nav "0
Vtelilson 30 Oregon Trans 1514
Ulftms Express 110 Pacirtc Miill
iineriean Jixpre*.i..ll3 Pittsburgh 14#
Canada Pacific 7t9S;Pulliaanfalaco 1*0
Juuuda Southern... <t'J \ Reading - SIK
-eutral Paelllc 30'? Uoek Island 73%
'hesancakc L Ohio lOJvSt. Paul 63
do tfrst preferred 46 . tlo preferred 111K
do jteroinl prof'd 27 fit. Paul <k Omaha... 25}*
-1il.liur.?tQuluey.. ST'-A1 do preferred .. St
>el.?fc Hudson 131' iiTeuu. Coukfc Iron... 82J4
)ol. Lack, i West..,lao/v Texas Pacific 14%
>en. A lt. 0. pref'd ftCjdVnlon Pacific 45%
*ric,; 20 IT. S. Express........ CO
ort Wayne 150 |W.. St. I- Sc I' 10,'*
lllnots Central 07'4 do prfferrcil 21
vuusus A Texas i ll? Wells Farco Kx MO
-like Shore 10'A\ Western Union 7:M4
xiuisville?tNash.? 70)i Am. Cotton Oil ZV.Z
ilemphfs ?& Chas... 35 (Colorado Coal........ W/\
ifichlgnn Central... 80*6Iron Silver 120
iliasourl Pacific f.T^jQtiicksllvcr .... 6>j
?nsh\ille ?fcChatt.. 05 i do preferred .. 30
>OK,.fer.?eyContral..lir>,a Sutro 7
Norfolk A W. pref'd JV.";; Klchm'd A W. P. T.. 16#
forthem Pacific 21*-?, Chicago Gas 60
do ptoferrod OS^j bead Trust 1 f%
sortlu^slcru iOSjJs.usar Trust &}?
do preferred 131 {
Krendstufia and Provisions.
CittCMio. Ill, May 'JO.?Copious rains were
cported throughout the wheat, eorn and oat
elt, with wore promised, and the fears of short
rojw oti account of drouth were dissipated wt
cast for the present. As a consequent the mar:ei
opened weak, and operators on the bear side
>roeueded to take their profits. Buying again
arly absorbed n large quantity of wheat that
lad been thrown overboard at the start on stop
oss orders. After this baying was over the xnar:et
again broke badly, and cl/tfed at its lowest
roflt for the day.
Provisions quiet.
Flour dull and unchanged.
Wheat?Cash No.spring 5103J?; No. 3 spring
I 00a 1 03^; No. -2 rod o'.%; .May ?1 U3).^l U5a
(My.i; Juue 21 OCJnl Olj^al 03; July SI OUalO-Ju
Cqrn?Cash No. 2. 60c; May .V.'U'aGlaGOe; Juue
V. ; Jul.v S^Oats?Ca.sh
No. 2, 5<%e; .May ft)J^la503fp;
une 1'JWa'xiuI'J';e, July
itYM?No. 2, 6oc.
Timothy Seed?813ial 32.
Mess PoitK-Cash Sll 15; May $11 Wall 30a
125; June $11 22 kail -1501125; September ?1115.
II 70nll 50.
Laud?Cash and May SO 40; July SO 50a0 55a
50; September ?0 75a?> 80a0 75.
Shout Kibs?Cash S5 85a505; May 35 85a5 f-j^a
b7K; July SO OOnti 07J?a0 02%; September SO 30.
Others uunhanged.
