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^"tiiuouoh the state.
. Tl. ot Inloroxt Oloauetl
y*" " -r.1.11 Our Kiclinuecs.
C]3ik=bortf is to have a now opora
1 fruuk's itoro at Alum Bridge
"vlCderricka and a tank houso
^ll.Vu down by tlio storm at Bol,-utiirday.
V.. ,..rollmcnt of tlio Reform School
W:th Other commitments,
J, will'lncreaao it to 47.
; t; ittillL' association uuo uw?
H atlairmont Tho racing sea
I - n-ill be inaugurated July 4.
I llinlcii boasts of mora musical talent
-t t .wnsin the .State, and elaima
jijjjijy to back herself against all comers.
t , . i: l"i Public Works will this
tfekl'O-iii its annual tour o"f the rail
, aj, of tho >tato for tho purpose of
lunrtitl;' thom.
I A i:;ll brothor of Loantalta, the wln
t,, of the Suburban Handicap at
" . ] ) liivv Tuosdoy, is owned by
I jj ,n. Juhn T. McGraw, of Grafton.
I Tito wheat harvest bcjjtin oarlier in
the counties along tbti Ohio river than
Mr known. In ftirt and Jackson.
? mties tho farmers began Cutting
I itrat over a weak ago.
I a Virginia carriujro company, cm
,in^- 100 men, will locate in Falr
E, u.th. hiirinoilt improvement Corn
! I..- fivou thom a thrco-ncre
|it? and subscribed a certain amount of
. I'-'. ' ? Democrat ban been sold by
I Holiuiau lidtvarda to It. II, .Hnrrieon
mJ It. J.. lihuid, who will hereafter con
jtu-t it. The ilr.it issue under the now
a.iii'tit i.< UP to the high standard
apiu which the Democrat hat heretofore
H btou published.
Jii ic Ins eountv had a largo quantity I
1..'iil? timW destroyed by tho
heavv storm of Inst week. It "cut. a
through the forests 300 yards
vitlu and liiteeu mllen long, leveling the
tnonarchs of the forests to tho ground,
an.] (ii-.-!royin^mueh valuable timber.
A l:i:vo wild-cat wus killed by two
KtileVoys of Joseph MerU, of -Leading
icfc. iVwis county, recently, it had
1 r?ro 1 u.-ly hi-i-n caught in a steel trap on
.-and Fork and, having escaped, found
its way t" Crooked ltun. carrying tho
trap,-which was found still fastened to
its fi'ot.
\\\ H. Oblonees, of Athens,- -0., was
avanicd tlio contract for cotmructPng
thekwrnl section insane asylum building
:it fyfJieer, 2(H) feet long and 87 feet
vide, three .-tories high, ami the administration
building, lifrt feet long, 5'J
foot wido aud four stories high: $7ti.753
for Iwth.
Wfailc Joseph Cook, son i of .Deputy
Shi-rilF Uook, of Wood county, was returning
from a church social with a
daughter of George W. Barnett, a lendii
_ citizen, he attempted to outrage her
>iie cried tor help,! and her
r.m mvfiv \ u-nrrant. was
i'Midi for liis arrest. '
Tin' milling town of Monongah, near
lVinuont, i-i to be incorporated. This
i.- a mini of over 2;iXX) inhabitants
ni.ii'ii has grown up in the past two
Ki'- where, before that timci, was a
li.il I ui less than a dozen houses.
1U< ImiMing of the Mnnongnhela raili
I, inn! consequent opening of the
?ih co:tl and cake business,
dM it.
rue Centrally Boom Compau?_\vaa Int
i-atcd Saturday to construct a boom
ii. i.iic river, near the mouth of Bear
fca. Webster county. The principal
uiaMiili beat Sutton. The capital is
i' O, with tile privilege of increasing it
t#?iJ,H)ll. S. Hyer, \V. ti. Hycr, V.
K Ha; niottd and IS. S. Bland,'of Sutvisn.l
t'. P. Dorr, of Webster, ure the
Aanitieinail near Iillttou?vilio gave
tiiwii'lil'iirastaud of bees. Therecipinit
of the gift erected ?())$. stand
tuiKi his hug-lien and thnnoxt day.
Uf family vi.-iieu a neighbor/ On retmineiit
night they found their hogs
toy in death and every thing else
ton (rem the premises una the
li jlinfoi the only vcllow. bound left
MlJ ruivebeen heard over in Virginia.
