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? ?hS
ImTohnson hanged.
I gr Thousand Peoplo Witness tho
I Elocution at Charleston.
I lai vraa I'mlmbly tlio Coolest Jllhn In
I He assemblage?The Crime fbr
I vUili He Suflbred tlio Extreme
I j'enolty of tho Iiaw~A Faithful
I PrlMt.
I itfcfak 'iJnUUtuaecr,
I Cn 111M--T IV. Va? Juno 10.?It Is
I ^(iaiali'd lh:il /ully6,000pOD]>Io witnessI
(J the execution of Sim Johnson, tho
rtn I rapist, to-day. It is doubtful
I (inch a crowd was ovor before seen in
I (iarleston. They came from all direc|as.
M l bv all luanuor of convoyauecs.
?i.. i 4M.
Johnson roso ut an can* uuui tuio
joraing after a good night's sleep and
110 his breakfast, apparently with a
p.) I appetite. Ho wus visited later by
Cburlts F. A mislead' tho well known
nluivJ lawyer, who had taken quite
;iad interest in his behalf, his brother
li.vru. ami uncle, Joseph Johnson, of
Point i'kasint. lie did not display any
nnronsiiess or excitment and expressed
'limself ns prejmred to meet his fate,
ml a eiaroru liopo that ho had been
kgiven bv <ii>>! tor hi* crime.
At exactly 11 o'clock the partv mnrelielfmiu
tlio jail, Johnson and Sheriff
fichus in the lead, and mounted the
(flUMJ, followed by Ifev. Father Sten?r,
Utlinsrs Foley, Iiader, Kusk and
Uaill. Dr. .Stump and Henry, Deputies
Mcr, Conley, Chase and Miller and
ether citizens.
Johnson walked with a firm step and
ismcdiately stepped upon the fatal
trap. Sheriff Pickens at onco adjusted
tie rope, drew' down tho black cap,
railed the lever and Sim Johnson shot
itiravards through tho tritp. All occurred
ia such a short length of timo
that the spectators scarcely realized
bflt was occurring, loss than a minute
livingclaused from tno tune tno party
reacbcil tfie scaffold to the time the
drcp fell.
He died almost without a strugglo
from strangulation, as his neck was not
token, and the body wan cut down 32
ninnies later, the attending physicians
having announced that life was extinct.
Hie body was taken in charge by Undtrtakcr'
Harlow and placed in a hand(ome
imitation rosewood casket with
direr trimmings, and was taken to the
kmc oi his mother on Broad street,
funeral services will bo held at the
Cuholio elmrch to-morrow morning at
t o'clock, and the remains will belaid
to rest in the Catholic cemetery.
When Johnson was first lodged in Jail
iflrr fontfiuie had been passod, ho
leaned very careless and when visited
by the pastors of the colored churches
itre showed that indiliertjnco as to his
fiir. They buoh discontinued their
tttti, but Rev. Father Stenger, of tho
Catholic church, having a feeling of
I'ity f?r bin), and believing it to be his
ilnty to do everything possiblo to prolore
him for death, called on him and
??n bei'iiuie a frequent visitor to the
i?il. He became recognised as the
prisoner'? spiritual advisor and in a
Jiiort time won his fullest confidence.
To bim Johnson poured out his
l..\. V??.
n?Kt mo iii-giica, ms iiujjwo
ffji his fears, us ho did to no
one olse on earth. And too much
cannot be said to Father Stongor'a
credit for liis faithful sorvlco in behalf
oi this friendless boy. Whnt he was to
Felix Knmpf sixteen months njrolhe was
to Sim Johnsnu. Until wero friendless,
moneyless, neglected and deserted, and
to lioth Father Steagor proved a friend
in ncwl.
This was tho second lepil execution
that ins taken place in Kanawha couutvfinrc
tho organisation of tho State,
tho first luring been Felix Kampf, who
died on tho same scaffold on March 7,
1891,for the murder of his two children.
Johnson's ollenso was a criminal asenuli
on a young wliito jjirl in April
last, lie wa? detected in tho act and
arrested. Ms triul, conviction and
loMcnce occurred within a fow days
Mterwurd All ellorts to obtain a coinnutation
of sentence for him wero
(tiB ti tho lncnrnntlou of Depravity?Guilty
of Many C rim us.
