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Balk the method nntl results when
gjnip of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
aj lefrcsliiBg to tlio taste, and acts
railv yet promptly on the Kidneys,
lit:: and Hotels, cleanses tlie systm
effectually, disj>el3 colds, headers
and fevers and cures habitual
eojtijatbn. Syrup of Figs is tho
(itlv remedy of its kind over prodccal,
plcnsing to tho taste and aoeeptui>!c
to tlio stomach,' prompt in
its actinn and truly beneficial in its
ejects, prepared only from the most
teaJtby ana agreeable substances, its
: muiv excellent qualities commend it
[ to all ami have made ijftj' (the most
j popukr remedy known.
Evruji uf Figa is for sale fn 50o
ltd'SI tollies by all leading druggiils.
Auy reliable druggiot who
cay not liavo it on hand will protare
it promptly for ufiyjone who
rein to t-'y it. I>o not accept any
ueisriiti. ft. /iff iv ronx. N.v
licrobe Killer.
f lie Greatest Discovery ofitie Age.
r, /
I'KV:*!; l:l:?> >* 'IIITI.S. KHKI'MATISM,
In?hort. nil forms of Onranle ahu Functional
<whi Th?- ouret effected by 1W4 Medicine
tt lawny can's
Sold only in Jujr* containing One Gallon.
HICETHRKE l*>LLAKS-a uranll Invwtmcnt
when Health anil Life con b? obtained.
For ulv by all llutall Druggist* Trudo sup|Btdbjr
?>ia<x 601.E AoENW.
a i'nnrani?t'?l h|K'ciilo for Hysteria, Dial??.
CotmiUlom, FJu, Xervniu Neuralgia,'
Swtoui Prostration cauaed by the
**vf ilrnhol or tobacco. Wakefulness Mental
wanton, fiofteuing of the Brain. resulting in
ami leading to rafoerv, decay and deaUi,
ntt itiirf Old Age. Barrenness, Low of Power
heiUifrm, 111 voluntary losses and Spermatid
.14 rawed by overexertion "of-tlie brain,
Wibojtor over indulgence. Each box eontome
month'* treatment. ?l to 11 box, or nix
wj^fif|5U), ?ent by mall prepaid on receipt
letm inj r*?o, With cach order received bj
?!X t-nxc*. accompanied with 8T? W>. wo will
purchuer our written guarantee toretaeumney
U the treatment doeauot effect
tra. Guarantees Isnied only by
.. . MeLAI.V BROTHEkSi nrbfKl*t?.
I ,Vf fflw ?S vS^Jutif w?35ni?i*iloot
I H lhru=,l, l ic ll ii ?*M,', ir^In?1"'id ,r"'"?le
' l?r S?. "!e Pf'1""* KcreI
.ft1, ;' ' ol?^nii't|oijiif till. pm.
? ,, "i"1" tornu otdjjoaM. jmeh
' "'"II. "tlU iVX. I'r1 ff* ?>?ntultl
,!'l. l,k('!\ "hell Hitch ob|
-the prrftence of
I 1 " !;? i...- ,im? i V|S ?,s ?u*n?lon<f?l. the
jjlchonkNinibcMcrr?!!?. Wllea;
8"1 ?r< e v , wanting oil im ; ?>
,, ?l,uon (i! the Mora
.' ? ''VYC ! ??h'u-u- >'
tL!*' <!" w,.'..'' I t!,\ ' 'rom n common pku?
I usdLr *"" 4 a hmtmS
I n"us" Ilh,KDV''r
"v. i'm IJrr,'"? 00,1 After.
ft; ?otth-?,,""I"",'ixc: H ho om-n
u*n.t?. '.I'ruv in]Qtteidn?i we
ft (in--. I'ru-y. one imcJCBBP, 51;
MSV. .,r .re;1,1 ,vl? ?>'? I
Tur '' nr(,lnW. 2 ?0S|?. AdrtreJM
'He wood chemical Co..
jgiwi lwll?a>i)- l/JGAH UKUG CO.
lull's Pills
"?iKfiy,,"r^n,,",y "?Tor falls to
"jspepsla, Constipation, Sick
?Mnj uniuuaiicsa
H And a\l diseases arising from a
H torpid Liver and Bad Question.
J)1 "inral remit ll So'oil oppotlto
flc.ii. IMm urn>111 .fo? ant
"' Ufoutwl and cany InmialloVi
I D_r'r.ilt.V TtHmanA tlnai
H "/G^V Original mi] (Uif Ow?l?<w A
I Br**i 1?u<-l 1W. 'ICU :,1\W
A ? W?. Hi!*i %rtlJ? t*.at
P] T^%3T?k? * &?* r.'M* rto*r 7'jr..
H l? ft a>i4 tmlhrilmu >i
<_# 4^SrSJSSte2.
HnhB 3 R B flVnd WUHke jr HaWU
KBHEH U Inlcured at iioiu* wltnwnmasam
ofiwUM VWMUfciiU Btl
The plough-boy whUtled behind bin plough.
For bit lungs were souud aud he bad no
lie guided hi* team with a pliant bongh
Aud wotenxl It well at a weyjld# trough.
The toll wa* hard, lor the land was roughIt
lay ou the shores of an Irlih lough?
Bat hli well-fed team wos stout and tough,
Aud be plied his bougb to flank and hough.
He tolled all day. and tbo crow aud chough
Flew around his head, though he oft cried
* Shough j"
But bis plough at ere strode a hidden sough
With a force that sent his shuare dear
The frightened team ran off with the plough.
With the speed of the wind from the plough*
boy, thoturh
He shouted " Wima !" And into a slough
, Jt pi mured, where the mud was as soft as
Tho Woman who Caused tho Baccarat Scandal?Her
Itcputatloa not tho Best.
1/r.ulon DUpaleh in AVic York tt'orUL
The relations between the Prince of
Wales and Lady Brooke have been the
topic of social gossip on several occasions.