A Proton county correspondent snvs:
I' s tiilimn, returning from..Uruceton
ji evenings ago, was aroune'd bv it
ir.rtn. Iil-mb iiAiir ...I.J/.U
M iii front of him and stopped. Gathering
up home rocks he threw ;i.t it, but
>too l its ground with th'o utmost
firmness, and he pelted away at it several
times wheu it walked out of tho
r> nl and Mr. Gibson pursued his way
homeward very rapidly.
An midnight Friday night, l.eo Dill'-'Uiuul
Alex Koden, employed as minor*
ai thy West Fairmont, shaft, went
to the home of Hubert Thompson, who
Kvw on the Wheeling pike, gained an
outnuicc to his house, and used Thompson
up in a fearful manner. They each
took a stone and beat the man over the
head, and then shot him in ftQjjleft aide
with a32-cnlihre revolver. The assailant!
wen- arrested. Tho trouble arose
out oi a diiliculty about Thompson's
On last Friday afternoon Miss Alpha
Brownell, of Uipley Lauding, \\\ Va.,
shot and killed herself with a 22-calibro
revolver. Miss Browuell was 'iv< daugh (,r
of Mjitiru t ieorge Brown, a avcII-to-do
tanner and citizen. The family was
always recognized In the highest circlos
of ttwietv and Miss Alpha was highly
ciueated and intelligent. She died in
twenty minutes after the shot was tired.
It still remains a mystery whether it
nn in cident or suicide, but the iinpr;*>.Moa
ia that it was an accident*
Hare is a cavo near Hendricks,
Tt:elu r county, one mile long, which
has been only partially cxnlored. An
wvnwi ?;iuinnel, varying froia six to
thirty feet in height, lends throughout
tin- i-iui re cavern that has a subterranean
stream of mire water constantly flowing
through the main way ami all the re>
so far discovered? Half a mile
from tin? entrance there is an opening
where many snow-white pillers almost
nhmi ;hf eves, and throughout tho cavo
is fusoinatiugly beautiful. ? *Randolph
btyn, .
While Jugtice Hill, of Grant county,
hunting recently he stopped at
Humphrey's to rest and, while ?it"lv-''l;?
w n, wua astonished to aec a'eat
J imo the house carrying the bigger
of a large black enahe, which sl?o
*ii'-'Ho\vn up?m the floor. Souiro Hill
jaui dit! sooiiied to have had a h:ir<l battie
with the snake, as she was about
Played out when she came into the
H Mr. Bumprehy told him that
!'}{* tfaa the third snake the cat hall
filed and brought to tho house?all
lMvehl-w.t - "
? viiu9.
fhe Clarksburg News reports tho
i ..owmijj amusing incident: Kd. Pickthe
popular Baltimore & Ohio con*
Jttctur, carried uu passengers on his
- n lust Thursday thirty piijnls of tho
l v u and Dumb School at Koroney, who
Jwe going home to spend their vaca:i,,?l
expected to take tho Ohio
}*v*r railroad at Parkeraburg. Kd
:raphcd tho otHdalfi of tJio road, "1
nave thirty mutes on board, please bo
I 'vi. irt-.t to receivo them." The dis*
j'-t'h uuh received all but the
J'"fiUnr rtfad it "mules instead of
Two cattle <-:irs of tho most
'iaPr.'V((l pattern wore Awaiting his
it pulled into Parkewburg. The
joko mi on E<1, liut lie immediately
went down town to get the sympathy
of Ills old friend Bill rlannpiui, and the
sympathy was not withheld.
The Eliiabeth Timet Bays: The oil
business about here is getting pretty
badly mixed up. H. W. Christie, of
Butler, l'a., proeurcd all the leases about
here that lie could something over 11
year ago, and gave Jlerideth & BotorofT,
woll contractors of Pennsylvania, the
contract for drilling a woll on the poor
farm. The well was commenced about
a year ago and drilled to a depth of
1,800 feet when tho contractors made an
nneSo.n.nnr.t Tlwk lmll/lil \ullA Hill ? 11 f>
linolUlilllCIH< X taw iiuuuu IIHW U? ..."
work attached tlio tools to secure tlieir
pay, but when sold they only brought
enough to pay the costs and the men
who did the' work got nothing. The
tools were sold last winter and Mrs. MeCall
bought tlieni. She sent a man hero
last week to get tho tools and they wero
attached again. A numhorof Christie's
leaser huvo expired, including tho one
on tho poor iarm, and \V. I. Jackson, of
Samples, Pa., a partner with Mrs. MeCall,
is here and has, so wo havo been
informod, gotten a lease on tho poor
farm with the understanding that he
begins tho work of completing the well
within "0 days. Christie was advised
by telegram of what was going on and
ho sent a man hero at onco to look after
his interest
All Sorts of Local News iiml Gossip from
tlio Glass City.