Nr.vBUHOH, N. Y., Juno 10.?Thore 1s
rfrt li\ jail nt Hewburgh, who, i! nil
~v vuurgua against her are true, is the
incarnation of viciousness and depravity.
&e is under arrest for horao Htealing,
tut will also he charged with arson and
fcurder. Within three months sho is
?iil tr> have married an old farmer,
earned down \u? house. miU and bam,
toasted his weak-ininued son to death
>n one of her fires and wound up by
Jtoning oir with a Nowburgh livery
wain, and trading them for other
norajg and a wagon.
The girl was artosted in Newburgh
??t uight on a charge of grand larceny
complaint of Von Allen Whitbcek, a
Brojulvsay liveryman, and she then
pfotho name "of Jennio Williamson,
iu lier cell at the police station last
Iu,pt she acted wildly, and tore up her
1*"jtc apron and hosiery in what seemed
to to a frenzy of insanity.
A lir
I ^ fatally PoUoneti toy Vlour IntondoA tor
1 Another Family.
I UAiTwoRt, Md., Juno 10.?A spccinl
I to the .Sun from Hagerstown, lid., notes
I * rate o! poisoning in the viiiago ol
I IwistGrovo. On Saturday lust Danioi
I ?>iHler, a [armor, found in the lunc noar
I m rouse a paekageol Hour and another
I" wflec. Ho sought for an owner, and
I ?j' Sntling one g?ve the articlos to a
I Jin. McKurron. She used tho flour
I her outira family wore raado very
Incx, One boy died and another la exI
ptcted to die.'
|. \ P?t mortem (bowed that poison
I o?n mixed with the flour. Two
IK5 ilp>an attempt was made to poUon
I ?r. -iiuHcr'j.jtock, and a year ago his.
I JI?" *ore burned down.
I in- authorities are convinced that
I??poisoned liour and coltae were inI
tended (or Mr. .Shitilor's family, and are
IJftlum ior the misers ant among
l.thunu known to beat enmity irtth him.
Polllgrlnl, of the Argentine Republic, DisoumcB
the Flnanolnl Crisis.
Washington, June IB.?The bureau
of the American Republics has received
a copy of the annual message of President
Pelligrini, of the Argentine liepublic,
laid before Congress on the Oth
of May last Tho President discusses
tho affairs of his country with great
frankness. He states that the country
is at peaco within itself and with tho
rest of the world. The only exceptional
measures he has been cdmiieUeu to
adopt were the declaring of the city of I
-RuonnH A vrc? in a atatc of RU'i'R and
tho suppression of a few newspapers
that were stirring up strife. Concessions
of national lands covering 30,000
square miles, which had been miulo to
speculators for colonization purposes,
had been revoked, us tho holders of the
concessions failed to carry out tho conditions
on which they obtained tho
Many public works had of necessity
been suspended for lack of funds. Assisted
immigration from Europe had
been stopped. The revenues for 1800
were, in currency, $73,400,000; the expenditures
$02,850,000, leaving a deficit
of 410,500,000. The rovenues for 1801,
had been calculated at $20,000,000 gold.
President Pelligrini thinks this statement
too high in some particulars, but
expressos the hone that the country, by
tho aid of tho Moratoribus loan negotiated
in London, would bo able to pay
its way this year. Trade nyiorts were
encouraging. Exports were increasing
and imports declining.
The financial crisis, tho President
says, gets worse daily. Tho paper money
of which there were two hundred and
sixtv millions in circulation, had sustained
a loss of 80 per cent. He estimates
tho losses since the crisis began
at 200,000,000 pounds sterling. The I
National Hank now owes tho Treasury
$110(000,000 ourrency and $2,000,000 gola.
Ho considers that the best solution of
the financial difficulty would be to correct
tho defects in the State banking
system, revive the crodit of tho State
banks and enable them to continue.
For this purpose he recommonds a par
namontary commission, uuuuus:
"Hut the sold standard is an insuperable
difficulty in tho way of resuming !
specie payments. If we want n metallic
basis, we must resort to silvor. All
the objections raised against the silver
standard may apply to Europe, but do
not affect us."
ThoTrcoaury Statement Shown n Cash Balance
of Over Forty Million Dollar*;
Washington-, D. C., Juno 19.?The
United States Treasurer's statement, issued
to-day, but bearing date June 17,
shows an apparent deficiency of $787,103.
