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"m in tm Jim. 7
J jlo Paglist Prepared for His Match
I v.'iti) Jake Kllraln,
I ,v Routine "f Dully Eicrcfsc?An
I Intcnlcir Mill (lie Amtialliin-?
I lluclnll ami Knees Yi'?tcrday~lj10
I Oral English Derby
j'eiv Vons, May 27.?Frank P. Slavin, i
?ho 2 ft ?' ?'? '!? "8? mnc'c J''8 first bow I
w a American audienco at Madison I
H aire Ganlon, has for week been sotamiagJt
Coney Island.
I liicre he ? quietly quartered at the I
nofct hostelry presided over by the
*iiloif oi Billy O'Brien. JIandsome I
Charley Mitchell and father-in-law,
"I'oav" M'?re' "re ff'"' '1'm' ll"d while I
(Jn.r.-e Washington, as .Mr. Moore de-1
(fin-.- his naaie to be, enjoys the attractions
and pleasures of tho great resort
lit tito pugilistic charges daily put
lietuelfes through a course of athletic
ij roall, practice no end of pelf denials, I
tWfcsM before the old gentleman lias
S-.iU'ii the shadows of the veranda,
KM'vciiiuir cigar and the saline breezes I
' , sre tucked snugly beneath blan-1
, i above stars.
TB.t!.\'I.VO qt'AIlTEIIB.
T!young Australian lilios the place I
I; mining- Mitchell and Mooro arc
i, itraagen at tho ocean, and their I
aiaotrlwigaieat of its advantages as a I
ir.ra/og iiIm-o are voiced by tlio dark I
., nig leilow who is there for tho pur- I
j. of putting Matteli in prober eondi;i?i!
10 ineol Jake Kilraiti. "Modesty is J
i: f the flavin's cardinal virtues, and j
ugh heiloes not think Sullivan n
le i mill tl.au hiins?lf, and has de- j
.' f.i- willingness to tent J he value
C! j iniori, ti'licn indiscfObt adtnir-1
?. ?t!r. V hitu as "chainpion',Tio quiet-1
' ",\oir, that'll do. Wait till I light for I
in in. .ner and dress he is'as decided- I
|v c.- his friend and trainer,
Mitch II'1 i- withal reserved in j
(I'wli ami exceptionally qfliet in dis- I
aa.l ihi.rouchly clfrllkea the I
ln!Hi(.r?lii|. accorded celelifities of his
a tJl wing only too humerous.
Ica.oiilltlieiitten takes a jaunt of a
fwiiilcM, in addition to his routine of I
lief he nevertheless finds I
i: Jiilinik in these Hitlu exoursions,
iln-a lie leaves the. othera behind ut
),r . . 10 avoid the attention lie is runrin.'jwav
frosii. llin tall and well-knit
ir/iiip, rkV.linl in a jaunty black-striped
iri tis suit, inn! wondrous stride would
, imp liim tin' athlete anywhere,
"ihe utile liolel where the trio are
f j,| ir.e lias ulreaily bceoino thu .Mecca
?' tlit lienor tines of moneyed sporting
i ii. an I even till' frail propeljers of the
sup at the little cottage and
fw in en ut ihe giant physique of the
iJue tare of me, and my little
humu will prny for von," wax
vim mluionition to the landlady,
hi ii they were installed as guests, mid
tiifpisii'ra will be hers ii their words
ii fnusi' iie trite.
Viic n nnii's a boxer trainer," sniil
! . ;.'ll yestenlny, !n bit peculiar
I -. . MVe dun t 'nvo to give 110
OM'-r- or instructions, don't ye know,
v. In. v-jtt.-t what to set in front of
f. Ami iln we eat well ? Ask Poney."
The triu lisul ju<t relurned from their
r riiti; spin train tlie Ocean to l'rosj-l
i'nrk anil back, anil after a rub
: ui, clningti of attiro, and an hour's
tw Mould bo ready for dinner.
JIMioH's chccks showed ti healthy
. -Iii.'h in flavin's face ?'fii hidden
;!n iirum:3 which health and sun
tlllBillli .l tlll'1'0.