Charles Apple lias roccivcd a patent
on a potato inashor.
Soveral Uellairo stone masons are
busy at work in Wheeling.
A day or two moro will finiel: tho
Fourth ward street paving,
William McCoy, of tho firm of DuEois
Ji McCoy, is at Chicago on business.
Wilbur Snlvolv, of tho O'Hara Glass
Company, Pittsburgh, is hore for his
Mrs. J. F. Hart nnd son, Hnrry. leavo
CninA?ln HAM frt Unmul
the slimmer.
Tlie colored I. 0..0. F. lield a two
nights' entertalnmont at tho City Hall,
closing Saturday night. Tho affair was
very enjoyable.
Wednesday night the St. John's
School commencement will take place
at the Klyeian. Knough tickets liavo
already been sold to pack tho house.
'i'hc Standard Jioilcrand Urldge Works
at last started atone o'clock .Saturday,
and tho machmory worked like a chirrin
They will start this morning full
Some Doll aire sharpers tried to rope
in a seed v looking stranger Saturday,
but conlJ not. 1'uo .stranger pot several
drinks on tli&m,-laughed in their
faceB and departed.
The last meeting ol tho Chautauqua
| Circle will take place at tho bouie oi
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Wise, on Gravol
Hill, Friday night. The circle will resumo
in the fall again.
At the South Bcllitire M. E. Church
yesterday >eveniug, a finely gotten up
programme was rendered, called "Tho
t'cacl Gatherers," all tho young people
interested doing their best.
* ?* Tt 1..1
Mr. ana mrs. uub xihuh cuuiuuuuu
their silver wedding Saturday night. A
goodly crowd of friends ana relatives
was present, and nil spent a very enjoyablo
evening^ Mnnyr. presents' of all
kinds were received.
A change of men frAm the rlvor dlvlsion
of the C. &. P. Railroad to the main
lino takes effect to-day. Ono man,
Charles Sliillito, has been at work constantly
since March 17, 1861, or thirty
yenrH," on the C. & P. Railroad river
A Relglan who cannot talk English,
but who can speak French very fluentlv,
has explained through soveral Frenchmen
here the feasibility of making gp
from coal, as they do in England, to Bo
used in window iflass making. The old
Entcrnriso Window ..Gloss Works is
thought to be the place for a trial of this
gas. It is thought very favorable of by
tho manufacturers hero.
The following are tho officers and di
rectors if the new Bollairu Board of
Trade: President, W. C. Bereundthal;
First Vice President, J. E. Blackburn;
Second Vice President, J. E. Clements;
Secretary, 8. 0. Cummins; Treasurer,
.lames T. Kelley; Diretors: A. Klotz,
I. Ij. Fawcett, George Walters; Jacob
Reltz. J. W. Harvoy, itohn Parks, William
Gill, C. W. Dickens and J. W. Coulson.
A supplementary board of tliroo
has also been provided, composed of
W. C. Bergundthal, J. T. Kelley and A.
Klot*. Tliese tliroo were already appointed.
To-morrow night another
meeting 1h to be held, when the organization
will be perfected,and other steps
will bo taken to devise ways and moans
to advance the material interests of
Bellaire. _
llullffloua Survlco* for Old Pooplo?Sickn?m??FunorulN?Porttonal
nml General.
Mrs. Sarah Lewis, of Ninth street, has
typhoid fover.
Thomas ICcrr is homo from tho Ohio
State University.
City Solicitor Frank K. Sodgwlck is
visiting his wife in Pennsylvania.
Hev. William Levis, of tho Wolsli
Congregational Church, is attending
Daniel (illmore preached in tho A.
XT I.- nl 1. ;.. ,11JV
.U. iJ. Vyiiiuuu jwiumtn tu niu
of tho pastor.
Tlie remains of John D'ligan; the cool
minor killed nt Mnyitnrcl oil Saturday,
were interred at Mt. Pleasant yesterday.
Mrs. William Joy and Mrs. William
Sunders, of tho Garden Spot, and Mrs.