New York, May 20.?Flour, receipts 25,000
laekages; exports none; market less active;
ides 22,000 barrels. Wheat, receipts 25,000^ bush
is; exports vi,mihnow; simvm i,uoo,wv music
It of futures; loJ.lKM* bushels of spot;spot market
ower nnd moderately nctive; So. .'5 red $1 lit; tinvuded
red Wml 19; options lower; No. 2 roil
luy SI 12Kal Mkiil 12%; Juno 51 Hal 1 2%nl 11;
uly SI OS.'.inl lo'^itl usli; August. ?1 0i>^; Sepember
$V Mai WJ; October 5103M; l'eeom?er
81 O-JImuI Oij%ul OlVj. Corn, receipts 68,000
Minheltt; exports 1 >10,001) bushels; sales 4,ttt2,000
>usljcU v>f futures nnd l,5i50,Q(w bushels of spot;
market fairly active; State ungmded xnlxctl 07ii
2c; .Mny 0i?}?nG8J?c; Juno 04;{e: July 09%c;
utgusi friV^n; September C2e. Outs, receipt*
00 bushels; export* 700 bushels; sales 276,000
msheli of fu?rc.-?ii'lu:?,0Mbtis!irlsof sjidI; spot
uarket lower uud quiet; June 53%c; July5S^a
l/*ju63Mc; August i'lUJc; spot So. 2 vrhlte Ntftn
!?e: mixed western ftSatWc: >"o. 2 Chicago 57>tjc.
Uvyi and hops rtrin. OotVce steady aud uuUtvup'tl:
May 17,'JOe; June 17.8iHr; July 17.03c;
1 uuusl 17.20e; September 16.55c. Sugar li'rm; concctianer.<
A l1 ; jiov. dercd i':?e. Molasses dull,
tiee quiet. Tallow dull. Kosln dull. Tnrpcn[no
dull and lower nt38)4c. Kgua quiet; westru
WA'U l'ork uctlvc nnd stcuuy; old mesa
11 OOurJOO; new mm S1200nl325; extra prime
1150. Cut meats quiet nnd unchanged. hard,
k'cstern steam SO07ft; May SO 07; Juno $0 07;
iUyj?<)73; August Joftf.; September 3700. Built
dull; western datry lOnloe. Cheese steady;
art skims 5u8)4c.
Civoikvati. 0? Mnv:20.?Flour lowrr. Whout
lull and lower; No. 2 rod $100; receipts 1.000
tushclv, shipments 2,000 bushels. Corn weak
ind lower; No. 2mixed61^c. Oats weak; No.
: mixed 02e. Rye' steady. i'ork neglected at
1140. Uird dull in Hulk meats aud
ificpji. steady and unchanged. Rut tor easy;
,mi v Elgin 20c. Whisky steady at SI 10. Sugar
usy. Kays ttrra at 15e. Cheese steady.
Raltimokk, Mo., May 20.?Wheat lower: No. 2
ed spot 51 14; June *1 V$4i July$1OSkal
torn dull; Juno6Sy.c; JulyCSJle: receipts 8,w?
tushels. Oats quiet; No. 2 wnito western fifla
0c; receipts 3.000 bushels. Rye dull: receipts
,t?00-bushels. liny flvm at SU SOal'i fiO. Mess
>ork,old Si-'00; new$1300. Rutter dull; croauiry
fancy lSe. Eggs active at 17c. Others unbaked.
I'jtn.ADKM'iUA, Pa., May 20.?Flour steady.
Vhcat lower; No. 2 rod May SI 13al M; Julie
1 ll??al 12&; July August Sl0lalu\
torn weak and lower; No. I mixed fi8c; No. 2
nixed Mnyf.T^uGCc: JuncG0/?a67c; July ti&aWUc;
U>gfftt:Mf4niVH'. Oats dull and weak; No. 5u nite
7c; No. 2 white fifr! ,a57kc.; Juno tfiMn&u; July
August 15c. Lggs steady; renusylralla
firsts 17c.
Toi.nno, u., May 20.?Wheat weak and lower;
ash SUN; May Si 0>M; July SI 00.'{J: .September
7%e; December SI 00^. Coru steady; cn>h t*uc;
ilr.y Cle; July GO%c. Oats quiet; cash 53c.
'lovcrsccd dull; cash aud May Si 20.
Lira Stoclc.
Chicago, May 20.?Cattle,^receipts 15,000 head;
ihJnmcntsflOO head: market weak and lower;
latlvcs SI 15a(J30: stackers $4 05a4-.%; Toxans
:t&Vvt95; rows St60a350. lings, receipts 27,00(1
tend; market active: rough and common S3 75a
20; mixed and packers S I I0.it 70; primo heavy
tutohers weights S t (Vint 90; light $3 G5al Go.
{hoop, receipts 10,000 head; market dull and
ower: common S-l 50a3 00; prime westerns gft 15a
100; lambs S5 'JOaOSO.