As yet nobody has openly accused
the nair of any undue intimacy,
yet it has been repeatedly hinted that
if Lord Brooke were not so easv uoini:
he would long ago hnvo put a stop to
the repeated interviews between his
wife and the heir apparont. It in also a
well known fart that the I'rinecss of
Wales lias strongly objected to having
Lady Brooke's society forced upon her,
and that the Queen simply ignores her.
A few years ago rumor' had it that
Lady Brooke had becomo smitten with
the handsome Guardsman,, but that'Sir
William Gordon-Cumming, being aware
of the close relations botween his friend
the Princo and the lady in question,
met her advance coldly. Lady Brooko
has always been known among her
friends and nt conrt as one of the most
mischievous gossip-mongers. She is
considered a woman who will never rest
until she has brought ruin upon any
person she ,hates. Iter past has been
such as to give color to the unfavorable
comments made on hor character. All
London knows thaUior married life is
an unhappy one.'Lord Brooke lias
always lieei) an inslgniUcant inun, who
has 110 other merit except that of having
been u college chum of the late i'rince
Leopold, Duke of Albany.
l.idy Brooke before her marriago was
Miss J'laynanl. Iler father, Col. Maynard,
left an enormous fortune, of which
only tho smaller part went to bis
widow, who soon after his death became
the wife of the Earl of Hosslyn.
Lord Brooko is tho eldest son of the
Earl of Warwick, of Warwick Castle.
He is undoubtedly the poorest peor in
the United Kingdom, nud consequently
wncn Lord Brooke's marriage with
Miss Mnynurd came off it was hailed
with delight by the Earl and his family.
' A few years after their marriage rumors
became afloat concerning an imminent
social fcnmlal iu which the
names of several prominent statesmen,
officers, itc., were connected with that
of one of the wealthiest anil most beautiful
ladies of tho English'aristocracy.
It did not take long until these rumors
assumed greater consistency, and it became
an open secret that lady Brooke's
reputation was at stake. No less than
fourteen co-respondents were named,
among them, as usual, the gay Prince,
the J)uko of Marlborough, and even
Lord Randolph Churchill. The affair
was hushed up, and the only man who
saved Ills reputation in tho matter was
Lord Randolph Chnrchill. The rest
carried the stigma of tho affair until
the scandal, like many others, had died
out. It seemed then Dut little short of
a miracle that the' pure, sweet, simple
girl who but a few vears ago appeared
to be the essence of truth, goodness and
purity, should be brought In court with
no less tlion fourteen co-respondents so
shortly nfter her marriage.
Another interesting fact is that Lady
Brooke was an intimntc friend of l.iuly
Colin Campbell. The foul ainwhich infests
the circle of her intimate acquaintances
and the unmatiliness of her lord
anil muster have certainly much to do
with tho vdgurics and eccentricities of
her prospnt life. Ever since this beautiful
and in some waystalented woman
became prominent in society she has
been the public leader of a very fast set
at fondon, Ascot, Sltudown and Goodwood.
In racing circles she is known
as the "lady plunder," and" many a
"booky" has "gone home with his pockcts
filled wjth crisp banknots after her
ladyship lms had a bad day. Some
vea'rs ago she spent the season at Monte
"Carlo, and there, t<M, she was said to
have lost a lurgc amdnnt of her father's
wealth. v f
The real cause why Lord Brooko did
not push the divorce case above referred
to has never bcou known, but it
wns iiintcd that the old Earl of Warwick
objected to having: his untarnished
name draaged intorcourt. Apart from
this, fconl Brooke's 'next brother, Captain
Fulke Grevillc, was acting as bearleader
to the I'rinpo of \\ ales's eldest
son, and it is likely that a good deal of
influenco was brought to bear upon the
heir of Warwick Castle from that quarter.
Furthermore, l.iulv Brooke's steD
father, the Earl of Ro'ssl.vn, was Captain
of the Corps of bentlemcn-atA
rms, and lie is one of tho most conspicuous
figures of I/jndon society. An
excellent sportsman and an execrable
poet, he has the highest opinion of
himself. Ho is, however, not popular,
and is often sneered at. His sister is
married to Connt Munatcr, the German
Ambassador at Paris. '
Young Onions? Ileinovo the tops,
wash and peel. Hoil in hot water tor
half un hour, then drain off the wator
and cover them with hot milk and
water, using the same-quantity of each.
Lot them boil till tender, drain and
cover with rich'milk and cream, season
with salt, pepper and bnttcr. Do not
cook in iron.
IIow to Cook Steak?A Philadelphia
broil is very handy whero wood is used
foi* fuel, anil could not be told from a
broiled steak except from the fact (hat
the marks of the grid-iron are wanting.
Make a smooth and clean frying pan
verv hot. Do not use anv fat, but lay
on the ment, turn iiwl cpok exactly us
above, and in t itlier cape hb soon as
done transfer to- a hot dish containing
butter, and some pepper and salt. Turn
the meet over once or twice before sending
it to the table:
tieneral Bules lor Cake Making.?In
cake making as a general rule the following
directions inav be followed with
profit: 1. The ingredients must be the
best. 2. Never allow butter to become
oily, though it is best to hare it salt
enough to mix with sugar. 8. Alwavs
use an earthen or enameled dish to mix
it in a wooden spoon, if possible with
which to bent it. 4. Beat butter and
sugar together and then add milk or
other liquids, yolks of eggs and spices,
and last, the beaten whites of oggs and
Havering. It fruit is used put in with
the flour, o. For small cakes the oven
should be pretty hot; for larger cakes
only of moderate heat. Thrust a broom
straw though the thick part of the
cake; if the straw should come out free
from dough it is done.
From What is Left Over.?The Ilmuthold
recommends the following ways in
which appetizing dishes can be mado
from the little left over from a meal:
1. Tako cold oatmeal, add one egg, a
Hfti.-.' :v.'
spoon of cream, and flour to itir stiff.
Fit in little flat bulls in a hot buttered
ikfllot. Use cold rice in the same way.