Sarah Lewis, of Ninth street, are quite
Joshua Steelo and Thomas Murdaugh,
two aged and well-known gentlemen
residing near Mt. Pleasant, are both
Tho attendance at tho convention of
the Christian Endeavor Society next
Wednesday and Thursday promises to
be large.
The foot race between Edward McA.linincli
and Kobcrt Edwards, for a purse
of 5=10, on Saturday, was iron by tho
latter with case.
Mart llnchle, tlio oightoen-yoar-old
son of Mrs. Cramer, was filled S25 and
costs 011 Saturday for stealing' two
watches from"two linns.
Mrs. Emma, wife of Charles Myers, n
well-known iron worker, died Oil" Saturday
nt tho family residence on Moaroo
street, nged 80 years. Ilorarm was am
putatod a short ti mo ngo, blood poisonnig
sotting in ami causing licr death.
S!m leaves ten children. Tho funeral
ywterday afternoon was largely attended.
Yesterday morning in tho M. K.
Church, Hoy. 1. &. Winters, tho iia?tor,
preached a rermon.for tho special benefit
nf old people. TJIo?nwhp are aged
and infirm were conveyed to tho church
in cabs. A large number of pontons
wore present who were upwards ol
eighty years of age..
The funeral of 'Charles Roush, tho
victim of the explosion nt tho blast 6?irnaoc,
took place yesterday afternoon
from the residence of Andrew Kim,
corner Kirst and North streets, and was
largely attended. Wheeling, Onward
and liolraont City lodges of Odd Fellows
and the iron workers attended in a
body. Tho roninina were buried in
Iiivcrview cemetery.
The court hot allowed on injunction
restraining the PonngylvanlaiCWpnny;
from crossing any of tho .utrvuts in
Martin's Ferry witlj n side track or in
any way interfering therewith until the
final hearing of the case.
Pontics IN BAttBOUR.
! The Farmer* Having Their Uyn?J Qiiiwort*
Tl?o AUlnneo Worked-by fqttilciau*
Correspondence of the InkUlgencer.
Astor, IV. Va., Jimo 20.?I'coplp in
this section aro truly glad of tho noinv"e
Xf-5'? wav?nlnvlrtr fiftvornor
of tlio great istate of Ohio, bccnaso I buy
know ho deserves it and ran bo-oleclta
by ono of the old-fashioned majorities.
There is no longer tho cry of "hard
times" in tills section. CM tie are brine-1
ing fair prices und sheep arc extremely
high. 1 can eafoly say tile farmers Will
make more money than thoy have for
tho last ton years. Everfrtblngiis going
with a rush. People are; {loaning) up
their fiirnis, which :s a sure indication
of prosperity. I have boon over tho
greater part of Barbour county and tlud
tho same result as in thin section. Thcro
is a cause for all this return oi prosperity.
Tho Democratic "bossss" aro toiling
the pcoplo thut thcro is anupderf
standing among the rioliilapubTicnna
to boom cattlo in ordcr-thut thoy may
set tho farmers' votes in 1892. God
bless their poor innocent souls, Oils is,
and has always been, the result umlor
free and unmolested form of the Kepublican
party. What kind of .bitfdorclash
is it they want to engage in in order
to keep" up appearances? Tho.v
havo had theslumngcomplet?ly|knockod
out of them by tho workings of the
McKinley bill. I saw a .Democrat cull
tho other day at Polingi & Dilworth's
storo, at Astor, mid prieo tinwitro; After
going through the waro, he said:
"Some one lias lied."
Tho Dilworlli boys are Heptibljcons
and ho accused them of quoting low in
order to have some fun, but they
promptly handed out their bills. lie
had to "less lip," but, Lord, hu.lmted.to
do it. The people are buying everything
cheaper than for years, and why
is it? because of the fairness of tho MclCinlny
Somo of the office-seekers in this
county (Barbour) after being completely
compelled to swallow all they had said
about the McKinlcy bill, are now trying
to work the Farmers' Alliance for loll it
is worth to accomplish their ends.
They may hoodwink the Democrat" In
the order, but thev will bo compelled to
get up before daylight in order to fool
the Kopubiicans."
It was quite amusing to see, the, <j(lltpr
of tho Barbour Jrffnmnlan, iirunlcr to
get in the Farmers' Allianco (he bolng
a lawyer and .Suite Senator), to claim
his paper to be strictly an agricultural
paper. .If this iB a now departure in
agriculture, God held the new scionco.