East IaUehty, Pa., May 20.?Cattle, receipts
,020 head: shipments 882; market lair; prime
o extra&00at? 25; bulls, cows and stags $200a
oo. Hogs, receipts 2,200 head; shipments 1,1*50
u-ad: Philadelphia. Si Mart 00: best Yorkers
tnd mixed St tOn-lft); pigs SI OOttf to. Sheep?
I 1K?? Imnil iiMnmnn(? ??!
lull; primu ?>00a3 25; fair to good M OOul IK);
:ommon fcl 50ft8 50; spring lumbs SiOUuTOO;
uIvl's J.i 0(W?50.
Cincinnati, 0., May 20.?Hogs easier: common
md light 75; jnn-khiK and butchers $t40ii
. 00; receipts 3,000 bead; shipments 550 head.
Kku* Yohk, May 20.?Petroleum opened steady
md declined Mighty, then moved up kcon u
ewiveswrii buying orders, after widen It bo aiue
dull and remained so at the close. Pcnnylvanla
oil: Spot opening at liSkc; highest,
<nrcAtand closlng6$Me; June option, opining
at hJghot 09%c; lowest CS^o; closing
it 65%e; total sales ;il,000 barrels.
On-City, ^a., May'JO.?Opened nt <WJ|C! lowsit
68c; closcd at <?S}:fc: fales 22,000 barrels;
Jearanccs im,?oo barrels; charter* 32,222 bar els;
bhipment.* 78,PSI barrels; runs M.OIKJ barrels.
Uram-oiid, Mny 'JO.?Opened at CMfc; closed at
I8%c; highest lowest 6Sc; eUuruuces 1*1,100
PnT5ncnc.it. May 20.?Opened at We; closed nt
1SJ3C; highest CSVr,o; lowest 68c; nothing doing.
New Yoiuc, May 20.?Pig iron quiet; American
>16 OOalSOO. Copper nominal. Lead nulet and
irm. Tin dull and stoady; straits SJ0?Tj.
Cincinnati, u., .May aj.?union sieauy; nuallintr
ol mercury and potash mixtures.
They aggravate the disease instead
of curing it.
Life A Burden.
"I suffered for flvo years with morcurial
rheumatism, which was tho result of potash
and mercurial treatment toy physicians for
constitutional blood poison. They not only
failed to euro me, but mado mo a physical
wreck and my lifo a burden. I thon commonccd
talcing Swift's Spcciflc (S.S.9.,)and
after taking a few bottles was entirely
cured both ot tho rheumatism and blood
poison. I cheerfully commend S. 8. S., to
any ono similarly afflicted.
John 11. Ltles, Sorcnlo, 111
Boots on Blood sad Skin Disuses Free.
Both the effect atld result when Olive
Blossom is used. It acts gently, yet
promptly. It is the greatest bocn to
womankind. Every lady can treat herself
and not have to undergo the torture
of instruments from physicians. Olivo
Blossom positively cures all forms of
female weakness, such as Painful Menstruation,
Ulceration, I.arceration, Barrenness,
Lcncorrhccn, Prijritus, Cancer,
Ovarian and Fibroid Tumocs in their early
stages and the long list of innumerable
and unmentionable sufferings that
afflict the patient The Olivo Blossom
treatment is simple and harmless. The
first application often gives permanent
relief. Trv it, and you will exclaim,
as hundreds of others have: "Oh, I
feel like a different woman!" One
month's treatment sent postpaid to any
part of tile world on receipt of $1.00;
six months, ?5.00. Olive Blossom
is forsale by all leading druggists: Any
druggist who may not liave it can order
it from the wholesale dealer. Do not
accept any substitute. Beware of fraudulent
The Celebrated France Pastile Ollya
Blossom, is prepared only by The
France Medical Institute Co. ", Columbus,
0. Incorporated 1SS6. Capital$300,000.00.
Branch Houses : New York, Chicago,
San Francisco, and London, England.
Sold by Logon Drug Co., C. K. OooUco. W. W.
Irwin, \V. K. Williams, I). Schncpf, 0. Menkcmcllcr,
W. C. Armbrlgbt, W. II. Williams and M.
\V, Hclnrld; J. \V. Dnrrah mid Knlston tfc Co.,
Martin's Ferry; Howie A Co,, Bridgeport; C. M.