Always servo njcb ' aloff Jhr TO?r?;
they fall if loft to cooL ^MiWy fary
fuuiily like corn monl mush, either in
milk or fried crisp in dripping*. If
there is a cupful left and is just to be
thrown away, wait a moment. Beat it
up soft In a quurt of milk, add a cup of
molasses, one of raisins, and two eggs,
with apices to suit taste. Bake two
hours. It is a delicious pudding with
sugar and crcam. 3. Take the cup of
rice left from breakfast, add a cup of
crcam, ono-half cup BUgar, the yolks of
two ef5gs. Cook for a moment, and
place in a glass dish. Use the two
whites for the top and ploco bits of jelly
upon it. Now you havo a dish for tea
with but little trouble.
Ammonia for the Bath.?The Annals
of Hygiene has discovered thereis nothing
that so quickly restores tone to exhausted
nerves and strength to u weary
body as ? bath containing on ounce of
aqua ammonia toeach pail of water. It
makes the flesh firm and smooth as maf
ble Mid"renders the body pure and free
from all odor.
.Sleep us a Medicine?A physician nave
that the cry for rest has always lioou
louder than the cry for food. Not that
it Is more important, but it is olten
harder to obtain. The best rest comes
from souiid sleep. Of two men or
women, otherwise equal, the one who
sleeps the best-will bu the most healthy '
and efficient. Sleep will do much to
cure irritability of temper, peevishness,
and uneasiness. It will restore visor to
an overworked brain. It will build up
ami make strong a weak body. It will
cure a headache. It will cure a brokon
spirit. It will cure a sorrow. Indeed,
we may make a long list of nervous and
other maladies that sleep will chre.
The cure of sleeplessness require? a
clean, good bed, sufficient exercise to
promote weariness, pUasantoccupation,
good air, and not too wasm a room; a
clear conscience, and avoidance of stimulants
and narcotics. For thoso who
are overworKeu, naggaru, nervous, who
pass sleepless nights, we commend the
adoption of eiich habits 08 will secure
sleep, otherwise life will bo short, and
wliat there is of it sadly imperfoct.
Care of the Eyes.?A writer in the
Home Journal says: "Traveling abroad
or studying at home it Willi be wiso to
remember two tilings?to wush the
teeth with slightly suited water at night
and bathe the eyes with cold "Water. If
the eyelids arc irritated continuously
wash' them in weak camphor water,
which will destroy the small animalcule
which, cause the constant soreness.
This do at intervals. If the eyes uro
tired and inflamed from loss oi sleep,
by sitting up late or*long travel, apply
in the morning soft white linon, dripping
with hot water?as hot as you can
bear it?laying the cloth upon the lids.
You will feel the oves strong and tree
from pain or distress in half an hour.
I would not venture to offer any remedy
for so delicate a thing as the eyes if I
had not used this myself for years aifd
had not good eyesight. This; of course,
applies only to feverish or inflamed
lids. Hot 'water, is a very curative
thing, and with tired eyelids a blessing.
The wet rag should be laid on the uves
very wet and hot, and removed before
the'cloth is cool.
Lot the World Know Yon Are In It,
It seems almost a criino for a man to
"hide Ills light Under n bushel." If lie
lias something new,that will benefit the
human race, he should make it known.
Old-fogy physicians tread the beaten
path of their grandfathers, deuounce
advertised remedies, and never learn
anything new. Medical science knows
no parallel to Dr.. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription, compounded by a physician
of skill and long experience, especially
for the maladies which atHirt
women. It etTeets a permanent cure,for
those agonizing disorders which attack
her frml organism, and is an anchor of
hope alike to delicate girls and suffering
women; contains no deleterious drugs.
A guarantee on the bottle-wrapper, refunding
the price in ease of failure. Of
druggists, $1 00.
Every man thinks he would be properly
appreciated if his wife knew some
other men he knows of.'
A Wonder Worker. *
Mr. Frank Huffman, a young man of
Burlington, Ohio, Htates'.thnt ho hail
been under the care of two prominent
physicians, and used their treatment
uniil he was not able to get around.
They pronounced hi? case to be Consumption
and incurable. He was persuaded
to try Dr. King's Xew Discovery
for Consumption, Couglia and Colds',
nnil at that time was not ablo to walk
across the slrect without resting. lie
found, before he had used half of a dollar
bottle, that he was much better; he
continued to uso it and is to-day enjoying
good health. If you have any
Throat, Lung or Chest 'Trouble try it.
AVo guarantee satisfaction. Trial bottle
free iit I/Ognn Drug C'o.'s Drug Storo. 6
For Over Fifty l'cara
lira. Wimslow'b Soothisq Svnup , hna
been used by millions of mothers for
their children while teething. If disturbed
at ni^ht and broken of yonr rest
by a sick child suffering and crying with
pain of cutting teeth send at once and
' get a bottle of "Mrs. Winelow'e Soothing
Svrup" for children teething. It will
reliovo the poor little sufferer immediately.
Depend upon it, mothers, there
is no mistake about it. It cures diar~V/on
oomilnlns (lia afnmn/ih nml Iiimi'aIo
I livriij I c^uiHiw ?"V ..UU|Uv ?vw,
cures wind colic, Foftens the gums, reduces
inflammation and gives tone and
energy to tlio whole system. "Mrs.
WinSow'i Soothing Syrup" for children
teething is pleasant to the taste and is
the prescription of one of the oldest and
best female physicians and . nurses in
the United states, l'rlce twenty-live
cents a bottlo. Sold by all druggists
tlironghout the world, fie sure and nsk
for "jlns. Winslow's Southing Syrup."
For a man never "in trade," don't you
know, ''Sir William Gordon-Cumming
is a most expert 'counter' juniper."
v Blood Diseases
moiled FREE.
cocrtcrr rn LUnHU.
grcviriv v.v>> I ? ? ?
Atlanta, Ga. I
The Effect Waa Magical.
I suffered from cancer on mjr Hp thatdeflad
thoskillof tbo bcM phyalclnnsuf the state.
I bail It fJracd out, out the operation only
mode It worse, causlnp It to spread orcr
more - urfnee and cat deeper' in. 1 anally
used SwlU'i SpecMc (8. a S..) to heaut op
anddrovetho poison out of my blood. Tito
effect ot the SpeclSc was magical! H
healed up onltrely without letmns a scar u
a reminder. This was over four years ago,
and Unco then there has been no sign of a
return of the cancer. I will cheerfully answer
nay Inquiries la refrnrd torn*case.