This, however, docs not include
523,027,'412 on deposit with National
banks and $20,220,950 of fractional silvor.
Including these two items, the
cash balance is $43,061,264. Officials of
the Secretary's office say that exclusive
of National bunk depostits and fractional
silver, there is an actual available
balance of $2,812,000 in tho Treasury
to-day and that the Treasurer's statement,
including their receipts to that
dato, will show it. Thero will be a constant
excess of receipts over expenditures
during the remainder of tho
month and it is estimated that the net
surplus will bo at least seven million
dollars by July 1. Treasury officials are
not disturbed by the situation and say
that the government is amfily ablo to
meet all its obligations.
Appoint n Committee to Interview tlie Imported
Pittsburgh, Pa., June 19.?The miners
o( the Wheeling district of tho Baltimore
& Ohio road held a mass meeting
to-day and appointed a committee of
seven to interview the negroes being
imported into the Union Valley region
to take their nlacos Kumors of a riot
brought Shorlll Lockhart and Ave Washington
county deputies to tho Beetle,
but all was quiet.
Miller* UUIod.
DesMoixes, Iowa, Juno 19.?Josoph
Wasky and son William, miners at tho
Christy coal mine, about four miles
cast of DcsMoines, woro killed yesterday.
Both men were dead when found
in thoir room. A full of slato was tho
causo. .
The Bnrd.lojr Case.
plitt.jltlbt.piltl pa.. Junrt 10.?al
though it was authoritatively stated
to-dav thnt experts have discovered that
Bardsley's profits in tho last two years
from loaning the public funds at
interest was $202,600, it is also said that
tho experts have finished thoir work
but are withholding their report in tho
ends of justice.
The city will mako a strong effort to
recover $285,000 of tho $145,000 of
school funds misappropriated by oxtreasurer
A Sertoun Wroofe.
Toirdo, O., Juno 10.?A serious wreck
occurred at Upper Sandusky at 4 a. m.
As a west bound freight on the Pittsburgh,
Ft. Wayne A Chicago road was
crossing the Hocking Valley track, n
north bound freight on the latter road
crashed through it. The tracks wero
badly torn up in front of tho dopot.
The engino buried itself in the ground
near tho depot hotel wall. Nobody was
injured. The fault is believed to lie
(i... it.\t,il 1/it .hj
not respond to tho engineer's whlstio
lor brakes.
"Wreck on tho LE. & 17.
Cleveland, 0., Juno 10.?By n collision
on tho Luke Erie & Western railroad,
near Creston, 0., to-day, two locomotives
and fifteen loaded cars were
destroyed. Two men, Patrick Connelly
and John Howard, were badly
Kx-Hanator McDnnnlri'ft Condition.
Indianapolis, Im, June 19.?Ex-Senator
McDonald's condition is unchanged
to-day. Senator Voorhees came
from Terro Haute to see him this morning
and had a brief Interviow with him.
aliened the IlnlMt 11111.
HARRisntma, Pa., June 19.?Governor
Pattiaon baa signed the linker ballot
reform bill and the bill authorizing
a constitutional convention.
5,' .
????? I
Filed by the State of Louisiana
Against the Saloy Heirs.
Shown Dp In tho Petition?Her
Mother's Unsavory Career?-Being
Illegitimate Desccmlents, Iier Children
ai'o not Untitled to tho Illg Fortuuoaud
It Should Go to the State.
. New Orleans, June 19.?About a year
ngo Bertram Saloy died, leaving an estato
valued at $700,000, which he willed
to hie wife, Carmelite Gorcogno. About
three months ago Saloy's widow died
and tho estate was claimed by her sisters
and brothers and their descendants,
and they wore put in possession by ordor
of the court. To-day, in the civil
district court, Attorney Uoncrol itogcrs
filed a petition of intcrreution on bclmlf
of the Stato of Louisiana, which claims
to bo the solo heir of widow Bertram
Tho State alleges thnt Carmelite Carcogno,
widow of Bertram Saloy, was an
adulterous bastard, tho off-spring of fho
illegitimate connection between Delores
Morales, alias Manuella Louisa Morales,
and Antonio Carcogno, lato a resident
of this city and now deceased.