"\W' like It here immensely," said
lann. "I enn't imagine a better place.
inc M-iiiiou and nice people."
stu.i van's successor.
Ho t:ilkn lit tin nt his fnrllmftmtllfr
r h with Kilrain,ami,then only when
u Mils are alone. He acknowledges
t !ifi- to meet a pood man, but is
i lint that ho himself will be the
r of the two. Sullivan he honestly
1 vishaa permanently retired from
: mi;', as lie pays lie has "his word
: urnl he thiuks himself 'qualified
' . '.1 ill-.- niche made vacant in that
t :He h.'.s won many new friends
dmirors ut the bcach during his
lay there, ami when, on Juno 1ft,
h metis the Baltimorcan in Jersey,
li ur.yuf the horsemen now .residing at
C'lu-v fcland will have thoir little pots
on )..* tide of the ring.
A few of them have Been the Austrnkm
(!i ii the mitg with Mitchell and
V uu u the leather in tho little gymnasium,
which has been fitted up tor their
fcfin tla* burn belonging to the cottage,
a; 1 tore that Ida ?e.ience and reach
Ware to their liking. Mitchell, too;
u ai excellent trim considering his
J yit, and thia he id reducing by pre*
'he huuic treatment ho gives his
I1' i 1 ami pupil,
' usually the flrat up in themornthough
so(.n followed by Slnvin.
1 ??r set for rising i* (3:30. Then
J P sot out for a constitutional bc|
".\akfaM, which consists of soft
I ' ' - t( ast, beof ten or weak tea.
l;r chops, hominy or ontmcul
c , . ; , uronkumt comes tno
. - 01 tue day, the distauco*.covered
C~f!" ,cn to fifteen inilM, 'ftntl on
- :"i a vigorous rub-dawn and
A brief reatiathen
,'ho dinner is preparing.
yiieol they have u rutst uf intit.ancy
i ictnlfs, vegetables, ensii
jelly or rice, ?nd a bot.
; .'u/sHeiui" each, winch Siavin
toy HI'S frum t]10 bottle.
fe'C- ,-lo iro, (isuully accompanies
t'. ; t ViJ S afternoon Walk of
?i:j 'i!?.' 'ometiinea less, from
i i,nvt'.ir r'i"r? on appetite for
rt^Mbocloek. Cold meat, plenty
uw muter, fric:i.ssp<><l nr
I ami hot lioilod potatoes and
I f'.'i before them. A\ 10 o'clock
I ' lavin retina to his comfortable
I 1 v will remain In their present
I .tyurtma uuiil the night whuntho gladiI
*> ";v Ui nun. ami ten day*later the
II uy will u il fi.r Kurope.
I Tc* l'?nal Great Crowdn-Slr F. ,Tohn?ton>
I _ Common Yftiw.
I n', May 27.?The grertt clasaicKl
I v ' '.he lCngliah turf was run to-day
I v 'i. K% usual, the courao wad
I' 1 with people of all classes.
B wero the usual conditions, ami
II o about a mile and a halt.
I-, vi tor wnn Sir F. Johnston's
Common, by IsQUOmy, out
B, tym vernour was eocond and
-t third. There were eleven i
li '. U\or was cool and showery.
j.,' 1 race heavy shower set
Br ., ' ' ruti in a drenching
tv , r the horaes were at the post
. . . them away re
4 '-uuum?o?iart, Ah the noxt atr
tompt they got araiy splendidly. Tho
DeeinBtcr went to tfco front and not tho
pave lor & quarter oT a mile. Then Dori
us took the lead, but was noon overhauled
and passed by Govcrneur, who
lo<l at the milo post. Dorcas, who had
been joined by Common, was closii up,
however. Coming down tho Tattcnhnm
hill Common improved his stride, and
forged nheud us they entered the
straight. When the distance pout was
reached ho drew ahead, the others.
Coming on the luvorito came in the
commonest kind of a winner. Cuttlestono
ran fourth, tflmloim, though-well
ridden, was lust horse throughout the
Common won by two lenths. Martenhurst
was a bad third. Tirao, 2:50 4-5.