Wvriclc, lJclbure; St. Clair Bros., }iemvood.
Is the Beat Household Bemedy ExtantIt
is a positive core for
?nd All Skin Diseases,
An invaluable rotnody for Wounds, Burns, Swellings,
Hares, Croup, 13roncblti8, oto.
Sold by all druggists at 60 ccnts per box. Send
8 two-ccnt stomps for freo saniplo box and book.
llr CORE
A guaranteed Cure for Piles of whatover
kind or degree?External, Internal, Blind
or Bleeding, Itching, Chronic, Recont or
Hereditary. $100 a box; 6 boxes, $5.00,
Sent by mail, prepaid, on reooipfc of prico.
We gnaranteo to onro any case of Piles.
Gnaranteed and sold only by
Drngglrts, Twelfth and Market Sto., Wheeling,
w. Vw. JalO-t?.tw
We will pay the above reword for anycasoof
Liver Complaint, Dyspepfln, Hick Headache. Indigestion!;
Constipation or Costlvoniy.i'we eannot
1 lun. Ullli! whnn Mw.
directions arc strictly complied \vltli. They arc
purely Vegetable, and never fall to givo ballsfaction.
Sugar Coated. Largoboxes, containing
:U) Pills. 25 cent*. lkmaro o! counterfeits au?
imitations. The genuine manufactured only by
Sold by McLAJN UHOTHKilS, corner Market
nnd Twelfth Sts..\^licellnjf.\V.Va. jalL':Mwr.iw
rfChlrfcttter'n EnctUli Diamond Broad.
Orlslnnl nn?l Ontf OmRtnr. A
t-tv\ ?/ire. *1m?? relutle. tAoico f?k ysA
KftM torCMchfter'eJinfllih Pht-/Vh\
rJfcCXmomf Jiraml In ltr?t on<l tfoMmcUl\\j|Sr
rViKsilo bo*c*. mint with Wuo \Mr
ivWiyrnUn no other. Scfuiedangrrom \f
flfiubuUnU int end {miration*, M I'ronliti,
J# tee tend?te? Ia?t*nra fortmrtlwUri,twilmo.
? and 'JWIeffup I-ndle*." <? UUrr,
[f J.r return JUniL 10,000 TeillmoaUU.
/ A ant J\iprr.
CMrWter Chemical Co., Maditon Bqnyre,
Ec!4 If &U Loctl OrueeUU. l'hUadtt., Pa.
, rrhn.tf.ow
Omt cured^at ?om?with^
I3r^ TO fe ?S &?& out palu. Uook of par?
13 tiaJ B HI tleulars sent FREE.
nr^innnrrM D.M.WOOLLEY.M.D.
Atlanta, (Jo. Ofliec lOiJa White hull Ht,
Full English, Mntlioniutlcal nnd Classlcul
Musical Department
Location unsurpassed for beauty nnd health.
Weekly boarders or (lav .scholars recti veil from
Wheeling or the vicinity. A Sinter will meet
day scholars nt tlio 8 a. u:. uwtor and return
with them at 8 p. ra,
For further particulars apply to
tcz\ tuk piufxtress.
CAPITAL.'."*. $175,000.
>\*m. Isktt President
Wji. ii. Vicc-Prttildent
Drafts on England, Ireland, Franco and Germany.
Wm. A. Tsett, Mortimer Pollock,
J. A. Miller, Win. It.
K. M. Atkinson. John K. Hot-ford,
llcnry Spcycr, Victor Kosonburg,
Jacob C. Thomas.
| jfli F. 1'. JKPSOX, ('awlilcr.
CAPITAL -... $200,00.
I J. N. Vance, .. .. ......President
h. L. Di.i~vi'i.AiN ...VIcc-l'rciidcat
J.N. Vance, , fieo. E. BtHcl,
I J. >1. Drown. Wm. KlllUKUom,
i L. j5. l>elaplain, A. W. Kelley,
John Trow.
PrafM loued on Kngland, Ireland, Scotland
and all nointt in Kurupo.
JOHN'J.JON KS.f'aihfrr.