Petitioners allege that during the existence
of the lawful marriage of Mrs.
Salov's mother with her lawful husband,
Juan Cortal, or Estal, who lived
in Havana, she (tho mother) had been
guilty of adultery and lived in open
concubinage with tho said Carcogno in.
this city, and that said Mrs.
Bertram Saloy and one Carmelito
Carcogno, now widow of
Antoino Poins, und Antonio Carcogno,
now deceased, were the fruit of the
said illicit and adulterous connection,
and not being legal or lawfnl descendants,
their descendants have been pat
into possession illegally, and for theso
rensons tho State is the only heir-atlaw.
Tho Lightning'* Work#
Special Dispatch to the ItUelllgpiccr.
[ Ci.arkenuito, Vf. Va., Juno 19.?Lightning
struck tho telegraph office at
Monongaliela Junction, near this city,
| to-night, destroying the telegraph instruments,
severely wounding oporator
James Boyle and entirely destroying
his sonso of hearing.
Sturm at CIiurloMton.
Special Dltpalch to the Jntdllgcnccr,
Charleston*, AV. Va., Juno 10.?A
storm this aftornoon blew down the
rear wall 'of the now Burlow Opera
House, noar completion. No one was
hurt. A tree standing noar was stripped
of its limbs and most of the bark.
' Destructive Cloud llurrit.
Ottawa, Ills., Jnno 19.?The busy
little coment and brick manufacturing
town, and tho seat of many cozy and
pretty homos, was devastated by a
oloml burst just north of tho town over
the high blnll'and came into tho valley
with a roar that croated a panic and
caused the inhabitants to rush before it
and seek shelter on high ground.
Buildings wore shaken from their
foundation?,' sidewalks torn up, fences
and out fiouses carried away. Fortune
t.ilir im ivnra Inkf nnrl the water
soon receded. The loaves, it is thought,
will aggregato $150,000.
Torrlblo Iliilnatorm.
Ncliou, Nkii., Juno 1!).?The heaviost
rainfall experienced within twenty
eight years in Nebraska fell here yeutorday,
over fivo and one-half inches
coining down in three hours. Drains
and ravines became torronts and brooks
became rivers.
John Lorena, a farmer, was washed
from his wagon nnd drowned whilo
crossing a flooded ravine.
Dnmugo by ^ooda.
Lonqmont, Col., Juno 10.?The warm
weather of tho past few days has caused
an unusual amount of snow to melt In
tho mountain, the rosult of which is
that St. Vrnin river is overflowing its
banks, and in many places inundating
tho valloys, weakening tho brldgos anu
doing thousands of dollars worth of
damage to the growing crops. Tho
waters are still rising and farther damage
1b feared.
Cloudburitfl Destroy llr!U(pg.
Bloosii.ngton, Ili., June 19.?The
bridges on tho Lako Erio 4 Western
road between Crandall nnd Farmdalo,
west of this city, wero destroyed Wednesday
night by a cloudburst which
flooded Farm Creek Valley. Five other
bridges wore cnppica and several trains
had narrow escapes and all wore delayed.
Drownud lu u Sturm.
Tudk.v, Nun., June ID.?Threo children
living in Empire township, about
fifteen miles southeast of here, were
drowned during the storm while trying
to reach the house from school. A ravine
which tho children were accustomed
to crosB suddenly tilled with tho
flood, washing them-away.
A FrultluiN Seurclu
Tomdstone, Aniz., June 10.?Advices
from fr'onoro convey the information
that Mexican cavalry pursued tho
Apaches, who killed Catchum and committed'other
depredations recently, and
followed tho Indians 100 miles without
being able to capture tllcm,'though
they recovered Cntelium's horse. Tho
pursuit has been abandoned.
Jeff Davis Mouuuient.
St. Louis, Mo., Juno 1U.?Dispatches
from many pointa in Arkansas say Jefferson
Davis memorial meetings have
been held at which committt'es wcro
appointed and authorized to collect subscriptions
for tho Jefferson Davis monumont.
Goodly sums wore collected at
the meetings. ,
Jterr Most Sentenced for a Year.
New York, Juno 19.?John Most, the
anarchist, appeared Unlay in court for
ro-sontonco, his appeal to the courts
for a now trial have been denied. Judge
Cowing sontenced him toono year's irn- J
prlsonment lie took his sentence ,
stoically. j]
Otboru's Machine Works Burned?The
Loia 910,000.