Eitos YouXI. Bradford. Ohio.
Book en Blood sad Skin Dbeates FrM.
r '
iiakasi i
Tha Feature* of tho Sfonoy and Stock
Nrw Yonx. June 18.?Money on will ca*y; ranging
from 2 to per cent; l?t loan 2 percent:
closed offered ut* 2 per cent. IWrno merchautile
paper 5>{a7 per cent Sterling exchange quiet
but steady at 81 fci^a4 65. Salon were 249,457
There were two Influence* which exerted n favorable
effect upou the stocJc market?the announcement
of a riual wttiement between tho
Chicago Giu trout mid the city uud the reduction
ol tbe minimum rate of discount by the Bank of
DngUmd as anticipated. The ftr*t of the*s ibowed
a r,,.1... .....I.trlal ill I I'll?Iff. ill
tilt* price of (be stdck Interested. but tbo latter
failed to have auv marked e fleet
any where in the list. The (notional
gain* which marked the opening may Ihj
lisirlr attributed to It. but tue higher price* were
met by freer offerings, and the gams were <juirkly
neutralized with the completion of this
movement, and all interest and anlmetiou in the
market ceased. The prevailing sentiment ou
the stroet Is now bullish, but the dullness makes
the room elomeut favor the short aide nnd the
scalping of eighth* aud quarters nukes up the
bul? of the business now transacted. and keeps
th* market within tho narrowest limit*.
railroad bonds vetc stiU very dull, but showed
a linu tone.
Government and State bonds dull end steady.
U.S. 4u tfg. llTJi'New York CentrnLl(V)!4?
U. 45. -la Coupon llS)i Ohio A MiksisslppL. IS
U. b. 4&1 reg luo do prefcrred - 85
U. 8. 4>j* coupon...100 Orogou Improve't.. 27
ltalQc (id of 'Si ley Oregon N'av 7l
Atchison Oregon Traua 11;?
Adams KxnreM llti Pacific Mall 90>\
American KxprOH>ui.'? Pittsburgh HI
Canada Pacltle .. 7W<iPullman Palaec 160
Cauadn Southern... 4D!4! - 81?3
Central Parlilc 31 Knck Island 7JJs
Che^aneakt* & Ohio 17 |St. Paul 01; i
do tint preferred 48 1 do preferred U-'i
do second pref'd 3t. Paid A* Omaha... W4
Chl.lJur. ?&Quiucy.. H'M; do preferred - M
Del.i Hudson Violli Tenn.Coalttlron... 3."^
I)eL Lack. ?t West...i:KililT>xas Pacific .... 1^>S
Den. <fc R. <1. pref'd 49U Union PaeHlo...^^. 45
Erie....... 19ft U. S. Express o-'S
Port Wayne 148 W.. St. L. A P. 10^
Illinois Central HI do preferred - Sllfr
Kansas Texas HVa|Wulb? Fanio Kx 112
Lake Shoro -Ho k Western union 81
Louisville & Nash... 78J> Am. Cotton Oil 25
Memphis it C'has... IH (Colorado Coal .. '?>%
Michigan central... rci I treasurer
MiMourl Pacific...-<X%Qnicksilver JL.
Nashville &Chatt~107 j do preferred - 8C
New Jersey'VntrnLlWK .?utro 0
Norfolk A W.prcrd 51-4! Riehtn'd ?k W.P.T. \W
Northern Paelilc..... Wtt Chicago lias
do preferred I.ead Trust 17%
Northwestern Sugar Trust tt!
do preferred
Breadstuff* and Prorlslon*.
Chicago. li.t-June 18.?There was a promise
of higher prices iu all elMSC* of property truded
iu, on tho opening thfH morning, but the nromIre
was broken before the session closed and
broke with It everything, closing at about the
bottom figures of tho day. Wheat showed" stead Inew?
and Utile strength at the opening. It wa>
said to bo still raining iu many purls oi Kmuw.,
and where the ruins had eeased the Holds were
too wet to admit of harvest operations. Cables
were steady, and for a time th?*re was a fair demand
and the market held steady. Later, however,
it wa? annonuccd that there was a prospect
of clearlug weather In the southwest and in the
northwest as well, and the feeling began to
weaken. The downward progress was assisted
by a coblegram from Paris noting a decline.
Corn, lower.
Oats, moderatively active.
Provisions fairly strong at tbe openina. I-atnr
there was a break due to the weakness in other
pits, especially in corn.
Flour steady and unchanged.
Wiikat?Cash No. 2 spring U5c: No. 3 spring
No. 2 red iK3nS>7e: June
July WKaMJiaOl/'Sc; August W^W^aW^c.
uohn?umu r?0. "4, l?vsav: juiic .waiwi^wab,
July 55H?^7JiarKV%o; August
Oats?Cash Xo#H7c; J n no &%a.??)4a%%e; July
W^oW^HG^c; August 31 ?6a32;4aSl;?c.
1UULEY. No. 2,61a
1*laxm:ki>?No. 1. ?107*4.
Timothy sf.eiv?si -Si.
Mm* PoKic-Cash 310 25; July S10.TOtilO&7K
u]0:w; September 110 Stall) WtalU.Vi.
LaRI>?Cn*h to '22X: July Siii7VtCy?C2T^; September
Sfi fiOaC ?amr. So.
Shout Hum?Co*b. S5 Dta6 CIO; July S#00a610a
(102%; September S?5 2jtuS 87**u<?
8iiorLHF.nK?'Si 00u510; short clear SC 25afi 35.
IJirrtKR weaker; extra creamery 16!#ii7c: extra
first* Keltic; lints li%ul4c; extra dairy ISalik'.
Eoos, 14air>c.
NVin.fkf.y?81 16.