SUiisCKinK F0I1'
Arrival ami departure of trains on ami iifter
November W. lfOU. KXI-UXATIOX of IUteUBXCI
Maiikk; -'Dully: tS??dny cseeptefl: I Monday *,
<?\-eepted; | Saturday osecptt'd; ISanday only; -;
pj?uiurday only. Koxtcrn Standard Time. , '.
iiKi'Atrr. iirrvu.ILK.?M?nirn}io.KMts ajum?-. J
*1:55 aml\Va*U. G'y.Unlt., 1'hll. & S. V '11:30 pm
*2:.'?pm Wa*h. Cy.Iialt., Phil. A X. Y :1L,:4,'5 pm ; J
*12:03 atu \Yu*h. (,"y, Halt., I'hil. ifc N.V *'S<un < .'A
^K;t?)nta ......Xuml>erlau'l Aocom...... 15:13 pta
"J:.i"?pm Grafton Aeeotn 12.45 pm "vffl
t?:00 am Mottudavllle Aecom tl2:45pm,
*2:35 ptu Mouudsvllle Aeoom.t 5:15 pta
fti:QQptq ?Cameron Accdro t 7:00amMfij
vktaiit. Ili.itO. U.K.?''.AO. Dlv? \Ve*t ajjkjve. ! '?
v":')0 (unjFor,Columbus and Cnlcitpi *12:55 am
*10:15 am'Columbus. Cln.aiul Chicago <11:10 pm
*lO:.Kipm| Chimp) Limited *5:50 am
*4:15 pin! ClilOHp) Expn*s *11:09 am -
pa Cnlutnbu* Accom tlltoo am
|10:u? nci St. ClaSravSne Accom tl 1:?? am $
fl:25pm| St. ilnlm-flle Accoift tr.:i? pm
DEVAirr. 111.4:0. R. It?w.; I*, it II. IHv. Aivwvf.
^5:45 an: For Pittsburgh ?10:10 am
*7:20 nm Pittsburgh 'fiiMpm
?C:10 pia Pittsburgh ana KasU. *lQ:2f?pm* V ?
tlMOpin i'ltudiurgh tl2:45pm
(1:25prn -Pituburgb...; |ll:?)am
jfr.'iQpni ...Wttsliin^rton. I'a., Accom... t'Uirtam *
itp.i'AitT, r. v. & St. L. Ky. AituiviL . , - ;;fa
t7:20nm Pittsburgh..a p:20pm
4l:35piu ...Pittsburgh awllvcw York... ri. lS pm . gg
4|:*jr> pin'. Pittsburgh and NewTork... flliOO am
MO pin ...Pittsburgh and N. Y. Ex $9m
1 wist. i
f7:20 auiiKxprew, Tin. and St. Louis... -tr,:.y) am
lOMOpin i Express, Cin. and St. Louis.. |0:20pm 1M
i I .?& pmlExpreij*, St<:iihQuviUo& coL t3:45pm ' ??
' M V'ul-Su'ubcuvlllw A Pen0l?on.
DETAltT. I C. it p. IL It AirniVM.
p:M null Pittsburgh, Clove. ?k Chicago. tti:15pm !
iOMJaml SteubenvlUe Accom tl:10 pm .i
+11:12mu|-Pittsburgh and New York... tll:12am ' {'' ,1
fi.-QOpml Cleveland and Chicago tl):Q0am 'M
j;l:44pm ..Pittsburgh and Now York... f.r>:ri3pm
'7:11 pint foist Ltvcrpoob.?.?...Hl2:12am^?3j|
ItlTAUT. I C. L. & w. It. R. A1UUVS.+12:18
pin Express, Cleveland, E. AW. t3:l9pmv2ifj
j.V.12pm Maw-llou Accom t 1:33am Sv5
+8:00 am 6t. Cialrsvlllo Accom 10:85 am M
+10:38 am St. Clftirsvillo Aecom 1:16 pm . ,
fi:l?pm St. ClalrsvHlo Accom 5;?pm/ <\j
0:21 pm St. Clnimillo Accom 8:03pm
I:3)pmJ.,Locfll Kn ight and Accom..w|tl2:08pm
omitr. OHln IciVElt IL R Atom. 1
*7:00 am PttMiongcr. 11:0ft am >,
11 MO am....... Passouger *3:35 pm *\
?j:80 pin). Passenger. "8.00 pa ,:-V-.sffi
leave 1). Z. & C. RAILROAD. Aimiv* 1
nr.i.LAinr. bellaibi.