Bpcctal Dhpaleh to Uu IMIIgmm.
Cdaiiksdbuo, W. Va., Juno 19.?The
extensive machine shops of A. H. Osborn,
located on Flke street, this city,
were consumed by fire at 3 o'ci'ock this
morning. The fire originated in the
boiler room and in an hour reduced the
plant to ashes. Most o{ the valuable
machinery was saved. The loss is
ubout $10,000, tho fire being confined to
tho. building and patterns. A large
unrulier ol men are thrown out 01 employment
by the disaster. Tho insurance
is $2,500.
Fuiriuout Notes. ?
Special DUpatch to the Intelligencer.
Faiiuioxt, AV. VA.,Juno 19.?Roy, tho
7-year-old son of Jatnos A. Vandorvort,
superintendent of tho Peacock dairy
farm was kicked in tho face to-day by a
liorso. Dr. Roger sowed tho wounds,
but it is feared that ho will bo disfigured.
Tho town Council visitod Clarksburg
to-day lor tho purpbse of inspecting
their Bystcm of wator works.
The various coal companies will dlsburso
$10,000 to-morrow in payment of
>Jay pay rolls.
At Fairviow to-day on tho farm of
Milton Wilson two tanks of oil and a
rig wore burned.
Purchuso tho Order's Organ?Struck a
Snnff With the Brotherhood.
St. tbtiis, Mo., June 19.?The grand
division of tho order of railway telegraphers
has decidod to purcbaso outright
tho organ of tho order, tho Railway
Telegrapher, published semi-monthly.
It is now statod thatthe railway telegraphers
and the brotherhood struck a
snag in their negotiations toward coming
togother. Tiro hitch in the proceedings.
it is said, is caused by a clause
in tho.organic law of the railway people,
which provides that an operator
must havo beon telegraphing three
years before ho can become a member.
The brotherhood people are sticking
out for a one-year qualification; that is,
nn operator must havo been in railway
employment for one year only. Thoy
say that tho throo year limit would bar
out fully 3Cf per cent of the commercial
operators. Another conference between
tno two associations will bo hold to-dny,
but according to somo of tho delegates
on both sides, it is very doubtful that
an amicable settlement can bo readied unless
tho ordor of telegraphers concede
tho point of one year qualification.
The following ofllcors havo beon
elected for the ensuing year: A. I).
Thurston, Vinton, Iowa. Grand Chief
Telegrapher; S. 0. Fox, Vinton, Iowa,.
Grand Secretary: Hon. G. D. Itamsey,
East St. Louis, Assistant Grand Chief
And Twenty Injured In n Railway AoelHont
Near Now Orleans.
New Oiileaks, Juno 10.?The fast express
train on the Illinois Central,
due hero at 7:20 p. m., passed Konners
station nearly two hours behind time.
Five uiiles south of that point and an
equal distance from this city the train
was wrecked. Six persons, it in reported,
wero killed, and flfteon or
twenty, moro or loss, badly hurt.
A relief train has been sent to the
scene of the accident with doctors, and
a number of ambulances hare been ordered
to tho depot to receive and oonvey
tho woundou to the hospital.
Row ou Shipboard*
Amherstudiio, Oxt., June 19.?Last
evening the steam barge Jane Cook, of
Port Dover, Ont., anchored off tho dock,
and a portion of the crew wont ashore
and bocamo intoxicated. Returning
about midnight they procooded to make
a disturbance below dock. Capt. Dupont
went bolow to stop tho row and as
Iio did so, revolvers were drawn, and
indiscriminate liringbogan. Tho battle
ranged for half an hour and when it was
over it was found that six men had
been shot. Capt. Dupont was shot
through tho right lung and his recovery
is doubtful. Peter Riopolle, was
also shot in tho chest and may dio. Tho
other four wounded men wero shot in
tho legs and their wounds ara not considered
dangorons. The Cook ateamod
uwuy ima uiui tiuig',
To Rogulato Insurance Itatos.
New Youk, Juno 19.?Samuol P. Blog(lon,
Frcaidont of tbo North Britisli Firs
Insurance Company, and of the Now
York Board of Fire Underwriters, has
appointed a committee of fifteen to roport
upon th? advijaollity of forming a
Fire Insurance Association. The object
of this movement is to regulato rates.