New i'oiik, June 18.?Flour, receipts 11,000
barrels; expo'rts 14,000 barrel*: market weak;
sales22,000 Ixirrcli*. Wheat, receipts^!.000bushel*:
export* 811,000 bushel*: sales 1,4 W, 000 bu*helt>
of futures and 157,000 bmdiels of spot; rjkii
market lower; No. 2 Chicago 91 00!$ul 07: ungraded
rod SI (*)>ial l\%\ options steady; No. 2
red June *1 t*?>6: July 51 OH?al 06)Jal 04%;
August SI WKal UOj^al 0u%; September to%a
SI UlaW&c: October WJ?aSl m%a?9J$c: November
SI 00>i. Com, receipt* Hl.uuO bushel*: exports
2,000 bu*hel*: rale* l.l&i.OOO bushels of
future* aud Gl.ilOO bushel* of ?pot; lower, quiet;
options heavy; July (Ha<Vi%afHc; August 61?#
September CufaCiljjfnGQjfc. Oats,
receipts ?!,0W hltsncis; PxporiK n imiucin; raiif
65.00U lmshel.1 of futures mid 09,000 bushels
of snot; market lower and quiet: July 41Mu44&a
44 kc; Aujiuyt JWJtfc; September Stjie; spot No. J
white mixed western 40alt)c; white
do J7a54e; X0.-2 Chicago 41c. Coffee steady and
IUa20 point* down. Sugar steady. Molasma
Steady and (julcu Rlrti quiet. Tallow easier;
citric. Rosin steady and quiet. Turpentine
quiet. Eggs firmer: western lOj^c. Cut uieat.s
quiet. Lord weaker: western steam W.V): July
gii 48: August W 01; September SO 74; October
8? 87. llutter unchanged. Cheese easy; pari
skims Jnfifta.
tCiKOnrxATi, O., Juno If?.?Flour nominal.
Wheat Mtrong; No. 2 red SI Oiil OflU: receipts
5.500 bushels shipments 5(W bushels. Com
firm; No. 2 mixed Hfe. Oats steady; No. 2
mixed 45c. Rye scincc and nominal; No. 2.
85c. I'ork steady at$1100. Lard quiet at SOU).
Bulk meats firm: short ribs S? ?xW} l-JK Racou
firm ishort clear?? 12>$;. Whisky steady at si lfi.
Uutter, sugar ond chceso easier. Eges quiet at
Blt-TWioRE, Mn.. June 18.? Wheat steady; No. 2
red spot and June SI OGal o?!Vf; July 51 tn.il (?*v;
August SI OOUal 00>Jf; Soptemlier W^caSl Oil;
receipts U.OUO f>u?heK Corn steady; white 68c;
spot and June Cl^aCl^c; July 6la<H%e; receipts
]a,000 bushel*. Oats steady': No. 2 white western
l>2f; receipt* G.ooa bushel*. Uye dull; No. "J,
Wc. IJay quiet: good to choice timothy S12 0(ia
13 09 (nhere unchanged.
I'lMi.aiiki.rnia> I'a., June 18.?Flour dull.
Wheat dull and lower: No. 2 red Juno Si (flat U0;
July 41 (Mai Wk; August SI U^'4nl 01,4; September
Oii^caSl flOk. Corn quiet: No. 2 mixed June
60^?OTC^July GCaGTc; August C3a0lc; September
TotKDo, O., June IS.?Wheat loWer: cash and
June SI at; July 90c; August it!%c; December
j.V<e. Corn dull: cash ooc. Oat#quiet: No. 2
white 45c; No. 2, 44c. Clovewceu dull uml
steady; cash Si 20.
Live Stock.
Chicago. June 18. ? Cattle, receipts 15,000
head; shipment* 4,000 hc*yl; market slow;
extra steers gfl 00#?G ?); good to choieo 85 70a "> W;
others ?t 75afi 60: Texahs ?2 ftWt ??; cows 92 fiOu
a 4U. Hogs, receipts 22,000 head; shipments
10,000 head; market octlvo, Htri>n???r and
higher; rough ami common 84 20a4 4f>; mixed
ana packer* ?l fiuo4 00; prime heavy and butcher
welgnt*>$4.VNal 05; light f4 60a4 7U. Sheep, receipts
9,000head: shipments 3,000head: market
weak; utock f8 .SJ.il :so; others 54 Ma4 80; westerns
SI 8-">; lambs ?ft 00ati23. ^
Ea*t Liueuty, Pa.. Juno 18.?Cattle. rocclpts
280 head; shipments. 240 head: market, nothing
doing; all through consignments. Hogs, receipts
1,'ao bead: suiptueuis 1,000 head; market
dull: Nilliidi-lpbi.isSi 7."?a4 80* best Yorkers
and mixed $4 ?H?4 7ft: comiuon Yorkers $4 40u
4 .V); pigs W 7jh4 2ft. Sheep, receipts 2,(100
head; shipment* l.feOQ htavli market very dull;
nothing doing.
Cincinnati. Q., June is.?Hogg in good demand;
common aud light Ufa! 50; packing
and butchers t4 Goal 85; receipts 1,000 head;
bhlpments Goo head.
New York. Juno 18.?The petroleum market
opi ned Mcady, but gave way under pressure to
sell by tlrod holders and the price of July option
declined live in early trading. Later thi? market
rallied and closed steady. Pennsylvania
spot, opeulng 06c: highest (KWp; lowest
closing July option opening and "highest
68%c: lowest 67^c; closing 07)46. Lima oil, no
sales. Total sales 18,000 barrels.
Oit City. Pa., June 18.?Opened at 08}?e; highest
CHJ<c; lowest 07c: clo?'.?il nt 07^c; safes AS.OOD
barrels; elcnrauccs ?2.oAt barrels: charters 47,u?t
barrels; shipments 70,0S2 barrels; runs 77,113
Bradford, Pa., June 18.?Opened and highest
GK^e; lowest 06%ci closed C7%c; clearance* 12,
PlTTSDiMioii, Fa., June is.?upcncu SuU UlgUPSt
680; dosed mid lowest 67
New York, Jnuo is.?Copper steady; Juno
pi2 hi. Loofl steady;domostiu ?4 40. 'Jinquiet:
strait* &V ?WCotton.
CtxnxMAn, 0., Jane 13.?Cotton nominal;
middling Hjtf e.