4:00 pm Uellalro nnd ZnncsvHlo..... 10:35 am
7:00 am Mixed Train 7:20 pm :".1
; STEAMERS. ? ij
Will leave Wlinpfhont, loot of Eleventh itttet, 3
..ilii M..vni.i.tail IIu /rvllntra* itwH
",u" &S6H
. trry h. steamer "Keystone State, "T. 8. :
LfflffiffcOT Calhoun, Master; Chris. Kudx, Clerk; 9
every Tuesday at 8 a. in. ;
, fTJ5- h. Steamer "Andes," ?. B, Cooper,
Muster; Al. J. Slavln, Clerk; every . v
Wednesday at 8 a. m.
, ip-> ^ Steamer "SconA," John 11 PblV . 'r.
LJfeSSttg* Hps, Master; it. II. Kerr, clerk; every
SBgBB9a3t Saturday at 8 a m.
First-class fare. Wheeling to Cincinnati, M.
Round trip, 510. Meals and state-room Included " . 58
Tickets trunsforablo and good until used. For .
freight or passage apply on board, or telophontlfrofflS
No. JH2.
Jiuti CROCKARD St BOOTH, Agento, .*^
, mm* Leave Wheeling. Daily Trip, City
Time?6:40,8:lX),-10:00 and 11:49 a. EM .V
rfftrffrf'jiJSl 2:00,4:00,6:00 p. ra. - ? v>;
Leave WbeelingSundays, City Time?8:00,10:00
and 12:00a. in.; 2:00,4:00,6:00 p. m.
ivheeijIS(? &elmgro've railroad. Im
On and after Monday, December 1,1800, tralni };
will rnn as follows, city time:
Leave Whf.emno.?*6:00 a. m.,7!00 a. m., 8:00 ?8
n. in., 0:00 a. m., 10:00 a. m., 11:00 a. ro? <12'.00m., ?
1:00p. ni., 2 p. in., 3:00 p. m., 4:00 p. in., 6:00 p.
in., 0:00 p. m., 7:00 p. m? 8:00 p. in., 0:00 p. m.,
10:45 p. TO.
Leave Elm Gjiove.?*6:00 a. m., 7:00 a. m.; 8:00
n. in., 0 a. ni.. 1();00 a. m.. 11:00 a. m? 12:00 in..
1:00 p. in., 2:00 p. m., 8:00 p. to., 4:00 p. m;, 5:00 2?
6:00 p. ni., 7:00 p. m., 8:00 p. m. 0:00 p. m., 1
:00 p. m. i jj
Pally, except Sunday. j g n ^ ||||
9:43 n. m. and Wheeling at MUTprnw
J. (J. fllLLtfiBT, i
del General Man agar. ^'1^
Departure and arrival of'''
Oft trains nt Wheeling. Eosttime.
Schedule iu ofMR
H^OMBfeet May 10, IMA).
Tor Baltimore, 1'hlladel*
a Iphiaand New York, 12:06
a. m., 4:55 a. m., 2:85 p. in.,
Cumberland accommodation, 8:00 a. m., daily,
except Sunday. " ,, \
Grafton accommodation, 2:35. p. ttfi, daily. . tjt
Moundsvillo accommodation, S:00 a. in., ex- , 3
cept Sunday, and 2:85 p. m., dally.
Cameron accommodation, 6:00 p. m., except
From New York. Fhilndclphia.ond Baltimore V
8:45 a. in. and 12:45 p. m. and 11 :ft> p.m., doily,
Cumberland accommodation, 5:15 p. xn., ex*
cent Sunday. ... v- .'^
Grafton accommodation, 12 '.45 p. m. dolly, .
Moundsvillo accommodation. 8:45 a. in., 12:45
p. in., daily; 5:10 p. m., except Sunday.