Tho League and Association Gaines lMnjrml
Pirrsmmo, Pa., May 27.?Boston won
to-dny's game by fortunate bunching
hits, while Pittsburg could do but little
with Clarkaon. Scoro:
niwmnfn. uuoooiuoo? 1
Boiton 10100121 <-U
Earned, Jloston 4. Errors, 3 and 1,
Hits, 7 and 13. Pitchers, King and
Clurkson. Umpire, McCiuaid.
Cincinnati, May 7.?Cincinnati had nn
easy victory to-duy over Philadelphia.
Clnclnnntl 6 0 0 0 A 1 30 3?16
I'hilttdolphla 100002300?0
Errors, 2 each. Hits, 17 and 5.
Earned, 13 and 3. Pitchers, Millane and
Gleuson and Scbultie. Umpire, Hurst.
Ct.KVKt.ANn, 0? May 27.?Fine Holding
won to-day's gumo for Cleveland.
(.lovoUnd..^ i 101 ioooi-4
Brooklyn 0 02000000-2
Earned runs, Cleveland 1. Errors, 2
and 4 Hits, 7 and 8. Pitchers, tirubor
and Terry. Umpire, Lynch.
Chicaoo. May 27.?Sburrott was too
much (or the colts to-day. Score:
Chicago 010000000?1
Now fork 2 0 0 4 4 0 0 2 "-1.1
Earned runs, New York u. Hits, 4
and 13. Krrors, 4 and 2. Pitchers,
Luby and Sharrott. Umpire, Powers.
Cincinnati, May 27.?Kelly's team
again defeated tbc Bostons today. Scoro:
Cluolnnall 0 0 3 0 0 0 1 2 0-12
Boston 30020000 2?7
Errors, 1 and 4. Hits, 13 and I).
Pitchers. Mains and Unddock. Umpire,
St. Louis, May 27.?The Washington
cam was shut out to-day. Score:
St. I.iuU .OijTl 3 0 0 0 3 8-10
WmMiikmiu I) -V 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-It
Errors,land8. Hits,lOandfi. Pitchera,
i Neal and Eoroimm. Earned, St.
Louis 1.
Louisvili.e, Kv., May 27.?The Athletics
took their second gumo from Louisville
to-day. Score:
Louisville -J) 0 4 0 0 0 0 1 *0? 6
AUlIetica ;..JI 0 0 1 0 1 3 0 2?1U
Earned runs, 4 each; errors, 4 nnd 2 j
hits, 8 and 0; pitchers, Holland Callihnn;
umpire, Matthews.
Coi-umbus, 0., May 27.?Baltimore outplayed
Columbus at ull points and won
easily. Score:
Columbus 0 80300(10 0?"
UulllMurcl .0 U 1 M 1 0?-i
Errors,Sand 2; hits,7 and 8; earned
runs, 2 each; pitchers, Gastright and
Me Million; umpire, Ferguson.
I [union ami O'Connor and (Inudaur nnd
McKay fur the Double ClinmpieyiMhlp,
Toronto, Ont., May 27.?Hanlon and
O'Connor yesterday afternoon mot
Richard Diesotte, representing Gaudaur
and McKay and drew up articles for a
race for the double championship of the
world. The contcst is for $1,000 a Bide,
and it is to bo held about the middle of
of July, at a place to "be agreed on later.
Cincinnati Uiu-cl.
Oiscissati, May 7.?Over 5,000 people
enjoyed some exciting races to-day.
First race, three year olds, one mile and
one-sixteenth, won by Eugonie. Time,
1:SH. Second, purse $300, tliree year
olds, one mile and twenty yards, won
by Marplot. Timo. 1;45J. Third, *handicap,
turoe year olds, one mile and oneeighth,
won by Eli. Time," 1:51 J.
Fourth, the triple stakes, three year
olds, won by High Tariff. Time, 1:14.
Fifth, maii'en colts, two yoar olds, half
mile, won by Loudon.' Timo, 48}.
OravoHoiul itnccri.
Gbavesexd, May 27.?Thero was a
small attendance to-day. First Race?