There is at present no system, each company
making its own schedule.
Natural tiui Exhausting.
Portland, Ikd., June 19.?E. T. Jordan,
natural gas inspector for Indiana,
has just returned from Findlay, Ohio,
and reports a heavy loss of both pressure
and volume of gas in all wells there.
Ho predicts that in two years there will
be no eas In Findlay for manufacturing,
and also Hpeaks digcouraglngly of tbo
prospoct of the Indiana fieldt
The British Parliament will bo prorogued
August 0. '
Heavy rainstorms are reported from '
all parts of tbc country ana severe damage
was done by liehtning.
Tho baccarat ferment is not over in
England. Tho Prince of Waloa will vet
havo it made warm for him in Parliament.
Amolia Heinomann, of Fall River,
Wis., was fatally shot by her jealous J
lover, Soymour Turner, who then shot i
himself. ]
JohnstoWb, Pa., will spond $200,000 to 1
provide airainst a recurrence of the dig- '
aster which devastated tho town two :
years ago. '
Tho building in London in which tho
famous Madame Tussaud wax 'work ex- ;
hihition is held was reported on flre
lost rilgnt.
A tin concentrating plant with 2,600 ,
tons doily capacity will bo eroded at ,
Hill City, S. D. This will be tho first
tin mill in the United States. ,
Slavin, the Australian, in a speech in 1
Now York late last night, declared he 1
would fight Sullivan with or without i
gloves and preferred to do it In Austra- 1
I Commissioner J. W. St. Olalr on
tho Part of West Virginia
l'ajrctto County's Distinguished Citizen
Talks aboat o Matter la Which
Ho is Taking a Great Deal of Interest?Satisfactory
Progress Being
Blade by tho State Board.
Colonel J. W. St. Clair, ono of West
Virginia's World's Fair commissioners
and one of tho most active und
useful men in the commission, ran up'
yesterday from Moundsville, where ho
and Mrs. St. Clair are visiting. Colonel
St. Clair's frionds had to take a second
look at him before they could identify
him. In an untoward moment an un.
guarded cigar burnt a swath in the Colonel's
heavy moustache, leaving it bo
damaged that it was beyond repair and
must needs go tho way of all flesh.
ABked by an Intelligencer reporter
how tho World's Fair was coming on,
Colonel St Clair replied:
"Most satisfactorily. Tho commissioners
aro a splendid body of mon, as fine
as you will find any where, and they are
giving to the work their best thought
nnd efforts. The aim is to make this
tho most successful affair of the kind
ever held, and I have-no misgiving as to
tho result Wo aro much encouraged
by the popular interest that is being
shown. Take tho case of Toxaa, whose
Legislature failed to mako an appropriation.
Tho peoplo canio to tho rescuo for
tho credit of their' State. Boards of
trade and otlur commercial bodios all
over tho State held meetings and inado
subscriptions, until the-amount subscribed
ran up to $500,000 and of this
$300,000 has already beonpaidin. Other
States are displaying similar intorest.
Now, this means that the peoplo intend
Ja *I,A*M mnlrinn iU#i
IU uu tituu ww??un IUUHUK KUU
World's Fair a success. If wo had time
I could easily go over the ground and
show you why, X am confident that we
shall surprise not alone ourown country
by tlio magnitude and quality of tho exposition."
west Virginia's pIace.
"Colonel, what about West Virginia
at tho show?"
"To begin with no Stato stands better
with the commission. We shall get
whatever wo ask ijn reason. Wo shall
get tho acre of ground wc want for our
building, and we shall bo in go.od company.
Wo shall be grouped with New
York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Mary-'
land, Delaware and Virginia. You
know it is the intention of our Stato
board to construct a huilding of West
Virginia materials. By the artistic employment
Of our hard woods that will
boon "-'-" 'f" r"f||Tii^i **" doubt
that If the matter be properly presented*
to our lumbermen they will willingly
rlnnnto thn nnn thin will moan
a saving of about $10,000, or half of tho
animated cost of tho building and onefourth
tho whole of our small appropriation.
Tho design of the building Is
not only to make that part of our exhibit
along with jte contents, but to
lmvo headquarters where every West
Virginian, high and low, may feel entirely
at home. And AVost Virginians
will be thero.