Itueklfti'i Arnlcn Halve.
The best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Bores, Tetter, Chapped Ham's, Chlblains,
Corns and all *)Jcin Eruptions.and
positively cures Piles, or no pay required.
It U jruarantecd to give perfect satisfaction
or money refundod. Price 25 cents
by box. For sale by Logan Drug Co.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castgrla.
.... ;; ?
1 ** ' " .l , ..:
Both the effect and result when Olive
Blossom i? used. It nets gently, yet
promptly it greatest boon to
womankind. Every lauy can treat herself
and not have to undergo the torture
of instruments from physicians. Ollvo
Blossom positively cures all forms of
female weakness, such as Painful Menstruation,
Ulceration, Larceration, Barrenness,
Leucorrhoea, Pruritus, Cancer,
Ovarian and Fibroid Tumors in their early
itnowMi nnrl Innrr lief nf innntti^f.
able ami unmentionable sufferings that
afflict the patient. Tbe Olive Blossom
treatment is simple and harmless. The
first application often gives permanent
relief. Try it, .(mil you will exclaim,
?9 hundreds of others have: "Oh, I
feel like a different woman I" One
month's treatment sent postpaid to any
part of the world on receipt ol
six months, fj.oo. Olive Blossom
is forsale by all leading druggists. Any
druggist who mtiy notlian: it can order
it from the wholesale dealer. Do not
accept any substitute. Beware of fraudulent
The Celebrated France Pastile Olive
Blossom, is prepared only bv The
France Medical Institute Co., Cofumbus,
0. Incorporated 1SS6. Capital $300,000.00.
Branch Houses : JJewVork, Chicago,
Sun Francisco, and I.ovdon, England.
Sold br Logan Drug Co.. C. R. GmjUe, W. W
Irivln, \v. E. Wlllianu. 1). SchneK, U Menktlucllor.
W. Armljrlitht, \V. II. Williams tind M.
W. HeliirlPl; J. W. lurrnli nni) llnUlon A Co.,
Martin's JVrry: Ikiirlu A Co., lirldffoport; c. M.
Wrrtck, ml Hire; sl Clolr Iiku., UenwooU.
Is the Best Household Remedy Extant
It is a positive core for
And All Skin Diseases,
An lnralnablo remedy for Wounds, Burnj, Swelling
Sores, Croup, Dronchltli? etc,
8old by all druggists at 50 ocnta per box. Send
8 two-cent stamps for free samplo box and book,
CHICAGO, 11.1.
Hr niRF
guaranteed Care for Piles of whatever
kind or degroo?External, Internal, Blind
or Bleeding, Itching, Chronic, Recent or
Hereditary. $1.00 a box; 6 boxee, $5.00.
Sent by mail, prepaid, on receipt of prioe.
Wo guarantee to cure any oase of Pilto.
Onawmteed and sold onlf'by
l*ruKglsta, Twelfth and Market 8ts., Wheeling,
vv. Va. JalQ-mw
Wo will pay the above reward for any ca?o of
Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Sick Headache. Indiction,
Constipation uT.t'oitivomaw we canuot
cure with Wen's Yogi-table. Uvej\ Pills, when the
directions are strictly implied with. Tlieyare
purely Vegetable, and never fail to give satisfaction.
Sugar Coated. Large boxes, containing
30 Pills. 2i? cents, liewnre of counterfeits aua
imitations. Tho genuine manufactured only by
Sold by UcI.AlN DROTIIERS. cornft Market
and Twelfth Sts.. Wheeling. W.Va. j&12-xwr.tw
Free, Free, Free Trial I.
Cures Permanently
All diseases of the Nervous System, either Acute
or Chronioiu either sex. It RterroaJS Impaired
or Lost Poweiis, Checks oil Forms of Waste ox
Drain; Makes StrouK the Weak. Full package,
si; Six for#. Trial packaco, 12c, (with book),
een'. sccurery sealed ou receipt of price. Address,
una ?>u. Jim VI?HK'?WV>B A>V.,\/U;VBB?I ???
Fall English, Mnllipmntlcal and Classical
Musical Department
Location unsurpassed for beauty and health.
Weekly boarders or day icholura rveclved Irum
Wheeling or the vicinity. A Slater will mwst
day kcbolan et the 8 a. tn. motor uud return
with them at a p. m.
For furthor particulars apply to
SUMMER LAW I.KCTUUES (nine wecktfl
bepin 9th Jnly, l&tl. and eud 9th .September.
Have proved of licnal \w*.?1st, to students who
deMKU to pursue tiieir studies at this or other.
I^iwSchool; 2nd. to those who propose to read
privately; and M. to practitioners who hare uot
hod the ndrautoge o( systematic instruction.
For circular apply (I?. 0. University of Va., Char*
iottesville. Va.) to John U. Minor, Prof. Com.
aud State I.nw. tnyJO-ruH.
CAPITAL ?$175,000.
Wm. I* err ~?.?President
Wm. II. SOWS - ..Vice-President
prof til ou England, lplaud. Franco aud Oermany.
Wm. A. I*tt, Mortimer Pollack,
.1 A. Miller. Via. B. HiniMon.
K. M. Atkluaon, John K. Uoufoni,
llcnrjr .Spisyc-, Victor ltoauabnrg,
Jacob C. Thonift*.
jnl F. P. JKUSON, Catblor.
CAPITAL 8200,00.
J. N. Vakcm,
L. I*. UrxA.rt.Ais ~ ...^A'tc^I'roiaoat
J. N. Vancc, .Oca ?8UIU,
J. W. Bmwn. Wb. EUtafhtn,
L. a DcIapteW, Vli " 'A. \V. Kelw/;
John rrmT.
Drafu lMueU on England. Ireland, Scotland
anU all poluta In Europe.
JOHN J. JONES, f'u?W?r.
' * fit**'"'.'*' '
railway time card.