Sweepstakes, one mile, won.by Reckon;
time, 1:44. Second?Handicap, ono
mile and n quarter, won by Tristan;
timo, 3:085. Third?Sweepstakes, five
and a half furlongs, won by Guilty:
timo. 1:0i>4. Fourth?Myrtle stakes, lor
flvc-ycar-olds, won by 8ir John j time,
1:42j. Fiftlj^-Sweopstakos, five and a
half furlomis, won bv King Mac; time,
1:10. Sixth?Sweepstnkes, ono mile,
won by Longstreet; tiuio, 1:4;U.
Chicago llncoi.
Chicago, Ii.l., May 27.?West side
track races: First race, half mile; Dun
Kurtz won; no tlmo. Second race, six
furlongs; Geraldino won; tlmo 1:18}.
Third race, 1 1-18 mi lit; Laura Davidson
won; time 1:52}. Fourth race,
threo-quartor miles; Enterprise won;
time 1:17J. Fifth race; Fred Tarsi won;
time 1:18].
rittHh?:-/;li Karo.s.
Pittsburgh, r.i., May 2".?A good
crowd witnessed the races at Homewood
driving park'to-day. Summary: 2:20
paco, ptirso $500, G. R. S. won in threo
straight heats. Iiest time, 2:19}. 2:22
trot, Dandy won, Annie Wilhica second.
Best time, 2:25}.
A Ttlrr Fight Arrflttfletl. \
St. I/jois, Mo., May 27.?A dispatch
from San Antonio, Tex,a, says: I'rot.
Herman Burnaii, champion heavy
weight of Teens, now n resident of 8nn
Antonio, has accepted iv challenge from
Felix Vanquoliii. the New Orleans
heavyweight, to lljjht before .my club
for a purse. The further conditions of
tlie next mectiug will bo arranged
rnward L. Rose & C'o. have roeoivcil
within the last few days the Victor
Safety Model C, which it a beauty in
every lino; and a now hickory, known
as tiio "Common Sense," wliicn sells ut
S/.",, and is adapted to either ladies' or
gentlemen's use. Tliev also have a lino
assortment of second hand Bicycles.
I.. S.Gooo bells dry goods the cheapest.
For this disease thoro is nothing betterthan
Chamberlain's Pain Halm. Tha
prompt relief which it affords is aline
worth many times its com, which is but
fifty cents tier bottle. Many very bad
cases hnvo been permanently cured by
it. For salo by druggists.
IT jour nninr is not on the YSTVJAAtiKNCKU'SftuliNcrfptltin
Hooka nmkc Invite
to get It on tlie 1U<. >ioi withstand In*? in.
vru????t ?lto ami fitment I iniproremAnt
tlirro !n no increiute in prico. Still butter
Uiiuic* Are to eonio.
do.vt. J
. Don't Attempt to reform the wofttM' It'it n
large hemisphere and Jiie f? ihort.
Duu'ttolk politico to ladies or dry good* to
gentlemen! Good taate will endorse neither.
Don't think because you have hucfl juccawlul
lu one thing you eau sueeeed In ill I"Ftw pert-1
pie succeed even In one thing.
Don't think yourself physically omnipotent!
The weakest person* una the shortest lived are
frequently those who feel the'btst. ;
Dou'tdelnv when voti feel weak, languid, rundown
or debilitated!' Take something to stimulate
your energies at oue.
Don't think that any.stimulant will dot Doctorn,
seientist* and the best authorities agree
that pure whiskey is the only reliable stimulant.
Don't be deceived into utfng (fa Inferior
whiskey! It.-member that the /uo?t popular,
the most puro. the most powerful ami the most
valuable whiskey is Duffy s Pure Malt and that It
has been so admitted for years.
Don't let your dealer deceive you 'or Impose
upon you by myitis ho has "souicthiiw Ju*t iw
Koud, "KOincibitiK he can recommend. lie lnu?
an interested motive lu such aj&erUoiuj uud
they khould bo distrusted. Th
TUo WorV at UeMiiupUoil la lh% Coke
^cottdale, Pa., May 27.?The work of
resumption is going rapidly along. The
Krick Coke Company now claim to have
00 per ccnt of their ovouS in blast, and
the McClure Company about 20 pur
Complaints continues to be heard on
all sides of men being refused work, although
a number refused last week have
succeeded in getting the bosses to relent
and letting them go to work.