"When West Virginia day comes along
wo expect the State to turn out and
show itself. That will be a groat advertisement
for us. Wo rely, of courso, on
tho railrords to give cheap ratus. In
my own section of the State the interest
is already rising high. Some Of tho
boys in tho Kanawha Valley mines are
already talking about orgdnizing clubs
into wlilfch thoy will pay so much a
month to lay up a fund to take them
to tho World's Fair. This will go on all
over tho Stato,and when the time comes
?ah will ana nil? wnrlrinff man nn/1
ors turn out in forco. From wlmt I
know o{ our State board you may expect
good results Irom its labors. Colonel
Chancellor is a good man for president
and ho will devote his time to tho work
of arousins interest and bringing together
exhibits. I am satisflod that
when tho people of West Virginia come
to Appreciate thoroughly what the exposition
is and tho opportunity it offers
tho State, thoy will tako a prido in seeing
that monev is not lacking."
Colonel St. Cjlair returned to Moundsviilfi
last evening and expects to start
for homo to-night or to-morrow.
Women and tho World'* Fnlr.
Mrs. W. N. Lynch, a member of tho
Board of Lady Managers of tho World's
Fair, is in the city, and desires to have
a meeting of women to devisoways to
assist toward making tho fair a success.
She will doubtless secure a large meeting,
and sho may be rolied on to enthuse
tho ladies.
By tho Finance Committee?TUa Committed
on Clnlmii In SeltlOD.
At last night's meeting of the Council
committco on flnancc, the commissioners
of the loans of 1881 and 1885 reported
that they had coupons to the
amount of $20,837 60 on the loan of
?-J ? ?~ 0.4A snn
1001? uuu njuiiuua ufuuuukiu^ tu 9iv,uw
an tlie loan oilBte. Tho reports of tho
commissioners being found Correct were
'i'ho commlttco recommended tho pay.
ment of $1,000 to William Myles, city
collector, as part payment ol commission
on the collection of city taxes for
Fifteen duplicate bonds of the Main
street bridge loan, which, bad buon
ordered printed, in coso tho original
bonds wore spoiled in making out, wcro
Drdored destroyed, and the committee
m finance repaired to tho furnace in
Lho basement, whore tho bonds went
up in smoke.
Tho committee oaclaims listened to
the complaint of Mrs. Dorothy Hans,
who claims that her cellar has been
Dverflowed sovoral times, owing ta tho
faulty construction of tho sewer. Tho
remainder of the evidence will be heard
it tho next session oi the committee.
Mr. Jainos Kiddle complained of tho
lamago done to his house by the water
from the street during heavy rains,
lowing into his house. The evidence
ihowed that the grade of tho street had
leen raised since the house was built,
ind Mr. Biddlo asked redress. The
committee made a proposition, offering
Mr. Riddlo S280, on condition that lie would
release the city from fnrthbr'
damage, and lay a new pavement in
front of tho house, according to spociflcations
to be furnished by the Board of
Public Works.
The Government Utti It?Thirty Milllw
Dollnrfl Involved ? An Apponl to be
Taken. Puiladki.i-hia,
Juno 10.?Tiie jury In
tho suit of Meyer and Dickinson against
tho Government to rcccive excess of
duties luviod on material used as hat
trimmings this morning returned a verdict
of $032.40 for the plaintiffs. Tho'
Government will appclil tho verdict
tho Supreme Court. By the Verdict of
the jury in this caso, the Governments
made liable from tho twenty to thirty
millions of dollars that it had collected
on dutios from importers ol millinery
materials in various parts of tlio coua^'he
suit of Moyor and Dickinson was
a tost suit and was intended to test the
right of the Government to collet the
duties 011 tlio goods in dispute.
Other pending suits will be affected
by the verdict and that is where the
largo amount of money and the groat
interest taken by importers comes in.
Taking the suits altogether the importel's
claim the goods in question to bo
hat trimmings, and to bo dutiable nt 20
per cent ud valorem-. Tho Government v .
claims they are dutiable at 60 per cent
ad valorem under the clause of all
| goods, wares and manufactures of silk,
or of whicli silk is tho component material
of chief value.