Of courso, wo all understand tho
movement, You can seo tho hand of
our ex-circuit clerk in all of this .Tofliirsonian
simplicity. I believe tho Farmers'
Allianco is a good order, or, porhaps,
was a good thing for the farmers,
but to seo.the way it is drl'ftiau at this
time is a caution. Now, in the language
of our lecturer, "you have not got any
hav seed in your hair."
The Democrats aro fearfully mad bocause
the Alliance would not support
their candidate for County :Supprintendent.
Thoy just met together and
pulled one another's hair, did not want
tho County Court to issue a certificate
t/i young Mr. Lough. Well, our County
Court did not belong to the Alliance,
and Ans Williamson wanted to adjourn
court because ho was Sheriff and belonged
to the Allianco. VAuilAliQy.ito
say 'that some of them aro swearing
about it yet. Let us rise and sing.
Farmers' Alliance.
Now Kurnltnra Factory?Knlglitl of Fyth
lull Ilntl?Turra Attn a? h HtTiiiWer "Ktf cirt.
Sprclal Corrttpondencf of thi Tnl'iltgnrfr.'
Tekha A:.ta, W. Va., Juno 21v-t-A Hal
timore company has purchased a site
lor a furniture factory on Railroad
street, opposite tho Baltimore <k Ohio
depot, and have begun the oreetion of
commodious buildings thereon. The
company expects to manufacture all
kinds of furniture, and to increase their
plant us the business Increases. Twenty
men will bo employed ut the start, aiuj
a larger number when the business gets
well under way.
Tho order of Knights of Pythias have
begun the erection of a three-story
building, 42xtlo feet, to be used for business
stands, town hall and loiliw room.
Tho work will bo pushed riyiiilly, and
it is expected Unit the building will bo
ready for occupancy by winter. TUo
structure will cost about $5,000.
Mr. J. 1'. A. Kntler, of l'iodmont,
whose popular hotel, tho Sims Jlouno,
was burned to the ground Bouietimo in
March, is negotiating for, tliu purchase
of the Summit IJoiiho. 1? ilr. iintler
socures this hotel ho will thoroughly
renovate it and tit it up specially for tho
accommodation of transient guests and
summer visitors. The need o! suitable
hotel accommodations at Term Alta
for persons who desire to spend tho
heated term in the mounts! ijg, has-K>ng
been manifest. The citizens of Terra
Alta are very anxious to hnvo >lr.
Kntler locate here, and will offer hiin
liberal inducements In do so. Ijist season
more than 100 persons were turned
nway simply because hotel accommodations
were inadequate. .
Terra Alta has all tho Haturiil fid-ranfon
mountiiin mimmfir rnsnrt. Nn
bay fever, no mnluriu, no mosquitoon,
pu'ro water, pure air, mineral springs,
beautiful seenory and the moat delightful
cliniato in West Virginia.
* ..,,11 ij
Clint;) from Canada Pmbylerinn,
under (ignatnre of C. Mnckclt Robineon,
proprietor: I was cured of oft-rcuurring
biliou3 licadaclivs by Uurdoik
Blood Jlittera. , ' n.nv
Dennltlurlt Potl?h. which U*fc? pa
JM?o'? boou n wcpki and un \vrmfn'? a month*
25 Dollars worth of Hew Furniture for
25 Centi. HOW? Bf paltylm _t__.
25 W-'oro feet of Old nrrr/ttdf b kith _
? K-^is ONI
WOLFF ft RANDOLPH. PblladAlefciB.
Just Opened,
* r>.;f ; 15<j n r?ii '
' - T!'' "Jf ' (
Ladies' Silk Waists,
il ,0002 Jill V
Ladies' Pennant Waists,
Ladies' Negligee Shirts,
Ladies'.Derby Waists,
White Hem. S. India Lawns,
Printed Linen Lawns,
Organdies, Lawn, Pongees,
Zephyr Ginghams, &c^
Qilb- l\/Ti++o omH f^lirwoc
U11IV ITHLtU U11VI viv?uuj
'l! '
,fiO Olfi N ' l
Wednesday, July 15th. i
,;i: a
(?so<r ? ii tnill ifn f>n? ai / *
I hi11 anil ni ifrinr
| Intelligencer Job Printing Office.