The labur leaders are rallying from
theirdcfeat.and are planningforreorgauization.
Master Workman Wise held a
large meeting at Morcivood lust night,
und says the men are but little discouraged,
and givo him every assurance of
remaining together and keeping the organization
in the ascendency. Secretary
Parker held meetings at Leith and about
Uniontown oil Monday evening, iuid
says he is conlident the organization will
remain llrm.
James MeBride and L. It. Davis left
last night for Columbus, Ohio, to canvass
the mining districts in that neighborhood
for money to liquidate the dis|
trict's indebtedness. Nearly ?5,000 will
have to be raised to pay all the debts*
besides what will be needed to defend
about one hundred leaders, who are
under bail in various prosecutions.
All Sorts of Local >?w? and Gohn1|i from
the <;las? City.
The steel plant will |io doubt rcsuine
to-day. It chilled yesterday morning.
Mrs. W. C. Lcasure, of Fargo,. South
Dakota, passed through here yesterday
for Cadiz.
Uy the end of next week tho.Barnnrd
brick works and drying sheds will titi
under roof.
A crowd of flellairo Junior Mechanics
went to Woodsiield last night to help
institute a new lodge there.
Mr. .laeob C'arnes, of Wcllsvillo, father
of M. T. Carnes, is here 011 a visit, for
the llrst time in sovcral years.
Glassware in prettygood lots left hero
yesterday for Sidney, Australia'; Sacramento,
Cal., ami Galveston, Tex.
The Chautauqua circle will picnio at
Wallace's Dam next. Saturday, looking
up the geology of that vicinity.
Itobert McYay has again received!
another big lot of curtain strctcherraud
quilting frames, which go like hot'
Samuel MnDonald ischeck clerk on the
li. (t O. platforms during fbfc abijpnce^of
H'. j. Auit ut a griuia loage meeting 111
Several m-etty well dressed tramps
insifltcd ladies yesterday in lliu Fourth
word bv their profanity. If repeated,
some of them will be annihilated. '
Three hundred dollars in wn'acs was
lost by the men at Kodefer Bros.' the
Bottle Co.'s and the Lantern Globe
Company by the boys' going to the circus.
" ..I ,i
People who left hero for Hammond,
Ind., are dissatisfied, and arc coming
hack. Several have already arrived.
Irregular time made is tho causo ascribed.
A C. & P. yard engine 'jumped the
track yesterday and started at right
angles across tlie yards. A rail turning
was the cause. She was soon righted,
with very little damage.
About a year ago a crowd of young
men left here between two davs,"there
being a girl in the caso. The same
thing is about to occur again, and sea
shore and far away fishing trips' are
contemplated by several young men.
A slight fire in the roof of the old
Belmont glass works culling department
yesterday brought out the department,but
their services were not needed,
as a few bucketful* of water soon
extinguished the thuncs and uo .damage
was done.
Another special train came down the
river yesterday, having on hoard Chief
dork John McKiui. of tho superintendent's
office at Wcllsville. lioadmaster
Striven, Bridge Boss Jlartiu, .Building
Boss Apple and several other officials
on a tour of inspection.
"I Could BIovu tho World
If I had somctUing to rest my lever on," paid
Arch I mode*. Large bod I is movo or are moved
slowly. Hut It Is no Impossible or even difficult
task to render those small bodies, the kidneys,
active when the.v are not so. Don't try to tlo
this with umncdicated alcoholic stimulants.
The experiment Is unsafe. The sure, safe mean*
is lloatelter's Stomach Hitters, which nflbrd*
Just the right amount of stimulus without overdoing
the matter. Continued inactivity of
either the kidneys or bladder, it should never bo
lost sight of, tire attended with great peril.