Arrival and departure of tolas on and afttr
NovjimbeMMW^^Es jLAX.i?bK idr
"ftottfrdajr o^jr^t^te^glaniaraTUm.
vteAKt. U.4U.E. K.-Malu Lhiejartt aUXW$1
4:55 am W*h.VyJMt., Phil. & N. *11:80 pa
KX, pm Wash. Cy.Balt, Phil. <k K yWi2:45p5 2
12:(? am Wa?h. Cjr, Bait. Phil. ? K.Y ?:?& a?
ft Warn >MM?Cninbeiiand Aecom f0J5pm f
*3:35 pm UrafioD Acrom....*...Wa:4/i pea
t8:0Utra ......^MouncUvlUe Accora......;fl2:4'pU K
?2:S6 pm ......Mounclnvllle Acrom....... t 5:15 pel {Sfl
t^.-QOpm ...^.Cameron Aceonu.^.tt^JOto
UCPAIIT. IB.AO. U.R.-C.40. Dir.. Went MUV* .;V?
Fur Columtm. anil ChlcBKO ?I2:46 ?m SJI
*10:15 am Columbu*. fin. and Chicago "C:10pm
^lOia) pm .........Chlcopo Limited-...^. ?ft:50aa #.
?4:15 pm Cbk'ago Kxproa ........ *11:00 am H
10:30 pm Columbia, Cin. a* St. LouU- f?:?am
t4:2"> pm' Colurolms Acrom fU:C0am i
110:15 am Ht. ClAirnville Acoom..^. Uiftaia ', B
t435 pm| . ...su aalwvine Aecom....... fftMjwajtSflM
oetart. B.JfcO. H.' JL?W? P. A B. Dir. auivs. 'mm
2:45 am _ For Pittsburgh and'-'Emu. *10:10 am :>B
7:20 am I'ltuburub *0:50 pttt 3
16:10 bin PlttMbunrh anilKiiRt in nui > :
tIMtfpm Piltaburgb fl5:?pu?^
i I'ni }'i:t.*l.urKli 111 ::w oa M
tfl:*>wa ...\NMblnyU>n. Pa.. Accom-.)
t7:20 am .. Pittsburgh _ ttgO-pia .8
am SWubenvtUe and West-. G.-K pm - jGj
fl :30 pm ...PliMbnrirhftiid Now York-- 3:33 pm fcg
t pm ... Pitubonb and New York-, f 0:30 am . M
fl0:O5 pm ...Pltttburgh and N. Y. Ex
t7 30 am'Express, Clu. and 8t. Louis... +6:80 am "
ft0:03pm Express, Clo. ami St. Louis... to :90 pm I
|1 :30 pm Express, Steulxmvllle A- Co I. fj:to pm Sj
T4:20 pm ...Stfubenvllln A DcnnUon... flflft pm^,ifrg|
DEPART. . c. & p. R, k. ARjaV*rTw2SB
tS:i9 am PnUTOrgb,Clove. ?kChicago. ffclSpm M
p:43 am Steubcnvllle Accom fl:l0 pm'
tll:12 am -Pittsburgh and New York- t?l:60 *?
|2:00 pm -..Cleveland and Chicago tt-'00*? ?
ffl:44 jjtn -Pittsburgh and New York- ffttttpqii} .ieQ
f7:ll pm .Koat Liverpool- J.| f7:i5.pm
imp art. C. L. 6i W. R. R ARptva .' i
tl2:18pm Exprrw. Cleveland. E. 4W. f2:49 pm
f:09 pVn ....?.Massilon Aeeom....MMM f 1:83 am $S
:00 am tit. Clalrsrille Accom...... ?:?om
:36am St. Clainvllle Accom 1:16pm fi
f2:34 pm Ft. Clalrsvllle Accom. 5:26 pm
6:31 pm .St. Olalnrllle Accom....... 8:03pm
1:30 pin ..Local Freight and Acoom.^ltia?|>iA?^jmj
detabt. OHIO RIVER B. R. amiy*. 3
*7:00 am? ?Passenger 11:05 am
ll?40ain Pmtfengw *0:35pm fl
*4:90 pm - l'oinenger...^....... *8>Wpm
LEAve* B. Z. <fc C. RAILROAD. JJWTK. . ' iH
r.TfXAfRK MXLLtmM&tinm
7:fiO am ...~ WotxJiifleld _ a Vipm
l:4* pin .....Bollairc and Zane*rllle 8:10 am
f?:TQ am Mixed Train:. .Zj
STEAMERS. ;... " J|
P01NT& f :.
W1U leave Wbnpfboat. foot of Eleventh street ,-'i
dally, Monday excopted. ac follows: .. ;
JSj C&m" MwVTclral Knoi, M
iiirfmikAi overy Tuesday at 8 a. m. ,;
, ?? > ^ Steamer "Bcdm." John M. Philbtfldfitafr
Up*. Muter; R. H. Korr, Clerk; evgif !
t?aVlAPMi Wednesday at 8 a m.
, rm- SteaaA- "Hcmox," J. F. Elllion.
IjJtej&tafr Mmtor; Dan Lacey, Clerk; every 1
Thursday at 8 a. m.
. irry Steamer " Batchelob, Geo. &
y(M O'.feal. Mflfltor; Tim Penwell, det*i I
every Sunday at 8 a. m. '.>\v $
, m?> " Steamer "Ajidw," K. R Cooper,
Master: Al. J. Slavln, Clerk; every V
&r^ax3!A Saturday at 8 a. m.
First-clan fare. Wheeling to Cincinnati, 98.
Hound trip, fio. Meali and state-room includi
Tickets transferable and good until used. For
freighter palsagc upply on board, or telephout
' Ja22 CBOCKABD * BOOWiS*?tfcVijj
, irmgy Leave Wheeling. Daily TrJn, City
Time?6:40.8:80,10:00 and 11:45a.m.;
rfrw. a:oo, 4:00, <1:00 p. m.
Learn Wheeling Sundays. City Time?8:00,10 KB :J^w
and 12:00 a. m.: 2:00,4:00.6:00 p. m. , '& rtfA
On and after Monday, December 1,1800, train!
will run as follows, city tlmo: ; A
Lxaat. WnxrxiNn.?^.00 a, m..7.-00 a. m., 8K? ' 'z?k
a. m., 0:00 a. m., 10:00 a. m., ll.*00a.m.,?12:00m.,
1:00p. m., 2 p. m.. 3:00 p. m.. 4:00 p. m^ 8:p0 p. . .V?S
m? 6K? p. m., 7:00 p. m., 8:00 p. m., 9:00 p. m., ,
10:4T> p. m.