*V : v. ?/r>.f- ot arinfi :itv/ >'
The n
oMhoPJob '* \
FANCY JOB WORK. 1-rtn'tliw Offlco ; '' frNE< BOOK WORK.
in almost unlimited
In tho varloty of
Uio printing of work required
of, and performed by,
if. The parlor and the drnvring
room of Hocioty have demiams to
make upon it a* well ns tho counting '
rbom or tno ousrncss nonso. k m hbpo ??
an lioportaht adjunct by tho theatre. tbebrill'
room, the afternoon tea; Is ludlspenplbloto tUo
evoryday business man, and cannot be cschcwfd by , .
oven tho Church orBtato. Indeed, tbeiM'Is'not a' profession
nor n lino of trade to which tbo Job 1'rlntlug Ofllco docs
not contribute Its work. From a small beglnulng, like th?
ncorn and the oak, Job Printing has grown to Immense projwrtlons,
until to-day tho fruit and foliage of that particular two. of industry
rnven* a world and Is second to no other auxiliary in adding to its convenience
and prosperity. As in every other branch of business there arc differ?
.. ,c?t grndfa oi Jo6 rrintlng. That tho best is the cheapest IB an ajaom that neodi
1 ''Tiot reiteration. Yon want to get FrnsT'Or^Ri Job PRTJhwJ: as-you do Iho.best
-of everything oImj and you will scouro it by leaving yinr/btttera r?t-tho
Intelligencer Job Office. Our Prlntersaio skilled in their art. (They
arc men of clever idea#, capablo of originating artlstlb and appropriate
dMjgns, and carrying them into execution with happy tastb
bo as to briug out tho most attractlvo effects. Our mechanlcal
cqnlpmcftt Is complete In ovcry respoct, cmbraolng
everything known to tbo printers' art; our typo comprehends
every stylo. In the founders' cataloguo; and
our prwwas nave not yet been surpassed
" *' in point of perfection, In short wo*are hblo 1
to sueoewifully compete wltblAbu idrb-n .?wo >:
I most Job printing establishments in
tbo United States. Nor is this
dono at tho oxpeneo of onr
patrons, for our prices
are not higher than
will bo nuotod TELEPHONES::
Snnri Por Ectlmatos. oljcw^ero.
i*40 .'P.?1. *' oaWB??(tHi. CiOHiinai, mi, n
'' 8l ''idjiJ on j iff hntnoooi I
{ hif fiovrvr.yin t hi J
r ,
91 and 92 Water Street, PlttsburoU, Pa..
, i . ,
* 0 ' TTTT ni ' >!<:! if:n?rn ' >i.
?.7o:> t?nrn hi?.- run- ,
Hanafactare and Sen Every Article, Tool or Appliance Beeflofl at
Fither for Gas. Oil, Water or Mineral Toata.
Mr, v(f h&aioolsw wn f
Boilers, Casings, Engines, Fittings,
Derricks, Pumps, Tubing, Cordage.
I < it.fv/ift' ,707->'*<>rf .Tftoe'
The ten-roomed brick dwell log at No. 1415
Chopllno street. Very central locution. ^VUl b?
sold (or a very close figure.
Beautiful building lots oit South Front street.
North Front itrcct and Pleasant Valley.
C3-. O. SMITH,
. Four lots on Sontb Pcnn 6trcct....:.j? .$1,600'
Lots in McMuehen, now!/ laid oat, dxaap at
to 8275.
Lots in Zone's Orchard and Old. Fair Ground
Six roomed house, 23.VJ Wood street, 32,200
House in splendid condition ou southeast cor*
ner C'hapline and Twentieth street*
Six roomed brick houso on Ch&plino street, between
Twentydl/th and Twenty-sixth streets,
84.200. .
SJx roomed brick house. 2020 Jnoob street, ?3.000.
Ten roomed house at a burgaki on North
Muiu street.
Five roomed house, 2315 Doff street. 8&800.
Four roomed house, 190 Kighttenth street,
Four roomed house, 2SC3 Wood-streot, $??,
Six roomed house, ground 100 feet frodt, on
McColloch street. between Thirty-first ana
Thirty-second .streets, 53,rt0Q.*
Niuo roomed brick house, 2351 Market street
Throo roomed houso, 2410 Wood street, 81,060.
Good business house on Chupiinestroot, Contro
WUulf'lot'on North Main strict, 83 by 182 feet
Half lot on EofT street, south of Twenty-eighty
street. 11,000. . ??