Hrlght's disense, diabetes, ami other ailments
which tiiTbct th*> renal organs, have their originin
Inaction of the kidneys. To overcome this is
an easy matter at the outset* Not so inter Now
is the appointed time in u enso of this port, Irregularity
of the bowels, stomach and liver, rheu
. ' - I.>, I hu.lllA 'fllttl.nu
innnBin mill uimmiu .... ..n-.. ,v ...? MVivio.
Reymajjn's C'clol)riitoil I-ugrr nepocinllv
nt r.aliy .Sample Itoonu, No. -100
31 in'n etrect. _
Children Cry for Pitcher's Casloria.
Pllog, l'lle.'S I'ilns.
I/iosq's Red Clover Pile KenieclyJs a
positive specific for nil forms of the dislwc.
niiii'l, bleeding, itching, ulcerated
and protruding piles. 1'ripo 5Qc.
For wale hy l.og?n lh'ngl-o.' daw
I~m WBilftMGE..'
Scrofula Is a form oi Wood poison
descending from parent to cliiltL ilercury
and potash dry up scrofulous .
sores and bottle up tlio poison in the'
? O C Q <li>iwna ftiA nrttertn
BVMfUJ. w. k: ?J., v..w t-~..
out through tho pores of the sld&J
Her Boy.
' Swift's Specific (8.8. 8.,) cured injr ttttlo.
boy of hereditary scrofula, which broke oat
all over his faco. For a yoar he hnd Buffered,
and I hnd glvoift up nil hopes of his recorory,
wbun at lonsth I wa3 Induced to use S. S. 0.
After using a fewbottlos ho tra? entirely
cured, liov a symptom now remains of tUo
disease. This was three years npo.
2dHA T. L. MATUKits. Mathcrrille, Hiss.
Book on Ulood and Skin Bhcasts'FsnflU
: vvtm-jH .v? - ?
I ??. rrr\r\ CJllr Hfapp f \ C *A
zu rauciiid ratify muia auu i vn&cc jim uiwa - j ^
Patterns, a yard, - - - joo
Yards Black Surah Silk at - 31c
200 Surah Silk Sashes, a piece. - - 2 5
Laces, Wraps, Curtains, Umbrellas,
Emsheimer's, 11 th Street
V ' '
\ ?o*
? lloo STREET ^V";1
itl/W : ;-.vg I'lJfclw 01YJ
I DRY GOdii 1
y cn
w Spring and Sammer. g
H ??? f
n Of Choice Novelties! w
?? ti
^ 1 I CI III I anu OLUail WUIUII5<3|
Q Grenadines, India Silks, *j*
|t | Lawns and Organdies, Ginghams,
Printed de C flines, Parasols, o
,;,jCO Sun Umbrellas, . O
Lu] Centeneri Kid Gloves, Silk Gloves, Silk Mitts. ^
O \ ~ z
Drapery, Mulls ana Silks, q
lnn, O l J J flj
Especial attention is invited to our* well selected <?
z ? - 2
\jj uiuu IIUIU UUJ.UUU111JLV *30
2 A Specialty I
< 0? co
Iju (J)
By constantly buying we keep our sto?k I ffl
U good all the time. We aim to keep the best
[-* \ goods, never misrepresented. All repre- ?
\ sentations equivalent to a guarantee.
X \
* -\ X
i (I n1<fffl:
91 and 92 Water Street, Pittsburgh,' Pa.,
Manufacture and Sell Every Article, Tool <ir Appliance Headed at
Either for Gas, Oil, Water or Mineral Tosts.
j:i: ' :.: r r^ilY "
' v q ?.. . *iU o\ .v
Boilers, Casings, Engines, .Fittings,
-Derricks, Pumps, Tu&ft|v- - Xu?^|e.
o i -r.-1
? ? J.
ear catalogues and i-kick ui>t* oa application.
-iM .. * - !' . -V ... . - ;'Vf \v ,
Real Estate for Sale.
Building lots on west side of North Huron $
street, Island, at ?X> per foot front.
A (Ino duelling property on the: west tide of
Market street, north of Ninth street.