Leavb Elm Grovk.?*6:00 a. m., 7:00 a. m.: 9:00. - W
a. m., 0 a.m., 10:00 aum.. 11:00 a. m., J2W wu.
1:00 p. m.,2:00 p. to.. 8.:00 p. m., 4:00 p. m., 5:0? . 'i'
p. Tn.,0:00p. m., 7:O0p. m., 8:00 p. n. 9:00 p. m*
Dally, excopt Sunday.
SONDAT.'-Cuarch trains Icavo Efii Grove At
I 9:48 a. m. and Wheeling at 12:17 p.Sft
del GeDoraljJflnayeg.^' #BALTIMORE
4 OHIO.'
tr*lDi"ai ^
Cumberland accommodation, 8:00 a. m., dolly, ?
except Sunday. __
Grafton accommodation. 2:OT p. m., dally, .$MM
Mouwlnvllle accommodation. 8:00 a. in., except
Sunday, and 2:35 p. p., dally.
c'uru?'rou accommodation; G:u)ip. m., exccpt .
Sunday- '
From New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore,'' \'vvS
8:46 o. m. and 12:45 p. m. aud 11:80 p.m., dally.;* T&lgSB
Cumberland accommodation, 5:15 p. m., ox- I
ccptSunday. W& '?>2SaH
Grafton accommodation. 12:45 p. m; dally. K ' fji
Moundsvllle accommodation, 8:45 a. m., 12:45 ^-*?5
p. m., dally; 6:10 p. ra? oxcept Sunday. Cameron
accommodation, 7 a. m? except Sun*
For Chicago,, :80 and 10:55 a. m. and 4:15 and;' "* '/?*
10:80 p. tn.. daily.
Clnclunatl cxprc*, 7:50 and 10:15 a. m. and ^
10:%) p. m., dally.
Columbus accommodation, 4:25p. m.,dallyox- ;I"3
cept Suoduy.
St. Clalrsvllle accommodation, 10:15 a m. and ^ J?
4:25 p. m. except Sunday.
Chicago express, 12:55 and 5:40 a. m. and 6:19,
p. m., dully.
Cincinnati express5:40 a A. and 6:10'p. m.,
Columbus accommodation, 11:00 a. m., dally,
cxtwpt Sunday. JmB
yt. Clalrnlllc accommodation, 11:00 a m. and 2
C:0U p. m.. dally, except Snuday. 'A'-.fa
For Pittsburgh. 5:45 and 7:20 a m., dally; 1:40 . SB
p. m., dally, except Sunday, C:20 p. m., Sunday
For Pittsburgh and the East, 0:10p. m., daily.
Washington accommodation, 5:80 p.m., daily*
except Sunday.
amiivb. 'Sgj
From Pltabuigh, 10115 a. m., dally, and 12:4ft \v
Sm., daily, exc?pt Sundays 0:55and 10:25 p. m., J X
ally, and 11:30 a. ra.,S?inday only. \
Washington accommodation, 7:50 a m., daily,'
except Sunday. "
Direct route to Mariotta. Parkenburg, Polirt^^AiPleasant,
Huntington, Aaliland, l'ortaraouth and ;
Ciueinnati. Also to Charleston. Clifton For? . ..*
and StanntoD, Vs., and Lexington and Lotus*
vllle. Kt. :M
Time Table effective January 11,1891:
Leave? ~ la. m.ls. m.|p.m J D -IS
Wheeling ~ 0:0010:40 ? * f *?S
Arrive? p.m. fiHHH
Mnrictto 9:? 2KB 7:13 .
Parkeraburg............. 10:10 2:43 7:0
p.m. ; ?ggl
Point pleswsnt 1:47
Huntington...... 3:? 7 4ft
Ashlnnd 4:80 VoT -i?
Portsmouth .. 4t02 ,s?^
ClnelnnatL 700 ' rv3H
Clifton Fonre r.i ./isj
wannton.,...?... I 1 ?.
^Baggage checked through to destination of
w. J. Rohjksom, General PMaenger Agent, Parke
nbarg.W. va. .
A. J. iiamdy. AwUtant General Passeoge^lm&u
Agent. Parkerxbnrg, W. Vn.
^J.<}. T0*UK80K, Paaaenger Agent, Wheeling
Contral Standard Time.
Pennsylvania Lines. 1
From Bridgeport Station* Y^jSIf
Train* Tie the Cleveland A Pi tu burgh Rail* '
road leave Bridgeport lor Pittiburgb, Chicago - ->M
and Cleveland. 4:4y a. in. For Pittsburgh, lOaajj..
a. m. For ChlCago and Cleveland, lift) p. m. For:. V A tHl
Pltubnrgh and New York. 2:41 p.m. For Bt?u*
bcuvllle.8:43ft.m. for KiwtLiverpool.p:11 p.m. j3;Sf
Tr3in<arriveatnrldgepottatH:0da*tn.,lQ:?g. .! '
in.: 12:10p. a., 8:13p. tn.. 4:W p. ui., ana 6:45; 3
I^ul^Rallw'fty?Pan* H&ndw Rout*?leaw> WhuvW 'I
Ins iot FteuhenruTe, Pittaburgh and the Kaat, i , c?
6:5) a. m.. ?:?) p. ra.. *:20 p. m.. and OrtJft p. m. ; ?4
For Columbia, Cincinnati, ludlanapolU and 8:.
Loola, a. tn. ami 9:06 p. tn. For <^^tM6^w*Xf
and Chicago. 12:?p. m. Trains.arrive at Wheel* '<
Inrnt^fiOa. m.. 9U? a:;m., 2::? p. ra.,br20 p. m.
and 5;r. j?. m. Tralni leave at 6:20 a. in. and (a
arriving at 8:20 p. m., run anlid between WheoH; *J iS
lng and Pittsburgh. Ail trains dally except j

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