Cameron accommodation, 7 a. m., except Sun*
day. -;,y
For Chicago, 7:50 and 10?55 a. m. and 4:15 and
10:80 p. ni.. ually. IM '
Cincinnati express, 7:50 and 10:15 a. xn. and
10:30 p. m., daily. . V Columbus
accommodation, 4:25 p. m., dally
? l>l. Clalilvillo accommodation, 10:15 a. m. and !
4:25 p. ni. except Sunday.
Chicago express, 12:55 and 5:10 a. m. and 6>]jB j
p. m., daily.
Cincinnati express, 5:40 a. m. and. 0:10 p. au,
Columbus accommodation, 11:00 a. m., daily,
exccpt Sunday. > : '
St. Clairsvlllo accommodation, 11:00 a. m. and
0:00 p. m? dally, except Sunday.
For Pittsburgh, 6:45 and 7:20 a. m., dally; 1:40 !
p. m., dally, except Sunday, 6:25 p. in., Sunday
For Pittsburgh anil the East, 6:10 p. m., daily. ...
Washington accommodation, 5:30 p. m., dally, . v<
From Pittsburgh, 10:15'a. m., doilr, and 12t4&
p. m., dally, except Sunday; 6:55 and 10:33 p. iu.,
dally, mid 11:30 a. in., Huuday only. :
Washington accommodation, 7:50 a. m., daily,
exccpt Sunday. ',0
Direct route to Morletto, Porkersburg, Point . '!
Plea*aut, Huntington, Asliland, Portsmouth on4
Cincinnati. Also to Charleston, CUftou Forgo '
and Staunton, Va., and Lexington aud LouCh
vllle, Ky.
Timo Tablo oflbotlyp January 11, 1SW:
lx-avc? a. m. a. m. p.m." , y*i
Wheeling 0:00 10:10 3:?
Arrive? p.m. . \
Marietta P:33 3:05 7:15 '
Purkersburg .. 10:10 2:4:. 7:45
p.m. .
Point Pleasant...* 1:17 5:52?.?a? 3
lluutlngton U:14 7 1'-........
" a. in. . ' -yMM
Ashland -CM a:07 . j u'
Cincinnati 7:30;-!
p.in. :<
Charleston 8:55 'A
Clifton Forge fi:?3 to
fltannton 0:30 .
llnpgngo checked through to destination of ? i
W. J. Robinsok, General Passenger Agent* Parr
kershurg, W. Va.
A. J. IUxdy, Assistant General Passenger Lm
Agent, Parkersbnrg, \V. Vu.
ToMUN'fioN, Passenger Agent, Wheeling, j
w. Viv. i
Contral Standard Tlmo. ' /,j?
Pennsylvania Lines. I 1
JL ? l i
From Bridgeport Station.
Trnln* via the Cleveland it Pittflmrjrh Tta!lrond
leuVa Bridgeport /or I'itiMburfeJi. Chicago
Mid Cleveland. i:Mn. in. For J'Utibuqfb, 30:12
n. in. For CJtiraco?nd Cleveland, l.to j?. in. For
PJtbbiiPn'h nnd .New York, 2:41 p. in. i'or Stcubenvillc,
8:11 n. m.
Trains arrive at lirld/report nt 8:00 n. m., 10:30 a.1
:n.: 12:10 p. in., nnd S.I j j?. in.
On Saturdays only? Kor Kn.nt Liverpool, 6:11 p.
in.; Iroui East Liverpool, 11:)-p. ni.
Trolnn via the Pltt*UurKU, Cim-ltiwul A Ft*
LoulilUUlway?I'nn-lInriflieKouje?Jfuve Wlieol'.
inc for Stcubenville, lfiiAburKn n"'1 'ho
C?:io a. m.f 12:3ft u, ui., .1:30 p. to., and x: 10 p. in. :
For ColninbtM, Cincinnati, Indkncpoll" iindSL
Loul*. C:&)jl in. nnd *;-W t?. in. 1"< r Colnmbui v-*r'rand
Chicago, 12;&"? p. ni. Train* arrive at tYbeoling
nt 0:1/0 a. uiM ]0:0o a. in., 2:1.1 i?. m. nnd v2u i?.
in. Train* leave at (1:20 a, in. nndocrlvlnfr nt 8:20
p. ni., run wild between Wbeollitf uud Iltta*
hmyb. All train* daily except Sunday. mw

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