Lot 100x100 feet, southwest corner McColloCh*
and Thirtieth street*. Willi four dwelling houses, '\"s
No. 2314 Jacob Vtrcct, three-roomed cottage, ; ' ?Y
lot 16x100 feet, for a.ooo. ' ^
100x550 feet In Pleasant Valley, on tho National .'Id
road, for (1,000, on easy terms.
The buslncwi building, No. 1522 Main street, -1
now occupied by J. Mr. Hunter & Co.'* spioa
mllla. The
Pryor place on National road, near Kim
Grove, consisting of about twenty acres, with
Lot 83x180 feet on the east iido of North Front uM
street, Island, 81,500.
No. 40 Virginia street, bland, S rooms and bath ''!
No. 1831 EofT street, opposite the Cathedral.
No. 104 Fifteenth street 5 rooms. *"
No. Fourteenth atreet, hvo rooms, attlo
and laundry.
Lot 30x120 north side of Fourteenth street.
Lot 30xia) feet North Huron street, Island.
2117 and 2110 Molu street, lot 44x120 feet*
, *p9 1314 Market Street.
8lx- roomed dwelling, lot 76x158, on northwest iS
corner of North Front aud Kentucky street!
This is a good property and a splendid location.
Price eu.360.
Klcvcn-roomo'l brick hoiwe with brick stable /
in rear, northeast corner EoiT and Twentieth -v
streetH, (3,760.
New four-roomed frame house, laxgo yard, at
2715 Moyaton street, 51.050.
Six-roomed house, hot and cold water, woll
built house, at 106-1 McColloch street, 12,000.
Investment that wilj. pay two fob ox?? ^
Twenty-six acres of boautiful laying land Joining . V
Martin's Ferry, within tbreo squares of new
street car line, if platted Into lots will bring thll
sesMin 820,000. I'rlce 88,600.
Six-roouied fratno house, lot 28x180, at SI
South Huron street. 82,800.
Cottage homo, No. 23 South Huron street,
lot 88x30, 81,700.
C3-. O. SMITH,
mv22 REAL ESTATE AGENT. 1229 Market 81 >'
Five-roomed brick house, with brick stabfe
ground 100 feet front, .between* Thirty-first and
Thirty-second Htreets, SI ,000.
Five-roomed house, 3615 EoIT Street
Six-roomed brick house, in very good condition,
No. !iG20 Jacob street, $3,600. . 2 .?;*
Six-roomed houso, in splendid . condition, ~ J
ground 100 feet front on MeColloch street, between
Thirty-first and thirty-second streets,
Two brick housed, 4 rooms in each, 1B8 and 180
Eighteenth street, $1,000 each.
t our-roomcd house. 2303 Wood streot. S030t >'* ,
Six-roomed house, iu very good condition, on a
Market street, between Twenty-third and Twentyfourth
streets, Stt.fiOO.
Six-roomed house, in splendid condition, 2886
Wood street, ?2,4u0.
Four-roomed houso on Twenty-ninth streot, M
SI ,150.
Four-roomed houso on Twenty-third and
Charles streets, 61,200. - .$3
Hotel lease and fixtures In city, doing a pay- &5s
lng business.
Good business houso on Chaplino street, Centre
WbetUa gf
Half lot on Kofi*street, Sixth ward, SI,000.
Half lot on Moysteu street, Sixth ward, $530. ; V
Manufacturing site near C. ?& P. freight depot, '
Martin's Ferry.
Lots in Marylynn, near Dcnwooa Junction,
$200 to S100 each; one-third cash, balance lu one
Lola In Fllnn, Whyte & Gallagher'*, addition,
$100 to 8300 each.
Lot* in A. 11.Patterson addition to Elm drove, ; $SB
from 1200 to S8S0 each. Also lots in the old Fair
Grounds and Ilydingcr's addition!.
Eighty-seven acres two miles east of the city.
180 acres near flberrard, well Improved.
Eighty ut*res near Woodland station, Marshall
county, 61,600.
Glcndalu stock for sale.