Half lot on Mojutou street, south of Twentyseventli
street, 8550. A
Sixteen lots on tho north sidoof Twonty-thlrd
street, in tbo new addition of Filan & Whyte,
just laid out.
FOIt RENT?Store rdom on tho corner of Sixteenth
and Jacob .Btreets. with good collar to
wimG. Three room*-on' Moyston street, Sixth
; ward, 10 CO per mouth.
1789 Market Street. loU'
" aiwsra ,
No. 2251 Main street 09
No. 8031 Woods street ~ 10 ?
No. 1027 Market strcot. 0 rooms - 1?
No. 2151 Main streot, store room........ 10 W
No. 2102 Main street, storo roonu ; 10 00
No.'W Eighteenth streot, itoro room....*-.- 10 to
Three-roomed house, National road? $700.
rouble frame house on Baltimore street.
Desirable now residence on South Front street
10J acres land. Urceley county, Kansas, *800.
Sixteen lots in J. and J. It. Baker addition.
No. 86 and 87 Sixteenth street.
No. 2631 and 2838 Chopline strtfoa
Tbixty-flvo acres stone and coul land, Bush Run,
Povonty-flva acres land. Short Greek.
Seventeen and one-half acre? land, one-half
mile west lower point otIsland. .
Desirablu residence one mllo west of Bridge-,
^Tiirio and one-half aires of land near West
Whortfc ...
.NO. 1U1Y BOUU1 Sire?l,Ai?'U miu Jiuuypm DO.IT
Three and one-half acres of land in Libofty
No. 4800 Wetxel street, ground50 by BOOiect
No. 2.TH1 and 2888 Wood street.
Twenty-One Shares lllvenldp Qlaitx Works
stock at a bargain.
No. 22 Alley 11, corner Alloy B and Alloy &
Price, 1050.
Nos. 2010 and 2021 Main street.
Eightocn acres' o! land ono .mile east of Elm
Grove. fronts about 800 feet on National road,
with four-Dooracd fraino houso and 200 fruit trooi,
Lot 70 by 180 feet. Elm Grovo.
Nos. W mid 50 Alley 19. ?-*1 .
Nos. 2901 and 2900 Chapllne street ;r
No. 1003 McColloeh street.
NO. 8028 McColloch street.
No. 2110 and 2112 Main street
No. 2f)01 and 2000 Main street
No. 2601 Market street.
No. DO Ohio street.
No. 189 South Penh stroot
No. CO North Front street?ground 00 by about
400 feet.
No.23llEofl":rtreot '
, No. 2000 Malu street A.,
Real Estate Agent, tT. 8. Claim Attornoy. Export
_ .intension Claims.
Je8 1612 Market Straot.
Real Estate for Sale.
Building iota on wo?i nae m i>onn nuroa
itroet, Inland, at 120 per foot front..
A flno dwelling property oo tho west sldo of
Market street, uorth of Ninth utroet.
Lot 100x100 feet, southwest corner McColloch
and Thirtieth streots, with four dwelling house*
No. loll Jacob street, three-roomed cottage,
lot 10x100 fuct, for $1,000. ~ .
100x330 feet in rieasant Valley, on tho National
'road, for 81,fi00, on easy torms.
Thebusiofws building, No. 1522 Main street
now occupied by J. \V. Hunter & Co.'a syloo
mills. .
Tho Pryor placo on National "road, near Elm
Grove, consisting of about twonty acres, with
brick dwelling.
Lot 83x180 foot on thb east tide of North Front
streot, Wand. 31,000.
No. 40 Virginia struct,.Island, 8 rooms and bath
No. 1321 KofTstreet, opposite the CathodraL
No. 101 Fifteenth street, f> rooms.
No. KflkJ Fourteenth street, flvo rooms, ajtto
and laundry. # ;
Lot 30x120 north side of Fourteenth street
Lot 80x120 foot North Huron street; island.
Nos. 2117 and 2119 Main street, lot 41x120 fa
gpfl 13V4 Market Street.
EToadaolic Fowdom.
-?J-For8alr dv DRUOonrrs.?
l S3
our erraAi/TY.
Q llOMKli WELLS, .
Room 17, nollly BMMing. Wheeling, W. Va
Fresh Blue Print Paper
At Art Storo, 1222 Market Street.
mylP E. L. NICOLL.
f f
WIRE WOKKS, l*07Eoff Street,
Telephone 147. W. D. ALUSOft

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