I MaUutfu Giving King BInlletoa Cnuso for; ! i
UnouMlncHx. " . - Vj
London, Juno 19.?Dispatches receivod
ho re from Melbourne stato that
tho latest advices from Samoa aro to tho
effect that Chiof Mataafa, accompanied !
by 11 body of natives, had started for
Miihe, the contra of the Intrigue which '
is known to exist ty. a'nut the sovereign'
runts of iviug Malieioa Laupopa. It is j
believod that this movement upon the
part of Mataofa will lead to-further
The two chiofs, who by Malietoa'a .
orders had been imprisoned for eedi-:'
Ltion, escaped and joined the forces of
Chief Mataafa. Tho latter, however,
returned tho two chieftains to Malietott,
and during an interview which was held,
between Mataafa and Maliotoa, the
former told tho King that although he
(Maliotoa) had been recognizod as King
by the powers, ho (Mataafa) was Iho
real Kinft of Sainoa.
Drowned in Alnnkan Waters.
Victoria,B. C.,June 10.?Tho steamer ' >
Queen, which has arrived from Sitka,
reports that tho revenue cutter Bear
has reached Alaska from Icy Bay, bring
ing news 01 uip urowniug ox uitjutcmuib
Robinson and four of the craw of- the'
Bear, and A. C. Mooro, of the Kunsoll
party. The drowning occurred while
the party were tiying to hiake a landing
in ley Bay with the Russell Mpunt
St. Elias party. Tho Bear loft Sitka tho M
morning of the 14th for Behring Boa.
Strongly Wngnerlnl.
Paris, Juno 10.?Brunoau's opera,
founded on Zolo's "La Beve," was produced
at the Opera Comique lost evening.
Tho work is stronaly Wagnerial
in character and Ib aorjjewhat monotonous.
It was only a partial success.
Sixty Eorthqunkei.
Calcutta, Juno 10.?Sixty earthquake
shocks wero oxporienced throughout ?'
the Province of Bongal yesterday and
many buildings wero destroyed., ' ' i
Mm. Panoan's Condition.
London, Juno 10.?Mrs. Duncan;
whose husband attempted to murder :
her several weelja ago, has had a relapse
and is unconscious.
Will VHlt Europe.
Lisnox, Juno JO.?It is announced
that General De Fonscca, i'residopt of
Brazil, will shortly pay a visit ro Eu?
Gold Slilpmont.
New Yoiik, June 10.?Lazard Freria
have taken $2,230,000 gold coin for shipment
to Europe to-morrow. , tijs
A Court llottie Blown Up. ' *
Indianapolis, June l'O.?Yesterday ,
the lower part of the stone court house
at Liberty, fell in, crushing out tt^
front of tho building and cam- ing
a loss of $20,000. It has
been discovered that tho collapse was
the result of a dynamite explosion.
Soveral citizens saw tho flash at the
time and two or thrco men wore seen
making thoir escape in tho darkness. , '
' si;
Supremo Court of Appcnli.
This court met yosterday morning at
10 o'clock, oil tho judges Doing present.
Tho following business was disposed of:
Taylor vs. Ohio River Railway Company
; from llason county, writ of error)
submitted. .
Layne vs. Ohio River Railway Company
f from Mason county, writ of error;
Burdett? vs. Allen, from Kanawha
county, writ of error; submitted. - ' H
Lous vs. Olilo River Railway Company
; f Am Mason county, writ of error;
submitted. ' '"si
To the Policy Holder* of tho Eqnttabtf
Lift) at Mew York.
By reason of a similarity of name* .
many papers have been led to report
the failure of this company. The fact 1?
that a him till concern known aa the
Equitable Fire Insurance Company, hoi
Sassed Into tho hands of a receiver, but
le Equitable Lifo Assurance Society,
120 Broadway, New York, is to-day the J
largest, strongest, safest and but lift
company on .tho globe.
r ! I,,. GeneralAgonte,
( j 7=^ Wheeling, W. Va.
"I try to dress in style," moaned V
Jasaon, "but my means aren't equal to
the extremes."
Weather Forecast lor To-day, - '
Tot West Virginia, Western Ponnaylyante tad /
Ohio,flight sboweni; itatlonarjr temperature and j
8furnlihe?l by a Bcbncpl, dragglit, Open
otue corner:
7 jL W *77 | 3 p. "'

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