Farm of 250 acres on Harmon's Creek, in Cnw 'A
Creek distrlot, Brooke county, W. Va.. three aud
a halt miles from BteubenvlUo and thirty-eight
miles from Pittsburgh on the P., C. <fc St. ii. Railroad,
containing two briclc houses, .one seven
rooms, the other-throe rooms: three: veins of vl
Coal \% feet, 5 feot aud 7 feet thick. Quarry of , .
good building stone opened, with rallrtrnd r\
switch leading to same.. I'rleo 57,000.
Beautiful place of three and ono-half acres on >
National pike, with 10 roomed brick houie, in Jr
splendid condition, good brick stable and out- $
buildings, complete. This property is well j,
suited to divido into lots. , t -c
Two lots on the high ground in Zand's orchard
addition on South Uuron street, Island.
1739 Market Street. mrt8
-A K0KT8*
No. 1027 Market street, n rooms 512 00
No. 10.7 Market street, 6 rooms ... 15 00 ?'
No. 3W7 Chaplino street. 2 rooms 5 00 - .
No. 22U Main street, 3 rooms 10 03
No. vj Eignicenui sireei, siore room.-......*. iuw
No. 2102 Main street, store room 10 00 ^
Sixteen lots In J. and J. It Baker addltlon.81,600
No. v> and 87 Sixteenth street ....
No. 2631 end 2C3S Chapllne street .... 8.000 ., i
Thirty-flve aeresstoueand cool land, Itush Run,
^venty-flvo acres land, Short Creek 4 4,fi00 \
Seventeen and one-half acre* laud, one-half
mile west lower point of Island $ 3.000 >
Dealrablo residence ono mile west Of Bridgeport,
Three iwid ouc-half acres of land near Ww
No. 1C17 South street, (tho lato Hubbard saw
Three and onc-balf acres of land in Liberty
No. 4300 Ivcfcel street, ground W by 800 fcetl 1,400
Three-roomed house. Mc. Wood soctlou,
ground GO by 1C0 feet S flOO : <3
No. 2831 and mi Wood Mreet 2,700 jft
Twenty-one shores Blverslde .Glass Works
stock nt a bargain. ? _ * i
No. 22 Alloy It, corner Alley B and Alloy 6.
Price, 8M0.
No?. 2010 and 2021 Main street. :
Eighteen acres of land one utile ea.*t of Elm . *
Qrove. Fronts about WW feet on National road,
with four-fcjouied frame house and 200 fruit trees. <,
Price. 81,W0.
I.ot 70 by 130 feet. Elm Grove 8 275
Nos. 51 aim uo Alley iu ijaw . ?..
Nos. 2904 ami 2908 Chnpliudstruot 8,200
No. 1005 McOoiloeb street ..... 2,3? . $ ,,
So. 8028 McOollocb street j 1,000
No. 2110 ami 2112 Malu street
No. 20(M nml 2000 Main strcot ........
No. 2t50l Market street 9 2,000
No. l?? Ohio street 2,300 V1 H
No. 1HU 8outh Penn Street. 2,000
No. (50 North Front street?ground AO by
about 400 feet 8,600
No. 1004 Cbspllno ntreot ....... I v
No. 2314 EolT street 2.5QQ a 1
No. 2006 Malu street 1,200 . <: j
Real Estate Agent. U. fl. Clnlrn Attorney. Expert
in pension Claims.
iptTO 1612 Market Street.
Tho right plnce to establish any Industry In the
South that requires Wood, Iron or steel.
Large Inducements to Manufacturers
Now is tho time rind here Is the plnec to lftjr
the fotindntion for future fortunes. Don't nejflcct
to think about thin. Write m? (or pnrt.lc.ulure,
or buy around trip ticket to Lookout Mountain,
and when you ruach here, coll on me.
l-? Itiebimlfthn Block, Chattanooga, Tenn.
Cai n;nn!f Qr^/"\nc
OUU V 1 111 k-iuvyvyi ivJ.
Spoonsof all sizes and kinds, commemorating
historic events and fa
mous places and cities, are now quite
the thing for remembrance gifts. .
Our stock is much the largest and *
most complete in the State.
L G. Dillon & Co.,
mtt? 1223 Market Street

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